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wombywoo · 14 days
Tumblr media
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upsidedownwithsteve · 14 days
Tumblr media
Steve Harrington x fem!reader requested by anon 18+
It had been borderline criminal how good Steve had looked. Soaked from the jets, steam rising into the cool night air from his broad shoulders, cheeks flushed pink from the heat of the hot tub and he smelled like chlorine, like leftover sunscreen and raspberry popsicles. 
Maybe that’s why you’d pulled the strings of your bikini top and let it float over to him, the cherry-coloured fabric pushed by the jets. He’d picked it up, awed, mouth parting and his eyes found yours, laughing when you grinned, your chin dipping into the hot water. 
Steve found your ankle, just one, caught in a big hand under the surface even though the bubbles made it hard to see. He tugged, made you squeal and slip from the built in bench that circled the jacuzzi but he caught you easily. You were lighter under the water, weightless against him and the boy used it to his advantage, curling you around him so he could revel in the way your bare tits were crushed to his chest. He was hard, pressing against your cunt, eyes trailing over all the bare, wet skin you’d put on show for him. 
Neither of you thought about the neighbours when you let him bend you over the side, elbows pressed to the edge of the tub, knees on the bench as Steve fucked you from behind. The drone of the jets covered up most of your moans, that perfect spray of water hitting your clit as Steve rocked his hips into yours, his eyes trained on the swell of your ass that just rose above the surface. Bubbles splashed over your skin, slick and soapy looking. 
The boy was a goner. 
His hands felt hot as they roamed over you, sliding easily over your hips, holding you still for him as he pushed his cock in and out, an almost careless rhythm as he tried to chase your high whilst staving off his own. So Steve bent down, crowded over your arched back and kissed sweet at your cheek, the damp ends of his hair brushing over your face. 
He cooed, gentle and loving and then he spoke, his voice a rasp, wrecked sounding, just like you felt. “You have no fuckin’ idea how good you look, honey,” Steve choked out a laugh when you whined. “Yeah? You like this? Puttin’ on a show for me?”
You nodded. It’s all you were able to do. 
“Yeah, she does,” Steve agreed, fucking you a little harder. His cock twitched inside of you at every desperate sound you made. “Bend over a bit more for me, honey, lemme see that pretty pussy, she’s doin’ so well.”
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sunnylovespickles · 25 days
in desperate need of coddling and babying soft dom!cheol cos of his acl and he hates it very much lol
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
★ warnings! mentions of injuries(duh), teasing, language, nipple play, some biting, suggestive oral, etc.
★ word count | 200+
★ sun’s notes | okay. lia, you’re insane first off.. and thank you for sending an ask because a girl was struggling. yes i got this done in a few hours, not proofread tho!
also highly recommend listening to *Dive- Jooyoung* ;)
Tumblr media
The shower is filled with the gentle steam of cascading water, the sound of which is soothing and pleasant. Seungcheol is perched on the built-in ledge, keeping his stitches out of the water. You smirk as you begin to rub his chest with soapy suds, when he blurts out “Your boobs are in my face."
You quickly hit his shoulder playfully, scolding him. “Stop being nasty”. He pouts and sighs, embarrassed. “Ugh this is so embarrassing.” You snicker and jokingly prod him. “Why? Because your sweet little girlfriend is catering to you?” Rolling his eyes, Seungcheol sinks back onto the shower wall. “Yeah it’s really messing with my pride.”
"Seems like toxic masculinity, my Cheolie."
He doesn’t respond, instead just watches as you wring a rag out over his chest, carefully washing the soapy suds off him. You continue offering him your ministrations, all the while your body is illuminated by warm light outside the glass of the shower.
It hasn't been long since Seungcheol got hurt, and ever since then he's just looked kind of down that you go out of your way to help. It's ridiculous, how he thinks he should fend for himself-- cute at the same time.
As you finish washing off Seungcheol's body, you tell him, “Baby, I'm going to go put a towel down on the bed. I'll be right back.”
Just as you turn to leave, however, Seungcheol grabs your wrists, and pulls you towards him. You can practically feel the need radiating from his gaze, like a puppy begging for attention.
He loops his arm around your waist and lifts you up, settling you onto his lap. Instinctively, you press yourself against him, you can feel his length underneath you.
Although Seungcheol may be a bit fragile right now, he still has a shit ton of upper body strength. He doesn't let you got a day without knowing that either. He would much rather die than seem totally vulnerable to you, anything but feel like a burden.
Your whole relationship he's always been the one to get things done, of course there's been times where he was sick. Even then, he cared for you more than him.
You giggle in surprise and run your fingers through his wet, blonde hair. “Aww, baby, feeling a bit lonely?”
Seungcheol shakes his head and grunts, “Stop treating me like that.” You perk up an eyebrow.
“Treating you like what?”
“Like you're not the one usually begging.”
You just snicker at him, knowing if you entertain it any further he'll get a bigger ego than he already has. You begin massaging his shoulders in slow, gentle circles. He moans his appreciation as you lavish attention on his muscles, kneading, caressing and prodding until the knots of pain start to dissipate in the steam of the shower.
Finally, you stop. You raise your gaze to meet eyes with your beautiful boy. You know you've done a good job when you see lowering of the crease of his brows. He just looks at momentarily, before he grabs the back of your neck and plants a smooch on forehead.
Before his lips leave your skin, he whispers against you "You're the best."
As cute as that line was; Seungcheol wasn't the one for cheesy antics, he grabbed a nice handful of your ass. He smirked at how off guard you looked and the way you hissed at the grip of his hand.
You want to do some sneaky and sly antics back but it would be pointless, Seungcheol would always have a hold over you.
Seungcheol’s face dips down to lick at your neck, biting at the skin as you ram fingers through his hair. He says against your skin, “If I wasn’t crippled right now, the things I would do…”
‘Mmm’ you respond, it sound good, very good and not even impossible. You rock along Seungcheol’s hip to gain some friction and he grunts at the wetness on your folds on his bare skin. He moves his head down even lower, kitty licking your nipples.
“Keep doing that Cheolie, and I’m not even laying a finger on you for the rest of the night.”
You know he wanted to whine at that statement, he just couldn’t let you have the upper hand though. So he stopped respectfully and looked at you, needlessly.
You pushed yourself off of his toned figure, the water droplets dripping on his golden frame. You’re careful though not to touch his legs, so he doesn’t frantically wince in pain.
You position yourself in between his legs. Cheol licks his lips ever so slightly that if you weren’t looking at him so tentatively you would’ve missed it.
"Let me take care of you tonight, Cheolie."
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nanaminsmoon · 1 month
babydaddy!connie x blackfem!reader
a/n: this one made my heart ache a little icl. but i had to put this song because it goes so well😭
Tumblr media
cw: pnv, unprotected sex, infidelity (reader cheats), connie calls reader; 'ma', 'hermosa', ”es bueno, ma?” ("is it good, ma?"), "quieres otro hijo, hm? you want a boy or a girl? dime, and i’ll give it to you” ("you want another kid, hm? [...] tell me, and i'll give it to you"),
wc: 3380
Tumblr media Tumblr media
“why’s my daughter telling me you got a boyfriend?”, booming from where its owner was stood at the door, connie’s voice abruptly entered your ear canals to bring your attention to him. after hugging your daughter, you had kept your front door open for connie to come in if he wanted to. and, when he followed you both inside, you had just assumed he was bringing in your daughter’s belongings. even as he stuck around after having placed her bags in her bedroom, his presence was dashed to the back of your mind. now, as your child sat in the garden eating with her aunt, he was demanding your attention as he leant against the doorframe.
“because i do”, your eyes were trained on the soapy dishes in front of you, and they wouldn’t divert as you spoke. meaning you didn’t see the incredulous expression on your ex-boyfriend’s face, as his features scrunched at your straight forward response.
“the fuck you need a boyfriend for?”, he asked. confusion was laced through every word in that sentence to hold it together so it could leave his mouth. barely.
“because we can't fuck as friends forever, connie. at some point we both need to move on, and i have”, you answered, frankly. the decision to coparent came after you and connie decided to break up four years ago. and four long years had been hastened by sunday sunsets spent behind closed bedroom doors when he returned your daughter back to you. meaning that suspicions did rise when the emotions sprawled on your face, at the end of every week, had become more impassive—the lustful glimmer in your irises, dimming to a seemingly more platonic one. yet, connie never said anything, he just assumed you wanted space. that’s not to say that it didn’t bother him, but he knew that he couldn’t beg you to come back to him. as much as he did want to.
because, contrary to popular belief, connie had changed since you two broke up. having heard the news of you having a boyfriend, old connie would’ve had a video of some girl throwing ass on him seared into the back of your eyelids by sundown. but old connie had never developed an understanding of how important his family was, and new connie would lose his life before he lost his girls. yet, these two different versions of the same man still shared one similarity; their love for antagonising you.
“so you're just bringing randoms into the place my daughter sleeps?”, connie exaggerated as he always did, irritation audible in his tone. and you’d roll your eyes at him.
“first off, he's not a random, he's my boyfriend. and second, this is my house, i can bring in whoever i want”, you said, wiping a pan. that term, ’my boyfriend’, was an anvil that sunk connie’s intestines to his feet in a way he had never felt before. it was hard to put a finger on what exact feeling it induced, but he did know that it pressed his dreams, of getting his family back, into grains of sand that would escape his grasp through the growing gaps in his fingers.
“has she met him?”, he asked, cautiously, looking at his sock covered feet in the slippers you had always kept for him. in the past, that had been a gesture that made him feel at home with you; something that made him feel like you still cared for him the way he did you. but now, the slippers felt uncomfortable. like they were growing in size, and the only person capable of wearing them was someone he could never be—like he couldn’t fill them anymore, and you knew that so you had gotten someone else to do it.
“yeah, he came over and cooked us dinner and she loved it.”, you said, tone coming out more braggy than you had hoped. and that hurt connie more than it angered him, but the latter was the only thing he was capable of expressing.
“so what, you gonna marry him?”, those words were abrupt, even surprising connie’s ears. but they’d be met with a scoff from your glossed lips as annoyance built inside you. your love life was none of his concern, and he knew that, so his entitlement infuriated you beyond belief.
“i don't know, connie”, you said, vexed, as you waved him off, “even if i was, why’s that any of your business?”,
“’cause you're the mother of my child. as long as she's here, your business is my business”, the truth in that statement rested in what connie didn’t say. that being, you were the woman he wanted to spend the rest of his life with so, whether you liked it or not, his heart had already staked its claim on you. and he needed to know who to fend off, to keep you by his side.
no thoughts spawned in your mind at that statement, so you’d just remain silent as you continued what you were doing. that gave connie enough time to search for straws to clutch at to get you back. but he could only ever draw one. that was the one that placed a small smile on his face as his tongue swiped across his bottom lip; if connie couldn’t win your mind over, he’d try his luck at the one thing that refused to obey the former.
”so we’re done? not even one more time for the road?”, connie’s shoulder pushed his body off the doorframe, before he started making his way toward you. a stutter in your mind would replay that phrase, ’one more time for the road’, until it finally clicked.
“we're not fucking, no”, you said, avoiding eye contact.
“just quickly, ma. i know you miss it.”, connie’s smirk would only widen when his statement received no rebuttal. and it’d stay that way as he walked to stand right behind you—he’d place a hand on either side of you, pushing you right against the counter. all you could muster was a harsh swallow as connie moved closer to you, and his breath would be touching your neck as he spoke, voice lowered.
"you used to call me all the time telling me you ain't never had dick like this. and i know he ain't fucking you good enough for you to forget about me", connie’s lips brushed past your ear. a brief shudder would intensify to wring out any suppressed longing you held for him, producing a moist patch at the front of your underwear. and that was before you could even feel his desperation, to keep you his, pressing into your lower back. once that’d register, you’d have to breathe deeply to release the temptation building within you.
"i'm not cheating on my man, connie", you said, voice shaking. a sigh would fall from connie’s lips, hitting the spot on your neck they planned to cover, before transfiguring into a tingle that explored your back. one of connie’s favourite things about you was your loyalty, so that answer was expected. but he’d still kiss his teeth at the knowledge that it was now being directed toward someone else.
