#like look I want to be besties so bad but I feel like we just have a boatload of ideological differences to work through
edennox · 1 day
your opinion on college!abby doing sleepovers with her bestie? 🥺 what if she woke up next to her at the sleepover, shirt barely covering the titties and abby just helped free them, started sucking and playing with the pinkish nipples.. going to the therapist as we speak!
Awwe this is actually really cute to me…this is honestly not my favorite work but I tried and I hope you still like it never the less though! It was getting super long so I had cut it in half…I’ll prolly end up rewriting my original idea out but who knows—not me.
It’s super cute in the beginning then BAM—Abby bites your nipple, no lie. Again I’m so sorry if this is shitty..
You and Abby sharing her bed, cuddling next to each other. You were on your back and Abby was cuddled up against you with her leg thrown over your thighs, her arm was under your head like a pillow and her other arm was across your tummy holding you close. You had came over to her dorm last night as it was a ritual at this point, every weekend you would pack a small bag and live at Abby’s for two days. You always leave your things at her place anyways, like your clothes, some essential and some school work that she holds onto for you because you lose it easily.
It was a quite morning, warm, but not hot. It was that sweet warmth that was the color of honey and tasted just as sweet. Making you move just as slow as time felt like it had stopped. It was the mornings Abby always looked forward to, that sweet morning she always had when your slept by her side, keeping any nightmares away. The mornings where she wasn’t waking up cold and alone, as she often was during the weekdays without you.
Abby let out a quite sigh as she felt herself waking up from a dreamless night. Her head felt fuzzy from sleep and her vision was hazy in the morning light, making her squint. She sighs again as she nuzzles her head against your shoulder. Her arm was feeling a little numb from being under your head all night, rotating her wrist to help with blood flow, she began to wake up. Taking a deep breath in and letting in blow out her nose she opened her eyes, now feeling more awake. Blinking as she looked across the room, staring at the wall that was littered with posters, photos of friends and a map that had pins in it—marking destinations with it.
Abby blinked and looked down to your sleeping form, before feeling a blush run over her cheeks. her cut off shirt—that you were sleeping in, was barely covering up your breast and with every deep breath you took, the shirt would fall off your chest just a little more, showing off your pierced nipple. Abby went to grab the fabric to pull it back over your nipple, but when she did the other side of the shirt slipped off your breast—showing of your other pierced nipple. She let out a quite gasp and just laid there, feeling her cunt throb as she stared at your tits.
She looked to your face to see if you were still asleep—and thankfully you were. She let out a quite breath and slowly lowered her gaze back down to your bosom. They were round and plush looking, pretty nipples that were pierced with silver jewelry. Abby clenched her jaw as she felt the sudden need to suck your nipple, wanting to feel the soft skin and warm metal in her mouth. Her oral fixation was bad enough to begin with, but seeing your nipples—Abby just couldn’t help herself as she leaned down and flicked at the budded nub. Looking quickly back up to you, seeing if that had bothered your rest, but seeing you were still asleep; she sucked your nipple into her mouth.
Closing her eyes as her mouth watered and her cunt throb again just from sucking your nipple, she lifts her hand and plays with your other bud—pulling and twisting at it. This was nothing new for her to do. Though you two didn’t put a name to it, everyone knew that both of you were off limits. You and Abby have been sleeping together for almost a year now. It started when you both were at a party together and she got horny because she was high, she complained she had no one to sleep with so in your hazy state—you offered yourself. And you too have been sleeping together ever since.
She flicked her tongue over the metal bar and gently tugging it with her teeth. You let out a quite sigh and arch your back a little, pushing your tit into Abby’s mouth. She hummed softly around your nipple, squeezing her lips around the bud as she suckled it. She pulls off you with a ‘pop’ and looks back at your sleeping face. You were so beautiful, gorgeous as your slept soundly in her bed. The golden light shining on your skin, your hair haloed around your head on the pillow, the way your eyelashes flutter as your dreamed. She leaned in and kissed your cheek softly, as she did this she also grasped the metal bar, and twisted her fingers, rolling the nipple in between them—making you jolt and little out a quite whine.
Abby grinned and relaxed her grip—before doing it again. Making you jolt once more and gasp as you push towards the sensation. Abby knew your nipples were sensitive, mostly because of the piercings in them—that’s why you got said piercings because you wanted sensitive nipples, you said this to her one time at a very similar sleepover last year. She remembered. Leaning back down she bite your nipple hard—hard enough to wake you up with a cry. Abby sat up quickly and leaned over you, pinning your arms next to the sides of your head. You, who was still dazed from sleep panicked a little and twisted your wrist weakly until Abby leans down closer to your face and whispers,”It’s okay Pumpkin, it’s just me.”
You relax and let out a sigh as you vision clears, seeing Abby’s honey blonde hair shining so bright in the morning light, truly looking like silky honey. She smiles and leans down to kiss your cheek, you hum out softly as she did this. “Good morning,” she whispers against your the swell of your cheek.
“Do you want me to make breakfast?” Abby asked as she sat down on your hips and runs her hands up your shirt and over your breast, squeezing them gently. You let out a a sigh as you stretch your arms up above your head, you arch your back with a quite groan and push your breast up against her large warm hands.
“Yeah ‘m hungry,” You say as you relax and rub your right eye, you open your left to see Abby smiling at you. You smile back and rest your hands on her hips, rubbing at the muscle there.”But cuddle first.” You lift your arms up with a closed eye frown and wait for Abby to cuddle you. She chuckles and lays down on her side once more, kissing your shoulder as the two of you lay bathing in the morning light.
“Why did you bite my nipple?” You ask as Abby cuddles back up against you.
