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lordgrimoire · 12 days
The Amity Parkers, Part 2
So, let’s go over some recent events.
Several New Teachers have arrived at Gotham Academy, those teachers being Doctor Daniel “Danny” Fenton, Dash Baxter, Danielle “Dani” Masters, and the new therapist Paulina Sanchez. These teachers have done, many, things to the curriculum of the school, with some more notable changes being the following.
1: Creating and teaching the formula for toxins and gasses used by Gotham Rogues, naturally creating a new form of defense the students could safely practice.
2:Taught then everything they could possibly need to survive a natural or unnatural disaster, making a School Medic Team from a survivalist club they’d started some time at the end of the first semester of the year.
3: Ruined Lex Luther AND Superman at the same time for custody of Connor Kent Masters (Connor likes the Kents, despite his Originals treatment of him). And now he was a student at the school, catching up in leaps and bounds to his fellow students while also constantly hanging out with Tim during rest periods.
4: Shown the entire County that they were lucky they’re Inspiration for teaching and Fentons parents hadn’t been the ones to take the reigns, because they were worse by at least one league of magnitude.
5: Getting more classes added that were on paper optional but due to Gotham being, well, Gotham, most students took them, from the custom engineering class to basic understandings of magic, because apparently Gotham was littered with super haunted/magical points.
And finally
6: The creation of portals, though you have to pass several tests and qualify for a college degree in engineering at minimum with the approval of Doctor Fenton AND his parents before partaking in the class.
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dragonofthedepths · 2 months
Flash gets kidnapped by Clockwork 9.2.23
DP x DC. Clockwork, the Flash, Danny Phantom, the Justice League. Liminal!Amity.
"You," Flash found himself very suddenly upside-down, face-to-face with someone who had blue skin, and in a glowing green room full of giant gears, which was not at all where he'd been before, "are threatening to make me miss my son's graduation."
The blood should've been rushing to his head by this point, should he be concerned that it wasn't? He'd been to space before, and somehow gravity felt more optional here.
Flash's powers make him a headache to deal with for the Master of Time —so many small disruptions to the time stream that threaten to spiral out of control— to the point that Clockwork kidnaps him and leaves trapped him in his lair for a day to make sure he can't cause any problems that force Clockwork to miss Danny's graduation.
Investigating this leads to them to Amity, which is so liminal (so much Danny's, so much Clockwork's,) that Flash's powers simply stop working the moment he sets foot in its boarders. It's all but within its own bubble of time that's not connected to the rest of the universe -or the speedforce- at all.
Day (619/100) in my #∞daysofwriting @the-wip-project 9th of Feb
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little-pondhead · 2 months
After Danny is crowned Ghost King, Amity Park becomes detached from the mortal realm and is suspended between the two realms, much like Danny is. In an effort to combat this isolation from the rest of the world, Danny opens up his castle to the residents of Amity. (Not his Lair, just the castle he earned via conquest.)
Now the castle is more like a community center, and it’s constantly filled with both humans and ghosts coming and going. The Amity Parkers are already liminal, so visiting the Zone is actually healthy for them! The school takes the kids on regular field trips, ghost vs. human competitions get very heated, and overall everyone bonds over their shared freakiness and comes to terms with the fact they’ll never venture out into their world ever again.
But just because they’re detached from their world, doesn’t mean the residents of Amity can’t visit other worlds. :)
And it just so happens that their new community castle is filled to the brim with magic doors and ancient treasures to help aid on their noble quest of inter-dimensional grocery shopping.
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glitch-in-space · 3 months
Title: Amity Park: Untold Horrors
Fandom(s): Danny Phantom; Batman - All Media Types
Relationships, Characters: Danny & Sam & Tucker; Tim Drake-Wayne & Danny Fenton (but in a one-sided character & fan way)
Warnings: Gothic horror; found footage; analog horror; spooky vibes; eldritch danny
Summary: Tim clicked the link out of curiosity, figuring he could give up ten minutes of his life to find out what was so interesting about 'Amity Park: A Brief History – Fenton's Final Project' that it had attracted over a million views in just one week. He had no idea of the research rabbit hole he was about to fall down. /// It started with an innocent school project, a video presentation posted online for ease of access. Danny had no idea it would lead him here...
Inspired by: this post by @stealingyourbones (sorry if you didn’t want the tag!)
Link: https://archiveofourown.org/works/43728996
For the ‘free space’ of this bingo card:
Tumblr media
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fizzlewizard404 · 8 months
so uhh... i made something
my brain went "hmm what if i put TOH characters in liminal spaces" and then i did just that!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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cyrwrites · 1 day
Here Be Monsters
The Drake's didn't have a son.
Who are you, Tim, and why do you claim to be Jack and Janet Drake's kid?