"then leave him", he’d say, an inch away from your neck, before his plump lips would attach to the skin there. a proprietorial mark would be etched onto your skin when connie heard you sigh out in pleasure. the erasure of all his doubts would arrive when you tilted your head to give him better access. and those doubts would then be quashed completely when your hand rose to run your fingers through his buzzcut.
a few more kisses to the neck, combined with connie’s hand venturing into the front of your leggings to rub away all loyalties to your man, affirmed connie’s statements about you missing him. but once you were in the privacy of your bedroom, he could actually feel how much you missed him; your need for him was prominent in the way you tightened around his length like you feared letting him go. this was the first time where fucking you was a welcomed struggle, pulling out of you being a necessity he wanted to avoid. mainly due to the connection of your foreheads, connie couldn’t see anything but you; the noises you made, your scent, the look he could discern in your eyes when they weren’t exploring their sockets, all of it warmed his heart in an infuriatingly delightful way. and there was no way you hadn’t missed him, and the way he knew your body inside out. the way he knew where to kiss as your legs rested over his shoulders, a pillow sat underneath your hips as your nails painted stripes onto the skin on his back. five years ago, connie fucked you in every position he could think of, but separation birthed the need for closeness. so now, whenever you two fucked, it was always in a position that allowed for his eyes to be locked with yours as his tip poked that spot that had made you nut twice already.
”es bueno, ma?”, he asked and you’d nod a reply, pulling a smile from the man above you. you were all he could see, and perhaps that’s why he saw love in everything that surrounded him.
prior to this point in his life, connie’s need to build a family with you had never been a focal point for him. but now it was all he could see; he saw it in the envy that followed him around at the sight of families happily laughing together, he saw it in the ducks dutifully trailing their mother at the pond near your house, and he felt it when the merging of you and your daughter’s giggles made his heart feel swollen in a way he could never soothe. if he had it his way, you’d both be married with four kids living in some mansion somewhere. but when push came to shove, his ideals only ever amounted to short-lived ‘conversations’ when you two were fucking,
”quieres otro hijo, hm? you want a boy or a girl? dime, and i’ll give it to you”, a fucked out mutter would always fall from your lips, and that’s the only answer he could ever get from you. because the answer you gave him any other time, tore his heart into a million pieces he had yet to locate. your boyfriend posed a new challenge for him, so connie would have to tell you how he felt before he lost you forever. feverish kisses would be placed on any skin connie would reach, as his hips sped up. pleasured mumbles would mean nothing to him, because he could feel your body warning him of your release.
”i’m yours, hermosa, just—fuck—nut on it”, he’d instruct, and your body would obey. this man was fucking you so good, you could’ve sworn you felt your soul leave its vessel, to watch you coating connie and the bed underneath you, in your arousal. and connie wouldn’t be far behind—hips losing their rhythm, and low ’fuck’s leaving his mouth before he started kissing you again.
”ifuckingloveyou”, he messily kissed onto your lips and surprise struck you so hard, you didn’t even register your own mouth speaking back to him,
”mmloveyoutoo”, those words would be enough to trigger a twitching in connie’s balls that would empty them, until he was leaking out of you.
the kiss you two shared was bittersweet, both literally and figuratively. not just due to the lingering taste of the results of your aching throat, mixing with the reason why you could still feel his lips wrapping around your clit, but also because connie felt like he was flirting with a dream that could never be realised. but that wouldn’t stop you two from losing yourself in each other and making out for a few minutes. until you’d hear a knock. all movements would be halted, and there’d be silence from behind the door. then winces, and small hisses of discomfort, would fill the space as connie pulled out of you before getting up to put his boxers on. he’d step off the bed, walking over to the door to tend to, who he thought was, his daughter.
”princesa, we’ll be out in a second, okay?”, connie shouted to the other side of the door, but the voice he heard was not the one he was expecting.
“the fuck’s going on?!”, connie’s eyes would dart back to your wide ones, before a smirk would quickly grace his face. it was clear to see that he was trying his very hardest to not burst into laughter, despite your panic being written all over you. disorientation clouded you to the point that you didn’t even realise that the shirt you decided to put on your body was connie’s. but he would. and he wouldn’t say anything, even as you walked to the door to talk to your boyfriend.
”i can explain”, is all you’d manage to get out to your man, before he’d open the door further to find connie sitting himself on the bed, covering himself with the sheets he’d just put on his lower half. the lower half of his face remained smug, but the upper half of it was focused as he watched the scene unfolding in front of him; desperate hands grappling to hold your boyfriend’s arms or hands, as he paced the room, trying to digest what he was seeing. connie’s enjoyment would be short-lived, ending when he heard the angry words your boyfriend was throwing at you.
”shoulda fucked her better, then i wouldna had to do it”, he said, still laid on the bed. the room would fall still once again, and you’d look at him in pleading. he’d shrug, but acquiesce, not saying anything after that comment. that seemed to be the final straw for your boyfriend, because he’d say something about needing to go outside before walking out.
the blustering of infuriated footsteps would fade out as you followed your boyfriend down the hallway to the front door. connie would sit in waiting, leaning against the headboard, as he contemplated what this meant for the both of you, but those thoughts would be cut short at your return. alone. it turns out, no amount of apologies or promises that this will never happen again could convince your boyfriend to stay. and, though that elated connie more than he cared to admit, he couldn’t help the lump forming in his throat at the sight of your slumped posture as you sandwiched your lip between your teeth, swallowing pained tears. that lump would block any sly comments he planned to make. in fact, he wouldn’t even speak as he got up to walk to you, hands reaching to pull you closer to him. even as you pushed him away,
”leave me alone”, you chided, quietly. but, no matter how hard you pushed, connie would overpower you to pull you into the warmest hug you’d had in months. its warmth would invite your arms to wrap around him, sobs spilling into his bare chest the second your cheek touched it. not once letting go, connie would pull you back into bed, wrap you in the sheets, before comforting you. relief drowned a certain of him as it knew that he had a chance of getting you back. but the part of him that still had its head above water wrestled with guilt; there’s nothing this man wanted for you than happiness, and seeing his hands be the ones to take it away from you pained him.
the commotion of everything numbed you to your environment, so it would be only a few moments before your distraught sobs would reach the ears of the person you wanted to hear them least. small knocks would bring yours and connie’s attention to the half-open door, and you’d try to get yourself together, but there was only so much you could do to hide the shadows of sorrow reddening your eyes, and creating darkened splotches on connie’s shirt. as soon as you saw your daughter reach up to comfort you, you’d climb off the bed and hug her, feeling your heart start to glue back together when she wiped a tear off your face. both you and connie would instruct her to wait for you in the living room and you’d begin getting dressed properly once you’d hear her run off excitedly.
the both of you would get dressed, and walk down the stairs, in silence. the most connie would provide would be an arm around your shoulder, and a kiss to your temple, which you accepted happily. and, as soon as you were within an earshot of the living room, you’d hear ’the little mermaid’ playing for the nth time, accompanied by the usual harmonisations provided by your daughter’s jovial singing. you’d be admiring the blankets, cushions, and snacks she had set up before you’d be distracted by the rustling of connie putting his shoes and coat on. every fibre of your being would beg you to stop him, but you’d try and convince yourself that he probably had somewhere to be. however, such considerations meant nothing to your hand that was already reaching to grab at his own,
”stay.”, you asked quietly, and his eyes would widen at the request. of course he wanted to stay, but he didn’t think you’d want to spend another minute around the man who had just ruined your relationship. but then once your daughter ran up to him, pouting while asking,
”please~”, his decision would be made for him.
as you watched the movie, you’d notice connie’s eyes fixated on you. at first you thought he was watching your daughter wave her little mermaid doll around but, when you’d turn to check, you’d be met with direct eye contact. his lips would fall agape only to meet again, before they’d open to allow their owner to mouth a belated apology,
”i’m sorry”, his swollen lips would trace out, and a forgiving ”it’s okay” would be mouthed by your own lips. there’d a second where you’d just be staring at each other in mutual love and understanding. it was obvious that this chapter wasn’t finished, not when the authors holding the pens had changed immensely since the day the first page of the book had been written. but small hands would rise to push your faces to face the screen, and connie’s own inability to forgive himself for his actions would shift his eyes to the floor. that’s when they’d narrow in on the slippers that did nothing but breed insecurity. a small voice in his head would ask him if they still felt hard to fill, and admittedly, they still did. yet, looking at them again, he didn’t mind that. though the future still held uncertainties, the feeling of you and your daughter leaning on him, as his arm reached around to embrace you both, filled the gaps of himself he had lost confidence in. because this was all he had ever wanted; to become a person that could be leant on by the people he cared for most. both of you. for as long as his lungs held breath, and for as long as the image of you and your child falling asleep on him every night, was the only one his subconscious could conjure up when his head met his pillow at the end of every day.
© Rights owned by nanaminsmooninc. Do not repost without permission.
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izurou · 8 months
“i mean i know ‘samu makes rice balls for a living now, but i’m sure he could do a wedding cake.”
rintarou has been in your ear for the past fifteen minutes, mumbling about whether or not osamu could pull off three whole tiers of cake while also making it taste good.
he really thinks it’s a no brainer, as if onigiri and wedding cake go hand in hand—if you know how to make one, surely the other is under your belt as well. he used to help his mom in the kitchen when he was a kid so, obviously he would know.
the only thing is—you’re not engaged, and you don’t plan to be anytime soon.
“rin, seriously?” you scoff, leaning back against the edge of the countertop.
you’re at his mom’s place for a little family dinner—something she loves to do every once in a while to catch up with her son. you’ve just finished your meal, and rintarou being the angel he is, offered to clean up—but not without your company, of course.
“what? it’d save us some money,” he says, diving a hand into the soapy water filling the sink.
“your grandma was just bugging us,” you hum—swirling the dark liquid in your glass around. “she knows we’re not ready for marriage.”
this was your very first time meeting her, and it’s safe to say you weren’t expecting such a loaded question mid meal. so, when are you two getting married? her words had the tips of rintarou’s ears turning pink, and made his sister howl like a dog, because the thought of someone liking her older brother enough to want to marry him was truly hilarious.
he kicked her shins under the table—a glimpse of the petty little boy you had always heard stories about. he did his best to get his grandmother off your backs as well, giving her a cliché answer—something along the lines of we’re both young, and just trying to focus on college right now.
he was in such a damn hurry to drop the subject—and now, he won’t shut up about it.
“okay, but,” he pauses, swiping a hand against the bottom of the sink to check for any stragglers. “he’s young and stupid now, there’s no way he knows how much a wedding cake costs. we can lowball him, get a good deal.”
“you think he’s that stupid?” you snort—having a little more faith in osamu than your boyfriend does.
“hope so,” he mutters, gesturing for you to toss him the hand towel sitting behind you. “he is related to atsumu, after all.”
“wow,” you gawk, “and you call yourself a friend.”
“i’m just looking out for us,” he shrugs, using the fabric to dry his hands. “bet ‘tsumu would do it for free if we asked right now.”
“he’s not going anywhere near our wedding cake,” you say, noting the way rintarou does a thorough wipe down of the counters—hm, so he does know how to clean. “not until it’s served on a plate for him to eat, at least.”
“good point,” he agrees, tossing his cloth over the tap and shuffling over to you. “but you have to admit, the guy’s pretty damn unstoppable when he puts his mind to something.”
“sure,” you hum, looping your arms around his neck and lacing your fingers together. “but you know rin, once you go pro, we won’t even have to worry about the cost of a wedding cake.”
“and if i don’t?” he asks—throwing the possibility out there. it’s something he’s thought about, but never voiced concern over.
“you will, trust me,” you say, pressing a kiss to his lips, soft and sweet—a promise of your word. “but if for some reason you don’t, we’ll beg the twins for a family and friends discount.”
“deal,” he laughs, pulling you flush against him for a hug—and you think to yourself, that when you leave tonight, you’ll love him a little more than when you arrived—if it’s even possible.
you enjoy the moment briefly, until you hear a pair of feet padding in the other direction—someone was listening?
“mom! rintarou is talking about getting married!”
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kishibe-kisser · 2 months
Baths with the Genshin boys (Part 2) Diluc, Itto, Kaveh, Kaeya
Tags: gender neutral, baths, quite wholesome, maybe some suggestive touches, nothing too intense
Part 1 / Part 3
Tumblr media
Diluc: It was hard not to laugh at the grumbling red head in front of you. He had come home, angry about his long day at work and you had been working hard to try an make him feel better. Suggesting taking a bath seemed to do it... only he was under the guise you'd be in the tub with him.
"This isn't what I thought you meant." Diluc groaned, tilting his head back as you massaged shampoo into his hair. "Oh stop complaining and just relax." You started, allowing your soapy hands to move to his shoulders and giving them a squeeze. "The water is nice and warm." Your hands moved over his chest from behind. "Not to mention that you don't have to lift a finger... so relax." You finished and gave him a friendly pat before continuing to clean his fiery hair.
As much as he hated to admit, you were right and this was way more relaxing than he thought it would be. Though he still would have preferred you being in the tub with him, so he could give you the same treatment.
You gently washed the soap out of his hair, making sure not to be too rough on his hair and he seemed to finally be a little more relaxed. "See it isn't so bad." You whispered in his ear and he shook his head.
