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fisheem4mmal · 3 days
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Happy 3rd Anniversary Twisted Wonderland!!
I can't believe I kept up with twst for so long and I'm excited for what's to come, it feels like it's just beginning!
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
I had this mini debate about how on earth Kalim would be able to hug malleus (according to my notes, Malleus is [in my heart at least] 6′6, and Kalim is 5′5) and then i was like. What if he’s the bestie who absolutely LAUNCHES onto you. falsdfjasldf anyways this was such a precious request anon ;;v;; AND I’M SO HAPPY TO HEAR THAT!! -NO ROMANCE INCLUDED-
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ryker-writes · 3 days
Hello~ I have a request with Gn!reader, and romantic scenarios pls 🙏🏼
Can I have Ace, Malleus, Floyd, Sebek, Kalim and Vil with a s/o that can fall asleep anywhere, in weird position and anytime pls? One time I fell asleep on top of my fridge in a frog like position in the middle of the afternoon, being in the cadets makes you able to get your sleep no matter what 🫡
Thank you! Take care 🕺🏻
(And one little question, will you accept my request in kidnapping you and make you my friend? 🧐)
Literally how do you do this. In a frog like position??? On top of your fridge??? I getting really chaotic energy from that and I love it. I am confused tho like what cadets make you need sleep that much? Also, I accept being kidnapped as a friend! Anyway thank you for the request!
extremely confused
one night Ace was up late and hungry
so he goes down to the Heartslabyul fridge and almost screams at the shadow figure on top of it
until he realizes it's just you
now he's just confused
he tries talking to you too but you aren't responding
this man shines his phone flashlight on you and is now lightly nudging you to get you to talk
probably wakes you up in the process
he asks why you're up there and you just say you fell asleep???
he's trying to get you to come down and just sleep in his bed with him
will try and pull you off the fridge but if you refuse he will give up and leave you there
once Ace knows about this ability of yours, he's looking out for you more
when he finds you sleeping in an odd place around campus, he just sighs and tries to move you somewhere better
he's probably going to take pictures of you like that first tho
fascinated and concerned
the first time he finds you in a weird position and you weren't moving or saying anything back to him...
he thought you died for a second
but when you wake up he's very worried
he asks you if someone cursed you to sleep like that
once you explain it to him, he's very intrigued
he's curious about all the places you've fallen asleep in the past
you also remind him of Silver
he's worried that one day you may fall asleep somewhere unsafe and get hurt
so he's always keeping an eye out for you and where you may be sleeping
if he finds you sleeping in a weird position, he may try and adjust you so you're in a more comfortable position
unless it's somewhere he thinks is unsafe, then he's picking you up and carrying you somewhere else (most likely Diasomnia)
Malleus will never wake you
no matter what time of day it is, he hates to disturb your peaceful sleep
and he gets really upset if someone else wakes you
so he'll stay nearby and watch over your sleeping form
he thinks it's fun
he also wants to know about the kinds of places you've fallen asleep in
he wants to try some of them too
Azul is stressed out and and asking you why Floyd is trying to sleep on top of the fridge
what he does when he finds you sleeping depends on his mood
Floyd might join you wherever you're sleeping and try to sleep like you do
he may wake you up if he's bored
or he'll just pick you up and carry you around with him
he does that when he wants to be with you but you're sleeping
if you wake up then great! now you can hang out with him
if not he will continue just carrying you around with him
Floyd isn't going to try and readjust you or anything
he thinks the fun positions you sleep in are entertaining so why would he move you?
