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The Bangtan Gal Chapter 80- Taking Things A Little Further
Tumblr media
Chapter Summary: Jennie returns to Korea as BTS prepares for their Festa. Jennie hangs with Big Bang. Jennie comforts Jungkook and calls out the Flower Crew cast for how they mistreated him during filming. JenKook start a Twitch gaming channel together. 
Words: 7,000+
With the guys back in Seoul, they were shooked and happy to see Jennie take so many photos with several celebs.
“Aw~! Munchkin finally got to meet him.” Hobi pointed out the photos with her and Shawn.
"Did he have to hug her so tightly?" Jungkook grumbled, frowning at the hug while the guys laughed and teased him. 
“Look at how big she’s smiling!” Taehyung giggled.
“She’s cheesing, huh?” Yoongi chuckled.
“That smile is so wide. She must’ve been blushing.” Jimin pointed out.
"You think you're gonna lose your girlfriend?" Namjoon teased while the members played along.
"Shut up!" Jungkook whined, trying to hit the guys while they laughed.
“Wow, she met Ludacris and 50 Cent!” Hobi said in awe, pointing at the photos she had taken backstage with all these celebs.
They watched a video of Jennie teaching Ludacris Korean backstage on Billboard’s Twitter.
“So, how do you say it?” Ludacris asked as he tried to say hello in Korean after Jennie repeated the word slowly for him.
The boys laughed at the video and liked his pronunciation of the word.
It seemed like BTS’ name was traveling fast because Jennie was in a lot of videos with several celebs and Billboard staff as she talked about Korean Pop. Which was a great thing as she put out the idea of having K-Pop groups attend Billboard one day.
As soon as she arrived back in Korea, she had to go straight to work. Arriving at Big Hit’s building, she went to her studio, quickly changing into her outfit for dance practice. Turning to her desk, she saw smarties and a cute note connected to it. 
Smiling softly, she examined it to see that it was from Jungkook, who drew a small doodle of a bunny and a hamster.
‘I missed you! I hope you had a great flight. Enjoy these. See you at practice. I love you’ – JK
Walking into the dance studio with her gym bag, posing dramatically at the door, she announced, “I’m back~!”
The guys stopped talking and turned to her with bright smiles on their faces. “Jennie~! Yay~!” the members happily cheered and rushed over to her as she laughed.
“Ennie’s back! Ennie’s back!” Taehyung beamed.
“How was the show? We saw all your pictures. It’s like you met everybody,” Namjoon exclaimed.
“How’s Shawn?” Jungkook asked with jealousy, crossing his arms, and making the guys laugh. “You seemed to have a lot of fun with him. Even baked for him, too. When was the last time you baked for me? I’m always up for your baking.”
“Someone’s jealous,” Hobi teased, nudging Jungkook as he playfully hit him back.
"Yeah, Jungkook was complaining a lot when he saw the photos and videos of you and Shawn Mendes," Jimin laughed, throwing him under the bus.
"They have a cute ship name, too!" Jin brought up in a fit of giggles while Jungkook glared at him.
“Oh, would you relax?" Jen giggled at Jungkook. "Shawn has a girlfriend. He told me they're dating privately which is what we're doing. Shawn and I are friends. I think we're going to be the best musical partners going forward when we start collaborating. Anyway, he's great. Everything is great. I'm so glad I went to the show,"
“Angelina was amazing. I had to watch her perform a couple of times. Just wow. Blown away.” Namjoon added.
“Right?! I am so proud of her! She deserves everything!” she went to hug Jungkook who leaned down to kiss her. “So, Silver Spoon, right? And then rehearsing for our Festa?”
“Right on. We’re being filmed for a Bangtan Bomb for this dance practice too,” Hobi added. 
“All right, let’s do this.”
“Let’s have someone take over Hoseok’s dance part at the end of Crow-tit.” Yoongi suggested. 
Hobi agreed since he always did the dance break. After a game of Rock, paper, scissors, Yoongi was the one to lose and would have to do the dance break. As soon as he realized he lost, he dropped to his knees while everyone laughed.
“Yoongi Hyung’s got it!” Jimin cackled.
“I’m glad it ain’t me!” Jen high fived Jimin, celebrating.
After pulling themselves together, they got in position to dance. Jen stood next to Jungkook as their backs were facing the camera and the music came on. Quickly turning around, they shimmy on the beat. As they walked towards the camera, Jen put up three fingers and counted down just before Rapmon began his verse.
They call me baepsae
yokbwatji i sedae
ppalli chase ’em
hwangsae deoge nae garangin taengtaeng
Her weak pelvic thrusts caught the attention of those around her as they laughed at her while she stuck her tongue out. If they don’t leave her alone. Perhaps she’ll just freestyle and shake her ass instead next time.
So call me baepsae
yokbwatji i sedae
ppalli chase ’em
geumsujeoro taeeonan nae seonsaengnim
Moving out of the shot, she watched as Hobi, Jimin, and Jungkook danced. She stood in the background with V and decided to dance with him as they both started to dab and laugh.
alba gamyeon yeoljeongpei
hakgyo gamyeon seonsaengnim
sangsadeureun haengpae
eolloneseon maennal myeot po sedae
Once Rapmon was about to rap, she came back into the picture with him.
rul bakkwo change change
She stood in between Jimin and Rapmon and as she kicked, she put a little bit more fierceness into it as she thrusted her shoulder forward.
hwangsaedeureun wonhae wonhae maintain
geureogeneun an doeji BANG BANG
As they moved around, she stood behind a kneeling Jimin, while Jungkook was next to her as they put up gun signs. Then, she started bodyrolling in sync with him.
igeon jeongsangi anya
igeon jeongsangi anya
Grabbing Jimin’s cap, she took it off his head and placed it on hers instead as he stood up and gave her a playful glare. She stuck her tongue out in response.
ah noryeoknoryeok taryeong jom geumandwo
ah ogeuradeureo nae du sonbaldo
ah noryeok noryeok ah noryeok noryeok
ah noraguna ssaksuga
yeoksi hwangsae!
noryeoktaryeong jom geumandwo
ah ogeuradeureo nae du sonbaldo
ah noryeok noryeok
She froze with the rest of the members until Jungkook low fived Hobi and they all leaned back in sync.
ah noryeok noryeok
ah noraguna ssaksuga
Standing in the middle while the guys were dancing around, Jen began doing the shmoney dance for fun.
yeoksi hwangsaeya
“silmang an sikyeo.” she lipsynced with Jimin
yeoksi hwangsaeya
“ireum gabt hane.”
