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klonnieshippersclub · 3 months
Hi! I'm very new to the fandom. What Klonnie fics currently in the works would you recommend from AO3, Wattpad, or ffn?
I'll make a small master list with links. Not all are completed though fyi! please respect all authors. This is a mix of past and current fics.
Paint It Black by jazzywazzy08 on FFN:After the death of her grandmother Bonnie Bennett starts on a downward spiral and is sent to live with her mother Abby Bennett-Mikaelson. When Bonnie witnesses firsthand the life of luxury her mother has been leading, she's hell-bent on making Abby's new life miserable and taking everything that her mother holds dear, starting with her new husband Niklaus Mikaelson. Check out their other works as well!
stay awake by dirtygoldensoul on FFN: Star-crossed lovers. What a cliché. No wonder they were doomed to fail. But learning that his witch is strapped in a prison world, Klaus battles against all the pain and memories of their past to retrieve Bonnie. No matter what it takes. S3-6 canon divergence. Klonnie. Check out their other works as well!
walk of shame by dinky on FFN:It was supposed to be a business meeting between him and me. Somehow everything got tangled up. Slight A.U
Mountain High by mythorhuman on A03: She was a Bennett witch. "Was" being the operative word here. Bonnie could barely remember being a normal teenage girl. Normal teenage girls don't entertain phone calls from immortal serial killers with a thirst for blood. Normal teenage girls run from dangerous men and keep their distance from such evil. Normal teenage girls aren't willing to make a deal with the devil for their own profit. Unfortunately, Bonnie was not normal and her devil was Klaus Mikaelson. It's just another secret to keep from her friends. She's still a little hurt that her death went completely unnoticed. It's low risk, high reward. Strictly business. Nothing more, nothing less. And the lies she tells herself keep adding up.
A Witch Bargain by melmedarda on AO3: After leaving New Orleans a little over a month ago, Bonnie's abrupt return to New Orleans sends tension through the French Quarter when she seeks Klaus—the enigmatic ruler who took over Marcel Gerard's reign. Bonnie brings life-altering news that upends their lives and ignites complications. This revelation isn't the only thing that drives Bonnie's return. She has to uncover the secrets of an ancient Witch Bargain cast on the Originals before they were even born, and the only person who holds the answers is the forgotten Mikaelson sibling. Bonnie's departure is driven by more than the revelation she bears. Veiled beneath it all lies a trove of dark secrets that she carries, secrets that will soon demand their due consequences. With old grudges resurfacing, new adversaries emerging, and a curse threatening them, Bonnie and Klaus must overcome their troubles and protect their loved ones amidst the ever-present danger lurking in the shadows. Check out their other works as well!
dear little witch by cancerianwoman on AO3: Bonnie Bennett has held plenty of titles. A daughter, friend, teen witch, and a former wife. The most important one to her now was mother and business owner. She earned this life for herself and would be damned if she lost. A witch’s premonition is nothing to ignore. Bonnie values her life away from Mystic Falls and returning wasn’t likely for her until her daughter’s safety was compromised. The Salvatore Boarding School would change everything for the Bennett witches. Secrets will unfold and time can only tell what’s to come next. Hope Mikaelson won’t be the only one with her world turned upside down. Family is forever, whether anyone likes it or not. Everything is done in the name of family. -an au of TVD/TO post season 8 & 4 of TO. Check out their other works as well!
No Church In The Wild by beyonceofmysticfalls on AO3: Years after blowing the dust of Mystic Falls off her feet, Bonnie finds herself caught in the supernatural crossfire yet again. This time, however, she is playing by nobody's rules except her own. Check out their other works as well!
Labyrinth: A Bonnie Bennett x Klaus centric universe by artemiseamoon on AO3: After many years, major life events and memories, Bonnie and Klaus remain cosmically drawn to each other. After a year in Paris, Bonnie returns to the states and crosses paths with the hybrid who haunts her mind and heart. The reunion forces them both to examine their past, and feelings for each other. All the while Bonnie carves out a new life for herself in the Cresent City.
Kindred by Richoonelover1941 on FFN:This is a dark, twisted Klonnie AU story that was supposed to be a one-shot. This is not for the faint of heart, many will not like it. It contains smut, verbal abuse and violence. This is a warning! Jeremy and his girlfriend go on a road trip with unexpecting results. Bonnie B, Klaus M, Jeremy G, Caroline F. I do not own the rights to TVD or its characters, I'm just playing with.
all the devils are here by irishcookie on FFN :Both of them are broken but there is something more going on when Bonnie Bennett arrives in New Orleans needing Klaus Mikaelson's help. After a deal is struck, the pair try to work together while dealing with their losses. A Klonnie angst fic set after the series finale of TVD and season 3 of The Originals. COMPLETED. Check out their other works!
The Summoned Witch by szajnie on ao3: TVD/TO AU: Hope Mikaelson needs help. At seven years old, she's not strong enough to protect the people she cares about from the dangers that surround them. What she needs is a bigger witch. So she summons one. Check out their other works!
Truth Teller by thehedgerider on ao3: Seven years after the events of S3 of TO and four years after the events of S7 of TVD, Bonnie Bennett is in New Orleans to find a weapon for defeating the entity that's been unleashed...and finds Klaus Mikaelson. Check out their other works!
A Foolish Escape From Reality by mizzm29 on ao3: Bonnie is in desperate need of a change. Jumping on the first opportunity she gets, she embarks on a journey of being a baby sitter for a certain original hybrid. Check out their other works as well!
Uncharted Desires by waitingforyouonce:It's time for the Annual Bellham Festival, a month long celebration where supernatural women put their name on a list and are pursued by interested suitors. Normally Bonnie chooses not to participate, but when Elena implies that she's undesirable she changes her mind. Several men in town immediately set their sights on her hoping to win her heart. (Bamon/Stefonnie/Tonnie/Klonnie) Check out their other works!
