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alienaiver · 7 months
Hello! I hope this is the right askbox, I can't access the link one from the rules post. May I req about Allen W. & Lavi (separately) with reader having a relaxing time together after a tough tiring mission (in which they could have almost died)? Thanks!
hey hi hello! <!!3 and ah, thank you for telling me that! i'll fix it asap but dw, u came to the right place 🧡✨ and this request was so cute.......lavis got a bit angsty but i tried to mend it LJSFKS<3333 i hope you like them :') <!!33333333
made it genderneutral and reader is an exorcist as well, innocence etc is unspecified though!
wordcount: 1.9k (872 for allen and 1.1k for lavi respectively!) warnings: death is a discussed subject in both but more in the presence of relief in a death not happening! i kept it as lighthearted as my d. gray man infused tragedy ass was able to! (i wouldnt mind exploring either of these more in-depth if thats something youd be interested in!!)
thank you for requesting my friend<3
Tumblr media
Allen throws another log of wood into the hearth. It’s cold and your gratitude at being allowed to stay at this mansion during your mission is slowly wearing off with the way the temperature seems to be just a little too cold no matter how much wood you waste.
“Ah, I apologize that it has yet to heat up,” Allen apologies weakly and you can’t help the snort you let out, “that’s got nothin’ got do with you though.”
He nods, “still. I feel awful that you’re so cold,” he admits before situating himself back on the couch. You huff, “I’m not that cold.” you try but the arguments falls flat when he looks at you and laughs, “are you certain? I would like to think that you hogging all the blankets and both of our duvets speaks to the opposite argument.”
Allen’s laugh is ethereal. Simply otherworldly and a warmth settles in your stomach that has little to do with the actual temperature in the room. You settle further into your little blanket mountain and sigh deeply. Exhaustion is kicking in and the weariness is not only in your muscles today.
Allen perks up immediately, “does it still hurt?”
You shake your head and bend your knee a few times, slowly, “I should’ve just gotten it together.”
It sounds sour. You don’t mean to poison the lighthearted mood that was in the room prior but bitterness is very much detectable in your voice. He sighs and leans his body towards yours, “it’s okay, I’d take you getting injured any other day than you… dying.” an awkward pause was between his sentence and the final word but you’re too preoccupied with the residual anger – if only you’d dodged the attack a few seconds earlier, if your instincts would’ve just worked right, he wouldn’t have had to scream your name in an octave that almost made you cry.
“May I?”
You hadn’t even noticed how close he’d gotten, holding the edge of the top blanket in his still gloved hand. You nod dumbly, confused, letting him into your space easily, comfortably.
You move around in tandem so that you’re finally positioned where you want to be the most – in his arms. You absentmindedly play with the hem of his jacket – none of you are out of your uniforms yet, dreading the cold that’ll inevitably hit you the second that you do and he kisses the top of your head, “I’m just glad you’re safe. I’ll even carry you to the station in the morning.”
You snort, “I know you will but I’ll not allow it, Walks.” it’s his turn to laugh out albeit it’s awkward and slightly tense, “could you stop with that nickname? I’d like to think your boyfriend should be called by his actual name,” he tries but you look at him with a smirk, “I could also go with my honey.”
The imminent and violently red blush on his cheek is worth every dime you’ve ever tried owning in your life. Endearing nicknames are very new to the lovable British boy you’ve recently started seeing romantically after months of pining and even more months of Lenalee’s insistent intervention. Neither physical nor emotional affection was something he received easily but he was getting better. You settle back against him with a shrug and a hidden, teasing smile, “I could also go with beansprout I guess?”
He groans and lets his head fall onto your shoulder, “I will carry you to the station if you do not stop that wretched nonsense immediately!”
You laugh and Allen feels himself relax again at the sound of a genuine one – there had been no reason for you to feel guilty about what happened at the battlefield today but he doesn’t blame you – he knows the feeling all too well. He’s just grateful that you’re still here, alive, in his arms right now.
A comfortable silence falls between you after you sigh contentedly. Your hand has moved on from the hem of his jacket to his hand, intertwining them with your own while he periodically sneaks kisses onto the top of your head or cheeks.
Allen never knew he’d become so addicted to physical touch as he’s gotten after kissing you only a few times. He’s constantly seeking out your hand when you walk next to each other and his hands always seems to travel to your body in a quest for some contact. Recently he’s even started touching you with his glove off – at your request, of course.
