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Peter: where’s my phone ??
Miles already selling his apartment, leaking his address, signing him up for the military, and accepting a marriage proposal from a nigerian prince:
Tumblr media
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The Long Run || Bucky Barnes
Tumblr media
pairing: bucky barnes x doctor!reader
summary: after discovering that you’re bucky’s secret girlfriend, sam invites you on a mission with them. when bucky gets injured and you save his life, you give him news that will change the both of your lives for the better and bucky has a very important question to ask you.
a/n: this is technically a part two to Who’s She?, but can be read w/o the first; reblogs and replies are super appreciated!
word count: 4.9k
warnings: blood, bucky getting shot, mentions of bucky nearly dying, mentions of pregnancy, some swearing, angst, fluff
Who’s She?
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“Absolutely not.” Bucky told Sam. “No way. We have to find someone else to do it.”
“I’m sorry- do you have any other secret girlfriends lined up?” Sam asked, crossing his arms. “Because from what I understand we’re supposed to be doing this all under the radar and you and I don’t exactly have a lot of friends right now.”
Bucky stood his ground, staring down the man in front of him. “I’m not bringing her into this.”
“You brought her into this as soon as you decided to date her and she knows that.”
Bucky scoffed, rolling his eyes before shoving his finger into Sam’s chest.
“You know- I knew I should have never brought you back to my house.” Bucky said. “I knew I should have let Romanoff have you instead of bringing Y/n into this.”
Sam sighed, stepping away from Bucky, understanding that he was putting him in a difficult situation. Not even a month ago when Sam was shot during a mission, Bucky had brought him and Natasha Romanoff back to your shared home so you could patch him up. Until then, you had remained a secret to them- Bucky being sure to never even mention your name. He kept your relationship a secret from not only the world, but the team to ensure your safety. The last thing he could ever bare despite everything he had been through was for you to get hurt- especially if it was because of him.
Sam could understand. He would be lying if he said he wasn’t afraid of the people around him getting hurt because of his choices. A part of him was envious of Bucky for being able to keep you such a secret, ensuring your safety. He understood that Bucky risked his only sense of normalcy to save him and that you- a stranger to him until that night- risked your safety to help him.
He knew he could only ask so much, but he also knew that you were the best choice.
“I get it, Buck.” Sam told him finally, placing his hand on his shoulder. “I know why you’re worried, but she’ll be fine. If I thought there was any way she could get hurt, I wouldn’t even suggest it, but she’ll be so far away-”
Bucky shook his head, crossing his arms.
“I’m not calling her. Find someone else.” Bucky told him finally, seating himself in a flimsy folding chair across the room.
“Fine.” Sam threw his hands up in the air in defeat. “I guess I’ll just find someone else to be our getaway driver.”
With that, Sam left the room, making a phone call through the door.
A half an hour filled with silence later, Sam and Bucky heard a car pull up outside the small abandoned building. Quickly glancing at each other, they both stood up, making their way out of the room and towards the entrance of the building. Without opening the door they heard knocking coming from the other side. Just as Bucky’s hand went to pull on the door handle, Sam’s hand stopped him, holding his wrist.
Glancing from Sam’s hand on his wrist to his eyes, Bucky furrowed his eyebrows. “Who did you call?”
“Look, b-before you get mad-” Sam attempted to reason.
That was enough for Bucky to pull Sam’s hand off of his wrist and yank open the door. On the other side he was immediately met with your face staring back at him.
Before you could even open your mouth to greet him, Bucky spun around to face Sam.
“What the fuck did I tell you?” Bucky asked, raising his voice. “I told you not to do one thing and you just go ahead and call my girlfriend.”
“There was no other choice-”
“How did you even call her?” He asked, voice still raised, cutting Sam off.
Finally Sam loosened up at the question, turning to look between you and Bucky. “Listen, that’s your own fault. Who doesn’t have a phone password?”
At that, Bucky threw his hands up in the air, turning to face you instead. You smiled, shrugging.
“I told you to put a passcode, baby.”
Looking at your smiling face, Bucky softened up, lowering his voice. He could hardly ever be mad at you.
“Doll, you shouldn’t have come.” He sighed. “You should go back home. Go enjoy your day off. We can handle this on our own.”
You had known your boyfriend long enough to know that he was only speaking out of love for you. The kind of love that drove him to keep you a secret for so long from even his own friends in order to protect you. Although you understood how he wanted to protect you, you also understood that Sam wouldn’t have called you if there were other choices on the table.