but he will move you if you're unsafe
he's so worried about you
at first he thinks Silver's sleepiness has rubbed off on you and he's very upset with Silver
you have to explain to him that it wasn't Silver
now he's always on the lookout for you and the weird places you sleep
he's mentally checking every corner of each room that he walks in
when he finds you sleeping he's very conflicted
part of him wants to let you sleep because you look so peaceful and he would feel terrible for disrupting
but he also wants to wake you up because you can't sleep there and it has to be uncomfortable to sleep like that
he worries that your body will hurt later for sleeping like that
his pride gets in the way of him carrying you around
he usually ends up waking you and urging you to find somewhere else
but if he just can't do it, he will try to sit quietly near you and keep others from disturbing you
Sebek is also very worried that you'll fall asleep somewhere unsafe and probably lectures you to check your surroundings before you sleep
he thinks it's funny
he's very entertained by your weird sleep habits
Kalim will also try to imitate your weird places or positions
if he finds you sleeping somewhere, he's not going to wake you up
instead he'll join you
Kalim will either try to sit like you are or cuddle (if possible)
tho he won't fall asleep, he'll just stay by you
he's trying to be quiet but sometimes he's not so good at it
Kalim probably won't realize if you've fallen asleep in an unsafe place/position and will probably join you anyway
somewhere in the distance Jamil's Kalim senses are tingling
Jamil would be the one to find you two and tell Kalim (and you when you wake) that it's unsafe and you shouldn't be there
I think that Kalim can relate to sleeping in weird positions but not weird places
when Kalim sleeps in his bed he does the weird positions without even realizing
you guys are weird sleepers together <3
you're stressing him out
in almost every way this habit brings him stress
sleeping at random parts of the day is not good for your sleep schedule
and the random positions are bound to make your muscles sore and you're supposed to sleep a certain way to help with spine support
when he first finds you like that he's waking you up
will explain in thorough detail why that isn't good for you
other times when he finds you sleeping like that he will do one of two things
he may wake you up and insist that you don't sleep like that
or if he's feeling a bit softer, he'll quietly move you to a better position
he usually has Rook keeping an eye out to make sure that you're not anywhere unsafe
if you're somewhere in Pomefiore, he may actually carry you to sleep in his bed
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loafbud · 1 day
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more twst stuff
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ryuichirou · 5 hours
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Not again...
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draceempressa · 1 day
I remember people were discussing if twst is not about the biblical seven deadly sins, but about the seven social sins. Well, look and behold, each chapter does represent the social sins. Note that not all of them are comitted by the g7 incarnate of the chapter themselves, but do lead to their overblot somehow.
Chapter 1: Politic without Principle
Riddle actively reminds people his policy of the absolute-ness of the law, that the law, even on the smallest detail, must not be crossed. However, Riddle lacks a principe he have for himself, for his strict lawful policy was something his mother taught him, but not what he learn for himself.
Chapter 2: Pleasure Without Conscience
Leona enjoys power greatly, be it about his power of being a prince, or as a dorm head, with little to no regard to his responsibility, overusing power with no caring of the drawback. And when Lilia reminding him about that conscience, he overblots.
Chapter 3: Commerce Without Morality
Pretty explanatory, we know Azul makes his trades without feeling any sorry for his victim and gives so little about moral, that ends up backfires on him that , he can keep absorbing other powers, just, the container is too small and it makes him go overblot.
Chapter 4: Wealth Without Work:
Now, the sin itself is done by Kalim in which it led to Jamil overblot. Kalim does minimally for all of his clan's wealth that includes Jamil's family as their servants for generations, that he seemingly can get so many with so little work, and this makes Jamil envies Kalim so much.
Chapter 5: Worship without sacrifice.
Another chapter where the sin is done not by the overblot. Rook, in his worship of beauty, refuses to call out vil even once until he overblot for he enjoys the beauty of vil's mental breakdown (he actually spelled it out himself) , and neither did he make it clear which he will chose, neige or vil, not wanting to lose either of them.
Chapter 6: Science Without Humanity
Again this chapter is pretty self explanatory, Idia certainly create the new Ortho with little to no regard to humanity, and even then, as much he supplies Ortho with his hardware, he often unintentionally ignors Ortho's humane, emotional needs like going out with him.
chapter 7: knowledge without character.
Malleus, being a fae, possessed more knowledge about magic than the entire mortal civilization, with no mature character to properly manage said knowledge (and his immense raw power to actually do the magic to boot) , that emotionally, he is but a child throwing tanturms when things didn't go his way, but with all the knowledge and power to twist (heh) the world to his desires.
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shinjisdone · 2 days
When you have a Secret Admirer - and it's not them (Scarabia; 4)
Tumblr media
A love letter was left at your door and now you are searching for that ‘secret admirer’ - everyone wants to help you out…but have their own reason for it.
