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yurifies phantom of the opera .饢 輥 藮
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Nurse I think there might be something wrong with me
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average tumblr transbian interaction
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elesketchii 14 hours
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i propose: butch4butch charthur lesbians
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forest sex with ellie williams x fem!reader (nsfw 18+)
Tumblr media
this has been in my head for so long i have to get it out
it started with an innocent game of chase.
you and ellie were returning to jackson from a small patrol run, just the two of you. it was nice, spending a few days with your girlfriend in the solitude of nature.
you had decided to hide behind a tree and scare her as you walked through the forest together, just to tease her and get a laugh. after her heart calmed, her eyes narrowed and she took your jump scare as a challenge.
you took off through the trees, giggling with the widest grin as ellie chased behind you. you gained a distance on her, feet crunching on the leaves and branches underneath.
you stumbled into a clearing and glanced back, no ellie to be found. did you lose her? the forest was silent besides distant chirps of birds and occasional gusts of wind, tall pines looming above. your head snapped in a circle, trying to spot your huntress of a girlfriend in a maze of wood trunks.
a pair of calloused hands found your hips, making you gasp as a body pressed into you from behind. ellie nuzzled her chin into your neck, her lips level with your ear.
鈥済ot you.鈥 she whispered with that low rasp, her breath glazing across your nape. 鈥減retty little thing should鈥檝e known i鈥檇 catch her.鈥
a shiver ran down your spine before ellie pushed closer, her hips rutting against your ass. you immediately felt what she wanted you to feel, her strap concealed in her pants. she wore it at times that seemed random to you, but were calculated moments when she was waiting to pounce. how did you expect her to resist after that predatory hunt got her excited in all the right ways?
your eyes widened in surprise as ellie鈥檚 intentions became crystal clear. 鈥渆ls鈥斺 you began. she placed her hands on your shoulders, pushing you down to a kneel, then pressed her palm against your back. you were molded into an arch, with your face laying on the grass and ass up in the air.
鈥渞ight here?鈥 you whispered, craning your head back to see ellie鈥檚 dark eyes looking at you like a piece of meat. was this the same girl that peppered soft kisses down your neck every morning?
鈥渋鈥檒l take you wherever i want.鈥 she answered, before a sharp tear of fabric ripped through the air. your little denim shorts were split down the back, bringing a shocked gasp out of you and exposing your pink panties.
ellie hooked her fingers under the lacy hem and tugged your underwear down your thighs. an involuntary whimper escaped your lips when the cold, outside air hit your bare cunt.
鈥溾榬ed鈥 to stop.鈥 ellie paused, reminding you of your shared safe word. you quickly nodded in response, desperate for whatever she had planned next.
she leaned down and pressed her warm tongue to your clit, licking a stripe up your folds. you whined, curling your toes at the contact, and when she pulled away, you pushed your hips towards her, yearning for more.
鈥渟weetest pussy i鈥檝e ever fucking tasted. already desperate f鈥檓e, huh? oh, i can tell you are. already so wet鈥︹
you let out a shaky breath as ellie followed her tongue鈥檚 path with her finger, collecting your slick as proof of how much of a dirty slut you were for her.
you heard her fumble with her belt behind you, then her pants. you looked back to see she had pulled her jeans down just enough for her thick strap to slip out.
鈥渆llie, wai鈥斺 she pushed into you mid sentence, pulling an erotic moan from your lips. the purple silicone slowly entered your cunt, the veiny shaft stretching out your walls until she bottomed out inside of you.
鈥測ou want more? want me to fuck you?鈥 ellie leaned down to your ear, pressing her chest against your arched spine. you gave a frantic nod as an answer, not enough for her. 鈥渂eg for it.鈥
you clenched around her cock, before whimpering out a, 鈥減lease鈥︹.
satisfied, she slid out of you and slammed back into your pussy. you practically screamed, grabbing fistfuls of grass.
鈥渢hat鈥檚 a good girl.鈥 she muttered through her teeth as she used all of her strength to pound into you. the act was wild, ellie curled over you like an animal, fucking you in the middle of the forest. lewd, rhythmic squelches filled the clearing.
