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tippenfunkaport · 4 months
there is something so darkly comical about tumblr potentially outliving twitter
tumblr, which is held together with duct tape and madness, run by three raccoons in blood stained Yahoo! hats and a handful of crabs, its only discernible source of income the sale of shoelaces from an inside joke so inside no one knows the original source anymore and fake blue checkmarks... that website still lives on
truly the cockroach of social media and I love it for that
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ingravinoveritas · 6 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
“There’s more than one story in these isles...”
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weepylucifer · 2 years
Anakin: Something smells different.
Anakin: Master, are you wearing a new cologne?
Obi-Wan, who’s actually just been day-drinking: Oh, absolutely, sure,
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thebooktopus · 9 months
Tumblr media
for the @drarrymicrofic prompt "blood." (T, 325 words) tw: blood, minor character death, canon-typical violence
When he was 8, Draco’s father taught him that his blood was good and clean and pure. Never once tainted by mudbloods, who had sludge in their veins, impure and black.
“Sanctimonia Vincet Semper.”
When he was 16, his blood stained the water that puddled around him in a dark bathroom. No amount of purity would save him now. He felt glad for it.
But life was siphoned back into his veins, black eyes piercing his, willing him to stay. There would be many times in his life that Draco wished he hadn't listened.
When he was 17, he was living a nightmare. Watching his aunt carve a slur into his classmate, Draco had gripped his left forearm, phantom pain blooming under his palm. Her blood pooled around her as she grit her teeth and proved herself to be ten times the person he was.
He noticed her blood was indistinguishable from his own, bright red as it pulsed from the wound.
When he was 23, he watched a blood curse drain the mother of his child. Astoria was perhaps not his one true love, but she was his best friend no less.
He cradled their infant son in his arms as the life left her eyes, her blood and body cooling in death.
When he was 24, he held Scorpius in his arms in the St Mungo’s waiting room, agonizing as patient after patient got called in before them. He considered approaching the front desk for a third time when a familiar voice called out. “Malfoy?”
Verdant green eyes held his own as Potter said, “Don’t worry, it’s just a bit of blood.” Potter’s powerful magic tidied Scorpius right up and stole the breath from Draco’s lungs.
When he was 28, Draco betrayed his lineage for a half-blood. It was the easiest decision he would ever make.
As he slit his palm and let Harry’s blood mingle with his own, he whispered, “I do.”
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time-jester · 6 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Based on this text post I made
I just think Eddy & Harmony would be a cute pair.
Small bonus under cut:
Tumblr media
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howlbear · 8 months
A Court of Fey & Flowers couldn't have been more perfectly made for me and I'd like to thank the academy for this absolute win and I'd like to apologize to my followers because this is absolutely all I will speak about once it drops
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hypernousnight · 4 months
Deeply dark thought, but I would love to see (or, spirit willing write) a fic where Jason's return actually irrevocably damages Bruce's trust in Clark.
Because look, whether it's canon or fanon, it's a very common fic trope that Superman can hear...a lot. Like, across continents a lot.
How does that look to Bruce? Jason, screaming his pain and fear and rage in a Pit induced word vomit, and Bruce hearing how Jason screamed in his coffin, buried beneath several feet of dirt.
Depending on your continuity of choice, Metropolis is literally right across the bay from Gotham.
Bruce, knowing Clark's powers, knowing Clark's range of hearing, would eventually see those pieces click. And it would just... shit that would break Bruce in a whole new angle. Because Clark is one of the few heroes Bruce usually trusts, across continuities.
And then one day, probably a particularly hard one, these two pieces slot together.
Jason woke up in a coffin, confused and likely very scared. He probably screamed. He probably cried. (Whether you have Jason tell Bruce this or have it implied or just have Bruce contemplate how horrific that must be).
Superman can hear clearly for miles. Across state lines if not country boarders or continents. Clark had to have heard a young man, maybe a teen, screaming and crying and likely begging for his dad. And did nothing.
Now you can make this worse/better:
Clark was off planet at the time.
Clark was otherwise occupied, either as Superman or as Clark, and was completely unable to interfere.
There was interference at the time which kept Clark from hearing Jason.
But like. Bruce is a prickly and untrusting person to begin with; that trust, that knowledge that Clark would always have his back would always have a significantly larger voice of doubt than before.
It's just such an excellent source of angst and pain for these guys and I'm sad I haven't seen it yet.
(That being said, someone has to have done this. I am not nearly creative enough to be the sole person to think of this).