The Devil's Companion by GoddessWitch/Six2VII on ao3:A prophecy forces Klaus to act against his wishes. An outdated law forces Bonnie to sacrifice her future. Magic and fate push the two together. What happens when a witch and a hybrid are forced to have a child neither of them wants? An outcome neither of them is ready for. Check out their other works as well!
Protector by mizzcullen13 on FFN: Through no words at all he let her know she didn't have to be anyone's protector anymore, because he was hers. Check out their other works as well!
Resurrection by TalulaJones on FFN: Klaus wants to be King of New Orleans but there is only one witch who can make that happen.. Check out their other works as well!
Let Bygones Be Bygones by Lana Archer on FFN: Klaus finally has everything he's wanted. Hope to himself, Hayley lost to her curse, Dahlia and Esther cemented in death. But a little witch, with an affinity of drawing on any magic in her radius rolls into town, just in time to get the Original Hybrid back up on his toes.
This has gotten pretty long. I am sorry if anyone thinks they were missed it was not intentional. Please let me know if any of these links are incorrect so I can edit them! If you have any fic you would like to add in this list please dm me.
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wearesociety · 27 days
Tumblr media
An Oath: A Klonnie Short
She woke, as he drew her closer to him. She burrowed into him, her nose pressed against his neck, inhaling deeply, the familiar sweet scent of spice rum hitting her. Her favorite soap.
He kisses her forehead. “Good night?”
Bonnie chuckled.
Even though his tone was conversational,as though they were talking about the weather —which they had more than once usually when he wanted to take her for a getaway—she knew it was forced just by connecting to the bond.
“It went well. Elena and Stefan seem… better. Caroline came back toned legs that could rival Wonder Womans.” She said.
At his silence she looked up, meeting his gaze.
A confused look marring his face.
“I’m sorry, Wonder Woman?”
“From the comics. She’s an amazon warrior. Super toned and badass.”
He nodded, slowly as if trying to make sure he was understanding the words coming out of her mouth.
“Love. I gather you know I’m not well versed in… comics.”
Bonnie rolled her eyes, a smile stretching on her lips and deposits her head in the rook of his neck. Lips brushing his skin, she said, “you’re lucky, I find you cute.”
“That I am.” Pressing her deeper into him. And like always, they’re able to rid the tension just by being near each other. In the beginning, she couldn’t possibly picture Klaus being a person she could count on, let alone someone who could understand her.
Yet, it’s the safety of his arms that she craved for all night, to completely surround and let him take care of her, protect her.
“They’ll hate me.” She whispers, her throat tightening.
Klaus rubbed her back, feeling the tremors that ran through her. “It doesn’t have to be now. We’ll wait.”
She shook her head. “That’s just it. I don’t want to.”
“What do you want?” He asked.
“You.” Through the bond, she felt a warmth surrounding her. It left her speechless the first time she felt it.
(“What is that?” She gasped, rubbing her chest, the warmth migrating there before spreading throughout her body.
He licked his lips. “Us.” Bringing his finger to her face he tucked a curl behind her ear. “It’s our bond activating, it’ll happen when we tap into it.”
Bonnie searched his face, it was inches away from her own. He was completely open to her, It was terrifying. How badly she liked him like this, close and unbidden. Heart beating a tattoo against her ribcage, she closed the distance, and pressed her lips against his. It started sweet— albeit hesitant — just lips connecting, before changing into something more passionate. He sighed into her, cupping her face, his thumbs tracing her skin, setting a shiver down her spice. She felt her entire body melt into his.
Bonnie gripped onto his shirt, a dizziness clouding her, she allowed herself to surrender to him.)
“And what else?” He said, his voice slashing through the memory.
She whispered. “To hold your hand in public.” She slipped her fingers into his. “To kiss you anywhere, everywhere.” She kissed his neck, a small breath escaping him. “To not hide our love.” She kissed his throat.
She pulled back and met his gaze, her breathing stopping short as she took him in. Completely bare, his eyes met hers and saw the greatest look of love she had ever seen. It swam through the bond, her heart beating against his chest.
He leaned down until their foreheads met. “We’ll have that. For the rest of our life.” It was a promise, an oath.
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mythorhuman · 6 months
Tumblr media
She was a Bennett witch. "Was" being the operative word here. Bonnie could barely remember being a normal teenage girl. Normal teenage girls don't entertain phone calls from immortal serial killers with a thirst for blood. Normal teenage girls run from dangerous men and keep their distance from such evil. Normal teenage girls aren't willing to make a deal with the devil for their own profit.
Unfortunately, Bonnie was not normal and her devil was Klaus Mikaelson. It's just another secret to keep from her friends. She's still a little hurt that her death went completely unnoticed. It's low risk, high reward. Strictly business. Nothing more, nothing less. And the lies she tells herself keep adding up.
Bonnie stared at the ceiling as she laid on the bed of her dorm. Instead of contemplating her existence in peace, her cell kept ringing. Whoever it was, kept calling every five minutes, and the ringing drove her crazy. What could her friends want? If it was an emergency, she was worthless. Without magic, what help would she be? It probably wasn't a friend. They wouldn’t care enough to check in on her. Her grimoire was almost useless to Bonnie, but she would never get rid of it. Magic was a part of her, even if she couldn't feel her connection to nature anymore. Why was her phone still ringing? Ugh, telemarketers are an everyday evil magic can't solve.
In annoyance, she reached over and answered the phone, unable to hide the irritation in her voice. "Bonnie Bennett," she spat out as a greeting.
"Glad to hear you're alive, love." Oh, shit. She knew that she shouldn't have bothered picking up the phone. She finally had a person to blame. "Bennett witches are exceptionally resilient," the voice responded, and Bonnie could hear him grinning.
