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She's driving me craaazy!
LA Night 15 (1/29/23)
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“the fuck did you say about my family?”
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Worm wife! Worm wife! Worm wife!
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That’s it! I’ve found my favorite character…
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in the source you will find 236 gifs of lucy alves in travessia. do not use to write the actress herself or for taboo subjects. you may use them for crackships if you @ me. thank you, and have a nice day!  
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You're welcome my love 😏
Soooo I know this was meant to torment with beautiful gifs of men, however, my brain took it to a whole other level and this piece is about 2k. Don't come for me, it just happened haha. 🥴
Smut below the cut
Warnings: orgy, explicit sexual content, oral (f receiving), double penetration, voyeurism, exhibitionism, cum play, cumshot, jealous Steve, reverse harem, sensory deprivation, bound hands, choking, dirty talk, praise, degradation, explicit language.
Beta'd by the lovely @sparkledfirecracker but all mistakes are my own.
You whined desperately, tugging on the silk ties binding your hands. It was thrilling to be bound and blindfolded, but you knew this time was different. This time you were being punished and you didn���t know what to expect.
“Remember your safe word, Angel?” Ari’s voice caressed your ear before placing a soft kiss beneath your lobe. You nodded slowly, biting your lip nervously. Would you need your safe word? 
“Don’t think she deserves a safe word,” you heard Steve chime in. You squirmed from your seat atop his desk. His voice was hard and angry. It made you uneasy. He was unpredictable when he was mad.
“Oh come on, Steve,” Curtis said. He was seated on your other side, his fingers trailing down your bare torso, towards the apex of your hips. “We can’t leave her without a safe word. She might have misbehaved but she’s still our girl.”
“Plus the little slut’ll be putty after the first time she can’t come,” Ransom snarled. His voice was further away, almost like he was seated on Steve’s couch. 
"Good point," Steve agreed. You were trying hard to track his movements but Curtis' fingers trailing down your skin made it near impossible. Ari's hand cupped your knee, giving it a reassuring squeeze.
He began placing soft kisses on your neck and shoulder. Curtis dipped lower, making you lift your hips, "Behave, little dove, Steve’s already upset.”
The door opened and you were suddenly nervous. Who else was here? You knew all your men were accounted for. Mike, despite his silence, had been seated at Steve's desk when you had been dragged in here. And everyone else had spoken up to acknowledge their presence.
“Thank you for joining us, Lee." Steve greeted the charming Sheriff. It probably shouldn't have the effect that it had but Lee's arrival made you clench your thighs, trying to relieve some of the throbbing.
Flirting with him had been a bad idea but you couldn't help yourself. The power that oozed from his being and the heated way he watched you. Ari didn't usually mind your flirty manner but Steve … he didn't tolerate it.
How were you to know Steve was going to come by Ari's office to bring you both lunch. Perks of dating multiple men, someone was bound to bring you food everyday. Maybe if Lee hadn't had you pinned between his body and the wall, Steve wouldn't have been as mad but who knew, with him. The commanding voice as he called your name from across the office made you all tingly just thinking about it. 
“My pleasure, Rogers. What can I do for you?" His gravelly voice made you shiver and clench your thighs again.
“Sheriff making you excited, little one?” Ari growled. There was no point in lying to him. His hand on your knee gave you away every time you squeezed your thighs together. You nodded, eagerly. Ari clicked his tongue, wrapping his huge hand around your throat, squeezing lightly. “Curtis open her up. Let Lee see what he does to her." He ordered.
“Have a seat, Sheriff. Our girl seems to have forgotten her place. Thought you'd like to watch as we remind her.” Steve said in a smug voice. 
Curtis tossed one of your legs over his lap, spreading you wide.
“I don't know, Rogers. Seems like she's excited to see me. Look how she's dripping all over that desk.” Lee said in a gloating tone, "pitiful that five guys aren't enough to handle one girl."