Or, in a world where the ecto acts weren't repealed until it was too late, Danny went through a lot of shit, even before he was adopted by the Drakes. He doesn't even know how much they fucked him up, because he was subject to some questionable medical practices that resulted in memory loss.
Anyone remotely liminal in Amity Park suffered a similar unkind fate.
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its-rat-time-babey · 1 year
Videos taken in Amity Park tend to become corrupted once they leave Amity Park. The entire thing seems normal while you’re in Amity but once you leave the video warps and corrupts and gains a sort of Analog Horror vibe with sudden cuts to things that were never recorded, videos looping on random parts, random corruption and strange whispering heard throughout the entire thing. It gets worse if a ghost was caught on video before leaving Amity Park because their ghostly aura corrupts the video further, adding random connections to the ghost’s origin, obsession and core. (Example: a video that briefly caught Ember on camera may suddenly cut to scenes of a burning building, sometimes showing a figure resembling a living Ember trying (and failing) to escape the blaze. The video will also contain distorted singing and/or a ghostly voice begging the viewer not to forget about her.) A large amount of stores in Amity Park sell things to counteract this.
You get a similar effect if you set a radio or old tv to static and go near a ghost. Their aura will warp the static and create “Ghost Noises”. Every ghost creates different noises and you can usually figure out what ghost is nearby based on what noises you hear in the static.
If Ember is nearby the you’ll hear a mix of distorted singing and a crackling fire. It may also play music sung by Ember on occasion.
Technus’s presence generates morse code and noises that, when made into a spectrogram, show detailed blueprints for electrical machines invented in the late 1800s. The blueprints are extremely detailed and are all labeled “PROPERTY OF NICOLAI TECHNUS”. The machines range from radios to induction motors to something that looks like an early prototype of a computer with internet capabilities. Most machines have already been invented by other people, but the blueprints seen here are all dated years before those machines were invented.
If you’re listening while Skulker is nearby you’ll hear the sounds of machines wiring and inconsistent beeping. This is the suit giving off ectoplasmic signals and ghost noises as it moves around. Skulker himself is too small and weak for their ghost noises to be heard.
Spectra’s ghost noises sound like whispering. It’s impossible to make out what exactly the whispers are saying, but some have claimed that the whispers addressed them by name, mentioned their families or said things regarding their personal lives with frightening accuracy.
On the rare occasions that Sydney Poindexter is wandering around you’ll hear muffled sobbing. Faint whispering, similar to the noises of Spectra can also be heard in the background.
Youngblood’s ghost noises are mostly silent, but occasionally the very faint sounds of tires screeching followed by a crash can be heard.
Most animalistic ghosts (think Ectopuses, Shadow, Cujo, etc) create faint growling noises, usually the same kind of noises that the creature itself makes.
Johnny and Kitty sound like a mix of engines, tires screeching and gunshots. Faint growling, similar to the sound Shadow makes can also be heard on rare occasions.
The Box Ghost generates the sounds of heavy machinery. If you listen carefully, you can hear someone that sounds like the box ghost arguing with an unknown person in the background.
Phantom creates a noise that sounds like either ice cracking or electricity with extremely slowed screaming noises that, when sped up, sound exactly like Danny’s ghostly wail.
Plasmius creates the sound of acid sizzling as it dissolves something, along with the sounds of fire and extremely slowed down screaming.
The Fright Knight’s ghost noises aren’t like the other ghosts. While other ghost noises are partially obscured by static, The Fright Knight’s ghost noises are clear and unobscured by any static or outside interference, sounding like loud, maniacal laughter with the sounds of buildings crumbling, people screaming, and ghost speak as a constant chant plays In the background, detailing the horrors of the lord of the dead; King Pariah and how to summon him, along with the consequences of making a deal with him.
While no one has ever heard the ghost noises of the King himself, most items associated with him have their own ghost noises that most agree are pretty close to what he would have sounded like. They all sound like chanting. The chanting recalls tales of the ghost king’s cruelty and power. Those who listen quickly become drawn into it, eventually becoming fanatic worshipers of the King.
Clockwork creates the sound of a clock ticking.
Pandora’s ghost noises sound like war chants.
Nocturne creates no noise, but instead creates a sudden pause in the static and a strong feeling of sleepiness.
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stealingyourbones · 7 months
Short DP X DC Prompts #105
Bruce Wayne has been noticing a consistent odditiy in some of his employees. Things from being hyper vigilant, not acting even remotely surprised or scared in the middle of active gunfire, carrying very strange self defense weapons all by the same manufacturer, using slang terms that are completely foreign to any database he can find, and most of all: their eyes. He did blood tests on all of them. Every single one of them were human. So how can they make their eyes flash a toxic green? It seems to be a greeting of some kind. Both flashing their eyes green and smiling as they continue on with their day.