“Buck, it’s okay.” You assured him, tugging on his jacket to pull him closer. “Sam said that I’d be fine. Let me help.”
Glancing at your face and looking into what one could only call your “puppy dog eyes” he cursed to himself, knowing he couldn’t resist giving in for you.
“Okay. Fine.” He sighed. “But only if you stay in the car.”
Smiling you tugged on his jacket once more, pulling him down to give him a quick peck on the cheek. “Thank you, Buck.”
“I’m going to regret this aren’t I?”
And he did.
When he, Sam and an injured Natasha Romanoff were running out of an exploding building while agents continued to chase after them still shooting, he was truly regretting ever letting you come on this mission- even though you were only there to serve as their getaway driver and first aid kit for Agent Romanoff.
When you felt the rumble of the explosion shake your car and heard the gunshots going off you jumped in your seat, firmly grasping the wheel. You quickly glanced over your shoulder to see your boyfriend, Sam and Natasha running in your direction and you hovered your foot over the gas, shifting the car into drive.
“Go!” Sam shouted as soon as he got one foot in the door after pushing Natasha inside.
The second your boyfriend slid into the passenger seat you hit the gas at full speed, but before you could speed far enough away you heard one last gunshot sound off before you heard Bucky shout from his seat, swinging the door shut.
Still speeding away at the fastest speed you had ever gone in your life, you turned to face your boyfriend, feeling your heart race in your chest.
“Buck-” You started but before his full name could even slip out of your mouth you could see blood begin to soak the bottom of his shirt. “Oh my god!” You shouted.
“It’s fine-” He attempted to calm you down, groaning while holding his abdomen.
Hearing the commotion, Sam gripped Bucky’s seat, pulling himself up from the back seat to look at Bucky’s wound.
“Shit!” Sam swore.
As soon as the words slipped out of his mouth, Bucky swatted him away.
“You’re not helping, Sam!” He grunted, squeezing his eyes shut and throwing his head back.
“Oh my God. Is it bad?” You asked shakily, meeting Sam’s eyes in the rearview mirror. “It’s bad isn’t it, Sam?”
All you saw was Sam’s eyes wide, staring right back at you in the mirror. Glancing between your gaze in the mirror and Bucky looking over his shoulder glaring at him, Sam shook his head.
“Uh-” He started.
Feeling your hands begin to tremble on the wheel, you glanced back at Sam.
“Sam just tell me-”
“Sam you better shut the hell up!” Bucky shouted.
Realizing that you had driven for long and far enough that the men that were chasing you were no longer still following you, you slammed on the brakes. You heard the grunts of Sam and a incoherent Natasha in the backseat and the muffled shout of pain from your boyfriend besides you. As soon as the car came to a stop, you threw your door open, climbing out of the car and stomping to the passenger side door, swinging it open.
When your eyes met Bucky’s he just shook his head, eyes wide. He knew that no matter how many things you saw in your time as a doctor that it would inevitably hit you differently to see him so badly wounded and he couldn’t bare to see you so upset.
“Bucky,” You said, laying your hands on top of his bloodied ones. “Let me see it.”
He shook his head again.
“James.” You stated more firmly, gripping his hands. “Take your hands off.”
Knowing that this argument couldn’t go on for much longer without him caving in, he lifted his hands from his wound and when you laid your eyes on the bloodied section of his abdomen you couldn’t help but gasp knowing your boyfriend was injured this badly.
“That bad, huh?” He asked, groaning again.
You had seen plenty of injuries this bad, but you had been in a hospital and they hadn’t been on your boyfriend- the man you swore was the love of your life. Pulling your hands away from the wound, you could feel them begin to tremble as the horror of what was happening washed over your body, gluing you to your spot. When you looked up, rather than looking at Bucky, your eyes met Sam’s who was still sat in the back seat.
Seeing your eyes wide and your hands shaking Sam immediately made his way out of the vehicle to stand by your side. Your boyfriend’s eyes were still squeezed shut in pain and as you stoood watching him you felt Sam’s hands land on your shoulders to turn you to face him instead.
“Y/n?” Sam asked, trying to get you to focus your attention on him. “Y/n you need to breathe.”
You shook your head, staring at him with your eyes wide. You could barely choke the words out. “I-”
“Y/n listen to me.” He said, gently shaking your shoulders. “You need to calm down so you can fix this-”
As soon as the words slipped out of his mouth, you could feel your heart racing in your chest. How could he expect you to do this?
“No, no Sam I can’t-” You told him.
