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141 + Konig and Alejandro.
Requesting how they would react to reader having a near death experience and are afraid of losing them. Fluff at the end. Please and thank you ☺️
Of course, thanks for the request! Hope this is what you were looking for!
141 + König & Alejandro Reacting To Reader Nearly Dying
Warnings: blood, mentions of death, mentions of injury, heavy angst- ends in fluff
Tumblr media
Simon Ghost Riley-
It happened so quickly that Simon barely had time to register it.
The enemy had the gun pointed at him, and Simon was prepared to take it. He knew there was no escape from it. But then, you. You and your selfless heart just had to step in.
At the last second, you were nothing but a blur in his field of vision as you jumped in front of him, taking the bullet that was meant for him.
He watched as you dropped to the floor, and his entire world stopped in that moment. In his blind rage, he took down the man who shot you without a second thought, before regaining his senses.
"I need a med evac, NOW! Y/N's been shot." Simon cried out in a panic, rushing to your side. "Hey, hey, keep your eyes open, okay? Don't you dare fuckin' close them."
"I love you, Si." You said, gripping his arm with as much strength as your weakening form could muster. "I'm sorry."
"Don't talk like that, I won't have it. Keep your eyes open, kid." He gave your cheek a light slap as he pressed his hand on the wound on your abdomen. "Don't leave me, please."
You felt yourself slipping away, Simon's pleas being the last thing you heard before darkness consumed you.
Your eyes blinked open as a blinding white light blurred your vision. It took you a moment to realize your surroundings, as you looked over to the person whose hand was tucked firmly in yours. "Simon?"
"Sweetheart?" Simon voice was timid, and you knew him well enough to know that he had been crying. "You're awake."
"Hey." You croaked as you tried to sit up.
"No, no, don't move. I'll get you some water." He reached over to the bedside table and helped you gulp some of the ice water. He watched as you shakily set the glass down next to you, his eyes softening as he saw how much you struggled with such a simple gesture.
"You could have died Y/N, what were you thinking?" Simon asked, not taking his eyes off you. "That bullet was meant for me."
"And I couldn't sit by and watch you die, Simon. My body reacted before my brain did. It was just instinct. And I'd do it again if it meant you being alive." Your tone took Simon off guard, his protective walls shattering at your words.
"I can't live without you. I thought you were gone." His voice was barely audible, and you could hear the deep sadness in it.
"I'm here, Simon. I'm not going anywhere." You pulled him closer to you, forcing him to lay his head on his chest.
"Marry me."
"What?" You asked, not sure if you heard him correctly.
"Marry me." Simon repeated, his eyes still staring deeply into yours. "I want to spend the rest of my life with you."
"But you said that-"
"I don't care what I said before. Nearly losing you made me realize that I want to spend every waking second with you for the rest of my life. So please, marry me. We can go to the courthouse tomorrow and make it official."
You let out a small sob as you absorbed his words. "Yes, yes, of course I'll marry you."
Simon smashed his lips to yours, holding you impossibly close as he deepened the kiss. "I love you, so much."
"I love you too, always."
Tumblr media
John Price-
"When we are done with this God forsaken mission, I'm taking you to a nice dinner, got that?" John asked, a hint of a smile lining his lips.
"I certainly won't say no to that. I could use a night out with you." You gave your husband a warm smile before turning the corner in the building the two of you were clearing. "Last room, we should be done in just a minute."
John turned his gaze back to you, and his blood ran cold as he saw your foot land on trip wire. "Y/N, WAIT!"
But it was too late. You triggered the bomb set by the trip wire, and you and Pricem were sent flying as the explosion rang out through the building.
It took a moment for John to regain his senses, the impact of the explosion knocking the wind out of him.
John's ears were ringing as he looked for you amongst the debris. "Babe? Where are you!?"
He wiped some of the dust from his eyes and found you lying on the floor across the room, pieces of wood covering the lower half of your body.
He slid over to you, throwing the debris off of you in a panic. "Hey, hey, hey. You better be okay. I can't do this without you, I can't."
His heart was practically beating out of his chest as his eyes raked up and down your figure. You were covered in blood and bruises, and your heartbeat was faint.
He put his arm underneath your limp body and lifted you, holding you close to him chest. "I'm not going to let you die."
Sounds of distant talking, and machines beeping drew you from your deep slumber. Your eyes blinked open, as a cough racked through your chest.
"Babe!" John cried out, cutting his conversation with Laswell short. "You're okay."
He hurried over to you, pressing a soft kiss to your forehead as you blinked away the sleep from your eyes. "What happened?"
"We can talk about that later. How are you feeling?" John asked, kneeling next to the bed, grasping your hand firmly in his.
"Like hell, but I'll be okay." You gave him a reassuring smile as you squeezed his hand. Your brows furrowed slightly as you took in his bruised face. "Are you okay?"
"I'm better now that you're awake. Gave me quite a scare, sweetheart." He said as he pressed a kiss to your hand.
"Well, I should work on getting better quickly. If I remember correctly, you owe me a date, captian."
"That I do, I'm going to make it a date you'll never forget."
Tumblr media
Kyle Gaz Garrick-
You and Kyle were doing one of your weekly walks on one of the trails near your home.
It was a habit the two of you had formed, and it was a way for you both to unwind from the stresses of your lives.
It was early on a late winter morning, and you were just making your way over a small wooden bridge that rested above a small river. Kyle looked over at you and chuckled as he watched you shiver slightly.
"Should've taken a coat, kid. I told you it was cold."
"I'm no weakling. Besides, we are almost home anyway, I'll be fine." You giggled, bumping into him as the two of you walked.
He gave you the slightest of nudges, as the two of you laughed. At that same moment, you were walking over a small slick puddle on the bridge, causing you to lose your footing.
It happened in the blink of an eye, your valance being thrown off, sending you toppling over the side of the small bridge, into the freezing water below.
Kyle's entire world froze, and sheer panic set in. He watched as your frame disappeared into the water, and he immediately bolted across the bridge, to get to the ground below.
"Y/N? Y/N!" He screamed, his eyes frantically searching for you.
He saw your head emerge from the water, gasping for air as you struggled to tread above the surface. Without hesitation, he tore off his coat and jumped into the freezing water, swimming after you.
Dragging you to the surface, he grabbed his coat off the ground and wrapped it around your frame, holding you tightly to him, rubbing the length of your arms vigorously. "Are you okay?"
You gave a nod, as a chill ran through your body. "Thank you, for saving me. I couldn't feel my body."
"I will always, always save you. No matter the cost." He pressed a warm kiss to your temple, shivering slightly as he began to realize just how cold it was. "You are my everything, Y/N. I'm so sorry, this was my fault."
"I should've watched where I was going, it's okay. I'm okay." You said it more to yourself than to Kyle, in an attempt to calm your racing heart.
"Let's get going, I'll draw a hot bath for us when we get back. I think we both at a minimum are going to catch a cold from this." Kyle chuckled, helping you to your feet.
"Maybe this'll teach me to wear a coat next time."
Tumblr media
"I'm right behind you, Kö, go!" You called out, running as fast as your legs could carry you.
The building was crumbling around you and the team as you all struggled to make your way outside to safety.
You were nearly out of the building when you tripped on a loose piece of concrete, sending you toppling to the floor. "KÖNIG!"
But it was too late, König was already out in the open before he heard you, and the building finally crumbled to the ground before he registered your cry for help.
"MAUS!" König cried out, watching as the dust settled from the crumbled building. His legs moved before his brain could catch up as he darted toward the rubble.
"König, wait! You're going to get yourself killed!" Price called out, trying to stop the Austrian from running to you.
"I can't leave them!" König slid to his knees and began to dig away at the rubble bit by bit. "I can't leave them."
König felt tears pooling in his eyes, the thought of losing you tearing at his heart in a way that made it nearly hard for him to breathe. "They're my everything."
Price and the others knew that fighting him was hopeless and ran to his aid. They spent the better part of 20 minutes throwing rubble to the side, and were just about to give up when they heard a faint cry from underneath them.
"Help! I'm in here!" You choked out, your throat filling with dust from each breath you took. "Please."
König was sent into a frenzy at your cries for help and doubled his efforts to remove the rocks. "Maus, I'm here! Hold on, I'm here!"
With one final rock thrown to the side, your beaten and battered frame came into his line of sight, and he felt the weight on his shoulders fall off.
You were covered in debris and blood, but still had that beautiful smile on your face. "König."
He reached his hands down and pulled you up to him in a bone crushing hug. "I'm here, Maus. I'll never leave you again."
Tumblr media
Johnny Soap MacTavish-
You and Johnny were running from an onslaught of enemies making their way to your location. You were less than half a mile from exfil, and the two of you were running faster than you ever have in your lives.
Johnny heard gunshots from behind him, and heard a sharp intake of breath come from you.
"Babe, come on, we've got to move!" Johnny called out, looking behind him to make sure you were following. What he saw, had his entire world shifting on its axis.
You looked up at him, through bleary eyes, as your hand clutched at the growing blood splotch on your stomach. "Johnny."
"No, no, no." Johnny ran over to you as you started to lose your footing, and held you in his arms. "Hey, kid, it's alright. You're going to be okay."
"It hurts, Johnny." You whispered, the blood loss causing you to grow weaker by the second. "I'm scared."
"You're going to be okay. You're going to be okay. I won't let anything happen to you." His voice was shaky as he struggled to keep his composure. "Please, please keep yourself awake. I'll get us to exfil."
He carried your body and sprinted toward the exfil point, praying to the stars that you would make it out of this alive.
Johnny walked into your hospital room a few days later, and his heart felt like it was going to implode when he saw your smiling face looking back at him.
"Theres that beautiful smile." Johnny's voice came from beside your bed. "I thought I lost you."
"I'm here, Johnny. I'm sorry to have scared you." You reached for his hand, giving it a firm squeeze as your eyes met his.
"Don't ever scare me like that again. I don't know what I would've done without you." Johnny's words felt like molasses in his throat, as his tears threatened to pour down his cheeks once more. "I can't live without you."
"I promise. I'm not going anywhere." You pulled him toward you and wrapped your arms around his shoulders as he began to sob into your chest.
"You better not, I won't ever let anything happen to you again."
Tumblr media
Alejandros' worst nightmare had come true. The cartel had taken you hostage in an attempt to get back at him and Los Vaqueros, and it had been nearly three days without any sign of life from you.
He and Rudy were able to locate you at a nearby warehouse, and Alejandro was on a warpath to get to you. Dead bodies were strewn across the floors of the building, left in Alejandro and Rudy's wake.
Alejandro rounded a corner, and his heart stopped at the sight of you strapped to the chair, your body battered, bloodied and bruised.
"Carino!" He called out rushing to your side. He was quick to unstrap the restraints holding you to the chair and caught your limp body as it fell forward. "Carino, please, please be okay."
He carried your weakened body and sprinted alongside Rudy to leave the compound.
His tight grip on you didn't falter the entire ride to the hospital, as hot tears began to fall down his cheeks. Alejandro had been through a lot in his life, but nothing compared to this moment. He could feel the life slipping from you, and bit by bit, his heart began to disintegrate.
It was a few days later, when you were finally discharged from the nearby hospital. Alejandro had been distant from you the entire time you were admitted, the guilt of your kidnapping being too much for him to handle.
You weren't going to take his distance any longer, however, and decided to approach him about it a short while after you both got home.
"Alejandro, we need to talk. I'm okay, now. It's okay." You spoke, resting your hand on his shoulder gently. "Please, talk to me."
"It's not okay, I failed you. I should've been there. It's because of -."
"Ale, it's not your fault." You turned him toward you gently. "I don't blame you, not in the slightest."
"But it is, I'd understand if you didn't want to be with me anymore." His gaze fell from you, his eyes lingering on the floor below. "You're not safe with me."
"Don't say that. Alejandro, I'm safest when I am with you. I am not, and will not ever leave you."