The only connection Bruce has with these employees is that they all had lived in the same town some time or another: amity park.
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busterkeel · 5 months
Now hear me out, and I probably have to explain a few of my mental scenario headcanons on purpose this time for this to make sense, but please bear with me
Gotham the city has Gotham the ghost and she's weak, well not weak but low energy. She could be strong if she didn't waste/use her energy (this will make sense later I promise)
(You know this fics where she's always giving up her powers because she's dying from low energy or trying to feed on danny and failing, that's where this came from)
I'll come back to this
Ok now hear this, Amity park
(Why doesn't Amity have its own ghost by now, look at all that juicy ectoplams in Amity)
I'm gonna try to keep my justice league crossover headcanons mostly out of this, but with Amity park citizens feeling abandoned by the outside world/justice league not answering there pleas, that strong emotion formed Amity, Amity parks ghost
(I'm going to need to use kitty to help explain my head Canon about ghosts)
You know how kitty couldn't survive outside the ghost zone, regular ghost outside the zone haven't bonded with enough ectoplasm to survive aka be allowed to enter the ghost zone/infinite realms
Even ghost zone ghosts don't stay out of the zone for too long periods of time when they're attacking Amity park they need to recharge after days-month(depending how strong they are) or intake some ectoplams or feed on their obsession
Weaker ghost from the living hey can barely keep themselves visible and speak English(or they're natural language)
They're stuck invisible, intangible and can only speak the language of the dead
This is why they take to write on walls, showing you they're there by building up right energy to move something, why you hear static or mumbling when they try to talk etc
🤔 I'm taking this as a headcanon to why Wulf only speaks Esperanto and ghost speech
Now I don't know how Gotham the ghost was formed or how long was Gotham the city made, but Gotham the city barely had ectoplams like barely, but Gotham the ghost was able to store and build up her energy over time
Now with the city not being a very safe place she wanted her citizens to be able to live in peace, but she wasn't strong enough to help and could only watch, when she was strong enough to enter the zone
( just thought of this, but whenever I think about the ghost I always say oh they need enough ectoplams to survive in the ghost zone/infinite realm, then they need to find a portal and enter
BUT if so wouldn't there be infinite zone ghost just around looking for one and being lucky enough to find a portal, do they fly all the way to the brunuda triangle?? Wouldn't there be more of them in the living world, low on energy or causing havoc or drunk on their obsession?
Now what if when you have enough ectoplams the zone reaches out to you and forms a natural portal for you to enter, I've read a fanfic where Danny brought a gotham ghost girl that got shit in the face to the zone, she was visible, speaking english and strong enough to utilize her energy, but i like the thought of the zone reaching out 🤔)
Anywho now that Gotham is in the zone now she build up energy and is becoming stronger but unlike other ghost it doesn't go to strength attacks, or she doesn't put it towards that
With her obsession she decides to make a Gotham in the zone and uses all her energy for the ghost zone Gotham and keeps other non ghotam ghost out, her powers allow her to access living world Gotham, portals only to Gotham, she can also observe living world gotham within the zone, but because she uses all her energy on ghost zone Gotham she's kinda like kitty, where she can't stay out of the zone too long
But she spends her little time bringing in low tier ghost to ghost zone Gotham, but they're not allowed to leave because they wouldn't survive in the ghost zone (now hear me out what if Bruce's parents are residents of ghost zone Gotham, and basically anybody a that was lucky enough to form a ghost after being killed by a villain in Gotham)
Ok now back to Amity, she's a little different
But before that Amity park has always been ghostly and home for paranormal activities because the thinner line between them and the ghost zone/infinite realms than other places (a reason why Maddie and Jack moved there)
A recent headcanon and I can't remember where it came from but... I actually I don't know where to start this.... the portal worked because how thin the veil between the two dimensions were in Amity, it wouldn't have worked or worked that easily if it was some other place
Amity park was always going to be brought into the ghost zone regardless of pariah dark
Like in the future minus if the fentons never moved there, natural portals would have become more frequent and the areas where they appear the barrier between the living world and ghost zone would become thinner until cracks start appearing and then the veil breaks and Amity is sucked into the zone all together
Now because of the fenton portal
The energy of the portal sucked the stray ectoplams in Amity stabilizing it for longer than it would have cracked
And with the animosity towards the outside world and the justice league when amitians were calling for help with pariah-
(maybe at that point the justice league put them on block or something after the 13th call about a box ghost or ghost octopus attacking)
-dark but they still didn't show up, like the only days they did show up in the early calls were on truces or just bad timing
That's when uh....let's say Lance thunder called and it cut off like they were immediately put on voice-mail and everyone in Amity just felt abandoned, which formed Amity
I don't really have a headcanons on how she looks, but I picture her younger than Gotham.. like 13 years old but plays in the sad castle, I can see her randomly playing her Amity parks with the children....