Jimin took his cap back and placed it on his head as they danced with each other, rocking to the beat. Then he got to the front as she stood behind him while they all moved their leg up coolly.
yeoksi hwangsaeya
“da haemeogeora.”
yeoksi hwangsaeya
Jumping to the front, J-Hope continued the chorus as Jen put her own flavor into the leaning to the side dance move by looking extra and having a surprised expression on her face.
They call me baepsae
yokbwatji i sedae
ppalli chase ’em
hwangsae deoge nae garangin taengtaeng
Instead of the pelvic thrusting, she decided to shake her ass, which she felt much better doing as she turned around for her butt to face the camera. She got a kick in the butt in response by Jin who wasn’t too happy, which made her laugh.
So call me baebsae
yokbwatji i sedae
ppalli chase ’em
geumsujeoro taeeonan nae seonsaengnim
Swiping Jimin’s cap off his head again, he laughed as he walked out of the shot while Jen stayed to dance around Suga with Rapmon. She decided to copy Rapmon’s moves as he laughed at her.
nan baepsaedari neon hwangsaedari
gyaenen malhaji ‘nae darin baekman buljjari’
nae ge jjarbeunde eojji gateun jongmok hani?
They say ‘ttokgateun chowonimyeon gwaenchanjanhni!’
Never Never Never
rul bakkwo change change
hwangsaedeureun wonhae wonhae maintain
geureogeneun an doeji BANG BANG
igeon jeongsangi anya
igeon jeongsangi anya
Walking over to the front, she adjusted Jimin’s cap on her head and started to lipsync, “ah noryeoknoryeok taryeong jom geumandwo. ah ogeuradeureo nae du sonbaldo.”
Tapping the side of her shoe, she smoothly leaned back while the rest of the members froze until it was their cue.
“ah noryeok noryeok ah noryeok noryeok. ah noraguna ssaksuga.”
yeoksi hwangsae!
She pointed to Jungkook, who lifted up his leg and arms, pretending to be a bird, with the guys. Jimin started to move past her to the front as they made eye contact and laughed again. She then placed his cap back on his head.
noryeoktaryeong jom geumandwo
ah ogeuradeureo nae du sonbaldo
ah noryeok noryeok ah noryeok noryeok
ah noraguna ssaksuga
yeoksi hwangsaeya
Jungkook started doing one of his meme dances which made Jennie laugh as she continued the choreography.
nae tasirani neo nongdamiji
gongpyeonghadani oh are you crazy
ige jeonguirani you mu be kiddin’ me!
You mu be kiddin’ me
you you mu be kiddin’ me!
After he finished lipsyncing, Taehyung jumped on his back and slapped his butt as he walked back to his position.
ah noryeoknoryeok taryeong jom geumandwo
ah ogeuradeureo nae du sonbaldo
ah noryeok noryeok ah noryeok noryeok
Being extra, she decided to lean back farther than usual, which would be a big rewind moment for reactors on YouTube.
ah noraguna ssaksuga
yeoksi hwangsae!
noryeoktaryeong jom geumandwo
ah ogeuradeureo nae du sonbaldo
ah noryeok noryeok ah noryeok noryeok
ah noraguna ssaksuga
urin baepsaeya
“silmang an sikyeo.” Jen and Jimin lipsync again. Jimin decided to copy her shmoney dance as she laughed and did it with him.
urin baepsaeya
Afterwards, it was Yoongi’s time to shine as he started twerking with everyone hyping him up.
“WORK!” Jen cheered, laughing with Jimin while Rapmon covered his mouth.
So call me baepsae
yokbwatji i sedae
ppalli chase ’em
geumsujeoro taeeonan nae seonsaengnim
After the ending pose, Taehyung kicked Hobi’s butt and the recording ended as everyone caught their breath.
Now it was on to practicing for the Festa. The practice room was filled with Hobi’s “Ba bams” and music as he helped Jin with his solo dance while Jimin helped Rapmon with his. V walked around rapping for Cypher Part 3, and Jennie walked around to go over the lyrics for Sunmi’s Full Moon since she’ll be singing and dancing. Including rapping Lena’s part.
Yoongi was with her as he listened closely to her rapping.
“Perfect weather, can get no better,” she rapped smoothly as he nodded. “Everything around us so so real yo. Tonight, it’s the night, boreumdareul jomyeong sama, sarangeul soksagigi ttak joheun bam.”
“geudae soneul japgo Walking on the moon, gutge dachin mun ppajimeobsi yeoreo, oraetdongan gidaryeo watdeon kkum.” she messed up on transitioning back to Sunmi’s verse and stopped singing altogether.
“You sound good, smartie,” Yoongi praised. “Let’s just work on how to control your breathing,”
She needed to make sure her transition from the rap to the chorus wasn’t sloppy as she worked hard on her breath control and timing. Maybe breathing through her nose will help. 
After working on the lyrics, she focused on practicing with Jimin and Jungkook for the Coming of Age Ceremony cover. She swiped Jimin's hat off his head again to wear as they rehearsed. At one point she slut dropped all extra, making the boys laugh at her randomness. 
As the song continued to play, she listened closely to the lyrics. ‘I’m not a little innocent girl anymore, you don’t need to hesitate any longer,’
“Wow, a relatable song to me,” she commented, making Jin stop working on his Festa project.
“What do you mean relatable!?” he called out.