Alejandro choked on a sob as he collapsed to his knees in front of you, wrapping his arms around you and resting his head against your abdomen. "I don't deserve you, hermosa, but I will spend the rest of my life making you the happiest person I can. And I promise you, I will protect you no matter the cost."
A/N: I really struggled with writing this one- I hope you all enjoy!
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Cod - You use the safeword
Requested: Yes [hiii i’m actually dying for angry sex with the 141 boys/könig where the reader uses their safe word (i am not at all projecting my need to feel protected/cared for that is ridiculous.) (yes i am.)]
Warnings: A smidge of angst but mostly just some soft boys taking care of you
A/N: In which I reach the tag limit for the first time
Price isn’t surprised when you use your safe word, having already been observing the way you seemed to be gradually getting more and more uncomfortable and stressed. So he pulls away without a fuss, shushing you softly as he wraps you up in a blanket, leaving the room only to come back a moment later with some tea and snacks to help you get your energy back. He’ll gently cup your cheeks in his big hands, pressing soft kisses to your forehead and shoulders as he tells you how good you did for him.
Tumblr media
Gaz is definitely surprised when you use your safeword, and his poor pleasure drunk mind literally doesn’t comprehend anything for a moment, so he’s frozen above you, brows furrowed as he tries to remember what that word meant again. But then it finally clicks with him and he’s so gentle as he pulls out, pressing a soft kiss to your forehead as he turns you both to be laying on your sides, your head tucked under his chin as he rubs up and down your back to soothe you.
Tumblr media
A pause, then a nod and a grunt before he’s pulling back. He’s more than a bit unsure of what to do. He knows he should comfort you but he doesn’t know how exactly to do that so he simply stands up and grabs a rag and a warm bowl of water, his hands oh so gentle as he helps clean you up. Anything you ask for, you’ll get it. Your wish is his command. Whatever snack, drink, or action you want, he’ll provide.
Tumblr media
Soap is startled by your use of your safe word, giving you a look that resembled a concerned puppy as he carefully pulled away, his eyes carefully examining you for any physical injuries. If he finds any, he’ll never forgive himself. He’ll hold it over his own head forever. But if there isn’t any then he’s relieved, massaging your thighs and then your back, kissing at the back of your neck.
Tumblr media
Alejandro blinks, stilling above you, voice gentle and soothing as he asks you to repeat yourself. He hums when you do, pressing sweet kisses on your face as he asks you what you need from him. He’s so gentle with you now, murmuring sweet things in Spanish in your ears, holding you to his ever warm body, firm but loose enough that you could wiggle away if you became uncomfortable.
Tumblr media
Rudy looks at you with concern when you utter your safeword, asking you repeatedly if you’re alright as he helps you get clean with a warm washcloth, nuzzling his nose against your cheek. Rudy will probably set up your favorite movie and get a variety of snacks for you to enjoy as you both wind down, his head in your lap as he keeps glancing up to check on you every few minutes.
Tumblr media
König jolts away like he’s been burned, apologies already on his lips as he cups your face in his hands, his eyes wide and puppy-like, already letting himself be guilt tripped by the voices in his head. If you try and reassure him then he just feels guilty, shaking his head as he kisses your knuckles and palms before getting up to get you some comfy pajamas and then orders your favorite take out.
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cod-dump · 2 days
*141 is camping in the woods, Soap and Gaz sharing a tent* Soap: *attempting to sneak out of the tent* Gaz: Say 'hi' to Ghost for me Soap: How did you know!? Gaz: Gaz: Was it supposed to be a secret?
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ghcstao3 · 1 day
civilian au ? where soap and gaz have only learned a second language for the purpose of shit talking in public spaces where the language isn’t at all common—but also for talking about hot people without needing code words and subtle glances
this backfires, though, when soap spots a stranger in public he thinks is attractive and states so too loudly to gaz, assuming no one would understand—least of all the hot, incredibly well-built blond soap is shamelessly talking about
but ghost overhears. and understands. because he, too, has learned whichever language for similar purposes (and work—but that’s hardly important), so now he is very well aware of what soap thinks of him
soap is absolutely mortified when the blond tells him he isn’t so bad himself in the same language, while gaz is laughing hard enough to make his stomach hurt, especially when soap finally snaps out of his stupor to chase after ghost and apologize (and maybe also possibly get his phone number)
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rouge-one99 · 2 days
141 Boys- Awkward boner head cannons.
To the reader giving them an awkward boner. 
warnings- Fem! reader. use of she\her pronouns. sexual themes. 
Summery- how do the boys react to you giving them an awkward boner.
Captain Price- 
you were struggling against prices grip, he had you pinned to the mat face down ass up. you hadn't meant to but you had been rubbing your ass against him. “come on captain your being to harsh on me” you whined, the rubbing of your ass combined with the noises you were making led to a awkward situation. 
Price quickly let go, facing away from you. You were slightly confused, had you done something wrong. “Captain are you okay” you asked, he turned to you face a little red, he looked flustered. it wasn't till he raised to his feet did you see the problem. a prominent bulge in his pants. you gasped and looked away. you had always felt a certain way towards your captain but you weren't sure the feelings were reciprocated. 
“its okay, session is over” was all he said as he slowly waddled away, you couldn’t help but call out his name “wait captain” you called out, it was now or never. “could I perhaps help you with your dilemma” you asked, you heart was in your stomach. 
he looked at you, a glint in his eyes. “on your knees soldier” he said in a stern voice, this was the start to many unconventional sparring sessions.
Jonny “soap” McTavish 
“Come on bonnie I know you can do it” soap says as you face each other ready for a round of sparring, the gym was filled, Gaz and ghost watching your sparring. you stepped back readying your self to take the Scott down.
“come get it Jonny boy” you say looking right at him, he lunges forward grabbing your midsection. you grapple with one another, you try and kick back, managing to catch soap just right causing him to fall back, you turn round and jump on top of him, “ha got you, your a dead man” you say victorious. but soaps eyes are wide like a deer in headlights. 
You don't realise but Johnny's little Jonny has woken up, apparently the close contact had caused a little wee problem, “oh dear” Gaz says trying not to laugh as you get up from being on top of Jonny. 
you look down, a massive mistake. a large tent has risen in soaps pants. “well this is awkward” Gaz says laughing, ghost smacks his arm as a warning. “here” Ghost says handing soap his jacket so he can hide his problem. “be back in 15 pronto” ghost says to soap. you have turned away hoping to not make soap feel more awkward. 
soap walks out of the gym, you turn back to see ghost and Gaz staring at you, “what” you asked, Gaz gives you a devilish smile. “that's never happened before, first for everything I guess” Ghost says letting out a little laugh as he walks towards the doors.
later that night you approach soap with the intent of apologising, “sergeant I just wanted to say I'm sorry for earlier, I'm sorry if I made you feel uncomfortable” he was shocked, he should be the only apologising not you.
“oh bonnie its not your fault, I should be saying sorry. it was incredibly unprofessional of me” he looked at you, you smiled at him “its okay I suppose I take it as a compliment” you both smile at each other and laugh.
Simon “Ghost” Riley.
you and the boys were at the lunch room, they boys were playing pool. you stood in front of ghost. Your secret relationship with Simon was only known by price at this time. that's the way price said to keep it at this time, it was your turn to go, your in a team with Simon against Gaz and price. 
“if you don’t get this one your team if done for y\n” Gaz says, totally not putting pressure on you at all. You don’t realise but as you bend down to line your shot up you ass comes into contact with Simons crotch. you don't hear but he lets out a little whimper at the contact. 
the luck of the lords was with you this day, the shot goes in. “damn it” Gaz says putting his pool que down. you turn around and hug Simon, this surprises him. you pulled away looking at Simon, he gives you an awkward smile. he walks away towards the bathroom. your not sure what's up with him. 
 a minuet later your phone pings. you read the message 
Simon- meet me in the bathroom I need some help xx
you look at the message, unsure of what's happening. you look at the boys who are in their own world arguing over who goes first in darts. you take this as your time to slip away. you get to the bathroom but before you can knock on the door it opens, Simons standing hand over his crotch. “are you okay” you ask, he shakes his head, removing his hand and revealing his tented jeans. 
“you’ve given me a problem and your going to help solve it” he says pulling you into the bathroom. 
the boys don’t pay attention at the absence of you both, lucky for Simon giving him a perfect opportunity to take his time with you.
Kyle “Gaz” Garrick 
“what movie are we seeing again” you ask, sitting in the back seat of Gaz’s car next to soap on the way to the cinema. “Jurassic world” Ghost says back to you, who knew 3 grown men would be so excited about a dinosaur movie but here you were babysitting 3 men. 
“y\n sit next to me” you heard Gaz ask as you all were trying to find you seats. you and Gaz had opted to share some popcorn and nachos. soap and ghost sharing a basked off chicken wings. “you guys are so excited its so cute” you says as the boys get comfy watching the trailers. 
half way through you need the loo, “I'm just going to the toilet” you say to Gaz, your gone for about 1 minuet. making your way back you try and be stealthy when getting back to your seat, but just your luck your boot catches a crack on the floor, sending you into Gaz’s lap. he looks at you surprised. 
“if you wanted to sit in my lap you could have just asked love” he says with a sickly sweet smile on his face, you take the offer and just sit on his lap. “well Im comfy I'm staying here” you retort, his demeanour changes, you think you’ve over stepped your friendship line. you go to get up but realise why he became awkward, a hard object poked you in the thigh. 
“don't move please” he begs, you do as your told and sit back down on his lap. he looks at you with a shy smile on his face, “do you want some help with that later” you ask, he nods you smile at each other, you watch the rest of the movie on his lap. Ghost and Soap don't say a word when they see you enter Gaz’s room when you all get back to base. 
Okay hope you all like this one, just a little 141 head cannon.
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Ghost lost and mourned his family. He was certain he will never have something like that again.
Until the first Christmas he agreed to spend together with 141 and not hide in his baracks for the whole holiday season. Soap convinced him, who else could?
Ghost was scared of the Christmas Eve dinner. He was sure it will be awkward and the whole team will be walking around him on egg shells - rightfully so. He was awfully sensitive during this time.
But he was wrong- the dinner felt... homey? Even though they were all stuck on base. Laswell and her wife showed up and helped Gaz making various dishes in their small base kitchen.
The trio shouted at anyone who dared to enter the busy kitchen and bother them. The rest of them could only salivate at the amazing smells coming out of the room.
Soap made them all wear silly sweaters so he could take a picture of all of them and send to his mother. Mama MacTavish wasn't too happy about Soap's absence in Scotland so he tried to ease her nerves.
When they finally sat at the two flimsy tables put next to each other Ghost was afraid of the silence that will come, the awkwardness. But it never came.
Price raised a toast for all of them, happy that they get to be together another year. Simon noticed that Price was smiling right at him, like he was happy to see him at the table.
When Gaz served them their first meal- which smelled delicious, Soap immediately snatched the mashrom filled dumplings right out of his beetroot soup.
Soap remembered that Ghost did not appreciate the slimy texture of the mashroms but the soup was great.
No one expected him to talk so he was happy to listen to the chaotic banter and several conversations going over the table engaging only when he felt like it.
Gaz shared his fish recipe with him later getting carried away and telling Ghost about his grandma's delicious pastries. Ghost loved every minute of the conversation.
And when a familiar Christmas song played on the radio- the exact same song that played at his brothers house that awful day he lost his family- he spaced out a bit.
But his family was right there with him.
Soap putting his hand on his thing the minute he noticed something is wrong. Prices raspy laugh pulling him out of his head. The pleasant noise of people's voices happy and alive.
The pleasant noise of his family around him.