"Klaus, how did you get this number?" she growled in aggravation. "Why are you calling me?"
"Does a man need a reason to call his old ally?" his smug voice questioned. Bonnie noted that he was avoiding the question. How childish for a man that is one thousand years old.
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cancerian-woman · 2 months
Tumblr media
Bonnie Bennett has held plenty of titles. A daughter, friend, teen witch, and a former wife. The most important one to her now was mother and business owner. She earned this life for herself and would be damned if she lost. A witch’s premonition is nothing to ignore. Bonnie values her life away from Mystic Falls and returning wasn’t likely for her until her daughter’s safety was compromised. The Salvatore Boarding School would change everything for the Bennett witches. Secrets will unfold and time can only tell what’s to come next. Hope Mikaelson won’t be the only one with her world turned upside down. Family is forever, whether anyone likes it or not. Everything is done in the name of family. -an au of TVD/TO post season 8 & 4 of TO.
Here’s an update!
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melmedardasworld · 1 year
Tumblr media
an honest enemy is always better than a friend who lies
pay less attention to what people say, and more to what they do
their actions will show you the truth
Sworn enemies Bonnie Bennett and Klaus Mikaelson find themselves entering an alliance that hangs by a thread. With trust scarce, and betrayal lurking from all sides, they turn to each other. Better the enemy you know than the one you don't.
The process is simple: you feed, or you die. There is no third option. Bonnie doesn't accept that and, desperate to save her mother taps into the dark arts to prevent Abby from becoming the monster she fought to destroy. Predictably, the consequences of such a dark spell quickly rear their ugly heads.
Yet, Bonnie never imagined that her actions would be the spark that unchained a supernatural war. Regardless, her sights are set on curing Abby and reversing her wrongs. All while maintaining a shaky alliance with the Mikaelsons… again. But this time, the stakes in their forced unity are becoming more complicated, with clashing ideologies and difficult feelings lingering from their previous alliance.
Meanwhile, a new threat is awakening - a new enemy sets its devastating plan, spanning for millennia, in motion. Allied with Esther Mikaelson, this force seeks the destruction of the vampire specie as a tribute. It shows a particular interest in the Bennett bloodline.
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hoesindifferentshows · 5 months
I'M ABOUT TO PUT YOU ON TO THIS FANFIC CALLED CRIMSON PEAK. The wonderful author on fanfiction.net @redqueen78 made this book and they should get more appreciation. They has other books with my favorite ship on there as well. Right now people are stealing their books and are putting them on Wattpad. It's fucked up cause a lot of people don't even know the who the real author is and they don't know how much people love their books.
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Tumblr media
Omfg so Savage Heart has been viewed 5k times! How exciting! 😊😎🥳
Gonna have a moment where I think I’m a little bit cool now 😉
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vicontheinternet · 2 years
a fanfic idea i’ll probably won’t use
a spell went wrong sends bonnie and klaus’s daughter from her alt universe to the tvd main universe. being stuck she has to find a way to be civil with multiple people including her half sister hope while trying to get back to her world and adjusting to the world around her.
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24kmagiic · 2 years
Dark Horse, Silver Tongue and Kilimanjaro!
Reeheehee! *Scooby Voice* Thanks for the ask!
Send me an ask with the title that most intrigues you and I’ll post a little snippet of it or tell you something about it.
Dark Horse - Klonnie
—Timeline: The summer after Season 2, right before Season 3. An AU Crossover where Klaus goes to New Orleans immediately after breaking his curse.
It was a bright, summer afternoon. Niklaus Mikaelson appeared on Bonnie Bennett’s doorstep, broken and disheveled. A far cry from the almighty hybrid she almost killed less than six months ago. She took an immediate step backward while wondering if what she was seeing was actually real. Klaus’s eyes glowed, a golden ring appearing around his irises as he hyperventilated. Bonnie was bewildered. Her first instinct was to respond defensively, but seeing Klaus so vulnerable worried her. What had done this to him?
“Klaus…” She hated how breathy she sounded but it summed up everything she was feeling at that moment. For a moment, the hybrid thought he heard worry in her voice. Not for him, but for what was to come.
“Please… invite me in. No tricks, Witch. You must hurry.” The alarms in Bonnie’s head went off instantly as she quickly glanced behind him in anticipation.
“Are you nuts? I tried to kill you less than a year ago, how do I know this isn’t some plot of yours to get revenge?”
“I swear on the children I’ll never have. I need your help. No games. You have my word. Invite. Me. In.” Klaus urged through gritted teeth. Her eyes went to the gaping hole in his chest that oozed with blood. Bonnie hadn’t noticed the wound in the beginning. Shock must’ve blinded her. “PLEASE, Bennett…” There was something in Klaus’s tone that led her to trust him, despite every alarm in her body telling her not to.
Bonnie took a step back and moved to the side while muttering a rushed, “Get in here.” No sooner than the words left her lips, he was inside, using his heel to kick the door closed.
“Watch it!” Bonnie exclaimed. Klaus ignored her as he began pulling the curtains closed in the living room. Once every window was blacked out, Klaus began pulling off his black Henley, wincing as he stretched his wound. Bonnie grimaced at the sight before her. Crimson blood stained his ivory skin. His chiseled muscles spasmed as each muscle flexed with each of his movements. Inside of the wound seemed to be a wooden handle sticking out of it. As Klaus moved the handle seemed to sink further inside of him. Bonnie flinched at the sight and looked up at him with wide eyes.
“Klaus, what the hell…”
“I need you to get this out of me. If not, I die and so do all of your little friends.” The gravity of the situation hit Bonnie like a ton of bricks. Fairly recently, they learned that Klaus was unable to be killed for the simple fact that he and his family sired every vampire in existence. To kill any of the originals would mean death to their entire sire line. Bonnie gulped. The fate of her friends rested in her hands, as usual.