'There are many students here and in comparison to them, I am just a speck between royalty, celebrities and prodigies...but still, I hope you can hear my heart and all that it feels for you...'
form of headcanons + scenario-ish
[note: reader is gender-neutral but mostly mentioned in 2. pov; a series of everyone you meet following you. headcanon will follow each char. own thoughts on the situation. mostly nervousness, slight jealousy & stubbornness]
Part 1: Heartslabyul
Part 2: Savanaclaw
Part 3: Octavinelle
Surplus was an understatement.
It certianly was nice to have a few dozen vases filled with blue flowers everywhere and the herbs all helped you cheat your way into doing Crewel's practical homework real quick but it did get tiring after a few days - especially when your ghostly roommates and the cat would not stop pestering you from where they came from.
It seemed everyone else noticed your jaded expression as well and they were sharp enough to know that it wasn't because of school and - unfortunately - not because of this 'secret admirer' but because of them. They were curious, pestering, suffocating, they knew. So, until no news from that secret admirer reached them, they decided to leave you alone for a bit (and continue their case on finding that lovesick student).
Even a certain prince was able to notice how tired of the constant attention you seemed...
Kalim Al-Asim
Oh, well, look at that! It's you!
As air-headed as Kalim is, the news of a secret admirer dwelling here in NRC and bombarding the infamous Ramshakle Prefect with love and admiration has even reached his ears mostly because Jamil informed him
Since he never had been a witness before, it often slips his mind however, so he approached you like he always does - with a skip in his step, a huge wave of his arm before throwing it around your shoulders and giving you brief but tight embrace as a greeting.
Kamil is fond of his hugs and since he is such a sweetheart, you physically and legally cannot be mad at him, you swore to yourself.
He mentioned your tired expression you had the past days and invited you to one of his many parties - no parade this time, he will make sure that it will be actually relaxing to you! Just food, friends, chill atmosphere and doing whatever you want.
Since the prince did not mention anything of any admirer, love letter, gift or confession to you, you agreed. It'd be nice to hang out with him for once and Jamil was not the type to bother you.
So he throws his arm around you and ushered you to Scarabia's mirror. Before you knew it, you were there!
Things were as calming as promised aside from the usual shenanigans and you felt so strangely at home here. Though, you could tell everyone tried their earnest not to mention anything to you or in your presence...
Of course even Scarabia knows aaaall about it...
Though, you couldn't help but felt like you were being watched...
Jamil Viper
Well, this isn't a surprise seeing Kalim drag you into here.
Not that Jamil has anything against that...it is just, y'know...the rumors that aren't really rumors anymore.
A part of him thinks you being here will bring more trouble.
Still, he is glad you are here. He greets you like always, hangs around like always. It's as if he never heard a single thing about a 'secret admirer'.
Yet, well, he has. Very much so that it actually vexes him. Jamil is one of the few who are honest to themselves and not to anyone else - he knows who he is and what he likes. You having a secret admirer is something he doesn't like.
He wonders if he should tell Kalim of his worries that something might happen. But he was too occupied being your host that he just let it slide this time. He even ponders if Kalim is aware of what he is doing...is his sweet nature taking all over his senses?
The party was more like a get-together anyhow, with him and Kalim speaking to you the most and a few other students you've got aquainted with during...that incident (which Jamil wants to banish from his mind on one hand but can't deny it offered him more freedom than ever before on the other). Certain ones were even more talkative than the both of them...
Well, it's gonna be alright. He's just gonna keep looking out for you from the shadows (like always) while Kalim will be your ray of sunshine...
Nevertheless, no matter how bright the light tries to shine on the culprit or how deep the shadows grow so one can hide themselves in, neither Kalim nor Jamil and especially not you expected to first step into small puddles of the sweet spring water outside...
The leak led to said spring outside, the water, which was usually clear, was instead filled with thick, wet pink petals. Flowing down the tiny waterfalls while sticking to the royal white marble, it left a few studens slipping (and be covered in petals, too). A pit opens up in your stomach at the sight while simultaneously your heart starts throbbing faster, nervous sweat trickling down your flustered, red face. Jamil was the first to notice your befuddled state and quickly made work of finding the source of the overflowing water - it led to one door, through the kitchen and back to the lounge as he searched the place. Kalim was less distressed about it, casually passing by the silk curtains hanging from the walls and ceiling, until one got stuck in his headband...
