mockerycrow · 3 days
go back to sleep baby its okay with könig 😩
400 Follower Celebration
—“Go back to sleep, baby, it’s okay.”— With König
Tumblr media
[WARNINGS: None; fluff.]
Tumblr media
It was often you spent nights alone in your house; although two live here, only one often occupies the space. You work a regular job while your boyfriend works in the military—König isn’t home too often, so you’re used to sleeping on the giant mattress alone. You would have gotten an animal by now, but certain animals make König anxious due to their usage out on the field. He tries his best to leave his job at the door so he can come back home to you be the one you need, but it can be hard.
A good way he settles down is relaxing, whilst either being held or holding you. König uses you to ground himself to a different reality he must live in to survive in the field. Your house isn’t too big, but when König’s gone? It’s massive to you. Spending your nights alone unless maybe you call a friend over, but that’s rare. You see your home as your space, as his space.
You’re sleeping peacefully on your bed, using König’s pillow with your arms wrapped around it. A thick blanket lays over you that’s also König’s, and of course, to add it on top; you’re wearing his clothes. What can you say? You miss him. You’re awoken by a heavy dip in the bed and large arms being wrapped around you, and you automatically wake up and assume it’s König, greeting the once quiet air with a soft “hmm?”
You hear a quiet and raspy voice shush you, “Go back to sleep, baby, it’s okay.” He sounds absolutely exhausted, his heavy arm limp around you. You hum again and slowly flip over to the other side, digging your head into his warm chest, your arms wrapping around him too. You don’t say anything as you let him melt against you, and you slowly drift back to sleep, faster than you usually do because you sleep well when he’s near.
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pogidoow · 3 days
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Oh hey, don't mind me, I'm just chucking you into the COD universe.
Again, all edits are of @yumethefrostypanda 's screenshots, except for @ave661 's Price render which I'd mistaken for a screenshot 'cause it's that good
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d0llieh0lic · 1 day
dilf könig ohmygoddd
watch him defo packing right, but watch him....with a raging breeding kink :(
Always whispers filthy filthy stuff into your ear, always switching between german and english "You will make me a daddy, yes? Is that what you'll like?"
and omg when you finally are pregnant he's just going to be all over you, being so so sweet with you, loving you more gently. His voice is so deep, but so velvet-ty always carrying you around in his arms, happy that you're carrying his child :((
I also feel like he's a huge tits man yk? Always sucking your excess milk, helping with breastfeeding. He loves the taste, so warm and full ❤️
König having your knees pressed up to your chest while pounding into you, telling you how he's going to fill you up and make you all fat and round with his baby growing inside of you, he wants to see your tits getting heavier with milk. When he finishes he goes again, fucking his cum back inside of you to make sure none of it's wasted, telling you how good of a mother you'll be, taking care of his baby.
And when you're pregnant, your tits begin spilling out of your bras, filled with milk, he so desperately wants to help you. His mouth latched on to your nipple, sucking, hearing your pretty moans, he loves it. Telling you how pretty you are with your growing belly, waddling around wearing his shirts. He doesn't let you do anything, he does everything for you. He wants you and the baby to be safe, always.
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lycheedr3ams · 2 days
Konig makes a lot of $$$$$
so i've been doing some research and! it's likely Konig makes at least 100k a year
allow me to explain:
Contrary to a lot of the stuff I've seen on fics and in the fandom, KorTac is NOT mercenaries! They're actually a military contractor group (source COD wiki). Whether or not you support the military or whatever, there is a dictionary difference between military contractors and mercenaries. Military contractors have stricter standards since they're working for a corporation and are often employed by countries.
And to be selected for a private military company (PMC), you can't just be an average solider. You need to be the best of the best. And as we know, Konig is that.
And we know that SpecGru (the PMC Ghost and others is apart of) is in direct opposition with KorTac, which I assume is for clients. Both PMC's are elite and highly sought after. So, both factions are going to make a lot of money given how they each have high-profile clients and skilled soldiers.
According to (https://www.operationmilitarykids.org/private-military-contractor-jobs/), military contractors can make anywhere from 80k to 250k a year. I also found an anecdotal source that said PMC's can make anywhere from 200k to 500k a year.
Given how skilled Konig is, with his experience and the high-level PMC he's a part of, he likely makes 150k+ a year, before bonuses. I wouldn't be surprised if he makes 175k a year, or even 200k, maybe more!
So yeah, Konig could treat you right. Shopping trips, manicures, all that.
You're welcome ~
Tumblr media
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mesukohi · 3 days
Tumblr media
"I can make you talk"
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weaper-reaper · 3 days
More König fluff and smut
I do apologize that I’ve been away for literally 5ever… sorry for all the fics I’ve abandoned there is a slight chance they still will be released. Until then, thank you always for the support. Here’s a treat for staying loyal and still RBlogging eventuality <3
CW: Fluff, Smut, Fingering, Creamies, KINDA SAFE SEX (literally unheard of), uhh this is KönigxYou btw, apparently ive been tagging my stuff wrong by writing xreader so forgive me ig, I’ve been craving intimacy and fluff irl so here you go, not proofed
Bzzzt… Bzzzt… Bzzzt
Your phone rattled the nightstand, clattering together the jewelry and pens that were haphazardly littered atop the smooth wood. With an annoyed grunt you twisted over to yank it from the cord it was plugged into. The bright screen made your eyes squint in through the darkness, text blurred- you answered it before knowing who was on the other side.
“Hey, uh.. hi.”
“König?” You asked out, the scratchy voice haunting and all too familiar.
There was an awkward staticky laugh through the speaker, and you sat up as your consciousness came rushing back.
“Yeah. Sorry it’s so late.” He apologized, and you pulled the phone from your ear to glance at the time. Just past midnight. “I just got back.”
His demeanor seemed to brighten as you put the cool glass back to your cheek. “Welcome back.”
“Listen.. I'm outside.”
Your heart stuttered, and you glanced to the window of your little studio, the moon sent streaks over the lonely little place you called home and a light rap sounded from the front door.
“Sorry I didn’t text,” He continued, voice stretched thin from exhaustion or travel. “I have something fo- actually, can you come to the door?”
You whipped your head around the room and your eyes landed on your bathrobe cast out lazily across the back of your chair. You snatched it up before responding.
“Yeah, yeah uhm.. hold on.”
“Okay.” He breathed, a hint of a smile on the end of his voice.
Throwing on the robe you rounded the corner from your bedroom, bare feet slapping against the tile on the floor. Without even bothering to peek through the looking hole, you unchained and unlocked the door, swinging it open wide.
König stood taller then you remembered, cast in shadows from the light in the hall. The dark seemed to loom just around him, hovering but an inch above his clothes. You met his cool gaze first, his eyes crinkled and he smiled under his hoodie.
He let the phone at the side of his face fall, and you pulled yours away then too.
“Hello.” He greeted. Smiley and with much more energy than you could’ve mustered this late at night.
“Hi.” You breathed back.
It had only been a few weeks since you last talked, but with him here at your door now- a strange look in his eye- it made it feel like months. The way he had left things made a bitter feeling resonate through your chest and your eyes quickly cast to anything but him. You cleared your throat and stepped to the side, inviting him in.
He had his bags with him, one sandy duffle bag and another giant backpack. You eyed them curiously as he dropped them, quickly answering before you could find the words to ask.
“Mission went a lot smoother than we thought, and my stuff is still in storage.. so.” He shrugged his outer jacket off and drops of water rolled down the nylon.
“It’s raining?” You asked, turning for the kitchen eyes cast over to the window again. Sure enough droplets you hadn’t noticed before stuck thick to the glass pane. “Some tea?” You offered, already putting the kettle on.
“Thank you.” He nodded, finding a spot against the cold counter to lean on.
He cleared his throat as you turned back to him, hands ruffling around in his pockets. He pulled a thin orange envelope from one of his cargo pockets and handed it flat out. You took it gingerly, suddenly too aware of the lack of clothing you sported. You tightened the robe before peeling open the packaging and pulling out the contents.
They were photos, mostly black and white, and definitely weathered. Some water spots bled around the corners making the ink smear and stick. You flipped through them excitedly.
“Oh!” You cooed, they were mostly photos of tall cliff sides, overgrown fields, the occasional tree or strange looking rock formation. You peeled apart one of them, it was a selfie- or an attempt at one. König stood infront of a lake, a few naked men stood behind him, one bent over and mooned the photo.
You laughed and glanced back over at König, a sweet smile was plastered over his face. You caught his eyes and a moment passed discreetly between you.
You had been so caught up in your own head since he left, the lack of communication drawing your feelings further and further from your own chest and you had worried he’d thought your relationship too difficult to handle while he was away. It’s not like he hadn’t been away before, but something made him seem even more distant now. He hadn't said goodbye to you this last time, just vanished. After a week you accepted the possibility of him ghosting you. But now, as his dark figure stuck out against the bright decor of your tiny kitchen, those feelings came flooding back.
The kettle squealed before you could finish your thoughts. Clearing your throat you gently set the pack of photos down onto the counter and poured out the dark liquid into two deep mugs. You handed him his, and his fingers brushed yours as he took it.
You could feel your chest heat up under the thick robe.
“Let me go change.” You whispered, breaking the silence. He set his mug down in response, and followed you to your room.
You glanced back over your shoulder at him as you passed through your doorway and blew a laugh down your nose, “Miss me that much, huh?” You joked that hidden hope, reaching for an old overnight shirt.
His arm stretched over yours suddenly grabbing the fabric with his chest at your back. He had moved so quickly you didn’t even have the chance to hear him take a step.
“I did.” He whispered softly, breath warm as it fanned over the cold shell of your ear.
You could swear your heart stopped, but then his lips were on yours in a flurry. He spun you and your robe had come undone with the movement, back now flush against the closet door. It’s hinges rattled as he all but threw you against it.
His lips were soft, and your heart raced.
It was the wetness then at your cheeks that stilled him. Slowly he peeled off of you and a hand rose to cup your jaw.
“Wh-why are you crying?”
You hadn’t noticed you were until he said something, but as your eyes met again a sob pulled from your lungs. He wasted no time in wrapping you up into his arms, pulling the two of you back onto the still warmth of your bed. You curled into him as your breathing slowed.