My head hurts so sorry if it's gibberish, love ya all
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tobbotobbs · 2 days
what about cod men with reader who BLASTS music like ayesha erotica, nikki minaj and etc randomly while chilling or has headphones and does that while on field
Ohhhh I think they would probably be all so confused or worried if it happened in the middle of a mission lol, here my thoughts to that scenario:
Tumblr media
When Ghost heard you playing Nasty from Ayesha for the first time on the middle of interrogating someone they captured and kept alive on their mission, he was very irritated. Soap tried to get the new, right information out of the soldier meanwhile you two and Gaz stood in the darker corner, staring at the horrified man as you quietly sang the lines of the song playing over your headset.
,,Damn I'm sorry I blew you off, I was doing lunch with Microsoft. I'm sucking off a C.E.O, if he's not a millionaire then I've got to go~"
,,What the hell?! Y/n quit that singing! What even is that?", Ghost looked disgusted at you, questioning why he was even befriended with you in first place but quick to remember that you're actually his favorite person on earth, except for when you were listening to sich filth. In the middle of a mission. He quickly became used to it though, just told you once in a while to keep it down or put the music off if the operation was in need of your attention. He didn't enjoy the music as it was, the text too vulgar and flithy for his liking, but he couldn't deny that the melodies of some of your songs were quite catchy sometimes. Of course he grew even more annoyed when you and Gaz would play songs together on base and Soap would jump in on it with his ugly singing.
Tumblr media
He didn't knew you were listening to that kind of music. He sometimes heard you playing some songs as loud as you could in your room, but he never understood a thing of what was sang and your door was always locked, as if to keep people out from seeing you dance some kind of risky dance to this music. Oh boy, if he knew.
Emo Boy was suddenly playing. It scared the shit out if Soap, Kyle and yourself even though it was your ringtone.
,,Oh shit! Sorry guys, Mama's calling. Don't wait for me with the movie!", you were smiling at them and quickly picking up and talking to your mum over the phone.
,,Was that-", ,,Emo Boy by Ayesha Erotica?", ,,Oh. My. God. I heard that right?!!?", ,,Yeah...I didn't know Y/n would listen to that type of music Soap!", ,,Me neither Gaz...it's a catchy song though", ,,Oh it really is. Probably why he chose it?", ,,Yeah...you think he's also into other songs of that genre?", ,,Maybe. Are you?", ,,Oh hell nuh. Not me, no no".
Gaz raises a brow at that and smirks. Then they both start laughing. ,,Oh you are so listening to this kind of music man!", ,,Pah, and if I am? You knew the song by name and artist by just a few seconds of melody playing!", ,,Ah yeah you got me there mate heh"
,,Alright guys, I'm back! Let's start this movie night shall we?", you grinned and sat next to Kyle again, who just smiled at you and nodded, reaching for the remote control. ,,Tell me, is that the music you alway listen and dance to in your room?", ,,Uhm yeah, whx Kyle?", ,,...Wanna show me one of those dances someday?", he grinned suggestively and you just giggled at that.
Tumblr media
Oh this man showed you this tyoe of music, actually. He was playing some song from Doja Cat on the radio of the car from his so nicely called "Hype or Horn Me Up" playlist. You were confused at first. The words used in the songs were...interesting. And Soap was dancing and tapping to it like he was in some dance off. It was amusing and fun. Of course his taste in music wore off on you and so it surprised noone on the team when you were running past them on the field, gun in hand while looking as if you had the time of your life, the could hear for a short time the music blasting through your headphones as you went to go for the next kills.
,,I ain't tryna be cool like you hmmhmhmhmm", you sang while aiming to shoot an enemy, the new song coming on another Doja Cat favourite of you and soap. Hitting the target clean in the head you smirked. ,,I'm bitch. I'm a boss. I'm bitch, I'm a boss, I'm a shine like gloss!", ,,Oi yes you are Darlin!", Soap beamed from behind you. Price was just sighing and pinching his nosebridge while Ghost was just standing next to him like an annoyed older sibling.
You guys would play this type of music all around the base, 24/7. All week long. Until Price got so mad he made you do the dishes and gave you one month of cleaning duty. You did in fact not keep it down afterwards and everyone just had to live with it. Some of the younger recruits actually enjoyed it and envied you guys for that, made them feel less stressed and more relaxed.
Tumblr media
Oh boy. Oh. Boy. He nearly died. First time you blasted that music on the car ride to some pub out of town because you guys all got some time off duty? He was thinking about how he could never go to heaven now, or even just into a church. He would perish just standing on the steps of a church. But then he remembered, he wasn't even religious. So that was fine. But then he thought "Why the fuck is this muppet listening to THAT?!!?!?". You currently sat in the driver's seat and danced to S.L.U.T by Bea Miller. Before that a song way worse was playing, Price recalled (it was I Want Your Bite by Cara Cunningham). This one now wasn't too bad. It was quite nice actually. Way more innocent than ghe other one. John was thankful for that, he grew very hot and was all flustered by the other song which made him feel a little uncomfortable.
,,Oh we're nearly there Cap!", ,,Y-Yes. Just...just put the car to a stop yeah?", ,,Whatever you say Captain!", you smiled while the next song came on. ,,Oh my god this one is so good!". Price looked over to you, awaiting something more innocent again like before. He thought wrong.
,,Ride it, slide it, bite, get inside it
Come on, touch my body
I know that you like it, you can't hide it
Come on touch my body
Hotter, bigger, faster, longer, thicker
Come on touch my body!", you sang loud and proud to the lines of Treat Me Like A Slut by Kim Petras. John officially was a tomato now. He loved seeing you having your fun, but this was surely and never will be his kind of music choice.
,,Treat Me Like A Slut, little dirty bitch I love to fuck!", ,,Okayyy I think it's- oh look there's the pub! Get us a good parking lot and then we'll have some fun kid, a'right?", ,,Yes!".
Poor guy always gets all red when he hears some of his boys play such music. And with Soap and you, and occasionally also Kyle, on his team that was a lot of times. But he wouldn't be too mad about it. Just sometimes id you played it too loud or while he was in an important meeting. He did enjoy seeing you all have your fun so he is not too strict with punishments.
Tumblr media
You are playing some pretty filthy, nasty song in your shared house. Ale just came back from grocery shopping, Rudy in tow helping him with the bags. You were wearing just a shirt and boxers while singing to the song, looking through some magazines on the couch and just waiting for Alejandro to be back. He new of your guilty pleasure for those songs, this kind of music. He adored the way you would get all red sometimes when he talked about it to you, but he doesn't judge. He actually listens to songs like this as well. Obviously in spanish. He showed you some in his native language and you enjoyed them, even if you didn't know what was said.
Alejandro would laugh sometimes when you randomly put the music on while you were in a fight. It always made his mood go all the way up hearing and seeing you enjoy this music, especially if you would listen to the spanish ones he had shown you. For him it is no problem. He trusts you with being focused on missions so he allows you to listen to music, sometimes you even listen together over the radio.
The same goes for Rodolfo, but the poor guy would be worried sick if you would start blasting loud music on missions out of nowhere. Give the little guy a warning beforehand so he doesn't shoot you out of shock hehe. He also shows you songs in spanish, some that are not as filthy as yours but have the same kind of energy and he translates them for you.
Tumblr media
Little german/austrian boy listens to filthy music himself. He is the biggest Rammstein fan there is. One of his favourite songs is probably Bück Dich (Bend Over) and Dicke Titten (Big Boobs/Big Tits). He also really enjoys Labyrinth by OOMPH! It's not really filthy with words but the meaning is pretty dirty. It's also a banger like, he was so happy you enjoyed listening to music with him. To that kind of music as well. He really wantes to visit a Rammstein concert with you someday, if you said yes.
He doesn't listen to music on the job though. And because he's your colonel he asked you kindly to not do it either. On the flight to wherever the mission was? Yes of course he will even listen with you to calm his nerves. At the base? Sometimes he even gets Horangi to join you guys, who really hates this kind of music because he heard too much of it in hia home country (he absolutely hates kpop and all the horny people coming with it).
When you showed him some of your favourite artists and they would sing too fast or use words he didn't understand, you would try to translate for him and the most funny german ever. He told you it was fine to try to explain in english but you really wanted to make him happy and maybe even laugh a little when you tried to explain that the person in the song just sang "Ich möchte in deinen Titten ertrinken" (I wanna drown on those tits/boobs of yours). He is so sweet if someone came up and would make fun of you listening to such music, like he would finally use his rank for once and make them regret for ever saying that to you.
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Tumblr media
141 shenanigans
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Hii gmorning/night/evening! Hope you are having a really nice day.
I don't quite know if you're doing a platonic request, but if you can. Can I request maybe a fic or maybe a scenario, Tf141 and younger reader (younger than gaz himself) whose father is makarov himself and on one mission when Tf141 were capturing makarov the reader were forced to do the interrogation on their own father (the reader did it with professionalism ofc), makarov.
How would the Tf141 react when they found out that makarov was the reader father maybe around a day after the mission ended, the reader been in a both deep thought and sour mood when the mission ended. (Poor reader was trying to not punch cry on spot when he see makarov)
Anyway! Just that I hope it's not that confusing 👉👈 have a nice day!
Fun fact, if we're using Makarov's age in the OG game reader could be like as old as like 27 or so depending on how old Makarov was when they were born (Makarov is 47 when he dies in the OG games so he's like 46-47 during the events of the game)
Task Force 141 With a Platonic! GN! Reader Who is Makarov's Child
Characters: Price, Ghost, Gaz, Soap, and Roach
Warnings: Brief injury to reader
Tumblr media
"Vladimir Makarov," they made their way into the room carefully, catching the attention of the man currently tied to the chair in the center of the room. Makarov tilted his head at them, a smile quirking up his lips. "We have to talk. If you answer my questions, this will go easy for you. If you don't, I'll have to pass you over to someone with a lot more bloodlust than me."
Makarov paused for a moment before a chuckle left his lips. The sound of it echoed around the room. They grit their teeth as the almost taunting noise bounced around their head. "Makarov? Really? Is that how this is going to be?" Makarov's voice was low and careful and that grin remained on his lips.
"Would you prefer it if I just referred to you as the fucking terrorist?" they shot back, trying to avoid the obvious tension in the room.
"You could call me father. That's what I am, aren't I? Your father."
"Not right now," they stood taller, but all of their body felt tense. This was not a situation they ever wanted to find themself in, but the team had all unanimously voted. They would try Makarov first. If only the team knew why that was such a bad idea. "Right now, you're Vladimir Makarov, head of the Ultranationalists. A Russian terrorist group."
Makarov shook his head, a low tutting noise escaping his lips, "Now, now, that isn't how this works. I'm always your father, whether you're on the," he eyed them disdainfully for a moment, "wrong side of things or not."
Their father was taunting them. He wanted to get a reaction out of them. They could tell with just the way he talked. They'd seen him do it to enough people over the years to know what to watch out for. As odd as it was and as much as they hated to admit it, it helped that Makarov was who he was to them. It helped them see what was happening. They decided to change the subject.
"The girl. Where is she?"
Makarov gave a low hum and leaned back in his seat casually, "You know you used to stand like that when you wanted a treat from a store. A bit of candy or something." They tensed a bit, quickly shifting their position to something different. It pulled a chuckle from Makarov and made their face burn an angry red, "I suppose all things change with time."
"The president's daughter," their voice was a bit harsher than they meant for it to be and they knew it was because of their father's taunting. They took a moment to calm themself, "Where is the president's daughter?"
"I miss the days when you were so little and starry-eyed," Makarov sighed wistfully, "You used to hang off of my arm."
"Answer the question."
"I wish that you would drop this act of rebellion," Makarov narrowed his eyes at them, "Finally come home. There is a welcome place for you right at my side. There is always a place for family."
"This isn't a rebellion!" Their hands clenched at their side. Despite the fact that their father was the one restrained, despite the fact that they were the one standing with supposedly all of the power in the room, they felt like a helpless child. There were warring feelings in their chest, anger toward their father, and an ache for the family that they loved and missed. This was the problem. Their father was a terrible person, they'd accepted that. It didn't mean that they didn't love him. It didn't mean that they didn't feel like a petulant child when their father scolded them like this. They hated it. "This is an interrogation and you are going to tell me what I want to know!"