“It’s warm,” you told him the first time his ungloved hand traced circles on your cheek, stars sparkled in your eyes at his willingness to comply. You’d then proceeded to kiss every digit and up his arm, stopping at his shoulder with a sigh, “I love you, Allen Walker.”
Allen’s brought back to the present at the sound of your gentle snoring. He pulls you in closer with a content sigh. He probably will make good on the promise of carrying you to the station – even if you’ll sound like a screaming banshee all the way.
You’re both fast asleep before you realize the warmth’s finally emerging in the room from the hours of making the hearth cooperate.
“Do you ever get tired of reading?”
You’re sprawled on the couch looking at Lavi who’s at the edge of the couch with his nose buried in documents. He almost died today and you’ve decided his reaction’s off. He’s way too nonchalant about it. You’re not sure if you’re more frustrated at him for almost dying or for his reaction not being as severe as yours.
“Hm?” he barely looks up from the parchment in his hands but the slight tilt of his head signals that he’s listening to you, at least. You groan and kick him lightly, hoping it’ll garner more of a reaction.
It doesn’t.
When you keep toeing at him, he finally sighs and puts the papers down on his lap, “what?”
There’s more bite in that word than you’ve ever heard from him and it makes you recoil. It doesn’t go past him though and he seems to visibly reign back his emotions, if only for a split second. He reaches out for you but you bend your legs up towards you, “I’m sorry I annoyed you,” you try and he moves back to his papers – for a moment you fear he’s just gonna start reading again but he folds them up nicely and puts them on the corner table next to the couch. He then takes off his headband, and lets his hair fall down.
“I’m a little tense, I apologize.”
He moves towards you again and this time you let him, his arms crossed and resting on your thighs. You bite your underlip, waiting to see if he’ll continue talking.
He doesn’t, he simply makes one of his signature smiles.
You sigh and let your arms fall to your sides, “listen Lavi, you almost died today. I think we should talk about it instead of just… reading to distract from the subject.”
Frustration flashes in his eye and he looks down with his bottom lip formed to a pout. A heavy cute aggression overwrites your focus for a moment and you want to squeeze his cheeks. You lean towards him as well, your arms going around his neck – the position is uncomfortable though, so your arms travel down his and wrap around his wrists to pull him on top of you. He follows meekly until he’s comfortably settled.
“Well, well, well,” he says with a toothy grin but you hush him, “don’t play around right now, idiot, I actually do want to talk.”
He clicks his tongue in an almost Kanda-like fashion but rests his forehead on top of yours anyway before he opens his mouth, “you know I’m not… good, with all that. I’m not built like that.”
You hold back a snort but a breath of air does escape your nose before you can stop it. You hope it’s not as condescending as you fear it sounds. “You said that about romance too before you kissed me senseless underneath two exploding Akumas two years ago.”
He looks around the room in an effort to not look you in the eyes. You kiss him, slowly and with as much love as you can muster. He sighs into it and when you pull back, he follows you for a second kiss. You oblige as your hands run through his hair. You always did like to play around with it.
He’s distracting you; you realize. He’s not the only one able to calculate situations like these so you pull back and tut at him, “I could’ve lost you today.”
He sighs, “but you didn’t.”
“No, but I could’ve. I won’t force you more than this but I just want you to know that I’m glad you’re okay.” you trace mindless circles on his cheek as you say this and you don’t miss the way his eye widens at your admission. He clears his throat, “you are?”
It’s a whisper of a question.
The insecurity laced into his question surprises you and you do a double take to read his facial expression. He looks scared. You pull him impossibly closer, sighing into his hair, “of course, Lavi. I love you.”
He gulps loudly and you can feel the shaking as he exhales. You know what he’s about to say, so you pull him to face you again and kiss him before he gets a chance to.
After kissing some composure back into him and the shakiness out, you smile at him, admiring his emerald eye.
“That card game you talked about on the train – you still want to play?”
He seems to consider for a second before he decides, “no. I want to stay in your arms.”
You laugh and he blows a raspberry into your neck making you scream out and paw at him, trying to push him off. He laughs too before settling into your neck again. You’re tense though because you don’t trust him not to continue his shenanigans.
“Would you rather eat 20 worms or sleep in the mud for two nights straight?”
You’ve never seen his face rise so fast from your chest to give you the most confused and disgusted look you’ve seen him sport in a while. When you just look at him with a raised eyebrow, clearly waiting for a serious answer, he falls back down and breathes out.
“Would I have to eat all the worms at once? Or could I space them out over a time period?”
