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Twisted Wonderland Incorrect Quotes #18 (because I have no motivation) :
Keeping up with Night Raven College
Tumblr media
Crowley : I love all my students..Equally.
Deuce : Headmaster ! Have you seen yuu/mc ?
Crowley : ...
Crowley : Who the fuck is that-
Tumblr media
Yuu/Mc : Oh hi epel- wait a minute what are you holding ?
Epel : It's a jar.
Yuu/Mc : I can see that but what is inside the jar- ?
Epel : Oh I trapped Vil inside cause he told me to be more ✨G r a c e f u l✨
Yuu/Mc : ...What the fuck-
Epel : *proceeds to aggressively shake the jar and menacingly look at it* how's that for graceful-
Tumblr media
Vil, banging his small hand on the glass : Epel get me out of here right this instant
Tumblr media
Ruggie : Here is your lunch and that weird, expensive as fuck dessert I wrestled over three people for.
Leona : Why thank you Ruggie, I greatly appreciate your efforts.
Ruggie : ....
Leona : Why are you looking at me like that ARGH-
Ruggie, chocking leona with his magic pen : WHO ARE YOU AND WHAT DID YOU DO TO MY BANK- I MEAN DORM HEAD-
Tumblr media
Lilia : Hello, welcome to my cooking show ! I am here today with Jamil Viper who-
Lilia : ....
Lilia : We haven't even started to cook and you're already trying to commit suicide ? Hey put that pot down I use it to grill the meat of my enemies-
Tumblr media
Lilia, has trapped Jamil in a cup : Don't worry if you don't want to help, you can stay in here.
Lilia : Epel is good with inventing new spells, I should make malleus meet him- But wait that could end up creating a second fae vs human war....
Lilia : ...
Lilia : Perfect, I didn't have enough fun with the first one anyways, ROUND TWO LETS GO
Tumblr media
Thank you for reading this I greatly appreciate it and if you just scrolled all the way down to see this message it means I am in your house-
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Tumblr media
Template here to use and the picrew I used
Just overall quick explanation of me since I never really did on here.
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Cultural differences
Summary: Malleus's way of courting (dragon fae style) creates a misunderstanding between the two of you.
Or in which lilia is an old man™ and is having the time of his life.
A/n: In honor of the announcement of chapter 7, I decided to post this early. May all of you dragon simps get your dragon man. (it's me, I'm the dragon simps)
Genre: fluff
Pairings: Malleus Draconia x reader
Warnings: second person pov, you/your pronouns, gn!reader
Tumblr media
"Lilia, child of man doesn't make sense." Malleus was munching on fries, with a pout on his face. He was apparently, what lilia called 'sulking'. Let me assure you he was not! Absolutely not!
Lilia brought up his hand to his face to stifle a chuckle that escaped him at the sulking fae prince, who put another one of the fries in his mouth.
Lilia finds situations like these quite entertaining, he loves observing the youth of today. They are peculiar, to say the least.
Though lilia understands malleus's crisis, he couldn't help but be amused.
After all, how many times do you see a powerful fae at his knees for a magic-less human he befriended in an abandoned building.
"Well, tell me what happened," Lilia said with as much seriousness he could muster and put his teacup down.
Malleus' eyes lit up and he visibly perked up about getting the chance to talk about how he have been trying to court you.
"I took prefect for a walk with me in the woods behind ramshackle where we danced to once upon a dream." He lets out a dreamy sigh, his chin resting on the back of his hand.
What a wonderful night that was.
The sky seemed jewel studded with how many stars there were. Your warm hand in his considerably colder ones. An impulse to hold you closer. So he asked you for a dance to which you delightfully agreed, blush adorning your face. He will never forget the night when you two sang the greatest love song in all of the twisted wonderland together while dancing.
Eyes his went to your lips many times, but he was afraid he would scare you if became too bold so he restrained himself.
"It was good until that but then I tried to give them jewels from my treasury as a token of my affection, but they keep refusing! I don't know what I've done to anger them. I just wish to mend our relationship, lilia." Malleus let out a defeated sigh his lips formed into an adorable pout.
Lilia knew the meaning of the word treasury, what malleus really meant was his hoard. Like every good dragon, malleus has a hoard as well. It has all of the knick-knacks malleus collected over the long period he has been in twisted wonderland.
Let it be jewels worth millions of madols or a weird thing he found on the street, all of them has a special place in his hoard. He was allowed to take a part of it with him to Night Raven College when he came, the rest is in his treasury room in the palace of Briar Valley.
Lilia, who was far older than Malleus and well aware of human courting traditions, couldn't help but laugh endearingly at the young prince. He then adjusted his expression, looking fondly at the child he had raised, who had now become so old that he has his first love!
Oh...Lilia distantly remembers the feeling of falling in love for the first time, he doesn't remember his first love anymore, for their existence had been erased by the cruel, cruel time that doesn't spare anybody, but he does remember how he felt with them and how gentle they were with him.
At the time he was a battle-hardened General, a war hero, not exactly used to kindness, but he remembers that they were far kinder than anybody he had met before, even now after a few centuries later, he has yet to meet someone like them.
Lilia pulled himself back from memories of long forgotten past and turned to his prince.
"Malleus, they are human." Lilia said simply.
"I am aware lilia, I still dont see what I could have done to have them cross with me." Malleus gave lilia a half-hearted glare.
"Malleus, they are human. You are trying to court them like how dragons court their mate. They don't know how dragons court their mate. They aren't familiar with your courting methods." Lilia nodded towards malleus sipping on his tea, and malleus' eyes widened in realization. Of course! How could he have been so foolish!
Malleus shot lilia a grateful look and said a simple "thank you." And headed out to find you. He must fix this. He has to.
So, you weren't even aware that he was trying to court you? He let out a chuckle.
Of course, why didn't he think of it before? Oh yes, he was too engrossed in drowning in his misery that he didn't notice.
Well, he supposes it's not all lost, after all. He could just explain things, but ah! Humans don't receive precious jewels as a confession of their feelings.
He does have other ideas as to what to give you.
You were coming back from your class, after a long and exhausting day. Professor Trein had given you to write a ten-thousand-word essay on The Human-Fae War that happened in early 1300's.
Your face bloomed into an amused smile as grim grumbled about ace taking his sandwich. You let out an exasperated sigh. They may be idiots, but they are your idiots.
You got grim settled in the bed quickly. He was complaining about not getting enough sleep the whole way back and got yourself settled on the couch in the living room.
You took out your homework, your assignment sheets as well as books you've borrowed from the library and got to work.
It was fascinating really, how two species that hated each other so much could come together like this. Humans and Fae...they have a long-standing history of hate and slaughter. It's gruesome.
The war went on for almost a century.
You were halfway through the essay when, from the corner of your eyes, you saw green fireflies shimmering in your garden. You abandoned your work to greet your friend who, you're pretty sure, has been avoiding you for the past few days.
"Child of man."
The two of you stared at each other for a minute. Trying to read each other, either by expressions or literally trying to read thoughts in Malleus's case. (He would never do this without your permission, but he was contemplating it)
"Look I-"
"Child of man I-"
"You go first."
"You can go first."
You scratched the back of your neck with an air of awkwardness surrounding you.
"Okay...tsunotaro, I don't know what I did so that you got mad at me but I am sorry."
Malleus' eyes widened in bewilderment.
"Child of man...I thought you were cross with me." You thought he was angry with you...? A small tender smile formed on his black-painted lips. A smile that was much different from his usual teasing smile followed by a taunting remark. How the corners gently tilted upwards, a sparkle in his eyes that reflected an emotion you couldn't yet place, but you were sure that your eyes reflected the same.
Small laughter bubbled out of his mouth, and not being able to help it you let yourself chuckle with him.
The sound of his laughter was so alluring that you were left wondering whether he had put a spell on you.
Little did you know he wondered the same about you. You had either bewitched him or he was a fool, a fool in love.
"Well, then, I shall make it up to you, beastie. Would you do me the honor of granting me your company for a stroll in the woods once again?" Malleus asked, gallantly. He was quite over the top with his dramatics -posing in a bow, holding out a hand for you to take- while smiling teasingly.
"I would love to, tsunotaro." You couldn't help but chuckle at the dragon fae's antics. Taking his arm you strode along with him to the woods behind Ramshackle.
A gentleman as ever, Malleus produced something in his arm but hid it behind his back before you could take a peek.
"Hey! No fair!" You pouted, seeing your adorable face the future king couldn't help but smile endearingly.
"You shall wait patiently beastie. Patience is a virtue," he said as you strode towards your and Malleus's special place.
He had taken you there for a walk before once. It was a beautiful, beautiful night. Perhaps you should say magical.
Malleus had taken your hand and invited you for a dance. Holding you close like you were the most precious treasure he has ever held. Spinning you around like a fairytale prince (which he was). Your eyes went to his dark-painted lips many times that night, wishing to have a taste of what you thought to be the most forbidden fruit this world had to offer.
You danced and sang one of the songs from your home. Your eyes went to your eyebrows in surprise that the very same song existed here. Malleus seemed fond of the song as well. You could see his bright green eyes soften every time a word of the lyrics left his lips.
"We are here," he announced. You looked around, finding it hard to imagine such a place could be near the desolate place you had come to call your home.
It was a mountain stream. Beautiful, clear water flowed down the steep grades. Shining moonlight above it, making the water in it shine like stars had been brought down to earth.
"Child of man," Malleus quietly pulled you out of your daze. "I brought this for you." He said, but before he could bring out whatever he had been hiding behind his back, you fixed him a stern look.
"Mal, I told you that I can-" before you could say another word, his hand-that he had placed upon your mouth- cut you off.
"I know," Malleus began with an uncharacteristically tender look on his face. "Lilia explained that humans do not court as we do. So I have brought you this." He removed the hand from your mouth and brought out a bouquet from his back.
They were gorgeous, the flowers. The bouquet consisted of red and pink asters. You chuckled, you couldn't have picked more perfect flowers yourself, they were gorgeous but not enough to distract you from the meaning of them and his words from before.
Seeing your joyous reaction, Malleus's eyes filled with hope. "Child of man, I-" he started but before he could get out another syllable, you put your hand on his mouth and cut him off. Amusedly watching as his eyes widened in surprise, clearly not used to people cutting him off, especially in such a familiar manner.
"I would love to, Tsunotaro."
I wish I had a malleus.
Edit: for clarification pink asters mean sensitivity and love and red aster means undying devotion
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All Mine
Genre: fluff
Characters: dorm leaders (Riddle, Leona, Azul, Kalim, Vil, Idia, and Malleus) x gn!reader
Scenario: what makes your boyfriend jealous and what he does about it <3
Notes: none!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Riddle Rosehearts ; when you're having fun with someone else.
Even as your boyfriend, Riddle can’t do things with you that would go against the dorm rules or hurt his image—which you totally understand. But when he sees you laughing with someone else, doing things he can't partake in... it makes him really jealous.
Eventually, once it gets to him, he really won't want you hanging out with those people anymore.
He knows they probably aren’t being bad influences, but he will act like they are. He'll give them unimpressed stares when you're not looking, and if they're in his dorm he’ll use his unique magic against them to keep them away from you.
When you two are in private, he'll try let loose more. It’ll feel unnatural for him, but he wants to have fun with you, too. He’s afraid you’ll get bored of him.
If you play along for his sake and try to bring him out of his shell, he'll appreciate it. He might even be honest about his feelings once he’s comfortable telling you the truth.
But if you tell him that he doesn’t need to change for you, he'll get really shy. He'll deny feeling jealous, but reassurance of your love would mean a lot to him in the moment.
Ultimately, he just wants to be the one making you smile the most.
“As long as you’re sure you’re happy… Yes, I love you too.”
Tumblr media
Leona Kingscholar ; when he sees others trying to take care of you.
Leona is a gentleman. Maybe everyone else has trouble believing so, but he's incredibly attentive once you're together. He escorts you places, buys you things you need, and comforts you when need be.
But if he happens to see someone else trying to do any of that for you, he will not be happy. He sees it as disrespectful, like they're trying to tell him he isn't doing a good enough job. To make it worse, you’re too kind to refuse these gestures from others, which sets his jealousy off.
With his temper, you will know immediately. Leona doesn't like to play games. He will tell you what’s bothering him and ask why you’re entertaining that behavior when he's right there. If you can’t give him an answer, he’ll stick himself to you like glue and won’t let anyone else near you for the day.
Assigns Ruggie to the very important task of keeping tabs on you afterward. Gives him specific instructions to monitor your conversations; if you’re talking to anyone for too long or if they try to do something for you, Ruggie is to interrupt and say you’ve been summoned by Leona.
Mandatory cuddles and telling him you love him is your punishment. He hates feeling jealous.
"You know what you signed up for with me. Now, come here. You’re mine."
Tumblr media
Azul Ashengrotto ; when he becomes aware of the options you have.
Seeing how popular you are among the student body makes Azul particularly jealous.
You’re friends with so many others within the walls of Night Raven College; dozens of boys with promising futures make up your circle, including several princes, and all are just one call away from coming to your aid should you ask. So it’s a bit hard for him to not feel jealous when they don't seem to back off even after you announce your relationship.
He’ll wait it out at first, but if they don’t leave you alone he’ll be really ticked off. However, Azul is aware that he isn’t particularly intimidating and can’t fight.
So what does he do? He shows you off instead, to prove to them that you're his.
If he wasn't using Magicam before, now he's posting you every day. He's posting pictures of you with new jewelry he's bought you and images of you cuddled up to him at night, even linking sweet love songs to them.
When he checks his views and finds the individuals that triggered his jealousy, his satisfaction in through the roof. Don’t question his smirk.
If, for some reason, flaunting you on social media isn’t enough, then Azul might have Floyd give your friends a scare. Nothing serious, just enough to make them delete your number and change their routes to class to avoid you. You wont even notice since Azul is now escorting you to class on his arm.
"Do you not want me to show you off? I don't see a problem with reminding everyone who you chose."
Tumblr media
Kalim Al-Asim ; when you might be taken away.
Kalim trusts you so much, so he just doesn’t get jealous. Your relationship is so healthy and communication between you is great.
The only time he'd maybe feel jealousy would be if someone planted the idea in his head. Like if Jamil makes a joke about you and someone you're with looking quite close, Kalim might start questioning the situation.
However, he'd be more concerned for your safety than jealous. He'd approach you and drag you away in a rush with an innocent excuse to the other individual. After all, if they're trying to charm you while knowing you’re in a relationship, they have to be bad news.
He'd talk to you about it immediately, though, before any of his thoughts spiral and before you can think he’s overreacting.
Would go heavier on the PDA to remind you he trusts and cares for you. To some extent, he might be thinking he can gross that person out this way so they’ll get the hint and give it up.
Kalim is just too sweet of a guy to feel jealous honestly. There’s not much else to say. He’ll make you feel so safe.
"Just wanted to make sure you were okay! I think we should steer clear of them for now, yeah?"
Tumblr media
Vil Schoenheit ; when you don't see what he sees.
Vil gets annoyed easily, definitely. But it would either take something truly concerning or the involvement of someone he deems a threat to make him feel jealousy.
He often acts like he knows what's best for you, so he tells you to stay away from certain classmates. Especially the ones that he sees being a bit too kind to you.
If you dismiss Vil’s concerns and the individuals get bolder with you to spite him, he’ll be pissed. Honestly, if he didn’t have contractual obligations and a reputation to maintain, he might resort to threats.
If it goes on for long enough, he’ll start feeling jealous.
The result is a super petty Vil.
If you want to spend time with him, he'll redirect you to one of those friends. He'll ask you why you want his attention now, when you clearly preferred theirs yesterday.
Though it’s hard for him to turn you away when all he wants is to hug and kiss you, his mind turns it into a silly game to find out if you love him most of all. This keeps him in a cycle of pettiness and insecurity.
Still, he doesn't want to neglect you. He wants you to see his perspective, so once he’s had enough of going without you, he’ll explain why he feels his worries are justified.
Once you exchange apologies, he’ll return all the love he withheld.
"Now do you understand? I'm only trying to protect you from ill intentions."
Tumblr media
Idia Shroud ; when he can't be the one that's with you.
Get jealous very often, but keeps it to himself.
Idia knows you have to hang out with others a lot because of his boundaries. He doesn’t always feel comfortable enough to go out, so you ask your other friends for company to avoid pressuring him.
Still, it doesn’t make him feel great that there is always someone jumping at the chance to be with you.
When he gets notifs that you posted to Magicam only to see you looking happy with someone else, his jealousy escalates quickly.
Unfortunately, Idia isn't very good at communication especially when it comes to his feelings. So he will give you space instead, and let you enjoy yourself to prevent ruining your day with his doubts.
He will continue lurking your profiles for the next few days, but he won't like anything or reply to your messages. He'll self-isolate until you come to him, whether it be hours or days later.
When you do come see him in person to ask what’s wrong, you'll be stuck with him a while. He won’t admit to feeling jealous, but it’ll be clear from his questions that he wants to be sure you still want to be with him.
Lots of quality time will fix his mood. He might prefer the quiet of his room to the noisy outside world, but he makes it very clear that you’re always welcome to disturb him. He’d much prefer that to seeing you with other people.
"We can go somewhere together soon, so don't ask anyone else anymore! B-but for now, could you spend the night?"
Tumblr media
Malleus Draconia ; when you give away your time with him.
Malleus loves to have alone time with you. He's very grateful that you always reserve time in your day just for him.
But on the occasion that someone seeks to interrupt this time, and you don't turn them away or happen to cancel on Mal entirely for them, that’s when he’d get jealous.
He'd dismiss himself from the situation to let you take care of your business, but he would actually just be hiding nearby and listening.
If the person seems to be taking up your time for reasons that Malleus himself finds unworthy, he won't hesitate to use a bit of magic to make that person suddenly leave you alone, as if possessed.
He’ll return to you pouty and distracted. He’ll initiate lots of physical touch, and might even suggest going to his dorm room while he milks all your affection.
He doesn’t hide feelings of jealousy because he’s learned your instinct is to coddle him when he makes it obvious. Your giggles and half-hearted apologies in response to his melodramatic words of worry make him fall deeper in love.
When he’s jealous, Malleus doesn’t care for words of reassurance as much as he does actions. He is quite secure in your relationship, but he will never get tired of seeing how comfortable you are with him. He loves knowing that you won’t ever run away.
"Now that they're out of the way, I do wish you'd learn to say no. I am quite selfish when it comes to my time with you."
Tumblr media Tumblr media
a/n: Okay so I tried to get Riddle's Halloween card but I could NOT get any SSR until freaking pity. Then that last key set gave me both Jack and Ruggie's Dorm Uniform SSRs instead of Riddle 😭 I thought, "Wow, Leona really sent his underclassmen after me?" And that gave me the idea for jealousy hcs…
Hope u all enjoy, holiday prompts will probably be coming soon! kisses <3
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Heroes vs. Villains : Octavinelle [Part 2]
Gender Neutral Reader x Octavinelle vs. Rielle Word Count: 2.6k
Summary: Woe to the Ramshackle Prefect, being caught up in the drama between the Disney Villains and their respective heroes. Octavinelle Version, Part 2 ie. Your red-headed hero arrives at Night Raven College and your other aquatic friends are less than enthused.
[PART 1]
Tumblr media
The VDC is going to be one of the biggest events in Night Raven College’s history. It’s going to be spectacular, awe-inspiring, one for the history books. And somehow, by the grace of the Gods (or, well, Vil and Professor Crewel) you have tickets.
So naturally, Azul wants you to work through the entire thing.
“I know you don’t like people,” he’d smiled, as if he was offering you salvation on a silver platter. “And just think of it—all those crowds of sweaty, screaming, humans running around. It only seems right that I, as your employer and friend, do my due diligence to keep you safe during all of it, hmm?”
“We’re just thinking of your wellbeing,” Jade had piped in, a gloved hand pressed to his chest all innocent-like. You weren’t fooled for a second.
“And think of all the extra Thaumarks you’ll earn in tips!” Azul chirped. “I know being in a new world has been difficult for you in more ways than one, and that the financial burden in particular has been terribly unpleasant. So really, we’re just doing everything we can to assist you!”
Lies about being considerate for your ‘delicate mental health’ aside, money was good. Money was great. And besides, all you really cared about was the Choral Competition. As long as you could sneak away for that one, camping out in the Lounge didn’t actually seem like the worst idea in the world. The food was excellent, the atmosphere soothing, and the company was—
‘Less than desirable’ would probably be an understatement. But Azul always let you take home the leftovers at the end of the night, and sometimes on colder nights Jade would make you a cup of cocoa with no mushrooms in it or anything. So maybe you could excuse a bit of sadism here and there.
So the VDC came and little, poor, you were squirreled away behind the gilded doors of the Mostro Lounge. Aside for the influx of costumers (and subsequent ‘event price hikes’), it was hardly different than any of your other shifts. The one notable difference was how often Azul swapped your station. Normally you were on door duty, or acting as part of the wait staff. But every time a group of RSA students strutted by in their fancy white uniforms, the Octo-Mer would shuffle you off to the kitchens. Or the bar. Or even his office sometimes, demanding assistance with clerical work.
Someone called your name and you lifted your head from your cloud of misery and menial labor—only half paying attention to the people you were ushering in towards the seating area. But instead of another unfamiliar blob waving you down, you actually recognized this guy. Him and his brilliant shock of red hair that you wouldn’t be able to miss from a mile away.
Lo – it was fork dude.
Or, well, Prince Rielle Tidal of Atlantica. But whatever. Man had pushed a utensil into your hands and told you to brush your hair with it. There was no coming back from that.
Your sun-kissed savior swerved through the line to greet you, nearly bowling you over in his enthusiasm. His RSA uniform was a blotch of bleached brightness against the sea of Night Raven’s black ensemble. Normally your rival academics seemed to travel in packs—safety in numbers and all that. But Rielle was weaving through the mass of grumpy NRC faces like he was perfectly at home.
“I decided to pop by to see Azul and his business—because, you know, he was always so smart and pragmatic so I knew it’d probably be really cool and whatever—but wow! It’s really you!”
“It’s really me,” you repeated, fighting to keep the chirp in your customer service voice. “So, would you like a table or—"
“Wait a second—Azul has you working during the festival?!” Rielle gawked, as if he was just realizing that he had stepped into a place a of business, and that you were wearing the uniform of said establishment. “That’s so cruel!”
Yes. Yes it was. But Azul was nothing if not cruel. And if this guy actually knew anything about him at all, he should be perfectly aware of that.
“Someone has to do it,” you shrugged. “Anyways, can I get you something to—”
“Wah, look at this! Shrimpy’s slackin’ on the job!”
Maybe you could put your head through the wall. That would probably be less painful.
Floyd, Jade, and Azul materialized behind you seemingly out of thin air. The terrible trio greeted your dour frown with varying degrees of spiteful glee. And… something else? There was a sort of tension about them that didn’t mesh with their usual haughtiness. It had cropped up for the first time a few weeks ago—that day at the beach. And subsequently the hours after when Jade had pulled Azul into his office to whisper all kinds of nonsense that was apparently ‘too delicate’ for you and whatever tolerance you’d built for these sociopaths.
“Actually, it’s my fault!” Rielle blurted, stepping smoothly in front of you with all the chivalry of a knight. You wanted to warn him that dipping into Floyd’s bite radius was a terrible idea, but at the same time, you were tired, and hungry, and very curious to see how this would all play out. “And I was just wondering—well… I—I mean…”
The young Prince was starting to splutter, his cheeks burning that same, hot, pink that they had all those weeks ago at the beach. He took a moment to clear his throat, compose himself, and then grasped your hands with both of his very neatly manicured ones.