Only the softest of tucks was needed to pull the entire fiasco into play. Kalim's careless yelp alerted everyone else before you got floored by what seemed a magically light, pink avalanche. Through the screeching you could barely make out that pink petals and fruits were piling upon you, leaving all attendants trapped beneath the sweetness.
You forced your eyes open, the items heavy but not enough to crush you. The sense of relieve you felt when noting that you could technically get up was squashed like a bug when one last petal fell down, as light as a feather, right in front of you. The pink letter turned for you to read its contents.
'My dearest (Name)
This is rather spontaneous but these one-in-a-lifetime fruits from the Land of Hot Sands happened to fall into my lap, literally. The flowers are fresh with thick, sweet petals and I couldn't be helped but be reminded of you when seeing them. I never thought a land with such a dry climate could'
The red ink stops briefly and new words were started at another paragraph. Your widened eyes follow with a thumping heart and bated breath.
Something was crossed out with the same ink before the actual words continued.
'-I promised to be honest, so when I saw these flowers and how their petals melt in my palms, a strong feeling took over me I dont know how to say this but I felt even more in love,its like a spell, I just kept seeing you when watching the petals, keptseeinglove-'
The writing was smeared into a fat splotch, finger prints visible on the tainted letter. The rest was crossed out, as much as you see from the lower part of the paper that wasn't scrumbled up.
Tumblr media
Kalim Al-Asim
The first thing on his mind was to get everyone out of there!
As much as he wanted to laugh at the situation once he realised it wasn't that big of a deal, he quickly noted how tense and annoyed everyone was after this. Especially Jamil.
Not wanting to anger anyone any more, he cleaned everything up, let the ones who were hit the most rest in their rooms, get a shower, eat well, don't worry! - and he and Jamil took care fo the rest. Although, Kalim was the first to rush to your aid of getting you out.
You decided to get cleaned up at the Scarabia dorm too before heading home - and snatching the half-finished love letter before anyone else could see.
Kalim would switch between looking after his dormmates to you, cleaning up the rest to bringing you another warm and dry blanket, carrying something with Jamil to picking out the petals stuck in your hair. And you can be assured that he won't let you help out too, not that you had the strength for that, you are still his guest so just relax! as much as you can now, knowing from who...
After all is done, Kalim is all glued to you. As bold as he is, the young prince is fairly good at reading people and he knows something is up with you. There's somehting distressing you and he wants to help.
Almost like a mother he dotes on you gently and offers you to stay till tomorrow but accepts without hesitation that you just want to go home.
The prince feels bad. He invited you to relax and get your mind off everything but, he thinks as his eyes catch the glimpse of scrumbled up pink paper in your pocket, that all it did was fluster you even more.
For once, his brain seemed to work. He put two and two together and when he looked up from the paper to your flushed, red face, his heart seemed to break.
Jamil Viper
The first one to put two and two together (and much faster than Kalim).
While seeming lost in his work when cleaning everything up, Jamil was secretly obsessing over the thought that no, this was not a coincidence with all the pink things here, no this had to be about you and yes, perhaps this little plan of 'theirs' was unfinished. There's no way something like that was a gesture of love.
BUT why did it have to fall on him? All this work? Literally and figuratively? He mentally sighs.
As annoyed as he is by all this work (WHEN HE WAS SUPPOSED TO BE RELAXING WITH YOU FOR ONCE) Jamil was more upset at the gall of this secret admirer. Now that he had witnessed this firsthand by himself and not having to listen to the distraught rambles of Ace and Floyd for once, he finally, finally gets it. Watching you so embarrassed and flustered is a one-of-a-kind experience and it stings evermore knowing it was caused by an unknown admirer.
Unsurprisingly petty at the thought of it. Why aren't you such a flushed mess with him? When he's around? Surely he had charmed you by being nice, cooking for you, helping you out of his free will??? Why have you not once noticed his advances as subtle as they may be?
Though Jamil gets it together real fast. He's vexed and he knows it so there is no need to think about you in such a way, especially when you are the most affected by it. He desperately hopes though that the effects are not positive.
The boy is busy and very glad that Kalim can look out for you in the meantime. As he runs back and forth between the rooms, he notices Kalim's dejected expression and your rosy red cheeks.
For once, he and Kalim share the same thought.