She grinned and said,“Because it looked good.” You look at her with a glare.
“Ugh you titty sucker.” You say as you let out a sigh and roll away and face your back towards her. She wrapped her arms around you waist and whispered.”But I’m your titty sucker.”
To which you groan,”Fuck! That’s the worst Abigail.”
Making her giggle, nose scrunched up and eyes closed with a big goofy smile. You couldn’t help but kiss her.
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hughesmedicine · 2 days
just a bunch of swifties 7| t. zegras
trevor zegras x hughes reader
one two three three.five four five
six seven
ending this series and I’ve loved it so much so let’s end it with a bang🫶🏻 also tried to make it cute but it’s not them without joking, thanks for the support on the series this whole time🧡🥹
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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ynzegras: surprise🥹❤️ but I love you baby and I couldn’t imagine marrying anyone other than you. I will forever be thankful for Jack introducing us even if I broke the no falling for friends rule it was worth it for you🧡
tagged: trevorzegras
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jackhughes: oh my god.
| jamie.drysdale: i can’t tell if this is a good “oh my god” or a bad one🙅‍♀️
| ynzegras: it’s a good one, he’s running around the house screaming “im gonna be an uncle”
_alextorcotte: I need to know did trevor faint when you told him you’re pregnant?? Also congratulations bestie so happy for you and ig I’m happy for trevor!
| trevorzegras: why do you guys always circle back around to the fainting and thank you?
| ynzegras: he didn’t faint but he did run around the house screaming we’re having a baby and immediately told me we’re naming him/her taylor and thanks bestie, you better come around more!
| _alextorcotte: sounds about right but please don’t name it taylor and I’m on my way right now!
| jamie.drysdale: it’s too late for that but swiftie party?
| ynzegras: it’s not, I never agreed to it and yes swiftie party!
| trevorzegras: not listening, we’re naming it taylor.
| ynzegras: I’ll take this wedding ring off zegras.
| trevorzegras: we’re not naming it taylor and I’m joining this party.
lhughes_06 expect more visits from me now but congrats sis, so happy for you both!
| trevorzegras oh god no but thanks luke!
| lhughes_06 oh god yes** I think you put the wrong word💁‍♀️
| trevorzegras no I put the right word
| lhughes_06 @ynzegras get him in check pls
| ynzegras: on it, trevor you’re on the couch tonight and thanks moosey!
| trevorzegras lukes not allowed in the house anymore @/lhughes_06 bring a fucken tent when you come to visit.
elblue6: sweetie congrats (again!) I’m so happy for you both and I’m so glad to have an amazing son in law🥹❤️
| trevorzegras: I’m sobbing momma el I love you so much and best mom in law ever!!😭🧡
| ynzegras: thank you mom I love you!❤️
_quinnhughes: why am I finding out through an instagram post???
| eliaspettersson: no same wtf?
| ynzegras yikes shouldn’t have went out drinking
| _quinnhughes okay sorry that we wanted to have good time
| ynzegras a good time? You came home with Elias and immediately got into my bed hugged eachother and we all cried about our feelings which thank you for that, needed it
| eliaspettersson: so that’s why I woke up in trevors arms this morning 💀
anaheimducks omg congrats! Got a little duck coming soon🥹🧡
| ynzegras thank you and can’t wait till we get the little jersey for it!🧡
| trevorzegras she already ordered it
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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trevorzegras: this will forever be my favorite day, I love you so much and I can’t wait till i can you my wife forever. Thank you for being the best lover to me and I wouldn’t change it for anything🧡 also can’t wait to hold our little ducking
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ynzegras: I can’t even type since I’m crying so much but I love you so much and I’m so excited for the years to come😭🧡
| _alextorcotte: looks like we’re here again but yes jamie and I can confirm she’s crying
| trevorzegras: this time I can confirm too!
| jackhughes comfort her man!
| jamie.drysdale and he’s supposed to be a good fiancé😐
| trevorzegras I am! Literally comforting her right now
dylanduke25 you made luke cry
| lhughes_06 you said you wouldn’t tell!!
| ynzegras: awe moosey come to my room group cry!
| lhughes_06 🏃‍♀️ coming!
anaheimducks little duckling😭🧡
| ynzegras it’s the cutest nickname ever!!😭
elblue6 best son in law!!🧡
| trevorzegras: oh I’m crying now
| _quinnhughes jack and I comforting him cause we’re crying too, jacks crying cause now him and trevor are related
canucks: congrats!!!
njdevils: little ducking will be getting a devils jersey from every player on the team!
| ynzegras jacks will be the favorite one!