"Yeah, yeah, next time you're joining me."
Tumblr media
Itto: "Stop moving!" You were getting incredibly frustrated with him. He had begged to join you, wanting some alone time with you and away from the gang. That being said, you caved and allowed him to join in on your personal time. You were regretting it a little.
"I just don't get the point of a bath." Itto admitted, looking at you from the other side of the tub. "Then why did you join?" You asked, allowing your foot to drag along his thigh. "Because-" He started, grabbing your foot and tickling it. You laughed, trying to pull away from his grip on for him to crawl on top of you. Water sloshed everywhere, leaving the tub more empty than anything else.
"Itto!" You yelled, feeling his lips over your jaw as he continued to tickle you. "I just wanted to spend some alone time with you." He admitted, once he stopped tickling you. His body on top of yours doing wonders of keeping you despite the lack of water in the tub. "You could have just told me." You said and stroked his head.
"I could of... but that would have made things too easy." He lifted his head to show you his red eyes and goofy smile. "And when do I, Arataki Itto make things easy for myself?" You had to laugh at his self awareness and threw your head back.
"Can we get out of the bath now?"
Tumblr media
Kaveh: One thing about Kaveh, despite his sometimes biting words was that his touches were always gentle, delicate even. Even now, as his finger gently braided strands of your hair. His fingers ghosting over your bare back and shoulders as he worked.
"Kaveh, can I play with your hair next?" You asked and he scoffed, placing another braid on your shoulder. "Absolutely not." He said bluntly, making you whip your head around to look at him. "Why not?" You asked in disbelief, needing to hold back your laugh at the sight of him.
He leaned back in the tub, non-chalantly shrugging his shoulders. "My hair is one of my best features, can't risk that in your hands." He remarked and you finally let the laughter slip. "You must be kidding." You said and he shook his head, serious expression making you have an epiphany.
"Oh my god, you're dead serious." You said and turned around fully, leaning on his chest. He wrapped his arms around you and let his finger tips tickle your skin lightly.
"Did it sound like I was joking?"
Tumblr media
Kaeya: "Come on. Join me, love." He pleaded, as you still had your eyes covered. You had wandered into the room, seeing a very naked Kaeya sitting in the wooden tub for you to see. "You're hard to ignore like this." You laughed, finally uncovering your eyes.
"That was the point." He grinned, watching you approach the tub. However you were still fully dressed and that wasn't what he wanted. "Come on, I had a long day. I bet you did too. Join me." He pleaded again, blue eye blinking at you longingly. Kaeya knew you too well, knew that you couldn't resist.
It took no 2 minutes for you to be inbetween his legs with your back resting against his chest, one of your legs hanging over the edge of the tub. It was a scandalous sight, though you both surely weren't expecting anyone to walk in anymore.
"See, I knew you wanted this too." He mumbled in your ear, kissing under your lobe softly. "Mhmm. This is nice." You admitted, leaning in to his kisses. Toying with his fingers, you couldn't help but smile at the ceiling.
"Now tell me about your day, my love."
A/N: Part 2!! I hope you guys enjoy it! Let me know what you think.
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taetaespeaches · 9 months
small moments of comfort
bts x reader (oc) genre: fluff word count: 1.7K
a/n: Hi lovelies! I hope you all enjoy these little blurbs. These are just small glimpses of the the boys and reader/oc gaining comfort from each other in random situations. Thanks for reading! :)) 
Tumblr media
↬ seokjin: Your legs are still a bit unstable and full of sleep as you make your way back into the bedroom with a glass of water. You pause at the doorway, leaning against it as you watch Seokjin, his face adorably pressed against the pillow, his plush lips smooshed into a cute pout. Stepping toward him, he stirs, his hands searching for your body that is not in bed with him. It’s then that he lifts his head, his eyebrows pulling into a scowl, his eyelids forcing themselves open in search of you. Spotting you standing beside the bed, he grunts in disapproval. “Jinnie,” you coo, trying to coax him awake. In defiance, he plops his head against the pillows once again. “Love, no,” he groans, his arms lazily reaching out for you again, in desire of finding you and pulling you back into the coziness of your bed. “Come on,” you giggle, setting the glass of water down on the bedside table. As if the sound of the glass touching the wooden tabletop is his cue, he suddenly uses all his energy to lunge forward, wrapping his arms around your thighs, and pulls you down onto the mattress with him. Tugging you against him, he tosses the blankets over your laughing form and slings his leg over your hips. “Stay here with me,” he mumbles against the top of your head, the words followed by a sweet peck to your hair. “What about breakfast?” You question as your arm rests over his waist, already allowing your lingering tiredness and the warmth of his body lull you back to sleep. “We’ll have lunch.”
Tumblr media
↬ yoongi: Your eyes are heavy as you run the sponge over the plate in the soapy water. You would kill for an early night, the week’s stress wearing you down. A yawn slips from your lips just as Yoongi’s arms wrap around your waist, drawing a surprised gasp from you. He chuckles against your frame as he whispers a quick apology before he tucks his chin over your shoulder. “Missed you,” he mumbles quietly, as though he has to be gentle with the volume of his voice. You hum in response, relaxing in his arms to reciprocate the feeling, a silent, missed you too. “New perfume?” He suddenly asks, the question making you halt your actions for a moment, your hands lingering in the dishwater all covered in suds. “You can tell?” You ask through a fond, appreciative smile. “It’s nice,” he simply replies, kissing your neck softly. As you reach for another dish, Yoongi uses his position behind you to pull you away from the sink, squeezing his body between you and the dishes as he instantly takes over the task. “Yoongi,” you complain. “Go rest,” he nods toward the bedroom, all but kicking you out of the kitchen. “I mean it, I’ll join you soon.”
Tumblr media
↬ hoseok: It’s late and you’ve been on the road all day, both you and Hoseok feeling the tension from your agitated states. A long day of traveling and minor inconveniences has resulted in two cranky people who have been taking turns snapping at each other over the past several hours. After an uncomfortable period of silence as you stare out the window, Hoseok’s voice is gentle over the music humming quietly throughout the cab: “The moon is full,” he says in an attempt to defuse the heaviness of your previously foul moods. You love the moon. Turning to look at him, he points through the windshield, directing your gaze. Craning your neck to peer up at the sky, you see the brightness of the moon’s glow, lighting up the night. Just like that, a simple gesture of goodwill and expression of love, both of your demeanors soften. You watch as he places his hand over the gear shift and settles into his seat, your body following suit as you sit back in yours. You reach over and place your hand overtop his, and he instantly twists the limb in your grasp to intertwine his fingers with yours. A small smile curves on your lips as you glance over at his handsome side profile and spot the soft dimple in his cheek as his own grin grows wider. No apology is necessary when his thumb brushes the side of your hand and you squeeze tightly for just a moment.
Tumblr media
↬ namjoon: You are what Namjoon calls a chronic overthinker, and well, he would know as he suffers the same fate. You’re in the kitchen sitting at the island, unable to sleep and not wanting your tossing and turning to wake your boyfriend. However, you didn’t consider what your lack of presence would do to his slumber. “What’s wrong?” Namjoon’s low, sleep-filled voice sounds from behind you, startling you as you snap your head towards him. Through a sign, you tell him, “I just can’t sleep,” as you turn in your seat to face him. “You go back to bed though, I won’t be up long.” Namjoon shoots you a sassy glare, as though your suggestion is ridiculous to him. He moves to the stove and puts a kettle on to boil. Then, he joins you at the island, standing behind you while his hands find purchase on your shoulders as he takes a crack at massaging out the tension. “Wanna talk about it?” He asks before giggling at the moan that slips from your lips. “Tomorrow,” you tell him. He leans forward and kisses the back of your head gently. “Ok,” he whispers in understanding, his hands still gently soothing the muscles in your shoulders and neck. “We’ll have some tea and then try to sleep again,” he relays his plan, a smile curving on your lips as you nod in approval. He leans closer to your ear, kissing the shell of it before whispering his command for you. “You just focus on relaxing.”
Tumblr media
↬ jimin: Pressing the button for your floor inside the elevator, you let out a sigh- your body’s attempt to release the stress from the day. Just as the doors start to close, you hear someone calling out to you from the apartment complex’s entryway. “Dear!” Jimin’s voice sounds, triggering you to quickly use your arm to halt the doors from shutting. You smile at your boyfriend as he jogs into the elevator, flashing you that pretty beam, and you already feel more at peace. “Fancy meeting you here,” you flirt, earning a breathy chuckle from the man. He brushes his hand through his hair in that charming way that makes millions swoon, his other hand lifting the grocery bag and forcing your gaze from his angelic features to take notice. “Got us a little something,” he smirks. Lifting your eyebrows in intrigue, Jimin pulls a glass bottle out of the bag just far enough for you to deduce its contents. Wine. “God, I love you,” you exhale happily, Jimin giggling as he leans in and leaves a kiss to your mouth. “Let’s get wasted,” he jokingly whispers against your lips through an obvious grin as you fall into his embrace, happy to be home.
Tumblr media
↬ taehyung: There’s an incessant tapping against the side of your calf muscle. That’s the first indication of Taehyung’s stress. Your legs are draped over his lap as you read a book and he watches the television. However, peering over the pages, you find a crease etched between his eyebrows as he stares ahead at the wall rather than the screen, lost in thought. And that’s your second indication of stress. The third comes in the form of a sigh that he doesn’t realize he lets out. Frowning at him, you set the book aside and pull your legs from his lap, the sudden loss of your presence shifting his attention to you. You cock your head at his wide-eyed gaze, the sweet man looking innocent and bewildered. He watches as you sit up on your knees and make your way across the sofa to him, instantly draping your leg over his hips and straddling his lap. As if it’s instinctual, his large hands settle on the sides of your thighs as he looks up at you, his tongue poking between his lips to wet them. “Hi,” he greets, still confused by the sudden attention but not at all opposed. “What’s on your mind, Dearest?” You ask, noting the way his eyes soften and his body relaxes slightly beneath you. It feels as though he’s been waiting for someone to ask. You lean toward him and press your lips softly against his forehead, lingering for a small moment before whispering against his skin: “Tell me all about it.”
Tumblr media
↬ jungkook: You follow the sound of water cascading to the shower floor and Jungkook’s pretty vocals all the way from the front door of your apartment to the bathroom. The echoes of his shower singing, a habit of his that you adore, acts like breadcrumbs, a trail you can’t resist pursuing. Stepping into the space, you’re instantly enwrapped with steam, Jungkook’s stunning voice, and the scent of vanilla. Behind the foggy glass is Jungkook’s distorted frame, and you’re hit with the desire to join him and let the hot water and the man you love melt away the stress of the day. “Are you using my body wash again, you brat?” You lightheartedly accuse overtop the rush of the water raining over him. His head snaps in your direction, Jungkook brushing his palm against the steamy door to clear a section to spot you through. The shower door then opens, his cute doe eyes shining as he beams guiltily at you, the man pushing his wet hair back. The giggle he lets out already has your troubles from the day drifting from your mind. “It smells better than mine,” he replies cutely. Smiling back at him, you watch the water pour down his toned body as he gestures for you to join him with a nod of his head. A wordless invitation you’re more than happy to accept. Before you can process your actions, you’re pulling your clothes off, aching to get your hands on the vanilla scented dream boy who smiles at you giddily.
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kleftiko · 3 months
Hi! Idk if your request is opened or not but if it is, I'd like to request a headcanon for Knb if that's alright?
My request is : How would GOM + Kagami react when their s/o walk in on them taking a shower naked and just casually invite themselves taking a shower with the boys?
cw: this is fluff, but language and nudity [ALL CHARACTERS ARE AGED UP]
Tumblr media
in a strange turn of events, you end up startling your boyfriend. the bathroom door is slightly open, the sound of running water and slight humming floats through the apartment. you decide that you should probably get clean too as you step into the steamy room. tetsuya doesn’t hear you undressing, or stepping into the shower. it’s only when your cold hands wrap around his waist that he shrieks and spins around—nearly slipping—eyes wide and startled for a split second until he realizes it’s you. then his expression falls into his signature calm smile.
“hi, sweetheart.”
Tumblr media
you go in the bathroom to pee, and as soon as you make a noise, taiga peers around the curtain with a judgemental look.
“what are you doing?” he asks, shampoo comically in his hair.
you blink. “using the bathroom.”
he sends you a stink eye before closing the curtains and going back to what he was doing. you know he likes his alone time in the shower, but the apartment only had one bathroom, and you like to annoy him (with love). so when you strip down and attempt to join him in the shower you need to wrestle the curtain away from him because he’s using it to cover himself lol.