“Sorry,” you mumbled, raising the back of your palm to the corner of your eyes. “I just..” you started, quickly realizing it took so much energy to straighten out your thoughts.
“You left so suddenly, without saying anything.”
His brows grew tight, and his eyes cast downward heavily. “I know, I’m sorry.” Even he seemed choked back a bit.
“We weren’t allowed to tell anyone.” He continued, pulling you closer until you were practically laying on his chest. “I should’ve-“
“No it’s okay,” you interrupted, finding your voice again and apologizing, planting a palm on his chest. “It’s on me, I should’ve assumed I know your job is stressful I just..”
You drew your eyes up to his and let them cast over every feature of his face.
“I just missed you.”
“I missed you too.”
Significantly more gently this time, he craned his neck down to meet your lips. The kiss was sweeter, softer and something unspoken drew under the both of you, sweeping the two of you up into your own perfect world. Slowly he twisted, and let a hand drag down your neck through the center of your chest before settling on your hip. The rough calluses on his fingertips drew shapes over your soft skin and you couldn’t help but fall victim to the shiver that raked through your body.
There was a tug at the corner of his lips as he smirked, pleased with your reactions. He whispered lowly again, voice thick and laid with his heavy accent. “Can I touch you?”
You nodded, afraid of the noises you’d make if you opened your mouth.
With a grace a giant like him should never possess, he dipped his hand under the part in your robe and cupped at your core. A thick finger slid down your part, and then back up blossoming you open with ease. The pad of his middle finger brushed against the hood of your clit and he swallowed the gasp that pulled its way out of your lungs.
You pulled from his lips as he prodded your opening with two fingers, the tips circled your entrance and involuntarily your hips buckled upwards.
“There you go,” He sighed, slipping further and further until his knuckles were pressed up as far as they would go. You felt yourself clench around as he pulled out, willing them to stay.
He slid them in again, and curled them deliciously to drag down your walls with each tug. Your voice betrayed you and a groan escaped, he mimicked your noises, his own breath growing ragged and heavy. His hand worked away at your cunt, and his quickly growing hardness became evident at your side. He was rutting against you in time with his fingers.
You mewled into his lips and slid the arm draped around his neck down his front until your palm coaxed up the forceful protrusion against his zipper. His pace stuttered and your confidence grew with each breathy moan he released.
Delicately, he pulled his fingers from your heat and quickly tugged away at the fastening of his pants, a dark spot crowned his bulge when you looked down. With a new heat at his cheeks and ears, he replaced your hand for you atop his boxers and you immediately squeezed. A moan choked up in his throat and he buried his face into you neck and chest, littering the crevice with sloppy kisses.
Perhaps a little prematurely, you slipped that hand into his pants and against the heat of his skin, pulling his member out and taught between you. He hesitated a moment before returning a thumb to your clit.
He rose again after a moment to smother you into another heavy make out session before rolling over above you. His thick cock weaped against your hip, and an insane amount of pre pooled over the creases of your skin. The air seemed hot and unbearable as you shifted out of your robe completely. Pulling away for a moment, König also shimmied out of his clothes and returned to you in a flash, sticky bodies melting back into eachother.
Be it because of the well prepped lubrication, or simply because the stars were all in alignment, when he returned slotted perfectly against you, the tip of his cock nudged directly into the ring of your pussy.
You both stilled and he let out a pained sounding grunt.
“Fuck..” you paused. “Uhm, are you okay?” You blabbered out lamely.
“Yeah.” He responded almost instantly, a hesitant kind of shame hung over him. “It’s just, It’s been a long time. I don’t know if..”
“It’s okay,” you took over quickly, pulling your knees up and opening your legs enough to where he slid in just that much more.
“Schhhheisse..” he drawled out, “you’re too warm.”
You huffed a short laugh and reached down to circle at your own clit, letting your body adjust to the stretch of him. Tingles rushed through your body and your mind quickly became fuzzy. With a deep breath he let his fingers replace yours and he pulled away to push back in deeper than before.
Letting your head fall back, you let him work himself into you. Pulling his hips away before using his weight to shove it all back into you again, König built up a steady rhythm and your mind and body grew hot.
His arms slipped under your back, and he pulled you closer to him, each wet smack echoing through the empty room. The walls of your insides burned, and that familiar tightness below your belly made itself known.
“Ahh, ah.. fuck.” You whined, completely caged beneath him. “I can’t.. I think I’m close.” You stumbled out, clawing at the backs of his massive arms.
“I know.” He grunted, “Got-damn you’re getting so tight.”
Part of you wanted to apologize for his struggle, but a bigger part of you wanted to clench up your core tighter. The latter won and soon König thrusts grew shorter and sloppier. His moans equalling his unsteadiness. You pushed your hips up to meet him, grinding down your front to his pelvis, begging for more friction.
The head of him slammed suddenly against your cervix as he pulled your legs up, latching purchase behind your knees to effectively bend you in half. You shouted in surprise at the new angle, everything quickly becoming too much.
“Where can I-?” He began and you answered before he finished.
“Inside!” You shouted, then cried as his thrusts became rougher- more demanding. “Inside, I.. IUD. It’s safe.”
You couldn’t help but grind your hips up into him, a desperate attempt to hurry your aching clit along. His lips found yours again in a frenzied haze, and you came undone almost instantly. Your core pulsed and you cried out from under him as the waves shook through every inch of your body.
König followed with two more strong thrusts, his hips stuttering and locked within your tightness. You could feel the warmth flow up deep inside of you, and he practically collapsed above you, completely spent.
You both laid a moment together, and his sweet cadence finally broke the silence after your pussy stopped its throbbing. He attempted to pull out, but your cunt gripped him completely.
“Relax.” He almost chuckled. Embarrassment flushed your face as he dragged a soothing hand down your sides, pulling away with a hiss.
“Sorry..” you mumbled.
He cast his eyes back up to you in a flash, and smirked. “Don’t be.”
“Just give me ten, okay?”
You rolled away to cover your face, giggling.
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nrdmssgs · 2 days
Königs first time with the reader
Pairing: König x afab reader
Summary: you two have been dating for a while, but you always thought that of the two of you, you were always the needy one, and he was just too humble to make the first move. König proves you wrong.
Warnings: smut (under cut), there is almost no plot there, just pure shameless smut
AN: this is an experiment, I wanted to find out if I can write smut without 5 years of prior story and slow tension buildup) I`m still too ashamed to ask for beta reading, so prepare for loads of mistakes.
You were patient. You didn't touch him, when you two weren't alone. Didn't want to make him uncomfortable, and besides the wait was always worth it. Königs` kisses were an absolute unearthly experience. The first one was always light as a touch of evening breeze against your skin. Just a humble request. Hope burning in his chest. But as soon as you answered, pressed your lips to his, moved in unison with him, he was lost. Hope gave way to desire, necessity. His arms wrapped around your waist, pressing you against his broad chest. His tongue slipped between your lips, in a desperate urge to taste you. Königs` heavy sighs and muffled moans echoed in your head as he tortured your lips with the most intoxicating touches, cupping your face with his tremendous hands. And then there was his piercing gaze. Silverish eyes never leaving yours, roaming around your face, lingering on your lips…
But this all was reserved for the times you were alone. You knew it well and waited, till your friends leave, and he stays to help you clean up after the party. "Leave it to me," he says behind your back as you put a stack of dishes in the sink. You don't leave the sink. "I need something to keep my hands busy. Otherwise, I'm risking... never mind."
He takes your hand and lifts it up to his face. “Leave.” A soft kiss is pressed against your knuckles. “It.” His hot tongue leaves a wet trail down to your fingertips. “To me.” He gently sucks on your fingers, holding your hand in a tender, yet firm clasp, stopping you from trying to get back to washing dishes. Now that's quite bold of him. You were convinced, it was always you, who was so impatient for his touch, who craved his kisses. But right now, he was proving you wrong. He didn't even wait, till all your guests were gone.
It was a miracle, you lasted so long and behaved so well, saying goodbyes to your friends. König was standing right behind you, waving at the last person leaving your place. No, he hasn't touched you more since that few blissful minutes on your kitchen. He just stood there, so close, you could hear his heart beating faster with every next minute.
As soon as the door closes, you turn around and press yourself against him. König knows what that means. Permission. He leans towards and lifts your chin. This time, the first kiss is not at all meek and reserved. His short muffled sighs are quickly filled with groans. His tongue is so hot, it makes you wonder if König caught fever. In a few moments, that could as well be a few minutes, you are absolutely drunk on his kisses. You grind ever so slightly against his hip to release tension, coiling in your body. You two never went this far, and you don't want to scare him off, if he is not yet ready. But gods, you need him. 
His massive hand slides down your spine and clasps on your soft tight. For a split second you think, he wants to stop you from whatever you are doing. But he instead presses you closer to make friction stronger. He is so eager, you are almost taken aback, and you break your kiss for a moment. König only shuts his eyes and presses you even closer. “Bitte… bitte hör nie wieder damit auf*”- he desperately pleads and finds your lips once again, going for a much deeper kiss this time.
You may not understand Königs mother tongue, but he is good at explaining everything without words. You've been patient long enough, might as well let yourself be more daring this time. So you unbutton his pants, reveling in his moans, while he goes down from your lips to your neck. He lets go of your hips, allowing you to pull back a little, giving your hands more space. You slide your fingers under his boxers and a soft shiver runs down your body. You've never felt anything like that. So huge, so unbelievably hot, you didn't believe, human body could produce such temperatures… So painfully hard and veiny. You release his cock, and König pulls away from your neck and desperately bites his hand, holding back a loud moan. He looks up at you with craving, wet eyes, dark with desire. “Bitte…” he whispers breathlessly. You aren't sure if he wants you to stop or go on, until he pushes his hips slightly closer to your hands. “Bitte,” you hear his barely audible whine.
You smile and put your both hands around his girth, spreading his precum around. He tries to hold back but can't keep it for too long and starts to move, sliding himself in your grip. You look down and feel your mouth watering. He is so massive, so beautifully entangled with an ornament of veins, glistening, like the finest desert. You wrap your fingers around his cock tighter, and make a few bolder, quicker moves. He closes his eyes, and you notice tears glistening at the corners of his eyes. "Oh no," he tries to grab your hands, but fails to do that in time. Heavy drops fall loudly on the floor. It goes on long enough, like he's been holding back too long. "I'm sorry... so sorry, Schatzi*." His breath is absolutely stuttered, he digs into his hand so hard that the skin under his teeth turns white. You press your lips against his cheek and whisper, "It's okay. I wanted this," as he continues to apologize.
