#late night thoughts
thetiredgremlin · 2 days
So for valentines Day this year I decided that it was totally cannon for the brothers to give MC real organs and shit instead of the heart shaped candy boxes, but I just realized??
Once Beelzebub learns of the HUMAN way of celebrating valentines day, he totally starts eating chocolate dipped organs and such.... I mean it's close enough? Like....
It's super gross still, but he's happy... So I guess it's ok, as long as he doesn't try to make anyone else eat it.
(He tried to share with Luke, being sweet, and Luke absolutely went ape shit)
(Lucifer made beel apologize)
(It's been months and Beelzebub still doesn't understand why he had to apologize)
(Mammon had a similar incident when he tried to give MC a human heart absolutely filled to the brim with chocolate.)
(MC almost threw up.)
(Asmo was in the room when it happened and lost his shit at the thought of getting vomit on his person.)
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mermaidinthedeepocean · 7 months
Tumblr media
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becherdireinen · 6 months
You’re still in my life, even if you don’t think you are. You’re in every show you told me about. You’re in every book you love. You’re in every song you sang. I won’t pretend I don’t miss you. I see you in everything that we once shared.
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honestyhour · 1 month
Do I even belong anywhere?
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infinite-winters · 5 months
I’m in love with casual intimacy.
Trace your finger along my thigh while we lay in bed, place your hand in the dip of my waist while we stand in the kitchen, hold my hand when you see me taking my stress out on my nails, put your hand on my calf when I stretch my legs across your lap, grace the smallest kiss to my hairline just so you can simultaneously smell my shampoo.
It’s when you do so much while doing so little.
That is where I find love.
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koshercosplay · 9 months
I don't trust that the people who advocate for direct resistance against the super-rich are actually capable of recognizing their targets
I see so many posts that joke about "going back to the old days when people just burned down the rich people's houses and killed the wealthy and redistributed their riches" oh you mean like Literal Pogroms?
like there's been a very clear pattern throughout history of the working people seeking retribution getting quickly redirected by the rich into targeting Jews as the real root cause of society's problems and hoarding wealth that rightfully belongs to the people
idk maybe this is just my anxious fear-mongering brain but like so much of this rhetoric around trying to "take back our rightful wealth" or whatever feels so close to what would be said to whip up a mob and justify a pogrom
and considering how much antisemitism there is on the left (and the right, but that's a different post), I can't help but wonder how long it would take for people to get swept up by the same exact antisemitism and start targeting jews, not even realizing they've fallen into the same trap that has been set for centuries by the same class of rich people trying to save their own asses
and people are just so ready and eager to target jews that it works
so remember folks. if someone starts to claim that the real source of everyone's problems is the historically persecuted minority, maybe give yourself a second to think: who does this redirection benefit?
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sa-dnesss · 9 months
I do not like who I am. There is nothing good about me anymore. I am sick of wasting my time. I am worn out, I am really tired.
there is no point of me being here if I am not doing anything useful
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edwardssnail · 7 months
okay but how much cooler would it have been if the cullens weren’t vegetarians and edward came across bella and still chose not to drink her blood
it would be so much more impactful, so much more difficult, and way more dramatic
like imagine he’s used to the taste of human blood and still resists his literal SINGER because he’s just so intrigued and in love with her
also his angst and moodiness would be more justified because he, you know… kills people on the regular. an actual monster
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quotejunkiie · 1 month
Tumblr media
- d.j
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untitled07 · 8 months
Tell me everything, so I can learn to love you better.
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honeygrahambitch · 11 days
No but what if in an AU Will really was a serial killer and when he got blamed for Hannibal's crimes he would be like "bruh this is not my design, mine are different, please put me in prison for my own stuff at least"
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problematic024 · 1 year
I can’t afford another soul tie with the wrong soul
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mermaidinthedeepocean · 5 months
Tumblr media
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lilyevansml · 4 months
Sirius: Where does wind come from?
James: Wait.. Pads wtf I don’t know where does wind come from how does it... whoah.
Peter: It’s obviously magic.
Remus: It’s physics you nimrods and it’s also 3am so shut-up.
James, Sirius, Peter: What’s Physics?
Remus: screaming
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honestyhour · 7 months
I think I'll miss you for the rest of my life.
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becherdireinen · 4 months
Tumblr media
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