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How would Bonnie react to Aurora?
Let's say Aurora pops up before Klonnie are in a relationship. Bonnie is not playing around in some silly love triangle. If Aurora showed up saying she wants Klaus for herself, Bonnie would tell her to take him. Klaus would naturally be offended at her willingness to give him up. They aren't together and Bonnie's already been burned by a man still interested in his ex. Jeremy was having ghostly gangbangs with Vicki and Anna behind Bonnie's back. She's not putting herself in a position where she has to experience that pain again. In her eyes, Klaus would handle Aurora on his own if he was serious about Bonnie.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Aurora would not believe Bonnie though. Aurora is convinced that this has to be a plot by Bonnie to get to let her guard down. She fears that Bonnie would steal her man when she least expected it. In a strange twist, Bonnie would accidentally end up befriending Aurora. If she can bond with Nora and Damon, then a friendship with Aurora isn't too crazy. Bonnie keeps telling Aurora things like: "why be with a man who makes you doubt yourself" or "you shouldn't have to fight for the attention of a man that you love" or "you'd be better off letting go of a guy who causes you pain." Klaus is always in the background scandalized watching Aurora and Bonnie complain about him.
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wearesociety · 11 months
Tumblr media
Kat said what she said and I completely agree.
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hydesjackiespuddinpop · 2 months
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Klonnie moodboard
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hyperactivewhore · 3 days
I get being upset about Bonnie not being invited to the Mikaelson ball, but here you go once again, blaming Caroline for a choice the writer's made, something she had no part of. People are getting weird AF with their anti Caroline stance and it's getting ridiculous.
Here you go once again, putting words I didn't say in my mouth.
Does it upset me that Bonnie wasn't invited to the ball? Yes. Does Caroline being there make me mad? No. Do I think she shouldn't have come? Yes, I certainly think so.
I complained about Caroline and Matt being there because plot wise it was absolutely stupid and it made no sense. They didn't add absolutely nothing to the events developing there, and their presence was completely unneeded: Caroline and Matt were there solely because of Klaus and Rebekah/delena. This was the moment the showrunners decided to start writing klaroline, exclusively and only because the fans liked their first scene together, so they decided to have her going to the ball just to have their "romance" developing, which made no sense for her at all;
Klaus literally tried to kill her a few episodes prior, he had Tyler bite her on her birthday leaving her on the brink of death and then he showed up to heal her. Where is her self-preservation? Wasn't she scared of him at all?
It's funny to me that she only accepted to go because of Rebekah inviting Matt. Did she thought he was in potential danger? Did she decide to go to try to protect him? I get she was worried about her friend, but this is slightly strange.
Matt was just there for Rebekah and to make Damon and Elena fight because of his altercation with Kol, nothing else, and his presence and the issue he caused wasn't that serious because they made up an episode later. Why would he go? He was a human on a house full of the oldest vampires to ever live, and he was aware of this. I'm aware Matt isn't the brightest person to walk the earth, but everybody knows a human shouldn't be around bloodthirsty vampires.
Again, just stupid. Caroline and Matt shouldn't have been at the ball, that's all. Elena and the Salvatore going made sense: she was the doppelgänger, Stefan had story with them and Damon wouldn't allow her to go anywhere without any of them.
Bonnie, however, had every single reason to be there:
She was Ayana's descendant.
Esther would want to meet a Bennett witch, seeing she was best friends with one once and she knew they were powerful allies.
She had been more close than anyone to killing Klaus: the fact that he didn't try to seduce her or try to kill her was ooc, especially because he befriended witches before klaroline came in.
Kol loved witches and this bitch knows everything about everyone. It surprises me that he didn't try to get her on his side or at least use her to try to take down any member of his family.
The Bennett bloodline is far more powerful in magic terms than any other family could ever be, their blood was needed for like half of the most powerful spells and the fact that not a single person thought about getting on Bonnie's good side is completely stupid.
What is ridiculous is that people dickride 3x14 to hell because of the fanservice. I love this episode, but calling out it's flaws it's not a bad thing.
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mythorhuman · 6 months
Tumblr media
She was a Bennett witch. "Was" being the operative word here. Bonnie could barely remember being a normal teenage girl. Normal teenage girls don't entertain phone calls from immortal serial killers with a thirst for blood. Normal teenage girls run from dangerous men and keep their distance from such evil. Normal teenage girls aren't willing to make a deal with the devil for their own profit.
Unfortunately, Bonnie was not normal and her devil was Klaus Mikaelson. It's just another secret to keep from her friends. She's still a little hurt that her death went completely unnoticed. It's low risk, high reward. Strictly business. Nothing more, nothing less. And the lies she tells herself keep adding up.
