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artplaguedump · 1 month
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Charles: Logan, you still have time.
we can't BOTH be love martyrs but apparently we're trying
dialogue partially taken from Logan (2017)
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rabnerd28 · 3 months
X-Men 97: pushing the Jean/Logan thing
All of us: But what if he kissed Morph instead
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bargainbintonystark · 1 month
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You’d like to see him a suit now wouldn’t you Morph
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minniethemoocherda · 14 days
Saying Something Stupid
I am loving all the Morph's First Pride art that I've been seeing! I am so glad that I am not the only one that has discovered a love for them and this pairing! I can't wait to see more of all you guys' amazing artworks! Xxxxxxx
"I know it was you."
Morph froze. Between trying to stay alive in that hellscape of a future, taming a feral Wolverine and having to defeat Sinister, again, they'd pushed that moment on Asteroid M to the back of their mind. A part of them had hoped they would never need to think about that moment again. But, as usual, life hadn't worked out in their favour.
"Listen, I'm sorry for eating all your breakfast muffins, but in my defence you were only eating raw meat for a while and they would have gone bad if I hadn't so-"
"Cut the shit Morph." Logan snapped. "We both know that ain't what I'm talking about."
Fuck. Morph was going to be sick. They could feel their stomach literally churning and Morph had never thrown up their own gloop before but they guessed they were about to find out and oh god why were they still making jokes even in their head and-
"Hey! Look at me!" Morph hadn't realised that they had begun glooping until Logan grabbed their arms and neatly squeezed through them. This close, Morph had no choice but to stare at Logan's face to see that the creases of his brow and the sharp squint of his eyes.
They were going to die. Logan was going to kill him. They wished he would.
"I-I'm sorry! I know I shouldn't have done it!" Morph cried. "But you were dying and I-I had to help!"
"That the only reason?" Logan asked and Morph usually prided themselves on the being able to read The Wolverine better than anyone, but for once they had no idea what the expression on his face meant.
Not that it mattered. Logan had been through so much shit since Asteroid M. The fact that he was still sane enough to ask was a miracle. After all that, the least he deserved was the truth.
Morph took a deep shuddering breath.
"No." They confessed, closing their eyes as soon as they did so that they wouldn't have to see the disgust on Logan's face. They had accepted a long time ago that Logan did not love them back. Which was fine. It would have to be. Because they were more than happy to be his friend, his best bud. Even though now, Logan probably never wanted to look at them again let alone be their friend or-
Someone was kissing them. Someone with a stubbled chin, bristled sideburns and slightly too sharp teeth.
Morph opened their eyes. It was Logan. Logan was kissing them. Which, it had to have been, it couldn't have been anyone else. Except at the same time it couldn't possibly be him. Because that didn't make any sense. Logan should hate them right now.
It had to have been a trick. Some cruel hallucination invented by Sinister to create the image of everything they'd ever wanted only to have it ripped away from them.
Then Logan pulled away and Morph was waiting for the big reveal except it never came and then seemingly unaware of their complete mental shutdown Logan started talking.
"I ain't good with words. And I'm still a bit fucked in the head and I've got my own shit to work through." Logan stated. "But, you're still the only one who can make me laugh. The only one who's always been there for me. Who's seen who I am and wants me anyway. So if you want, then I'm willin' to give this a try."
For once Morph was completely speechless. This was not happening. Even Sinister wouldn't be this cruel.
"If this is all some big joke I swear I-"
"Sydney." Logan breathed and Morph themselves forgot how to breath, as Logan moved his hands from their arms to cup their cheeks. "I would never hurt you."
"I can't believe this is happening." Morph admitted, their voice barely more than a whisper.
"What if I did this?" Logan then pulled them closer until once again his lips brushed against theirs. It was softer than the last kiss, which had been a frantic push of mouth and teeth, compared to the now gentle nudge of Logan's lips. This time, Morph allowed themselves to kiss back. Slowly they parted their lips and Logan didn't hesitate to open his in return. They tentatively traced their tongue along the lower length of Logan's teeth. The Wolverine gasped a growl that vibrated through Morph's body straight to their gut.
They needed to hear that sound again. They needed to make Logan make that sound again.
So they swirled their tongue along the tips of his canines which tasted of beer and breakfast and blood and it was beautiful. More than Morph could ever had imagined. Logan growled again, pulling them closer, hungrily deepening the kiss until he was practically devouring them.
Despite the pairs mutant powers, they both still needed to breath. So reluctantly they broke apart to gasp for air.
"Believe me now?" Logan panted through a smug smirk.
"I don't know." Morph teased, looping their arms around the back of his neck. "I think I might need some more convincing."
Logan didn't any other invitation before he pounced.
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pollsforpondering · 16 days
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theartgremlin · 1 month
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Sooooo I watched Logan last night. Have a WIP of the Daddy-Daughter Badass Squad!!!
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makuyi13 · 28 days
Fellas I figured it out
"Hopelessly Devoted to You" is a Morpherine song for real
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roysmilkers · 2 months
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Scotty got caught…
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terrifiedtrinket · 26 days
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tw. for YAPPING also spoilers?
but i find their relationship so interesting because logan doesn’t really like morph back
it’s unrequited love
but morph is just kinda.. okay with that
probably because logan is in a similar situation with jean
they both care about each other so much and i love looking at the little things that happen in the background and shit
even in the original animated series logan was the most upset when morph ‘died’ and the most eager to try to get him back
they are best friends and logan even said that morph is the only one who can make him laugh
i mean come on
also morph turns into jean a lot to taunt logan but also to calm him down which is another interesting thing to me
when morph turns into jean and is like “i love you logan.. stay with me”
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don’t be surprised if i add more to this post
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bananabrain0 · 1 year
You’re torturing my friends!
… Summers, too!
😂 the level of precision is killing me
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artplaguedump · 27 days
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Washing Machine Heart by @minniethemoocherda
Logan hated galas. He hated stuffy rooms full of rich arseholes and stupid social conventions and food that wasn't actually designed to make you full. At least he had Morph to keep him company.
ao3 tumblr
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bebe-benzenheimer · 26 days
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fun-k-boards · 7 months
Under certain circumstances I fully believe that Hugh Jackman as Wolverine in the X-Men films could've been FAR BETTER, but due to shitty writing and character direction he turned out to be a complete and utter character assassination compared to his comic counterpart. Outside of the comparisons to the comics, he's just an annoying, frankly pitiful man who I'd hate to be around.
But even if we ignore all of this.
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If this man got injured and his healing somehow for some reason couldn't heal it Professor X would need to get one of those cones you use for dogs
He looks like he'd sweat an unnatural amount and would constantly smell of body odour because he refuses to use deodorant
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shironezuninja · 3 months
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Don’t like playing nurse to Ka-San.
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justldk · 2 years
Officially coming out as a furry 💋😍
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milkymolle · 8 months
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i'm over 2 weeks late but happy 20th anniversary to the Most Important comic book cover of all time. here is my homage
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