“I was joking,” she quickly replied.
“You better be,” he pointed to her, narrowing his eyes, and making her giggle.
“SKRT!” V shouted on the mic as Cypher pt 3 came on. “SKRT SKRT! SKRT!”
‘This man is a character,’ she thought with a chuckle.
“Hi, Kim Taehyung, I’m so happy I get to rap like this,” he rapped.
On camera, Jennie was standing in the background, smirking at her phone in amusement while nodding her head to his flow. She was going over the lyrics for her performance. 
Jimin’s hat was taken off her head and she looked up to see Jungkook placing his hat on hers instead. It looked like he was a little jealous to see her wearing Jimin’s hat. He planned on leaning down for a kiss but then remembered the camera was on them since Taehyung was rapping in front of them for a Bangtan Bomb. Although it could just be edited, he decided not to take the risk. Instead, he stood with her as they watched him rap.
“Hyung, you really shouldn’t rap,” Jungkook immediately chuckled after he finished the song
“Jungkook.” Jen scolded and turned to V, “Don’t listen to him. I’m your biggest supporter on this no matter what. You killed it. Just keep practicing. Army is going to be excited over it,”
A boxy smile came across V’s face as he looked at her with appreciation.
Later, Jen stared at Yoongi and Hobi wide-eyed and started laughing as they sang dramatically, practicing their cover of Homme’s I Ate Well.
“It’s a big mistake to ask them to do this. I’m extremely good at harmonizing. We should’ve done it together. It’s such a pity.” Rapmon complained.
“AHHHHHHHHHHH~!” Hobi screamed out while singing, causing Jennie to look up from her lyrics, furrowing her eyebrows. The camera caught her reaction and it was sure to become the next K-pop meme as Jungkook and Jin laughed at them.
“Oh yeaaaaaaaaah oooooooohhhhhhhhhh~!” Yoongi sang out
While the guys were doing their own thing, Jennie finally started to practice Sunmi’s Full Moon dance. There was a couch against the wall that she used as she put on the song to practice. Concentration was on her face as she drowned out all distractions to make sure she got this choreography and sensuality right. But Yoongi and Hobi decided to mess with her by sitting next to her on the couch to try to copy her moves. She suppressed a laugh as she continued to dance.
geudaeyeo boreumdari tteuneun nal, nal boreowayo
i bami gagi jeone hae tteugi jeone seodulleojwoyo
As she danced to the chorus, angling her arms up in the air like a moon, Jungkook, Yoongi, and Hobi copied her and pretended to be her backup dancers.
She slowly kneeled and rubbed her hands together.
Eh eh eh eh eh
Eh eh eh eh eh
Eh eh eh eh eh
After practice, Jennie went to meet up with Big Bang as G-Dragon invited her to go eat with them. The excitement in her was building as she made her way to a private section of the restaurant where he was waiting for her.
“Jennie,” his eyes lit up as she went to hug him.
“I missed you! What’s been going on?”
“Touring has been fun. Just enjoying every day. So, does BTS know you’re going to be hanging out with Big Bang?”
She smiled sheepishly, “Not...yet.”
They both laughed.
“I’ll let you be my little secret for a little while longer,” she added. “It’ll be nice if we can all hang out one day. I’m sure the guys would flip.”
As they walked over to the table, Jennie was met by excited smiles from the members.
“Here she is. Miss Jennifer.” G-Dragon announced
“Hey!” she waved excitedly.
“Jennie! Welcome!” Seungri happily greeted which caught her by surprise.
“So, you’re the precious Jennie hyung is always blabbing on about. Nice to finally meet you!” Taeyang smiled.
Jen’s face immediately heated up by the way he was smiling so charmingly. It was surprising to her that they knew her name. Like Big Bang knows who she is!? That’s amazing.
When her eyes met TOP's, she almost fainted.
He smiled softly. "It's nice to finally meet you, Jennie,"
"Oh my gosh, hi~!" she giggled, making the guys laugh at her enthusiasm towards him. 
Taking a seat next to G-Dragon and Seungri, she was welcomed with open arms. She watched the group bicker and crack jokes which made her laugh. It made her think of her bond with BTS and she hoped it would remain as strong as theirs.
“I baked some cookies for you guys! I hope you like them. Thanks for having me here.” she took out her bag and placed it on the table to reveal a big container of various chewy cookies. They immediately thanked her as they looked at the cookies happily.
“I like her even more,” Daesung called out with a laugh, making her smile.
“Oh wow, thank you!” Seungri happily took the container of cookies.
“It’s for all of us,” TOP called out, grabbing a hold of it, and pulling it to him.
“Yeah, bring it to the middle of the table so we can all share,” Taeyang added, bringing it to the table which made Seungri pout. “Jennie, BTS’ fire comeback is very impressive.”
“Thank you, that means so much coming from you. The guys will be stoked to hear about you liking the comeback,” she said. “I have to give thanks to G-Dragon for helping me.”
“Seeing your hard work pay off is great to see. You’re doing well,” G-Dragon praised.
“Speaking of fire, TOP caught me making a dance video about it,” Seungri laughed.
“Oh really?! You have the video?” she eagerly asked while G-Dragon and Daesung snickered at the memory, shaking their heads.
“Way ahead of you,” TOP took out his phone to show the video of him secretly filming Seungri in a dance room, making everyone at the table laugh.
“We should make a dance cover video of fire,” Jen suggested.
Seungri seemed to enjoy the idea and wanted to make plans to film a cover with her for fire soon. 
“How is the idol life for you? Any questions?” Daesung asked.
“Yes. I hate to kill the mood but I feel like you guys are the best to ask about this. Um, how do you guys deal with sasaengs? Because I think I was followed by a few when I went to the billboard awards.” she frowned.
“What happened at Billboard?”
“I just always feel eyes on me. It’s crazy about the idea of being followed. And I hope it doesn’t get worse with family being involved.”