You thought you heard someone gasp. Like in a period novel.
“I actually heard that you were at Night Raven too! And I’ve been looking all over for you! So—I—Would you—” More throat clearing. Floyd’s teeth were grinding together so loudly it almost sounded like a buzzsaw. “Do you want to get something to eat with me?”
There was a deafening crack and you watched as Jade nearly put Floyd through the floor in an attempt to keep him from lurching forward. You observed the scene before you with pleasant sort of surprise as the trio across from you erupted. Or, well, Floyd had erupted. Jade just had that perfectly polite smile on his mouth that let you know he was planning someone’s murder. And Azul looked like he’d just taken physical damage.
Huh. Interesting.
Then again, you’d known they were a proprietary bunch. And you also knew that you were the favorite chew toy around these parts. No one else was sturdy enough for the role, apparently.
“Oi, Princey,” Floyd snarled from behind Jade’s gloved fingers. “What do you think you’re—"
“I—” you interrupted, stepping between the rabid Merfolk and the would-be-mincemeat. “—would love to.”
“…What?” Azul squawked.
“I’m due for my break anyways,” you shrugged, enjoying the horrible little surge of satisfaction warming your gut. Take that, you obnoxious fucks. You weren’t sure why Rielle and his crimson-monstrosity of a hairdo had set the three of them off so terribly, but you’d been on your feet for hours now. And missing all the food stalls, and your other friends, and you were going to take this petty revenge where you could.
You turned to Rielle with a polite little smile that you hoped looked more demure than scheming, and his eyes sparkled.
“You don’t mind eating here, do you?” you asked before shooting Azul an award-winning grin. “I’m sure having a Prince dining in would be great advertisement.”
“But of course,” he grit out. “Who would I be to turn down such a ringing endorsement.”
Rielle tossed an amiable arm across your shoulders and laughed that tinkling, church-bell, laugh of his. Floyd’s lip twitched and Azul snagged his arm quicker than a snake could strike. The snarling behemoth was promptly dragged off into the depths of the Lounge—Azul muttering something frantically under his breath that you couldn’t make out. He looked hunched, panicked. And whatever he was saying must have been serious enough to snag Floyd’s fickle attentions, because the too-tall henchman stayed firmly at his boss’s side. The pair of them vanished into the kitchens, the door slamming behind them.
“Just this way then, if you’d please,” Jade beamed, positively glacial.
“This’ll be great!” the Prince preened, keeping a loose grip on you as you both trailed a very stiff Eel through the front parlor. “I get to see all of Azul’s awesome accomplishments and have lunch with you at the same time!”
“The Mostro Lounge is a lovely place to dine,” you chirped, repeating your familiar, scripted, server prompts from memory. “There’s something for everyone.”
“Is that so?” Rielle hummed, as if in deep thought. “That’s very considerate of them.”
Plenty of people at this school liked to insult your intelligence, and you in turn liked to remind certain someones (Ace. Sebek.) that it was best not to throw stones in glass houses. But this was—you may have really found an actual, factual, ditz. Was this how Azul felt all the time? Looking down at you mere mortals with his superior IQ and cunning? Listening to Rielle’s innocent rambling made you feel like Einstein. It was… sort of nice.
My God, you were going to have be responsible for him, weren’t you? Is that was parenthood felt like?
Jade led you to a quiet booth in the back—the one with a direct line of sight to both the kitchens and Azul’s office. The one reserved for problem customers. You folded yourself neatly onto the cushioned bench and Rielle followed, sitting at your side rather than across the table. Something in Jade’s jaw twitched.
“What do you recommend?” Rielle asked you cheerfully, practically radiating enthusiasm. “I’m sure everything is fantastic!”
“Hmm… How about the Mixed Seafood Platter to start I think,” you grinned, turning your polite beam back on your unfortunate server. “With the Unagi, please.”
Beneath all that bubbling irritation, something in those bi-colored eyes gleamed with the barest hint of respect.
“But of course. If you’ll excuse me.”
Once Jade had retreated, Rielle relaxed back into his seat with a theatrical sigh. He brushed his neat swoop of hair off his forehead, like he was wiping away sweat from a workout.
“Phewf! Not that Azul’s friends aren’t nice and all, but they always give me a bit of the heebie-jeebies.”
That was the kindest word for ‘intense murderous aura’ that you’d ever heard.
“A bit, yeah,” you agreed easily enough. “So how do you know Azul?”
“Oh!” he perked right back up. “We were classmates! When we were younger. He was always really quiet, but also really smart! Is he still like that? Quiet—I mean. Reserved.”
A memory struck you then—of standing at Azul’s side in the lobby of the Atlantica Memorial Museum. You remembered his hesitant determination as he replaced his old class photo on the wall. The picture of a tiny, rounder, Azul standing off to the side—hunched, grey, and miserable amidst a sea of laughing faces. You couldn’t remember if there had been a brilliant slash of red mixed in there anywhere. You hadn’t even bothered to check. Because why would you have even deigned to look at the faces of a group of bullies?
Something soured in your gut.
“I wouldn’t say that, no,” your smile sharpening a bit at the edges. “He’s actually very talkative. It’s hard to get him to shut up most of the time.”
“Really?” Rielle gaped. “Wow! That’s awesome!”
Jade slithered by to drop off your appetizers, and if he noticed the slight drop in your mood he didn’t mention it. He was in and out in a flash. You could just see the whisps of his teal hair disappearing back into Azul’s office.
“Enough about Azul though,” Rielle waved off, reaching for the platter. “Tell me about you!”
“Me?” you echoed, bland. “But isn’t Azul your old friend?”
The Prince waved you off once more, cheeks pinkening all over again. “I can talk to him whenever. I’d much rather hear about you! You’re—You’re interesting!”
Now, that was probably a genuine compliment. You doubted Rielle actually meant to slight your friend companion boss by implying that the most ambitious, intelligent, cunning, and well-dressed merman on campus wasn’t interesting enough to converse about—that all of Azul’s efforts to bring himself out of the shadows and onto center stage were still wanting. But that bitter thing in your stomach was raring for a fight.
So you ruffled around in your uniform pocket and pulled out the little notebook you used to tally orders. You shot Rielle the brightest, sweetest, smile you could and watched his stupidly pretty face light up redder than his hair.
“Actually,” you giggled—giggled. Like a freak. “I’d love to hear about you.”
“He’s going to say something!—”
“What doesn’t Shrimpy already know, huh?” Floyd griped. “And I mean, didn’t you steal Ramshackle? You really think bubble-butt out there can do anything to make the Prefect hate you?”
Azul paced. And paced. And paced.
“It’s not about hating me,” he hissed, fighting the urge to wring his hands. “It’s about realizing there are better options out there, and—”
“Bubble-butt is a better option?!” Floyd cackled.
“Stop interrupting me!”
“Then stop whining,” the eel droned, flopping his head back against the couch. “You shoulda just let me squeeze ‘em.”
“We do not need to spark an international incident in my restaurant,” Azul repeated. Though it sounded less like he was trying to convince Floyd than himself.  “Rielle Tidal is a Prince—”
“—a shitty, turd, leftover, Prince—”
“—who we must treat,” Azul grit out, “as such.”
There was a firm rap against the door and Jade slipped inside. Azul had to fight the reflex to pounce on him immediately. Instead he took a moment to pause and straighten his suit jacket. His fingers were shaking and he was sure that Jade would have seen, but thankfully there seemed to be a single shred of mercy left in his Vice-Warden’s cold, withered, heart, and the trembling limbs were not mentioned.
Jade cleared his throat and Azul leaned forward, anxious.
“I think you may be overthinking things,” he said, calm as a cucumber, and Azul wanted to scream.
“It’s not paranoia, it’s being prepared,” he snipped. A pause. “But why do you say that? What happened? Did something happen?”
Jade smiled that placid smile of his. “No.”
“No?” Azul repeated, flabbergasted.
“No,” Jade shrugged.
“Isn’t that a good thing?” Floyd piped in.
Azul was just about to turn and remind his wonderful subordinate just how terrible he could make his existence when there was another knock at the door—lighter than Jade’s but just as familiar. Not a moment later, your head popped through the crack and you peaked inside wearily.
Azul hastily cleared his throat and Jade’s grin turned smug.
“Pr-Prefect! Can I help you with something?”
Floyd snickered under his breath and Azul mentally added another three hours onto the bastard’s nightly dish duties.
You stepped inside and tossed a tiny notebook down onto his desk.
“Here,” you said, with a grumpy sort of frown on your face. “All of Prince Rielle of Atlantica’s stupid wants, hopes, and dreams. You better be able to put this to good use you stupid mafioso wannabe, because I’ve been listening to this guy ramble on about himself for ages now, and I’d rather get drowned by Jade and Floyd again.”
You turned without another word and slammed the door behind you.
Azul gaped wordlessly at the pile of tiny pages splattered across his desk, and the familiar curl of your handwriting filling each and every one of them.
“Oh,” he breathed.
“Oh indeed,” Jade grinned.
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pinkanonwrites · 3 months
Hi! Hope you're doing fine and feel well! If you're okay with this, can I have headcanons with dorm lideres(but with Jamil instead of Kalim) reaction when their s/o comes to them with the news of Crowley finding a way to their world only to add that they refused it so they can stay with them and seeing more opportunities in twst world?
OHHHHHHHHH I loved this one. I dunno what else to say other than I just really enjoyed writing it, so I hope y’all enjoy reading it!
He was there with you when Crowley had broken the news, and frankly he had been so shocked himself at the Headmaster’s sudden show of competence that he hadn’t even registered the expression on your face. He’d forgotten, somewhere along the line, that your time together was finite. It always had been. You had a home, somewhere out there, and it wasn’t with him.
At least, that’s what he’d thought. He’d also thought that when you called him out that afternoon to speak alone, that you would be breaking up with him. Easier to sever the connection now rather than later. But as he faced you, awaiting your rejection, the last three words he’d ever expected you to stay fell from your lips.
“I’m staying here.”
Tumblr media
Before it’s even sunk in what that actually means, for him, for the two of you, he’s already trying to argue it. What do you mean, you’re staying? Isn’t this what you had wanted? You’re being terribly hasty, giving up the world you had gushed to him over to stay in this unfamiliar one.
But as you begin to argue back with him, to explain yourself, the full force of the confession hits him like a train. Your world wasn’t your home anymore, he was. You’d give it all up just for the chance to stay here with him, see what your relationship had to offer. You’d seen the absolute worst of him, the temper tantrums and the break-downs and the obsession and compulsion... and you still wanted him.
He doesn’t realize he’s crying until you’re cupping his cheeks. You wipe away the fat, shimmery tears as they roll down his face but they just keep coming, pouring over your fingers as Riddle gasps out a shuddering breath before hugging you like he’s afraid you’re going to dissolve through his fingertips. Once he’s composed himself he’ll apologizing for losing face like that, but for now all he wants is to hold you.
Tumblr media
Stupid. Stupid stupid stupid you’re so, incredibly stupid. That’s what he’ll keep murmuring as he holds you, but you can tell he doesn’t really mean it by the way his entire broad frame is practically shivering with relief. Stupid, dumb herbivore choosing the unwanted, the second son, the wannabe prince, over the world that was awaiting your return home.
Leona’s always been second place. Second to his brother, second to his own nephew, second to Malleus Draconia; He was fully prepared to be second to your home world too. Everything he’s ever desired in life he’s lost to someone just a half step ahead of him, regardless of his own skill. He’d long since given up on fighting for what he wanted.
But he didn’t even have to fight for you. You chose him, quickly, assuredly, like it would be foolish to even consider anything else. You would give up a literal world for the chance to stay by his side, and the only thing Leona has really ever wanted was to be the one somebody chose first. You gave that to him, without him even needing to ask.
Tumblr media
The first thing he does is scoff, tell you not to offer him foolish placations if they aren’t even true, to chide you for attempting to pull one over on the most accomplished, silver-tongued businessman at Night Raven College. But the truth of the matter is that he genuinely cannot and will not believe that you would actually choose him over the opportunity to return home.
It takes some pushing for him to finally believe you, but once he does he’s completely stunned into silence. What is he even supposed to say? What does anyone say when they’re being told you’re giving up your chance to go home for... For him? For Azul Ashengrotto, the slowpoke, the poor, pudgy octopus, the scam artist?
His entire face burns red and his eyes sting with tears, bubbling over like waterfalls down his cheeks. You hug him and he hugs you back with crushing force, pressing his face into the crook of you neck and trying to focus on the sound of your breathing to quell his tears. He most likely won’t let you go for the remainder of the evening, but not leaving him behind is what you wanted in the first place, so you can hardly say you mind.
Tumblr media
No matter how badly, how desperately he wants you to stay, Jamil’s first instinct is to try and convince you to reconsider. It’s hard to fault him for it, seeing as it’s what he’s been doing his entire life. He’s always had to put someone else ahead of him, make them look better, more appealing, regardless of his own wants and desires. Why would it be any different here?
But not only is he surprised when you begin to argue back, frankly insulted that he’d try to convince you to leave after you’d made up your mind to choose him, he’s also relieved. Of course he wanted you to stay, of course he’d fall to pieces if you’d left and he had to stay here without you. But Jamil spends every waking moment weighing what he wants against what would be the better thing to do, and his instincts kicked in in place of his shock.
He’ll interrupt you mid-rant with a kiss, cupping the back of your neck gently but with an intensity that says he’s never going to let you go again, so you’d better be ready to be stuck with him. Whatever life throws at you from now on, at least you’d have each other to help get through it.
Tumblr media
His soft, almost knowing smile says "I always knew you’d choose me," on the outside. But on the inside you’ve quelled a raging storm of insecurity and concern down to a light, fluttering breeze with just three little words. Vil knows he isn’t the easiest person to be with, and he recognizes that his particularities and tastes have led to plenty of disagreements in the past, and will probably lead to more in the future.
But regardless of that possibility, you chose to stay. You dug in your heels and chose to stay anchored to him despite all the ways he knew he could drive you mad. But you did it because you loved him, and because you were terribly, terribly stubborn when you wanted to be. But that stubbornness is just what made Vil fall head over heels for you in the first place.
He doesn’t want to let you out of his sight until it’s fully sunken in that you staying is actually real. He’ll lend you some of his pajamas, dress you in wonderfully soft silk as he does your evening moisturizing routine for you and you can curl into bed together. He’ll cradle your cheek so gently with his hand, forgoing his own strict sleep routine so he can stay up and watch until you doze off in his arms.
Tumblr media
Haha, real funny joke you’re making right now. Actually, no, it isn’t funny. Not even a little bit! How could you joke about something like that, try and get his hopes up for something he knows isn’t gonna happen? Idia is a raging pessimist, so it’ll take a while for you to even convince him that what you’re saying it the truth.
Once you finally do though? It takes everything he’s got not to completely shut down. He crumples into your arms like a fall leaf, shaking just as much, gripping you so tight as to almost be unbearable. You’re actually choosing... Him? You know this is endgame, right? You can’t reload your save after something like this, this is a decision you can’t take back.
Part of him wants to crawl under his bed and never come out, but another part of him is terrified that if he lets you go you might change your mind, so instead he just hangs off you like a barnacle as his brain refuses to fully process what  this means for the two of you. He curls around you like a second skin in bed, for once shoving all his anxieties to the corners of his brain and just fully immersing himself in your wonderful warmth.
Tumblr media
Oh, his darling. His wonderful little Child of Man. Are you certain? The last thing Malleus ever wants is to lose you, but he wants this decision to be yours and yours alone, not swayed by his words or actions. But when he looks into your eyes he sees it. That determination, that finality. You’ve already made up your mind, and nothing he says right now will change that.
And oh, if he doesn’t fall in love with you all over again from that gaze alone. Malleus loves you, he loves you so deeply and so intensely that he’s certain he would have fallen to pieces the moment you’d stepped foot through whatever portal Crowley could conjure to send you home. How fascinating you are, how utterly brilliant that with only your kindness and your friendship you were able to bring the Prince of Fae to his knees before you.
Whatever you need of him, whatever you desire, Malleus will gladly do for you. He’d move the stars to make you smile, walk to the ends of the earth and back to hear your laughter. Whatever may come your way in the future, Malleus will spend every waking moment proving to you that you made the right decision.
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There’s an urgent knocking at Ramshackle’s front door, and it only grows more urgent as you and Grim play rock, paper, scissors to determine who has to go deal with whatever mess is waiting outside. As if the one knocking senses your trepidation and is having none of it, the banging becomes loud enough to drown out even Grim’s gloating as you approach.
With desperation on his face and a surprising proposition for you, who do you see at the door but-
Or, reasons why they’d ask you to fake date/fake get engaged/fake get married:
(Gender neutral reader)
Riddle Rosehearts
His mom really is trying to control his life down to the last detail, and Riddle wants no part of any marriage she’s arranging. But he needs some romantic backup to convince her to back off his love life, so please please please help him, he might even let you break a rule or two for this.
Ace Trappola
Ace made a bet that if you two dated you’d make it past the six month mark, sheepishly admitting he hadn’t considered he’d need your help for this. He’s thrilled when you’re on board with the lovey-dovey act, ‘cause wow you’re convincing everyone, maybe even him…
Deuce Spade
Deuce accidentally told his mom that he’s dating someone- no, he doesn’t know how, but please, you’re the only person who can and will help him, and he can’t make his mom cry.
Cater Diamond
As ever, Cater’s motivation is Magicam-related. There’s a contest for cutest couple, and you’re too caught up in the realization that Cater said you’re cute to even ask what the prize is.
Trey Clover
This man is too sensible for typical fake dating shenanigans so I’m going to break the fourth wall and say he doesn’t get the top secret family recipes from grandma until he gets engaged; do it for the baked goods!! Just don’t add oyster sauce!!
Leona Kingscholar
Leona’s family has been annoying him to get engaged, and in a fit of frustration (Cheka was yelling right in his ear), he told them he already was. Of course he’s going to ask one of the few people here he can actually tolerate to fake being his betrothed.
Jack Howl
Jack is another pragmatic one and very serious about relationships to boot- but perhaps Jack made a bet with Ace that he could actually date someone without falling in love with them… oops.
Ruggie Bucchi
At least at first, it’s all business: couples’ discounts, double coupons, the wedding registry- think of the wedding registry, prefect! Right up until he remembers you don’t get to keep the gifts if you don’t get married. But there are worse things than staying married, right?
Azul Ashengrotto
After a great deal of consideration and thought about his future and who it would be most advantageous to spend it with, Azul has produced a marriage contract- okay, fine- it’s the tax benefits.
Jade Leech
Tax fraud. He’ll be quite frankly astonished if you need more explanation than that.
Floyd Leech
Okay so Floyd got bored- what do you mean that isn’t enough of a reason, being around Shrimpy is always fun, and he’s BORED, weren’t you listening?
Kalim Al Asim
His family has started forwarding all of the mail from oh so eligible suitors (checked for poison first of course), and it’s starting to take up too much space in Scarabia, so could you please help him, prefect? 🥺
Jamil Viper
Kalim is refusing to pick someone to marry unless Jamil has a partner he loves too. So as much as this pains him, given all ten things he hates about you, all of the suitor mail has flooded the Scarabia kitchen and lounge… and he thought he saw a bug hiding in there.
Vil Schoenheit
Our perpetually typecast villain hero has decided that one way to change the narrative is to become one half of a perfect couple. And since casting the role of Twisted Wonderland’s sweetheart within the confines of Night Raven College is no mean feat, he’s found himself at the doorstep of the one person capable.
Epel Felmier
Epel mentioned a lab partner on a phone call with his very excited parents only to realize at the end of the call that he hadn’t said the word “lab.” So now they’re clamoring for him to visit home with his partner, so could ya do him a favor and come out to Harveston with him, eh?
Rook Hunt
You’d mentioned how convincing Rook had been in his love poems for Eliza, so the hunter turns around and professes his own love for you in verse… wait, is he making this up on the fly or not? Somehow you think this one is real.
Idia Shroud
Scarred by his experience with one (1) phantom bride, Idia has decided the best solution is… well, to never leave his room again. But on the occasion he does, it pays to have a fake partner with an equally fake engagement ring on their finger. Now if only he can figure out why his hair turns pink when he talks to you.
Malleus Draconia
Human-fae politics aren’t typically on your radar, but they sure are after Malleus explains that a political marriage between the future king of Briar Valley and a human would… help to smooth things over. And given that there are a grand total of two humans who aren’t afraid of him, and one of them is Silver… yes, the emerald the size of your face is an engagement present, will you accept?
Sebek Zigvolt
If Malleus must consider marrying a human for peace, then Sebek will unquestioningly follow in the young master’s footsteps. This just means you are the most acceptable human here, human! Nothing more! Now please hold his hand.
Silver’s proposal, genuine or not, is downright princely… up until he falls asleep in the middle of it. Oh, his motivation? Well, you started out with no family or history here, and he understands that, and how lonely it must be. Consider this one way to ensure Diasomnia will adopt you.
Lilia Vanrouge
To be honest, you barely follow Lilia’s convoluted scheme as he explains it, and you’re not sure how much is scheme and how much is actual interest in you. After enjoying the confusion for a day or two, Lilia clarifies that yes, he does like you. But will you still crash a fancy party with him? He really does need a date to distract the host while he steals an ancient sword or six after all.
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cursedcola · 4 months
Plot: Read to find out :) Characters: Riddle Rosehearts, Leona Kingscholar, Azul Ashengrotto, Kalim Al' Asim, Vil Schoenheit, Idia Shroud, and Malleus Draconia + special platonic guest Warnings: Mentions of depressive themes and anxiety. Spoilers for TW main story. A/N: This is a doosy. I hope you like it. It might be one of my favorite works to date.
Difficult to notice, yet deadly if ignored. The smudge of black on Grim's magestone went unnoticed by many as the days at Night Raven College passed. Each as chaotic and entertaining to Grim as the last. Over time the spot grew. A dot turned into a speck, and the speck soon turned into a splotch. Which then became a streak, and finally a stain that screamed "Look at me! Notice Me! I am here!". It remained unseen, until an eerie sensation overtook our feline friend. One that sparked panic as his ability to cast magic dwindled - as if whatever was maintaining the stone was on the cusp of breaking.
By then it was too late.
Grim had no time to panic or think about what caused his magestone to sour. Neither did the Ramshackle prefect or any other student at Night Raven College.
Funny enough. The stress of yet another possible overblot occurring was enough for the last inch of purple to be overcome by darkness. Grim ran away from his friends in a panicked frenzy, afraid that they'll be hurt and scared for what pain he would feel. Arms yanked the school's magicless tactician out of harm's way - the prefect had solved many cases and would do so successfully again. They would save him.
Tension tight enough to suffocate hung in the air as students either prepared for battle or fled. All eyes watching Grim as he desperately tried to shake the blot out of his stone; yet, he never turned. No monster bleeding black ooze was in sight. Just a trembling cat.
Mass confusion overtook all as they looked between each other for answers.
"Looking for me?"
A monotone voice echoed from beyond the barricade of students. A voice many spoke to on a daily basis that normally sang with snarky quips and lovable anecdotes. Students barreled away from its direction as black ooze overtook the ground beneath them.
Screams fell to deaf ears as the the overblot manifestation crawled up their legs and encased those fleeing in a midnight chrysalis. Any who tried to fight received the same fate. It toyed with them mercilessly until they resigned themselves to their insignificance.
"Please stop running. It makes this much more difficult on me...but then again, when did that ever matter?"
