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clambuoyance · 7 months
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Timkon but it’s that robstar moment from the teen titans show
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squidkid15 · 9 months
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No thoughts only LBD's possession/powers having a lingering effect on both monkies.
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dizzybizz · 27 days
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brenshor · 27 days
Camila: What's the first thing you notice when someone approaches you? Ava: The eyes. Beatrice: The smile. Lilith: The fucking audacity.
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kirbyofthestars · 3 months
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happy save the future rerelease to those who celebrate (me)
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forlorn-crows · 2 months
Rain getting fucked with a monster dildo and mountain walks in on him, watching him?
oh anon. sweet, sweet anon. you're getting a treat tonight.
i had a little too much fun with this one
Mountain watches him from the doorway, the heavy wooden thing cracked open just a sliver. From his angle, he can see Rain on his bed, lasciviously fucking himself with a dark purple toy. It’s a large one, spiraled and tentacle-like. Mountain watches as he slides it in and out, matching the twisting movements over the length of his cock. He can see it shining with precum, even in the dim evening light.
It’s hot. But he can’t help the pang of jealousy—Envy? Possessiveness?—that hits him in the chest. He palms himself over his jeans, hissing at the contact.
“Oh fuck, Mountain.”He freezes, hand still over his clothed cock. “I can—ah—smell you in the—mmpf—h-hallway.”
Mountain steps into his room and shuts the door behind him. “What’s this, tadpole?”
Rain turns his head lazily in his direction, thighs clamping together to keep the toy fully inside him while he reaches a sticky hand out to the earth ghoul, still pumping his cock with the other. Mountain steps close to him but doesn’t take his hand. Rain lets it hang limp.
He looks up at Mountain, mouth parted. “Cirrus gave me a new toy.” He looks at Mountain’s crotch, smiling at the bulge in his pants. “I like when you watch me,” he says quietly, breath hitching when he shifts his hips.
“It’s big.”
Rain nods, eyes fluttering shut as he teases the tip of his cock.
“Bigger than me?”
The water ghoul shakes his head and opens his legs, silently inviting Mountain to see for himself.
“Hm,” he thinks. He runs a finger down Rain’s body, from the end of his chin all the way down to the base of the toy. Rain whimpers as Mountain presses on it. He feels a little devious, mean even. “Pretty close. I’m not enough for you?” he says with an edge, raising a brow. His eyes trace a line back up to Rain’s face, who’s blushing a deep violet—almost as purple as the toy he’s fucking himself with.
But he’s not shy. “You don’t have a tentacle for a dick,” he says, a little brattiness rising to the surface. Oh, but that really gets Mountain going.
“Maybe not. But I can fuck you better than you’re doing by yourself.”
“Mmpf—s-show me.”
Mountain chuckles darkly. “Sure, raincloud.” He grasps the base of the dildo and pulls slowly, each inch shining with slick as it reveals itself. Now that he’s closer, Mountain can see the swirls of indigo that run throughout the silicone, curling around the molded suckers that spiral from base to curled tip.
“Perfect for a horny water devil, hm?”
Rain whines as the tip grazes his prostate on the way out, making him twitch. “’S nice, yeah.”
Mountain sets the toy aside. He looks down at Rain, taking in the sight beneath him; the wet little tendrils of hair stuck to his forehead, the glint of small white fangs poking into his bottom lip, the slick coating his inner thighs, and the violet tinge to his skin, from the tip of his ears to the tip of his cock, which was still appearing and disappearing in Rain’s fist.
Mountain can’t hide the way his cock kicks in his jeans. He palms himself again as he tugs Rain to sit on the edge of the bed. He nudges Rain’s knees apart, sliding between his legs and towering over him. Mountain tips his chin up, admiring the adoration and need on the water ghoul’s face.
“You’re so pretty. Pliant. Aren’t you?” Mountain leans down to kiss him, licking into Rain’s mouth hungrily. Rain moans into his mouth and clutches at Mountain’s shirt. He’s trying to pull Mountain on top of him, pull him onto the bed with him so he can take him like he always does.
But Mountain isn’t having any of that.
“No, no.” He pulls away and rises to his full height once more. He puts a hand on Rain’s shoulder. “On your knees. Want to fuck that pretty throat.” Rain whimpers, swallowing thickly.
He takes one step back, then another. Rain’s hands grab the air as he disentangles himself from the water ghoul. “And you’re going to watch.” He beckons him over to the large, gold-framed mirror in the corner of the bedroom.
Rain rises on shaky legs, slinking over to Mountain and the mirror. His cock is hard and leaking between them, and Mountain can’t resist giving it a quick squeeze, right at the base. Rain keens, knees threatening to buckle.
