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Lilia sketch while waiting for my flight!! 馃馃
*Delusional design
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馃尭, texting: "Hornton, do you want to go out with me this weekend? There's this new movie I wanna see... 馃ズ"
馃悏: "馃尭, thank you for your hndk7$!/ohe labufor+_)blp jrnavyodnl 6'() jfjsppnbd"
馃尭: "???? What does this mean?"
馃尭: "Are u ok??"
馃尭: "do u need help?????"
馃: "This is Lilia. He's been rolling on the floor for a few minutes now. I don't think he's aware he accidentally sent this gibberish in his excitement." 馃: "Safe to say it means yes."
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I need more Lilia x reader content! I鈥檓 hungry for more!!!
I鈥檓 so needy and a simp for hot papi gregrgeg ESPECIALLY GENERAL LILIA LIKE-
Tumblr media
(Y/n) came from a rich family who managed to arrange them to marry Lilia Vanrouge, the well known and terrifying General. Although it isn鈥檛 (Y/n)鈥檚 choice, sadly they can鈥檛 refuse or do anything about it. However they surely will live a life full of respect and luxuries, but no love鈥 Perhaps..
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smile with me!!
Tumblr media
where they see you, who is never one to show much emotion, smile for the first time
~feat. cater diamond, azul ashengrotto, rook hunt, and lilia vanrouge~ twisted wonderland x gender neutral reader
a lot of you guys chose this in the poll i posted earlier, so here it is~ i chose which characters to include btw- have fun lolol
Tumblr media
cater diamond sees you smile for the first time when he is mindlessly taking candid photos of the both of you together. it happens when you're looking at the adorable plushies featured at a themed caf茅 that had just opened up within the isle of sages. cater had wanted to visit it "for the aesthetics" and decided to bring you along simply for the fun of it. although he would never expect the surprise he felt when he saw a bright smile form on your charming face as he spam-clicked the camera button on his phone, taking random candids of the two of you as your eyes seemed to light up at the small, little plushies that came hugging the straws of your drinks. at first, the young man couldn't believe his eyes; you weren't exactly the type to reveal much emotion, let alone actually smile. but as a light giggle escaped your mouth as you took your own pictures of the soft stuffed animals, cater had realized how lucky鈥攁nd special鈥攈e was for you to be comfortable enough to show your real emotions around him.
"Prefect! Oh my Sevens!"
"Look at these tiny plushies that come with our drinks! They look so so. . . cute?"
"Hm? Oh, it's nothing. The pictures I just took of us came out adorably~"
"Of course I already took photos! You never know when one pic can be the photo that's Magicam-perfect. But don't worry; I won't be posting these on Magicam."
"Why? Because they're too special to showcase to the internet, silly~ Oh yeah! And (Y/n), before I forget鈥"
"You have a precious smile~"
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azul ashengrotto sees you smile when you let out a dazed sigh of satisfaction while performing for an audience at mostro lounge. it was an odd time for you to smile, actually. given the debt you were in with his business, azul was sure you would be anything but happy at the damages your little cat familiar had caused鈥攚hich was why you were there now, performing in front of an audience full of students to make up for the debt you and grim were inevitably in. although, since it was your final performance for the week, the man supposed a little relief on your part was granted. he just didn't think he'd finally see a wide grin from your usually blank face shine and fill the room as the lounge's spotlight continued to glimmer above you. crowds of applause played throughout the room, whistling of some audience members sang in admiration, and you bowed, satisfied with your final performance. azul had even caught the chatter of some students sitting near him gushing over your radiance on the lounge's makeshift stage. but he had to admit... he, too, felt something small tug within his heart the moment you displayed a smile that could catch the attention of anyone around you. it was strange, but he would consider himself lucky for getting the chance to see it that day.
"Well done today, (Y/n)! Here, have a sip of some water for your efforts鈥攏o charge included."
"Sales were especially successful tonight and I am proud to say that if you keep this up, you and Grim will be free of debt sooner than originally planned. I trust that you will keep up the good work."
"Tips left for you are in that jar on top of the counter, along with some comments and notes left by the audience."
"You did well, Prefect."
"Oh and, if you feel comfortable in doing so, please keep on doing what you did today whenever you perform here."
"That smile of yours is very charming, if you did not know."
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rook hunt spots a smile slowly escaping the corners of your face as he gently applies a soft shade of lip tint to your lips that matches your complexion. you were on your usual visit to pomefiore鈥攐ff to go see the eccentric huntsman in his dorm room鈥攚hen the man had suggested that he give you a little makeover with the new products vil had given him earlier that day. the young hunter seemed quite excited about the whole ordeal, so how could you refuse? giddily sitting you down on a seat in front of his dorm's mirror, rook had begun to apply shades of makeup gradually, delicately holding your face close to his to get a more detailed view of the cosmetics painting your cheeks. the man was completely focused on the strokes of his brush until he caught sight of a small, but enchanting smile, gracing your typically neutral expression when he had been applying a layer of lip tint to your face. any expression鈥攐r lack thereof鈥攐f yours was already spellbinding to him, but this time it had been different. this time, rook could have sworn he felt all the troubles of the world dissipate into thin air as the room seemed just a bit more brighter with your smiles filling each corner of the hunter's heart, making him endlessly fawn and ramble over how angelic you had looked at that moment.
"Mon ange! My, how most dazzling you are today!"
"Your beauty is always a sight to behold, however, today you are gleaming so incandescently! I must be careful; I may go blind by your shinning glow."
"Surely you see it as well, mon tr茅sor. The way your existence illuminates tenfold whenever you bless the world with your joy."
"Your smile is something I wish to never be taken away from you."
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lilia vanrouge catches your smile as he sneaks up to you in surprise, melodic laughter coming from your form following right after. just as he had caught you off guard, he was surprised as well seeing as you had never reacted that expressively the other times he had magically sprung up in front of you, hair oddly hanging from his head and body upside down as lilia's figure floated above you. perhaps it was the adorable way his cheeks had seemed to squish together as it gravitated down to the ground that had caused you to laugh so happily. or perhaps it was the cute, little "boo!" that came out of his lips that made you jump up, pleasantly astounded. either way, whatever reason you had that caused you to be so amused had lilia grinning as well in satisfaction. your rare smile had simply looked so endearing; it was like an unknown force was pushing against the third year鈥攃alling him to treasure and protect this emotion of yours at all costs. the specialness of your joy made the heart of this old fae flutter at the loveliness you had shown only to him that day.
