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So what if they flirted even more in Leblanc
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There are 2 type of proposal n marriage and both is so lovely
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A hand-crocheted hat decorated with empty gin long drink cans from the zadaa app
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21 was the worst year of my life
James is a boy
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Have an amazing week!
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Sunday, 26.03.23: I bought these books because they were on sale. They are from a German publisher specialized in school books. In the future I might use them in school. I think it's pretty cool that they made Heartstopper into a book we can use in school (they didn't change anything, just added vocabulary explanations where necessary).
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Yugi and Atem looking even more tiny compared to big boy Kaiba sitting next to them😭😭😭😭
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something. eeugh
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[Joslyn approaches Ivan and Bruno hesitantly, offering a tight smile] Ivan: [whispers] The hell is Ames doin’ here? Bruno: I dunno, but I don’t like it…
Joslyn: I hope I’m not intruding. Bruno: You are. Ivan: Shh-.. ‘sup?
Joslyn: I’m sure you’re aware by now that the feds picked up where you left off-.. we’d like to speak with you both. Just a few questions; I’m helping them piece everything together. Ivan: [scoffs] S’more than y’ever did for us.
Joslyn: You know my hands were tied. Ivan: I s’pose.. what did y’wanna-… Bruno: Unless we’re under arrest, neither of us are answering shit; even then it’d be iffy.
Joslyn: No one’s being arrested, we-… Bruno: Until it fucking suits. Ivan: Okay.. without us answerin’ anythin’, what did y’actually wanna know?
Joslyn: You’re not in trouble, we’re just trying to figure out what happened. I’m willing to bet you could tell us a thing or two… We don’t know how you managed to expose Spencer, for example; and neither does Kian, but you sure do. Ivan: Does the how matter?
Bruno: No, it doesn’t. You can leave now. Joslyn: [sighs] Look.. I know you weren’t involved, but you still know how trafficking works, don’t you? Bruno: No idea…
Joslyn: There’s two sides to every coin; those women ended up somewhere. Who took them, who else is involved? Bruno: You n’ the feds oughta learn how to do your own fucking jobs. Ivan: It’s their job to ask-.. tch, give us a second.
Ivan: How am I the calm one right now? Bruno: The less we say, the better; why would you trust her? Ivan: She ain’t ever ratted us out, n’ she’s always helped us as best she could-.. despite it being shite.
Bruno: We don’t owe them our story. Ivan: Y’heard her, they just wanna figure out all that other stuff. That was sorta the point, y’know? Bruno: I thought the point was being free?
Ivan: It can’t be both? Bruno: Maybe it can, for you. Ivan: [sighs] You don’t have t’talk to ‘em.
Bruno: Neither should-… Ivan: Ames! Is now a good time? We could follow ya. Joslyn: Oh, sure!
Ivan: Don’t worry, I’ll be careful what I say. Bruno: I know what you’re like once you start talking. Ivan: [scoffs] C’mon, don’t be grumpy; that’s usually my job.
Bruno: I wouldn’t be grumpy if you weren’t being reckless. Ivan: Well.. y’stole the title of Mr Cautious, what d’ya want from me? Bruno: A little bit of self-preservation wouldn’t go amiss…
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