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giggly-squiggily · 4 months
I have an idea. Write tickle headcanons for a ship that was introduced to you through tumblr you hadn't thought before and are now like! :D That one ask from a few days ago that asked you about new ships from the blog, write headcanons for one of them! :]
Oo, this is so clever, anon! Since I'm never good at picking just one; I'm gonna do a headcanon per tumblr-introduced ship! Here we go! :D
The post in question
Twice will clone himself and hide his doops around the league hideout like little traps for Dabi. One minute the flame user is minding his business, the next he's getting ambushed by Twice- repeatedly. It all comes to a head by the end of the day where Twice's got three of himself surrounding the burnt chicken nugget; all grabbing an arm and playfully getting at his worst spots.
Shinsou gets the occasional headache from his quirk. Midoriya offers to give him a scalp massage whenever this happens- but the one time Shinsou did agree to it Midoriya pulled out this torturous contraption. One swipe and poor Shinsou was dead on the floor, a puddle of blushing embarrassment while Midoriya laughed hysterically. It all went south after Shinsou stole the device and used it on Midoriya's knees.
Gonta is guilty of using the whole "Tickle bugs" game on Korekiyo. He'll place a hand on his shoulder and say something along the lines of "Don't move. Gonta found bug." Korekiyo is just *statue mode activated* and Gonta will make a big show of brushing his back before grabbing his ribs and giving him all the gentle tickles ever. It gets kinda obvious after awhile- Gonta isn't exactly sneaky- but Korekiyo finds it cute so he lets him have his fun.
One time as a joke Kuroo "bit" Matsu. He got vampire teeth in the mail for funsies and was running around with them, hissing at his friends and "seeking blood". It was then he learned Matsu's neck is ridiculously ticklish and his newly acquired teeth made it worse. One "nibble" and Matsu's a full turtle- shoving at his shoulders as he scrunches up and giggles. Kuroo nearly died that day from how cute it was (and how he almost swallowed his vampire teeth but he survived. He's not aloud to use them for tickles anymore after that.)
If White Lily's overworking herself in her studies, Pure Vanilla will sneak up on her and tickle her sides until she gives chase. When she does eventually catch up to him, she finds herself in a cleared out room with soft music and pretty fairy lights set up by her boyfriend. They'd slow dance until she decides it's the best time to get him back, giving his own sides a tickle under the guise of "Just getting my hands into position".
(New ship who's this aelkjakrjaejk) Rika likes to gently pull on Grusha's cheeks to make him smile if he's acting a tad too grumpy for her liking. He's stubborn and refuses until she goes for his good knee. It often results in a tickle war that our Ice-gym leader ultimately looses because Rika is simply too powerful for this world (not that he's complaining- he rather likes her smiling face). She'd poke his nose with a "See? That wasn't so hard, was it?" that leaves him a flustered mess the rest of the day.
Hope these were good!
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south-sea · 21 days
It's me again!! If you so desire to take another art request- if you've got any OCs associated with the Second Chance AU that you've been dying to show off, please draw them! This is your full permission to be self-indulgent.
stumbles in here nearly two weeks late HOW ABOUT A SONIC'IFIED CARETAKER?! i finally got a design for him i can show here
Tumblr media
despite his looks, he has good intentions (probably). all teeth and no bite (except when he actually does). smokes like a chimney when he's stressed (that's the joke, he's always stressed).
he's an inventor/programmer, and thanks to metal, a little bit of a mechanic at this point too. i wouldn't consider him a particularly empathetic or intentionally-kind person, but some would argue his actions suggest otherwise.
a prime example of this being he is more or less responsible for why shadow/metal have a house where they do, given it's also where he himself lives. shortly after he'd taken in metal for repairs, shadow tagged along; he saw the place looks like permanently-night with electric blue nebulas, got a tad emotional about it, stayed the night. caretaker provided him a comically oversized blanket and a suggestion: go seek out the city owner tomorrow and request housing here.
so he did, and it was approved. caretaker here's quite close with the city owner, so he may or may not have put in a good word in advance.
metal, despite seeing him as a caretaker, still ended up "moving in" with shadow instead. caretaker's not exactly one for permanent company in terms of sharing his house long-term, so it worked out for everyone.
above all else, i'd consider him to be hospitable, but ultimately self-interested when you pull back the curtain. he's not a bad person, but he's not exactly a good person, either. he's just learned how to present himself as a fair balance, and occasionally the situation's just right to inspire what empathy he is capable of and directs it into bettering someone else's circumstances.
metal, being a robot, is the ultimate example of this: caretaker relates a whole lot more to machines and whatnot than others. he views metal as some kind of family first and foremost, and something like his own greatest project second.
when they're synced, metal absolutely refers to him as "father" by pure reflex. caretaker lets his slide; it's not really something metal can control, anyway.