Resilient as ever Sam nodded his head. “Yes you can.” He said. “You have to. The next hospital isn’t for another thirty miles- it’s you or nothing. You can do this, Y/n. You fixed me and you came for Natasha-”
“That’s different.” You sighed.
“I know that, but there’s no other way.”
You rung your trembling hands, looking between Sam and your boyfriend still groaning in the passenger seat of the vehicle.
As you looked at him all you could think about was how you couldn’t lose him- especially not now. You needed him. You didn’t know what you would do without him. You knew Sam was right too- that if it weren’t for you doing something, he wouldn’t survive. You couldn’t allow that to happen. 
Taking a long, deep breath you looked up at Sam.
“Okay.” You nodded.
Sam released you from his grip. “Okay?” He asked, making sure you were willing to help his friend and when you nodded once more he smiled. “Okay. What can I do to help?”
You instructed Sam to go fetch the supplies that you had brought and stored in the trunk when he asked you to come in the case that Natasha would need medical aid after being held hostage by the organization they had just saved her from. Although she was barely coherent on the backseat, you knew that she would be okay compared to your partner who was currently bleeding out in the front seat.
While Sam fetched your supplies, you tugged on the hem of your boyfriend’s shirt, trying to ease it over his head.
“C’mon baby.” You cooed. “The shirt needs to come off.”
In too much pain to speak, he lifted his arms slightly, just enough for you to pull his shirt off of his torso and over his head. When you did, however his dog tags came off with it, slipping into his lap. Just when you were about to turn around to take the kit from Sam, you felt the familiar touch of cool metal grasp your wrist.
When you turned around you first met Bucky’s eyes before following his gaze down to his hand that was balled into a fist, the chain of his dog tag slipping through his fingers.
“Take them.” He told you, sighing from the pain. “I want you to take them, Y/n.”
Staring at his dog tags and the solemn look on his face, you could feel your heart practically stop beating in your chest. Bucky had lived a long, complicated life- longer than most, but stolen from him at the same time. He had been given these same dog tags when he was sent to fight in World War II. Although a part of him had died during the war, he had survived to live decades more, the dog tags staying with him.
As he attempted to hand them to you, you realized that although he didn’t admit it- he was sure he was going to die in that moment. He had survived for over a century and because of this one bullet that he could’ve escaped from if he was just an inch to the right he thought he was living through his final moments. The dog tags had survived along with him all this time and you couldn’t bare the thought that he decided that now was the time to give them away.
“Buck, no.” You shook your head. “I can’t take those. You’re going to be okay-”
“Doll.” He said. “Just take them.”
You took his vibranium wrist in your hand and pulled it away from your arm.
“You’re not dying on my watch, okay?” You said finally, turning around to take the kit from Sam. “Now... there’s no easy way to say this... this is going to hurt.”
Bucky couldn’t help but throw you a lopsided smile at your resilience.
“How bad can it be?”
It was bad.
Due to you performing all of this on the field, you hadn’t been able to numb Bucky’s pain at all. Even though he had been through what he thought until now was the most horrible pain a human could ever experience, he could barely sit still throughout the entire thing. As soon as the first shout escaped from his mouth, you had stopped in the middle of what you were doing, glancing over your shoulder at Sam. Without even a word coming out of your mouth you and Bucky watched as Sam undid the belt from around his waist.
“Woah, wait-” Bucky began but before he could even finish, Sam was holding his belt in his hand, offering it to Bucky.
“Here.” Sam told him.
“What- I’m not putting this in my mouth.” Bucky said.
“Man, just put it in your mouth-”
“I am not putting this thing in my mouth, Sam. There has to be something else I can bite down on-”
You shook your head, sighing to yourself as you snatched the belt from Sam’s hand, slipping it into your boyfriend’s mouth. Eyes wide and not in a position to argue, he bit down silently.
As soon as you placed the belt in his mouth, you went back to work on his abdomen. As you performed the procedure, removing the bullet and stitching up the wound, you could hear your boyfriend’s muffled shouting. You couldn’t help but cringe and feel hurt knowing how much pain he was in, but you also knew that there was no other way and you had to put him through this so he could come out the other side.
The pain was so bad at one point, however, that after a particularly nasty yell, followed by his legs jolting you looked up to see Bucky swing out his free hand to Sam which Sam took wordlessly. You felt guilty, but you couldn’t help but laugh when while you were still working on stitching up the wound you heard Sam shout.
“Y- you’re crushing my hand! Stop... squeezing.. so hard.”