Compared to other overblots, the prefect held no shadow. No presence. They stood idle - like a husk - as the blot wreaked havoc in their place. Lifeless eyes scoured a crowd of pleas and cries with no signs of feeling or mercy. Like they were a puppet.
Their eyes met his, and momentarily the darkness ceased its spread. As some students took the chance to run in the distance - they reach out a hand. His name stutters from their lips as a pitch-black tear fell to the floor.
He gasps when you say his name. For a moment Riddle is caught off guard, and it's enough time for the ooze to begin crawling up his calf. His own magestone suffered greatly from trying to keep the dark magic at bay while aiding nearby students in their escape.
It's light flickers in his hand as he tries desperately to cast another warding spell. Alas, it was out of mana.
And Riddle is out of time.
He thought of his own overblot on occasion. Some parts were foggy, and others he could remember vividly enough to believe he was still there. Trapped in his own self-loathing. Scared. Angry. Vengeful.
Then there was you. Strong. Independent. Respected. You had merely been at his school for a few weeks and somehow managed to take charge of situations he could not begin to fathom. You saved him when he did not know he needed to be saved. Riddle envied it at the time. Wanted the ability to guide others and still be loved by them - like you.
At some point he no longer wanted to become you. He wanted to be with you. He was proud of your intelligence and always made sure you were aware that it was superior to many he knew.
He wonders what you are feeling. If you are aware like he was, or if you are in a slumber like the students you have captured. At least, he hopes that is what happened to them and you have not done any 'permanent' harm.
Riddle stops struggling when the ooze reaches his waist. He needs a new approach...your approach.
"MC...MC can you hear me?! You need to fight it! There is no logic in mass hysteria!," he screams above the chaos with clenched fists. Your eyes meet once again and Riddle sighs in relief. He may have a chance -
"I am not logical," you say calmly, and return to watching the chaos, "and I never want to be,"
The ooze stretches over his arms and in the distance he sees the remnants of his dorm succumb to the blot. His frustration overpowers his fleeting confusion at your words. Now red contrasts to black, as his face burns in anger.
"Clearly so! If you're going to behave so childishly!"
"Maybe. It will be over soon. Logic is unnecessary when there is nothing,"
"What's wrong with you?! Suddenly doing all this - what example are you setting for other students? You were a role-model to - "
"None. I was a role-model to none," the ooze halts abruptly at the top of Riddles neck and he strains his head away from it. You glare at him with clenched teeth, "I did not ask for their expectations. Since I cannot escape them or this place...I will be rid of them permanently,"
Your hands fly to fist at your head and your breaths become ragged. Riddle found the land mine he was looking for...and he greatly disliked the familiarity.
"Expectations are given to people worthy. You may not agree, but it is the truth. Every expectation you receive is determined by a bar that you have put into place. You are in control MC. You have always been in control," Riddle releases a breath as the ooze begins to recede to his shoulders.
You go quiet, and gaze down at the ink staining your hands in terror, "I failed everyone. I failed you," you cry, "I'm so so sorry,"
The ink recedes to Riddle's feet and he sprints to your side. He kneels and takes your hands in his. Around you, students escape as the blot begins to fade away.
"If anyone needs to apologize...it is I. Let it be known that I expect nothing of you other than your happiness. Even then, it is and always will be your choice..."
Leona tenses in place and his ears twitch. His guard is still on high alert, but his heart thrums in his chest at record breaking pace. For a brief moment, he heard your voice. Not the distorted mutilation coming from the blot...but your voice.
Weak. Fragile. Suffering.
His legs act alongside his head and Leona dodges the spike of ooze aimed for his wrist. His quick reflexes protect him from becoming trapped in whatever cocoon you were encasing other students in.
His first instinct is to use King's Roar...but doing so would hurt you in the process. There's no doubt in his mind that it's why you called for him. That...and one other reason. He knows you can handle it. You're strong. He's pointed out your admirable strength for a human on many occasions. From nearly fist-fighting a groom-seeking ghost, keeping up with his spell drive practices, lugging him across campus, to even outrunning the leech twins every other hour - your ability to take a hit was well known.
Even now. Leona did not predict that you could overblot, but your form does not surprise him in the slightest. If anyone was to reek with such raw power, it would be the one person on campus surviving through pure grit. Leona may have underestimated you in the beginning, but he knows better now.
"If you don't stop then I have no choice but to fight you! Is that what you want?! Because I don’t hold back. Not for you - not for anyone,” he threatens, yet it reaches no one. You don’t spare Leona a glace when he aims his wand at you, “Never thought you’d fall like this, prefect. Tsk. What a disappointment,”
Leona shoots a burst of magical energy your way, but it meets a wall of ooze. It molds around you in a protective barrier, blocking any attack and keeping others at a distance.
Brute force would not work. Yet it was all Leona could do in a situation with no tactical edge. No insult or snarky joke rewarded him with a response. You were merely toying with him - and it made him simmer in rage. As his mana quickly depletes, he begins to believe that ‘saving’ you is a lost cause.
“There was nowhere to ‘fall’ from. Gravity holds us in our place. You of all people should know this, Leona,” you lift an arm, and suddenly he’s pinned down and kneeling on the ground.
“The hell are you talking about?! You’ve gone insane - look at this place,”
“It’s not fun to live in denial Leona. Aren’t you tired of fighting a 'lost cause'? I know that I am…”
You approach and kneel down in front of him at eye level. A macabre underlaying in your movements as you sway in the sea of black - and it clicks.
Leona found his edge…and it burns. His stomach lurches knowing what he has to do. With all his strength he pulls his remaining mana to rip his arms from the ooze and grab your shoulders. Tightly. His claws dig into your skin and draw crimson.
“I will never give up,” he grits, “but I can reevaluate. I might not be first born but I’ll be damned if that stops me from getting what I want…and I was right to peg you an idiot if you're thinking otherwise,”
Your eyes narrow at his words, and suddenly every ounce of darkness in the area is pointed like sharp needles at Leona.
“Too bad you’ll die before-“
“Sure, like you have the gull to kill me? You haven’t given up either,” Leona speaks out confidently, “stronger than I am. You would never kill someone for personal gain…and you know it. Why else have you come this far, huh? To play mage? No, you’re doing it to live so quit throwing a fucking tantrum and grow up. Whatever it is that you want to do…,” he stands abruptly and you quickly pull the needles away - proving his point and he smirks.
“I’ll help you to do it, alright. So let everything go and only look my way,”
And you do. Leona catches you just as your consciousness gives out and all the miasma from the area slowly fades away. Not a scratch or sign of distress in sight….as if everything was a bad dream that NRC just awoke from. Leona picks you up and escapes the area quickly. Health now, theorizing after.
A shiver snakes down Azul's spine. Your voice hangs still in the air - clouding his mind and his eyes sting as he forgets to blink. He never pictured you begging. Not like the poor unfortunate souls he would ensnare with his contracts. Azul has heard you yell, he's seen you jump when startled and seen the color drain from your face when being scolded.
Yet, never desperate. Never terrified.
He doesn't know what to do. His magic is useless. Azul is useless...in the face of this. You.
Even now. He finds you astonishing. The way you stand tall in a sea of black. He only sees you from behind yet even that feels like a forbidden pleasure. The miasma radiates from you like ocean waves on a calm evening. Your movements are fluid as you fall in sync with their flow and to Azul it's like you are dancing. Like an angelfish in the depths of the sea...you call to him.
Something cold and slimy wraps around his wrist in Azul's moment of weakness. It yanks him down and he's nearly dragged into a cocoon of black - almost. Luckily Professor Vargas is stronger. He grabs Azul by the shoulder and rips him out of the trap before demolishing it. Vargas' expression is steel as the blot retreats towards it's source...
You are reaching out in Azul's direction one moment, and in the next Vargas is standing protectively in front of him - blocking you from sight.
His professor yells, "Enough MC, fight me head on! I will protect these students with my-" and is blasted away before Azul can offer assistance. Just as he began to comprehend the situation...you overtook him once again.
A gust of air whips by and he squints. When his eyes open, you're a hairs length away from Azul's face - one move and your noses will touch.
Your hollow gaze bores into him, "Even in chaos, you won't look me in the eye. Your attention is always elsewhere," and his heart shudders.
He speaks without thinking, "My attention is never not on you," and he's completely forgotten about his likely injured teacher.
"Truths," he breaths, "Even now. You are all I see," and he means it.
"You only look because I am now worthwhile," one of your hands slides up his shoulder and wraps around his bowtie, "I now have power to offer you. Would you like to make a contract?"
What was happening to him? Why...were the things he couldn't say days before slipping from his lips like butter.
His heart pounds at the offer. The power of an overblot at the reach of his fingertips...it's never been done before. If successful it would open doorways of new magical discoveries. Everyone would envy him-
and yet
'Azul,' your plea from earlier surfaces in his memory.
An offer has never disgusted him more. He cannot resist gagging at the thought..."Not on my life," he spits out in a haste.
You give no reaction to his distaste - or so he would think, if thick blot did not begin to curl between your bodies. Azul ignores the way it grips his clothes and steels himself.
"You do not need a contract to have me. You have always been - and will continue to be - my strength," he reaches to gently grab the hand around his neck, "this form is but a piece of you, yet I still cannot look away. You are everything,"
Insecurity. He doesn't know what could breed such a painful emotion in you - but from the way the world crumbles he must have assumed correctly.
You look away as the air begins to clear, and crystal tears prick the corners of your eyes.
Azul lifts his hands to your cheeks and brushes them away with his thumbs.
Quick on his feet, Kalim summons Oasis Maker to flush out some of the toxic mist spreading across the area. He falls into action like clockwork, guiding students out of the area and serving as a distraction until higher mages arrive. He is positive that the situation will be handled - except now you are not there to solve it.
Which isn't your fault. None of this is.
If anything, it's Kalim's fault. Which means he needs to work extra hard so that you don't blame yourself for anything. Which he knows you will do.
Because you're honest.
Which is something many people say about Kalim himself - they call it his fault. His 'defect'.
They're half-right. Kalim's honesty is not the same as yours. He chooses positivity and openness. You? It comes naturally. In ways that don't require a smile and energetic outlook on life. You are someone Kalim never has to second guess with - and that is a gift.
Your honesty is what Kalim loves the most about you. Your blunt nature and ability to stick with your gut. It is one of your biggest strengths...and he does not want you to lose it.
The way you called for him - knowing. You knew this overblot was coming yet said nothing. There was nothing that could have been done to stop it. Whatever you have buried beneath the surface - Kalim understands.
This image of you. This 'blemish'. It is your honesty. It’s your grimace every time someone comments on your “fortune” for getting free enrollment. It’s your relief when a harsh exam is over with, or when you lay in bed after a long day. Your excitement when Kalim takes you on a particularly adventurous ride on his flying carpet…your despair, when someone you care about is in trouble. It’s all of that wrapped in a bundle and put on display for everyone to see.
Kalim is scared. Not of you - but for you, because this emotionless monster wreaking havoc is what you perceive yourself as.
He feels guilty for not looking your way more than once. For leaving you to needlessly fight with the people you care about…but as the last student flees to safety he feels relief.
As he turns to face you with a grin - he feels happiness.
“Go on. Everyone’s gone now MC! Let it out!”
You turn away from fighting with your close friends. Ace and Deuce are weathered to dust and collapse on the floor. Rain still pours from Kalim’s signature spell and it mixes with the black miasma in puddles on the ground.
The two boys shout for Kalim to run - that you won’t see reason. He laughs and tells them not to worry before running towards you.
“Everyone’s safe now…you don’t have to worry anymore,” he says, and takes off his cardigan to lay over your shoulders. He adjusts it with a gentle smile and lifts his hand to wipe off a smear of ink from your cheek, “I hope you don’t catch a cold. I’ll take care of you, but I bet that wouldn’t be fun for you,”
“I was not worried,” you say, unblinking as he continues to fiddle with your garments, “the cold is irrelevant. As are you - flee you yellow pest,”
“Yes, you were,”
You slightly narrow your eyebrows at him, “and what makes you so certain?”
Your hand extends to the side at that moment, and ink lifts to encase the exhausted first years up to their necks, “would you like to join them?”
Kalim clutches the jacket tighter and ignores the panicked yapping of his friends.
“If that would make you happy, then sure! Take me! Just let them go…I don’t want you to be upset over this later,”
“And what makes you sure that there’s going to be a ‘later’?” You ask.
“Well…,” Kalim looks at his friends over your shoulder and then back to you, “because you know it too. Otherwise I’d be gone right now and so would everyone else. Deep down you’re getting ready to let go! And when you do we’ll all be ready to help you,”
Kalim pulls you into a tight hug. His arms wound over your shoulders and shield you from the rain above. A moment passes, and he feels your arms reach up around his back. Not once during the entire encounter did the ooze attack him. Even in a slumber of darkness you still held onto yourself. Just like Kalim knew you would.
“You really are a naïve idiot,” your voice - now full of sorrow - whispers in is ear, “I could have killed you,”
He hugs you tighter, “you could have, and I probably would have let you haha. Next time let’s talk - I’ll always be here for you,”
“I know. You always are,”
An explosion of grime blackens his uniform in a matter of seconds. It covers Vil from head to toe - soaking his hair, dampening his cape, and filling his boots. As students slip across the floor in an attempt to flee, Vil is halted in place by the sickening feeling of filth overtaking him.
Ever calm in the face of chaos, he pulls out a handkerchief to clean himself. The scene before him utterly dull and disinteresting.
"I expected more. Is this all that results from your spite?...honestly, prefect. At least put in some effort beyond this putrid slime,"
And he has you in his clutches. As he tosses the handkerchief over his shoulder, your head snaps robotically in his direction.
He eyes rake over you callously. Nit picking every little 'imperfection', from the bags underneath your eyes to the veins bulging out of your neck from strain. Vil's heels click against the ground as he approaches. Magic trickles from his fingertips and pushes away the barrier of blot that you've created. Effortlessly, he passes through it all.
At your feet kneels a new freshman from his dorm. A young man eyes him with a mix of fear and relief. Vil notes his shredded uniform and eyes bloodshot from crying - likely from begging for mercy.
He lifts his chin at the lad, "Run or fight. Pick now, Pomefiore students do not grovel," and the boy wastes no time escaping with a strained 'thank you'.
"He was not yours to free," your voice echoes. Airy and meaningless to Vil's ears and he watches as ooze captures the boy in a cocoon before he makes it ten paces away.
"It's hypocritical," Vil chuckles, "that you trap them like insects...or is it a metaphor? Do you feel caged, prefect?"
Vil raises a singular eyebrow, taunting you to respond. You do not, yet he expected such due to this 'artificial' state you've taken on.
"Of course you do. I certainly would...although I thought you more determined than resorting to an overblot's power to free yourself,"
Around Vil more people fall prey to your traps. Neither brute force or trickery allows them to leave the miasma's boarder, and he cannot help but feel a smidge of awe at the sight. To bottle the essence into a potion...it would be marvelous. The miracle of a magicless producing an overblot is astounding on it's own, yet the entire scenario is remarkable.
You are remarkable.
Arrows soar and he watches as Rook falls. The hunter turned prey - Rook becomes a bird locked away in a cage. Epel is not far behind him. A string of uncouth curses leaving the boy's lips when he looses his footing to the darkness.
Vil tuts, "If only I could make Epel submit so easily during mannerism lessons...perhaps I can learn from you yet MC,"
"Will you ever cease speaking?"
"First, rude," he sighs, "second, why not force me? People in an overblot state normally do not entertain chatter...what makes you special?"
You eye him, "I don't need to immobilize what's already broken," and he smirks. Of course you would say that of all things. Vil knows you better than you know yourself...he's observed up close and at a distance. Vil knows that you have doubts in him, in the school, in your friends, and in yourself the most.
but you cut no corners. Your dedication to being the 'perfect prefect' is something often admired...to where even your overblotted form is unconsciously maintaining it. Had you not kidnapped half the school in goo prison - none likely would notice an overblot walked the halls.
Until you spoke, at least. This gravelly undertone does not suit you...or does it?
"You may be correct," Vil raises a hand to his chin and pretends to think, "but you are not broken MC. Merely misguided. Your sheer determination has given you the strength to persevere, and I was convinced that it would be enough. I thought you and I to be similar,"
He reaches out and lays a steady hand on your shoulder. You look up at him through your eyelashes, and he takes it as a sign to reach down and hold your hand. His delicate fingers intertwine with yours.
"I was wrong. You are capable of more than brute force - so cage me. Otherwise you will have to hear my ramblings for all eternity. You won't, because you are more determined than I was to break through this spell...but go on and try. You have my cooperation,"
Your hand tightens around Vil's and for the first time since coming to your side - emotion is clear on your face.
Thick tears stream down your cheeks and Vil breaths out in relief.
"You're right...ugh, why are you always right ya pompous asshole," you say and bring his fingers to your forehead. A faint blush dusts Vil's cheeks and he smiles.
"I am the fairest, after all. My voice was bound to reach you eventually, my dear"
Oh no. Nononononon this can’t be happening. Not them. Anyone but them.
Great seven. He must have misheard amongst the screams or the reception in his dorm must have bugged out.
Whichever it is, Idia panics and yanks his earphones off of his head. Multiple monitors within his room show the catastrophe playing out from different angles. At the center is his main screen, which is black despite the video signal still being active. The moment his name left your lips a harpoon of blot shot at his tablet . Then there was nothing.
What the hell just happened? Idia thinks, a cold sweat dripping down his spine. His hair flares an anxious orange as he chews on his nails. The last thing he saw before dark was your face - void of expression yet morphed in pain. Then there was Ortho. His beloved little brother was trying to reach his tablet before everything snapped.
“Ah! What is this - the final boss?! Some kind of plot twist?! We think it’s all over just for a normie to blot? This is ridiculous-“
Despite the dark - Idia can hear. Muffled rustling echoes from the headset on the floor as he paces back and forth in his room. He knew there was a reason he felt so energized when you were around! Ortho said it was because he was …eugh…feeling things - but you were practically smothering him with your blot.
To energize Idia of all people…it must be strong. How the hell is he supposed to save you from that? No way!
"Big brother…please! We….need you!….MC….needs you!" Ortho's voice fades in and out but Idia can hear him clear enough. He halts in his tracks and clutches his head from stress. In one hand, he could stay in his room and let someone else handle you. In the other, he could leave the safety of his bedroom like an absolute idiot and try something. Anything - and pray it works.
He grabs a pillow and screams various curses into it. His hair flairs up into blood red from frustration and angry tears prick his eyes.
Curse him for being a total coward. Courage…bravery…they were your traits - not his. You stopped so many others and saved them - even him! A worthless wimp. You found a way and now he gets to live happily with his brother.
And despite it Idia can’t bring himself to return the favor. Who asked you to help him in the first place anyway!? Now he has a debt and … ugh, no. That’s not it. This isn’t about a debt and never was.
“Please! You’re the only one,” Ortho yells again and Idia can hear the sound of a battle. He looks at the security cameras to see blot covering the main building and slowly inching it’s way outwards. Not to long and it would reach him anyways…
He grabs his wand along with his uniform jacket, slips on his boots, and finds another one of his tablets. What’s he going to do? - Idia has a plan but it’s definitely something you’d take to a lvl 10 raid with friends and not a lvl 100 boss.
His heart pounds in his chest as he reaches the blot boarder. It flocks to him and he grimaces in disgust before barreling through - flickering through cctv feed on his tablet and making sure Ortho can stave you off until he arrives.
Ortho does, but the moment Idia enters the scene his brother falters. He’s swallowed up by blot right at the last second and Idia has no time to be frightened. The campus had become a sea of black cocoons by the time he arrived…and amidst them all you stood in silence. As if you were waiting for the chosen challenger…
“M-MC? What are y-you doing?! E-everyone’s d-d-dead?!”
“Not dead. Sleeping. Soon I will join them…as will you, Idia,” you say, and one of the cocoons opens to reveal his broken tablet. Idia’s hands shake when he realizes that there is no one else left.
It was up to him to save you. To save everyone and himself.
You begin to walk towards him and Idia takes steps back as you approach.
“Are you afraid of me, Idia? Oh - who am I kidding…you always have been. Worry not. There is nothing to be scared of here,”
The words you speak would normally comfort him - perhaps even leave Idia flustered and feeling protected.
But they’re cold. They might come from your lips but they lack meaning behind them and he can’t hear your voice. The way you say Idia’s name makes him shriek and hold his wand defensively.
He lets out a shaky breath, “I might be too dysfunctional for many things - but I’ve never been bested by a normie. Give back my brother!”
Idia quickly casts a spell -- and it hits! He fully expected you to dodge or for something to deflect it - but you’re struck in the chest. He jumps when you're sent flying backwards and into a wall. A sickening crunch accompanies the impact
He hurt you, and the realization costs him to shake harder. The thought of you resenting him for it makes bile rise to his throat -
"Shit- are you okay?? What kinda villain doesn't dodge an attack?" he yells but keeps his distance.
You pick yourself up effortlessly, and he's almost relieved - if not for the blood dripping from your forehead.
You lift two fingers to the cut, "That was an unexpected development," and bring them down to admire black ichor, "yet not unwelcome"
"Tell me, does it feel good? All this blot must be an endless source of mana...why not fight me? You know you want to,"
Idia always believed you were crazy, but this? What the hell were you feeling to become so creepy? He takes a step back and eyes you warily.
Idia grits his teeth, "The hell is wrong with you? I can't believe that I'm saying this but we're not in a game, idiot! I almost killed you!"
"Isn't it though?," you chuckle dryly, "it must be, considering how dangerous this world is. You agree, don't you? That hiding away is what's best when this," you gesture to yourself, "is what you find outside"
You've backed Idia into a corner with his own outlook on life as the ammo. He's lost for words. Unable to disagree since you are right - life outside is difficult.
"I-if I meant that then I wouldn't be here, now would I?" he smirks.
Yet you know better, "Truly? Then where were you before? I recall a young boy calling for his brother -for a 'savior' - long before you arrived"
You smile at the word 'savior,' yet it does not reach your eyes. In an instant you're in front of him, and Idia drop his wand in shock.
"Tell me - do you believe that you can 'save' me?," your lips point to frown, "do I even want to be saved?"
He goes quiet. That was definitely a villain monologue if he ever heard one...and if you currently weren't skirting death then he would cringe.
"Likely not," he whispers, "you have never needed to be saved. Out of everyone here MC, you are definitely the most meta character in this 'game,'"
You look down at him disinterested. Neither in his words or in how -for once- he is staving off your insults before they throw him into self-deprecation mode.
Idia gestures to the scene surrounding you, "I mean - just look at this! You've decimated half the school! I'd be crazy to think that sappy words and playing half-baked hero could stop this..." he places down the tablet in surrender and reaches out a shaking hand to grab your ankle. Blot curls from your body to his arm and he bites into his cheek to avoid shirking away, "...but I had to try. Normally when something bad happens - I wait for Ortho to step in. You too, you're so fearless that it's laughable,"
He glares up at you, his hair singing the floor surrounding him, "but this version of you took him away - and I know the real you is scared shitless. I may be spineless, but I'm not blind. You're freaking out more than I am at this mess, and I'm going to drag you back to fix it. I do not have the capacity to handle the social aftermath of being in the 'last survivor' trope, so let me save you, "
He pulls you down on top of him and secures his arms tightly around you. Idia doesn't let go through your squirming and the blot trying to worm it's way through his hold.
He can't save you alone, but he can make you save yourself. The crappy he speech was embarrassing enough so just give in already! Stop struggling and quit being so self-sacrificial. Be selfish for once and let him do something.