“I don’t even know what this is? It looks like a spell. Klaus what the hell?! WHAT is that?” Klaus proceeded to clear off Bonnie’s kitchen table and lay across it. His breath was shaky and jagged and Bonnie noticed the dark veins beginning to gather around the wound. It was a sign of desiccation. Sheer panic was all she felt as she watch the hybrid slowly begin to die before her. Not knowing what else to do, Bonnie cracked her fingers nervously and rolled up her sleeves.
She was getting sick of this life.
**My goal with this was to have Bonnie end up in New Orleans with Klaus to help take down Michael who was brought back by the NOLA witches. After she helps Klaus in this scene, it is revealed that Michael stabbed Klaus with the Papa Tunde blade and is hell-bent on killing him. **
Silver Tongue - Klonnie
—Klaus and Bonnie Loathe one another. Season 4 AU.
Though she didn’t pull the trigger, Bonnie played a part in his brother’s death. She trapped him in the room next to Kol’s torched body. She would pay for this. The anger rolled off Klaus in waves. There was only one emotion he was an expert at expressing and that was anger. He clenched his fists tight, drawing blood from his palms as he banged on the thin invisible barrier that separated him from Bonnie. If only he could wring her fucking neck.
The small witch stood boldly before him, which inflicted more rage from him. Words could not describe the pain he wanted to inflict upon her. His voice dropped an octave. He glared down at her, his voice shaking with extreme rage.
“I will end you,” he threatened her in a guttural tone. He looked over her clearance and shouted after Elena and Jeremy Gilbert as they ran for their lives. “I WILL END ALL OF YOU!” Klaus directed his gaze back to Bonnie. “Release me and I’ll give you a quick death,” he tempted. Bonnie didn’t budge. Her jaw tightened as she firmly stood her ground.
“You won’t lay a finger on me or my friends.” Klaus’s eyebrows raised at her tenacity. The power radiating from her pulsated all around him, threatening to lash out at him at a moment’s notice. Bonnie’s eyebrows raised as well in a silent dare. Something sparked deep inside of Klaus.
“I will hunt you all to your deaths.” His blue eyes danced around the room before landing on her once more. “Starting with you, Witch.” The word sounded every bit of a cuss leaving his lips. Slowly, a smirk appeared on Bonnie’s face. There was a glimmer in her eyes that made Klaus’s insides stir.
“You wouldn’t know what to do with me if you caught me.” Taken aback, Klaus wasn’t sure what to make of her words. In efforts to remain unbothered by her display of power, Klaus charged the barrier once more, stumbling back in frustration. The heat from Kol’s charred body cradled his back. The thought of losing another brother gripped at his heart as his eyes watered with grief. Remembering where he was, he snapped out of it. He began pacing the room as Bonnie turned to leave. He watched her small frame begin to retreat. He did not want her to go. He wanted her to stay and suffer with him.
“Sheila, was it?” At the mention of her Grandmother’s name, Bonnie stopped in her tracks. She kept her back to him as she waited on him to continue. “Such a pity what happened to her. She wasn’t a fraction of what Ayana was. It’s no wonder a simple tomb spell took her out,” Klaus goaded. She knew what he was doing. She hated that it was working. Klaus watched as Bonnie’s fingers dug into her palms as his once had. He saw her foot twitch before they were pointed in his direction. He smirked. He had her.
“Don’t you ever in your pathetic life mention my grams ever again,” she bellowed. Despite knowing that he was trying to get underneath her skin, she couldn’t stop his words from affecting her. Klaus’s eyes gleamed with satisfaction as he stared her down. It beguiled him how so much power could come from such a tiny creature.
His blue irises flashed with a ring of gold just before he charged the barrier once more. Much to his shock, he wasn’t met with resistance. He nearly missed his footing as he gathered himself and charged at Bonnie only to run into another barrier inches from her face. His rage blinded him. He wanted to tear her from limb to limb and chase after the Gilbert Idiots all in the same. He sped towards the door but dropped to his knees when he felt her magic pulsate against his skull. The pain hit him immediately and caused him to grip his head in agony. His claws elongated as the wolf inside of him threatened to escape. Much to his dismay, he felt his bones begin to crack on their own accord. One glance in Bonnie’s direction confirmed his suspicions. She was forcing him to shift.
For once in his life, Klaus was completely caught off guard.
His canines elongated as his back arched and snapped under the force of her magic. This couldn’t be possible. He’d never heard of a witch ever forcing a werewolf to shift in all of his days. The power that engulfed him left him conflicted. The wolf responded to it with intrigue while the vampire in him wanted nothing more than to tear her from limb to limb. Bonnie took joy in the power she had over the hybrid. He was nature’s most indestructible creature and she had him crumbling beneath her. She wondered if this made her a sadist and if so, what did that make Klaus? He tempted his fate every time he threatened her.
Bonnie relinquished her attack on him momentarily, gauging his next move. His bones ceased from breaking underneath the pressures of her magic and he used that moment to stand to his feet. Bonnie had the entire house spelled so he couldn’t run after the Gilberts and after the assault she unleashed on him, she was his sole focus.
“Had enough,” Bonnie asked with a smirk. Her magic prickled her skin as she waited on bated breath. They both breathed heavily. Kol’s burnt body was just out of sight but the smell still lingered in the air. Still on his knees, Klaus breathed heavily as he shot daggers into Bonnie.