Anywho after just being formed and sucked into the zone by pariahs whole attack, Amity basically got a speed run towards higher ghost tier and because of the fresh resources she can survive a long time out of the zone but when she returns to the zone the entirety of Amity park is brought with her until she recharges to return to the living world
Amity park has good ectoplams base than Gotham city but Amitys out put is more than the imput of Amity park, she waste more energy than she absorbs because the energy she gets she releases some into Amity park
(Maybe this is where the citizens of Amity start to become liminal)
, but like it changes
Let's say she only goes into the zone once a year, the she goes into to the zone every 6 month then every 3, to once a month
Then the time she stays in the zone gets longer each time
And then the reverse happens when she doesn't have to stay in the zone for long periods of time and start to stay longer outside the zone, until she pops in and out whenever she wants
No town wide identity reveal happened just his family and Val
(So the next time they're sucked into the zone would be one year from when they were sucked into it by Pariah)
And by the time they officially connect with the DC world as in the justice league finally take a notice it when danny and everyone is aged up in college, traveling, liminal in different varieties and Amity probably goes under like every 3 months
Random thought but
You can say all cities were just "thoughts" without ectoplams and motive to form
"We're from New York"
We're from jersey" Metropolis etc, and some of them even has mascots
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spacedace · 1 month
Got another DP x DC prompt for yall:
Things in Amity are going bad, the GIW are getting more aggressive and Jack and Maddie are starting to suspect there is something ghostly going on with Danny and Jazz is scared out of her mind and desperate to get them the hell out or dodge before she comes home one day to find her baby brother strapped to a table in the basement or worse.
She knows there's no way she's going to be able to get custody of Danny though (maybe she's still a minor herself, maybe she is over eighteen but it takes more than being a legal adult to get custody of a kid, and Jazz just doesn't have what the government is looking for and she can't risk Danny getting lost in the system) and even if she could, where could they possibly go? Even if they ran away, they don't have any way to survive.
Half out of her mind with stress and exhaustion late one night she ends up digging through their family tree looking for someone, anyone, that looks like they might be able to help, that could at least get them away from Amity Park if nothing else. She and Danny had each other, and literally anything was better then the nightmare creeping ever closer.
And somehow it doesn't even take that long, maybe luck finally shifting their way for once, maybe Clockwork nudging things along just right, but she finds someone.
As far as family relations go, they're on branches as far away from each other as possible while still being on the same tree. And of course the person in question has a pretty massive criminal background and is still super obviously involved in some shady stuff, but Jazz does her research and can see that - criminal mastermind or no - there's no history of vivisecting children or ghost hunting and honestly the Goonion review is pretty glowing.
Besides, Gotham's ambiant ectoplasm is about the same as Amity Park's, it'll help keep Danny (and her, really, as liminal as she is) healthy.
It's a long shot, but short of fleeing to the Ghost Zone and praying their parents don't chase after them, it's all she’s got. So, using one of Tucker's programs, she gets ahold of a phone number and makes the call.
To say that Oswald Cobblepot is surprised by her reaching out and suspicious of her desperate request would be an under statement.
But he knows a con, and this doesn't sound like one. The girl on the other end of the line sounds close to tears, begging him to hear her out, pleading for his help. When he has his people investigate he finds that Jasmine Fenton isn't lying. They are distant cousins - very distant - and the kids' parents are honestly Arkham levels of insane and the kids' teachers have been getting progressively more frantic in their reporting on their concerns. The notes on Daniel Fenton and the number of visible injuries he's been going to school with are particularly concerning. As is the fact that the Drs. Fenton are apparently scientists on top of being entirely mad.
Call Oswald a soft touch, but there's an old childhood wound deep in his heart that has him feeling for the kids, and from what he’s seen of Jasmine - Jazz, she said to call her, and her little brother is Danny, not Daniel - she's got the kind of drive he admires.
And hell it's not as if he can't afford to put them up in an apartment somewhere out of the way if they turn out to be too much trouble. Besides adopting a couple of sad kids from a shitty home can only be good for his reputation, look how well it worked for Bruce Wayne.
Maybe if he plays his cards right, he can set up a play date with the Wayne kids or something, really get some good networking in.
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ghostboybrainrot · 1 month
DPxDC Ghost Zone Amity AU Part 2
Part 1   Part 3  Part 4  AO3
Edit: I finally got around to adding this to AO3, link above.
Wow! I am completely blown away by the reaction the first part! It’s the first fic idea I ever posted. Thank you so much for all the likes and messages. I have a lot of ideas for this AU but I‘m new to writing so please be patient. I also would love to hear anyone’s ideas.
Batman wanted to see the portal himself. Because of course he did. Nosy idiot couldn't let them handle it. And John Constantine just knew the bat was gonna make things harder on him.
