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“Out of his mouth go burning lamps, and sparks of fire leap out.” Job 41:19
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Mom, I did mermay for once!
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i have a few ideas Walk with me here
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Baby’s Breath - a wholesome moment
Leviathan does it on accident. If there's a pen and paper in front of him while his mind is wandering then it's a natural response that he starts doodling random things. Sure one of those 'random' things are two characters that look like you and him doing things together. And yes, there's actually several drawings of the character that looks like you. But it's random. Completely unintentional.
"Hey they look like us." Levi almost screams. So what if you'd been next to him the whole time? That didn't mean he thought you were going to be peering over his shoulder and watching him draw on the paper in front of him. "That sort of looks like me, aw look at all those hearts." You whisper, and he has the urge to throw the paper across the room only to not upon seeing your cheerful expression.
"I can explain..." you don't let him explain, instead gesturing for him to pass you the pen and paper.
"Let me draw something." Silently he does, glancing at the teacher who doesn't seem to notice either of you. You hunch over blocking his view from what you are sketching, no matter how much he tries to look over your shoulder. Eventually you finish, and slide your work back in front of him.
It was a small drawing of you and him (you clearly labelled the two characters 'me' and 'you'), holding hands with little hearts all over it. But it was enough to make his heart race, and silently vow to frame the piece of paper, regardless of the questionable quality of its contents.
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Good evening and happy early Christmas i found your account by looking through the obey me tags and saw you do obey me request if you don't mind may I get the obey me brothers with a Gilgamesh female reader? Sorry on my whole part if it's too long and if it is you can ignore it<3
Gilgamesh is ‏The strongest heroic spirit. Gilgamesh is the great half-god, half-human king born from the union between the King of Uruk, Lugalbanda, and goddess Rimat-Ninsun. He ruled the Sumerian city-state of Uruk, the capital city of ancient Mesopotamia in the B.C. era. He was an ultimate, transcendent being so divine as to be two thirds god and one third human, and no others in the world could match him. He was a despot possessing high divinity who believed he was invincible. He is not merely a legend, and is said to have actually existed and ruled during the Sumer Dynasty five thousand years ago. He was the King of Heroes (英雄王, Eiyū Ō?) who possessed all things in the world, whose tale is recorded in mankind's oldest epic poem, the Epic of Gilgamesh which portrays Gilgamesh as a hero, destined to be king and achieve great feats, who is driven to meet his destiny, facing challenges together with his best friend Enkidu.
he would reprimand the King and rectify his arrogance. They entered a battle that spanned several days, and Gilgamesh was forced to use all his strength to match his transforming opponent.
He became the greatest and richest king on Earth, who eventually acquired all the treasures of the world. Uruk became unprecedentedly prosperous, and Gilgamesh was considered so powerful that even the gods could not ignore his existence. One goddess, Ishtar the goddess of fertility, even fell in love with Gilgamesh and proposed marriage to the perfect king. He rejected her immediately because he knew her to be a witch who was unfaithful, cruel, and the corruptor of all men. She became furious, feeling that he had insulted her, and went to her father, the god Anu, to get revenge. She begged him to unleash the Bull of Heaven.
The unopposable beast of the gods caused seven years of starvation and destruction on the earth. Working together, they defeated it after binding it with the Chains of Heaven, causing the dark clouds covering the world to fade and saving the land from the flood. Ishtar's reputation was once again crushed, and her fury did not abate. She requested they be put to death for the sin of slaying a beast of the gods with the body of a human. Her request was granted, and Enkidu, created by the gods, was unable to defy the decree.
He slowly weakened and was returned to clay, as Gilgamesh desperately held on to the crumbling clod in his arms. He was angered by this, believing that he was the one who deserved retribution should it be required. Enkidu attempted to assuage him by telling Gilgamesh that he was only one of the many treasures in Gilgamesh's collection, that he would find countless more greater than him in time.
Enkidu returning to dust, meeting death, greatly changed his views. Death had never inspired grief or fear in him until that moment, and it had never once even been in his mind though he knew that it awaited all. Seeing the one who held equal power to him perish before his eyes let him register the true reality of death for the first time. Falling into depression and with his vigor gone, he sought out the Herb of Immortality, a spirit herb of perpetual youth and eternal life.
His title, King of Heroes, is not meant to call him a king who is a hero, but instead implies that he is the king over all heroes. He is mankind's oldest hero, the origin of all myths and model on which heroes are based, so his story is copied within the mythologies of all the countries of the world. The heroes of various myths are derived from his legend, so his Gate of Babylon possesses all of their Noble Phantasms. Though there are several heroes holding the title of "King", the King of Knights and King of Conquerors, he is the only one in all of heaven and earth crowned with the title of "King of All Heroes.He is often referred to as the "golden Archer" and the "golden-sparkling Servant," and Rider generally calls him "Goldie." He is similarly called Gold-glitter (金ピカ, Kin-Pika?) due to his hair, armor, and golden soul, but Rin's reasoning behind the name has less to do with the color of his hair and more simply due to the fact that she thinks he looks like he is living a rich and luxurious life.[8] He looks like a regular foreigner to both Rin and Archer, and he does not openly give off the impression of a Servant or Master due to his body being made of flesh after the Fourth Holy Grail War.