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bearandhoney-com · 10 months
And onto the spiral, this one definitly focus on the distortion but shhh
Tumblr media
.... i forgot to add the cheek fluff. i am very stupid. [sigh] nothing i can chnage now i guess
[ID: a supposed to be fluffy lavender teddy bear with one light green and one light pink button for eyes. It is wearing a pink band curled into spirals around its neck. On its front paws and stomache is lighter lavender patch. Across its body are white stiches. It arms appear too long for its body. Its standing in front of a light yellow door with darker yellow accents and a space that shows tv static, the door is opened into a corridor of a black floor and pink-cyan-green walls that appear to be slightly distorted. Both the teddy and the door throw a shadow that is also tv static. The static is being... static. End ID]
Still image below cut
Tumblr media
[ID: The same picture as described above, only the tv static is not static and instead still. End ID]
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darwinquark · 1 year
chapter 10: ‘1939’ word count: ~8.5k rating: ✌️
"Did you mean what you said last night?"
The question was aimed behind him, eyes trained sightlessly forward.
"New York? Logistics?"
Silence hung at his back.
He swallowed, fingers flexing a little around the doorknob.
He knew it was shitty timing, that she was defensive and rattled from waking up to all this, but he was tired of having to guess. Tired of blinkingly emerging from interactions without knowing where they stood, a guitar string that was always a little loose, making every song a little off-key.
His jaw clicked at the lack of response.
"I was drunk, Jughead," came the stiff reply, and his eyes fell shut. "So were you."
Not that drunk.
It slid down his spine like a blade.
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bigboobshaunt · 3 months
The style for the Bayonetta prequel IS gorgeous, but it's so hard to care about what it exists for.
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ingravinoveritas · 6 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Michael looking happy and adorable speaking to and receiving his own jersey from the FA Wales team today.
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forestwhisper3 · 2 months
So...I made picrews of my SI’s hands. Just because. I really don’t know why. It was there on the home page and the next thing I knew, I’d made them.
Anyway, here you go. First is Castalia’s hand:
Tumblr media
Then Amelia’s:
Tumblr media
Then Elena’s:
Tumblr media
And last is Sachiko’s:
Tumblr media
I had to edit Amelia’s a bit, and it actually came out looking kind of cool. Happy accident. 
It’s interesting how different they all are now that I look at it, too.
It was a fun way to kill a bit of time. 
(Made using this picrew: https://picrew.me/image_maker/56178)
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"Mother’s eyes are disapproving." — to become divine, Dragon Age: Absolution.
“What’s that, then?” — at the crossroads, Dragon Age: Inquisition
"It was raining." — on the empty sky, Dragon Age
"Caranthir wrenched his ax from the shattered skull of the orc in front of him and whirled smoothly, throwing the weapon and not waiting to see it embedded in the chest of his next foe; he knew his aim had been true, even though the ax, an orc-made thing and ugly with it, was unfamiliar to his hand." — promise what you will, Silmarillion
"There are two of them." — truth in a mirror, Silmarillion
"The mask Írissë wears is bleached holly, white as bone, the inner surface charred black where it rests against her face." — old bargains must be kept, Silmarillion
"The naked spirit, clothed not in fabric nor in flesh, passed through the high square threshold with its lintel of blocky grey stone and descended a blocky grey stair to stand, with a shocking newness, upon a place of free air." — remember us, with our eyes full of dust, Silmarillion
"Hector had taken to wandering the corridors again, as he had in the weeks leading up to… well, to what he thought of as the End." —seawater begs the pearl, Castlevania
"My footsteps echo." — shadows in the cathedral, Vampire: the Masquerade
"It hadn’t taken too very long for Aziraphale and Crowley to figure out that the Antichrist wasn’t precisely a normal little boy, despite the changes he’d made to his own reality." — answers and questions, Good Omens
first sentence of my last ten fics, tagged by @skyeventide, thank you!
tagging whoever wants to, really. go for it and claim i tagged you, i'll back you up, promise.
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lenka-mok · 8 months
Tumblr media
haha remember when I said I was done and I had gotten all of my starcruiser fics out of my system
alt title: a new pairing enters the arena 
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