#looking through the ss apps like…
deus-ex-mona · 8 months
Tumblr media
when you can never forget… _(:3 」∠)_
#mad cringe 3am rant incoming pls stand by—#…so i found my enstars screenshots from 2018 and i don’t even remember half of them happening h e l p#there’s stuff like spamming for repayment fes event nazuna niichan till i had 0 dia left…#…and making ship birthday board things for the 2019 birthday events. i made leokasa and subahokke ones s o bs#and i think i saw a makoizu ss from the librarian event? the outfit + blushing seaweed head sure looks like it’s from that event#(tfw you’re the only one shipping this problematic ship lmao)#also speaking of enstars hi are there any other hokke recasting rejectors out there👀👀👀#hokke’s current va has been voicing him for much longer than his previous va ever did and i *still* can’t get used to his ‘new’ voice lmao#i remember benching his 5☆ so fast the moment i heard his ‘new’ voice post-recasting. sad times. initial hokke was my first 5☆ too…#but the most cringe memory i have of enstars is… downloading it thinking it was a haikyuu game bc subaru lowkey looks like hinata.#in my defence i couldn’t read japanese back then ok. i was so confused when they told me to pick an idol unit bc ‘where my volleyboys at???’#i really should’ve realised something was up when i saw hokke (or as i thought he was back then: haru from the swimming anime) appear smh#it took me like 2 months to get through the tutorial bc i was so confused. 0/10 experience; should’ve quit enstars on the first uninstall#but lmao i still have the og enstars app unupdated on my old phone. it still has the dumb 4th anni thing on the icon. time flies…#and well if you read this for some reason or other… go listen to ‘crush of judgement’ or ‘sei shounen yuugi’👀 they’re the best songs (imo)#also nazuna niichan is the bestest boy and prettiest boy and the cutest boy and have you seen his frozen ice card it’s so cute and aaaaaaa—#also now that that’s done can i talk about my 3.5 year long love live phase—#ok i think i got enough cringe out of my system for now.#tune in in a few hours for (maybe) more cringe tag blubbering about shin jidai this time (provided my dvd comes in today dhl p l s—)#it is suiyoubi my dudes#inedible blubbering
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kittyreed · 4 months
Hi I’m Kaitlin or kitty if you want. She/her . I’m from San Antonio area of Texas . Im 28 and I’m a closeted pansexual transgender girl . My picture is me but it’s edited with face app. Im on my way to becoming Kaitlin more and more everyday. I’m looking for friends here. Im not looking for any mistress or daddies or doms and all will be blocked .I have known I was a girl in a boys body since I was ten years old and have been in the closet since. I love video games, reading, fishing, cooking, and watching movies . I used to be a chef for about 7 years . I have a chihuahua named T she is cute and my lil pal. I live with my parents and older brother. My family are Christian and is the reason why I haven’t come out yet . I want to come out but I am going to do it all in my time and my way. I love my parents and I know when they find out I’m transgender they will be accepting but I know deep down I will know they will be uncomfortable and feel like they did something wrong. I love them too much to do that to them so that is something I’m working on trying to figure out . About 1 year ago I had back surgery and i now have pain from the surgery that prevents me from working a conventional job. I have spondylitis and adolescents degenerative disease as well as severe anxiety and depression. I’m working through my mental illness issues. As far as my back issues go I am able to walk just not as far as I used to be able to. I can do stuff but if I over do it, it will cause me lots of pain . I’m applying for government assistance to help me since I can’t work , but I’m resilient and a believer in positive thinking. I’m trying to improve myself daily both physically and mentally . My favorite color is purple, my favorite food is hot dogs, my favorite season is winter, and my favorite music is country but I’ll listen to just about anything. I dislike screaming music, rude and pushy people, bullies, and drugs . I am so glad and excited to get to know everyone and have amazing friends on here. If you’d like to add me on other platforms I’ll list them below but tumblr is where I spend most of my time. Thanks for reading my little summary of me. below is a list of my kinks and limits. have a beautiful day friends !!
Check out my Amazon wish list 👇 👇 👇
Phone for texting only: ask
Snapchat: kaitlinreed/kaitlin9408
Twitter: @ThatKittyReed94
Kik: Kaitlinreed
Tumblr:Kaitlin in the closet
Instagram: Kaitlinreed9408
Google chat/email: [email protected]
Kinks list
water sports, anal , oral, deep throating, pretty much anything to do with cum. Always wanted to fill a bathtub full and just take a bath in it. Bukkake, facials, love it when a guy cums on my face, sniffing panties armpits, humiliation, castration, toys, spit, public humiliation,gangbangs, gloyholes, k9 knotting, petgirl play, obviously anything feminization , bdsm, post orgasm torture, nipple play, clitty play, nibbling, ATM, cock and ball worship, real mistress not like the fake ones on tumblr, spankings, light pain
No scatt play
No drugs or smoking of any kind
No extreme pain
Nothing to cause permanent damage
Nothing that will out me to my friends or family before I’m ready to do so
No pay piggy or pay slave
No Tributes or giving of any personal info such as real full name, DOB, SS#, adress, ect.
Tumblr media
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k0kichiimagines · 9 months
I LOVE LOVE LOVE DOM RAY!! okay idk if im reading too much into things but i always took the hide & seek call to me him saying he's a mostly dom switch ‼️‼️ thats how i hc him, mostly dom but also a switch wouldn't mind subbing !!
anyways i had so many ideas for this, i have loads of saeran / ray smut in my notes app HAH, i picked this one though !!
[soft dom]ray x [afab, no prns]reader
cws : nsft!!
Oh, he is so addicted to you. Something about the way his name falls from your lips over and over again as you press your hips down against the two fingers he currently has thrusting in you at a steady yet uncertain pace. All he really needed was that little bit of encouragement, that way you looked at him so lustfully and begged him to, that was all he needed to get himself here. His face is in the crook of your neck, kissing your jaw, your neck, your collarbones, leaving red marks and soft bites - the evidence that you let him touch you.
“Ray. Ray I’m..”
He pulled back his face enough to observe your face, to meet your gaze with your half lidded eyes and flushed face. “Go on, let yourself.” You looked so beautiful to him, letting your head fall back as your fingers gripped the sheets, so unreal. The only light came from what moonlight peaked through the curtains and the soft honey glow of a bedside lamp, the light hitting you in such a way you were almost glowing. The thought of your senses being so utterly overwhelmed with him, him, and nothing but him made his heart hammer even quicker. “Good prince/ss”
He lifted his fingers to his lips, instantly deciding that you were sweeter then any elixir in more ways then one.
He ever so lightly pulled your face up to kiss you, lightly feathery kisses as he positioned his body to allow your legs on either side of him. He rested on his forearms, your hands on his arms, resting against him. He can feel the softness of those blankets and sheets he picked out for you, the satin thin ones and the thicker cotton ones in case you got cold. You’re laid out on the softest pillows he could find, everything in this room was hand picked for you. Nearly every action he does is in hopes you’ll like it.
“May I?”
“Please do.” He’s slow for the initial movement, breath hitching in his throat as your back arched slightly, your hips moving to bury as much of him in you as you could. He gives you a second, opening his mouth to ask if you’re alright, if you want him to wait if- “Please, please move.” Your voice is his quiet command, and he thrusts his hips, flushing at the sounds of your reactions to his movements. Your legs wrapped around him, hands around his neck and in his hair as he lightly holds your hips. He lifts them slightly, experimentally, he’d be too embarrassed to admit he’d done research, but he had, and the gasp you let out at the deeper angle made that all nighter so so worth it to him.
