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Listen while reading.
Walking through the streets of Briar Valley, the day was gloomy as usual. Having bright days is rather rare, the place is always dark and gives this dangerous aura. And it is, it can be dangerous if you aren’t careful with who you mess with. Many dark fae don’t show mercy, but not all are bad.
It is true, there is good and bad, but in a place such as Briar Valley if you are too kind you are seen as weak and useless. That is unless you are wealthy and are part of a noble family because no one dares talk bad about them. The more power you have the more respect you gain. In way it’s stupid.
One doesn’t gain respect because of their status they gain respect because of what they do for others. However in a place such as this one, it doesn’t matter what one does.
Easily you would be considered weak if it wasn’t for the fact that you came from a very wealthy family. Through generations your family has been very well known for their riches and living a life filled with luxuries. Always wearing the finest materials and jewelry.
You wouldn’t say you are any different. Despite being nice you are also rather spoiled, but it’s normal when you have been surrounded with nothing but money growing up.
Your brother is the heir, you were born second. Your brother is married and you… Well, you aren’t nor are you even interested to begin with. You aren’t the one who will be the head of the household so why does it matter if you don’t have a partner?
And life is like that, simple. Nothing more nothing less.
“Ah! (Y/n), would you like to buy some bread? They’re fresh out of the oven,” Mrs. Harvey said “Plus I’m sure your father would appreciate some, it is after all his favorite!”
Smiling you nodded “I suppose you’re right, he has been working hard lately and some of his favorite bread should be in a way a reward for it.” you said as Mrs. Harvey handed you a bag filled with bread and paid her.
Mrs. Harvey shook her head “Oh my, he isn’t taking breaks I see. Hm, just like my husband.”
“Say, have your parents not yet found you a partner? Not to get into nobles’ business but at this point I would’ve expected for you to be already in an arranged marriage.” Mrs. Harvey said.
You quickly shook your head “Oh sevens no! And I pray that never happens. I don’t wish to be arranged with someone I don’t love, none the less don’t even know! Marriages like those don’t work out.”
The lady chuckled “Oh dear, you don’t have to love them, you’ll be living in a world full of luxuries to even care about love.” she said.
“True… But I already have everything, at some point all that money means nothing to me” you sigh “After all, having no one to love me or care for me feels lonely, no matter how much money I spend or have it won’t buy the emotional comfort one needs.” You explained.
Mrs. Hervey hummed “I suppose you are right about that, my dear.”
“I’m back!” You yelled as you entered the manor. Walking down the stairs was your mother and father with a nervous look on their faces bringing you into confusion.
“What is wrong?” You asked worried.
Your mother looked at your father before looking back at you “(Y/n)… You might not take this well but I promise things will turn out alright, trust me.” she said but that didn’t tell you what the problem was, it seemed like she was too hesitant to tell you; unsure.
“Whatever do you mean?” You asked.
This time your father spoke “(Y/n). Your mother and I have made a choice and even talked to him about it… He agreed. It’s been settled that you’ll marry General Lilia Vanrouge.”
Your heart sinked upon hearing those words coming from your father’s mouth. General Lilia Vanrouge, many stories have been told about him.
He is known across all countries, many have wrote about him, talked about him. He is a man everyone respects even the queen herself, for he is the one who has fought in many wars and won many metals, there hasn’t been a war he has lost in. Many say he is terrifying and harsh like a storm.
With such a powerful position it is only logical for him to be wealthy. And it is also logical as to why your parents would set you in an arranged marriage with him.
“But I don’t know him!” You exclaimed shocked.
“You will get to know him, (Y/n). He can’t be bad, I’m sure he’ll buy you anything you want and-” you interrupted your mother “I don’t care, mom!”
“How can you be so sure? I don’t even love him in the first place!” you argued.
Your father sigh “(Y/n) calm down. Who knows maybe you two will fall in love with each other. This isn’t even about love this is about business and money. Do you think that your mother and I knew or loved each other when we got married?”
“Money, of course it’s about money! I don’t care! I already have everything I want!” You yelled.
Your mother furrowed her eyebrows “Well too bad, you have no other choice! Tomorrow you better behave because the general will come either you like it or not!” she said.
“Ugh! I hate this stupid family” you muttered and stormed off.
Laying down your bed you cried in pure hatred and frustration. They do this to you just to keep their status high!? You despise them. Marrying the general would seem like a dream to others but you? No.
Who knows what the general is like, who knows how he looks like. He’s probably some cruel old man who won’t give a damn about you at all. It’s always like that.