鈥渟o t鈥攖ight鈥ou鈥檙e mine, you hear that? mine.鈥 she growled, her own eyes rolling back as each thrust with her strap bumped her clit. the flesh of your ass jiggled with each impact, making you lunge forward before ellie yanked you back like a ragdoll.
ellie planted a hand on your head as leverage, pressing the side of your face to the ground. your mouth hung open as your moans grew louder, fucked dumb. drool leaked down your chin to the dirt as that familiar bubble in your stomach started to tighten.
鈥測eah, cum for me baby. all over my dick. let everyone know how much of a whore you are for me.鈥 with one last pungent thrust at her final word, the bubble burst. you cried out in euphoria, echoing through the trees, legs shaking as you came. ellie continued her movements through your orgasm, pushing you to the very peak.
eventually, you fell limp on the grass and panted to catch your breath. ellie straightened her back and slowly slid out of you. she watched your warm cream seep out of your cunt and down your thighs, before bringing her tongue to it and licking it up.
you whimpered and trembled, still sensitive. 鈥測ou ruined my shorts.鈥 you whined to your girlfriend as she helped you up.
鈥渋 always pack an extra pair.鈥 she answered, fetching her bag from where she discarded it in the heat of the moment and rummaging through it.
鈥渙h, so you plan for these things?鈥 you snorted, to which she giggled too.
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ellie getting HEAD photos that I took
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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dollyhao 23 hours
loser ellie getting hot and bothered by her mean gf :(( nsfw, fingering, slightly toxic, desperate loser ellie
ellie is watching you walk back and forth waving your arms around telling her something that she is not paying attention to. she鈥檚 watching as you walk closer to her pointing in her face and she bites her lip looking up at you.
you look so good when your yelling at her or fussing about whatever she did. and she can鈥檛 help but stare when your standing over her, lips pouted and all up in her face. 鈥渂ro are you even fucking listening?鈥 you say brows furrowed grabbing her chin.
she toons back in to what your saying catching only that last part. 鈥測es i鈥檓 listening. im sorry about鈥︹ ellie trails off not actually knowing what she was apologizing for.
鈥渇uck ellie!鈥 you say crossing your arms. 鈥測ou don鈥檛 listen to anything i say.鈥 you move to walk away from her before she hurries and grabs your arm. 鈥渋鈥檓 listening! i鈥檓 listening, i promise.鈥 she rushes out, pulling you close to her. you fight her grip (very little), her front is pressed against your back her arms wrapped around you.
鈥渇uck, i must get on ya nerves huh baby?鈥 she whispers into your neck before placing a kiss on it, holding you tighter. you squirm neck feeling extra sensitive rn, 鈥渇uck, you get.. mhmm~ you get on my fucking nerves ellie,鈥 you say with no bite in your tone. 鈥渋鈥檓 sorry, princess let me kiss it all better huh?鈥 you bend forward slightly so now ellie is folded over you.
she runs her hands over you, from your shoulders to your chest, then from your waist to your hips and she鈥檚 tugging your pants down. 鈥渋鈥檓 sorry baby.鈥 she says before licking your neck. you moan out jumping a little when her cold fingers make contact with your clit.
you bend over more letting out small mewls as her fingers circle your drenched hole. her other hand is in your shirt massaging your breast, as she whispers about how sorry she is. she pushes her two fingers into your cunt as she asks for forgiveness.
鈥渇orgive me baby? say it. say you forgive me.鈥 she sounds desperate as she nips at your neck, pumping her fingers inside of you faster. you start to hump her hand as her palm applies pressure to you swollen clit. 鈥渋 forgive you! i- ahh~ i forgive you els!鈥 you bring your hand up to grip at the hair at the nape of her neck.
鈥測ou love me?鈥 she asks as she huffs out heavy breaths. 鈥溾榮 much! so so much!鈥 you pant out letting out loud moans, 鈥減lease don鈥檛 stop els.鈥 ellie adds a third finger fucking you harder as you grind into her hand more. you cum on her fingers, feeling it drip down your legs. you slump in her arms and she picks you up laying you on the bed 2 feet away.
she lays next to you and you cling to her smearing kisses on her cheek and neck. you always get like this after ellie fucks you good enough, you lose all the attitude and forgetting why you were fussing at her to begin with.
