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fisheem4mmal · 3 days
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Happy 3rd Anniversary Twisted Wonderland!!
I can't believe I kept up with twst for so long and I'm excited for what's to come, it feels like it's just beginning!
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cupids-chamber · 2 days
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— INTRODUCING THE CONCUBINES / CONSORTS + others ♡. The first part and it's over 1k words hahdk
Tumblr media
. LEONA KINGSCHOLAR ; The second prince of the neighboring country; married the emperor for what is presumed to be diplomatic reasons; he has his entire family's support and backing, allowing for the utmost comfortable experience. Though many assume Leona married into the harem for political reasons alone; Leona had many more prominent and dignified proposals that he had denied blatantly in the past and his family had never truly pushed him to get married- his brother preferred giving him freedom and free will… and yet he married into the harem? An union which was more than unlikely to be accepted by the lion?.. Why would he agree to this marriage.. Could there be a reason? 
. RIDDLE ROSEHEARTS ; Riddle comes from a high ranking family; his family owns multiple pharmacies and is a known name in the medical district, his family has treated royalty and many other foreign diplomats in the past; originally he had no plans in joining the harem, despite being a palatable candidate for a high ranking position, the stories and fights he’s heard of in the past, regarding the harem made him decide that it was better off marrying into a normal noble family then royalty; but per his mothers request he joined into the brutal playground that is the royal harem, thankfully his unique magic puts him at a advantage in any fights that may occur. 
. JADE/FLOYD LEECH ; Many say that twins are attached to the hip and would follow along everywhere the other goes; and this seems to be the case for this pair. The Leech family had been a pillar for the empire and helped the emperor for many years; they've played a role in imperial politics, hand in hand with the emperor for multiple generations by now. Though many could argue the pair married into the imperial family to strengthen the relationship and political bond between the two families; in reality only one son marrying into the family would have the same effect.. So why did the pair decide on such a decision?
. TREY CLOVER ; Trey’s family owns the emperor's favorite bakery; Trey fell for the emperor at a young age, even among first sight. Yet he remains blissfully unaware and in denial of his feelings for the emperor, burying them deep into the enraptures of his heart. He enters the palace as a concubine and before this entire ordeal he’d send baked goods to the emperor, preferably the emperor's favorites with recommendations of other sweets they should try; he’d continue sending these baked goods to the emperor after his entry in the palace; which in return allowed him to gain the emperor's favor quickly.
. KALIM AL ASIM ; A wealthy mercenary heir, of the biggest mercenary there is. Kalim was brought up as a candidate for the emperor's official partner; and for some peculiar reason he agreed to join the harem. Reasons of interest are unknown and even his parents were shocked when he decided so, but the public is quite interested in knowing why the ever so charming heir of what seems to be one of the richest- if not richest families around, married into the royal family's brutal playground. 
. JAMIL VIPER ; Background is unknown; ?????.. information unattainable. 
. YUUKA ; Emperor's closest companion, personal guard, and childhood friend. Seems to know a lot about the emperor and their whereabouts, quite a few concubine candidates contacted them in advance and tried paying her for information- but her loyalty resulted in her denying all offers. The emperor reaches out to her for advice and care, onlookers describe their relationship to be too close for comfort.
. YUUKEN ; One of the emperor's most trusted guards and close comrades; the pair became friends in childhood as they studied under the same teacher/mentor, their friendship continued to blossom and strengthen over the upcoming years and into the emperor's youth. The two can be spotted alongside Yuuka, another close companion, having tea in the garden. Though these meetings occur less nowadays as the Emperor, the pair of guards become all the more busier. 
. CHE'NYA ; Che’nya often finds himself sneaking into the gardens of the imperial palace; these visits increased when the new emperor was crowned, as the palace being in a stir allowed his visits to be more frequent and carefree. However recently he was caught on his expeditions by the emperor themselves, this channeled a sort of cat and mouse relationship between the pair. Che’nya could have gotten an higher rank in the harem, yet only decided to send his application in after he met the emperor in the garden; due to his curiosity, but the late application only earned him the role of a concubine. (Which he was fine with) 
. VIL SCHOENHEIT ; Originally a candidate for the position of the Emperors official spouse and was planning on giving up the role after hearing of the Emperors announcement; yet pushed for the role of an Imperial consort after hearing that his longtime rival would be joining the harem. He has a strong backing as a high ranking court official's only child. He’s confident in his abilities and can make some devilishly succulent tea; though he prefers not doing manual labor and focusing more on skills he finds to be useful and not minor. 