He longer he holds you, the less you struggle. The blot coating the area begins to clear as your body begins to tremble just as much as Idia's. Students begin to free themselves and he keeps you in a tight hold - for safe measure! Until someone comes to take you to the nurse! Definitely not because he can sense that you're crying, and is now conscious of the people staring at you both. He definitely is not trying to hide beneath you.
All was silent. Malleus sat on the loveseat in his bedroom while reading a book to pass the time until nightfall. Then he would head over to Ramshackle dorm for his evening walk with his beloved. You would talk, and he would listen. The fireflies would light a path for you both to follow in the Forrest as he leads you by the hand. It is his favorite part of the day - these routine walks. Merely seeing your face brightens his mood, and having your attention solely on him is a kindness he does not deserve. He thanks whatever power that summoned you here every night before falling asleep.
The way you make idle chatter by asking about his day and take genuine interest in the mundane things he shares. Malleus' heart holds nothing but adoration for his caring sweetheart. He is attuned to every little movement, every mannerism and tick that sums you up.
Which is why his heart plummets and breath halts when your voice thrums in his ears. It was distant, but he would hear your call no matter how far.
What startles him most is the fear in your tone. You know well that he would allow no harm to befall you - ever. He has come to your aid countless times. During each you remain calm and ever the pacifist. Only asking him to support you in solving a problem.
This fear was new. He hadn't pondered it longer than a moment before Lilia burst into his bedroom.
"We have a problem. A big one," he says, with no trace of humor or playfulness in his voice.
Malleus all but throws the book at his bed and dashes out the door. With a poof, he vanishes.
Thunder and lightning echo across Night Raven College in his wake.
Malleus feels unsettled at the sight before him. He prepared for the worst - monsters, explosions, a psychopathic twink named after candy. He was ready to shield you from all evil and banish whatever made you to say his name in any tone other than bliss.
What was he to do, when faced with you? A corrupt, stomach-churning, inconceivably warped version of you...but still the person he cares for deeply? He cannot use force. That is for certain.
Then there is the matter of the students. In one corner a defenseless few cower together, as those braver stand guard to fight off figments of blot. He hears familiar voices in the distance - some cursing you and others pleading. They notice him and cry out in relief. That is a first - very few find his presence comforting.
"Malleus? How curious, that you'd join me before nightfall," you appear in front of him. Waves of miasma fly off you but it does not bother him in the slightest. As if he was infectious, the blot filters around him in waves to find its next victim.
His eyes visibly soften at what you've become, "MC...what should I do? How can I help you?"
"Help me? I am fine," you say, and he notes your dazed appearance. As if he was a figment of your imagination and you can see beyond him.
"No, you are not," he reaches out, "you are hurting. You would never dream of harming others. You are overcome by negative emotions,"
"I do not feel 'overcome' by anything. They are the ones who chose to run. I merely stopped them. If everyone would comply then I wouldn't have to hurt them," you slap his hand away and Malleus glowers, "they asked for this. You are as well, if you decide to oppose me,"
Retreating a few paces back, Malleus rethinks his approach. He cannot help you if you can't tell him what is wrong, but he cannot deduce what's wrong if you think he is 'opposing' you.
Malleus knows that he can end this with the snap of his fingers. It would save all of NRC's students, but in the process you could be hurt - and in his humble opinion, you have suffered enough. The mere memory of this incident will leave you in emotional pieces that he is more than willing to help collect. He cannot do the same for physical parts.
"I will not fight you," he says definitively, "but I will not leave you either. I promised to protect you and I do not go back on my word. Until the day you are willing to listen, I will wait for you,"
"and what if that day never comes to pass?"
"Then I will wait beyond forever. Until you give me a chance to repay the kindness you have shown me, and ensure nothing causes you pain ever again,"
Malleus is genuine despite the cries of his school mates and teachers. He has no doubts that you will see reason, be it within the next hour or in the next millennia. You will never be too far gone because he will be there to keep you within reach. He is willing to wait.
You clutch your hands at your sides, "Kindness? I have never been kind. Only desperate,"
Malleus steps forward and removes one of his gloves. He remains at a safe distance despite wanting to hold you in his arms. Instead, he repeats his earlier actions and holds out a hand.
"Desperation can take many forms. Anger, anxiety, impulsiveness, - but you have always acted in the interest of others. Even now, in this state, you believe your harmful actions are necessary to 'stop' people and admit not desiring to hurt them. You may not see it, but you are kind,"
You stare at his ungloved hand before laying your own on top of it. Normally your skin would be a welcome warmth against his reptilian temperature, but your touch is like ice. He lightly wraps his hand around yours, and steps forward to rest his chin on your head.
"I'm cruel,"
"No, you are caring,"
"I hate this place. I only help because I have to,"
"You dislike being trapped, yet cannot help but care for the people here,"
He lifts his hand behind your head, and pushes your face into the nape of his neck. The air begins to clear, and he smiles in relief.
"I might hurt you," you say softly, and clutch his sleeves.
"And I will forgive you,"
In your last sane moments, you call for your friend. The little cat that's been by your side since the very beginning. He was scared to become a monster...but Grim knew deep down that you would save him. You're his best friend! You always bail him out of trouble.
So what should he do? Tell him MC...what can Grim do to help you?
He's scared. You both may make up a team, but he's always been the troublemaker while you are the intelligent one! He might brag about a test or two - but he can't make a plan! That's your job!
The floor shakes under his paws, and he loses his footing. The black magestone slips from his claws and is lost to the crowd. There is no strength in this little body. He normally runs into your arms when it's time to run.
Hands grab him by the scruff of his neck and Grim's hoisted in the air. He struggles against your grip, but is forced to look at your face.
Do you know how many suitors he has had to scare off because of that face? You're beautiful - which pisses Grim off because people keep trying to sway his henchman away from him.
Do you know how tiring that is? Protecting you from jerks and wannabe's. You don't have any family here to help. He owes them that much since you are HALF of the reason that Grim gets to be a student.
You've always been naïve when it came to other people...too honest. Which Grim took advantage of from time to time - but only he can do so! You are his meal ticket after all!
Your grip on his neck is tight enough to prevent him from escaping, but it doesn't hurt. As you look on at the people trying to fight - some to escape like wimps and others to 'save' you - Grim gives up. If you're determined to destroy the school...well, he can't stop you. No one can. You always find a way to make things work in your favor and Grim secretly thanked the Great Seven that you were not his enemy. Until now, that is. Now he's cursing them out heavily in his head.
The students fighting. Ace, Deuce, Jack, Epel, - anyone and everyone who's become your friend. Some yell for you to let Grim go and others focus on trying to make you see reason all together. They can't get close.
If you weren't 'busy,' Grim knows that you'd be there with them. Being bossy as hell and taking charge. He wishes that he had that courage.
You finally move when everyone has fallen. With Grim still in your grasp, you walk across the sea of blot to admire your work. It's then that a glimmer catches Grim's eye, and your foot kicks the dropped magestone from before.
You reach down to pick it up - cautiously.
"Is this yours?" you say, and hold it up to him. Grim's eyes widen and he quickly snatches it in his paws.
Upon close inspection, he sees that he was mistaken before. In the far corner a sliver of purple stands out against the black stone. You could be saved.
Grim could stop this.
So he does what he does best, and clings to your side. His claws dig in to your waist and no matter how hard you pull he does not let go.
"It's my fault you're like this, right? I annoy ya and demand things all the time. I'll stop getting ya into trouble - I promise! I won't mess with your lovelife or steal your snacks anymore. I'll start studying for tests and help clean around the house! I'll even quit stealing your phone! Please just give me my friend back - "
Somewhere amidst his garbled sniveling - you stop pulling at him and instead begin to stroke his fur. His last resort resonated with the ounce of kindness that still remained. As you held Grim safely in your arms, the world shifted back to normal.
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𝚜𝚑𝚘𝚠𝚒𝚗𝚐 𝚛𝚎𝚜𝚞𝚕𝚝𝚜 𝚘𝚏 𝙼𝚊𝚕𝚕𝚎𝚞𝚜 𝙳𝚛𝚊𝚌𝚘𝚗𝚒𝚊
warnings: very self-indulgent and a filler while i write this really long fic
FEMALE!reader with FEMALE!anatomy, slightly heavy nsfw, fingering, dom-sub relationship, setting is in briar valley, deep terminologies, mentions of marriage, hehe, uh...a lot more ehe enjoy!
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the following below are terms that may be too deep for some readers to understand:
Cabinet - the senior decision-making body of a monarch’s government
Chemise -  a woman's loose-fitting undergarment or nightdress, typically of silk or satin with a lace trim
Lady of the Bedchamber - a lady holding the official position of personal attendant to the monarch
Tumblr media
"If it would require His Royal Highness’ audience on Tuesday, then I’m sure the people would be delighted...”
“…and he advised that there was no easy way around the governing rules of the Royal Counsel–…”
“Furthermore…. members of Cabinet…. opposed…made it clear….”
“……. government…. subversion…. teachings….”
All their words started to grow muffled as they rung through his head. His leg over the other, arms resting stiffly on the armrest as one arm remained positioned for him to keep his forehead leaning on his fingers. His eyebrows furrowed together as he stared off into a distance.
It was so strong; he wondered if anyone else could smell it. Not that it entirely bothered them anymore considering that he and she are already mated. Yet, that doesn’t sit well with the fact he is sitting with alphas capable of anything knowing that you are probably, or definitely, vulnerable at the moment. He wished and hoped this meeting would be over with. Peace in Night Raven College is something he ought to miss.
He only hoped that at least one of his retainers or Lilia was looking after you at the moment.
“Your Highness?”
Without shifting his position, his eyes immediately glanced over at the Prime Minister to his right. An alpha as well; it did not bother him considering how fierce Malleus’ gaze was at the moment. “The Parliament wishes to hear your direct opinions towards the deprivation of the duke’s rights, privileges, and incomes?”
“Must I have an immediate response considering that you have already discussed this with Her Majesty?” he responded leaning forward and resting his elbow, from the armrest and towards the table. He glanced down at the sheet of paper laid in front of him. That is, if he could still decipher what exactly he’s looking at still, considering that his vision was starting to haze.
“You have stated that Her Majesty would give ample time for the duke to renounce his decision towards Cabinet and so what may, let it be,” he sighed and squeezed his eyes momentarily as he sat back again. The Prime Minister gave a steady breath and looked towards the other men in the room.
“Then I suppose–“ came the Prime Minister before Malleus finally stood up, eyes snapping towards his figure in question.
“I’d say the discussion is over. I have other matters to attend to. Adjourn this session unless you wish to discuss it more with my secretary then be my guest.”
The servants, as swift as they can be, made way for the prince as they cleaned up the place he sat on. The Prime Minister and the rest of the governing men stood up and bowed in respect – although it came unseen as he already left. No one dared question what happened neither spoke about the sudden pheromones that scattered around the room.
And might one say, when the doors of the study hall opened, something sickeningly sweet welcomed the other alphas and they all knew the answer.
Her Royal Highness is in heat.
A matter they shan’t discuss behind the back nor in front of her husband.
“How is she doing?” Malleus asked the Lady of the Bedchamber who tried to match his fast strides towards your room.
“Mr. Vanrouge is doing the best he can to minimize her scent, Your Highness,” she said, walking a few ways ahead of Malleus. “While you requested– ordered rather –that she mustn’t take any suppressants anymore. She has been heavily persistent.”
“And did you give her some?” Dark was his voice as he narrowed his eyes at the fae. However, come what may with her serving the prince and his grandmother for centuries, this does not fear her anymore.
“No, never will, Your Highness.”
The closer they got to your quarters, the louder they could hear the muffled argument between you and, what they believe to be, Lilia. Malleus could smell it stronger now; sweet and addicting, a scent that nearly rivals that of Maraschino cherries. Even the footmen by your door are gone, seems like your attendant did her job perfectly. The Lady of the Bedchamber exhaled before nodding at the prince. Opening the double doors, he promptly went inside and the lady slammed it shut behind him.
He tried to compose himself as the whiff of your scent hit him – forthwith affecting him in the most cunning addiction ever. He could nearly taste it.
There you are, in your chemise, standing with arms outstretched to steady you as you leaned on the desk. Slightly bent over and heaving as if you just came from a war.
“Took you a while,” Lilia sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose, in his other hand held the bottle of heat suppressants.
“We wouldn’t…” you swallowed, “we wouldn’t even be doing this if you just gave me those pills!” you screamed, nearly a roar, as you looked over your shoulder and glared at the former general. The latter ignored you and walked over to the door waving at Malleus as he peeked inside one last time.
“I will alert your secretary and the queen about this. Don’t worry,” he grinned and closed the door.
Now it was just you and your alpha.
“Why are you so stubborn?” he questioned, voice steady as you hear his dress shoes click against the marble floor until you feel his presence behind you. You’re heavily annoyed that his scent could easily relieve yet weaken you whilst you felt your elbows shake. His hand went towards your chin and he tilted your head back until your whole body followed and pressed yourself against his chest.
You inhaled deeply; marveling in his mahogany-like scent. Whether he was purposely releasing pheromones or not, you didn’t care. At least, that’s what your mind told you and not the slick that keeps on dripping down your cunt.
You didn’t respond – instead you turned around and shoved your face to the crook of his neck, near his scent gland, and gripped his coat.
“I asked you a question,” he said, sterner.
“You have a meeting…” you exhaled shakily, subconsciously rubbing your thighs together the more you inhaled his scent.
Malleus, still as composed as ever, sighed and easily lifted you up before gently laying you on the bed. This wasn’t new to either of you – decades of being a married couple – it wasn’t as if you’d be ashamed of each other’s bodies like it was your honeymoon.
You gritted your teeth, back arching as your scalp dug on the sheets. You are barely aware of your senses, just having the need, the lust, to just touch yourself and yet here you are. Drowning in the scent of your husband both on the sheets of your shared bed and on his person whilst you gripped on the duvet. Your heels pawed on the mattress; your legs remained narrowly open before Malleus placed his hands on your knees.
He spread you out, pushing your knees to your chest and easily ripping your panties off your hips. Leaving your heels to lay on his shoulders. Fuck, your pheromones are so strong. He was a hair’s breadth away from losing control as he spread your outer labia apart.
“Please…” you nearly sobbed, whimpering through gritted teeth.
Leaning over you, he pushed two fingers inside your cunt. It slipped in effortlessly and, doubtlessly, swallowed his fingers deeply. You choked on a moan; an arm going over your eyes as your hips grinded against the heel of his palm. He was trying to go slowly albeit his fingers slammed in and out your vagina with the squelch of your slick and skin against skin slapping on each other.
His cock was painfully hard against his trousers; yet he paid no mind as he pushed another finger inside. Stretching you out as his other hand pushed the arm that was over your eyes and pinned it to the side of your head.
“Look at me,” he ordered.
“Mal…” you cried, eyes foggy as you opened them halfway and bit on your lower lip to suppress your noise. It was heavenly, it was making you feel faint with your lips parted to let out soft and quick pants. You didn’t even last a second when you made eye contact with his face, with him looking down at your pussy as he continued to abuse your hole with his fingers.
“Did you touch yourself before throwing a tantrum?”
“No..!” you gasped, feeling him arch his fingers and hitting your g-spot. “Fuck...!” you reflexively clawed on his other arm (the one pinning your one arm down) with your free hand.
“Mal- more…fuck!” You could feel tears dripping down the sides of your face as he pushed and pressed his fingers deeper and faster. The wet sounds growing louder and louder as it grew harder for you to keep quiet.
Tighter and tighter.
You grew more sensitive.
Your clit hardened and your hips began to squirm.
And yet…
“Don’t lie to me, y/n.”
Your alpha pulled his fingers out of your vagina. It was dripping of foggy white liquid and as he stretched his fingers apart, transparent slick connected each finger to the other and he hummed in amusement yet his lips held no smile.
“Why–!” you shivered, bordering another tantrum before he grabbed your other wrist and pinned both your hands on your stomach. Letting your legs drop to the bed as he towered over you.
“Truthfully, do you think I believe you?” he arched an eyebrow, his three fingers rubbing your hardened and sensitive clit that made you hiss and push your face sideways on the bed.
“Y-You…” you panted, “It wasn’t easy! You didn’t…want me to…fuck more...more!” you begged, submissively. Hips quivering and legs kicking on nothing the more he pressed and stroke your bud.
Malleus hummed; entertained and, admittedly, feeling sadistic seeing as he could only be the one to bring you the release you wanted. Those panties were a clean new pair – with your wet pussy, he doubted you couldn’t have drenched those. Stop lying, y/n.
“I must say…” he snickered and pulled your hips towards the sides of the bed, making you arch your neck and look at him in surprise and curiosity; maybe even a little worried.
“I like hearing you beg, Your Highness.”
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ryker-writes · 4 days
Can i actually request about being Azul’s siblings but angst that he started being slowly distant when he got friended with the twins until reaching to NRC especially one dorm with him and he doesn’t like to be addressed as ‘brother’ and treated you as inferior before he overblot? and perhaps if you don’t mind tho what happened after his overblot?
ooooo yes! I love the sibling relationships with the TWST characters both wholesome and angsty. Of course I don't mind writing as much as you want! This even ended up longer than I expected it too! Thank you so much for the request!
Azul as a sibling (Broken relationship edition)
you and Azul used to be close
growing up with him, you saw the other kids pick on him and you knew about his insecurities
you were always there to defend him whenever you saw it
and you reassured him that what they said wasn't true
you would always be standing outside his octopot and keeping away other students so he wouldn't be teased
and so you two were close
but then one day in elementary school, there were a couple of eel twins
Azul was being picked on and curled up in his octopot when the twins approached
they actually talked to him and weren't really mean so you didn't stop them
and Azul actually became friends with them after a bit
but once they became friends, he started spending less time with you
while you could still hang out from time to time, he spent most of his time with them
you'd often see him planning and burying himself in spell books too
and the twins even helped keep bullies away from him
of course you're happy he has friends
and it's great that they help him out
but it really hurts when you want to spend time with him and he tells you he's too busy
especially because when he's "busy" the twins still hover around him
still, you tried to spend time with him a little bit while at home
and he couldn't always push you away
but every day he started to spend less and less time with you and more time studying magic
by the time the two of you were enrolled at Night Raven College, you barely see him anymore
you were a little hopeful when you two ended up in the same dorm
and the twins also got into Octavinelle
for a second you thought that you could try to spend a little time with him
but those hopes were destroyed very quickly
you wanted to try talking to him so you called out to him
all you said was "Brother!" and he immediately turned around with a scowl
all he said was to not call him that before walking away
so maybe he doesn't want to talk to you
you carried on with your school activities and watched Azul from afar
you're not exactly sure what he's been doing, but he seemed to socialize with students a lot more than he did before
and he also seems more confident in himself
eventually he even talked with the headmage and opened a lounge
it was very surprising actually
your brother who used to be very shy and meek is now running a lounge
it was even more surprising when Jade came up to you saying that Azul wanted most Octavinelle students working there, including you
you accepted (the eel didn't give you much of a choice) and started working immediately
unfortunately, you got stuck with some of the worse jobs that no one wanted to do
this included dishes, taking care of trash, cleaning the bathrooms, and generally cleaning any spills
even while working there, you didn't see much of Azul
he spent most of his time in the VIP room
not many people were allowed in there
it was only Azul, the twins, and anyone he wanted to speak with
while working, there would sometimes be students that point out that the two of you were siblings
those students were often dragged to the VIP room and looked very scared when coming out
and they never mentioned it again
it's like hardly anyone knew you were siblings
it's like he didn't want anyone to know
as if he didn't want to be associated with you
and then one day Jade told you that Azul wanted you in the the VIP room
you went in the room and Azul didn't even look up at you
he was to busy writing something
you sat down on one of the couches and awkwardly waited for something to happen
still not looking up at you, he just told you to sign and slid a piece of paper in your direction
looking at it, it was a contract
it said that you would work and do anything he wanted you too, and you could never tell anyone that you were related, you used to be close, or even give details of his childhood
in return you get some of the better jobs like actually dealing with customers and more discounts
you knew of his unique magic
if you signed this contract you would be forced to follow it
of course you didn't want to sign it
and you told him that
this time he actually looked at you
"Is your head so thick that you can't see how I'm trying to help you? You'll get a better position and discounted items. You should consider yourself lucky that I'm kind enough to offer your poor soul something better. Normally I wouldn't even waste my time with someone like you, but my benevolent nature is simply too strong. Besides, this is beneficial for both sides and you'll kindly be helping me as well."
if there was any hope for you and Azul to get along someday, it's certainly dead now
did he really see you so far beneath him?
he really thought that low of you...
but he phrased it in such a way that made it sound like you would be helping him by signing
and he is your brother after all, even if he doesn't want to admit it
so reluctantly, you signed
and he promptly asked you to leave afterwards
things weren't so great after that
while you did get some of the better jobs, you still had to do some of the worse ones
and this also means you had to work more
on top of that you couldn't refuse anything he said
not that he acknowleged you too much after that
he mostly asked Jade or Floyd to tell you what he wanted
because you weren't worth his time
then he started making contracts with more people
and the Mostro Lounge had...too many workers to keep up with
they all signed a contract with Azul, and now they payed the price
but then a bunch of Savanaclaw student showed up one day and caused so much trouble in the lounge
they caused such a mess and spilled everything and you were already dreading the cleanup later
but then you saw Azul
he was clearly upset and frustrated at everyone around him
for a second, he almost looked like the same Azul that used to get picked on
but then the dark ink seemed to consume him
as much as you wanted to help, you were too far away, everyone around you was scrambling, and the students involved seemed like they were trying to keep others away
Azul wouldn't want your help anyway
he'd hate to know that you helped save him
but he was your brother you couldn't just stand by and let it happen
the other students were able to save him before you could even get there
and you kept your distance
Azul was a bit of a wreck after that
you found out that all of his contracts got destroyed so you weren't bound to yours anymore
but you still didn't call him brother
he didn't want that anyway so it just sort of stayed
after his overblot he started acting different
while he still didn't talk to you much at first, he was around you more often
he didn't spend as much time in the VIP room and actually came out to work with everyone else
sometimes he did sort of...hover near you
it was like he wanted to say something, but instead he'd just fidget and look frustrated
the twins seemed entertained by it at least
and then he invites you to the VIP room again
when you enter he's a bit fidgety and won't look at you
you ask if he wants another contract and he's surprised
no one has even mentioned contracts to him since he overblotted
but he says no and that he actually has a new work schedule for you
when you take a look you're amazed
less hours and you don't have to do those horrible jobs anymore???
it was really amazing
since then he even has been trying to make conversation with you
he's incredibly awkward about it tho
he doesn't know what to say so he's searching for something you may be interested in
he wishes he did more research on you in the past to know what you like now
still, he's trying
but what really changed was his attitude towards you
so when some customers were being annoying and complaining about you one day, he actually came to your defense
"Excuse me? It would be wise to watch what you say. After all, that's my sibling you're talking about."
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dabisqueen · 7 days
Without Consent
Tumblr media
Permission to use the art granted by the artist. Please refrain from using the art without permission. Shar's too cute of a button to deal with that.
Dabi x fem!Reader
⇢ word count: roughly 2.3K
⇢ plot: you (more or less) accidentally bump into Dabi and are in for a big surprise
⇢this is kind of the SFW version. I still recommend NOT reading it with others around, especially not your boss hehe
⇢ warnings: 18+, minors DNI, Dabi being the flirty tease we all love, (somewhat) consensual restraining of the reader, steamy makeout session (ok ok, mostly just kissing) but also some dry-humping resulting in a wet spot on Dabi's pants—oops!