“That’s the worst when they start following our families.” TOP sighed and rubbed his temples. “One thing I recommend is speaking up about it. Call them out. Be stern about it. Enough is enough. Stand up for yourself. And keep Big Hit informed,”
“I will. I've been taking self defense classes, too. So, I do feel good about defending myself if anything comes to that.
“You hear that, hyung? Don’t make her upset or she’ll beat you up,” Seungri teased.
“I wouldn’t do that to you,” Jen reassured TOP, as the members laughed.
“You know with me, I had to move at one point because some crazy girls were hiding around my apartment at night. It was shocking. So, I moved to a more private apartment.” G-Dragon mentioned.
“There are times I can’t even get in,” Taeyang added.
“Just let me know when you visit,”
“I do!” Taeyang turned to Jennie and joked, “I feel like he just doesn’t want to see me,”
“You guys are about to celebrate ten years as a group,” Jen brought up in amazement. “Right now Bangtan and I are focusing on our annual Festa. We’re celebrating three years. Time is flying so fast. I hope that we can last a long time like you. Ten years is astonishing. So much hard work and dedication. It’s inspiring,”
“You will,” G-Dragon predicted. “I can see that BTS has a bond like no other. No matter the hardships, teamwork is how to do it. You made it this far. You’re going to soar.”
“Namjoon always told me teamwork makes the dream work as our fans work with us to be the best that we can be,”
After their lunch, the members posted photos from their outing. Seungri posted a selfie of him gobbling up Jen’s cookies while she pretended to look at him like he was crazy and captioned it, ‘Nice to meet u, Jennie! I’m keeping the cookies hyungs!’
Daesung posted a cute photo of them hugging, 'Nice to meet you, Jennie! Thanks for the cookies! You are going to do well in the industry,'
G-Dragon posted a group photo that they took during the lunch with the caption, ‘Big Bang X JW.’
Taeyang had posted a cute selfie with Jen with the caption, ‘Dope Meeting, congratz’
TOP posted a photo of him and Jennie looking cool for the camera. With the caption, ‘W Jennie’
'God...give me the strength. Because I’m trying my hardest to mature and keep in this frustration. But people keep trying me. #Jen’ Jen tweeted as ARMY commented on asking her if it had something to do with Flower Crew.
Earlier today, she had checked out the first episode of Jungkook staring on Flower Crew while taking a break from shopping. He had been talking about it for weeks and was extremely excited to be able to be on a variety show by himself. She thought it would be an amazing experience for him.
But when she watched the show, things started to go downhill as her blood began to boil. Jungkook bought burgers for the cast and then Jo Se Ho decided to act like an asshole and claim they were leftovers, making Jungkook upset and embarrassed.
An irate Jennie had to go on Twitter to tweet and then begin to type out her rant on her notes to post as photos for Twitter. She knew some would most likely criticize her for speaking about someone older than her in Korea like this but this needed to be said. You shouldn’t treat someone any type of way regardless of age. Her heart ached to watch Jungkook look so bummed and uncomfortable during the show. He did not deserve that.
When she brought it up to the members via text, they immediately went to Jungkook to get him to explain what happened as they all went into full protection mode.
“Why didn’t you tell us about this?” Namjoon asked.
Jungkook cringed at the memory and looked down. “It was embarrassing...”
The guys had sat him down to give him a pep talk and to make him feel better, they went out to treat him to lamb skewers.
Jungkook scrolled through Twitter and noticed a series of new tweets from their account, including Jen’s photos of her rant through her notes. He started to read:
‘With all due respect, what made you think your actions towards my best friend were OK? He’s on his first variety show alone, so excited, and took time out of his day and money to treat you and the rest of the cast to burgers. And you say they’re leftovers? You’ve got to be joking me! That’s not cool, Jo Se Ho. Jungkook is one of the kindest, sweetest souls in this world and for you to treat him like that is revolting. Apologize. Immediately. You lucky I wasn’t on the show because I probably would’ve been criticized and asked to leave after what I would’ve said to you on TV. This is unacceptable behavior. The heck is wrong with you acting like this on TV to someone? Grow up. Encourage us young people, not berate and embarrass us. ARMY, stay away from the cast's social media. This is the first and last time I’m giving this joke of a man the time of day. Don’t attack him online or the rest of the cast. It’s going to give a bad rep. You’re better than this. You do not need to attack anyone on social media, so please chill out, and let’s focus on more positive matters. Let us continue to give Jungkook love and support. Kookie, my Marvel bestie, your banana milk is waiting for you.’
Fans tweeted:
'Miss Bangtan said to not attack him online! Respect her request. We are better than this’
'Jennie snapped!’
'Can they date?’
'JenKook RISE! She said what she said!’
'And she’s giving him banana milk. Awwww. Thank you for speaking up Jennie’
'Miss Bangtan has spoken! Thank you for being a great friend to Jungkook’
'THIS is friendship. She’s giving him banana milk!’
'I really want them to date. Because that last part was cute af.’
When Jen arrived back at the dorm, she had placed five bottles of banana milk down for Jungkook as he smiled appreciatively. He was then met with a tight hug from her and they stayed like that for a while.
“How are you feeling?” she asked with her head against his chest.
“I’m feeling much better now. Thank you,”
She looked up at him as he looked down with a smile. “Don’t mention it. Don’t let people take advantage of your kindness like that. And don’t let this ruin your variety show experience. He was a big jerk.“
“I won’t. I prefer Running Man. Especially when it’s with you,”
"We’ll be on another episode of Running Man, soon enough, okay?”
The next morning, Jennie felt like she was about to die as she stayed in bed, clenching her stomach due to the most deadly cramps of the century. Every time she got her period, it was the worst for the first two days and she became a different person. If you say something wrong or look at her the wrong way results may vary when it was that time of the month.
Jungkook had been educating himself on periods and to get somewhat of an understanding of what women go through when it is that time of the month. Lately, he had started to track her period to prepare himself and buy things for her in advance such as a heating pad for her stomach. He even spoke to Jin about it.