You laugh, “would you really rather eat one worm a week for 20 weeks than get it all over with?” and he groans, “well, I gotta know my options here!”
You stifle your laugh that’s threatening to boil back up and clear your throat, “you could take as long as you needed to eat them.” you decide thoughtfully and he chuckles, “then I’d rather eat 20 worms.”
You hum in reply, thinking it through. “How long would you spend eating them?”
“Hopefully 20 years.” he admits and you punch his shoulders, “hey! That’s cheating!”
He looks up at you with a pout, “but you just said I could take as long as I needed!”
“Yeah, but I didn’t mean like that!” you pout back at him and he groans at the absurdity of it all.
The rest of the evening continues on with more ridiculous questions like these, all making you both laugh and punch each other in the name of fairness. The questions continue long into the night where you both end up falling asleep, uncomfortably tangled into each other without any hope of a duvet because none of you wanted to get up and not touch each other.
Lavi hopes his actions are able to communicate what his mouth won’t ever be able to say out loud.
Tumblr media
I HOPE THESE FIT WHAT YOU HAD IN MIND MY LOVE<3 if not dont be afraid to lmk!!!! <3 i enjoyed immensely writing both of these and as i said up there ^ these are both works i wouldnt mind exploring more in-depth in a more longer type fic (still one shot)! 👀 but it probably would be just a bit darker/exploring the 'almost losing someone' trope deeper!!!
@the-cosmos-network 🌌
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meitantei-lavi · 6 months
well i guess i’m participating in the denver kohaku in january 
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uksqueeze · 2 years
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Squeeze performing Take Me I’m Yours on TOTP (1978)
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icharchivist · 1 year
also i finally got and downloaded the ff7r on my computer and i’m going to start playing it so i will disappear a bit (i’ll answer asks if i see i have them on my phone), but now i’m torn because i don’t know what to do
should i set my language to English since else i will have a hard time catching all of the dialogues due to the way subtitles don’t catch everything and my habit to zone out in the middle of reading some dialogues in video games so i need the dub back up
............ or in Japanese to get back to Takahiro Sakurai and Suzumura Kenichi on their first of many roles where they ruined my life. 
Decisions decisions, all wrong.
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mamachu · 1 year
Yandere profile - Ningguang
Tumblr media
I should probably be writing something else for once but I needed to get the ideas out 💁🏽‍♀️. I also tried writing more but u can see I gave up like halfway through for some of these
Not proofread, I die like a pussy
Template by @cinnamonest
Warnings: fem/afab reader, pronouns aren't mentioned however, Dubcon, noncon emotional abuse/manipulation, physical abuse, abuse of power, hints to anal (?)
What are they generally like? Lucid, aware? Obsessive? How do they behave?
-Ningguang is an incredibly perceptive yandere. Always 3 steps ahead of you, always able to create solutions to problems on spot if needed. Her yandere behavior won't appear immediately, at first she approaches you with normal courting methods- promises of luxury will sprout from her deceiving tongue as a way to swoon you.
-Under the assumption you reject these advances, Ningguang will have expected it. She actually considers it a good thing knowing this means you'll be harder to break down, exactly as she wants you.
-She eventually becomes aware of the obsession that sparks with you. Her patience begins to thin when she sees you interact with other Liyue residents, going on about your life. You're not of high class and don't have a good supporting job. She doesn't understand how you're so okay living in such a state, and it's what interests her about you at first.
How likely are they to kidnap their darling? How quickly will they do so?
-Straight up kidnapping is used as a last resort. There are many ways Ningguang can gently persuade you into staying with her in the Jade chamber, you can only refuse to let fate guide you for so long until it happens.
-suddenly your life becomes worse than its ever been- getting fired from whatever job you had originally, barely scraping by with any mora you can muster up at that point. When you sit to reflect on your options her eyes meet yours for only a second. The Tianquan only appears to be passing by to outsiders but you know she's trying to get to you- And if you're smart enough you'll give in to her as she pleases. Unless of course you'd prefer those debts to pile up.
-One of her assistants will send you the invoice and escort you directly to Ningguang to discuss your choices, but as you hear the soft lock of the door behind you, you'll know you won't be leaving anytime soon.
How difficult is it to escape from them? How do they keep you restrained? How do they deal with attempted escape? 
-Ningguang has her eyes and ears everywhere. She may keep you on a tight leash but you're still allowed momentary freedom around the harbor if you please, do well to not take advantage of this. Even simple commoners watch your every move, waiting on the chances to sell you out to her.