| jackhughes I didn’t think I had any more tears left till I saw this comment
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emizzzleblur · 1 day
Tumblr media
I asked my friend her opinion of the 2023 f1 drivers:
apologies for the very long post but there are 20 of these bitches and I’m not doing a part 2 so hope you enjoy her unhinged thoughts <3
I love Max I don’t care abt his racing like I don’t care abt anyones racing to be fair
I think I used to hate his guts in the beginning which is a true testament to our relationship being the strongest
I want to put him in a ball like a hamster and let him run across my kitchen floor
I love Checo sm like i would gladly be a home wrecker if he gave me half a chance
He seems like if we met irl he probably wouldn’t like me but that’s ok I like him 🫶🏻
Charles is just dumb and I’m kinda indifferent abt him because I feel like our brains work at the same frequency
Like we cancel each other out because we’re both from the south of france and we’re both bimbos
I don’t Even have to say anything we already know I’m obsessed with him like he’s def top 3 for me probably top 2 now that Nicky is gone I adore him sm
Im also indifferent abt Lewis i don’t hate him as much as I used to but I think we could talk abt fashion
My opinion is exactly the same
I hate him with a passion and I would straight up LOVE TO FIGHT HIM but I wanna fuck him so bad it makes me look stupid
I like Lando he’s so cute in the way where if I pinched him he’d probably make a noise like the pillsbury dough boy
He needs to stop calling himself daddy tho he’s not fooling anyone
I would rly enjoy pushing him into a shrub to bully him and watch him struggle to get up
I’m indifferent abt Oscar but his lack of personality makes me giggle
He reminds me of a saltine cracker or like pretzels
MY DADDDYYYYYY!! I love Val with my whole heart he’s actually the best he’s so unbothered and just enjoying himself he’s the king fr
He’s an actual NPC I don’t think I’ve ever even acknowledged his existence outside of that one pic of him and Fleep like legitimately who is this man
I hate him but like in a way where I don’t ACTUALLY hate him like if he was drowning I’d probably throw him a life preserver
but am I the reason he’s drowning in the first place? Probably
idk I’ve got a soft spot for esteban maybe it’s because we both struggle to say squirrel
He’s cute if he wasn’t French I’d fuck him (maybe if I’m drunk enough to forget he’s French)
I don’t know when or why this happened but I am so in love w Yuki like he’s in my top 3
he’s so adorable and rly grew on me
I’d like to give him a marshmallow and a little kiss on the forehead
I don’t dislike Nyck but I don’t like him either
I’m indifferent he’s just kinda there but I will think about that video of him exercising for the rest of my life (dis)respectfully
I rly like Kevin idk why
I don’t know much about him but he’s funny and he seems nice and kinda just chill idk he exists and he’s cool
I know nothing about Nico and I don’t like him
I don’t know why I have a hate campaign against him but his face gets on my nerves and that’s good enough reason for me
…I don’t wanna say it but he’s growing on me emmie like this is the worst possible outcome but I can’t stop it
I do not like Fernando but as i said Before hes Fun like It’s fun to watch the world burn but I don’t like the bitch that threw the match
I love Alex he’s cute and he seems nice and his blonde hair rly fucks
I’d like to meet his cats we could be besties I’d kiss his cheek and pat his head
I want him to fuck my brains out and honestly, that’s the only opinion I have on him like I have no other thoughts
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inspiration struck me. jacq from sv (love him am aghhhh) ur arcanine and his arcanine had egg. egg had twins. twins r shiny?! idk i just woke up from a nap and it hit me like that freaking shiny voltorb’s explosion. he’d be so happy if u found him a shiny tho u know it cmon. and just. himmmmmmmm ughhhhh. bestie help im. down bad lmao -galaxy
We get it bestie, you want him so bad /lh
"...oh! We got it, Jacq!!" Overjoyed that your carefully crafted "egg power" sandwich finally worked its magic, you gently took the spotted egg out of the picnic basket.
It felt somewhat heavier than previous ones you've hatched, but you didn't think much of it at first and eager showed your partner--the one and only Biology Professor Jacq. He agreed to come out today to study Pokémon habits alongside you.
"Wow..I only took my eyes off the basket for a second and it.....it just appeared??" He slightly gawked as he stared at it.
Once again, he was astonished at the phenomena that was Pokémon breeding.
Since Paldea lacked daycare centers, it took a while for trainers to learn that picnics were the substitute--which actually made things easier since it enabled their Pokémon to breed pretty much anywhere as long as the landscape was suitable.
But even in this region, nobody could explain where the eggs come from. No one has seen a single Pokémon lay them, even if they watched them very carefully and stayed up all night.
The egg would just....show up as though it appeared out of thin air.
It perplexed many professors and specialists for decades, even experts like Jacq. It'll forever be a mystery.
"What do you think it'll be, [y/n]?" He pondered.
"I'm willing to bet it's a Growlithe, since your Arcanine's been cozying up to mine lately." You chuckled, gesturing to the two fluffy fire types who were snuggling next to each other near a tree. "I'll go on a little walk to find out."
"I'll join you!" He insisted, grabbing his lab coat off the chair and putting it on. "Let's stay on the main roads. I'd hate to see the poor thing get attacked the moment it hatches."
"I concur." Nodding, you slipped the egg inside your bag, before seeing your Arcanines waking up and running over to you both. They must've wanted to accompany you--which was understandable given you had their egg. They didn't want it out of their sights.
And so the four of you began the long stroll, with him reading a pacemaker on his rotomphone to count the approximate steps necessary to hatch the egg. He was curious to see if it'll come out the same as other Growlithes..
Or maybe it'll be a Shiny.
He's heard of that phenomena too--where it's possible to hatch a Shiny Pokémon if its parent is paired with a Ditto. That was a popular method in the daycares of other regions.
But here? You'd rather not wait all day for a dozen eggs to appear.
The odds of that type of Pokémon hatching were still low regardless, so you're not pushing your luck.
After feeling like you've been walking for ages, you heard Jacq suddenly stop, and you looked back at him. He was observing the readings on his phone, eyebrows furrowed. "What's up? Is your Rotom being annoying?"
"Oh no, it's working as intended. It's just...we've already walked over a thousand steps. Why, we're nearly at two thousand!" He glanced up at you. "Did you feel the egg stir at all?"
"Hmm..no, oddly enough..." Being equally confused, you took it out of the bag to make sure it was alright. It felt warm to the touch, though for it not to crack yet was bizarre. "Maybe it's nervous to come out." You joked. "Let make it to two thousand and see what happens."
Nodding, Jacq caught up to you, still monitoring the steps you took before it finally happened-
The egg suddenly jolted in your hands, startling you as you quickly and carefully set it down on the ground. "It's time!" You backed up, standing beside him.