Personality ↓
He is extremely arrogant and selfish, believing himself to be the sole potentate and only king of the world even many millennia after his death. He cannot acknowledge the authority of anyone, including that of other kings and especially that of the gods. He considers all those around him as inferior due to this fact, viewing all other kings and heroes as a collection of mongrels, and loathes any individual who would try to be on the same level as him. The only exception is Enkidu, who he considered to be his equal and only friend.
Gilgamesh greatly differs from most of the sovereigns and leaders in the history of humanity. He placed himself before his nation and the people, and he had neither the curiosity nor desire to conquer, possibly because he had too much in the beginning. He takes the time to enjoy himself, mastering every treasure and every pleasure. With conviction to treat good and evil equally, he has no need for other ideologies and ways of life when the absolute basis is "himself."[5] His actions and way of life left him alone, so Enkidu compared rectifying his attitude to rectifying his solitude
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Sorry for taking so long on this 😭😭. It’s a bit short, but romantic nonetheless.
Tumblr media
Lucifer at first really disliked you until he saw that you acted exactly like him. You were prideful, you were arrogant, and you put yourself first. Being a queen and an overall highly worshiped person might do that to you, though. However, you saw him as your equal. The king consort to your queen, if you will. 
He does find your habit of collecting treasures to be very annoying, but you spent your own money and used your own influence, so it wasn’t exactly affecting him. He actually does like purchasing things for you when you do something good, but you hate it because you think that he’s looking down at you.
Tumblr media
Mammon also thought you were annoying but you pointed out that he had no right to have that much audacity. After all, he was worse than you were. This caused you both to get into a physical altercation, and you surprisingly (or unsurprisingly) came out victorious.
The two of you actually loved buying things for each other as an apology after fights. You both loved hoarding treasures, but to the Avatar of Greed, you were the best treasure yet. You loved how he played hard to get, as it meant that he was something/someone you didn’t have yet. Little did you know, you both had each other.
Tumblr media
Leviathan almost cried because you reminded him of a character from an anime he had watched. Your personality matched them to a T, but you absolutely despised how he compared you to a lowly character from a silly show that was nowhere near as good and as awesome as you were. 
As the two of you really got to know each other, he started receiving small figurines from you as gifts. The acts of affection made him so flustered that he couldn’t face you for a few days after each gift was given. When he finally gathered the courage, you would smirk because you were slowly conquering his heart.
Tumblr media
Satan and you clashed heads at first. You both wanted to be number one, and your tempers were definitely not something to laugh at. Numerous times, Lucifer had to step in and stop the fight before it destroyed the entirety of the House of Lamentation. The fights often ended up in you both panting from yelling and throwing things around.
Gift-giving wasn’t really his love language, but he had to admit that he was impressed at your ability to show that you care about someone else aside from yourself when he saw that you gave him the next book in a series that he was currently reading. In return, he gave you a golden necklace, since you managed to get the book’s cover in true gold.
Tumblr media
Asmodeus thought you were so hot. You know how some people like others who have anger issues because those anger issues are not directed towards them? That’s what the situation was. He got to see your more vulnerable and sensitive side, and it was reserved for him and only him. The thought just made his heart flutter.
He also loved getting you gifts just as you did with him, as it meant that you both could constantly be reminded of each other no matter where you were. You loved the feeling of being worshiped and in the middle of his world. It gave you such a great feeling in your chest, you couldn’t contain the smile that appeared on your face.
Tumblr media
Beelzebub did not appreciate your prideful attitude, but he recognizes that he can be selfish as well. Especially when it came to food. Another thing is as you both get to know more about each other, he learns that you were a queen once. Instead of conquering lands, you conquered treasure because you believed that they were tools to create all of humanity and civilization, and thus are more important.
He also loves giving you gifts, and you like to give him the best food made from Mesopotamian recipes that you remembered with your oh-so-great memory. He might actually have a new favorite food, if you can cook. To be fair, he was surprised to see you cooking because you were a ruler and thus you had cooks of your own back in ancient Mesopotamia.
Tumblr media
Belphegor and you also clashed heads numerous times. When he tried to kill you, he did not know what he was getting himself into. The thing is, you put yourself first. At that moment, you had to choose between either life or death. It surprised no one when you almost killed the Avatar of Sloth, had Lucifer not stepped in to stop you.
Your relationship didn’t repair any until much later, where you extended the olive branch by gifting him a new pillow from the same brand that his old one was from. Seeing it in his room after school made him smile a bit, but there was no way he would let you see that he was going soft for you.