He slipped a pillow under your hips, giving him his hands free once more to hold your waist, to give your breasts a gentle squeeze, to touch you so softly everywhere. Your name tumbled from his lips, “my [name]”.
A rougher thrust that hit right in your g-spot has your fingers digger tighter in his hair, mumbling semi coherent pleads for him to do that again, and again, and again. He obliged each time, to every request and beyond. You so very quickly felt your second orgasm of the night building, and again he encouraged you towards it, the way your walls fluttered and clenched against him as your pretty voice rang in his ear bringing him to his own orgasm, burying his face in the crook of your neck, his breath hot against your skin, his hand reaching to hold yours. Something so innocent and sweet during such a lewd moment.
“I simply adore you.” And then something else, something you couldn’t quite catch but sounded so very close to ‘I love you’, so close that you responded with your own three words.
A minute to rest. And then he pulls out from you, peppering your face in kisses, caressing your cheek, get you comfortable and then pulling a blanket over the both of you. You were tired, legs shaky as you rolled into his arms. He’ll only sleep for a bit, and then he’ll run you a bath. He’ll clean the sheets. It’s no trouble. He just wants to hold you right now
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ao719 · 1 year
To the anon who sent the ask about Storyloom, I accidentally deleted it from my inbox🙈 But I was able to grab a SS from my email, lol. I’ll try to answer these as best as I can.
Tumblr media
Is it an app?
Right now, no. From my understanding, it will be, but right now for the beta, it’s through a website.
Will you create some stories?
At the moment, I’m not planning on it.
Are we allowed to use Choices assets/characters to create our own Choices sequels like short stories or continuations of TRR, OH, TE, BB, NB, COP, PM,... (just naming a few)
From what I can tell as far as using assets, I think so. I created a “Test” story just to get into the creator part. There’s a section to add characters and outfits, and if you hit “upload” you get this:
Tumblr media
It has to be a PSD file. And the Character Asset Template gives you this to go off:
Tumblr media
As far as creating your own spin-offs to choices stories and using the characters from those books, I’m not sure. There was a tips section that was showing how to add characters, and I noticed all of the ones they showed as examples in the “my collection” tab were the Choices characters, not the anime style ones:
Tumblr media
This is why I said I think you might be able to, but I’m not 100% sure. I did reach out and ask them about that and about creating spin-offs of Choices books because I did see some posts where others were wondering that, so we’ll see if they respond.
They do have assets of their own that you can choose from for outfits, art, and music. Right now, it says they’re all free to use, but I’m not sure if they will cost anything when they actually launch it.
These are just some of the selections for the outfits (depending on the body type you choose):
Tumblr media
These are some of the options for the backgrounds. They’re pretty much the same from Choices but look more like sketch versions of the originals:
Tumblr media
And here are some of the options for music. I listened to a few of them and they’re the same music from the Choices books:
Tumblr media
It says in their help section that you currently cannot add your own music, sounds, or backgrounds, but they’re working on making those options available.
What books are available to read?
Currently, there are six stories, and they are all ones that were added to the site by Pixelberry themselves. They appear to be knock off’s of their own Choices stories, lol.
Tumblr media
Is creating a story hard/complicated?
I didn’t really attempt to create a story, so I can’t say. I just created the “Test” one to get into the creator part of it to poke around, but I didn’t try to actually put anything together. From what I can see, it doesn’t seem like it would be too difficult.
Tumblr media
Do you like Storyloom?
I can’t really say, lol. I’ve only read one chapter of one of their available stories just to see what it was (it was like TRR meets The Freshman), and other than getting into the creator part today to be able to try and answer this ask, I haven’t done anything else with it 🤷‍♀️
Hope some of this was helpful!
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captnjacksparrow · 11 months
So, I don't know if social media likes to watch the world burn.. But.. Whenever I'm tryna enjoy my FreeTime on the internet, like surfing through things I like and stuff.. Whatever social media I'm using (excluding Tumblr) always add things on my feed that makes my blood boil and ruins the rest of my day. Because Pinterest is that type of media. I be tryna enjoy SNS contents then Pinterest adds SS and NH bs on my feed! 😭😭😭 I remove those things but they keep coming back!! At this point it's not those nightmares of ships, It's Sakura! I HATE THAT GIRL TO THE VERY CORE. Then whenever I surf on Quora or whatever, it's the same thing but stupid, delusional SS stans doing false analysis to support their sorry ship. It makes me mad and at the same time it gives me a headache because of the amount of stupidity those SS stans have..
Do you relate at all?? I just want to know thanks!
LOLOL. Been there done that.
If only Internet had been little bit merciful to the Actual Facts rather than those garbage ships, then I wouldn't be here writing about this series, you know... Instead I would have sat back, read Quora, relax and chill.
There was this day I was opening Private mode in my mobile browser to look for something related to Naruto. My Colleague teased me that, “I almost thought Naruto is a porn media which you kept on obsessing about even in the Workplace because you are frequently using Private Mode”... LOL. My Embarrassment. 
Naruto content in Internet is all about Sakura and Hinata... As if none of the other characters existed at all... Everywhere I go I find these characters and it makes my mood even worse.
So, I stopped using any other apps for Naruto related Content except for Tumblr.
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bcacstuff · 9 months
People still believe he was with a woman at the theater? No evidence for that at all still. This follow is likely business or common follow possibly friend of his new SW whisky manager. IG gives celebs suggested follows just like everyone else. Maybe he will try to meet girls through friends instead of app for a change?
I agree on 50%, the other 50% I'm still making up my mind up about 😛
Not a follow because of his new SW manager, he doesn't even follow her, nor does the SS account, or his business partner. They didn't even like or comment on her SS cap post! And she is not following RS or AlphaSights!
So, 24 yo, looking like a model, though BA in economics and fulltime job....
About the company she works for
Tumblr media
Her job involves operationalizing, scaling, and commercializing new services
Uhm, meet girls through his friends? Like AM and the Nics? How well that went 😂 He needs the chat in DMs 😉 I keep it at his most popular app starting with an R!
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twigwing · 1 year
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
just collecting some of my misc orv tweets for my self-interested archiving / your viewing pleasure, if you’d like. raw text below the cut
image 1: from what i've seen i feel like kdj & yjh having game related occupations is sorely underused. just imagining them playing a game together and it is hands down the worst experience. yjh is naturally good at games and kdj's job was to break them. there would be blood // alternatively or maybe even simultaneously, kdj discovering a game-breaking bug and yjh instantly mastering using it, thus spawning a highly competitive kimco speedrunning leaderboard 
image 2: hsy and yjh are both steeped in a deep sense of longing for life and comfort but neither of them would readily admit it especially in the presence of the other and would actively attack the other for their respective longings, i think. what are you some kind of softy? tch // "oh are you yearning? are you longing for a life unlike your own, lived comfortably, surrounded by love and a sense of peace? pathetic." (begrudgingly affectionate) 
image 3: in my random scene rereadings i think a rly understated part of orv from my first read is how goddamn funny dokja's mom is. i was too busy feeling menaced to really appreciate her writing // "my dokja seems to like unhealthy children" this woman is a RIOT 
image 4: i gotta sit down to reread orv in full cuz i’m currently doing that thing i do where i reread specific scenes in increasingly more donked up order to the point of getting way too good at navigating a chapter list to locate One Specific Line and it’s just a rly weird relationship // kim dokja rereads his favourite story from start to finish. i reread my favourite stories like i’m picking out loose papers from a recycling bin. we are not the same // i will say tho jumping through orv via a game of word/thought association really makes you feel like a crazed animal in need of a vet visit and a few shots. recommend // QRT: HELP ME [attached is an image of a Discord message that reads: Pardon my phone edit; with a modified section of the novel reading: With that resolution Rook continuously read ORV. He read, read, and read it again.
