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tanglepelt · 3 days
Dc x dp idea 13?
Danny just gaslighting the JL and JLD.
They summoned the ghost king obviously Danny shows up cause i love that for him. He’s in human form. He does that on purpose.
Must ppl assume they messed up send him back and leave it at that. Nope not these people.
Constantine is checking the summoning circle again. Just tells Danny he won’t fall for his disguise and that he knows that he’s ghost king. And says he wants to make a deal.
Danny knows this man sells his souls more then his parents claim they want to tear phantom up molecule by molecule and he has no use for a soul anyways. So Danny just says if i was a king i wouldn’t be failing high school. He wouldn’t even go to high school.
Then Danny goes on about how he has a bully so obviously he couldn’t be a king. Not to mention his human non royal parents. They were mad scientist and ghost hunters but that’s as interesting as they got. Also hello he is alive what did Constantine think he was secretly a ghost.
Danny then walks around the circle just pointing at the total correct symbols going are you sure it’s meant to be a crown. What if this king is a queen and has a tiara. Like who are you to assume it’s a king if you’ve never met them.
John isn’t falling for it at all. Now everyone else is doubting him. Batman pulled up Danny on the computer a perfectly normal human child. So Danny is gonna pull out the big guns. Looks at him and goes if i step out will that prove I’m not currently the ghost king.
It’s one of the other JLD members who says he wouldn’t be able to if he was king. It was warded to keep the king in. So Danny who is currently human just steps out.
See he’s totally not the just king. Currently.
Turns out they needed someone to deal with the box ghost. Danny just say oh i got that. He soups him and goes i did say my parents were ghost hunters
Danny failed to realize once he stepped out of the circle they couldn’t send him back that way. So now he is stuck being questioned but hey at least he is in space.
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duckytree · 1 day
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good cop bad cop from that justice league action scene
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alienzil · 3 days
DP x DC Prompt/notion #3
So Danny is dating one of the bat kids, specifically one of the Robins (I'm picturing Tim but this could potentially work with any of the Robins).
They've been dating for a while and they know each other's secret identities (I'm imagining that the reveal was fairly recent and they're still getting used to it). The bat family doesn't know about Danny's secret identity yet, only that he's dating their brother. They all think he's a civilian.
Danny has worked with the Justice League before as the Ghost King (maybe as a regular member or maybe they just consult with him occasionally). Nobody has recognized that King Phantom and Danny Fenton are the same person.
When Danny became the Ghost King he got the Crown of Fire and the Ring of Rage. The two artifacts got their names after having belonged to Pariah Dark for centuries. The Crown on his head a dark black surrounded by flame and the Ring on his finger an angry skull set in darkness. Very few ghosts remembered that the symbols of the ghost kings power are a reflection on the true nature and innermost desires of the current ruler.
When Danny first put on the Ring and the Crown after becoming King (I'm imagining he avoided it for a while) , they transformed to match his true self, what was most important to him and central to who he was. The flames died out and the black metal of the crown froze over and turned to ice, the aurora borealis in a night sky reflecting in its surface. The ring shrunk down, the dark black background changing to a swirling galaxy and the skull replaced by Danny's personal symbol.
Every time Danny has been summoned by the Justice League its been in full Ghost King regalia with the Ring and the Crown in their new forms.
So Danny is summoned by the League to consult on a problem or maybe just for a regular meeting if they've been working together for a while. It's the first time he's been summoned since the identity reveal with his boyfriend.
Smoke clears from the summoning circle and Danny floats out smiling and greeting the heroes. Everyone stares at him. His crown is still made of ice but the northern lights have been replaced by a bright red, green and yellow. The shape and spikes of the crown are now in the shape of a bat symbol. The ring is similarly colored to the Crown and Danny's DP is now sharing space with the Robin R.
"Oh, shit," Tim whispers in shock.
"What?" says Danny not understanding why everyone is reacting like this. Then he sees the ring out of the corner of his eye and holds it up to see the new look. "Oh, shit."
Batman (and any other bat family members present) whipped around to focus on Tim as soon as he spoke.
"Is there something you'd like to tell us Red Robin?"
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incorrectbatfam · 9 hours
*baby crying from next room*
Oliver: How old's your kid?
Bruce: That's Dick, he's 27.
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Incorrect Batfam Quotes
Any member of the Batfamily: I have trauma.
The Justice League: Go to therapy?
Bats: Therapy is not enough. I must resurrect those that have caused my trauma and defeat them in single combat.
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nkp1981 · 2 days
Tumblr media
Henry Cavill
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soupysoot · 1 day
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miaowmelodie · 3 days
You know that post that's been going around where the Justice League plays fuck marry kill with the celebrities without knowing Batman's Bruce?