"You don't have to apologize, König. We just... shouldn't have taken so long... Don't worry, let me get some tissues and you can rest, okay?" You unconsciously raise your hand and lick your fingers. This does not escape König. He looks up at you and you don't recognize his eyes. Hungry and lustful. When he answers, even his voice is different. Raspy and deep. “Oh no, I'm not resting tonight. Not until you feel as good as I just have.”
*Bitte… bitte hör nie wieder damit auf - Please… please don`t stop *Schatzi - treasure
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lacieur · 3 days
Sub köing with fem reader, köing gets overstimulated and cums to quick for his liking and gets embarrassed
poor thing would get so flustered, quickly rambling out apologies in a mixture of english and german. his hands come up to hide his face, mortified tears threatening to spill from his eyes.
"'msorry'msorry'msorry", he babbles again and again, words practically melding together. you reach up and grab his hands, pulling them away from his face. a smile etches onto your face at the cute way his eyes are scrunched closed, a deep shade of red engulfing his entire face. you lean forward, kissing his cheeks a few times. he slowly opens his eyes to peek at you, surprised to see the loving expression you're casting down on him.
"my sweet baby, it's okay. let's try again, yeah?"
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homicidal-slvt · 5 hours
Can you do mote jealous type stories with könig? I love the way you do jealous writing!!
"Good Little Engel"
König x F!Reader
Warnings: Possessive!König, Biting/Marking, Overstimulation, Oral
You came home later than usual which had König worried sick, your phones battery had died so you couldn't get up with him.
You were lost and cold cause it was rainy, thank the Lord your friend Soap found you. Being as kind as he was he even let you borrow his jacket.
Now looking like a wet cat you kicked off your shoes in the entryway, met with your big Austrian boyfriend who was standing in the kitchen. He was relieved to see you, his heart lighting up with the fact you were okay.
He even had made some hot tea in case you wanted any- then his eyes fell on it....
Another man's jacket wrapped around your form, it took all his will to not crush that mug within his hand to smithereens right then.
He trusted you. You'd never cheat.
But that didn't stop that boiling jealousy infecting his veins.
"Who's jacket is that?"
His tone was colder than usual, those deep brown eyes you fell in love with currently sent a shiver down your spine.
"It's Soaps... He let me borrow it because it was cold and rainy."
He wished that made him feel better but it didn't, he's seen the way Soap looks at you sometimes... Like he wished he was the one that had you.
But he could never have you... Ever.
König was going to make for damn sure of that.
Your eyes were rolled back in your head, you were dizzy from pleasure at this point. Not a single coherent thought in that pretty little head of yours.
"König- please-"
You weren't sure what you were begging for- more or for him to stop. He's been at it for awhile, overstimulating your poor pussy with his tongue.
Driving you over the edge over and over again, occasionally stopping to catch his breath or leave more bite marks along your thighs.
So many hickeys littered your body and it didn't look like the night would be ending soon.
"Say you're mine, engel."
Your vision was blurry and he loved the sight, however he needed your answer. Biting down a bit harder into the flesh of your thigh making you squeak.
"I'm yours!!! God- I'm yours!!!"
"That's my good little engel..."
{More Content}
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1-800-moondust · 3 days
hey guys I made a yandere König bot on character.ai + link to them
here are some highlights:
tw: yandere behavior, mentions of alcohol, the first screenshot is a bit sexual
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
and here's a funny little convo:
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
please tell me if the link works or not I've never shared a character off there before
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soggyriceee · 1 day
Moth To A Flame | Konig
{ more weeknd inspired smut bc why the hell not?}
Konig's hips met yours again, his hand gripping your thigh. " Fuck.. fuck stay quiet libeling. h-he'll hear you." he whispered, his head resting between your neck and shoulder. His other hand covering your mouth, his palm sweaty from your moans and rapid breaths.
this was wrong.
you both knew. but neither of you could stop.
your boyfriend was asleep just upstairs. he treated you so well. like a princess. bought you anything, planned for a future with you. never got mad at you, you had all his passwords. he was your dream guy.
but you couldn't keep yourself away from your ex. from Konig. you could hang up when he calls late at night, fucking himself into his fist while he tells you how much he misses you. how no other woman has made him as hard as you do. how much he wants to kill your new man.
and truthfully, you couldn't stop your fingers from rubbing your clit, collecting the wetness that dripped from you.
you felt ashamed, guilty even. but you knew that if you left your man now, going back to Konig he'd cheat over. and over. the same way he did the last 3 times. but they way he'd make it up to you, fucking you senseless, whispering how much he loved you, how he was thinking about you and your pussy while he fucked whoever.
but here you were, on your living room couch, knees pressed to your chest, tears brimming your eyes as his hips slammed into yours, jerking you and the couch up. " fuck.. can he fuck you like this? I b-bet he cant.. other-otherwise.. fuck.. you would've kicked me out." he groaned, gripping you harder. you clenched around him, your hands gripping his shoulders.
small whimpers left his lips every thrust, followed by either a praise or a loud groan. he wasn't scared of your man waking up. in fact he was praying he did. he hoped he'd walk down and see you beneath him, back arched and eyes squeezed shut in pleasure. it made him twitch in you, made him wanna fuck you on the bed even.
" k-konig~" you whimpered, muffled into his hand. he growled, moving faster, sucking your neck. he missed you. more than the sexual aspect, he missed you in his bed. waking up to you. but you were someone else's, even with his marking covering your body, his cum filling you up. you were someone else's now. "I know libeling.. me too. imma f-fill you up..fuck" his head raised, eyes hooded as he watched your face twist in pleasure.
your hands dropped to your clit, rubbing it at the same pace as his thrusts. his hand went from your throat to your neck, gripping it. " come on baby.. c-come back with me.. ill fuck you s-so good.. treat you b..better." he moaned, eyes pleading with yours.
for a moment, you almost said yes. the way his dick slammed into your pussy, kissing your cervix. how he knew just how to touch you, making you cum within minuets. but he was unloyal. he hurt you, over and over. you were happy now. with a man.
but when the tears from his eyes dropped onto your stomach, his thrusts becoming more aggressive, you felt a pain in your heart. what if he was serious? what if he changed? "y-your mine.. all mine.. fuck imma fill you with my cum libeling.. I-im gonna get you fucking pregnant." he slapped your hand away from your clit, taking over.
your back arched, whimpers and moans leaving your soft lips after each powerful thrust. " p-please Koni~" you whined, looking up to him. he grunted, leaning down and slamming his lips to yours. you felt him pick up the pace, whimpers from him leaving his lips. "I-im cumming maus I-im..fuck!" he groaned, a bit too loud, his last thrust a bit too powerful. the couch hit the table beside it, knocking off all the pictures. his hips jerked forward, trying his hardest to keep up the pace.
you felt the knot in your stomach quickly named undone, your own cries of pleasure slipping from your lips. hid body dropped to yours, his arms wrapping around you.
"please libeling.. come with me." he said into your chest.
"ive changed."
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gentle giant | konig x reader | ch.3
Tumblr media
warnings: slight, VERY slight nsfw, little spicy
summary: you finally open up about the worries keeping you awake at night...and it goes as well as one could expect. In fact, better. (i did say this was a slow burn, right?)
Word count: 2.3k [._.]
chapters: | 1 | 2 | 3 |
a/n: I am...SO sorry. I've had this chapter in the works for weeks but when finals came I literally had no time to finish. But since finals are done, LET'S EFFING GOOOOOO!! anyway, hope you like this one! thank you!
Tumblr media
A few days had passed from your fainting spell. You had woken up underneath your covers, completely naked. Immediately you were panicking, immediately trying to remember what happened the night before. There was paperwork, and then Konig escorted you to the showers and then… Safe to say Konig was terrified when you stomped up to him in the middle of the gym, finding his ear with expert precision through his hood. He was quick to explain the situation, Ghost surprisingly backing up his claims. Admittedly, you were more embarrassed than you've ever been in your life, quickly excusing yourself to your office to bury yourself in paperwork. When in reality, you wanted to throw yourself off a cliff. 
Little to say the next few days consisted of you burying yourself in paperwork, sometimes helping the odd private here and there, ultimately avoiding Konig as much as you could. Which was nearly impossible, seeing as the behemoth stood watch outside your door constantly. It was strange, you hardly ever saw the man move from his post even for food or water. Sometimes your gaze would lift up to his tall figure peeking out from around the door frame. You thought you’d seen his ash green eyes follow you a couple times, but his gaze was gone as quickly as it was there. You must have imagined it. 
The sun had begun to set when you finally finished the last page of paperwork. You let out a groan, sitting back in your chair, throwing your hands above your head to stretch, hearing a few pops from your spine. You let out another sigh, your gaze turning up to Konig who stood still at the door. The two of you hadn’t spoken since the gym, embarrassing not only him but yourself. The guilt began to weigh heavier than before, a frown coming upon your lips. You walk over to Konig whose back was still to you. You look up at him with a small nervous smile, gaining his attention. 
Konig looked shocked and apprehensive with you approaching him again, scared that you were going to yell at him again. Truth be told, you were tiny but you were terrifying. 
“I didn’t scare you, did I?” You said. 
“A-ah, no ma’am,” Konig responded. 
You frowned at his answer. You grabbed his arm, pulling him into the office. Konig was more than strong enough to pull away from him but he allowed you to guide you into the seat across from your desk. You reached for his shoulders, pushing him down to sit, his eyes never leaving you. You stepped away, slightly amused that he had listened to you. For once you stood taller than him as he sat his knees together. You finally released him, still holding your hands up as if to calm a cornered animal. 
“Stay, I’ll be back,” you said. 
With that, you left Konig alone. He craned his head to see around the door frame, thinking that this was maybe a prank.  But no, you weren’t hiding behind the door, he knew this by listening to your footsteps leave down the hall. Konig didn’t slouch, he stayed ready, prepared for what he was assuming he was supposed to wait for. His leg bounced with rising anxiety, his fingers fiddling. She said she’d be back, so…she’ll be back, any minute now, Konig told himself. 
