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earthtooz · 1 year
thinking about bakugo katsuki, who just wants to prove to you more than anything that he'd be an amazing boyfriend.
it begins with little things.
he tells you if there's something on your face, if there's something in between your teeth that hinders your beautiful smile. he tells you if your tie or uniform is out of place but can never hold back a 'be more careful, idiot' as he helps you fix the stray mistake. he looks away when you laugh at his preciseness. he stops your cup of water from falling over, puts his hands over any hazards that will hurt if you bump into them, all those kinds of small things.
he gives you all of his attention when you directly address him. whether it be a comment, a compliment, or a question, bakugo always gives you 100% of himself as long as you're direct with him.
even if you don't specifically speak to him, he always listens too.
you could be talking to mina about a movie you watched and bakugo will be listening, leaning back in his seat, not even looking in your direction yet his ears are ENGAGED, he's taking in every word you say. he even searches the movie up later.
not that he wants to watch it- bakugo has no time to waste on these things. he's saving it for when he can watch it with you.
he always watches your reactions first whenever in a group. whether it be in class and being told about some exciting projects - internships, camps, whatever, bakugo always keens to gauge how you respond. alternatively, it could be bakugo and kirishima's turn to make dinner (bakugo carries), and the second it is served bakugo's watching intently for your reaction.
(he only agreed to making dinner because kirishima bribed him. how? well, he mentioned your name and bakugo got straight to washing the vegetables.)
his little acts then evolve. he saves seats for you at lunch when you can't make it to the cafeteria in time or when he knows you're too busy that you won't make it in time to get a portion of your favourite lunch, so he buys it for you.
you always thank him for his kindness and begin to repay him but bakugo always rejects it, waving you off. 'don't do it again because i'm not doing this for you again', he mutters and you simply smile because you both know there is a next time.
he grabs your hero suitcase for you, going out of his way to do this for no one else but you. he accepts your pleads for help whenever there's something from the classwork you can't understand, smirking triumphantly at deku and momo - the top students of the class, who are confused at bakugo's sudden smugness.
eventually you get comfortable with him, to the point that physical touch is not a big deal anymore. the first time you take the risk was laying your forehead on his shoulder from fatigue and almost everyone around you gawks at the collected expression bakugo wears.
you had muttered a quick 'sorry' as you lifted your head up but the blond grunts in response, not sure how else to say that it's okay and you can lean on him any time.
denki then tries to do so and almost gets half his hair charred off.
it then evolves to the point that bakugo's known you long enough to have memorised your orders at fast food chains, cafes, boba shops, etc. and he often buys your favourite snacks whenever he visits the local 7/11, and when he delivers them, you give him the brightest smile he's ever seen and the explosive blond knows that the slow decrease in funds of his bank account is totally worth it if it means he gets to make you happy. he often masks his feelings with a 'tch' before storming off.
90% of bakugo's language is insults, but he is mindful to never throw them at you. he doesn't want you to doubt yourself for one second, whether it be your strength, smarts, beauty, etc, he's mindful to exempt you from his 'extras' phrase, because you're probably the only special one to him from everyone in the class.
and he knows you're special because one night, you take him outside the dorms and onto the balcony, asking him out on a date and he almost explodes himself into the air with joy. his cheeks fluster up- so uncharacteristic of him, and he tries to keep up a 'cool guy facade' whilst accepting your offer.
"get ready, cause i'm about to take you out on the date of your fuckin' life."
"wh- bakugo, i was the one who asked!"
"and i'm gonna be the best boyfriend ever, so leave this shit to me!"
thinking about bakugo, who is known to be hard-to-date, unapproachable, unlikeable unless he kept his mouth shut.
thinking about bakugo katsuki, who is absolutely 'the best' boyfriend ever because you have never doubted his love for you for a single second, and he makes sure you never will.
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i984 · 11 months
A Scarlet Touch | Part 2
Tumblr media Tumblr media
|Pairing|: Wednesday Addams x gender neutral reader.
|Warnings|: Ooc! Wednesday Addams, brief tongue shoving, study dates, Wednesday holds grudges, poor attempt at displaying all 5 love languages, reader turns out to be a sucker for physical touch, but gets so embarrassed in front of other people, reader doesn't understand triangles, Wednesday never loses; she has a plan B: Enid.
|Summary|: Wednesday investigates what makes you tick just so she can give you a pay back.
|Word count|: almost 1k words
|A/n|: This is a part 2 to "Sweet Words Make a Lovely Shade" (please go to my masterlist in the description), see replies for more. Enjoy!
· · ─────── ·𖥸· ─────── · ·
At last.
Wednesday had found your weakness.
Ever since you 'harassed' Wednesday with compliments the other day, the raven-haired girl has declared war between the two of you; and she's determined to come out as a winner. 
Quality time. Acts of services. Gifts. Words of affirmation. Wednesday has tried it all—to the best she can—and none seem to have affected you at all. 
Of course, at first, you were caught a little off guard. 
When Wednesday finally brought up your request for her to tutor you for the upcoming math exam, you had been ecstatic—though admittedly a little suspicious. You had practically begged her to do so for ages, but after your most recent revelation the other day, she had said no to any offer to spend time together, just the two of you. 
But now? She's the one who asks if you still want to do it, and when you have said yes, she wastes no time, practically dragging you to your dorm room. 
You half-expected Wednesday to pull you in for a make-out session as soon as she slammed the door after you. But nope. She went straight to the balcony to grab the extra chair you put out there and took a seat next to your desk.
Huh. Guess you really are studying. 
"-so the angle of the special right side of the triangle is 183?"
Wednesday scoffed irritatedly. "No. Absolutely not. The total angle of a triangle is 180. How would one single angle of a triangle exceed the total number? Do it again."
To your brain, what Wednesday has said only sounds like an incoherent string of jumbled sentences. You groaned out loud and banged your head against the desk.
"I don't want to do this anymore," you dragged out the last word, "lets just do something else that's more fun and less..." Your brows furrowed as you tried to find the right word, "...numbery."
"Numbers are fun. Formulas and logic ties in together pleasantly and produce a definite answer. A right answer." 
Unlike you. There's no 'right' answer for you. 
You huffed in frustration. "Of course, you'd think that, Wens." 
The damned nickname. 
"You're smart and beautiful, and you use words that I don't understand—like just now—so of course you'll always come up with a right answer." You toy with the pages of the trigonometry workbook Wednesday had 'gifted' you earlier, missing the dark crimson color painting your girlfriend's cheeks. 
"I can never do that," you sigh as your head looks up at the ceiling, "I can't find the right answer."
Wednesday can find answers in even literature and paintings—the fruits of human thoughts that are up for various different interpretations with no set answers. But even works like Mona Lisa can't dream of rivaling the challenge you presented her. 
A challenge to break you.
Wednesday tapped at your desk, demanding your attention. You disobeyed, eyes too busy trailing the movements of the spider hanging from your dorm room ceiling. 
You're driving her crazy.
"...look at me," Wednesday calls out your name with an icy tone, and you snap your gaze at her, body tense. "Now, listen. You're hopeless-"
"Yeah, yeah, I know. No need to rub it in, geez." 
"You're hopeless," Wednesday repeats her words, but this time her gaze stays on yours, unrelenting. You shut up. 
"and I don't think I can help. Nobody can." Her voice carries an unnerving certainty as she continues, "Except yourself."
"Wait, did you try to encourage me just now?" Your voice is dripping with mischief, eyebrows raised teasingly. 
If not for the internal war she desperately needs to win against you, Wednesday would've stuck the pen she's holding and jammed it in your eyes. 
Priorities, Wednesday reminded herself. Maddening priorities.
"Think of it however you want," Wednesday unwillingly chokes out, "but I will not let you come out of this room. Not until we're done." 
"That's cute, love. It really is." You scribble on the paper absentmindedly, "but even with your sweet, sweet words of encouragement, I doubt I can claw myself out of the hole I've dug myself into, unless..."
Wednesday sees your gaze slowly moving to hold her own; there's a glint of perversity in your eyes, and she knows you're about to say something that would make her wretched black heart pumps uncontrollably and burst. 
"...you kiss me with those tempting burgundy lips of yours." 
No, no, no. Not this again.
"And not just a quick peck, I mean a kiss. A full-blown make-out session where our breaths would mingle, and I could feel your nose bumping against my cheek. That kind of kiss." 
You chuckled lightly, brows raising in challenge. And that's all Wednesday needs before she makes up her mind.
It has finally come to this. The dreaded physical touch. The one Wednesday had oh-so-desperately tried to avoid, hoping that it wouldn't be the one to work on you. 
But here she is, about to make the devil's pack with her disgustingly cunning lover. 
Wednesday's about to lose, unless—
—a knock. Followed by a "Wednesday! I've got your note from Thing. Can I come in?" from outside the door.
Your smug face drops and the colors drain, contrasting Wednesday's eery victorious leer, and she grabs your arm and pulls you flush into her embrace.
"You know what? Your wish is granted, mio caro." The term of endearment sounds vicious in her low voice, and you shudder; eyes tearing apart from Wednesday's sharp gaze.
"Yes, come in, Enid." Wednesday shouts loud enough for her roommate to hear before gripping your jaw—your scarlet face now so close to Wednesday's you can feel her warm breath tickles your face as she whispers;
"I win."
Wednesday shoves her tongue in, and the door blasts open.
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kpdlvr2 · 6 months
If your taking requests could you write young neymar x hairstylist reader
Reader is Nadine's hairstyles and Nadine after finding out she is single tries to set them up and succeeds
(sorry English is not my first language)
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
pairing: young neymar x hairstylistfem!reader
warnings: none, fluff, jittery first meeting b/w reader and ney!!
a/n: tysm for requesting! I think your english is amazing so dw babe^^ hope u enjoy!
pls pls PLS reblog and give feedback, that is how you can keep this blog running!
Tumblr media
When Nadine first walks into the salon for her regular appointment that day, the lady really doesn’t believe that her day could get any worse.
“For the last time, you don’t have an appointment scheduled ma’am” the disinterested looking receptionist at the front of the salon says, not lifting even one of her perfectly manicured nails to help the client in front of her.
The woman frowned a bit in confusion, asking politely to the lady one more time, though deep down she wasn’t feeling well.
“Could you please check again? I’m actually a regular here-”
The rude receptionist cuts her off again, this time not even giving the woman a glance as she leaves her spot at the front desk to go to the break room.
The woman scoffs at the disrespect, starting to worry as she glances at the clock. She can’t help but start to tear up, getting emotional and completely heartbroken at the fact that she’ll have to miss the important family event she planned.
Small sniffles bring your attention to the front of the salon, making you glance back from your finished client’s satisfied look in the mirror. You see a middle aged lady sitting all alone, no receptionist, and not even a hairdresser in sight to help ease her troubles.
“Are you alright ma’am? Is there anything I can do for you?” you ask carefully, handing over a glass of water and a tissue that you took from the salon bar.
Nadine looks over to the young, sweet looking girl, seeming to be just a little younger than her own son’s age. Immediately, she feels embarrassed.
“Oh my goodness, what a mess I am” she laughs, sniffling her tears and smiling thankfully at you. Taking a seat beside the woman, you mentally make a note to complain to management about the new rude receptionist.
“I’ve got a really important family event that I planned to go to.” she sighed, blaming the stupid menopause that every woman her age experienced.
“I just wanted to get a wash, get a blow out, maybe even get a trim… that's all” she says meekly, looking down at the tissue she held in her hands. “I’m not asking you to make me look like JLo for christ's sake” she admitted.
You laughed, getting up while holding her two hands.
“I can do that, don’t worry” you smiled, helping the lady to the salon chair.
“And that, was how I met Y/N” a slightly tipsy looking Nadine laughs, holding her drink in her hands as she entertains her fellow guests at her 56th birthday party. The night was young, the alcohol was strong, and so was Nadine’s passion for explaining to all her guests what a remarkable young woman you were. Being so new to the extravagant life a pro-footballers mother and former footballer’s wife had.
Nadine looks over to her side where you stood timidly, placing a comforting hand on your shoulder and softly speaking. “It’s such a shame this girl hasn’t been taken by a great guy yet”
You blush lightly, laughing along with the other guests and lady friends. You then excuse yourself to get some air, feeling how the wine Nadine’s been feeding you the whole night was starting to make you a bit warm.
The balcony of the extravagant mansion residing in Brazil was perfect for capturing the beautiful city life of the country’s capital city. Lights illuminated the house, and a small bonfire was even lit up in celebration and for that outdoor feel.
You shut your eyes, leaning against the edge of the balcony. It takes a moment for the whole night to settle in. As the breeze flows past you, you realize how spoiled you’ve been. An amazing designer dress gifted to you, a personal chauffeur coming to pick you up earlier that evening, and even the delicious foods and good wine you’ve been drinking. You can’t help but feel as though you’re playing dress up in a place you didn’t belong in.
What on earth were you doing?
You sighed once more, feeling that your social battery level had been emptied long ago, slipping quietly through the drunken crowds and out to the main entrance of the lavish house. God even your heels were tired of you, aching with every step you took down the stairs.
You had already left a small note and present to Nadine in her room before, seeing that the lady was busy with other guests so you avoided interrupting her to let you know you were leaving.
“Leaving already?”
You whip your head back, turning to see a well dressed figure in the shadows, a glimmer of a watch and a pair of Diamond studs you just know are worth more than your salary.
Another one of Nadine’s affluent guests you assumed.
You simply chuckle, looking away and ignoring the man. “Goodnight to you sir- OH SHIT”
turns out your heels really hated you, the base of your right heel snapping with the next step you took, making you tumble a bit on the steps.
Neymar quickly dashes down the steps, eyes in worry as he look at your strained ankle.
“Jesus Christ y/n, are you trying to kill yourself?” He sighs, examining your injury. Perhaps it’s the alcohol running through your veins, or just the fact that you’ve met too many people tonight, but you swear the man in front of you looks similar.
Neymar catches you staring without a word, smirking as he helps you up.
“Neymar. I’m the son” he chuckles sheepishly, flashing a smile that might make you fall again. “Heard about you from my mother. Always wanted to see just who this girl was” he smiled, his cologne making you dizzy.
“Oh no! Y/n did you fall?” You both hear a voice speaking from the balcony. Both of you turn to see a drunken Nadine with a glass in her hand, feigning innocence and acting “surprised”.
You quickly assured her. “I’m okay Nadine, don’t worry-“
“Ney, why don’t you be a sweetheart and take y/n home?” She smiled mischievously.
“mãe..” the gentleman in front of you begins, not wanting his mother to overstep into either of your boundaries.
“You treat that girl the way she deserves Neymar” she says sternly, walking away as a voice calls her.
“Goodnight loves!”
The air is quiet, sobering up and feeling your face get hot from your client and her god awfully handsome son in front of you.
Neymar looks at you the same, can’t helping but smile at how pretty you looked. Maybe even how cute and hilarious you looked stumbling before.
“I’ll get my car” he replies softly, walking ahead of you with a slight skip in his step.
You stay back behind, shocked from his words. You look back up at the balcony where Nadine was, shaking your head with a smile and catching up with Neymar with a small limp in your step.
Neymar notices, opting to stop in his tracks and crouch down in front of you.
You stand in confusion, stopping in your tracks before the football player looks over his shoulder, a small smirk on his face.
“Just get on, I’ll piggyback you”
You’re skeptical of the gesture, unsure of whether you were going too fast and stepping into this man’s boundary.
“Come on meu amor, I haven’t got all night” he laughs, hoping you won’t feel his heartbeat speeding up.
So there you were, sitting snuggly on the man’s back, his strong hands holding your thighs and supporting you softly with every step he took.
“So, has your mother always been like that?” you quip quietly, the sounds of crickets and the city nightlife heard in the distance.
Neymar smiles, a grin that genuinely spreads to each cheek.
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whatdudtheysay · 8 months
Maid cafes ˗ˋˏ ♡ ˎˊ˗
Tumblr media
Toji fushiguro x F!reader (Black female reader)
Context - Toji finally goes along with Gojo to a maid café he's been bugging him about.
Cw - smut , use of strong language (not proofread so sorry for errors)
Part 2
Toji regretted it as soon as they entered. Why? Well the welcome was enough for him to want to go home.
A pink haired girl in a maid dress, fluffy cat ears adorned her cosplay. Toji thought she was cute, sure but the whole place wasn't his style. He stuck out like a sore thumb in his black button up shirt and grey paid pants whilst Gojo wore lighter attire.
"Welcome to the sweet treats café!" The pink haired maid greeted the pair, bowing out of respect. "Oh, master Gojo, would you like for me to get your usual table?"
Gojo shook his head.
"No thanks Diane, a table for two on the balcony should be good."
The maid toji now knew as Diane nodded with a smile, leading them upstairs and into the balcony area which was less crowded.
"I'll get a server with you guys as soon as possible." Diane informed once they were seated, giving them one last sweet smile before heading back downstairs.
Toji sighed deeply, already regretting coming here. This was where the next hour and a half of his break would be spent. An overly pink decorated cafe with plushies and pink cats decorated.
"She's a cute one right?" Gojo hummed, flicking through the menu.
Toji just shrugged, taking his own menu and looking through the different cakes and sweets that were available.
"You fucked her yet?" Toji asked, focusing on some of the more basic options. I mean, how the fuck was he supposed to know what a strawberry matcha delight was?
Gojo almost choked on his saliva, looking around to make sure there weren't any kids.
"geez. You really have no filter." He rolled his eyes.
Toji raised a brow.
"And that isn't your business."
He got his answer.
He was about to complain more but the sound of heels clacking made him pause, both him and Gojo looking towards the stairs.
As told, a maid showed. But Toji didn't expect the so-called 'maid' to look like that. He practically froze. You were dressed in the light pink maid costume but the skirt looked a lot shorter, pink lace thigh highs hugging your legs, hands hosting pink and white lacy cuffs whilst your head held pink cat ears, long light brown french curls with some streaks being pink coming down to your back, tied back in a high pony tail.
For once in his life, toji was speechless, watching silently as you walked over.
"Ah, master Gojo!" You greeted, bowing slightly. Fuck your voice was the cherry on the cake.
"it's so lovely to see you again. And you are.."
Toji realised you were talking to him and that he'd been staring longer than he wanted.
"Oh." Gojo interrupted. "This is my co-worker, Toji."
You smiled wholeheartedly. "It's nice to meet you master Toji." You bowed slightly.
He cleared his throat, beads of sweat starting to build at his forehead.
"Feelings mutual."
"So," you started, bringing out your notepad. "What can I get for you both?"
"I'll have the tiramisu with a white chocolate glaze and a black coffee."
You jotted Gojo's order down quickly, your attention moving to toji after.
"And for you, sir?"
Toji's mind was going wild and he finally realised he hadn't even chosen.
Gojo just sighed and flipped toji's menu so it was closed, placing it on top of his.
"He'll get the chocolate and vanilla cake and the same drink."
You smiled and jotted that down before taking both menus from Gojo.
"Alright, thanks. I'll be up here soon with that."
When you were finally gone Gojo turned to toji with a shit eating grin.
"That whipped by a girl you just met? You're sweating"
Toji swallowed hard, his throat suddenly dry.
"Shut up." Toji brushed off, using his sleeve to wipe the sweat off his forehead, Gojo laughing in return.
He'd be lying if he said he wasn't though. You were too pretty for your own good. And even though he had just met you, he already wanted you.
After minutes of painful teasing from Gojo, you finally returned, tray in hand, your face focused on balancing it all, a giveaway that you weren't the most dexterous waitress here.
You placed the tray down gently, a proud look on your face.
"Phew.." you whispered, "Enjoy your meal!"
You then skipped off. Toji was slightly distracted though. Looking at the stairs every time he heard heels or shuffling of feet, hoping to see you, only to be disappointed by other maids or guests. Luckily for him though, the balcony area soon began to become more crowded, meaning he got to see you a couple of times, talking to different people and interacting with kids that ran by every so often. Distracted by your presence so much that he wasn't even sure as to what Gojo was babbling about.
"And then I said, Sarah, you can't just steal food from the work fridge all the time and- toji? Toji!"
"Hm?" Toji hummed, still looking at you taking orders from a nearby table.
"Dude. You're being creepy." Gojo pointed out, finally making toji look down at his plate again. "If you're that interested in her then get her number. We gotta get back to the office in 15 minutes."
Usually that would be easy for Toji but there was something about you that was different. For one, you weren't just one of the girls he'd sleep with when he went to different clubs or parties.
Gojo practically deadpanned toji at his reluctance before calling you over, toji's heart dropping to his ass.
You quickly wrapped up the table you were attending before skipping over to their table.
"Can I do anything else for you guys?"
"Well, we're ready to wrap up here, could we get the check?"
You nodded before clearing the table, taking the messy tray back downstairs. Once you were gone, Gojo faced Toji with a mischievous look.
"Get her number. Put it on my card." Gojo quickly said before placing his card down and leaving the table before Toji could even react.
Toji mentally cursed himself, the only option was for him to wait for you to come back up. He waited and waited. Seconds turned into minutes and minutes felt like hours. Why was he acting like this?
Eventually, you finally came back up again, an apologetic smile on your lips.
"So sorry for the holdup! Did master Gojo leave already?"
Toji felt his head blur before he snapped back into it.
"Yeah. Shit....uh, can you put it on this card?"
You nodded, taking the card from Toji, your fingers slightly brushing against his gave Toji a weird surge of electricity, watching as you tapped it against the card reader, waiting before a confirmation sound came from the reader, giving toji the card back.
"Please, let me walk you out." You offered. And you were too fucking cute to say no to so toji ended up agreeing, walking down the stairs with you to see that the place had become a lot more crowded. He guessed this was rush hour.
Just as you got to the doors toji bit his tongue before deciding to go for it.