. NEIGE LEBLANCHE ; Had seen the emperor before while they were still training to become an heir and wasn’t yet crowned as the heir to the throne. At the time he was told to keep a distance from them, and Neige was raised in a strict military family; so he complied easily. However, he claims from the very first day he laid his eyes on the emperor, that it was true love and as such he convinced his parents to send in a letter of recommendation for him; though it would be a challenge to say the least, Neige’s strong backing allows him to be accepted easily. Thankfully he has company, as his childhood friend Vil will also be entering the palace.
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— THE CONCUBINE GAME !! ♡. Synposis ; After many months of persuading, the emperor, Y/N L/N had finally agreed to take in a select few concubines and consorts—not an official partner.. but concubines. This caused an uproar in court; however the emperor promised to choose an official partner; amongst the crowd of concubines and consorts.. Who will the emperor choose?
— taglist ♡ ; @corvids-treasure-box , @queerlordsimon , @treytheslay , @syl-lithy , @liris--noir , @dxmoness , @oogly-oogly , @ravenlking ,@sarah22447 , @merurishi , @gyarunie , @nerdy-simp-7120 , @love-sicklesbian , @islander-posts , @the-dumber-scaramouche , @lunavixia , @senpaiofotome , @sophiethewitch1 , @voasprofile , @dotster001 , @aviagax , @eriislost , @twst-writer , @the-fox-of-the-eclipse , @yandere-kou , @achy-boo , @deathbunnyluv , @despairingy-obsessed , @tiyoin , @mirai-in-the-headspace , @novaloptr , @rose-the-witch1 ,
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© cupids-chamber, do not repost, plagiarize, translate, or adapt my work without prior permission and or confirmation.
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forgwater · 3 days
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there's a new little guy in Savanaclaw
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ooffies · 2 days
Could I request headcanons of Jamil and Vil walking in on their female s/o bragging about them to the first years?
: I had so much fun writing this! Thank you for the request anon! Sorry for long wait I had mid-terms 😭. Also I added all the blot-buddies(?) because I felt inspired, I hope you don't mind! Hope you enjoy them!
❥─➤ Jamil, Vil, Leona, Malleus, Azul, Idia and Riddle x reader (separate)
❥─➤ warnings: none!
Tumblr media
Jamil Viper (flustered)
He’s never been this flustered before, like ever. He hears Kalim sing him praise for his talents all the time but that only makes him feel slightly annoyed. But hearing you talking so highly about him? His heart feels like it’s about to break out of his chest. He’s blushing from ear to ear for the rest of the day. Makes sure to invite you over once classes are done. He wants to express his gratitude to you and show how much he cares for you.
Tumblr media
Vil Schoenheit (proud/flattered)
Of course, you're bragging about him, who wouldn’t? He’s used to people singing him praise and boasting about his talent and beauty. But never has he felt so giddy from hearing someone talk about him. he’s got butterflies in his stomach hearing you talk so highly of him to your peers. He’s got a smile stuck on his face for the rest of day. Next time the two of you hang out he makes sure to pamper you with compliments and kisses.
Tumblr media
Leona Kingscholar (smug)
He’s already got a shit-eating smirk on his face as soon as he overhears you. His herbivore singing him praise is a massive boost to his ego. He’s attached to your hip for the rest of your day. He’ll try to get you to skip class to be with him. He’ll have his tail lightly wrapped around your thigh or hand, letting everyone know for the millionth time you're his. It’s kind of his own way of bragging about you.
Tumblr media
Malleus Draconia (falls in love all over again)
He practically falls in love with you all over again anytime he hears you speak a single good word about him. He’s all over you for the rest of the day, giving you as much affection as possible. He’s trying so hard to hide the fact that he overheard your bragging but after five minutes of being with this overjoyed man it’s pretty obvious what happened.
Tumblr media
Azul Ashengrotto (blushing mess #1)
Acts all smug when he confronts you and the freshmen but once they leave he’s blushing from head to toe. He can barely form a sentence as he tries to give thanks to you for being such a great partner. But he can’t help but ask if you actually think that highly of him. Once you reassure him he’ll become a blushing mess all over again. Will treat you to a special dinner at lounge that night to make sure you know how thankful he is to be yours.
