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2023’s Top Ten Chaotic Moments of the F1 Season (in no particular order)
The De Vries ➡️ Ricciardo ➡️ Lawson ➡️ Ricciardo musical chairs
The Mclaren boys getting their laptimes deleted live on camera post Qatar Quali under the befuddled eyes of George Russell 🧍‍♂️
George’s T-pose, Estie’s slayful catwalk and Charles’ soulful longing look in the F1 intro 💃
Charles’ triple threat of DNF/DNS/DSQ in one season 🥲
Several broken trophies this year (starting with the one Lando sent to the shadow realms with his champagne pop) 🍾
Max smacking that RBR sticker on Charles, shaking him around and then turning to the camera like 😀
Mika Häkkinen’s gift of prophecy: the man said McLaren would suddenly become competitive and we laughed at him 👁️
The stressed pairs of Merc/Ferrari guys being summoned to the stewards about the planks in Austin and showing up with the power of a piece of paper and a vape 💨
So many inter-teams padel dates?? 🎾
Perez’s Japan run: crashed, changed wing, got a penalty, crashed again, changed wing again, retired, unretired, served his penalty and retired again 🪦
Honourable mentions 🥈 :
Carlos illegitimate child rumour one hot afternoon on f1twt
Dany Ric sniped by that flying tyre in lap 1 of Brazil despite not being involved in the accident
Vegas Hunger Games opening ceremony
Seb’s bee corner
1644 mood collaborative insta post after joint DSQ in COTA
A lot of James Vowles thirst on the TL
Charles Leclerc, known non-believer, plans a pilgrimage to Lourdes to get rid of his curse
Lance falling off wet stairs
Nando being a tik tok celebrity
Dishonourable mentions :
Qatar heat
Vegas drain cover
Piastri being a punching bag on wheels for other drivers for a few races straight
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꒰꒰ ‧₊˚𝐓𝐇𝐄 𝐑𝐄𝐀𝐋𝐈𝐒𝐀𝐓𝐈𝐎𝐍 ─ 𝐋𝐇𝟒𝟒 ˚₊· ꒱꒱
Tumblr media
─ summary . . . ❨ being forced to go to a gp was not something on Y/N's 2023 bingo card but who knows maybe she will create a friendships that could help her thought this tough time ❩  ─ pairing . . . ❨ step dad! lewis hamilton x fem! young teen! reader ❩ ─ genre . . . ❨ social media file ❩ ─ author note . . . ❨ the plot thickens also yes I did make danny a redbull driver in this universe cuz I can and I'm 100% on the danny rbr agenda rn anyway so enjoy! ❩
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
MOTHER Lewis has got us VIP tickets to the Australian gp Isn't that exciting!
Y/N but I have an archery comp on that weekend
MOTHER dw about it I've pulled you from the comp you can do the next
Y/N are you fucking kidding me you pulled me from a comp to go watch you boyfriend's race what the fuck?!?!?!
MOTHER language young lady first of all he my fiance and he is gonna be your step father soon
Y/N he is not gonna be my anything as far as I'm concerned and the only way I am going is if you drag me there kicking and screaming so fuck you
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
MINJI babe where is u at?
Y/N @ the Aussie Gp 💀 ... girl don't u remember me telling you guys about this ����
HANNI We do but your mom just called asking if we knew where you were 😭😭
Y/N wtf would you guys know where I am 😐
DANIELLE cuz aparently she can't find you and she thinks you are trying to catch a flight out of the country to avoid spending time with her and lewis 🫣
Y/N tf is this bitch on? I would never put that much effort into her let that be know first and for most 😝 second of all I'm hanging out with Max and Daniel 😌 so dw I'm not trynna skip town 😔
HAERIN Max and Daniel? as in like Red Bull's drivers Max and Daniel as in like Mad Max 😡 and big dick Danny ric 🤠
Y/N ew 🤢🤢🤮🤮 never say that again 🚫 but yes that would be them 👍
MINJI ... proof or it never happened 👀
Tumblr media
happy now?
HANNI okay but how did you even meet?
Y/N walked off to have a smoke and ran into them and started talking
DANIELLE ain't your mom gonna be pissed though?
Y/N why?
HAERIN cuz your created a better bond with Max and Daniel then what you have with Lewis
Y/N tbh I don't really fucking care Lewis seems like an alright guy ngl but I don't like how my mother is forcing me to spend time with him it's awkward and weird escpially since my dad is refusing to answer my calls or texts and everytime a ask my mother about it she says "maybe he is busy sweetheart" and "well look at it this way it will be the perfect opportunity to bond with Lewis" so yeah I have 0 shits to give rn anyway I need to go time for the race max says I can watch in the red bull garage
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
NANA (EX WIFE) my plan isn't working I thought by forcing you to stay away Y/N and Lewis could bond but I think she hates him more now
JUNHO (EX HUSBAND) no shit sherlock btw I'm coming to pick Y/N up this weekend she staying at my house till she has to go back to school
NANA (EX WIFE) is that bitch gonna be there?
JUNHO (EX HUSBAND) yes my girlfriend is going to be there and I am going to show you the correct way of introducing your kid to your new partner and that starts by telling them the truth about why you marriage ended in the first place and since you refuse to tell her I will read
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When I Speak. He Listens. (Take It All series) - Max Verstappen
Current/Ex!Lewis (also massive age gap)
Summary: Lewis dating a woman in her early 20s was controversial, but he promised her nothing would ruin what they had. What he didn't expect was for the Dutchman who took his title to take his girlfriend.