A max of ten seconds passed before the worst of fears began to resurface. What if you went to tell Price that you wanted a new guard? Guard wasn’t the right word, protector? Bodyguard? No, these were all worse. Konig couldn’t stop himself from assuming the worst each second that ticked by until your voice cut through all the noise.
“Hope your hungry,” you said. 
Konig’s eyes whipped up to you, immediately finding your hands full of snacks. You looked down at the mix of junk food in your arms, looking over the foreign labels. 
“I don’t know which one you prefer, so I got everything the vending machine had,” you said. 
You stumbled over your words, feeling like a blushing schoolgirl. You were embarrassed, a feeling you’ve become more accompanied with in the last few days than your entire lifetime. You placed the snacks on the desk, plopping yourself in your chair, avoiding Konig’s piercing gaze. 
“You can have first pick,” you said, “I haven’t seen you move from your post all day, and I know you must be hungry so, please, just eat something.” 
Konig blinked in shock, trying to piece words together. Finding it easier to pick a snack, he picked up a bag of crisps, dwarfed in his big hand.
“T-thank you, doctor,” Konig said softly. 
“Maus,” you corrected with a frown. “Konig, I need you to listen to me.”
You had his full attention but the mere thought of that  made you even more nervous. Even so, you took in a steely breath to calm your nerves. 
“I haven’t known you for long, but I get the sense you’re a good person- god what am I saying? I mean to say-” 
“I accept your apology, Maus” Konig said. 
The depth of his voice made your mind turn blank, but you had the feeling you didn’t need them. You let out a shaky sigh, staring down into your bag of crisps with the sorrow you’ve kept buried deep for the past weeks. 
“I take it John didn’t really brief you why you have to babysit me, huh?” you murmured. 
Konig shook his head silently. You leaned on your desk, head hanging low. 
“I saw something, something I shouldn’t have seen…and now I’ve put everyone in danger, including you,” you said, unable to help the tears pooling in your eyes. “No one will say it but I know, I’ve fucked everything up. Laswell and Price have no idea where to go from here, because if they did, we’d be moved on by now. But we’re not, we’re stuck because of me.” 
“...Is that such a bad thing?” Konig said gently. 
Your eyes shot up to his, confused. He avoids your gaze but you could see how he carefully constructed his next words. 
“I, I know that the circumstances aren’t ideal, but…I am happy to have met you, Mauschen,” Konig said. 
Though you couldn’t see underneath his hood, his cheeks were tinged a strawberry red that reached up to his ears. You on the other hand couldn’t hide the dusted blush on your cheeks as you looked at him in shock. Konig’s eyes widened hearing your childish giggle. 
“Jetzt fühle ich mich wirklich wie ein Idiot. Ihr Partner muss glücklich sein, Sie zu haben,” you smiled. 
It was Konig’s turn to laugh now, “Es gibt niemanden, der so viel Pech hat.”
You quirked a brow, “really, no one?”
“Is it really that hard to believe?” Konig smiled underneath the hood. 
“Well, yeah actually,” you shrugged. 
Konig felt like he was in a furnace. He didn’t believe he could survive another one of your compliments. 
“What about you?” Konig spoke meekly. 
You sighed, “I had someone before I joined, but that didn’t really work out. ‘Creative differences’ was how they put it, but it was just them wanting to fuck my best friend.” 
“Did they?” Konig said in disbelief. 
You quirked a brow, “what do you think?” 
Konig scoffed and shook his head, finally opening his snacks.
“Arschloch,” Konig grumbled, earning a nod from you. 
A silence came over the two of you as you watched Konig lift his hood almost slowly as is ceremonial, revealing his chin and nose. You studied him like a moth to a flame, committing him to memory. His roman nose, the scar that ran over his full lips -- in fact, he had a good number of scars from what little you could see. Konig immediately noticed your stare and self-consciously began to hide again. Before he could, you reached across and stopped his hand, his wide eyes staring deep into yours. 
“Don’t, I’m sorry for staring,” you said gently. 
Your touch felt hot and cool on his skin and he yearned for more, but just as soon as it was there it wasn’t, you falling back into your chair. Your gaze never left him though, curiosity taking hold. 
“Ber, why do you wear your hood?” You finally ask. 
Konig gulped, having to finally face the question he’s heard a thousand times before. Each time he had different answers, ‘So no one can find me,’ ‘To scare the living shit out of the enemy,’ ‘To keep the bugs out’ -- all bullshit but it was easier to lie than to unpack everything.  Those before didn’t want to know, they wanted the easy answer, and that always seemed like the appropriate one. But now, that answer didn’t seem enough. 
“To be honest… You figured out the first time we met, Mauschen,”he said softly. 
You didn’t understand but you waited for Konig to continue, wishing him to have a safe space to speak his troubles. 
“I get…anxious? When people look at me, they only see me for my size. And when I’m out there, that’s what they’re betting on. They just see as some…monster,” he said barely above a whisper. 
Your gaze softened as you looked upon the poor man. You tossed your chips onto the table, having stopped nibbling on them a while ago, before standing to your feet. You walked around the desk, placing a hand on Konig’s shoulder. He looked up at you expectantly as you gestured your head toward the wall. You walked over, stopping before a wall-mounted mirror long enough to show the head and torso but nothing else. Konig approached you, hood falling back down, waiting for you to speak. 
You pointed to the mirror, “what do you see?” 
Konig took a moment before looking at himself and plainly replying, “I see me.” 
You playfully rolled your eyes, “Ja, I know that, but what do you see?” 
Konig looked upon his reflection, searching for the answer to your question. You raised your hand to his hood, your gazes connecting as you waited for his consent. Finally, Konig gave a curt nod, lowering his head to allow access. As if in holy matrimony, you raised the veil over his helmet revealing his face. From this close, you could feel his breath bristle your eyelashes. You could see him now, fully in all his beauty. And he was seraphic. 
 You could see his emerald eyes clearly and the exhaustion held in them. His hair, a shocking auburn that matched his brows, his left brow interrupted by yet another scar. Scars littered his pale skin, some hiding underneath the beginning of stubble around his jaw. You could fully see the burning blush running over his cheeks now, no matter how desperately he wished to hide now. There were several adjectives that could be said, but none of them did him justice. 
You were completely lost in your disbelief that you hadn’t registered that your hand was ghosting over his cheek. Konig let out a hum, his hand enveloping yours as he leaned into your touch. 
“I don’t disgust you?” He asked. 
You smiled, “not even in the slightest.” 
Konig cast his gaze down in shame, “Maus, I’ve done things…I’m not proud of.” 
Your brow furrowed, “we both have, it comes with the territory. But that is not you.”
“Maus,” he whispered, leaning down to you. 
It happened quickly, his lips pressed gently against yours, as if holding them to flame. But he kept them there and you dared not move, your eyes falling closed. Konig didn’t push for more, his kiss innocent and sweet. Finally pulling from you, he took your face in his hands, staring down into your eyes with longing.
“Tell me to stop, and I will, Mauschen,” you could hear the straining restraint in the poor man’s voice. 
The right thing would have told him to stop, to put an end to something that would land the two of you in a load of trouble. That would’ve been the right thing…But fuck the right thing. You wanted to be selfish for once. You pulled Konig by his neck, capturing his lips once again, sealing in your answer. 
That was all Konig needed to have his hands on you, one hand on your waist, the over tangling in your hair, pulling you closer. He pulled you flush against him, desperate for more but fearful of seeming too desperate. But you weren’t a complete stranger to military time, AKA there being no time at all. You yanked on his vest, your lips ghosting over his. Your stomach sank seeing Konig shake his head. 
“Not like this, liebling… Wenn wir das machen ... möchte ich, dass es etwas Besonderes ist,” König said, his gaze looking for your approval.
Your gaze softened again, before nodding, “yes, I’d like that.” 
Konig wrapped his arms around your waist, “but this isn’t too bad, right?”
You giggled before kissing him again, Konig licking your lips, parting them. Konig grabbed the back of your thighs, lifting you effortlessly as you wrapped your legs around his waist. The two of your desperation was thick in the air, but even still you could feel Konig holding back by how his hands didn’t leave the plush of your thighs. Your hands found purchase underneath his hood, tangling with his locks. He sighed before pulling away from your lips, his drowning gaze never leaving you. 
You began to feel embarrassed, the nasty feeling rising in your chest. 
“I-I’m sorry,” you mumbled, tearing your gaze away from his. 
Konig followed your’s, a small smile on his lips, “for what, Mauschen?” 
“I-I…we’re basically strangers…” you said, overthinking like you always do.
Konig hummed, a frown replacing his smile, “do you want to stop?” 
Your body was set ablaze in this question alone. Everything in you told you wanted this, wanted him. You were snapped out of your thoughts with his lips pressing lightly against your burning forehead. 
“We’ll take it slow then, Mauschen,” Konig smiled, “and once the mission in complete, I’ll take you to wherever you want. Your choice.” 
You grinned, “anywhere?” “Anywhere, liebling,” Konig smiled lovingly before leaning in to press a sweet kiss on your lips once more.
Tumblr media
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soaps-hoe-141 · 3 days
Gaymers Unite
Again thank you very much for this perfectly fitting Watcher and Konig art @foreverrunningfree
Tumblr media
So as requested by my proofreader and @czigonas the first pride month present is done, hope y'all enjoy. Also thank you @embruhh for being patient with my questions about Scots, feel free to correct me if I fucked something up
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Pairing: Konig x trans!OC (Watcher: I have lore posts on my pinned masterlist)
WC: 8.7k
Synopsis: Lil bit of fluff, some tech support, most smut though, hope ya enjoy
Warnings: NSFW 18+, OC is transmasc
Green eyes stared hard. The tall German had kept those eyes on him from the moment Watcher had entered the store and drug him along too. His cheeks were rosy pink beneath that black mask as they walked up and down the aisles, looking at the many hyper-realistic dildos and harnesses. Konig’s arms were crossed over his chest, his fingers tapping nervously atop his bicep in time with his own racing heartbeat. “Fyn,” the strained voice spoke beneath his mask, “Please can we go?” The ginger turned to give the tall man a curious look, they had discussed coming here but the big man was starting to change his mind.