"Hey..." Toji mentally slapped himself. He hadn't even gotten your name off of Gojo and you didn't have a tag. "Uh...can I get your number."
You stared at him silently, just blinking before snapping back to reality.
"Oh- of course, sure-" you stammered.
Toji offered you his phone, watching as you typed your digits into his mobile before handing it back to him.
Toji took his phone, staring at the contact, expecting to see your name but just saw the words "maid café girl".
He was about to ask but by the time he looked back up you were a few steps away.
"I'll see you, please come again soon-"
Toji just nodded, walking out and taking in a deep breath of air, tension finally being let off of his chest.
Guess he had something to thank Gojo for anyway.
⎯⎯ ୨ ୧ ⎯⎯
"Shit-" toji cursed, his hand moving faster over his erection, brows knitted together as he gripped the sheets.
He'd made a big mess of his aftermath on both him and his bed, some leaking onto the floor. He'd been up since he got home and now it was 1am in the morning and here he was, rubbing his hard cock with only you in his mind.
At first, his thoughts about you became a lot more lewd, leading to him getting an erection that wouldn't be ignored, instead giving him an uncomfortable ache. And once he started he couldn't stop, thoughts of you flooding his mind.
He wanted to fuck you from behind in your uniform and listen to how you struggled to take him. Or even better, fuck you on the counter of the maid café and watch as your pretty eyes rolled back as he sunk into your wet pussy.
Toji whined pathetically as he felt another orgasm coming up, grunts coming from deep into his throat.
Or maybe he'd make you choke on his dick, watching as your tiny hands tried to stroke what you couldn't fit in your mouth, your pretty eyes looking up at him pleadingly.
That was enough for Toji. He groaned loudly as his cum spurted out in thick ropes, making a mess on the floor. He finally sighed in relief, watching as his erection finally began to calm down. He laid flat against his bed, the cool sheets giving him comfort.
Once Toji finally got himself and his room cleaned, he laid in bed, staring at his phone before finally deciding to text you.
˗ˋˏ ♡ ˎˊ˗
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Shadows and tears
So this is a series about Azriel and reader. English is not my first language so please excuse any mistakes. I hope you like it!
Summary: Reader is a tortured soul who barely escaped the brutality of the Illyrian camps finding shelter in the Day Court. Her identity was well hidden until she caught the attention of the Night Court’s Shadowsinger. Will the mating bond be enough for their love to settle in?
Warnings: angst, mentions of abuse and trauma
You don't need a tissue box.....yet
Prologue , Chapter 1 , Chapter 2 , Chapter 3 , Chapter 4 , Chapter 6, Chapter 7 , Chapter 8, Chapter 9, Chapter 10
Chapter 5
What did I do?
It was a month later when you had landed without a sound on the balcony -thanks to the training with the shadow singer- that you found him on the couch with Elain in his arms, kissing her like a starved male, a bile climbed in your throat and then you felt it…
You gasped, Azriel jumped on his feet and stared at you, Elain had a smirk on her face, her lips swollen by the kiss. You turned around and run to your room muttering quick apologies to the couple for disturbing them. You felt Azriel moving towards you, but your shadows built a wall behind you covering for you until you were inside the room and had locked the door. Then they slid under the door but stood guard there to block Azriel’s shadows from breaking in. You jumped on your bed a silent sob breaking through your body cursing the cauldron and the Mother for playing you like that. After everything I’ve been through…why? Do I not deserve happiness?
You remembered your young self inside the cell imagining that you would find your mate and he would pull you out of your misery, praying that he wouldn’t be anything like your father, and now you found him, and he is the exact opposite of your father, but his heart? His heart is gold and belongs to another…
Sleep never came, you spent your night crying quietly, Azriel didn’t come for you and your shadows informed you that neither his shadows made an appearance. That’s what you wanted right? Then why did it hurt?
You stayed in your room for the next days Mor and Nesta were the only ones you let inside telling them what happened and making them promise not to tell anyone sealing your promise with a tattoo. They informed you that Azriel was distant, trying to isolate himself from everyone and most importantly from Elain. After some days you decided to make your appearance, you wouldn’t tell Azriel anything about the bond at least not until you decided if you were going to reject it. You made yourself decent enough and walked to the dining room finding everyone there like your shadow had already informed you. You noticed that the seat next to Elain was empty, Azriel was sitting on the small couch on the side almost completely covered by his shadows, he only moved when he saw you enter the room, his gaze filled with hope and sadness. Everyone stared at you surprised as you took the usual seat between Nesta and Mor, they both grabbed each one of your hands giving you an encouraging smile. Elain scoffed. Now everyone’s attention was pulled from you to her. “What?” she snapped. Mor sent her a warning look.
“Come on guys, she appeared here like a wounded beast Oh Azriel please help me with my shadows” she scowled making the worst impression of your voice. Disgust clear in her face “and now after taking most of his time she destroyed the one thing that made him happy….” She continued and pointed at herself. “Watch your fucking tongue” Mor growled her hands gripping the table trying to keep her from pouncing on the Archeron sister.
Your eyes watered and you felt Rhysand caressing the shields around your mind -also something Azriel taught you how to build- you let him in silently asking him not to tell anyone what he saw. Rhysand’s face went from surprised to angry as he stared the shadowsinger. Then he heard you in his mind
Let me go please, I need to go back, I need to clear my head.
He nodded and you jumped sending Mor an apologetic look as you ran to the balcony jumping to your freedom, and as everyone was watching your wings flapping and your silhouette disappearing into the sky Azriel felt it…
His face changed into a look full of horror.
What did I do?
A small part for now, I will post another one later.
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soaringeag1e · 26 days
Escape {70} Final
Tumblr media
Detective!Dean x Victim!Reader
Warnings: Language, A Tad Bit of Sadness, Fluff
Words: 2,114
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The cold weather wasn’t as extreme as it has been in the past, but today was definitely one of the nicest since the flowers had bloomed and the trees were filling out. A perfect day to have off work, especially with you.
You had wanted to go out and enjoy a nice lunch somewhere, preferably a place with outside seating so the two of you could enjoy the day, and Dean knew exactly where to go. It was a nice little place just up the street from the precinct, the balcony out back was blocked by trees, shielding everyone from the streets and giving a nice intimate setting. Plus, now that everything was filling out and the flowers were splashing the town with color, it was the best place to spend such a beautiful afternoon.
Between everything that has happened in the last year, from almost losing you to practically his own life ending in the hospital and then actually losing his best friend just to turn around and get married and then go back to work after calling it quits for awhile, this felt like the first time in a long time that Dean was able to take a solid breath and not have to rush off and do something else. Plus, looking across the table at you and seeing the way your hair shined under the rays of the sun and the way your eyes seemed so vibrant, he feels like he hasn’t been able to enjoy your beauty for awhile either. Something that tore at his heart a bit.
“You’re so beautiful.” he slips, saying it out loud when all he was doing was thinking it. When your eyes lock with his and your smile shines he has to remind himself to breathe. It’s like having a first date with you all over again, but now you’re his wife. Something he still can’t believe.
Your cheeks darken and your head ducks a bit as you try to hide the blush. You busy yourself with grabbing your napkin from the table and placing it in your lap and it seemed to be just in time too. Just as you did, the waitress came out with your dishes. You had ordered some pasta dish that Dean was now kind of regretting he didn’t get and he had fallen in his usual hole of ordering a juicy burger with extra onions.
“That looks good.” he comments, nodding towards your bowl before snatching a fry from his plate.
“You want to try some?” As you grab your fork and spear a bit of everything, Dean shakes his head, not wanting to steal your food from you. But you’re not taking no for an answer. Cradling your hand under the fork so as to not lose anything, you reach across the table so he can have a bite.
The second it lands on his tongue he’s in love. The flavor is ridiculous and he’s trying so hard to savor the bite. If his burger is half as good as your pasta, then he can’t wait to attack it.
“Good?” All Dean can do is make satisfied groans which of course makes you giggle, getting him to open his eyes again and look at you.
“So good.” he adds when he finally swallows the bite down. He takes another fry from his plate and then he is so ready to grab that burger and sink his teeth into it, but before he can pick it up, he catches another glimpse of you and it has him hold off for another moment. “You okay?”
“Yeah!” you answer with a bit of a startle, but you’re smiling. “Yeah, I’m fine.” A small chuckle comes from you, but Dean picks up the nervousness in it and his concern grows a bit more. “I um…I have something for you.” When you reach for your bag Dean is instantly trying to think of what you could possibly have for him, but the entire thing has caught him off guard. “I was going to wait until after we ate, but…” you pause as you struggle to remove whatever it is from your purse. “I just don’t think I can wait any longer.” you tell him as you hand off a thin square box.
He looks at it briefly before taking it from you, his mind racing on why you got him something. Did some special occasion pass? First date? Some new holiday that he didn’t know about? Was he about to be in the dog house for forgetting something important?
Slowly pulling at the ribbon, the string comes loose and he goes to lift the lid on the box. A card sits on top and it isn’t until he picks it up that he becomes even more confused.
Happy Father’s Day
He has to read over the words again, his heart racing a bit more as his brain begins to figure out why he’s getting this from you. He looks up to question you, but his eyes catch the next thing in the box before he can. 
His hand trembles as he sets the card aside and then grabs the soft material. Lifting it, it unfolds and falls open to reveal blue stitches. 
My Hero wears a badge 
I call him Daddy
The little shirt could seriously be worn on his hand, it was so little. But his heart swelled and without realizing, tears sprung to his eyes.
Again, before he can acknowledge you, he sees another object in the box. A small black and white, grainy picture. No perfect outline of a baby yet, but seeing as you don’t even look pregnant he can only assume you’re not too far along.
“I would’ve told you earlier but I just didn’t know how to. I’m sorry.” you finally speak, making his emotions a little more fierce. He nods lightly, gnawing on his bottom lip as he tries to hold it all in. “That’s why I’ve been so exhausted lately.” you giggle and that’s when Dean gets out of his chair and comes around to you. His hands lightly pull on yours and pull you up from your seat and that’s when he wraps his arms around you. His lips find your cheek and he just holds you for a minute before whispering.
“You don’t have to be sorry.” That’s when he pulls away, his eyes glistening but his smile beaming even brighter. He seems like he wants to say something, but it just doesn’t come out, so he just leans in and kisses you instead.
You’re not sure how long it lasted, but he rested his forehead against yours, telling you how happy he was and how much he loved you before his phone went off. He wanted to ignore it, but you could tell by the regret in his eyes that he just couldn’t.
“Just give me a sec, okay?” You give him a nod of understanding, taking your seat again as he steps away and giving himself privacy.
A heavy breath releases from your chest, one of relief since you’ve been holding this in for so long. At least it felt like a long time. You hated keeping it from him, but you just weren’t sure how to tell him and you just couldn’t stop overthinking it.
Watching Dean pace around while talking on the phone, you eventually get your own alert on your phone. You catch a glimpse of the text before it clears from your screen, smiling softly when you see that Sarah was checking in on you. She had been keeping up with you of course, being your confidant with all this and she knew how nervous you were for not only telling Dean but for what the future held for you now that you were pregnant. Being a first time mom and not planning on it, it definitely freaked you out. But she was definitely a great rock for you up to this point.
How’s it goin?
Another breath of relief leaves your body, taking some more stress with it as you text her back.
2 Years Later
The chill in the air was almost comforting so Dean was in no hurry to get back to the car. Looking over the engraved letters and numbers, memories flashed in his brain. Some happy and others not so much. He tried not to think back to the last day Eddie was on this earth, but it was hard not to. Seeing that date, he just remembered looking for you and then knowing that while he was dying on the ground in the barn, Eddie was out in the woods, protecting you.
Little scuffles got him clearing his throat and quickly wiping at his eyes before looking over and smiling at the toddler waddling in his direction. Walking was a skill that was mastered about a year prior, but being so little, walking through thick damp grass was something the little one took a bit slower.
“Hey, buddy.” His little arms reached out for his dad, making all three smiles grow. But the little one only remained in his dads arms briefly before moving over to the stone sticking up from the ground. His little hands grabbed the rocky top and he held on for a minute before he laid his head down on it, almost like he was giving the stone a hug,
Dean's heart exploded with happiness and a small amount of heartbreak. There wasn’t a day that went by that Dean didn’t wish Eddie was there to work alongside him again and then after his son was born, he wished he was there to be another loving uncle in his life. But this was the closest the two would get to each other and that's what hurt him the most.
“Awe. You giving uncle Eddie a hug?” you say with a smile, walking up to the two boys. Dean looks up, his smile growing as he looks you over. Your hand runs over your slightly swollen belly as you grin at your son who is now wrapping his little arms around the top of the stone. “That’s so sweet.” It’s then that the boy pulls away, but only enough to now kiss the rock. It was definitely hard for Dean to hold himself together then, but he did. “Yep. We love you, huh?” When you squat down next to Dean, your son walks up to you, letting you take him in your arms while the three of you visit your fallen friend. A few minutes go by when your hand runs over Dean’s back and you smile at him.
“We’ll wait for you in the car?” Dean slowly nods, smiling at the two of you. “Okay. Come on, sweetie. Let’s give daddy a minute.” As you get to your feet, the boy leans over your shoulder, watching his dad while you both walk away.
“I wish you were here.” Dean finally whispers. His eyes still on you as you buckle your son in his carseat. “It’s weird because he reminds me of you.” he says as he turns back to the stone, a soft chuckle escaping him. “At first I thought it was just because we named him after you, but…that’s not it. Makes me wonder if you’re watching over him more than I think.” he laughs again and then takes a breath. “Well,” he says, wiping the dirt off the base of the stone. “Happy birthday, man.” 
Looking over his friends name one more time, Dean gets to his feet, holding onto the stone for balance at first, but for comfort after the fact. His hand pats the rigid rock, taking another moment before walking away and heading for the car.
Dean made it a priority to go and see Eddie’s grave every week. It’s just what he thought his friend deserved, especially after what he had done for you. But if a holiday rolled around, sometimes that one trip would turn to two. 
Dean felt like that’s the least he could do. He felt like he owed him his own life because if it wasn’t for him Dean would have lost you and he would have never gotten married, never had his gorgeous son and never would be living the perfect life he was right now. He had everything he ever dreamed of and it was because of Eddie that he had it.
There was no way he could repay Eddie for saving you that terrible night, but he definitely didn’t let a day go by where he didn’t talk to his friend and thank him for what he did and he never would.
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drabbles-mc · 4 months
Lost Time
Horacio Carrillo x F!Reader
For Day 25 of @narcosfandomdiscord's July Smut Alphabet: yearning
Warnings: 18+, smut, language, light angst
Word Count: 2.9k
A/N: Horacio Carrillo and his messy relationships, my beloveds 😌
Narcos Taglist: @thesandbeneathmytoes @garbinge @winchestershiresauce @sizzlingcloudmentality @panagiasikelia @616wilsons @hauntedforsst @mirabee @buckybarneshairpullingkink @boomclapxox @nessamc @supersanelyromantic @padbrookcottage @mysun-n-stars @raincoffeeandfandoms @justreblogginfics @ashlingnarcos @proceduralpassion @artemiseamoon @hausofmamadas @narcolini @cositapreciosa (If you want to be added to any of my taglists, please let me know!)
Tumblr media
You’d lost track of the last time the two of you had spoken. The last phone call between you felt like it had happened lifetimes ago. The last face-to-face conversation? Even longer than that. You both had the feeling that it was coming. Inevitable was too strong of a word, but it was much more than probable.
It would only be so long before he really started holding it against you. You knew that was coming, too. No one got to leave him and let it be a clean break. There always had to be a little bit of a mess. He was practically hardwired for it.
Which was why you didn’t know how shocked you really were when you walked through the airport and saw him standing there waiting for you.
“Horacio?” you said, adjusting the bag on your shoulder.
“I heard you were coming home,” he said, his tone painfully neutral. “I wanted to see it for myself.”
His tone was controlled but you could see it in his eyes that there was more he wanted to say. There was more that he wanted to get into. He wouldn’t do that here, though, not in front of so many people. The look in his eyes almost made you want to remind him that Colombia might’ve been home for him, but it wasn’t home for you. Especially not once he stopped calling.
“Well,” you shrugged, “here I am.”
Your assumption was that the person getting you from the airport was going to be Steve or Javi. Someone from your team. Someone that you figured might still actually want to see you. It crossed your mind that maybe Carrillo had missed you more than his lack of letters and phone calls led you to believe. That, or he just wanted to give you a bit of a hard time and a cold shoulder about the whole ordeal. One of those felt a little more likely than the other.
He at least helped you with your bags. You had the backpack on your shoulders, pulling one rolling suitcase with you while he had the other. It was amazing to you that you’d learned to parse your life down to three bags. If someone had told you five years ago that you’d be able to do that, and that you wouldn’t feel like you were missing parts of yourself in doing so, you would’ve told them that they were insane.
He loaded everything into the back of the CNP vehicle. You made your way to the passenger seat. Just as you were going to buckle yourself in, Carrillo pulled the driver’s door open. And, just for a moment, it felt like you’d never left. There was that strange air of routine to it all. The problem was that everything else about the two of you felt different, strained in a way it never used to be.
“I was just going to head home,” you said as he put the key in the ignition, “unless they really need me there today.”
He gave a slight shake of his head. “Tomorrow is fine.”
“Same building, right?”
You nodded, watching as his hand maneuvered the gear-shift and put the car in drive. “Yea. Same building. Couple floors up from where I was before.” You paused, trying to cut through whatever weird lingering tension was still in the air between you. “Peña and Murphy will have to put in a little work now if they wanna come up and see me.”
You were ready for him to make a comment about that. Some remark about how you’d still have your same place, the little shoebox of an apartment that had a balcony with a view that made up for all the rest of it, if you just hadn’t up and left. You could see the comments practically dancing on the tip of his tongue. There was a slight shift in his jaw as he bit them back, and you almost wished that he’d let them fly. Him being angry with you would make the previous weeks and weeks of silence a little more understandable. Maybe even palatable.
Whatever snide remarks he’d come up with, he stored away for another time. Anger that he would take out on someone else at a later date, you were sure. His grip on the steering wheel tightened as he forced out a simple, “Okay.”
When he pulled into the parking lot of your apartment building, you were ready for him to help you get your bags out, and then just leave the rest of it to you. It wasn’t as though you expected him to come up and help you unpack. Part of you was still surprised that he’d been the one to come and get you. You couldn’t tell what his angle was. You’d seen enough of his anger to know what that was like, and this wasn’t it. But it didn’t feel the same way that it used to between you either.
“I can get it from here,” you told him when he set your bags on the ground.
He shook his head. “I’ll help.”
“It’s fine.”
Of all the arguments that the two of you were practically destined to get into in the coming weeks, you weren’t going to let this be one of them. Grabbing one suitcase, you left the other for him. “Thank you.”
Slipping the key into the lock on the door, you let yourself in. You walked in first, Carrillo following close behind. You looked around the apartment as you stepped into it. It was nice enough, the way that most of the housing agents were put up in tended to be. It wasn’t luxury, but it was comfortable. That was really all you needed. You’d only be there to sleep anyway, and it wasn’t as though any of you did enough of that.
“I’d offer you a drink or something,” you told him, chuckling quietly as you dropped your backpack to the floor, “but I’m pretty sure I’ve got nothing to offer.”
“It’s alright.”
The two of you stood there in the space between your new living room and kitchen, the one patch of apartment that had nothing furnishing it. You waited for him to leave, or say something. It still felt like you were waiting for the other shoe to drop. You watched him as he looked around, like your government-furnished apartment was suddenly the most interesting thing he’d ever seen before.
“I didn’t think that you’d be the one to come get me,” you told him honestly, cutting through the silence since he clearly had no intention to.
“Why not?”
You laughed, more out of shock than amusement. Carrillo was many things, but he wasn’t stupid. Stubborn, yes, but not stupid. There was no way that he didn’t understand what you meant, why you said it. “You didn’t even want to make a phone call, Horacio.” You shook your head. “Going out of your way to play chauffer didn’t seem like it was going to be in the cards.”
“It’s not that I didn’t want to.” His response was quick, his words quiet. You were expecting an edge to his voice but found none.
“No?” you asked, still not believing him.
“I didn’t think that you were ever coming back. So,” he looked down at the floor, shaking his head, “what was the point?”
“The point?” You stepped in closer to him. “I care about you. That was the point. I figured you cared about me too. Maybe that could’ve been the point.”
“Of course I cared.” He caught himself. “Care.”
You frowned. “Cutting me out without telling me why was a weird way to show that.”
“I couldn’t keep listening to you knowing that I wasn’t ever going to see you again. Talking to you, hearing about your day,” he shook his head, “when I wasn’t part—”
“You were part of it, though,” you countered, practically chest-to-chest with him now. “That’s why I spent so much time fucking calling you, writing you. That was you being part of my day. Me being part of yours.” Tears began to sting at the edges of your eyes, emotions you hadn’t had the time to feel in months bubbling back to the surface. “Then you gave it up.”
“You left first,” he argued, but his voice was still quiet.
“But you stopped trying first.”
He wanted to tell you the truth. He wanted to be able to say it all, but words had never been his strong suit. He wanted to tell you that every night he’d get off the phone and for as much as he loved hearing your voice on the other end of the line, it felt like someone dropped a weight on his chest each time he put the phone back down on the receiver. For as much as he loved reading every letter from you, studying all the intricacies of your handwriting, having to see a return address that was so far from where he was stung. He wasn’t enough to make you stay, and the ache of missing you was one type of pain he didn’t know how to stomach.
There was only a shred of distance left between the two of you, but you erased it anyway. Resting your hand on his shoulder, you squeezed lightly. “I missed you.”
His eyes went to your hand, traveling up your arm until they finally reached your face. “I missed you too.” He took a deep breath, forcing himself to relax slightly as he leaned in and let his forehead rest against yours. “It’s why I stopped picking up.”