The first sign that it was that time of the month was when she was bedridden and irritable. She doesn’t want anyone to bother her, always snaps at people, and tends to pass the time by playing games on her phone and napping. Jungkook didn’t take her irritation to heart, no matter how many times she snapped at him. Although she can be a little scary, he knows she doesn’t mean it. If anything, all he wants to do is cuddle her.
“I don’t care, go away!” she placed a pillow over her head.
Next was her weird food cravings. He would always ask what she wanted to eat. For some reason, she enjoyed eating potatoes and bananas the most while on her period. So, he always made sure to stock up.
One time he had given her smarties since he knew that was her favorite snack. But when she rejected them, that made him Jungshooked.
“Ew, I hate smarties. They’re disgusting. Throw them all way!” she complained.
“Wh-what? But you love smarties!” Jungkook tried to reason.
“Who lied? They’re gross. Throw all of it away. I don’t even want to look at them,”
Biggest mistake ever.
Because once she was off her period, she almost tore the entire dorm apart, trying to find her favorite candy.
“B-but you said to throw them away-“
“YOU THREW THEM AWAY!?” Jennie screamed, making him flinch. Jimin, J-Hope and V yelped and took cover, getting as far away from her as possible while Rapmon sat on the couch with his headphones on, oblivious. “WHY DID YOU LISTEN TO ME!? THAT WASN’T ME TALKING!"
He assumed everything she said was literal when she was on her cycle and decided to do whatever she said. But now he knew that if she said to throw away smarties, don’t do it. It was just her crazy hormones talking.
Today, during the first day of her period, Jen was lying in her bed, with a heating pad on her stomach given by Jungkook which had started to help.
“I hate everything...I hate my life. This is the worst. Why? What did we do to deserve this pain?” she complained, hissing at the sharp abdominal pain in her stomach.
She then felt herself get pulled back into a warm chest, getting closely held.
“Go awaaaaaaay~!” she whined, trying to get out of Jungkook’s arms.
“I’m not leaving you.”
“Go play video games with the guys or something.”
“I want to be with you,”
“Well, I don’t right now. I look like shit. I feel like shit. I am shit. Leave.”
“No.” he simply answered.
She sighed and decided to just deal with it, making him smile victoriously. As much as she hated to admit it with her stubborn attitude during her period, lying with him helped tremendously. She hoped he would stay after she woke from her nap.
A few days later, playing video games in her room, Jungkook tried to focus on Overwatch while playing through his aching back. He had strained it when he danced too hard during the fire promotions. He had tried his best to hide it from Jennie. But this time, he got caught as Jen had been observing him for days.
“So, how long are you going to hide that from me?” she called him out.
“Hide what?” he asked innocently.
“Your back. You look like you’re uncomfortable. What happened?”
“It’s nothing. Don’t worry,”
“Kookie, you’re never going to perform your best with that much tension. Stop playing the game for 30 minutes, come here, and lie down on my bed.”
“I-it’s okay. Really,”
“Really? You always ask me for massages. And lately, you haven’t been asking. Why? What’s the problem?”
He started to feel a little fidgety.
‘Because I don’t know if I can control myself with the way you touch me,’ he thought.
Lately, it seemed like his body was reacting much more to her. It was getting to the point where almost every time they made out, his lower region began to have a mind of its own. Sure they did some things during Prom Weekend but he had been trying his best to avoid being extra touchy these days until he could work on his hormones that were running all over the place. And with them not being alone like they were during Prom Weekend, it was getting harder.
Having enough, Jen rolled her eyes and took the controller out of his hands.
“Goodness gracious.” she huffed, exiting out the game
“H-hey! I was in the middle of the game,”
“I don’t care. Lie down. Now. I’m done watching you in pain like this.” she set the controller down and made him lay on his stomach on her bed after taking his shirt off.
“I told you, I’m okay.”
“I don’t want to hear it,” she sat on his behind, rubbing massage oil on her hands, and began working on his back. 
While massaging him, she proceeded to nag him, which he always thought was cute. He had to admit her hands were doing magic as he immediately felt relief from her touch. But his mind started to drift elsewhere as it started to make him feel fidgety again. Once he felt her nails lightly rake his back, his struggle to keep himself together worsened.
His mind went to a suggestive place, as he thought about her underneath him. He didn’t mean for these dirty thoughts to happen but he couldn’t control it. He knew her massaging him was a bad idea.
Did she know how much of an effect she had on him?
How much he was starting to want her?
However, Jennie was starting to feel the same way. His back was so broad as she thought about him pinning her down against the bed. How nice his lips would be against her neck and even lower.
'No, stop.’ she thought, shaking her head as she tried to block the suggestive thoughts out of her mind.
They weren’t alone in the dorm so maybe making out wasn’t the best idea as she thought of the possibility of being walked in on.
After massaging him, she went into her bathroom to wash off the massage oil from her hands.
“See how easy that was? And you feel much better, right? Next time just tell me to massage you. No more waiting that long to be massaged,” she stated. "I hate when you don't tell me that you're in pain. You worry me,"
As soon as she walked out of her bathroom, she was met with his arms pulling her to him for a kiss out of nowhere. It made her stumble back into the bathroom as she kissed back, pulling him closer.
This kiss felt...different.
More frenzied and passionate.
It made her body feel flush as she was backed up to her sink with his hands on it to trap her. 
‘You’re not alone!’ reality hit her which made her reluctantly break the kiss.
“The guys are here,” she reminded him.
“Just for a little bit,” he whispered, ignoring her warning, and leaned back for another smooch.
“Jungkook,” she warned again.
But he kept getting handsy which started to almost make her forget about the guys being here. But clinging onto the last resistance she had, she gently pushed him back.
“I want to. But one of them may walk in. Let’s make out later. Like when everyone is sleeping or something,” she suggested, walking out of the bathroom.
Remaining persistent, Jungkook walked out of her bathroom and shut her door, locking it.