"Ah, my apologies, Prefect, I did not mean to startle you too mu鈥"
"Hm? Oh? It's alright? My, that was unexpected, if I may be completely honest."
"Nothing to worry about, dearest (Y/n)~ I just want to engrave this moment into my mind for eternity, hehe."
"Why? To remember the sights of the first smile you had given me, of course~"
"That right there is something quite special to treasure in itself, wouldn't you say so, dear?"
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a/n: believe it or not, my motivation for writing this came from people seeing my face for the first time after wearing a mask ever since 2020 (but extremely romanticized ofc lolol)
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weird bat guy in my disney game
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These precious moments keep slipping through my fingers. 馃帪锔
Was in the mood to draw Silver and Lilia having a little father-son moment, so I came up with them having a little movie night in Lilia鈥檚 room! I tried some stuff with the lighting, like with the shadows and the light from the tv, and I鈥檓 proud of how it turned out for my first attempt! There鈥檚 a lot of little nods to various twst events and characters so be sure to look closely 馃憖
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I did something.
Tumblr media
PNG version
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can i ask for mr. vanrouge鈥檚 hand in marriage
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Sebek: Lilia-sama is one of the most powerful fae in Briar valley and former war general! He cannot marry just anyone!!
Lilia: Fufu, you worry too much Sebek, i am retired now no? but鈥.what鈥檚 that menacing aura...?
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Congratulations for your milestone!!!!
Can i perhaps request twst platonic comfort long fic with the staff with Lilia separately perhaps saying like 鈥渋鈥檓 proud of you鈥 and pat reader鈥檚 head please? Reader gender is GN and preferably uses with 鈥榶ou鈥 instead of pronouns please if its possible鈥
of course no pressure for this request鈥 i just need a comfort becus daddy issues lmao but sam is more like big brother vibes
A/N: Thank you anon! I鈥檓 gonna cry this is actually so frikkin cute 馃ス, I鈥檒l do my best take on this one and I hope you like it. I do have a limit of 3-4 caharcters only so I鈥檒l do Lilia, Crowley, Trein and Crewel 鈾ワ笌 also p.s sorry this took so long 馃槶馃馃徎
Peer Pressure
Tumblr media
鈽哠taring鈽: Lilia Vanrouge, Dire Crowley, Mozus Trein, and Divus Crewel.
Synopsis: Twst Dads Staff and Lilia, being the father figure you never had. GN!Reader who is burnt out and in desperate need of affirmations and support.
Heads up/Warnings: Mentions of Stress, Lil small smidge of angst, VERY LONG AND NOT PROOFREAD Platonic! rs with reader.
Tumblr media
Lilia Vanrouge
Studying in NRC was no cake walk, that鈥檚 a given fact, and more so when you鈥檙e a magicless nomad from who knows where, as much as you鈥檇 love to just blend in with the crowd and not be noticed, you stuck out like a sore thumb.
You were treated as a weak poor unfortunate soul who fate has thrown to the wolf den to be eaten alive without a fight, You didn鈥檛 like how they perceived you, you didn鈥檛 like how you were treated as a push over who couldn鈥檛 stand a chance in this school. So you made yourself keep with everyone else despite not having a speck of magic in you.
You really are doing everything you can to be treated as an equal by everyone, but even when you鈥檙e giving it your all, it鈥檚 never enough for them to respect you, no matter how many overblots you face and how many dorm leaders and students you help, you will always amount to nothing in their eyes.
Still you tried, tried to keep your chin up, but you鈥檙e only human, and you can only take so much. You were sat in the deepest part of the school library, the ancient history section, where dust had collected on the bookshelves having been left unnoticed for so long, not a single beam of light could peek through the thick books that rested on the high shelves. No one bothered to go here, It was silent, this became the place you鈥檇 go to when you feel that you鈥檙e about to break.
Slowly, the dark and tiny enclosed space was filled with your quiet sobs and sniffles, shaky breaths and gasps were heard coming from your tiny curled up figure in the corner鈥ou couldn鈥檛 handle it anymore, it was heavy, it hurts, you couldn鈥檛 bring yourself to tell anyone because you felt like it鈥檇 fuel the idea of you being weak and in need of help鈥
Unbeknownst to you, someone other than yourself lurked in that corner of the library, and that someone had heard your soft weeping, slowly and carefully he approached your tiny figure, you were sobbing on your knees desperately trying to hold yourself together, you were too caught up on keeping quiet that you hadn鈥檛 notice Lilia sitting beside you.
鈥淵ou know鈥t鈥檚 normal for children to cry right?鈥 He said, loudly enough for you to hear but quietly too since he didn鈥檛 want to freak you out. You slowly met his gaze, with swollen eyes glistening with tears, you sniffled and wiped your cheek with your sleeve 鈥淚鈥檓 not a child鈥.鈥 You retorted, voice hoarse and weak.
鈥淥h but your not an adult either?鈥 He said ruffling your hair, you didn鈥檛 like this, it felt like he also saw you like everyone else in this school, puny. You brushed off his hand, you sighed鈥pset, you buried your head back in your knees 鈥淚 really don鈥檛 feel well right now Lilia-senpai鈥 wanna be left alone鈥 You mumbled, not another word was uttered after you said that, you thought he left, so you resumed to your pitiful state of feeling sorry for yourself.
It wasn鈥檛 until you felt soft pats on your head that you settled down a bit, 鈥淲hen Silver wasn鈥檛 feeling well when he was little, I鈥檇 always stay by his side until he鈥檚 better鈥hildren can鈥檛 be left alone when they dont feel well, or else they wont get better鈥 he softly spoke to you, you could only answer with sniffles and hiccups.