There is no way a marriage like this one could work.
You’d rather die than marry him.
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My best friend is a vampire
0. My new neighbor? With fangs!
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Omgggg my first smau and I have no clue how to start it! This is the prologue, mostly introductions sooooo yeah
Lilia smau, x reader, NRC is an actual college and all characters are 18+ even though this is a sfw piece!!
Tw : none, ace being stupid
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Tossing your phone away you couldn't help but laugh, "really? Fangs? There's actually no way in hell" although that did get you curious. Who was this new guy?
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no cause this is still the funniest twst ss to ever exist
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i... i couldn't resist Lilia
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I made this fan art of how I imagine Lilia's first meeting with Silver with reference to Tarzan uwu of course with the assumption that he found him and didn't steal him....
I made it so Lilia's side looks darker than silver's, to show that "they are from different words" or something xd
another version without so many lights and shadows: 
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I am. Alive
and i have diasomnia twst disease
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Lilia be breaking it down
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duality of malleus draconia
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Lilia in Malleus's history book
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☆— Lolita has posted a new fic¡¡¡ “I just want to give you kiss¡…” ft. Diasomnia members. In which our Diasomnia boys gives you a kiss for the first time in the relationship!
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— Playing Darte un beso —
★ MALLEUS¡ — Your lips. So soft looking and just simply beautiful. Recently you two have been dating but you two haven’t kissed yet; isn’t that what lovers do? Malleus has been waiting for that special moment. Lilia has once told him how beautiful it feels like to kiss that one person you love, it feels like fireworks and you get a sudden warm feeling; the feeling of love.
So now that you two are walking alone at night, it should be the perfect time to finally kiss you, no? He wants to know that feeling that Lilia has been talking about. He wants to feel your lips against his, he wants to show you how much you mean to him and how much he loves you. It’s already been two weeks of dating you, he’s sure you’re ready.
“Hey.. Child of man” he said stopping his tracks making you stop yours too. He looked at you in the eyes; he was a bit nervous to tell you this, he isn’t sure if you are ready or not to finally have your first kiss and he really doesn’t want to make things awkward for you “We have been together for two weeks now and I must say I’ve enjoyed them very much, you make my days better. We have been doing many activities together and for the first time I feel like I am not alone” he said.
You smiled at him softly, love was shown in your eyes making him more confident “And I wanted to show you how much I love you. Therefore… Will you let me, darling?” He said. Your eyes widened and your cheeks turned into a rosy shade. You have been waiting for this moment too, but you were far too shy to make the first move.
“Oh Malleus” you said and got on your tippy toes to reach up to him a bit more “You didn’t have to ask” you said with a smile. Your eyes shined; the moon’s light made you look unbelievably beautiful even he would’ve mistaken you for an angel. The way you look at him and the way he looks at you, both your hearts race for each other. Slowly he leaned down to you, your lips almost touching until finally they locked together.
And there it was, the feeling Lilia has been talking about. He could feel it; the fireworks, he could feel his stomach flip and his heart race faster, it felt beautiful he could cry. This is what love is, beautiful just like you. The kiss was passionate, soft, and slow, he felt like he was in a fairytale.
You are his fairytale.
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★ LILIA¡ — He has lived for many years, centuries even. He has kissed many women and men from many species, he has fallen in love with many people and yet he feels different around you. You are just a mere human, nothing more nothing less, so how can you make him feel this way? The urge he has to kiss you and hold you and just show you how much he loves you. Peepaw is in love fufufu~. It hasn’t been too long since the two of you have dated, it’s already been a week or so but you still haven’t kissed oh my! He simply can’t just leave it like this! So he builds a plan!
It was a normal day at NRC, Ace and Deuce making trouble like always, Crowley calling himself gracious, Grim whining and wanting Tuna, almost getting into a fight with some of the Savanaclaw students. Exhausting but normal non the less. While walking through the empty hallway you wondered where Lilia was. Normally he would walk you to your next class but he hasn’t showed up in a while now that you think of it.
You were too deep in thought to notice your boyfriend hanging upside down on the ceiling. You didn’t realize it until you felt someone’s lips against yours out of nowhere. Their lips were cold but soft. Your eyes were wide until you realized that those lips belonged to Lilia, your partner who was closing his eyes passionately.
Your cheeks grew red, it felt like everything went slow motion. Slowly you kissed back and closed your eyes enjoying the sweet taste and feeling of his lips against yours. You could tell he was experienced; he was too much of a good kisser. You slowly pulled him closer to you. This was your first kiss, you never knew it would feel so magical. Even Lilia was enjoying the kiss a lot, he feels like a young boy who has fallen in love for the first time!