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enbesbians 2 days
Omg could you write having a nipplegasm from service top Ellie? Pleaseee 馃鈥嶁檧锔
id love to.
ellie can鈥檛 help herself when it comes to you. valuing your pleasure more than her own is something you weren鈥檛 all that used to. she exerted her dominance in many ways, bringing you down into a speck in willing submission. the way her fingers tasted while she pressed them further down your throat, praising how well you鈥檇 take them despite gagging every so often. she loves the impact she gives whenever she touches you, kisses you, spanks you. ellie was a strong force and she can take you anywhere at any time and she didn鈥檛 even need to receive pleasure herself鈥 she feasted on yours. to be underneath the scent of your cunt as she drank your natural slick or to have her cascading lips bruise the base of your skin as you lay limp on the bed.
ellie had that power and you didn鈥檛 understand how one person could. every part of your body was drawn by her lips, her fingers, tongue and words鈥 each syllable engraving around the throbbing of your clit, burying in your folds as she praises you for being her 鈥榞ood girl鈥.
ellie loved you and most importantly, she fucking loved your breasts.
the way they sit in any top you wore, she found herself eyeing them and it鈥檚 shape. in the comfort of your home or out in public. whether you wore a (sports) bra or nothing at all, the way they molded and huddled at your chest dampened her lips as she鈥檇 run her tongue against it鈥檚 flesh.. her fingers would twitch needing to feel them melt in her hands as she鈥檇 grope them鈥 squeezing them into your chest and watching them fall in between the grip of her fingers.
she鈥檇 love to touch them at any time she could, laying in bed, showering together, or even when cooking, her hands would always find their way to hold them. she鈥檇 whisper in your ear, kissing the side of your jaw as you moan into the nothingness of the air, loving how her rough fingers would lift your shirt just to bruise your skin with her daily fix.
it came to the point where she鈥檇 shyly ask to dove fuck them. standing with her pants around her thighs and you on your knees, trying so desperately to bump her clit against your nipples as she鈥檇 fuck them. she鈥檇 hold them together, loving how you鈥檇 watch her hump them without a care but the need to achieve her orgasm. she fucking loved it when you鈥檇 lay on your back, holding onto her waist, guiding her鈥 holding onto them and slapping them against her cunt鈥 or press them up against another while she pounds herself against them, feeling the soft flesh collide against her wet, swollen clit. burying herself in your body, loving the way her slick painted and glowed against your skin.
she loved the way they tasted, sucking and rolling her tongue, fingers, nose鈥 pressing her face in between them as you coo at how cute ellie is being and how needy she is from your breasts alone. the harsh sucks of her hollowing cheeks, inhaling them and prodding her tongue at the hardened bud, you could feel your body shake in a chill.
鈥渆llie鈥︹ you鈥檇 call out, your thighs hugging around her waist as you sat in her lap, her hands roaming all over your body.
she looked up so sweetly with those pretty green eyes, not one thought in her brain other than the contentment of how full her mouth was while she sucked your breasts. she鈥檇 push them together, trying to take both nipples into her mouth, greedy for them both, littering the tip of her tongue around it before pulling on them with every hard suck. she paid close attention to them, sharp slaps every so often鈥 the sting making you shake鈥 just to see them bounce in her face.
鈥渇uck鈥︹ she鈥檇 breathed, 鈥渋 love your fucking tits.鈥
she couldn鈥檛 find herself to stop. she didn鈥檛 want to stop. the ridges of her teeth softly encapsulating your nipple as she pulled back, as the other was pinched by her fingers, then flicked by her middle and pointer. from past experiences, yes they鈥檇 touch your breasts, sucked them and groped them every so often but the way ellie made it feel like your breast had been her obligation to pleasure made your body heat with loving embarrassment. she kept her eyes on you, analyzing the smallest movement she made, enjoying the wince your face would form at her teeth rolling down and clamping on your nipple.
she鈥檇 last minutes, clothed, soiling her own boxers to the point where her slick interweaved through the thick of her jeans, humping up into your grinding hips. each suck, you felt a shot of electricity puddle at your clit and strike through every one of of your veins鈥 your heart quickening in pace as you felt the familiar high approach at the bottom of your gullet.