“I’m just getting started, Love”
**My goal with this was to have Klaus and Bonnie on an extremely slow burn where they basically torture one another up and down the eastern seaboard until they've had enough but I ran out of inspiration. If you have ideas, please share!**
Killamanjaro - Kennett
—Kol and Bonnie die together and travel as spirits on the other side to different locations. Season 5 AU. *Very Lengthy*
“Last I saw you, I was trapped in a boiler room forced to stare at your dead, decaying body until I disappeared to kingdom come.” Bonnie almost flew out of her own skin at the sound of someone speaking to her. It’d been so long since she’s heard a voice meant specifically for her; so long since she’s been acknowledged or even seen by anyone other than her best friend’s little brother. (Who happened to be the murderer of the person she now stood in front of.)
Bonnie was rendered speechless at the sight of Kol standing there with a grim look on his face. His forever youthful face was deadpanned and void of all emotions except one; anger. She tried her best to hide her shock. Since her passing, she had spent her days wandering purgatory, or whatever this realm was, all alone. She was certain she’d never see Kol again. If he hadn’t tried to kill her in the past, she would’ve smiled at the familiar face. Instead, she hefted her chin and raised a brow, feigning bravery. When she was alive, tenacity wouldn’t have been faked but here, all bets were off. She didn’t know what to expect.
“So we meet again, Darling.” Despite his term of endearment, Bonnie noted the bitterness behind it and remained on guard.
“What do you want? Why are you… here?” She watched as he walked around to take in the view among them. For a while she watched him like a hawk until her eyes shifted to take in the view as well, letting her guard down just a tad despite her wariness. She was already dead, what more could he do to her?
“I hear they have that 3G Network out here now.” He completely ignored Bonnie’s questions. “Humans. An innovative lot you are.” Bonnie made no comment as she gazed over the precipice into the vast expanse of air, clouds, and rock. “In my humble opinion, I believe Everest to be overrated. Kilimanjaro is much more exciting.”
“If you came here to yap, save it,” Bonnie spat, annoyed by Kol’s presence. She watched as icy wind blew all around but neither of them felt a thing. It was impossible to feel anything in this realm.
“Testy, aren’t we?”
“Why are you here?” Bonnie turned her head slightly to address Kol, who smiled in her direction as if he knew something she didn’t. They both remained silent as they glared at one another; Bonnie waiting for answers with her lips pressed in a thin line, and Kol, whose lips adorned a small smirk as he enjoyed the... other view.
“So you’re not answering? Fine. I’m leaving.” Just as he attempted to speak, Bonnie vanished, leaving him alone at the top of the world. Kol scoffed. He expected her to at least try to pry an answer out of him. Perhaps his approach didn’t appeal to her. Perhaps he’d have better luck next time—if there ever was a next time. The chances of them thinking about the same place at the same time would be close to impossible.
Bonnie sat with her knees drawn to her chest and her eyes closed as she pretended to bathe in the sunlight. She could almost convince herself she felt the sun on her face as she sat in utter silence. While she had been curious about what Kol wanted, she wasn’t into his antics, whatever they were. Still, she couldn’t help but miss the company even if it was his. Being dead could get pretty boring, and lonely. Maybe she should have entertained him longer. Oh well. He was gone now and the chances of running into one another again were slim to none.
“Wow. Before coming here I thought to myself, ‘this is the last place on earth she’d be, why bother?’ and yet here you are, right before my very dead eyes.”
Bonnie thought she was hearing things. Glancing over her shoulders she was met with Kol yet again, smiling from ear to ear like the cat that ate the canary. Bonnie fought the smile that threatened her lips and gave Kol an annoyed look that didn’t reach her eyes. It unnerved her that she wasn’t more perturbed by his presence.
“Oh my God. What now,” she asked with an exasperated sigh.
“Did you really think this wouldn’t be my second guess? Really?” Kol’s jovial tone was contrarily refreshing to Bonnie’s ears, though she would never admit to it.
“I actually hoped you’d think that and not come but… here you are,” Bonnie confessed truthfully. Without much thought, she poofed herself to the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro as Kol ‘suggested’ moments before.
“That, was actually brilliant, Bennett,” Kol admitted. “Though in my defense, I was going to give up and come here anyway.” Kol now stood at Bonnie’s side where she sat on the mountain’s summit. A silence befell them but there was strangely nothing awkward about it. They simply existed side by side, watching as the sun inched closer to the horizon of the savanna below them.
“Why are you here, Kol?” Bonnie’s soft voice broke the silence after several minutes but unlike before, her voice held no malice, just curiosity and something else Kol couldn’t place.
“Why didn’t you lower the veil,” their heads turned at the exact same time, meeting one another’s eyes. “Permanently,” he added; his voice barely above a whisper. Bonnie was fully prepared to make a smart remark but it died on her lips at the look in Kol’s eyes. There was a longing in them, accompanied by a sadness she’d seen many times before in her own eyes; long before she herself died.
“I told you why I couldn’t already. We don’t always get what we want.” Bonnie’s rehearsed answer brought forth an irritation that made Kol grind his teeth together.
“With all due respect, Bonnie, that is utter bullshit.” Bonnie was taken aback by Kol’s honesty. Frowning, she geared herself to assault him with a slew of words but Kol spoke first.
“Since I’ve died, I’ve watched Elena Bloody Gilbert sit back and let everything come to her, while you and those around her suffer endlessly and for what? One girl?” Kol kept his eyes locked on Bonnie who looked away at the mention of her best friend. Before Bonnie could come to Elena’s defense, Kol continued.
“What’s so special about that doppelganger that makes everyone want to bend over backward for her? All that blubber you speak about everyone not getting what they want, you can save it because Elena Gilbert gets everything while everyone else is cannon fodder.” The bitterness could not be hidden as Kol fumed beside Bonnie. Bonnie also fumed but for different reasons.
“You literally tracked me down so that you could trash talk my best friend?”