This is for the girls who love a bit of controversy and definitely love a bit of villain!Max
Part 2 - So I'm The Villain
Part 3 - No Point in Fixing It
Part 4 - Winners Always Win
Tumblr media
Y/n can't deny that there's pressure when it comes to being Lewis Hamilton's younger and controversial girlfriend. It more than just comments about her being a gold-digger or that he's out of her league. She has to dress well, she has to be polite and softly spoken.
Not that she's very present in terms of other than Lewis' side walking through the paddock. A lot of the time with Roscoe.
"Baby?" Lewis smiles as he opens the door making her jump since she hadn't even realised the car had stopped and parked up too caught up in her own thoughts. "Are you coming?"
"Yes. Yeah. Sorry." She smiles taking his hand and standing up from the seat. Sighing as she looks around the car park for the Austin.
Lewis likes the American races. Though no one quite enjoys Texas like Daniel Riccardo, Lewis loves America generally and is not as opposed to more American races as some of the other drivers.
"Are you ok?" Lewis asks softly as they walk towards the gates.
"Yeah, I'm good. Feeling positive about the weekend. You always do well here." Y/n smiles while Lewis smiles brightly at her. Those dark eyes always being filled with enough warmth to reassure her that things are ok.
They walk to the paddock entering the Mercedes hospitality unit where Lewis parts from her with a kiss as usual. She's not always at the races, feeling the pressures of their relationship expectations and the harsh criticism of her as a person just too much to be here to frequently. Even if she'd rather be there to support him every race.
Thursdays always feel a little too long, media drags on. Lewis is happy but being there and supporting him from a distance while also just kind of waiting on the day to come to an end.
Lewis has a meeting ahead of Friday wanting to discuss their plan for the sprint weekend. So she waits outside the Mercedes unit, wanting some fresh air as dusk falls. The paddock still bustling with life and rushed workers trying to finish their duties before they leave for the day.
Y/n doesn't usually stray from Lewis' side or the safety of the Mercedes unit without someone of the team. But for some reason the sunset is calling to her and she wants to get a better view.
So finding courage, she stands up beginning to move quietly through the crowds of people.
Y/n is not actually a shy or antisocial person. In fact when she met Lewis, he seemed to admire her social adaptiveness and ability to befriend anyone. But even Lewis has seen her change throughout their relationship. Y/n has become more withdrawn, she was never all that active on social media, preferring to embrace real life than insist on sharing her life online.
She hates that a relationship changed her even if it wasn't the relationship directly the the external factors beyond the relationship.
Y/n upon their first public appearance befriended a lot of the drivers who are closer to her age and actually she's managed to grow close to Bottas thanks to his friendship with Lewis. Even they have seen the change in her, though none of them feel like they're in a position to ever comment on it.
She picks her way through the Mercedes garage of mechanics beginning to retire for the night before crossing the pit line and stepping up onto the pit wall. Her gaze following the smooth track surface up o the first corner.
Her body sits watching the orange hue in the sky, coating the world in a golden hour haze.
Something suddenly comes over her and she can't stop herself from sniffling and rushing to wipe tears before they fall too far.
"Y/n?" A voice asks making her wince and turn her head further to hide her face wiping at her her eyes harshly. "Are you alright?"
His voice gets closer and she forces herself to turn with a bright smile.
"I'm just enjoying the view. It's amazing seeing the track at this time of day." Y/n states making Max look out at the track which is growing darker under the shadows as the final rays of sun begin to disappearing and the sky grows darker at the dying light.
Max doesn't address the obvious since there's no hiding her puffy, red eyes that look saw.
"It is quite late for you to be here isn't it?" Y/n asks making Max look at her clearly she knows of his reputation to be the last one to arrive in the paddock and the first one to leave.
"There was a birthday in the team. I didn't want to miss it." Max shrugs with a small smile. "Is Lewis not looking for you?"
"Probably. He hasn't called or text yet so I'm sure he's still busy right now." Y/n sighs softly before swallowing thickly.
"Are you really ok, y/n? Because it's alright if you're not." Max states making her hide a wince as she tries to ignore the slight ache in her chest.
"I don't know. I think I'm stuck..."
"I love Lewis...really, but there's stuff beyond his control that really hurts." Y/n murmurs while Max seems to quiet himself and just let her talk. "I don't think he realises that there's standards to live up to and I know I should ignore everyone online. These fans don't know me, they've never spoken a single word to me and they couldn't even accurately say anything about me for certain."
"Have you told Lewis?" Max asks not sounding so much like he's trying to speak down to her.
"I've told him a little watered down version but it's hard for him to understand. He's dealt with all of this for years. It doesn't phase him and he tells me to just ignore it." Y/n shrugs before she swallows thickly. "I'm sure you're about to tell me he's right."
"He is, but if that doesn't work for you then he should be listening more and trying to help you more." Max states making her look at him with glistening eyes. "You will be alright, they can't hurt you in any other way than your feelings and it is just jealousy."
Y/n's gut tightens because she wouldn't wish some of the things people say to her and accuse her of when it comes to Lewis on her worst enemy, knowing how it makes her feel.
"You know for someone who is seen as such an enemy to Lewis. You are being very nice to me." Y/n states making the reigning champion laugh a little. "Here I thought you were the villain."