Tumblr media
he likes when you sit in the bathroom while he showers. you can tell him about your day and he can poke his head out for you to feed him a little snack. it’s not often that you shower with him because the logistics of the shower head and the height difference was always a hassle. until you renovated your shower to a ceiling head, now when he’s finished his himemaru, you can just join him under the water and he can pull you close and prevent you from moving cause “you’re so cute and cuddly, y/n-chin.”
and you stay like that until your body feels like two different temperatures.
Tumblr media
you enter the bathroom.
“fuck, daiki, it stinks in here.”
“i had to shit, you’re the one that interrupted my shower.”
despite that, you strip down and pull the curtain dramatically to announce that you intend to join him. and this motherfucker is under the water, head tilted back to rinse out his shampoo, eyes looking down at you with a smirk as he says, “just can’t get enough of me, huh?”
so turn the water to cold so he shrieks :)
bonus fem!reader: soapy tits are his weakness. if you ever want anything from him, hop in the shower and ask lol his eyes don’t leave your chest but he’s nodding along to whatever you’re saying. you could ask for a yacht and he’d agree
Tumblr media
doesn’t want to shower without you tbh. he’s usually inviting you to join him, but not in a sexual way. he’s one of those people who blasts music while in the bathroom and likes to perform concerts, so he needs his back up singer. he’ll shampoo his hair into spikes and start screaming punk, it’s your responsibility to play air guitar and ad lib. on the rare occasions that he’s showering by himself and you decide to join him halfway through, his smile is wide, and his introduction goes, “ladies and gentlemen, my backup guitarists!”
Tumblr media
literally love him. if you open the bathroom door while he’s showering he assumes something is wrong.
“darling? are you alright?” his soft voice just makes you melt, but you assure him that you just want to join him. and he is delighted! in fact, he proposes a bath after you two wash up. he loves having you between his legs, back against his chest while you’re surrounded by bubbles. he’s one of those people that loves non sexual intimacy, so if you turn around and give him a bubble beard, he’ll just watch you with hearts in his eyes.
Tumblr media
locks the door so you can’t get in. if you’re persistent—knocking, calling his name, etc.—he’ll step out of the shower, towel around his waist, and open the door with an annoyed scowl. you just smile sweetly and hop under the running water. he’s muttering under his breathe at how much of a handful you are, but he’s washing your body carefully and making sure soap doesn’t get in your eyes <3
Tumblr media
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angelltheninth · 6 months
I must say that I really love how you interpret the Blue Lock boys!
May I request some shower/bath scenarios with them (showeing with them, taking baths, etc) 😏
I was thinking Isagi, Bachira, Reo, Nagi, and Chigiri, but do whoever you want!
Writing these for Kunigami was nice, bath times with your partner is something so damn cute and should be written about more.
Pairing: Yoichi Isagi, Bachira Meguru, Hyoma Chigiri, Mikage Reo, Nagi Seishiro x Fem!Reader
Tags: fluff, bathing/showering together, flirting, teasing, kissing, slightly suggestive
A/N: Remember to take warm, relaxing baths even now and then, it's real relaxing.
Isagi is really shy about taking baths with you. He goes in first and then sits with his head turned to the side, not looking. When you get in he scoots up towards the end to give you more room in his small tub. Has his hands in front of him the whole time because he knows very well that sooner or later he's gonna get excited over having his girlfriend in the bath with him.
Bachira has no shame. He takes his clothes off before even getting into the bathroom. Just lets you take in the sight of him, asking you if you like what you see, you can even take a picture, you know for personal use. Surprisingly calm when actually in the shower. He has his hands on your hips the whole time to make sure you don't slip up, especially if things get a little more heated between you two.
Chigiri loves to have you in the bath with him. His hair is pretty long so having you washing it and making it smooth and silky and giving him a head massage is the best way for him to relax and fall asleep afterwards. Normally he has a lot of adrenaline left over after practice but with you being so caring with him it makes all that stress melt away from his shoulders.
Reo doesn't hesitate to pull you into his lap when you're in the bath. The bathtub is pretty damn big so there's a lot of room for the two of you to move around but he likes it better when your bodies are pressed together. Can't let make outs get too out of hand because as much as he would like to he can't afford to do anything with you in the back because he's trying avoid injuries.
Nagi often almost falls asleep in the bath when he's taking one by himself. But when he's with you then you have his full attention. He pulls you against his chest for the two of you to have more room in the tub. Doesn't even mind the slightly soapy taste on your skin as he kisses your neck and covers it in hickies. Wants to hold your had the whole time, might move it to a certain part of he feels like it.
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shujilovedive · 7 months
Tokyo Revenger Boys As Your Maid…
Includes: sub!kazutora x f!reader/ bonten!mikey x f!reader/ ran x f!reader/ rindou x f!reader/ sanzu x f!reader
Cw: sexual content, humiliation, slight bullying, no protection, creampies, slight non con, blood.
Description: You parents have hired many maids to take care of your huge house and all your needs, but they tend to leave you in their care for long periods of times while they go on trips. So why not take advantage of that and have some fun....
Notes: Reader is about nineteen in this fanfic any pretty bratty and spoiled. Teehee. Not error checked
"Look at how cute you are, even when you pout." You teased, voice ringing out like an annoying bell as you looked down at one of your adored maids. Kazutora sat on the wet, half mopped floor, the bottom of his maid dress soaked in soapy water, face burning a rose red color. He had been scrubbing one of the floor tiles in the main entrance area when you pranced down the stairs, eyeing him with intention that could only be described as wrongful. You had pretended to walk right past him, but instead slammed your shoe into the bucket of water, sending it pooling all around him.
Tears slid down his waterline as he looked up at you, "Why, master? I was almost done...", His voice cracked as he tried to slowly stand up, water leaks from the bottom of his frilly, white, gold and black maid skirt. You were always so cruel to him, he would whine to Baji and Chifuyu about how much you picked on him in particular, always singling you out and even making fun of you in front of the other maids. Hanma told him it was because he was one of your favorites, but if that was so, why were you so mean to him?
He always tried his best and worked as hard as he could, but you didn't seem to ever notice.
"I'm sorry, Tora. You just look so adorable when you're upset." You cooed, looking at the way he struggled to walk out of the water in his cute little slip on heels.
"How about I help you clean up, hm?" You said softly, stepping through the water and placing a hand on his cheek, thumb swiping at his salty tears. He flinched under your touch but immediately softened, leaning into your hand and gazing at you as if you hadn't just dumped dirty soapy water everywhere.
"But the mess..."He whispered, looking down at the floor as you began to lead him away, hand in hand.
"Sanzu can clean it."
Minutes Later...
Sanzu grunted as he moved the water around with his mop. "Fuckin' bullshit...".
Red leaked down the tip of the knife in Mikey's cold hand, dripping onto the kitchen table in front of him.
"Mikey!", You blurted out, mid conversation with Baji, but now giving full attention to the quiet maid, gripping the sharp knife in his hand.
"I didn't mean too." He said simply. He worse a shorter maid dress than most of the others, hanging slightly above his knees, fabric black and frilly. Looking up at you through his short gray hair, eyes dark and emotionless. That didn't stop you from rushing over to him though, grabbing his hand and slipping the knife out of his hands. "Don't be so careless then." You scolded him before lifting up his other hand, looking at the deep cut he had sliced into the side of his hand while cutting tomatoes.
"Baji, keep working on lunch." You instructed the longer haired maid who shrugged and went back to cutting a block of cheese he had been working on for the sandwiches the two were preparing.
You intwined your fingers in Mikey's good hand, pulling him out of the kitchen and too the nearest bathroom as he remained silent. "Mikey." You repeated his name as you dragged him into the bathroom and grabbed a nearby rag, wrapping it around his hand before digging through the cabinets. "Put your hand under the sink." You instructed him before grabbing some antibiotic ointment and a bandage wrap.
He watched you quietly as you held his hand under warm, soapy water, eyes furrowed in concern. "Take better care of yourself." You said softly, holding the rag to his wound again. "Say you'll take care of yourself." You said sternly, looking at him.
He blinked at you nonchalantly before nodding, "Yes, master. I will take more care of myself."
"Good." You said softly, continuing to attend to his wound until it was all wrapped up.
Sanzu growled into your neck, the sound vibrating in his throat as he nipped, licking and sucked at the now red, bruised skin. You cried, burying your face in the sofa of your living room as he held your face down into the pillows. Sanzu might have been your maid and that meant he had to obey, but you had learned many times that he had a breaking point. You could only boss him around so much before he snapped.
Your parents hadn't believed you the first time you told him that he had attacked another one of the maids and since then, you had grown fond of him despite his maniacal behavior. So just like all the other times, you wouldn't tell your parents about the way he had snapped on you, deciding he had had enough of your brattiness and orders. How he would fuck your cute little cunt until you were crying for him to stop and about how you were sorry for being so bossy.
He pushed your head further into the pillows, nipping a particularly sensitive area on your neck that he had been searching for, lifting up his skirt so he could grind his hardened cock down on your ass.
"Sanzu! Please stop! 'm sorry!", You cried, fingers scratching at the fabric of the couch and gripping at the pillow , but he ignored you. Using his free hand to grab both of your wrists and pull them together in a tight grip. "Shut up, I'm sick of hearing your annoying voice. Always nagging me.
He was practically humping you now, gritting his teeth together and hissing at the friction he was getting from rolling his cock against your pretty little ass. The hand that had been holding your head down moved to pull your shorts down, as well as his own briefs so he could rub his wet cock on your panties.
"You're gonna clean yourself up when I'm down with you."
"Rindou..", You purred, hugging the maid closer to your body as you cuddled into his back, laid out together in your frilly pink covers. He huffed ignoring your coos as he begrudgingly laid in bed with you, body hot and not just because of the stuffy maid outfit. If he could rip that thing off and toss it into a fire, he would, and maybe he'd toss you in it as well.
"Rindou..", You whined this time, nuzzling your nose into his neck softly, and giving him a squeeze. "Why are you being so mean? Isn't this better than cleaning?" You squeezed him again, earning a grunt in response.
"No. You're smothering me." He snapped, his grumpy tone turning into a slight snarl. You whined again, beginning to softly kiss his neck. "Please?...You can take it off if you want..", You whispered softly, nibbling at the side of his throat. He grunted but sat up, dragging you along with him slightly, arms still wrapped around him, staring up at him. He began to grab the skirt of his dress, pulling the whole thing up and over his head. "Fuckin' annoying..", He ripped it off his head before looking down at you, who was rewrapping your arms around his bare waist, gazing up at him with adoration.
"Stop looking at me like that.." He muttered.
But you couldn't help it, beneath all that fluffy fabric, Rindou was built and defined, it made your mouth water.
"Stop." He repeated, pushing you head. You whined again but smiled, sitting up and crawling next to him. "Can we cuddle now?"
He sighed softly and wrapped his arm around you and pulled you into his lap, resting his chin on your shoulder. "Happy?" He muttered.
You nodded, wrapping your arms around his neck and cuddling into his chest happily. "I love you~"
Moan's echoed through your bedroom as you held the bottom of Ran's maid skirt up, straddling his hips and taking his cock deep inside your tight little cunt. He watched you with lazy purple, arms crossed behind his head as you bounced up and down on his throbbing dick. This is how he liked you, whining about how you couldn't keep riding his cock, struggling to get yourself off...shit. If anything you should be the one serving him, he thinks you'd be much cuter in a maid dress, but he wasn't complaining.
"Please help me, stop being such a jerk." You whined, lowering yourself onto the base of his cock and settling there, too tired to keep moving up and down on his length. His hands left the back of his head, resting on your thighs and smoothing over the skin. "You even need your own maid's to help you get off? Maybe you are becoming too dependent." He teased, patting your thighs playfully before sitting hip and grabbing your hips.
He began to assist you in bouncing you up and down on his cock, feeling the way your warm cunt tightened around him and listening to your pathetic cries. Your arms wrapped around his neck as you grinded your wet pussy all over his length in uneven patterns, while his hands moved to grip your ass.
Fuck, he loved his job. He was practically paid to fuck some rich fuck's cute daughter, who wouldn't want that kind of job. And on top of that, you let him cum inside of you as well, which he was happy to do, filling you up with his hot seed and listening to you wail as you came undone on his dick. He gave your ass one last squeeze before lifting you up and off his cock, rolling you over onto the plush mattress before climbing on top of you. "Ready for round two?" He snickered, fingers finding your sopping hole and pushing his own cum back inside of you.
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cherryxblossxms · 5 months
Masturbation May - Day 3a: In the Shower (Simeon)
A/N: Simeon was suggested by an anonymous sender! I'm always in between praise kink and degradation kink for Simeon and decided to make this one sweet and spicy~ Just some needy Simeon remembering his lover's dear words.
