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aweslasharc · 21 hours
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something quick
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lunian · 2 days
well since i started practicing on companions too
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WIP, these two are so special ✨
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pempempemto · 2 days
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First night on the job, everyone!
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themboification · 18 hours
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i'll bare my soul and my teeth so you can see i mean no harm
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thew1tness · 1 day
shout out to systems with:
alters that use it/its !
alters that use neopronouns !
alters with multiple pronouns !
alters that don't use pronouns !
alters that don't know their pronouns !
alters that don't care about their pronouns !
genderfluid alters !
transgender alters !
non-binary alters !
xenogender alters !
questioning alters !
alters with 'contradicting' gender identities !
non-cis child alters !
other genderqueer alters i didn't mention !
being queer does not make you fake. an alter can be any gender, and use any pronouns. keep expressing yourself in ways that make you happy :D
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wheretheresawyll · 2 days
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adrian-sheppy · 3 days
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i dont draw vent art i draw freemind in varying states of distress
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au :3 ↓ (contains soilers,,,)
what if after saint ascends pebbles it just. fails
Then he comes back, gets the ascension ability Saint has and ascends everything he can find. So now saint, the other iterators, and almost everything else is just gone
except for him
(will flesh this out more heheheuhehe)
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oobbbear · 2 days
My head is bleeding and my first instinct is to sit on the floor and sob I will die so fast in a zombie apocalypse
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doodlboy · 3 days
Thinking abt ice king sm rn
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getoapologist · 12 hours
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hawnks · 1 day
ripping gege akutami apart with my teeth <3
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mathlann · 3 days
Some Shadowheart bits:
The Night Orchid isn't the only gift thing she reacts to! If you go to the hall in the Grymforge with a lot of traps and get to the end, there's a Shar statue you can give her and she'll talk to you about it. Also, if you know she's a Sharran the first time you give her a Selûne statue she comments on it and disapproves.
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I waited so fucking long to use this template
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zkyeline · 5 months
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Just wanna draw them all getting the Flapjack tattoos :’)
Edit: now with accompanying comic!
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