As its shell cracked, beams of light began pouring out from it, and both of you waited in anticipation.
Then it completely burst open to reveal...
Not one, but two Growlithes born from the exact same egg. And if that didn't surprise you, it was the realization that they're both Shinies as well.
Their yellow fur emitted starlike sparkles as they took their first breaths of air, taking a moment to sniff one another. Only then did they notice the two Arcanines who approached them, being just as surprised as their trainers.
With yips of excitement, the little Growlithes ran over to their parents, greeting them with loving nuzzles and licks.
Meanwhile, you and Jacq were standing there, still in total shock.
"I-I can't believe it.."
"D-Did...two just hatch from one egg?! In all my years of research I've never heard of this happening! This is incredible!" The biology professor laughed, before going over to examine the newborn Growlithes.
And he kneeled down, he took a look at their stripes, making another surprising discovery before beckoning you over to him. "[Y/n], come look..their stripes are the exact same pattern!"
"Really? Oh, wow.." You joined his side, smiling as one Growlithe jumped into your arms and licked your cheek. "Haha! This is great! What are the odds that our Arcanines would rear twin Shinies?"
"It has to be astronomically low, but not impossible." He chuckled, petting his Arcanine's snout. "Arceus itself must've blessed you with luck, because this is phenomenal!!"
"Yeah." Smiling, you stood up and ruffled the fur of your own Arcanine, happy to see them becoming official parents. "You ready to start your own little family, bud?"
"Arc, Arca!!"
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mumucow · 13 hours
So I thought my bestie (@spaceprincessem) needed some comfort and I had a lousy day yesterday and today isn't going any better so here have so fluff and sick Eddie:
Eddie hated himself for this. He should have been smarter. He knew this could have gone wrong and he still risked it. But, it was their first damn date. They had waited for too damn long to have it.
Eddie gripped the edge of the toiler a bit tighter as he dropped all his stomach content on it.
It didn’t take long for him to feel a hand on his back.
It was hard to focus when he felt dizzy and his skin felt hot and cold at the same time, making him sweat. But the hand was grounding.
“Eddie…” Buck’s voice was as soft as his touch.
“I’m sorry.” Eddie grumbled as he rested his forehead against his arm, he couldn’t even look at Buck.
They had spent an amazing now. They had finally taken that step in their relationship. Eddie had planned everything so Chris had stayed with Hen.
They dressed up and everything, to the point where they had just stared at each other for a few minutes. Eddie was pretty sure that both of them were just ready to skip dinner and go right over dessert.
They didn’t. They behaved, went to a fancy dinner, and went awkwardly for the first 10 minutes and then they end up laughing and acting like themselves.
Just with a lot more hands touching over the table. 
Eddie wanted everything to go perfectly and he played along when Buck suggested seafood.
The thing was…Eddie wasn’t allergic to it at all, he had just had a few bad reactions to it before. 
He had stopped eating it altogether in hope that his body would stop having that reaction and that he could go back to eating it.
He was wrong and now he was throwing up in front of Buck, probably not the first time or the last but it was definitely anticlimactic after the night that they had.
As soon as they got home, they couldn’t keep their hands off each other and obviously took the opportunity of an empty house to be as loud as they wanted to be.
It had been amazing and now Eddie couldn’t even face Buck.
“It’s not your fault.” Buck tried to assure him but Eddie could only groan louder.
“It is.” He sighed as he pull away from the toilet, his back against the cabinets underneath the sink as he closed his eyes.
“Eds…” Buck called to get his attention and when Eddie opened his eyes he melted under Buck’s soft eyes, there was still worry behind all the caring.
“I knew that the seafood could do this to me.”
“We could have had something else…”
“I know…I just wanted things to be perfect.” Eddie admitted. 
“It would have been either way. It would have there or at our favorite diner, as long as it was the two of us.” Buck reached out, offering his hand to Eddie. Which he took.
“You are too perfect, it’s annoying.” Eddie was finally starting to think that his stomach was giving him some truces.
Buck chuckled at that.
“Do you want to go to bed instead of staying on this cold floor?”
“No.” Eddie shook his head. “I don’t think my stomach will like that.”
“Couch it is.” Buck got up from the floor and helped Eddie do the same.
Before Eddie knew it, he was sat down on the couch with a blanket over him. There was still barely any light from outside so it was still early hours of the morning.
“Hey.” Eddie felt lips being pressed to his forehead before he opened his eyes. “Drink this.”
Eddie took the mug into his eyes but looked suspiciously at it.
“It’s ginger tea, it will help your stomach.” Buck told him as he sat down next to him on the couch, getting a bit of the blanket over his own legs.
“It’s awful.” Eddie said as soon as he got the scent of it.
“I promise you it will help.”
“This wasn’t how I had imagined our first morning together.” Eddie couldn’t help but feel bad for it. They should still be curled up in bed, even get a round two of what they had done the night before. “You can go to bed.”
“You think that I would leave your side?” Buck smirked at him as he got closer under the blanket, their bodies touching under it.
“No, but I hope that you did. You will fall asleep and be grumpy about neck pain as you always do.” Eddie knew all too well. They had been there before.
“And when you feel better you will make up for it.” Buck kissed his cheek before settling his head on the back of the couch, near where Eddie’s arm was stretched. “Now drink.”
Eddie rolled his eyes but before Buck could say anything about it he took a sip of his tea, it tasted just as bad as he had predicted, but it was worth seeing Buck’s proud expression.
It did help in the end.
They did fall asleep together on the couch.
Coming closer to each other during their sleep, Buck practically ending up on Eddie’s lap.