Featuring: GN reader || Simeon x reader
Warnings: masturbation; use of showerhead, use of soap as lube (don't do that); praise kink, anal play/fingering, overstimulation, double the cumshot
Word count: 1690
Simeon was always enamored with everything about you; he could spend hours looking at your smile, holding your hand, baking things together with you, and listening to you talk. But one of his biggest guilty pleasures was when you praised him, the serotonin boost instantaneous— along with his boner.
The discovery of a praise kink was purely accidental. The first time it happened, Simeon felt like his brain had shut down. The words "you're so pretty" had escaped your lips after you two took a couple's selfie during a date. It was like time had stood still, his mind working overtime to realize what you'd said, that you had said it about him, to him, and that you thought of him that way. You had to take a moment of calling his name to gather his wits and snap him out of it.
It was just a casual slip of words, but neither of you could have predicted the effect it would have on Simeon. It wasn't the first time you'd ever complimented him, but most of your compliments were on his skills, and the times that they weren't, they weren't quite as blunt, either. But maybe your directness was why he had felt his whole body heat up, his cheeks burning especially, trying to figure out how to accept it.
Since that enlightening moment, you would experiment with it a little in the bedroom, and the effect it had on him was clear then. His blue eyes burning with lust and his cock rock hard, it was like a switch was flipped and he couldn't hold himself back anymore. Once you started on the compliments, he'd practically pounce on you, ready and eager to deliver all the pleasure to you he could.
Sometimes it was a struggle for Simeon to accept how he felt about discovering this kink. It felt like some strange mixture of lewd and wholesome that he couldn't quite comprehend. Although he was no stranger to sex even before meeting you, his prior encounters hadn't felt like this, didn't seem to touch his soul the way you did. Maybe that was why your praise affected him so much, to the point he still thought of your words hours after you two had been intimate, getting him excited again, unable to stay still.
That's what was affecting him now, memories of your earlier tumble in the sheets haunting him as he tried to write in his room. He could hear your sweet voice, repeating the words you'd said to him as his face was buried between your thighs, telling him what a good boy he was, how he was so good at pleasing you, what a hard worker he was. He always prided himself on his work ethic, so just imagining the double meaning in your words made his ears burn.
He'd been struggling against an erection for a while now, unable to get more than 10 words onto the page before he had to accept it wasn't going away on its own. Figuring a cool shower might help, he quickly left his seat and stripped down, getting instant relief as his dick sprung out from its confines.
Unfortunately, the cold water only helped a little, moreso just providing a cooling balm to his heated skin rather than helping his erection. It was determined to stay, twitching eagerly against his leg, and Simeon finally had to accept that the only way he'd get past this was to just sate his desires himself. Shutting the water off, he lathered up some soap across his body, and as he did, he slipped a hand down and wrapped a soapy hand around his shaft, stroking lightly.
The slipperiness of the soap was such a different sensation from simply using lotion or lube, and combined with the instant relief he felt of the pressure, it was enough to make Simeon's knees buckle. He quickly sat down before he'd hurt himself and continued stroking, dark lashes fluttering shut as he gave in to the pleasure. Now that he stopped resisting, more memories of your tryst came to his mind.
He could almost feel your fingers carding through his hair, hear your honeyed words in his ear and your lips against his neck. He wanted you there with him, needed to feel you to fully sate his appetite, but he could never interrupt your schedule just for this (even if you'd assured him time and time again that you often felt the same way). Simeon simply swallowed and continued, dreaming of the next time he could indulge in your presence, soft whimpers leaving trembling lips.
Without you around, the stroking wasn't nearly enough. Even though Simeon knew it wouldn't be the same without your touch, he decided to try something else you seemed to have the skillful touch for. Using his free hand, he slid a hand down past his crotch, tentative fingers gently pressing against his taint. The soap made it slippery, and it was easy to rub circles with one of his fingers between his hole and his taint, shivering a little.
Slowly, he eased in one of his slender fingers, his aching cock temporarily forgotten as he imagined it was your hand helping him. Whenever you topped, it was almost magical the way you hit all his best spots when either pounding him or fingering him, and it left him craving it again and again. After a moment of fingering, he slid in a second finger, enjoying the slight stretch it gave him. He was thankful, then, for his long writer's fingers, as it made it easy to reach a particularly sensitive spot inside himself, despite the awkward angle. As soon as he touched it, his cock jumped in his hand.
Simeon was openly moaning now, quickly becoming a leaky mess as he started working his one hand again on his shaft while the fingers of his other hand continued pressing up against his spot. He was so desperate for release, ready to jump over the pleasurable ledge and finally relieve himself of this overwhelming need.
He pictured you helping him again, stroking his thighs as he practically fucked his fist. You always seemed to know exactly what to say, and he could practically hear your lovely voice telling him how hard-working he is, how you want him to cum, that he deserves it. His favorite is when you tell him how pretty he looks when he cums, the way he trembles in your arms and mouth is open in a constant "O".
Just then, his thoughts were interrupted as he heard an outside door slam shut, Solomon's voice calling out to see if anyone was home. The release he was chasing was quickly fleeting, and Simeon knew if he didn't cum now, he'd lose his mind, not to mention he was sure to die of embarrassment if Solomon were to find out what he was doing.
He quickly scooched forward and turned on the shower again, hoping that the sound would drown out both his desperate noises and also encourage Solomon to move on, that he was simply in the middle of something. As the spray of water hit his legs from the angle the showerhead was dangling, an idea came to mind.
He quickly rinsed off most of the soap on his body, still sitting down, then worked his fingers back into his hole as he angled the showerhead against the upper part of his shaft, letting it rest back against his abdomen. The warmth and pressure of the water was much different from his hand, but not having to think about the feel of his own hand was much better than expected. As he pressed up against his spot once more, he angled the water against his frenulum and almost moaned out loud.
Closing his eyes, he imagined that instead of the showerhead, it was your tongue that was pleasuring him, lapping at his frenulum again and again, telling him how good he tasted and how you couldn't wait to swallow him. It was almost embarrassing how quickly that pushed him towards his release, and after a few moments of fantasizing about your tongue and lips on his cock, Simeon came hard.
He quickly bit his lip to prevent his moans from escaping, and his body shook hard as a hot stream of cum dribbled from his cock, visibly twitching against him with each pump of cum. It pooled on his lower stomach, Simeon wasn't sure he had ever released this much cum by himself before. The sensation of the water was quickly becoming too much, but Simeon continued using it, chasing every bit of pleasure he could manage even as he moved into overstimulation.
Despite the overwhelming sensations, he began to pump his fingers into his hole now, seeking more stimulus. It was like he couldn't stop, wishing more than anything that it was you helping him along, helping him achieve this glorious high. Finally, his thoughts scattered as his orgasm crashed over him again, and he couldn't help but grunt as his cum shot out, covering his chest and upper stomach this time. He quickly removed his fingers and the showerhead from him now, watching his cock jump again and again long after the stimulation had ceased.
He took a moment to catch his breath, and once he'd gathered his wits together, he stood on shaky legs and rinsed off his cum from his body, cleaning the rest of the way. It was like a weight had lifted from his shoulders, the way he felt really, truly relaxed now and his mind was cleared. Simeon knew you were one of a kind, but it really was no joke how you changed around his life, particularly his sex life.
Now that he was free of distractions, he could focus on his writing again, suddenly full of ideas. But he made sure to make a mental note to indulge in you as often as you were willing, if only for his sanity and to properly thank you for the ways you'd opened him up to new discoveries.
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TITLE: a hot shower
TAGS: Dean Winchester x female!reader, SMUT, 18+, sexual intercourse, anal, penetrative sex, oral sex, domDean, praising kink, sex in the shower, name-calling
SUMMARY: Dean comes home while you're taking a shower. You scream as you slip and he enters the bathroom, worried for your safety. Things get hotter in an instant.
Words count: 3.2 k
WARNING: just smut, be prepared. English isn't my first language, so... apologies.
Tumblr media
Hot water run down your body. After weeks of cleaning yourself quickly in shitty motel bathrooms, you could finally take your time and relax with a long, hot, and steamy shower inside the bunker. The boys were out as FBI agents in a nearby city, so you could relax all alone. You started playing your favorite playlist before entering and now you were singing “Daddy cool” at the top of your lungs. Your singing was pretty bad, but you didn’t care at that moment, plus, the lyrics of that song were easy to sing so it wasn’t that bad. You were lathering soap on your body while humming the next song that started playing, it was “Save a Horse (Ride a Cowboy)” and it made you giggle. That song was one of Dean’s favorites, it was silly, like him. You found yourself smiling while washing your body. Realizing that you were ridiculously smirking for a song you snapped out of it and grunted.
The hot water was running down your face and you sat down in the shower, “fuck, I’m so stupid” you said out loud. You knew you had feelings for Dean, and that they were growing bigger every day, but you were simply ignoring them. Dean was constantly messing around with other chicks, every night, you naturally thought that a relationship between the two of you was impossible, not to mention the awkward situation that it would create in your daily hunting jobs.
But you couldn’t help it, his continuous innuendos, his lips, his voice, his arms, and his fingers often kept you awake at night. Sometimes you passed in front of his room to go to the kitchen at night and heard his noises…his moans and his heavy breathing during the night. Those sloppy sounds melted your knees each time you heard them, and you often stopped by his man cave a couple of minutes before going to your room, completely forgetting about the beer you wanted from the kitchen.
You were squeaky clean already, but you remained in the shower a little longer, enjoying the warmness hitting your body, a bit aroused because of those memories. Suddenly you hear a voice shouting “Y/N, I’m home!”, it was Dean, just him though, “Sam is at the local library to do some nerd research, but the job is pretty easy” the husky voice continued. You didn’t answer right away because you were lost in thoughts, and the man added “Y/N! Are you home? Y/N!”. The second time he pronounced your name he sounded concerned, so you finally answered, yelling “YES! TAKING A SHOWER!”, he replied with an awkward mh-mh that was closer than the words he pronounced before, he seemed…behind your door(?), he probably heard the water running and went towards that sound. The next song started playing: “Cherry Pie” and the moment the lyrics started you heard Dean singing “She’s my cherry pie / cool drink of water, such a sweet surprise/taste so good make a grown man cry / sweet cherry pie!”, he was so good at singing, his voice was so sweet … husky, and it sent a shiver down your spine. He chuckled and added, “Fuck, I love that song! You’ve got good taste, Y/N”.