-Every attempt is another privilege taken away. Eventually you’ll only be allowed out of your room in the jade chamber at specific times, always under max supervision be it her most trusted assistants or Ningguang herself. She completely isolates you from everyone else for what feels like hours, you can plead as much as you want but what's been decided has been done. Let this punishment be your reminder to get your act together- or she'll strip you of the things you love most without a second glance.
How easy are they to trick, deceive, or manipulate?
-Goodluck trying to out-manipulate the manipulator. She understands your goals and simply ignores whatever attempts you have at deceiving her, the rare moments where she does hear you out only end in the situation turning on yourself.
How lenient are they? What privileges can you have, and what will you be denied?
-As mentioned in the escape section, as long as you're being supervised you may still venture within the harbor. Ningguang has the resources to keep you on her leash regardless of where you go so it isn't considered that big of a deal. She knows you're smart enough to not try and leave Liyue with all the eyes so ready to turn you in.
-You're treated so well as long you behave, dressed in lavish clothing and properly taken care of daily. You'll never have to worry about any financial state while you stay with her. Listen to her rules correctly and get rewarded with whatever you please.
How do they deal with rivals, or perceived rivals? Will they get rid of them? Will they kill them themselves, or find another way?
-Ningguang has no reason to get her hands dirty. Everyone knows that she owns you, nobody is stupid enough to make any advances on you. Ningguang is confident enough in her own ability to manipulate people, they all fall so easily under the pressure of money.
-Even if it ever does come to that much of an extreme, Ningguang still has her ways to make people disappear without any suspicion. Happy little accidents happen to those who get too close.
How easy is it to make them mad? What does their anger look like?
-It's almost annoying how hard it is to truly get her to show signs of genuine anger. You're never in possession of anything you can break or take away from her (at least not easily), and she perceives your harsh and damaging words as ways to try and get at her.
-Your actions are seen as temper tantrums and never taken seriously, she'll mockingly coo at you as if you're a disobedient child in need of a lesson on your behavior. It's not as if you're her enemy so why bother wasting any exertion on you?
-But she'll definitely become annoyed if it happens too often. Why won't you give it up? Can't you see this is getting nowhere? It's a bit scary seeing how smiley she becomes, that crease in her eyebrows makes you slowly back away. Perhaps you've dug yourself too deep.
Do they see you as above them, beneath them, or equal to them?
-It hurts seeing how she treats you so lowly, almost as if you were more of a pet, a dog to be exact. She considers you below her in every shape and form yet yearns to chase you and take you as hers. It confuses you to no end but it's better to not press her on the subject. She gives you enough as it is even for your status and yet all you do is disobey her.
-It's better to keep your mouth shut. Just nod and smile when you receive your gifts, rest your head softly on her lap while you sit at her feet to show you're truly obedient. Her hand will sew themselve nicely through your thoughtless head.
How determined are they for you to love them? How hard will they try to make it happen? Or are they content just having you?
-Ningguang understands herself that you'll never truly love her. All the riches and gifts thrown your way were always ploys to try and brainwash you. She hopes that one day, you finally submit and give your entire being to her.
-She'll crack you down piece by piece until you've been fully stripped of any will to reject her. Every puppy needs it's training and she'll have you pliant and loving for her soon enough.
Bonus: Is there anything that makes them unique, in comparison to other yanderes?
-Probably how lenient she can be with you. Most yanderes wouldn't even want you stepping foot out their doors- yet Ningguang has enough confidence to keep track of your whereabouts even if not closely near her.
Nsfw warning
General perverseness: how sexual of a person are they? What’s their drive like? How touchy do they get? Do they have any reservations about sexuality?
-Ningguang's touch is always lingering on your skin, her calloused fingers will move aside the silk that hides you and dig in as if you were some meal served on a platter. It's never often yet it happens everytime she truly has you to herself. She provides so much for you, it's in your right to serve her when you can. Use your mouth when you sit beneath her as she focuses on her work and you'll be rewarded handsomely afterwards. Maybe she'll feel generous enough to take you properly.
-Generally speaking, despite how self centered she can be, Ningguang prefers to indulge only when she sees that you're needy for her. She takes pride in knowing she got you like this, whether you admit or not, and it's taken as a sign you're finally giving in to her.
How forceful are they? Do they care about your willingness?
-Don't make her have to disregard your wants completely, it's better to bow with compliance and let her do as she pleases. She is the one in power and shouldn't have to tell you twice.