It was a long passionate kiss with a lot of emotions in it. Each minute you felt like wanting him even more, what this man does to you is insane!
He makes you insane, and you make him insane too~.
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★ SILVER¡ — At first it wasn’t something he thought of, your company and conversations you two would have was enough. That is until his father told him if you and him have kissed yet, then he started to realize that you still haven’t had your first kiss. Ever since then something has been bothering him. He has been thinking more about it than he would admit. Even when he sleeps his dreams are about you and kissing you. Even in class he spaces out and starts imagining how your lips would feel. Would they be soft? Warm? Either way… perhaps he should make the first move?
It took him a lot of courage, he had to ask his father for advice since he wasn’t so sure. He wasn’t exactly shy; just nervous. He wasn’t sure if you’d find it awkward or still isn’t ready to give your up your first kiss yet. But Lilia has given him a few tips and tricks to make it as smooth as possible.
So when you two finally are outside alone together sitting on the grass and just in general talking, he makes his move. Silver lets out a small chuckle “So I did fall asleep?” He sigh “No wonder why Lilia looked at me in a scolding way” he said. His father always scolds him when he catches him sleeping, although it’s something Silver can’t control he know his father does it for good. You giggled but soon stopped when you realized Silver kept staring at you “… Um.. Silver is something wrong?” You asked him genuinely concerned. Silver snapped out of it and cleared his throat “Well… There is something I have been meaning to talk to you about” he said. Now you were intrigued “Oh really? What is it?” You asked him.
It’s now or never…
“Well, something has been on my mind lately. It’s nothing bad don’t worry. But it has been a bit… Troubling I guess… ” Silver said. You leaned closer to him “Well what has been troubling you? I bet I can help you!” You said with a soft smile. Silver gained a bit of confidence and leaned closer to you too “Well… Lately I have been thinking about you” he said. You two were now an inch away from each other’s faces “And how you would feel like against my lips” he finally said. The gap between the two of you closed.
Magic. Your lips fit perfectly against his, the feeling in his stomach was strange, he could feel his heart pounding fast especially when you kissed back with the same passion as him. He wrapped his arms around your waste and pulled you a bit closer while you caressed his now rosey cheek. So this what kissing someone feels like? How beautiful.
Tumblr media
★ SEBEK¡ — How did he even fall for you, a human in the first place? Even he doesn’t know. But he has gotten soft around you ever since you two started yelling. Sure he still yells at you when he thinks you’re getting to close to his master but not as much as before. He reminds you he loves you though that’s only in public. He may be loud and brave to others but truth is he can be a bit shy, especially when it means confessing about his feelings and stuff.
However Sebek has lately noticed something. Many couples always kiss and yet you two still haven’t!!! How come!? This is not ok! You two must do what lovers do and kissing is something so common! HE WILL MAKE THE GIRST MOVE AONCE HE KNOWS YOU’RE TOO SHY TO DO IT! Like him—. But Sebek will put his big boy pants and confront you!
For you it was just a normal day. But when you saw Sebek run towards you it soon became rather… interesting? You were shocked and a bit worried, did something bad happen? An emergency? Many thoughts raced into your head until you felt Sebek grab your shoulders and push you close to him. You looked up at him and noticed how he was blushing. What is going to do? “Uh, Sebek? What’s wrong?” You asked him. Something was off, you know it. “LISTEN HUMAN! WE HAVE BEEN DATING FOR WEEKS NOW! AND JUST TO SHOW MY LOVE TOWARDS YOU, I SHALL GIVE YOU MY FIRST KISS!” He said and quickly pulled you into a kiss.
Your eyes widened. Everything went fast and it did take you time to process what was going on before you kisses him back. Although your first kiss wasn’t quite planned to be like this, you still got to experience your first kiss with your lover. His lips were surprisingly soft and kissable, they felt like cotton candy, soft and sweet. The kiss was lovely and slow and a bit long. You two simply wanted to make the moment last for a while. You wanted to enjoy the feeling of love. Did this all happen because he saw some random couple kissing and realized he wanted to kiss you too? Probably. You are in love with an idiot… But he is a cute idiot and is yours.
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My best friend is a vampire (Lilia smau)
Lilias friends
(Lilia, idia, disomnia (no malleus cause technologies icky))
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Diasomnia: virtual learning during shutdown 2020
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(silver is somewhere sleeping and didn't make the call and Sebek is mad because he doesn't know he's muted and he thinks everyone is ignoring him)
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