Buck did complain about his neck and Eddie made sure to make up for it.
It wasn’t how their relationship would start but since when did things go as they aspected with them anyways?
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my birthday ended with my good friend whos never played the KH games ever beating xaldin in only twelve minutes and i am severely conflicted
#snap chats#ALSO HI FAM IF YOURE READING THIS PLEASE KNOW I JUST NEED TO THROW MY THOUGHTS SOMEWHERE#I DIDNT WANT TO SEND YOU A WHOLE ESSAY OF ME LOSING MY MIND LMAOOOOOO#I'M SO TORN ON HOW I FEEL#ON THE ONE HAND IM VERY IMPRESSED AND VERY HAPPY AND VERY GLAD SHE DIDNT SUFFER#BUT ON THE OTHER HAND IM JUST REMINDED ABOUT HOW BAD I AM AT THESE FUCKING GAMES GOOD GOD#been playing this shit on and off for years yet i still shit myself at xaldin but bestie just pulls up and cleans him up in less then 20 min#I NEVER EVEN TALKED ABOUT HOW ANSEM AND CHERNABOG WERENT ISSUES FOR HER EITEHR IN KH1 EITHER#LIKE AGAIN VERY PROUD AND AMAZED BUT ALSO IM PERPEPTUALLY LIKE. HOW#how does taht work its the fact she always says shes bad at games for me LIKE NO BESTIE YOU JUST DIDNT FIND TEH RIGHT GAME#YOURE GREAT AT GAMES IM SO HAPPY FOR YOU BUT ASO ENVIOUS GIVE ME YOUR GAMER POWER#i feel like a Toxic Gamer Man every time i think like this but like i truly am just awestruck like How the fuck#i think its just cause i cant cry about dying with anyone FUCK#i mean she at least thought the cars from timeless river were trash like OK At Least We Can Agree On That#god i just look like a whole dumbass every time i try to tell her a boss is hard cause she just makes it seem so easy#i feel like a looney tunes gag like you know when the coyotre tries some illusion shit and the roadrunner just goes through it#thats me every single time LMAO#anyways shout out to her shes very cool and great and amazing and she sent me a very pretty comb and cat charm for my birthday :)
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your--isgayrights · 2 years
Hmm rereading my own fic moment. On ch 4 and hsy and kdj are besties I think.
#when i reread my stuff in my head i didnt write it u know#so i was like wow i like how this author made hsy and kdj bffs. but that was not at all what#i was thinking about while writing them. like in my head with them i have like a calculated strategy of like. ok kdj is sort of hsy's#real life little meow meow shes like i hate him hes my best friend i will provide for him i hate him why is he like that#because hes terrible but also he represents to her a genuine readership that her life feels empty without because part of why she writes#is that shes just fundamentally seeking out that parasocial intimacy#but also if she has to tell kim dokja she cares aboy him she will vomit her entire soul out of herself because she has a complex about the#care she puts into things never being reciprocated ie writing stories for an audience she usually looks down on so she#lashes out first always and acts like she doesnt care and is annoyed all the time#which kim dokja interprets as. ah. even though shes done weird things like give me my dream job and lets me comfortably pay rent#this person is still a malicious actor. a terrible villain... my boss... shes just bad at it....#which leads their interactions to be like. HSY: im invested in you and know that something is wrong but i cant tell you directly or else#youll know i care about you and that is the worst case scenario but also you probably already know that youre kinda my only friend#Kim Dokja: haha you care about me. cringe. i know that making fun of you for this specific thing annoys you which is my goal half the time#we talk.#but also i want your game to come out good and genuinely care about it and in this way they convey their love and carefor each other#through a shared story instead of direct words.#so they are besties actually#personal#tag ramble
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briarhips · 1 year
If anyone ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever suggests a ~zoom “hangout”~ to me again I’ll seek them out and shoot my self in the foot in front of them w/o breaking eye contact I fucking hate zoom
#I’m singed im burned I’m smarting!!!!!!!#also fed up. how can u live in another state constantly go on abt the places u go w ur boyfriend and then come back to ur og state aka where#I am and tell me and 2-3 other friends ur too afraid to go to a fucking. MALL or smth when I myself work there everyday and am. fine. mall#or anywhere else equivalently busy. if we end up hanging out at my house again I’ll explode I am the one who needs time away from home the#most. ik I sound like a fussy prick but I am tiredddddd ppl r so dumb and impossible !!!!!#mine#it’s like. I get being cautious 110% I do but also r u fucking kidding we only have /one guaranteed day/ just /one/ holy fuck.#not two texts into planning and scaredy cats give up and say we could always zoom. why wait for break too fucking ZOOM. if u rlly wanted to#zoom so fucking bad why didn’t I initiate plans to do so during the semester? the same reason none of us did and it’s Bc zoom fucking sucks#as a substitute for actual connection AND. most ppl in this group live on dorms and have college besties anyhow so they’re not as insane in#the head rn as I am and have been or so I assume or so it seems or so it feels#it just reeks of a lack of care and so much laziness. like trying to plan a date w someone and they shrug and go well uh I guess there’s mcd#or the parking lots I frequent double shrug#in-fucking-sulting. why oh why r these ppl my only options I feel used#*why didn’t u initiate#I literally woke up from dehydration and now I’m pissed Bc a friend pitched a rlly fun idea in a crowded place and ik she’ll be shot down Bc#some ppl still shamelessly indulge their middle school esque anxiety and paranoia Bc they like how it makes them look or fucking Smth ughhhh#cue the weepy whining like oh u can all hang w/o me it’s ok it’s fineeeee like why wpuod we do that we r not assholes <3 but also u r taking#advantage of that fact whether u know it or not <3
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indigogirled · 2 years
I adore HS1 and I listen to it all the time, and it makes me a bit sad that Harry went from using the metaphor of ‘Sweet Creature’ and the lyrics in FTDT and SOTT to then go to Fine Line and have him using watermelon as a metaphor for oral sex and hearing the same lyric 5 times over??? like out of Fine Line I only listen to Lights Up, She and Fine Line like consistently because it’s just like HS1 is kinda back
this is my HILL and i’m so glad u brought it up!