Ransom snarled and it sounded like there was a struggle before he plopped down on the couch. “Shut your mouth, Bodecker. Otherwise, I won't hold Ransom back next time." Steve spat. "Ari, spread her other leg over your lap. Mike, have a taste.“
You heard Mike stand up and round the desk. Rough hands cupped your face, making you look up even though you couldn't see. “Behave yourself, doll, and don't come until I say so."
He waited for your nod before he kissed you hard. Tongue invading your mouth possessively. Your body arched as he gave your nipples a firm twist before pulling away.
There was a brief moment of pause before Mike's lips found yours. He continued kissing his way down until he was kneeling between your knees.
Your hips lifted as his mouth closed over your cunt. He began to eat you out like you were his favorite meal. Ari's lips found your right nipple, sucking and biting at it.
Curtis, in turn, sucked on your ear lobe before kissing along the curve of your neck. His facial hair scratched against the soft skin. Your whole body was alit with pleasure. You couldn't concentrate on anything, the dull, roaring your ear, sealing you into your own little world. The only thing you fought to remember was not to come. You couldn't come. You mustn't come.
But it was almost impossible the way Mike was ravishing you. The coil was beginning to unravel. Your thighs trembled as they tried to close around Mike's head but Curtis and Ari both had a tight grip on them.
You bit down on your bottom lip, fighting the blooming warmth in your abdomen. “That's enough, Mike,” Steve commanded and you groaned at the loss of his tongue. Your impending orgasm faded into nothing.
Steve lifted you off the desk, untying your hands before guiding you somewhere. Another pair of hands grabbed your waist, and you were pulled forward, gripping onto firm shoulders, from the soft wool beneath your hands, it was clear that you were on Ransom's lap. 
His cock was out, pressed against your swollen clit. You ground your hips down, and Ransom snarled "Don't you dare kitten. Can't act like a greedy whore and then try to suck up to me with that pretty pussy.”
"Ransom,” you whined, “I'm sorry." He chuckled humorlessly and kissed your pouty lips. He lifted you up and guided you down onto his length. Your eyes rolled back, savoring the way he stretched you out, the ridges and veins stroking your warm walls. “Don't move, baby, otherwise, Ari's gonna hurt going in.”
You let out a gargled groan, knowing that Ari was going to hurt no matter what. He was one of the biggest out of your boyfriends, him and Ransom. Steve knew that the two of them were a combination that wasn't one you usually took on. He truly was mad.
Ransom hissed as you clenched around him in anticipation for Ari. You rested your head on his shoulder, waiting patiently. Cool liquid hit your backside and Ransom spread your cheeks, allowing it to glide down to your puckered hole. A thumb rubbed it over the skin, moistening it. 
"So pretty," Steve mused.
"All spread out like that. Fuck," Mike growled. 
“You know what would make her even prettier?" Curtis chimed in. The other two hummed, "If we painted her back with our cum."
Lee groaned, having surprisingly been quiet to that point. "I think Bodecker likes the idea, Curtis,” Mike said smugly.
“Sorry, man. She's ours.” Steve chuckled.
“Enjoy the show though. She's about to be ruined. “ Curtis gloated. You heard him come closer before he kneeled on the couch beside you.
You felt Ari step behind you. His cock glided between your cheeks, nudging your hole with every pass, not pushing in yet. "You gonna be a good girl for me?"
“Yes, Ari,'' you responded, pushing your hips back. "Kitten," Ransom warned. You muttered an apology, waiting for Ari to push in.
Ari spanked your left cheek, then the right. The sting distracted you from the burn of him pushing in. You felt impossibly full, biting your lip hard until he fully seated himself. Neither man moved for a moment, and you were bursting with a need for more. A hand rested on your lower back.
“Relax, doll. Remember no cumming till I say." 
“I promise, Steve. I'll be good." You panted. He kissed your temple. Ari pulled out and pushed back in, Ransom pulling out as he did. The two men found a rhythm that had you holding onto the back of the couch tightly. Waves of pleasures washed over you and you moaned loudly with each punch of their hips.