Bonnie stared at the ceiling as she laid on the bed of her dorm. Instead of contemplating her existence in peace, her cell kept ringing. Whoever it was, kept calling every five minutes, and the ringing drove her crazy. What could her friends want? If it was an emergency, she was worthless. Without magic, what help would she be? It probably wasn't a friend. They wouldn’t care enough to check in on her. Her grimoire was almost useless to Bonnie, but she would never get rid of it. Magic was a part of her, even if she couldn't feel her connection to nature anymore. Why was her phone still ringing? Ugh, telemarketers are an everyday evil magic can't solve.
In annoyance, she reached over and answered the phone, unable to hide the irritation in her voice. "Bonnie Bennett," she spat out as a greeting.
"Glad to hear you're alive, love." Oh, shit. She knew that she shouldn't have bothered picking up the phone. She finally had a person to blame. "Bennett witches are exceptionally resilient," the voice responded, and Bonnie could hear him grinning.
"Klaus, how did you get this number?" she growled in aggravation. "Why are you calling me?"
"Does a man need a reason to call his old ally?" his smug voice questioned. Bonnie noted that he was avoiding the question. How childish for a man that is one thousand years old.
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bennett-mikealson · 2 months
Tumblr media
~Season 3 episode 21
Randomly thinking about when Klaus almost drank all of Bonnie’s blood she made Damon, Stefan and him drink it for their little team work mission. I just know that was the best blood he had ever drank; and he kept the tube. 😏
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cancerian-woman · 5 months
Tumblr media
hi, meet the dear little witch-verse. Right now, only the prologue is shared but more to come.
dear little witch: Bonnie Bennett has held plenty of titles. A daughter, friend, teen witch, and a former wife. The most important one to her now was mother and business owner. She earned this life for herself and would be damned if she lost. A witch’s premonition is nothing to ignore. Bonnie values her life away from Mystic Falls and returning wasn’t likely for her until her daughter’s safety was compromised. The Salvatore Boarding School would change everything for the Bennett witches. Secrets will unfold and time can only tell what’s to come next. Hope Mikaelson won’t be the only one with her world turned upside down. Family is forever, whether anyone likes it or not. Everything is done in the name of family. -an au of TVD/TO post season 8 & 4 of TO.
You might remember a bit of this AU from here.
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melmedardasworld · 1 year
Bonnie's funeral was months ago, so how come Klaus finds her in New Orleans?
Tumblr media
Klaus suddenly stopped mid-stride of the masses. He tilted his head as if listening to something, but his preternatural senses zeroed in on the mystical energy nearby. The air was charged with it. Klaus couldn't put his finger on the familiarity of the mystic signature, but it was, without a doubt, magic. His thoughts drifted to Mystic Falls, but he locked the bleak recollection.
Klaus slithered between the crowd and dissolved from the people. He let his senses guide him toward the one who dared to ignore Marcel's rules. This witch was either desperate, a fool, or both. Klaus hadn't discovered his sire's secret weapon, but he would find out. New Orleans was his home in the past, yet Marcel acquired everything Klaus had yearned for centuries. Klaus clenched his jaw as an irrational fury simmered within before speeding off.
Klaus's skin rose in goosebumps when he rounded the corner of the side alley. The dense magic sucked in all the warmth and compacted it within this area alone as a steep cold. When the witch fell in sight, Klaus's arctic blue eyes dimmed like flinty beads. His body immediately locked out of instinct at the impossible symptom. Vampires didn't experience cold, let alone having that sensation manifest into goosebumps. Klaus watched the witch with narrowing eyes. Voluptuous inky-black coils pulled back and cascaded down a slender back. She was crouched in front of a salt pentagram on the floor with a hand hovering above.
The slow grin twisting near the corners of his mouth manifested a sinister overtone around Klaus. "You know that people around here have died for less?" Besides lowering her hand from the salt circle, the nameless witch didn't turn. "Yet here you are, breaking the one rule that has so many of your kind quaking with fear. It is quite bold of you to call upon your executioner." Klaus mused lazily, "I have a sibling with similar self-mutilating tendencies. As a good brother, I put him out of his misery with a dagger, and now he enjoys eternal sleep." Klaus tilted his head and asked, "shall I extend the mercy by offering you a quick death or let Marcel torture you instead?"
A soft sigh left her mouth, but she finally rose. Klaus kept a well enough distance that was perfect for offense and defense if needed. This witch expected- no, she wanted to be found, and an itching underneath Klaus's gums told him this act was deliberate. His fury spiked. The dark veins around his eyes rippled to life. "You dare lure me here, witch?! I already told your pathetic coven that I not will be commanded or manipulated!"
