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writingontheceiling 7 months
oh to be at an irish pub right now
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skittlewaffle 9 months
Tumblr media
Lanky noodley unhinged jesters
aka one of my favorite genders 馃挅
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ghoulschooldropout 5 months
airing out my fallout 4 grievances
its just so White! there鈥檚 so few black people it鈥檚 unbelievable. there's only like 8 black characters with names/personalities that I can think of off the top of my head, 4 of which are actually developed (you can interact and have conversations with)
are there any black people in the institute other than x6-88 and unnamed scientists or synths? i mean the institute is WHITE it鈥檚 SO white (which I guess goes with the shoddy underground railroad/slavery theme but I mean come on)
im not even getting into DLC but NUKAWORLD literally all the raiders are white, (not that there're many characters to begin with in that dlc anyway)
like why is hawthorne the only black person in diamond city
I also have issues with the asian representation but I digress
fallout 4 is just so empty man that鈥檚 the root of the problem i think, like its main feature/ingenuity is the ability to create/build settlements which is great i think it鈥檚 really fun BUT they should have invested more into their settler characters if they wanted it to actually be compelling
like all the original settlers should have names - like at oberland or tenpines, the settlers that originally spawn there should be characters just like at abernathy farm - that way it鈥檚 more interesting when you鈥檙e actually helping them out as the minutemen - AND they actually become minutemen faction members, we鈥檙e really lacking as a faction I want just as many characters as the brotherhood (at least 11 not counting dead), railroad (at least 10 not counting dead/story-setting), & institute (at least 16) actually i want More because as it stands there鈥檚 only SIX minutemen faction members and THREE of them are non-interactable (--which actually becomes four if you clean Mama Murphy of her chem habit--) I just think it would have been nice to actually see the faction grow by adding the number of characters to actually interact with
but then there鈥檚 also the problem of the settlements still being very empty (comparatively to pre-established & non player settlements--Diamond City, Good-neighbor--) because for the settlement building feature they had to give up the number of pre-established (character rich) settlements (quest-givers) which makes the game condensed to certain areas and leaving the rest of the map Very devoid of life other than enemies聽
but then why not develop their enemies further?聽
like the quests are so very go to [location] and eliminate [X], just a very empty dungeon game
like why not try to actually communicate & elaborate on main game themes through quests? what exactly are they trying to communicate with their game? what am I supposed to come away with when i finish the game? i guess that鈥檚 the problem with 4 allowing you to play after the Ending unlike in New Vegas & 3, like you鈥檙e stuck in it with eventually just the radiant quests keeping you going and the characters just aren鈥檛 strong enough to support that system, in my opinion that鈥檚 the root of my dissatisfaction with fallout 4
i was so happy to be able to interact with npcs when i was playing fallout 3! like i can interact with every generic rivet city guard to question them! i was so excited. why can鈥檛 i do that in fallout 4? a game where it might actually be of interest for the character to question the city guard for clues (like when helping solve cases for/with Nick Or Uh, Idk... looking for Your Son...?) also like imagine if you could report people for being synth spies/replacements feeding into the witch hunt hysteria of diamond city (actually doing something with the set up from Piper?)
the text/dialogue interface is probably the critical reason why the game sucks so much but of course this was the sacrifice made for a voice acted player-character i just don鈥檛 think this feature is worth it when it absolutely AXES the writing and limits the quality of the game! like it makes the player character so BLAND having only 4 options of speech, like where's the spice? like even when you're doing like an 'evil' playthrough & siding with the institute or being a raider or helping the brotherhood like you're doing it so Nice, like let me be a fucked up asshole if I wanna be! this is where people are getting the notion that 4 isn't 'a fallout game' or is an imitation of one, like it's hard to measure up to the writing of new vegas & etc. when you're crippled by your own game mechanics lol
anyway I'm saying all this as a person who loves fallout 4, i just wish it was better lol
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kdragon-blog 2 months
Ello! The person you're reblogging bunch of ???% posts from here! Don't worry i really don't mind and yeag,, ???% (<-said with utmost affection) :]
Tumblr media
Ajsjhssh it's so hard to find ???% stuff since his name doesn't work well with search engines so everytime I find a tumblr blog or something that has a lot of stuff for my fav lil creature on it I get a little silly perhaps :]
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chaosklutz 10 months
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kwanisms 2 months
I am, once again, asking you to add a pfp or header and reblog at least one (1) post so tumblr (and your favorite content creators) doesn't think your blank blog is a bot.
Your picture doesn't even have to be of you. Put up a picture of your pet or favorite animal or favorite anime character or even just a plain color. Any color. Otherwise, you will be blocked!
So if your blog looks anything like this:
Tumblr media
just add something. A header, a pfp, and reblog a post.
Also, if you are under 18 years old, do not interact with my blog. I write mainly nsfw content and I'm almost 30 years old. This is MY blog and I will not be made to feel uncomfortable on my own blog.
Go away.