鈥渆llie i think鈥︹ you announced, you hands falling into the strands of her auburn hair, gripping tight as you push her face closer into your breasts. 鈥渄on鈥檛 stop鈥 please鈥 don鈥檛 stop鈥 fuck鈥︹
never would you have thought that this feeling could come from from her playing with your breasts, her sucks wet and wicked, spit falling down your stomach and spreading thighs. it all hit you at once, your lips widening as they blew its melodic hum. ellie smiled against your breasts, recognizing that expression you gave, you had came, just from her sucking on your tits.
with one last suck, a loud pop echoed as she released her lips, your body shivering in her embrace, nodding her head, feeling proud that she gave you what you deserved, 鈥渄id you just cum for me playing with your nipples?鈥 she breathed.
now she鈥檒l never let this go and neither would you.
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Tumblr media
me, waking up in a cold sweat: selkie and swan maiden girlfriends
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papenathys 1 day
Toxic yuri must be evenly balanced. Both lesbians/bisexuals involved must be equally deranged in different ways. No sunshine cinnamon roll meets grumpy ice queen bullshit in this house. Power dynamics might be uneven but not one-sided throughout. We are sicko4sicko only in this house.
Tumblr media
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jolee 3 days
Tumblr media
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wandagcre 1 day
push it for the pleasure | wanda maximoff 馃敒
(College!Perv!Bestfriend Wanda Maximoff x Innocent!Fem Reader)
Tumblr media
Wanda鈥檚 perverted thirst gets the best of her. You were irresistible and simply for her taking. And what does she do? She doesn鈥檛 resist. Instead, Wanda feeds the gnawing, filthy, and hungry monster inside of her by having her way with you even while you鈥檙e unconscious.
WARNING: heavy dubcon/noncon themes, fingering, perverted actions such as implied stealing undies, staring, touching and taking nonconsensual nudes, daddy kink (W), corruption kink, somnophilia | 18+ men & minors dni. Words: 3.6k Note: part of the perv!wanda series. you can consider it as a backstory that happened before this oneshot ;)
Wanda had an affinity for your tedious nature. Whether it comes down to your personal interests or university workload 鈥 not solely rooted by your clear determination written in your adorable face that she admires, but rather, how it leaves you exhausted to your very bones. Tired meant the manifestations of neglect 鈥攐ne that left you comfortable on your bed as the aftermath.聽
You were so lucky to have her, not only Wanda has slid a bottle of water or a snack on your side, but on a good day with a less constricting schedule of hers, she's got the privilege of pressing firm around the strained muscles of your shoulder 鈥 feeling you succumb into the comfort and her ears being rewarded of your soft moans.
A purr escaped your mouth. "That feels so good Wands..." Your body slumped in a relaxed state.
Wanda bit her lip at the innocent play of your words. "Anything for you, dorogaya. Do you want me to press harder?"
"Ah... yes, if- if it's alright with you," came a meek response out of your lips.聽
Wanda knew the effect of her native language on you. She couldn't help but lightly pinch your burning cheeks.
As Wanda kneaded the kinks out of your tired muscles, she couldn't help but thirst for more. The tendency of her insatiable want when it comes to you only grows impossibly bigger every day. Whether it was her dying need to touch you or your attention fixated on her - Wanda needs it all.
"It would be better if you took off your shirt. It鈥檚 more direct and effective," She murmured at the shell of your ear. Excitement coursed through Wanda's body as you squirmed in your seat.
You turn your head to the side in question. "Wouldn't that be too much of your time?"
"Nonsense. I love doing this for you."
Wanda wolfishly grinned as she saw you eventually nod in agreement.
Oh, you were so pliant and ready for her.
Your bestfriend had to stop her scandalous thoughts of wanting to bite and mark your back as you undressed your top in front of her. She admires the view of your back and its dimples, her mouth-watering and well-awareness of how soft they were. Wanda didn't waste any time on touching you 鈥 the breathy innocent moans and soft tilts of your head as you succumbed to her touch whenever Wanda hit a satisfying spot made her mind go haywire. Her thumb applying pressure over the bottom of your trapezius; just where your nape rests upon particularly was a sweet spot.聽
You looked lost; wrapped in complete bliss.聽
"Can I touch you whenever?"
