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zucchinitart · 2 days
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what the actual shit!!!!! he’s British!!!! someone told me this recently and I’m actually baffled cuz I thought he was from Pennsylvania or something 😭😭 like my whole world is crumbling….how is this possible……I even read the origin story 💀 guess I forgot!!
the problem isn’t him being British tho…but the accent….i have to know if he has a British accent or not…..like is his accent canon or just a headcanon thing???
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rubyafton · 1 day
Season greetings from the Tobester.
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Had a photo shoot w the Lil guy <3
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creepy-can · 9 hours
Please serve me some fine laughing jack fan art I`m begging you. Poor bastard is so ignored by the biggest portion of this fandom it`s unfair. It`s difficult to find any decent artwork of him.
I don't have much time lately, but I rrrreeeally wanted to draw this dude Dx here's a sketch for now:
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creeps-and-pasta · 2 days
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those darn kids, always making fun of him
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circero · 2 days
Cake Topper and Laughing Jack squishmallows! I thought this would make for a fun art challenge! 🤡🩵🤡🖤🤍
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ijustwannahavefunn · 1 month
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Happy Halloween 🎃👻🎃🎮
Sorry for not being able to get a video out this year. Tight schedule and I'm planning on drawing something FNAF related 👀 So let's wish I have time 😭
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harveylikestoart · 9 months
Tumblr media
Crappy pastas 💕
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littleventcrawler · 10 months
there’s a dark void inside of me that only
from a
can fill
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yawningama · 7 months
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some creeps off the top of my head ummmm I am not completely satisfied but oh well
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onetaho · 4 months
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doodles of spooky spaghetti boys as i haven’t drawn since yesterday :pppp
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staardroid · 1 month
”halloween is ov—“ idgaf
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creek-ink · 5 months
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made this lil interactive spread in my sketchbook last night ^^
click, zoom in, and explore <3
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somanyfandomsomfg · 5 months
Shout out to all those kids who sat in their room thinking that a child stealing eldritch being and a house full of fictional serial killers would treat you better! How's the being queer going?
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Tumblr media
What gets the creepy pasta men going?
:Eyeless Jack, Ben Drowned, Jeff the killer, laughing Jack, Dr Smiley, Puppeteer, Jason the toymaker, Toby, Masky, Hoodie, Homicidal Liu x fem reader
Eyeless Jack
-skirts, oversized hoodies.
-Jack likes when your easily available. Like when you wear skirts he can just finger you whenever he feels (with consent) and oversized hoodies are just another way for his possessiveness to thrive. He can’t help but get turned on whenever you wear those.
Ben Drowned
-Smoking with you.
-Ben is a total stoner, and seeing you be able to handle the smoke just turns his gears. He thinks it’s so hot to see you blow the smoke out and has definitely asked you to blow smoke into his mouth.
Jeff the Killer
-you getting pissed off.
-Jeff generally is the horniest creepypasta 100%. So things like you getting (silent) road rage. He just knows that when your pissed off the sex’ll be so much more passionate than usual.
Laughing Jack
-LJ is into crop tops.
-he specifically really likes crop tops without bras, so that he can see the bottoms of your boobs poking out from under your top. He’s definitely a boob guy too, and will go into his human form simply to fondle you (so his claws don’t hurt) not even just sexually either, he just really likes touching, feeling, licking and sucking boobs.
Dr Smiley
-info dumps
-Dr smiley LOVE when you know your shit. No matter what it is, he’ll kiss you for your random knowledge or anything. It just sends him into a rut about how smart you are. He loves maturity and creativity, so whenever you info dump sometimes he can’t help but get needy.
-the puppeteer doesn’t believe that fun is something you can have without restraint. Being naturally intrusive, as long as he has your full consent, he loves when you talk back and sass him. Your sassiness just makes him want to pin you against the wall. Not really as punishment either, just because he gets overwhelmed with how much he likes you and your stubbornness.