When you finally finished, pulling your hands away from the freshly stitched wound, you glanced up at Bucky. You could tell immediately that he looked exhausted, slipping his hand out of Sam’s and opening his mouth to let the belt drop onto his lap.
“You can rest now, baby.” You told him, standing up from your kneeling position, wiping your bloodied hands on the cloth that Sam handed you. “Rest.”
As soon as you told him too, Bucky couldn’t help but allow himself to fall into a deep sleep.
When he woke again, he immediately realized that he was laying in a hospital bed and was hyper aware of the needles sticking out of his flesh arm.
His eyes immediately landed on your figure, standing on the other side of a glass wall speaking with a doctor. Suddenly the memories came flooding back into his memory of him getting shot and you saving him with the supplies you had on hand on the side of some abandoned, dirt road. Along with the memories flowing back into his mind, he could feel his chest become full, remembering how you had just saved his life- that you fought against your own fears of hurting him to save him. He had always known that you gave his life meaning, but as he sat there in his bed he realized that he was alive because of you.
Snapping him out of his own thoughts, Bucky heard a voice speak up beside him.
“How are you feeling-”
Before Sam could even finish his sentence, however, Bucky cut him off.
“I need you to do something for me.” Bucky told him, sitting up in his bed with a grunt, still sore.
When Sam heard the urgency in his friend’s tone of voice, he leaned over in his seat, pulling his chair closer to the side of Bucky’s bed.
“What is it?” He asked furrowing his eyebrows.
Bucky knew that he couldn’t wait any longer and he didn’t want to either.
“I need you to go to my apartment.” Bucky told him, giving him instructions. “In the bedroom there’s a safe. The code’s my birthday and I need you to get-”
“Woah, woah, woah.” Sam shook his head. “Slow down. What do you need from a safe right now? Incase you forgot you were just shot.”
This situation was probably the last one Bucky thought he would find himself in when he had first planned the event seven months ago, but he couldn’t stand the idea of waiting any longer. He could barely believe the words coming out of his mouth as he told Sam.
“The ring.”
Upon the two words that Bucky had just said, Sam’s eyebrows creased even more, attempting to understand the words Bucky had just told him. When it finally clicked, Sam leaned back in his seat throwing his hands up in the air.
“A what? Wait.” Sam said and Bucky was almost beginning to regret his decision as a smile began to play on his partner’s face. “You... you have a ring?”
Glancing at where you were still standing to make sure you didn’t hear what the two men were discussing, Bucky turned to face Sam nodding.
“Yeah, a ring.” He said.
Sam shook his head. “You’re going to propose?” He asked, then looked around the room. “Right now?”
Bucky knew that the hospital room he was in wasn’t exactly the ideal situation and when he bought the ring months ago he had ran through all the ideas in the book from a restaurant to a vacation, but he could never decide. In this moment, though, he knew that now was the time to ask.
“Yeah.” Bucky nodded.
Sam just smiled standing up from his seat. “Okay, okay.” He said, patting down his pockets. “I’m gonna go get it- God! I can’t believe this is happening, man!”
Hearing the door to the room open, Bucky glared at his friend, halting himself from having more words slip out of his mouth. Sam nodded, giving his friend a thumbs up before running out of the room.
When your boyfriend’s eyes landed on you and noticed you glancing between Sam and him while laughing, he rolled his eyes.
“What was that about?” You laughed, gesturing towards his friend running out the door.
Keeping his cool as always, Bucky shrugged. “It’s Sam.”
You smiled making your way over to the side of the bed and when you did, Bucky reached his arms out for you. When you sat yourself on the side of the bed next to him, you felt his hands rest on your waist while you played with the dog tags that were once again lying on his chest.
“I was so scared you were going to die, Buck.” You said in a hushed voice.
Seeing the downcast look exhibited on your features, he felt his heart break knowing that you almost lost each other.
“I thought I was.” He said. “The feeling was worse than... worse than when I fell.”
You sighed at his confession, taking one of his hands off of your waist- instead lacing your fingers with his.
“I- I can’t do this without you.” You told him, your eyes not yet meeting his, just staring at your fingers interlaced. “I couldn’t let you die, Buck. I need you here.”
“I know, doll-”
“No.” You cut him off, looking up to allow your eyes to meet his blue ones- the same ones you always got so lost in. “You don’t know. There’s... there’s something I need to tell you.”
Bucky’s mind began racing from the best case scenarios to the worst case scenarios. Were you dying? Did you not love him anymore? Did you find out about the ring? Oh God, maybe you did and he would have to tell you now even if he was still waiting on Sam to bring him the ring.