[ wanted to write more for them but did not fit into the atmosphere
tldr: kalim realizes that this was a GESTURE OF LOVE (jojo poses) and even though he knew you had a secret admirer, finally seeing this and seeing you seemed to create a pit his heart just falls into, swallowed by the abyss. he's frozen on the spot, not able to think clearly but knowing he doesn't like it. He's less cheerful because of this and cannot stop thinking about it. He first thought he admired the admirer (lol) for being so brave and showering you in gifts, which in his country is a normal and common way to express someone's feelings. but seeing it firsthand ouch, nuh-uh he does not like it anymore. Briefly thinks of 'fighting' the admirer by showering you in REAL gifts too, but decided against it. it would only make you more embarressed. he at least hopes you can find solace in his presence...he wants to help you.
JAMIL IS NOT AMUSED. He is almost on the same level of unpleased as azul or FLOYD (but less extreme and do not dare to compare him to azul) and he actively becomes more grumpy. the first and maybe only one to directly approach you and ask what is up with that and how you feel about it. if you dont like it, stop it (by asking anyone but Crowley maybe, jamil offers to help no problem (in fact, everyone would volunteer)) IF you do like it....stop it. get some help. let...let Jamil help you, let Jamil love you, fall in love with Jamil!!!!! He is so tired by being the second character of his own life already, he's not gonna let someone else steal the spotlight in your heart! if you'd let him, Jamil would stop giving hints and waste time and finally, finally ask you out.]
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goopybear · 3 days
Where were Octavinelle and Scarabia in the latest PV???
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Like, this is the amazing content it was missing because they weren’t there 😒
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leonaism · 2 days
☁︎ Cw: Yandere hcs, crazily obsess kalim, stalking, been a while since i didn't wrote yan stuff. 17+
Tumblr media
☁︎ Yandere!Kalim who behind his sweet and joyful face, hides some unhealthy thoughts about you, even ready to throw the pride of his family to drag himself on the floor as he grip at your leg.
☁ Yandere!Kalim who will break in Ramshackle's dorm just to stare at your sleeping face for hours with his cheeks heating up, how pretty and how prefect you are to his ruby eyes.
☁︎ Yandere!Kalim who's so delusional and crazy about your love that he own a mirror that is decorated with a huge amount of pictures of you and fake multiple conversations, he would even add what you ate or your clothing to the mirror "shrine"
☁︎ Yandere!Kalim who knows that he should start to get more and more discreet after noticing that Jamil is suspecting him, and once he saw his vice housewarden getting closer to you for quite a while, he bit his finger nail hard until blood dripped.
☁︎ Yandere!Kalim who's ready to go to the extremes just to keep you for himself because the moment that he put his eyes on you, you were already his.
☁︎ Yandere!Kalim who is really annoyed that he can't lock you up anywhere because of how important you are to this school, so guess that he must rely on a another option, like toying with your mind maybe.
Tumblr media
© 2023 leonaism, rbs are appreciated.
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fruity-arts · 3 days
Tsum tsum kalim hugging a sea otter of him
Tumblr media
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Kalim Info Compilation Part 1: Family
Kalim explains that “the Asims aren’t royalty, and I’m not a prince. I’ve got some relatives in the royal family, though.” Jamil says that the Asims are one of the Scalding Sands’ “most prominent” families. Both Jamil and Kalim were born and raised in Silk City.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Kalim’s father is referenced often: Kalim says he is “the most important guy in the family, and he keeps super-duper busy, but he’s always got a happy smile on his face.” Jamil says that Kalim’s father is “a key player” in the local government and economy and their home is used for government functions, official visits and ceremonies.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Kalim says that his father does business in a lot of different places and used to take Kalim along with him. “All of his customers would leave the meetings with smiles on their faces. Seeing people looking happy has always made me happy, too.”
His father also told him it is important to “work hard, play hard, and know when to do which”.
Jamil thanks the headmage for allowing them to use the Dark Mirror to travel home, and Crowley says that it is the least he could do for the Asims and asks Kalim to send his regards to his father. (“And, naturally, I will graciously accept whatever souvenirs you see fit to bring back.”)
Kalim says that after the festival showcased in the Firelit Sky event, his father will be hosting a party for all the people in their town who helped make the festival happen. According to Jamil, Kalim’s father spoils Kalim immensely.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Kalim says that his mother is “really, really sweet”, always saying nice things about him, barely ever gets mad and she is the family’s only other magic user besides himself.