Max's own smile wavers and she realises she may have touched a nerve. After all, her and Max have hardly spoken before this conversation. No more than to be considered acquaintances since Lewis doesn't make much of an effort to really interact with Max all that much.
She doesn't get the chance to apologise before her phone starts ringing and she sighs seeing a picture of Lewis that the world has never seen pops up making her answer it, her and Max still looking at each other.
"Hello?" Y/n greets, eyes gazing into the deep blue of Max's iris'.
"Hey, baby. Where are you? I'm ready to get back to the hotel." Lewis states making her nod despite him not being there to see her.
"I'm coming. Just been exploring around." She murmurs almost absently in her mind.
"Ok, well don't be long. I'm waiting for you." Lewis states making her murmur a promise that she's on her way.
After the phone call ends she sighs taking Max's hand as he helps her down from the ledge she'd found to sit on.
"Thank you...you didn't have to come out and speak to me...but it actually helped more than you'd probably have expected."
"You should speak to Lewis again. I think he should know how you're feeling." Max states making her look at him for a moment. "I'm sure he'll listen if you speak honestly to him."
Y/n would like to believe that, so she will try again. Max can't possibly be wrong about it.
"Thank you again." she smiles before moving away and taking off.
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Tumblr media
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
Lewis Hamilton attends The Fashion Awards 2023 at the Royal Albert Hall on December 04, 2023 (Photo by Neil Mockford)
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
a cultural reset.
[©Doug Peters, ©Cover Images]
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Tumblr media
Not the high heels omg 😩👠
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drivers about f1's secret santa, GP Abu Dhabi, 2023
Tumblr media
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She's a star
Tumblr media
summary: reader is Formula 1 tiktok manager and the grid can't refuse her crazy video ideas
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Fromula1: trying to catch Lewis to make a video? impossible ❌️❌️
user44: noooo leewiiiss 😭
user17: guess you can't get EVERY driver to do a silly challenge or use a silly filter
| Formula1: 😔
| user17: it's okay admin, we still love you
| Formula1: 😃
user89: Lewis is so unbothered lol
user54: George will do it!!! I know it
| Formula1: hmmm... 🤭
| user23: and mick pleaseee!!!
Tumblr media
which drivers would you like to see in this series? 😁
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ur hot call me | GR63
pairing: george russell x florist y/n faceless reader (she/her)
genre: social media au
warnings: none jus fluff :)
summary: in which a mysterious boy leaves a note for you to call him in your workplace, so you do
a/n: got a super vague request for george content so hope i did him justice!!! i luv george sorry if it's soo short
my masterlist
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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yourusername this is me trying not to exclusively post 🌻🌹🌷🪻!!
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yourbff i miss u!
yourusername i miss u too come visit the shop this week! 💐
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georgerussell63 🌊🌺👯‍♂️🍷
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charles_leclerc thanks again for the flowers george
alex_albon ?? he got me flowers too
landonorris the boy is mineee
georgerussell63 can everyone relax
user1 my favs fr
user2 who r the flowers for george russell 63⁉️
user3 me
charles_leclerc me
user4 😭
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yourusername posted a story
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yourbff where are you
yourusername on a date 🤫
yourusername with flower shop boy
yourbff tell me everything
georgerussell63 posted a story
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charles_leclerc the mystery woman
landonorris interesting
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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yourusername 🐱💐🌼❤️
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georgerussell63 nice caption
yourusername i copied (u)😊
yourbff the note lol
yourusername 🤫
user8 wait
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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yourusername some of my favourite bouquets from this week 🌷
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yourbff the last one is insane & my favourite ever
yourusername this is exactly how i feel about u
user10 this is george's new gf's account??
comment deleted by yourusername
user11 she doesnt seem like george's usual type
comment deleted by yourusername
user12 this is george's gf?? why is she a flop lowkey
comment deleted by yourusername
comments are now restricted on this post
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georgerussell63 pic haul
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user17 no girl this time
user18 she cant handle it i think
yourbff make dinner for me next time too im left out
georgerussell63 are you sure you want that
user19 who is this girl ?? what is going on 😭
user20 how many gfs george got 💀
charles_leclerc everyone is obsessed with your personal life george
georgerussell63 i know, how boring
user21 yikes
Tumblr media
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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yourusername it's u & me thts my whole world <3
tagged: georgerussell63
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georgerussell63 oh my god
yourusername hello bf 👋
georgerussell63 hello my perfect perfect gf
user22 OMG
user23 omg
user24 we knew it
yourbff awww & i rmmbr the day he gave u his number on a lil note
yourusername come a long way
georgerussell63 it was love at first sight
charles_leclerc we lost a real one today
alex_albon fly high 🕊️
georgerussell63 so dramatic for what?
user25 new favourite wag
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Tumblr media
Lewis Hamilton and Building Snowmen [no warnings]
Day 4 of the Vetteltea Advent Calendar
Tumblr media
Note: This is for you, @f1version. Steph is a complete legend in the way that you’ve loved Lewis for as long as I have, if not more so, and we had this beautiful realisation about young Kimi Raikkonen being a complete crush. This is also the first time I’ve written a full Drabble for Lewis so I hope I did some justice!
Tumblr media
Willow’s face was squinted in concentration, her tiny tongue poked out as her fingers moved to press the rock from her front garden into the molded face of her snowman. She adjusts in your hold, silently thankful when your own hand reaches out, using a little more pressure on the lump which resembles the snowman’s eye. 