Slowly a smile erupted on that freckled face, noticing the anxiety in the other man immediately before he answered quietly, “How are ye sleekit, Koni? You say things that make even me blush when we’re in bed.” Konig went even more red at that comment, and his dark red brows rose into his hairline as the shorter man spoke. He raised a hand towards those plush, pink lips and shook his head quickly. Simultaneously he raised his other hand to his own face putting a single finger up to his mask in an attempt to shush the Scotsman who only seemed more amused by the futile gesture.
That strained voice came out from underneath the mask once more as he shook his head, “No, Fyn. Do not- Stop talking. Please,” Konig was stammering over his attempts at speaking now, pleading with the ginger in front of him to stay quiet. “This is not- You cannot say those things here, Fyn. We are in public, anyone could hear-” Green eyes raised and he glanced down the aisle at a woman who stopped momentarily to look at them with a bit of a tilted head before she decided not to stop and continued on. 
Watcher continued to smile good-naturedly even after glancing down to look at the disappearing woman. As soon as she was gone the ice blue gaze returned to the shelf in a moment, “It’s alright Koni, no one cares. But if it’s geein ya the boak we’ll leave, come on then,” the shorter man reached for the huge hand that dwarfed his own in comparison. Long, lithe fingers wrapped around the warm, gloved hand as he finally headed back down the aisle for the door. Maybe dragging Konig into Luke & Jack’s wasn’t the best idea after all, even if he didn’t want to come by himself he should have known the tall man would have had his reservations about it.
~~~~~Three Days Later~~~~~
The door opened quietly behind the completely engrossed Scotsman. Watcher was so busy playing his FPS he didn’t even hear the squeaking of hinges over the sounds of shooting. The quietly creeping form behind him was careful not to give himself away either. The loud, usually overly sweet, Scotsman watched his screen fade to black before switching to his teammate’s view. Immediately the young man yelled out, “Are ya takin the fuckin piss!? How did ya no trade me ya numpty!?”
Watcher huffed with frustration as he tapped the top of his mic to mute himself, continuing to curse under his breath at the screen and shake his head at whoever he was watching. His teammate didn’t last much longer after that, maybe a few more seconds, before he too died. The screen faded to black before a single word flashed across the monitor, ‘Defeat’. Fyn’s jaw tensed angrily, his fingers tapping against the desk as the match finally ended and he pressed the button at the top of the screen to requeue.
A pale hand found the lithe shoulder in the next moment, the vine tattoos on full display as the Scotsman wasn’t wearing a shirt. At first the smaller man jumped with his eyes blown wide, his hands coming up to knock whoever was touching him away. In the next moment though he saw the backs of those familiar tattooed hands, a couple light and faded scars along his knuckles, and the fingernails painted in a fresh coating of black. A familiar sight that never failed to make his face light up as he caught sight of the scarred and beautiful face above him.
The racing of the ginger’s heart finally stopped as Watcher relaxed into an easy smile, looking up into dark green eyes, “Where huv ye been, Koko? Been bored and alone all day, now I’m sittin here all scunnert, not a bloody soul in the world knows how ta play this fuckin game and especially not these four dafties.” That slight tone of annoyance came back in a moment before the ginger took a deep breath, closed his eyes for a moment, and then returned his gaze to Konig with a forced smile. Though his look softened as he watched the other man, it always did. Like a balm for his very soul…if he had one.
In response the German moved his hand to rest atop the pile of ginger curls, running through the thick hair as he leaned down to press a gentle kiss to those lips. When Konig pulled away he smiled warmly down at him in return before finally he answered, “I’m sorry, Newt.” There was a quiet giggle from the Scotsman who still couldn’t believe that was what Konig had decided upon calling him when they weren’t on base of course. All because he had a Great Crested Newt tattooed across his collarbone among the vines, dog-roses, and wood anemone. He could have chosen between a Red-Eyed Crocodile Skin and an Adder and instead the man had gone with Newt. Though he had to admit it was endearing.
When another kiss pressed against the many curls this time Watcher's eyes narrowed at the tall man, wondering what it was the German wanted. It wasn't that Konig wasn’t sweet all the time, he was, sometimes overbearingly so. It was more of a feeling that pulsed in Fyn's gut that told him that the tall, red haired man behind him was awaiting the perfect moment to do something. Or to at least say something. The other man had never been all that good at hiding his expressions, a side effect of always wearing a mask wherever he went. Your facial expression typically became much more loose in private when you never had to worry about it while out in public.
Konig didn't seem willing to share his intentions though as he added on to his apology, "I was out buying a few things. I did not think you would be so lonely here without me, you seemed very interested in your game when I left." Had he been interested in the game? Fyn honestly couldn't remember, he had a tendency to get sucked into them when he started playing. To be honest the apartment could have been on fire and the Scot probably never would have noticed unless someone physically drug him away from his PC. As Konig finished his sentence though a loud noise came from the computer that caught Watcher's attention in a second.
The shorter man turned in a moment, sliding his chair forward back under the desk as the countdown for his next game began. Still though the Scotsman answered him, "Well I was…Felt very neglected, Koni." It was a blatant lie, and one that Konig could see through easily, and worked to draw out a smile on the big man's face in response. When the ice blue eyes flicked back up to the other man he saw the dark red eyebrows lift in a silent apology, the huge hand that had settled on his shoulder giving a gentle squeeze. "It's ok, I forgive ya, unlike the bastarts in this game," Konig gave a light laugh at that as he settled against the back of the chair to watch as the Scotsman readied for his next match.
As Fyn setup traps and an ambush on site in the pregame the tall German behind him scrunched up his nose at the voice he heard through the headphones, “We do not sound like that, Fyn. You know I hate when you play her.” The ginger merely gave a quiet smile as he stayed laser focused, Konig had never liked this character and it never failed to amuse him. It wasn’t like there was a Scottish character to cause him the same sort of annoyance, thankfully.
As the countdown for the start of the round began Konig leaned down against the back of the chair with an anxious look in his eyes. The young man was completely engrossed at this point, he didn't see the gleam in those green eyes, or the way his scruffy chin settled just behind where his head was. As an enemy peeled around the corner the chess game between them began, "I've been thinking," there was a quiet hum from Watcher but it was obvious he wasn't really paying attention, "That I may have overreacted in that store the other day." There was another soft smile that appeared on those plush, pink lips but other than that the young man stayed completely focused on what he was doing.
The fingers of that huge catcher's mitt slid back into the curly locks along the back of Watcher's head. Nails dragging lightly against his scalp as the German successfully drew out another low, satisfied hum from the young Scotsman. Still though the other remained completely focused on his game, finishing the first round with a win. In a softer voice Konig continued, "I, um, well it made me a bit nervous." There was a nod from the ginger, they'd already talked about this both before and after entering the store so to hear him bringing it all up again was a bit…unexpected.
A hard swallow as those long, thick fingers continued to play with his hair softly and Konig pushed on, "I wasn't sure what else you might want to do with a-” The tall man stopped for a second trying to think of the word before finally continuing, “I believe you called it a packer?" Fyn nodded slowly again, the young man's attention now divided between his game and the huge man currently bent in half to talk softly just behind his ear. The second round ended with another win for the Scot's team due mostly in part to the ginger's work. Any time you wipe an entire team it's safe to say you did the heavy lifting.
This was getting a bit long winded now, in truth. Konig was drawing out what he was trying to say, his anxiety building with every extra second it took him to get out where his mind was leading his words. The tall man cleared his throat and pushed onward, "I know you said you've never used one before," the Scot nodded again. It was the truth, Watcher had come out early on in highschool to his parents who had been completely supportive of him from the moment he had told them. That support had eased some of that dysphoria, the need to prove to himself he indeed a man. Especially after his top surgery it had never really mattered to him what was in his pants after that. Or it had mattered much less, at least for a few blissful years.
Then about the time he'd started to get more comfortable with the idea of having something down there and even sex, he'd gotten himself arrested for hacking something he really should not have been hacking. And by that point packing just became a hindrance so it was just easier not to even let himself think about it anymore. He just kept himself busy and avoided the thought of bottom dysphoria as best he could. Though over the past few months that dysphoria had been rearing its ugly head. Turning his bad days to worse even though he hid them well, from everyone except Konig anyway. It wasn’t like most of the other guys knew he was transmasc anyway, well no one except for Laswell and Price anyway. So even if they had noticed something off it was doubtful anyone would have guessed what it really was.
However, the German always saw him when he was looking at himself in the mirror. He watched as the ginger criticized everything he still found inherently feminine about himself. The shape of his face, the way his hips looked, how short he was, and the list went on and on. The tall man had also noticed the other man's seemingly worsening anxieties about every little thing that didn't even have anything to do with his body. Konig had always been hyper aware of everyone else around him and when it came to his little Scotsman the truth of that statement only increased tenfold. "Fyn," there was a small hum as if to say, 'Yes dear?' so Konig continued, "Would you- Will you-" The tall man couldn't seem to figure out how to ask this without feeling like an idiot for saying it aloud, before finally he just blurted out, "I want you to top me."
Fyn's hand froze on the mouse, his icy eyes blowing wide with surprise. The screen faded to black a second later as an enemy came around the corner and lit Watcher up without so much as a single shot in return from the overly competitive Scotsman. The camera view changed to one of his teammates, but the young man was frozen in his chair while he stared at the screen with a surprised unseeing look as he tried to process what his much larger boyfriend had just said. No scratch that, what his impossibly large and extremely dangerous boyfriend had just demanded of him.
"Ye say wha?" Fyn turned around in the chair to look up at Konig with that wide-eyed expression but the sound of the round loss and the start of the next forced his attention back to the screen. Though it was very obvious that Watcher was paying no attention to what was happening in the game. Completely forgetting to set his equipment up for the next round. His teammates shouting questioningly at him in the voice chat.
Icy hues kept flicking to the hand still resting on his shoulder as he played through the round to the best of his abilities. Even distracted he managed to kill two of the other team before he felt the large index finger tracing absently over a freckled shoulder. Swallowing hard, the young man turned again looking up at Konig before he asked, “Ya want me ta…top ye?” The German watched him for a brief moment before giving a hesitant nod.
Slowly the young man’s head tilted as he looked up at the other, taking a deep breath as he thought about it for a moment. “Koni, I’d love ta, but I dinnae…Well I mean I dinnae have a real prick,” Fyn laughed lightly as he shook his head. Trying not to upset himself at that statement, it wasn’t exactly something he enjoyed having to admit aloud. Another round started in the next heartbeat and the Scotsman returned to his game, his mind whirling with thoughts.