⇢ personal note: I've always wanted to write something inspired by @sharlockart ´s art. I got her permission to go ahead and booooooom! Here we are!  Thanks to @blankexpressions-and-falsefires for being my beta this time. You're the best!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
It was then that you felt it. The lingering feeling of someone watching you. You looked up to find two incredibly piercing azure irises pointed sharply at you.
The bright blue of his eyes turned dark as he continued to side-eye you with an unmoving expression. Your face went ablaze and you instantly dropped your gaze, shoving your phone with trembling hands back in the pocket of your jacket. Cursing inwardly a few times for having been caught staring, you hastily turned to make your way through the crowd across the intersection. You took a peek over your shoulder, a wave of relief washing over you when you didn't see him among the people behind you. 
By "him" you meant one of the most dangerous villains in the country, Dabi.
You would have recognized him anywhere– the usual bored expression on his face, that all too familiar messy raven hair with bangs falling over his brows. The mauve scarred skin—
—and the piercing blue eyes. 
It still sent chills up your spine recalling the moment they met yours. He had stood there, one hand holding a cigarette, the other a phone to his ear while he talked to someone. The way his black pants clung to his thighs way too alluringly, his beige sweater and a black leather jacket complementing his features even more.
And even though a warm, comforting fuzziness still clouded your head after that short encounter, you started to regret having visited this part of town which was known to be the home of some sketchy outcasts and– villains. 
You'd always been fascinated by the less than savory figures— not the overhyped heroes of your hometown. It's been a hobby of yours to study them, especially the members of the League of Villains. And your particular obsession had been with Dabi.
You had been spending your afternoons after college strolling around those areas in hopes of finally meeting him, finally being able to snap a picture of him.
And this time you did—
—and weren't at all prepared for your reaction. The instant jolt of fire coursing through your veins as soon as your eyes met his. The feeling of wanting to lose yourself in their depths. Endorphins rushing through your system, triggering a blistering heat in your core and making your panties stick to you in ways they usually only did during late night hours, with your hands down your panties while thinking of him.
With your emotions all stirred up and still unable to focus, you had taken a wrong turn. The next bus stop being several blocks away meant you just had to keep walking, your eyes squinting as light became increasingly sparse. It was getting darker outside, the sun slowly setting behind the concrete mass of the city, the long shadows of the tall buildings slowly caging you in. Dainty street lamps sparingly lined the streets, their thin yellow rays fighting to reach the ground, failing to penetrate the overwhelming darkness.
A musty breeze was blowing, sending leaves and pieces of garbage dancing noisily across the cracked concrete floor. The sky was painted in hues from flame to azure, yet here in the depths of the street between the buildings you didn't see much, only growing shadows creeping in on you. 
The breeze picked up and you shivered, regretting your choice to only wear a loose sweat-dress and a pair of thin, skin-colored tights. You pulled up the zipper of your cropped jacket, and sighed, hoping that you would soon get to a bus stop.
A loud ping startled you out of your train of thought, your phone vibrating urgently. Your heart nearly jumped out of your chest as you stopped in your tracks, sliding your hand in your pocket to retrieve it. 
The display shone bright in the dim light of the street alley as you unlocked the screen with a swipe. A message popped up—your friend. 
Where are you, expecting you to be home by now. 
You groaned, thinking back on how you wouldn't have had to walk home if it weren't for the distracting encounter with that devious blue-eyed villain earlier on.
"That damn bastard—" You started.
A voice suddenly spoke close by. “I hope you're not talking about me.”
A large hand appeared out of the darkness from beside you, wrapping around both of your wrists and gripping them tightly, causing your phone to slip from your grip. A weak whimper fell from your lips, while it was caught mid air by another purple scarred hand, the dim light of the far away street lamp reflecting weakly in the silver staples adorning it.
Your body froze as you were shoved against the wall, hands being jerked up and pinned over your head against the rough bricks to hold you in place. Your breath hitched as you elevated your face, your gaze instantly locking with a pair of icy blue eyes boring into you.
He casually glanced at the unlocked screen of your phone, scrolling through your chat. Slipping the phone into his own pocket, his gaze drifted back up, lazy blue eyes flicking up to yours. 
"So, you're taking pictures of me without my consent?" he tipped his head, an eyebrow cocked.
You let out a little breathy moan, squirming in his hold, surprised at how thrilling it felt to be manhandled like this.
"At least you think I look fine. That earns you bonus points." His lips curled up into a devilish smirk. 
"Sir, you don't want to do this!" you swallowed nervously, his intimidating aura making you squirm. "Just please, let me go."
"C'mon, doll." He chuckled darkly, "You know my name. Use it."
"D-Dabi—" it came out as a mere whimper. "Please, I need to get home."
"God, my name sounds so fucking hot on your tongue." He cooed, his voice deep and husky, enough for your heartbeat to quicken.
Up close, he was even more attractive than you came to learn from the blurred images you've seen online or in the news. His scent was overwhelming, a mixture of warm skin and smoke. It had an effect on you unlike anything you've ever experienced. Your nerves were on fire, the heat between your legs blistering as you clenched your thighs together.
Dabi seemed to notice, because his smirk grew wider as he closed the gap between you. The staples on his face scraped along your cheek as his lips brushed your earlobe and your body felt hot all of a sudden.
"But still– maybe I should do something to you without your consent?" His low, sultry voice being so close sent instant shivers up your spine. "What do you think, doll– you gonna be a good girl for me?"
It was like your body reacted on its own, as you slowly nodded, making him chuckle against your ear. It was enough to make your stomach somersault while you felt his mismatched lips brush back over your cheekbones, leaving a trail of nibbles here and there, making you gasp with the forbidden pleasure. You could feel him grinning against your skin at your reaction as he slowly made his way toward your lips. 
You had forgotten how to speak– how to move. When his lips brushed the corner of your lips, a scorching heat shot right through your body, clouding your mind with indecent thoughts. Without thinking, you parted your lips in anticipation.
A pleased sound rumbled deep in Dabi's chest. But he simply paused there, just breathing against the corner of your lips. It was torture and he was obviously greatly enjoying your reaction as you felt him smirk again.
Suddenly, he straightened up, eagerly taking you in with smoldering turquoise eyes.
"You're cute." You heard him say under his breath as he kept taking you in, tracing his long finger along the line of your cheek.
You were biting your lower lip, unsure where to look, too distracted by your body slowly burning up. With him still holding you in place by your wrists, you watched his free hand retrieve your phone from his pocket. Swiping across the dark screen it came to life, instantly unlocking.
"Pfft, how naive," he noted, laughing under his breath. "Not using a password…"
Oh shit, you berated yourself for always forgetting to set one up.
His thumb flew over the display and when he was done, he looked up at you, and with a wide grin he slipped your phone back into the pocket of your jacket. 
He adjusted his grip on your wrists, keeping you in place as he leaned in. You swallowed your breath, heart thrumming loudly against your chest. 
"Unfortunately, this is where we have to part, doll." His free hand started playing with loose strands of your hair. "But I think you still owe me an apology."
Your eyes flicked to his lips and back but it was too late. His mouth curled suspiciously at the corner, having caught your wandering gaze.
"I think you know what I mean—" He tilted his head, his eyes slowly dropping down to your mouth.
He trapped your chin between his thumb and index finger, pulling your face up and closer. As he angled his mouth above yours, you could feel the heat of his breath on your lips, and instinctively your eyelids fluttered shut.
Time seemed to stand still at his close proximity; the warmth of his body against yours and his breath on your lips became your entire existence. You couldn’t even think, let alone move. You were completely at his mercy.
“Just like that…” you heard him whisper before he eased his lips over yours.
It struck you like lightning when you found his tongue slipping inside to explore your mouth. Your mind short-circuited as he sensually worked your mouths together giving you ample time to catch up and start to kiss back eagerly. He was the best thing you've ever tasted, and the scent of his smoky, warm skin drugged your senses. You let yourself fall into his kiss, his hand sliding behind your neck to pull you deeper into it.
His mouth was so hot on yours, leaving you lightheaded and with buckling knees. You would’ve sunk to the ground already if it wasn't for his tight grip on your wrists.
As if he knew, his thigh pried open your legs and slipped between them, pinning you in place. You gasped into his mouth, goosebumps exploding all over your body.
There was so much heat between your legs, your panties were soaked and the thin fabric of your tights didn't do anything to hide it from him.
You were starting to lose your mind as you continued to kiss, his thigh pressing right against your dripping core. You needed more, more of him down there. So without thinking, you started grinding down on his leg, the rough fabric of his jeans grazing against you, giving you ample friction to satisfy your growing need. Back and forth, you worked your hips until you were a trembling mess in his hold. You were so close to feeling the tension release, your body was ready to explode with pleasure.
Suddenly, he pulled away from you a little, groaning deeply– his eyes, dark and hooded with lust, boring into yours. 
“So innocent,” he hummed appreciatively. “But such a big tease."
He straightened back up, sliding his thigh out from between yours. A strained whimper broke free from your lips at the loss of pressure. Releasing you from his hold, your arms dropped uselessly to your side. You started soothing the fresh ache by massaging your slowly bruising skin. Your eyes, following his thigh after it left you wanting, noticed a damp spot on his pants where you had ground against it. A blazing heat bloomed in your cheeks, your gaze dropping down onto the mucky ground.
"That was fun." He said, followed by a short chuckle as he stepped back.
You looked up at him from under your lashes, still too embarrassed to look him straight in the face.
"But– gotta go." And with that he adjusted the bag around his shoulder and strutted off. "See ya, doll—"
He stopped to shoot you a glance over his shoulder. His deep turquoise eyes met yours, lingering on you for a few moments before he took another step and was swallowed up by the darkness.
The moment he was gone had you hyperventilating, toppling against the scratchy brick wall for any sense of stability. Your palm clasped your chest as you tried to regain control of your breathing. 
What the hell just happened?!?!
It was then that your phone vibrated, a text tone alerting you of a new message. With trembling fingers you pulled it from your pocket to see a message from an unknown number.
Tumblr media
Holy shit…
Tumblr media
To be continued...
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ceruleancattail · 3 days
If you're still open for requests... Mehbe... Octatrio being the object/adoration of (Reader)-someone who'd shout their love from the rooftops, quip wit right on back at them, just someone who's unabashed in the fact that they want to make their Favorite Fish happy UvU
Octavinelle getting the Love they deserve:
Azul has a certain image to uphold. The sly, calculating businessman, who lets nothing ruffle him. He walks with purpose, the House Warden of Octavinelle.
Of course, that’s only when you aren’t around. You were… rather affectionate. Your eyes seek his in every crowd, fingers intertwining gently around his own. Just a single glance at you sends his heart racing. Whenever you’re around, Azul fumbles his words, his cheeks glow red, and his heart pounds defiantly from within his chest.
It’s hard to stay calm and collected around you, not with the way you pamper him. Whether it’s through words of affection particularly yelled to the rest of Night Raven college, or physical touch, his hand held tightly in yours.
Azul craves your love. It seems like a dream, to be able to lay his head on your lap. Nuzzling into your stomach, feeling it rise and fall with every breath you take. Run your fingers through his hair, rub comforting circles into his skin…
Don’t stop. Please, don’t stop loving him. Azul doesn’t know what he’ll do without you.
Floyd hardly listens to anyone. Driven entirely on his own instincts, he’s a daily source of terror for many students in Night Raven College. People tend to avoid him like the plague.
Although, you don’t seem to take the hint. Always running after him, you make a beeline to Floyd whenever you see him. Even in crowds, where you have to wrestle your way through hordes of students. He finds it cute. A lil’ shrimp braving the ocean just to end up in the clutches of a big, bad Moray Eel. Floyd will help you out. His hands slipping under your armpits, hoisting you up like a toy.
You don’t struggle. Instead, you curl into his arms, holding him tight. It’s an odd feeling, being embraced by you. It’s warm. A comforting sort of warmth. Much like a childhood blanket, or a treasured old sweater. Floyd will squeeze you, once or twice. You squeal, laughing at his touch. Reaching up to his face, you cup his cheek in your hand, grinning at him.
“Love ya, Floyd.”
Hey, lil’ Shrimpy. Keep that up, and he’s never going to be able to let you go.
Jade has a certain ability to walk quietly. Silent footsteps, with his victims never noticing him. Well, not until it’s too late.
Somehow, you always seem to know where he is. Jade finds himself unable to sneak up on you. Especially when you whip around, eyes shining. That gaze of yours is rather enchanting, if he does say so himself.
You seem to enjoy his company. Elbowing Jade good naturally, bantering with him until the sun goes down. You two spend a lot of time together, leaning into each other.
Sometimes, he talks. You’ll listen, always attentive. Hanging on to Jade’s every word. His voice has a smoothing quality to it, that lures you closer. You could listen to it all day if he’ll let you.
Jade will nudge you after awhile, inviting you to speak. You can talk about anything with him, prefect. He won’t tell a soul.
After all, you belong to him, do you not?
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pyroxeene · 1 month
Tumblr media
we just now got the feeling that we're meeting for the first time
note: loosely based on the vibes of the song for the first time by the script. starts with an argument. reader and leona both are pretty harsh here but they'll get there eventually. ♡ this took me two days and idk what possessed me but I really like how this fic turned out and I appreciate comments or asks about it. ♡
contains: leona kingscholar x gn!reader, relationship development, angst to fluff, fighting and making up, bonding experiences
word count: 7.6k words
warnings: argument, leona's crippling depression, some hurtful things have been said
dark content creators & consumers do not interact
Tumblr media
It was the middle of the winter holidays and Night Raven College was probably as quiet as it could be. You had left behind the festivities of late December and for now you decided to take some time to focus on yourself and rest up before school would resume in about a week. On a particularly cold Friday evening you had made yourself some pasta for dinner and laid down in bed after putting away the dishes. The night sky was clearer tonight than it had been for a while and your room was lit up only by the stars and the dim light of the magical ignis fatuus lamp on your nightstand. You took out your phone and checked the messages your friends had left you; keeping you updated on the presents they had received and the activities they engaged in during their well-deserved vacation. 
You didn’t know if it was just a whim or the fact that you may or may not have missed a certain someone…but you eventually decided to reach out to Leona to check up on him. You remembered how annoyed he had sounded when you saw him leave for his homeland through the dark mirror. It was no secret that the second prince of Sunset Savannah was anything but keen on going back to the palace over the winter holidays. His abrasive behavior was quite off-putting sometimes and you had to admit it made you hesitate sometimes to reach out to him even though you wanted to. You were long past the point of considering Leona your friend. His perspective on the matter, however? A mystery to you. 
It could just be that you were a nuisance to him. That he didn’t necessarily dislike you but rather had you minding your own business instead. Or maybe that was just the way he was. You found him hard to read sometimes; never knowing whether a question would get you a snarky comment or a calm and serious answer. Leona was more than capable of both. Still, especially after his overblot and having seen a glimpse of how he was feeling inside, you had decided to push your pride away for a while and put some effort into being his friend; even if he had a tendency to push everyone away. You presumed it was because at least, if he pushed people away, he was the one who’d have the last word. He could retain the reputation of someone who simply didn’t care, rather than risking to be seen as someone who just wasn’t wanted. You didn’t know how much Leona was aware of the extent of his feelings that he divulged while in an overblotted state. It was probably best if he remained largely unaware. 
Still, you decided to shoot him a quick “Hey, how are you doing?” over your messaging service. Leona didn’t seem very busy at the moment, as his answer came not soon after. “Oi, herbivore, what do you want?”, he texted back. 
“Just wanted to know how you’re enjoying your winter holidays so far. I haven’t heard from you in a while. Thought I’d text you so close to the new year to check how you’re doing. You didn’t seem too pleased to go back to the palace after all”, you replied. Leona shifted his position on his bed, staring at the words on his phone for a while. His expression darkened a little. The fuck did it matter to you how he was doing? 
It wasn’t particularly well, that was for sure, but you didn’t have to know that. However, Leona didn’t really feel like talking at all. Contrary to how easily he could try to sleep away his problems for a while when he was at Night Raven College, they seemed to always catch up to him when he was back home. He hadn’t slept in 48 hours; not since the annoying political gathering Farena had dragged him to on Wednesday. His days consisted of laying in bed and trying to avoid his brother’s nagging and Cheka’s attempts at playing games with him as best as he could; trying to get some sleep but consistently failing to. He let out a bitter laugh, wondering what Ruggie would think if he saw him like this. The hyena beastman had tried multiple times to get him out of bed after Leona had slept for more than 10 hours and failed miserably. And now Leona couldn’t even take a nap for a couple of hours. 
“Yeah, it sucks, dunno if that’s the answer you expected”, Leona typed and ran a hand through his dark hair, slumping back into the pillow and holding the phone above his face, “there’s nothin’ to do here except fancy crap and arguing with my brother, the beloved king. Only good thing is my personal chefs; their food is fantastic as usual.” Leona held his head in pain, the headache from the sleep deprivation getting to him more and more. He turned the brightness of the phone down and reached for another painkiller on the nightstand, downing the medication with a glass of water. 
You had no idea of the beastman’s predicament; comfortably resting under the covers of your own bed. “Let me guess, you’re eating nothing but meat again?”, you chuckled and clicked on ‘send’. 
“Heh. The chef told me I need to eat more greens. I told ‘em I’d rather starve than touch some leaves and eat like a herbivore.”
You rolled your eyes. He always had such an attitude. The poor chefs were probably just doing their best to keep their prince healthy. “Classic Leona”, you replied with a chuckle, “do you plan on handing your essays in after the holidays this time? We don’t want you to repeat another year.” You remembered how Ruggie had teased him that if he didn’t pass his finals again, they’d be in the same class from next year on. Leona furrowed his brows and rolled his eyes. As if he didn’t have other things to worry about than schoolwork at the moment. What idiot even came up with the idea of giving students homework over the holidays?
“You sound like Farena”, you got your next answer, “‘You need to pass this class’, ‘You need to get better grades’, ‘What are the citizens gonna say if Prince Leona can’t even graduate from school?’ Gimme a break. Ugh. Can’t a guy take a vacation? I don’t wanna worry about stupid essays now.”
You sighed. “You’ve pretty much taken a vacation since the school year began…you’re hardly attending classes because you’re always nappin’ somewhere in the greenhouse”, you turned on the light of your room, knowing this conversation was likely not taking a pleasant turn anytime soon, “I’m sorry I remind you of your brother. But I’m not saying this to pester you. If I didn’t give a shit about you, I’d have long since ignored you.” It was true. You hardly would have bothered with him if he hadn’t grown on you overtime. And if it weren’t for the feelings you secretly harbored for him; getting stronger with every passing day. Most people would have probably advised you against falling for Leona. But it was not like that was something you could control. Sometimes you felt like it wasn’t a good idea at all to keep trying to stick around when he wasn’t willing to let you in. But there were moments where Leona was one of the most pleasant people to be around; regardless of how much your classmates would have raised their eyebrows at you for admitting that. He was calm, honest and all the shallow things people around you were obsessing over, Leona was hardly interested in. His demeanor was refreshing sometimes and his jokes were funny. But on other occasions he just had to be so difficult. The worst part was that you knew he could do better. But on most days he wasn’t even willing to try.
Meanwhile Leona wondered what your reason was for reaching out to him if you were just going to lecture him anyway like everyone else did. Why didn’t you just let him mind his business and leave him alone? It wasn’t that Leona was annoyed with your presence. He too felt quite comfortable around you most of the time. But you had the same criticisms for him as everyone else did. And even though he knew deep down you were right; he just kept standing in his own way. It was frustrating sometimes, but he hardly had the energy to do the 180° turn others expected from him. He felt inadequate. Especially for you. What was he expecting from you anyway? That you’d love him and choose him over everyone else you knew? All the people who were responsible and had their lives figured out? So for the sake of his pride he did the one thing he knew best how to do: Keep pushing you away. 
“Fineee, I’ll turn in my essay. I’ll go to class. I’ll even go find some herbivore friends just to humor ya”, he shut you down and it was evident from his phrasing that he was hardly serious, “now shut up and let me go back to sleep for a bit, eh?” He ignored the twinge of guilt in his heart for being so rude to you; who had been nothing but kind to him since the year started. What did he care for anyway? He felt like his emotions were getting the better of him; all the frustration and anger and hopelessness of the past few days creeping into his mind like a shadow that was taking hold of him. He reached for the lamp on the nightstand; knowing full-well he probably wouldn’t be able to take the nap he told you he’d take under these conditions; knocking the glass of water to the floor in the process. “Ah shit”, he groaned, sinking back into the bedsheets. He supposed he could clean that up tomorrow. Or get one of the staff members to do it for him. He just hoped Farena wouldn’t lecture him about it. That’s how far you’ve come, huh? Don’t even have the energy to pick some glass shards up. Pathetic. 
He tried to push down that voice inside him as best as he could, putting his phone aside and burying his face in his pillow to muffle the quiet sobs that he couldn’t stop from escaping him. Though he doubted anyone would hear them anyway. There was another small gathering in the garden below his window and he could hear the upbeat music and some of the chatter from the guests. At least his attendance wasn’t required for today’s event. Leona hated crying. He hated how vulnerable and weak it made him feel. He’d much rather lie to himself and convince himself that he really didn’t give a damn and just enjoyed being lazy and provoking the people around him. In those moments, somewhere deep inside his heart, Leona wished for someone to be there for him. But it wasn’t like anyone out there cared; they were busy with their small garden party to honor his homeland’s coexistence with nature. And you? You had reached out to him and asked him how he was and Leona just couldn’t have given you a normal answer. Instead, he just pushed you away to guarantee that you’d probably stop caring about him too. Your newest message confirmed his suspicions, reading: “Fine. Whatever.”
You were tired of the constant back and forth. You had reached out to him with good intentions and care and this was what you got in return. Maybe it truly was time to leave Leona Kingscholar behind for good and make sure you wouldn’t have to deal with interactions like these on a peaceful night. This was exactly why you had hesitated to text him anything. But instead of taking his nap, Leona replied back. You had the feeling he wouldn’t do that if he had no interest in talking to you whatsoever.
“You really gotta learn to lighten up a little. Not everything’s all serious, ya know? Sometimes a nap is just a nap”, he tried to de-escalate the anger he caused with his previous messages; attempting to play it off as just his usual demeanor and nothing personal. What he didn’t get at the moment was how much that played down your own feelings and words. 
You rolled your eyes, debating whether you should just log off and leave him to his own thoughts. Maybe that was for the better. You sighed. “You didn’t have to start it with ‘shut up’”, you answered, just hoping anything you said wouldn’t make things even worse. 
Leona had gotten up from the bed and sat down near the window, gazing out onto the garden; wishing anyone at that gathering would actually care about his thoughts regarding the development of his homeland. The cheerful laugh he could hear from Farena and his guests filled him with a sense of anger so strong that it hurt nobody but himself. He felt stressed; just wanted to finally go to sleep and actually manage to drift off into the land of dreams. But life seemed to have other plans for him. He had gotten himself into a fight with you, one of the only people who seemed to genuinely care about his feelings; the royal court was just proceeding with their schedule as if he was nothing but a ghost sometimes lingering at them and he knew he had to do the damn essays if he wanted to pass this time. 
“Yeah, you’re right. I should’ve said something more polite like ‘I’m trying to get some shut-eye here, would you kindly shut up so I can rest peacefully?’ or perhaps ‘Excuse me but I have some slumber to catch up on, would you please cease talking so I can focus on that?’ Better?”, Leona snapped, his expression darkening.
His rude behavior and disrespectful reaction to you just trying to be nice to him frustrated you. So much so, that you waved the idea of being polite and holding back your thoughts about the matter a friendly goodbye. If it’s a fight he wanted, he can have one, you thought with a bitter mood. So you replied something you knew you probably should not have said.