鈥淢鈥檔ot a child鈥︹ you answered, still hiccuping trying to catch your breath from crying to much, 鈥淚f you鈥檇 known how old I am, you鈥檇 probably see yourself as a fetus鈥︹ he joked, 鈥淚鈥檒l never be equal to you guys will I?? I鈥檒l always be the weakest one here鈥o matter what I do鈥 you voiced out, you didn鈥檛 even know if you were shaking from anger or sadness鈥
Lilia felt it though, your emotions, he sighed and draped his school overcoat on your shaking frame, and continued to place soft pats on your head to calm you down again, 鈥淭hat was quiet offensive, you don鈥檛 even know how I think of you and yet you assume that鈥︹ he scolded, 鈥淵ou call me a child鈥︹ you snapped back at him
鈥淭hat鈥檚 because you are one and yet you act like you should be the one running NRC, I need you to understand that I鈥檓 not calling you a child because I see you as a feeble human being, I call you that to remind you that you鈥檙e still young鈥t鈥檚 too early for you be stressed out, that鈥檚 a middle age man鈥檚 job鈥 He scolded you holding both your face with in his hands, wiping your tears with his thumbs.
鈥淵ou鈥檝e already done so much鈥鈥檓 proud of you for keeping up with everyone in NRC despite you not possessing magic, it鈥檚 amazing, even Malleus thinks so鈥︹ he added, you felt yourself calm down, more so when he pulled you into a hug, you felt safe.
鈥淣ow rest, we cant have you exiting the library with puffy eyes, people would think they were stung by bees!鈥 He jested, chuckling at himself. 鈥淚鈥檒l wake you up when I feel that you鈥檝e had enough sleep鈥︹ he patted your head and hummed a tune, tired from crying, you eventually gave in and let his hums woo you to sleep.
Tumblr media
Dire Crowley
Once again, you were called to Crowley鈥檚 office, not because you caused trouble no, you barely had the time in your day to do that. It was because somehow he probably has yet another taxing job to give you, that or he鈥檚 gonna scold you for something, what is it? Who knows? Sometimes it鈥檚 the most random things.
You knocked and waited waited for him to say you could come in鈥hen he did, you walked in groggily, and shut the door behind you with your foot, you didn鈥檛 bother with politeness and courtesies, you were too exhausted for that, plus you knew he probably got used you鈥檙e attitude by now as you were used to his.
鈥淲hat nowwwww???鈥 You groaned, flopping on the chair infront of him. 鈥淲ould it kill you to have some manners prefect?鈥 He scolded, 鈥淐ut me some slack I鈥檓 tireeedddd鈥 you whined in your hands. 鈥淲ell I hope you being tired means you鈥檝e done everything I told you to do, and I called you here to ask you if you鈥檝e visited Savanaclaw-鈥 鈥渢o solve their flea infestation problem? Yeah It鈥檚 done. Savanaclaw is flea-free.鈥 You cut him off, your voice monotoned and unenthusiastic.
He was surprised, 鈥淲ell then, I assume you鈥檝e also finished re-planted the flowers of wonderland in the botanical garden.鈥 鈥淵UP鈥 you quickly answered. 鈥淲hat about the concerns of Pomfoire students about their stollen chemicals?鈥 He crossed his arms 鈥淚t wasn鈥檛 stollen, They misplaced it somewhere.鈥 You answered again.
鈥淢andatory Dormitory maintenance check ups? Have you organized the School calendar events? Did you solve the Octavinelle and Scarabia feud? 鈥 He started throwing the tasks he gave you. 鈥淒one. Done. And hmmm let me see鈥up all done.鈥 you replied as you picked on your nails. Crowley was shocked you managed to finish everything in a day, at this point he started to doubt you didn鈥檛 have magic.
鈥淗ave you鈥.uhm鈥.鈥 He tried thinking of a task he hasn鈥檛 asked you about, 鈥渉ave you鈥one your homework?鈥 He had nothing. You looked up at him with a confused look, but still answered 鈥淵eah?鈥 He cleared his throat and readjusts his tie 鈥淗m鈥ell done then, you did well鈥 he said.
鈥淐an I go now? I haven鈥檛 eaten all day and Grim鈥檚 probably throwing tantrums because he hasn鈥檛 had his tuna sandwich鈥︹ you asked, he only nodded. Still kind of shock that you did every task he sent you to do. 鈥淯h鈥︹檏ay, bye I guess鈥︹ you stood up to leave, weirded out by the headmage鈥檚 sudden silence.
He only came back to his senses when he heard the door shut, and realized you鈥檇 left鈥ou left to go home and eat cuz you haven鈥檛 eaten all day, yeah鈥ait鈥 鈥淗AVEN鈥橳 EATEN??!! ALL DAY??!鈥 He shouted, shooting up from his chair to go chase you. His automatic Papa bird mode was up and running鈥iterally. You thought you were safe from a scolding session, well you were wrong.
鈥淧REFECT! Y/N! STOP RIGHT THERE!鈥 He commanded, far across the other end of the hallway. You stopped, hearing his voice, you sighed and turned your back to see him speed walking his way over to you. 鈥淗ere we go鈥︹ you said to yourself, preparing for the scolding, you didn鈥檛 know what it was about but you were preparing still.
Before you knew it he was standing infront of you, hands on his hips like a disappointed mother. 鈥淲hat did I miss this time?鈥 You asked, 鈥淎pparently Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner鈥 he answered. You blinked a couple of times, confused and dumbfounded. 鈥淗uh?鈥 Was all that came put of your mouth.
鈥淚 can鈥檛 believe you! How could you not eat for a whole day?! Are you mad?! Have you gone koo-koo over the tasks I gave you?! You could get sick!鈥 He scolded, you thought he was joking, so you laughed 鈥淥h I get it鈥on鈥檛 worry I won鈥檛 die, you won鈥檛 lose your errand runner鈥 you joked. Wrong move.