"Like this?"聽
"Yes," Wanda doesn't miss a beat. It was risky and ambiguous, and so she adds, "I love your skin and how soft it is under my touch. It鈥檚 so鈥 comforting.鈥
She decides to take more than she should've and ran her hand across the expanse of your back to caress 鈥 how you shivered was hard to go amiss for the woman.聽
You know nothing can go wrong especially when it's Wanda. She's the best at attending to your needs, a thought that mildly scared you of how attuned she was, but you knew it was always rooted in benevolence and affection.
Therefore, you couldn't help but recall how come this woman stuck out negatively to other people 鈥 having alleged issues of her temperament combined with her altruistic nature. They felt nothing more than a made-up childish rumor in the playground to you as to how Wanda easily conversed with you on that first week when you'd approached her brazenly.
Wanda had figured it out not so long ago; how the double-edged sword trait of yours was how you always believed to see the goodness in the people first. It was a debatable display of strength and flaw.
Besides, you liked having her attention for some reason. Wanda's perfect smile was often so reassuring for you, effortlessly putting you at ease.
"Okay, Wands." was your good-humored reply. Your bestfriend couldn't help but press her lips against the top of your head. You smelled wonderful. Wanda really couldn鈥檛 get enough of you.
Your unwavering blind faith-filled Wanda with so much pride.
The cherry on top of it all was how Wanda has taken care of your pretty princess parts; one between your legs and the occasional massages on your breasts.聽
It was so easy.聽
Wanda thrived on seeing your beautiful irises filled with innocence and gleam as you met her mischievous emerald ones. You've given her the opportunity of a lifetime and she intends to relish every given chance that she can get. It took her baby steps to get here 鈥 once she figured out where your affection levels lay, she initiated simple touches 鈥 whether it was a hug, tugging you close to her proximity, or now her intentions that stood morally corrupt; Wanda will find a way to accidentally brush against your private parts.
While you lay on one of her arms, Wanda gently ran her fingers through your soft cheeks as you faced her. She soaked in the sweet smell of your shampoo and the distinguishable scent of yours that Wanda could not get enough of. You looked angelic and waiting to be cherished. Soon enough, Wanda seeks for another type of comfort; her hands descending underneath your shirt, tiptoeing almost, with an unstoppable grin on her face 鈥 two fingers pushing under the band of your bra.聽
"Daddy's here. She'll always be here for you. I'm going to take care of you, dorogaya." Wanda whispered voice lilted with pure desire before her naughty hand came to cup one of your breasts. The recessed night glow that came from your dorm鈥檚 window was the only source of light, her actions being done in the darkness amplified the thrill in Wanda鈥檚 actions.
A suppressed moan came out of her lips. God, you were so fucking full 鈥 supple and fitted perfectly to her palm. One squeeze was followed by a dozen more that inevitably led to pinching and enclosed her fingers from your areola to your now perked tip.聽
"All for Daddy..."聽
Her thumb came to play for more, in circular motions around your nipple. Your breathing pattern was nuanced although still haven't shown clear evidence of you waking up anytime soon. Wanda rolled the sleeves of her sweatshirt, knowing she had a whole night ahead of her.
Eventually, it wasn't enough. She needed more.聽
And so Wanda will make sure to get more.聽
Careful not to wake you, she pulls out her arm that served as your pillow from earlier. You now lay on your back, still unphased, Wanda raised the hem of your shirt to reveal your indoor bra. Her eyes darkened at how pure and dainty you were presented in front of her, your blemishes and moles make up a beautiful constellation in Wanda's eyes.
Because of this, she's somewhat still in disbelief at your admission that no one has taken you yet.
But fret not, Wanda thought, because she's here and she's certain that you won't need anyone else other than her anytime soon.
"Daddy's going to play with you dorogaya, trust that it will be so much fun."