They stepped closer to their father threateningly, but it only pulled a grin from Makarov. "Am I?"
Makarov tilted his head at them and gave them a look of pity, "No, I don't think I am."
The sound of a loud pop met their ears and they quickly found themself surrounded by darkness. The only think they remembered after their vision went dark was a brief flash of their father standing over them and a hand briefly stroking over their forehead.
Tumblr media
"Why didn't you tell us?"
"What?" Their head shot up from where they'd been furiously scribbling at their paperwork. Despite their hard scratches, they'd barely managed to get anything done with the reminders of their failed interrogation from the previous day. Their pounding headache and the cut along their face certainly weren't making it easy for them to forget.
Price stepped into the room slowly and closed the door behind hi.. There was a long moment where he just stood and watched them, unmoving. "You're Makarov's kid." They froze and their pen snapped in half in their hand. Price's eyes shot down to it before moving back up to watch their face. There was a long moment of tense quiet that fell over the room before, "The IT department was able to piece together a part of the footage from yesterday."
"Price," they started carefully, their voice quiet, "I don't-"
"Why didn't you tell us," Price asked again, stepping toward them carefully. His voice wasn't harsh. In fact, he sounded almost soft with the way that he spoke, "We wouldn't have sent you in if we knew."
"That's why I didn't tell you," they responded quietly. "I'm capable of doing the interrogations. I'm capable of doing the missions." Their voice steadily grew louder and louder, anger burning at them at the reminder of why they'd been so afraid to tell anyone in the first place. At the reminder of how their father's choices could impact their life so easily. "Just because he is my," they cut themself off with a growl before continuing, "my relationship with him doesn't change how well I can do my job! He's a terrorist, and no matter who they are, my job involves stopping terrorists."
Price settled for a moment, watching them closely. "You should have told us," he settled on after a moment. When they went to respond, they were met with a hand from Price, silencing them. "Not because I don't think you can do your job." Price moved around the table, settling next to them carefully, "Because if I had known, I never would have made you go into that room. Whether you can handle it or not, you shouldn't have to." He paused for another long moment, watching their reaction closely. "Are you alright?"
They had to think about the question for a long moment. Were they alright? After so many years, after hunting him with the rest of the team, after viewing him as nothing more than a dangerous and unhinged man, they'd come face to face with Makarov and were forced to acknowledge the relationship they had with him. Forced to acknowledge the fact that he was still their father and that, despite their best efforts, they still cared about him. They hated it. It had been tearing them up since the wall had been blown open and their father had escaped.
"I don't know," they finally settled on after a moment. They buried their face in their hands, shaking their head at themself. Their father was a terrorist. He didn't deserve their sympathy or love. They could hear Price shift and, a moment later, there was a hand rubbing against their back. "I should be fine. I should only be upset that he escaped but...I don't know. I haven't seen him in so long. Then...that."
Price was silent for several moments, just offering comfort with a hand on their back, rubbing soothing circles against their skin. They just sat like that for a moment and, despite the silence, it actually seemed to help. It was nice just to know that Price was there, to know that the other man cared enough to sit with them like this. "You know," Price started finally, "It's okay to care about him still. He's your family, whether you like it or not. You can care about someone and still know that they're a bad person. It doesn't make you a bad person."
"I don't know if that applies here," they snorted and looked up at Price with wet eyes, "he's a terrorist."
"And you recognize that," Price nodded to them, his face serious. "But you can't just expect all of the memories, all of the love, all of it to just disappear. It's okay." There was a short moment that passed before they were rushing up from their chair to wrap Price up in a hug, their face buried into his shoulder.
"Thank you," they managed to mumble out. They were still conflicted. they still felt guilty. They didn't think that would be going away any time soon. But it certainly helped to have someone like Price around to provide them with a bit of comfort in times like this.
Tumblr media
"You know, hiding like this won't do anything for you."
They looked up from where they were moving boxes around, just glancing at where Ghost was leaning in the doorway, watching them as they moved around the room. "I'm not hiding," they called back, turning their attention once again to the boxes they were moving.
Niether themself or Ghost spoke for several moments. They continued moving boxes around the small record room, trying to avoid Ghost's gaze as he watched them. "So," Ghost started finally, "You aren't hiding you just...decided to reorganize the record room on your off time?"
"I'm not off," They responded, still trying to avoid the conversation that Ghost clearly wanted to have.
"You're on medical leave," Ghost responded easily.
"I'm trying to stay busy."
"Boring way to keep busy." They stopped suddenly, dropping the box they'd picked up back onto the table with a huff.
They turned to glare at Ghost, leaning against the box for support, "What do you want?" They threw their hands in the air, "If you're so certain that I'm hiding, why not leave me alone?"
"Because," Ghost pushed himself off of the wall and stepped fully into the room, casually walking toward them, "We need to talk about the fact that Vladimir Makarov is your father."
They tensed at the words, their face crumpling under the gaze of Ghost's unmoving mask. It was times like this that they hated Ghost's mask, times when they wanted to be able to read what their lieutenant was thinking but couldn't because of that stupid mask. They avoided his gaze, desperate to have something other than that blank mask staring at them.
"Look at me," Ghost ordered after a long moment of tense silence. They begrudgingly listened, turning their gaze to meet Ghost's eyes through the mask. "Why didn't you tell us?"
They didn't answer at first, they just clenched their jaw and resisted the urge to look away. "Does it matter?" They finally landed on, "I figure I'm fired anyway."
"Fired?" Ghost tilted his head at them, "Why would you be fired?"
They scoffed, "My dads a terrorist that we've been actively hunting and I never said anything. If that's not grounds for firing I don't know what is."
Ghost gave a low chuckle, "I will admit, it wasn't the best choice on your part, but you aren't fired." Their entire body seemed to deflate at the words and they were quick to lean against the table for support as relief flooded through them, "Is that why you've been hiding? Because you thought you were going to be fired?"
"Wouldn't you hide too?" They glanced at Ghost out of the corner of their eye, watching him carefully as he watched them. A moment passed before Ghost was moving forward to wrap a comforting arm around their shoulders.
They were frozen at the move. It wasn't often that Ghost did anything like this, so, in the moment, it was a surprise to them. After a long tense moment they relaxed into his arms, accepting the comfort that he was trying to offer them. "Our team," Ghost spoke quietly, "We're a family, you understand that? You're family, no matter where or who you came from."
They tucked closer to Ghost's chest at the words, trying to fight back the tears stinging at their eyes. It was nice to hear those words from Ghost, to be reassured that, just because the team knew the truth, didn't meant that anything would change.
"You know we're still going to have to talk about you keeping this a secret, right?"
"I know," they spoke quietly, "I know."
Ghost gave a short nod, but didn't say anything else. He just continued to press them tight to his chest in a comforting hug.
Tumblr media
"Hey, are you in here?" Gaz slowly opened the door to their room. He'd been knocking for the past minute with no response, so he'd decided the best option would be to just open the door and see if they were inside or not.
Their bedroom was dark with all of the lights in the room turned off and any of the windows blocked by heavy blackout curtains. For a brief moment, he was sure that they weren't in the room and that he'd been told wrong by Price, that disappeared when he saw the crumpled lump on their bed.
He gave a deep sigh, a small bit of amusement running through him at the sight of what was clearly his friend tucked into a ball under their sheets. "Were you ignoring me?" he asked after a moment.
"Go away," They groaned from the bed, "I don't want to talk to anyone."
"You can't just sulk in here all day," Gaz moved toward the bed and carefully lowered himself to sit next to them. He didn't try to coax them out from under the blanket, not yet. "I know that the past few days have been hard, but-"
They snorted from under the blanket, "Hard? My dad, a terrorist, kidnapped the Russian presidents daughter, allowed himself to be captured as a distraction and to taunt me and managed to get away completely free. What did I get out of it? A concussion and a scolding from Laswell and Price for not telling them anything. Hard is too light of a descriptor."
Gaz winced a bit, "At least we found the president's daughter?" His word were met with a groan and a hand shooting out to grab a pillow and smack him with it. He gave a short chuckle before leaning back against the bed, purposefully laying over their legs. "You have to understand how we feel, though, right?"
"I know," Their voice was quiet and it sounded weak to Gaz's ears. "I understand if you guys hate me. I know I shouldn't have lied."
"We don't hate you," Gaz assured quickly, "It's just shocking is all. I mean, I personally was firmly on team Makarov is definitely a virgin," he was smacked with a pillow again. Gaz gave a laugh and, even though they tried to hide it, he could feel laughter shaking their body as well. "Also you two just," he shrugged, "don't seem very similar."
"You'd be surprised," they muttered from under the sheets, "I actually take after him in a lot of ways. It's just I'm not a terrorist."
"Well," Gaz grinned, "personally I'm glad to hear that." There was another long moment of silence that sat between the two. They stayed buried under their blankets as Gaz stared up at the ceiling, trying to decide what to say. "You know we don't hate you? Right? None of us do."
They shifted under the sheets and were quiet for a long moment before responding, "Why don't you? I lied. My dad's a fucking terrorist."
"Your dad is a terrorist," Gaz agreed, "You aren't. You can't choose who you were born to. I'm sure if you could, you'd have chosen some celebrity and be living a life of luxury right now." They gave another small laugh from under the covers at those words and Gaz considered it a success. "And, well, we understand why you lied. We might not like it, but we understand. Just, uh, please tell me that your uncle isn't like...a war criminal or something?"
They gave another laugh at the words, "Don't worry, my dad is the only fucked one in the family."
"That's a relief."
The two stayed like that for several more moments. Gaz didn't move, he planned to stay as long as he needed to. As long as it took to cheer them up. After a few minutes, they slowly poked their head out from under the covers, their eyes meeting Gaz's carefully. "Thank you, for this."
"It's what friends are for," Gaz gave them a soft smile. They returned it with one of their own.
Tumblr media
"You really shouldn't be here," Soap's voice was filled with concern, but they ignored it and continued doing their reps, sweat dripping down their face. "Didn't the doctor say you had a concussion? The last think you should be doing is lifting heavy shit right now."
They gave a deep sigh and racked the weights they were lifting to slowly push themselves into a sitting position on the weight lifting bench. they turned to glare lightly at Soap, a sigh leaving their lips. "I need a distraction."
"There are safe ways to be distracted," Soap responded, stepping closer to them. He was in his own workout gear, likely having come to the little gym on base for his daily session.
"You're right," They responded, standing up from the bench, "I'll go to the gun range instead."
Soap snorted, "Yeah, I'm sure that will be great for the concussion too." He gave a sigh and crossed his arms over his chest, watching them closely. "You know you don't have to do this, right?"
"What?" They responded, grabbing their water and towel. They had an idea of what Soap was talking about, but it really wasn't something they wanted to discuss at the moment. Really, they would probably prefer it if they never had to discuss it again.
"This," Soap motioned to them, "The training and the pushing yourself. I can see what you're doing. You should be resting." He sent them a stern look that really wasn't befitting of him.
"Alright, captain," they rolled their eyes, "I'm not doing anything. I'm just trying to find a distraction, something to pass the time. No need to look into it so much."
It was Soap's turn to roll his eyes at them, "You really think I'm going to buy that?" He gave a deep sigh and stepped forward to put his hands on their shoulders and guide them to sit back down on the weight bench, "Listen, I get that you're upset with yourself and you're blaming yourself."
"But what happened wasn't your fault, okay?" Soap shook his head at him slowly, "It could have happened to any of us. And if it was any of us but you, I hate to say it but we'd probably be dead right now."
They clenched their jaw and looked away from him. "I should have known what he was doing," they tightened their fists into a ball, "I did know what he was doing and I still couldn't do anything to stop him." They looked up at Soap with harsh eyes, "What good am I to the team if I can't keep my head on straight when he's around?"