Kalim has somewhere from 30 to 40 siblings (information that was cut from the NA adaptation) and seems to adore them: Kalim reacts poorly to hearing that Idia skipped out on a promise to spend time with Ortho after performing poorly at a video game, saying that “spending quality time with your sibling is way more important than some game” and offers to hang out with Ortho in Idia’s stead.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Kalim says that he has “a real soft spot” for people younger than himself, and explains in his birthday vignette a time when he spent the better part of a day playing hide-and-seek with his little brothers and siblings but never did find them all.
Kalim says, “When the whole family gets together, it’s always a party.”
Kalim’s family is described as “overprotective” by a ghost chef who learns that, prior to the Culinary Crucible, Kalim had never been allowed to use fire or knives as it was “too dangerous”.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Kalim tells Ruggie that he had never cooked in his life, as his home has its own kitchen staff and Jamil has made his meals since he started living in a dorm. (NA changed this to say “since I started going to college”, but it is canonically a high school: removal of references to middle school/high school/character ages is not uncommon for the NA adaptation.)
Tumblr media
We learn that Kalim’s family employs at least one “beast tamer”, that Kalim is constantly trailed by Asim family security and there are “only” around “a hundred helpers” employed at his home.
Jamil explains that Scalding Sand spices and furnishings are extremely popular abroad and House Asim is said to be the first family to trade overseas.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Kalim’s family developed rivers into a network of canals. Kalim says that his family comes from a long line of merchants, and he wants to do as much for Silk City as his grandfather and great-grandfather did.
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derpaworld1000 · 21 hours
Tumblr media
♦️ [ Comic Book Page ] ♣️
I attempted to mimic those superhero comics but hehe.
Birthday gift for my good friend, Amg. 🥹💕
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kami-kun1003 · 9 hours
i know most of these are Silver-centered and that is because he’s my favorite :)
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bloodiegawz · 13 hours
Tumblr media Tumblr media
something about the passage of time.
suspecting you're a god of some kind and throwing it out there vaguely and even if they don't really get it your friends are there.
wishing you didn't have friends.
decidedly not playing music during music club meet hours.
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artsybelle1015 · 1 day
Not Safe Here Pt. 2
“See?” Kalim uttered to the Prefect. “He’s out of it!”
“I am not,” Jamil disagreed, he was fine, there was no reason for him to be there; he began to remember how Kalim kicked him out and forced him the ramshackle dorm. There was a glare boring into Kalim, his breath quickening from the hatred he was feeling.
Tumblr media
Part One || Part Two
Warnings(!!!): gore, death, panic attacks, aggressiveness, SPOILERS FOR BOOK 4!!!
A slow blink came about, nothing was quiet anymore, nothing was blurry anymore. He heard voices discussing. What he saw down below was a wooden ground on the verge of breaking.
Snapping his head up, Jamil eyes laid upon Kalim and the Prefect.
For some reason, he was holding a bag and so was Kalim. Everything around him had an evening glow, strange, last time he checked it was bright as day out.
Wait, how much time has passed?
A snap of fingers quickly flashed over his face, it was very loud too that it made Jamil jump, backing away. He furrowed his brows and hunched over, glaring at Kalim for scaring him like that.
“See?” Kalim uttered to the Prefect. “He’s out of it!”
“I am not,” Jamil disagreed, he was fine, there was no reason for him to be there; he began to remember how Kalim kicked him out and forced him the ramshackle dorm. There was a glare boring into Kalim, his breath quickening from the hatred he was feeling.
Kalim backed away, seeming to be a little frightened, even the Prefect backed away.
Jamil face distorted back to numb. He did it again, he isn’t any better. Now everyone is scared of him, he will be alone forever. All he will ever be is Kalim’s servant. There’s no way he should go out into the real world anymore, all he would do is get angry and crave to abuse. He would overblot again and may never be pulled out.
Everything is unfair, he was still a complete failure. He could never look at his parents and sister again. What was the point in all of this? What was the point in his life? He can’t even serve.
Life was suppose to be him out of the spotlight, an average student, an average person.
His thoughts went silent for some time.
You quietly stared at Jamil sleeping on your couch.
The three ghosts and Grim were examining him as well. Grim shouting protests about him being here whilst the ghosts were thinking of activities to do as he stayed in this busted up house.