Imagine this but they never met yet, all their meetings were in zoom calls, and they do the fuck marry kill in a zoom call (ofc Batsy is the kind of person to keep the webcam off even if everyone has it on).
They decide to do the next meeting irl.
Superman is the first to arrive and, of course, recognize Batman as Bruce Wayne on the spot.
Cue flashbacks of how in the fmk game last session he talked about how he would absolutely ravage Bruce Wayne.
He's not the only one, pretty much everyone talked about how they wanted a piece of him, but he's the only one that KNOWS.
In this, the ONLY reason Batman tries to delay his identity reveal as much as possible is because he doesn't want to deal with the awkwardness when the whole JL realize they said they wanted to ride Bruce...in front of him... multiple times.
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Hallo! Could I possibly request a Tim Drake x M!Reader?
Seeing your autistic reader mirroring the batboys. I think it would be funny seeing the other Batboys (+ Batman maybe), react to reader and Tim mirroring eachother.
Maybe it doesn't start right away, but builds up steam over time. It starting with them rocking back in forth in sync while bouncing off info from an going case, to them picking up mannerisms.
Then maybe continued with their wardrobes becoming so mixed up, they just have double the clothes.
Honsetly, the thought of Damien being creeped out by Tim and Reader lifting their cups of coffee or energy drinks up in unison, makes me laugh harder than it should.
That or Bruce seeing Reader and Tim mirroring eachothers fighting style for the frist time and just like, 'what the fuck???'. Because, he probably tested Damien for autism snice they are blood, it's generic. Maybe, Dick for ADHD.
Then, it just slipped his mind to get Tim tested or even see the signs of autism in Tim. Because Bruce is autistic, so would just look at Tim and think, 'Yup, that's normal development .'
- Crow
Tim Drake x autistic male reader
Tumblr media
Funny thing is I hc that pretty much the entire batfam is on the autism spectrum in some way or another. Bruce is autistic , Dick has ADHD or ADD, Jason has ASD or ODD, Tim is autistic, Damian is autistic and mild OCD.
Is this me projecting onto my comfort characters? Yes, yes it is. But come on, look at the batfam and tell me there isn’t at least a little tism in all of them.
You are also very right in Bruce just not noticing the signs in most of his kids since he’s autistic himself and that behavior is the norm for him. Alfred was most likely the one who had Bruce tested when he was younger, so it would have to be Alfred who steps in and advises them to get checked out, just in case.
Tim just happens to slip under the radar, maybe because of the stress at the time he joined the family, or they were all just too busy at the time, so it just slipped their minds.
Tim is also very good as masking, having grown up with his parents, acting “strange” wasn’t allowed, so he’s mastered the skill of hiding his less approved quirks. So, you’ll never see him stimming or rocking in public, or around people for that matter.
It was only after you two started dating and became very close that he started to let it slip, unconsciously of course. But it’s because he doesn’t feel the need to hide around you, and you are one of his comfort people.
The family doesn’t fully notice in the beginning as Tim grows more comfortable not masking and starts mirroring you. Infodumping is a common occurrence in the family, especially with the type of work they do, so when Tim is talking to you about cameras or his favorite band in extreme detail, They just think it’s a normal happening.
Damian is the first to notice, and he would think you two are trying to punk him somehow. When you and Tim always do things in tandem, picking up your drinks at the same time, always pushing your chairs back and getting up together, using the same type of glass or plates, etc.
He wouldn’t confront either of you obviously, since he doesn’t want to play into your hands. But then your mirroring becomes even more obvious. Like mirroring stims, meaning Tim starts stimming the same way you do.
Do you flap your hands? Tim now does too. Verbal stims? Catch Tim making the same noises over comms during patrol. You both also come to enjoy the same textures if you don’t already, because those textures remind you of each other.
It finally clicks for Bruce when he sees Tim and you wearing each other’s clothes and using stim toys, whilst rocking back and forth on the couch, excited to see your comfort movie. It makes Bruce want to facepalm because it’s been so obvious this entire time.
When he asks Alfred about it, the Brit just gives him a bland look whilst saying something along the lines of “Master Bruce, I thought it was obvious from the start”, because Bruce has a habit picking up kids with the tism.
After that Tim finally gets tested and gets his diagnosis. Not that it changes anything other than what’s on paper. But it does help Tim feel better, as in the past he probably struggled with feeling wrong or like he didn’t fit in.
When Damian also realizes you two weren’t trying to dupe him, he settles with his arms crossed and huffs, saying that of course that was the reason since you two couldn’t get the upper hand on him anyways.
The entire fam shares fidget toys or different coping things. The house is stocked with everyone’s comfort food, clothes, media, etc. The walls are made so sound doesn’t pass through them, the fridge and electronics are also upgraded so they don’t make those buzzing sounds. It’s like autism heaven.