"Don't talk like that," Soap dropped into a squat in front of him, his eyes soft as he spoke, "You weren't prepared, none of us were. We all should have been paying more attention, we all should have known that something was going on." He shook his head and took one of their hands into his own, giving it a comforting squeeze, "You can't blame yourself."
"I'm," they hesitated for a moment, "I'm worried. What if he's able to get to me again? When it's more serious?" He shook his head at Soap, "I can't let that happen. I can't put you guys in danger because I can't get past my relationship with him."
"And you won't," Soap assured, "The next time we run into your father, we'll all be more prepared. You won't be alone. We'll be there to keep him from getting in your head." He gave another squeeze to their hand, "You just have to trust us."
There was a moment of silence between the two for a few moments. Finally, they nodded. "I trust you guys," their words were quiet, but they pulled a grin from Soap. "Thanks, you know, for this."
"Course, that's what I'm here for." Soap popped up to his feet and held a hand out to help them up, "Now, come on, I say we go get something sweet and see if we can talk Gaz into letting us bully him on Mario Kart."
Tumblr media
There was a hesitant knock on their door and they wanted to groan. They knew that it had to be another member of the team come to try to talk to them. The other members of the 141 had been trying for hours to get them to come out of their room, but they'd turned them all away. They didn't want to talk to them. They didn't want to have to explain.
"Go away!" They called, frustration eating at them.
"It's me," they recognized the voice as Roach's immediately.
"I said go away," they huffed, "tell Price that I'll come out to talk when I'm ready."
There was a quiet moment before Roach was calling, "I'm not here to talk about that, not unless you want to. I brought you food."
That caught their attention. They hadn't left their room in hours, too afraid of being cornered by the team. While it had worked great at keeping the team away, it had left them feeling terribly hungry. So the idea of food, food made by Roach especially, sounded incredible at that moment.
"Promise that you actually have food and aren't just trying to get me to open the door?" They stood from their bed and hesitantly started over, waiting for a response from Roach before actually letting him in.
"I promise," Roach called back. "I even brought dessert and drinks."
With those words they were quick to open the door and tug Roach inside, closing and locking it behind him. "Thank god, I'm starving." They were quick to grab the little bag that Roach was carrying and take off toward the small table in their room, unloading the several containers of food, drinks, and plates that Roach had packed for them. "You're a life saver."
"Yeah," Roach chuckled nervously, "Well, I may have lied a bit."
They looked up at him, betrayal on their face, "You're here to talk about my dad, aren't you?" Roach nodded slowly, an apologetic look on his face. "Traitor," They gave a sigh and collapsed into a seat at the table, "I can't believe you would use food against me like this."
"I'm sorry," Roach moved to sit next to them, "it was the only way I could think to get inside. But, hey," he slid one of the containers of food toward them, "Won't it be easier to talk about with a baked potato and steak to eat while we do it?"
They groaned a bit and took the container from him to begin loading food onto their plate. Roach was right, at least if he had to talk about it he could have some good food to go with it.
"Alright," they didn't speak until they finally had all of their food laid out and could start digging in to the meal, "Go on, ask what you need to."
"Why didn't you tell us that Makarov is your dad?" Roach spoke through eating his own food, digging into his own steak casually, as though he wasn't asking them such a loaded question.
They sighed, taking a few bites before responding, "I was worried Price would take me off of the missions. That he wouldn't let me help." There was a moment of silence where the two just ate, letting the words sit between them. "I want to help take down my father."
Roach watched them closely as he took a drink, just observing their face to try and read if what they said was the truth or not. "That's a lot," he finally landed on, "I mean...no matter what, he's your dad, right?"
"He's a terrorist," they snapped quickly.
Roach held his hands up in surrender. "I know that and I know that you know that," he clarified, "it doesn't change the fact that he's still your father." He paused for a moment before adding, "You know it's okay for this to be hard for you, right? None of us are going to judge you struggling with this. We're not going to doubt your ability to do the job."
They seemed to deflate at those words, all of the fight gone from their system. "I don't want to let you guys down."
"You aren't going to let us down," Roach's tone was serious. "You're strong, I've got faith that you can handle this. I just want to make sure that you know that you don't have to handle it. You don't have to be strong."
"I know," their voice was quiet, it was clear that Roach's words had helped a bit with the worry that seemed to be plaguing them. They'd managed to calm down enough to continue talking through the issue with Roach, venting their frustrations as they ate.
At the end of it all, they felt a million times better about everything. Roach had reassured them and talked things over with them. "That was a lot," Roach clicked the lid back on to one of the food containers, packing everything up. "I'm proud of you for talking about it."
"Thanks," they gave him a slight smile, "I feel a lot better. Thanks for listening."
Roach gave them a bright grin, "Of course, I'm always willing to listen. Now," he pulled another container from the bag and pulled the lid off, holding it out to them, "How about some cookies to make you feel even better?"
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daisies-daydreams · 15 hours
task force 141 + konig where they gangbang y/n (they corner them in the lockerroom/barracks-- y/n accidentally goes into the wrong room, or is it really the wrong room??) OR SOMETHING LIKE THAT and they each take their turn :DD AAAA im so sorry if its difficult i just really love ur writing :") please take ur time and if u ever do consider this THANK U :")
Tumblr media
Pairing: 141 + König x F!Reader Category: Smut (18+) Warnings: Consensual Gangbanging, Multiple (and I mean multiple) Orgasms, Clit Play, Oral Sex (69), Penis in Vagina Sex, Thigh Fucking, Anal Sex, Spanking, Vaginal/Anal Fingering, Reader is Going to be Sore 💀 Word Count: 4.1k+
Author’s Note: Hi there! Thank you very much for your request. There were so many different scenarios but I was able to eventually dwindle it down to Y/N walking into the wrong locker room (whoopsie daisy). Also, König is included in the fic, I just couldn’t find a picture with all of them. I hope you enjoy!
You yawned as you stretched your arms above your head. The sound of the water spraying from the showers was music to your ears-your body worn and grimy from the recent mission. You pushed open the door and padded inside, your steps heavy with exhaustion. All you had on your mind was taking a quick shower and slipping beneath your covers. Billows of steam rushed towards you as you opened the double doors. You headed towards your locker and paid no mind to the other bodies wandering about the room. You furrowed your brows when the combination didn’t work. You frowned as you tried again. Nothing. You flinched when a distinctly male voice cleared his throat behind you.
“Think you’re in the wrong room, lovie”.
Your eyes widened as you slowly turned around. Your blood ran cold. Your lieutenant, Ghost, was standing in front of you with crossed arms, his bulging muscles still dripping with hot water. You blushed when you realized he wasn’t wearing his mask. His face was rugged and littered with scars, an obvious sign of him living through years of combat. Your heart began to race as he took one step closer. You couldn’t tear your eyes away when they wandered down to see his girthy cock hanging between his legs. You bit your lip when you caught a glimpse of it twitching to life. Ghost was only a few feet in front of you as his arms fell to his sides.
“What’re you doin’ in ‘ere, hm, Sergeant?” he mused with a raised brow. His shadow swallowed you whole as you tried to look away. You swallowed a lump in your throat, gripping the towel you held in your arms.
“I-I’m sorry. It was an accident-truly,” you stammered as you felt heat rise to your cheeks. Your eyes flicked around the room to look anywhere but at him, only to lock eyes with the other men. Your knees felt weak as they all stood there staring at you and your flimsy cover-up. You felt your breath punched out of your lungs when you realized they were just as stark naked as Ghost. Your lips parted as your mind began to buzz with a whirlwind of emotions.
You were embarrassed beyond belief…and yet, you couldn’t help but feel the intoxication of pure lust coursing through you. Your blood ran cold when you saw your very own Captain in the same room: his stormy, sea green eyes piercing into you as he gave a wry grin. You felt dizzy as you tried to brace yourself against the lockers, clenching your legs together. Ghost chuckled as he slid his hand beneath your chin, tilting it up so you could meet his gaze.
“You sure it was an accident? Cause the way you're shifting your cute little thighs together tells me otherwise,” he muttered, his hot breath fanning over your neck. A small moan left your lips as his lips raked across your skin. He looked back up at you, his mahogany eyes dripping with pure desire. “Tell us what you want, love,” Ghost murmured, his hands falling to delicately brush over your hips.
Your eyes were as wide as saucers as you looked around the room. All of the 141's cock’s seemed to twitch and throb to life. Your mouth nearly snapped open when you saw a towering man, who you assumed to be König, pawing at his massive length. Was this really happening? You whined when Ghost peppered your neck with open mouth kisses. A rush of heat struck through your core as he suckled over your pulse, then licked across the blooming hickey. You swallowed thickly before parting your lips.
“I-I want you…all of you,” you squealed when Ghost suckled another hickey onto your neck. He parted from your neck and nipped at the shell of your ear. Your body trembled at the prospect of having every one of your holes stretched and pumped full of cum while you jerked two other men off with your smaller hands. Your heartbeat pounded in your ears as Ghost sank his teeth into your neck. You gasped as he flattened his tongue over the throbbing bite mark.
“Gonna take our sweet time with you-right lads?” he rumbled before kissing up your jaw. You heard the men grunt in agreement, their voices falling onto your ears like a melody. You felt lost in your own emotions as they tumbled and crashed together. You squeezed your legs even tighter as Ghost pulled his head up and gave you a soft smile. Your heart cracked at the sight-you were so used to seeing his macabre visage that his expressions seemed lost to you.
“Can’t wait to see how good that pussy feels,” he said before stealing a slow, tender kiss from your lips. The distinguished sound of a door locking felt numb to your ears as the taste of your lieutenant flooded your mouth. It was slightly minty with a hint of tobacco, the flavors blending together as both of you slung your tongues together. You sighed into the kiss as his hands worked to peel your towel off of your trembling body. You felt goosebumps bloom across your body as the fabric fell to the floor.
“Fuckin’ beautiful,” Ghost breathed, admiring your body. You blushed furiously before he dove back in, his hands gently massaging your hips. Your eyes shot open when another rugged body came up behind you and sandwiched you together. You turned to see Soap beaming at you with his usual, cheeky grin.
“Mind if I have the first go?” he whispered as he licked your jawline. You keened at the feeling of his hot member twitching against your ass.
“P-Please,” you sighed while nodding your head. Ghost remained still for a moment, though decided to step back, admiring the view before him as he gripped his own girthy cock. A deep rumble rose from Soap’s chest as his hands slowly came up your sides. You gasped as they landed on your breasts.
“So fuckin’ soft,” he murmured. You felt arousal start to leak between your legs as he slowly tweaked your sensitive nipples between his rough fingers. You arched your back, pushing your butt further into his hips. The movement caused his dick to slip between your thighs, his head just barely poking out from the front of them.
“Please, Johnny,” you mewled. Soap moaned at the sound of his real name as his hands spread over your tits. You went to spread your legs. A whimper left you as you felt him harshly squeeze your breasts.
“Keep your legs together,” Soap ordered with a husky growl. You nodded before throwing your head back, letting it fall on his sturdy shoulder. Soap pressed kisses up your neck as he began to slowly push and pull his cock between your thighs. He groaned as your cunt coated his thick length with your juices.
“Mm, that’s it,” the man groaned as he kneaded your breasts. Your mind became more fuzzy as he added another bite mark to your shoulder. “That’s my good lass,” he lilted. You felt your walls clench as the head of his cock continuously breached through your slick folds. Soap grunted as his thumbs flicked your hard nipples, his hot mouth enveloped over your shoulder in a wet kiss.
“Christ, Soap-hurry up,” Gaz whined. You gazed up at the man with half-lidded eyes. Gaz stared at you with a similar expression, his nostrils flaring as he squeezed his leaking dick in his hand. Your eyes squeezed shut when Soap’s hand fell down and began to rub meticulous circles around your swollen nub.