Clearing his throat the German stamped down some of his nervousness, “I know that little Newt, but-” Watcher lifted a hand to stop him, before pointing back at the screen as the round started. Green eyes focused on the game again, quieting as he tried to let the young man focus. It wasn’t often that Fyn got the chance to play anymore with work and their relationship, so while he had the chance Konig was content to let him play, at least until he decided he was done.
As the round came to an end Watcher hurriedly looked back to the tall man as the German spoke again, “So I went shopping today, yes?” The Scotsman gave a tentative, slow nod as Konig retreated out the door for a quick moment and then returned with a shopping bag. “So I got you something to, you know, make up for my overreaction yesterday.” He shoved the bag forward towards the young man, eyebrows raised expectantly as Fyn took it from him.
Watcher didn’t open it immediately, weighing the bag in his hand for a moment as he looked up at Konig with a small smile, “Ya got me something? It isnae my birthday, Koni," the ginger gave him a wry smile as he looked up. As he opened the bag though his icy eyes slid down, taking a quick glance inside the wry smile turned into a beaming grin.
An incredulous laugh left the young man’s mouth as he shook his head and shuffled through the bag inspecting the contents inside, "I know that it is not your birthday little Newt, but you have been talking about it for a while now so I bought it for you…well I bought a few of them, I was not sure which was best. I am sorry," the tall man's cheeks were blood red by now. Green eyes looking anywhere but at the Scotsman.
The shorter man was too busy digging around in the bag to notice the other's nervousness though. Fyn was looking at the two different harnesses and three different hyper-realistic dicks in their boxes. Ice blue eyes widened as he inspected them, one was specifically for packing, smaller than the other two and without any potential to be used in the bedroom. The other two though were definitely meant to be used in bed. The mere size of the both of them made him laugh a little bit.
Ginger brows rose along his forehead as he pulled out the biggest one, eyes blowing wide before his features settled into a smirk, "So Koni, my prick is bigger than yers now." A nervous laugh escaped the man currently towering over him before Fyn leaned back in the chair, a smug smile on his face. "Ya want me ta top ya then, yeah?" Konig's large hand lifted to scratch awkwardly at the back of his neck before he gave a hesitant nod. Watcher shrugged and gave a quick nod before turning back to his still ongoing game, "Alright then I will." The tall man behind him shifted on the balls of his feet, the floor beneath him creaking with the effort.
Still the game continued on the monitor. Watcher died first and he spun in his chair again to look up at the still quietly watching German. A smile was still on that pretty face as the Scot reached for Konig's hand, pulling him down to press a kiss to the larger man's lips. "Always so willing to please aren't ya, Koko?" The tall man nodded his reddened face just in front of the much prettier face in front of him. As he tried to pull away though Fyn's fingers tightened around his wrist and the other found a grip in the collar of his shirt, "I didnae say ya could go nowhere. We were havin ourselves a moment." The current round still raged on behind him and completely forgotten for the moment as Watcher focused on the man in front of him instead.
The tall man's adam's apple bobbed as he swallowed, drawing the icy gaze for a moment before Fyn dove back in. Heated and needy despite how cool and relaxed he appeared on the outside. It was impossible to resist the sweet taste on the Scots tongue, the large hands bracing on the armrests on either side of the smaller body. There was a slight hum from Konig’s throat just before the ginger pulled away with a smirk and sat back in his chair, leaving the German slightly out of breath and with a stain of red across his cheeks. Green eyes blinked a few times as he had to force himself not to shift and adjust himself inside his pants.
Before the tall man could even utter a protest Watcher was back to his game, ignoring the slightly heavy breathing just behind him. It was like the Scotsman hadn’t just had his tongue down Konig’s throat. A cautious step to stand behind the chair once more and he saw the bowl of ice cream sitting at the edge of the desk. No wonder Fyn had tasted so good. Leaning down over him again, Konig whispered just loud enough to hear over the game, “I thought we were having a moment?”
A hint of a smile found his delicate features as someone yelled over the headset, that the German didn’t quite understand but he knew it was good, excited even. Probably something to do with the kill that the ginger hit on one of the enemy players. In the next few moments Fyn hit three headshots in a row to win the round before leaning his head back and raising a hand to pull Konig back down. His lips pressed hard against the taller man’s, dragging him into another heavy kiss during the short pause between rounds without even turning the chair around this time.
When Watcher pulled away again his smirk was even bigger as he said, “I think ya may be my good luck charm. Haven’t had a shot all night till ya walked in here.” Konig gave a light laugh leaning a bit further towards the ginger who quickly pulled away, with a teasing shake of the head as he returned to his game. Dark red brows knitted together in confusion, as the German huffed a bit, watching the young man return to playing his game. A bit frustrated after being left without the ability to taste the sweetness of that beautiful mouth again.
Fyn was playing more than one game now. As he stood behind him for the start of the round though it became very obvious that the tall man was more than willing to play along. Surprisingly light fingers grazed along Watcher’s jaw, drawing another smile from the young man who was more than pleased to receive the attention. Leaning into the light touch soft kisses found the long, freckled throat in the next few moments. “Yeah, just like that,” the young man whispered.
A voice sounded in the headset which made the both of them pause for a quick moment until Watcher cleared his throat and answered, “Yeah mate, right there. He’s in long…” The German smiled against the thin skin before he resumed the light kisses. The ginger smiled again and whispered, “Sorry, hit the wrong button.” A quiet laugh left the tall man as he continued to nibble lightly at the younger man’s throat.
The soft feeling of a tongue running over his skin made the Scot’s chin raise just a bit, his teeth biting at his bottom lip for a moment as he hummed appreciatively. The other team didn’t even make it on site that round before Konig whispered, “You taste good tonight. What did you do differently little Newt?” Watcher shivered hard at the breath playing over the little patches of saliva left over on his throat from the tall man’s ministrations.
Turning in the chair the young man found his dark green eyes before he shrugged, “Nothin different, but you know…” Fyn leaned forward to tempt Konig towards him before once more sinking back into the chair, the tall man following him as he once more braced on the arm rests with his own excited smile. “I know something that would taste a little better than that.” The blush across Konig’s face deepened even more as he glanced down where the young man’s tattoos disappeared beneath the waistband of his shorts.
Cocking up an eyebrow the German gave a nervous chuckle before asking, “Are you sure? You are in the middle of a game.” Fyn didn’t hesitate to grab a tattooed arm, pulling Konig’s huge hand to his side, sliding it a bit lower to rest gently around one of his hips. “How do you-” The young man hooked a foot into the back of one knee before buckling it and repeating it with the other until the tall man was kneeling in front of him with a surprised look. “Oh,” he breathed out before Watcher had a hand at the back of his head pulling him into another hard kiss, exploring the other’s mouth with a smile still on his lips.
Another round started on the monitor and loud voices were coming from the headset in angry and demanding tones. Fyn just slid the headphones off his ears to settle around his neck for a moment, ignoring his teammates as Konig’s hands gripped at either side of his waist. The young man wrapped his legs around Konig’s waist, lifting his backside off the chair as fingers hooked into the waistband of his shorts and pulled down hurriedly.
The underwear and shorts came off in a smooth motion before Watcher sat back on the chair and unwrapped his legs. The German’s face was red, his breathing even quicker now as he sat back on his heels to take in the sight. Christ he was beautiful, it made him rock hard and needy just seeing his bare, sculpted chest, but now there he was completely bare before him and it was driving the big man insane. His green eyes glanced behind the ginger to the round currently going on in the background, once more catching the sound of the voices yelling in the headset. Fyn didn’t seem too worried about them though so he decided not to worry either.
Konig dove back in, lips finding the freckled skin just over his sharp collarbone. His fingers still worked to pull the shorts down his long legs, throwing them to the side as they finally came off. Watcher was nearly off of the chair now, sitting right on the edge and biting his lip with a bright sheen over his eyes, enjoying the quick pace Konig was currently working at. It did something to the both of them to be doing this where a single press of the wrong button could get them both caught by complete strangers on the internet.
Slowly green hues traveled down, shaking his head slowly as he leaned down, pressing light kisses to the other man’s knee. Sliding up his thigh slowly before glancing up to catch sight of the freckled face above him, cheeks tinged red and eyes alight with anticipation. A thin hand reached up, sliding into dark red locks while Watcher urged him on, “There ya go.” Konig’s lips inched down the inside of Fyn’s thigh, earning a little shift of the man’s hips towards his frustratingly far face.
Just as the German was about to reach his destination though another loud yell came from the headphones and there was an annoyed sigh from the man above him before the fingers in his hair tightened. Fyn stopped him just shy of his prize before he slid his headphones back up onto his ears and his mind began to think up a solution. “Under, Konig, get under the desk,” a skeptical look found the other man’s face as he looked under the desk and then back up to the freckled face.
It wasn’t a joke though, the Scotsman was being completely serious. There was no joking smile, and the sweet look he typically wore had been washed down the drain by now. When Fyn pushed his chair back he gestured towards the desk again and the tall man sighed before whispering, mainly to himself, “If you say so…” It took a moment for him to maneuver underneath before Fyn slid his chair back into place.
There it was, sitting right in front of him, that perfect and dripping core that overpowered nearly every thought in his mind. It was already glistening with apparent arousal, the young man’s hips shifting again as he spoke above him, “How ya crabbit, mate? We’ve still got time, haud yer wheesht and play the game.” Fyn let go of the button before leaning back in the chair, his hand resting on the keyboard and the mouse now.
The young man was naked before his eyes, every tattoo available for him to see. From the vines winding down his sides and stomach to the mingling roots from the tree that Konig knew was tattooed on his back. The Scotsman’s tattoos were more like an artist had painted his skin. That pale and freckled flesh had become a canvas for the tattoo artist, rendering his whole visage even more beautiful than he already was. It was making his own cock throb with need where it was still trapped in his pants. “So beautiful, little Newt,” the man beneath the desk whispered with a breathy sigh.