Wanda carefully rolls and pushes up your bra and now reveals your delectable breasts, cushiony and hanging free. This simply calls for another photoshoot.聽
She quickly retrieved the Polaroid camera that was atop your nightstand, just beside her rings. She's always brought it for a good reason.
Wanda had three subjects; one was nature and the other was you and no one else. What can she say? you've got her wrapped on your finger as much as she does over you. Her last subject was more risqu茅 and controversial, it was still you 鈥 although it was a special one 鈥 meant for Wanda's eyes alone.
Wanda had placed her lips on your buttery soft breasts and wet them as she suctioned, her tongue coming into play to swirl them around. Her open-mouthed sucks and kisses filled your skin with red and purple marks. Wanda almost had a heart attack at the hoarse, high-pitched timber, a little trait of yours that you randomly let out before you sleepily stretched your limbs.聽
You were so cute.
"Dorogaya? Dorogaya..." Wanda hummed in a sing-song, checking if you were still unconscious.聽
Once sure that you're in deep sleep again, Wanda doesn't waste a moment to point her camera at your goodies 鈥 another one of the latest artworks she had done over you.
Soon as Wanda wrapped up and brought your bra and shirt in its unrattled state, here she was 鈥 pensive and debating whether she should ruin your pussy next.
Her greed over you took over with ease. Quickly, Wanda gathers her cascading hair in her hand and ties it up. She masterfully tugged down your shorts and as it reached your ankle, threw it away somewhere in your room. You even wore the red socks she gave you years ago! Wanda swooned at the cute sight. She caressed gently the expanse of your smooth legs where childhood scars and a few more moles came into better view.聽
You weren't wet just yet, of course. Wanda immediately wanted to change that and feel the heat you've been hiding away from her 鈥 to feel you around her fingers.聽
"You're so ready for Daddy, dorogaya. You don't know how much I want to eat you right now... to get a taste directly from its source, my tongue against your pretty and puffy pussy," Wanda knew you couldn't hear her, but it doesn't stop the wanton monologues of her feverish desires over you. "You're just for Daddy, aren't you?" She ran her fingers sultrily across your lower tummy, down to your pelvis.
It simply made her journey worthwhile. She somewhat wanted to communicate how fuckable your virgin self was for her. It was no longer the case as crossed this bridge a few months ago, but her filthy soul relished in corrupting you 鈥 Wanda in complete control and taking you.
Luckily for Wanda, you've raised one of your legs 鈥 caught in a folded position, enough for her to pry you open.聽
Setting your ribbon-designed undies aside, Wanda鈥檚 mouth watered at your inner walls coming into view that she could not help herself and immediately inserted two fingers inside of your velvety walls.聽
"Fuck, you're so warm for Daddy!" Wanda rasps out, her body burning. As though in a cue in response, you huskily moaned in your sleep as well. "You love this, don't you? This won't take long, don't worry, dorogaya..."
Your bed rocked and creaked slowly, as Wanda fucked you asleep. The wetness came pouring and coated her until she was knuckle-deep in you. She stretched your now sopping hole, and the breathy moans tumbled out of your pretty lips now and then.
How you did not wake up yet was a miraculous thing for her.
Before Wanda gets carried away in roughly fingering you enough to rouse you out of your consciousness, she pumps and curls her fingers inside of you once more before reaching for her camera. She spreads your inner thighs apart 鈥 the viscous wetness that she loved to see was there. The repeated clicks reverberated and the white flashes of her camera came in the knowing four walls of your dorm.
She even inspects your wetness, rubbing and playing with them with her pinched forefinger and thumb.
A wicked smile breaks out of her in glee and satisfaction as Wanda admires for a moment the mess she has made; successful once again as she looks at the polaroid photos she recently took of you.
She pressed a soft kiss on your temple. "You did so well for Daddy."
Almost half an hour later, you wake up confused. You were wet 鈥 your cheeks burned. This was becoming a frequent occurrence and you were too old to pee in the bed. You're more than sure that your bladder was well-adjusted. but was there anything else that was wrong with you down there? You tightly crossed your legs.
