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lord-of-0blivion · 15 days
Ok, so Danny rules all afterlifes, and being the clown hating little shit he is goes:
◇Sky goes green over Gotham◇
"Listen and hear this Royall decree!"
"I, Phantom, God-King of all afterlifes hearby say"
"That as long as your crimes do not exceed his, and you are willing to repent,"
"So long as you kill the Joker, all your sins will be absolved and you will be granted entry into your Heaven of choice!"
Jason-*Sheds a tear* Fuck yeah! *Fist bump*
Harley-*Evil grin*
Ivy-*Evil grin... but in green*
The rest of the bafamily-"Does this mean-"
The rest of the bafamily-"But God said so!"
John 'Fuck my life' Constantine-"I need a drink.... Who emptied all the pubs!?" (By bad luck he just happened to be in Gotham)
The rest of Gotham-*Party! Umptz! Umptz!* (Also emptied all the pubs)
The Joker-"Uh oh..."
Danny 'Fuck that clown in particular' Phantom-*Literally splits his head in two like a nightmare cheshire cat grinning*
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shawtyslikeaps5 · 5 months
Tumblr media
Ascending to the throne
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p0ssym1lker · 4 months
The league summons Danny in a last ditch effort
They offer their souls and everything to him but he waves off and helps them
It's a quick fight - terrifying to watch
After the battle the flash jokes about how they didn't even have to give up their souls and Danny just laughs
"The offer was pretty stupid actually"
The young looking ghost says, then he grinned, inherently inhuman, he slowly disappeared and the last thing he says rings out loud, echoing through the rumble surrounding them
"I already have all of them after all"
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editorofeverything · 1 month
Dc x dp prompt where King Danny has completely modernized his court in the Infinite Realms so that the king isn’t the judge, jury, and executioner. That way there is no one power that can be manipulated or biased against anyone. Specifically, when someone is tried for their crimes, the victims testify and a jury deliberates and a judge (King Danny usually) makes a decision.
Joker is called to be tried. He’s either dead himself or enough people he’s killed have come forward asking Danny to try him for their lost lives and he agrees. In order to properly try the Joker, and since they’re in the Infinite Realms, as many of his victims that want to testify can.
It’s a lot.
This includes Jason and whoever else in the Batfam and surrounding people (I’m too tipsy to look up every single relevant person the Joker has murdered). I feel like Joker wouldn’t care even after seeing and hearing the testimonies of his victims and Danny’s judgment is harsh, as it should be.
A lot of the times in fics, i see someone just straight up murdering the Joker and getting the ire of Batman bc of it, but this way, it’s all by the books and no one can say anything against Danny’s ruling bc he’s the King and it’s his subjects that have been victimized.
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loraliewritesthings · 3 months
Concept: inspired by @bluerosefox and they're work about danny demanding the jokers soul. I wanted to write the joker and Danny's interactions too.
Danny groaned as the next set of paperwork was slipped onto his desk.
Joker would soon croak.
He would slip on his own banana peel and fall down the stairs.
Gothem would celebrate that night with alcohol and music. The ghost zone would brace itself for the trial...
Honestly it was bound to happen. It wasn't that danny was surprised. But it would be a long drawn out case. When a human dies they become more of what they are after all.
It's like their souls are condensed to make up their ghostly form. As if their passions were their hearts.
For some that was amazing. Fiery passion can be useful in all sorts of situations, but for joker this would be a nightmare come true.
The ghost looked at him his eyes worried, almost teary.
"Should I alarm the Gothamites of the infinite realms."
Danny thought for a minute, let out a low hum, and thought some more.
He knew what he could do in theory.
If he was to judge the jokers soul in the room that he dies in, the ghost zone would be free from his wrath.
But if the joker defeated him in combat he shuddered at what that monster would do with all the power in the afterlife.
He didn't really think joker could take him down, but knowing others thought the same for him and his predecessor....
So Danny was left with one option.
"Call my knights," he commanded
The fright knight was captain. Head of the army and keeper of the soul shredder.