Roots wrapped around Fyn’s thighs, winding down with the vines till the roots ended on the bottom of his feet and the vines ended on the top. The young Scotsman was a walking display of artistic talent and the sight never failed to impress Konig, especially when he started to compare his own which weren’t nearly as thought out and instead were much more disjointed. Konig looked like someone slapped stamps on him in comparison to the beauty that was the freckled skin in front of him. He reached a hand down, palming himself and easing a bit of that needy ache. Squeezing hard for a few moments as he continued to stare at the dripping depths in front of him.
The hips before him shifted again as Watcher was forced to focus back on the game in front of him. Slowly the man underneath the desk leaned forward again, his gentle fingers tracing a vine up the expanse of his thigh until it started to wind around to his side. Large hands took hold of the thin hips then as he pressed another kiss to one of the larger roots that wrapped around his thigh. He was worshiping that body, making Fyn writhe beneath his soft touch without even really meaning to, Konig just couldn’t help himself whenever he was blessed with the sight of this beautiful body.
Warm air played across the glistening area between his thighs as he drew out a slight jerk of the hips he was still holding onto. Finally Konig’s tongue darted out, licking up the expanse, gathering the slick on his tongue and humming at the taste. Above him Watcher let out a breathy sigh at the feeling before he whispered, “Fuckin hell, took ya long enough.” Konig laughed a bit at the words before he pressed his face between those thighs again, burying himself in the delectable cunt spread out like a feast before him.
One would think the distraction of Konig’s mouth would hurt the performance of his gameplay, that it would prevent him from getting what he needed done. However, it seemed to do the exact opposite. Spurring him on as he peeked a corner getting a headshot just after Konig’s tongue flicked over the head of his dick and drew out a delectable moan. And when the man beneath him started to whisper quiet praises like, “You’re so fuckin wet,” and, “Gott, you taste so good, Newt,” Watcher peeked a corner and headshot every single one of the enemy team. The man took out a whole team in less than thirty seconds with his heart thudding in his chest from the little adrenaline rush and the fact that his boyfriend was currently under the desk going down on him like there was no tomorrow.
The entire situation was truly invigorating. He’d never felt anything like it as one of his teammates was in utter shock currently, just standing in spawn and turned to stare at him. Fyn was ignoring the voices coming through his headphones though at this point, including the valuable callouts, electing instead to enjoy the cute little noises coming from the giant beneath the desk. The game was almost becoming a nuisance though at this point, taking his focus away from how good that tongue felt as it dove into his depths. Lapping and licking like his cunt was an oasis and Konig had been in a desert for three days without any water.
“Oh shite Ko-” the muscles of his abdomen were starting to quiver and his thighs were shaking as large hands slid down his hips to hold them open. A quick moan and jerk of his hips up before he had to settle his hands again and focus back on the game. “Fuck Koko, yer about ta make me cum,” the young man groaned and closed his eyes as he focused for a moment on not doing just that. A warning that the other team was on site had Watcher turning his icy gaze back to the monitor as he swallowed hard, trying to stay focused.
Konig merely hummed at the words, taking it more as encouragement to keep going rather than a warning to slow down. Within the next moment Watcher over-extended and got himself killed, probably on purpose if he was being honest as his hands disappeared below the desk and his back pressed against the chair to lift his hips a bit more. A small smile found the German’s mouth but he didn’t stop, his tongue flicking diligently over the head of his dick.
In the next moment a hand slipped between his thighs to join his mouth in its work, a long finger toying slowly at his entrance. “Ah shite, yeah,” Fyn nodded quickly before the finger slid in. Thick and much more rough against his walls than they had been against his skin. Konig worked slowly at first, mindful of how big his hands were. Stretching the young man’s entrance with deliberate slowness. Watcher needed time to adjust even to his fingers, but as he slowly relaxed around his middle finger the tall man added another.
Three rounds could have passed in the next few moments and the Scotsman wouldn’t have cared in the slightest. His own hands were tangled in Konig’s hair, pulling his mouth even closer, nearly suffocating the man though there were no complaints or disgruntled noises from the big man. Quickly he wrapped his lips around the engorged head of his cock and sucked a few times, curling the two digits up as a gruff moan came out of Fyn’s mouth and one hand flew to brace against the chair.
He was completely out of it at that point, in both mind and in consideration to the chair, as Konig’s eyes went wide. Though there were no signs of him stopping any time soon as he was continuing to suck at the tip for a few more seconds as Watcher’s release coated his fingers in that deliciously wet slick. The orgasm rolled through the young man in a hot wave that left him gasping and his body jerking for a few moments. “Oh shite, shite, shite,” his mind was foggy for a second as Konig pulled his fingers out and wrapped an arm around the young man’s back, the other throwing his pale, tattooed legs over broad, muscled shoulders.
His mouth was only pulled away for a few moments before he dove back in. At this point the chair had been pushed halfway across the room out of the way and the German had settled Watcher on his shoulders, the dripping release coating his tongue as his mouth returned diligently to its work. So long as Konig didn’t have to talk his anxiety wasn’t so bad, and his confidence was especially high with the little moans and groans he was pulling out of the other man now sitting on him as if he was a throne rather than a living breathing person.
It wasn’t the first time Watcher had been on his shoulders, but it was the first time he’d been on his shoulders backwards before. This was all new territory but both of them seemed to be adjusting well to it, hard not to when they were enjoying themselves so much. There was a moment of panic in those icy eyes before his hands found the keyboard and mouse again and he forced himself to return to his game, even as Konig coated his mouth and chin in the slick cum still dripping out of that warm, pulsing entrance. Fyn’s freckled chest was still heaving with the effort of his first climax as he let out a quick apology, “My bad, mate…Had to, uh, answer my boyfriend, ya know how it is.”
A huff of amusement left the German as he pulled his mouth away for just a moment. Eyes shining up at Watcher with pride as the Scotsman rolled his eyes. A quick hand flew down before tangling into Konig’s dark red locks and forced his mouth back to work before he whispered, “Didnae say ye were done. Back to work, Koni,” he smiled down at him for a moment as the tongue returned to its original task. And Christ it was doing that task with unmatched skill. "Holy shite," the ginger whispered under his breath as his head tipped back for a moment. With no chair to stop it though Konig had to wrap both of his arms around the small of his back to keep him from falling.
Until Fyn got himself righted anyway and forced his eyes back to the screen. The huge arms surrounding him were the only things keeping him from riding Konig's face right off into the floor honestly. Watcher's hips were grinding down on the big man's tongue, little huffs of air coming from his slightly parted lips. The flat of his tongue dragging over his entrance before diving back inside, still more than enjoying his feast. The sharp point of his nose was nudging against the sensitive bundle of nerves and causing Fyn to clench around him again, his thighs locking his head into place so well the only thing that could be seen were the dark red locks and shining green eyes.
Konig was wearing Fyn's throbbing cunt like a fucking mask. Hiding himself between pale, freckled thighs and all the while the young man was having to force himself to focus on the game. And funny enough the more attention Konig's tongue paid him the better he seemed to be. His shots were hitting with pinpoint precision and accuracy as if the game itself knew what the two were doing and was only cheering them on. Giving Fyn a pass to keep going by providing him with a favorable rng.
Two more rounds of grinding against Konig's face was nearly all that the young man could handle. His thighs were starting to shake around Konig's head as he neared his second climax. The tongue currently delving inside was sending his mind off the rails. If there was one thing about this fucking man it was that he could eat you out and he never even came up for air. Forward focused on the task given to him and working only to put your head in the clouds. It was torturously good but you'd never hear the Scotsman complain about getting head from him. It was the highlight of his day.
"I'm close, Koni," his words were breathy and barely audible over the sounds of Konig's tongue working wonders on his body. His breath was already starting to come in short, tense gasps. A feeling of white hot heat starting to spread out from his core and down through his thighs, with his toes curling in anticipation. And yet still he was able to focus on the game. It was the last round, all he had to do was not let his idiot teammates die and they could win this. A 5v4 was easy, they had numbers on their side after one of the enemy team had disconnected.
Yet the second he thought that in his mind the game took a dire turn. He almost fucked it, his hand already reaching down to find the top of Konig's dark red hair. However, he stopped the second he heard the obnoxiously loud voice yell, "Last player standing!" He stared blankly at the screen for a moment, not quite believing that fact that he was so close now, nearly there and he was now in a 1v4 situation on the last round. It was a joke, and yet when he looked at the scoreboard he was staring at four other faded pictures that let him know very quickly it was not a joke.
A voice, that didn't really sound like his own, yelled through the mic, "Ya daft bastarts! Stotterin aboot like right roasters ye are! Ye ever heard of holdin the bloody site!? How ye go and die like that!? All four of ya are tier one operators but ya cannae play a fuckin game!? Price just ran us through fuckin holdin drills for three hours yesterday!" There were a few clicks from the keyboard as Watcher kept going, slowly walking through the map all the while still grinding frustratedly against Konig's mouth. In the next moment the young Scotsman was going on a tirade to each and every teammate, "Soap quit running in with the fucking LMGs and gettin yersel killed like a teuchter! Ghost learn how ta snipe ye daftie or put the damn thing down. They cost too much for ya ta be buyin one every fuckin round and dying with it down long! Gaz, haud yer wheesht yer no better. Running right inta em and giving em free guns every fuckin round."
There was a pause as Fyn let go of the mic key, a huff of air leaving him along with a low moan as Konig pushed him ever closer to his next release. His ankles locked at the mid of Konig's back before he got himself back under control and cleared his throat, "And Speck I cannae say much to ye, I know yer only filling in cause Koni was out. Thank ye fer that. Still though what tae fuck man! I cannae do everythin mysel, ya cunts!!!"
The second he finished his tirade Watcher ran right into one of the enemy team, his mouse flicking up as he shot the guy in the head and kept going. "Now all of ye, shut yer mouths, I'm trying ta work," the young man felt his legs shaking even more now but he couldn't let himself give in to that mouth right now. His voice dropped back to a whisper then as he groaned out, "Slow down. Just a bit, got ta focus. Then I'll fuck ye, alright?" A smirk found his mouth and only widened when he heard the quiet moan from between his thighs and felt the vibrations in the same second.
Konig listened though, his tongue pulling out in favor of wrapping his lips around the bundle of nerves. His tongue glided over it in slow, languorous strokes as he continued to edge Fyn ever closer to his next climax. He agreed to slow down, not stop completely. The next moment the bomb was planted and there was an annoyed sigh from the young man as he backtracked all the way to his original site. He ran straight into the second attacker as he rounded the corner, his mouse flicking as he hit another headshot immediately. The second he did, Konig's arms tightened as he pulled the man down harder on his working mouth.