“There, no abrupt interruptions on our alone time,” he shrugged like it was no big deal.
She stared at him in disbelief. He was getting bolder these days. The intense stare coming from him was making her go a little crazy.
“And what if they hear me? I don’t feel like dealing with them teasing us about it for a couple of weeks,”
“I won’t let that happen,”
“Easier said than done with your unpredictability. We shouldn’t.”
He reached out for her but she turned around to avoid another kiss. One more kiss and it was over for her. She needed to stand her ground. There’ll be plenty of more times to make out. 
But her avoidance was short lived when she felt a pair of warm lips on her shoulder blade. Trapped in his arms, she began to feel her legs weaken as she shivered in pleasure when he began to slowly travel up to her neck.
This was so dangerous.
Her eyes closed and she leaned back into him as her breathing quickened.
‘We should stop but this feels so good,’ she thought as she felt a gentle bite on her neck.
“Just five minutes. And then I’ll stop,” he whispered, gently biting her ear.
'Who taught him this?’ she thought, enjoying what he was doing.
Five minutes he said. Maybe five minutes won’t hurt.
Turning around, she wrapped her arms around his neck for a heated kiss, as her desire for him took over. She felt herself being lifted up and moved to her bed as he sat on the edge of it, allowing her to straddle him. Cupping his face, their slow, passionate kisses left her breathless as their need for each other grew. Gripping her hips, he felt her move against his hardness, making him moan out her name.
"Keep your voice down," she whispered.
"I'm trying...you’ve been driving me crazy these past few weeks, you know that?” 
When he said that, she felt this need for him that she couldn’t quite explain. She wanted to go further.
Securely holding her, Jungkook turned them over to place her on the bed as he hovered over her and kissed her again. He then slowly moved down to her neck making her breathing quicken. 
This felt so good. Everything. The way he was touching her. She wanted more.
“You want me to stop?” he whispered in her ear, making her shiver.
Five minutes passed already? She didn’t want this to end. Can’t he keep going and ignore that the time passed?
“I can keep going,” he said like he read her mind. The way she was looking at him gave it away. “But you’re going to have to say it, baby girl,”
'Oh my God, who taught him this? Who is teaching him to say these things? Because this was new and I love it,' she thought.
“Keeping going,” she responded breathlessly as he went back down to her neck.
Suddenly, she let out an unexpected moan when he found a sensitive spot on her neck. She quickly covered her mouth, making him chuckle.
“They definitely heard that,” she exclaimed. “We gonna get caught,”
“No, we won’t, relax. It wasn’t even that loud,”
“To you.”
“It was for my ears only and I’d like to hear it again. Can I try something?”
“Trust me.” he leaned down to kiss her again, making her forget about her worries. 
He began grinding his hips into hers, making her whimper. She lightly scratched his back in response as she let out another sound. 
Okay, screw it. If they get caught, they get caught. This was feeling all too good right now, it was worth getting caught. She didn’t want to stop as she felt comfortable with him. She can only imagine how it will be when they’re ready to go all the way.
“Jeon Jungkook! I know you're in there!” Jin called out, knocking on the door, and tried to open it but it was locked. "Stop hiding in Jennie's room! I know you pranked me!"
Jungkook sighed out of annoyance, turning his head to the door. He looked down at Jennie to see her chuckling.
“It was nice when it lasted,” she said while he got off her and put his shirt back on. "What did you do to Jin?"
"I put eggs in his laundry. I guess he figured out it was me. I'm gonna hide from him. Don't tell him I'm here," he went under the bed.
That caused Jennie to laugh. She went to open the door to see Jin marching in, looking around.
"Where is this brat?"
"Jungkook isn't here,"
"Are you lying to me?" he crossed his arms.
"No, I haven't seen him all day. Have you checked the laundry room? I did hear him say he was going to wash clothes,"
During the week of the Festa, JenKook had set up everything for the start of their Twitch Stream for Army. They had the equipment set up, everything was recording fine and they sat next to each other in front of the camera. They were located in Jennie’s Smartie factory for the stream.
Jennie tweeted the link, ‘Guess who is streaming!? JenKook’s first episode is here! Click on the link and watch! Let’s have some fun!’
“It’s on~!” she said excitedly
“How many people should we wait for until we start the stream?” he asked, spinning around in his chair.
“W-wow. We already have over 20k.” she looked on in amazement as she peered closely at the viewer count on the screen.
“It’s still growing. Now 70k. Might as well start now.”
Looking at the camera, Jennie smiled, “Yo yo yo! It’s your one and only Miss Bangtan!” she turned to Jungkook, waiting for him to speak but he missed his cue and they ended up laughing. “We’ll work on our intro.”
“Yeah.” he turned to the camera and waved, “Hello! Jungkook here!”
“And we are The Golden Duo! Welcome to our first Twitch stream. You excited?!” she asked the fans who rapidly replied in the comments positively.
“I am. I can’t wait to win,” the Golden Maknae said confidently
“If you win,” she shrugged.
“I will. I win everything,”
“Well, perhaps today is the big day when you lose, my good friend.” she ignored his glare which made viewers laugh and respond with ‘hahas’ and ‘LOLs’. “Today we’re playing...”
“The Impossible Game!” Jungkook announced in English as the game was happily on the screen, waiting to be played.
“How ready are you to get this going?”
“I got this. Let’s play,”
They played a quick game of rock, papers, scissors to determine who would play first. Jungkook managed to win and they launched the game. The music began as the orange square moved at a steady pace. Jungkook effortlessly pressed the spacebar as it jumped over the first triangle. But automatically died when he failed to jump over the second. He paused the game while Jen let out a laugh.
“I got this. I win everything,” she mocked in a deep voice.
“I’m just warming up,” he said, brushing it off.
“Oh, okay. Try it again.” she turned to the camera, “He’s warming guys.”
He tried it again and this time got further as she watched closely. Once the music intensified, the orange square kept moving up the blocks. Jennie danced to the beat, making him laugh and distracting him as he hit a triangle.