You let out a laugh and stood up, but the floor was soapy, and you slipped, letting out a scream that sounded much worse than what actually happened. Dean heard you screaming and kicked the door open, you were sitting on the shower floor again, rubbing your left hip as you hit it. The moment you realized that he was standing in front of you, with a worried look and that you were completely naked, well, the situation made your cheeks red, and a rush of blood reached your inner thighs at the same moment. “Are you okay?!” Dean almost shouted while looking at your naked body, searching for an injury. The realization of what he did suddenly hit him, and he looked away, his cheeks red with embarrassment. Silence pervaded the room for a few seconds, “I’m okay” you whispered and tried to cover your body with your arms “everything is fine, I just slipped, so can you please go out?” you finished to ask this and turned to face him again, noticing a wide tent on his tight jeans. Blood rushed towards your inner thighs again, you could feel that you were getting soaked down there. Dean was still looking away, “Do you really want me to go out right now?” he said with a hushed tone and a hinted smirk on his face. Your eyes wide open, looking at him, at his body and that tent. “Because you know” he added, “I hear you stopping by my room at night. One time I checked the time and you stayed there for 5 full minutes”. You bit your lip and remained silent, not knowing what to say. He turned to look at you and his gaze was so heavy on your soaked body. “What were you doing? Touching yourself while hearing my moans? Sometimes I even moved closer to the door so you could listen properly, you know?” he said with a grin while walking closer towards you. “So, let me ask you the question again: do you want me to walk out of that door?” he asked you, now in front of you as he opened the shower door and lowered down to look into your eyes. You were still pressing your arms against your breast to cover them and keeping your thighs shut to hide something. You looked into his eyes and whispered “N-no…please don’t go”. He grinned and went to pull the door over to keep the steam in, took off the white shirt, and went back to you. “Good girl” he said “Don’t lie to yourself. I could hear those moans from behind the door and you often helped me finish. They sounded so sweet and so desperate”, he took you up and lowered himself down to quickly check your left hip. “You’re gonna have a bruise there. Well maybe… not only in that spot after this” he said looking up at your face, with a smirk. He stood up and got closer to your face, your lips basically touching. You couldn’t stop looking at his eyes like they were magnets. He kissed you deeply and held your waist, sinking his hands in your skin. You let out a moan of pleasure the exact moment his tongue melted inside your mouth. Waves of warmth reached your pussy, you were a puddle down there. He stopped kissing you only to go for your neck, he started licking your neck and leaving his marks all over it, biting it softly and grunting while doing so.  Feeling Dean so eager to touch you melted you, melted your knees and your brain as you couldn’t think straight anymore. “baby, you should speak more” he said “use your big girl words and tell me what you dreamed about those nights”, he grinned and pressed his body against your wet one. You could feel his big bulge against your skin “I-I thought about you. I thought about how would it feel to have your fingers inside my – my tight cunt” you finally said, not believing that you confessed that. He giggled and went down on his knees, his face was now at the same level as your slit, he spread your pussy lips open and moaned as he saw how wet you were. He immediately found you’re already hardened clit and started circumnavigating it with his thick fingers. You let a moan escape your throat and tried to cover it with your hand. Dean reached for your wrist and let your mouth free “Oh no Baby, I wanna hear those moans” he added and proceed to stick out his tongue near your
cunt. He grabbed your thighs and spread your legs open. A satisfied moan came out of his mouth and he sunk his tongue inside your pussy. His hot and experienced tongue melted inside you and you couldn’t help but moan as he knew which spots to search for. He kept pinching and stroking your clit to hear your moans intensify. You could feel his tongue going up and down inside of you and he kept moving around. You started shaking and he started stroking your clit faster to make you cum while his tongue was inside of you. You did, you cummed and you were in pure bliss already. He took his tongue out and licked all your cunt one more time. “You taste so sweet” he said, almost growling, and stood up to kiss you. Your juices and his saliva melted inside your mouth, that was one of the sexiest things ever at that moment. As he kissed you he pushed two of his digits deep inside you and started searching for your g-spot. He reached it sooner than expected and you trembled and arched your back, resting your head against his shoulder. “here it is” he whispered in your ear, and started pushing and stroking it with his fingers, he added one more digit and a big moan escaped from your mouth. “Good girl, let yourself go for me, cum again for me… cum on my fingers” he added while keeping your body pressed to his. His sweat started to pervade the room and that smell sent you to heaven. You started moaning and shouting his name while trembling on his fingers. You could feel his bulge pressed against your stomach, all those feelings made you cum as he whispered your name in your ear, juices started dripping down your thighs, your knees started weakening and your pussy was twitching around his digits. He smiled at you and kissed you deeply. He took his fingers out, covered in your juices. He stared at them for a couple of seconds, grinning, and then sucked his fingers off while looking at you. That scene was so fucking arousing and you couldn’t help but whine “please Dean, more”. He grabbed you closer and started unbuttoning his pants which he quickly threw on the floor. He was in his boxers now, you could see the size of his bulge and the sticky precum drenching his underwear. He pressed his body against yours and turned on the hot water “you’re cold, let’s keep you warm. I don’t want you to catch a cold” He said and proceeded to kiss you while sliding his hands all around your body, caressing your breasts and holding your waist. Hot water was running down your bodies and Dean started pinching your already hard nipples, he started kissing your neck again and slowly moved down, he started sucking your tits, pinching them, biting them, and leaving marks on your body. You couldn’t help but moan in pleasure, your legs started shaking again. Dean’s hot dick was pressing against your waist. You went down on your knees to see it and because you couldn’t stand anymore. Once you were sitting down you pulled down his boxers, his cock firm against your face. You gasped as you saw it, the bulge was big but you didn’t think it was like that. He looked down at you and moved his hips towards you, slamming his hard cock against your cheeks, his precum stuck to your face. His smell and his moans were too much for you and you started sucking him off. In the beginning, you wrapped your tongue around his tip, and the taste of his precum pervaded your mouth. You were going slow and taking your time around his dick, but it was too slow for Dean. He started moving his hips and you felt his cock going down your throat, you moaned and your pussy was drenched again. He looked down at you moaning your name, swearing, and breathing heavily “Fuck, you’re so beautiful” he said when your eyes met, and you could feel him twitching inside your mouth. He moved harder than before, he was basically mouthfucking you, he started to hold your head between his huge hands, and he pushed you towards his body. You left out gripes of pleasure and felt your cunt burning, you wanted that but between your thighs.
You looked into his eyes while he was moving and he stopped “Oh Y/N, if you look at me like that, I’m gonna melt” he whined and let go of your face. He pulled his cock out of your mouth and lowered himself down to kiss you one more time. This time it was his juice and your saliva melting together in your passionate kiss. You got up and he followed you while holding your waist, not letting you go for an instant. He turned you around and you rested on the shower wall, he could see your back now, he stared at your ass and folded it with his hands, spreading your ass cheeks apart, you let a moan out, “Dean, please stop teasing me” you whimpered, almost begging him to put it in. He slid his hand down on your back, reached for your butt, slapped it, and then quickly put his fingers in your pussy again, just for a couple of seconds, and then pushed one digit in your ass. “Fuck” you exclaimed while moaning. You whimpered but the pain mixed with the excitement was so arousing, you would have taken him everywhere at that moment. He kept moving his finger in and outside your ass and whispered in your ear “Oh sweetheart, but I love seeing you getting so excited for me. And I didn’t even shove my dick inside of you yet”, you could feel his grin against your ear and he bit your earlobe as he thrust another finger inside you. You moaned his name and felt juices dripping down your thighs. Dean could have done anything to you, you would have accepted it. “I really don’t know in which hole I should put it, which one Y/N?” he said in a hushed tone. “P-Please Dean” you replied, “in my cunt” you said between one moan and another. He sighed, “Since you asked it so kindly, I guess I will baby girl, but I’m gonna fill you up even here later” he added while pushing another digit in your ass. You let out a scream and moaned deeply. He took his fingers out and pushed his tip against your pussy lips, feeling how hot and wet you were. “You really want this, uh?” he said giggling “tell me how much though.”. He was waiting for your response as he kept rubbing his tip against your cunt, up and down… slowly. “I’m begging you Dean; I really really want it inside” you whined while moving your hips. “Good girl” he growled and pushed his dick inside of you. Your cunt twitched the moment it felt his cock. “Fuck, you’re so tight for me” he said and started moving his hips while holding your waist. That pleasure was driving you crazy and you were moaning his name like a chant. You whispered “harder”, and his cock twitched a bit, his pace increased, and you started yelling instead of moaning. Every thrust was a moment of bliss but the second he started rubbing your clit while thrusting inside of you made you lose it.
You started trembling, shivers went down your spine and you screamed his name, your knees weak again in an instant. “You did so good, cumming around my cock” he told you and stopped moving “But we’re not finished yet” added. He pulled out his dick and started rubbing it against your ass again, slamming it against the line between your cheeks. He moaned and told you ”I don’t want to do this if you don’t feel like it. Just tell me Y/N”. his tip pressed against your ass. The pleasure and lust filled your mind, you turned your face to see his face, the water was dripping on it, and his mouth was open, breathing heavily, a desiring look on his face. “Oh fuck it” you said and lift your left leg so he could go on “just go slow at the beginning, ok?”. “Of course baby” he said with a jubilant tone, then he proceeded to slowly push his dick in your ass, giving it time to adjust to his width “you’re so tight. I’m gonna cum in minutes if it’s like this” he moaned and whimpered. A gasp and a choked scream left your mouth, it was painful but the thought of having him everywhere was so arousing that you simply couldn’t stop. He pushed in slowly and finally all his length was inside of you, “fuck” he kept moaning and started to slowly move in and out. Your moans became one and he started speeding up his pace. You could feel him twitching in your gut, he started holding your breast while moving his hips, but his hands quickly run down and reached your clit again, he started making eights on it and your legs started trembling. His cock inside of you, his fingers touching you, his breath echoing in your ear. It was too much. You were so close to cum again and so was he. He started thrusting inside of you faster, deeper, harder, and let out a moan, mumbling “I’m gonna cu-“, he couldn’t finish the sentence as you felt his hot semen filling you up. He kept moving and you felt his cum dripping down your tights, now working as a lube, he didn’t let go of your clit either, wanting you to cum one more time before stopping. He wanted to give you pleasure and that thought made you cum again, your legs were shaking once again. He finally stopped and rested his body against yours, panting heavily.  “Fuck” you both said, he pulled out and hugged you from behind, water running down your faces. The two of you were in pure bliss. “I- I think I love you” he mumbled in your ear while tightening the grip around your body. “I think so too” you whispered, not believing what just happened. You turned around and hugged him, he looked at you with a gentle smile and then added “Did I hurt you? I- I’m sorry, I got carried away and you were so beaut-“ you laid one finger against his lips “shush, it was unbelievable” you giggled and smiled at him. “We should probably take a shower now” he chuckled and took the soap in his hand, “Let me wash your back” he added. “Oh yes, we should” you replied with a smirk on your face, you turned on your back and he started lathering the soap. “Save a Horse (Ride a Cowboy)” started playing again, and the playlist restarted. You laughed and Dean started to sing that dumb song. You rubbed his back clean after. You took care of each other, washing each other’s hair and rinsing the soap from your bodies.
That was one of the many times Dean Winchester and you had some alone time.
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upsidedownwithsteve · 4 months
Bad For Business: Level Ten
Tumblr media
Steve Harrington x fem!reader [4K] An enemies to lovers AU. Join the team at the Upside Down Arcade, where the machines eat your quarters and the staff have some personal issues. Stay tuned for the Pick Your Own Adventure polls to progress in the story.
“Who’s Logan Duncan?”
You faltered, hands slipping over the buttons of Dig Dug as you looked over at Steve. The game beeped angrily at you as one of the tiny dragons took your last life. You frowned, annoyed, and tried to not let the embarrassment of Steve’s question show on your face. 
You were the last two in the arcade, dealt another closing shift together because everyone else got the chance to reject Murray’s question first. Your name was pencilled in beside Steve’s on the staff schedule and due to recent events, it didn’t really bother you as much as it used to. You’d both spent the majority of closing playing on the machines, smirking at each other at every win and pointedly ignoring the bucket of soapy water you should’ve been using to clean the Icee stain that Dustin Henderson created over by Donkey Kong. 
“Who?” You tried and failed to sound nonchalant.
Steve frowned too, holding up a piece of wrinkled paper that had a phone number scrawled on it, a name underneath with the instructions to ‘call me.’ You’d thought nothing of it when the stranger had slipped it to you across the desk that afternoon. The guy - Logan - had been nice enough, fairly handsome with short blonde hair and a nice smile who’d tried all afternoon to win enough tickets for his little sister. 
But that didn’t matter. 
“This guy,” Steve waved the slip of paper in front of you, scowling when you shoved another coin into the machine. Dig Dug started up again, beeping like it was arguing with him. “It fell out of your jacket when I was cleaning the office.”
You snorted, your eyes back on the screen even though you knew Steve was staring at you. “Nobody cleans the office, Steven.”
Steve ignored this, staring down at the note. The handwriting was much neater than his, he noticed. “So, are you gonna call him? This Logan guy, I’m guessing he wants a date, you gonna go?” He said the strangers name in an exaggerated drawl, like it was a ridiculous thing to be called.
“Are you jealous?” You asked, a smile starting at the corners of your mouth, lifting your lips too easily. Dig Dug was still playing, the digitised beeps filling the silence as you tore your gaze away from your tunnels to look at the boy. 
Steve was pink and glaring, rosy cheeked as he scowled at you. He would’ve argued back immediately if it weren’t for the pit of his stomach turning over. He knew he was flushed, the tips of his ears no doubt red, but he felt fucking green. He’d been hooking up with you for the past month, nothing promised, nothing spoken about. Just the usual teasing and arguments broken up by frantic make out sessions in the back of his car, his fingers slipping under your skirt when you were both still fuzzy with sleep and early for a shift. 
It had been a month of pulling at clothes, little patience had when it came to getting the other one as undressed as possible in a half hour lunch break. You lied easily to your friends, your parents, your co-workers, hardly feeling guilty as you snuck out your bedroom window and into the BMW that was parked half way down the street. The way Steve made you feel was too good to feel guilty over. 
And that was becoming a problem. 
“Jealous?” Steve repeated. “Me? No. No!”
He was cute when he floundered, you realised. Always handsome, but especially cute as he stared at you wide eyed and fidgeting, his hands - and Logan’s number - shoved into his pockets before he changed his mind and crossed his arms over his chest instead. 
“Why would I need to be jealous? We’re not- we’re not like, dating or anything.” Steve swallowed hard, biting back the ‘are we?’ he wanted to add onto the end of his statement. “I’m just, you know, wondering.”