-Disobedience always comes with discipline. It's fine, she'll act like she cares about whether or not you comply and give you a closed eye smile walking away. Perhaps you just need a little push. You don't notice how she's snuck something into your tea until that tightening feeling makes it way down in between your legs and your eyes start to gloss over. Ningguang smiles so slyly as you crawl your way to where she sits.
What sort of kinks or fetishes do they have, or would they fill?
-You'll feel like a pet. More specifically a dog. Ningguang loves having you sit at her feet with your head gently rested on her thighs. It doesn't matter what you're doing during this position, whether it be sexual or not, it still manages to turn her on. The feeling of having you below her sends her on a power trip. She wants to see more of your obedience and all of your reactions to her requests.
-of course it's not as if you have to grovel at her feet like a dog all the time. Ningguang enjoys dressing you up, the finest satin and silk patterns all created for your leisure. She wouldn't want you looking some person of poor status after all, especially not next to herself. But her favorite part about it has to be the way you look in it underneath her. The clothe is always made see-through enough for her own personal viewing. She likes watching you do mundane tasks around her quarters as she pretends to be focused on her own work. You don't catch the little smirk she has whenever you bend slightly over to adjust the uncomfortable clothing.
How do they feel about pregnancy or babies? Do they want them?
-Ningguang herself doesn't dwell into the topic of children often. She may see them as too much to handle and they may get in the way of her work, handling you on it's own is already enough anyways...
What kind of (nsfw) punishments would they use?
-In her opinion, her methods are quite old fashioned but they work. She'll have you sit on your knees apologizing profusely with tears flowing out of your eyes, hoping to get at least some kind of sympathy out of her yet it all goes in vain once you feel the harsh crack of the riding crop on your bare skin. Sometimes she'll make you count for how many ways you've upset her- letting the treatment get harder everytime you mess up or stumble on your words.
-This one is a bit more painful, having yourself stretched out on her own self made rocks. She'll restrain you before she does it, letting your cries fall on death ears as she inserts it in. How big it is and where it goes depends entirely on the thing you've done to displease her, which varies often so pray you haven't gotten yourself caught on a particularly hard day of hers.
What body parts of their darling do they like the most?
-Ningguang wouldn't be able to decide, there's so much of you to mark and love. It depends on her mood, maybe your legs stand out the most to her a specific night- or maybe your wrists look too good being restrained that way. Either way she'll always cherish whatever part it is as if it were the rarest delicacy of her findings.
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Do you mind talking more about Raph and/or Lavinia? i really like what I've seen of them so far in your au
I can talk about them, yes!! :D I don't know exactly what u want to know especifically, but I can rant about their hobbies for a bit :] Lavinia loves to play the violin, she learned on her own - hurting everyone's ears in the process - and she likes to play silly songs to her siblings. Another hobby is to take pictures with a old polaroid Donnie fixed and has tons on pics in her room, and her camera roll is filled with random shots of her family and friends, she likes to show 'em off like-
Lavi: Here's Raph with a pigeon, Raph with two pigeons, pops napping on the couch, Dondon doing cartwhells, Raph with three pigeons-
Thanks to that, she constantly has to ask Donnie to help her open more space in her phone without erasing anything - like some old lady would do. She also has video recordings of Mikey making cooking "tutorials", her and Donnie making silly dances and Raph's process of getting used to his new metal shell.
She also loves to watch old sci-fi movies and anime, her favorite type is the magical girls !!
Raphael's favorite thing is to spar with Donnie and Mikey, since they're all crackheads and always go 100% with eachother, he always ends up very sore but extremelly happy to roughhouse with his siblings. He also loves to sew and knit, him and Splinter do it together since he was small and it's a very relaxing activity to them - and a way to vent his anger and frustration into art.
When Raph goes to knit something, there's a 99% chance of Mikey to appear out of nowhere to make him silent company, sometimes painting his own things or on Raph's shell.
Raph and Donnie also hang out, mostly on the lab hearing extremelly loud music and singing like two maniacs while Don works on his things. They sometimes even play instruments together, sharing the eletrical guitar and the drums.