"Can you disable it?" Gotham's knight asked.
"Of course not! This is some sci-fi bullshit and I don't do sci-fi. I do Magic, thank you very much.”
"You said you could sense death coming from it."
Constantine ran his hand through his hair, frustrated.
"Yeah but that doesn't mean I know how! This shouldn't be possible. And it radiates Death, capital D. This isn't just a device that has been exposed to death. It's owned by the Dead.
A grunt was all Constantine got as a reply, as the knight continued to examine the machine.
"Do you know where it goes?"
"To the DEAD! Haven't you been listening?! You know the Underworld? Hereafter? Netherworld? Hell with two L's? Hel with one L? Purgatory? Pandemonium? Hades? Tartarus? Any of these ringing a bell?"
Batman does not dignify the outburst with a response but he turns toward Constantine for the first time since they entered the building, narrowing his eyes.
"Which one?"
Constantine waved his hands noncommittally, "Eh, could be any of them. Could be ALL of them. They aren't completely separate. Like different branches of the same company. Different regional managers but all equally shitty.
Batman grunts again, turning back to the swirling mass. After a moment, he starts to fiddle with something on his belt. Constantine couldn't see what he was doing but he already didn't like it. Every time the bat investigated something that Constantine thought was better off left alone, his day would inevitably get MUCH worse. For the millionth time, he wonders why he bothers to associate with these idiots.
Batman pulls what he was messing with from beneath his cloak. His grapple gun? Constantine took several steps back. Nope. Nope, he definitely isn't gonna like this. 
Instead of firing the gun, Batman slowly pulled at the hook loosening the wire until he had roughly 10 ft of it coiled in his hand. Then without any hesitation, he approached the swirling green, tossing the hook inside. It promptly disappeared, quietly, as though it had simply sunk into murky water.
They both waited. No sound could be heard except the ambient buzzing of electronics coming from the large machine. Batman stood a few feet from the portal, watching the line intensely. He had braced himself as though he expected the line to snap taut at any moment and pull him in. After roughly a minute and no such thing happened, Batman slowly reeled in the line feeding it back into the gun.
The hook came into view, no worse for wear. None of the green substance lingered on it. After briefly examining it, Batman clipped it back to his belt. Constantine was slightly disappointed that it hadn't come back ablaze or melting, only because it would help him narrow it down. Having it come back unscathed didn't really tell him where it led. Then again the fact that it wasn’t instantly destroyed from coming in contact with the portal was probably a good thing.
"I think you gotta put worms on the end if you wanna catch something Bats." Constantine joked. He knew the man wouldn't react but couldn't help it. 
To his surprise, John heard a chuckle from directly behind him. It startled him but he did his best to not show it. He knew who it was and didn't want to give him the satisfaction.
Boston Brand, Deadman, slowly floated into view in front of the magician. He was watching Batman but directed his comment toward John.
"I was expecting the Bat to get dragged in! A little disappointed if I'm bein' honest." Deadman laughed.
"I'd be lying if I didn't feel somewhat similar. When'd you get in?"
"Not too long ago," the ghost said conversationally, "I did a quick lap around the crater. Phew! That thing is huge!"
"No kidding? I hadn't noticed." The magician snarked, pulling a cigarette out and placing it between his lips. He wouldn't light up in here. He wouldn't want to piss off the Bat but the familiar feel on his lips brought him a small amount of comfort.
Batman seemed to have noticed Constantine's one sided conversation. He turned to stare at the occultist, his eyes narrowing again. 
"Who else?" Constantine grumbled.
Suddenly, without warning, he felt a cold wave rush over him as the ghost phased into his body. He felt his mouth open, his cigarette fell to the ground, and a voice that wasn't quite his own spoke.
"Hiya Batman! Long time no see! I heard you guys could use a little help?" John's face grinned without his approval. The voice coming from John had a Brooklyn accent and was entirely too cheerful for his liking.
Batman nodded, unsurprised by the English man’s sudden accent and demeanor change. He gestured over his shoulder toward the machine.
"What can you tell me about this device?"
"Umm..." John's legs brought him a little closer and his hand came up to his chin as though he was thinking hard. "I mean it's definitely spooky, I get kindof a weird vibe from it but other than that. Meh." He shrugged. "Not really my area, Bats."
"Does it seem dangerous?"
"Honestly? I don't think so. Like Constantine said it definitely radiates Death but not like in like in a scary way. Hard to describe. Feels kinda like a nap after a long day, ya know?"
Batman didn't respond. There was a good chance he didn’t know. Constantine had never know the man to take a break. Did he even know what a nap was?
"Would you be willing to investigate?"
"Ya mean like go in? I suppose. Not like I'm getting any deader. Ha!"
