My dear lgbt+ kids,
"What if I am not actually queer and just want to get special treatment?"
Well, I consider that highly unlikely, for the simple reason that the world doesn't operate the way many homophobes/transphobes seem to believe:
You don't really get positive special treatment for being queer. At best, people treat you with the same respect they treat cishet people with and at worst they literally want you dead. It's not like people give you a standing ovation and hand you gift baskets whenever you enter the room, just because you're queer. (And even if you would get a gift basket at Pride - do you really consider it likely that you'd pretend to be queer 24/7 365 days a year just to scheme your way into getting, like, some free rainbow stickers in June?)
But even if we ignore just how useless this whole lie would be: lying is a conscious act. If you lie about something, you are aware you're saying something that isn't true. That's a decision you make. If you said "Yeah, I'm gay, please give me my sticker" (because you just really really want that sticker) while knowing full well you're a 100 percent straight, you wouldn't lay awake at night worrying "What if I'm actually not gay" - you'd already know you're not!
This worry is based on the assumption that you can't trust yourself - but you can. You're not somehow tricking yourself into believing you are queer. You just are queer.
With all my love,
Your Tumblr Dad
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Tumblr media
But found a new home.
Please do not use our art without our permission. Feel free to ask to use for icons and similar things, but we have the right to say no.
Program: Firealpaca Approx. Time: 5h Original Date: 05.12.23 (Crowley)
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julianakorner · 2 days
Tumblr media
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kiana kaslana from honkai impact 3rd is lesbian (canon)
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caintooth · 20 hours
i have 82 days left to raise $8,715 more for top surgery
if i can’t pay for top surgery in full by February 27th, 2024, i’m going to have to push my date back.
2023 has been a really stressful year because of my brain injury, brain cyst, and the resulting health and financial complications. please help me start off 2024 in a better place!
you can find my fund here.
it would also be extremely helpful if folks could share this link on other platforms and social sites!
thank you <3
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I had a mildly unoriginal not-shower, shower thought:
If you are mentally ill and also queer
You’re a fruit and nut💀
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made a flag for myself. Behold!:
Tumblr media
Bi/Pan/Nb/Genderfluid flag!
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gorkaya-trava · 8 days
so, today we, russian queers, may become "extremists" by decision of russian supreme court and thus our existence will be silenced and erased. any queer activism will be impossible for us. I don't know what to do anymore. I was heartbroken when they passed the laws about "gay propaganda" and transgender people, now I'm just numb. I don't want to escape. I just want to live safely in my own country.
please hear us.
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tcustodisart · 6 months
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Happy Pride Month!
Faust the Crow loves you even more than she did the last 2 years!
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snappysprinkledog · 7 months
Tumblr is known and also spoken of by its user base for its high proportion of lgbt+ users, but I'm curious as to if the lgbt+ user base is actually as large as though or if its just confirmation bias, so...
For fun if you want put how you identify in the tags and the part of tumblr you'd say you're here for
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talisidekick · 3 months
Unfriendly reminder that while you're busy mourning the loss of your childs old gender, claiming you need to mourn the death of your son/daughter, there's a group of boys/girls/enbies scrambling to take your kid clothes shopping, snatching up the chance to take those "first" experiences from you forever. Your sons first fishing trip is gonna be with his best bros, your daughters first makeover is going to be with her girl friends, your kids first camping trip out as themselves is gonna be with the besties. Good luck getting those bonding experiences back. While you're busy trying to guilt-trip your kid with your weird manufactured parental trauma, there's a whole community ready to take your place as the better family.
Your loss, someone elses gain.
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koffinrott · 6 months
Just so like... it's clear... anyone who censors words that contain "man" or "men" to anything like "xxn" that's TERF shit.
Any reference to women/womanhood that solely revolves around having a uterus or "womb" is TERF shit.
Any sentence where the OP says they support people being "trans identified" with quotes around ""transwomen"" or ""transmen"" is TERF shit.
I'm seeing a lot of you baby Tumblr gays out there not knowing what these specific TERF dogwhistles look like.
"Wombxxn" is an incredibly dumb way of spelling "woman" that treats the word "man" like a slur and also reduces women to their ability to give birth.
"Trans identified" is their way of saying "this person calls themselves trans, but I don't believe they are."
Saying "People should be allowed to identify however they wish, but we still need to protect women/children" IS TERF SHIT.
Learn to identify this garbage, because not all TERFs are going to spell out their intolerance for you. Some of them are going to try and seem reasonable and polite and normal, and it's fucking dangerous to our community.
Also unpack any internalized transphobia and your transmedicalism, because both those things will have you quickly siding with TERFs and bigots.
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dramamccringe · 3 months
Me when something LGBTQ+ happens in the LGBTQ+ series with the LGBTQ+ characters that I watch because they are LGBTQ+ and have LGBTQ+ characters: 🤯
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ruth fleming from the hatchetfield series is bisexual (canon)
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submitted by @stars-are-watching
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shamebats · 1 year
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Things To Never Say To Someone Who Just Came Out by the Onion.
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crossdreamers · 8 months
Lizzo defies drag ban  by inviting drag queens on stage in Tennessee
Pink News writes:
“In an act of defiance against Tennessee’s anti-drag law, Lizzo has performed in the state with a whole bunch of Drag Race faves and local queens, and yes, it was iconic.”
Tumblr media
Lizzo said:
“In light of recent and tragic events and current events, I was told by people on the internet, ‘Cancel your shows in Tennessee,’ ‘Don’t go to Tennessee,’ ‘We don’t have to go there’.
“Their reasons were valid. But why would I not come to the people who need to hear this message the most, the people who need to feel this release the most?
“Why would I not create a safe space in Tennessee where we can celebrate drag entertainers and celebrate our differences? And celebrate fat Black women?”
Together we can beat the Fascists.
(Video from SBS News embedded above).
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