She had been focusing on her wintery project for the best part of an hour; after a desperate call from your sister in law, rapidly explaining how due to the weather conditions, Willow and Kaiden’s school was closing,  you and your boyfriend had agreed to drive straight from the airport where you had just touched down to pick them up whilst she stayed at work, promising to leave as soon as possible. 
You were tired, unbelievably jet-lagged, but that didn’t matter when the two children saw you pull up outside of the school in that signature Mercedes, both of them leaping onto each of you, shocked it had been their adorned Aunt and Uncle to come and collect them. Whilst you helped them to adjust their coats, hats and gloves, Lewis strapped in the car-seats, settling both of them into the back and driving back to the family home. 
It had meant to be a surprise; the two of you were supposed to arrive that evening, surprise the family at dinner. However, plans changed, which led to the two children in the back begging to stop at the park so they could go and play in the snow. A single plea from both of them had caused their uncle to change direction, parking in a quiet spot and letting the four of you go to explore the snow laden park. 
The two younger ones had been dressed appropriately, whereas you both looked insane; you, wrapped up in Lewis’ coat whilst he opted to put on two heavier jumpers, hoping that would be enough to keep him warm. 
The park was a little busy, many families from the school deciding to do the same thing as you and Lewis had done. Children dotted around the park, playing in the snow, tumbling down the hill in excitement. Your eyes had flickered over to where your boyfriend and nephew stood, now focusing on their own creation. 
A small tug on your arm pulls you back to Willow, now reaching for the hat which sat atop of your head. You finally caught up to what she was attempting, grinning as you passed it down to her, letting her tiny hands place the cap atop of the snowman’s head. She lets out a small giggle, before giving you a thumbs up, letting you know that her masterpiece was finished, just in time for when her brother and uncle walked over. 
“What have you two been doing then, huh?” Lewis is quick to speak first, his dark eyes flickering over the snowman he’d seen the two girls working on. He begins to notice the details; the dark eyes made from coal, a green leaf wrapped around each stick-arm to represent gloves, the biggest giveaway is the Mercedes cap you had been wearing.
“Is that me?” He laughs, heart warmed by the fact they had attempted to craft him. “I love it!” He leans forward, wrapping both of you into his arms, pressing a kiss to each of your foreheads. “I know why you’re always so good at drawing me pictures now!” 
Kaiden by this point, was tugging on your arm. “Come on, you gotta come and see us now!” He insists, his tiny body attempting to drag you across the snow. 
Stood just a few meters away from Willow’s Snow-Uncle, was another snowman. This one was smaller, squat, with four legs and a giant head. You can’t help the grin which falls from your lips when you notice the scarf wrapped around its neck, your boyfriend holding the remaining length up as a leash. 
“Hey, it’s Roscoe!” You laugh, Willow giggling too as she climbs from your grasp, taking over from holding the leash where Lewis had once done. He soon settles next to you, wrapping his arms around you gently, head resting on your shoulder in comfort as the two of you watch the children pretend to feed Snow-Roscoe treats. 
“I want one.” Lewis mumbles, out of ear-shot for the two younger members of the party.
“Another Roscoe?” You tease. “We can get another puppy-”
“You know what I mean.” He’d grinned back, pressing a kiss to your lips softly. It’s something the two of you had discussed for a while now; the idea of beginning to grow a family with the man you loved always gave you butterflies; even if the two of you weren’t even married, it was something that you had discussed. You wanted three; all with his eyes, his smile and compassion. 
“Look!” Kaiden draws the two of you away from one another, pointing in the direction of where the trees overlaid one another, creating a pathway down to the playground, the giant slide now clear of now from the endless use. “Everyone is sliding down, can we?” You don’t even get a chance to answer, both Willow and Kaiden running in that direction.
You’re the first to follow, Lewis taking a moment to see the smile blossom onto your face from the escapades of his niece and nephew. It was something that all those years ago had made him realize how much he loved you; when he came home from picking up his sister and saw you on the couch, deep into reading them both a story they had decided on. 
Cold fingers lace back together, both of you walking behind the two children, Lewis’ thumb absentmindedly rubbing over your fingers. It warms his heart, hoping but knowing it would only be a few days until he could run his hand and feel a silvery engagement ring under his touch. 
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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whorekneecentral · 9 hours
Tis' The Season
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Lewis Hamilton x Fem!Reader
Warnings: old friends reappear, flashbacks in italics, complicated relationships, expensive gifts cause it's lew lew duh, uses roscoe as an in, brocedes mention, alcohol and the consumption of, sexual tension, oral (f!receiving), degrading, the use of 'slut' in a sexual context, penetrative sex (p in v), choking, creampie, soft moments at be end.
Word Count: 2,668
Author's Note: love me some lew lew and he gives fuckboy turned lover boy so here we areeeeee
merry smutmas series
An old friend finds his way to your front door and no matter how much you try to get rid of him, you can’t. 
A knock on the door startles you as you hung the ornament on your Christmas tree. You shout that you're coming, grabbing your wallet out of your purse, as you jog to your front door. You assumed it was your take-out delivery guy and that's not who it was when you opened the door.
The man smiles at you, bags in hand and puppy between his legs. "Hi beautiful," Lewis smiles at you, bundled up in his winter coat.
You huff, looking at him. "Hi Lewis.. what are you doing here?"
He lifts the bags, showing you. "Happy holidays, y/n. I come bearing gifts."