As quickly as it appeared, the cold sensation that gripped him vanished and John Constantine's body was his own again.
"Bloody ghost! You made me drop my cig." He bent down to retrieve the cigarette, brushed it off, and put it back in his mouth. John hated when Deadman did that. Which was probably the reason he did it. He could have just asked John to translate. Or better yet ask him to magic Batman's eyes so he could see the ghost! But Boston loved to see John frazzled. As annoying as it was to be on the receiving end, John couldn’t begrudge the ghost his fun. He knew how lonely it could be being dead in the land of the living. No one even knowing he was there. Constantine may not be dead but he’d been around it enough to know how isolating it could be.
"Sorry John!" The ghost called back goodnaturedly, already heading toward the portal. "Wish me luck!"
The ghost flew through the portal and the room was quiet once again. Batman couldn't see the ghost had disappeared but he followed John's gaze toward the machine and waited. Accurately guessing he had already passed through.
After a short moment, Constantine wondered if he had enough time to go outside for a quick smoke. But before he could decide, Deadman's head poked back through the swirl of green. The rest of him followed close behind, looking exactly the same as when he left.
"Well?" John asked impatiently.
"Seems safe enough. It leads to another portal on the other side. No monsters or anything."
Batman spoke up, "What's he saying?"
Constantine, taking a page out of Batman's book, ignored the knight continuing to address the ghost. "And? Where does it come out?"
"That's the weird thing. I think it's just a garage."
That’s all I have for now! Let me know how i did and what you think should happen next.
I have a lot of ideas on what happens to GZ Amity, and coincidentally humanity as a whole, as a result of it getting stuck. I like to think that over time this creates a whole subspecies of liminal humans and GZ Amity ends up giving a solar(ecto?) punk vibe.
Jack and Maddie are LOVING living in the ghost zone. After the initial shock, and a short adjustment period, they throw themselves into their research just as hard as before but instead of focusing on weapons they focus on researching the properties of the ghost zone. They use what they learn to better the lives of the residents of the town.
Amity Parkers don’t leave when they die. Old Evelyn Baker is still there like 300 years in the future. And because no one leaves, the town expands.
Blob ghosts wander around the city like stray cats. People treat them like pets. The Fentons create a blob collar especially for ecto-pets that is designed to stay on despite their semi-intangible nature. Using that design they are able to make equipment that will automatically phase WITH the user without having to dedicate extra energy to it.
I like the idea of Vlad coming around eventually. I think it would be funny for liminal!Amity Parkers gaining a resistance to overshadowing. And because Amity isn’t really part of the US anymore, his vast wealth doesn’t really do him any good. So here he is sad and alone. All his plans have failed and his power is rendered almost entirely useless. He can still overshadow people in the living world and the US is still a capitalist hellscape so his money is good there. But without any sort of end goal it loses its appeal. Eventually, he’ll come crawling back to Amity. 
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lordgrimoire · 18 days
The Amity Parkers
Inspired by This Post, which is long, read the many reblogs and tags and comments, it’s fun!
Tim was Ninety Percent Sure that he was going absolutely insane, granted it was a long time coming. Danny Fenton, his Chemistry teacher and Dash Baxter, his Phys Ed teacher? That was two people from the same practically non-existent town in Illinois, but add onto that the fact that even MORE people kept showing up in Gotham from sleepy little Amity Park and proceeded to either A:Thrive or B:Thrive but with the Energy of a Kryptonian having nonstop contact highs.
After his two teachers, or more accuratly before, there had been Jazz Fenton, a new Psychiatrist working in Gotham and making rather noticeable strides in things. Then arrived her brother and Baxter, who had applied roughly at the same time in the aftermath of a Rogue attack on the cities water treatment plant, and the floodgates seemed to less open more fly off the hinges as though breaching charges had been used. 
Now there were MORE people here, there was Tucker Foley, working at Wayne Enterprises as a coder and a damn terrifying one to boot, Sam Manson, an activist who ended up throwing Tim during one of his Red Robin patrols where he’d come across her “Protest Site” which had been a small park in The Narrows. Wes Weston, a cop, had been giving his coworkers and his Chem teacher NOTHING but grief, insisting that Fenton was doing “Something” wrong but never quite being able to get things to stick, upon further digging this had been a long running one sided rivalry. There was also a SECOND Psychiatrist, Paulina Sanchez, at Gotham Academy who was also from Amity Park, and her files were airtight, as Damian’s most recent hacking attempt and Tim’s own follow up had failed to breach her firewalls.
So, here Tim was, staring at Danielle “Dani/Ellie” Masters, Dr. Fenton’s CLONE and the Academies newest but also most feral teacher as she boxed the Joker hard enough for an audible crack to be heard from their classroom from where she was fighting the demented clown on the field. Baxter was still running his class as normal, though a bit further away, and Dr. Fenton was still teaching their class, while Tim was trying to get Extra Credit and vengeance on the Doctor through today’s extra credit task, making a tracker that could track Doctor Fenton for Twenty Four Hours. 