Danny only needed to borrow it, but when he explained the predicament the ghost dropped to his knees, the metal clang sound echoed through the office. The fright knight began to speak,
"You wish to spare me from looking into the eyes of evil, and I thank you my liege. But I can not and shall not send you alone to your second death."
Danny told him to rise to get off the dirty floor, but he continued.
"As captain of the guards my liege is only under my obligation to the knights under me."
Danny remembered the conversation that made that a possibility. That changed the priority of obligation completely and totally, hopefully for once and for all.
Danny hid a small smile and told him to get of the floor again
It didn't take long to find joker amoung the living. He was surrounded by weeping souls unable to move on.
Danny clutched his scale. A gift from clockwork, to a "good and fair king to continue to strive to be better."
Clockwork had, in the end taken up the role of advisor. As such he stood by Danny's right side, his captain to the left.
When they entered the room he was already dead.
The soul of the man was laughing hysterically.
He got louder when he spotted them.
Danny sighed and despite the noise tried to read him his rights.
He argued with each and every one in nonsensical logic.
The third time Danny slapped him across his ghostly face, leaving frostbite and cold crystals on his white cheek.
"I am not batman, I am death. I will not play as he does, I am the ghost king, death himself."
After the rights were read Danny peared into his soul, sticky and tar like, it made him feel ill. He put on the extra gauntlet brought and separated the dead from his deeds.
It felt like lifting a semi, and weighed him down about a foot.
The joker cackled with pride. Danny wondered if he didn't understand the gravity of the situation, or if he didn't care.
Then with the other hand he did the same to himself.
Both sets of deeds were set on the scale at the same time. Danny barely caught the peice of his own ghostly form.
The scale broke the table on its way down, jokers sludgelike, corrupted deeds stuck to it. The scale hadn't twitched once to the other side.
The knights went to pick up the piece of soul and put it back. It took three of them.
Danny put his deeds back were they belonged.
When everything was dead and done, joker was declared guilty and chained down, something he escaped out the window and around the block to avoid.
Danny took out the soul shredder.
It wasn't the fright knights job to play executioner.
Then the joker was blindfolded, he made this difficult via attempted biting, but once it was done, it was done.
Danny didn't ask for a last word.
He took the sword and swung as he had been taught. And as the jokers very soul was torn, the bells rang in Gotham for the first time in Years.
He didn't miss.
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aroranorth-west · 4 months
DP Writing Prompt
I wrote this instead of sleeping so here… Enjoy!
Danny that confuses everyone by being crazy agile and athletic but somehow horrible at gym and one has any idea how. Danny that doesn't really think about his clothes getting tight and just throws an oversized hoodie over it. Danny that doesn't see the looks he's getting from his classmates when they change for gym or when he shows up with a new set of bandages. Danny that hits his growth spurt at 15-16 and didn't think about it cuz of all the ghost activity and is starting to inherit his dad’s height. Danny that’s now built like a Greek god thanks to all his battles and time spent training with the Ancients alongside his friends.
 But not just Danny, Sam and Tucker would be fit as well after all they have been training with Danny even before the found out they were liminal, Wes and Val would already be athletic but the Phantom trio could have to pull punches on the daily especially with ghost king Danny boosting their liminality to as close as they can get to halfa without dying. Mixing this with the idea scars are more than less normal cuz of all the ghost attacks causing damage but the Phantom trio having way more than average. To top it off with ‘fuck around and find out’ team Phantom with Danny that doesn’t care about hiding himself anymore because he is Phantom and he’s sick of acting like their different and Dani just popping in to support her cousin and cause chaos.
Danny would so use gymnastics and figure skating moves to dodge attacks. Like sliding under a wide arced laser and bending all the way back till his head is by is ankles with his arms out for balance (I have no idea what the move is called). He could use his anti gravity to reduce/negate friction and help with balance.
Danny’s coronation would come with the realization and acceptance that Danny and Phantom are truly one in the same, not human or ghost, he was simply a liminal being that walks the line between life and death, a perfect balance.
He gets and appearance change so in his human form; constellation freckles (less noticeable), slightly pointed ears, fangs, too blue eyes, inhuman voice range, faint glow, slower heart rate, slightly cooler than average and his powers can be used in ether form. Sam and Tucker get similar changes as well.
