adviceformefromme · 6 months
This is not a fucking game, this is your actual life. Those mornings wasted scrolling as soon as you wake up for 1 hour plus are over. You’re done watching other peoples lives, because your life is about to become a highlight reel. YOU are the main character. YOU are living the life of your absolute dreams. YOU are finally making the moves you have been imagining. Your wardrobe FINALLY reflects everything you’ve been visualising. When you look in the mirror you feel like an absolute GODDESS, BEAUTIFUL, RADIANT. You wake up and feel so ENERGISED. You’ve created a life that excites you, that motivates you, that fulfils you. Feel it, breathe into it. It’s all yours babygirl. 
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theambitiouswoman · 12 days
Simply chasing what gives me peace, great energy and intense prosperity.
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leveluponabuck · 8 months
If you are putting in the work, believing in yourself, and showing up its going to work out
Level Up On a Buck
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misshyperglam · 2 years
Tumblr media
💕 You deserve to be cherished and loved the right way
💕 You deserve to be taken care of
💕 You deserve to feel secure and protected
💕 You deserve a man who helps lighten your load
I get so many messages from women who feel like a relationship filled with what they DESERVE, makes them some kind of burden. Can you imagine?
Baby girl...
Your energy is in INFECTIOUS
Your love is GENEROUS
Your body is SACRED
Your womb creates LIFE
Your heart is WARMING
You are actually PRICELESS!
Don't let a dusty man bargain you down.
The very LEAST a man can do is honour you (and pick up the tab).
It's very simple. When you mope through life like you are less than, guess what type of experiences you're going to attract? I think It's time you start doing the opposite, don't you?
Stop romanticising the games that dusties play and settling for boys who are under-qualified for the role of men. If he's not doing the fore-mentioned he's a leech of your precious time and energy.
Stop thinking you owe men ANYTHING, or that you need to prove your self sufficiency by way of expecting and accepting less.
The right man is not going to waste your time, play games, and show up unprepared. The right man is not going to make you feel like a burden. The right man will recognise your value and your value as a woman. The right man is going to step up as a man because your respect as a Queen is important to him.
And that's on.. I Deserve (Momma Dee voice)
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spoiledblackgirls · 9 months
Tumblr media
Just gonna leave this here.
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iclaimeditsoitsmine · 2 years
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Here are some amazing clear skin affirmations that helped clear my skin RAPIDLY. Recite these before or after your skin care routine, once or twice a day! It's totally up to you, as long as you claim it so it's yours! Happy Manifesting, Godiva!✨🥂
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luxuryandlilacs · 3 months
I read this somewhere and thought it was so eye-opening:
The problem with a lot of people nowadays is they want to be in a relationship before working on their relationship with themselves. No one owes you anything and no one has to accept you at your worst especially not when you're getting to know each other. Some people feel so entitled to things they don't apply to themselves.
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womenofthecentury · 11 months
why the motto "women support women" doesn't work all the time
It has routinely come to my attention that the reason behind women hating, shaming and casting other women down is because of their own deeply circumstantial assemblage of shame colored by society's rejections
Tumblr media
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lawofattractionhowto · 5 months
Less consuming, more creating. Imagine how much time wasted everyday spent consuming on social media, Netflix, movies, Youtube, Podcasts...mindless scrolling. Imagine if you poured all that wasted time and energy into creating the life of your dreams? Pouring into your business ideas? Creating that painting, that song, that dance whatever your thing is. And believe me, there is something within you, an idea, a gift, a skill that’s waiting to be unleashed, something you could be sharing with the world but instead you are wasting your life consuming. Now is your time to snap out of consuming, and create. Create with all your soul. It’s not a dumb idea, it's not delusional. Your dreams have been planted within you for a reason. Now is the fucking time more than ever to start living them, breathing them, and creating them.  
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thatgirlwrld · 7 months
know your worth & outgrow them
I've come to realize that once you start prioritizing yourself and putting yourself first, it'll piss a lot of people off who'll call you selfish and self-centered, and guess what? I'm okay with that and I will gladly walk away if they can't respect that. My time and energy are valuable and I'm not afraid to be alone on this journey.
I've got my back and that's all I need to keep going. I trust myself because I know what's best for me and I know I'm not missing out on anything. Nothing is worth disturbing my peace or my energy.
I am whole and complete and I have everything I need within me 🤍
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adviceformefromme · 5 months
Stop dreaming about your life and make it your fucking reality. Make actual plans TODAY that align with your future. Go eat at the restaurant in Soho and order the kataifi prawns, (and take cute pics while you're at it). Go light that diptyque candle that's been sat on your dresser unused for months waiting for a special occasion. Go plan the dream trip that's occupied your vision board for years. Book the damn flights. Chop your hair. Get the brows did. Whatever you need to do to bring the 2.0 version of yourself to life, go do that. You are your own hero. You owe it to yourself, that little girl inside you that dreamt of a beautiful life, you owe it to her to make this dream come true, she is relying on you. So quit complaining, quit researching, quit talking about what you want to do and move. Move into action, move into booking shit, move into walking and talking as if you are living your dreams. Let's go!
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softglowup · 1 year
Dream Girl Guide: October (3)
Keeping track of how I’m doing regarding my October goal: getting back into reading.
Oct 10th: 130p.
Oct 11th: 160p.
Oct 12th: 170p
Oct 13th: 120p.
Oct 14th: 130p.
Oct 15th: 200p.
Oct 16th: 250p.
Oct 17h: 170p.
Finished The Baron in the Trees, read a campus novel, a book by André Mabanckou, a Jonathan Coe novel, and started a Mishima novel. It's been a while since the last check-up post. I haven't slowed down on the reading, but I find it difficult to get on social media when I'm under the weather. Work is getting more intense, I've started writing my thesis, and I've been sick-but-still-going-to-work this week. So for a while I'm going to focus on work, reading, and comfort and rest -- instead of trying to change everything at once. Gradual change is durable change.
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Tumblr media
Bet 👀
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leveluponabuck · 10 months
My life is becoming...
Going to brunch with friends
Solo picnics in the park
Pottery classes, candle making and little hobbies I enjoy
Weekend getaways
A consistent workout routine
Being consistent with skincare
Drinking 80+ oz of water a day
Going to bed early
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misshyperglam · 2 years
Don't repeat yourself sis! They heard you the first time.
Tumblr media
It's time to stop questioning the place you hold in others people's lives and believe what they are showing you.
Are they honouring their word?
Are they backing it up with action?
Are they changing the behaviour after communication?
A Queen goes where she is wanted, appreciated and valued, not where she is undermined confused and treated like an option.
Time is too precious and so are you 💕
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