image 5: i wish lee hyunsung got more attention in the novel. i think post-canon lee gilyoung should share the comics he likes with him and lee hyunsung discovers some joy in reading that way. i think it would be a nice new and gentle part of his life. he deserves it // actually i need to reread orv so i can pay better attention to the scenes lee hyunsung is in so i can turn post-canon lhs around in my mind cuz ss doesn’t love him like i do // in my current personal opinion i think a fundamental misunderstanding of lee hyunsung’s character arc is that he would ever stay in the military post-canon. i don’t think he would. i think he’d kinda end up like y[covers my mouth to muffle the epilogue spoilers] // at a glance lee hyunsung as a character is the typical heart of gold dumb of ass tank with little (surface) depth past that. and that’s why i like him i love that type of character. there’s depth here it’s disorganized in my mind rn but i’m gonna run at him with intent 
image 6: i’ve been writing out random little scenes in my notes app cuz otherwise my head is just too full thoughts many. greatest hits include hsy threatening yjh with hair dye and yjh making soup // idk if this sprawling post-canon notes app fic will ever see the light of day but i love this part [attatched is an image of white text on a black background that reads: “hey you.” yoo joonghyuk looks up from the book he was reading to the sight of lee gilyoung standing ominously in the doorway he raises an eyebrow at him. “what is it?” he doesn’t move from his spot. “do my homework for me so i can go visit dokja hyung.” yoo joonghyuk turns back to his book. “no.” “uuuuggggggghhhhhhh.”
image 7: orv epilogue spoilers but it's, ... one thing that haunts me the most about the epilogues is it isn't clear in ch 543 between hsy and ysa which one has the iced americano and which one has the peach smoothie. i think either is possible and i need to know. it's important to me // like it doesn't matter it does Not matter but i think a stupid amount about it. my kneejerk assumption is ysa has the americano and hsy has the smoothie to contrast their personalities(y'know) but also the reverse is equally as likely EITHER WORK FOR ME. AND I JUST I GOTTA KNOW // ysa probably has it. shes described twice in the novel drinking coffee and she's very much a coffee type character. but it specifically being an ICED americano i'm like hang on that's more specific and more palatable to someone who doesn't like coffee cuz it's a shitton of water // it's also simply "iced Americano" there's no mention of like milk sugar syrup or anything which doesn't mean it isn't there but most likely it's straight. but ysa offers to buy Her a drink and it would be a very hsy move to make her buy an expensive smoothie over a cheap coffee // BUT hsy seems like the type that would get coffee just for the caffeine because her life is a fucking nightmare. but idk if she would get it black since she seems to have an affinity for sugar. she'd def Add milk /& sugar but at that point i think she'd be more of a latte person // but ultimately i just think it'd be cute for hsy to have the peach smoothie. i like her
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friendraichu · 1 year
Pokémon Shining Pearl Review
Tumblr media
I'm actually quite pleased with the Sinnoh remakes. They are more like remasters than previous generations' remakes, but I think that's what I like about them.
I was initially disappointed like a lot of folks that it wasn't going to get the Sword and Shield treatment in terms of visual reimagining and world design, but the back-to-basics style is really refreshing. (And the chibi style has admittedly grown on me).
Tumblr media
Other than some general quality-of-life tweaks and optional content in the game getting a rework (Underground and Contests), this feels very much like how it originally felt to play Diamond and Pearl.
Tumblr media
Of course some people aren't going to like that, which I totally get. But with so many people in recent years harping on the new features introduced into Pokémon battles (Mega Evolution, Z-Powers, Dynamaxing), I think folks who dislike the "gimmicky" feeling of recent games might enjoy this one.
Tumblr media
Now art style all comes down to personal taste, so if you can't get past the chibi style you'll probably skip this one anyway.
Things I love:
Just being back in Sinnoh again 🥲
A return to the basic mechanics of Pokemon, a more simplified experience
Walking with Pokemon!!
The Underground is back and better than ever, I missed it so much
Contests and poffin making return!
HMs are all TMs now, and can be used in the field without your Pokemon needing to learn them! No more HM slaves!
You can access your Boxes anywhere
Ball Capsules have returned and there are more ways to access Stickers (AKA Seals) than before!
You can grow berries in the wild again
Pokétch is back!
The map now has a toggle to show where berries are growing, as well as three views of Honey Trees (trees, slathered trees, and shaking trees)
A variety of Pokémon can be found in the Grand Underground, especially helpful when looking for a fire-type that isn't Ponyta
Tumblr media
Things I don't like:
Pokétch doesn't have the two-way buttons like it did in Platinum, so you need to cycle through the whole thing if you want to go back to a previous app.
Pokemon Daycare is now Pokemon Nursery, can no longer level up idly
Dowsing Machine is still tied to the Pokétch and is very primitive and hard to use compared to recent games
Walking Pokemon don't have unique responses to locations and weather like they did in HG/SS.
Exp share is now a built-in mechanic that can't be turned off
Walking Pokemon sizes aren't to scale, so bigger Pokemon look weirdly small
Can't dress up your Pokémon for contests anymore
In-battle models for NPCs are kinda bland with weak facial expressions
Appearance changes are only based on specific outfits you purchase, cannot change appearance otherwise
Tumblr media
No doubt that nostalgia is coloring my perception of this game quite a bit. Pearl was the first Pokémon game I ever played when I was 10, so this feels very much like a homecoming to me.
Tumblr media
Taking that into account, I'm gonna give this game an 8.5/10 for me personally, and a 6.5/10 for the average player. Unless you're a diehard Sinnoh fan like me, this game might not be worth $60 to you. Mine was a gift, and I don't see anything wrong with pirating it if you wanna give it a try. (And if you'd like to see a more professional review from someone who admired the game the way I did, read Polygon's review)
Tumblr media
All in all, this game is far from perfect, but I love it anyway.
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mishkakagehishka · 9 months
Hi Korka!! I hope this ask goes through properly given that I'm at school ^^;
Anyway~ Could you explain some of the basic mechanics of Blackstar Theater Starless to me? I vaguely know what I'm doing but not really, so I thought I'd ask ya~ Thankies in advance ^-^
(I'm enjoying the game so far, too!!! Rindou's group is my favorite but I dunno if that'll change over time skfjsjfkl)
Hii!! I have to type all this again bc, as I was finishing up, my app crashed;;;; so idk, this might be a bit more weirdly-worded since I'm a bit angry, but I hope everything still makes sense. I'll put it under a readmore to not clog up the dash :> I'll tell you a bit about the tabs, rehearsals, performances and upgrading your cards, but feel free to ask me ab any specific area you're having troubles with! Also, I think you should have some beginner's missions, I don't remember most of them, but if you need help with any, just tell me what it says, and I'll do my best to help!
Anyway, I'll start with the tabs and go from left to right with them, so, first, the home page.