How will Casper high take it? How will Amity take it? How will Vlad take it? How will the Fentons take it? What will the GIW do? Will the JL be involved? The Avengers even?
That’s up to you! (and me I guess…?)
I have a very vague idea on what want to do with this and would really love ideas on this and the other prompt! So please feel more than welcome to drop suggestions or send me asks! Have a lovely day/night!
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itshype · 4 months
Mother of the Year (DC x DP)
Here is the link to my DC x DP masterpost, and one of my last notfic I posted here was Gaslight, Gatekeep, Girlboss, Godhood where Danny and Vlad try to manipulate and mansplain their way out of trouble with the JLA.
OK I know we do a lot of John Constantine's soul being owned by King Phantom in this fandom. And that makes sense because it's canon he sells his soul a lot,
but like, hear me out, Talia al Ghul has access to the Pits and has used them multiple times. She has reason to believe she may never die. So, what if in one of her many political manoeuvres she sells her soul for a boon. She doesn't know enough occult to do what John did (sell it to so many people that he can't die because a war would start over who actually got hold of it) but again, she thinks she might be functionally immortal.
But hey, we could even make it not one of her many political manoeuvres. I mean Damian Al Ghul was supposed to be his Grandfather's new body. Why would Ra's care if he got emotional fulfilment by moving to Gotham and training under his dad? Why would he want notorious family-man Bruce to even know about the boy and have him taken to a place Ra's may never be able to extract him from? (Yes in some canon he doesn't know, I am aware thanks).
So, she knows her father's body is failing and she's always been loyal to him (above and beyond what you could imagine FYI non-DC fans) but he'll never let Damian go and in this AU she loves her son more, and so she trades her soul. She trades her mortal soul to the King of Lazarus, the Ruler of Everything Beneath the Water in exchange for Damian's life, for his safe and unnoticed passage to Batman's side and beyond. If her father breaks free of the compulsion not to notice he will kill her without hesitation but if she has failed to secure Damian's safety and mind then she won't care.
Talia tracks down ancient texts held by the All Caste. She makes the trade late at night over her Father's biggest Pit in Nanda Parbat. She thinks the power of the Lazarus Pits will keep her safe but she didn't really read the fine print.
So about a year after Damian goes to meet his Dad, Talia gets Danny in her Assassin bedroom ready to whisk her off. Not to the afterlife, but to Illinois, America. She, as an indebted, quasi-immortal now owes this "'representative'" of the Throne of the Restless Dead near unlimited favours. And the representative's half-ghost clone has just hit a rather... radioactive puberty.
Danny figures that a liminal maternal figure will be invaluable for Dani who is struggling. Sure Sam and Jazz can help sometimes but this girl needs actual raising.
Damian, however, is not impressed that his mother is apparently raising his secret older sister in secrecy on the side when Talia seemingly sent him off to live without her.
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blackfoxsposts · 5 months
Jason: you just- what just
Danny: I believe what your trying to say is thank you
Jason: thank you? N-
Danny: your welcome
Jason: No. What-the pit rage it's gone. What-
Danny: Ok, ok, I see what's happening here
You're face to face with greatness, and it's strange
You don't even know how you feel
It's adorable
Well, it's nice to see that subjects never change
Open your eyes, let's begin
Yes, it's really me, it's Danny
Breathe it in
I know it's a lot
The hair, the bod
When you're staring at a halfa
*Danny proceeds with his own version of Your Welome*
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wonderlandsakura · 2 months
What if Danny was never drawn to his own haunt cause he had a One True King kind of situation
The Keep, the Haunt of the Ghost King has never completely matched the needs and wishes of any of the Ghost Kings.
It has always been too small, too big, too filled with rooms that they never needed the use of, too bright, too dark, too childish, too comfortable, too humble, too welcoming, too filled with little glowing stars for some unknown reason??
While the presence of each new Ghost King did change the place slightly, no matter how long their reign, the place never truly became theirs, the fundamental base of the Keep never changed, never bent to the one using it.
(It was however still used by them, as it was a symbol of their power.)