Your eyes shut, and you could feel the tears that were clinging to your eyelashes. “You should’ve said that.”
He couldn’t go back and fix what had already happened, change the things that he did or didn’t say. But he could tell you now, at least. “I stopped because it hurt, because you weren’t coming back. It felt foolish, like I was holding out hope for something that wasn’t going to—”
“But it did,” you said, cutting him off. “And we could’ve had all that time.”
It was an argument that the two of you easily could’ve kept taking in circles. He could keep saying you kicked it all off by leaving, and you could keep saying that he put the final nail in the coffin because he stopped answering your calls. You were both right, and it wasn’t getting either of you anywhere.
“And now?” he asked.
You brought your hand from his shoulder to the side of his face, thumb grazing along his cheek. “I still miss you.”
He felt the way your thumb stopped moving, the way the tips of your fingers pressed into his skin just slightly. You were almost pulling him towards you, but you stopped yourself. Like you heard the words but were still deciding what they meant, how much weight was really behind them. So instead of saying anything more, Carrillo decided that he would just show you instead.
Lifting his chin, he moved just enough to bring his lips to yours. A gesture that was supposed to be soft, a gentle punctuation to prove that he meant what he’d said to you. But the moment that he felt the soft warmth of your lips against his, all of that went out the window. The second he could feel the quick breath that you sucked in when you realized what was happening, all he could do was desperately try to pour himself into you.
His arms snaked around you, pulling himself tight to you. His lips slotted against yours, desperate and bruising. Desperate to put all those nights filled with longing and missing you into something that would actually do one of you some sort of good. He didn’t know who was getting more out of it at that point. He didn’t really care.
He was everything you remembered, all hunger and need, traces of cigarette smoke still lingering on his tongue. A filthy habit you had been on him to quit but in that moment it tasted like coming home. Your fingers curled into the stiff material of his fatigues, needing to find purchase in something to make sure it was all real, that it wasn’t just part of a cruel trick he was playing.
He stopped kissing you for a moment, but his lips were still brushing against yours as he spoke. “I missed you,” he repeated.
In all the late night and early morning calls, the letters that went back and forth, he never really said it like that. Not so concisely, so directly. Like saying it as such would’ve given it too much power, made the distance between you and the yearning that filled it a little too real and too heavy. But now you were in front of him. You were here and he was kissing you, holding you. And he could say it. It was safe to say it now because he already had you back.
You were going to tell him the same, let him know that he wasn’t alone in all of this. He never had been. But he didn’t give you the chance. His lips crashed against yours once more, none of the calculated finesse that was such a staple with the Colonel in any other capacity. It nearly knocked the wind out of you, made your knees buckle, but it didn’t matter because he was holding you tightly enough to keep you from crumbling anyway.
Suddenly he had you falling back onto the sofa. He moved you through the apartment with the ease of someone who had been spending time there with you for weeks already. You didn’t fight him on it, letting your back hit the cushions, his body pinning to yours as he followed you down. You were pulling at his shirt, untucking it from the pants of his fatigues. His hands were already working at your button and zipper, each of you trying to peel the layers off each other as quickly and as clumsily as possible.
It'd gone differently in his head, all the nights when his mind wandered and conjured up what it would be like if he got to see you again, have you again like he used to. It was never quite like this when he pictured it. He’d given himself too much credit, thinking that he would be able to hold back at all, control himself. He couldn’t. From the second he felt the warmth of your skin against his, the tickle of your breath against his jaw, there was no moderation to be found.
Next time, he thought to himself as he yanked your jeans down your legs, next time he would drag it out. He’d take his time with you. But this had all been dragged out long enough. He wouldn’t have even taken the time to bother with his shirt if you hadn’t started with it first, but that was one thing he could easily do for you. He didn’t have it in him to take his time, but he could at least give you that. It hit the floor right before the rest of his clothes.
The groan that he let out as he pushed into you set every inch of you on fire. Your nails dug into his back, raking along skin that you hadn’t been able to touch in far too long. His lips moved away from yours, pressing a kiss to the side of your neck right before his teeth sank into it. Your body drew itself to his, wanting every bit of contact you could get.
He settled inside you for a moment, hips pressed tightly to yours. For a moment all of your thoughts about Colombia not being home couldn’t have felt further from the truth. You were fighting to catch your breath and the two of you had hardly gotten started. Your eyes fluttered shut, focused on how he felt against you, hips against yours, his face in the crook of your neck. You tried to pull him tighter to you, unsure if it was even possible to do so.
The second he started to move his hips, all you had it in you to do was let his name tumble from your lips. You could feel what it did to him, the way his movements became a little more desperate. Every thrust, each press of his lips to your skin, all just trying to pull that sound from you over and over again. Trying to make up for lost nights, all the times when he wanted to hear that same breathless tone from you but couldn’t, wanted to feel the warmth of you against him but you weren’t there. It was a lot to ask when you’d only been back in Colombia for a couple of hours, but it wouldn’t be the first time the Colonel was being unfair. You didn’t mind it this time, though, as his hands slid up your thighs, moving your legs so he could push deeper into you. His lips dragged along your jaw and all the thoughts, the memories, the weight of the last few months, all of it disappeared. It was just the two of you again, finally, for however long it lasted this time.
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bejeweledblondie · 2 months
Alex Keller x F! Reader
Summary: A barracks party, spilled red wine, & a hangover bring a unlikely pair together (inspired by the Taylor Swift song off of the album Midnights)
Warnings: a lil spicy, female anatomy
Tumblr media
You couldn’t believe your friend talked you into coming here. She had matched with some soldier off of Tinder & wanted a friend to come with her to make sure she was safe. As soon as you guys got onto the freakin base she ran off with her Tinder match, leaving you alone. Sitting in a lawn chair you were nursing a glass of red wine. The wine was incredibly cheap, & you winced every time you took a sip. Pure bitterness sat on your tongue. A group of soldiers were only a couple feet away from you playing some beer pong & other drinking games. They were insufferably loud & were incredibly drunk.
As you sat there mentally making a list of judgements you had no idea that you had an admirer. Alex stood cigarette in hand with a open beer can next to him overlooking out into the parking lot. The lower enlisted soldiers were up to their usual weekend shenanigans & he wanted to make sure nothing happened. No matter how many safety briefings at least one soldier was in some sort of trouble. He had noticed the young woman in the lawn chair with the wine in her hand. She looked absolutely miserable. Presumably, not there by choice judging by her body language.
She wore a fitted white cropped shirt & a pair of denim shorts. He couldn’t help noticed how well her chest filled out the shirt. Licking his lips he watched as she adjusted her shirt a bit. She looked around at the maroon sunset sky above her taking her eyes off of the soldiers playing beer pong. Then she looked over towards the barracks noticing Alex unapologetically looking at her. A crimson blush appeared on his cheeks from the embarrassment of getting caught checking her out.
You bit your red stained lips stifling a laugh at the handsome soldier with the facial hair who was just caught. He must’ve felt bold, because she watched him make his way down the stairs walking over to where she was seated. A lit cigarette & open can of beer where in one of his hands. The can looked significantly smaller in his hands with his hands nearly wrapped the around the entire circumference. A small crimson heat started to heat up your face in anticipation.
“Hello ma’am,” He said as he finally reached you. You looked up at handsome man & smiled. “I’m sorry for staring but I couldn’t help it.” He admitted. “You’re just so pretty I had to tell you that.” The heat on your face started to intensify from his compliment. “I’m Alex.” He said holding out his hand. You took his hand in yours shaking it.
“Y/N.” You replied smiling at him.
“I’m assuming you’re not here on your own free will.” He joked.
“Nope.” You said & started to play with the rim of the wine glass. “My friend decided to drag me here to make sure nothing would happen to her while she met up with some soldier.” You explained. “But now I can’t seem to locate her.”
“Ah,” He replied. “Which dating app?”
“Tinder.” You replied bluntly.
“Old reliable.” He joked & took a drag of his cigarette. “By chance would you want to come & sit up on the balcony it’s warmer then sitting down here. You’ll also be away from those idiots.”
“Sure,” You said & accepted his offer. “It beats sitting down here.” When you went to stand up your tripped over a rock spilling your red wine all down the front of your white t-shirt revealing your scarlet lace bra. The burgundy liquid stuck to your skin & completely stained the white material. “Shit!” You screamed out in frustration. Not that Alex enjoyed your misfortune of you ruining a perfectly good t-shirt but he wasn’t complaining at the sight in front of him.
“If you want I could give you one of my old t-shirts to wear for the time being.” He offered trying his hardest to maintain eye contact.
“I’d actually really appreciate it.” You replied taking him up on his offer. He lead you up the stairs to his barracks room. It was neat, well kept somewhat surprising you. A stark contrast from unkept messy room of the soldier your friend ran off with. He dug into a drawer & threw you an old pt shirt.
“If you’d like to take a quick shower to get cleaned up the bathroom is just through that door.” He offered. You walked into the bathroom & started the shower. Stripping out of your wine stained shirt & jeans you hopped into the shower. The warm water washed away the sticky red substance from your body. Once you were finally clean you grabbed the maroon bath towel that laid on the towel rack wrapping yourself in it. You walked out & Alex sat on his bed scrolling through this phone. He felt your presence & his eyes raked over your towel clad frame. You don’t know if was the wine talking or the sexual tension that been building but you dropped the towel. Pressing your blood red lips to his you had absolutely no idea you were getting yourself into.
You awoke the next morning with a heavy arm draped over your waist cocooned in burgundy bed sheets. The soft snores of Alex woke you up from the daze you were in. An overwhelming dull hangover made you groan as your eyes caught some of the light peaking out between the curtains. Alex stirred & woke up to you laying in his arms. His lips were stained from the lipstick that was now smeared onto your cheek. He pressed a small kiss to your lips & pulled you in tighter to his body.
“How did I end up here anyway?” You asked groaning.
“My roommates cheap red wine & screw top rosé.” He replied.
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landoslover · 10 months
i loved your red card fic! could you please do one where pulisic has started dating a soccer legend’s daughter and his super nervous?? then her dad jokingly pretends to hate him but turns out to be his biggest fan!!!
welcome to the family
Tumblr media
pairing: Christian Pulisic x Reader
TW: none
A/N: switched the request up a bit, and it's a bit on the shorter side
Christian opened the door for you as you exited his car, holding your hand as you walked up to your parents front door. You could sense he was nervous, his hand shaking ever so slightly as you approached the door, hand in hand.
"You ready?" You whispered as you gently rubbed his arm as a form of reassurance.
"I know you're nervous, but he's going to love you. I promise" You smiled at him before kissing him on the cheek. causing him to blush. You reached out and pressed the doorbell.
Moments later your mother opened the door for you both, wrapping both you & Christian in a tight hug.
"Y/n! You look great, mi hija! You too, Christian!" Your mom spoke in broken English, but you both understood what she meant. You followed her into the house, making your way to the living room where your dad was waiting.
"Papi!" You shouted as you ran into his arms. It'd been a while since you'd seen him, as he was traveling a lot before he won the World Cup.
"Mi princesa!" He held you tightly. You both let go and you allowed Christian to make his introduction.
"Hola Señor Messi. Es un placer conocerte" Christian was not fluent with your native tongue, but he had been practicing for this moment for a while. Your dad raised an eyebrow before looking at you.
"¿El habla español?"
"No. Él sabe algunas palabras, pero no puede entender completamente de que estamos hablando" Your dad nodded before turning back to Christian.
"It's nice to meet you, Christian" He stuck his hand out for your boyfriend to shake, Christian immediately reaching out and shaking it.
Your mom entered the room to announce that dinner was done, signaling for you all to enter the dining room. You sat down next to Christian, your hand slowly rubbing his arm. You could still tell that he was nervous, despite leaving a good first impression on your dad. He wasn't worried about your mom, as he had met her countless times before. Your dad was just always busy.
Dinner went without an issue. The slight language barrier was always there, but you were able to translate. It was after dinner that Christian's nerves got worse: your dad had asked to speak with him privately.
Christian followed your dad to the balcony, leaning against the railing slightly.
"I can tell you're nervous. Take a seat, I promise I don't bite" Christian's face flushed, immediately letting out an 'im sorry' before taking a seat in front of your father.
"I know we only just met, pero I can see how happy you make my princesa & how happy she makes you" Christian smiled at this.
"Just please promise me you'll protect & love her with everything you've got. She deserves el mundo y mucho mas, and I think you can give that to her" Your dad's arm reached for Christian's shoulder, squeezing it lightly.
"She makes me the happiest man in the world, sir. I promise to love and protect her forever"
"Por favor, llámame Lio" Your dad smiled, bringing Christian in for a hug.
"Bienvenido a la familia, Christian"
"Es un placer" Christian replied. The nerves he had only moments ago had disappeared.
After speaking to your dad a bit more, Christian knew that you were who he wanted to be with forever.
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RWBY Love Languages (Part 1)
Ruby Rose - Physical Touch
Ruby has multiple ways of showing affection, but her favorite is definitely touch. Pouncing on you is her go to, unfortunately leading to you both falling. When you're together she is always touching you in some way. Although she can be hyper, after a long day, nothing feels better than gently melting into your arms (Also she is not adverse to PDA, so expect tons of hand holding and public kisses)
Weiss Schnee - Quality Time
It is well known that Weiss' family is not the most healthy, and it shows in her. As much as she is initially adverse to (but truly desires) affection in any way, quality time is the most important thing to her. The simple fact of you willingly choosing to spend time with her and stay by her side, despite everything, makes her emotional. Going on dates is her favorite thing in the world. Whether it's a candlelit dinner, balcony seats at an opera, or just a walk in the park, if it's with you she will do anything
Blake Belladonna - Quality Time
Blake has a lot of trust issues due to constant hurt and betrayal, so it will take a LOT for her to open up to you. But the way into her heart is just to stick it out and never give up. Eventually Blake will understand your intentions and let you in. Although it seems like you're always the one to initiate, secretly Blake always finds a way to "coincidentally" end up at the same place at the same time as you. Kinda like how cats pretend to not care but always follow you around
Yang Xiao Long - Quality Time
Yang has been abandoned multiple times, and it has taken a toll on her mentally. She is constantly worrying about when her loved ones will leave her, and that includes you. Spending time with her as much as possible will both quell her anxiety and make her heart race. As someone who knows how it feels to be abandoned, Yang wants to make sure you never feel that pain. She will never leave without letting you know, always promises to come back
Oscar Pine - Words of Affirmation
Due to his situation with Ozpin, Oscar has a lot of self doubt issues and problems with identity. His mind is always racing and it's never good thoughts. So having a partner that reassures him and comforts him is key. He appreciates every word you tell him, and sometimes writes them down in a notebook for when he gets really down
Penny Polendina - Physical Touch
Penny is still getting used to human interactions and relationships, so things may get a bit awkward. But although she struggles with most aspects, she excels in physical touch. Penny loves to feel your skin no matter the texture. It feels so unique to her! When she can't properly express herself or is lost for words, Penny will just quietly hold your hands and stare into your eyes
Jaune Arc - Words of Affirmation/Acts of Service
Jaune has been through a lot of pain the past few years, and needs a lot of healing mentally. Telling him you love him or complimenting him matter a whole lot to him. It boosts his self-esteem and makes him feel wanted and special. While he also returns the sentiment, Jaune prefers to do acts of service for his partner. He will happily give you a massage or do your laundry without prompt. And when it comes to defending you, Jaune is always on the front lines ready to die for you
Nora Valkyrie - Physical Touch
Nora is like Ruby, but amplified by x1000. She loves to cling to you like a koala and tease you. Although she has appreciation for chests, Nora is a butt fiend. She does not hesitate to slip in a slap or squeeze whenever she can, giving you a shit eating grin when you react. Nora also enjoys hugs a lot, and basically every hug she gives is a bone crushing bear hug (so get used to back pains). Sometimes though, when it's late and night and you both are tired, Nora will happily lean on your shoulder and fall asleep. A further way to make her melt is to gently trace your fingers along her Lichtenberg scars
Pyrrha Nikos - Words of Affirmation
Being such a well known figure, Pyrrha has problems making real connections with people. She always feels like people are trying to take advantage of her, but doesn't have the heart to object. But when it comes to you, whenever you compliment her or reassure her feelings, she knows it's genuine. Every word you speak fills her with warmth. And Pyrrha is always making sure to return the love and always talk to you and listen intently. This often leads to you two getting into compliment battles that always end in a stalemate
Lie Ren - Acts of Service
Being more introverted, Ren is kinda hot and cold with affection. He loves you with all his heart, but sometimes he just needs time alone, and you're happy to oblige! But when he's fully charged, Ren loves to do things for you. This mainly pertains to domestic skills like cooking and cleaning. He always makes sure to make you a delicious breakfast everyday with your favorite foods. And he does this with no expectation of reciprocation. He does this with all his loved ones, it's how he shows he cares. A lot of times he does it behind the scenes. Sometimes you'll come home to the trash taken out, your bed made, or a hole in your shirt sewn up in a heart shape (his favorite thing to do is leave cute love notes in your lunch bag)
Sun Wukong - Acts of Service
Sun is a himbo through and through, we all know this. He is incredibly open about his feelings and isn't afraid to show you how much he loves you. Doing things for you is his favorite thing to do to show his appreciation. No matter what it is, if you are looking for something Sun already has it. Car keys? Phone charger? Hot pocket? This man is READY. He tries to do other things like cook and clean for you, but uh... he ain't that good at it. He has definitely broken some lamps and started a couple kitchen fires. But Sun always means well and will happily do whatever he can to make you smile
Neptune Vasilias - Physical Touch
Although Neptune is known as a smooth talker, that's mainly for show with girls he meets for the first time. After actually getting into a relationship Neptune's true love language comes out. He really thrives on physical contact. It's great in general, but whenever he is anxious or scared it's even better. Neptune will instantly cling onto you and feel much better. But he is also known for being a bit possessive. Neptune is known for holding you by the hip when you walk, and proudly drapes his arm around your shoulders. He bagged a total masterpiece of a human, of course he's gonna show you off! PDA is a must and he always gives you little kisses throughout the day
Coco Adel - Gift Giving
As your local fashionista, Coco adores the finer things in life. And she feels like you deserve it all! She loves to gift you designer clothes, authentic jewelry, $1000 lobster dishes, fuck she once tried to buy you a puppy! It's gotten to the point where you have a whole room dedicated to her gifts. If you tell her to cool down a little she will, but will eventually get back into it. She doesn't understand why materialism is so looked down upon. Why shouldn't she and her partner enjoy expensive things?
Fox Alistair - Physical Touch
Despite his serious appearance, Fox is naturally very talkative (just ask his team) and always likes to joke and tease. And it's the same deal with his partner. Sometimes he kinda can't shut up. And although he tells you how much he a loves you a lot, the real way to show how he feels is touch. Fox is blind, and although he has an ADA device, he doesn't know how you look 100%. So he likes to just touch you all over, enjoying feeling your curves and edges and rolls. He likes it so much sometimes he will hold your face in his hands and just caress your cheeks for like 10 minutes
Velvet Scarlatina - Gift Giving
Velvet is naturally a bit more shy than the rest of her team, so when it comes to showing affection she gets very flustered. She isn't good with PDA and sometimes finds it hard to say what she feels. But Velvet is well versed in gift giving. She always pays attention to everything her partner says and makes note of all the things they desire. Pretty much all her gifts are perfectly tailored to you. She adores holidays and milestones, and always makes those days a whole ordeal with presents and date plans
Yatsuhashi Daichi - Acts of Service
Yatsuhashi is a very reserved person, and is not talkative, even with his loved ones. It's a mix of holding in his emotions and having self doubt about himself. So instead of saying what he feels, he prefers to use his actions instead. Yatsuhashi is very protective of his partner and does everything in his power to make them feel secure. He sees you as precious and never wants anything to happen to you. So he gladly does anything he deems too dangerous for you. Reaching things from high shelves, walking you across the street, this man would fight a damn bear for you. He isn't above just carrying you around either. You will always be safe and secure around Yatsuhashi
Neon Katt - Words of Affirmation
Jesus fucking CHRIST can she talk. You will never have a moment of peace while dating Neon, that's the unfortunate truth. But hey, that's what you signed up for. And it has it's perks! Neon never hesitates to gush about you and make you feel appreciated. She has definitely bragged about you in public, much to your embarrassment. She's just loves everything about you! (especially how hot you are) But don't be mistaken, everything you do is met with pure joy and admiration
Flynt Coal - Gift Giving
Flynt is a simple, suave man who knows he's smooth. He knows his voice makes you melt. But what he loves to do is give presents, especially unconventional ones. There are the standard flowers and chocolates, but Flynt really loves writing songs for you. Being able to express himself through music makes him feel whole. He puts all of his emotions into the sheet music, and every song is dedicated to you
Ozpin - Quality Time
As the headmaster of Beacon, Ozpin doesn't have a lot of spare time. He's often busy and tied up in work. But also, his past as Ozma has made him live hundreds of years, and he's lost a lot of loved ones. He treasures time spent and wants to spend as much time as possible with the ones he loves. Whenever he is able, Ozpin will be with you as much as possible. Even if you are just existing in the same room, it's perfect for him
Glynda Goodwitch - Acts of Service
Glynda can be pretty abrasive, and a bit of a hard ass. But it really is from the toll of years at an academy of psychotic students. So honestly? Getting her a hot cup of tea or her favorite book when she comes home from work is one of life's greatest joys. Always being expected to fix any damage caused by her students, it's nice to have someone return the favor and give her a break. She'll always encourage you to sit down and join her, but definitely isn't complaining. To show appreciation she doesn't mind fixing stuff around the house in return, as it isn't expected of her. Now she can do it of her own will because she wants to. Keep pampering her and you will never have to call a handyman ever again
Bartholomew Oobleck - Words of Affirmation
You know how I said Neon can't stop talking? Jesus. Fucking. Christ. Oobleck is amazing, but he won't stop talking no matter what. Info dumping is one of his favorite things to do with you, especially if it has to do with interesting facts. He may be a motor mouth, but when he isn't spouting information, he is talking about you. Oobleck may seemed a bit scatterbrained, but he notices everything about you. He compliments you on the smallest things, often things you never notice. Oobleck likes everything about you and isn't afraid to let you know. He doesn't really have a filter when it comes to your relationship, so expect a lot of out of left field compliments
Peter Port - Acts of Service
This man is a MANLY MAN, and you will NOT FORGET THAT! He wants to prove to you that he is capable and worthy of your love, and he does that by doing things for you (whether you ask for it or not). He especially loves doing heavy work for you like moving furniture, chopping wood, and hauling away any Grimm that interupt your dates. Don't get it twisted though, it isn't that he thinks you are unable to take care of yourself or weak. He just naturally likes to show off and prove himself. And with you? Bruh he is always flexing to get your attention and make you blush (frankly though you tend to make him blush way more)
James Ironwood - Quality Time
Similar to Ozpin, Ironwood doesn't get a lot of free time to himself. Being a major general is hard work and tends to leave him drained. He knows he isn't around often and feels bad. So to make up for it, when you do have time together, he is 100% focused on you and you only. Ironwood wants you to know that he never forgets you when he's working. You're always in his mind 24/7. Sometimes when he has to stay super late, you like to surprise him by showing up at his office. His heart instantly starts beating faster, and he will wave you over for a long hug (and sit you on his lap if he's feeling super affectionate)
Winter Schnee - Acts of Service
As with Weiss, Winter has been severely damaged by her family. And her time in the military has only made more walls around her heart. Hell, it took forever for her to come to terms with her feelings for you. Winter is not good at expressing herself directly, so she likes to indirectly show her love by doing things for you. Anything you ask of her she will do with no hesitation. It's kind of her military training kicking in, it's pretty much ingrained into her. But it definitely isn't cause she feels obligated to, Winter cares about you and wants you to follow your "orders". She often denies it whenever you offer to do things for her. But if you do it anyways, she'll scold you... before giving you an awkward kiss and hug
Summer Rose - Quality Time
Summer is known to go off on her own quite a bit. She doesn't often explain why, but always makes sure to let you know she is coming back. And when she comes back she is spending the rest of the day with you. She loves to just sit around with you and talk about anything and everything. When she isn't going on missions, Summer tends to follow you around happily
Taiyang Xiao Long - Words of Affirmation
Taiyang has been through some heartbreak, so some uplifting words mean a lot to him. No matter what issues he is faced with, a good conversation with you will always lift his spirits. And this applies to even just casual small talk. He just likes talking to you, I mean it's as simple as that! And he always knows how to repay your kindness by being your number one fan. No matter what you're doing, Yaiyang is cheering you on from the sidelines!