Why was he seeking vengeance you ask? Well given the fact that Jason brought Doctor Fenton to Family Dinner last week [with Alfred’s blessing] and had come in with the most gremlin-esque energy he’d seen from a Non-Rogue. Now don’t get Tim wrong, he likes Doctor Fenton, he may be demented as all get out but he was regularly making counters to drugs and toxins that seemed to just inhabit Gotham. BUT! Doctor Fenton and Jason had been so sickeningly cutes-y with each other at Dinner, like a couple of Birds of Paradise trying to one up each other.
Then of course was the “Story Time” where the two had teamed up to tell embarrassing stories, though Danny held back, a touch. It didn’t absolve him, especially with how he egged on Jason, which very much didn’t help the whole “I know you’re the Bats” situation. AND THEN! There was the fact that a majority of the Amity Parkers KNEW that they were the Bats, It was as though they had gone through this whole song and dance before, which given prior statements of Doctor Fenton having “Hung up the Cape” seemed to imply he used to be a hero in Amity Park, where your average joe could one on one a rank and file leaguer or at least give them a rough time.
The fact that a semester of training from Baxter and Fenton alone had made Tim’s year group capable of facing off with the JL  was a testament to that.
Speaking of which, some Junior Leaguers were coming to Gotham, if only for a place where they were not as “Strange”. Some of those moves may have been encouraged with the recent custody battle between Luthor against Vlad and Danielle Masters regarding Connor, who was a Copyrighted clone as it turns out, which had resulted  in Connor being made a ward of Danielle Masters, who had chewed Superman out HARD along with her Original, Doctor Danny Fenton himself.
Suffice to say, Clark did NOT get majority of Custody, and only got every third weekend, which was terrifying in Tim’s opinion that this small town mayor who was as wealthy as Luthor, had turned up, legally thrashed Luthor, and then given custody over to his daughter, thrashed SUPERMAN with KRYPTONIAN LAWS, and then gone back to Amity Park Illinois to resume his Mayor-ship there. The fact the town was essentially a self governing and self sufficient region  meant that the League was now VERY AWARE of it, and the fact that the League of Assassins had tried and FAILED multiple times to infiltrate the town, with more people going rogue than staying loyal, with only one out of nearly two hundred assassins returning to Nanda Parabat, critically wounded and very much insane.
In Tim’s opinion? Amity Park raised people similar too but far more prepared than Gothamites, for while Gothamites may have the Fight in their bones, Amity Parkers seem ready to back it up with experience, training, and life experience. 
But then again, Mr. Lancer had been an immigrant to Amity Park, and he was the blueprint of sorts for all of his students who had gone into teaching, much the same for how Batman was the Blueprint for all the other Bats.
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dragonofthedepths · 1 month
Looking for Trouble 22.2.23
DP x DC. Batfam, Casper High students, John Constantine.
Liminal Amity that disappeared years ago has a student trip to Gotham and alarm the Bats who give John Constantine a heart attack when he finds out about it afterward.
The Bats are all in their civvies giving a tour of Wayne Industries to a group of students when a rouge attack happens and the whole building gets taken hostage.
Before any of the Batfam can figure out what to do or how to get into costume the students whip out a bunch of glowing weapons and deal with the situation.
They act like this is normal except for the rogue being a bit disappointing.
They finish the tour, walk off the premises, and then literally disappear into a glowing green portal to hell.
The Batfam tries to find out more about them or the town they came from and come up blank.
So they take it to the Justice League and John Constantine basically has a heart attack when he hears them asking about Amity Park, the town that got liminal-ized right out of reality because the Ghost King lives there.
Day (632/100) in my #∞daysofwriting @the-wip-project 22nd of Feb
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nelkcats · 2 months
Danny's "boo-tiful" parlor
After college Danny decided to open his own business, but he couldn't do it in Amity Park with so many people doubting his parents businesses or methods.
So he went to Gotham and set up a nice ice cream parlor downtown. Technically he wasn't invading any territory because he was in all of them at once. Both the Bats and the Rogues wondered if that made it a neutral area.
Everything was going well, Red Hood stopped by for pistachio ice cream every Wednesday, Harley came for bubble gum ice cream on Monday nights, ¡even a giant Crocodile came to buy him! (Croc was very surprised to be treated like another customer and it became his favorite establishment)
Until Batman decided to ruin it and investigate the harmless ice cream parlor; which unfortunately for Danny worked with his own ghost ice and sometimes could look a little too green.
He thought it wasn't fair for them to judge his ice, he had been very careful not to mix ectoplasm with his food, he didn't want alive cookies and cream or liminals running all over the city; except Hood, his pistachio ice cream might have a little ecto-dejecto, but it was to heal him ¡healing ice cream!