They used you as their personal toy and you loved it. Nothing made you happier. Ransom grunted in your ear, fingers digging into your waist. Ari had a firm hold on the flesh of your ass, smacking it occasionally before grabbing a handful again. You heard Curtis moans with some slurping noises. Mike was sucking him off. That image made a wave of fresh arousal seeped out of you. 
From the way the two men were speeding up, you could tell they were both close. You began to rock your hips, trying to help them along.
Steve's hot hand on your back was the only thing keeping you from not forgetting that you couldn't come. No matter how much you needed to. The pressure was building again but you kept your body tightly wound up, thinking of literally anything else.
Ransom came first, his body tensing up with a shout. Ropes of cum filled you up. Before you even had an idea what was going on, Ari's hands hooked beneath your thighs, lifting you off of Ransom and straight onto Steve. You let out a choked moan, nails digging into his thick pecs.
“Fuck, doll. You feel so good,” Steve rolled his hips up. Somehow he and Ari were in better sync. You knew you weren't going to last long and you just hoped Steve was feeling merciful. "I know you’re my good girl. My pretty doll. Think you deserve to cum?"
"Mhmm, yes Steve. Anything for you. Just please let me cum," Steve kissed you, softly.
“Okay baby," he whispered, “you're gonna cum when I cum, deal?"
You nodded, quickly, grabbing his shoulders and the three of you began to move in quick fluid motions. Ari's body pressing against your back, trapping you against Steve's hard chest.
Now that the weight was lifted off your shoulders, you allowed yourself to melt into them. The fuzziness in your brain intensified with each stroke of their cocks. You swore you could see stars. 
Everything was becoming too much, you couldn't think straight. There was nothing you loved more than being used like this. "Fuck, Steve. Feels so good."
"Yeah, angel? You still like us more than Lee?” Ari growled in your ear. You clenched hard, whimpering, not sure if it was Lee's effect or how good it felt to be stuffed full.
"I don't know, Ari. Seems like she's still affected by Bodecker."
“No, no, no," you chanted, afraid that Steve was going to get mad again, “I want you. Just you guys.” 
Steve gave you another kiss, silencing you instantly. “Don't worry, doll you're ours." 
"And you're going to be reminded of that fact all night long," Ransom said, stroking your cheek. Your body tightened with need. "Would you like that baby?" 
His question made you whimper needily and you moaned his name. Ransom chuckled, loving that he could pull that reaction from you without even being inside you. 
Steve's thumb found your clit, making it hard to focus again so you simply nodded, burying your head into his neck. Ari's hands tightened on your ass and it wasn't long before he came with a roar. He was always the most vocal of all your lovers.
Steve guided your face up to his and kissed you. The two of you were ensnared in a deep kiss, as the two of you tumbled over the edge. You came so hard, your vision went white. Steve's lips were the only thing keeping you grounded. 
You barely registered the hot cum painting your back or the way Ari filled up your ass. Steve’s hips continued to fuck up into you, combining his cum with Ransom's. You slumped forward, body so worn out. This wasn't over, you had a long night ahead of you but you knew that Steve had proven his point. His hand rubbed your back comfortingly, especially when you whined from Ari pulling out.
"Did so good, doll. My sweet girl," Steve praised, “Curtis, escort Lee out, We have to get home." 
“Alright Bodecker, up. Round two awaits us at home and it's a private showing.”
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nancy dresses like y/n in a what you wear on your first monster hunting date with one direction imagine
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Caroline Forbes, eternal milf.
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Omg it’s Princess Disa! 😆
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battle grandma!
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I love her! Lady Nagant is so suave!
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Drew that sick armor from the finale! Man I miss this show so much!
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if reze shows up in the last ep of chainsaw man i will simply go insane. i will perhaps lose my mind. i will die and be reborn.
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