Sitting down at the table, your head began to pound, regretting the choice of bringing him in here. He wasn’t your problem, yet Kalim made you feel responsible for him even though he didn’t mean to. He kept begging and pleading, on the verge of tears for his friend. You felt obligated for sure.
When you saw Jamil about to lose it on your porch, that’s when you realized how hard this will be. He was mentally unstable.
Goddamn Crowley for not putting counselors or therapists on this god forsaken school. It wasn’t fair you were the one stuck being a therapist and caring for everyone while you were already about to break down too.
“Henchman!” hollered Grim, jumping up on the kitchen table at which you sat. “Let’s just send him to another dorm, I’m sure Azul would love to have him.”
Your nose scrunched, disgusted by that idea. Sure, they may be getting along better, but Jamil barely has in interest in Azul and was terribly annoyed with his existence, that would make Jamil lose it more. And you had already promised Kalim to take care of him, how could you break Kalim’s heart? He was a good guy towards all of you, he deserved some help especially after all he went through with the manipulation and hypnosis.
“No Grim, that’s a horrible idea,” you sighed.
“Is not?” he hissed. “That guys psycho!”
Thinking of a solution to get Grim to shut up, you decided to just bargain with the stubborn cat. “I will buy you that tuna you really wanted everyday for dinner if you suck this up.”
Grim paused, thinking on it. “Well, henchman, you think you can just bribe with me on this, how stupid you are, but I will take you up on it.” He was refusing to admit that he wanted to do it, of course. That’s how he always was.
No. No.
He was staring down at Kalim and the Prefect. Kalim was facing down, face hidden by the ground. The Prefect was breathing heavily, bleeding out.
Staring down at his hands, they were covered in blood, their blood specifically.
The Prefect kept a whimper, tryna stand a bit to get away, but their body couldn’t budge. There was a small crack, indicating many broken bones in their body. He did this to them.
Slowly turning to Kalim, he took some shaky steps. Crouching down, he saw no movements within Kalim’s body. His heart froze.
Without much of a choice, his arm reached out and turned Kalim’s face towards him.
Still movements, time froze. What stared back at him made the world stop. Now he could feel his heart, it was pounding, trying to break free of him, probably disgusted at the monster it kept alive.
Kalim, dulls eyes stared at him; his mouth ajar, spilling blood. Pale and cold, that’s how he felt, yet the blood covering the top of his head was warm and fresh.
Backing away, Jamil saw the world speed up. Everything spun but Kalim’s body, his dead eyes staring at him.
He saw people now, staring at him in horror. Glancing to the side, he saw Azul, Jade, and Floyd broadcasting this scene, laughing their heads off. It wasn’t funny, Kalim was dead, why wouldn’t anyone do anything?
Even though everyone was a blur, their eyes weren’t, they were boring into him.
The Prefect slowly stood up, like their bones weren’t broken and had no reaction to anything. Instead, there was an exhausted yet numb look. Mimicking the one he saw in the mirror. All the Prefect did was walk to the students of Octavinelle, Jade coaxing them into a hug as they all walked away.
Soon enough, everyone walked away, like they never saw a thing. Yet, Kalim body remained there, still dead.
The world fades to black, yet him and Kalim still remained.
He killed Kalim, he killed Kalim and overblotted. How could he do this—he was a monster. Looking back down at his hands, he finally saw behind the blood how different and dried up they were, he was in overblot. How did he not see that before?
Tears began to pool in his eyes, he hated Kalim yet was grieving his death. This was unexpected yet made sense.
He was thinking maybe it was because he swore to his family he would protect the eldest son of the Asim. But no, it wasn’t that. He wasn’t upset because of his family right now, he was upset because Kalim was dead and he was dead because of Jamil, not an assassin.
Covering his face, he let out a cry.
“Jamil.” a hasty voice rang out.
Lowering his hands, his pupils shrunk in horror as he watched Kalim stand up. He still looked like a corpse, but held a smile.
Walking over to Jamil, he hugged him, nuzzling into his shoulder. He killed Kalim- but Kalim was forgiving him.
“Are you stupid?” Jamil sobbed. “I killed you.”
Kalim only looked up and smiled to him, suddenly pushing him to the ground, but instead of a thump, Jamil fell through the floor.