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Seeing Their Pact Mark For The First Time - Obey Me! Brothers
Tumblr media
Summary: how they react to seeing their pact mark for the first time
CW: branding, marking, general possessiveness? suggestive (Lucifer’s and Asmo’s), jealousy (Levi’s)
more obey me content!! i am down bad for MAMMON rn so that’s what brought this about lol. also some happier content (thank god)
his is on the back of your neck
usually it’s hidden under your hair or the collar of your shirt so no one really sees it 
lucifer is curious about it but doesn’t really care to ask
honestly he got really busy after the pact was formed and forgot all about it
you’re late for school one day and rushing to get ready in the bathroom when Lucifer walks by 
you have your head down looking for something and he sees it on the back of your neck
literally stops in his tracks and does a double take 
“so that’s where it is.”
he asks to see it again
has you sit down in front of him so he can play with your hair and rub his fingers across the mark 
he loves that there’s a vow on your body binding you to him that only he can see
unless he gets jealous and “accidentally” uncovers it in front of someone 
(also unrelated but imagine giving him head in a position where he can see it—him holding you by the pact mark and guiding you along his length)
it’s on your back where your heart would be
you know what it means but you don’t want to tell Mammon about it
he would probably just make fun of you anyways
one day he comes to see you after school, and forgets to knock
unfortunately for both of you, you’re in the process of changing into your pyjamas 
he walks in right as you take your shirt off, and he’s greeted by your back and the golden mark that resides there
definitely screams and hides his face in his arm 
“w-why are you naked??”
“why didn’t you knock?!”
you finish putting on your shirt and lay down on your bed, stomach first 
“mammon, you can open your eyes now”
he awkwardly does, relief washing over him when he sees that you’re fully clothed
“so what did you need?”
“was that my pact mark on your back?”
you agree and then ask if he wants to see it
he does but insists it’s just to see what it looks like (no other reason)
you lift the back of your shirt up and continue laying down on your stomach
Mammon feels really emotional looking at it
his pact mark, on his human?
he traces the outline of it, in awe of how it looks on your skin 
neither of you say anything for a while, you just lay there contentedly while he runs his fingers over the mark over and over again 
his is on your left thigh, just below where your underwear sit
what better placement for the Avatar of Envy?
you couldn’t find it at first, but you could feel it 
when you did finally find the orange mark on your leg, you knew that Levi would implode if he ever found it 
Levi sees you showing his brothers their pact marks and gets a little a lot jealous 
doesn’t confront you about it tho and instead decides to go pout in his room about it 
when you come in to check on him, he’s a little cold with you 
“cmon leviachan, talk to me. what’s got you so upset?”
you have to listen to a five minute self deprecation spiral before he even tells you why he’s upset
“levi…you know that if you wanted to see your mark, all you had to do was ask, right?”
he’s a little embarrassed about it now but with some gentle coaxing you manage to calm him down enough and get him to sit on the bed across from you
when you start unbuttoning your pants, his face burns 
“OMG y/n, w-what are you doing?”
“calm down, Levi…just, look, okay?”
you tug your pants down to your knees and stretch out your left leg so that he can see the orange mark 
“open your eyes, Levi, it’s just my underwear”
Levi wants to argue that it’s not just your underwear but he shuts up when he opens his eyes and sees the mark
it’s on your thigh of all places???
if people thought he was a pervert before, what would they think of him now??
“Levi,” you say, trying to bring him back to reality
when that doesn’t work, you grab his hand and place it over your thigh 
his hands are warm compared to your cold skin and it grounds you both 
“are you better now?”
he nods slowly, unable to look at you while his hand is on your bare thigh 
his is on the left side of your rib cage 
it’s just hidden enough that even if you wear crop tops, he wouldn’t be able to see it 
he definitely went around asking his brothers where theirs was in order to process of elimination where it is 
he doesn’t want you to just tell him
he feels like he should be able to know/guess where it is just based on the connection 
probably overworks himself trying to figure it out
finally, after a few nights of detective work and little sleep, you force him to lay in his bed 
“I’m going to show you where it is, and in return, you’re going to actually get some sleep”
he begrudgingly agrees, propping his head up on the headboard to watch you
you straddle his hips and slowly strip your shirt off, adjusting so that he can see the green mark of wrath 
his mouth goes dry seeing it 
he definitely didn’t consider that it would be there of all places 
reaches out and brushes his fingers across it 
“is it everything you hoped for” you joke
but it really is everything he hoped for 
its below your belly button, stopping just above your pubic bone
it’s kinda the perfect spot for him too 
a cute little pink swirl leading to your precious parts
Asmo likes to giggle and speculate where it shows up
honestly he hopes a little that it ends up over your heart, but he won’t be disappointed otherwise 
loves to tease you about the mark too
one day you’ve had enough of his teasing and speculation though
“I’m putting this to rest, Asmo,” and you take him to your room and make him sit on his knees in front of you
you roll up your shirt and he can see just the beginnings of it under your belly button 
then you unbutton your pants and roll them down to your thighs so he can see the rest of it
his eyes are practically glowing when he sees it
“it’s so pretty!!” he gushes
asks if he can touch it and you agree, gasping when his perfectly manicured fingers brush across your mark
presses a kiss to it and leaves a glob of sparkly lipstick behind 
begs you to let him take a picture of it to keep (and may or may not set it as his Home Screen) 
also expect him to be admiring it and touching it anytime he sees it
his showed up just above your belly button
he always wondered where it was but never thought to ask 
if you wanted to show him, you would…right?
eventually gives in to his impulses and asks you directly 
“y/n…” bro is sweating buckets
you’re genuinely worried something is wrong by how serious he is at first 
“what’s up?”