Tumblr media
Here, you can see everything, on top your heroine level, the amount of torepo (orange meter) and chikepo (blue meter) you have, your dia and eeru (the yen-looking symbol, non-premium currency). The letter right below the heroine level is your heroine status, this changes daily depending on how active you are, and gives you rewards depending on which status you're in (from C to SS). The four icons on the left are your cast's ranking, news, the present box and challenges. You get six challenges per day, and you have 25 days to do them, so there's no rush, but they can rack up <- person who hasn't logged in in two weeks and now has a bunch of them left. You can access the event pages through the swiping "current happenings" thingy in the lower corner, and the speech bubble is stuff like "new follower", "event start/over", "unread stories" etc. You can't decorate your homescreen :( but when you log-in you'll be greeted by whoever you put as your main on your profile. If you tap at the BG when it's empty, you can get a randomised chat and that character will show up for a few seconds. If you tap them, they give you some voicelines :) Anyway, the day resets at 5am JST rather than midnight, so that's about 15min from now!
Tumblr media
Then, rehearsals. You can swipe through any song, whether it was an event or regular, and rehearse it. The number on the left end of the yellow banner is the sum of your chosen cast's levels for that song, so your song level. Rehearsals will automatically choose the original cast for the song, but you can manually pick out whoever you want - which is something you should do if your strongest cards for a song aren't the original cast members, as whether you have character A at level15 or not won't matter if that character is not part of your team </3 The song's total level will influence how many beats will be missed when you play on automode, so it's good to have a good level, I'd say 50 is about fair. You can choose how much torepo you want to spend on a rehearsal with the orange button on the bottom left. If you want to level intimacy or unlock talks, I suggest playing on 10, but if you're grinding the song level or your heroine level, I suggest playing at max you can. When rehearsing, watch for the arrows and exclamation marks. You rehearse by tapping on the icon of the cast member of your choice, and the bigger the arrow by a quality (intimacy marked by a heart, talks with another member's icon, song level by a note), the more EXP for it you get, and exclamation marks mean that, choosing that member, you get a bigger chance for a synchro or VS event which give even bigger boosts to the level.
For the performances, when you click on that tab, you'll have 2-3 more tabs on the left side of the screen - the bottom tab will give you reminiscence songs (past event songs, collab songs, story songs) which you can play with pink reminiscence tickets to unlock extra stories or get event items. Currently the top tab, but during events the middle tab, are the regular songs you get daily challenges for and can play with the blue chikepo, and, during events, the extra top tab gives you the current event song(s) that you can play with chikepo.
Tumblr media
When you choose a song, you'll choose a support card (often a friend's, but you can choose a random user's, too), and then see this screen. The number circled in purple is your skill level with the cast you chose on this song. On regular songs, you have two blue-pointed settings for your cast: the first one is the automatically-chosen cast, your cards that will give you the best score, and the second is the song's original cast. On event songs, you also have a third team, which assembles your best cards that will boost the points and items you get when playing the event song. The red-circled button toggles autoplay, when it's bright blue, autoplay is on. During autoplay, the only thing you can (and should) do is set off the skills - you can just at the start of the song swipe downwards and hold a card's icon to automatically set off its skill whenever the skill bar is full. Also, I'm gonna tell you this despite the fact that it sounds obvious since it took me about a month to realise, but when you see something like this
Tumblr media
Just because they're single beats, doesn't mean you have to tap them individually. If notes are close enough together, you can just swipe across
Tumblr media
Now, the story tab has three categories to it: The event stories (further categorised into the years each event took place in), the main story (categorised by season), and cast stories (categorised by cast member, and then separated into talks and card stories). You can get dia by reading event stories and most cast stories, but not from the main story, unless you're reading specifically the chapters you've unlocked during a chapter-release event. To unlock event stories, you have to complete the event song missions, and to get cast stories, you level up intimacy, log-in after having met them in the main story, and collect cards. 4*s have 2 chapters, 5*s have 4 chapters, and you unlock the 1st by pulling the card, but you need to level the card's skill to unlock the other chapter(s).
I can't say much ab the gacha, since it's the gacha. You have event gachas (and reruns happen often for the seasonal events, for example, if it's a Halloween event, you'll be able to pull from past Halloween event gachas, too), the regular dia gacha and the "thanks" point gacha, you get those points by lending your support card and using your friends' support cards. The dia and event gachas don't give you a discount on the 10pull, but they give you a guarantee for a 4* or higher. The rates for a 5* is 3%, but, tbh, you'll use more 4*s than 5*s.
Tumblr media
Now, the menu is also separated into three: the cards stuff, the organisation and status, and "others". From left to right, top to bottom - cards list, team list (where you can check the cast's bios and intimacy levels, who's in which team, songs, cards and stories), card upgrading screen, card discarding screen. For discarding cards - I discard 1*s and 2*s, doubles of my 3*s and doubles of my fully-skilled-up 4*s. I'd also discard doubles of my fully-skilled-up 5*s, but, no such luck yet (clenches fist). Discarding cards gives you levelling items, and discarding a 3* or higher gives you skill pieces. Regarding upgrades, I suggest upgrading 4*s, but 5*s before any 4*. If you're grinding an event, it'd also do you good to upgrade any 3* you might get from the event gacha (as well as the 4*, of course), because even a 3* goes a long way. When you choose what card you want to upgrade, the screen looks like this:
Tumblr media
Again, three tabs: level, chance and skill. You need eeru for all three. For level, you also need badges, which ones you need depends on the card. I used a Halloween event card as an example, so the badges needed are Halloween 2021 badges - which you can get by replaying the Halloween 2021 song in the reminiscence tab, and that's how it is for any event card. For regular cards, you need badges you can get from just playing regularly, though badges can be a chore to grind sometimes. For chance, you need chance stars - chance boosts item drop, I believe. As for skill, you need a skill-up star or a double of the card. It's pretty difficult to get skill-up stars, but, either way, it's not impossible to unlock those story chapters if you don't get lucky on the gacha more than once or don't feel like grinding the event. You can see your cards' stats in the top, and you can see what your stats will be once you level certain aspects.
Then, in the organisation and status, you have performance team organisation, inventory, shop, friends, profile and status. The status is your heroine status, as on the homepage. The shop is where you can buy dia and items, and exchange challenge points, cast cards or skill pieces. On your profile, you can set your "main oshi" and your "oshi cast", your message, change your username or the names you go by in the story, and set your badges. You can also copy your ID from the profile list. On the friends page, you can check your followers and who you follow, and on the third page you can copy your ID and paste someone else's ID. If you'd like my ID, feel free to ask, or send me yours :>
On the "others", you have settings, help/FAQ, your dia acquisition and spending history, support, and "mini games". In the settings tab, you have the option "データ引継ぎ", there you can connect your data to an Apple ID, a Twitter account, or a good ol' fashioned code+password. The code will be a bunch of numbers, and the pass will be a hiragana sequence, so it's best to write it down somewhere. As for the minigames, you have two categories - for the top one, you input words or phrases that fit the prompt, and get some goodies. I'll rb a post that had some recent codes, so you can give it a shot! The second one is a recent addition, there was some check-in campaign in Kyoto? Like, you go to a location, and get a stamp - idk tbh since I'm not anywhere near Kyoto;;;;
Aaand that's about all that comes to mind? If you have any specific questions ab anything, I repeat, feel free to ask away! This is just mostly a basic how-to for a little bit of everything. And! Rindou and Team P! They're honestly such a cool team, and their songs are cute! Good taste, Rindou is among the more chill characters, as far as I've seen :D
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dramaqueeenamby · 2 years
Waves: Quarantine
A/N: It's been way too long since I've done something for the Wavesverse, and I apologize deeply. I have a few requests related to this series to complete, but I couldn't knock this idea.