Jason the Toymaker
-Jason definitely has a specific sort of kink towards knives and intricate movements. He’s really into elegant acts and delicate designs, being naturally aesthetic and all. Cooking involves intricacy, you also just look cute in a tight black apron, completed relaxed and unaware of the horny redhead sneaking behind you.
Ticci Toby
-specifically, he likes lipstick marks and hickeys. Giving hickeys feel just as good but my god, the aftermath of seeing his neck makes him ready for round two in the shower. He also likes seeing your lipstick in places no one else would see, like around and on his dick. It just drives him crazy.
-Masky needs to have a lighthearted balance in his life sometimes and having you around to give him that balance makes him incredibly thankful. He just wants to preserve your optimism and fuck you silly, you deserve it for being such a pretty little bee.
-surprise affection
-Hoodie loves to receive surprise affection, he likes being the object of cuteness aggression. It just makes him equally as desperate to kiss you and hug you, so whenever you randomly just kiss him he just can’t help himself but to start thrusting into the air. He’s just desperate, poor him, am I aright? :(
Homicidal Liu
-tied back hair
-this mf gets excited whenever you put your hair up to do ANYTHING. He loves being able to see your face and see it be ruined. He’s just so attracted to you. He likes playing and pulling with your hair too. Especially loves tugging on it as you go down on him. Yeah he’s horny.
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antlergrave · 5 months
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circero · 2 days
🤡🖤🤍 Laughing Jack: Lore and HCs 🤡🖤🤍
Hello again! This post is sort of a follow-up to the Cake Topper headcanons post. This time, I will be covering keypoints of my version of Jack.
While some things in my version follow canon, a lot of stuff has been altered to give my version of Laughing Jack his own identity.
Tumblr media
• Laughing Jack’s origin story ( in my take ) takes place in the mid to late twentieth century, rather than the late nineteenth century.
• The character of Laughing Jack, or as he was originally referred to, Jack ( or Jack the clown ), was actually an image created by Isaac himself, not an otherworldy deity.
• Jack originally did not have a physical form in our reality. He slowly manifested himself, similar to a Tulpa, as Isaac’s mind and personality only grew more vivid. In fact, he didn’t maintain a full physical form until he was completely monochrome and corrupt.
• His colorful form, therefore, was only ever able to be “seen” as drawings, or inside of Isaac’s dreams when they were still close.
• Jack still had his own “Jack In The Box” that he was assigned to. However, it was an average box that Isaac had painted/handcrafted himself. This is what stemmed Isaac’s creative work with carving in his adult years.
• The clown’s “birthday” is celebrated on Christmas Day. No day is more fitting for an initially jovial, colorful clown than the happiest day of the year. This is also because Christmas Eve was the day Isaac first thought up of him.
• The corruption of Laughing Jack started when Isaac grew out of their games, and eventually forgot about him, in favor of horror-based medium. Jack would slowly watch and gain ideas from the movies Isaac would watch, thinking all of them were ok and fun to “perform” in reality.
• Jack actually didn’t earn the full name/alias of “Laughing Jack” until after his first few kills. This is because children would describe him to their parents as “always smiling and giggling” when interacting with the clown.
• Laughing Jack is partially stuffed. The stuffed part of his body is his arms, which is why he is able to grow and stretch them in comparison to other parts.
• He, quite literally, always smiles. He can hold a toothy smile open without ever needing to rest his face.
• He is only able to view things in greyscale. This is due to the loss of color in his eyes. It’s like watching an old movie 24/7.
• His nose does not function like a regular nose. It’s merely for aesthetic purposes.
• He actually hides his candy inside of his stuffed sleeves.
• He is approximately seven feet tall.
• Jack, despite his corruption, is still able to feel emotion to a very minimal degree. It’s incredibly hard to do so, though, and most of it is found through his drive during killing.
• He mostly smells of must and old candy.
• Jack still finds time to practice playing the accordion. It’s his main act as a clown, besides being rusty at it after his abandonment.
• Laughing Jack prefers hard candy over anything chewy.
• Because Isaac was a craftsman, Jack also has a knack for crafting things. Often, he has to repair his own arms, because stuffing falls out of it due to the constant tearing of his sleeves.
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