“Ah, don’t stop,” you whined. Your knees buckled when you felt Soap pinch your clit. He wrapped his arm around your torso, pressing your back flush against his broad chest. You felt like you were being rocked by an ocean of bliss as he started to buck into you at a hungry pace.
“‘M not gonna stop-not when you feel this fuckin’ good,” Soap groaned. The sound of your slick movements stoked the fire growing in the pit of your belly. You mewled as Soap drew faster circles around your clit. “C’mon-cum with me, bonnie,” he moaned with a sharp snap of his hips. You gasped as the cord inside of you snapped violently. You arched your back as a white-hot wave of ecstasy washed over you.
The feeling of Soap’s cock twitching beneath you only prolonged your blissful contractions. He coated your thighs with rope after rope of his cum, the warmth dribbling down to your knees as you writhed in pleasure. Soap kissed your cheek as his cock began to soften between your legs. You panted as your high dissipated.
“Look so cute when you cum over my cock, hen,” Soap praised as he still held you close. He kissed your temple before slowly backing away from you, his hands protectively placed on your hips. You stared into his deep blue eyes before you felt a new pair of warm hands . You gazed behind you, meeting a pair of chocolate brown eyes.
“‘Scuse me, love,” Gaz gave a wry grin as he laid himself down on the hard surface. You mirrored his expression as you sat on top of him, angling yourself to take his cock. He clicked his tongue.
“Not quite what I had in mind,” Gaz said as he grabbed your hips. You gasped as he spun you around, your dripping cunt hovering just above his mouth. Your eyes grew wide at the sight of his thick cock twitching right in front of your face. Your breath stuttered as you heard Gaz smack his lips, his hot breath cascaded over your folds.
“H-Holy shit,” you whispered. Your hands flew up to brace Gaz’s thighs as he slipped his mouth over your cunt. You moaned, a jolt of electricity shooting through your core. You took several deep breaths as he moved his tongue back and forth, writing out his name across your slit. You took a few deep breaths before slowly sinking your mouth around his shaft.
Gaz groaned as he swiped at your folds while you bobbed your head up and down his length. He was thicker than you imagined-his girth stretching out your jaw more than any other man you’ve been with. The taste of his salty-bitter precum danced over your tongue as you swirled your wet muscle around his head each time you came back up.
“Yeah, that’s it baby,” he murmured into your pussy before taking your clit between his lips. Your hands clenched around his thighs as he swirled his tongue around the sensitive nub.
“Gaz, fuck,” you whined, a string of saliva connecting your lips to the head of his cock. The sergeant chuckled before thrusting his tongue inside of your quivering hole. You sucked in a sharp breath through your nose before angling your head to take him in deeper, his tip hitting the back of your throat.
Both of you moaned and panted as you ate each other like starved wolves. The vibrations from Gaz’s voice sent ripples of arousal straight into your core. You released a breathy sigh around his dick as he slipped his tongue out and slid one of his digits inside of you. You shifted your hips over Gaz’s face as he stroked you tenderly, his finger reaching and caressing your g-spot. You heard him emit a low growl as his cock twitched inside of your wet cavern.
You moaned his name as he gave a harsh suck to your clit, your second high tearing you in half. Your whole body grew tense as his cock was lodged deep in your throat. You gasped as you felt something warm spill into your mouth, his cum draining down your esophagus. His brows furrowed as your walls clenched around his finger, sucking him in eagerly.
As your high began to fade, you slowly pulled your lips off of his length. You made sure to keep your lips tightly wound together, carefully holding his seed inside your mouth. He smoothed his hands over your hips, raising them before he gasped out for air. It made you wonder if he wanted to suffocate as he devoured your cunt. The thought made a small shiver course through you.
“Fuck me, (Y/N). That was incredible,” Gaz gasped between heavy breaths. You smiled sheepishly before turning so he could see your slightly swollen cheeks. His lips parted as you audibly swallowed his cum. You grinned as you stuck out your tongue. No trace of white was left. “Bloody hell,” he shuddered.
You smiled as the man guided you to rest on his chest. You closed your eyes and caught your breath, the afterglow of your orgasm warming you from head to toe. Just as you felt your heart rate steady, a shadow crossed over you. You cracked an eye open to see your Captain looming above you, his thick hand pumping at his red-hot length.
“Believe I should’ve gone first-bein’ your Captain and all,” Price muttered. Gaz huffed as he helped you off of him, guiding you to sit up while he slid off the bench. You gazed up at Price with the biggest doe-eyes you could pull, though it seemed futile when you were shoved onto your stomach. You winced as his calloused hands kneaded at the flesh of your hips. You turned your head slightly to see your Captain leaning on the bench with one knee, his other leg balancing himself on the tiled floor. He raised a thick brow as he continued to jerk himself off.
“Think you should be disciplined, Sergeant. You’ve walked into the men’s locker room like a naughty girl,” Price grunted. You cried out as he laid a smack against your ass. He groaned as he watched it jiggle, a red mark staining your bum. You felt your heart race when he grabbed your asscheeks in his hands, spreading them apart.
The man shoved two of his fingers into his mouth before releasing them with a wet “pop”. You moaned as he circled your puckering asshole with his digits. Your hands flew in front of you to grab the edges of the bench as he moved to massage your ass with one hand, the other slowly dipping into your hole.
“Say it-say what a naughty girl you’ve been,” Price commanded as he pumped his fingers into you. You gurgled incoherently, your mind intoxicated from two mind-shattering orgasms and the feeling of him stretching your hole wide open. You lunged forward as he smacked your bum again, this time leaving another red mark.
“I-I’m a naughty girl,” you keened, shaking your ass as he thrusted his digits inside with a sudden squelch. “A-And I need to be disciplined,” you batted your lashes. Price growled before curling his fingers inside of you.
“Damn right, you do,” he huffed with a small smirk. You jolted forward as he suddenly shoved his length into your asshole, molding your insides the shape of his cock. Your mouth snapped into a tight “o” as you felt yourself being stretched out by your Captain, inch by delicious inch.
“So fuckin’ tight-Christ,” he grunted as his hips became flush with your raw ass. You moaned at the tightness before he slid himself out, leaving his head inside. Your fingers curled around the bench as he pistoned into you, his hands bruisingly gripping your waist. “Love how your hole stretches around me,” Price rumbled. You felt tears prick at your eyes, the sensations overwhelming you from head to toe. You yelped as he laid another slap to your ass.
“Fuck-I want to see you, love-but this arse just feels too fuckin’ good,” he hissed between gritted teeth. You arched your back as he grabbed your hair, pulling on it while he shoved a few fingers into your mouth. You instinctively suckled on them, tasting the saltiness of his sweat. You jolted when his other hand laid a sudden smack to your cunt, your slick spraying across his hand.
“I’m so close,” he grunted. Your head rolled to the side as your third orgasm washed over you, sending a shockwave through your core. Price growled as he slammed his hips into you. Your entire body lit on fire as he filled up your insides. It was an entirely new sensation-though it was one you could certainly get used to. He patted your thighs before slipping off of you, his rough palms lingering on your waist. Your limbs felt like they were full of lead as you tried to stand up, only to remain prone on the bench.
“Steamin’ Jesus, Price-I think you broke her,” Soap gaped. You blinked lazily before being pulled into two strong arms. You looked up to see an unfamiliar face above you. You gave a small smile as you recognized the pair of icy blue eyes that gazed down at you softly. The tip of a water bottle was pressed to your lips and you greedily slurped up the cold liquid.
“Ah, the little Maus just needed a break,” König cooed. You tapped his wrist, letting him know you were done with your drink. You smacked your lips when he pulled it away from you. You sighed and nuzzled your face into his rugged stomach as he gently rocked you in his arms, your naked body resting on his sturdy lap. His hand caressed your red cheek as he leaned down, kissing your forehead.
“Do you think you can handle any more, Schatz?” the Austrian murmured. You stared at him, eyes half-lidded and body shaking with overstimulation.
“Y-Yes,” you rasped out. König’s brows knitted together.
“If you’re feeling too tired, we don’t have-” He gasped when you straddled his hips, legs clumsily wrapping around his back. He moaned as you kissed him deeply, your pussy lips gliding over his massive length.
“I want to,” you said resolutely. König beamed before pressing his forehead to yours.
“Turn around for me then, Kätzchen,” he commanded gently with a pat on your waist. You smiled as you spun around, making sure to rake your ass against his abs. You could feel the rumble in his chest as you spread your limp legs over his. He muttered sweet phrases in German as he slipped his hand down towards your heat. You shivered against him as he spread your labia apart with his thick fingers. Your cunt was a mess of slick and cum that dribbled down from your asshole. He groaned as he felt around your puffy folds and swollen clit.
“Gonna take it nice and slow, ja?” König soothed. You nodded and relaxed as he slipped a finger into your hole. You gasped at how just one finger filled you up, your walls mush around the ridges of his digit. König grunted as he began to slowly pump his finger inside of you, his other hand massaging your bundle of nerves. You moaned as he played with your pussy, his movements calm and gentle. You gasped when the pad of his finger brushed against your g-spot. “Are you alright, Kätzchen?” he asked. You nodded, curling your hands around his wrists.
“Yes-you feel so good, Kö. Making me feel so good,” you praised. König grinned before he added another finger into your cunt, stretching you out wonderfully. His movements grew a bit faster as his thumb flicked and stroked at your clit. You gasped when his fingers were replaced with his cock. Your eyes nearly crossed as you felt his immensely thick shaft split you down the middle.
“Meine,” was all he could rasp out before he gently bucked into your heat. You moaned when you saw his head bulge beneath your stomach. You could feel your body melting in his touch. He continued to swirl his finger around your nub as he bounced you on his cock, his voice cracking with every moan and pant that left him. Despite his gargantuan size, he was handling you like you were made of porcelain. Your eyes glazed over as you felt yourself tense again. König whined as your walls constricted around him.
“König-I’m gonna cum,” you mewled. He rumbled before pistoning his hips up into your heat.
“Fuck-me too,” he gasped out. Both of you moaned at the same time as your walls contracted around him. He stilled inside you, your cunt milking his cock dry. You whined as you felt his cum gush out of your pussy, flooding his lap. The rush of liquid never seemed to end as he slowly pulled you off his length. He peppered your face with soft kisses before giving you another sip of water.
“You did so well for me, meine Schatz,” he praised while stroking your cheek with his thumb. You smiled at him sleepily before he receded back. You glanced above you to find Ghost standing tensely, his cock cherry red and ready to burst. He grabbed a towel lying on the floor and helped you up. You sighed as you were laid back down on the soft fabric, his palms stroking over your shaking legs.
“How you feelin’, lovie?” Ghost asked softly. You felt your voice die in your throat as he gazed at you with his gentle, brown eyes. Eyes you’ve seen full of a quiet rage countless times in combat.
“I think…I can do one more,” you puffed out. Ghost hummed as he adjusted his hips.
“Atta girl,” he praised. You smiled up at him as he slid his cock inside, pushing some of König’s cum out of your hole. You melted as he thrusted into you, gently massaging your tender breasts. “Been wantin’ you for so long-fuck-you feel better than I could ever imagine,” Ghost grunted. You bit your lip, taking in slow, deep breaths as he bottomed out inside of you.
Your limbs felt like putty in his hands as he raised one of your legs to fall over his shoulder. Both of you locked eyes and you nodded. He exhaled through his nose as he pumped his cock through your plush walls. You could feel your mind starting to grow fuzzy as he rocked his hips into you.
“Simon,” you murmured. Ghost’s hips stuttered as his name softly fell from your swollen lips. His movements became a little more hungry, his balls slapping against your cum-coated ass as he snapped his hips.
“So perfect f’me,” he groaned. You barely had time to brace yourself before your fifth orgasm shook you to your core, electricity trickling down to your fingers and toes.