“I just wanted to know…where’s my pact mark?”
you’re honestly relieved it wasn’t anything too serious 
“follow me”
you bring him into your room and close the door behind him
honestly Beel starts to worry where it is 
when you slowly peel off your t-shirt, he covers his eyes and his cheeks flush 
you have to pry his hand off of his eyes to even get him to look 
“beel—calm down. it’s on my stomach.”
he’s breathless when he sees the swirling red mark
asks if he can touch and you nod eagerly 
his touch is gentle, calloused fingers smoothing over your skin 
you’re not sure what prompts you to ask, but suddenly you’re looking up at him through your lashes and asking “do you like it?”
Beel doesn’t even know what to respond to that 
of course he likes it
it’s a mark that ties the two of you together 
instead of answering, he chooses to press a soft kiss to the centre of your mark
belphie’s is a tramp stamp
it’s on your lower back, right on the spot where your t-shirt always rides up while you sleep 
you’re half convinced that it only showed up there as a joke 
Belphie never really cared much to see it either 
like he always saw his brothers asking and fawning over theirs but he just…didn’t care
he always felt a bit of a disconnect regarding your pact tbh
he comes home early from school one day to take a nap and sees you already sleeping on the couch
you’re curled up in a ball, your face shoved in the cushions
and your shirt is twisted and has started to ride up as you move in your sleep
he sees the mark and his first thought is “y/n has a tattoo?”
he moves closer to see what it is and as soon as he realizes it’s his pact mark he almost falls over 
it’s there of all places?
because of fucking course it is
he kinda just sits on the floor next to you for a while admiring it while you sleep
until he notices you’re shivering and feels like he has to do something about it
slowly pulls down your shirt over the mark he loves so much and lays his jacket on top of you
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donthugme1mscared · 2 months
Tumblr media
Istg y’all can bet your heads on the fact that Solomon would totally join in simply because it’s hilarious 🤣
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sierrascribbles · 2 months
『♡』 the day you and the stars disappeared.
Tumblr media
summary: the discovery and aftermath of your disappearance. what do your beloveds do in your absence?
obey me characters (lucifer, mammon, levi, satan, asmo, beel, belphie, diavolo, solomon, barbatos, simeon, and thirteen) x gn!reader; angst, 4.8k words. light spoilers for obey me nightbringer.
Tumblr media
When Lucifer wakes up, the left side of his bed is cold.
It's not the most unusual thing. Lucifer was much less of a morning person that you were. He glaces to his bedside table. 8:30; it was too early for you to be out of bed on the weekend. Even if you woke up early, you'd still be tucked into his arms, or scrolling through Devilgram on your D.D.D.
Lucifer sits up, a pout on his face. You couldn't have strayed too far in such a short time.
"Beloved?" He calls, hoping you could hear him if you were in the bathroom. Lucifer says your name, this time a little louder, but again gets no response.
It wasn't your turn to be on breakfast duty... Perhaps you had a bad dream? You did tend to hide those things from him.
He closes his eyes and thinks of you. Usually, he would feel a faint warmth, like the fluttering of a moth's wings underneath his skin; it was the feeling of your soul connected to his through your pact. But now, even with all his focus, the feeling of your soul connection is nothing but a cold static.
Lucifer swallows the panic welling up in his chest and stands, quickly throwing on his clothes and rushing from his room. He starts in the basement, looking in any place a human could possibly squeeze into, desperately calling out your name. The ever-composed Lucifer, reduced to tearing the house apart when his human isn't in his sights.
He hopes that he is overreacting. He hopes that he'll find you curled up with Mammon, or on a walk outside the house.
He hopes that you are still somewhere that he can reach.
"Oy, Lucifer, what's going on?" Mammon. Lucifer takes a deep breath and tries to collect himself. If he let himself be emotional, his brothers would take that as a sign that something is very, very wrong. He would have to hold himself together, for now. "You're waking everyone up."
"Mammon, have you seen MC?" Calm enough.
"I haven't seen 'em since last night, they were with you, right?" You and Lucifer stayed up late to finish paperwork for your new student council role. "You didn't make 'em angry, did you?"
Lucifer's pout deepens. He's sure he'll age a millennia faster with how much he worries over you. "No, nothing like that. We finished up the assignments and then went to bed." Lucifer sighs, "and then when I woke up this morning, they weren't there. It's unlike them."
"You sure they just didn't go for a walk or something?" Mammon checks his phone to see if there were any messages from you.
"Mammon... try to connect to them with your pact."
Mammon closes his eyes, and repeats the same action Lucifer did only a few minutes prior.
Mammon instantly shifts into his demon form, fear evident in his eyes.
"I'm gonna go drag Solomon over here. He'll be able to track 'em if they're nearby, right?"
"He should be. Bring Simeon too, if he's there.". Lucifer straightens himself out. "I'll wake Leviathan and then go get Diavolo and Barbatos. Maybe they'll know more about what's going on."
Mammon nods, out the door before Lucifer can even finish his sentence.
Lucifer doesn't allow himself any more moments alone, he rushes upstairs to shake Leviathan awake.