Words: 4K
Warnings: None
Tags: @babe-im-bi @notacamelthatsmywife @missyperle @queenoftheworldisdead @tashawar @valkryienymph @letsshamelessqueen-m @hello-therree @mani-lifes @liquorlaughslove @toni9 @koko-michelle @theequeenofcurses @taylortheeshowpony
Tumblr media
Summer placed her phone inside of the mount and made sure that it was secured before she sat back in her bed, getting comfortable with the mass of pillows supporting her back, and smiling tentatively. “Hi, guys.”
Someone tell me this isn’t a joke???? Please???
She lives!
Sis, blink twice if you need help.
Summer rolled her eyes. “Ya’ll better stop. I know it’s been a minute since I’ve hopped on live, but it hasn’t been that damn long.”
Summer continued to read the comments where more than a few people pointed out she hadn’t gone live on Instagram in over three months. Her mouth dropped. “Ya’ll lying. It has not been almost six months, has it?” She placed her hand over her mouth when people started dropping dates in the comments. “Okay, I stand corrected. Damn, I’m sorry, guys.”
Don’t be sorry, bestie. Do better!
Damn, ya’ll are so entitled. Celebrities have lives too.
What life? We all been in quarantine.
Rich people quarantine be different from us poor folks, I guess.
“So that’s actually one of the things I wanted to talk about.” Summer cleared her throat. “And I’m going to try really hard to make sure I word what I want to say as clear and as effective as I can, but I know this is still going to end up as a salacious headline. So, it is what it is.”
Oooh, Summer about to drop some tea.
I don’t see her wedding ring, ya’ll…..
I’m scared omg.
Watch this be nothing but a role announcement.
She shrugged and took a deep breath. “Okay, so a few days ago, I did the Buss It challenge, after being harassed by Sanda. And can I just say that filming was a challenge in and of itself? Not necessarily the movements but preparing? I’ve got two kids, twins, who are like the Tasmanian devil. I was literally up at 3 something in the morning trying to record it because my wild children won’t let me be great.” She chuckled. “Kids are something else.”
Summer truly jumped through hoops and was a damn near acrobat trying to figure out when she could not only get herself done up but actually record the challenge. Being the perfectionist that she was didn’t help, but the fact that she couldn’t recall the last time she’d put on makeup and dressed up was a whole other fiasco.
Quarantine definitely brought out her bum side.
“All of that aside, I truly was satisfied and happy with the final product when I posted it. In hindsight, I should have just left it that, but I wake up every day and choose chaos, so I decided to read the comments.” She blew out a breath. “One of the most frequent comments and really, insults, I’ve received my whole career. Primarily, since I was cast as Storm, revolves around how I look. I.e., my weight. I’ve been called fat, obese, out of shape, and so many other things.”
It was 100% true. The minute Marvel announced that she’d been chosen to play Storm, the racists came all out of the woodworks. She was too short, too chubby, too dark, too black. And Summer didn’t care, not a bit.
“Even,—and I’ll tell you guys this, when I first started my SS training, that’s what I call it, SS for Storm Shape, there was a—person who worked for Marvel at the time who came to visit me while I was training.” She smiled thinking back on that day. She could still recall it so clearly. “He basically was pissed because to him, I still looked the same, fat and out of shape.” She adjusted her top and shifted in her bed. “That same day, I deadlifted and bench-pressed over 200lbs” She paused for effect. “What I need for people to stop doing is stop fucking projecting—and I’m going to cuss in this, so if you don’t like it, oh well. I work for Disney, but I’m a grown ass woman, and I’m going to say what I want.”
I am screaming. Summer said we getting alll the tea today!
So, it’s wrong to point out that someone is physically unhealthy now, cool?
The problem is that no one wants to see a fat superhero. It’s not realistic.
^^^^ Tell me you have a small dick without actually telling me you have a small dick.
“I saw Lizzo, whom I adore, post a Tik Tok where she basically said that she workouts to have the body she wants not what ya’ll want, and honestly? Same. She said that her body type is no one’s fucking business, and that’s so true. Ya’ll love to hop on this internet and pick apart people you don’t even know and criticize bodies you don’t even have to live in and move around with. And for what?” She shook her head, slamming her fist into her open palm as she spoke. She was fully invested now. “I know we in quarantine, but damn, pick another hobby cause being a bully is not it, sweetie.”
I really needed to hear this today.
Using Lizzo as a point of reference makes everything you’re saying null and void. Lizzo is clearly overweight and at risk for diabetes, heart disease, just to name a few…..
I been saying this! You can’t look at a person and say they’re unhealthy.
Bodies come in so many forms, and all are beautiful.
“Now, I bring all this up because a lot of people were commenting on my Buss It challenge and pointing out the fact that I’ve gained weight, and guess fucking what? I have, and you know what else?” She leaned over to whisper while covering her mouth with her hands for focused effect. “I don’t care.”
Summer laughed and shook her head. “As others have pointed out as well, yes, we have a gym in our house. I 1000% acknowledge the fact that having the resources that I do as a celebrity and someone who has money puts me in a different category. Hell, my husband has a whole fitness app. I recognize that. If I wanted to keep up with my workouts, emphasis on wanted, I could have. I own up to that, but I just didn’t feel like it, and that’s okay. What’s not okay is to send and leave mean messages calling me all kinds of names.”
Summer had thick skin. She always had. Growing up with her family, who always ensured to feed her self esteem and make sure she knew that she was beautiful, definitely paid off. It was just a combination of quarantine and not having a lot of opportunities to keep herself busy with work that had her feeling some type of way.
“And that’s something else I wanted to bring up.” She blew out another breath and tried to gather her emotions. This was the subject she was almost certain she’d grow teary eyed discussing. “I love my husband to death. My children are everything. Christopher’s family is like my own, but— I haven’t seen my family, like my mom, grandma, brothers, etc in almost a year.” She paused, dwelling on that. Almost an entire year since she’d been able to physically hug and interact with the people who made her who she was. “And I’ve always made it clear how much I fucking love my family. I live in Australia. I can’t do a drive by with grandma so I and my kids can at least see her on the doorstep.” She quieted again, eyes darting off as she quietly cursed. “I’m trying really hard not to cry right now.”
Please don’t cry, bestie.
This is the side of quarantine that people don’t talk about enough.
Has this woman never heard of FaceTime????
I feel her pain. I live in Europe, and my family is in the states. This quarantine has been brutal.
My grandma died from COVID, and I couldn’t even go to the funeral. Summer is bringing up a good point.
“Damn,” Summer chuckled bitterly and wiped at the tears that fell. “I’m okay, I promise. I just bring this up because quarantine has also been very hard for me in that aspect. At certain points, I’ve been down, I’ve been in my head a lot, and I just was not, for the most part, in a space where I felt like I had to keep up my fitness regimen. And that’s okay. I put my mental wellbeing ahead of making sure my body is socially acceptable. Sue me.”
I really appreciate her honesty.
Summer never goes beyond surface level in interviews, so seeing her this vulnerable is really surprising.
Are we supposed to feel bad for her? She’s rich. She can afford whatever help she needed.
These comments are not passing the vibe check.
Ya’ll are all mental health advocates, but when a black woman is opening up about her struggle, it’s discarded?
“And let me make this clear too, I have an amazing husband who is so patient and so kind. He’s one of the best people I can go to when my anxiety hits, so I don’t want this to come across as me complaining that I’ve been alone. I have him and our children. I just miss the rest of my family. That’s all.” She dried her eyes and started to read the comments, unsurprised by the mixed reaction. She expected as such and was unaffected. At least until she saw one comment.