“Christ, how many is that? Five?” he groaned. You nodded your head, letting your eyes close as you were rocked by his strong thrusts. Ghost rumbled as he crashed his lips onto yours. The sound of your sloppy, cum-filled cunt fluttering around his dick made your mind completely melt. “You’ve taken all so well, love,” Ghost praised as he bullied his cock into your hole. Your brows knitted together as he kissed you again.
“Gonna fill this pussy up, stuff you with my cum,” he moaned as his balls twitched against your folds. “You’d like that, love?” Ghost huffed. You nodded.
“Please, please fucking fill me,” you gasped. He chuckled as he sped up his thrusts, the sound of your skin slapping against his echoing throughout the tiled space. You moaned and raked your nails down his shoulders as he slammed his cock into you, stilling inside and shooting his load into your tight hole. Your jaw went slack as you felt your pussy warm, only to feel exhaustion wash over you once more.
“(Y/N)? Are you with me?” Ghost’s muffled voice called. You only managed to make a small mumbling noise before sleep finally overtook you.
You gasped as you shot up beneath a cozy comforter. You looked down, seeing you were wearing a fresh pair of clothes. Your hair was still wet and smelled of shampoo. Your eyes scanned the dark room. You finally recognized that you were back in your quarters when your vision adjusted. You puffed out a breath of air as you sank your head down onto your pillow.
Was all of that just a dream?
Your face turned a deep shade of red at the many lewd acts that transpired. You yawned before shifting in your bed, gasping when you felt a dull ache blooming in all of your holes.
Thank you for reading! ❤️
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rileyslibrary · 16 hours
Be gentle, man!
Synopsis: You and the team go undercover to a dinner where high-profile guests are invited. You need to acquire vital information while acting posh at the same time. Good lord, help you all.
Relationship: Simon "Ghost" Riley x F!Reader, Task Force 141 x F!Reader
Word Count: 1,519 (approx. 6-7 min reading time)
This is the second (and final) part of the story but you can read it as a oneshot. Here’s Part 1 if you’re interested.
No warnings; casual read with platonic relationships.
The Athenian Palace: You’ve heard of the place a few times, mainly through the news, but never had the chance to visit. And why would you? Are you the president of a country? A diplomat? A wealthy businessperson with significant influence over government decision-makers? No, you are just a soldier among the many considered expendables. Your duty is to protect your country with your life—the same country that many attending the event have a vested financial interest in.
But today, everything is different. Today, you’re supposed to act like someone who comes from money.
For the past month, you and the rest of the team have undergone extensive training in formal dining, conversation, walking, and dancing. Everyone has adapted to their undercover personas somehow, except for Price, who couldn’t accompany you since he’s been undercover in a similar instance some years ago and poses a threat to the mission if he gets recognised.
Gaz required the least training among the four of you. You haven’t yet determined if he was naturally suited for this role or if his assigned persona was more straightforward than the rest. Nevertheless, he seemed comfortable conversing about the tech industry and acting like James Sinclair, the alleged tech entrepreneur.
On the other hand, Soap was the complete opposite of Gaz. Your etiquette instructor, Lady Theodora, struggled to mould him, but he always found a way to break free. Eventually, she found the tipping point to channel Soap’s extravagance to benefit the mission.
“What would you do if you were a trust fund child?” She asked, to which Soap replied that he would be “poised and all” but at the same time act “like Paris Hilton in the 2000s.” And that’s how Maxwell Vanderbilt—or “you can call me Max,” according to Soap—was born: with a mohawk, a loose-fitting suit, and an unchallenged attitude. You hated to admit it, but he was the most authentic and convincing among the four of you.
As for you and your Lieutenant, you were still adjusting to your role as a couple, particularly with the required intimacy. Yet, with Lady Theodora’s help, you managed to get closer, even if that involved a few unorthodox ways of doing things. One day, for example, she duck-taped your hands together and ordered you to spend the entire day together. She taught you how to dance, touch each other in public, and show, without telling, how you and Ghost— or Sir Ethan K. Wood—would infiltrate the facility and gather vital information as a couple.
He hated the name. “Why should I pretend to be fucking Ethan?” He asked, but Lady Theodora explained that it was a name forged by Laswell and she could do nothing about it. And when you told him you were named “Constance”, he spitted out his drink and immediately became grateful to Sir Ethan K. Wood.
Arriving in a Maserati Levante, you were greeted by a team of three people, two opening your doors and one guiding your hand as you stepped out of the car.
You wrap your arm around Ghost and approach the entrance.
As you walk through the imposing double doors, the room reveals itself in all its glory—a high ceiling decorated with murals stretch towards the heavens. The ballroom’s walls are draped in exquisite fabrics of gold and burgundy while crystal chandeliers cast a soft glow, illuminating the space and creating an inviting and elegant atmosphere.
The ballroom’s focal point is a large dance floor. It invites guests to dance while a live orchestra, hidden in a corner, fills the room with melodies. Surrounding the dance floor, elegant tables decorated with crisp linens showcase elaborate floral centrepieces, while towering candelabras provide additional illumination.
You look at the guests; men wear tailored tuxedos, and women glide in flowing gowns and sparkling jewellery. Your gaze shifts to Ghost, who looks dashing in a three-piece navy suit, a matching tie, and a white handkerchief in his chest pocket.
“Are you ready, my dear?” You ask with fake confidence.
“Ah, my love,” Ghost replies, “in for a penny...”
“... in for a fucking pound.”
“Language, Constance.” He corrects you sternly.
“Apologies, darling.”
You enter the crowd, mingling with the elite. Ghost introduces you as his wife, guiding you with a firm yet gentle touch on your back. Engaging in conversation, you discuss the land you supposedly own, the inflation—that most people in the room are the direct cause of—and collectively sorrow over the economy’s current state. All this while sipping champagne from crystal glassware that’s worth more than your annual salary.
Among the guests, you spot Soap conversing with a group of Wall Street figures. He appears relaxed, holding a glass of whiskey with an orange peel garnish.
“Ah, what can you do?” You hear his Scottish accent echoing in the room. “It’s a self-regulating market, after all.”
Lots of things baffle you in this world. Soap, talking about self-regulating markets with a bunch of Golden Boys who nod and agree with him just added another paradox to your list.
“Darling,” Ghost says, with his hand finding yours and interlacing your fingers, “dinner will be served shortly; let us find our table.”
You approach your seats, and Ghost pulls out a chair for you. As you settle in, you look around at the surrounding tables, searching for familiar faces. Gaz, sporting a suit with no tie and fake glasses, is seated at the table next to yours and talks with the people around him.
The evening unfolds with a symphony of courses served with artistic precision. Each dish arrives like a work of art—a culinary masterpiece. You apply Lady Theodora’s training and indulge in the exquisite feast while engaging polite conversations. You observe and listen closely to the guests’ discussions, hoping to obtain any valuable information that might aid your mission.
With dinner concluded, everyone moved to the ballroom for the entertainment segment. Ghost discreetly signals for you to follow him. Excusing yourselves, you navigate the corridors of the Athenian Palace, with the music and chatter fading as you reach the server room.
“This is it,” Ghost whispers as he approaches the servers. “The information we need should be here. You need to get to work.”
You nod and navigate the complex digital landscape, leveraging your technical expertise to penetrate the encrypted files. Meanwhile, Ghost maintains a vigilant watch and stands guard, ensuring no unexpected disruptions throw a wrench into your plans. Each creak or distant voice makes him reach for the gun in his inner jacket pocket.
Minutes pass like hours. Suddenly, your face lights up.
“Got it!” you shout, and Ghost brings a finger to his lips, urging you to keep quiet.
“Got it!” You repeat, this time in a whisper.
“Good girl,” he replies softly, “now let’s go find the others and get the fuck out of here.”
You begin your return to the ballroom, but things feel strange this time. The calm conversations surrounding the place have turned to screams, and the music sounds somewhat different than when you left the hall.
Ghost puts a hand in front of you and stops you.
“What’s going on, Constance?” he asks, concerned.
“Let’s find out, my love,” you reply, loading the pistol strapped to your thigh.
You run through the corridors, but there’s no one there—it sounds like everyone has gathered in the main hall.
Just before entering the ballroom, you compose yourself, adopting the poised stance Lady Theodora taught you. You enter the hall to uncover the reason behind the change in atmosphere.
Soap stands on a table in the centre of the ballroom, flipping his mohawk from left to right in sync with the rhythm of “Macarena”, played by the orchestra. Ties are now worn as headbands, and champagne glasses have become shots.
Dumbfounded by the spectacle unfolding right before your eyes, you approach Gaz.
“Ga-James, what’s the deal with all this?” You ask while looking at Soap dancing on the table.
Gaz chuckles, adjusts his fake glasses, and points towards Soap. “This fucking genius had a brilliant plan to create a diversion while you two were working your magic behind the scenes.”
Ghost raises an eyebrow. “So, this whole… thing is Soap’s way of keeping the spotlight off us?”
Gaz nods. “Exactly, mate. Soap figured throwing a wild party would divert the security’s focus from their employer’s safety.”
You look at Soap, who has now started a conga line. “If their employer is too drunk and occupied, they won’t care about outside threats,” you utter.
“Indeed,” Gaz says, “they have a whole other worry; their employer not getting any more shitfaced.”
“That audacious, brilliant motherfucker,” Ghost shakes his head in awe, “he just created the perfect cover for our mission.”
Soap notices you looking at him and raises his hands triumphantly. He looks so proud of his achievement. He brings his thumbs to his chest and mouths something.
“What is he saying?” You ask, confused.
Ghost’s lips curve up, and he leans towards you.
“He says,” he whispers in your ear, “like Paris Hilton in the 2000s.”
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Hi love! I just real all of your 141+könig blurbs and l ADORE them!!! Can you do one where you’re pregnant and you tell them? Like their reactions and just cute stuff. I’m imagining könig on his knees kissing ur belly 🥹 Like them talking to the baby and all. If you can’t that’s totally okay, just thought it was a cute idea! Keep up the good work, ur amazing and take care!!💕💕
141 + König Reacting To You Annoucing Your Pregnancy To Them
Warnings: tears, slight angst - fluff
Tumblr media
Simon Ghost Riley-
You felt tears brimming in your eyes as you looked down at the faint positive on the pregnancy test in your hands.
You felt a plethora of emotions as you processed what this meant, and your heart sank at how Simon would respond.
You slipped the test into your sweatshirt pocket and made your way into Simon's study, your hands shaking slightly in anticipation.
"Si, can we talk?" You asked, balancing on balls of your heels. Your heart began to race as your lover looked up at you from behind his desk, a soft smile making its way to his lips.
Simon closed his laptop and regarded you carefully, his eyes softening at the timidness in your voice. "Everything alright, love?"
"Yeah, yeah, I'm fine. I just... I had something to tell you." Your eyes flitted down to the pocket of your sweatshirt as your hands began to fiddle with the test.
Simon waited patiently for you to continue and was nervous about what you were about to reveal.
"I'm pregnant, Si."
Simon's breath hitched in his throat as he absorbed your words. You were pregnant? How? You two were always so safe. A whirlwind of emotions passed through him as he struggled for words.
"You're...pregnant...?" His eyes flickered to the floor, too scared to let you see the emotions that were swirling within him. You always read him like a book, no matter how hard he tried to hide from you at times.
"I am. I took a test this morning, and it was positive. I just took another to confirm and..." You reached out the positive test to show him.
Simon looked at the test in your outstretched hand, and his heart began to race. So it really was true. You were truly pregnant with his child.
The room was quiet, and neither one of you said said a word as you allowed Simon time to process the information. It wasn't that he didn't want children. It really wasn't. He just never afforded himself the thought of creating a family with you, as if he thought he didn't deserve that for himself.
"What if I end up like him?" His voice was barely above a whisper, and your heart shattered at his words. You knew who he was talking about. His father was a sick, vile man who, after years apart from his son, still had his talons rooted deeply within Simon. "I don't deserve a family, not after everything."