"Seriously?" You hold back the urge to roll your eyes, Roscoe barks and gets your attention, you crouch down to pat his side, the dog leaning into your hand before waddling his way into the house. Lewis doesn't stop him, smiling at you.
"Are you gonna let me in, love? Roscoe is already inside, it'd be rude to let me freeze out here."
You don't have the heart to let them freeze, especially since you know how Roscoe loves him so much.
You let Lewis in, the man takes his shoes off by the door and follows you down the hallway to the living room. Roscoe had already made himself comfortable, shaking off the cold, and lying down by the fireplace. Despite you and Lewis not talking for years, you had left Roscoe's dog bed by the fireplace, as it had always been, picking it up to clean and setting it back in its spot.
Lewis sets the bags on the coffee table, hanging his coat off the arm rest of your couch. "I didn't know if you still live here."
"Well now that you do, I'll have to move, won't I?"
He chuckles, smiling to himself - nice to see your sense of humour has remained.
"Go on, open 'em." He nods towards the gifts on the table. You were adjusting an ornament on the tree, "I don't want it, Lewis."
"Oh hush, don't be annoying, y/n. Just open it."
You rolled your eyes, sitting across from him on the couch and picking up the first bag, the shape was a give away. Carefully, you pulled the bottle of wine out of the bag, some expensive French wine that you two had once upon a time when you took a trip to France. You read the label, setting it down on the table gently.
"Expensive," you eye him and he smiles. "Open the other one." He says quietly, watching as you tear the wrapping paper.
You freeze, the orange box staring back at you, the signature black and white ribbon around the box; Hermes Paris written across the top.
"Lewis.." You look at the man and he nods, waiting for you to go on. You carefully undo the ribbon, taking the lid off of the box. There's clearly a bag in the box, wrapped in a dust bag.
You feel underdressed and dirty, as if you should have showered before opening such a gift. You take the purse out of the dust bag, a Birkin in Bougainvillea - the same shade you had seen so many years ago.
His arm rested over your shoulders, the two of you cuddled on the couch as Lewis flipped through the tv channels. Formula One had wrapped up for the 2008 season and your dearest friend Lewis was now a Formula One world champion.
You, on the other hand, were still in med school.
Lewis had come home for the holidays, a yearly tradition of trashy Christmas movies and Chinese take out had commenced, Lewis picking out something for you two to watch as you flipped through the magazine.
"This one," you tell him, nudging him with your shoulder. "I want this one." You show him the bright pink Birkin bag - in the shade Bougainvillea. It's unrealistically, shockingly pink but it was the newest colour in the collection and you wanted it.
"I'm gonna get this for myself when I finish med school and I'm a rich surgeon."
Lewis smiles, "I'll get it for you, love. No need to wait so long, consider it your med school graduation gift." He kisses your head.
They don't make this colour anymore, you're sure it must have cost Lewis a fortune. "How did you even.. they don't make this colour anymore." You examined the bag, setting it back into the dust bag carefully.
"I know people, y/n."
You hum, "it's too much."
"It's your gift, y/n. I promised you, didn't I?"
You smiled, nodding as you carefully set the bag back into the box. "Thank you Lew, really."
The man smiles, it's been years since he's heard you call him Lewis. You two had a falling out a while back, right after his first championship win with Mercedes - you didn't like the way he treated you, pushed you off to the side as if you hadn't been there for him through it all. Lewis was and still is career driven, it has and will always take first priority to him but it ruined your friendship and it had ruined the same special bond he had with Nico.
In this moment, you let all that go.
The doorbell rings, intruding on your thoughts. "Expecting someone?" Lewis asks, glancing at you as you set the Hermes box on the coffee table.
"No.. oh wait yeah, the take out guy." You say, getting up. Lewis waves you off, getting up and fishes his wallet out of his pocket. "I'm not a broke med student anymore, Lewis. I can afford to pay for dinner."
"As can I, so hush." He says, making his way down the foyer to the front door, paying the man.
You can hear bits and pieces of their hushed conversation, the man thanks him before the door shuts.
The bags are taken to the kitchen and you see him looking around, clearly looking for something. You decide to put him out of his misery, getting up to help him look for plates. Lewis stops, leaning on the counter as he watches you get the dishes out of the cupboard.
"I'm sorry." He says, his words catching you off guard.
Your brows furrow, looking at him. "What for?"
"For everything. What happened in the past… That was between us and I know that it was my fault, and I shouldn't have said what I said, but I truly am sorry. You don't have to forgive me, but I would just like to start over if you give me the chance."
"Okay," you nod, setting the plates on the table.
He joined you at the table, the two of you sitting quietly and eating dinner like you've done many times over the years. Tonight was different though, there was a sense of relief in the air as if this tension had been lifted off your shoulders after so many years. The quiet sound of cutlery clinking against the dishes and Roscoe's snores coming from the fireplace filled the house.
At some point after dinner, you were putting the dishes in the sink and Lewis asked if he should open a bottle of wine that he brought. You shrug, reaching into the cabinet to get the glasses while Lewis pulls the cork out of the bottle before filling the glasses half way.
The house is quiet as the two of you sit on the couch, Lewis handing you a glass of wine. It's a comfortable silence, Lewis takes a sip of his wine as he looks over at you; he can't help but notice how you've aged beautifully over the years, not in a you look old sort of way but the maturity you've come into seems to suit you perfectly.
Next to him, you seem to make the same realization but with him. Lewis what is a baby faced, starting to find himself boy when you two had you falling out. Now he was grown, and even more handsome than the day you had walked away from him.