“I have something to tell you too.” He said, squeezing your hand.
You, however, shook your head. “No, Buck, let me go first. I have to get this off my chest. You almost died and the thought of you never finding out almost killed me.”
Instead of cutting in again, Bucky just nodded his head, seeing how serious you were.
He watched as you took a deep breath and a smile began to make its way onto your face.
“I’m pregnant.”
Bucky could of sworn to God that his heart stopped in that moment and it was confirmed by the beeping of the heart monitor beside him. His eyes went wide and he was praying that his mouth didn’t drop as he tried to process the information you had just told him.
You were pregnant. He was going to be a father. He was going to share a child with you- the best thing to have ever happened to him.
Going with his gut and leading with his heart, before his brain could stop him he finally asked.
“Marry me.”
Unlike your boyfriend, you didn’t need a heart monitor to tell you that your heart skipped a beat before racing immediately after.
You would be lying if you said you hadn’t thought about marrying Bucky so often it almost felt like a memory. To hear the words finally slip out of his mouth, you couldn’t believe it was finally happening to you.
Until you realized what situation the two of you were in.
He didn’t ask you out of love- he asked you out of commitment- or that was at least what you thought.
The light drained from your face as you scoffed pushing yourself off of his bed.
“Really, James?” You asked.
Confused by your reaction, Bucky stiffened in his seat on the bed, furrowing his eyebrows.
“What?” He asked.
You couldn’t help, but laugh at his naivety.
“You’re kidding me, right?” You scoffed once again. “You know- I thought you had moved past all this old-fashioned stuff. It’s not the 40′s anymore, Buck. You don’t have to marry me because you think you ‘knocked me up’ or whatever. Don’t let little old me hold you down.”
“Woah- what the fuck?” Bucky asked in a raised voice, genuinely shocked.
“-Because I don’t want you marrying me because you feel like you have to.” You continued. “I’d want you to marry me for me.”
“Do you think I want to marry you because you’re pregnant?” He asked.
Cooling down and wringing your hands, you nodded. “Yeah.”
You could tell just by looking at him that he was hurt not just by his gunshot wound that was still healing, but by your words.
He found it hard to believe that you could possibly think that he would only want to marry you out of circumstance and not because he had an undying love for you or because he couldn’t see himself living life without you by his side. You were the first thing he thought about every moment when he woke up and the last thing he thought about when he went to bed every night. You practically made the world spin round so how could you possibly believe that he wouldn’t want to marry you out of pure love and devotion to you?
Before he had the chance to say any of that though, the door to the hospital room behind you swung open and Sam stood in the doorway. Sensing the tension in the room he eyed the two of you.
“Did I... miss something?” He asked, focusing his attention on Bucky.
You shook your head, wrapping yourself in your arms. Just when you were about to excuse yourself from the room, you saw Sam holding his hand suspiciously behind his back.
“What’s that?” You asked, pointing at him.
Sam decided that the wall behind you was very interesting in that moment as he avoided looking at you. “Nothing.”
You eyed him warily and watched as his gaze fell on Bucky still sat in the hospital bed.
“Sam...” You said.
“What?” He replied. “There’s nothing behind my back. I just... like... putting my hand... there.”
You watched your boyfriend sigh, pinching the bridge of his nose.
Glancing between the two men, you reached behind Sam’s back and stole the box from his hands. As soon as your eyes met the small, black velvet box you felt all the air escape your body. You looked at your boyfriend before opening the box.
Inside sat a beautiful diamond ring.
“... Buck?” You asked, slowly stepping towards him.
He gave you a soft smile. “If you don’t like it you can tell me. I picked it out with Steve-”
“You picked it out with Steve?” You asked, smiling. “That means...”
“Yeah.” He smiled. “Picked it out seven months ago... before...”
You knew what he meant- before his best friend decided to leave the modern age to go back to the forties, leaving Bucky here. Although you knew is was a hard topic to discuss, knowing the truth lifted a weight off of your chest. He didn’t propose to you in the heat of the moment because you were pregnant- he had been planning on proposing to you for over half a year. Not only was he planning on proposing for that long, but before you told him you were pregnant he must of asked Sam to pick up the ring.
You felt guilty for yelling at him earlier and for believing that he didn’t have your best intentions in mind, but overall you were just so overjoyed to know that you were going to spend the rest of your life with the man in front of you.
“I love you.” You told him in a hushed voice, sitting yourself back down on the side of his bed.