Mountain leans into him, hand dipping lower. “Knees,” he purrs into Rain’s ear, pressing his fingers into his taint.
Rain’s legs really do give out at that, and he drops down in front of the earth ghoul. He presses his face into Mountain’s crotch, mouthing over his fly. Mountain cards his fingers into his hair and closes his hand, gripping lightly. The pressure is nice, but the way Rain drools over the fabric is nicer. He rocks his hips into his face, just to enjoy the debauched look already settling there.
Mountain pulls him off his crotch so he can free his cock from beneath the fabric. He unzips his jeans and pulls the elastic of his underwear just past his balls; he doesn’t disrobe any further, not for this.
Rain is back on him in an instant, mouthing over his length with his wet tongue. He laves against the underside, moving upwards to flick his tongue against the frenulum. Mountain growls and grabs his hair again, pulling him off. A string of saliva follows him, connecting tongue to tip.
“You’ll take what I give you, tadpole.” Rain’s eyes go wide, and he nods, almost imperceptibly. Mountain drops his hair and the water ghoul sinks back down a fraction of an inch.
Mountain traces his parted lips with the tip of his cock, not missing how a bead of precum catches on Rain’s tongue. The earth ghoul groans and turns his head to watch himself in the mirror.
Rain is a picture of debasement with his eyes just barely open, showing only a sliver of white and the bottom half of his pond green irises. His hands rest atop his quivering thighs, cock drooling onto the floor between them. Rain just lets Mountain smear his cock wherever he wants: around his lips, down his cheek, across his jaw. And it’s really fucking hot. It nearly makes Mountain forget he’s a little bit mad at the water ghoul.
He keeps his gaze on the mirror. “Open,” he says lowly, eyes fixed on Rain’s mouth. He opens obediently, tongue lolling out and waiting. His fingers dig into his thighs, leaving crescent moon marks in the flesh. Mountain bites back a fuck just starting to form on his lips as he pushes in.
Rain’s mouth is always nice—cool and wet, just like the rest of his body. Mountain looks back down at his actual figure, watching as he takes and sucks on the first half of his length.
“Yeah, take it all. Wanna make you a mess,” Mountain mutters, thrusting shallowly. He returns his hand to the back of Rain’s head, resting the other on the small of his own back. Rain moans in the back of his throat, drool already escaping from the corners of his mouth.
Mountain pushes in further. “More. That’s it,” he coaxes, smoothing the hair off his forehead absentmindedly.  Tears are streaming from his eyes now; Mountain knows it’s not from discomfort, just another way he lives up to his water ghoul nature.
“You’re being so good, Rainy,” he praises, any anger now effectively dissolved. Rain just whines through his nose, taking him deeper. Mountain looks back in the mirror, groaning at the sight. “Touch yourself. Let me see.”
Rain lifts a shaky hand to his cock, jolting at the touch and sinking further onto Mountain’s cock.
“Oh fuck, look at you. Look at yourself.”
He does, eyes fluttering open and craning sideways. Rain moans immediately, eyes rolling back into his skull as he jerks himself faster, suddenly desperate.
“That’s good, fuuuck, that’s good,” Mountain groans. He’s panting, infatuated with their reflection.
Rain takes him as deep as he can go, the head of his cock visibly going down and past the back of his throat. He doesn’t know how he does it without breaking his jaw, gagging, anything. But he doesn’t wonder for long, because Rain is constricting his throat around him, swallowing him down. It’s completely sinful and he can’t hold back the sudden rush of pleasure that it sends straight to his gut; his eyes are rolling and he’s cumming with a surprised shout, hot spurts sliding down Rain’s tight throat.
“Oh fuck Rain you—seven hells,” he says, voice cracking. Rain’s milking him through it, not backing off. His eyes are squeezed shut tight, eyebrows upturned, cheeks and lashes wet with streaks of tears. 
“Fuck fuck fuck,” Mountain chants, breath completely stolen from his lungs. Vaguely, he registers Rain’s hand flying over his own cock, jerking himself with fervor, frantic and wanton.
Rain lets out a strangled cry as he spills over his hand, spurts of cum dripping onto the floor. Mountain pulls out before Rain can accidentally clamp down on him. The water ghoul swallows and sucks in a breath, ragged and gasping.
“Mountain, oh, oh Lucifer unholy Father,” he coughs out, folding over himself and resting his forehead against the earth ghoul’s hip. “Wow, oh fuck,” he huffs, chest heaving.
“Unholy shit, Rain,” Mountain mutters. He pets his head, tracing around his horns. “That was . . .”
“You,” Rain laughs suddenly, the noise bubbling out of his throat, “you need to spy on me more often.”
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cyber-phobia · 10 months
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afoinko :)
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Outfits from this
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Yet another experimental Jane design !!