You walked over to him and wrapped your arms around him, pressing his head into your belly. "Simon, you couldn't ever, ever become your father. You are a good man with a good heart. And I know you will make a wonderful father. Nobody, and I mean nobody deserves a loving family more than you do."
Simon swallowed the lump in his throat as he pulled away from your embrace to look at your stomach. His hands reached up, and he rested on your belly softly before looking up at you. "You want this with me?"
"I do, I really do." You spoke, resting your hands on his. "If you want it as well, I'd love to raise this child with you."
Simon gave a firm nod, a small tear making its way down his cheek, as a soft smile formed on his lips. "I promise you, I will try to be the best father to this child."
And he was.
Tumblr media
Johnny Soap MacTavish-
You were pregnant. You really were pregnant. You wiped away the elated tears as you placed the second positive test inside of a small gift box for your husband.
"Johnny?" You called out later that night, your hands shaking slightly with nerves as you carried the small box.
"In the kitchen, babe." He replied.
You walked into the kitchen and found your husband dancing along to some music while prepping dinner for the two of you. "You have a sec?"
"Of course. Dinner should be ready in just a bit. Everything okay?" He turned to you with a smile, causing a warmth to fill your insides.
You bit your lip nervously as you handed him the small gift box. "Got a surprise for you."
Johnny quirked a brow in curiosity as he took the box from you, his mind racing with the possibilities of what could be inside. "A surprise, eh? Care to elaborate?"
"You'll just have to open the box to see." You said as your fingers began to twiddle with the strands of your hair.
Johnny couldn't hide the grin on his face as he began to pull away at the ribbon on the box. "Now, what could possibly be in here?"
He pulled away the lid of the box, and a small gasp escaped him as his eyes landed on two pregnancy tests lying neatly in the tissue paper, both with a pink (+) on them.
His eyes immediately found yours, an infectious smile making its way to his lips. "You're serious? You're pregnant?"
You nodded your head feverently and let out an elated giggle as Johnny sprinted across the length of the room to pick you up.
He held you tightly in his arms as he spun you around, unable to control the beaming smile on his face. "I'm so happy, sweetheart. I can't wait to become a dad."
He set you down and immediately got to his knees in front of you before pressing a gentle kiss to your stomach. "Gonna be the cutest damned kid around, that's for sure."
Tumblr media
John Price-
John was beyond happy to be home after nearly a three month long mission. He trudged through the front door utterly exhausted, though the weight he was carrying was immediately dispersed the moment his eyes landed on you.
"Hey, sweetheart." He spoke softly, his eyes never leaving yours as you barreled toward him.
You threw yourself into his arms, and held him tightly to you. "I missed you, so much."
"I missed you too. More than you know." He said, pulling away slightly to place a loving kiss to your lips.
You smiled warmly at him before turning to dissappear around the corner. You returned moments later, a small envelope in your hands. "This is for you. I can't wait any longer to show it to you."
"For me?" His eyes were filled with curiosity as he took the envelope from you and began to carefully open it. "You finally come to your senses and get us a spa-"
His voice cut short as he pulled out a small ultrasound picture, a tiny life form filling the center of the image. He let out a shaky breath as he began to study the picture and couldn't help the wetness that started to pool in his eyes.
John looked up at you with a tear falling down his cheek. "Really?"
You nodded silently, chewing your bottom lip as you watched his elated expression.
"This is our baby?" The look on his face had your heart melting.
"It is. I'm three months along. I wanted to tell you sooner, but I wanted you to be home before I did."
John struggled to hold back tears as he looked up at you and your growing belly. An overwhelming sense of pride filled him, as the thoughts of his child growing in your belly swirled in his mind.
He walked up to you, placed his hands on your cheeks gently, and pressed his lips to yours in such a loving gesture it left you breathless.
John shifted to his knees in front of you, and his hands moved to rest on your small bump. "Hey there, little one. It's daddy. I can't wait to meet you."
Tumblr media
Kyle Gaz Garrick-
"Hey Ky? I think there was a box delivered out front. Are you able to get it and open it for me?" You called from your office.
"Sure, hun no worries." He replied, walking to the front door to grab the box. He walked back to the kitchen and set the large box down on the table. To say he was curious about what was inside was an understatement.
He used his car keys to open the box, and his brows furrowed in confusion as a mass amount of diapers were revealed in the box.
"Babe? I think Amazon may have delivered us the wrong package." He called out. "They gave us a bunch of diapers!"
You came into the room moments later, a wide smile making its way to your lips.
"No, that was actually me. Might as well stock up while we can." You threw him a wink as his eyes went back and forth from you, to the box of diapers in front of him.
"Stock up...on diapers?" The answer was blaringly obvious, but it took Kyle a moment to register. "Why would we need diapers?"
You stayed silent as the cogs in your husband's brain began to turn, processing the information.
When it finally hit him, his face lit up like a Christmas tree. "We're gonna be parents?"
"We're gonna be parents." You echoed as you nodded your head.
Kyle let out a chuckle, his face still lit up with emotion as he engulfed you in a bone crushing hug. "I'm so happy, babe. I can't wait to begin this journey with you."
Tumblr media
"König! You've got a package here from Y/N!" One of Königs teammates called out to the Austrian, handing him a large box.
This was no surprise to König. You always sent him monthly care packages, packed with anything from his favorite snacks, to little knick knacks and loves notes.
König sat at the nearest table and eagerly began to tear into the box. As always, you packed him some of his favorite Austrian chocolates from home, along with a batch of your chocolate chip cookies he loved so much. A small smile made its way to his lips before finding a small blue cotton material lining the bottom of the box.
He pulled the fabric out, revealing a small baby onesie, and he choked on a small sob as he took in the words on the fabric. "Hi Daddy, I Can't Wait To Meet You. Coming Soon."
König stared at the fabric for some time, the tears now flowing freely down his cheeks. He was going to be a father.
König arrived home a few days later, and barely waited for the car to be in park before running inside to you.
He practically bolted through the front door and wrapped you in his arms. "Is it true, Maus?"
You nodded excitedly, unable to control the flow of tears that began to trickle down your cheeks. "We have a baby on the way, Kö."
He got to his knees in front of you and lifted up your shirt to reveal your growing belly bump. He looked up at you with such admiration that had tears welling in your eyes and proceeded to place a gentle kiss on your bump.
"I can't wait to meet you either, little one."
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archiviststar · 2 days
No one :
Ghost : The other day I pulled a sack of potatoes out of my pantry, and black oil fell out of it.
[Everyone in the room went quiet]
Soap :
Gaz :
Y/N, physically cringed :
Ghost : It was sitting there so long, I was like—
Ghost : “Oh, that’s a rotten potato.” 💁‍♂️🥔✨🤮
Y/N : D—
Y/N : Didn’t—
Ghost : I don’t wanna talk about it.
Soap, ugly laughing :
Gaz, still disturbed :
Ghost, fades into the literal mountain of plushies : I just wanna be open for a second, and then close back up. 🫥
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cod-dump · 1 day
Soap, staring at Ghost: Isn’t he gorgeous? Such a mean face
Ghost: *looks over and glares at him*
Soap: Mm- There it is~
Gaz: Down, boy!
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l0v3tast3 · 1 day
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tumblr media
♡ "organs and hatred alike" series — 1 , 2 you're face to face with your father again after so many years, and it only takes minutes for him to unravel all of your work.
♡ sacrilege — simon riley simon knows that you worship him, and you know he feels the same towards you. (2.2k words, nsfw)
♡ eager — john price john finds out he's the first man to ever "finish you off". (1k words, nsfw)
♡ necessary evil — john mactavish john only keeps one secret about his girlfriend. (3.7k words, nsfw)
Tumblr media
♡ young military reader headcanons — 141 men comforting reader after panic attack — general fluff + sparring headcanons — sparring headcanons w/ alejandro + rudy + könig — 141 men trying to help depressed reader — 141 men helping reader after their dog passes away — some more general fluff headcanons — reader coming back with a horse — reader sees them as a father figure w/ simon + price + alejandro + rudy — reader can do the "rock face" — reader that loves spiders
♡ rescued hostage!reader headcanons
♡ john price nsfw drabble
♡ multi-character nsfw drabble
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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pinkkgoblin · 14 hours
Hi! I was wondering if I could request…
Can I request tf141 + König with Fem! Reader who has lot of cute puppies. Imagine when they see their darling sleeping or hanging out with her puppies. They were about to cry while taking pictures.
thank you for requesting!! this is adorable omg
141 + könig with a puppy crazed s/o
Tumblr media
warnings: none
reader is female according to anon. it is from your pov so no pronouns used.
gif not mine!
Tumblr media
definitely acts like he isn't interested, he is.
thinks its cute when you're playing around with the puppies. "simonnn!" you call out to your boyfriend as you try to calm down the rave of puppies.
"yes lovie?" he walks over to the couch and crouches down to your level. "i need you to help me feed them." simons eyes narrowed as he huffed and sat criss-cross on the carpet of yout shared flat.
you hand him a puppy and he takes the formula and starts feeding the pup.
as you finish feeding the last puppy you watch him, he looked so determined and adorable.
"you would be a good dad." you prop your head on your chin and look at your boyfriend.
"would i?" his tone seemed bark, you giggled and leaned in for a kiss,
"yeah, definitely "
Tumblr media
is probably puppy crazy too. you'll have to help him detach from all the pups.
"im so tireddd." you groan as you jump into your boyfriend's arms. "long day lass?" you grumble in his chest as he nods in understanding.
"ill take care of the pups no worry love,"
"you sure? you can handle everything?"
he nods almost hesitating at first.
he swallows and nods as he gets to work. as the day ends he walks to your bedroom and peeks inside,he had forgotten about the puppy he had in his arms.
"love? you still in here?" he peeks into the room, his eyes lay on your sleeping figure.
he smiles and walks in, closing the door behind him. with the puppy still in his arms he shuffles closer to your sleeping figure.
"goodnight lass, love ya." he smiles and falls asleep, close to you.
Tumblr media
as tired as you are, but still loves his furry-children. very silly with the puppies.
"honey! junior peed on his sister again!" you groaned and cleaned your hands on the towel. it was cleaning day so you had dish duty.
you walk over to the scene of the crime and pick julie up from the floor. you start her a nice bath outside.
"bring the other pups out we'll clean em now i guess."
"alright love." he kisses you on the cheek and walks back inside for another litter of pups.
after the day is done you both sit down on the couch to watch a movie. you walk over to the kitchen to find one pup escaped the fence. you almost tripped over him as you stop right in your tracks.
"sunny! god you scared me half to death." gaz laughs at you as you pout and pick the pup up to place him back in the pen.
Tumblr media
very concerned about the amount of dogs you have. teases you for no reason.
"love im hungry."
"cook something then ya old man."
he gruffed and you both shared a glare. as he thinks about getting up he starts to inch closer to you.
"lets cook one of these." your face falls and he starts laughing. "thats not funny john!" you smack his arm and he continues to laugh at your reaction.
"you're okay here with me babies." you hug all your pups safe.
Tumblr media
just like you for real. cant get over how you look with a messy bun in your hair and puppy slobber over your shirt.
"would my king dare to take these pups to sleep?" you ask your boyfriend as he walks over and takes the litter of puppies from your arms.
"liebling come to bed with me." you smile at your boyfriend and follow him into your bedroom. you snuggle up against his chest and you steady your breathing, inhaling his intoxicating scent.
"ich liebe dich."
"i love you too."
then suddenly you get attacked by a litter of puppies.
Tumblr media
sorry took me so long!! (im extremely unmotivated i apologize.)
reblogs appreciated
requests : open
@v1naco @ghostsfavhoe @littleobsessionsandlifeslessons @melodyuu @djloveyou3000 @fruitymoonbeams-blog @mysticalpandabear @thefairybird @rk111 @berryjuicyy @thehunterofsleep @tomhollandisabae @rubynixy @the-faceless-bride
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