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drag-tween · 5 months
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enneadau · 20 days
This is what I'm dealing with tonight. First of all this boy...
Was trying to get in my bath. Yes, the first voice is me, and the second one is my wife.
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He then stole my plantar fasciitis sandles for a pillow...
On the plus side. I did get some words dome while soaking. Being able to write on my phone and have it transfer to laptop is a blessing.
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lesbiandomesticity · 1 year
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Woven is a story about Lesbian love, connection, and the meaning we weave in our own lives. Though the Kickstarter campaign has come to a close, our GoFundMe is still active! I am still trying to raise about $200 more to cover all my costs (for a total of $1000).
I can’t do this without you guys! So if you have anything to spare, or can help out by spreading the word, I would appreciate it more than you know! Even $1 gets me closer to my goal. If you rather donate through Paypal, CashApp, or Venmo, you can DM me as well 😊
Support indie authors and help get the best version of this story out into the world. 💜
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queerpowerpointnight · 9 months
Ellen Hart’s Lawless Lesbian Mysteries
Here is my presentation on Ellen Hart and the Jane Lawless mystery series. Feel free to reblog this, repost this, use it any way you want! (The rest of the presentation is under the “read more” to save space, and click on the images for better resolution.)
Trigger warnings: discussion of homophobia, brief mention of suicide (in a fictional context)
Link to download a .pdf file of this presentation: https://anonymous4860.wordpress.com/2023/03/15/ellen-hart-lawless-lesbian-mysteries/
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russiansappho · 8 months
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My dear followers, I am one happy lesbian right now... I am crying... Thank you so much for your support and for making my novel an Amazon bestseller.
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rowanellis · 1 year
Reading the intro to my very gay book: HERE AND QUEER
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petite-ursus · 4 months
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I'm at Flamecon today and tomorrow!
Let's go~
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- From "Queer and Now" by Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick, from page 3 of her essay collection Tendencies
[IMAGE ID: Screenshots of a text saying:
I think that for many of us in childhood the ability to attach intently to a few cultural objects, objects of high or popular culture or both, objects whose meaning seemed mysterious, excessive, or oblique in relation to the codes most readily available to use, became a prime resource for survival. 
We need for there to be sites where the meanings didn’t line up tidily with each other, and we learned to invest those sites with fascination and love. This can’t help coloring the adult relation to cultural texts and objects; in fact, it’s almost hard for me to imagine another way of coming to care enough about literature to give a lifetime to it.
The demands on both text and the reader from so intent an attachment can be multiple, even paradoxical. For me, a kind of formalism, a visceral near-identification with the writing I cared for, at level of sentence structure, metrical pattern, rhyme, was one of trying to appropriate what seemed the numinous and resistant power of the chosen objects. 
Education made it easy to accumulate tools for this particular formalist project, because the texts that magnetized me happened to be novels and poems; it’s impressed me deeply the way others of my generation and since seem to have invented for themselves, in the spontaneity of great need, the tools for a formalist apprehension of other less prestigious, more ubiquitous kinds of text: genre movies, advertising, comic strips. END ID]
Something something queerness in fandom, something something neurodivergency in fandom, something something BIPOC consumers in fandom and disability in fandom and everything from everyone in fandom, something something the way a piece of media just speaks to you when you need it most--like the way an academic text written by a stranger years before your birth feels like it was written with you in mind, or a show about cartoon turtles, or anything else in the world.
Something something and it just hits.
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undressrehearsal · 1 year
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hey remember how i said i'm writing a book
here's my characters
they're gay
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triggerlil · 2 years
Love in 130 Ways Day 64: WINTER (Luna/Pansy)
Tags: snow, winter, yearning, fluff
Read the other works in my femslash drabble series: here
Happy valentine's day :)
You’re up to your waist in winter, big flakes catching in your eyelashes, cold sunlight turning your hair platinum.
"Isn't it beautiful?" You ask, but I couldn't care less about the world of white that surrounds us.
You let yourself fall, snow billowing, caught by its softness as you sink into your own silhouette.
"Come on Pansy, it's fun."
I don't believe you, but I just want to make you happy. I throw myself down next to you.
"You're insane, Luna."
You cup my cheeks and I steal the warmth of your palms. It's so cold yet I'm melting.
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crimisonpetrichor · 2 years
You wanna support LGBTQ+ artists, right?! I know you do. You should.
There’s this really amazing little author, and they’re trying to make their start, Bailey Squire. She’s an amazing author and already has one poetry book out. It’s called Impulse, and it’s about their experience in love, life, and growing up as a queer kid. It’s, honestly, really good. Here's one of my favorites:
One more month 
To keep going 
One more week 
To keep fighting 
One more day 
To keep strong 
One more hour 
To keep positive 
One more minute 
To stay 
To not let go
They’re also working on more! The sequel to Impulse, Sonder, and a sci-fi book about time travel, featuring not one, not two, but THREE queer main characters.
Please go check her out! I’ll reblog with a link because Tumblr eats posts with links.
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captainlivbenson · 2 years
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So I did a thing and wrote a novel. Due out 31st of March, via Amazon. Will post a link when up. 
*Art work done by the talented Nicole Alderson
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robinschadel-author · 2 years
The Power of Words: Smut
New blog post on The Power of Words! #amwriting #lgbtauthor #paranormalromance #urbanfantasy #writingcommunity
As a writer, words are both my peanut butter and my jam. (Yes, I’m hungry) Any writer know that choosing the right word is essential to conveying the meaning we wish to convey. In rhetorical studies, the term kairos means speaking the right word at the right time to the right audience to bring about the desired effect. That’s what we do as writers: choose the right word to evoke the images and…
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lesbiandomesticity · 5 months
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$0.99 Kindle Sale!
It’s that time again! From today (07/14) to Monday (07/17) all four of my novels are on sale for only $0.99! Don’t miss out!
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sapphicpoetspost · 2 years
happy pride month!! starting this June 1st my poetry chapbook will be on sale for $0.99 for one week! I hope this promotion makes my writing more accessible to a wider audience!
check my amazon author profile which is linked on my blog or my pinned post for more information :)
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desdasiwrites · 2 months
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Aubade, by Amy Lowell
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