“I’d hardly call that a friendship, Sweetheart. She barely noticed you.” The softness in Kol’s tone did nothing to stop the sting Bonnie felt. Her eyes grew wet but the tears never fell. Turning away from him, she looked out over the horizon before them and stared straight into the orange glow of the sun.
“Are you done?” To Bonnie’s dismay, her voice broke under the grief she suddenly felt. What was worse about what Kol said was the fact that he wasn’t exactly wrong. Bonnie never blamed Elena for the strain in their friendship. It was the Salvatores. They blew into town and consumed Elena. She was only one person; it was hard to focus solely on friends with two men vying for your affection, on top of dealing with a new villain coming to town weekly to destroy your life. Elena was stretched thin. That didn’t mean she didn’t care about Bonnie. They grew up together. They loved each other.
But she still hadn’t noticed she was dead; despite Bonnie’s efforts to keep it a secret.
Bonnie’s obvious discomfort surprised Kol. He expected her to yell at him and defend the doppelganger or even disappear for the second time but she did none of those things. For a moment he thought about apologizing for his harshness but then thought better of it. Where exactly was the lie? Kol Mikaelson never apologized for speaking the truth.
“We didn’t deserve death Bonnie. Neither of us did.” Every time Kol replayed the night of his death he became enraged. The fact that he had been taken out by a puny sixth-generation vampire was absurd. He’d have rather had Jeremy taken him out alone, not Elena Gilbert. Not Mary Poppins. Kol had much more pride.
“You were trying to kill Jeremy. He and Elena did what they had to do,” Bonnie spoke in an almost bored tone. It was what she told herself over and over again. Angry, Kol gritted his teeth and rounded in front of Bonnie quickly, blocking her view of the half descended sun.
“They planned my death long before I actually attempted to kill Jeremy. That was a last resort. I was killed for telling the truth. I was killed for trying to save you and your stupid friends from a world of hurt. I was killed for doing something right!” Kol’s chest heaved up and down rapidly. The boom of his voice resonated in Bonnie’s ears and vibrated against her chest. “And don’t tell me they were simply defending themselves because let’s face it, Bonnie, you guys were in the wrong this time. Not the big bad Original; it was you all. I was looking at the bigger picture. You all were the ones that unleashed a monster whose every intention was to bring this world to its knees. I tried to stop it and in turn, I got a bloody stake in my heart.”
Bonnie swallowed Kol’s words as if they were a nasty spoonful of cough medicine. Instead of defending herself, Bonnie forced herself to look at things from his perspective and found that the bastard was right. Things were always clearer in hindsight.
“It’s done, Kol. The sooner you come to terms with that…” Bonnie’s voice trailed off. She had barely accepted her own death yet here she was telling someone who died months before her to do the same. Kol must have reached this revelation as well because as soon as the words left her mouth, he scoffed.
Kol moved to his previous position and stared out at the horizon. It was now twilight. The moment in time where the day creatures were heading for shelter while the night creatures awakened and prepared to roam the darkness; the sun had already settled beneath the earth’s horizon but its light still illuminated the lower half of the sky as it refracted around earth’s atmosphere.
It was truly exquisite.
“You can still do it.” Try as she might, Bonnie couldn’t stop herself from meeting Kol’s gaze. Her eyes searched his for any sign of deceit but after moments of searching, she found none. Her face twisted in confusion.
“You can still lower the veil. It can just be us two. Our deaths were meaningless. Let’s make something of our lives once more. The right way.”
“Kol…” The hope embedded in Kol’s voice was beginning to inspire Bonnie and she didn’t like it.
“I won’t upset the balance of nature again. I can’t.” As tempted as she was by Kol’s offer, Bonnie refused. Every time she allowed some dimwitted, spoiled-rotten vampire to talk her into doing their bidding, she was left with the consequences while they ran off reaping the benefits.
“You keep telling yourself that. It’s what the spirits use to keep witches in check; ‘The Balance of Nature’, yeah? Well newsflash, Bennett, everything about us is imbalanced. We’re supernatural! Technically we shouldn’t even exist! Tell me,” Kol shifted his weight to one foot before continuing. “What’s balanced about that, Bonnie?”
To her dismay, Bonnie found herself ruminating over Kol’s words. He made a very compelling point and part of her wanted to take charge and say ‘screw destiny in the face’ and take her life back. However, a bigger part of her wanted to remain right there on the mountain top and wait for the sunrise over the African plains in several hours.
“Why would you want to go back?”
At Bonnie’s sudden question, Kol snapped himself out of the trance his words placed him in. She had taken so long to speak he had given up on her ever answering him.
“Why wouldn’t you? Just think. You could enjoy all of this for real. See parts of the world you never would think to go in your past life. Feel the sun on your face as you sit in this very spot and enjoy Mother Nature at her purest. The things you could do Bennett if you’d just let go of that debilitating fear.” Bonnie looked up at Kol in awe. Despite it being completely dark now, she could see his face clearly and the sincerity he expressed would have knocked the wind out of her if she needed to breathe.
“Who said I was afraid of anything?” Kol eyed her for a few moments before smiling for the first time; genuinely. The way his eyes crinkled at the corners made Bonnie herself crack a small smile before glancing down at her feet.
“Aren’t we all, Love?” With a tilt of his head, Kol studied Bonnie briefly. Bonnie couldn’t help but think of Klaus in that moment. She nearly cringed. They were definitely siblings. “We’re all crippled by fear at some point in our lives and in your short 18 years, you’ve barely been able to release yourself of such handicap.”
“What’s there to be afraid of?”
“Anything. Everything. But importantly, nothing at all. For you, it was probably losing someone you loved.” Bonnie couldn’t resist recoiling as Kol hit the nail right on the head. “To everyone else you were complex but really, you were just as transparent as my brother, Nik.”
“Don’t compare me to that monster.”