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tiredeyeslouis · 1 year
>< tag rant ><
Trigger warning for -
1. Caps
2. Anxiety
3. Body issues
4. Av*cados
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uvena · 1 year
home again <3
#:#can't believe i'm saying this but i had a really nice time. of course i'm still leery and will be no matter what happens but like#the people there were so nice. i met so many people and what was surprising was that so many of them#either came up to me and introduced themselves without prompting or came to greet my brother like they were besties.#there were people there specifically this one girl who was literally so excited to meet me and#as nervous as i was? i was LITERALLY the last one out the door. literally. i didnt look at my phone once or ask about the time.#and to my immense surprise i dont think there were any social blunders? i tried really hard to be like. a grownup. and i think it worked lol#also i did thank them for being there for my brother and stuff like as his family we're grateful etc etc and like#i dont vibe with the whole catholic thing but multiple people asked me to come back. which means a lot. so like. overall? not bad.#cant believe im saying this but i MIGHT go back. just to hang out with some of the girls who were really nice to me.#and i want to ask more people questions and stuff. i feel like i didnt get to talk to enough people. which is crazee.#also like... i COMPLETELY forgot what being around people my own age was like. and like we're a bit older than most of the people there#but like generally speaking it's people in their late teens early-mid 20's and like. wow are we grownups?#am i adulting correctly? i cant tell.  havent been around this many people since way before covid. but anyway... it was really nice.
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certifiedloverdyke · 1 year
oh my god. my camera work for some of these clips is SO BAD
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etherealhellscape · 2 months
i love when someone is like “i don’t like drama” and then literally brings all of the drama to the situation
#this boy I matched w on tinder 2 months ago is so upset w me#at the time we matched he knew I wasn’t looking to date anyone and he wasn’t either. cool. we chatted here and there and had some good talks#but I honestly don’t know him well. he doesn’t know me well either. I don’t even know the mfs last name like bffr#anyways. I decided about a week and half ago to not have sex with anyone for a while for personal reasons. I told him this. meaning.#the only thing is that we could be friends. platonically. so I was like it’s cool if you don’t wanna link anymore. and he was like no I do#awesome. we meet TWO DAYS AGO and I also meet his best friend who I got along with really well. I was up til 3am last night texting him#bc he felt so played with and hurt and I was like WYM I LITERALLY TOLD YOU ALLL OF THIS PRIOR TO MEETING YOU. WHAT THE FUCK.#THIS WAS SOMETHING I DECIDED A FUCKING WEEK AGO I WASNT LEADING YOU ON FOR TEO MONTJS JUST TO BE LIKE HAHA JK#he was so mad I got along w his best friend too they both apparently thought I was interested in him but we were just shooting the shit#all three of us. like. I didn’t say anything even remotely flirty to his best friend bc he’s in a relationship and I was there w a dude I#met on tinder and who APPARENTLY CAUGHT FEELS AND WAS UP ALL NIGHT TIL LIKE 8 AM ON THR PHONE W HIS FRUENDS TRYING TO FIGURE THIS OUT#and I’m so confused like I feel bad he’s so hurt but dude I don’t know you well. I literally told you my boundaries before meeting you. ???#I don’t understand but he’s exhausting me and like needs a week to apparently see if he wants to keep me as just a homie and I don’t underst#how he can be so fucked up about this when WE DONT KNOW EACHOTHER ? I’m so confused yall like genuinely wtf I’m too grown for this#personal#but it sucks bc like yeah he’s cool but I got along with his best friend even more like we CLICKED so I was like hell yeah new bestie but if#he wants me out of his life I can’t be friends w his bestie and that’s a big RIP bc he’s cool as shit and I need friends
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pumpkinspicestevie · 7 months
Tonight was a fun night. Hadn’t been to the bar with coworkers in like a month and a half what with all the car trouble I was having but the guy I started working with (and almost quit because of) is moving down south to be closer to his family and today was his last day so a huge crowd of us all went out one last time with him. But several things happened.
1. The guy I sit across from bought my first round of drinks for me and offered to buy another later on (I declined bc I thought we were gonna leave and I needed to be sober enough to drive, we ended up staying later.) he also bought cheese curds and shared them with like everybody. I was sending a snap to my sister and he photobombed it which led to the two of us having a convo about college and life choices and then about dogs and that lead to him doing an impression of Billie Jean to earn a hit from this other guys vape
2. The guy my bestie works on, his brother came out with us (mostly just to be the guys sober ride home) and when we went to say goodbye to everyone he and I did an awkward moment where I thought he was going for a fist bump and he was going for a shake and then it ended with him taking my hand and pretending to kiss it which my slightly not sober self was very blushy and giggly at that
3. I got like 4 different awkward side hugs from the guy that was leaving, and he was fucjing trashed by the time we left and I got an also awkward full on hug that lasted a good minute in which he kept repeating love you to me… I was like v uncomfortable I made eye contact with my bestie over his shoulder as I’m patting him on the back and she gave me a YIKES expression. But he apologized for being such a douche to me when I first started and I was like hey man no hard feelings I made it out the other side and I’m still here so it’s all water under the bridge at this point.