The expression on his face was something you hadn鈥檛 seen before, usually you鈥檙e not at all fazed by Crowley, however this time you felt your stomach drop, but not to fear, it was something else. 鈥淓rrand Runner鈥.? Is that why you forgot to eat?鈥s that how I make you feel鈥?鈥 He spoke, uncharacteristically sad鈥
鈥淯h n-no, I was鈥 was just joking鈥︹ you denied smiling up at him, though you did feel like an errand runner most of the time, it was clear that Crowley didn鈥檛 know you felt that way. Silence was all that was heard between you two. Crowley was only looking at you, 鈥淯hm鈥 should鈥o鈥 you spoke, breaking the noiseless awkward situation.
You bowed and turned to your heel and left. For the rest of the night, all that filled Crowley鈥檚 mind was worry鈥ou went to school the next morning, the happenings from yesterday was now long gone and done for you, it was weird and awkward sure, but you didn鈥檛 think it was that deep.
However it wasn鈥檛 for Crowley. As you were listening to Trein鈥檚 lecture, Crowley decided to pop in your class. 鈥淚s Y/n present?鈥 He asked, poking his head through the door, 鈥淵/n, The headmage is looking for you.鈥 Trein spoke, unbothered, still writing on the board.
You looked up from your notebook to see Crowley by the door, this was unusual, since he only called for you when you dong have class. But you thought it must鈥檝e been urgent. So you stood up and went to him. 鈥淪omething wrong?鈥 You asked, he smiled and shook his head, 鈥淥h no, I just came by to give you this.鈥 He handed you a lunch box, you looked up at him confused 鈥渨ha-鈥 you were cut off with a headpat 鈥淕o back to your seat now, make sure to finish all that food, after class though, dont eat in class.鈥 He said pushing you back so you鈥檇 go to your seat. 鈥淪haring is good but Dont share that. You eat it.鈥 He warned before waving you goodbye as he closes the door and leaves.
You were now left with a lunch box in your hand, you looked down and there was a sticky note on top of it that read 鈥淒o your best in class! I鈥檓 proud of you!鈥 With a crow doodle on the bottom鈥ou smiled at the note and went back to your seat. Guess you wont be missing meals anymore.
Tumblr media
Mozus Trein
Exam week. Probably the worst week in a student鈥檚 entire school year. Most even called it Hell week due to how dreadful and stressful it is. What鈥檚 worse is that you鈥檝e been transported in a school that is in a world where you knew absolutely nothing about.
So everything you鈥檝e learned from your homeworld, is USELESS here. Especially history. Back in home exams about history usually only contained questions about previous presidents, wars, kingdoms, ruler, and dates but here their history included magic. Which you don鈥檛 have and have Zero to No knowledge of.
You鈥檝e concluded in your mind that you鈥檇 probably be butchered and served for lunch after you take this test because there鈥檚 no way you鈥檙e going to pass it. But what鈥檚 the harm in trying? Right? You spent hours and hours after every test everyday before the history exam in the library. Under a piles and stacks of books about twisted wonderland鈥檚 history. You felt yourself get lightheaded a couple of times but you shook it off.
Then came doomsday. You were sat in your usual seat, sweating bullets, leg bouncing from anxiety, the test wasn鈥檛 even handed out yet but your lips were practically chewing gum at this point since you鈥檝e been gnawing on them for the past 5 minutes.
When the test was handed out, you tried your best not to accidentally have a mental shut down and forget everything you鈥檝e studied for. You were already nervous from the questions, more so when Trein started walking around and observing everyone as they take their test.
Out of everyone, you had to admit, Mozus Trein, was the most intimidating teacher you had. Failing his class was an equivalent to a coffin and funeral party. So you tried your best to keep calm and focus on the questions. You didn鈥檛 rush it like some of the others, it didn鈥檛 matter if you were the last one in his class as long as your confident you鈥檇 pass.
You skimmed through every question time after time making sure you had the best answer. 鈥淵/n. I said Time鈥檚 up. Hand in your paper or I won鈥檛 accept it.鈥 Trein鈥檚 voice broke your trance, and there it was again, the anxiety, you weren鈥檛 done, you weren鈥檛 confident that you鈥檇 get a passing grade yet. But him staring you down made you hand give up the paper faster than lightning.
鈥淪orry, sir.鈥 You meekly spoke. He took your paper and shortly after he dismissed the class. You couldn鈥檛 even sleep that night, and the night after, and the next night after that. It was that big of a deal. Came the end of Hell week Exam week it was time for the teachers to hand back the now graded test papers.
And lucky you, Your first class of the day was Trein鈥檚. You went in with bags under your eyes from all the sleepless nights and the countless hours studying in the library. You hoped for the worst, that way you wont be disappointed when it does happen. Once the classroom was filled, Trein greeted you all like usual, 鈥淚鈥檓 sure everyone is well aware of what day it is, and I鈥檓 neither disappointed nor surprised by the result of last week鈥檚 exam, as I expected this already. Needles to say I鈥檒l be seeing MOST of you again in the same class next year.鈥 He stated, mercilessly, It was like venom. He went around the class handing the test papers one by one.
You gulped hearing what he just said as you waited for him to hand you yours, part of you told yourself you鈥檙e one of those people. What鈥檚 worse is that, he only placed the other students their paper on their table and left, so why is he HANDING you yours???You gulped as you took the paper from his hand, the test paper was faced down. Still standing there even though you had already took it. You thought of your funeral party already.
You flipped the paper with shaky hands鈥ou couldn鈥檛 believe your eyes鈥t was a perfect score鈥ou looked up at your teacher in shock 鈥淚 think you mixed up my paper with someone else鈥檚 sir鈥︹ you said, only earning a small laugh from him. He placed his index finger on top of your test paper 鈥渢hat is your name? Is it not?鈥 He asked, it infact YOUR NAME.
You left your jaw hung open as you stared at the paper infornt of you, your shocked state was broken when he pated your head 鈥淰ery good Y/n, Surprisingly the one who isn鈥檛 from twisted wonderland is the one who scored the highest in my class, I鈥檓 very proud of you for that. Keep it up鈥 he praised as he walks back to his desk.