Raven Branwen - Acts of Service
Raven is kinda... yeah. There are a lot of words to describe her, and most are negative. But one thing she excels at is using her actions. She may seem to not be around often, but usually she is behind the scenes doing small things for you. Raven uses her portals to keep an eye on you wherever you go, and makes sure you are safe and healthy. She keeps away any shady people, leaves you your favorite foods on your nightstand, kills any threatening Grimm, even adjusts your blanket while you sleep. It may seem like she doesn't care much for you, but whenever you notice your weapon polished, you know she does
Qrow Branwen - Physical Touch
Qrow is starved for attention in multiple ways, but mostly in physical touch. He was originally very flirtatious, but after all the shit he's gone through, he is definitely more subdued and anxious. While dating him, you can often find him questioning if he deserves you, and whether you will get hurt by his semblance. Words have a hard time getting to him, so the best way to calm him is to just... touch him. Hold him, stroke his face, play with his hair, cuddle him, anything. All of his worries wash away as he melts into your touch, and he becomes the most vulnerable man in the world. And whenever you seem down or upset, he instantly pulls you into a hug and rubs your back. Just... just hold this man okay? He deserves the world and all the kisses
Well hello, here is my first post on this blog! I thought a good place to start would be Love Languages. A part 2 is coming out featuring allies (like the ace ops) and antagonists!
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kaira-diaries · 13 days
One More Night
Tumblr media
note: one shot is also available on Wattpad under my account Kairadiaries for those who prefer it.
Warning: violence / character death / blood / gun use / bullet wounds / language
Pair: javi x f!character
Summary: you're hired for a job at the embassy with Javi, but make one life threatening mistake.
"I think..I think he's dead."
"You think?" Javier scowled with a tilted head and furrowed brows.
You made a massive fuck up.
You were supposed to interview the guy. Gacha, you think was his name, use your trust worthy interview voice with a pen and paper copying everything down. Keep it low key, beat around the bush and read from the card of questions the ambassador approved. But no. No. You knew you blew it once the man perked up in his seat. You asked your own unapproved question, must have been a little too specific, considering the man threw himself from the balcony, punching a dent into the hood of Javier's truck.
You observed the body in silence, unsure of what to say to Javier. You only shy away from him and his intimidating demeanor. You'd never get used to it that's for sure. Though, right now what you're worried about was the ambassador. Javier had stuck his neck out for you and argued with the woman to give this opportunity to you. You were a newly surfaced interviewer, unseen and unknown. He'd insisted on using you and it was a foolproof plan until you blew it.
"We are so fucked." Javier raised his voice, rolling the disfigured body on its back. The sound of broken glass made your face scrunch up as tears threatened to fall.
"We're going to have to call for back up, and inform the ambassador."
"What – what will she do?" Jav couldn't tear his eyes from the body and it's disturbing angle.
"Who knows, y/n. We'll be in the doghouse that's for fucking sure. All I asked was for you to follow the questions, the approved questions." That's when he ripped his eyes from the body, glaring at you.
"I – I..I'm sorry." You whispered as your cheeks began to salt with tears. He only shook his head, instructing you to divert the crowd of civilians that amassed on the sidewalk, while he made a few phone calls.
The heat on its own weighed you down, though you found it strenuous to breathe from the massive blame pressing against your shoulders.
"Does someone want to tell me what the fuck happened?" You had almost jumped. The walls rattled from her anger. Javi hadn't looked at you once since you both returned. He sat beside you, playing with the flawed fabric of his tie. Forgiveness wouldn't be in the cards for you if he lost his job.
"Well?" She urged.
"I-I just wanted to do what was asked. I never meant for this to happen. I'm sorry."
"We run this Embassy on a tight leash, y/n. We are being scrutinized, not only by Escobar, but the entire country itself. Our missteps affect us all, and many are interested to see just how far we'll go to get to the other side of this case and today will reflect incredibly poorly on us. Gacha? Off fucking limits in the cartel. In any other circumstance this would be a break through, but right now? Not. Fucking. Good. For any of us. Through the public eye this will be an onslaught or organized trickery on an innocent man."
The ambassador takes a seat, fingers massaging the exhaustion in her eyes. " Y/n what were you thinking?"
Your cheeks are feverish, "I don't know." You admit. You intend to speak out more, but your tongue is frozen, and Javi chimes in. "So what do we do, what's the plan here?"
"We do nothing, agent. We leave it in the hands of the narcos. As far as the public is concerned, the man was indeed innocent, with no ties to the cartel. Just a rich investor. If Escobar makes a move, we'll be free to hit him again. As for the innocent man that will be entirely unlike."
You sit motionlessly, head down, and out of the conversation.
The Ambassador blows out a breath of air as if it was the first time she's breathed over the course of this conversation. "Every agent will be on alert. An order should be released later today. In the meantime, you should head home before I change my mind about holding onto your badges for a little while. Lock down your apartment, close all the shades, and keep the lights off. Hell, book a hotel room if you want, either way, I'll send some men to keep a close perimeter. Just take the rest of the week off."
"What about Murphy?" Javi's partner, of course. The two are inseparable. A true brotherly relationship.
"He'll be just fine in his own. Paperwork shouldn't be a burden for him. Your main concern is keeping y/n out of sight. Your door could be beaten down at any instant with the flash of a gun barrel to her head."
You should be worried about that last part, except a kick of relief washes through you at the fact that Murphy, on his own, would be safe for the rest of this week.
You take this opportunity of silence to pull out your recorder and notepad from the interview, placing it on the wooden desk. You drop your wrists quickly, hoping to hide their tremor. "From the interview," you mumbled as she grabs both, flipping through your pages.
"You're dismissed," she answers, speaking to both of you, eyes still glued to the ink.
"I should have never brought you into this." Javier shares. The car ride home had been silent, until now, with twenty minutes still to go.
"It's not like I meant to, Javier. Surely you know that?" He lights a cigarette, steering the car with his knee for a moment or two. You always hated that.
"Of course, I know that. I'm not.. angry with you, y/n." He says, cigarette between his teeth.
"Right." You lean on your elbow, staring out the car window. You don't believe him, not with the way he reacted this morning. Though, you think on how else he could react. Give you comfort? Reassuring words, cooing that it's not your fault? No. Javier wouldn't. Not with something that was this important because it is your fault.
"I mean I was, but.." he pauses. You feel his gaze before a warm palm squeezes the pillowy flesh of your thigh. "Hey," he calls. You turn, drawn to the delightful change in his voice, and the scent of his cigarette. "I was angry, of course, I was. But I understand, y/n. You saw an opportunity to get more Intel, even if it was premature. It doesn't matter because you were thinking like me."
You could see the warmth radiating from his brown eyes. The aviators are unable to neutralize such fervency. You nod at him, sliding your hand onto his, locking it against your thigh.
"I mean, did we nearly lose our jobs? Probably. Are you number one on Escobars kill list? Probably. Is it my fault? Probably." He shrugs, taking a puff from his cigarette.
"I'm the one that fucked up, not you? You stuck your neck out for me, got me a job at the embassy and I just...I fucked up." You couldn't think of any other way to put it. You fucked up. It's as simple as that. You wouldn't allow Javi to to blame himself.
"Okay, well how about we don't play the finger pointing game and just eat some dinner, yeah?"
Javier pulls the car into a concealed parking spot, different from your usual spot. He grabbed your bag from the backseat, stepping out the car and circling to the other side to you.
It, for some reason, brought you back.
You thought of the night you met Javi. It was a nice dinner, your friend Connie, Steve's wife, had invited you. You sat across from her, Steve sat beside her, and Javier was in the chair next to you, absolutely grilling you. You couldn't remember quite what it was about, but you remember the wrath you felt. Vexation was clearly his strong suit. You couldn't tell if he was being playful or straight up just being a dick. Either way, you had a bad taste in your mouth after being around him.
It was almost enough to keep you from learning just how creative and brave he was.
Steve had eventually told you the stories of how vigorous his plans were.
Raids we're successful because of Javi and its what makes him one of the best in the embassy to this day.
You couldn't help but ask yourself ..
Did you ruin that?
Make him look like a fool in love? Make him look soft?
A large hand waved in your face. "Where'd you go, huh?"
You blinked twice, eyes back in focus, finding his focusing back on you.
"Just lost in thought, I guess." You tucked a red wavy strand of hair behind your ear and he leans in giving you a sweet kiss, helping you out of the truck.
"Do you have any sevens?"
"Go fish, pretty girl."
It was past midnight in Colombia, yet the streets were loud with pride.
Javier and you downed a bottle of wine and a box of cookies baked and gifted to you from Connie. You made an effort to sleep after dinner, was even enticed by Javi, but your mind was too loud and your bed was frigid. A little too cold to be ordinary. It was a bizarre feeling and awfully foreign, leaving you with an uneasy sensation. Javi sensed it of course, and toted you off into to the living room, making sure to gather his fortuitous deck of playing cards and the bottle of red wine that was currently hollow. He even found blankets and gave his word to stay up and play cards until you were exhausted.
You whined, snatching yet another card. Who knew Javi would beat you at a damned child's game. He had a pompous smirk on his face while observing you.
You merely giggled as your cheeks reddened with color from his watch.
You worshiped witnessing Javi like this. So..homely. His hair is unkept and fluffy, a remarkable compliment to his brown eyes. He wore a black nightshirt and pajama pants. He was soothed, and his guard was down. His customary harsh and strong-arm articulation, reduced to a delicate sculpture. You could just paint the breathtaking portrait in your head; a life with Javier, a family with him. It was a beautiful romance and one that'd be ultimately conceivable.
"What's going on in that head of yours?" He says.
You smile, "Just lost in thought." You answer. His lips stretch into a sweet smile. One of the great secrets of Javier Peña; his striking smile.
"Do you remember, back in Texas last year when we were having dinner with my mother?"
He nods. "On her farm, right? The Fourth of July?"
"Yes. And she wouldn't be quiet about the nights her and I spent together, playing cards and drinking chocolate milk." You giggle at the thought. "I don't think I understood what it meant for her until now. I mean, I was just a kid and was happy to be there with her, but she needed it. A time to just get away from what troubled her. To get away from her mistakes and be with somebody she cherished." You glanced at Javier.
"I thought this would be a promising diversion. We both made mistakes today and I just, I didn't want you to crumble. I'm so sorry, y/n for dragging you into this mess. I wasn't thinking like I should have. I knew the risks, and.."
"No no no, this was my decision." You grab his jaw and draw his gaze back to yours. "My choice. Okay? I'm the one, that after two years of watching you work, disobeyed direct orders. I should have been smarter than I was." His eyes are unsure but yours are opposing. Your strong gaze turns to mush, knowing he'd never be okay with this. Instead of words, you just lean in communicating with a kiss.
It's strange to you how much a person can enable you to forget your troubles. You were caught in this endearing moment with him and obviously, he was too, because once an intense grief, scalding and unbearable, shot through your shoulder, a flip had quickly switched in Javier's expression as he pulled back and it terrified you.
Really terrified you.
Everything, from that moment on, began to move fast.
I guess that's what happens when you're about to possibly die.
You remember the blood pouring from your shoulder, keeling over onto the floor in agony. Javier's eyes are in an unreachable rage and sorrow as he grabs you as gently as possible, pulling you behind the couch. Your body was in shock, the bullet surely hitting something essential in your shoulder from the portion of blood you were losing. Javier, shifting you so your back is to him examines for an exit wound. You barely hear the agonizing scream you release. "I know, pretty girl, I know!"He enunciated. Finding exactly what he was looking for, Javi fit your head in his lap. It was evident there was nowhere else to go unless we both wanted to be punctured with bullets. As the bullets continued to fly, each bang deafening you by the second, Javier moved fast, grabbing his gun from the coffee table. You dared to look down, finding Javiers blood-stained shirt, finding your wound and it's a gruesome attribute.
With mastery, he aims with unstable hands up over the couch directly into enemies' sight. Speaking of sight, yours begins to spin, and you sense the loss of strength in your limbs as you pull at his shirt, giving into the darkness.
In your unconscious state, Jav had run out of bullets quicker than you could even speak the word. After all it was just him against a crew of men that had a hell of a lot more cover and yet a handful were put down with ease. It's then that the ambassador's men show, along with Steve. Connie sprints to your side and remains there. With both Javier and Connie keeping pressure on your wound they bitterly waited for a medic.
Javier hadn't known what to do.
So he pleaded.
Not only to you but to the gods above for another day with you, another night with you. He had implored, with your blood on his hands and shirt. He had prayed for one more night, knowing damn well he wouldn't get one as you took your final breath leaving him with a shattered universe and an immense arch of vindication.
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aaakikoo · 1 year
paring -> bakugou katsuki x f! reader
an -> i dont really write stuff, but i decided that I want to write this so let’s see how far this blog will go. English isn’t my first language so please correct my spelling or grammar mistakes ! :)
another an -> sorry if it’s long and unnecessarily detailed.
summary -> bakugou finds you as his safe space, he promise he won’t let you go. but what if his family don’t really like you?
warnings -> cussing, down talking, tell me if I missed any!
series m.list - pt.1
Tumblr media
“get it off!” you screamed loudly while jumping around in your best friends dorm, you were peacefully doing your homework with Bakugou in his dorm before he spotted a cockroach.
“There! i got it off.” he exhaled before he picked it up and set it out his balcony. “get your ass back to work.” he ordered you, and you obeyed, he was helping you with your math homework.
“Yessir!” you happily and peacefully sat down back in your seat.
“You finally got it right,” he gave you a clap on your back. “Thanks for helping me today. I really appreciate it, kats.” you smiled as you packed away your books, “no problem, but stop calling me kats.” He angrily yelled back at you while walking to his closet. “It’s so cute though.” Kats was a nickname you gave him back in your first year in u.a.
“W-what are you doing?” You asked when you suddenly turned to him and saw his taking off his uniform shirt. “Getting ready for bed? Not like you haven’t taken care of those scares on my back before.” He stated back while being completely calm, while you on the other hand, turned away from him and placed your books and notes in your backpack.
“whatever, I’m going back to my dorm.” You said shyly. “Wait. Y/n.” He stopped you before you stood up from your seat. “How do you really feel about me?” That was an out of pocket question, “um? I think of you as my best friend, you’re grumpy but you’re very caring.” You stated back while looking away from him.
“I see.” He told you while he walked to his bed and sat on it. “Why are you asking? How do you feel about me then.” You asked back now curiously, “I think you’re hardworking and respectful, and extremely beautiful.” He spat back almost not thinking about his words.
“B-beautiful?” You stuttered back.
“Yeah, anyone with a pair of fucking eyes can see.” He said, and you definitely didn’t miss the red on his cheeks, “thank you. i think you’re..” you stopped thinking thoughtfully about your words, “you’re also very..good looking.” you were clenching on your bag straps, “only good looking? babes I’m fucking hot.” he was getting too full of himself so you decided to walk out before you say anything stupid.
“Thanks for helping me kats, see ya tomorrow.”
“BAKUGOU! WAIT FOR US PLEASE!” denki and mina were chasing after the blond begging him to give them the homework answers because they forgot to their own homework, too busy hanging out at some ramen place.
“Fuck off, ain’t giving y’all shit.” He brushed Kaminari off his shoulder, “Bakugou pleaaaasee!!” Mina stood now in front of him and giving him puppy eyes, “I’ll give you 1440¥ / 10$” Kaminari offered, Bakugou knew those two losers weren’t getting off his back and he might as well take the money.
“Hurry your asses to class.”
“Alright I’ll help you two one by one, Kaminari you’re the bigger problem, so you go first, what’s your problem?” Bakugou sat in his chair while he other blond friend sat in front him showing him the questions he struggled to understand, “correct. Now do task 120.” Bakugou pointed in the textbooks as Kaminari continued on writing down, “no, that’s not how you solve it.” Bakugou face palmed himself for the 5th time, “correct, now the last task, dunce face.” Bakugou exhaled, “thank you bro, I really love you, no homo.” Denki made a kissing face towards his explosive friend before handing him the money he promised him, now it was Mina’s turn, she was a half a problem. Kaminari walked out leaving the two of them alone.
“No you dummy, That’s not how you do it.” Bakugou flicked minas forehead as she sat in Kaminaris previous seat trying to solve the math problem, “here give me your eraser.” Bakugou tried to grab the eraser from between her fingers before someone walked in.
“Hi y/n!” Mina exclaimed, this was an awkward moments Bakugou and minas fingers tangled together.
“hi Mina.” You said slowly before you walked to your seat and placed your bag, you didn’t even glance at Bakugou which was something extremely unusual.
“Did you two get into another fight.” Mina asked before she pulled her finger away from bakugou’s, bakugou knew he didn’t do anything wrong at all, but he still couldn’t look at you for some reason, “no we didn’t actually. I’m going to the canteen with kiri now, want something?” You asked your pink haired friend and when she shook her head no, you walked out again. Mina continued with her talking, but Bakugou couldn’t focus on anything she was saying, he only cared about the fact that his best friends name rolled off your tongue so easily, you even called him by his nickname, katsuki really thought he was special when you gave him his own nickname.
Aizawa ended todays lesson, and students were packing and heading to the dorms, you were putting your pencil case in place before your best friend appeared in front of you.
“Y/n. Come with me.” It was Bakugou. He grabbed to your hand and took you to the rooftop. “Katsuki! What is it?” You stopped running once the two of you were at the very top, you pulled your hand away from him.
“Y/n, listen this might sound very selfish, but…” he stopped picking his words, his back facing you because he was too embarrassed of the shit he is about to say, “but?” You asked, not so patiently, “but I want you to look at me, and only me.” He said quickly before he tuned to face you. Your face beginning to heat up.
“W-what? What do you mean?” You asked while you could feel your face burning up, “let me be your boyfriend goddamn.” He said in a low and soft voice.
“I’ve been looking at you since the one time you risked your hero career to save me in our first year. You are always on my goddamn mind. Always so hardworking, strong, and so goddamn gorgeous, I love everything about you and those stupid nicknames you give me, and I don’t want you looking at anyone else but me.” He confessed in one long breath, you could see that this confession took a lot of courage from him. He stood there patiently waiting for your replay.
“Katsuki I— I feel the same about you.” He could swear that he could feel his heart drop, he has been in love with you for the past three years here in u.a, and he doesn’t believe that you feel the same about him.
Tumblr media
KATS <3 [ are you coming soon? ]
YOU [ alr alr 🫡 ]
five days after Bakugou’s confession to you, you were sitting in your room at your parents house, it was the weekend and Bakugou had invited you on a date to his family home to have dinner with him, at first you couldn’t believe that he had been interested in you for this time, but now you were putting last touches on your make up, before you grabbed your purse and walked downstairs to the door.
“you are all grown up y/n.” Your mom yelled from behind as you walked closer and closer to the door, “you’ve gotten prettier too.” She rested her arms on her hips.
“thank you mom, wish me luck, I’ll be back by the evening.” You simply stated before you walked out the door and headed towards katsukis family home.