“Stop distracting me,”
“What? I didn’t do anything,”
“Stop being cute,” he murmured and tried again.
“Hop...hop...hop...hop again. And again. Hop. Hop. Hop-hop-hop-hop-hop,” she said, following the square’s movements while he concentrated.
He got even farther as he tried again but still couldn’t make it past the part when the beat got higher pitched.
“Okay, my turn!”
“I bet you can’t beat that,” he said confidently.
“I really hope I win so I can see how salty you’re going to look,” she started the game. She made it just before the beat dropped as she felt accomplished. 
Hearing him laugh at her error, she responded, “Okay but I still made it farther than you on my first attempt,”
As she continued, for some reason, she couldn’t get much farther as she kept hitting the spikes. Meanwhile, fans were amused to see Jungkook grinning at her failure.
“CAN YOU JUMP!?” she shouted at the screen after dying again, making him laugh loudly. “Look I’m just-“
“I’m just not concentr-“
“Can I finish my sentence without dying, damn!”
She sighed loudly and paused the game to rub her temples.
Jungkook glanced at her and the screen as a moment of silence occurred.
“You okay?” he teased.
“Shut up. Leave me alone,”
“Let the professionals take over,” he unpaused the game and began to play while she rolled her eyes and watched him. “It’s okay to lose to me. It’s fine. It’s normal.”
“I’m seconds away from hitting you,”
He giggled as he progressed, jumping up the blocks. But then he suddenly died.
“No!” he shouted.
“Let the professionals take over,” she mocked. “It’s okay to lose to me.”
“The keyboard is just glitching,”
“Oh! Blame it on the keyboard. What’s next?”
“Me beating the game before you,” he replied as he got back to the section he stopped at but died again...and again...and again.
The intensity of the game increased as Jungkook began to look more serious while playing, determined to beat the game. Poking the inside of his cheek, his frustration was more visible since he wasn’t progressing further.
He threw his head back and let out a frustrated sigh. “This game is rigged!”
“Is it now?”
“Yeah! I barely touched the triangle and it made me die! It could have let me go by it,” he whined as she let out a giggle. “Is something funny?”
“Yeah, you. My turn,”
She went to play, making the orange cube hop over the dark boxes and triangles with ease. As the beat dropped, the cube continued to make it up to the top without any errors. Jungkook’s smile fell as she progressed past where he stopped and stared at the screen in disbelief. She kept going as he turned to her and then back at the screen.
He went to read the comments:
'Omg look at his face! He’s shooked’
'I love how cute she looks when she’s concentrating,’
The cube hit a triangle and it was back to the beginning as she tried again.
“How!?” Jungkook exclaimed.
“That was luck. I was trying not to freak out as I progressed.”
As she tried it again many more times, she and Jungkook started bouncing in sync to the beat. The block fell down for a moment but then she didn’t notice as it hit the spike and it was back to the beginning, making Jungkook cackle and clap his hands.
“NO~!” she screamed, “NO! ARE YOU-ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?”
"I’m done. I don’t want to play this anymore. It took me forever to get back to where I was,”
“Yeah, I think we both had enough,” Jungkook chuckled. “Well, it looks like we can’t beat the impossible game today. But we’ll just have to replay it on another stream in the future for round 2,”
Jen went to the stream chat to read a comment, “What game are we playing next? The next game we’re going to check out is Overwatch!”
“We don’t have a date yet for our next stream but just know when we do, we’ll tweet the link,”
“Yeah, so keep a lookout. It can happen any day, any time. All right, that’s all the time we have!” she paused and glanced at Jungkook. “We need to think of an outro too, don’t we?”
“We should think of something cool. Something catchy.”
“Let’s think of ideas later. So for now, we’ll simply say goodbye.”
With Matt Rife who lounged backstage before the show of Wild N' Out, he scrolled through Instagram to see the latest post on Wild N' Out's page. There it had Jennie announcing that she was excited to be a guest on the show in August with Desiigner & Angelina and hoped to take Nick Cannon's belt. 
"Damn..." Matt said as he scrolled through her Instagram page. "This girl is going to be on the show?"
He continued to lurk through her page, liking tons of posts.
“Damn...she is cute,” he said and followed her. 
On Instagram’s following tab where you can see the activity of the people you follow, BTS fans who watch Wild ’n’ Out and check who Jennie is following and who is following her noticed that Matt had followed her.
Mattrife started following JJennie_JW
Tumblr media
They even noticed his comment on her recent photo. A simple eye emoji with a smirking emoji.
Fans immediately jumped on the situation and began commenting and making Twitter threads to bring awareness to who he was and the whole Zendaya situation back in 2015.
‘Matt Rife followed Jennie!’
'They can never make me hate Matt. Shoot your shot!'
'White boys be loving some Jennie I swear lmfaoooo'
'Oh God...Jennie run. Run now run fast’
'Ew wtf he better unfollow her!’
'Stay away from her!’
'He bet not be trying to make a move because Jennie belongs to Bam Bam’
'He is not ruining my ship.’
'That is Shawn Mendes' future girlfriend! He better stop!'
‘Omgg lmaooo she’s going to turn you down’
'I don’t blame him for trying to shoot his shot’
‘Oh, he is handsome! Who is he!?’
'Get in line pal! A lot of people want her’
'He outta pocket for that comment ctfuu’
'Lol goofy’
'Jennie is single! So why not? He’s cute!’
'She single Matt! Make a move!’
'I honestly would not turn him down.’
“Whatever you thinking, don’t do it, man,” Nick Cannon warned with an amused voice.
“Do what? I’m not going to do anything,” Matt replied with a shrug.
“Nah dawg, you going to do some stupid shit on the day they come to the show,” Conceited joined in.
“What he tryna do?” Justina asked, interested in the conversation.
“He drooling over one of our upcoming guests’ IG page,” Nick informed her.