You take the first step, setting the glass down on the coffee table before reaching for Lewis's glass, setting it with yours.
The tension in the room is thick enough to cut with a knife, the two of you sitting there in silence, inching closer and closer with each passing second until he finally closes the gap between the two of you.
Lewis's hands find your hips, the man pulling you onto his lap. You settle against him as if you had always been there. His lips trail down your neck, hands slipping under your shirt.
"No," you whispered, your hands wrapping around his wrists. Lewis looked at you confused, wondering if he had done something wrong.
"We can't do this here."
"Why not?" He asks and you nod towards Roscoe, the dog still fast asleep by the fireplace.
Lewis can't help but laugh, his forehead pressing to your shoulder. "Love, he's asleep. It's fine."
"Oh my god," you smacked his shoulder, "that doesn't mean we're gonna fuck in front of him."
He raises an eyebrow, "we're gonna fuck?"
"Don't be a fuckboy, Lew." The man ignored your words, his arms wrapping around you, picking you up with ease, carrying you down the hallway to your bedroom. Despite the years he hadn't spent there, nothing's changed.
Lewis drops you on the bed and you propped yourself up, watching him get undressed before he sits next to you, his hand cups your jaw and you smile at him. “Hi,” you whisper. 
“Hi,” he smiles at you, leaning down to kiss your nose and you scrunch it in response. “You’re cheeky.” 
“You love it,” he says, kissing your nose again. 
Lewis leans down a bit more and kisses you but you pull away, sliding off the bed. “We can't.” You tell him, about to walk away but he grabs your hips, pulling you to stand between his legs. 
Your hands rest on his shoulders, sliding up to rest on his jaw. His beard tickles the palm of your hand as you look at him. Lewis doesn't have to say anything and all the worries seem to slip away in the moment, it was as if you hadn't spent a single day apart.
The man pulls you down on top of him, his hands sliding down your back to rest on your waist as you sit yourself on his lap. 
“We-” you go to remind him once more but he cuts you off with a kiss. Lewis flips the two of you over, letting you lay on your back when he gets off the bed, he pulls you to the edge of the bed. 
Your eyes fixed on the man between your legs, looking at him in awe. Something about Lewis always fascinated you; you could never put your finger on it but he was always an object of fascination, of desire.
He can feel your eyes on him, he reaches for the lace you’re wrapped up in under your clothes and tugs it down your legs, letting it fall to the floor. He shifts to sit on his knees between your legs, leaving a trail of kisses as he works his way up to your cunt.
Your eyes meet his, he knows you’re looking; he wants you to look at him.
Your hips buck when you feel his tongue against your clit, your hand gripping on his hair.
Lewis knew you like the back of his hand, gripping your thighs to keep them in place as his tongue lapped your clit. Your hips buck, your way of saying you want more and Lewis gives in.
Two fingers pushing into you, Lewis glances up to see your head tossed back onto the pillows, eyes fluttering shut and your free hand groping your tit.
Between his fingers and his tongue, your orgasm was teetering on the edge; he knew that much. Lewis pulls his hands away, the sticky fingers on your thighs. A whimper leaves your lips at the loss of fullness.
Your chest heaving, your grip on his hair loosening now that you’re right on the edge, you’re almost there and he just has to - he’s stopped. 
“Why'd you stop?” You sit up, a pout on your lips when you look at the man between your legs. 
“Shush, you love hanging on the edge,” Lewis tells you with a smile, unbuttoning his pants. 
He lines himself up with you, and Lewis lets you take him little by little, pulling out almost all the way each time before finally pushing into you all the way. He's in charge and you both know it, letting him set the pace; slow and steady and it was driving you insane.
You needed him.
You didn’t want slow, you wanted it hard and messy, the type of fuck where you couldn’t keep your hands off each other.
“Lew, come on.” Your hand reaches to rest on his hand that’s on your hip. “Need more.”
“Do you?” He hums, moving a little faster.
You know giving him attitude won’t help but you can’t help but roll your eyes, “more than that.”
“Needy,” he calls, pulling you closer by your legs.
Finally, you get what you want, Lewis’s hips hitting the back of your thighs, he leans over you and your arms are pinned about your head, both legs up on his shoulders now. The angle was enough to push you over the edge but he didn’t care.
“Lew please-” you tried to wiggle your hands loose but he didn’t budge. 
“What’s wrong baby?” he asks, mockingly, “isn't this what you wanted?” 
“It is, but-” your head tosses back, back arched when he hits the spot he was looking for. 
“Oh,” he coos, smiling at you. “Is my baby so fucked out, she can’t even tell me what she wants?” His thrusts are sloppy, you knew he was just as close as you were. 
“Gonna cum-” you barely get out between strangled moans. Lewis finally lets go of your wrists and one of his hands has wrapped around your throat.
“C’mon sweetheart, want you to cum for me.” He says, knowing it won't be long more.
He watches as your eyes flutter shut and he reaches for you with his other hand, holding your jaw and pulling you up a little, your elbows holding up the weight of your body.
“Look at me when you cum.”
You’re forcing yourself to keep your eyes open, focusing on him. A few more sloppy thrusts and between that and his fingers, you’re over the edge.  He kisses you, muffling the noise you were making. The wetness wrapping around his cock, and with a few sloppy thrusts, Lewis follows behind you. 