Tumblr media
Idia Shroud (over the moon)
On the outside he was an absolute embarrassed wreck after hearing you brag about him to Ace and Deuce. But on the inside he’s kicking his feet and giggling. His s/o bragging about him? Him out all people? God he doesn’t deserve you. He’ll make sure to show you more affection than he usually does next time you come over.
Tumblr media
Riddle Rosehearts (blushing mess #2)
Bright burning red as he scolds you and the Heartslabyul duo for “loitering around”. It’s very easy to tell that he’s flustered from overhearing your high praises of him. He drags you away for the troublesome duo, ranting about various things. Once you two are alone he thanks you for the kind words while still being as red as a rose.
Tumblr media
© ooffies 
Please do not repost or translate my work without permission and credit. Thank you!
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tfshouldidohere · 2 days
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dog-pulp · 2 days
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it’s nap time
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vaa-sya · 1 day
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draceempressa · 1 day
I remember people were discussing if twst is not about the biblical seven deadly sins, but about the seven social sins. Well, look and behold, each chapter does represent the social sins. Note that not all of them are comitted by the g7 incarnate of the chapter themselves, but do lead to their overblot somehow.
Chapter 1: Politic without Principle
Riddle actively reminds people his policy of the absolute-ness of the law, that the law, even on the smallest detail, must not be crossed. However, Riddle lacks a principe he have for himself, for his strict lawful policy was something his mother taught him, but not what he learn for himself.
Chapter 2: Pleasure Without Conscience
Leona enjoys power greatly, be it about his power of being a prince, or as a dorm head, with little to no regard to his responsibility, overusing power with no caring of the drawback. And when Lilia reminding him about that conscience, he overblots.
Chapter 3: Commerce Without Morality
Pretty explanatory, we know Azul makes his trades without feeling any sorry for his victim and gives so little about moral, that ends up backfires on him that , he can keep absorbing other powers, just, the container is too small and it makes him go overblot.
Chapter 4: Wealth Without Work:
Now, the sin itself is done by Kalim in which it led to Jamil overblot. Kalim does minimally for all of his clan's wealth that includes Jamil's family as their servants for generations, that he seemingly can get so many with so little work, and this makes Jamil envies Kalim so much.
Chapter 5: Worship without sacrifice.
Another chapter where the sin is done not by the overblot. Rook, in his worship of beauty, refuses to call out vil even once until he overblot for he enjoys the beauty of vil's mental breakdown (he actually spelled it out himself) , and neither did he make it clear which he will chose, neige or vil, not wanting to lose either of them.
Chapter 6: Science Without Humanity
Again this chapter is pretty self explanatory, Idia certainly create the new Ortho with little to no regard to humanity, and even then, as much he supplies Ortho with his hardware, he often unintentionally ignors Ortho's humane, emotional needs like going out with him.
chapter 7: knowledge without character.
Malleus, being a fae, possessed more knowledge about magic than the entire mortal civilization, with no mature character to properly manage said knowledge (and his immense raw power to actually do the magic to boot) , that emotionally, he is but a child throwing tanturms when things didn't go his way, but with all the knowledge and power to twist (heh) the world to his desires.
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thegoldenshi-shi · 8 hours
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Celtic Malleus talking with Egyptian Leona.
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datboredpencil · 2 days
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Ugh WIPs alongside schoolworks :’DDD Had a little art series going on with the Overblot bois (Idk the title yet, but we’ll get there eventually T^T) Tried to experiment with my painting style and kinda proud it’s turning out pretty well ^^ Welp, that’s 4 down, three more to go *passes out*
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siphoklansan · 3 days
Some TWST sketches I did today. I rarely draw in my sketchbook anymore because digital art is easier for me. You could undo, redo, fix the components. But traditionally you gotta erase everything and have a mental breakdown🧍‍♀️
Tumblr media
Malleus looks so done with life, I can hear Ruggie’s laugh, Epel being precious, Peepaw looks kinda weird, and chibi Leona
Tumblr media Tumblr media
I sketched (left photo) this in Japanese class since there was free time💔 I drew them from memory too. Jamil will be left unfinished forever. Also the weird lines on the second photo was supposed to be Leona but I got lazy
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Last but not least, a tiny doodle of Jade that I will probably redraw later when my screen is fixed. Also my TWST OC that I’ll be introducing soon<33 His name is Charin🌊
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bloomin-szn · 1 day
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gotta love rushed ass drawings
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silversparkz · 2 days
i just wanna… squish your posts 🥺 they’re so cute 🥺 can you perhaps draw lion!leona interacting with tsum!leona? or just lion!leona in general please 🥺❤️
thanks!! and sure! these tsums are too cute! 💕💕
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mysaldate · 1 day
More TWST positivity
Leona would make sure you rest plenty and that nobody interrupts your alone time.