@ChrisEvans: ❤️❤️❤️
“Evans!” Summer wasn’t expecting to see his name pop up. It’d been such a task convincing him to join IG, let alone teaching him how to operate it. “Let’s go live.”
Not my husband and wife in my head about to go live!!!!
Imagine being able to call Chris Evans your best friend
I still say they smashed idc
It’s Christopher Jamal Evans hopping on this live for me.
^^^ I’m so sick of y’all with that shit.
“Let me try to add him,” Summer spoke to herself, scrolling through the comments to find his so she could request him. “Alright, I requested him. Let’s see if he answers.”
She wondered if she should have sent him a text asking if he was available when he appeared on her screen, effectively splitting it with her on the top and him on the bottom.
Summer smiled and greeted, “Hi, best friend.”
He chuckled. “How you doing, Summer?”
“Clearly not as good as the people watching,” she chimed. Summer saw nothing but heart eyes and hearts in the comments. “These people really love you. You truly are a manipulative bastard. He’s an asshole, guys.”
“Don’t be jealous, Summer. It’s so unbecoming of you.”
“You can go to hell.”
“Language,” he playfully reprimanded. “Where are the kids?”
“At preschool. Things are finally starting to open back up over here. Thank God.” She clasped her hands together. “Y’all, please wear masks. Don’t be Karen’s.”
Chris laughed, grabbing his chest. “We’re getting there, Summer.”
“The lies you tell,” she countered. “Don’t A Starting Point, me. Ya’ll are far from getting there, and I’m tired of it. I wanna see my family.”
He sighed. “I know, but how are you feeling today?”
“I got rid of the kids, so that’s definitely a weight lifted,” she answered honestly, laughing when she saw judgmental comments in the chat. “Listen, if you’re a parent, you know where I’m coming from. You love your kids, but my god, sometimes you just need some space.”
“As soon as this all blows over, I told you to send em’ by me for a couple of weeks.”
“Best friend, I already purchased their tickets.” He laughed. “As soon as I get the green light, they are all yours. Feel free to keep them.”
“You guys see how she is?” He pointed to Summer, leaning and squinting to read what was being said. “I do love kids, especially the twins, they’re amazing.”
“He is really really great with them, guys,” Summer added. “One thing about Evans, he’s patient as hell and really, just a big kid. Why do you think him and Christopher get along so well? 40 going on 4.”
“I resent that.”
“Is it a lie though?”
He hesitated. “No.” They both laughed.
I’m loving the dynamic between these two so much.
Is it just me or are they flirting with each other…..
Ain’t nothing inappropriate about this conversation. Ya’ll are reaching…
Ya’ll remember that blind item that came out years ago alleging Chris (Evans) was the biological father of the twins? Hmm…..
^^^^^This kind of bullshit is the reason we’re in a global pandemic.
As always, Summer and Evans ignored any foolery that was being dropped in the comments when she caught a comment that didn’t contain some ridiculous rumor.
“Yes, it is true that Evans and Christopher weren’t allowed to do press together anymore. Ya’ll, they literally could not stay serious for more than a minute. I felt so bad for the poor interviewers.”
“Hey, we were not that bad,” Evans protested, his Boston accent more prominent.
She gasped. “You guys were terrible, Evans, and you know it. I was so mad when they put me with ya’ll those few times. I could barely hear the interviewers over your laughing and stupid commentary that literally no one asked for.”
“We did not.”
“There’s deadass video proof, Evans.”
“Fake news.”
She opened her mouth but caught herself. “I was about to say something.”
He laughed and asked, “Do you remember how we all got drunk before the Infinity War premiere?”
“No, ya’ll got drunk. I was big and pregnant, remember?”
“No,” he dismissed. “You were drinking with us.”
“Evans, how was I drinking when I was pregnant?” She challenged and reminded. “I got drunk with ya’ll for the Endgame premiere, not Infinity War.”
“That’s right,” he remembered and chuckled. “You think we’ll get in trouble for saying this?”
She shrugged with one shoulder. “You’re dead, Christopher never gets in trouble for anything, and I do what I want. I think we’re good.”
Kevin Feige watching this live right now like 🥴🥴🥴🥴
I never realized how arrogant she is……
LMAO. Not the whole cast showing up drunk to the biggest premiere of their lives.
Chris Evans is too damn fine to be approaching 40 and still single.
Their friendship is so goals omg
@ChrisHemsworth: Snitches
Summer’s jaw dropped as she caught the last comment, swiping up to click the name and make sure that she was reading correctly. “Christopher, what the hell are you doing on my live?”
Evans brows furrowed. “Hemmy is here? Shouldn’t he be working?”
“That’s what I want to know,” Summer supplied. “And how long have you been watching?”
@ChrisHemsworth: Long enough.
She smiled nervously and looked off to the side. “I feel weird now. I don’t like when he watches my lives.”
“Aren’t you guys married?”
“Aren’t you supposed to be shutting the fuck up?”
Evans lifted his hands in a defensive manner. “Touchy subject, I see.” They shared another laugh as he cleared his throat. “Why don’t you add him now? I’m supposed to be helping Scott cook.”
“My favorite Evans,” she gushed and furrowed her brows. “You, cooking? Since when?”
“Get out of here.” He waved her off and reminded. “I’m not the one who constantly causes near fires when in the kitchen.”
“So, you really just putting all my business out there like that?”
“Summer, it’s not secret to anyone that you can’t cook for shit.”
“Wow, it really be your own best friends.”
He chuckled. “Love you, kid.”
“Love you too, punk,” she blew a kiss. “I’ll text ya’ later.”
“Alright.” He smiled for the camera. “Thanks for having me everyone.”
“Yeah, yeah, yeah,” she said jokingly. Evans and Summer said goodbye one last time before he left the live. She blew out a breath and ran her hand through her hair. “Baby, comment something so I can add you. It’s too many comments to wade through.”
Summer adjusted her phone and checked the time on the clock on the wall. It’d been a while since the kids were away at school, and she didn’t want to get so caught up that she was late picking them up.
@ChrisHemsworth: I can’t. I’m too drunk.
Summer released a mixture of a laugh and a snort reading his comment. “You are so damn petty.” She clicked his name and adjusted her outfit while waiting for him to answer. She almost cursed when it seemed like he wasn’t going to join, only for her to smile when his face appeared on her screen.
“Hi,” she greeted in a soft voice with a small smile.
“Hello, Sandcastle.”
“Did you just—I swear to god, it’s always something with you.” Summer rubbed her temples and shook her head. Christopher smiled in response. “Why aren’t you working?”
“I am.”
“You are?”
“If you’re working, how are you talking to me?” She asked, sassily.
“Umm, a little thing called multitasking, ever heard of it?”
“Wow. You are an asshole.”
“That’s mean.”
“You’re mean.”
“Christopher, you are literally a child.”
“Does a child have muscles like this?” He flexed, and Summer stilled. Christopher stayed in ridiculous shape, but this was another level. He’d never been this massive, and she wasn’t too proud to admit that. Just not aloud.
She faked a yawn. “Am I supposed to be impressed?”
They really just be roasting each other all the time, and I’m here for it.
Summer must be legally blind because this man is stupid fine tf
It’s gotta be steroids. That’s not natural.
^^^^^He’s the god of thunder.