The two of you are still tangled together, laying in bed next to each other. Lewis looks over at you, you look back at him with a sleepy smile on your face.
"Should I.."
"Should you.." you trailed off, waiting to hear what he says. Lewis shrugs, "should I go home?"
You take a moment to think, not about kicking him out - that was never an option but perhaps the things that lead you here.
There's a noise from outside the door, a sort of scratching. Seems like Roscoe had woken up and came looking for you two. Lewis takes the hint, getting up to open the door for the dog. You put on your shirt and your panties and Lewis lets Roscoe in, the dog jumping up on the bed with some assistance from his dad.
Lewis gets under the covers with you, Roscoe settled at the edge of the bed. You look over at Lewis, his hand resting on yours.
"I think you should." You tell him quietly and Lewis's brows furrow, a pout forming on his lips. "I should?" He asks.
You nod, "you should stay."
Lewis lets out a soft sigh, smiling. His hand squeezes yours gently. "I'll stay."
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gentlyweeps-world · 12 hours
Dogs and Pasta
Tumblr media
summary: Going to the dog park you didn’t expect to get asked out on a date by an incredibly gorgeous and kind man, but you definitely didn’t expect him to be a Formula One driver.
pairing: lewis hamilton x fem! reader
warnings: sexual tension
words: 1711
“Hey..oh Lighting what..” You mumble out, finding your rather shy pit bull playing around with someone’s bulldog.
You watched with a smile as the two dogs play around, happy that your dog wasn’t being as shy. Then you felt a presence next to you, “Roscoe seems to be enjoying himself”, the person says.
You turn your head to see the most gorgeous man you have ever laid eyes on. “Oh..yeah! My dog, lighting, usually never plays with other dogs..it’s difficult to even get him to go to the dog park” You say with a smile, admiring the mystery man, but trying to make it obvious.
He lets out a laugh, and it honestly made your heart melt. “Well they definitely seem to be getting along well” He says with a chuckle, glancing over to you.
“I’m Lewis by the way..” He says, holding his hand out for you to shake, “I’m Y/n” You reply, shaking his hand with a smile.
“Since our dogs seem to get along so well, would you want to go out sometime?” He asks with a smile, which was absolutely gorgeous.
“Yeah sure I would love to!” You reply with a big smile, putting your number into his phone.
“Great!” Lewis replies with a smile. “I’ve been wanting to check out the new Italian restaurant. Maybe we could go this weekend?”
As you agree, he adds his number to your phone and leans back against the fence. Your dogs are still playing together, unaware of the electric chemistry between their pet parents.
“What’s your dogs name?” he asks, looking down at your pit bull. “His name is Lighting” You reply with a small smile
“Lightning, huh?” he says with a chuckle. “Why did you pick that name?”
As he talks, his gaze lands on Lightning for a moment before returning back to you. The sun is setting, making his brown eyes glow in the light. He seems genuinely interested in you, and you can’t help but feel fluttering in your stomach.
“Ah don’t laugh at me but I named him after Lighting McQueen” You say with a sheepish grin
“You named your dog after Cars?” he laughs. “No offense, but that’s adorable. I bet Lightning here is a lot faster than the real Lightning McQueen.”
Lightning, who looks up at the sound of his name, seems to agree with your new friend. The three of you share a laugh, and an uneasy feeling of attraction between you and Lewis seems to grow stronger by the second.
“Me?” he says, a bit flustered by your question. “Oh, I don’t know, I don’t really have anything too exciting to tell.”
He shifts his weight from one foot to the other as he thinks of what to tell you. His dimples are adorable as they come out when he smiles.
“I work with cars” He says, not seeming to give away too much with what he actually does, but in all fairness you didn’t know who he was. You didn’t know he was actually knighted, or a seven (eight) time world champion in Formula One.
“Staying mysterious…” You tease with a smile, “I work in finance, I’m lucky enough to be able to work online” You add on.
“Ah I’m not that lucky, I’m usually always out and about” He says, a sense of mischief in his eyes.
“So why did you name your dog Lighting?” He asks, seeming to try to get more of an answer out of you, probably trying to figure out if you truly knew who he was.
“Oh my nephew named him that, I’ve watched the movie a few times, it’s good” You say with a laugh, “I haven’t watched the second or third one, although I really should”
“We could together sometime..” He says with a grin, checking you up and down slowly, letting his eyes drag up your body.
“We’ll see how the first date goes, then maybe you’ll get lucky” You flirt back with a smirk.
He chuckles at that, a glint in his eye. “Of course..” He says with a grin.
You let out a nervous chuckle, leaning off of the fence you say, “Well it was great meeting you Lewis, I’ll see you this weekend” You say with a smile, calling Lighting over to you.
Lighting runs up to you, hooking him onto his leash you give Lewis one more smile, then bend down to pet Roscoe.
“I’ll text you the time I’ll pick you up” He says, watching you with a smile.
Tumblr media
“Shit” You mumble out to yourself, throwing your phone on your bed you rush around your small apartment, styling your hair, doing makeup and ultimately choosing a revealing yet flattering dress that suited you, and it was plain black, perfect to match Lewis.
Once it hits 6:10 your phone buzzes with a notification, quickly checking it you see Lewis asking which apartment number is yours and what floor, you text back the numbers and a few minutes later there's a knock at your door.
Lighting perks up at the sound of a knock, he doesn't bark but stares at the door expectantly. Letting out a nervous breath you open the door to see Lewis standing there with your favorite flowers, which he somehow knew, he wouldn't admit it but he did stalk your instagram on a burner account.