“And this is why people don’t put you first.”
Your words stung. You hit him right where it hurt and both of you knew that. The crying that had stopped, resumed again as tears ran down Leona’s cheeks. He knew he got himself into this mess but admitting that seemed like the hardest thing for him right now. Not with how angry you had made him over the past 30 minutes.
“Because I’m sarcastic? Wow. Really settin’ the bar high there. Not everyone needs to be a happy-go-lucky sunshine boy, ya know?”, Leona replied with a spiteful feeling in his chest, “maybe I just express myself differently. What do you care ‘bout it?”
Okay, we’re really doing this, are we? You took a deep breath and shook your head. 
“The problem is that you’re rude as fuck and then you’re complaining about only ever being the second choice. Yeah, sure, it sucks for you that you can’t be king or win the Magift tournament against Malleus; I get that; but everything else is your own doing”, you reached a point where you weren’t holding back your thoughts anymore, “you’re literally not even letting people be nice to you. That’s like, the bare minimum. I’ve been trying to be your friend for the whole school year and sometimes you’re really pleasant to be around but other times you’re just taking your bad moods out on people who care about you and I’m tired of it. I tried. I really did. But you push everyone away and then you go sulk in your bed about how no one understands you.”
“I don’t need you to care about me”, a lie and a pretty damn pathetic one; Leona knew that. But he was in the wrong headspace at the wrong time and on top of everything else, he was panicking because he felt like you were close to abandoning him. And this time it would be his own fault. 
“Goodbye Leona. See you in school, I guess.”
Leona frantically started typing again; not feeling like he’d be able to tolerate the silence. To just be left alone with his thoughts again. To have lost you.
“Fine, fine. I’ll be there. I’ll be the best prince ever. Good, hardworking, loyal, reliable…then everyone will love me, huh?”, he let out a bitter laugh, clutching the pillow he was holding, “is that what you wanted?”
His response was as sarcastic as ever but he was in luck that you were not one to just let him put words into your mouth. 
“No”, you texted back, having calmed down a little and gotten yourself a tea, “I just want you to at least be respectful towards the people who care about you and not lash out at us like this. That’s literally all I ask for. Ruggie and I stuck around even through your stupid overblot and all your depressive episodes where you locked yourself in your room and slept for 14 hours as if that’s gonna solve anything.”
Under normal circumstances, Leona would have been a lot more careful with his words. He was hardly one to even remotely talk about his feelings; always keeping them to himself to make sure no one had anything they could use against him. But the sleep-deprivation, emotional distress and headache put him in a state of mind where he was a lot more honest and open than he intended to be.
“Oh? It must be a real burden on you that I’m not just one of those happy, energetic herbivores, huh? If I was nice and polite; if I just did what I was told, everything would be fine, wouldn’t it?”, he could hardly even still see the screen as his vision got too blurry, “then you wouldn’t have to be burdened with being nice to someone like me….someone who can’t even smile genuinely. Someone like me should just disappear, right?”
As soon as he sent that, he wanted to take it back. This was too much. More than he ever wanted to let you know. He had given you a glimpse into his heart and he was certain that this had been a grave mistake. And simultaneously it made you realize what was really going on here.
Oh god, he’s not doing well at all…shit. You realized Leona hadn’t reacted this way towards you because he hated your presence or saw you as an annoyance…this was his own self-doubt talking and he obviously was not okay right now. You saw that now. 
“Leona…that’s not what I’m saying at all…did something happen at the palace? You’re a bit of an asshole sometimes, but it’s usually never this bad…you okay?”, you messaged him and Leona let out a bitter laugh. Even through all this…even after how rude he had been to you and how hard he had tried to push you away, your first response to his accidental self-deprecating talk in the heat of the moment was to worry about him. You deserve better…, he thought.
“Listen, I don’t expect you to smile or be happy all the time or do what you’re told”, you continued, “and I’m sorry you feel the way you do. I understand and I respect your feelings. You don’t have to be all smiles and super friendly to everyone or fulfill anyone’s expectations. Just don’t let your anger and frustrations out on your friends. Hell, i don’t know, rant to us about how much life sucks or whatever; maybe we’ll end up with a bitter joke about it or something….anything’s better than this.”
He had to admit that…did sound more pleasant. You weren’t done yet.
“I’ll be there even if you’re not feeling well. Even if that lasts weeks or months at a time. But if you don’t give me the basic respect and kindness a friend deserves, then I’m out”, you added, “and I’d never want you to disappear, Leona. That’s the furthest thing from the truth.”
Leona remained silent for a moment. Minutes passed by and you were wondering whether he’d even reply at all. It had started to rain outside and for whatever reason the thunder seemed to calm you down. You put your phone aside and tried to distract yourself by reading a book you grabbed from the school library. After a while, you heard the notification sound of your phone again. You checked the display to see a new message from Leona.
“...heh. You really got me down to a t, didn’t ya?”, it read, “Sorry if I hurt your feelings. I didn’t mean to. I’m just tired. Tired of all the things I have to do, tired of always being second pick, tired of being angry. I guess I took it out on you and that was wrong. I apologize for my rudeness.”
You knew it took a lot for Leona to ever apologize for anything. He had decided to swallow his pride for the sake of fixing the mess he made. You were exhausted from the fight and this was the first time you had heard him apologize to you for being rude. It had never been this bad before; but Leona could be quite dismissive on a regular basis. You had more to say but it was probably best for you to indulge him for now and let him rest and calm down. 
“Thank you. Wanna talk about what happened?”, you asked.
Leona hesitated for a moment. He remembered the gathering two days ago. Farena had pressured him into attending; saying the whole royal family was expected to be there. So Leona had begrudgingly put on the tight, fancy clothing and sat at the dinner table with dozens of politicians and investors. He heard them talk to his older brother and the queen about the current status quo in Sunset Savannah; even acknowledging Cheka as the heir to the throne. But Leona? Leona was meant to sit there for the whole evening and look pretty. Farena shot him a glare when he attempted to take out his phone to distract himself; as it was not proper etiquette for a prince. 
Leona couldn’t remember anyone but his own family members having attempted to talk to him that night. No one had cared about his opinions or the fact that he was even there. For all the talk about how crucial it was that the whole royal family attended, Leona sure felt like an extra at the event. There were many investors who were advocating for a better infrastructure and to develop more parts of the country aside from the capital; making use of its natural resources to achieve a bigger state of welfare. Leona had many thoughts on the matter. He had visions and ideas on how to make them happen. He did care. But it didn’t matter what the loathed second prince said about any of this. Farena would probably scold him for trying to butt into the official state affairs. Not that it mattered whether he said anything or not. His brother’s opinions and his own differed greatly; that much he knew. He’d never listen to any ideas Leona brought to the table. He had tried often enough.
So all Leona did was sit there and listen. Not saying a word; just holding his tongue when he had so many thoughts wanting to be said. He listened to everyone else; let everything happen whether he agreed with their decisions or not. Eventually he just blended the voices out, concentrating solely on trying to keep his act together when his facade was threatening to crack because it occurred to him just how much he didn’t matter. Cheka had tried to climb onto his uncle’s lap and show him a bracelet he crafted, expecting a response from Leona. He knew he had to react somehow. He couldn’t just ignore when someone was talking to him; especially not with so many people right next to him. But he feared, were he to say something now, his voice would crack and he’d break.
So he took all his strength to keep it together, gently placed Cheka on the ground again and walked over to his brother, excusing himself and saying he was feeling sick. Not a lie technically.
Leona took a deep breath before replying to you.
“No, I’d rather not. That’s…my own personal life, y’know?”, he answered, “I’ll stop being such an angry prick towards you and Ruggie all the time. I guess I needed that wake-up call, harsh as it was. At least I know you’re not one to lie to my face, heh. Now, if you don’t mind, I’m going to try to catch up on some shut-eye. I’ll talk to you later.”
You leaned back with a slight smile on your face. That was a lot more genuine than what you were used to from Leona. Maybe it was just your imagination, but you were beginning to feel like, bizarre as it was, today had brought you closer to one another. That Leona had reached a new level of trust towards you he didn’t have before.
“Heh…see, that’s much better than ‘shut up and let me take a nap’”, you replied with a relieved smile, “get some rest, Leona. Hope you’ll feel better afterwards. ❤️”
“Did you just send me a heart emoji?”
“That was an accident. Go to sleep. :)”
Leona realized he had a smile on his face. He chuckled, burying his had in his hands. You were really getting to him, huh? You had said a couple of things that really stung and yet somehow at the end of the day he treasured you enough to smile at a sign of affection from you. I better make sure to treat ‘em properly from now on, he mused and smirked, laying down on his bed again. He wondered if you actually had feelings for him or something of the sort. Somehow with the thought of you on his mind, he fell asleep easily, relieved you were able to sort things out. And he was already looking forward to talking to you again… 
You didn’t hear from Leona again for at least half a day. You were already suspecting that the sleepy lion may not have gotten any sleep at all lately, so you were glad he was resting. What you didn’t expect was for Leona to call you when he woke up. He’s calling? That’s a new one.
“Mornin’ Herbivore”, his voice was raspy and was cracking slightly. He sounded a little bit like he had cried but you didn’t dare to comment on it. “It’s 3pm. Sleep well?”, you chuckled and had a smile on your face again. “Hmm, I’ve had better nights but yeah”, he responded, rubbing his eyes and running a hand through his hair, “sorry again about last night. I had a bit of a moment there…I’ll do better. If you forgive me that is. But only if you wanna. I was kind of an ass.” Leona turned on the camera of his phone and so did you. He gave you a triumphant grin when he saw how your reaction to seeing his face was just smiling instantly. 
You sighed. “It’s fine. You’re lucky I like you. You’re an acquired taste.”
Leona chuckled. “I’m glad my terrible sleep schedule and awful personality can be considered an acquired taste in this day and age”, he winked at you. You let out a laugh. You looked at Leona’s calm expression; the way his hair looked messy and his ears twitched a little. He was wearing a simple black t-shirt and you thought he looked absolutely ethereal. You had to admit you missed him.
“Okay, you made me laugh, I give you that”, you chuckled and grinned at him, “feeling better?”
“A bit”, Leona answered, “Thank ya for being so patient with me. You’re a real one. I guess I’m just used to people not sticking around long enough to deal with my bullshit…..it feels weird….having someone care.” Something had definitely changed inside Leona. He was still weirdly genuine about his feelings. Maybe he was also still very exhausted. 
“Well, you’re in luck. I’m really stubborn and I always want to have the last word. You’re not getting rid of me that easily. Even if you hiss at me like a feral housecat”, you teased him. “Heh”, he laughed and you could see his ears move along with the rising and falling of his chest, “fine, I won’t try to get rid of ya then. Still gonna be a bit of a prick tho. Maybe I will start hissing at people. Make a reputation for myself. The hissing prince of Sunset Savannah.” 
The two of you laughed and Leona ran a hand through his hair, trying to adjust it somehow. “You know what? You just gave me my first real laugh of this week”, he gave you a genuine smile and you could tell he was feeling better, “normally I don’t hang around herbivores that much. But I like ya. Thanks for stickin’ with me.”
You gave him a kind smile. “See? You’re pretty fun when you’re not being an asshole. And I assure you, you already have a reputation. Not a particularly good one, but it’s certainly….something.” 
Leona chuckled and excused himself for a moment to open the blinds on his window. He put his phone aside and all you heard from him was a sharp hiss of pain and him cursing under his breath. “The fuck happened?”, you looked at him with concern once he was back. “Stepped in glass shards”, he mumbled as if that explained anything. “Why the hell are there glass shards on your floor?” “Ancient royal trial that every member of the royal family has to go through at some point in their lives”, he commented dryly and you were pretty sure he was making this up. 
“Anyway, you should probably get first aid for that”, you raised an eyebrow. “Alright”, Leona smirked, seeming as tough as ever, “don’t miss me too much.” He winked at you before ending the call. He’s certainly growing bold now, hmm? You laughed and went to make yourself some food, awaiting his return eagerly.
It took about 30 minutes for Leona to return and start making fun of you for worrying about him so much. “I’m not made of glass, y’know?”, he smirked, “I just step in it sometimes.” 
You sigh and put your friend on speaker, tending to your kitchen appliances once more. “Did you get first-aid for your injury?”, you asked, throwing some carrots, broccoli and zucchini into the mixer. “Yeah. Staff bandaged my foot and told me to be more careful. Got a whole lecture because they’re so considerate”, Leona rolled his eyes and then cringed at the sudden loud whirring, “fuck is that noise, herbivore?” “Oh…sorry”, you apologized and turned the mixer off, “I’m making a soup. Noticed I haven’t had lunch yet today.” 
“Ew with like, vegetables and shit?”, Leona shook his head in disappointment. You chuckled. “Yes, not everyone has the strength and insanity it takes to attempt to solely live off meat”, you teased. 
“Anyway, to get back to our conversation from before, it’s nice to know I have a reputation for something, heh. Even if it’s just that”, Leona chuckled, “I don’t get people sometimes. ‘Ugh, he’s so pretty! Too bad he’s a jerk!’ Why do people keep sayin’ that? Am I supposed to be flattered or pissed?”
You laughed. “Well, I think they’re having a crisis because they’re attracted to a guy whose personality is like a matryoshka doll where you’re kinda intimidated to take off another layer because you’re not sure if it’s gonna get better or worse.”
Leona snorted. “Okay, that was a fun analogy, I’m not even gonna be mad. I’ll remember that one”, he smirked, “so, given that you have first-hand experience now, do you have the feeling it’s getting better? Or worse?” So he’s acknowledging that he’s opening up to me more than he did before, you pondered and smiled, that’s good. “Better”, you admitted, “now I know I didn’t go that wrong with giving you a chance. Anyway, what do you do all day over there?”
“Oh, nothin’ much”, Leona shrugged, “sleeping…trying to sleep, avoiding my nephew, avoiding my brother, avoiding the chamberlains, playing chess against a computer…when I arrived I drove around a bit and stopped by Elephant Legacy to take a bath in the secluded hot springs only the royal family has access to. I guess that counts for doing somethin’”
“And you made fun of Idia for being a shut-in?”, you raised an eyebrow. “I also nap outside, that disqualifies me from being a shut-in”, Leona grinned, absentmindedly playing with an old yoyo he got from a market when he was 7, “but yeah it’s pretty boring. Night Raven College is a little more interesting.”
After a week of hardly doing anything, Leona had to admit he was growing quite bored of the winter holidays. You didn’t have many plans either, so that was how the two of you ended up playing online chess. “God, with that strategy or lack thereof you have, your king is gonna be down in less than five minutes”, Leona held his head in second-hand embarrassment and reached for a glass of water to take a sip. “Oh so you think you’re close to losing?”, you smirk and heard Leona choke on his water, coughing frantically. Did you really just call him your king?, he thought with a surprised expression, his ears laid back against his head.
“What’s the matter, Leona?”, you asked and he could hear your teasing tone through the speaker, “did I perhaps fluster you?” You were really playing with fire today, huh? Leona smirked. He didn’t admit it, but he did absolutely like that. “Why don’t ya focus on your shitty ass playstyle instead, you just lost the best piece you still had on the board”, he hissed back, his tail swishing back and forth. “I didn’t see your queen there”, you whined. “What do you mean, you didn’t see it there? It was literally right next to where you were standing-”, Leona shook his head and held it with his hand, “I don’t even know where to start with this one…”
As the day went on, you got Leona to play a couple of other online board games with you, mostly luck-based ones because you insisted you were “good at them”. He also agreed to teach you some chess strategies, arguing that even with knowing them you wouldn’t be able to beat him. He never let you win. Not once. 
He had to admit that your company brought him amusement and joy. That you distracted him from the problems he was worrying about. So he didn’t mind spending his days with you. He was looking forward to seeing you again at Night Raven College. 
“Leona, it’s your turn. Leona?”, you asked when he wasn’t responding. It was already evening and the sun had set. You could hear soft breathing and some light snores coming from the phone. You smiled and closed the game the two of you were playing. Something inside you didn’t have the heart to just hang up on him. So you put your phone aside and went to bed yourself, feeling somehow closer to Leona this way.
He woke up with surprise upon finding out you were still there. He wondered whether that was intentional or not. He quickly pushed away the idea of waking up beside you; of pulling you into his arms and falling back asleep in the comfort of the blankets and your warmth. Leona pouted when he noticed the smile on his face. Then, upon having another fantastic idea, his expression turned into a mischievous smirk as he made his way over to the wardrobe where he had hidden a plastic aerophone that he confiscated from Cheka after the latter had attempted to “play a song” for him and followed him through the entire palace. He sat down next to where his phone was laying on the bed and blew into the cheap instrument; causing it to emit sounds with a terribly loud volume. He stopped just in time to hear the angry “WHAT THE FUCK, LEONA????” from your side of the call. “Rise and shine, herbivore”, you could hear him snicker. “You’re such an asshole”, you muttered.
The days went by fast when you had each other’s company. Leona kept you updated on what was happening at the palace; the stuff that wasn’t confidential at least. This mostly happened in the form of him ranting about how much it annoyed him. He had ditched the Sunset Savannah New Year’s ceremony and spent it on the palace roof, turning his camera on and letting you see the fireworks of his homeland and how the city was lit up for the celebrations. “If you ever visit, I’ll show ya around”, he had promised you.
Your presence in his life made the holidays pass by fast. When Leona stepped through the dark mirror on his way back to the school, you were already waiting for him on the other side. Both of you felt a little awkward at first. Things had changed a lot between you since you had last seen each other, after all. Leona rolled his eyes at your attempts to make smalltalk, waiting for the rest of the students to exit the mirror chamber before he opened his arms. “Come on now, y/n, don’t be a stranger”, he sighed and you stepped into his embrace, wrapping your arms around him. You hoped he didn’t have a sliver of an idea how much you had wanted this over the past few days. What you didn’t know was that Leona felt exactly the same. He held the back of your head with his hand and let you bury your face in his shoulder. Leona had his tail wrapped around your waist and you got goosebumps where it touched your arm. A strand of his hair was tickling the skin of your face and you noticed how much you liked the smell of his cologne. 
The two of you walked back to the dorms together, Leona staying closer to you than usual. Much to your surprise, the lion beastman actually showed up to class on the first day. It was his most hated lesson, even. He sat down next to you. “Glad you showed up”, you said and reached for the cup standing next to you, “I got you a coffee.” Leona inspected the beverage with surprise, not expecting you to get him something to drink on the off-chance that he came to class. You raised your eyebrow at him when you saw him sniffing at the coffee. “If you’re gonna complain that you don’t like this kind, I’m never getting you anything ever again”, you threatened and Leona patted your head. “Don’t worry, herbivore”, he smirked and took a sip from the coffee as the lesson began.
Reunited at Night Raven College, Leona still enjoyed spending his time with you. He had invited you over to show you some more strategies in chess; as it was easier to teach you anything if you were there in person. You had eaten dinner together (a bunch of meat that Leona ordered from a take-out restaurant in the village on the isle) and decided to take a breath of fresh air on the roof of the Savanaclaw dorm. Leona looked at you as you gazed at the stars. 
“Do you think the sky is fake?”, Leona was caught off-guard by your question. “The hell?”, he raised an eyebrow and sat up. “Like, the ones over the dorms. What even are the dorms? Are they actual locations the mirrors just teleport us to? Are they weird pocket dimensions? Why do I never hear anyone talking about this?”, you asked. Leona chuckled. “Considering they’re never locked and we haven’t seen anyone try to rob us yet, I thought it was pretty obvious they’re not just standing around somewhere in the wild”, he shrugged, “but yeah, this isn’t the actual night sky. The constellations are super off.” “I see someone actually paid attention in astronomy class”, you commented. “Not really”, Leona replied, “in my homeland there’s the belief that the stars are the great kings of the past who are watching over you from above. Heard the story a million times. Learnt about the constellations as time went on. If you’re worried or in despair, you can ask them for guidance and supposedly they would answer you. Personally I think that’s a bunch of humbug.” 
Leona shrugged and you thought about his words, having learnt something new about his culture. “If you believed in it…what would you ask them?”, you wondered and looked into Leona’s emerald eyes. “That’s a little too personal, don’t ya think?”, Leona smirked but then conceded, “I suppose I’d ask them why I pulled such a dumb result in fate’s lottery, among other things.” “Idia called it ‘god’s rigged gacha machine’”, you chuckled. “That’s one way to put it”, Leona mused. “Then again, you never know what life’s gonna give you”, you tried to add a more positive point of view, “who knows maybe you’ll soon receive a great deal of luck or something. You never know.”
Leona let out a bitter laugh. “Then I suppose, I’ll have to thank the great kings of the past”, he crossed his arms, “anyway, it’s getting late. We should probably head inside again.” He got up and so did you, making your way towards Leona’s room again. 
You couldn’t even react fast enough when you stumbled on the roof and fell over, Leona catching you just in time and pulling you back into balance. You were leaned against his chest and Leona was holding onto you to keep you steady. “Geez, herbivore, first you’re all talk about stickin’ by me and being my friend and now I have to prevent you from breaking your bones every 5 minutes”, Leona sighed. You pouted. “Name ONE other time where you had to prevent me from breaking my bones”, you rolled your eyes.
You only noticed then how close the two of you were. Determined to tease him back, you spoke before you realized what it was you just said. “Are we about to kiss now?”
The smirk left your face when the realization hit you. Leona, on the other hand, was having the time of his life with this. He grinned at you and let out a laugh. “My, you’re getting bold now”, his ears twitched as he laughed, “I mean, go ahead if you wanna, I ain’t gonna stop ya.” He was challenging you, part of him thinking you weren’t going to do it anyway. 
His eyes widened and he was caught off guard when you took him up on the offer and he found himself with your lips on his instead. 
Leona closed his eyes and wrapped his arms around your shoulders, kissing you back softly. There was a sense of relief to his kiss; as if he had waited for this to happen for centuries. He wouldn’t ever have dreamt that you might feel the same for him as he did for you. Not with the behavior he had shown to you before. Not with the way he went about his days. And yet, you had given him a chance. The chance to prove to you that he was worth it. And he swore in that moment that he was going to make the most of that.
Leona sighed against your lips and cupped your cheek with his hand, deepening the kiss eagerly. He furrowed his brows and pulled you as close to him as possible. 
When your lips parted from each other, Leona still held you in a tight embrace, resting his head on top of yours. “So…”, you began, nuzzling his neck and relaxing into his embrace, “are we going to get on people’s nerves together from now on?” “You still have to ask that? Take a hint, herbivore”, he hissed and then chuckled, pressing a kiss to your forehead. 
You remained like this for a while, just holding each other as Leona looked up to the night sky. “You’re more quiet than usual”, you said softly, “what’s going through your head, hmm?” Leona rolled his eyes. “Life clowned me with irony and now I gotta thank the great kings of the past for ‘a great deal of luck or something’”, he sighed and laughed. You pressed another soft kiss to his lips and held his face in your hand, looking into his eyes with a loving expression. 
“I love you…and at the risk of sounding incredibly cheesy”, you confessed and brushed a strand of hair out of his face, “you’re my first choice, Leona. Always have been.” Leona hugged you tightly and squeezed you slightly, holding onto you like he feared you might disappear any second now. He buried his face in your neck. Your words had touched his heart and made him feel a sense of happiness and closure he was longing for for god knows how long. He kissed you once more, pouring all his pent-up attachment and care for you into the kiss as the stars gazed down on you.