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sunjakes · 5 months
enhypen members as mini playlists
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
genre: fluff word count: 187 a/n: drafted this at like 1am so i could give y’all smth before i finally drop my sunghoon fic 😭 i hope these playlists make sense to y’all bc they all feel so enha to me
↪︎ lee heeseung 이희승
too much to dream - allie x golden - cory wong feat. cody fry love - dean feat. syd four - daisy never gonna be alone - jacob collier feat. lizzie mcalpine and john mayer saviour - jacob collier
↪︎ park jongseong 박종성
enmu - haze let me let you go - one ok rock never - mag.lo feat. o_super baby turns blue - virgin prunes girls & boys - blur it’s not living (if it’s not with you) - the 1975
↪︎ sim jaeyun 심재윤
wasteurtime - kevin walkman pretty boy - the neighbourhood the adults are talking - the strokes fangs - matt champion pink bubblegum - lavi kou tungs - the frights
↪︎ park sunghoon 박성훈
ditto - newjeans two birds - regina spektor then, now and forever - cnblue rises the moon - liana flores lady - official hige dandism daydreaming - daisy
↪︎ kim sunoo 김선우
sunkissed - khai dreams 突然 do love me! - hkt48 strawberry blond - mitski dance, baby! - boy pablo girlfriend - hemlocke springs lovefool - n.flying
↪︎ yang jungwon 양정원
buttercup - jack stauber mercury - steve lacy someone to spend time with - los retros notion - the rare occasions on the way - nct dream homage - mild high club
↪︎ nishumura riki 西村力
wachito rico - boy pablo u - millennium parade different state of mind - kid bloom runaway - dios hikiniku - haze restore the feeling - daniel caesar feat. sean leon and jacob collier
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timotheechallamets · 9 months
so i recently hit 2k followers and i honestly can’t believe it. my blog is a multifandom mess and the fact that so many of u put up with seeing me on ur dashes is amazing and heartwarming. whether u follow me for a specific reason (little women and amylaurie, the americans, baseball, films, timmy, etc.) or just like the ~vibes~ here, i truly love each and every one of u and appreciate u so, so much.
i’m not gonna do any specific celebration, but if u want me to gif something specific/have a concept for a set/playlist/etc. u want me to work on, just drop it in my inbox and i’d be more than happy to take a shot at it!
shoutout to all the blogs i follow (check out my blogroll!), but especially to my mutuals:
@addtothebeauty @adoregrimes @adriannafrench @akamatthewmurdock @amylauries @an-ivy-covered-summer @andweareunderway @andy-clutterbuck @arcticsnow @ballpitwitch @bananaleaves @bone-daddy22 @boyegcs @boyz-4now @cadetuhura @captainscrosby @chellepo @cinnamoncowboy @chiefbrody @codenameraptor @cononeills @crazyplantkatie @daitoshotolbm @danhalen @demcter @dimitribelikxv @dizzycat2000 @eltonhjohn @evamadryas @floencepugh @genshimada @gleggie @glenn-rhee @hanniballecters @inbar-lavi @jemmaannesimmons @joekeerys @joseph-quinns @keanuu @lahnoirdiary @leilakayy @leodykes @lovelacegsl @machonnes @madeline-kahn @mafaldinablabla @maruader @michellelabelle36 @missbones @mytatertotslove @natashalyonne @nathaliepechalats @nessa007 @notabadday @notthebigspoon @octaveleap @okoyechonne @peachyoctober @pitchburgh @raulcastillos @richonnesokoye @rick-grimess @sentichefuoripiove @shelbyrose26 @shewasprayingphilip @spartyzgirl @spockasmr @thanksjustloooking @thewintersoldier @thefamousfuzzydaddygrimes @timotheechalamets @ttimothee @topsee-turvee @uptownhags @walkingwolff @we-were-all-kipnises @whatelsecanwedonow @youledmehere @yyermseul @zackcollins
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one-strange-train · 25 days
Cinno: HOLY 2008-G YOU ALRIGHT!? (Rosaline) ouch that must've hurt you okay? *Lavender/ lavi in the background* (lavi/lavender) HOLY I SAW THAT FROM HERE!
Tumblr media
2008-G: A…………sleepy………………and….cold……………..
Rosaline: 2008-G..? 2008-G!?!?!??? Hey HEY!!!!
Cinno: 2008-G? U Good??
Rosaline: Oh god..! Don’t sleep! 2008-G! Don’t! (Punch 2008-G) sleep! (Punch again…)
2008-G: ow… what……….?(really sleepy voice)
Rosaline: Just don’t F##king SLEEP!!!!
2008-G: (sleep)
Rosaline: oh GOD!!!!!!
Cinno: ah…. Wait! Where is Mackenzie??