“Finally, took you long enough.” He began scolding you, while he was doing that he helped you inside.
“Your parents house is really pretty katsuki.” You exclaimed, “yeah, cmere.” He grabbed your and and pulled you towards the kitchen, “sit down.” He ordered, you obeyed.
“Here’s your plate.” He handed you the portion of food before he sat himself beside you on the counter top, the two of you spent what seemed like forever on this tiny portion of food, but you were happy together sharing laughs and smiles, you of course couldn’t go a day without teasing bakugou. When you finished the food you got up and started helping Bakugou with doing the dishes. “You don’t need to help, it’s a few plates, can get em done in a minute, besides you’re my guest today.” He said while washing the dishes, “but katsuki, im not just a guest I’m your girlfriend.” You turned away from him while crossing your arms, “yeah yeah, whatever just go sit on the couch or something.” You thought that he had a point and sat yourself down on the nearest couch, few minutes later and he still wasn’t done washing, “katsuki! Are you sure you don’t want help.” You yelled at him so he could hear you clearly, “im almost done.” You were too lazy to fight back at this point.
You sat peacefully for another three minutes on your phone waiting for your boyfriend to hurry his ass to you, but then you heard shuffling down the stairs, a woman with blond spiky hair and a pair of crimson red eyes just like your boyfriends, you stood up quickly out of respect as you figured out that it was his mother. She walked towards you and eyed what was going on quickly.
“Hello there, is she your friend katsuki?” She asked her son who was drying his hands. “Girlfriend actually.” He finished drying his hands and walked towards you. “Hello, I’m mitski, this brats mom.” She gave you a little friendly smile, “hello ma’am, I’m y/n, nice to meet you.” You told her with a bigger smile than the one she gave you. Though you could tell she didn’t exactly get the best impression of you as you were sitting on your phone while her son was doing the dishes.
“You’re gonna scare her off, hag.” Katsuki yelled at his mom as he sat down in your previous seat on the couch. “Be respectful kid, have fun or whatever.” His mom finally said before walking off leaving the two of you alone. You stood there silently, not really knowing what to say or do.
Though from katsuki’s point of view this was unusual, because everytime he brings a girl home for a project his mom would be freaking out with excitement and asking trillion of questions to the girls who didn’t really show interest in Bakugou and neither did he, so why did she not react the same towards you. you figured that you had to give her a better impression of you while you had the chance. Bakugou pulled you down beside him on the couch breaking you out if your thoughts.
“what do we watch?”
Tumblr media
It’s been 4 hours since you arrived at your boyfriends house, and it was getting late. “I think I should go home kats.” You whined while trying to break out of his arms, “it’s late, you sure you don’t wanna stay over?” He said while letting you go and turning off the TV. “Nah it’s okay, we’ll see each other tomorrow.” You smiled at him while rubbing his cheek, you stood up and walked to the entrance of the house, soon after he followed you. Helping you in your coat.
“I’ll see you tomorrow, okay?” You smiled at him as you opened the door, “aye the fuck you think you’re going. It’s 10pm you think I’ll let you walk alone.”
“Thanks for walking me home, I’ll see you tomorrow okay?” You smiled at him while squeezing his hand a little bit, “alright good night.” He slowly bent down to kiss your forehead, “night kats.”
The second he opened the door to his house he saw his mom standing in the kitchen, “hey.” He said slowly while taking off his jacket and shoes.
“katsuki, are you sure about her,?” His mom asked him, he could feel that she chose her words carefully. “What do you mean.” He said as he walked closer to the kitchen counter. “I mean, what kind of girlfriend is she, if she sits on her phone as if it was her own house while her new boyfriend is washing the dishes?” Mitski asked her son while frowning. “I was the one who confessed to her and asked her to come over for dinner, in addition I was the one who told her to sit down, in fact she asked me if I needed help.” He stated carefully trying not to start an argument with his mom late at night.
“whatever katsuki, I’m just worried about you.” She said while exhaling, “no need, night.” And just like that, the blond teen was off to his room.
Tumblr media
“Ahhhhh!!! I can’t believe this is the last time we are going to be together!!” Mina yelled while crying her eyes out.
“Alright alright there, calm down.” Thanks to Kirishima he picked her up before she fell on the floor, again, crying.
“Not to mention, these three years here at u.a flew by.” Midoriya smiled while looking at everyone. Since the first year, he was considered the class leader even though class reps aka, Iida and Yaoyorozu were right there, it’s just that many considered him as their leader. “It sure did.” You answered back while smiling out the window.
“That doesn’t mean we have to separate! We are still a big family!” Kaminari jumped excitedly, trying to change the vibe that was taking over. “Course not, we still have our group chat. And we can hang whenever.” Sero said while trying to bring his energetic friend back to earth.
“Alright Mina. That’s enough. Let’s get you a tissue.” Kirishima exhaled while bringing the pink hero along with him. “There is definitely something with these two.” Uraraka snickered to you. “You think so?”
Tumblr media
“Mr. Aizawaaaaa!!! I’m going to miss you sooooo much!” Mineta held onto the older man’s leg, while Todoroki respectfully bowed at him, thanking him for being a good father figure for him.
Class 3-A, had just finished their graduation ceremony, and everyone was now ready to start their own lives, “take care mr. Aizawa.” Kirishima smiled gently, while dragging Mina once again so she doesn’t start balling again.
“Take care everyone!” Aizawa yelled at his, now graduated class. Man, he was proud.
“Where do you think you’re going?” You felt suddenly a bigger hand grab your wrist, “oh! Katsuki. I was going home. Where else?” You questioned him. “You think I’m just gonna let you go home after we just graduated?” He smirked, “let’s drop our bags at my place and go.” He said while running with his hand in yours. “You can just say that you’re taking me on a date, idiot.” You laughed. “Shut up.”
“Here give me your shit, I’ll put it in my room, wait here.” Bakugou took your bag from your hands and ran upstairs to his bedroom. While you stood awkwardly at the entrance.
You were laughing at some stupid cat video on your phone, and you didn’t notice the figure standing in front of you. “I’m sorry. It’s been a while Mrs. Bakugou.” You shamefully put away your phone and turned your attention to her. “Well, nice of you to notice. How is my son with you?” She asked while grabbing a drink from the fridge. “It’s going well ma’am. As you know we just graduated and our life is just starting.” You smiled at her, she returned the smile but you could feel that your answer didn’t really satisfy her. “Y/n, let’s go—hi mom.” Katsuki said quickly while running down the stairs, “careful son, don’t want you tripping down the stairs, your girlfriend can wait a few seconds.” She said while looking at her son.
it was a fact, but the way she stated it hit you quite hard, but you didn’t want to make trouble so you went along, “your mom is right kats, we have all day, don’t rush okay?” You said before he could respond. “Yeah, sure. Whatever, I’ll be off.” Bakugou put his shoes on and took your hand and ran out.
“It was so much fun. Thank you katsuki. Really, thank you.” You thanked the blond while walking hand in hand with him.
“I thought it would be nice to spend some time together, because you know, it’s all starting now and we wouldn’t be as free, as we are now.” He smiled at you, and you returned the smile back.
“Thanks for this duck, I’ll treasure him.” You looked down at the yellow stuffed animal he got you. “Him?” He asked, “yes him! He’s my son.” You laughed, “your son? What are you? A kid?” He asked you while laughing, “that’s right, and you’re not the father!” You let go of his hand and started running. “Hey!”
After a few meters of running, he finally caught up to you, “hey y/n.” He said slowly, “hm??” You hummed back. “Don’t think about my mother, and what she said and—“. “Don’t worry about it, I’m not mad and I’ve already forgot about it.” You smiled at him, but he was not buying the bullshit you’re giving him. But a part of him decided to let it go this time. “Alright, if there is anyone who bothers you, weather my mom or not, I’ll make sure they don’t see the light again.” You laughed at that statement.
Tumblr media
“Do you think they’ll approve of us?” Katsuki asked while his hand was in yours, you both were at the entrance of your family home. You were going to tell your parents about dating katsuki, and he was going to ask for their permission to let you live with him.
“Of course, kats. Don’t worry about it.” You said while quickly giving him a kiss one his cheek. “Cmon let’s enter.”
You opened the door and stepped inside, still hand in hand with your boyfriend.
“Mom! Dad! We are here.” You said while taking off your shoes and walking inside.
“Hello, young man.” Your dad walked up to Bakugou, you quickly gave your boyfriend a sweet smile, assuring him that it’ll be okay while walking away to sit on the couch. “Good after noon, sir. My name is Katsuki Bakugou.” Your dad took out his hand to shake bakugous. Your boyfriend was thanking god that his hands weren’t sweaty.
“Have a seat, dear.” Your mom told the explosive blond who was frozen at the entrance of your door. “Yes, thank you.” He respectfully said while walking and sitting next to you on the couch. Shortly after, your parents followed and sat on the couch in front.
Your mom sat down a few snacks before she took a seat next to your father.
“Mom, dad. This is my boyfriend. As he said, his name is Bakugou Katsuki. We’ve been dating for a little while now, and he’s really sweet to me.” You stated that as if it was the most causal statement, while the blond next to you was slightly shaking. “Bakugou Katsuki? Haven’t you won every sport festival your school arranged.” Your dad asked, while leaning a little bit forward. “That’s correct, sir.” Bakugou answered with a smile.
“What’s your quirk again?” Your dad leaned back, crossing his legs, and asking again. “Explosion, sir.” Bakugou answered while taking his palm out, letting little explosions escape his palm. “Wow, interesting.” Your dad said with a smirk. “Don’t mind him, he’s really interested in quirks.” You laughed to ease your dads pressure on your already nervous boyfriend. “Son, what do you see in my daughter.” Your father asked him while wrapping his right arm around your mom.
“In my eyes, y/n is the prettiest, smartest, and strongest girl I’ve ever seen. I really like her because she is strong willed and friendly to everyone. She is a true inspiration, even to me. And I would like to date your precious daughter with marriage in mind.” Katsuki spoke while locking eye contact with your father. Your dad simply let out a little laugh. “Alright son. I’ll leave this troublesome girl to you.” Your dad said while smiling. “Hey!” You yelled. “We still have another thing that we want to discuss with you.” You spoke softly while looking at your boyfriend, who looks like he had calmed down a little bit. “We want to ask if—“ you were cut off. “Sir, ma’am. We would like to ask you if you would let y/n move in with me.” Katsuki said with all of seriousness. “And I promise to protect her and keep her happy.” You looked at him, genuinely shocked, you never thought he would say such stuff about you. “Wonderful! A girl like my daughter could dream of dating and moving in with someone like you Bakugou!” Your mom exclaimed while clapping her hands together. “We approve, but if anything happens to y/n, I will make you pay, kid.” Your father looked at him. “Of course, sir.” Bakugou finally said exhaling.
“Alright how about we continue this around the dinner table?” Your mom said happily.
- - -
“Y/N! My sweet daughter..even after you move out please always visit us okay?” Your mom cried while holding your hands together in her owns. “Of course ma, don’t worry about it. You’ll never miss me.” You told her while hoping it would calm her down.
“Bakugou, take care of my daughter. I’ll leave her to you, always make sure that she’s happy.” Your dad said as he pulled out his hand to shake Bakugou’s, “of course sir, you’ll never see or hear her complaining about anything.” Your boyfriend said as he took your fathers hand and shook it.
“Okay mom, dad we’ll be leaving now. Bye bye!” You said as you grabbed your boyfriend by the arm and walked out the door.
Tumblr media
“I can’t believe it went well, honestly went better than I have expected.” Your boyfriend spoke as you noticed that he has calmed down.
“In my eyes, y/n is the prettiest, smartest, and stronges—“ “shut the hell up.”
Tumblr media
“Alright place it right there.” You said as you sat on your and your boyfriends new bought couch. “How about you get your lazy ass up and help me?” Katsuki asked as you snickered at his question.
Your boyfriend had bought a fresh new house for the two of you, when he said he wanted to move in with you, you truly thought of an apartment and not a whole house, but that meant that he was so serious about you.
“Alright alright I’ll get up.” You said as you jumped from the couch and out to the front yard, you were getting your last few packed boxes from the moving van that your parents rent out do the two of you.
“I still can’t believe you bought a whole house.” You said as you walked upstairs with your skincare and make up boxes in your hands. “Obviously dumbass, I have no time to lose between moving from an apartment to a house.” Your boyfriend spoke harshly as he unpacked kitchen supplies. “Alright calm down.”
The house was huge, with both front and backyard, two story house with balcony on each story, a large kitchen and living area, 2 bedrooms with a bathroom in each, a walking closet in the master bedroom and a bathroom on the first story for guests, and on top of all that it had large windows and fences. But what you truly liked was the beautiful front yard.
Your boyfriend decided to give you the bathroom and the walking closet in the master bedroom, after you begged him for ages and then threaten him by telling your dad. For him, he decided he’ll just put a normal closet in the bedroom.
You spent a few minutes unpacking your skin care and make up products, and headed out again to get the last few stuff.
“Alright babe. I’m done with the kitchen, how does it look?” Your boyfriend stopped you from going out again, he made it so perfect, everything was in place, from supplies to containers to seasonings, he even put a vase with roses on the counter for you.
“Looks lovely, thank you kats.” You said as you pecked his left cheek sweetly.
And after a total of 3 days, 7 hours, 50 minutes and 45 seconds, the unpacking of your and your boyfriends house was completed. Everything was perfect, clothing, decor, products, furniture, carpets, dinning tables, and the advanced security system of the house was completed.
“Ah! Finally I’m super tired!” You said as you stretched your whole body on the couch, “at least we’re done now. And it’s time to get back to normal life.” Your boyfriend said from the kitchen, “where did you even get the money for all of this?” You asked as he shot you glare, “my life savings for 19 years. Plus my parents support.” He laughed at the last part. “Make sure to thank your parents for renting out the van and the new tv.” He told you as he ran upstairs, your parents liked your boyfriend so much that they bought the two of you a brand new expensive tv, you smiled to yourself as you closed your eyes, and drifted to sleep on the couch for a couple of hours.
“Hey you idiot! Wake up” your boyfriend poked your cheek, “wake up” and poked it again, and again.
“What? What time is it?” You said as you got up from the couch, “it’s 7pm you’ve been sleeping for 4 hours, when you said you were tired I didn’t know you were that tired.” He laughed at the end, “shut the hell up.”
Tumblr media
It’s been three years since you and Bakugou moved, a lot had changed since the first day and right now.
You two were 22 year olds living in a large expensive house together, he had almost reached his goals on being the number one hero, he is currently Japan’s number two pro-hero, known to the public as dynamite. Your boyfriend was known as this strong hot headed hero that a lot of girls were fan-girling over.
You worked in the same agency as your boyfriend but in a different department, you were in charge of the tracking team, as in tracking villains and their main bases, you were also in charge of the medical team.
So both you and your boyfriend were pretty busy, but that didn’t matter, because whenever you and Katsuki would have spare time, the two of you wouldn’t waste a second of it.
Katsuki’s routine was that he would get up early in the morning and come home around 7-8pm depending wether he has patrols or not, while you would have work midday at 11-12 and come home around 9pm, and that excludes special occasions.
The two of you lived a perfect life but something was off, and that was exactly that you never really got along with your boyfriends mother.
Everytime either Bakugou’s parents would come over or you would visit them, she would always have something to complain about. Wether it’s your outfits, how you smell, how you behave or talk, cook or treat her beloved son.
You don’t know the reason why, but you wouldn’t really believe that it was because of the poor first impression you gave her, or if she only catches you on the worst moments.
When you cooked dinner for your boyfriends family Mitsuki complained that it was too spicy or too salty, or if you bring them flowers she would say that she doesn’t like the Color or the smell or the flowers, moral of the story, you would never satisfy her.
And those would only be the comments around your boyfriend and Masaru, while when it’s only between the two of you she would tell you things that truly hurt, such as, “he should have chosen someone else” or “women are throwing themselves on him right and left and he chose you.” Or even “I don’t know what he sees in you.”
But you had to tolerate the things she says so you don’t ruin the relationship between katsuki and his mom. Though he always stands up for you whenever she makes small comments, in his point of you, he thinks that she has grown comfortable with you to show you her true Color’s, but that wasn’t truly the case here.
Back to present, today was your day off and what makes it even more exciting is that your boyfriend is getting early off work.
You were upstairs in your bedroom brushing your hair when you heard your phone ring.
“Hey kats? Where are you?” You said sweetly as you put the hair brush down, “come outside.” Bakugou said as he quickly hung up. You did like you were told, grabbing your phone and wallet and going downstairs, you locked the door behind you and headed towards your boyfriends car, “hey! I didn’t get to see this morning.” You said your quickly wrapped your arms around his slander waist, “hey babe, get in the car.” Katsuki said as he opened the door for you and walked to his own side of the car.
“Where we going?” You asked as you fastened your seatbelt, “to the park.” He said simply and started driving. Katsuki remained silent while you went on how your day off was so relaxing, he loves listening to you after all.
When the two of you arrived to the public park, katsuki took your hands in his and started walking with you inside, you both had a special place here, and it’s usually at the very back of the park, they usually had your favourite flowers there.
“What’s the reason of you being such a sweetheart today, hm?” You joked while poking his cheek with your index finger, “do you want me to be an ass or something?” He said as he removed your finger off his face, you both sat down on a bench, sitting close while his left arm is around your shoulder, “maybe? What kind of ass?” You asked, katsuki hated whenever you made those type of dry ass jokes, “shut up, woman.” He huffed, “where do you think we’ll be in the future.” Bakugou asked after a Monet of silence.
“Hmmm, maybe I’ll get a cat.” You tired to sneak your way out of this deep conversation, Bakugou threw his head back then glared at you, “I’m serious, like in three years or so.”
“I hope we’ll be married, with a cat,” you laughed for a second, “probably the same house cause I’ll never want to move out of it. And I hope we can become better hero’s.” You said as you leaned on his shoulder. “Y/n.” Bakugou said as he stood up from the bench, he stood in front of you and slowly bent down to his knees.
Suddenly, the winds were blowing softly, and there was nobody around, only the two of you, dressed up so nicely at this time of the day, the sunset looked so beautiful as he pulled out a little red box, and opened it slowly in front you, revealing the most gorgeous silver Dimond ring you had ever seen, placed so nicely behind a plain silver ring.
“Katsuki—don’t tell me.” Your tongue was so twisted right now, “cmon you idiot, you know what I am going to say and don’t make me say it,” he said as he smiled sweetly at you, “I think you’re going to have to sacrifice your ego for this katsuki.” You said smugly.
“Fine.” He simply said, “marry me y/n, let me be your first, and hopefully last husband. I promise I’ll do my best to make you happy.” He confessed, those words were probably the sweetest words you’ve heard come out of this man’s mouth, you didn’t replay for a split second before handing him your left hand, he rose up half way and pulled out your ring and placed it slowly around your left ring finger, before you did the same to him.
“Promise me that you’re going to get me a cat?” You asked him while he now had his arms wrapped around you, “as many as you like.” Katsuki said before he pressed his lips to your for a second and pulling away.
That night you both slept like babies, and ended up late for work the next day.
Tumblr media
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Who's Your Favourite Part 5
Jung Hoseok/Actress!Reader
Summary: Hoseok meets you mom and he asks someone he trusts for advice...
Warnings: slight angst
Word Count: 2297
Series M.list Main M.list
Tumblr media
March 2019
You had to say, dinner was going better than expected so far. Things were a little awkward with the language barrier, but Hobi was getting better at English by the day and you were happy to translate when needed, even if that did get a little tiring after a while.
Everything was going smoothly and your mom had kept her promise in not bringing up your little falling out... That was until you were all lounging on the sofas in the living room, all equipped with glasses of wine.
‘So.’ She spoke suddenly, swirling the liquid in her glass. ‘Have you two talked about moving in together yet?’ You groaned into your glass and rolled your eyes.
‘Mom please not now. We’ve all had a good night.’
‘I’m just curious who would be the one to move is all.’ She asked with a shrug, trying to act indifferent.
‘I’m not talking about this tonight.’ You slammed your glass down and got up to storm away, passing a confused Hoseok as you did. He must not have been following the last part of the conversation, since he was casting worried looks towards you as you moved.
You heard movement behind you as Hoseok politely excused himself and scurried after you. You made your way to the back of your home and onto your balcony, overlooking the city.  You threw yourself down on one of the chairs, already feeling the chill of the night air. Rubbing at your bare arms, you tried to warm yourself up.
‘Hey, what happened?’ Hoseok gently pushed through the door and took one look at your shivering frame, before he slid off his jacket and draped it round your shoulders. You accepted with a grateful smile as he sat next to you at the small table.
‘ she bought up us living together , about who would be the one to move...’ You clutched his jacket tighter round yourself. His face fell slightly at this, knowing ultimately what this conversation wouldd lead to.
‘Oh..’ There was that awkward silence again.
‘Listen Hobi I’m not stupid. I know I would have to be the one to move countries.’ He looked up at you in shock, shaking his head vigorously as he was about to argue against your point, when you interrupted him.
‘You can’t exactly do your job here in the UK and flying back and forth every week isn’t really feasible either...' You joked, hoping to lighten the mood. He smiled sadly and nodded in agreement.
‘If I move to Korea I can still act. Do auditions remotely, maybe even start doing work in Korea.’ You said thoughtfully. Maybe it wouldn’t be such a bad idea to get an agent for work in Asia...
‘Are you sure that’s something you are ok with though?’ Hobi’s sceptical voice pulled you from your thoughts. He was giving you a perplexed look, almost as if he were begging you to think this through more.
‘Leaving your family and friends?’ He continued, shuffling to the edge of his seat and clasping his hands together. You smiled at his actions. It seemed like he was trying to  convince you to stay more than anything, which only made you love him more.