So it was an interesting night to say the least
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zeldasnotes · 24 days
Tumblr media
Plutonians and 8th housers can have a hard time with people being behind them. Also in the classroom, the bus or wherever they are they want to be in the back. They need their face facing the door so that they can see who walks in.
People with Pluto/Moon see stuff that other people just dont get to see. This is both good and bad. They get to experience intense and wonderful sexual relationships with others because they merge with others on a completely different level but they also recieve intense hatred from others too.
Dont ever mess with a Sun Square Pluto persons image or disrespect them infront of others, just dont.
Ive never met a person with Sun or Mercury Square Pluto who wasnt extremely strategic and calculating. They know when its time to leave the party.
If you have Venus/Pluto or Venus 8th house dont ever share to others who you are in love with. Just dont.
If you have Venus/Pluto or Venus 8th house and you notice people being completely taken by you, complimenting you bla bla for your beauty dont get all friendly and start trusting these people. Just wait and you will see that admiration turn to bitterness. A friend in my old class in High School got Venus Square Pluto and we had to watch another girl in our class try to BECOME her. Like she would buy the same clothes as her, talk like her, freaking SIT like her, cut her hair like her. We laughed at this bc the copycat was a nice and funny girl in general but it was creepy.
Most people with harsh Pluto aspects went through a time in their life where they shut down their feelings completely and became cold. These peoples minds can take them to dark places when they have been through trauma. Their first response to trauma might be to get cold. And this can make them very problematic until they heal. But when they heal they are the kindest, because they know pain.
When I hear the quote ”I didnt want to be strong I wanted to be happy.” I think of Pluto dominant people. Yes plutonians are strong but they were forced to, there was no other choice. Telling Plutonians ”But it made you stronger in the end” does not help because being strong was not their goal.
Ive seen Ceres(1) Square Pluto in a lot of charts of people who are obsessed with fitness and nutrition. Like people who weight their food, only eat a specific amount of calories etc.
Pluto/Moon people go through periods of extreme emotional turmoil. Especially the Square and Conjunction.
People with Sun or Moon Square Pluto always get what they want but they also get what they fear. Their feelings and thoughts are so strong. These people have experienced their worst fears happen to them. The kind of people to think for themselves ”I wouldnt be able to handle losing my bestfriend” and the next day their bestie leaves them for no reason. Its almost like there is some kind of test from life like ”Hmmm lets see how much this person can take😈”
Pluto conjunct a planet can in some cases make you suppress that placement or be afraid of that energy. I know a lot of people with Pluto Square Mars whos seriously afraid of conflict. Some people respond to trauma by becoming passive instead of being angered by it.
Pluto conjunct Ascendant in the Solar Return Chart makes you come across as more dominant and powerful. You wont think before you act because you are not as afraid this year.
Mars conjunct Pluto people are much more goal oriented than they even realize themselves. Constantly pushing themselves to become better and better. The kind of person to have the whole package like good job, fit, the best hair stylist, the latest clothes, the latest everything etc. Being the best is something they just do because they dont know anything else. They need structure and perfection. Nobody better look down on them. And Mars conjunct Pluto makes them driven enough to become ”perfect”. Others stare in awe because they could never have that drive. Others might be like ”You doing too much”. They dont realize this is what Mars/Pluto likes and needs.
Pluto in the 10th house makes someone have A LOT of haters and secret admirers. These people are constantly under intense scrutiny. Every word they say is made to be something bad or manipulative. The kind of person to say ”Oh what a beautiful dress!” And people will think they are being sarcastic when they are not. They got Regina George energy no matter how nice they are inside.
Pluto in the 3rd house really know what to say to make you hate yourself. If afflicted they can have a horrible mouth.
People with Mercury conjunct Pluto read into everything. Constantly finding flaws. Might see the worst in you because they project their own fears and insecurities onto others. The kind of person to hate people who snitch and gossip because they do it themselves.
People with a Plutonian Moon will recognize eachother at first sight.
Pluto conjunct Lust(4386) can make someone VERY sexual.
Pluto/Moon can mean your mom went to prison and Pluto/Sun can mean your dad went to prison.
With strong Pluto energy always remember this quote: ”Be nice to the people you meet on your way up, because you will need them on your way down.” Life can go from heaven to hell in a night for these people.
If you got Mercury Square Pluto please shut that cakehole when angry bc that mouth freaky as hell.
©️ 2023 Zeldas Notes
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matchamunson · 7 months
Nice Bracelet- Eddie Munson x reader
Tumblr media
─── ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ──
summary: In which your best friend Eddie makes a homemade bracelet out of your favorite item of clothing
wc: 1.3k
warnings: friends to lovers, pocket knives, cutting up clothing, 18+ only pls im begging!!! mature themes, nc-17 shit, eddie’s whoreny, eluding to sex at the end
a/n: hey besties. i had a Thot and this is what happened. this is my first time writing anything even remotely close to sexual and i truly don’t know how to feel so pls be gentle or i’ll cry xoxox
─── ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ──
Yours and Eddie’s friendship was confusing at best to your other friends. Were you both very flirtatious with each other? Sure. Did one of you get incredibly jealous when the other went on a date with someone? Maybe. Have you kissed before? Okay, yes, but it was during a game of spin the bottle at one of Steve’s parties, so it didn’t mean anything.
Except it did mean something.
It meant everything.
But alas, you and Eddie Munson were friends. Best friends.
Just friends.
And although you’d be more than happy for your friendship to turn into something more, you refuse to risk ruining what you have with the best guy you’ve ever known.