Summer rolled her eyes at the typical nature of the comments. These were the reasons she limited her time on social media and especially stayed away from reading the comments. Her attention was redirected to the top of her phone. It was a text from Christopher asking her to call him.
“But we’re—oh, I get it.” She realized he wanted to talk to her, not her and her tens of millions of followers. “Alright, guys, I’m gonna get off here so I can talk to my husband, alone.”
“She just doesn’t want to share me with you all, that’s all.”
“Don’t even start, Christopher,” she lectured while he laughed and got serious, for a minute tops.
“Hope you all are taking care and staying safe,” he spoke honestly. “And we’ll talk to you soon.”
Summer waved and smile. “Bye, guys. Remember to be kind.” Summer offered a final smile before ending the live. Closing up the app, she moved to open FaceTime and called up Christopher. He answered almost immediately. “You know I hate when you watch my Lives. Now, how much did you see?”
“Enough to know you’re coming to see me tonight.”
She laughed aloud. “Funny.”
“I’m serious, Summer.” Focusing on him, she realized that there was no humor in his voice nor his expression. Summer also noticed that he didn’t have the Thor wig on yet, which was probably why he was able to go live with her. He was waiting to get into hair and makeup. “Leave the kids with Liam. It’s not like he’s doing anything.”
“What? Is he not a professional unemployed bastard.”
Summer’s smile remained as she shook her head. “You are so mean.”
“I’ll handle the flight arrangements. You, my beautiful wife, just make sure you get on the jet so I can handle you.”
“Christopher, you’re working. People with everyday jobs don’t just up and show up to their spouses workplace because they miss them or need a break from the kids. That’s how folks get fired.”
Christopher started to move around, walking somewhere, she realized. “What are you doing?”
“Hey, Tike.”
Summer’s eyes widened slightly. “Christoper!”
“Sup, man?” Taika asked casually, as Summer laughed again. Taika Waititi was such a character.
“You mind if Summer comes up for a few days?”
“Sure, man,” he replied almost right away. “Bring the kids and chickens too.”
“I am not bringing those damn chickens,” she immediately protested.
Christopher made a sound. “Ha, so you are coming!”
“I didn’t say that.”
Taika joined Christopher so that he was in camera. “Hey, Summer, why don’t you come on join? You can have a cameo. Chickens, too.”
She rubbed her temples. Taika’s and Chris’s friendship would never not make sense to her. They were cut from the same cloth. “One, hey. Two, I was already in Ragnarok. I’m good on the cameos. Three, what is with ya’ll and those creepy looking chickens?”
“Whoa, creepy? What did the chickens ever do?”
“Exist,” Summer answered dryly. She still hadn’t forgiven Evans and Christopher for convincing her to let the kids keep those damn things. Her home was becoming more and more of a farm with each animal that joined the household.
“Tough crowd, that one, ehh?”
“Always,” Christopher agreed.
“I can hear you both,” she reminded and groaned loudly. Summer would love to spend a few days away from the kids. Chris would be working, yes, but she’d at least get some time for herself. Even better, alone adult time with her husband. That had also been a bit tricky during quarantine because of her rambunctious twins. Still, she disliked using her status as a celebrity to gain things, and this would definitely be a case of using status for pull. “I don’t know….”
Deep in her thoughts, she hadn’t realized that Chris had walked away and returned to wherever he was prior to finding Taika, most likely his trailer.
“What if you only stayed a night?” Chris tried to bargain. “The flight is only an hour and a half. That will give you more than enough time to come here, let me fix you dinner, run you a nice bath, maybe get in the good ole’ horizontal tango—”
“You know I hate when you call it that,” she reminded quietly, admitting. “That does sound nice, though.”
“Or, I can come to you—“
“Absolutely not. Christopher, you’re already doing so much back and forth as it is.” One of the good things to come out of quarantine, to Summer at least, was that it forced many people to take a much needed break. Her husband was one of those people. Christopher had been working nonstop since she met him. Project after project, film after film, many of them Marvel films, which put a whole other layer of difficulty what with the strenuous physical requirements. Even now as he shot Thor 4, he was in the best shape he’d ever been, muscles nearly tearing the cotton of his clothes. He looked amazing, but it was what they couldn’t see that she was starting to grow a little concerned over. Christopher wasn’t as young as he once was. He had to slow down, eventually.
Summer realized this would be a perfect chance to have a conversation about just that with him, which all but led her to her final decision.
“Alright,” she conceded, finger up as she made her demands. “Three days, and I stay at the house while you shoot. We may be returning to normal, but we’re still in a pandemic. I won’t go around anyone except you.”
“So I get you all to myself? Hardly consider that a stipulation.”
“And…we talk.”
“After the horizontal tango—“
“I swear to God, if you don’t stop calling it that—“
“What was that, sweetheart? I wasn’t listening.” She saw that he had paused the screen, causing Summer to remember that she hadn’t even consulted with the babysitter. “Making flight arrangements for you.”
“Shit, let me text Liam and make sure he’s available.”
“He gets reception in the box?”
“Christopher! For the last time, your brother is not living in a box.”
“Do you know that for certain?”
“Goodbye, Christopher,” she prepared to end the call before smiling softly. “I love you, Christopher, and thank you.”
He winked. “I’ll always do anything for you, Summer. Anything.” A beat. “Don’t forget to leave the clothes. You won’t need them.”
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reyofgan · 9 months
wondering if i should keep this blog specifically loz, there’s so much content surrounding this series, so it wouldn’t be difficult.. but honestly idgaf if i mash all my interests here. this was a personal blog in the first place, and has never been centered around anything at all- even though i have an obvious liking to my certain interests LOL (and anyway im too lazy to keep track of another account, i have enough across all my social medias to begin with.. *eye twitches*)
i mostly ramble about SS here, its stated in my bio that im currently playing through it, but my instagram is like all enstars not guna lie.. we won’t even talk abt my twitter. barely open it anyway. what bothers me is that it’s difficult to make friends here surrounding enstars bc well take a look at my posts here. its all some emotionally constipated gay sword demon with some occasional ES rb
enough with my ramblings, im sick of the shameful feeling of making another word dump in my cluttered notes app so im throwing it all on my 40 something followers here. enjoy
i lied
im also thinking abt changing my pinned post to something shorter because to be frank i am unfortunately a person who overshares too much for his own good so be looking forward to that thumbs up
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tallmadgeandtea · 1 year
2021 Fanfic Year in Review
I was tagged by a couple people to do this, and I appreciate the tags! Thanks all! Now let’s get into it.
Total Completed Works:  Do one shots count? If so, then I’ve completed I think around 15? Which is absolutely mind blogging to me. But I am okay with living in the land of WIP.
Word Count: 80, 183. All I can say about that is wow. Just wow. I just decided to include completed scenes and chapters, or else I’d have to go through the vast archives of my notes app and the group chat 😂 A lot of it is stuff you guys haven’t seen- like stuff for the Horse AU and the DC AU, which maybe I’ll release parts of someday.
Fandoms I’ve Written in: SS&SP land- I mean uh, Turn: Washington’s Spies.
Looking Back, Did You Write More Fic Than You Thought You Would This Year, Less, Or About What You’d Expected?: I would definitely say more. 2020 was a rough writing year for me- I didn’t write for months, which made me feel even worse. Writing is what makes me feel like myself, and when I’m able to write, it means I’m feeling good and in touch with myself and the world around me. So I’m happy with what I have for this year.