"No need to pound on the door, Mammon." Simeon smiles, but Mammon can tell he's annoyed. Giving Simeon a minute to open the door was Mammon's idea of being patient, he had half a mind to knock the damn thing off its hinges. "Is there anything—".
"Where's Solomon?" Mammon cuts him off, pushing past him and into Purgatory Hall's living room. The smell of fresh coffee fills the air; just how early did these guys wake up?
"He's still sleeping, I believe. Why are you in such a rush?" Simeon asks.
"MC's missing. Need him to find them. He in his room?"
"You heard me!" Mammon can hardly keep it together. He didn't want to talk about it, he knew that if he started talking he wouldn't be able to stop.
He hadn't felt your soul connection so cold since... since...
"What's going on?" Solomon steps out of the hallway, still in his pajamas. "I heard Mammon yelling. What happened to MC?"
Of course he'd have been listening in. "Lucifer woke up this morning and they weren't there. Can't hardly feel their soul at all, it's like they're—".
"What do you mean?" Solomon's eyebrows quirk up, clearly not expecting to hear that. "What does it feel like?"
"Damn it, Solomon, it feels like it did when Belphie... y'know." Mammon can't bring himself to say it. It was too awful, what he did to you. "Enough talking, do your magic thing and find 'em!"
Solomon and Simeon exchange worried looks. "Alright, let me get dressed. Then we'll head off. But Mammon...".
"What?" Mammon huffs, already heading towards the door.
"I'm sure they're fine. You know how capable they are. Perhaps they just wanted some alone time."
"Yes, MC has survived a lot. I'm sure they just popped back up to the Human World or something... We'll probably be laughing about this with them at the end of the day."
Simeon smiles, but it doesn't reach his eyes. Mammon tries not to let the thought that they might be trying to placate him bother him.
"You want me to watch over our brothers? Why? What's happening?" Levi sits up in his bathtub bed, disoriented from being shaken awake so suddenly.
He had heard the commotion earlier, but assumed that Mammon had done something to warrant Lucifer's ire. Lucifer searching through Levi's room while he was sleeping wasn't the strangest occurrence. Mammon did hide things in here from time to time.
"Levi, don't worry over this right now. I'll fill you in once we figure out what's going on."
"No, Lucifer, tell me now!" Levi stands, suddenly very awake. "You're worried over something, and you're never worried, not like this."
Even standing up straight, Lucifer was still looking down at Leviathan.
"Telling you would only make the situation worse." Levi hates how patronizing Lucifer sounds. He hated it when they first fell and he hated it now. "Make sure the others stay put, I'll be back soon."
Levi moves quickly to stop him from leaving. "If you don't tell me, I'll... I'll summon Lotan!" Lucifer steps forward, but Leviathan doesn't budge. "I'll really do it, Lucifer! I'm serious about this!"
It would probably take Levi a few hundred years to muster up the courage to stand up to Lucifer like this again. But watching the cold pity fade from his brother's eyes and turn into something more akin to pride was worth it.
"MC is gone, and I'm going to the Demon Lord's Castle to seek Diavolo and Barbatos's help." Lucifer says it with such a barely-maintained calmness that Leviathan knows this is serious. That you weren't sucked into a silly game or hiding out in Purgatory Hall for the weekend.
Levi feels his heart sink.
"Now, can you do as you're told and stay put? I'll be back soon." Lucifer squeezes Levi's shoulder, forcing Levi to listen. "If anything happens, call me."
He nods, but once Lucifer turns to leave, he quietly falls back into bed. Levi watches Henry swim around in his goldfish tank; you had just fed him yesterday, how did things change so much in just a few hours?
No, he can't shut down here. If something happened to you and he wasn't there to help he would never forgive himself.
You had saved him so many times before, it was time for him to be your Knight. (God, he sounded like a normie).
When Mammon arrives back to the House of Lamentation with Simeon, Solomon, and Thirteen (Solomon had called her for help), the front door is blown off its hinges. Levi peeks through sheepishly at the four of them, waving for them to come in.
"What the hell happened here?" Thirteen tries to shut the door behind them, but it slowly starts to creak back open as soon as its closed.
"I told Satan what happened." Levi sighs, fiddling with the ends of his sleeves. "He went out to calm himself down. Said he'll be back by the time Lucifer gets home."
"Have you guys found anything here?" Simeon asks Leviathan. Just past Levi in the living room was Asmodeus, who was anxiously staring down at his phone.
Beel descends the stairs at the same time Belphie comes up from the basement: "I checked all the rooms upstairs, they're not up there."
Belphie shakes his head: "They're nowhere in the basement, either."
"I've been texting anyone that knows them from R.A.D. No one has seen them yet." Asmodeus blinks back tears. "This is crazy, you know! Why does this kind of thing always happen to them?"
"Well, they're not dead. So stop acting so sad!" Thirteen chimes in, sprawling herself out on the living room couch. "I checked their candle this morning myself. I can check again but trust me, I would know if they died. I'm a reaper, y'know?"
"You checked their candle this morning? Isn't that quite a walk from where you sleep?" Despite the situation, Solomon just can't help himself. Thirteen sits up and throws a pillow at the sorcerer, cheeks flushed.