Mackenzie: Ow.. my… head……. Huh? Why do I taste blood? Wait-
OH GOD 2008-G!!
Cinno: Mackenzie plz do something!!
Mackenzie: Okay okay! Hang on..!
Um….. (pet 2008-G….(?) )
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
2008-G: huh?
Mackenzie: 2008-G! Are you okay?
2008-G: wha- what just happen? Why my body doesn’t cold anymore? How?
Mackenzie: God! Your alive!!!!
Cinno: I thought your just dead!
2008-G: ??? (Don’t know what’s happening.)
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metiredlr · 4 months
Allen: we really gotta go on this mission rn
Lavi: wait a second let me just do my hair *messes up hair using both hands and pulls up bandana til my forehead* ok done lets go *walks away*
Allen: *gasp* I always wondered how u did that
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alienaiver · 1 year
OMG a blog that does DGM!!! Could I get some random relationship headcanons of lavi please? I miss him🥺
YEYE HELLO!!!!  and god you and me boTH 😭😭 i want him back asap blease<3 (and in one piece THANKS)
i kept these fluff and in a modern!au kind of setting but it’s kinda free (real estate)
wordcount: 554 words warnings: none, cute fluff to ignore canon</3, genderneutral reader!
Tumblr media
When Lavi falls in love, he falls hard
The first time he actually realizes he's in love with you is because he gave Bookman a list of symptoms he experienced and asked if there's any rare diseases where these would make sense (he hadn’t made the connection yet that you were the common denominator because sometimes he had the “symptoms” when he was with your entire friend group and not just you.)
Lavi's also a little bit of a coward, romantically - because he's a dork and inexperienced in flirting
So it takes him a while to really start flirting with you, and when he does, it’s chaotic as heck
The first long list of pick-up lines he throws at you are hand-picked from hours of research (most of them fall flat or just straight up confuses you) and he even throws three or four in within the same 30 minutes out of sheer panic that they don’t seem to be working!
He loves playing with hair -  any length!! You’ve fallen asleep on the couch with him and when you wake up, his hand is still massaging your scalp gently. You turn around slightly, expecting to be met with his emarald eye and one of his warm smiles but instead, he’s sleeping peacefully, his hand still running along your scalp gently.
Whenever you have an outing together, Lavi LOVES when you pick his outfit. Not because hes a fashion disaster, he’s got a basic and decent taste (but his color match-ups are sometimes atrocious)
He just feels a sense of pride when he’s walking around town with you in an outfit you picked, that you think suits him (also boosts his ego and makes him feel a little bit handsome<3)
OBVIOUSLY doesn’t mind making them himself if you’re busy or don’t want to, but it’s an act that makes him feel a bit special
Proudly tells everyone you meet that you’re dating. He went with you to a work dinner once and told them that you’re together - they all nodded and one of your co-workers answered with a confused, “we know..?”
Lavi knows every single one of your comfort foods and drinks for every kind of occasion - you’re feeling sad and down? Let him run to the store real quick and he’s back with everything that might cheer you up - including your favorite comfort movie at the ready. You’re pissed off and frustrated about something? He’s already made you that hot beverage you like as he gently massages your shoulders and let’s you get it out of your system!
His favorite past time is reading aloud for you. He’s never really read aloud for anyone like this, so it feels extremely intimate to him and he fought through a blush the entire first time he did it, poor boy was stuttering through the first chapter until he got more comfortable (because you grabbed his free hand and squeezed.)
His favorite animals are foxes, because they’re in his favorite color, so he’s definitely gotten you and him matching fox kigurumis!
Lavi can't sing clean to save his life, but when you're cuddled up close in bed and he gruffly almost whisper-murmurs out lullabies that Allen taught him, it feels like home and you fall asleep with a smile on your face
Tumblr media
THANK YOU FOR REQUESTING <3 i hope these are to your liking !! lmk if you'd like more, i love doing anything d gray man 🥹🥹🧡🧡
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ihaveblackwings · 1 year
Hi hi! U are amazing btw, I’m happy to see more dgm stuff here <3
How would the main 3 react if their s/o is being cat called? Sadly I get cat called a lot ( just like most women ) and uhm, I guess I send this because of my need to feel protected? I guess? I rlly don’t know how to explain I’m so sorry aaa.
Anyways I wish u a good day! Can’t wait to see more of ur works!
You don’t need to apologize. I’m just sorry that this keeps happening to you sweetie. I hope this makes you feel better. 💙
He’s a little stunned at first, confused to if he actually just heard that. But he wastes no time pulling you safely in the opposite direction of the cat caller, essentially putting himself between the two of you.