“He was human once, Sweetheart. And like all humans who’ve suffered grief, they fear loneliness. For Nik, it was a matter of creating his hybrid army. The way he carted the five of us around for centuries was also a clue, but his main problem was his paranoia. That will be his undoing. But for you, Bennett, it was your lack of self-preservation. You and Nik are both selfish only he is more blatant.”
“How am I selfish?” Bonnie sneered up at Kol. When he didn’t answer, she stood to her feet and faced him. “The very reason I’m dead is that I did something selfless. I died so that my best friend could have her little brother back. How is that selfish?”
At Bonnie’s outburst, Kol simply smiled. “Quite the contrary. You couldn’t stand the pain of seeing someone else you love go through the same. You died so that you wouldn’t have to deal with the pain of losing yet another person in your life. Isn’t that why you risked the spirit’s backlash the first time you saved him?” Bonnie’s eyes widened slightly, shocked that Kol would know that. With a lilt of his head, Kol grinned and raised his brows.
“Gilbert was quite the talkative one during our time in Colorado.” Though he compelled Jeremy to open up to him, Kol was amused by how the boy went on and on about Bonnie; the girl who saved his life and in turn, the girl he cheated on… with a ghost no doubt.
Kol wondered for a moment what that did to Bonnie’s self-esteem while Bonnie wondered just how much Jeremy told him.
“Even if I went back,” Bonnie began, steering the conversation back in its original direction. “Nothing’s changed much. Things are still the same rat race it was when I left. If I went back I’d probably end up dead in another month,” she confessed honestly. Kol simply shook his head while trying not to openly express the annoyance he felt.
“Who says you have to go back to the same life? You can do whatever it is you want. Why on earth would you go back to entertain the likes of them?” Even though he practically insulted everyone she knew, Bonnie smiled at Kol’s obvious disdain. His face was comical.
“I can’t just leave them behind. They’re my family.”
“Who has since moved on and are executing their lives perfectly well. Why would you disrupt that? Again, your selfishness rears its ugly head.”
Bonnie cut her eyes at Kol. If looks could kill… “That’s not being selfish that’s—”
“You’d be going back to satisfy your needs, not theirs and to me, Love, that’s selfish. But don’t worry; divergent from what others may say, being selfish can sometimes be a good thing. Maybe if you’d been a little more selfish you’d still be alive.”
“I’d be alive,” she agreed. “But I’d also be alone and miserable; just like Klaus,” she mocked, still very miffed that he’d dare compare her to a raging, homicidal maniac.
“Nay. Elena’s selfish and she’s got everything she could possibly want.”
“What are you trying to prove, Kol?”
“Nothing. I just want you to see things unbiased before you decide to lower the veil and set us both free.”
“The minute I do just that, you’ll make a beeline for Elena, so no.” Kol chuckled bitterly and shook his head as he moved to circle Bonnie.
“You guys give this mongrel more credit than she’s worth. I refuse to live out my second chance at life chasing after some girl that isn’t worth it. Elena isn’t even a blip on my radar. Neither her nor Jeremy; who isn’t bad company might I add.”
“Who’s to say you wouldn’t kill me as soon as we’re on the other side?”
“Bonnie, that would defeat every point I just made, Love. I’m not only looking out for myself. I told Jeremy once that I respected witches. That still rings true. It’s the reason I was so hell-bent on stopping you all from raising Silas. A lot of good that did...”
“You respect witches and yet you tried to kill me.”
“You were going to end the world. It’s no different than you trying to kill Nik; however, I extend many apologies towards you.”
“It’s very different from me trying to kill Klaus. Klaus was a menace,” Bonnie seethed, not accepting nor rejecting Kol’s official apology.
“Nik was a hero in his own story—only a villain in yours,” Kol corrected, giving Bonnie insight into the perspective of a mass murderer. She didn’t like it at all.
“I can’t, Kol.” Bonnie’s resolve was dwindling. The more Kol spoke, the more insight she gained and the more she longed to be back among the land of the living. Still, there was a nagging deep within that was preventing her from going forth. Even though she still refuted, Kol fought the urge to smile. It was all he needed to hear.
“Maybe not right now, but when you’re ready…”
And with that, he disappeared.
**So this, unlike the others, is almost half written lol. I simply never posted it. (Which is why this one is a longer snippet). My goal was to have them try to bring themselves back while traveling the world as a dead couple lol. I won't spoil too much but who knows, I may post it if gains any traction. If you read this and happen to like any of these, please share your thoughts!**
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pxnsneverland · 2 years
Finally updated again!!! Go check it out, review and follow :)
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klonnieshippersclub · 3 months
You asked for an AU, here’s one co-written by @mythorhuman and @cancerian-woman.
Tumblr media
Eight-year old Hope is filled with great sorrow upon learning that her mentor Ms. Bennett has quit her job at the Salvatore Boarding School for the Young & Gifted to open a dance school in Paris. What is a distressed child to do? Run away to France, of course.
Bonnie turned away from the drivers at the airport and headed to a dark corner. She felt the shadow follow her and used her magic to reveal the small child once they were away from prying eyes.
"You're in big trouble, little girl," scolded Bonnie with her hands on her hips. The tiny redhead widened her eyes at being caught. Hope believed she could tag along without being noticed.
"How did you know I was there?" questioned the Mikaelson daughter. "I used a cloaking spell."
Bonnie took note of Hope's nervous fidgeting and sent her a small smile. "I would know my favorite student anywhere."
Hope grinned, and her fears immediately lifted. Ms. Bennett didn't hate her for running away. She knew her heart would break at being rejected. "You're my favorite teacher, and I couldn't stay at the school without you!"
"Hope, you need to be in school to learn."
Hope rebutted, "I had my best grades in your class, and you always helped me study for the others."