You felt yourself smiling happily. You passed. YOU SCORED HIGHEST. You looked up at Trein who was now infront of the class writing in the board about the next lecture he was about to discuss and you hurriedly took out your notebook to write down notes. Soon the class you oh so feared to fail now became your favorite class to attend.
Tumblr media
Divus Crewel
You had no magic, no knowledge of it, and you don鈥檛 even know how to use it. Magic was already a hassle to learn, and you already progressed slower than most of the students in your class. Not in potionology though. This was wayyy easier to catch up with.
You see potionology class like what you used to do as a child, when you鈥檇 mix shampoos and soaps and tooth paste and pretend to be a witch in the bathroom. You liked this class since it was fun and you didn鈥檛 struggle that much with it. You cant say you鈥檙e that best student, that would be exaggeration. But you were one of the students who does better than everyone else.
Up coming this week was pop quiz Friday, usual pop quizzes included answering a sheet of paper, however in potionology, Crewel thought it鈥檇 be nice to put the pop in 鈥減op quiz鈥 to good use. The task was that you鈥檇 try to perfect a potion that pops when you threw it, the bigger the 鈥減op鈥 your potion made, the higher your score would be.
So ahead of time, you started doing research and tests on your potion, you sometimes went to Pomefoire or Heartslabyul to ask Rook or Trey for advice since they鈥檙e both in the school Science Club. You鈥檇 go to the library to borrow books about explosives, you鈥檇 go shopping for a concerning amount of flammable chemicals and other stuff in Sam鈥檚 shop. To the point where Sam actually made a promise to himself to call Crowley if you came back again.
After all that you鈥檇 go back to Ramshackle to test more stuff out. It took a lot of sleepless nights and failed attempts, you didn鈥檛 give up though, plus you and grim (and sometimes even Malleus) were having fun in the back yard of Ramshackle blowing stuff up. If you had neighbors they probably would鈥檝e moved out by now
One day you finally had one you were confident had a passing grade. Probably not the best one out there but one that can get you a high score.You wrote down the recipe so you could remake it in the lab when Friday came, you鈥檙e more than excited to see this experiment of your blow their minds, not literally but kinda literally.
Then came Friday, the day you鈥檝e been waiting for. You were nervous, happy and the anticipation was killing you. When greetings were exchanged the 鈥減op quiz鈥 began. Everyone was focused on their own potions, and so were you. Holding in your hand was the recipe and your other was carefully dripping and dropping chemicals on to beakers and test tubesz
You didn鈥檛 want the whole room to blow up鈥et. As you hear some students groan out of frustration or sigh in relief, you grew more and more competitive. When the timer rang, you were already finished, everyone had their bottles clutched in their hands in fear of them accidentally dropping it and causing mass destruction.
鈥淎lright pups, line up, we cant risk causing accidental arson, we鈥檙e going out on the field to test your potions.鈥 Crewel said to the class, one by one your classmates start to line up. Careful not to trip as the walked. When you were all outside, and in a safe distance from the school building, Crewel had you all stand behind a magic barrier so no one would get hurt.
One by one students started to throw their potions, explosion after explosion, some disappointingly small and some scarily big. You were thrilled, you couldn鈥檛 wait for your turn. When your name got called you confidently strode infront to throw your potion. As you were about to Crewel lightly smacked your head with his teaching pointer. 鈥淕oggles Y/n, your goggles.鈥 He warned. You muttered a tiny 鈥榦ops鈥 and put on your goggles.
鈥淎lright, on my count鈥︹ Crewel said, as he counted down to 3, when you heard three you threw it hard as you could and鈥.nothing. You were shocked鈥mbarrassed as you heard the chuckles and laughs from behind you. You were positive you tested this before and it worked, you must鈥檝e done something wrong. How could you fail the one class you actually enjoyed.
Your cheeks grew hot when you heard small teasings from your classmates, Crewel reprimanded them but you knew even he was embarrassed and disappointed by this miserable failed attempt. You had failed him. As you were all about to walk back to the lab, small sparking noises were heard from where you had thrown the potion.
You all looked back and so did Crewel, he put up the magic barrier once again, the small sparks turned into big once, then鈥nexpectedly, the big sparks exploded scattering itself throughout the field鈥hen there was silence. Not like the last time though, the silence this time was more like the calm before a storm. Crewel knew this, so he had the magic barrier expanded to cover all around you guys.
Suddenly explosions emerged, not just one, but multiple, more than you could count, it was loud and destructive and chaotic, everyone was panicking. When it finally stopped, the school grounds looked like a battle field. You thought this meant detention until you graduate, but then you heard Crewel laugh and clap his hands.
He went to you and ruffled you hair 鈥淕REAT JOB Y/N! THAT WAS OUTSTANDING!鈥 He praised as he clasps his hands together. The other students鈥ell most of them at least also had clapped their hands and applauded your work. No words was said but it seemed that Crewel had already adopted and favored a pup in his class after that day.
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blackopals-world 3 days
Unconventional Proposals part 2
Part 1
Yuu x Vice Wardens edition
Twisted Wonderland might have its own courting traditions but Yuu might not be from our world. What if they are the one with strange traditions?
Tumblr media
Trey- Anyone Can Cook
This isn't fair. Trey literally has his fic already about his proposal. So I'm cheating and linking it here. Sorry, just saving time.
Ruggie- Engraved
Ever tradition is weird when you think about it. This one was no different. When you like someone you carve them a pendent out of Stone or wood. If they accept and wear it you are bound together.
Yuu picked stone knowing the process would take longer to make. The traditional way was to take a cloth and rub the stone until it was smooth while carving a shape. Like the ocean over rocks.
Ruggie had noticed Yuu work on the totem for months and had asked them if they needed help. Yuu denied.
On the day Yuu presented the carving they was given a pendant in return. Ruggie didn't know about the special meaning but he was inspired by Yuu to make a present for them anyways. It was a wood carving of a hyena. They gladly accepted.
Jade- Whale of a Time
A true warrior knows how to prove their love. Leagues deep in the frozen waters they dive to steal the ocean's bounty, a black fish tooth. To prove yourself it must be presented to your true love.