The more easy-going Kings theorised that it was simply because they had another haunt that had actually formed with them, while the Keep had been through many hands and thus could not be anyone's solely, but was rather the Infinite Realms'.
To truly change the Keep, they theorised, was to irreversibly change the Infinite Realms itself.
On the other hand, the more controlling Kings that passed through the Crown and Ring sought to warp the Keep to their control by force, but all ultimately failed.
There was one among them, however, that managed to warp the Keep the most, whether it was through the awesome and fearful power he wielded against even his own subjects, the amount of change he brought upon the Infinite Realms buy forcing it to adapt to being without a someone specific to do the duties of the Ghost King, or simply the comparitively long rule compared to other Ghost Kings that had been obsessed with some form of control.
Ultimately, however, no one could truly change, control and make the Keep their own.
Well, simply put, it was because it was not their Haunt.
The Keep was formed at the same time the Infinite Realms itself was formed (before even the first Ghost King was an idea), formed to house the one and only being who would serve and protect It and It's people, protect It's relations with the other Realms it was connected to and simply keep the balance between It and Them, between Life and Death.
It becoming the Keep was something caused by the population of the Infinite Realms, believing their strongest and wisest the one foretold to them in the words they had been formed knowing:
Do Seek our Savior when, The Trials Three are Done, First that of Acceptance, Second that of Conquering, Last that of Self, and then, We Crown our King, the One, the True, And celebrate as all is balanced once more
Well whether they were supported by the population or were egotistical mad men, none of them were that which they believed them to be.
Until Danny.
Did you know, did you know?
On the day of his rebirth, the Infinite Realms sung in the Cores of all it's people.
Did you hear, did you hear?
He protects all who need it, even those who were once his enemies, those that are different, those that aren't his people.
He is Kind and Accepting.
Did you know, did you know?
He brought down Pariah Dark, the Tyrant King, one only the Ancients working together could capture.
(But didn't he have help? Wasn't he aided? Two hands closed that coffin)
He fought him alone, without help from any other, with a device that amplifies one's power, like the age he doesn't have.
(He's so young.
Did you hear? Oh did you hear?
The King's a Child.
He's so young, so young, so young.
Did you know? Oh please, did you know?
I know you didn't.)
He is Powerful and Conquers all who pose a threat.
Did you hear? Did you hear?
They say he fought himself, a stronger and greater version that destroyed his world.
A Tyrant King that killed every being.
A true ghost, with power rivaling an Ancient.
The ghost halves of two Halfa.
(Aren't the ghost halves of Halfas more powerful?
Yes, they are.)
One who caused such fear that the Realms rejected him, that the Observants sought to end him before he was born.
(They wanted to kill the King, Our King.
How dare they. How dare they.
He's Ours!)
Did you know? Did you know?
He Won.
The King, (Our King) Won.
He has Defeated the worst aspects of his Self.
Long Reign The King.
(He has completed the trials.)
Long Reign The King.
(He is Just and Kind.)
Long Reign The King, The One True King, Always and Forevermore.
(He is the King, Our King.)
When Danny stepped into the Keep for the first time after his coronation, he knew it as his own.
He knew the place, every corridor, every room, like it was a part of him he had always had but never used. (It was though wasn't it? A part of him?)
Unlike every other King before him, the Keep was perfect for him.
Every unwanted aspect left behind by the previous tenants (cause that's what they were, weren't they? Tenants.) had been either removed or shuffled into one of the many storerooms created precisely for that at the moment he had been officially crowned.
(And what a crowning it was, for the moment the Crown and Ring had been put on, something in all the ghosts settled, like a missing puzzle piece, a yearning fed, a prophecy ingrained in them fulfilled.)
The Keep felt to him like home he had lived in every day of his life and yet never been in, a part of himself he was rediscovering after a long time without.
As Danny wandered through His Keep, he knew what lay behind every door, what every room was for, the location of everything in the Keep, like a nostalgic walk through a childhood home that he had not visited in a few years, but yet had not changed.
It felt like coming Home.