You also are included since your dating Tim, and you two are very happy together. The family is also thankful in you helping Tim come out of his shell, even though neither of you realized you were doing it.
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rlopezortiz · 2 days
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
My variant covers for DC Mech series.
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spacedace · 3 days
Struck by a thought of how you absolutely could not have that discussion of "realizing one day someone put you down and never picked you back up again" around the Superfam (or really a lot of the supers in general).
Like I believe with my whole heart Flash brought that idea up once and got a thoughtful, faintly melancholy "Hn" from Batman and both of them spent the next week being carried around like babies by Superman and Wonder Woman.
Batman had to give an entire presentation while propped on someone's hip like a toddler because they wouldn't put him down.
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Hey guess which anon is back with more angst for you. This one is semi short and not very sweet. Parts of this might be out of character, but I'm not quite sure if there is a villian who would fit this role better.
Black Adam smiles as his plan comes to fruition. He stands over the unconscious body of the tiny Billy Batson, empty syring dropping from his hand as he starts to laugh. A simple sleeping drug he got from Dr Silvanas, injected when Billy was already asleep. It will keep him unconscious for 12 hours. 12 hours Black Adam has complete and total freedom to do whatever he wishes.
Black Adam very much wants to kill Billy but where would the fun be in that? Besides, keeping him alive does have many benefits. For now though? It's time for Black Adam is take over the world. Once he locks Billy away somewhere that is. He scruffs Billy by the shirt and when something buzzing falls out of his pocket, without a care Black Adam steps on the Leauge Communicator, destroying it.
Once Black Adam has hidden away the mortal form of the champion of magic he goes out and starts trying to take over the world. Obviously the other heroes start trying to stop him but no one really has a power set that can match Black Adam but Billy. His magic tosses Superman around like a rag doll and his physical strength can shatter through any barrier the magic users put up. At one point during the fight, Black Adam looks up at the sun and says, "oh my, that time already? I'll be back to finish you all off in just a bit. After all it would be a really shame-" He pills a needle out if no where with an evil smile, "if that baffon were to wake up. To bad I can't kill him it would make this so much easier. But, I can't take over the world if the balance gets disrupted that badly~" and he simply leaves the fight. What he said about Balance being thrown out of wack if Billy dies is absolutely untrue. However he does get great joy from watching these silly little mortals who are trying to fight him panic.
After they process Adam's words everyone is thrown into a panic. He has Captain Marvel hostage and neutralized. That's why he isn't answering his communicator.
In their frenzy of trying to come up with a plan with the loose knowledge they have while trying to patch up their wounds, they make their way back to base at the Watchtower.
It's safe to say that Marvel has broken a few communicators in his day, a few may be too generous. So instead of waiting each time for Marvel to fess up that he broke it, Batman modified them to give off a signal beacon to the watchtower once broken. He really wanted to put a tracker on it to find out more about Marvel but he knew that would be a bad idea.
After getting to the location of the broken device they investigate the area for clues. Maybe where Adam took him or how he had done it. Nothing. No clues could be found, there were obvious signs of struggle by what looked to be a small figure but that couldn't be related to this, they were both walls of muscle adding a small child into this didn't make sense.
Regardless the struggle of the child was something to look into as it is their job. It seems that at one point the body fell slack like they passed out. Maybe from exhaustion or injury, though there are no signs of blood so not the latter. There was also the possibility of a drug in the mix. It would make sense why Adam had a needle but why would he use it on a child?
Even if none of the facts lined up, these things happening here didn't feel like a coincidence to anyone.
They were finally here, they finally tracked down Adam and where he's holding Billy and now they have to face the truth. The truth that Captain Marvel is a small child who can barely defend himself against the greater forces of evil. They figured it out on the way here and while tracking him down but nobody had really processed it. The proof was right in front of them, there was no room to deny it further.
The scene they investigated was no coincidence. The struggling child who was drugged was Captain Marvel.
I woke up to check my phone and you greet me anon, absolutely love it. Kinda got lost in my mind there with the writing. Anon your brain is so big for this, imagine all the raw emotion put into the angst to make the reader cry when the end comfort comes, or not, make them cry because of character death instead. Whichever floats your boat.
I wanted to write more about Adam holding Billy hostage and more about them searching for clues but I didn't really know how I wanted to put it. Man this idea has so much opportunity. Maybe I should start writing instead of jotting this down in a Tumblr post.
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Tumblr media
Justice League by Ariel Colon
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batsbr · 23 hours
Tumblr media
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comicarthistory · 2 days
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Page from Detective Comics #468. 1977. Art by Marshall Rogers and Terry Austin.
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ormymarius · 1 day
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Aquaman & Ocean Master
in Justice League (2011) #17 // Justice League (2011) #15
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