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writingfool001 · 7 months
Can u make f!Yuu that goes to the all princess school but a prince fell in love with her not knowing she was destined to marry a one of the dorm leaders but she is happy because she gets a happy ending so she rejects him infront of every guy and girl as there in shock and she explains why and the dorm leaders react to her saying that she is Destined to marry a villian
I Already Found my Happily Ever After
Author's Note: I am starting out with three and complete the other four later. Please remember the 3-character limit per request. If I ever write about female reader, they will be strong.
Pairing: Riddle, Leona, and Azul x Female Reader
Part 2 (Jamil, Vil, Idia, & Malleus) Part 3 (Kalim, Rook, & Lilia)
Tumblr media
It was a joint school get together or basically what prom would be with several academies together which was an upside for you and your lover. You barely have had the time to see each other since both of you go to different schools and your school would rather affiliate themselves with the Royal Sword Academy than Raven Night College. 
When the event was announced, the headmistress advised everyone to be on their best behavior and if anyone from another school tried to force themselves, you had full permission to take care of the problem or find an instructor. Yeah, your headmistress had zero tolerance for assholes. She also mentioned that it was NRC's turn this year to  
You met up with each other at the event and your lover was dressed handsomely as he stood out in the crowd. You both decided to have a nice night, wanting to enjoy the time with each other. He complimented you on your attire and gave you a kiss on the cheek before escorting you to the main hall where the event was being held. 
At some point, you stepped away to use the restroom and right as you were on the way to return, a figure stepped into the middle of your path which made you stop. 
“My humble apologies, but I couldn’t help ignoring your gorgeous self and was wondering if I could possibly have this dance as your date.” He started bowing and held his hand out. 
“Sorry, but I’m here with someone,” You decline politely, stepping around him to continue on your way and only get a couple feet away before he spoke again.  
“What could be better than dancing with a prince and possibly your future true love?” He said, causing you to freeze as others paused and watched the interaction.  
“What could be better than that, you ask?” You turn your head to look at him over your shoulder, “Dancing with my betrothed.”  
“Who could he possibly be? Possibly from RSA?”  
“Nope, he goes to NRC.”  
“A villain?! Are you mad?”  
“Nope, I’ve always loved the villain more than the hero. Perhaps all the other girls, fawning after you, will take up your proposal.”  
You walk off, leaving many people’s jaws on the floor as you made your way over to your beloved who saw you publicly humiliate some prince. 
He was flustered after hearing the entire thing and stuttered a bit because he just saw you publicly reject a student from RSA and chose to stay with him. 
He feels proud and happy that you would rather stay with him than run off with some prince. Gracefully, he bows and takes your hand before kissing your knuckle before escorting you to the dance floor. Internally, he was celebrating and was applauding you for standing up for yourself.  
He was a bit panicked when you talked back to his mother once and stood your ground. It took him a while to get used to it and after a while, you would occasionally do the whole "he asked for no pickles' ' a couple of times. He introduces you to Trey and Che'nya, who coincidentally keeps you company whenever your school and RSA get together for some sort of event. 
Che'nya has kept Riddle informed of all the boys at RSA who have tried to "wow" you and every time, you rejected them, and you tell your classmates that you already found your happy ever after.  
He was worried your opinion would change when he overblotted and the level of worrying got worse when he woke you sleeping in a chair, next to his bed. When you woke up, he was ready for you to break off your engagement and had a whole speech before you kissed him and told him he was stuck with you.  
His heart melted at the compliment and was flushed before telling you that he was going to confront his mother about everything she did while he grew up. Trey and Cater showed up with a small group of new boys and a cat. 
You thanked them for saving him and looking after him before bluenette asked who you were and told them you are Riddle’s fiancé. The three new faces’ eyes widened, and jaws dropped as the calmer one of the four just nodded. After that, you make sure to have a small study call with Riddle and check on him to make sure he’s okay. When winter break came around, you were waiting for him in your hometown and told him that you had your family on speed dial in case his mother became violent. He just smiled brightly and took his hand in yours before walking back to his house, readying to face the beast. 
If there was to be one thing that came out well with his mother’s involvement, it was the betrothal between you two. He hopes you will stay by his side in the future.  
Smugish face, he has made ever since you two met, and lets out a hearty chuckle as he approaches before holding his arm out for you to take before you both strutted away from the unknown prince. 
One of the many things he cherished about you was your bite and he remembers the first time you returned his snide remark with your own. The appalled look of his parents when they watched you two interact after meeting each other for the first time while your father chuckled as your mother would light lecture you later. Overtime, it was fun to have you around, especially during the gatherings you both had to attend. 
Even during some of those, some noble's son tried to propose and sweep you off your feet before failing. This even happened to Leona, he either let them make their case or refuse. 
After a while you two would bet who would approach either of you to try to come between you two. 
"They seem to get bolder, but never learn." You spoke under your breath, causing Leona to chuckle. 
"I'll wager you're right, my queen." He kissed the crown of your head before continuing to lead you to the botanical garden for a nightly walk. 
Internally, he has stopped working and wants to disappear to his octopi while he hides his small blush by pushing up his glasses. He wishes he had your boldness sometimes, but he remembers he'd rather leave bold moves to you. 
You both met originally when he was somewhat getting bullied while the twins weren't around. They were threatening him before you showed up and showed them you weren't going to put up with their shit. Afterwards, he thought you would want something in return and all you said was his friendship which stunned him. He decided to see how long you would stick around, thinking it would be short time. 
Welp, he was wrong because you became part of the small trio and stuck next to Azul more than the twins. You knew a majority of things about him, yet he knew nothing about you and when asked, you would tell him you had a family and lived down the way from his home. His mother decided to have a business meeting with a local restaurant owner to see if they would be interested in working with her. Azul questioned why she wanted him to come along and was told that they had a daughter around his age.  
To his shock when he saw you, sitting next to the owner of the restaurant and having a light conversation before noticing the shocked octopus. You revealed everything to him, and a majority of the evening was you two talked the night away without noticing the two parents who saw the small spark between you two as you lightly teased Azul. 
It would be a couple of months later before a suggestion of being engaged to one another came up which didn't surprise you since Azul mumbled something about marrying you while you two were studying. Nothing really changed between the two of you other than occasional dinner dates and close family teasing you two. Of course, there were moments where you two would argue and walk away from each other for space before either one of you or both of you would come together to talk it out.  
The same routine would happen when you two were studying at different academies. You both would text and send each other small trinkets or gifts that reminded you of each other. Every now and then, you two would meet up somehow to spend time with each other. 
Azul held his hand out to you before kissing you gently on the cheek, causing you to smile. He led you to the dance floor before dancing the night away with you. 
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shinmon-c · 24 days
Tumblr media
I'm Inlove with the Crimson Tyrant
SYNOPSIS. You woke up one day with a body not your own. Not knowing where and when you had transmitted into but you know you're a student of a school you don't know the name of. Everything was unfamiliar to you when you bump into a character you know. Your favorite character specifically
CHARACTER. Riddle Rosehearts
TAGS. Fluff, Riddle insults reader and is mean at first, set before NRC and Yuu's appearance, Riddle and you are in middle school, Inspired by "I'm inlove with the villainess" (only some parts of it), not proofread
Tumblr media
It's already been a month since my death. You had no idea where you are now as you're stuck in some Middle school full of snobby students. You weren't affected by your death, maybe at first as it scared you when you woke up one day in a different body. But you genuinely didn't care at all, it's not like you have anything important back home...
You walked tirelessly through the halls to get to your next lesson. You hang your head long, dozing off completely unaware of your surroundings as you walk like a zombie with no control when—
You crushed into someone causing both of you to fall. Students around you started whispering among themselves and pitied you knowing who you bumped into
"I'm sorry! I didn't mean to—"
"Can't you look where you're going!?" This caused you to keep your mouth shut from their shout, the asserting voice of theirs was eerily similar— Like you've heard of it before...
The person stood up before you and fixed the uniform you wrinkled; as you couldn't move to get up, it was like you were glued to the ground. Though you did rose your head up to look at who you bumped into when your face held in terror and shock—your eyes landed directly to familiar gray eyes by accident
Riddle Rosehearts... Videogame character, the soon to be feared Tyrant who's also your favourite character, THE Riddle Rosehearts!?
You don't understand... You've transmitted to Twisted Wonderland...? But you aren't even at Night Raven College—
"Riddle..?" You whispered his name by mistake, but he was close enough to hear it, "So you know who I am? How impolite of you to call me by my first name when we barely met" he said this in an irritated tone. He glared at any student who was curious about the scene. "—I don't have don't have time for this, you've hindered my time" he checks his pocket watch to check the time, not sparing you another glance as he quickly walked to his designated classroom to avoid tardiness; not even giving you an apology, he just straight up left you on the cold floor...
The Cafeteria was loud like any, students had their own groups and friends but one had caught your attention when you spotted a familiar redhead with a heart-shaped ahoge— staring at Riddle for a bit longer than normal. He's sitting idly by a table with no one else but him during lunch. Like he was isolated and was snubbed by his peers. You tugged the person in the line in front of you, "Hey, do you know anything about him?" You asked as you pointed to the person who was the subject of your question
"Huh—? Oh, you mean Rosehearts? There is nothing much but I heard he's severely strict and sets a high standard on anyone. Really scary too, I think that's why no one talks to him." That was all the info you got as he return into his line waiting for his turn for food. As soon as it was your turn for the lunch lady to pour the food into your tray, you hurriedly walked over to the table taking a seat next to his
"Gah—! It's you! If you're going to sit next to me at least announce your presence" you gave him apologetic smile for unintentionally scaring him "I'm sorry, I'll make sure to do it next time" He just gave you a side glare but didn't comment when you sat on his table.
"What are you even sitting here for? Just so you know, we aren't close. Or are you just here for a hidden motive?" His use of tone was full of distrust and suspicion, he knows he isn't well-liked so of course he'd question why you want to get close to him. You wave your hand trying to deny his claims of suspicion, "No no, far from it actually! I just thought you needed a friend."
"Well I certainly do not, I'm fine on my own." He detests, the thought of even having a friend will surely distract him from his studies.
"We can't be friends now, but you wouldn't mind if I stay here in this table, would you?"
"Do whatever you want, just as long you don't give me any trouble."
He was distant, refusing to engage in any interaction with you. But you weren't easily gonna give up! Knowing he's your favorite character, you've set a goal— you're gonna make sure you'll prevent his Overblot, you'll do your best to make sure Riddle's path will not end in blot. Even if it'll be a tedious journey
"What's this?" Riddle inspected the neatly wrapped box you gave him. You sat on a desk that was aside from his, he sat in his chair while a book was displayed in the middle. 'He really is a studious, diligent student. I guess he never changed' you thought. He should've called you out for being disrespectful, but he knows you wouldn't listen so why bother trying to nag you.
You were inevitable to avoid; everywhere he goes, you follow with no visible fear, unlike his classmates who're afraid of his stern personality. He eventually gave in and allowed you to be close to him. —Though he will never admit it to anyone, even to the Queen of Hearts herself, that he's been enjoying your company. He's gonna carry this secret to his grave than let anyone know.
"It's strawberry tart" his face perk for a second before confusion. "Why a tart? Strawberry specifically" he interrogates, how did you know his favorite sweet? As far as he knows, he never told you any of his likes. Or was it a coincidence?
You tensed from your slip-up, quickly thinking of an excuse to not let him assume you were a stalker. You know this was his favorite of course, you know a lot about him already. "The strawberry reminded me of your hair" Nice! That should not raise any suspicions
He rose a brow, not fully believing you but didn't add a question. "Hmph. I can buy myself a treat, you don't need to spend" he placed the box somewhere on his desk before going back to reading.
"I actually made it myself."
This made Riddle look away from the book in hand to face you. What? You make him the tart? You willingly made him a tart, and for what?
He couldn't believe this, sure he was used to receiving gifts from his past friends... But why those this feel so different? He couldn't form a sentence, before he can say thank you—the bell rang loudly as the class was soon to start and his classmates entered the room. "That's my cue. I hope my skills are to your liking" you got up and left, but not leaving Riddle a small wave of goodbye, to which he didn't return.
He couldn't look you in the face, a hand made its way to his chest... Ah, is his heart beating too loud and fast? He needs to fix his posture, lest he wants his classmates to look at his flushed state
Ever since you became his friend, almost everyone was afraid to approach you. They're scared they might trigger something that can anger Riddle, it already happened once when a guy had approached you. You didn't mind their sudden change of view to you, you were happy just by being with the redhead you had become fond of.
Amongst the inside of the library were the two of you studying. It's been at least a year and a half since you and Riddle became close, too close actually that many had mistaken you for a couple. Which did give you and him a flushed face and a repeat of denial from the both of you.
"My mother wants me to enroll in Night Raven College" you stiffen at the sudden topic; the mere mention of the school's name. By now you thought he was gonna be more independent and not rely on his mother's decisions. "Are you gonna accept..?"
"I don't want to. But I have no will to disobey my mother... What choice do I have" his shoulders and body felt deflated, he doesn't want to attend a school where you weren't going to be in.
Right... Riddle is a prodigy, of course he's gonna be recruited to a prestigious school. But what can you do? You're not talented as the main cast, getting accepted is almost impossible for an average nobody like you. "I'll try to apply! Even if I don't get accepted we can always talk through a call!" You try to lighten his sour mood, convincing him there's still a positive
"Thank you, dear. I'll try to convince my mother to attend me to a different school. That is if she'll approve of my choice..." Riddle seem to not notice he had used an endearment, too busy thinking about the possibility of another separation. Your face was warmed entirely, you felt like a kettle as a cloud of smoke was comedically appearing on top of your head; you looked in a different direction the opposite of Riddle's as you can yourself to lessen the heat.
"Hm? Is something wrong?" He questions your sudden silence
"Oh it's nothing"
"Riddle!" A shout of his name could be heard, very loudly. This stole a lot of attention from the students walking by including whose name was called. He doesn't get the chance to turn around completely when you crushed into him at full speed, almost causing him to fall.
"Ompf—! What—" he couldn't finish his sentence when your arms hugged around his neck and embraced him on the side whilst you cry out of joy and chant his name aloud, "Riddle! Riddle! I got in!" The close proximity was flustering him immensely. 'Too near—!' He's gonna explode if you keep hugging him, the beating of his heart was incredibly fast and his entire face was red in embarrassment and flush; nervous that you might the beat of his heart
"I can't breathe!" He laid a hand on your arm hoping for release. "Oh! I'm sorry..." You pulled away slowly, embarrassingly
He straighten his uniform from the wrinkles you caused with his face no longer flushed, but the tip of his ears was visibly red. "What are you blaring about so early in the morning?" He's scolding you for causing a scene and sending glares to anyone who still kept looking.
"Aha... Sorry" you apologized again with your head low, "—But look! They accepted my application, I got into Night Raven College! We don't have to be separated anymore!" You joyously exclaimed and showed him the letter of acceptance. Riddle's eyes widened, he took the letter from your hands and examined it. The signature logo with a detailed Raven imprinted was enough proof "You got in..." His hand trembled, bubbling in excitement as a smile crept on his face
"This is great! Once I accomplish the Housewarden role I'll make sure you're my Vice!"
All the glee you had earlier has drained, "As a Housewarden...?"
"Why yes. I've been memorizing the Queen of Heart's entire rule, I can finally put my knowledge to a good use"
You feel conflicted, surely there's something to make you change his mind. Maybe if you start to plant some seed of doubt so he'll overthink his decision. "Is it really worth it...? I mean, can you juggle Housewarden duties and studies together? What if—"
"I'm not changing my mind." He cut you up before you can continue, "—Have you seen our classmates?! They're rule-breakers! Our school had done nothing to keep them in line, and I won't let that happen this time. I'll make sure everyone will obey even the simplest rules. The last time I broken one it caused me immense pain"
He grabbed your shoulder, a bit painfully but too scared to tell. "You'd understand, won't you?"
"Be by my side, be my King. Together we shall rule our future kingdom and shape it to our desires. No more rule violations, I will make everything right." He moved to hold your hand in his, intertwined with eyes full of fondness bore into yours, although you're flushed, you weren't really expecting this. You didn't change majority of the progressing plot, only one minor detail was changed; his overly attachment to you
Hah... How will this be useful to prevent the blot? You just have to wait till graduation to fully know what changed.
Tumblr media
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primofate · 1 year
Twisted Wonderland Drabbles - “Where did you get that wound?”
Characters: gn!reader, Heartslabyul, Savanaclaw, Octavinelle
Notes: And here is my official entry into the Twisted Wonderland fandom. Hope it’s alright, comments and constructive criticism accepted :D (No but seriously please tell me what you think) Also, we all know that Night Raven College is an all boy’s school, but I mean, read it as you’d like, pretend it’s co-ed if that fits you, or whatever. 
Warnings: fluff, soft boys, established relationships, not proofread, still trying to get everyone’s personalities down, please tell me if there’s any pronoun slips
Personal favourites in this work: Leona and Jack
Riddle Rosehearts
Tumblr media
“...Y/N’s late,” and Riddle hated that. Rules were simply to be followed, no exceptions whatsoever. Well, aside from you, that is. He held you at the same expectations as everyone, or at least tried to. He’d always had the thought that whoever he ended up with had to be rule-abiding and could keep up with his expectations.
After being together for a few months, however, he found that you were 85% rule abiding, matching his expectations...The remaining 15%...He unexpectedly still loved unconditionally. 
Truthfully he wasn’t all that mad that you were late, what he was worried about was the fact that you were rarely late, not for this much, at least.
“Riidddlleeee~!” He huffed and crossed his arms above his chest, leaning back into the black and red Heartslabyul tea chair as he sees your form gradually getting closer. You huffed and puffed, though your face is painted with a smile that makes him feel so much at ease, he doubts there’s anything else in the world that’ll make him feel the same way.
“You’re late,” he states matter-a-factly and you laugh nervously, your left hand coming up behind your head to scratch it. “Mmhmm, potions class ended a little late. Sorry, is the tea cold?” you sit down on the other empty chair, there’s already tea poured for you and again, you reach your left hand out to grip the tiny teacup handle, taking a small sip. 
He forgives your tardiness, not pushing it further. The two of you fall into easy conversation, updating each other on what was happening in your respective classes while enjoying the tarts. You hold the fork with your left hand, and that’s when Riddle stands, swiftly maneuvering himself beside you and holding your right elbow in a strong grip, moving it upwards to get a glimpse of your hand. 
As he thought, your right hand is covered in bandages from the fingertips all up to your wrist. His eyes narrow at the discovery. “Your right hand is your dominant hand, I was finding it strange you kept using your left,” You aren’t even surprised that he noticed, but he was definitely going to scold you now. 
“What’s this? Something I should know about?” He moves his hold to just below the wrist, careful not to aggravate anything. “...Just an accident from potions class...” you finally admit, a little pouty that you had to reveal it. He scans your face carefully for any trace of dishonesty, but he didn’t think he saw any. He then sighs and carefully traces the bandages lightly with a fingertip.
“You should tell me these things, but I’ll worry about your punishment later,” and proceeds to drag his chair to sit right next to you. You’re aware that he hasn’t let go of your right hand, laying it on his lap and covering it with his, rubbing his thumb over the bandages in soothing back and forth movements while his other cuts the tart for you.
“It’s difficult eating with your left, right?” There is the tiniest hint of a smile on his lips, as if he was secretly pleased by this opportunity to feed you.
Cater Diamond
Tumblr media
“Hm~ Nothing interesting on Magicam today, it looks like,” Cater hums to himself while eating lunch, the fork tapping on his plate as he’s engrossed at just looking at his phone. If Riddle saw him right now he’d be livid at how the fork tapping was just making unnecessary noise. Trey sat next to him, properly eating his lunch, unlike Cater who liked to check his social media first, before doing anything else.
“Your food’s getting cold, Cater,” Trey reminded, to which Cater only replied to with a brief sound of agreement. Trey sighed, sometimes the only thing that could really get Cater’s attention was his phone and-- “Can I sit here?” 
Cater’s eyes darted upwards at the familiar voice, his lips already upturning into a pleasant smile knowing that he’d be greeted with...your bandaged face. His phone drops with a loud clatter on the table, along with his jaw. He shoots up from his chair, eyes wide and trying to process that huge slab of white gauze on your left cheek. “What happened?!” 
He was not expecting it, hence the unintended loudness in his voice that turns a few heads, causing Trey to hush Cater a bit and pull him back down on his seat. Cater’s body doesn’t listen. He wasn’t done questioning you about the obvious wound on your cheek. “Collided with someone during flying class,” you simply state, but shot an apologetic smile towards your boyfriend. 
“And you didn’t call me as soon as it happened? Who took you to the infirmary? Did anyone even go with you?” You’d think that Trey was a worry wart, but Cater was just the same in certain situations. You laid your food tray on the table as Cater came around to your side and inspected your cheek a bit more, putting a hand under your chin and twisting your head left and right. 
And finally, when he was sure that there was no real cause for alarm, he sighed in relief but had a mischievous grin on and swiftly snapped a photo of you, bandaged cheek and all, surprised look on your face at the suddenness of it. “This is for making me worry...” Cater mumbles to himself, tapping on his phone for a moment before pocketing it and making you sit next to him. 
“Now come on, your food’s getting cold,” Cater says and Trey could not help the sense of deja vu he feels, holding back a sigh at the display. Moments later when you’ve all finished lunch and you whip your phone out, there’s a notification from Magicam that you’ve been tagged on a photo.
Of course Cater had posted it. A picture of you looking so unready for the camera, eyes slightly confused and gauze on your cheek. The caption read: “This one decided to give me a scare today. Honestly can’t let you out of my sight for even a moment. #stillcutetho #forevermycutie”
You couldn’t bring yourself to be annoyed at the ugly candid photo of you. 
Trey Clover
Tumblr media
“Hey Trey, sorry, can we reschedule?” Your voice over the phone communicated raw regret. It wasn’t difficult to hear. 
The two of you had been planning on going out of town for the weekend, just a quick broom ride out of the college and into a small town that was popular for their quaint and quiet cafes. Both of you had been looking forward to it for quite a while, Trey for the sweets, you for the change in atmosphere. 
“Of course, what’s wrong?” He’d already been ready to go, backpack slung around his shoulder but he shrugs it off at your words. He’s extremely accommodating, and there are times where you truly thought you didn’t deserve such a kind guy. There isn’t any sign of anger in his voice, nor accusations. He should be a lot more angry than this, seeing as the two of you had been talking about the small trip for a while. 
“Had an accident in PE lesson, my ankle’s sprained,” Though you can’t see it, his brows furrow at the information, turning to immediately leave his dorm room. “Where are you? At your dorm?” he sandwiches the phone in between his shoulder and cheek as he pushes his door open. “Yeah, I’m okay though, I already went to the infirmary, they gave me an anti-swelling potion and it’s bandaged.”
“Those’ll only last an hour at most, I’ll come over, just wait,” the finality in his voice is almost sweet, and when he arrives at your room minutes later, he has a plastic bag in his hand and a pastry box in the other. You’d been sitting on your bed at that moment, lightly swerving your foot around to maybe stretch and relieve it a bit more. 
He carefully yet firmly embraces you in his arms as a greeting, breathing in your scent and exhaling slowly, then presses a kiss atop your head before kneeling in front of you and inspecting your ankle. He talks about the medications he brought with him, saying that he has relieving cream when the anti-swelling potion runs out, and some extra over the counter mini-dose potions for pain, if any.
He’s diligent and thorough in looking at it, just wanting to make sure it was really just a sprain instead of something more. “...It should be fine in a few days...Guess we can go next weekend instead?” He offers, looking up at you with a smile. 