“Hey Y/n, you look gorgeous” He says with a smile, moving into your apartment. “You looked great too..” You reply, looking him up and down. He was dressed in a black baggy button up shirt and some baggy black dress pants. He looked good, really good.
“Oh! I can get those…I'll find a vase to put them in..” You say, realizing he was still holding the flowers, you quickly grab them from his hands and take care of them, putting them in a vase and setting them on your kitchen island.
You pat Lighting on the head then walk over to Lewis who was waiting near the door, “Ready to go?” He asks, placing his hand on your waist. “Yes, lets go”
He leads you down to his car, a hand still on your waist. You see a very nice and expensive looking Mercedes parked in the parking garage of your complex. “Wow…you must be pretty good with working on cars then!” You say with a laugh, walking with him towards his car.
“Yeah you could say that” He says with a chuckle, unlocking and opening the passenger side door for you. He gets into the drivers side and starts up the car, pulling out of his spot and heading to the restaurant.
“Oh this is a good song..” You mumble out, checking what song it is. “Yeah Christina Aguliera sings it, its called Pipe” Lewis says with a smirk, glancing over at you. “I like the guy's voice..” You add on, looking over at him you see a smirk painted on his lips, eyes focused on the road.
A few minutes pass, then you could feel his hand hesitantly hover over your thigh, you grab his hand and place it on your thigh, admiring his tattoos for a moment.
“You like them?” He asks out loud, startling you. “Yeah..yeah” You mumble. “I've got more” He says lowly, you could feel the energy in the car shift, taking in a slow breath, “I've always liked tattoos” You add on, looking over at him, finding his eyes already on yours with a smirk on his face.
“Good” He replies, squeezing your thigh.
Soon the car pulls up to the restaurant. He parks the car in a rather secluded spot and gets out to open your door.
“Thanks” You mumble out, taking his hand as he pulls you up from the car.
His arm is instantly wrapped around your waist again as he leads you towards the restaurant, your eyes widened. It looked expensive, like very expensive.
“Wow this place looks expensive!” You say with a nervous chuckle, he squeezes your waist. “Don’t worry about it, dinner is on my baby” Lewis says, giving you a warm smile.
You both walk into the restaurant and to the host stand, “Reservation for Hamilton” He says, smiling at the host.
“Right, you can follow me” The host says with a polite smile, leading you two to a quieter area in the restaurant.
Lewis pulls your chair out for you, then he sits in his. He grabs the menu and looks through it, “Order anything by the way, I mean it when I say it’s on me” He says with another smile, “Thank you” You reply, admiring his eyes in the dim lighting.
A waitress comes by and asks for your order. Lewis orders a vegan carbonara dish while you order the chicken alfredo. Time passes and you both talk, laugh and eat your food.
As you and Lewis were talking about some movies, a random guy walks up and looks towards Lewis, “Hey uh, sorry to bother you but could I get a picture? I'm a huge fan!”, the guy says with a smile, phone in hand.
“Sure mate!” Lewis says with a smile, quickly taking a picture with the guy.
“So….I’m assuming you don't just work on cars?” You ask, raising your eyebrow at Lewis. He chuckles a bit at the question, “I'm a Formula One driver for Mercedes, Lewis Hamilton” He says with a nervous smile, “I didn't want to scare you off, its difficult dating”
“Wait- do you mind if I google you?” You ask with a sheepish smile, “Go ahead, I’d love to see what google says about me” Lewis says with a laugh.
You pull your phone out of your wallet and search his name into google, reading the results, your eyes widened. “So you're Mr. Popular?” You ask with a laugh, putting your phone away.
“Yeah..yeah I guess I am” He says with a chuckle. You lean in towards him from across the table, resting your head in your hand, you give him a reassuring smile, “So Lewis, tell me about yourself, not the Formula driver, but you”
He smiles at your question, “How would you like to go for a second date sometime next week?”
“That sounds lovely”
radio 🪩: Loved making this one, I wouldn’t be against making a second part! Let me know what you guys think. Once again I am taking requests!💙
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When Shaila Ann Rao gets accused of giving mercedes info bcs she's ex-Merc but then the 5 men who previously worked for ferrari and now work for the FIA have had no such accusations.
When checo said susie belongs in the kitchen
When people called Angela Lewis' plaything
When hannah was called a snake for literally doing her job and rbr fans clambered to defend her but then conveniently forgot the time their golden boy called Kelly his most expensive purchase - it is that deep u can't accuse someone of misogyny when they call hannah a snake and then turn a blind eye when Kelly gets objectified and gets hate for being in a relationship with golden boy. You defend all misogyny, or you keep your mouth shut. You don't pretend to defend misogyny to peddle an agenda.
When a certain tp says women watch f1 for the good looking men.
When the fans of a certain f1 driver get called a cult for talking about the racism HE DOES face and highlighting the double standards HE IS treated with (he's a role model amirite) but the men who watch football beat their wives up when their team loses
When susie gets accused of a 'conflict of interest' but christian horner is going to dinner with f1 officials and a Honda dealership owner is a steward and Toto is besties with Lawrence and redbull has 2 teams and Nicholas todt is charles' manager.
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argentinagp · 2 days
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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bracedes · 3 days
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Lewis Hamilton attends The Fashion Awards 2023 at the Royal Albert Hall on December 04, 2023 (Photo by Gareth Cattermole)
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