Basically I think it would be neat if she cried blood, like anytime she felt some kind of overwhelming emotion, like instead of tears just. Blood leaks out
Also her face doesn’t change and she never stops smiling no matter how she feels :)
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meatcatt · 6 months
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Back in the days of the old faith gods had to survive on flesh and flesh alone. After the age of 24 they say the gods need to return to that way of life.
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end-hyphen · 7 months
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fake dating trope with heeseung:
you know your best friend likes the pretty girl that is in the classroom next door, but you couldn’t help yourself and claim heeseung as your boyfriend when a boy from the taekwondo team confesses his love to you
“why would you say that i am your boyfriend?”
“out of beomgyu, jeongin, and jaehyuk, you couldn’t have chosen one of those?”
“come on! you know that i like yeeun!”
you’re sorry to heeseung and promises to make it up to your bestie as you just didn’t know how to turn down the taekwondo boy
heeseung disliked the idea and was cold to you in the beginning
beom, jeong, and jae were surprised seeing you two as lovers although hee barely smiled at your plans
you would share your home packed lunch with him, bake him his favorite cookies, and even lend him your newest video game
tbh, you didn’t want to be in a fake relationship because you have always liked heeseung and you feel guilty for putting him in such a position
when you see the way heeseung converses with pretty girl yeeun, you just sulk and pretend that you never saw anything
“you don’t have to stay back and watch me play basketball”
“you can walk home alone, right?”
“since you owe me, do my homework~”
obeying heeseung is easy, but watching him openly flirt with yeeun is another story
however, you try to stay as cordial as possible because you don’t want the taekwondo to come back and bother you
heeseung being a little angry when he sees you hand feeding beomgyu and not him
“if you’re so open with beomgyu, why didn’t you fake date him?”
heeseung picking on you when you listen to music with jeongin
“why are you sharing an earpod with him instead of me?”
heeseung carrying your bag for you when he sees jaehyuk holding your bag while you tie your shoes
“so much for making me the fake boyfriend, yet you could’ve asked the other three instead”
yeeun confronting you about the relationship status because she heard that you’re not dating your bestie
seeing that heeseung kept throwing tantrums and openly flirting with yeeun as he was no longer smiling with you, you decided to end it
your heart hurts but it’s okay because heeseung is free to date whoever he wants
yeeun picking on you, saying that you were never fit to be with heeseung in the first place when she saw you tell your bestie to date whoever
“i can’t believe what kind of person you are, yeeun”
“you can say whatever you want about her, but you’ll never be by my side like her”
“she is my one and only girlfriend”
heeseung takes you to his place when he sees that yeeun had wounded you a bit, pushing you to the ground and you scraping your inner palms
you watching heeseung care for you and you begin to cry and tell him he can stop now because you don’t want your feelings there anymore
“heeseung... please... i don’t want to have hope anymore...”
your best friend pulling you into a hug and apologizing
“i’m an idiot. i started falling for you and i didn’t even realize it myself until i keep seeing you hang around the other three. please don’t stop loving me”
and he kisses you
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sparring-spirals · 1 year
Laudna dragging away a magically influenced, uncontrollably cackling Imogen going "yeah the marionettes are so funny, so adorable, right? but we gotta go-" is right on that line of terrible and hilarious and sweet for me.
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prayantis · 1 month
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MK sketches from @jimothy-hopkins ‘s series! Go read it or rot in hell <3
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disformer · 2 months
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Got a First Aid tattoo todayyy ❤️❤️‼️‼️
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ephemeral--lust · 1 year
wanted: just a tiny lil crumb of serotonin
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nocandnc · 4 months
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An “““incorrect quote””” but like they definitely had this exact conversation at some point.
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sprout-fics · 3 months
I lack the commitment to write fics lmao, I wish though
But anyway, imagine königs reaction to maus trying to take his mask and wear it
Oh that would be so cute! Little Maus taking it and trying to be big and scary- "How do you even see out of this thing?!" All while König has the biggest, goofiest grin on his face. You're perched on his lap, thighs spread far too wide because of his tree trunk legs between them, and you echo his own words back to him.
"Until next time, Maus." Voice dipping low in a poor imitation, and when he chuckles it warms you all the way through. The sound of it blooms in your chest, unfurling with a liquid heat that spreads down past your stomach. There's red across his cheeks, a warm spring blush dusting just under his eyes. You trace a hand there and feel the warmth under the pads of your fingers.
Yet when he lifts the mask, raising the hood up like he would a bridal veil, the gesture feels less playful and more intimate. There's a hand cupping your face, and he has to lean up from where he sits below you, lips brushing over yours in a tender, loving kiss.
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