The arcade was quiet as you watched the boy struggle through his words, shyness biting at his cheeks, his skin cotton candy pink under the lights. Once again, Dig Dug died and the game beeped at you, the screen flashing brightly. Steve Harrington seemed determined to make you lose your high score, one way or another. 
“No, I guess we’re not,” you mused, making a face that made Steve wonder what your game plan was. You looked too calm, less concerned about the conversation topic than the boy was. “I suppose I should call him then, huh?”
Steve’s frown returned, a deep thing that pinched his brows together and he wrinkled his nose in annoyance. Logan’s number had disappeared from his hold, and you wondered if it was a scrunched up ball in the depths of his jeans pocket. You turned away from the screen, leaning against the machine instead, the low lights of the arcade turning you both into shades of neon and shadows, inky where it wasn’t bright. 
“He doesn’t look your type, princess.”
You grinned, unable to help yourself. For all the years of poking and pressing and teasing each other, a jealous Steve might just be your new favourite game. You pouted, all dramatic, doe eyed and pretty. “He doesn’t?” You brushed an imaginary piece of lint off of Steve’s chest, just for an excuse to touch him. “Tell me, what’s my type, Harrington?”
Steve was on you before you could stop yourself from grinning, your smile devoured by his lips, an angry kiss that was full of frustration. Steve missed you until you gave in, lips melting between his, a pretty push and pull that had enough fight behind it that it made him groan. You let him back you up against the side of Dig Dug, the buzz of the electronics inside making your skin fizz, Steve’s open mouthed kisses down your neck doing the same. 
It’s why you’d started wearing dresses to work, skirts, all flowy and short, easily pulled up in the same way that Steve was doing now. His hands wandered easily, more than used to what you liked, what you wanted, how you felt against him. One hand was on the nape of your neck, keeping your mouth against his, the other trailing fire up your bare thigh. You were just as ready for it all, fingers fisting his hair, pulling him closer as if to prove some kind of point. Steve was pressed up against every inch of you, already half hard from the way you whined when he nipped at your bottom lip. 
“Someone who can turn you on like this,” Steve finally answered, breathless as he was cocky. His fingers slipped under the cotton of your underwear, barely ghosting over your slit but you were wet enough that he moaned alongside you. “Shit, honey, already so needy, huh?” He tutted, all mock condescension, his nose nuzzling against your cheek as he grinned. 
“You’re so fucking annoying,” you told him, but your breath was a little weak, wrecked by lust and you were still clinging onto Steve as he continued to tease two fingers over your folds. 
Steve hummed, barely able to keep himself from laughing. It was a warm wash of hair over your neck, another kiss to your jaw. His fingers explored further, Steve cooing softly when you brought one foot up to press against Space Invaders, spreading yourself wider for him. Steve had you pressed between to arcade machines, hardly hidden, but far away enough from the one working camera above the cash register. 
“You like it,” he reminded you, coaxing another pretty noise from your lips as he rubbed softly over your clit. It was a slow tease, something you both rarely had time for, but Steve seemed intent on proving himself today. “Don’t you? C’mon, princess, you’re usually so chatty for me. Don’t you wanna tell me how much you like it?”
You weren’t sure what Steve was referring to anymore, if he wanted to know that you liked it when he teased you, or if you liked what he was doing to your cunt, those slow, lazy circles on your clit that was making a mess of his hand. 
You whined, impatient and bratty and not wanting to give in. So you curled a hand around Steve’s wrist instead, silently telling him he better not stop. But the boy tsked, a disapproving sound that still made your cunt clench down on nothing, and shit, maybe Steve could tell because he was smirking even wider than before. 
“D’you think Logan could make you feel like this?” Steve cooed, voice dropping an octave, a raspy, warm thing that made you shiver. “Hmm? Think he could touch you this good? I make you come real hard, don’t I princess? Tell me.”
You were panting, eyebrows pinched together, body lazy against Steve’s as you trusted him to keep you upright. You knew the boy wanted an answer, wanted you to give in and beg and plead all pretty, doing everything he could to get your voice that breathy way he loved. 
“You’re- you’re alright,” you tried to tease but you sounded pitchy and desperate, fingers scratching through Steve’s hair just to drop and cling to his shoulders instead. 
Steve grinned when he kissed you, a bruising thing that was meant to make you back down but you licked your tongue over his with as much heat as he did. It wasn’t a secret Steve could make you come. Shit, he could make you come embarrassingly fast, his fingers and tongue well acquainted with every part of you now. His ego was far from bashed at your words, he knew what he did to you, ‘cause you did the same to him. Still, he frowned, a mocking pout on his lips as he tried to pretend you hurt his feelings. Instead, his cock jumped in his jeans, pressing against the denim and he tried his best not to rut against your thigh. 
“Try again, honey.” Steve’s fingers fell away from your clit only to dip inside of you, two curled up just right, thick and stretching you out. His voice was sugar, syrup, sticky sweet and falling onto your skin. “C’mon, I know you wanna be good for me.”
And you did. But old habits die hard so you grinned and cupped Steve’s crotch, palming over the denim until you could wrap your fingers around the outline of his hard cock. You watched his eyes flash and his nostrils flare at your touch, hips jutting forward like he couldn’t help himself. 
“I dunno - mmph - think I could be good for a guy who took me out.”
Steve’s mouth dropped, lips parting and eyes going a little hazy, both at your touch and his words. He leaned in, fingers slowing, a lazy drag in and out, hitting all the right spots and making you squirm. His forehead touched yours, breath fanning over your cheeks and you could smell his cologne, that expensive stuff that now clung to your pillowcases, the jacket you wore the night before when he had you pressed into the backseat of his car. 
“Yeah?” Steve groaned, nose bumping yours, eyes fluttering shut ‘cause you were squeezing the hard length of him, smiling every time his cock twitched in your hold. Still, he didn’t make a move to undo his jeans, happy to let you tease him despite the way he thumbed over your clit. “You wanna go on a date w’me, princess?”
“I didn’t say that,” you panted, always wanting an argument. Your eyes fluttered closed, a fight to keep them open as Steve hooked his fingers and rubbed little circles inside of you. “So full of yourself, Harrington.”
Steve grinned, liking the bite, the fight, the bitchy, bratty side of you that kept him hard as a fucking rock. He kissed at your cheek, sweeter than you deserved. “I think you’ll find you’re full of me, sweetheart.” 
You would’ve rolled your eyes, maybe even snarked back, but Steve sped up his movements and put more pressure on your clit, heat hooking in your stomach and windingwindingwinding. 
“Want you inside me,” you said instead, a whimper clawing at your throat, your hands pulling at Steve’s jean button. “Like, right now.”
Steve let out a noise that was a mix between a moan and a whine; a needy, wrecked thing that only made you even more desperate for him. He’d had you every way bar that, had his fingers and mouth and tongue discovering every part of you, in the back of his car, in the staff room, the store cupboard, your bedroom when your parents left for the weekend. 
But something always happened, time ticked too fast, condoms were lost from impatient fingers behind towers of boxes, police officers shone flashlights into windows and co-workers banged on locked doors. But now. Now…
“You’re - oh shit - you’re tryin’ to distract me from my point,” Steve argued weakly, his eyes closing as you shoved his jeans out of your way and pushed your hand into his boxers. He was hot and hard and leaking, finger barely able to wrap around the girth of him but he hissed at your touch. “We were having a discussion, princess - fuck me, do that again - about, ‘bout a date.”
You pulled the boy into you, pushing up to your toes, up against Steve, your free hand fisting the collar of his T-shirt until he took the hint and kissed you. Hands still played with the other, slow teases that faster and more precise the more your lips touched. 
“Fuck me,” you whispered, a salacious plead that made your body flush with heat but Steve just threw his head back and let you nip at his throat. 
“You’re gonna kill me,” he muttered, fingers slipping from your cunt, leaving wetness against your thigh as he grabbed at you, hitching your leg higher up his hip. He ground into you, pushing his cock further into your hand, crushing his hips into yours. Your dress slipped up, the pretty fabric bunching between you, showing off the wet patch on the front of your underwear and Steve swore down he blanked out, just for a second. “Tell me you wanna go on a date with me, honey. Admit it and I’ll give you whatever you fucking want.”
You weren’t ready to lose this game, this fight. Not yet. So you doubled down and let out a soft whine, a pretty, girlish sound that matched the way you looked up at Steve from beneath your lashes, doe eyed and lips parted, your mouth a pink, pouty thing from all his kisses. You felt his cock throb in your hand and you gave him a little squeeze before you spoke. 
“Don’t you wanna fuck me?” You were whispering, still pressed between the arcade machines and up against Steve, both of you bathed in ultraviolet light. Dig Dug still beeped for attention, an incessant noise, but Steve’s choppy breaths were louder. “Because I want you to fuck me so bad, Steve. Please?”
He groaned, head ripping forward in defeat so you taste the sound on your lips, his teeth nipping at your jaw, your throat. He was losing it, losing the game, losing the fight, losing control. Steve rolled his hips into yours, nudged his nose at your cheek and waited until you met his gaze. His eyes were hooded, darker than ever, burnt caramel under thick lashes. 
“Say ‘please’ again for me,” he murmured, lips brushing over yours, an almost kiss, but you could taste his words and they were spun sugar, they were dripping in sin. “Shit, princess, say ‘please’ again.”
So you smiled, saccharine sweet, pecking at Steve’s lips once, twice before you whispered, “please fuck me, Steve.”
It all happened fast after that, Steve fumbling in his wallet for a condom, the packet falling to the floor before you stepped on the foil, hands pulling at Steve’s boxers, at your own underwear. Cotton and lace got stuffed into Steve’s pocket, his lips kissing a trail over your thighs as he held you pull them off, everything about it messy and frantic. He took a quick lick through your folds while he was on his knees, rough and deep enough that you gasped out, legs buckling, dragging him back up to by his hair to kiss you. He grunted as you licked the taste of yourself off his tongue, his hands grabbing at your waist almost too tight before he told you:
“Turn ‘round, honey.”
The pet names were falling from his mouth too easily, coated in affection because he was too caught up in the way you spun for him, hands braced ok the arcade machine, back arched for him. Even when he called you ‘princess’ now, it was with a fondness that he’d managed to hide before.  
“Fuck, that’s it,” he praised, smoothing a hand over your ass, bringinf your dress up to fist it at your lower back, holding you as he tugged at his cock, once, twice, and gave you the first inch. “Jesus Christ, look at you.”
He was a stretch, something you’d anticipated, because every time you took Steve’s cock in your mouth, your jaw ached and it was a messy, sloppy thing. But Steve loved it, cooing and praising you for every inch you could take, telling you how pretty you looked and now was no different. He palmed at your ass as he slid in a little more, pulling at your cheeks so he could watch the way your pussy sucked him in, pink and pretty and wet. 
He was gone. 
“Yeah, fuck, takin’ my cock so well, honey, does that feel good?” He was rambling, words tripping from his lips too fast, punctuated with harsh pants as he smoothed a comforting hand down your spine. You could only nod and whine in response. “Fucking Christ, she’s such a pretty thing, so greedy, huh? Does she want more?”
Steve slipped a hand round your front, fingers trailing across the soft of your stomach, over the swell of your chest until he found the edge of your sundress and he could pull down the collar, fingertips pulling roughly at a nipple. “Tell me.”
You found your voice then, huffing out a moan before pulling Steve closer by the nape of his neck, your back crushed to his front, the rough denim of his jeans rubbing against your bare ass every time he rocked his hips into you. 
“More, yeahyeahyeah,” you told him, eyes closed, head thrown back against his shoulder so he could kiss and bite and suck at your neck. You were going to be a mess tomorrow, skin littered in six shades of purple because of Steve fucking Harrington. “Harder, Steve.”
He did as you demanded, hand leaving your chest so he could drag it up to your neck and press his fingers to the skin there, firm enough that you got a little wetter, clenching around him as he held you against his chest, fucking up into you at a pace that was quickly making you fall apart. 
“Oh my god, shit, Steve—”
You felt him nod, cheek rubbing against yours sweetly, the beginnings of stubble scraping across your jaw and he kissed away the sting, his lips peppering over your cheek, your chin, your neck. “I know, I know, honey,” he groaned, his voice hoarse, ruined. He moaned out your name, a quiet thing just for you to hear. “Please tell me you’re close.”
You whined an agreement, hips pushing back against Steve’s so he could fuck into you deeper, your cheek leaning against the side of Dig Dug while Steve pounded you from behind. It made you feel a little hazy, body connected to Steve’s, the faraway noises of the arcade melting with the lights, the sound of skin on skin and your stuttered breaths. 
“Touch yourself,” Steve ordered, hips losing their rhythm. He was close. You could tell by the way his hand was clutching at your hip, still holding the hem of your dress as the blunt of his nails scraped over your skin, you could tell by the way he was whispering your name like a fucking prayer. “Touch that clit, honey, show her some love for me.”