Yuu is armed with a spear, knife, net, and the determination to subdue a killer fish. They had trained their whole life for the moment they would rip the teeth out of the whale's mouth.
Gleefully they presented the blood-stained tooth to Jade. He was actually very flattered by it. The show of strength was very attractive to him. Eels don't court for long and Yuu's tribe didn't have time for lengthy rituals in their frozen lands. They were a couple instantly.
Jamil- Fine Print
"Your future husband must be clever. His eyes sharp. And his mind clear. When you dance he must see only you." Their mother would say.
Yuu understood what she meant as they watched another young woman dance across the stage. Her skin was painted in beautiful curving patterns, unlike the young man who went before. His skin was painted in sharp zig-zagging formations.
Each design had a special hidden message in them. Usually, it was the initials of their chosen partner hidden deep within. If they spotted it then it would mean that they had eyes only for them because they watch the dancer's every movement to be sure.
Yuu wanted to get their message across though so they painted a long winding serpent from their hand to coiling around their torso to the other leg. Within the serpent was 'J.V' written in gold. If Jamil did see it they'd see it as a win(even if they were cheating a bit)
During Kalim's party they performed the serpent's dance dressing in red silks and the only clue that Jamil noticed was him spitting his drink while they disrobed to begin.
He noticed alright and couldn't decide if he wanted everyone else to notice too. It was such a bold declaration of wanting to be his. How could he say no?
Rook- One Jump Ahead
The jungle was harsh and without mercy. A capable hunter is the most desired partner. One who can spot a jaguar in the trees, and hunt boars without them noticing. One who can provide premium meat and herbs for their marriage banquet.
They must put them to the test. Hunter against prey.
Yuu had their eyes on a particular hunter. Tempting Rook to chase was child's play. Leaving items in his path in a bid to get him to return them worked. Rook caught on quickly as the lost items became calling cards to look for Yuu.
One morning he found a letter on his window with a letter of love.
"饾搾饾摳饾摱饾摦 饾摢饾摲饾摥 饾摪饾摦饾摻 饾摱饾摦.鈾"
He needed little convincing as he tracked the elusive Yuu. They were very good a remaining undetected but the trail led to the woods. For an entire day, the game of cat and mouse and Yuu got sloppy. They snapped a twig while climbing and Rook heard. The game had been won and Rook proved to be a superior hunter. And as the loser the rules were set in stone. Yuu would be the prize won.
Lilia- Salt-crusted Dreams
The seers and soothsayers have their ways. Their lives are ruled by stars and visions. That is how Yuu's people have lived since that days man had no answers to the stars and fate. Every day Yuu drew their cards to see what fate had in store, but that day, in particular, was interesting. The lovers were upright, the fool was raising, the star shines brightly, the tower is revered and the hanged man was longer doomed. It spelled good things.
The answer was simple to Yuu. Today was the day. New love was very near and a fated pair will be made. Don't resist and cause strife to oneself, you've already ovoid one disaster so don't make another. The cards can never leave them be with all their ominous warnings even if it's good news.
Yuu knew it was time as they began preparing their family recipe. Whenever a youth wanted to know who their soulmate was a loaf of salty bread was baked. It was to be eaten before sleep. Whoever comes to them in their dreams and offers them water would be their soulmate.
Nothing could prepare the seer for who appeared no matter what they believed. It was Lilia of all beings.
Yuu's family is as close to the fae as they are to the stars. The line was thin between the realms and few walked it.
Donning their robes Yuu approached the bat fae.
"Oh ho? A fortune teller approaches. It must be fate." He gestured Yuu to sit with him.
Yuu nodded and told him it was a matter of fate. They would like to give them a reading.
The reading yielded an expected result. The cards all matched their own. The odds to improbable it could only be fate.
"It seems it was written in the stars."
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ceruleancattail 15 hours
hello, could I request for butler au for diasonmia please?
Butler Diasonmia
Sebek is loud.
You鈥檒l soon be will acquainted with his voice thundering through your halls. You鈥檒l hear him before you see him, whether it鈥檚 by his heavy footsteps, or his voice bellowing out. He pays his respects with all the vigour he can muster. Nothing less for his master!
He rushes around the house, handling whatever comes his way with an almost militant strictness. Your sheets are smooth as butter, without a single wrinkle. Every surface of the house polished, the shine nearly blinding you. Sebek tends to fight with the other servants, especially if they don鈥檛 meet his expectations. How could lowly humans like them expect to serve you?
Times like this, you鈥檒l have to calm him. Pat his back, rub comforting circles into it. As his master, it鈥檚 your job to keep him in check, isn鈥檛 it? He鈥檚 always surprised by the contact, jumping up in shock. Although that initial shock doesn鈥檛 stop Sebek from leaning into your touch, the tips of his ears blooming a bright red.
Sebek knows he can be 鈥渢oo much鈥. However, when it comes to you, he鈥檚 never enough.
Let him serve you until the ends of time, Master.
Silver is an odd butler.
He dozes off whenever and wherever, but somehow manages to keep the house spick and span. You have no idea where he finds the time to clean, considering that he鈥檚 currently snoozing away beside you.
Another odd thing about him ; Silver has no qualms about sleeping right in front of you. In fact, he seems to actively seek out your shoulder. Whenever you鈥檙e looking through documents, Silver slides besides you, dipping his head on your shoulder. He鈥檚 out like a light, breathing softly onto your neck. Silver鈥檚 hair flows down your shoulder softly, gently caressing your skin.
You don鈥檛 really mind. It鈥檚 much like having an overgrown cat, actually. Sometimes, you run your fingers through his hair, stroking it carefully. It鈥檚 relaxing, and Silver never seems to mind. He鈥檒l open a bleary eye, before moving down, resting his head on your lap instead. Nudging his head to your stomach, he鈥檒l coax you into playing with his hair again.
It calms you, does it not? You鈥檙e welcome to use him as much as you desire, Master.
After all, he鈥檚 yours.
Lilia has seen his fair share of masters. From pleasant ones, to less then ideal ones. You鈥檙e one of the more鈥 amusing ones, if he does say so himself.