"It's not surprising that you think the world revolves around you." Klaus tensed, not by what she said but by who said it. Klaus followed her movements with eyes that slowly stretched as they drank in her presence. The intensity of her viridian eyes was the first thing that garnered his attention. Tension twisted at the base of Klaus's gut, and his breath quivered. Questions jostled through his mind, but all Klaus intended to ask was enunciated as a name he didn't think he'd ever utter again.
Six months ago
The path was brief but felt long and heavy. Klaus's feet led him through the family burial ground. Stone-faced, he stopped in front of the recent tombstone. Klaus did his best to ignore the weight cementing itself in his bones. The ceremony was small and with family and friends. Klaus wasn't invited, but he watched the funeral proceeding, with a dark face, from the shadows.
Klaus Mikaelson lived for 1000 years. For centuries he never cared for anything. Yet, here he was, like a sentimental fool showing respect to the dead. This death didn't need to but did because of blinding loyalty and a lack of preservation. Klaus clenched the bouquet when his eyes finally swept along the name carved into the stone by her estranged parents.
Bonnie Sheila Bennett.
A breeze kicked the fallen leaves around Klaus. He raised his head, and an unlikely shiver crept along his skin. There was nothing there, but Klaus felt the wisps of magic. However, it didn't ease the scraping against his chest. No melancholy or peace settled. Klaus became restless as he stared at Bonnie's name. "This accursed town should count itself lucky that it will be spared from my wrath. You needn't worry, little witch, as you did your part." Bonnie did more than that. The words left an acrid aftertaste in his mouth. "I will do mine and leave Mystic Falls. Be proud, Bonnie Bennett. You successfully chased me out of this horrible place and saved the ingrates who didn't deserve you or your power." His mouth twisted, and a scowl blossomed. Bonnie Bennett would no longer be a thorn in his side. Ironically, there was no joy in saying these words to a dead enemy. "You prevented the prophecy hell from being unleashed upon the earth, your father and Jeremy live once more, you cured your mother, and your friends are safe." When the wind and Bonnie's magic settled, Klaus bent through his knees and set the flowers down. He ran a hand over the stone with wonder. "You can be at peace, little witch."
Klaus wasn't sure how long he stared, but his wide-eyed shock prompted an unimpressed frown from Bonnie. Despite the many questions ringing through his mind and the chaotic emotions rearing, Klaus's reaction was an explosion of raw impulse. In a split second, he sped forward to attack her. His sudden action caught Bonnie off-guard. The impact of the brick wall colliding with her back shuddered down her spine, and a firm grip squeezed down her windpipe. Through her glower, Klaus's distorted face drew closer and yelled, "you dare fool me with parlor tricks?!"
Bonnie's magic thrust outward to protect its mistress. The shockwave of pure mystic energy belted into the solid threat. Klaus propelled back like a puppet pulled back by its strings. He crashed into the concrete surface but swiftly picked himself up, ready to charge against this cheap illusion.
Bonnie stretched her arms, palms facing the ground, and flicked them down. Klaus howled when the force of her power brought him to his hands and feet by fracturing his bones. Bonnie coldly watched how he wrestled to break free. His double fangs were ready to tear through flesh like some frenzied beast. "The more you struggle, the easier it is for me to keep you down and break your bones."
"Then make sure to keep me subdued for your safety." Klaus sneered, his golden glower never breaking contact with her green irises. His face twitched heavily, but it wasn't just from the witch's dense power keeping him bound. She dared to bait him with her face and perceive it as his weakness?! "Is this your coven's grand plan? Luring me to the city to do your dirty work failed, so now you con me with the face of a dead enemy, proving again that all who stand against me turn into dust." Klaus ran his nails along the broken stone and swallowed the growl of pain when he pushed against gravity, pushing him down with each toil to rise.
Bonnie raised a brow before a snort left her mouth. "First of all, this is all me. I'm not part of the French Quarter Coven." Bonnie lowered her arms to her sides and started to walk. Bonnie's extraordinary power still subdued Klaus. "But having them lure you to New Orleans was my idea. I convinced them you'd be the perfect smokescreen in this war. I was right." Bonnie smiled and tilted her head. "Given your history with Marcel, knowing how power-hungry you are and your habit of taking things that aren't yours, you're the perfect distraction." The longer Klaus listened, the more the veins in his face rippled. The arteries near his temple stood out against his distorted features. The low rumble in his chest was feral and on the wrong side of sanity or reason.