"I just had some business over there, that's all." Thirteen huffs, sinking back into the sofa so she doesn't have to see Solomon's smug face. "Anyways, aren't you supposed to be doing your thing?"
"Yeah, get to it, Solomon." Mammon tugs on the back of Solomon's cape, pointing him towards Lucifer's room. "They were last seen in there. See if you can find anything."
Simeon stands near the doorway to Lucifer's room with Mammon, watching as Solomon searches for traces of anything that might give them a clue as to your whereabouts.
Simeon had thought that he had accepted being human. He thought the feeling of powerlessness that was so overwhelming to him at first had finally settled; there was nothing he could do to gain his grace back after what he had done, after all.
But now? He knew even as an angel there wasn't much more he could do to find you. If he had become your Guardian Angel like he had teased so many times, he could at least feel out if you were in danger.
Cautious Simeon, always so scared to make that final jump.
He says a prayer for you, quietly. Simeon hopes that his Father would still lend his ear to his own child, no matter how far he had strayed.
"There's one strong concentration here." Solomon frowns, gesturing to an area a little above shoulder height, right beside the left side of Lucifer's bed. "but that's all I can sense right now."
"Yeah, there's gotta be something else you missed." Mammon anxiously looks around the room, checking to see for himself if anything was out of place. "Keep looking."
They both follow Solomon as he does just that. He checks Lucifer's bathroom, in the closets, in the halls by his door... Nothing.
"I just don't get it." Solomon says, eyes closed in thought. He leans against the low table in the hallways. "If someone went through all this trouble to kidnap MC, why would they leave such an obvious trace behind?"
"Who gives a shit their motive right now. Tell us that you found something that can lead us to them, Solomon." Desperation drips from Mammon's voice. Mammon needs some hope to hold on to; Simeon empathizes with that feeling.
If Thirteen hadn't assured everyone you were still alive Simeon is sure he'd be snapping at Solomon too. Solomon was a good friend, but there's something about how casual he is with everything that makes Simeon angry. Did he not love you too?
"I did, don't worry, Mammon." Solomon pats Mammon's shoulder, "Once everyone gets back, I'll explain what I found."
Diavolo, Barbatos, and Lucifer arrive shortly after Solomon is done with his search.
The anxiety in the room is palpable; any news at all could set them alight. Especially Satan, who seemed to be trying to remember old breathing exercises to keep back his demon form.
"Solomon, they're here!" Asmodeus announces, and Simeon, Solomon, and Mammon come out from Lucifer's room to join everyone in the living room.
Lucifer doesn't comment on the broken door, he doesn't much care if the house itself was destroyed in the process of finding you.
"Tell us what you've found." Diavolo asks; Lucifer had informed him and Barbatos about what had happened on the way back from the castle. It had been a long while since Diavolo had seen his old friend look so grave.
Solomon comes around the couch and takes a seat by Thirteen. She scoots away.
"Well, there wasn't much left behind to find.... Which is good in its own way." Solomon crosses his legs. "Time magic was used sometime in Lucifer's bedroom last night. It appears MC has been taken to another point in this timeline."
As soon as the words leave his mouth, all eyes go to Barbatos. Even Barbatos looks stunned, eyes widening in shock.
"Time magic?" Satan stands, hands clenching at his sides. "I would like an explanation then, Barbatos. Now."
"I... am afraid I am as in the dark as you all are." The hesitation in Barbatos's voice does little to persuade the brothers. Beel stands and keeps a watchful eye on Satan. If you were here, you wouldn't want anyone to get hurt for your sake.
Diavolo stands in front of Barbatos. "Now, you all know Barbatos isn't the only being capable of time magic."
"Is it possible that someone else used your portals?" Thirteen asks. "You leave those things wide open, don'tcha? Seems like an easy target."
"I would know if anyone other than myself used them, yes. But I did not feel any abnormalities last night."
Belphie turns to Solomon. "Wait, you said time magic, what time period did they get sent to?"
"Ah, well that's a little tricky." Solomon answers with a sheepish smile. "The residual magic was strong, but you would expect more to be left behind if they went to the future. Future magic is highly unstable, anyways. It's more likely they were sent somewhere into the past, probably around the time of the Celestial War based on my analysis."
Belphie shakes his head. "You can't say 'probably', you have to be certain about this."
"Then, yes, I am certain that is where they are." Solomon answers smoothly.
The instant Mammon hears Solomon's confirmation, Mammon speaks up:
"Okay, so how do we get them back?!"
With lots of loud disagreements, and a few almost-fights, they come to terms that it has to be Solomon that goes after you.
No one particularly likes that idea, but he was the only one who wouldn't completely disrupt the timeline. His past self wouldn't be in the Devildom, so he could avoid paradoxes, and he was more than strong enough to protect himself if need be.
That same day, Barbatos prepares the portal for Solomon to go through after you. But not before one last warning from Diavolo:
Diavolo's eyes are stern, hand gripping Solomon's shoulder tight enough to where it would be painful. Solomon takes a step back, but Diavolo's body follows him.
"You bring them back safe." A warning, "And bring them back swiftly. Whatever you must do to get them back... do it."