What’s Your Own Favorite Story Of The Year?: My baby, The Summer Soldier and the Sunshine Patriot- both the chapters and all the one shots. I’m so proud of it and I just love it a whole lot. I put a lot of work into it, and I never stop thinking about it. It’s basically my child.
Do You Have Any Fanfic Goals For The New Year?: Write as much of SS&SP as possible. I don’t really set goals like that for myself because it can be stressful. I just try to enjoy what I do because it’s not only my passion, but what helps keep me happy. If I have to give a concrete answer, it’s definitely to write more in Ben’s POV and delve deeper into topics like the Philadelphia Campaign, the interaction with the rest of the aides, etc.
Most Popular Story Of The Year?: Well, considering I really only have one, it’s of course, The Summer Soldier and the Sunshine Patriot. For one shots, it was Take To In A Stray.
Story Of Mine Most Under-Appreciated By The Universe, In My Opinion: Definitely my SS&SP prologue/prequel one shot- Son of the Right Hand, Son of Sorrow. I think it’s personally one of the best scenes that I’ve written for SS&SP- and in my time as a writer. I love how it covers Benjamin and Elizabeth’s meeting- and the ending is probably my favorite part. Sorry, I just love torturing Benjamin. For one shots, it was I Know Places- I think Benjamin is very charming in the one, and I just love he and Liz sneaking around like teenagers who can’t get their hands off each other.
Most Fun Story To Write: Definitely to Take In A Stray. My good friend @problematichistoricalfave suggested Liz meeting a stray dog in the valley, and it was such a great idea! And it was so fun to write- from having Liz interact with the aides like they’re her big brothers (which they definitely are) and coming up with names for the mutt. It just really showed me how much I love my story and my characters.
And I was really, really happy to have the Washington and Ben scene post May 1778 out in the world. It’s one of my absolute favorite scenes- if you want to see me scream, ask me about the fact Washington lets Benjamin recover in his bedroom in HQ.
Most Unintentionally Telling Story: uh… I’m not sure? All you need to know is this: Ben and Liz have anxiety cause I have anxiety and I said they do.
Biggest Disappointment: I didn’t really have one, thankfully! Writing wise this year was way better than 2020 so yay!!
Biggest Surprise: That I’m here, honestly? I know I’ve said it before, but I’m so so grateful for the support my writing gets. I never thought I’d publish SS&SP, and now I’m so glad I have because it has changed my life for the better. So thank you!
Tagging: @ms-march @musicboxmemories @culper-spymaster @tolstoyamericanrevolution whoever wants to do it!
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rainbowsky · 2 years
So I was scrolling through the bird app and came across a tweet that posted a ss of a weibo comment under a set of dd's recent pictures (in which he looks quite bulked up) the comment referred gg as dd's wife it said dd's stride looks like he can't wait to "f*ck his wife" something along those lines which I personally found very inappropriate gg is a man why not refer to him as dd's boyfriend/husband , people defended that og post saying there are cultural nuances xz is feminine etc but I don't think that's how all of this works? I'd like to know your take on it
I’ve written so much about this I fear people are going to mutiny if I write any more. You can find some of those posts in my masterlist post.
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jayflrt · 1 year
I hate Tumblr so much I exited the app for a SECOND to find some jay pics to send with my giant ask and it just ? deleted ??
anyways I think it went something like this:
also also hi it’s been so long omg I’m not nearly as active if your ask box as I’d like to be but trust me the minute I’m through with the pile of overdue digi tech work I’ll be here so often you’ll get sick of it <3
also also I just wanna ask how things are wherever you are if that makes sense 🧍 as in here in Australia the case numbers have only been increasing so I got my first vaccine shot last Saturday but they’re slowly opening things up anyway ?? like hello do you not see the thousands of cases the fuck 🤡 (I’m dreading going back to school sm I don’t wanna deal with my mess of a friend group rn forced social interaction is so emotionally draining I’ll never understand) so I wanna ask how things are in your part of the world ? pls pls be careful because we wouldn’t want something happening to someone so lovely >:(
ps. kenma/hyunjin/howl love child ni-ki and boxer hoon how we feeling
pps. here’s a phat hug for being the only thing I look forward to lately (other than hometown cha cha cha episodes)
ppps. some pics I took of chadstone (a shopping centre) today cuz yk I talked about it in the form
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
pppps. enha dance jam live ss cuz there hasn’t been one in ages </3 plus tiny sungwon </33
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
ppppps. another phat hug
OMG NOOO WHY IS TUMBLR A JAY ANTI 💔💔💔💔 also there were so many responses but i saw the one you wrote !! i’m currently compiling a post with all my responses to your answers so you’ll see when i’m done :D i don’t want to rush my responses so i’m writing them whenever i’m free
BUT HIHI no way i can’t get sick of you 👹 but i hope you finish all that work !!
oh my god i got both rounds of my vaccine back in june but people are way too lax about it 😭 they don’t even enforce wearing masks on our college campus like i know a case is gonna spread here and i’m scared bc literally only a handful of students among hundreds wear masks. plus i’m getting sick <//3 kinda saw it coming bc last week all my roommates were getting sick except me and i was like 😵‍💫 waiting for it to hit, but i’ll take care of myself !! you stay safe too ♡ but pls i totally feel you bc my social battery is DEAD and it sucks bc i have socials back to back every night this week and on wednesday my face was just 😐 behind my mask the whole time
pls i’m just glad you didn’t call riki the berries and cream boy 😭😭 THEY LOOK SO GOOD THO !! and i’ll give u an air hug so u don’t catch whatever i have 😞 yet i am still drinking a caramel frappuccino outside a bookstore so is it that serious
OMG I WANTED TO CHECK OUT HOMETOWN CHA CHA CHA i heard it’s cute :’) also wtf .. that shopping complex is HUGE WHAT and the arch is so pretty??? ALSO SUNGWON 😞😞😞😞😞 SUNGHOONS LIL SMILE SOBSOBSIB
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pocketblog575 · 2 years
Delux Driver
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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Evoluent Mouse Manager is an optional but powerful software that may be installed to configure the buttons to perform many common functions. For example, button 2 may be configured to perform a double click with a single actual click to open a program, button 3 may be configured to open a link in a new tab, button 4 may be configured to cycle through open tabs, button 5 may be configured to close a tab, etc. This reduces the need to frequently move your hand between the mouse and the keyboard, and the need to move the mouse and click different areas of the screen.
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Essentials Keyboard pdf brochure
VerticalMouse 4 Right Wireless A4 size , letter size
VerticalMouse 4 pdf brochure
VerticalMouse 3 pdf brochure
Asus Deluxe Ii Drivers
Mouse-Friendly Keyboard letter size
Tumblr media
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seashq · 2 years
Tumblr media
hi, cecilia !  ( malese jow ) check your luggage in cabin #128, send in your account within 24 hours, and get comfortable. accepted application can be viewed below the cut.
note: be certain to read our pinned event post because students are off-ship through friday !  your muse will temporarily be in hotel room 915. also, yes your ooc question at the end of your app makes sense and is fine ! 
welcome aboard, cecilia yang, student #13. we are excited to set sail with you !  has anyone told you that you look like malese jow? according to our records, you hail from wales, united kingdom, prefer she/her, are cisfemale, and are here to study business. we also see you received a spot on the ss university because of your money — we won’t tell anyone. during your first few weeks here, other students said you were + ambitious, + playful, but also - ruthless. it sounds like you spend most of your time at the tennis court. upon checking your luggage, we noticed you packed a stuffed animal. hopefully your roommates don’t steal it!
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