Ruggie would teach you quick and cheap recipes so that you can save money and still enjoy a tasty meal.
Jack would carry you if you got hurt or tired and make sure you get to bed on time.
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hello! I saw that you opened requests ^^ if that's okay with you, I'd like to order some funny hdcns for the dorm leaders (if you want all except idia and kalim, since there are a lot of them) when mc decides to dress up as a bat for halloween because he thinks that that's cool and it means getting noticed ✨ but it ends up looking more funny than scary, even so, mc is proud of her costume and will spend her time proudly modeling everywhere because in her mind she still thinks she looks cool~ despite the laughs hehe thanks <3
Thank you for the request! The dorm leaders are probably going to be the exception to the 5 characters max rule.
How the dorm leaders would react to a reader who dresses up as bat for Halloween but it ends up more cute/funny than scary.
Tumblr media
Notes: gn reader, reader gets low-key bullied lol.
Riddle Rosehearts
🥀Doesn't hesitate to tell you your costume isn't scary when you try to startle him by jumping in front of him in the doorway when he was passing.
🥀This boy cannot read a room because he was sheltered his whole life.
🥀When he realises your feelings are hurt, he tries to make it up to you by helping you make it even more scarier.
🥀It's fruitless, but you have so much fun you don't mind.
Leona Kingscholar
🦁Your pout is cute, and he's not one to pass the chance to tease you.
🦁You would look cuter in a lion costume but that's just his opinion...
🦁Actually, now that he thinks about it, you look like one of those Diasomnia scums.
🦁Yeah his smuginess is tainted.
🦁If you wear little cat ears maybe he'll forgive you~
Azul Ashengrotto
🐙Acts cool but inside he's completely melting.
🐙Holy shit you're cute Holy shit you're cute Holy shit you're cute Holy shit you're-
🐙Honestly, you should monetize your cuteness.
🐙Wait it's supposed to be scary? Honey, he deals daily with the Twins. You've got nothing on him.
🐙But he can play along if you give him something in return~
Kalim Al-Asim
☀Immediately squeals and jumps high and down about how cute you are.
☀He stops when he sees your pout.
☀After you explain everything to him, he starts screaming in what's supposed to be fear, but he stills has his bubbly smile and demeanor.
☀So yeah, you're not convinced at all.
☀Jamil, however, runs into the room panicked. When he arrives he's not very happy and asks if you got your costume from the dollar store.
Vil Schoenheit
💅He recognises the efforts you put in your costume, but he simply cannot let you walk around in that ridiculous thing.
💅Still, you refuse to get it off. You made it yourself, you're keeping it on.
💅Since you're the only person who's more stubborn than him, he gives up eventually.
💅At least put some accessory to lessen this fashion atrocity!
Idia Shroud
🎮OMG you look like a cute anime character!!!!
🎮Now he just needs you on a body pillow.
🎮Actually, strike the pose, he IS putting you on a body pillow.
🎮That is if he has the courage to ask you. Because right now, his hair is bright pink and he isn't able to utter a word.
Malleus Draconia
🐉It's funny how you thought you could scare him, fufufu~
🐉But he'll let it slide since you're so cute.
🐉Others would also find you cute, but Malleus's stance beside you is enough to make them cower.
🐉He absolutely knows this, but he lets you live in the blissful impression of having a scary costume.
🐉Also god forbid someone tells you about it.
Hope you enjoyed it!
Have a good day/night!
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fanfic-gallery · 1 day
just one little pat!