Bonnie closed the distance, crouched through her knees, and crossed her arms over them. She rested her chin on her hand while staring at the fuming Klaus. "Just to be clear, I am the enemy that came out on top after going against you." Bonnie said the following words with such nonchalance that it took Klaus a moment to register them, "lastly, the funeral was fake, Klaus. I was very much alive and have been this whole time." The revelation stuttered Klaus's thoughts to an abrupt halt.
If you haven’t read Witch Bargain, please do. It’s related to the prose that I have in mind of Bonnie in New Orleans and getting involved in the war between the vampires and witches.
Happy Holidays!🎄
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artemiseamoon · 1 day
Preview: Labyrinth 12
2nd to last chapter 💜
Tumblr media
Words: 2,530
Read on A03
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Music dances on the air, along with the scents of chicory coffee and pastries from the bakery across the street.
Bonnie keeps her eyes closed while focusing on those scents. She's still getting used to her heightened senses. If she didn't limit what she took in, she'd smell the unpleasant aromas of The French Quarter too.
Just as she’s about to roll over to her side, the bedroom door opens. A second later, the dip in the bed is followed by soft kisses against her face and jawline,
“Hmmm hello.” Bonnie hums to Klaus’ kisses.
“Breakfast waits love - ” he spoke softly,
The next thing she feels is a soft sweet hand on her cheek, then over her eyes,
“Mommy, Daddy make breakfast.”
Bonnie opens her eyes, “oh lucky me!”
She takes Soleil into her arms, giving her a very big hug, followed by kisses on the face which make her daughter giggle.
Klaus sits back, with a warm grin as he watches them.
“Well, I guess I must get up now,” Bonnie sits up, still holding her daughter.
“My beautiful girls,” Klaus beams as he caresses Bonnie’s leg over the sheet. “Come on sweetheart,” he holds out his arms, and Soleil quickly goes to him, “let mom get ready, we’ll wait downstairs.”
“Okay." Soleil holds onto him and plays with his chains as he stands, “see you shortly.”
Bonnie waves at them, a smile still glued to her face. A moment later, Bonnie leaves the bed to get ready for the day…
Read on A03
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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maidmerrymint · 1 year
I'm reading the best Klonnie fanfiction. I'd never really thought of them as a couple but then I saw some posts about them on here and it got me really curious.
It's 2 parts. The first part is called Prom Night. And the second part is called Crimson Peak. The author is Redqueen78
Tumblr media
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katherinegifs · 1 year
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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klonnieshippersclub · 1 month
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Who doesn’t love a reunion? Little Kat and Joseph appreciation throughout the years. All the Klonnie feelings.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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dirtygoldensoul · 9 months
Major Update
I posted this one my FFNET account but I'll add it here. For the people who've read my fic, Seasons of a Witch.
"Hey guys!
I know it's been a while and this isn't the update many of of you probably want to see but I do have something important to say.
Since I started this fic, I've grown as a perso writer. I'll admit that my reluctance to continue is because I've written myself into a corner and ideas I had before don't quite make sense. Not to mention I feel that I could have executed certain plot points better.
Therefore, I've decided for rewrite the entire thing. It wouldn't be such a drastic rehaul but I need to fix some stuff and then I can continue. Once I'm done editing, I'll post the few chapters up.
I am grateful for all the reads and comments I have gotten so far and for welcoming me into this Fandom all those years ago.
Long story short, I'm rewriting Seasons of a Witch and editing heavily and also posting it on AO3.
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lulstheanarchist · 2 years
Tumblr media
I'm finally writing the story that has been in my head for a year. It's a Bonnie x Klaus story with a Elijah x black! oc(demon). Bonnie decides to leave Mystic Falls after finding out her friends are working with Kai. Needing companion ship and craving family connections she seeks out Lucy. After reconnecting and getting into a mess only the Bennetts can make, the two find themselves moving to New Orleans.
(Will not be Mfg friendly there will be well deserved bashing.)
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hyperactivewhore · 3 months
I still mourn klonnie, their undeniable potential and their unborn daughter aka Hope
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mythorhuman · 5 months
Tumblr media
Being dead was almost preferable. At least, being a ghost was a valid excuse for your friends to disregard your presence. Being Bonnie Bennett meant saving your friends and allies despite them ignoring your thoughts, opinions, or feelings. It meant prioritizing their lives over your own on a regular basis. It meant being a hero and getting no gratitude in return. And Bonnie Bennett couldn't do any of that as a ghost. She couldn’t even do magic as the anchor, a position her predecessor desperately wanted to abandon in favor of death. So yeah, she's fucked.
One chapter down, and plenty to go!
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