‘It’s not like I’ll never see them again, plus I’ll make new friends in Korea too!’ Hoseok leaned back in his seat and rubbed the back of his neck, face still contorted into a deep frown. The sight of him like this made you pull back slightly, less enthusiastic then before.
‘Unless you don’t want to move in together?’ You were almost afraid to ask at this point.
‘No of course I do!’ He jumped up and placed his hand on your knee. ‘I just don’t want you to feel like you have to do that, like before....’
Tumblr media
After that not very nice phone call you had two months ago, even though he acted like he was alright for your benefit, he still really wasn’t. He really needed advice for what to do in this situation and what better person to go to than his leader?
Jungkook and Taehyung would be useless, never really having a serious relationship up to this point. Jimin and jin would try to help, but they would probably provide something that was barely advice. And Yoongi would probably tell him to sort his won relationships out.
His sister was also an option... The perspective from another woman could really help, though he was afraid of her reaction and weather or not this would change her opinion of him. After battling with himself internally, he ultimately decided that his sister was the best option and gave her a call.
‘Hey Ji-woo, do you have time to meet up soon? I could really do with some advice.’
Tumblr media
And so, Hobi found himself seated in a secluded corner of a small coffee shop, feeling small under his sisters gaze.
‘So you understand why I need help now?’ He spoke sheepishly, hands circling the warm cup sitting in front of him nervously.
‘Aish, and you really never noticed?’ She sighed.
‘She never said there was a problem until now...’ He trailed off, suddenly feeling sheepish. Ji-woo subtly rolled her eyes and sighed again, softly shaking her head.
‘You should have noticed the pattern before she bought it up. You’re telling me that you haven’t had a single bit of time off since you met to fly to her instead?’ Hobi was silent. He couldn’t say that. There had been a few times he’d had at least a week off, but still you were the one to fly. Thinking about it that way really put tings into perspective for him.
‘I just don’t know what to do from here.’ Ji-woo’s face softened as she took in her brothers vulnerable state. He was really distraught over this she could tell.
‘Well, you’re going over there soon right?’ She confirmed gently. ‘All I can suggest is just to listen to her more, ask what she wants to do rather than just assuming. Showing her you are willing to talk will go a long way, trust me.’ Hoseok nodded along as he listened carefully, thoughtful look on his face.
‘It sounds obvious when you say it like that.’ He shook his head with a smile that didn’t quite reach his eyes.
‘Listen, from what you’ve told me she seems amazing and I can’t wait to meet her. It just seems you both need to work on your communication a bit more.' Ji-woo smiled at her brother as she gave the best advice she could. She really meant what she said about you sounding great. She could only hope that were true and her brother wasn’t blinded by love. She would hate to see him heartbroken after everything he’s already been through.
Hearing reassurance from his sister was exactly what he needed. After hugging her and bidding goodbye, he was on his way back to the studio. He would have plenty to think about that night.
Tumblr media
‘Hobi... This is what I want. I love you and I want to make being together easier.’ You spoke softly but with confidence so you could make him understand. You weren’t being forced into anything.
‘I love you too, and I can’t say I haven’t thought about us living together.’ A smile started to appear on his face.
‘So is this actually happening then?’ You were almost bouncing in your chair you were so excited.
‘Well there’s a lot we need to sort out but yeah I think it’s happening!’ Hoseok confirmed, equally as excited. You couldn’t contain yourself any longer. You sprang up and practically threw yourself onto him, lips smashing against his. Hoseok instantly reciprocated your kiss and placed his hands on your hips as you now sat on his lap. You pulled back and rested your forehead on his with a laugh.
‘I love you.’
‘I love you too.’ You took a deep breath before you stood up, suddenly becoming more aware of the cold.
‘C’mon, we should get inside before we catch a cold.’ He took your outstretched hand and allowed you to lead him inside. As you walked through the hallway, you noticed your mom still sitting in the living room, glass of wine freshly topped up. You stilled as you looked her over. Telling her now would be a lot easier rather than waiting and keeping her in the dark. Hobi released your hand and instead ran his fingers down your arms from behind in an attempt to keep you calm, knowing what you needed to do.
‘I’ll back you up, don’t worry jagi.’ He whispered in your ear. You shrugged off his jacket and handed it back to him before letting out a deep breath. You marched up and stood directly in front of your mom, causing her to look at you in surprise.
‘Y/N wha-‘
‘Mom I need to tell you something and I want you to just listen and not interrupt ok?’ She didn’t look happy but closed her mouth into a tight line as she nodded.
‘I’m just gonna say it. Me and Hoseok have decided to move in together, and I’m moving to Korea.’ You saw her eyes widen and her breathing increased, so you raised your hand to stop her.
‘Before you say anything it was my idea. Plus it’s not like it’s happening right away, there is a lot to discuss.’ You spoke quickly so you could get everything out without being cut off. Your mom just looked at you, flabbergasted that this was even a discussion.
‘Y/N, after what we talked about, you’re still dropping everything for him?’
‘If I may?’ Hoseok spoke in English, inserting himself into the conversation when he saw that your mom was about to get upset. He stepped forward and placed his hand on your lower back, silently warning you he may need your help if he couldn’t remember a word.
‘I love your daughter and I would never want her to do something she didn’t want.’ Your mother was surprised that he was speaking English so well, having not really talked to him all night. You interlocked your fingers with his as he spoke.
‘We are planning everything before the move and we will keep you updated if you want.’ He stuttered slightly on a few words, but managed to get his point across quite clearly. You nodded in agreement. The last thing you want is for your mom to be in the dark,  so keeping her up to date with your plans was the least you could do.
‘Mom it’s like Hobi said. Nobody is forcing me into anything. All I want id for you to be happy for me.’ You both just stared at each other for a few moments, neither making the first move, until suddenly your mom stood up to stand in front of you. You stiffened, bracing yourself to receive a berating from her.... only it didn’t come. Instead, she pulled you into a tight hug.
‘Oh honey of course I’m happy for you if this is what you want!’ She truly did sound happy despite being slightly muffled by your shoulder. She pulled back and you couldn’t stop the surprised look, unsure how you had managed to convince her so fast. Without warning, she then also pulled Hoseok into a hug too. He relaxed significantly now that she seemed to have warmed up to him at least a little. She quickly jerked back from him and grasped his shoulders tightly, causing him to raise his eyebrows quizzically.
‘You look after her understand!? I’ll never forgive you if something happened to her.’ You watched the exchange between the two with a warm smile and quickly translated for Hoseok, just in case.  Even though your mom may not have a filter, she always had your best interest in mind. She loved you. Honestly, she had nothing to worry about when it came to Hoseok. He would do anything to protect you.
Tumblr media
October 2019
Turns out, moving to a new country was easier said than done. It had also taken a lot longer than anticipated, what with sorting out any outstanding work you had and also talking with your current agent. Plus you had already found another potential agent in Korea who could handle work in Asia for you, so you were also juggling working things out with them too.
There was also the matter of your home and furniture. For now, you decided to keep your UK home just as a fall back which you hoped you wouldn’t need to ever use. The two of you decided it would make sense for you to move into Hoseok’s current home, rather than scrambling to try and find somewhere new when it wasn’t necessary. His apartment had more than enough space for the two of you, basically being a mansion labelled as an apartment, so the two of you would be able to live more than comfortably together.  
Another reason things had taken so long, was because he was just about to start another tour when you both made the (impulsive lets be real) decision. You both agreed that it would make a lot more sense to wait until he would be back in Korea in October, rather than trying to move in alone.
To think. All this time, you and Hoseok had managed to keep your relationship a secret from the public. Only your close friends and the relevant people at his company knew, so maybe it was time for you to go public now you were moving in together.... You would need to have a serious discussion about it together to decide.
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fuwushiguro · 2 years
He’s Got Me, I Can’t Break It
Tumblr media
chapter one | masterlist | chapter three
Toji Fushiguro x f!Reader | Megumi Fushiguro x f!Reader
Genre: Smut & Angst with horror/thriller elements Notes: Toji is a total weirdo in this series but I relate to the reader bc she is like 🥰 but that's daddy I love him 🥰 Warnings: 18+, dubcon, age gap, alcohol consumption, fingering, pussy job, unprotected sex, manipulation, gaslighting, orgasm denial, blowjob, implied cunnilingus, smoking.Words: 4.9k
Synopsis: You meet a handsome older man while partying in Paris with your best friend. Going home with a man you've just met isn't usually your style, but looking at him is more than enough to dispel any doubts. But maybe you should have listened to your intuition.
Tumblr media
The man in your bed didn’t stop you as you tugged the blanket away from him and wrapped it around your body. It didn’t bother him that you retreated to the balcony attached to your room to finish your cigarette in solitude.
You had laughed, sure, but there was nothing funny about this. The whole incident had scared you sober. In fact, it was humiliating. It was mortifying to think you had gone against your better judgement and brought a stranger home to fuck from the club. And it was even worse as you felt your lover’s sperm trickle down your inner thighs as you sat comfortably outside, allowing the chilled Parisian air to consume you.
You feel tears well in your lash lines and your eyes become damp and glossy the more you think about it. It feels like a betrayal that you let him talk you into bed. Or speak you into bed more like, since you hadn’t understood a word of French the entire time. The foreign language and the seductive tonality practically spread your legs for you. You tuck a hair behind your ear and wipe the singular droplet that spills from your eye speedily, refusing to allow yourself to be a damsel in a hopeless situation. You take a drag of your cigarette and begin to feel anger over upset.
He spoke English the entire fucking time.
“Do you want me to go?” he wonders.
You almost jump into space as the shock of his presence rattles through you. The way he knocked casually on the glass window and stood confidently waiting to force your attention to him. He snickered when he saw terror take over your body in multiple forms once he had startled you. It wasn’t his intention, but it was amusing, nonetheless.
“It’s up to you,” you begin, “you paid to stay the night.” you finish, taking a drag of your cigarette and looking out to the twinkling night sky above you.
A smile adorns his handsome features as he huffs a sigh of amusement. He hadn’t bothered to cover or clothe himself, clearly confident in his appearance and nude status. He sits on the seat opposite to you, unfazed by the cold furniture as it bites at his skin. The man slams the pack of cigarettes on the table between you as well as the lighter. He feels better knowing they’re there, it won’t be long until he finishes the one he has already and he’s sure he’ll be desperate for another.
“Are you pissed at me?” he queried. Your eyebrows scrunched as you scoffed at the pathetically woeful sentence.
“Oh, do you want a fucking well done sticker?” you questioned rhetorically. Before he could answer, he allowed you to stub out your cigarette and use your trembling fingers to light another. They’re usually helpful for when you’re stressed; but while he’s nearby you doubt you’ll ever know the feeling of calm again. “Do you know how violated I feel? I feel sick, too, because I bet this isn’t the first time you’ve pulled this shit.”
“No, don’t be like that.” he commands. You look at him with disdain, unable to comprehend how he can possibly think he’s in any position to be giving orders right now. “I don’t give a shit if you believe me princess, but I don’t do one-night stands. ‘m more of the settling down type.” he tells you, following your lead and lighting a new cigarette for himself.
“I don’t care. Don’t want your life fucking story you bastard.” you berate as you puff out a plume of smoke, tapping the ash over the balcony.
He doesn’t speak anymore, the two of you instead sit in silence indulging in your cigarettes. The sound of traffic and thousands of blurred conversations traverse into the atmosphere and into your hearing. It’s hard to lose yourself when there’s so much going on. You’d like to focus on one thing, one simple thing to forget that he’s still here with you. But you can’t. Everything sounds like nothing. But your eyes flit around hoping a sight will distract you rather than a sound. It was beyond your control when your vision landed on him. He’s right there, legs spread wide like he owns the fucking world. If you were sitting bare like he is you’re sure he’d take great pleasure in telling you what a slut you are.
Even soft his cock was a sight to behold. It was so very lewd, too, since neither of you had cleansed your body of the deceitful union you’d shared moments ago. The light from inside your hotel room reflected on his sticky, sinful member and you couldn’t help the way your cunt fluttered as you recalled the way he bullied his cock inside of your walls.
Your eyes shot up to his as he snapped his fingers at you.
“My eyes are up here darlin’. I know it’s pretty but it’s rude t’stare.” he teases.
You snarl and stand to your feet, you’ve had enough, taking yourself indoors to finish your cigarette off alone. And then you’ll sleep soundly, you hope, knowing that when you wake up he’ll likely be gone. This entire ordeal will begin to feel like nothing but a distant memory. A disapproving growl erupts from the depths of your lungs when you see him stub his cigarette out against the glass window and throw the butt over the balcony railing, hurrying indoors to follow you.
“I feel like we got off on the wrong foot.” he tells you, casually, leaning against the door as you burrow underneath the bedsheets. The words go in one ear and out of the other as you find the sentence too idiotic to even process. It’s the understatement of the century, you think. Unable to understand how one man can be so so foolish.
“Just be quiet, I want to sleep.”
“Tell me to go and I will.”
“Fine, go. Go away, please. I’m tired and I’ve had enough and I’m sick of looking at you.”
He stands stoically for a moment as he rationalises what you’ve just told him in his still drunken mind. Instead of heading towards the exit and retrieving his clothes, he gets closer to you. Closer… and closer… and closer.
And then he’s forcing your body into the centre of the bed while he hovers above, caging you beneath him. You try to push him away, but you both know it’s futile. He’s probably the biggest man you’ve ever seen in real life – in more ways than one. Pretty green eyes vibrate as he stares fixedly into yours. They dart to your throat as he can’t help but admire the spit glob slowly slithering down your windpipe. You’re unsure of him, terrified of him. It’s hard to figure out whether he wants you to be scared of him or not.
“I don’t want to go.” he admits. The way your chest rises and falls beneath him doesn’t go unnoticed. He runs the back of his knuckles over your forehead, your cheek and then down to your clavicle. And you wince at that, eyes scrunching tightly as you hope he won’t force himself upon you. “I won’t hurt you.”
“Then get off me.” you phrase the demand as a suggestion, hoping he’ll obey.
“I just want you to listen to me sweetheart, understand me.” he speaks so softly it’s almost a whisper. It was pissing you off, honestly, that everything he said seemed like it had a greater purpose when you knew it was far from the truth. “Tell me that wasn’t the best sex of your life.”
“Excuse me?”
“It was, wasn’t it? The way we fucked, it was the best you’ve ever had.” he speaks assumedly, acting as if he knows exactly what thoughts are swirling around your overwhelmed brain. Your mouth falls open and closes a few times, unable to find a suitable response.
“It was the best fuck of my life,” he confesses. You feel like he’s talking so fast your head is spinning. “And you know why it was so good, right? Because it was exciting. The anonymity. It was a rush, you get that. Don’t you?”
“No!” you lie, you understand completely. Because the first thought you had after you finished fucking and laid comfortably in bed by each other’s side was sheer amazement that despite a language barrier you managed to get him into bed. Regardless of the fact you couldn’t understand each other you have never felt so perfectly taken care of and filled.
“I don’t believe you; you know exactly what I’m talking about.” he responds, hissing as he rolls away from you. Freeing your body out from under him and granting you permission to do whatever you want. “Lie to yourself all you want but you’re playing yourself out of a good thing.” he finishes, heading over to his clothes to pick up the discarded material at the entrance. Is he finally readying himself to leave?
“W-Wait.” you mumble. He turns to you, unable to believe that you’re not hastily rushing him out of your room. “You… paid to be here. I suppose you can stay the night.”
You don’t need to tell him twice. His clothes are thrown down onto the ground once again as he ambles towards you. He doesn’t need to rush to your side. Not now, not now that he knows he’s got you. The duvet is pulled up, the sudden gust of wind forces goosebumps to ripple throughout your body. The chill soon subsides when the black-haired stranger gets in beside you, he pulls your body against his once more. You manage to reach over to turn out the light on your beside table, plunging the room into darkness.
The chilling situation you’ve found yourself in doesn’t seem to register in your messed up mind. Although you feel sober you’re still under the influence. Under his influence, too. It’s not even given a second thought as you begin to drift off in his arms after everything he’s done. You should feel foolish, angry, terrified. And yet, you’re allowing yourself to shift into unconsciousness.
That is, until you feel him practically growl in your ear. You’re too hazy minded to be appalled, but the sensation of his naked hips rolling against the fat of your ass isn’t lost on you. The arm that had been wrapped around your torso travels upwards to your breasts, forcing your body even closer to his and giving you no chance of wriggling away.
He manoeuvres his cock so that it can be sandwiched between your folds. You’re too tired to object, but little huffs escape your exhausted lips and he knows what you’re trying to say.
“Just let me,” he moans, “you’ll feel good too.”
He doesn’t insert himself inside of you, he just fucks himself between your slick and sperm covered lips. It can’t be denied that his cock head nudging against your clit doesn’t feel heavenly. And you know as soon as you cum you’ll slide into a comfortable sleep. So, you let him. His free hand slithers to your front, added stimulation to your throbbing clit. He basks in the sounds of your breathy pants as he brings you closer to your peak. He’s moaning, loudly, just as he had a little while ago while he was brought closer and closer to his own pleasure. You spasm on him, the alert that you’ve orgasmed is enough to topple him over the edge of his own. He kisses into the crook of your neck as his cum spurts out of him in heavy, thick bursts.
You feel warm, and disgusting.
And so very tired.
Tumblr media
You wake up a measly four hours later. Your head is pounding and you can barely bring yourself to move. The room is spinning and you already know it’s going to be a long, difficult day. You found yourself waking up whilst lying on your back, the man next to you is sleeping on his stomach with one arm over you. His hand settled comfortably on the fat of your breast.
A boisterous, singular snore pulls from the man’s throat before he wakes to the sight of you smiling at him. He smiles before raising an eyebrow inquisitively.
“Were you watching me sleep?” he asks.
“I just woke up too, I swear.” you grin, knowing he was teasing by the soft yet gruff tone he spoke with. You gasp as he pinches and pulls the nipple on the breast his hand had been resting on. He rolls onto his back, rubbing the terrible nights sleep out of his eyes.
“Suppose I should get out of your hair soon, huh?” he questions.
You sigh, knowing he’s right. You’ve had your fun sure, but it’s a one-time thing. Hooking up with strangers in Paris everyday definitely isn’t the plan, and you’re sure Nobara would have something to say about it if it was. You knew you’d miss how incredible the man’s cock made you feel, but you valued your friendship with Nobara more. He leans over to pull another cigarette from his carton and realises it’s surprisingly light.
There’s only two left.
“Want one?”
You debate it, ultimately shaking your head. He’s surprised to see how eager you are to jump out of bed as you grab something from your side table as well as taking the box from him. When he asks what you’re doing, it takes a while for you to respond, but eventually you alert him that you’ve tucked his final cigarette into his jeans for him.
He thinks you look a vision, right now. His beautiful eyes comb over your body as he admires every inch of you. A necessary cough clears his airways as he tries to mask the way his cock jumped at the sight of your thighs. More specifically, the way he could see his kids on your inner thighs with each step you took back towards him.
You couldn’t deny that you were still ravenous. It doesn’t feel like you can possibly have enough of him. One more time, just once more and you’re sure you’ll be able to kick this newly found addiction to the curb.
He settles his cigarette between his lips as you get comfortable on the bed, lowering yourself to be eye level with his semi-hard cock. You feel it spring to life more as you begin sinking your mouth onto him. Your throat becomes his plaything as a heady grunt leaves him, cigarette smoke pouring from his nostrils like a cartoon bull.
Don’t look at him, his eyes warn you. Your ruined eye makeup and glistening eyes looking at him like that is enough to make him erupt. So you mustn’t look at him. But he doesn’t want you to stop. How could he when you look like this? He doesn’t know what he wants. He doesn’t know what he needs. Just you, that’s all he knows. All he wants, needs and desires is you. God, how dare you be like this for him. How fucking dare you be such a good little cock whore for him after what he did. His hips roll gently into your mouth, each thrust closes off access to your airways. You feel him twitch in your mouth, he’s close. His balls are tightening, and his eyes are scrunched so tight. He wants to cum. He needs to cum. But not like this.
“Sit on it, fucking sit on it now.” He orders, yanking you up by your hair and helping you position yourself above his shaft. “Put your pussy on me – fuck – just like that, that’s a good fucking girl f’me.”
He praises you as you sink onto his length. What a pretty girl you are, biting your lip like that for him. Because of him. His thumbs rub soft circles into your thighs. They’re shaking. You’re tired, still, so very very tired. Is it because of him? Has he put you through too much in such a short space of time? Or is it all of the dancing you did last night? Maybe the alcohol didn’t help either. Honestly, it’s all three. He considers it all, and he considers you. Should he stop this? You initiated it, he rationalises, so why would he put a stop to this? You must want him real bad. Just like he wants you.
You start off slow, rising and falling as best you can in your weary state. He appreciates it, but he wants better. He expects better. But not today. He’ll do the work for now, just for you. To remember him by. He gets comfortable, angling his body beneath you so he can fuck up into you properly. He pistons his hips, reaching depths within you that you never knew existed. Your eyes are practically white from the angle he has. And are you really drooling for him? How cute, you are! Even your tongue lolls out as he carries on battering your insides.
“P-Please, fuck, fuck! I’m, ‘m gonna, ‘m so close! Gonna—!”
“Cum, fucking cum on my cock. Gonna stuff your cunt full again, squeeze me baby. Fucking cum.”
He keeps slamming up into you and your heart is beating so heavily you worry it’s going to thud right out of your chest. Your lover is almost hypnotised by the way your breasts bounce while he drills himself into you repeatedly, every inch of you is sheer perfection to him. The telling way you grit your teeth tells him you’re almost there. A couple more thrusts and he’s sure you’ll be crying out for him to fill you to the brim. And he will. He fucking will. He’s gonna… he’s gonna… he’s gonna.