Watcher nearly came right then and there, it took everything in him not to. His mind was trying to go fuzzy as the big man beneath him did everything in his power to distract him from his secondary goal: defuse the bomb. The heat was blazing over Fyn's skin, turning what wasn't covered in ink or freckles into a red noticeable flush. He needed to let go and finally reach his climax that had been building for the past ten minutes now, but he couldn't. "Slow it down aye? Two more, Koni, hold on," a growl vibrated through the man beneath him as he pulled even harder. Refusing to relent this time, and fucking hell Watcher had to admit he didn’t exactly want him to either.
Ice blue eyes nearly rolled back in his head at the feeling of that vibration, his head shaking back and forth as he tried to stay focused. "Fuckin hell," his hips grinded against the rapidly flicking tongue, teeth sinking into his bottom lip as he fought to control his breathing and shaking hands. Focus. He needed to focus and get himself out of this fuckin match before he ended up blowing this rank down game.
Soap was whispering in his ears to Gaz who couldn't stop laughing as he tried to answer. A constant distraction in his ears as even Ghost muttered between their constant chatter, "He's not getting out of this one, lads." Speck was ominously quiet on his line until his mic lit up and a single loud bark came over the line. "Affirmative Cerberus," the deep, raspy, British voice responded immediately and then everyone went silent, probably cracking up on their sides of the mic. Fyn was nearly laughing himself while still losing his mind grinding on Konig's mouth. It was a rollercoaster and every second had him tipping further towards senseless babbling.
With the silence though he could hear the light footsteps just over the wall as whoever it was ran up and down the clear shooting lane unaware that he was on the other side. Looking ahead he watched the site, the bomb sitting right out in the open and counting down the time to his loss. He still didn't know where the other one was and he hated the idea of just running in but Konig was picking up his pace again and he certainly didn't have enough time to wait. Clearing his throat he hit the mic button and asked quickly, "Speck," a short pause, "What is it ye always say before running in ta do somethin daft during our ops?" There were a few moments of silence as Fyn inched closer to the bomb on site.
Finally Speck said a bit hesitantly, "Fuck it?" Yep that was it. Fyn jumped out the window and down onto sight. The second he did he turned towards where he'd heard the footsteps, watching one of the enemy team step out earning a couple bullets to the face for their troubles. Fingernails dug into his back as Watcher nearly let out a whine at the feeling which he suppressed into a low hum as he glanced around the site. There wasn't any time to go looking for the last guy though so instead he just hit the defuse and kept his ears open, even as his eyes rolled back at the hum vibrating against the head of his cock. "Shite Ko, I'm trying ta focus," the young man’s voice was strained and barely more than a whisper now. The big man refused to relent though and thank Christ he did because that was truly the last thing he wanted him to do.
He wasn't gonna make it to the end of this defusal at this rate, not with the way Konig was currently driving him mad. Sweat was beading up on his forehead and sliding down his neck as he tried to listen and defuse the bomb halfway. Fingers were digging into the expanse of his back, sending a flash of pain at the fingernails and then immediately behind it the soothing feeling of pleasure that had his hand twitching on the mouse and keyboard. His finger came off the button in an involuntary jerk and the bomb stopped defusing just a second before the last enemy popped his head around the corner.
Lucky, that's what Fyn was. He had been lucky when his parents had been able to work him up a deal to keep him out of jail. He'd been even luckier to be found by Agent Laswell, and the luckiest to have gotten along and fill a much needed role in the 141. And that luck didn't fail him now as he immediately flicked onto the enemy as the other started to fire. It took a single shot to his head and Watcher had his finger back on the defusal key holding it down for dear life as he let himself get lost in the pulsing throb of need now. With five health left to spare the Scotsman was definitely one of the luckiest players in this game sometimes.
The second that the victory screen popped up he heard the loud voices of the others on the headphones but he was oblivious by now. His hands braced on the desk, hips moving in earnest as he started to grind against the quickly working mouth once more. Konig was happy to oblige, the hands pulling off his back and instead affixing to his hips as he tilted his head back some, letting the younger man use him as he saw fit. "Fuckin hell, so good for me," there was a short moan that fell from Watcher's lips, mirrored by the man beneath him. The praise seemed only to make Konig even more eager to please him. His tongue lapped at the head a few times before sucking hard for a few seconds and then repeating. Turning his core into a well of heat that flowed from Fyn's depths and had him nodding without even realizing he was doing it.
His body was no longer even under his control anymore. Thoughts were whirling in his mind and voices were talking in his ears that never even made it to the thought center of his brain. Fyn had one goal, and one goal only now that he'd finished the game, and that was to finish himself. The hands on his desk flew down to the dark red head of hair, shaking just as much as his thighs were as he tried to find his second release. Another loud moan fell from his lips before Fyn muttered, "Yer so good, so fuckin good, letting me use you, fuck Ko. Never get tired of this mouth. Never. Fuck yer perfect. So close, fuck so close, I'm gonna- Oh shite-" There was a hitch in his breath before his head tipped back and his eyes shut tight and he groaned as white hot heat flooded through him in crashing waves.
Fyn was spasming in the strong grasp now, his breathing halted for the moment as he finally found his orgasm. Lithe fingers dug into the hair at the base of Konig's scalp but they were no longer guiding, these were the desperate gripping fingers of a man near gone from pleasure. And the big man beneath him was a man possessed, refusing to quit even as he tried to pull the other away. Long arms locked the Scotsman in place even as his hips writhed desperately trying to find a way to come down from the high.
It wasn’t until freckled thighs had locked him into what was effectively a sleeper hold that Konig finally relented and pulled away, his lips and chin glistening with Fyn’s release. His tongue darted out to lick his lips with a smile. The Scotsman let out his pent up breaths, heaving as he caught his breath while Konig continued to hold him up on his shoulders. Green eyes were watching him with a proud look in his eyes as the other was still trying to regain his composure. Scarred lips pressed against the inside of his thigh gently, even a smile found his mouth as Watcher finally started to catch his breath.
Voices still played in his ears, specifically Soap and Gaz who were already ready to go for another game only for Watcher to hit his mic button and answer with a very definite, “No. See ya tomorrow,” and then he promptly alt+F4 out of the game and shut the computer down. His eyes slid down to where Konig was resting his cheek against the inside of his thigh, still looking up with a small smile on his face, “Thought ye was gonnae kill me, mate.”
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konigsblog · 8 hours
Can we get more panty stealer König bitte 🫠🫠
his grunts echoing, panting heavily as his orgasm began to approach him. jutting his hips upwards, his cock twitching inside his rough, scarred palm. whimpers and whines escaping through his puffy lips, tears rolling down his cheeks whilst his eyes became more and more glossy. his milky skin gradually glistened, sweat dripping from his skin as he pumped himself rapidly.
chasing his orgasm, your pretty panties wrapped around his girth, the cloth becoming soaked and wet with his thick and potent seed. squeezing himself tighter, imagining your walls instead of his fingers, fantazing about your soft, clenching and pulsing walls, desperate to make you wet and aroused. his eyes were lustful, squeezing them closed as his orgasm ran through his veins, his heart thumping against his ribs as he catched his breath, each pump causing the muscle to slam against his sternum :(((
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lycheedr3ams · 11 hours
if you haven’t listened to this NSFW konig audio, do it now………… 😳
(Meme made by me)
The fact I’m posting about this with a straight face while in the doctors office lobby (dw no one can see my phone)
Tumblr media
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lesterous · 9 hours
Headcanons Ghost and König with a trans!man reader who came out to them ((SFW ))
Warnings - Some personal headcanons added, use of pet names, implied transphobia ((not towards reader)) hints of we're in a modern era, slightly suggestive in Simons part (?) not proof-read
Notes; Please tell me if I missed anything ! </3 requests are open but it may take some time for it to be done! ((likely gonna go with short fics)) I apologize in advance if my vocabulary in English isn't good.
Tumblr media
👑 SFW ( König )
• Starting with our handsome Austrian, he will make sure to tell you how proud he is of you for telling him! He will ask you questions about your preferred names, pet names, pronouns etc.
• He's not exactly in touch with the LGBTQ+ community due to his fucked up experience with his hometown but he's willing to be educated and has the patience (( Such a gentlemen! )).
• He wants to make you feel safe and secure with him, he's a closet bisexual and while he's cis, he understands how dangerous it is to be a part of a minority that is highly oppressed.
• Will also cook you a dish you find comfort in! Whether that be inside or outside of his culture, he'd still do it regardless and will apologize if he did it incorrectly.
• after dinner and desert, he's gonna be a cuddle bug and wrap you around his arms and whisper affectionately to you <3
- "I'm so proud of you liebe! Thank you for telling me." König said he was really happy that you came out to him! It shows your trust in him and how comfortable you feel around him, he caressed your hair with his calloused fingers "You're so strong, you know? It's admirable. I'm proud of you for going through difficult times and doing your best. You deserve the best, Schatz."
Tumblr media
💀 SFW ( Ghost/Simon )
• Similar to König, he will also tell you how proud he is of you telling him you're trans and asking you questions about your preferences. He wants to make you comfortable with him as you are comfortable with him as well.
• Simon is fairly educated in the LGBTQ+, having some old friends back then in the community and he occasionally checks up on how the community is going.
• He'll cuddle with you on something that could fit the two of you and is comfortable to lay on, with you on top of him while his fingers rub circles on your back with him, he isn't good with words but he is skilled with showing his love through actions.
• He will do anything for you as long it doesn't cross his boundaries! Whether that be a date, or him spoiling you, he doesn't care, he wants to give you a treat for doing your best and for telling him, coming out can be an anxious situation and takes lots of energy.
- "Love, thanks for telling me." Simon says, yawning as he wrapped his arms around you, kissing you on the forehead as he looked at you with hints of adoration "So proud of you telling me, really." he whispers near your ear as he snuggled on your neck "doing your best and shit, I mean it." he planted quick kissed on your neck as he slowly drifted to sleep with you wrapped around his arms, drifting to sleep with him.
Was... That good? I was gonna add an NSFW section but then I asked myself why I was gonna add it and then just discarded the idea, please do tell me if I missed out on any possible warnings!
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