Justina rolled her eyes, “Here he goes,”
“What? I just wanna get her number. Come on! You guys can’t deny we’d make a great couple. She is fine as hell. Look at her. Look at them lips. It would fit perfectly on mine,” Matt rambled which made his cast members laugh at him. “You guys are some haters,”
“This is Zendaya all over again,” D.C Young Fly cackled.
“Matt, there is no way in hell Jennie is going to give you the time of day,” Nick guaranteed.
“You don’t know that,” Matt denied.
“Come on, Jen ain’t going to fall for just some white boy looks and so-called charm from yo ass,”
“Ain’t she in some Korean group?” Chicobean pointed out.
“Yeah, I heard that. What they called?” Justina asked.
“Bangtang or somethin’?” D.C called out.
“No, BTS,” Nick answered. “Seven guys and her in that group. Matt, do you really want to get yo’ ass beat by them boys if you try to make a move on her during the show?"
“They ain’t gonna touch me. I ain’t scared of them,” Matt said confidently, “Look I'ma make my move. I got this. You’ll see. I’ll definitely be getting her number. August can't get here fast enough,"
“He a lost cause. He gonna get embarrassed,” Chicobean laughed with D.C.
“Yeah, I know. And watch them Korean boys pop up on the show and say it’s on sight,“ Conceited predicted. "We ain’t helping you out. You on your own,”
Ignoring everyone, Matt went back on Instagram to look through her page and slid in her DMs.
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proton-wobbler · 10 months
Long-tailed Tit (Aegithalos caudatus)
Tumblr media
"puoffy...." "Seeing as how US-centric these polls tend to get, I want to spread awareness of these adorable and social balls of fluff." "round"
This bird was entered as it's nominal species name (Long-tailed Tit), as well as two of the subspecies (Shima Enaga and Korean Crow-tit/Baepsae)
The long-tailed tit was originally described with other chickadees and its, but has been split into its own family (Aegithalidae) with Pygmy and American Bushtit. There are 17 subspecies, which are broken into three separate groups: The caudatus group of nothern Europe and Asia; the europaeus group in southern and western Europe, north-east China, and Japan; and the alpinus group of Mediterranean Europe and south-west Asia.
These birds are incredibly social, forming small flocks of six to up to seventeen birds after the breeding season. Typically the parents and offspring of a season stick together, along with any other adults who helped to raise the brood. The primary thought behind the grouping up is that these small birds are very susceptible to cold and cuddling together through the night keeps them safe and warm.
During the breeding season, the birds split into monogamous pairs, with males remaining in the same territory that they'll overwinter while females typically wander to other territories. If the nest fails, the pair may try a second time, or help a neighboring nest. If they decide to help another nest, the pair will split and each will find a male relative (recognized by voice) to help. These nests with extra helpers often have greater success due to higher provisioning and better nest defense.
Image Source: eBird ( Katarina Paunovic)
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duple-man · 1 year
zoologists will find the cutest bird in existence and name it something like "Korean crow-tit"
Here is a picture of the bird
Tumblr media
Disclaimer: I have stolen this pic from google and do not intend on giving it back.
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radiopixelctive · 9 months
ok so, guys, look.
this is my sona - Radio
Tumblr media
and THIS is also her
but bird!
Tumblr media
(based on this little fluffball named Korean crow-tit (i never knew before that such a small fluffy adorable creature exist.))
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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lemintee · 9 months
How do you feel about changing out crime syndicate logo from the Eurasian Blue Tit:
Tumblr media
To the Korean Crow Tit
Tumblr media
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gayorphandepression · 2 years
suga :D hi hello i hope ur week has been going well !! what is your favourite type of bird (if you have one ofc) :D
hi wiggles!! my week has been good so far! i was at work last night and there was a lot of good music :] i hope your week has been going well too!
i do have a favorite bird! it's the korean crow tit and it looks like this and i love them dearly
Tumblr media
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jaymesdoodles · 10 months
would you like to see a korean crow-tit my dude?
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strictlyfavorites · 1 year
Tumblr media
The Korean Crow-Tit 5
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kaijudragon · 4 years
Tumblr media
Birthday painting for @nautilusopus! They like Korean Crow Tits
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tofuthebold · 4 years
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
birbtober 2019 faves honorable mention:
Tumblr media
yeah I know I’m making this post waaay after the fact and blergh awkward photoset cropping
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nintendocrowbro · 3 years
Korean crow tit for @mushforbrains :)
Tumblr media
Ngl don’t really like it but enjoy you do ;-;
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Tumblr media
anyways this is the bird that is mentioned in baepsae
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#3 A Series of Unfortunate Daemons
Tumblr media
Sunny Baudelaire - Iki (unsettled)
Because Sunny is a baby/ toddler during the events of the whole series her daemon Iki is still not settled by The End and will not be for a long time.
Unlike the eldest Baudelaires’ daemons, Iki is extremelly shy and very easily scared, so most of the time he is hiding inside Sunny’s clothes; and while Sunny is often speaking in a series of uninteligible shrieks, he rarely says anything out loud. Ironicaly, Iki is the one who is teaching Sunny how to speak (fun fact:daemons are the ones who teach babies how to speak in Lyra’s world as it’s seen in The Book of Dust: La Belle Sauvage) However, Iki is very warm and affectionate: he sleeps holding on to Sunny or curled up around her to keep her safe and warm, between Shmuel’s paws, between Shmuel and Abby, burried in Abby’s fur (while she’s not settled), and so on...
And since he’s not settled he can pick any form of will (and of course since Sunny is a baby/toddler his forms are too baby/toddler animals). He is very random at picking his forms, but after tthe events of The Reptille Room with Sunny befriending the Incredibly Deadly Viper, he decides he really likes snakes (he also really likes curling around Sunny’s neck with his face under her chin, the two of them as close as they could possibly be, exactly where they belong)
 Forms pictured: black mamba, wolf cub, korean crow tit, wolverine cub, baby crow.
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tanteihimerequiem · 5 years
Tumblr media Tumblr media
So I like smol birbs-
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