You return it half-heartedly. “Yeah...I’m sorry,” He chuckles lightly and kisses your forehead on his way up. “There’s no need for that, I’m just glad it isn’t something worse,” he then taps a finger on the white box he deposited on your bedside table. “Besides, cakes can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere. You most likely need to have extra to help heal your ankle,” he winks and although you’re always worried about gaining weight with his constant way of spoiling you, you also can never say no to his hand-made sweets. 
Ace Trappola
Tumblr media
Your schedule didn’t align with Ace’s on Mondays and Tuesdays, so Wednesdays was the first day of the week where the two of you could leisurely spend lunch together. Ace was fiercely competitive and determined, one of the things he would talk to you about was how he was improving in magic, and trying to one up Deuce in their little friendship-rivalry.
You supposed his determination and energy charmed you. Likewise, he loved how you always matched his energy, or at least didn’t judge him for it. It’s a simple relationship with a strong friendship as a foundation, that’s probably why the two of you got along so well. You were as much best friends as you were lovers. 
Animatedly talking to each other as you both made your way to the cafeteria, you’re sat down next to him moments later with your tray of food as he goes to retrieve a drink for you and him. You’re humming while waiting for him, looking at the scrumptious meal in front of you and he can’t help but grin at your sunny disposition. “You’re in a good mood today,” he comments as he sits and places both your drinks on the table. 
“Aren’t I always?” you reply as you start eating and there’s no way his smile could get any wider. He’s just about to turn to his plate of food too, when something on your jawline catches his eye. He pauses for a moment and leans in further towards you to take a closer look. “What’s that...?” he whispers without thinking and you turn your head to ask “Hm?” 
It gives him a better view of a reddish, rash-like print near your jawline, next to your chin and it alarms him when he realizes its a bruise forming. “Where’d you get this?” He drops his fork and cradles your face in his hand, brows knitting together and searching your face for any more. 
Frankly you’d forgotten about the small accident, “Monday at flying lesson, just had a rough landing,” you grin a little but he doesn’t return it and instead winces, imagining how rough a landing it would’ve been for you to get a bruise like this. “You could’ve told me earlier,” he drops his hand, but the frown on his face doesn’t disappear, and it looks so odd on him cause you’re so used to his smile. 
“Sorry, I forgot about it,” but you pick your hand up to pinch on his cheek. “Don’t fret about it, it’ll go away in a few days,” 
“Ouwch,” he slurs as you continue pinching, to which he swats your hand away right after. “How’d you even manage that? It’s not easy to mess up a landing you know?” 
You take a bite of food and nod your head, “Guess I have to practice with you so I can Ace it,” then wiggle your eyebrows. Ace opens his mouth in a laugh-scoff, but he also feels an explosion of warmth in his chest at your lame yet endearing jokes.
Deuce Spade
Tumblr media
Try as he might to stay awake in History class, it was just the hardest thing to do, specially on a Monday morning. Ace was a great distraction, only if he could stay awake as well, but Ace would sometimes fall asleep faster than Deuce would. 
He began to daydream. Hey, it was better than actually sleep-dreaming, right? At least he was still awake. He propped his head on his hand, the words of the teacher just going into one ear and out the other. His mind wandered over to you, and he suddenly thought of your timetable. You should be having alchemy class right now, he had your timetable memorized by heart. 
As clueless as Deuce was--and still is--about dating and the like, the two of you had managed to work through and figured out that you liked each other beyond what friends would. He cared for you--and constantly had you in mind--almost like you were a part of him. 
“Deuce, Deuce!” Ace hissed at him and nudged his side with his elbow, causing him to snap back to reality, only to find that their teacher wasn’t there anymore. “What? What happened?” He asked, looking around. He was sure that the bell hadn’t rang yet. 
“Gee have you actually perfected the art of sleeping with your eyes open? Did you not see that guy from the other class come into our classroom asking for help from our teacher?” Ace gave him a deadpan look. Deuce shrugged. In a matter of seconds the hushed classroom came alive with chatter and whispers, all quieting down when the teacher came back announcing. “Nothing to worry about, just a small accident in the next class,” and everything was settled and  back to History class again.
Deuce almost wished that the accident had gone on a bit longer. He didn’t think at all that you were caught in it, and only found out during lunch time when he saw a very imposing bandage and gauze on your clavicle area while picking you up from your classroom. 
“He~llo~” you greeted him in a sing-song voice, as if nothing had happened at all, not noticing his half-confused half-concerned look. “Let’s go for lunch?” You clapped your hands together, excited at the prospect but you yelped a little when he pulled you aside and had you lean on the closest wall. 
“What’s that? Are you hurt? When did that happen?” He was sure as hell that you didn’t have it yesterday. Your hand unconsciously comes up to touch the area he was pointing at. That was the only time you recalled the incident. “Ah! Yeah! You gotta hear this! There was like a huge explosion during chemistry lesson today!” and yet your eyes sparkled like it was an amazing discovery. “All this purple goop flew everywhere and the cauldron basically broke. Isaac had to go to the infirmary cause he got most of the damage. I just had some of that hot purple goop fly on my shoulder, so, yeah. Everyone else was pretty lucky, we only got this much damage. It’s just a slight burn,” 
You smiled, and yet he couldn’t find it in him to smile back. It could’ve been much, much worse and that fear struck him in so many places at once. “You’ve really gotta practice those defensive spells from magic class,” he tells you. 
“I could, but everything happened so fast, you know?” You tugged at his hand and started walking with him to the cafeteria and he merely followed. All the while thinking, this wouldn’t do, despising the fact that he couldn’t protect you at that moment. Still, he understood that these things just happened sometimes, but it was certainly more fuel for him to get stronger. 
Leona Kingscholar
Tumblr media
As usual, you found him lazing around at the botanical gardens. On his side, arms tucked under his head as a cushion, breathing even and slow. Your smile reaches your ears. In this state, he looks so relaxed, and it’s easy to admire his cute ears--something that he’d get grumpy at if you blatantly stared at it while he was awake.
“Leona,” you tried again, kneeling down next to him on the grass and putting a hand on his arm. You’re being soft on purpose, it’s just how you were. Screaming at his ear surely wouldn’t help. That’s probably one of the things that he liked about you. You weren’t TOO annoying.
“Mm,” he responds this time, arm twitching a little under your touch. He isn’t actually easy to wake up, Ruggie says that if Leona is in a particularly deep sleep, you’d have to drag him up and awake. For Leona though, there’s something about your voice that’s easy to wake up to, though he would never admit that out loud.
“What now?” He knows it’s you, and he’s still gruff with his manners and words, it doesn’t really change much for you, except on certain occasions. “It’s lunch time, I got your sandwich,” you reply and this causes him to peek an eye open. “...I thought I told Ruggie to get it for me,” which translates to ‘Why are you doing Ruggie’s work? Is he slacking off?’ 
“You did, but I just wanted to spend lunch with you today, so I took it off his hands,” There’s a moment of silence. Your honesty takes him aback sometimes, but he quite liked it. At least he didn’t have to play childish guessing games when it came to you. “That so?” there’s amusement in his voice, and he finally sits up with a half-yawn, turning to face you.
There’s an angry, purple bruise on your arm, the size of a walnut that immediately draws his eyes to it. His face contorts into a snarl, the sudden rage he feels is surprising, even to him. “The hell is that?” and he snatches your arm, pushing his head and nose closer to the bruise to get a whiff of it, to get some sort of clue if anyone laid hands on you because no one, absolutely no one was going to get away with that.
“I’ve had that for a while, it’s from a bad landing during flying lesson a week or so ago. It isn’t anyone’s fault, ‘cept myself,” you explain with a short laugh, not shocked by his reaction. He’s wildly protective, and he probably hadn’t seen the bruise before because it’s the first time in a long time you’ve worn your PE shirt without your jacket.
He releases your arm, but still glares at the bruise as if it offends him. “Better not be,” he lets it go and takes the sandwich from you. There’s no thank you nor any sort of appreciation for your food delivery, but you don’t mind. Leona had surprising ways to show you that he cared, words were just not one of them.
Ruggie Bucchi
Tumblr media
“Alright Leona-san, see you later!” Ruggie waved a hand behind him as he trudged off. Leona grunted and watched the smaller male leave. Ever since Ruggie started dating you he’d been away from the dorm for longer periods of time. It kind of irked Leona, but at the same time it had recently put Ruggie into such good moods that he didn’t even mind lining up twice or thrice to get food for Leona. So, the Savanaclaw house leader didn’t complain. 
Today was one of the days where you didn’t quite expect Ruggie to come visit you. It was out of the schedule, perhaps he just wanted to surprise you, or just wanted to get an extra day with you, he didn’t really say. He just thought it’d be alright to wait outside your classroom as lessons finished, hoping to spend some time with you, lounging around somewhere you preferred, maybe the library, or just the plaza. 
He watched as a crowd formed outside your room when the bell rings, students respectively going to their own other schedules, filing out from there. Ruggie’s eyes were quite good, so he wasn’t worried about missing you completely. He would’ve seen you and recognized you the moment you came out, but the thing is, you didn’t. 
He tilted his head a little in confusion. The room was nearly empty now, but he peered inside and you weren’t there either, so he finally opted to ask another student. “Hey, you seen Y/N anywhere?” Ruggie grins, liking that he might have to do a game of cat and mouse to look for you.
“Y/N? They didn’t come to class today. Probably has to do with that horrid broom collision in flying class yesterday, looked like it hurt,” and Ruggie’s excitement withers away quite quickly. Collision and hurt in the same sentence could not be something good. 
“Oiii, what’s the deal with you not telling me you got hurt?” he asked over the phone when you picked up on the third ring. His tone is accusatory, and slightly offended. He had the smallest of angry pouts on his lips, barely even there but definitely jutting out to show his displeasure. “Shishishi, thought you could hide it from me, huh?” 
Ruggie was still very playful around you, and he could be anyone he wanted to be with you, no barriers, no pretending whatsoever. You laughed sheepishly over the other end and explained, “Ahhh... Well, you found out faster than I expected,” Ruggie chuckles again, somewhat half proud that he managed to figure it out so fast, though it had all just been a stroke of luck.
You said you’d be going to the infirmary today, so he met you there and saw that most of the damage had been on your left hand, seeing that there was a brace on it. By no means were you a fragile person, so Ruggie thought it was pretty admirable that you were taking the injury in stride, and not crying about it like a wimp. “Shishishi, see how clumsy you are?” he teased and you only poked your tongue out at him.
Despite that, he stayed with you at the infirmary while the nurse talked about what to do to make it heal better. He was listening, and he was listening intently. He even tried to learn how to wrap the hand properly, in case the bandages unravel and had to be redone. 
As he walks you back to your dorm with your good hand in his, he squeezes it and makes a point. “You know there’s no use hiding things from me, right? I’ve got ears all over the place,” he says this smugly, like he was a spymaster who had access to every nook and cranny of the college. “I know, I just didn’t want you to worry,” you explain and he scoffs with a shrug.
“That’s my job, so let me do it. Definitely beats getting Leona-san out of bed every morning,” he’d much rather do things for you, no questions asked.
Jack Howl
Tumblr media
Jack wasn’t replying. If you had to guess, he was probably busy training, or just practicing magift with his dorm mates. He tended to get so engrossed in it that he forgot about the time. Classic Jack. His passion for the things he liked and the way he worked so hard was probably what drew you to him.
You shrugged, and figured you’d make it to your dorm by yourself. It was just a hairline fracture on one of your toes, caused by one of your classmates accidentally dropping their cauldron on your foot. It didn’t bother you until the end of the lesson, when you realized that moving your right foot a certain way aggravated a part of your toes that you couldn’t pinpoint. 
Sure enough, on closer inspection by the nurses, one of your toes was swollen, and also had the slightest of cracks on its bone, and so they wrapped it up tight with padding and instructed you not to wear closed shoes for a while, and opt for sandals. “You can still walk, but make sure to take breaks and here’s a note to excuse you from PE for a week,” the nurse told you.
So there you were, backpack on, one foot in a sandal that you borrowed from the infirmary, and one foot in your usual sneakers. It was easy to tell that something was wrong with your foot cause the toes were bound together by sienna-coloured medical tape. That, and you were limping. 
Back at Savanaclaw, Jack had taken a water break, going over to the bench where his bag was and rummaging through it to look for his phone while downing a bottle of water, sweat trickling down his temples. There was only one message, and it was from you. “Hey Jack :) Are you busy?” His eyebrows go up in a moment of curiosity. “Just took a break from magift practice, are you done with your lesson?” 
Normally he’d be back on the field right after drinking water, but he waited on a response from you...and he still didn’t get one after 10 minutes. So, he opted to call, but you didn’t answer. He huffed to himself, chucking the phone into his bag and getting up for another round of magift when one of his same-year acquaintances approaches him. “Yo Jack! Surprised you’re still practicing,” 
Jack swerves around to meet face to face with another Savanaclaw student, raising an eyebrow. Everyone knew that he practiced any chance he could, why was it a surprise now? “It’s as usual, why is it a shock?” Jack asked, and the other guy, totally innocent and unsuspecting says, “Oh, I thought I saw Y/N on my way back here. Looked like they injured their foot, or something like that. Just thought you guys were dating and you’d be helping ‘em out,” he shrugged.
Jack takes a moment to internalize the other guy’s words. Like an ice melting, and the puddle of realization slowly soaks into him. You WERE dating each other, but he didn’t catch wind of you getting hurt. He grabbed his backpack in the next instant and sprints out of there faster than Leona could fall asleep in class. 
He tries to call you all the way over to your dorm, trying to reach you to at least ask you to stay put and wait for him. By the time you picked it up, you were already nearly there. “Jack?” You ask, and you can hear him on the other side, breathless. “Where are you?” you can tell he’s running, he must’ve found out.
“I’m okay, don’t worry, I’m nearly to my dorm so it’s totally fine!” He cuts the line, and you’re dumbfounded, but seconds later you feel his presence nearing, and sure enough, he’s running towards you at full speed and then stops in front of you crouched over himself, panting as he rested his hands on his knees. “Why.Didn’t.You.Call.Me?” He demanded through short breaths. 
He straightened up, still heaving but glares at your clearly injured foot, and repeats. “Why didn’t you call me?” You smile a little, “Well, I knew you were practicing, I didn’t think you’d be able to hear me through it,” 
“I would, there’s a special ringtone for you!” He’d always had a special ringtone for you, and his ears were quite good, so he knew the sound that he was looking for. Message tones, unfortunately, couldn’t be customized to the person. You stare up at him blankly, and he stares back when he realizes what he’d just blurted out. “A-Anyway, come on, get on. What did you even do?” He turns away from you to hide whatever blush is forming on his cheeks, and also to kneel down to have you get on his back. 
You’re equally glad that he can’t see you as you climb on to his strong back, cause there was a super giddy smile on your face as you try your hardest to explain what happened.
Azul Ashengrotto
Tumblr media
“Azul, Y/N’s here to see you,” Jade stated as he pushed the door to Azul’s study open. Azul pushed his glasses up before meeting Jade’s gaze. “Y/N? I’ve told them thousands of times to just walk in,” Jade’s signature smile doesn’t falter as he explains. “They wanted to make sure they weren’t bothering you and asked me to check,”
Azul opened his mouth to say something, only to close it again when he recognizes that it was very you to do such a thing. You knew he’d been busy the past couple of days, you were just being considerate. “Send them in,” He stands from his chair and starts retrieving glasses for the two of you to enjoy some of his self-mixed fruit juice. Neat and proper, Azul lays two coasters on his table, followed by the glasses of fruit juice. 
Though he looks stoic as ever, there’s always the slight pitter-patter of his heart at the thought of seeing you. The door creaks open once again and he turns, expecting to see you standing there with some books in your arms, which is exactly what he sees.
What he doesn’t expect is the patch plastered over your right eye. His hold on his juice glass nearly slips and he puts it down firmly on his table before rushing over to you to grab the books away and chuck it on the coffee table in the middle of the room. “What’s going on? What’s wrong with your eye, love?” 
There’s a tinge of panic in his voice because he goes to the worst case scenario, wondering if you’ve been blinded as he firmly grasps your right cheek to take a closer look at it. It’s such a small thing, but he’s even angrier that he can’t gaze into your wonderfully coloured eyes. “During magift practice this morning one of the teams lost control of the magift disk and it went flying off.”
Azul is thoroughly confused. You didn’t play magift, and you weren’t very fond of the sport. “But you don’t play,” he pressed and you laughed nervously. “Ah, yeah, I was actually just watching. Guess I was just unlucky,” You hear the very controlled inhale and exhale he just did, knowing that he was probably pissed at no one in particular.
“Mmhmm, and who, specifically, was playing magift?” He’d crossed his arms over his chest now, pushing his glasses up again to level his gaze on you. You start listing names. “A bunch of juniors. Umm... There was Felix, Han-- Wait, why are you asking?” you suddenly stop, recognizing the glint in his eyes.
Azul smirks and shrugs his hands along with his shoulders, “They could use some magift lessons, I’m sure Jade and Floyd would love to show them a lesson or two--”
“Azul, it was just an accident. Besides, it actually didn’t hit my eye more than it did my eyebrow area,” you clasp a hand on his arm to calm him down a little, he sees reason only for a moment. “That doesn’t make it any better... Though I suppose I can let it go this time...”
You can tell he isn’t entirely happy with being unable to do anything, but he relents, though tells himself that he won’t let it go if it ever happens again. So those magift players better start playing properly.
Jade Leech
Tumblr media
“Here, let me help you with that,” Jade walks around you, pulling on the apron strings and tying it neat and tight behind your back for your bar shift. You helped out and worked in Mostro Lounge, usually mixing drinks, rarely as a server. “Thank you,” you briefly said when Jade finished, posing to walk away and prep the bar when he elegantly pulls at your waist. 
There aren’t a lot of people around yet, and as he tucks you right next to him for a quick kiss on the lips you can’t help but be reminded of how tall he is. “Glad to have you here today, darling,” he whispers before letting your waist go and stepping away, ending the brief moment of affection. 
Jade had always been a little discreet, and you weren’t complaining about that. He wasn’t the type to show off too much, or brag about things and you liked it that way. It’s not that your relationship was under wraps, but the two of you were pretty private people. 
As usual, the shift starts off boring. There isn’t much to do, up until later into the night when students start to file in and you don’t even have time to breathe or think about the orders. At some point, it had just become automatic to you. You see the receipt, you read the order, you make it, you put it down and move on to the next one. It took practice, and a lot of experience. 
At some point during your shift, you and Jade take your break together, and you swap out with another pair of Octavinelle students who temporarily takes your job. You were at the break room, washing your hands at the available sink and lathering it with soap, just as Jade comes in as well. “Busy, isn’t it?” Jade starts and was about to comment on how good you were handling the bar, when his eyes catch the bandages around your fingers. 
And it wasn’t just one, there were several wrapped around them. “What happened to your hands, Y/N?” He was slightly sullen that he didn’t notice earlier, you made a questioning sound, and then catch on to what he’s asking. “Few days ago while mixing a drink I might’ve made a wrong maneuver and the glass shattered in my hands. Um...I don’t know, it’s hard to explain,” you laughed nervously, still not completely sure yourself how you managed to do that, but the whole aftermath had been messy and you had to clean it up on your own, not wanting to bother anyone else on shift. 
“Was I not on shift that day? I thought our schedules overlapped,” He’s upset at himself for not knowing. “Ah, no, I came in to replace someone who got sick last minute.” You were drying off your hands, gently using the available towel. Jade was still for a moment, before gently reaching out for your hands and pressing both to his lips. “Would you like to end your shift for now? It must be tedious with these wounds. I can take your bar duty for today,” 
Your gaze softens, there’s some heat crawling up your cheeks. He’s always considerate when it came to you. “It’s not that bad Jade, don’t worry,” you reassure, and he looks at you for a moment more to assess your answer, and decides to believe you. “Alright, but if it does start to sting, come look for me, understand?” 
Though he knows you might ignore the pain, his goal was to just let you know that you could always rely on him.
Floyd Leech
Tumblr media
It was a hot day today, PE would certainly feel like hell on Earth. That was the exact reason why you opted to wear the jogging shorts instead of the jogging pants. You didn’t know that would backfire on you while doing laps around the field, when two reckless sophomore boys from your class just barrel through the field, playing around and knocking over each other, accidentally shoving others in their way...including you. 
Safe to say they got a really loud berating from the teacher, shouting about how they’re not kids anymore and they should stop playing around. Unfortunately, you didn’t come out of it unscathed. You’d fallen to your knees and hands, the grass was probably newly cut and it stung when your knees slightly dragged against it, the friction causing bloody cuts all around it. 
It wasn’t too bad that you had to go to the infirmary, the teacher always had a first aid kit on hand, and had the two or three of you who were unfortunately in the way of the rowdy boys sit down and have a look at the cuts. It was disinfected and wrapped securely by the end of the lesson. 
On Fridays, Floyd and you had the routine of meeting up after your last lesson, which was PE. Your schedules just happened to line up perfectly on Fridays. You’d always wait for him at your classroom, packing your things slowly and making sure you took everything for the weekend. 
“Hey, Y/N,” Two blonde boys stood in front of you with grins on their faces. It was those two rowdy boys from PE. You had nothing against them, in fact, you thought they were pretty funny guys in class who always lightened the atmosphere. You smiled at them, while finishing up your packing. “Hey, what’s up?” The taller one scratched the back of his neck and let out a forced laugh. “We just wanted to say sorry for earlier. Ugh, this idiot here just had to start chasing me halfway through my run so we--”
“Oh now it’s MY fault--”
You sweatdropped as they argued in front of you, but couldn’t help laughing at their weird relationship. Floyd had entered your classroom just at that moment, when you laughed, and when the two guys in front of you swerved their heads towards you to wonder what in Cruella’s name you were laughing about. “You guys fight like you’re brothers, and you kinda look like twins too,” 
The two started denying it, again going on another round of arguments, but they felt a menacing presence behind them, at the same time as your eyes light up at the sight of Floyd approaching. “Floyd!” You smile and walk away from your seat to meet him, but he was engrossed at staring down the two blonde guys. “Hey, it’s the two blondeweeds,” Floyd grinned down at them, and the two flinched when they realized he was there. 
Your class was well aware that you were dating Floyd, it’s probably the reason why people tried not to mess with you. “You guys havin’ fun?” Floyd asked all too pleasantly. In truth, it just annoyed him to see you laughing at their antics, a bit of jealousy boiling in his stomach. His smile completely changes when his head turns towards you though, it’s wide and toothy, but genuine. 
“Angelfish, you wore the shorts today instead of the pa--” He was about to comment about how charming you looked in them, when his eyes drop at your bandaged knees. His demeanor does a 180, the smile disappears and there’s a blank look on his face. People thought that it was creepy when Floyd smiled, but what they should really be scared of was his frown. 
It’s enough to turn a whole room cold as he questions you. “Is there anyone I should be talking to about the bandages on your knees?” Just like that, his smile was back, though it was now more menacing than it was earlier. 
The two blondes in the room tense up. By now, everyone was gone except the four of you. “Hm? Oh, it was an accident, it’s fine,” you weren’t even thinking about the cuts anymore, and Floyd had half the mind to just forget about it too, seeing the happy look on your face and just how delighted you were to see him. “Well, if my angelfish says so~ Hehe~” 
The two blondes let out a sigh of relief as the two of you happily walk away side by side, but their stomachs drop when they pick their heads up again and Floyd is looking right at them from the classroom door, deranged looking grin and all. “I’ll play with you blondeweeds next time instead~”  
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