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everest-nightshade · 2 months
Writing prompts for the Phandom
-Danny own like a quarter of John soul because other demons and stuff gift it to him among other things as a "please don't remove them from existence" bribe for the new ruler of the Infinite Realms because technically Hell is apart of his domain but it's self-ruling by demons and they don't know how he feel about that,
Thing happened and he somehow in the dc universe, he meet the JL and coincidently Constantine show up because he feel Danny present showing up in this dimensions or something and go to warn them and freak out because the present is here, right in front of him, Eldritch King of the Infinite Realms
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bookobsessed1412 · 3 months
I’ve been scrolling through dpxdc posts and suddenly had the idea to merge a few different (tropes?) together.
Danny is the brother/son/clone of someone (or multiple people) in the batfam. Probably multiple people, and in a way that is as confusing/weird/convoluted as you can make it.
John Constantine is (secretly? Unknowingly?) King Phantom’s (grand?)child. Probably through some time travel shenanigans, meaning that John is actually older than Danny.
I don’t remember the rest of what I was thinking, but I think that’s enough to make batfam’s reactions to finding out absolutely hilarious.
Actually, add Billy Batson being Phantom’s son. Biologically? Adopted? Either way it messes with the other heroes heads(except maybe the batclan, unless they don’t know about danny being phantom, or Captain Marvel being Billy Batson yet).
Or maybe make him John Constantine’s son, and thus Phantom’s grandson. And they know each other because of time travel shenanigans(or maybe they just pretend they’ve known each other for centuries). They actually do know who each of them is.
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lord-of-0blivion · 15 days
Ok, so you know how monarchs and governments, could like issue papers to, like make legal pirates?
Picture this:
Phantom is a king.
He so incredibly done and wants a vacation.
He issues said piracy papers to "Danny Fenton"
Que legal pirate chaos gremlin Danny.
And he goes ALL the way in on the pirate shtick.
Accent, eyepatch, old wooden literally ghost ship (not that anyone notices, so maybe just a liminal ship), crew (Could either be his rogues or just ghost goons) Or, he goes up to the goonion and hires a crew.
Cue the goonion stareing incredulously.
This twink that looks like a summer breeze could blow him off his feet wants to start a pirate crew?
Eh, more like privateers, so it's thenically legal (He has the papers, tho they have never heard of the GZ), the pay is good and and he covers everything from dental to parenthood.
Maybe even become a space pirate.
Also insert Youngblood.
Shenanigans ensue
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redelliavalentinos · 5 months
King Danny, a quick sketch. Might run it through Ibis.
Tumblr media
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p0ssym1lker · 4 months
Tim in pain and grieving his fathers passing summons the ghost king
He only wants one last talk, only one
He cries when the first few tries don't work but then, finally, it works the ghost king looks young but Tim sobs through his request, ready to give up everything
And Danny? He doesn't know how to tell this grieving boy that his father didn't turn into a ghost, his soul is already fading to the place where his wife is, not because his love for her was overly strong but because his love for his son was weak
He slowly sinks down to the boy, Tim, something whispers to him
"You cannot talk to him"
Tim looks up, tears streaming down his face, he clawed at the other, choking out his question
"Because his soul left, he wanted to leave, there was no emotion strong enough to keep him as a ghost and I cannot let you talk to a soul"
Technically, Danny can, but its a self appointed rule of his not to
Tim sobs, throat raw, he chokes on his tears and doesn't fight when the king pulls him in a cold but gentle embrace
"Of course, of course he leaves me"
Danny let's the boy cry and cling to him, muttering soft words to him and holding him
Eventually his form flickers and the boy shrieks, clawing in desperation, cries of "don't leave me! I don't want to be alone" echoing through the warehouse
So Danny doesn't, he picks Tim up and takes him with him, vanishing to his ghostly realm where he would take care of the boy while he grieves
Only moments later Batman appears, only to find a book about summoning the dead king and sacrifices, he falls to the floor, realizing he has failed another robin, another son
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potatoeofwisdom · 5 days
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Doodle page, ft. Little man
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greywolfgirlie · 28 days
Drew my stories Danny Phantom. Meet King Phantom, Baby Eldritch, Ruler of the infinite realms, and Tywin's Fiance.
Tumblr media
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