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myownparadise96 23 days
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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kiradotexe 3 months
started reading gideon the ninth and im obsessed already...
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littlelioncub43 1 year
This is a nice quiet Fashion Friday, but I wanna talk about some of my favorite looks in movies!
Let's talk about Meet Me In St. Louis (1943) directed by Vincente Minnelli. It stars Judy Garland as Esther Smith, a young woman head over heels with the boy next door.
Tumblr media
Garland wears some of the most gorgeous outfits I've seen on screen.
Tumblr media
Like her tennis outfit. The fun stripes and classic early 1900s style just send me over the moon. This was when regular exercise, such as tennis, was becoming a staple in American society (Theodore Roosevelt's adament encouragement of "the strenuous life" heavily influenced this), so seeing style and sport meet in such an elegant way is just breath taking!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Then there's Esther's party gown. Jeepers, where do I begin with this one? The TASSLES. THE. FUCKING. TASSLES. I absolutely love it! The collared, suit looking style was pretty common in the early 1900s, women's dress suits are coming more into style (think Rose's costume while boarding the Titanic). Esther's sister Rose wears a similar dress suit, complete with a black and white print tie and all, later in the movie. The muted blue with the striking green/yellow neck scarf, and the tassles鈥 it is on the list of things I'm going to sew.
Tumblr media
Then comes one of my all time favorite looks! This collared blue top and red skirt that appears only for a few scenes on Halloween. (Peep Rose's suit dress that I just talked about). The beaded top is just so elegant! It really is just so gorgeous, especially the deep red of the skirt contrasts so nicely with the pale blue top that it almost becomes neutral, allowing the shirt to steal the show completely.
Tumblr media
And then we have this little number for the Christmas ball. This is when you can heavily see the 1940s influence in the sweetheart neckline, although the gown does stay true to it's Edwardian era with the trumpet skirt (arguably one of my favorite skirt shapes). The festive color is just so striking, I love it 馃グ
What do you guys think? 馃槃
Is there anything you want to talk about?
馃憼Fashion Friday馃憼
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thatndginger 3 months
having a private writer discord (just 3 people) has made me kinda want to be in a bigger writer group, but I'm so picky about it
Like, our little discord has a category for each of us and we can add channels to it as we want, Person coded a bot to spit out prompts on command, and since there's only three participants it's pretty chill.
It works for a little server but idk if the same setup would work for a larger server
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kryptonitejelly 6 months
tw cheating
all this news recently about people cheating on their partner (or 鈥渃heating鈥), i mean it is nothing new, but it is just sad. don鈥檛 do that鈥
i am in a relationship with the most amazing man rn, but before this i got cheated on twice by two different people (also, i had two weird 鈥渟ituation-ships鈥 sljdkssj; but that another time); and let me tell you - the gut feeling that something is up, the sinking feeling the moment you find out, and the imaginary punch to your gut when shock and horror fills you is not something i wish on anyone. not to mention the recovery process of learning to trust, and be secure in someone all over again is one of the hardest things.
so, i guess my point is - don鈥檛 cheat. please, if you aren鈥檛 into a relationship anymore; leave (it hurts, but i think that is better than cheating). that being said, also remember that not everyones irl relationship is as effortless as in media, you鈥檒l have bad days, not so good days - and at the end of it, a relationship requires effort and work.
and if someone cheats on you - my advice? leave them (i know this is a question that is a lot more nuanced but i don鈥檛 believe in second chances; tldr - had one of the people who cheated on me do it TWICE l o l)
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writingontheceiling 5 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
here are a few tweets i never posted
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skittlewaffle 6 months
Toon AU beach episode where Sun wears sunscreen and Moon wears sunglasses cracks me up
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ghoulschooldropout 5 months
alright who's gonna draw Benny in the babygirl pose
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howdoyousleep3 1 year
Hi babies!
I recently reached the absolutely wild milestone of 3,000 followers. 馃槶 I'm beside myself and still in a state of disbelief. I'll never be able to thank you and lub on you enough, but thank you. Hopefully by now you know how special this place, these characters, and you are to me but here's your reminder that all of the above spark serious joy for me on a daily basis.
Recently, I've been struggling with my relationship with writing and Tumblr. I've taken some time away and felt like I've cleansed a little bit and have embraced a new healthier mindset with this space.
I love writing. I love exploring characters and my skillset and written creativity. And I felt like I reached a point where this space was interfering with that love. I felt like I got too swept up into Asks and caring too much about peoples' perception of this blog and feeling a great sense of responsibility that I should never have shouldered.
If I seem less active here that is a purposeful choice on my part. My wish is to focus more on writing and less on the things that occur here. This space is my space that I share with others and it should remain that way, which I say with a new and healthier mindset still full of love.
I plan on clearing out my inbox (it's at 543 Asks which does not spark joy) quite soon and look forward to starting the new year with this new theme/mindset/inbox/energy. Sending you so much lub. 馃
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kaotical 11 months
wow, i get birthed today :0
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