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It's unlikely this will reach many people so please vote, I'm conducting a little experiment, does gender correlate to attraction? Anyslay, the question is do you find Orlando Bloom more attractive as Legolas or Will Turner (also lesbians and straight men please answer this)
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Baby Leggy
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teamblck · 10 hours
i am a simple woman i see a man with platinum blonde/white hair and i start gnawing at the bars of my enclosure
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What if silvan parties can last for a decade, but you don’t notice bc for firstimers it’s the equivalent of an acid trip (a very fun acid trip, but an acid trip none the less) and they think it ended after only, like, one evening. Only for someone to tell them that “you do know you were at that party for 10 years, right? Like, you’ve been out of contact and commision for a decade.”
And the visitors slowly get an existential crisis bc “what do you mean it’s been 10 years!?!”
It’s like waking up from a coma, but instead of being unconscious you’re partying.
It doesn’t affect the silvans, they’re fully aware that they’re partying for years on end, but that’s bc they grew up with it, they’re desensitized.
However, the first few times an outsider goes, it’s one of the weirdest experiences in their life.
It’s largely due to the environment a silvan party creates.
They take place within Greenwood, which is an acid trippy place in and of itself as a defense mechanism. Add onto this potent food and drinks, as well as the lowkey magic the silvans produce as a result of their dancing and feasting, and it’s like the guests consumed drugs that make it near impossible to maintain coherency.
Elladan and elrohir, the first time at a silvan party:
Elladan: *after the party ended* that was really fun, i’m kinda dissapointed it ended so soon though.
Elrohir: right? I thought that the famous silvan feasts would at least last a few days, not just one night.
Legolas: dude, we’ve been partying for ten years, what more do you want?
Elrohir: hold on-
Elladan: WHAT-?
The twins return to imlardis
Elrohir: WTF??
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nihilizzzm · 1 day
The Lord of The Rings but the Fellowship are just regular guys just playing DnD.
I would read the shit out of fanfiction like this
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everyonebattle · 2 days
Tumblr media Tumblr media
what do the submitters have to say about them?
Legolas(Lord of the Rings, specifically the books)
silly and high energy little guy who cares a lot about plants
Girl has an increasingly rough life, give her something
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okilokiwithpurpose · 2 days
Here comes a Gigolas AU for your consideration:
Arranged Marriage AU with a twist - the twist being that both Legolas and Gimli's parents are opposed to said marriage (sorry if it already exist!! i tried!).
Let me explain: to mend the relationships between Elves and Dwarves, some sort of High Council decides a wedding is the best option and, given their respective ages, the importance of their families and who knows how many other criteria, Gimli and Legolas are considered the best candidates. Glóin and Thranduil are absolutely opposed to it. Gimli and Legolas are not that keen on the idea either, but they decide to accept nonetheless (for the "Greater Good" and all that). This could include:
Their parents trying until the last minute to dissuade them
The awkward first meeting on the Wedding Day
The awkward first days/weeks not knowing what to talk about
The walking on eggshells, the stiff politeness, and the first time one of them let it all out that "they never asked to be there" and "they wish someone else had been chosen to play this farce."
Then getting to know each other, getting more comfortable around each other, slowly moving on from averse strangers to easy acquaintances (...to friends?)
Tasting each other's food - some they may be surprise to actually enjoy, other...not so much (and the visible effort to pretend t's "fine" or "very interesting" making the other laugh)
Gimli introducing drinking games to Legolas - and being amazed by Legolas' ability to hold his drink. Legolas discovering dwarven ale and Gimli discovering elven wine.
Gimli gifting/making jewelry for Legolas out of shining stones and the finest gold and silver (maybe trying to get inspiration from elven jewelry or going for a composite style)
each getting impressed by the other's fighting abilities (in training or on field)
Gimli admitting he does appreciate the softness of elven silk
Legolas admitting the deep harmony of dwarven songs captivate him
Both of them starting to properly enjoy their companionship and starting to fall in love
The time it takes them to come to realise it, and discover the feeling is mutual
How hard it becomes for each of them to visit/have relatives visiting and having to hear their friends and family pity them for "having to live with such a vile/disgusting/untrustworthy creature"
How bewildered Glóin/Thranduil get when their sons one day snaps at them, because "This is my husband you're talking about!!"
The decision a self conscious Gimli may once make to "accommodate his looks", using product to make his hair smother, straighter, his skin softer, changing his clothes (and maybe even -gasp- shaving his beard?), in an attempt to appear more desirable from an elve standpoint - and Legolas answering he finds Gimli beautiful with both looks, but that he prefers the one Gimli feels comfortable with
The inevitable schemes from people this wedding inconveniences (for political, cultural or personal reasons) who wish to separate them and are furious to see how close those two have become...
...and if they can't manage to pull them apart figuratively, they would have to go for a more literal type of separation (that is to say: abduction...or worse)
Gloin or Thranduil lowkey rejoicing that his son-in-law has been removed from the equation (which doesn't mean they have anything to do with it), for it means his son his free!
Gloin or Thranduil who also doesn't understand his son's eagerness to find and bring their spouse back, and how sad and broken they appear to be... (maybe both can finally come to realise how important Gimli and Legolas have become for each other and help in order for their sons to be happy!)
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lotrobsession · 2 days
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thranduilswifesblog · 24 hours
Little Legolas : the only B word I ever say to my father is beautiful, RIGHT BITCH!
Thranduil : LEGOLAS-
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teitho · 20 hours
We are very excited to be back with a new Teitho challenge for December/January!
Our challenge this time is SNOW.
Where will you take us with this prompt? Mountain peaks or cruel Caradhras? The frozen terrain of the Helcaraxë?
Or perhaps the snowy fields of Rohan. A blizzard in the Shire. Winter at the Havens.
Bundled up inside or braving the elements? A gentle fall of snow or a winter storm? Or perhaps snowed in?
It’s all up to you and we can’t wait see what you have for us this time!
Please submit your stories before January 31, 2024, to [email protected].
Happy Writing!
lotrfan and Sian22
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indeedgoodman · 2 days
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manda-panda-monium · 8 months
Tumblr media
I see no lies.
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blumineck · 10 months
When one arrow isn't enough...
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oceanbirds · 1 year
why did they ever even attempt to try and make another actor wear a white-blonde wig after orlando bloom in the lotr trilogy. don’t they understand that we peaked 20 years ago and everything else has looked like shit after that
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