You obeyed, too easily, the same way you did when you were on your knees for him and he told you he wanted to watch you touch yourself while he rubbed the head of his cock over your tongue. It was fucking awful, how easily you did what Steve asked. But your middle and pointer found the bundle of nerves and a livewire went through you, body electric, pulsing, buzzing, all with the slick slide of Steve’s hard length slipping in and out of you. You tensed up, jaw dropping, forehead thudding almost too against the game machine. 
“M’gonna come,” you managed to warn the boy, fingers running fast circles between your thighs. “Steve, I’m so fucking close.”
Steve didn’t waste any time, growling something filthy as he let his hand leave your neck to hold you round your tummy instead, hauling you back against him so he could feel every part of him pressed along your body. Hands sneaking over the soft of your stomach, cupping at your tits, lips kissing at your shoulders, nose nudging up behind your ear so he could groan softly into your hair as you clenched around his cock. 
“That’s it?” He murmured sweetly, too sweet for how he was grinding his dick into you. “There? Yeah, honey?”
You whined, murmuring your agreement as you clutched at his hands, doing your best to tangle your fingers with his so there was something to hold onto as you fell apart. You shattered, a noiseless scream leaving your throat as you fell forward, a hand planted against the buttons of Dig Dug and the screen flashed its scoreboard with yours and Steve’s name at the top. Steve tumbled over the edge soon after, a few quick pumps of his hips until he was spilling into the condom and groaning into the hair against your neck, your bodies slick and hot with exertion. 
It was a quiet, comfortable bubble when he finally slipped out of you, both of you catching your breaths. It was fuschia coloured, neon green and cyan blue, quiet and fuzzy, a bubble you didn’t want to pop. Steve got rid of what he needed to put in a trash can out back before he returned to help you back into your underwear, a kiss he couldn’t help give pressed to your knee as he slid the cotton back up your legs. Your dress was smoothed down, your hands petted at his wild hair and you both tried not to laugh at the marks on your necks, the glossy sheen of your swollen lips, the bright thing in both your eyes that could only come from a good orgasm and happiness. 
Steve cleared his throat as he pulled Logan Duncan’s phone number from his pocket once more. It was crumpled and scrunched, a little ripped and he squinted at it before showing it to you between two fingers. 
“So, I’ll pick you up at eight?” 
His cockiness was back, a confident question that he already knew the answer to because he was letting the piece of paper drop to the floor. You smiled, rolled your eyes and dropped all pretence of the game. 
‘What game?’ you thought. When did you stop pretending to hate Steve Harrington?
“You gonna come to my door? Meet my parents?” You asked, smug, excited. Nervous. “Gonna wine and dine me, Harrington?”
Steve grinned. 
Tumblr media
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elliesmainhoe · 7 months
Ellie Williams Headcanons: HouseWife!Reader
My Masterlist
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Ellie loved providing for you.
She took on all these gnarly tasks, patrols, dealing with trespassers and infected, do people always traded her the best of the best.
She loved coming home to you after a long day of patrol.
Loved seeing you sway to the radio in the pastel pink apron she'd found for you, humming along with the tune while you stirred your pot of stew that sat idly on the stove.
Enjoyed how pretty you were, loved looking at your pristine clothes, perfectly done up hair and simple makeup.
You were her certified arm candy. Ellie, always wearing dirty jeans an old ripped top and muck on her face she hadn't washed off yet, with you on her arm.
It's so funny to look at lmao
Tries to make you smoke a joint with her one night. You practically coughed your lungs up, did not go well.
She loves having baths with you. You often suprise her with a tub of foamy water, rose petals floating in the water and lit scented candles scattered around.
"Ellie!! Your home!!!" You squealed happily, rushing over and flinging yourself into her arms, throwing her a bit off balance before she could even close the front door.
"Yeah hi baby" she spoke, trying to steady herself and leaning down to press a brief kiss on your forehead.
"Come, come. I have a suprise for you~~~" you hummed happily tugging her along hand in hand up the carpeted stairs.
The bathroom door was still ajar, steam flooding out onto the landing. Her tight muscles relaxed immediately as the wave of warm air pushed against her rigid body.
"Ugh your such a sweetheart" she cooed, a stupid smile on her face.
"Mhm, I know", you giggle back at her and start stripping of the small floral patterned skirt that hung prettily against your frame and getting into the hot soapy water.
Your favourite thing is baking. You trade small baked confectioneries and pastries at your own stall. You loved making requests from children.
Dinosaur cookie?done. Astronaut themed cupcake? Absolutely.
You help at around the day care and elementary school, painting and reading with the toddlers.
You loved kids, and you really wanted your own. But due to yours and Ellie's situation you couldn't physically reproduce.
And that's why, the day that Ellie found an abandoned infant outside Jackson's walls while on patrol, you immediately took him under your wing.
When that little boy came into your life you whole perspective of the world changed.
The world was dangerous, Ellie would have to teach him to protect himself.
And you? You would have to be a mother. So many children grew up unnurtured and without maternal love. You could let that happen to your baby boy.
Inspired by the one and only @elskittie ❤️
Tumblr media
And omg thank you so much for 200 followers. I started this blog five days ago. That is seriously insane. I love you guys so much 😭😭
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frankenkyle19 · 2 months
can you write about frankenkyle and fem reader giving him shower and comforting him because he was scared of water 🥹
Absolutely! This was a quick little one because I leave to get on my plane in less than 48 hours and should be packing but am instead writing… oh well
Rubber Ducky 🧼
Tumblr media
Kyle didn’t put up a fight much if at all really. He let you do as you pleased to him. Dressing him, helping him eat and even tucking him in at night. But there was one thing Kyle absolutely hated and let it be very very known.
Baths. Showers. Water. He hated it. Maybe it was a result from his trauma, or maybe it just didn’t feel comfortable on his scarred, sewn together skin. Maybe a mix of both. But one thing was for sure- Every time he needed to get washed up, he put up a fight.
You tried to console him. Telling him it would be over soon, but he still cried and groaned, shaking his head as his doe brown eyes begged for you not to do it. You hated seeing him upset, but he really did need a wash. It had been far too long and he didn’t exactly smell pleasant.
You had tricked him into coming into the bathroom under false pretenses, saying that there was something cool you wanted to show him. You felt bad about this too, but it did work. You quickly shut the door behind him and stood in front of it, blocking his path if he tried to escape.
Now realistically, if he wanted to leave, he could. He was a lot stronger than you and could easily overpower you. Luckily, Kyle was a gentle giant and tried his best to be as careful as possible, not wanting to hurt a hair on your head.
His eyes widened in fear as he saw the bathtub half filled with water, soapy bubbles and a rubber ducky catching his eye. The bright yellow of the duck intrigued him a bit and he glanced back at you before nodding.
He clumsily took his shirt off before he looked at you for help with his pants. He trusted you completely, and though at times he was a bit jumpy, he knew you’d never do anything to hurt him. He trusted you. Loved you even, if his mind could understand and comprehend exactly what that meant.
You smiled softly and helped him slide off the rest of his clothing, leaving him stark naked in front of you. His body was a mismatch of parts, slightly varying in skin tone, scars lining each different piece of him. He still looked perfect to you though.
He tensed as he stepped into the tub, sitting in the water and looking back up at you for reassurance. You smiled softly and grabbed the rubber ducky in hand, showing it to Kyle who quickly took it, smiling a bit as he watched it float on the soapy water.
Once he was distracted, you carefully reached over and turned the shower head on, the spray startling Kyle who’s eyes went wide as he tried to back himself up into the corner of the tub away from it.
You turned it off as quickly as it had been turned on. Okay. He didn’t like that but seemed to accept sitting in the bath, so that’s what you’d do.
He calmed once again and played with the rubber duck, covering it in the soapy bubbles before splashing around it to make it appear again. His small laughs and mumbles made your heart ache (in a good way) seeing how much more comfortable he was becoming with everyday activities such as bathing.
Soon enough you had taken a washcloth and washed him off, handing it over to Kyle as he wanted to use it. But instead of using it on himself, the sweet boy began to wash off the rubber duck, wanting it to be just as clean as him. You then worked on his hair, which was the easiest part of this whole experience by far. He loved the feeling of your hands in his hair, nails massaging his scalp. It was heaven.
After the bath, you wrapped him in a towel and dried his damp curls with a blow dryer. He ran back to the tub, which confused you until you saw what he was doing. He carefully grabbed the rubber duck out of the water and used the edge of his towel to dry it off, smiling proudly at himself and holding up the duck triumphantly.
Each action from the zombie boy made your heart melt a little bit more.
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gogh-with-the-flow · 7 months
You know what? Fuck it uhhh
Slutty 141 headcanons
Feat @asterionex xoxo I love you bestie
Cw: absolute filth. Masochism. Cockwarming. Blood kink. Anal. When I say I'm a freak I mean it.
Price loves to use your mouth to keep his cock warm. He'll keep you kneeling under his desk for however long his paperwork takes. And don't you dare move or else he'll shove himself deeper down your throat and keep you there.
When the boys come home you know you're in for a long night. They fuck you like a starving animal, all open mouthed panting and barbaric groaning while they run themselves into you over and over again. You're absolutely plastered in cum by the time the sun is up. And when their fat balls are finally drained, they take you into the shower to clean you off. But running their hands over your wet, soapy body gets them hard all over again. And before you know it they're pushing themselves into your poor abused little hole again. And God help you, you let them. You let them use your body because you know they need it and they know you love it.
Soap is a switch. Argue with the wall. That man loves to make you cry just as much as he likes being made to cry by you.
Price is a switch in the way that when he's stressed and pent up, he loves it when you take control and let him lie back and watch you ride him. Deep down, he just wants to be taken care of.
Choke him with the collar and he'll be a wheezing, moaning mess
Soap pays for your nails so they look pretty wrapped around his neck (and cock)
Idk why but I just get the feeling that Price is mad flexible. Like he can do the splits. He's gotta keep his old man joints limber.
Hook Soap's collar up to a leach and shove your strap down his throat. He looks so pretty choking on it ugh.
Gaz loves taking your strap up his ass. He has such a pretty ass and he arches his back so nicely to throw it back on you. And when he's done, he'll bend you over and give it to you the same way.
Price likes to smoke his cigars when you go down on him. One hand holding the cigar he's puffing on, the other winding his fingers in your hair.
In the same vein, he likes to make you sit on his dick and keep it warm while he smokes. He won't let you move until he's done with his cigar. He'll hold you, back arched against him, thighs shaking begging to move because he's just so big and the size of him is making you so full, and he'll just ash his cigar on your shoulder and tell you to keep quiet and be patient.
Ghost smokes cigarettes and likes to put them out on your pretty thighs.
Ghost likes to stuff himself into you without any prep because he knows you love that sharp painful stretch of his cock. Fucking your ass without any lube, if you bleed a little that's even better. You cry at the feeling of him stirring up your guts. The size of him is almost too much to bear.
He likes the pain too. Raking your nails down his back while he pounds into you, breaking the skin and feeling the dampness of his sweat mix with his hot blood.
Gaz would make fun of you the whole time, degrading you while you're bent over speared on his cock and drooling on the pillow. "Aww poor baby, can't even talk. Tell me how good it feels, love. Use your words'' but all you can do is scream because your tongue is lolling out of your mouth and you can't feel your face anymore
Price is best at aftercare, followed by Gaz and Soap. Ghost depends on the day, sometimes he just likes to use your body, and you love it.
I hope you like Paris because Soap and Ghost are taking you to the eiffel tower all the damn time.
Sex with Soap and Gaz is always a little more lighthearted, both of them cracking jokes while balls deep inside you.
Gaz and Price together is all sensual. They know how to take their time with you, pulling orgasm after orgasm from you in every combination of the two of them.
Price and Ghost together are brutal. Between Ghost's roughness and Price's restraint, you're not walking properly for a while.
Gaz likes to fuck you in the shower. He likes the way the water runs down your naked body, making you all wet and shiny.
Did I mention Price loves cockwarming? Because he does. Price loves cockwarming. He'd wait until you're dripping down and around his thighs before he lets you move
You and Soap take turns being dominant. He's a brat. Sometimes you have to chain him up and sit on his face just to get him to behave. But when it's his turn, oh lord, does he give it back to you. His mouth is FILTHY, saying the nastiest shit you've ever heard while he pounds into you.
You love it when the boys hurt you. You'll take whatever they give you and you take it well.
Gaz looooooooooooves the taste of your pussy. He'll tie you down just to spend hours between your thighs and won't stop no matter how much you beg him to. He won't stop until he's eaten his fill and had dessert.
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