Solomon, frankly, had had enough warnings from the demon brothers, and from his old friend Thirteen to understand that his life was forfeit if he came back without you.
He supposed he couldn't fault their protectiveness, however. If your safety was left alone in the hands of any other, he's sure he'd do worse to guarantee you came back alive and well.
"Of course," Solomon rolls his shoulder, shrugging off the Prince's hold. "You know I want them back just as much as you do. Perhaps even more."
Diavolo pats his back, his usual genial smile returning to his face, and he laughs. "Oh, I doubt that."
Barbatos gestures to the two, indicating that everything is ready for Solomon to step through. Solomon doesn't feel anything but calm, for what did he have to be anxious about? He was getting to see you again.
Was it selfish of him to be happy that he would be in a time period where the one you would rely on the most would be him?
"Bring them back to us," Is the last thing he hears before he steps through the portal, and into the past.
Lucifer busies himself with his work. If he fills his schedule enough, he doesn't have time to worry about you constantly, doesn't have time for his mind to cycle through the worst of what could happen with you out of his reach.
He volunteers to take on all of your duties that you were newly appointed as R.A.D.'s newest student council officer. Lucifer doesn't want anything to get in the way of you spending time with him again once you get back.
When he isn't working, he takes care of his brothers. The House of Lamentation always becomes a little quieter when you're not around, but the silence this time is more somber.
Lucifer doesn't scold them as much, gives them more leeway when they skip classes or forget to turn in assignments. He knows they're struggling and he doesn't want to add to that burden.
He hardly sleeps unless he passes out from exhaustion. When he does, his dreams are of blame. Why didn't he just wake up when you were taken? You were right there.
Mammon had to be held back by Levi and Beel to keep him from going into the portal after Solomon.
It wasn't fair that that guy got to go and he had to stay behind. He was your first man! Mammon wasn't even sure that Solomon didn't play a role in helping you disappear. He never trusted that guy.
But all he could do now was hope that he would bring you back, right? It didn't matter anymore who saved you, just the fact that you were alive and safe and in his arms would be enough for him.
Mammon misses you ardently.
He texts you about his day every day. He knows the messages won't deliver, but he doesn't have anyone else to send them too. Sometimes he'll even call your phone so he can hear your voice in the voicemail. It helps him sleep.
He's just so tired of this. He thought once your trials at R.A.D. were over, you could settle down in the House of Lamentation forever.
If anyone deserved a life full of peace, it was you. You had endured way too much hardship on their account to keep having these things happen to you.
Levi tries to maintain a normalcy for you to return to. He buys games that you had on your radar for you to play with him once you got back.
He likes looking at the pictures you both had taken together. Cosplay pics, photobooth strips, candid polaroids... precious memories that could never be replaced.
And, when he really misses you, he takes one of your school uniforms, hanging up neatly in your closet and takes it to bed with him. It still smells like you, and if he closes his eyes, he can picture you're there with him.
Though, waking up and seeing you weren't there is like losing you all over again.
Satan worries.
He knew what he was like right after the Celestial War. He knew what monstrous things he did when he couldn't control his anger; before he made a conscious decision to crawl his way out of his emotional stagnation and to be more than he was created to be.
He gets into a habit of hanging out with Thirteen. Satan never really cared much for her attitude, but she's the only one who would know if you were still alive.
She's tolerable, in that when they get together they always end up talking about you. Satan doesn't tell her the best stories about you, no, those were reserved only for himself.
When he is alone, he often drifts towards your room. He knows his brothers often sleep there when you're gone, so he washes your sheets and makes your bed back up when they're not there.
Satan even tidies his own room just enough so that you would have room to sleep in his bed with him when you returned.
To have both you and Solomon taken away from him in the same day, it seems a bit cruel, doesn't it?
He's thankful for all the consolations from his friends and his fans; the well wishes are nice, but it isn't the same as hearing it from your voice.
Asmo tells anyone who will listen about what happened to you in hopes that they'll spin stories back at him. Even if most were lies conjured to make him feel better, there always are some true stories in the mix. He hears a few rumors of ancient, powerful demons that he hands over to Satan and Belphie to look more into. He was glad he could do something.
Asmodeus starts collecting things that remind him of you. Flowers that never wilt, lamb plushies, silk pajamas — there's a box in his room of gifts to give you once you get back home.
He writes down everything that you've missed since you disappeared, he has so much to catch you up on, after all! And if there's a lot of 'I love you's' and things he misses about you in between topics, he's sure you won't mind hearing them, too.
Beel feels a little lost without you there.
You were so ingrained in his daily schedule that he doesn't know what to do with a lot of his time. You, Mammon, him, and Belphie would always hang out after school, since the four of you had the same last period.
There was no sun in the Devildom, but he didn't need any to feel warm sitting next to you three. Mammon would bring cards, and you would take turns picking out games to play.
You would usually win; he loved seeing your smile as you asked for praise for winning. Belphie and Mammon would pout, but Beel was always happy to tell you you did a good job. He keeps an ongoing score sheet somewhere in his backpack:
MC - 102, Mammon - 16, Belphie - 59, Beel - 20. He didn't care much for winning as long as everyone was happy.