That's how Monday morning, the owner put up a "No Batman's allowed" sign in front of the establishment, his business was good without disrespectful furrys.
If the bat wanted to investigate, it should do so away from his respectable business and his new Boo-berry flavor. Maybe he needed to rename the place, but Sam and Tucker banned calling it "I-scream" and "Phantom's haunt" was not that obvious ¿right?
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obsessedwithstarwars · 5 months
Maddie and Jack Fenton find out a secret. (Not that secret)
Jasmine Fenton is liminal due to ecto-contamination. Since their stance on ghosts is very black and white, they believe their daughter is dead. They hand her over to the GIW, determined to avenge their daughter and take this wonderful opportunity to study the ghost clearly inhabiting her body.
One Daniel Fenton hires Red Hood to get her back, and relocated somewhere safe, like Gotham. (Ya know, cause that doesn’t raise red flags on their home life AT ALL)
The normal charges up front, plus double after the job is done. (With what money you ask? He definitely stole it from Vlad. Or Vlad helped out under specific conditions. Or Sam helped out, but I prefer taking from Vlad. Doesn’t matter. Point is, he has the money.)
He tells Hood that what they’re doing (rescuing his sister) is highly illegal. He briefly explains the Anti-Ecto Acts. Red Hood is in disbelief. Danny tells him not to worry, Hood will be assisted by Phantom, Amity Park’s protector. Phantom can get him in and out of the facility, but there are places inside that Phantom can’t go. Jasmine is likely being held in one of those places. Plus Phantom will be a good distraction while Hood does the job. Why you ask? Phantom is… well, a phantom. The GIW have been trying to get him for years.
Why would Phantom risk it then? (Danny doesn’t expect this question so he blurts the first thing he thinks of) He loves her. He’d destroy the universe if it meant he could save her. Or he’d destroy it to avenge her. (Danny means sibling love, Hood takes it as romantic love. (When Danny finds out he’s like eww gross that’s my sister) Insert all the miscommunication if you want Anger Management.)
Red Hood warily accepts. There’s something off with the kid. Makes him feel less stabby, and that’s something to investigate. All of his sensors are going off with the GIW. Plus he’s getting major Bruce adoptee vibes from him, and wants to check out the parents since they seem insane. Doesn’t matter that Danny is practically an adult, the guy screams lost puppy in need of a loving parent. When Red Hood digs into the files, he finds out the money was stolen from uncle?! Vlad Masters and that this kid has a history of messing with the old man (prank wars!).
Next time he sees Danny (after rescuing Jazz), he tells Danny something like, “If you ever need another job done, all you have to say is that it will piss off Vlad Masters and you got yourself a freebie.”
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Fentons open a bar in gothem
So the GIW find out danny is phantom and distroys amity park, danny was only able to save jazz and maddie because they were with him
After their safely in the ghost zone jazz and danny explain to maddie about how dannys phantom and what the GIW really are and everything
Maddie accepts danny and is now very protective because of hunting her own son, losing her husband, vlad fighting danny and the GIW, jazz is protective of him for similar reasons
Then they meet dan and over a few months maddie, jazz and danny reform dan and after dan was forgiven for his crimes he was filled in on everything that happened and now dan is protective too
The entire remaining fentons are extremely overprotective of eachother dispite how strong they are
After a few years in the ghost zone, jazz and maddie become liminal and immortal while dan and danny have effectively stopped aging, and now want to have a life outside of the ghost zone
So they all look and come across gothem...and decide to open a bar
About 9 months later "Fenton zone" is one of the hottest hits for the criminals of gothem
The bartender may look young enough to be your child but he doesn't bat an eye to scheming, violent stories or threats. He'll talk to you like a person and has soon become the favourite
The manager(?) Is an esentric womam who loves to show off her new inventions and will sometimes offer advice to the criminals
And the red haired girl that showes up looks to be in charge of the entertainments, nice but don't get into a debate with her...she'll win
And the bouncer who is 6.9, jacked and more intimidating that the bat definitely keeps everyone in line
Follow the rules and you'll be fine...dont and there will be consequences
But the criminals love it, no one bats an eye to the criminals, hell they often swap scar stories with eachother
Harly and jazz love to talk phyciatritrist with eachother
Danny seems to know alot about plants and activly helps ivy with them
Maddie and the riddler got into a poetry battle once
And dan is the arm wrestling champion (the only one whos beat him is danny but everyone thinks dan let him win) but is always up for a challenge
Dont order food though, the one time anyone did maddie came out chasing living hotdogs, danny sighed grabed a net and helped maddie while jazz maned the bar
It was good it really was...
But once again the bat had to try and ruin all the fun
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