“Are you awake yet, bitch?” Nobara speaks, knocking on the door that connects your rooms together. Your building pleasure has been broken – for both of you. You try to climb off the man beneath you and hide yourself under the covers; but he doesn’t let you. His fingers grip firmly into your hips and you’re sure there will be bruises signing his name on your body once he lets go. He raises a finger to his lips, telling you to shush as he carries on fucking you.
“Y-Yes.” you stutter, doing your best to remain composed. He smirks devilishly beneath you, the excitement you had previously felt begins to rise back up through your body. His tongue sticks out evilly before bringing it back as he hisses through his pleasure.
“Get in here, now. I want to talk to you about last night.”
“Give me a-a minute, I’ll be right—”
He objects, not wanting to let you go. Don’t fucking tease him, he’ll lose his mind if you don’t let him cum right now. But you can’t keep her waiting. You can already hear how furious she sounds. Clambering off of him seems a gargantuan task when his grip can’t seem to bear to let you go.
“Hurry up or I’m coming in.” Nobara threatens.
“I’m naked—!”
“Seen it all before, get in here now.”
What more can you do?
You wriggle free from him, much to his dismay, and walk towards Nobara's room. He sighs and it almost scares you to hear the level of fury rising in his purposeful grunts.
The man you left high and dry hid against the wall as you prepared to open the door, as per your instruction. He grabbed your wrist before you could go and see your friend. A hand laced through your hair, bringing your face to his so your lips could settle against each other’s comfortably. He pulled away, a skinny spit string connecting you to him momentarily.
“What’s your name?” he wonders.
“What’s yours?” you flip back to him.
“Toji, tell me yours.” he demands. You’re both distracted by the sound of Nobara getting increasingly more annoyed in the room next door. You take the opportunity to land your lips against his once more and grab the door handle.
“I have to go, enjoy your cigarette.” you tell him. And with that, you leave him only to be greeted by less than impressed company.
He huffs, utterly defeated and irritated that he missed out on one final orgasm with you. Toji contemplates beating himself off to get rid of his erection, but decides against it. It’s just a little sad, isn’t it? And weird, too. Jacking off in your room while you aren’t here. Although pretending to be French to get you into bed wasn’t any less weird than masturbating in your personal space. It’s clear he has an unusual moral compass.
He decides on a quick shower, washing the whole experience off his body before leaving. Once dressed, he pulls his carton of cigarettes from his pocket. He realises what you were doing over here for so long when he asked about it earlier. Once he opened the top of his cigarettes, he sees girly handwriting on the inside.
It’s your name. And more importantly – your phone number.
Tumblr media
“I’m actually being pretty calm right now.” Nobara tells you. Your eyes bulge at that considering she almost tore your head off with her teeth.
“Coulda fooled me.”
“Don’t be a fucking bitch because I’m seriously pissed. You fucked me over so bad last night.” she bites back at your murmured comment.
You listen to her intently as she rakes through her luggage for a dressing gown for you to wear as she tears into you. About how stupid she felt and how uncomfortable you made her feel. How embarrassing it was for her to wait by herself in the club while you got dry fucked on the dance floor. How violating it was to have you both burst into her room while you had your tongues down each other’s throats. And how inconsiderate you were to not only her, but the entire floor of the hotel as you wailed whilst you got fucked stupid by Toji.
You broke down. You didn’t want her sympathy but you made sure to tell her you couldn’t be more apologetic if you tried. You were sorry, and you were just as embarrassed. You’ve made such a stupid fool of yourself and you’re so ashamed. Your life, your mind, it’s all in tatters. Thoughts and feelings are not things you can bring yourself to understand at the moment. And you debate whether you should tell Nobara about last night, about Toji. About what he did. She brought a roll of toilet paper from her bathroom to act as tissue paper and invited you to sit with her under the pearlescent morning sky on the balcony.
“He was lying,” you began whilst wiping your tears with the toilet paper. She raised an eyebrow, urging you to continue. “He was lying about being French. He started speaking English after we had sex.” you admitted. She audibly gasped, unable to believe what she was hearing. She got up, preparing to go and give him a piece of her mind. But you informed her that he’s already gone.
“Bastard. I’ll kill him if I see him again. How fucked up can you be?”
“It was the best sex of my life, Nobara.” you confess.
“I… Yeah. It was the best I’ve ever had, and he explained it to me… It was the rush of not understanding each other. It made it exciting.” you reiterated the points that Toji had made to you hours earlier in an attempt to explain your embarrassment away. But she wasn’t buying it, her mouth hung open in disapproval, awaiting her turn to speak.
“Do you hear yourself?”
“No I know, but it was really good sex.”
“There’s more to life than sex.”
“No, I don’t think there is for me,” you breathe. It’s like you’re finally accepting you are destined for nothing. You’re just floating. Coasting, even. And maybe now, that’s okay. “I think I… I like him.”
“I’m not doing this,” she tells you as she rises from her seat again. She heads back inside, unable to tolerate this conversation for a second longer. “Just so we’re clear, you understand that he’s manipulated the fuck out of you. Yeah? D’ya get that?”
“You’re making it sound worse than it is—”
“No, I’m not. It’s just that bad.” she carries on. “And if you like him so much. And you get married, and have some kids. Ignore the fact he’s twice your age, if your kids ask how you met you’re going to have to tell them that he gaslit you into bed. How fucking romantic.” she finishes, slamming the balcony door shut behind her and gathering her things. You see through the glass that she gets herself ready and leaves the hotel room.
Leaving you alone to dwell on her words.
Tumblr media
You end up going back to your own room eventually, showering and cleansing yourself of your dalliance with Toji. It’s not like you don’t get where Nobara was coming from, you just wish that she gave you more of a chance to speak. What Toji did was fucked, you aren’t entirely stupid. You just can’t ignore that the way he fucked you was otherworldly. But if it comes to him or your best friend, you’re going to choose her every single time. So once you’re clean, you make a vow to yourself to get ready and find her so that you can apologise and hopefully make up. It would be a shame to spend the remainder of your vacation on bad terms with one another.
Just as you pressed the down arrow on the elevator, the doors opened and Nobara was alone inside. She tried to barge passed you, but you grabbed the flesh of her upper arm and begged her to listen to you. She yanked her arm away from you, and carried on walking to her room.
“I’m really not in the mood to talk to you right now.” she told you, and you could understand. But couldn’t she at least hear what you had to say?
“Okay, fine, Nobara. You think I’m an idiot, who doesn’t?” you tell her. She stops her movements from that. Are you really going to keep using your insecurities as an excuse for your shitty behaviour? “I know I’m wrong, and you’re more important to me than anything. So, how about we go for a meal later and try and forget the whole thing? I’d hate to lose you over this, you come first.” you grovel. She swivels to face you and sizes you up. She can see you’re being genuine, but she’s still unsure. She can’t resist, however, when you don your signature smile at her. She nods, accepting your invite.
Another hurdle down.
There’s no hand holding this time as you walk through the lobby together. It’s awkward, actually, being with her after your argument. You’ve told her about a restaurant that you and your father always go to while you’re here. It’s the best food you’ve ever had, you assure her.
She isn’t disappointed, and you suspect it’s the reason for her sudden change in mood. It’s like nothing ever happened. You’re back to laughing and joking. Calling each other names, endearingly, not as actual insults. She does apologise to you too, telling you that maybe she was a little harsh. She just wants what is best for you, that’s all. You feel the same about her, and you promise you understand. If it’ll save your friendship, you have no use for Toji.
But if that’s true… why are you swiping your phone off the dinner table so quickly when a text comes through?
Why are your cheeks filling with blood as you read what the message says?
You don’t care about your friendship, clearly.
Otherwise you wouldn’t have invited Toji to come to your hotel room again later tonight.
Tumblr media
You kiss Nobara goodnight when you return to your hotel. She enters her room, full bellied and ready for a good nights rest. You’d feel the same if you hadn’t skimped on eating. You’re deplorable, really, because the minute he texted you there was no doubt in your mind that you were going to invite him over to see you again. You didn’t want to be bloated while he finished what he started with you earlier.
He heeds your warning, making sure to be quiet when he knocks on your door. You let him in, eagerly, not giving him the chance to say hello before you jump him. He slams the door behind himself; you chastise him for immediately forgetting that you told him to be quiet. He grins, biting your lower lip between his teeth and kissing you to shut that pretty little mouth of yours up.
You assume she didn’t hear, maybe she has those ridiculous headphones of hers on.
Toji settles you down onto the bed below, slowly undressing you as he kisses whatever skin on your body becomes exposed as he pulls your clothing off. You can’t help but mewl, you’ve missed him. You’ve missed those pretty, scarred lips that send your mind spiralling.
He gets on his knees, pulling your body to the edge of the bed and hooking your legs over his shoulders. He looks up at you with a dangerous glimmer in his jade green eyes, licking a stripe over your panty clad mound.
“Couldn’t keep me away, could ya?”
Tumblr media
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The Fate You Fight - Pt. 3
Wanda Maximoff x F!Reader
Word Count: 5.7k
[TFYF Masterlist]
Tags: soulmate AU, telephatic link soulmate, architect!reader, jewish!Wanda, post-MoM, hurt/comfort, no proofreading
Warnings: mention of abuse, description of violence, language, mention of attempted suicide
Summary: You never wanted anything to do with your soulmate, but when you find her in an advanced state of distress you had to help. After that, it becomes hard to let her go.
A/n: okay, now we've caught up with what ive written so far, and im replenished in serotonine (your comments give me so much of it you have no idea), so it should make it easier for me to finish writing this piece. Although stressing out because im getting my wisdom teeth removed soon so rip me. Anyway, love you guys, i hope you like this chapter! <3
Taglist: @red1culous @yenmaximoff (since you said you wanted more)
Tumblr media
A few more days went by, and Wanda assured you she was fine with you going back to the office most of the day. She seemed to really be doing better now that she had people who supported her, but she seemed bored. You quickly discovered that her life before all this rarely gave her time to find a hobby outside of watching old tv shows. When with the Avengers she spent most of her time training, and before that she was a lab rat, so that wasn't fertile soil to develop interests.
Still, she made an effort to find an occupation, she started reading, tried Anath's video games, even played around with some old art supplies you bought once upon a time and never truly picked up later on. But nothing seemed to really scratch the itch.
Then one day, as Anath was home - she had inherited a week of night shift - and watching the news, a report came about an ongoing battle in the center of Manhattan where the newest members of the Avengers were fighting some terrible danger and were in a really precarious position. Wanda looked at the report in horror, then outside the window from where she could see a column of smoke rising. Before she had even time to think about it, she went to the balcony and jumped into action.
Immediately your best friend called you to inform you of what just happened, and you had to excuse yourself as you went to the closest computer near you, pushing the hands of its user to take control.
"Hey! What's wrong with you Y/ln?"
"Shut up, Dave."
You pulled up a live news feed and looked as your soulmate just arrived on the fight scene just in time to save the new Black Widow and Hawkeye from being crushed by debris. She then flew to the danger and what looked like a very violent battle started while the news anchor commented on the witch's return.
You had a bad feeling about this.
At least the fight didn't last since Wanda took care of the threat in a few minutes, top, before taking off into the unknown. You bolted from the office, trying to get a hold of Wanda's phone, unsuccessfully.
Was she going to be okay? She hadn't used her powers in a while, and after the Sokovia Accords she kept a low profile since she was a fugitive. Her appearing out of nowhere like that was bound to bring some unwanted attention.
That was bad.
Finally, she answered her phone.
"Wanda, where are you?"
"The outskirt of the city. I didn't want to go back to your place and risk bringing attention there." That was actually smart.
"Okay, ping me your location, I'm picking you up. In the meantime, stay hidden."
She did what you asked for, and after a while she was climbing in your car. Immediately she noticed how white your knuckles were on the wheel.
"Not now." Your voice was strained and dry, trying to hide any form of emotions.
Wanda recoiled in her seat while your eyes stayed glued on the road. The way home was quick but heavy with what you left unsaid, but what worried her even more was the lack of your voice in her head. Were you truly not thinking anything, or did you cut her off? She had no way to tell, so when you closed the door behind you she turned to face you, eyes already filling with tears. But before she could say anything, you crashed into her in a crushing hug.
"I was so scared, Wanda, so scared." You plunged your face in the crook of her neck, taking deep breaths. She smelled like sweat and smoke after her fight.
"I'm okay Y/n, I'm good," she reassured you as she finally laced her arms around you, rubbing your back in slow circles. "I don't even have a scratch, I swear."
You actually took the time to examine her, backing away, your eyes roaming her in search of any visible wound. You nodded. Good. That was good. Still, you brought her in your arms again. You wanted to feel her against you, solid, there. When you finally let your arms slide off of her she took your hands in hers, her fingers still black at the tip but slowly going back to normal with time, and squeezed them gently.
"You feeling better?" She asked and you nodded.
Everything was good. There was just a question burning on your tongue but you had no idea if you should ask it. It was none of your business, you thought. On the other hand…
"Are you going to get back into superheroing?" You asked in a worried whisper.
Her eyebrows furrowed at the question as if she didn't think about it. And she didn't. "I don't know," she answered in a confused tone, because she truly had no idea. "I… I acted on instinct. They were kids. I had to do something."
You thought about it, pinching your lips before you nodded. "Okay."
"You're not mad?" She tilted her head at that, some more confusion etched on her face.
"No, no, I'm not mad. I–" you stammered and looked up at the ceiling as you looked for your words. "I was worried, but also… you're a kickass hero, and I kind of told you to do good. And if for you it means going out there and fighting, so be it."
"O-okay, that's… I'm… I don't know yet if–" she breathed out shakily. "I don't know if I will do that too often."
"That's good, I mean, fine, you know. Do that as often as you want," you rambled a bit and she laughed, and you did too. "God, you were so cool out there!"
You laced your fingers with hers and leaned forward so your foreheads touched.
"It felt good to help again."
"Okay, how about celebratory take out? Chinese?"
She rolled her eyes and shook her head when another voice sounded from the living room.
"I'm open to chinese."
Anath smirked at you and you blushed. You had completely forgotten she was here, and apparently Wanda had too since she was getting almost as red as her hair.
Your best friend laughed, and you took your phone out to get the food.
"Sooo, Y/n," Anath started and you could see she wanted something.
You raised your eyebrows. "Yes, Anath?"
"Wanda hasn't been using the guest room for a while." Where the hell was she going with this? "And my dad is coming to town for a conference soon."
Ah, that's where she was going. "And you want him to stay here."
She nodded sheepishly.
"I'll talk to her about it." You didn't even know what you were supposed to talk about exactly. You narrowed your eyes at Anath. "When is he coming?"
"In two days."
You drank your coffee. You were not looking forward to having that conversation.
"Sooo, Wanda," you started in a very similar way as Anath did earlier. Wanda frowned and let you continue while she steered the food in the pot.
"Anath's dad will be in town, and she'd like him to stay here. And you know. You've been sleeping with me. I mean, in my room, I mean, you know." You were feeling so flustered, it was getting ridiculous. Lately you had found yourself more nervous than usual around Wanda, your heart beating in your chest stronger than ever.
"Are you asking me to move in your room?" She was now arching an eyebrow and you felt dumb with your sweaty palms.
"It's just temporary, then–"
"Okay." Your eyes widened. "I'll move to your room."
"Oh, good. Huh. Temporarily?"
"If you want it to be."
You looked to the side, a hand on the back of your neck. "Let's try it out before we make any big decision."
It doesn't have to mean anything, after all. You would be fine, right? You were not at all developing a giant crush on Wanda after all, mhm, nope, never.
Two days later, you had emptied a few of your drawers for Wanda to fully move in your room for the week to come. It felt oddly natural to have her take up more of your personal space, but it also left you feeling uneasy, trapped by an all knowing universe, and it bothered you deeply. But as usual, you repressed your emotions as deeply as possible so you wouldn't have to think about it. So when Anath's dad, Ephraim, finally arrived, everything was ready.
As usual you spent a good five minutes listening to them exchange in Hebrew from the kitchen, not understanding anything until a translation seemed to pop in your head in Wanda's voice. That made you frown pretty deeply and you glanced at her as she seemed to follow the conversation along as she snacked on cashews - yours, by the way, apparently now she was okay with just stealing your food. Finally the man came to say hello to the both of you and was pleasantly surprised to hear Wanda speak Hebrew to him.
Anath threw a questioning look your way and you just shrugged. You had no idea she spoke the language or if she had any religious affiliation to begin with.
The rest of the day flew by, and you actually learned that Wanda was jewish, which, good for her. You already knew a bit from Anath but never truly took the time to study the matter that much. She admitted she didn't practice anymore, but she still received an invitation to join Anath's family during important holidays - along with the one you received every time one of them came around. You had a feeling this time you might actually take it if Wanda's thoughts were anything to go by.
The next morning as you were taking breakfast with everyone, a golden magic portal opened in your living room and Wanda immediately jumped on her feet when Dr. Strange and Wong came through. This was bad, you could tell, so you stood up too.
"Do you often have wizards coming through portals here nowadays?" Ephraim asked in a whisper towards his daughter and child-in-law.
"It's honestly starting to feel like a Tuesday," Jamie answered, Anath simply tilting her head, unable to deny it.
"Strange, what are you doing here?" A very nervous Wanda challenged, hands at the ready to use her magic.
"I could ask you the same question, Wanda. More so I should ask you the same question. I thought you died at the top of Wundagore," Strange answered, while Wong behind him was also assuming a fighting stance, just in case.
"I think I want that weird man to answer first," Anath piped up, drawing attention to her.
"I'm sorry, who, who are you?" He asked, looking at her.
"Dr. Anath Weiss. This is my apartment."
"Mine too," you added, while Jamie mumbled it and raised their hand to say they were an inhabitant too. Strange looked at the older man in the room.
"I'm just visiting, don't mind me."
He actually had a better look at him. "Are you Dr. Ephraim Weiss? You're the current director at UC San Diego Health, aren't you?"
"Oh, Dr. Stephen Strange! You used to be a prick."
This made Jamie spit out food everywhere on the table. Wong behind him seemed conflicted. He wanted to say something, but seemed to agree to a certain degree.
"Well, I'm not here to be disrespected, so, Wanda. Come with me."
You could hear a lithanie of 'no's coming from her mind and her eyes started to turn red. That was your cue to step in, so you did, taking a step to move in front of Wanda, between her and Strange.
"I'm sorry buddy, but she's not going anywhere."
He rolled his eyes, this was getting old. "And who are you?"
"Y/n Y/ln. I'm her soulmate."
He blinked at that, looking between the both of you. "But I thought–" he started, confusion all over his features, but it was quite clear what he thought for Wanda.
"You thought it was Vision."
Wait, what? Vision as in… The Vision? Hiding what you felt right now was hard, but you managed well enough since the wizards didn't seem to notice. Wanda shook her head.
"It was complicated," she said, and boy, it sounded like that. Maybe it was time to ask her some questions.
"Alright, so I take it you won't…" Strange had a look towards you, then your friends. "How about we talk about all this at Kamar-Taj?" He opened a new portal to the temple.
Wanda came closer to you and you extended your hand behind you to grab hers.
"I just want to talk," Strange assured her, "and why don't you bring Y/n with you? As a sign of good faith."
You gave Wanda an interrogating look, and after a few seconds of impossible to grab thoughts, she finally nodded. "We'll come." 
He stepped aside to allow you passage and you walked in the portal with Wanda. Wong came next, and then Strange. The three left in the kitchen looked at the golden ring which disappeared.
"Your place is very lively," Ephraim commented.
Anath drank her coffee, not answering to that. She liked it like that.
As you entered Kamar-Taj, you looked around at everything. There must have been a tornado going through recently with all the damages you could see around here.
"Where are we?" You reached to Wanda in your thoughts - it was the first time you were trying something like that - and she quickly answered, giving you the rundown on Kamar-Taj. Then she added the smallest details at the end.
"All the destruction is my fault."
That was a frown worthy moment, and you felt like you really needed a catch up. When you glanced at Wanda, she was looking down in shame, a slight tremble on her lips. You squeezed her hand reasuringly while you were led to a room. There you side down across Strange and Wong.
"So, let's start with the beginning. What happened after Wundagore."
No playing around with Strange. Wanda decided to simply comply and answer so it would be over faster.
"I survived, I wandered around and arrived in New York. I don't really remember how."
"Alright, then what?"
"I just…" she looked away. "I stayed around. I didn't know what to do. I really thought Wundagore would kill me."
"We thought so too."
Listening to that was painful, but that last part made you tic. "Wait a second," you intervened. "What's Wundagore?"
"It's the place of origin of an ancient powerful book of magic, one that corrupt people and that Wanda had in her possession until recently," Wong answered before Strange would keep him from doing so.
"Is that why…" you wiggled your fingers under the very annoyed look of Strange that you interrupted his interrogation.
"Can we keep going?"
"No, we can't." You snapped at him, your voice starting to fill with anger.
You leaned forward and even if you had no power, no magic, no training to look even remotely menacing, the man still felt threatened somehow.
"You knew what she was attempting to do, destroy an ancient site of corrupting magic," a look at Wong and he nodded to confirm it, "and that she would supposedly die from it, which was clearly her goal from what I'm hearing, and you let her do it? Suicide by heroism? What the fuck is wrong with you?!"
Your voice went up and up with anger as you talked and everyone in the room looked at you like two new heads grew on you.
"Well, there was the whole Westview incident, and she just had killed a few people. And then tried to kill a kid," Strange explained, not liking the tone you were employing with him. "And the Darkhold is not really something you come back from."
"You kind of did," Wong pointed out.
"Yes, because it got destroyed."
You looked at the two men in front of you. "Weren't you supposed to be friend at some point? Or at least on the same team with the whole Avengers thing?"
"We weren't exactly– Yes, we collaborated."