He makes his way to the gardens and finds your usual spot empty. Beel waits there for a long while, but only Belphie shows up.
Beel thinks that maybe in the past, you were waiting for him in the same spot too. The thought makes him feel a little less lonely.
Belphie misses you, of course, but he really finds this whole situation odd.
Time magic. Diavolo had said that other beings were capable of it, but Belphie had never heard of anyone, besides Barbatos, that had mastered it enough to send someone back that far. Belphie wasn't the most well-connected person, but he thinks he would've heard about them by now.
Satan thinks the same thing, and so the 'Anti-Lucifer League' is postponed, and in its place the 'MC's Detective Agency' forms. Beel sits in on most meetings, and the rest of the brothers join in occasionally.
But with so few leads there was only so much they could do. But still, Belphie is determined not to give up. If you were in his shoes, he knows you would do the same thing.
He would never admit it to anyone, but he wants to hear you say that you're proud of his work. To feel you pet his head and tell him he did good, to kiss him on the cheeks for working so hard.
...And, of course, making whoever did this pay for what they did would be good, too.
The last note you left him is still taped to his desk:
A chibi of you fist-pumping is drawn on the side of the yellow sticky. There's a big speech bubble that reads: "You can do it, Dia! Knock out that paperwork!" He can't help but smile every time he sees it.
It's silly, but when he looks down and reads those words of encouragement he feels your loss even more strongly. He's sure Solomon will be back with you soon, but as the weeks roll on, he starts getting impatient.
He sends all his best men to search for whoever did this to you. Without any solid leads, it was like chasing the wind, but it helped settle his mind, if only a little.
He supposes you did spoil him too much. He forgot what it was like to be so lonely when you were around. And unlike the brothers, he couldn't just curl up in your bed whenever he wanted to be reminded of you.
Would it be so improper to move you into the castle once you got back? At least here, he would know you were safe. Nothing like this would ever happen to you again on his watch.
Barbatos knows that all eyes are on him.
It isn't hard to figure out that the brothers are suspicious of him. Mammon's crows perch outside his bedroom, Satan takes extra trips to the library in the castle, Belphie "gets lost" wandering the halls after dinner... Even Lucifer asks him pointed questions about that night.
He understands that it comes with the territory of his powers, but when has he ever done anything to jeopardize the exchange program? If he wanted to send you away would he not have done it when you first arrived? Would he not have let you die at the hands of Belphegor?
The him of today would never think of such a thing. Barbatos cared too much about your safety to let you wander too far from his sights.
He knows it is an indulgence that only he is afforded, but he can't help but steal looks into your life back in time as you try to find your way back to them.
Perhaps the others would like to hear about how you are doing, but Barbatos thinks these things are best kept to himself. He was never a fan of sharing, anyways.
Luke cries and cries and cries when Simeon tells him what happened to you. Simeon holds the boy in his arms tight, rocking him back and forth to soothe his troubled heart.
He had done this many nights in the past, and he's sure he'd do it for many nights in the future.
The last time it had happened it had been when Simeon had told Luke about losing his powers. You had been there, then, and had cried as soon as you saw tears well up in Luke's eyes. Luke was less sad and more angry at Simeon for not telling him sooner. He had held you both in his arms that night, and before long the three of you fell asleep together.
Simeon wishes you were here now to hold him. To tell him it was going to be alright. But he supposed if you were here the both of them wouldn't have anything to cry about.
Michael allows Luke to stay in Purgatory Hall for as long as it would take to get you back. Simeon is thankful for the company; with Raphael and Solomon gone, and the Hall silent, it was easy for Simeon to start blaming himself.
He hears Luke pray every night for your safety, and Simeon slips back into the habit as well.
Thirteen spends a lot more time in her cave when you're not around.
What's the point of going to R.A.D. if you weren't there? It's not like she cared much about anyone else that went there. And to hear the brothers cry about missing you... She couldn't take it.
She cared about you too, but you didn't see her moping around about it!
But even worse was the fact Solomon got to go back in time to save you. Just thinking about you spending all that alone time with that shitty Sorcerer makes her blood boil; he could live a thousand lifetimes and never once deserve you.
She goes and checks your candle every morning to see if the flame is going strong. Thirteen breathes easy when she sees the bright orange flame light up the darkness.
Reapers weren't supposed to interfere directly with mortal's lifespans, but she supposed it wouldn't hurt if she poured some of Solomon's melted wax onto your candle. It's not like he would need it anyways.
Besides, this was her making up for lost time. Every day you were away shouldn't count! You didn't choose to go back in time, after all!
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lucifer has totally walked into the kitchen at 3am to get a glass of water just to see mammon and mc eating instant ramen. "are either of you aware of the time?" mammon almost chokes on the noodles in his mouth when he hears lucifer's voice, but mc doesn't miss a beat.
"we were hungry!" and of course because mc's the one looking at him with wide eyes, lucifer's willing to look the other way, sighing to himself as he finishes getting his glass of water.
"just clean up your mess when you're done." he's satisfied when he gets a joint response of: 'we will,' as he walks out.
he doesn't expect to walk back in to the kitchen a week later to find mc, mammon, levi and beel all eating ramen together.
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