Tumblr media
✎ leona kingscholar, ruggie bucchi, jack howl × gn! reader
"their reaction to you touching their ears and tail"
|| headcanon, fluff, crack
✎ manager's note:
Tumblr media
|| leona kingscholar
despises every bit of it
has or had threated to disintegrate any and all who dare to step a foot, even a mere inch, near him
don't even waste your efforts to concoct a 'master plan' in order to catch him off guard; been there, done that; unless you're his little nephew, the rate of your success is fairly low
strong reflexes, would pin you down in a heartbeat
tackled from behind? his tail has just enough strength to swat a regular sized human across a hallway; hurts like hell too, never pleasant
the process, tough maybe even traumatising to some, but the reward right after is one worth the struggle:
"..i can't believe this.." who ever planned this as a sick joke was as good as dead, but he already knows who's behind it all. the laughing of a howling hyena causing a deeper shade of rosy red to dust his cheeks, growing goosebumps on his tanned skin not apparent but fairly visible on closer inspection.
"poor mr kingscholar, whatever will he do to escape this predicament~" soft rumbles of purring increasing with each pat of his silky mane; tail swaying involuntary, thumping against the wooden flooring, mind wishing to be set free from this hellish torture yet body craving more of your warm touch.
"i'll have your head for this-" ruggie smirked, effortlessly brushing off eyes of green, laced with poison, glaring daggers at him. his body trembling from laughter yet still to prevent the measly lion from leaving his spot on the ground. you, of course, barely paid much mind to what displayed upon you, fingers ever so carefully caressing leona's fluff from head to toe. your squeals of excitement growing louder, grip on the housewarden's waist growing tighter.
Tumblr media
|| ruggie bucchi
embarrassing; more so humiliating
isn't very guarded but would be on high alert after the many many times you 'just-so-happened' to have your hand brush against his head
very flinch-y; would even pout a little if you continue to caresses him after his warnings
had used his signature spell against you; had you running around the campus like a mad-lad till your knees turned numb
wish for a certified way to get your daily in-take of serotonin? bribery. what did you expect?
though his price doesn't come cheap; better be prepare to have your wallet empty tonight
"erm.. 50 thaumarks..?" the hyena yawned, gloved hands fanning near the entrance of his mouth, tail swaying downwards feeling boredoms sinking its teeth into his bitter soul. 50? you had to be joking- why would he serve himself up to you for a measly 50 thaumark? you were already considered the 'lucky ones'; had it been anyone else, he would have marked up a fortune.
"i've already cut down your cost for the last time- 350 or nothing~" the frustration swirling within your eyes, the way you chewed at your bottom lip; it amused him. he could never understand why would be so desperate for a touch of his mane- absolutely ridiculous.
"ughhh- fine! j-just take it.. here- you happy now-" though he wouldn't say he didn't admired your determination.
"very!" ruggie grinned, fingers already dancing across the edges of light brown-ish paper, greed filling his pupils yet quickly dispersing when arms tackled him to the ground. his face planted against your chest with your hands already scratching at his scalp, upper limbs enwrapped trapped along with his body, leg entangled within yours. he wanted to yell, yell for you to let go- yet he forgot, he had already sold himself to you for the next hour~
Tumblr media
|| jack howl
he doesn't mind it actually
well, that was a bit of an understatement-
he doesn't mind, as long as you both are alone; likely staying within the privacies of each other's rooms; he still has his pride to keep after all
gets extremely red -and maybe has a piece of him die on the inside- if you touched him openly
has a very reactive wolf form; and is why he never transforms around near you; 'cause once he's caught- either of you would be willing to let go-
loves a scratch behind the ears and tummy rubsss; no touching the tail though- makes bby very uncomfortable
he wasn't known for having much in that empty head of his; just sports; yet he's not one to give up something without a proper fight even if it's just a couple pieces of paper with words sprouted across them. knowing he couldn't fight this battle alone, he searched you out; despite not having knowledge of any magic had excellent grades in every class, in his eyes at least.
you both got to work; having study session everyday till exams week. alongside much of what was taught within textbooks, he observed your love for patting his ears- he found it strange at first; your hands entangled within his mane, praising him with a 'good boy' with each right answer but he started enjoying it slightly. maybe it swelled his pride up or he likes the way your palm feels against him.
but he does know- he doesn't want anyone knowing about his little secret..
your hand grazing the back of his left ear as you cooed ever so sweetly; the paper rolled within your hand in a red circle, '68'. he knew it was a high improvement from his mid-years but you didn't have to reward him here- out in the open as well- the snickers of the two heartslabyul students was enough to get him all flushed.. he doubts he'll hear the end of this till the day he dies-
Tumblr media
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