He does his work with all the efficiency of a experienced butler. Lilia handles problems with a smile. He鈥檒l chuckle when you thank him, giving you a little bow. It鈥檚 his duty. You don鈥檛 have to thank him. However, it鈥檚 appreciated, nonetheless.
What isn鈥檛 really appreciated by you would be Lilia鈥檚 constant need to prank you. You could even swear he鈥檚 gliding around the house, with the sheer lack of noise from his footsteps. Lilia has a certain talent of concealing his presence entirely. He鈥檒l turn up behind you, give you a little tap on your shoulder鈥 when you do turn around, Lilia鈥檚 right before you. Close enough for his nose to brush against yours.
Looking for him, dear master? Fret not, he鈥檒l never be far from you.
You鈥檙e much too interesting for him to leave.
Standing besides Malleus, you feel like his servant. Malleus has this regal air about him. The kind of dominating aura that parts crowds effortlessly. A kingly energy.
It still makes you somewhat uncomfortable, summoning him to your side. You can barely look at him in the eye whenever you鈥檙e ordering him around. Malleus tends to kneel down before you, if only to keep your eyes level with his. He has a kindly gaze, soft as butter in the sun.
There are many things that Malleus isn鈥檛 too familiar with. Modern devices, foreign influences鈥.You鈥檒l have to follow him around, show him the ropes. Sometimes, you suspect he pretends to be unaware, just so you鈥檒l come out of your office for a break. It works, unfortunately. You just can鈥檛 say no to him.
Malleus is for better or for worse, an old fashioned gentleman. Chivalry may be dead, but he does have a way with words. Offering his hand to you, you two spend the nights waltzing under the stars. Malleus sails around your house with his arm around your waist. Rejoice, master! The night is young.
He鈥檒l take it upon himself to intoxicate you anew, if wine proves fickle company.
Dance your worries away, Master. He鈥檚 here for you.
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luxthestrange 1 day
TWST Incorrect quotes#387 InTrouble
When You Found out...that when the boys were kids...Lilia pranked the trio a lot with jumpscares so much...they...sometimes wetted the bed with nightmares-
Yuu: Kids. bed, now. I want to talk to your father~*Slowly turns their head to look at Lilia
Lilia*Blinks and smiles looking at the Trio Nervously*He-heh~No, kids, stay!~Please stay
Yuu: Go. Go!
Lilia: Stay...Stay!?~
Yuu: You go!
Lilia: Sebek, stay!
Yuu: Now!
Lilia: Malleus, don't move!?
The Three go and stop looking at the Prefect and Lilia in dispute till, Sebek actually looks nervous not knowing who to listen to, Silver is WIDE awake looking like a lost puppy...Malleus can only smile a bit knowing Lilia brought this on his self-
Yuu: You go!
Lilia: Silver, stay!?!
Yuu: Get out of here!
Malleus*Grabs the hands of the younger ones and walks away slowly out the door*
Silver*Is saluting his father*May the thorn fairy have mercy on you father...
Sebek:...Apologies Lilia, but The Human has spoken...*Hidding behind Silver and Malleus*
Lilia: Don't leave me!?!
Yuu: You get out of here!?!
Malleus,Silver+Sebek @ Lilia-
Tumblr media
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la-lolita 24 hours
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Listen while reading.
Walking through the streets of Briar Valley, the day was gloomy as usual. Having bright days is rather rare, the place is always dark and gives this dangerous aura. And it is, it can be dangerous if you aren鈥檛 careful with who you mess with. Many dark fae don鈥檛 show mercy, but not all are bad.
It is true, there is good and bad, but in a place such as Briar Valley if you are too kind you are seen as weak and useless. That is unless you are wealthy and are part of a noble family because no one dares talk bad about them. The more power you have the more respect you gain. In way it鈥檚 stupid.
One doesn鈥檛 gain respect because of their status they gain respect because of what they do for others. However in a place such as this one, it doesn鈥檛 matter what one does.
Easily you would be considered weak if it wasn鈥檛 for the fact that you came from a very wealthy family. Through generations your family has been very well known for their riches and living a life filled with luxuries. Always wearing the finest materials and jewelry.
You wouldn鈥檛 say you are any different. Despite being nice you are also rather spoiled, but it鈥檚 normal when you have been surrounded with nothing but money growing up.
Your brother is the heir, you were born second. Your brother is married and you鈥 Well, you aren鈥檛 nor are you even interested to begin with. You aren鈥檛 the one who will be the head of the household so why does it matter if you don鈥檛 have a partner?
And life is like that, simple. Nothing more nothing less.
鈥淎h! (Y/n), would you like to buy some bread? They鈥檙e fresh out of the oven,鈥 Mrs. Harvey said 鈥淧lus I鈥檓 sure your father would appreciate some, it is after all his favorite!鈥
Smiling you nodded 鈥淚 suppose you鈥檙e right, he has been working hard lately and some of his favorite bread should be in a way a reward for it.鈥 you said as Mrs. Harvey handed you a bag filled with bread and paid her.
Mrs. Harvey shook her head 鈥淥h my, he isn鈥檛 taking breaks I see. Hm, just like my husband.鈥
鈥淪ay, have your parents not yet found you a partner? Not to get into nobles鈥 business but at this point I would鈥檝e expected for you to be already in an arranged marriage.鈥 Mrs. Harvey said.
You quickly shook your head 鈥淥h sevens no! And I pray that never happens. I don鈥檛 wish to be arranged with someone I don鈥檛 love, none the less don鈥檛 even know! Marriages like those don鈥檛 work out.鈥
The lady chuckled 鈥淥h dear, you don鈥檛 have to love them, you鈥檒l be living in a world full of luxuries to even care about love.鈥 she said.
鈥淭rue鈥 But I already have everything, at some point all that money means nothing to me鈥 you sigh 鈥淎fter all, having no one to love me or care for me feels lonely, no matter how much money I spend or have it won鈥檛 buy the emotional comfort one needs.鈥 You explained.