So, you pine. And complain to your friends whenever you see Eddie talking and flirting with someone who isn’t you, much to their annoyance.
Regardless, none of it matters, because you still love spending time with your best friend and will always cherish your time together, even if you’re imagining yourself straddling him the majority of the time.
─── ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ──
You jump up out of Eddie’s bed and rush to pack up your things after last night’s movie marathon. You somehow slept through his horrendous alarm that he set just for you and if you don’t leave now you’re going to be late for work. You quickly shout a goodbye over your shoulder, a half-asleep Eddie mumbling a sleepy see you later, babe back.
Eddie woke up a few hours after you left, stumbling out of bed and walking to the bathroom when he pauses, spotting something pretty and lacy in the corner of his room that is most definitely not his.
Rubbing the sleep out of his eyes he steps closer to the object, face heating as he picks it up and realizes what it is.
A bra.
Your bra, to be exact.
Eddie feels his boxers tighten and quickly drops the article of clothing as if it burned him.
“Fucking hell.” he groans, running a hand down his face, trying and failing to calm himself down.
It’s not like he hasn’t seen you in a bra before. The two of you have gone on last minute trips to lovers lake together countless times, both stripping down to your undergarments for a late night swim.
But this is different.
You weren’t here, meaning he could ogle at the offending piece of clothing all he wanted, which he truly didn’t know if that was a good or bad thing.
If he was being honest with himself, something he doesn’t do often when it comes to his feelings, he’s had the biggest crush on you since that stupid kiss at Harrington’s party a few months ago.
Eddie’s convinced his feelings for you lied dormant for years, but then that kiss, God, he felt on fire afterward.
Similar to like he feels right now.
How does he go about this? Does he pretend he didn’t just see the sexiest bra in his life? That it didn’t belong to you, his best friend? Does he return it, or wait until you realize it’s missing? God, what if you think he stole it or something?
Eddie groans and forces himself to look away from the garment and take a shower.
A very cold, very long shower.
─── ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ──
“Shit, shit shit! Where the hell is it?!” you rummage through your dresser drawers, throwing all your undergarments on the floor in your search.
You couldn’t find your favorite bra anywhere. It was a cute, lacy number that made you feel sexy, and you wanted to wear it tonight to Steve’s end of the year party, hoping it would get a certain someone’s attention.
“Jesus, Y/N, what the hell are you looking for?” Robin asks from behind you.
“My bra! It’s lacy and hot and would totally look good with the jacket I’m wearing tonight!”
Robin shrugs, trying to look as nonchalant as possible. “Maybe it got lost in the dryer? I know that’s where all my socks disappear to.”
You sigh in defeat when you check the time. The party already started, and you don’t want to miss seeing Eddie, so you find something else to wear, hoping it’ll still grasp your best friend’s attention.
─── ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ──
“You sure this’ll work? I feel like a fuckin’ creep.” Eddie has his brows furrowed as he stares at your bra, holding the phone between his ear and shoulder.
“How many times do I have to tell you dingus? It’ll work!” Robin reassures on the other line. “Girls love this kinda stuff! I know firsthand.” Eddie rolls his eyes at his friend.
“Y/N’s not just some girl, Buckley! She’s different!”
“Look, you wanna get her attention, right?” Eddie nods even though she can’t see him. “This will do it! It gives you an in to finally tell her how you feel!”
Eddie bites his lip in thought before pulling out his pocketknife and cutting up your bra.
“You better be right about this, or I swear to God, Robin, this bra wont be the only thing that gets cut.”
─── ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ──
You and Robin open Steve’s door and are immediately met with a bear hug from the host himself.
“Hey! So glad you finally made it!” he slurs slightly, and you laugh. “Eds just got here! He’s been looking for you.” Steve tries to wink but he ends up blinking instead.
“Go, I got lightweight over here.” you smile in thanks to Robin and go off to find Eddie.
You make your way to the kitchen in hopes of finding him there raiding Steve’s fridge like he’s done countless times before, but Eddie’s nowhere to be seen. You decide to make yourself a drink while you’re there, and as you’re about to bring the cup to your lips you hear a voice behind you.
“Hey gorgeous.” you ignore the goosebumps and turn around to hug your best friend.
“Eddie! I’ve been looking everywhere for you!” he laughs and brushes a piece of hair out of your face, your eyes catching on the red fabric on his wrist.
Is that…your bra strap?
Your mind goes back to the last time you were at Eddie’s and your heart drops.
That was the last time you were wearing that bra. You took it off to go to sleep and must’ve forgot to grab it when you were in a rush the next day.
Your face feels like it’s on fire as you meet Eddie’s eyes, and he has a mischievous smirk on his face that makes you feel even more mortified at the situation.
“You like it, sweetheart? Thought it was a good way to show people you’re mine.” he bends down to whisper in your ear, nipping it lightly and you gasp at the feeling.
Maybe he does feel the same way after all?
Your hands grip the lapels of his jacket to keep you steady. Hearing your soft gasp gives Eddie more courage and he continues to nip at your ear, smirking when you crane your neck to give him more access. Eddie’s hair tickles your flesh as he pays more attention to your neck, kissing and licking the skin there and the butterflies that erupt in your belly almost distract you from the fact that he destroyed your bra.
You take a step back and slap his chest lightly. “You ruined my favorite bra! Do you know how expensive those things are, Munson?” you ask sternly, but the smile breaking out on your face blows your cover.
Eddie cups your face in his hands and brushes his lips against yours, mumbling “I’ll buy you another. As long as I get to see you in it before it’s on my bedroom floor this time.” before he kisses you like his life depends on it.
You’re willing to let Eddie ruin all your bras if it ends like this.
─── ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ──
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