"The school is probably in a panic trying to find you," argued Bonnie. A missing student would cause unprecedented chaos. A Mikaelson child going missing would be a nightmare to deal with.
"We both know they haven't noticed my absence yet. It's a weekend."
"Hope, you didn't have to follow me all the way to Paris. We could have always kept in touch."
Hope stared down at her shoes shyly. "Ms. Bennett, the school would be so lonely without you, and I want to join your dance academy."
"I'm not your teacher anymore, so you can call me Bonnie."
Hope beamed up at Bonnie, knowing that she'd rather call her mom. "You can still be my dance teacher, Bonnie."
Anticipating the upcoming stress of dealing with the Originals, Bonnie gave her former student a stern look. "Your parents wanted you at the Salvatore Boarding School. I'm going to call the old number I have for your father, and hopefully he answers."
Beautiful content. Thank you both @mythorhuman and @cancerian-woman This is so precious.
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wearesociety · 2 years
Tumblr media
klonnie au: where klaus is the owner of an elusive supernatural underground club and feels drawn to overworked graduate student bonnie just for them to find out they’re reincarnated lovers.
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mythorhuman · 5 months
Tumblr media
Being dead was almost preferable. At least, being a ghost was a valid excuse for your friends to disregard your presence. Being Bonnie Bennett meant saving your friends and allies despite them ignoring your thoughts, opinions, or feelings. It meant prioritizing their lives over your own on a regular basis. It meant being a hero and getting no gratitude in return. And Bonnie Bennett couldn't do any of that as a ghost. She couldn’t even do magic as the anchor, a position her predecessor desperately wanted to abandon in favor of death. So yeah, she's fucked.
One chapter down, and plenty to go!
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cancerian-woman · 1 year
Tumblr media
A rough draft of an excerpt that belongs to this au:
“Good morning,” Bonnie whispered, peeping her head out on the back porch. Of course, this is where Klaus would be. Sitting on the deck, listening to the birds chirp while chatting with their daughter. “I was wondering where you two went. You know I hate the silence of a empty room.” 
Klaus was rocking an active two-month old Hazel. “Sorry, my love, the littlest witch had awoken and I couldn’t resist. She’s exquisite company.” After easing the infant gently inside her bassinet. Klaus’ sped from the rocking chair and back with Bonnie on his lap.
Klaus could list a heavy amount of things he missed with Hope. All of her firsts went to Rebekah. On and off fighting with Hayley upon Hope’s return. Missing four years of her life from Marcel’s prison. Now, he’s adding onto that time because of the hollow. Those are secrets and anguish from another life that he will hold until he can properly explain it to Bonnie.
“Sometimes I still can’t believe she’s real.” Bonnie replied, resting on Klaus’ torso as she holds Hazel in her arms examining her features as usual. She’d never be this tiny again. Brown skin, just like her mother’s. Green eyes inherited from her great-grandfather on her mother’s side. Maybe, the next will take up after Klaus.
“Yes, I carried her for months. Made plans with you for her nursery. The shopping—but that doesn’t matter! She’s here and perfect. Is it weird that everything I’ve ever done seems insignificant compared to her? I always wanted a full home so I didn’t feel alone.”
“No,” Klaus said, admiring the warmth that filled his body watching Hazel smile and coo back at her mother. “You were always saving the day. That doesn’t mean because you saved the day it gave you joy. Hazel, was and is your choice.”
Now that held some truth. Servant of nature is what a witch was supposed to be. Not everyone could be a Bennett witch even if Bonnie willingly gave her powers up.
“Caroline and Stefan emailed me. They want me to write the real history on Bennett witches for the boarding school.” Bonnie shrugged, lowering Hazel down to her breast to feed. While Klaus tugged her tank-top off her shoulder. “While Alaric is requesting talismans and other Bennett artifacts to show the students.”
“And, you don’t want that at all.” Klaus said, raising a brow. Not that he blamed her. A Bennett grimoire and a vial of blood in the wrong hands suddenly becomes a wild card for a supernatural.
“Absolutely not.” Bonnie agreed, cradling the curly head of her daughter. “I don’t think anyone else is deserving to write my family’s history but me.” She declared. “Giving up Bennett artifacts just sounds like an accident waiting to happen. Pictures exist for a reason.”
Kissing at Bonnie’s temple. “They could make a statue in your honor. I think that is just as fitting.”
“It is, since I’m the reason Mystic Falls isn’t a wiped out town on the map. A statue and plaque should’ve been made when the school was.”
“I could build one for you in our backyard,” Klaus remarks. “Right, in the center.”
“Can we put a raincheck on that statue? There’s a ritual Bennett witches perform after an infant is born. We do it during celestial events. I never had mine but I need Hazel to have hers. She’ll be sheltered by the spirits in all ways.”
Klaus’ eyes go wide for a moment. “I wasn’t aware those occurred. Ayana had four daughters and never practiced those.”
“You didn’t know she did those. It’s really private event. Witches of the past and present attend. The bloodline wants each off-spring prepared. All our daughter has to do is show up and be cute.”
“We can do anything you want.” Klaus agrees. Hope never had a coven of witches to shelter her upon birth and accept her immediately with open arms. If the ritual is performed on Hazel that can restrict the Hallow or anyone else for that matter from chasing after the Bennett’s.
“Our daughter should meet my wolf form.“ Klaus blurts out after.
“I think she’d like that.”
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melmedardasworld · 2 months
Reusing minor characters from TVD and TO for my fic makes writing a bit easier. It saves time to create an OC. Also, not being bound by the MFG and just solely focusing on writing for Bonnie 🤌🏾🤌🏾
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jazzywazzy89 · 1 year
Question for the Masses...
So if I did a Bonnie Harem fic inspired by Jazmine Sullivan’s Heaux Tales would ya’ll read it or nah? 
Tumblr media
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