Wanda appeared from your bathroom. Right, she stayed the night. She was beautiful even if the constant turning in bed had ruffled her appearance. Although, there were much more pressing matters 鈥 this is nothing but humiliating for you, surely this spot did not go amiss for your best friend...
"What鈥檚 the matter?" Wanda approaches your side.聽
You were hesitant, quick to try pushing her away. "Don't come close! I'm wet... I don't know how it happened. Goodness, I know for a fact I didn鈥檛 pee myself. Or did I?"
"You did not, dorogaya. Dummy, it was my fault." Wanda gave out a hearty chuckle at your immovable confusion.聽
"How was it your fault?"
"I spilled my drink on the bed," Wanda played with your hair and you immediately folded. You were so easy to please. "I was just about to wake you so you can change your shorts and underwear."
You let out another relieved sigh. You were happy to know that it wasn鈥檛 your bladder acting up.
"Oh, that kinda explains it. But I think it wasn't your drink that caused this the other nights鈥︹
鈥淥ther nights?鈥 Wanda echoed in feigned confusion.
鈥淚-I often find myself wet down there," You confided to Wanda who nodded attentively.
Like a lightbulb moment, Wanda seemed to understand. "It's normal. Our vagina does it by nature, as a way of cleaning itself. It's called a discharge, dorogaya."
As you digest Wanda鈥檚 words, confidently assuring you, you take one of her hands and lace it with yours 鈥 giving it a comforting squeeze.
"I don't know what I would do without you, Wands. All this time I thought something was wrong with me." You nervously chuckled, beyond glad that the case was sorted out.
"That's why I'll always be here for you." Wanda shoots you a pearly smile. She tilted her head, "Now, why don't you change your clothes?" She brought her other hand that carried your clean panties and shorts.聽
Though you were grateful, embarrassment filled you again as you took it from Wanda with your head down and moved away from to bed to start changing.
Wanda sat quietly at your bed and peered curiously over your timid movements. Unbeknownst to you, she was waiting for whether you'd instruct her to look away as you strip down your ruined shorts and undies. She orchestrated the whole thing after her secret session with you, after all.
"C-Can you look away for a bit, Wands?" You requested, but your timid voice cracked in the process.
Wanda raised an eyebrow. "We have the same parts, dorogaya. Besides, I also change in front of you 鈥 why does it matter?" She counters and you can't rebut anything else because it is the truth. "I won't judge you. I'm just... impatient to cuddle with you again."
There isn't harm in it, you suppose. Wanda has always been there for you and has proven herself worthy of your trust. So, you affectionately smile at Wanda's needy self.
Your whole back view almost faced your bestfriend, much to her delight 鈥 only that her jaw slacked as she got a brief glimpse of your bare ass. Wanda was certain that it was buttery soft just as your hypnotizing breasts were.聽
You saw the clear, gooey, and viscous substance that left a mark in the center of your underwear. Your face curled up in a slight grimace. Even if you knew better about it now 鈥 all thanks to Wanda 鈥 it was somehow still icky for you to look at.
Wanda hands the clean replacements and before you can tug up your new shorts, she pulls you in her direction unexpectedly and brash to your liking.
"Wands鈥 what?" Wanda didn't speak, touched you gently as though you were going to break. Her hand remained on your hips.聽
"Hush now, dorogaya. I need to check something." Her tone sounded serious so you let her. although it felt too intimate, blood immediately came rushing to your ears and cheeks. "I think you need to replace some of them..."聽
You try to protest out of timidness, "But鈥"
"Let me inspect you first. Promise I'll be gentle. It won't be weird," Wanda gave you a condescending smile and you easily caved in.
You feel Wanda everywhere in your body. Her touch was electric on your lower back, the other was too close to your private parts 鈥 all wandering. Wanda's fingers came to trace underneath the garter of your underwear. From your pelvis to your innermost thighs, you almost closed your legs shut in reflex.
The air felt ambiguously thick.
Her hands continue to roam around the material 鈥 excruciatingly, it was underneath your buttcheek and the pubis area especially, where Wanda鈥檚 hands gravitate and wander back onto 鈥 doing motions as though smoothening it out.
You let out a sharp inhale and your stomach twitches each time in sync.