"And you didn't stop five seconds to– to just–"
"We tried to give her an out. She was never coerced into attacking that kid, or into attacking here."
"You just fucking said that the magic book corrupted her! That the only reason you're okay is because she destroyed it! You got fucking lucky, because she managed to break the hold! AFTER IT CORRUPTED HER!" You stood up at that, already halfway there since you kept straightening from anger at each of your words. You couldn't take anymore. Wanda looked at your extended hand. "We're leaving. Do your magic thing so we can go home."
The blackened fingers found yours and pulled the witch up. Strange tried to keep you from going by standing in your face. At this point all you could hear was your blood pumping in your temples and before you knew it you punched him.
"Fuck!" That hurted more than you thought it would. Wong decided it was time to take the wheel and opened a portal for you.
"We will visit you again once you've calmed down," he still let you know and you sent him a deatly glare. "Not as enemies."
Once you went through the portal it closed behind you and the others - who were finishing breakfast - looked at you. Wanda bolted for the freezer and took out a pack of peas.
"Shit, what happened," Anath asked looking at you. It was the first time she saw you so mad.
"She punched Strange," Wanda answered and came back to you - you had collapsed on the couch - to press the peas to your hand through a hand towel.
"Good," Ephraim said under the disapproving glance of his daughter who was getting up and approaching you to examine your hand. "What? It's true."
"What did he do?" Your best friend asked, and you glanced at Wanda. She looked scared that you were going to say anything.
"He was just being a dick," you dismissed and as usual, Anath respected your boundaries, Wanda able to breath again.
She looked at your hand that was already bruising. "The last time you picked a fight was warranted, so I won't say anything. Plus your hand is fine, so, no worries. Just keep icing it for now."
You nodded and your friend assembled her side of the family to go out while Wanda stayed next to you, worry in her eyes. Gears seemed to turn in her mind about what just happened, so you were hardly surprised when she finally talked about the whole ordeal that happened.
"You know, they're right. I was beyond redemption at the time…" she looked at her own hands.
"Come on Wands, that's ridiculous. Look how far you've come."
"I tried to kill a teenager, Y/n." Her eyes full of tears found yours. "I wanted to steal her powers for selfish reasons, and for that I killed countless people. And the worse is that I didn't care."
"That wasn't you, that was the– the Darkhold." That was the name of the thing, you thought.
"No. It's not just that… I–" she blinked a few tears away, looking up at the other end of the room. It was time for you to know everything.
It took so long for her to tell you everything, from Vision's death to Westview and finally to the dreamwalking and Wundagore. You listened, never saying anything. There was nothing for you to tell anyway, it wasn't your story. From time to time you would give her a squeeze of the hand to help her continue, until finally she reached the final chord. It was all a lot to digest. By the end of it your legs were crossed on the couch and the peas were on the coffee table.
You needed some time to think but you could feel Wanda's expectant gaze shifting continuously between you and her hands, so you still wanted to say something.
"I can't find it in me to blame you, Wanda," you finally said. You refused to absolve her, but you couldn't condemn her either.
"You should. I told you I was a monster."
"You're not. You're only human." That seemed to get her attention for good, her eyes hungry for more explanations. "If I, if anyone, really, had your powers? And if I were in your situation? I'm not sure I would… I'm certain I wouldn't have done better. From Westview to Wundagore."
The red rim of her eyes shined with tears that should have already dried after she told you her story. "I'm destined to destroy the world, Y/n."
"Screw destiny!"
Your sudden fire made her jump. In all this story she gave you, you finally realized how much destiny, fate, whatever you wanted to call it, counted on you never being there for Wanda. Because of course someone who was left alone would want to destroy the world, would want for all of it to end even if it meant taking everyone else with them. And that gave you a real choice, and her too. You would fight so she could have it.
"I mean, fuck, you can't condemn someone because you think that one day they might do a bad thing. No, you help them, until they get better, and until you know they're not a risk anymore. You don't let them try and commit suicide." Your voice became weak under the heavy weight of your words. "People should have helped you."
"I didn't want their help."
"They should have still tried." I should have tried, you thought bitterly. But it was too late to change that now. "I want to try." That was the best you could offer, because you truly believed Wanda was good, that what happened was a fluke. And you also believed she had to make amends, do better.
"I'm not worth it."
Gently, you took both of her hands between yours. "I choose to believe you are."
She looked at your linked hands, and at the way your eyes were burning with so much hope and trust. Trust in her despite everything she did and everything she could still do. It was something she missed, that feeling that someone had her back no matter what. It was something you chose for yourself too. You chose to be there for her, and that alone made it all so much easier.
"How will I ever be able to thank you for everything?"
A warm smile spreaded on your face, a love - not romantic, not yet - evident in your eyes.
"Get better."
And she did. A few weeks went by, during which she came into contact with various people - the most notable being Clint Barton since he knew better than anyone else in the old team how she felt after everything she did, and she started seeing a therapist - one from Kamar-Taj who renounced her old life but agreed to use her knowledge for this very specific case. It helped ease Strange and Wong too, and even if they kept checking on Wanda, it was more in the spirit of making sure she was okay than real surveillance.
Jamie made good on his idea and every week they would select a special dish to cook for Wanda - sometimes with her too. She went ahead and helped the new Avengers from time to time when Clint was busy with his family, and you had the occasion to meet a few of them when they needed patching up and Anath was home. Your place was quickly becoming a secondary med bay for them, and you had to remind them that it was still your place of living, so from time to time they would bring food and drinks and impose a game night.
The friendship between you and Wanda grew, and so did your crush, but you were still hesitant to act on it despite your best friend's sporadic remarks that she clearly liked you too.
"It's not the problem, An'," you told her one day. "It's that I'm not sure if she's ready for a relationship. Hell! I'm not sure if I'm ready."
"Sounds to me like you're just avoiding your feelings."
"Which kind of proves my point, doesn't it? If I were ready for a relationship, I wouldn't feel the need to avoid my feelings." Anath sent you a weary look.
"Why are you like this?"
"Years of unresolved trauma," you answered as you picked up a bag of potatoes to throw in your shopping cart. "And I just… I don't want to rush. Plus it's not because we're soulmates that we have to be together that way."
"But you want to."
You did. Sometimes it would keep you up at night, and you'd have to stay in the living room until she fell asleep so that you wouldn't keep her awake by admiring her - yes, it happened often enough that it became a problem.
"That's irrelevant. She had a husband and kids that she lost inside a month of time. I can't just spring my feelings on her like that."
Anath sighed and gave up. She knew that even if you were now more open to the soulmate subject, your situation was still hard to deal with. If anything were to ever happen, it probably would come in time. You were certainly in no hurry.
"So, anything new with Y/n? Maybe a date or two?" Clint asked while he was checking the breakfast aisle with Wanda. She acted like she didn't hear the question, but the blush on her face showed otherwise. Sometimes even just thinking about you would elicit very strong reactions from - and within - her. "Come on kid, it's obvious."
"Well. No, nothing happened. We're just friends." A very sad truth if there ever was one. You had a few 'moments' where there had been a spark, where eyes fleetingly found the other's lips, but neither of you ever acted on it. It was always a bit awkward after with the tension in the air, but it was all but forgotten the next morning when you would wake up in each other's arms. Which might also be something you needed to discuss, because for all accounts and purposes, you were a couple in a lot of aspects of your life. "I don't think she wants more."
"Why do you say that?"
"Because if she did, she had plenty of occasions to show me. Or tell me." She picked up a box of cereals - Kate's favourites - and put it in her cart.
"Have you thought that maybe she's trying to give you space and time?" Clint pointed out in all his wisdom.
"What if I don't want space and time?" She walked over to the next aisle. "What if I want more?"
"Well, then you'll have to tell her." He put some boxed mac&cheese in the cart for Yelena - Jamie hated it. "I know she can literally read your mind, but maybe she has a reason not to act on it."
"What would that be?"
So many answers came to Clint's mind, but he decided to keep most of them for himself and instead impart some wisdom. "What you want is not always what you need, and maybe she thinks that even if you both want each other, you both need to take some time before you rush into anything."
Wanda considered his words. He was probably right, you had always been very attuned to what she needed. She actually talked about it with Therese - her therapist - and pointed out pretty much the same thing as Clint did. You both had heavy trauma, and rushing might cause more damages than anything else. It could cause one of you to panic, or trigger unexpected trauma.
"I don't like it, but I see your point," she said in a careful tone. Clint smiled at her proudly - he could see how far she'd come, all her progress, even if she still had a long way to go.
"I'm glad you do." He looked over her shoulder at something on the other side of the store. "Now I suggest we go, I think Yelena just broke something."
Wanda turned around only to see the assassin and Kate trying to hide their latest catastrophe.
Days went by, then weeks and months, and the more time went by, the harder it was to resist your feelings and the way Wanda would look at you, full of hope. It was one you gave her, that now had grown to be her own. It wasn't just hope to be with you, to find a shoulder to cry on so she would feel better, it was all she aspired to do in the future, with or without you by her side. And it was beautiful, but you still wondered if you could do it.
"Wanda!" You heard someone call as you were walking with her towards the portal Wong made - you had taken a habit to take tea with him while Wanda had her therapy session after you helped with Kamar-Taj rebuilding. You turned around to see a young woman with a jean jacket. Wanda recoiled against you, a panic you hadn't seen in her eyes in a while taking over her.
She's right here, everyone trusts you, Wanda, it would be so easy to just take it. Take it. Take it.
The life she dreamed of with her boys had lost some of its appeal to her - maybe because of how heavily she associated it with Vision -, but from time to time, she still heard that voice inside of her, still saw their faces, and heard their voices calling for her. But she kept fighting it, saw it for what it was now, grief appropriated by an evil she was still fighting. Nowadays, her fingers barely showed any signs of the corruption she went through, but she still felt its effects in those moments.
The young woman - America, you guessed - stopped in front of you both, so you took Wanda's hand in order to reassure her.
"I'm joining the Avengers!" She exclaimed excitedly.
"Are they running out of recruits? Between you and Kamala, you're gonna bring the age demographic through the ground," you commented. You loved Kamala, but she was way too young to fight crime. And from what you saw, America was too.
"Well, I'm not joining-joining, but I'll be helping during minor crisis! And if I'm supervised by a senior Avenger, sooooo…" her eyes fell on Wanda once again. "What do you say? Want to team up?"
"I– I'll have to think about it," she answered, her voice wavering.
"Sure! Oh and don't worry about the whole trying to kill me for my powers thing. I talked with Strange and Wong, and they say you're cool now! And I trust them, so, I trust you too!"
That made you wince, and a quick look at Wanda told you all you needed to know without even hearing her thoughts.
"Anyway, gotta bolt, see you soon!"
And with that she left as fast as she came. Wanda and you finally went through the portal and soon enough you were home alone. You turned to look at her, make sure she was okay, but as you did, you could see that she was anything but. Slowly you guided her to the couch and sat her down, doing the same with one leg under you so you could face her.
"I– I can't, Y/n," she murmured when she finally dared to glance at you.
"That's okay, you don't have to accept."
"I don't even understand– why would she ask me? I tried to kill her."
You thought about it. "Maybe she feels like your set of powers make you the best candidate," you shrugged. That was the only explanation you could conjure up. If Strange were here, maybe he would suggest that it had to do with the both of you reminding her of her mothers. "I don't think it really matters why, just that she asked and whether or not you feel up to it."
"Do you think I should do it?" She asked you. She would do it on occasion, ask your opinion on matters she had a hard time resolving. She liked that your perspective was usually more global than her, as you would look at the problem from a more distant eye.
You blew up your cheek before you let out a deep sigh. "I mean… you're an exceptional witch, and maybe spending time with the girl might actually help you heal from what happened with her."
Wanda clearly still felt guilty about it, as she should, but if America was ready to forgive her and even work with her, then maybe it was a good occasion to show that she truly changed.
She followed your train of thoughts and nodded. "That's a good point…"
"But you still need time to think about it." That made sense, it's not like it was a small decision to take. She nodded in answer.
"When she approached us, I… there was this voice in me–" she started, and you knew what she was talking about. She had revealed to you at some point how sometimes she would feel tempted, how she wanted to use her powers to make the universe bend to her will, and how hard it was to do so. The first time she told you, she cried so much about it. To her it was proof she was a bad person, but to you it just showed how much of a fighter she was.
"That voice isn't you, you know it," you said as you wrapped yourself around her and she sank into you.
She never answered your statement, but she didn't need to. You could hear her loud and clear, fighting her doubts with your words.
"Why don't we watch something so you can clear your mind a bit, and we can talk about it again tomorrow morning?" You offered.
She nodded and you took a better position on the couch, allowing her to lean against your front, and you put on her favourite show.
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angelasscribbles · 1 year
Series: None, this is a one-shot and you can find those here.
Fandom: The Royal Romance
Pairing: Riley x Liam, featuring Madeleine
Rating: MA
Warnings for this chapter: Language, alludes to violence
Word Count: 1,678
A/N: This is from my follower appreciation prompt list/wheel event. This one is from @karahalloway and is for Madeleine x dark x jealousy
My other stuff: Master List.
Tumblr media
Two months before the coronation…..
Liam whispered into her ear and Riley giggled as his lips brushed the delicate skin of her neck.
He gazed down at her with that smile that made her want to give him the whole goddamn world.
She wrapped her arms around his neck. As her eyes tracked down his body and then back up to his face, she saw a movement over his shoulder.
Someone was watching them.
Oblivious to it, Liam pulled her body into his, encircling her in his embrace. “I love you, Riley.” He murmured against the shell of her ear before his lips found her neck again.
Riley’s eyes locked with Madeleine’s as the blonde shot daggers at them from a darkened corner of the balcony they had escaped to.
Riley’s fingers dug into the back of Liam’s shoulders as she whispered, “She’s doing it again.”
“Let her watch.” He murmured as his mouth continued its trek down her neck to her shoulder.
She shivered as she let her head fall back and gave in to his request.
A month before the coronation….
Madeleine drummed her fingers on the edge of her champagne glass. Something had to change. She knew what she wanted and failure wasn’t in her vocabulary.
Liam and Riley weren’t even being subtle about it. Giving each suitor an equal chance. What a joke. The two of them were all over each other every chance they got.
She was sick of it.
She knew what she had to do.
“Countess Madeleine, you wanted to see me?”
She glanced up with an inviting smile, “Yes, Duke Lambros, please do sit down. I have something I’d like to discuss with you.”
“Certainly, but you can call me Tariq.” He said as he took the seat across from her.
“Tariq then. Tell me, how well do you know Lady Riley?”
Coronation night….
The ballroom was in pandemonium. Liam couldn’t hear himself think over his parents bellowing in his ear.
“I’m sure given the circumstances, Lady Riley withdraws from the competition.”
“You must choose now, Liam!”
He ignored them.
He knew he’d never be able to get to her in time. Yanking the microphone from his father’s hands he did some bellowing of his own, “Everyone stop!”
The room quietened considerably. The guards that had descended upon Riley stopped and turned toward the stage. Liam knew who they were.
“Alexi. Mikel. Release Lady Riley at once. That is a direct order.”
He watched with satisfaction as both men dropped their grip on her and stepped away. Drake swooped in and stood protectively by her side, his demeanor daring anyone to touch her again.
Drake was a good friend.
“Now I’m ready to make my choice. “ He announced to the room, “I choose Lady Riley Brooks!”
Pandemonium broke out again.
“You can’t!” Madeleine screamed, “The scandal-“
Liam called for quiet and waited until he got it to resume, “I don’t know how those photos were obtained, but I can assure you that the incident in question was very one-sided. Duke Lambros made an inappropriate advance, which was rebuffed.”
“How can you know that for sure, son?” Constantine demanded.
“Because I was there that night, I heard her scream and pulled him off of her.”
“That’s a lie! Drake was the one that-“ Madeleine froze as she realized she had as good as confessed to being the saboteur.
Liam made eye contact with Drake and tipped his head in Madeleine’s direction. Drake nodded and spoke into his com.
While Madeleine was being escorted to his office for questioning, Riley was escorted to the stage where Liam got down on one knee and officially proposed to her.
After his coronation was complete, he and Riley joined Drake and Bastien in his office.
“Tell us why,” Bastien said.
“Did you want Liam and the crown so badly you were willing to set up an innocent woman?” Drake asked.
“You think I did this because I want Liam?” Madeleine stared back and forth between them in astonishment.
Three months before the coronation….
“Truth or dare?” Max asked.
“Truth.” Madeleine said primly.
“Have you ever kissed a girl before?”
“What? No! Of course not!” Her face pinkened at the suggestion.
“Why of course not?” Riley asked, “There’s nothing wrong with kissing girls!”
Madeleine was suddenly interested, “You’ve kissed a girl before?”
“I’ve kissed lots of girls!” Riley tittered drunkenly. “Right, Hana?”
Madeleine flushed a deep shade of scarlet, “You’ve kissed Hana?”
Riley and Hana both fell over giggling.
“Yes, she has!” Max snickered, “I can confirm.”
“You….you watched?” Madeleine’s horrified expression sent the rest of the group into a fit of giggles.
“Don’t knock it ‘til you try it, Madi!” Riley told her.
Madeleine watched quietly as the game progressed until it was her turn again.
“Madeleine, truth or dare?” Drake asked.
She had finished off two more glasses of pineapple rum since her last turn and the pleasant buzzing in her head made her feel adventurous, “Dare!” She said confidently.
“Oh, shit, Madi!” Riley tittered, “Never pick dare when Drake’s handing them out unless you want to do sexual things!”
“Go easy on her, Drake,” Max said, “I don’t think she’s ready for your level of dares.”
“Okay, okay,” he responded, “I’ll pick something simple. Madi, I dare you to kiss Riley.”
“Told you.” Riley giggled softly.
“Oh, I….um…okay!” Madeleine replied.
“Okay!” Riley handed her drink to Hana and straddled Madeleine’s lap as the other woman sat cross-legged on the bed. She cupped Madeleine’s face with both hands and tipped her face up.
Madeleine’s powder blue eyes flicked from Riley’s eyes to her lips and back again as she nervously licked her lips.
“Do I make you nervous?” Riley asked as she ran a thumb gently across the blonde’s bottom lip.
“N…no.” Madeleine lied.
Riley lowered her mouth to Madeleine’s and gently parted her lips with her tongue.
Madeleine melted into the kiss.
Her world shattered into a million pieces then the pieces reassembled themselves….differently.
Nothing mattered but the taste of cherry lip gloss and the sweet, warm caress of a pair of velvety soft hands on her face.
Riley pulled away with a grin and then fell beside her on the mattress with breathless giggles.
Madeleine felt bereft. An aching loneliness filled her and all she wanted was Riley’s lips on hers again.
“Damn that kiss was hot.” Drake said standing up, “It’s late, I need to get back to my room.”
“I’ll bet you do!” Max chortled.
“We should probably all get back to our rooms.” Hana agreed, reaching for Riley’s hand.
She took it and Hana pulled her up from the bed.
Madeleine watched as Riley and Hana walked off together, arms around each other’s waists, giggling and whispering loudly to each other while they made their way down the hall.
She felt something unfamiliar stir in her chest as she wondered if Riley was going to kiss Hana again. Was she going to do other things with Hana? Things that she wanted Riley to do with her! It wasn’t fair.
The sensation in her chest intensified. It hurt. It made it hard to breathe.
Hana had to go.
A week before the coronation…..
“What do you mean you have to leave?” Riley demanded.
“I mean my parents have called me back home.” Hana was in tears.
“But why? The season isn’t over yet!”
“I…I don’t honestly know! They said they’ve received disturbing reports about my behavior!”
“Oh, Hana, no! I’m so sorry!”
Madeleine watched discreetly from the other side of the room, a mixture of satisfaction that her anonymous email, complete with photos of Riley and Hana, had worked and burning jealously at the way Riley wrapped her arms around the smaller woman in comfort.
The glass in Madeleine’s hand shattered, “Shit!” She exclaimed as blood dripped onto her dress.
Coronation night….
“Wait, you did all this because you want Riley?” Liam stared at her in disbelief.
“She belongs with me! Don’t you see it, Riley? You can’t marry Liam because of the scandal, you’re free now! We can be together, me and you!”
“No.” Liam shook his head, still reeling from the revelation that Madeleine was completely unhinged. “Riley belongs with me! She’s in love with me and we are getting married!”
“She kissed me, Liam!”
“In a drunken game of truth or dare!” Astonishment spilled through him at Madeleine’s level of intensity as she glared at him.
“Liam,” Riley touched his arm, “Is the scandal going to be a problem?”
“No, we can get Tariq to come forward,” Liam said.
Madeleine snorted. “That’s not going to happen!”
“Why not?” He asked.
“Do you think he should have been allowed to live after what he did?” She hissed, her eyes narrowing.
“What you sent him to do, you mean?” Drake asked.
“I sent him to get fake incriminating photos, not try to fucking assault her! You should have beaten him to death when you pulled him off of her, but since you didn’t, someone had to finish the job!”
Liam jolted, “Wait…are you….are you saying that Tariq’s dead? And that you killed him?”
Some semblance of sanity finally took hold and Madeleine demanded a lawyer before clamping her lips together and refusing to speak.
Madeleine’s tear filled eyes found Riley as Liam escorted her from the room.
“I did it for you, Riley, for us! You have to believe me! I love you!”
Riley turned back toward her with a myriad of emotions in her eyes, “I’m sorry if I did anything to lead you on, Madeleine, but I’m in love with Liam!”
“No!” Madeleine choked out through her sobs, “No! No! No!”
She watched Riley turn and walk out the door with Liam. It closed behind them leaving her alone with Bastien and Drake.
“I want a lawyer! Call my father!” She demanded.
She had to get out of this predicament. Her father would know what to do. She had to be free.
Madeleine had shit to do.
Liam had to go.
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