Allen is a true gentleman, he’s yelling at the cat caller, saying you don’t treat people like that, and ready to throw hands. He’s learned a lot from Cross and disrespecting women isn’t one of them. He’s truly upset by the situation.
You’ll most likely have to pull him away and tell him you just want to leave. One look at you though is enough to pull Allen to his senses. His whole face softens at the sight of you. He’ll grab your hand, giving it a reassuring squeeze, and pull you along to your favorite spot.
He’s annoyed that this is happening but thinks the best solution is to ignore the cat caller. Kanda does notice the effect their words have on you. He’ll place his arm around your shaking figure and whisper to you to not to let them get to you. However, if you give him a look, Kanda won’t hesitate to pull his sword on them.
Once you’re far enough away from the situation, Kanda will ask you if you’re alright. Upon seeing that you are clearly not, he’ll take you home.
At home, Kanda will make you some tea to help you relax. He’ll grumble about how he should have shredded them while he sits down with you pulled into his arms.
Lavi notices them before you do, the predatory like stare and the sly smirk. He’s seen how this plays out and he hates it a little more each time.
As the cat caller approaches, words ready on their tongue, Lavi pulls you into his chest. You’re a bit confused. He’s got one hand on your waist and the other over your ear while the other ear is pressed into his jacket. It’s all muffled so you can’t really hear what’s being said. However, you can feel the booming in Lavi’s chest and you know he’s not happy.
It’s hard to tell but you catch it out of the corner of your eye, someone walking away and Lavi relaxes. You ask him what’s going on but he just smiles and says it’s nothing.
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kandayuu · 1 year
hey good morning im here again and wanted to make a post about why i think the relationship between allen and lavi is so enjoyable to see, whether u see it as romantic or platonic, and i think it has to do with how they bring the kid out of each other
reading dgrays it’s rly easy to get caught up in the tough situations and inner and outer conflicts each character is going through and the big picture and the war theyre fighting etc etc but what i keep seeing whenever lavi and allen interact is how they each bring out each other’s playfulness and stubborness and yeah theyre fighting these horrible monsters but theyre competing to see who killed more and using rock paper scissors to decide who has to crack open a coffin and getting each other into trouble and laughing at each other and
when they do it’s hard to forget that these are two teenagers who care about each other and their friends in a time when it’s really hard to do so. And it’s both enjoyable and sad because it really reminds you that these are kids fighting in a war. and theyre constantly desperately grasping any opportunity for levity ;v;
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biblicalhorror · 4 months
tagged by @chasingfictions - tag 9 people you want to get to know better (thank u for tagging me 🩷)
1. three ships: this is the hardest question idk! Probably in terms of ships I've been Thinking About the most lately I'd have to go with Coffy btvs, SamFrodo lotr and Leatin the wilds
2. first ship: probably also zutara. Lol
3. currently listening: I've had Saskwatch's entire discography on repeat this morning but specifically the Nose Dive (2014) album
4. last movie: I think it may have been like 2 or 3 weeks ago when my bf and I watched the Mitchells vs the Machines. It was cute 💙
5. currently reading: so many different things lol I have a v hard time finishing books. The Power by Naomi Alderman, Braiding Sweetgrass by Robin Wall Kimmerer (almost done with that one), A Court of Roses and Thorns by Sarah J. Maas, Becoming Dangerous (various authors), I've also technically started The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo but I haven't picked it up in months lol
6. currently watching: My bf and i have been (re)watching Gravity Falls, him for the first time and I've seen bits and pieces but not all of it, so that's been fun! We've also been rewatching Community but we both might as well have the whole thing memorized
7. currently consuming: coffee and some (mildly burnt) blackberry cheesecake brownies I made last night
8. currently craving: hmmm. Noodles I think. Idk what kind though. Maybe spicy teriyaki with some tofu and broccolini and peppers
People I'd like to get to know better/ppl i know well but should do this anyway: @mustlikemeforme @sweetrevelation @sweetwateriver @meitantei-lavi @breathtakinglymiraculous @moonwitchery @mythris @questionablespecies @nightowlin
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cyancherub · 7 months
cass this is lavi/arte ex lelacrimosae this one's my new acc ehe I HOPE YOU'VE BEEN DOING WELL AND HOW ARE YOU HOLDING UP NOW THAT OUR MAN AKI IS ANIMATED?
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