#klonnie week 2023
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Hi Klonnie friends! I'm proud to announce an upcoming special event. We're bringing in the New Year with a BANG. It's been YEARS since the last Klonnie week. It's about time that we bring it back! From December 29th to January 1st, we'll be celebrating Klonnie weekend. Four days. Four prompts. And an optional bonus day!
As we all countdown to 2024, we'll be turning back the clock to different time periods. Klonnie is the ship that never was in canon BUT their potential love story is timeless. Feel free to participate in anyway you can! Gifs, fics, and drabbles are all welcome. I'm super excited to see what creations you all bring to life!
2023 Klonnie Weekend prompts below:
Dec 29 1001 in pre-colonial Virginia: Domestic Intimacy
Dec 30 1492 in Bulgaria: Unresolved Sexual Tension
Dec 31 1910s in NOLA: Lovers in Denial
Jan 1 1920s in Chicago: Enemies with benefits
Bonus: Jan 2 Present (canon): Lovers to Enemies
Special thanks to @melmedardasworld @cancerian-woman @mythorhuman and @24kmagiic for helping organize this.
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