"This shouldn't be too hard and tight for you. Not only does it leave marks, but it's uncomfortable, isn't it? The material also is too thin. It's bound to tear off soon." Wanda lists out and all you can think is holy shit, she's right. You weren't confident with your picks when you shopped for them, in all honesty.
"Yeah. I wasn't sure what to pick..." You admit with your eyes looking at your sock-covered feet and your hands clasped in shame.
Besides, you somehow keep on misplacing them. You were baffled by now because you were getting understocked with the amount of undies you had. Where have they all gone?
"Tell you what," Wanda calmly calls your attention and tilts your head up with her hand, "I'd take you to shop some and help you throughout the process so I can teach you too. Don't worry, it's all my treat dorogaya."
Your eyes beamed. You need as much help as you can. "You'll do that for me? But... isn't it too much? I can鈥檛 ask that of you.鈥
"I don't mind, it's not like we do it often. I鈥檓 personally offering." Wanda shrugged. She had a point. You'll stop her the next time she insists... maybe in return, you'll do something nice for her.
Sneakily, one of her hands that rested on your lower back descended to your ass cheeks and came in contact to slap them. You sharply gasped and flinched upon the sudden contact, giving Wanda an unamused look. You hoped that she wouldn't detect the fluster in your appearance underneath it.
You didn't understand how it was somewhat satisfying for you. It was a mere play, an act that was nothing more but to tease you 鈥 but it felt good against your ass.
You whisper-yelled, calling out her outrageous act.
She sports a mischievous smile, her perfect teeth biting down her lower lip. Wanda shook her head and finally raised her hands in defeat.
"Come on! I thrive on riling you up. It's essentially my duty. Now come back and get comfy here in bed. You deserve more sleep. I'll take care of these," She points to the clothes you stripped out of. "And no complaints. I don't mind, I've seen all of you now dorogaya."
"You will be the death of me."
"I love you too," She teasingly replied before disappearing into your view and the words of your best friend made your heart jump.
You groaned in the soft pillow in surrender although it was too much for you 鈥 you knew that Wanda's intentions were coming from a good place. She's nothing but thoughtful to you. Soon, the harmony of cold and warmth of your sheets and duvet became too comfortable. You have proven Wanda right and easily succumbed to sleep once again.
Meanwhile, Wanda gathers the polaroid photos she took just a few minutes ago. She closes the door and three your shorts to the hamper. But your pretty and soaked underwear? It's coming with her.
With the still-damp material of your undies, Wanda strips out her bottoms and with the closed toilet seat. She places the fabric over her now exposed pussy; not wasting any time rubbing it against her wet cunt, starting slow, and even thrusting it inside to stimulate and tease her filthy fantasies of you even more.聽
God, here she was, touching herself at the thought of you and the photos she had taken of your pretty princess parts.聽
Wanda took a good look at it; albeit with much effort as her eyes were threatening to shut at the sensation. It was easy to recall her indecent touches 鈥 the feeling of your folds ridiculously soft and unearthly, stretching your labia so she can insert her fingers inside of your opening and how it sucked her in slowly 鈥 fuck, you were so tight!
These thoughts spurred Wanda to rub herself with harder pressure and dared to tug and play with her clit 鈥 all while covered with your soaked undies. It was somewhat rough against the vulnerable lines and ridges of her labia and provided the undeniably irresistible friction that she craved, doing it repeatedly until Wanda stretched herself out.
It was your cum coating her own pulsating and clenching pussy. She can't help but moan at the thought as she touches herself inside these four, cold walls. How Wanda can only wish instead of her fingers, it was your dainty ones. Even better, you're on your knees for her... eyes wide, expectant, and obedient to her orders. You always looked at her in a certain way that made her stomach flip in adoration and glee. In her filthiest imaginations, Wanda is calling the shots, ordering you to go flatten up your tongue like a good girl and to lap her faster鈥!
Wanda finally cums hard, a guttural low moan tumbling out of her lips.聽
Fuck, she got so wet that it seeped out, the woman was sitting in her mess. Gripping and glancing at the jerking-off materials, she couldn't be more proud of herself today.聽
Another for her beloved and favorite collection 鈥 all thanks to you.聽
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