Mrs. Hervey hummed 鈥淚 suppose you are right about that, my dear.鈥
鈥淚鈥檓 back!鈥 You yelled as you entered the manor. Walking down the stairs was your mother and father with a nervous look on their faces bringing you into confusion.
鈥淲hat is wrong?鈥 You asked worried.
Your mother looked at your father before looking back at you 鈥(Y/n)鈥 You might not take this well but I promise things will turn out alright, trust me.鈥 she said but that didn鈥檛 tell you what the problem was, it seemed like she was too hesitant to tell you; unsure.
鈥淲hatever do you mean?鈥 You asked.
This time your father spoke 鈥(Y/n). Your mother and I have made a choice and even talked to him about it鈥 He agreed. It鈥檚 been settled that you鈥檒l marry General Lilia Vanrouge.鈥
Your heart sinked upon hearing those words coming from your father鈥檚 mouth. General Lilia Vanrouge, many stories have been told about him.
He is known across all countries, many have wrote about him, talked about him. He is a man everyone respects even the queen herself, for he is the one who has fought in many wars and won many metals, there hasn鈥檛 been a war he has lost in. Many say he is terrifying and harsh like a storm.
With such a powerful position it is only logical for him to be wealthy. And it is also logical as to why your parents would set you in an arranged marriage with him.
鈥淏ut I don鈥檛 know him!鈥 You exclaimed shocked.
鈥淵ou will get to know him, (Y/n). He can鈥檛 be bad, I鈥檓 sure he鈥檒l buy you anything you want and-鈥 you interrupted your mother 鈥淚 don鈥檛 care, mom!鈥
鈥淗ow can you be so sure? I don鈥檛 even love him in the first place!鈥 you argued.
Your father sigh 鈥(Y/n) calm down. Who knows maybe you two will fall in love with each other. This isn鈥檛 even about love this is about business and money. Do you think that your mother and I knew or loved each other when we got married?鈥
鈥淢oney, of course it鈥檚 about money! I don鈥檛 care! I already have everything I want!鈥 You yelled.
Your mother furrowed her eyebrows 鈥淲ell too bad, you have no other choice! Tomorrow you better behave because the general will come either you like it or not!鈥 she said.
鈥淯gh! I hate this stupid family鈥 you muttered and stormed off.
Laying down your bed you cried in pure hatred and frustration. They do this to you just to keep their status high!? You despise them. Marrying the general would seem like a dream to others but you? No.
Who knows what the general is like, who knows how he looks like. He鈥檚 probably some cruel old man who won鈥檛 give a damn about you at all. It鈥檚 always like that.
There is no way a marriage like this one could work.
You鈥檇 rather die than marry him.
Tumblr media
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spadecentral 2 days
馃拡 Stylist Central | Lilia Vanrouge x Reader
>> requested: no >> a/n: happy birthday @la-lolita !!! ilysm :]
Tumblr media
>> masterlist: diasomnia >> summary: lilia lets his s/o do his hair, and then he learns how much of a perfectionist you are >> reader prns: they/them [not used] >> warning(s): none
Tumblr media
When you asked Lilia if you could do his hair, he never expected for you to take over 10 minutes. So when you were headed past the 30-minute mark, he started to get concerned. "My darling dearest, is it okay if I ask why this is taking so long?"
"Whell," you began, bobby pins muffling your words. "Your haif if fhe pherfeft lenf for annoyansh, fso eI've veen verking on fixing it dis entire tiem."
"...What." he asked, laughing and moving slightly as his body heaved with his haughter.
"Don't move!" You all but shouted, bobby pins falling out of your mouth and onto the floor. "Aw fuck."
Lilia became as stiff as a board almost as soon as you yelled. He didn't even dare to look at what you cursed at.
You left your right hand in his hair, trying to keep all of it in place as you tentatively reached down and grabbed a couple bobby pins off the floor. Tucking some behind your ear, you stabbed another one into the mess of hair that was Lilia's new hairstyle.
"Juuuust a couple more...." you mumbled, tugging on his hair some more. 鈥淎nd there. Done鈥 I think.鈥
Lilia laughed with relief as he stood up to go look in a mirror. Upon reaching it, he was left in awe. You never told him that you could do hair so well. His hair was in a bun, and a piece of the bun was a braid that was added. And added to the bun were gold strands of fake hair.
"Oh, em, gee." he said, stunned. "Dearest, my love, my one and only, my little blood pouch鈥"
"鈥攖hat was a joke!" he laughed, kissing you all over your face. "It looks stunning, almost as stunning as you, I must add."
"Oh stop it,"
"Never!" Lilia smirked, spinning around to leave. "Now, I must show Malleus, Silver, and Sebek!"
"Yeah, yeah, go flaunt to your son's, dork," you joked.
"You love this dork!" he snickered as he opened the door.
"...you betcha, Lils."
Tumblr media
>> twst taglist: @tulipluvlettr | @ghost-hyacinth | @ch3lun | @oseathepebble | @ventisaircurrent | @epelys | @pastelmages | @xphantasmagoriax | @atlasnessie | @divinesapph | @ze-maki-nin | @ruggiethethuggie | @v-anrouge
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samyosaf 3 days
Yuu: Oh hey Tsunotarou,what are doing with those intruments?
Malleus:Oh child of man I just have a song I wanted to sing to you and I am hoping you would not mind me playing it?
Yuu:Sure why not, I don't mind you singing to me
Malleus thinking: I hope this song Lilia gave me would make Yuu think I'm a good mate for them
Malleus:*Proceeds to sing this song*
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Grim has definitely become closer to Malleus compared to the 1st Anniversary, so cute 馃ゲ.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
And the collection of pictures of Grim, Ace and Deuce, simply just perfect 馃槍馃憣.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I heard there was an update in the JP server where cards can be hung up as portraits in the guest room. THE WAIT IS LONG for the EN server馃ゲ.
Tumblr media
Yuu and Grim are on his soft side they managed to get Idia out of that room and touch some real grass 馃槶.
All I'm hoping is that they can make Yuu travel to twisted wonderland once in a while after going back home 馃槶.
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