He couldn’t see, when he tried to open his eyes, but it was all black and stung. This was ink, ink like from his overblot.
Throat now pooled up. He started to choke, to drown. Drown in the mess he made.
If only he had stayed quiet, this wouldn’t be his fate, it wouldn’t be Kalim’s fate. Things would’ve been okay and normal. Doesn’t matter how upset Jamil was, how much he hated his life, that past was better than what was happening now.
When he felt like he was about to be dragged to hell, he suddenly landed on solid ground.
Jamil eyes shot open, quickly he sat up and coughed up ink. He was covered from head to toe with the black substance, but he noticed he was in his school uniform and warm again. He was himself.
There was standing room, the ceiling about being flowing ink that stayed in place, refusing to drip down.
He decided to get up and looks around, the ink slowly fading off his body. Everything in his body calmed down, now wanting to explore this new place. He had always wanted to explore, it was one of his dreams, but he didn’t expect a blank gray space.
Maybe this was limbo, or possibly hell. Hell was associated with being hot and burning, yet this place was cold and empty. Was it a personal hell?
Well, he thought it was empty, but the sound of wailing proved otherwise. Quickly whipping around into that direction, Jamil almost tripped from the speed.
His eyes widened. It was Kalim’s mother who was wailing like her life depended on it. She was dressed in all black and being consoled by her husband.
Next to her stood all of Kalim’s younger siblings, some crying, some staring.
But the worst sight to see, was Jamil sister and parents there too, a pained and sorrow look on their faces.
Not only had he hurt Kalim, he hurt two whole families.
Guilt wallowed up, filling him to the core. He slowly walked over, steps heavy and loud, like there was a weight trying to stop him. No, he needed to apologize to Kalim, but his body was trying to refuse.
With each step the force made it harder until Jamil crashed under it. Smacking his face against the ground and his groan in pained caught attention.
His parents specifically, looked at him while everyone else seemed to have not noticed. There faces filled with hatred, hatred for their own child. Yet, there was pity and disappointment mixed in.
Slowly, everyone faded away. And Jamil sat there, helpless, unable to move even an inch. His eyes slowly shut in exhaustion.
Something was vibrating against his legs, the thing felt quite soft.
He didn’t want to open his eyes, he didn’t want to see this world again, yet he had to, he had to face hell and his punishment. But he had to… he needed to know what was against his leg.
When Jamil opened his eyes, all he saw was a normal ceiling. No ink, no gray, it was a warm brown and dusty. There was a hue of orange coming from his right, he glanced over to investigate and it was a fire.
The thing against his legs was the Prefect’s friend, Grim. Strange, Grim didn’t seem like the type to do this cat—like sort of thing, he was normally aggressive.
Looking back up at the ceiling, he realized it was just a dream. A nightmare actually.
He noticed too looking around with his eyes this was most likely the ramshackle dorm, considering that Grim was next to him and the place was worn down. The couch even felt scratchy.
Despite how disgusting this environment felt, he stayed glued to the couch, forced to lay down by his own body. Just like how it was in the dream but more comfy, it had a pillow and blanket at least, and was warm.
The ramshackle, why was he here? Did Kalim actually kick him out? Stupid question to ask, obviously. Yet he doesn’t remember entering or falling asleep. In fact, he couldn’t remember much, everything would go blank and then suddenly he would appear from place to place, his mind bombarding him about his failures and how worthless and pathetic he was. He kept thinking about ending up as overblot again, he didn’t want that to happen so he would force his body to numb the emotion.
Clearly, that didn’t work in his favor, because now the days were shortened.
Creaks from floorboards could he heard. Jamil’s heart races, he wanted to get up and leave, run away, but couldn’t. He really was stuck.
The footsteps creeped closer.
He shut his eyes, not wanting to see who is there. Fearing for his life now, fearing of the look he would get. Heart was pounding the same way as the dream, wanting to escape, wanting him dead.
There was a long pause, long yet quick.
Then, all he felt was the blanket being slightly lifted and pulled up more.
He was okay?
Finally drooping his eyes open, he saw the Prefect walking away.
Authors Note: I want to cry- tried to generalize the reader by going off what I felt as if most people felt playing the game plus some realism in how a person would feel in this situation, I promise the character you’re written as won’t be boring!
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