“Is that a yes?” He asked, gently taking the box out of your hand.
You couldn't help but smile.
“Yes.” You laughed. “Of course I’ll marry you.”
Although Bucky Barnes was known for his infamous glare, he couldn’t help but smile in that moment, the pieces in his life finally falling into place after all this time. He couldn’t possibly be happier.
When he finally tore his eyes away from your smiling face that he swore would rival any goddess’, he shakily took the ring out of the box, took your left hand in his vibranium one and slipped the diamond engagement ring over your ring finger.
Before you could let him say another word, you leaned forward, cupping his face in your hands and kissed him. You couldn’t help but laugh into the kiss, so filled with love and joy that you could barely contain it.
When you finally pulled away, you still couldn’t help the smile that spread across your face, so wide it almost hurt your cheeks.
As the smile fell from your boyfriend’s face you furrowed your eyebrows.
“What is it?” You asked him, fiddling with engagement ring on your finger.
“Did....” He began glancing between a still silent Sam and you. “Did you agree to go on a mission when you knew you were pregnant?”
Instead of meeting your boyfriend- no- fiancé’s eyes, you decided to admire your ring. “Uh...”
Bucky didn’t have a chance to press you further on the topic when the other man standing beside you’s voice rang through the room.
“Wait! You’re pregnant?”
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kookiecrumb · 1 year
jjk || New Mary
Tumblr media
Prologue: The Angel Gabriel
warnings: religious trauma, psychotic behavior, stalkerish behavior, general mature themes (18+)
series masterlist
Tumblr media
It is so easy to lose hope in this world. People turn to religion and throw themselves at meaningless things in order to try to hang on to some kind of sanity.
It is common to see people devote their entire lives to a vague purpose that does not have any definite goals, to want something so badly that the means by which their goal is achieved does not matter to them. This is when it becomes dangerous.
Professors of sociology have studied the phenomena of cults in western society for decades. Studies trailing back to the psychological study boom of the sixties.
Then, war rampaged the world, and it was the first time that we began to realize that we had limited say in changing the state of the world.
That made people afraid.
Every time that there is fear, people will turn to religion.
"Please, God! Stop this war!"
"Please, God! Stop this death!"
"Please, God! Stop this plague!"
"Stop this hate, stop this pain, stop this suffering!"
We would rather listen to the sweet lie than accept and work with the truth. It is the only way some of us stay alive. You hung by a thread of hope that someday you would stumble upon something life-changing. You were sure that you were destined for something greater, but you did not know what. That is, until you met Mr.Jeon.
Life was a blur before you met Mr.Jeon. Day after day, you lived miserably without any real purpose, talents, nor achievements. Looking back, you cannot recall having a job or a family, having any meaningful relationships or even friends. There's only a void in place of your past life. This is intentional.
He remembers thinking that you'd make a remarkable trophy. You're striking to him, a perfect candidate and an obedient servant. Naturally, he chased after you-- subtly, at first.
Here is the cat and mouse game. He had no issue disguising himself as unassuming denizens that appear and disappear from your life, casually-- which he only did for you, by the way. You were that special. He knew you were special. He never doubted you, Y/N.
You were his chosen from the beginning. You must know that. You simply must.
His eyes chased you like a lion chased a gazelle and his mind fixated itself in your every action. He spent days formulating, planning, and preparing to approach you.
It was constant, it was restless, it was pure infatuation with the idea of your purity.
Chasing, thinking, planning, feeling, tracking, tracing, trailing, hiding, racing, leering, breathing, hunting, latching, bracing, lacing, breaching, breaking, touching, falling for you.
It took him such a long time to find the perfect moment to capture you. Mind you, Mr.Jeon was a genius man. He would sink his teeth into you soon enough, with his gnawing tusks piercing the skin of your neck. Metaphorically, of course.
The easy part was cracking every source of data you regularly used. Getting inside your phone, reading all of your messages, et cetera. There was no chink in the software that he couldn't slip by. That being said, most media platforms are nearly impossible to crack without triggering some kind of internal alarm. He guessed your passwords. That was just easier, and safer.
One by one, he isolated you from your distractions. Whenever one of your little degenerate heathen friends popped up on your phone, Mr.Jeon reached it before you did and shut it down. It took some persistence. After all, Satan is persistent in his effort to consume the souls of God's chosen people.
There was no challenge that Mr.Jeon's love could not overcome, Y/N.
They stopped calling. They stopped messaging. They stopped reaching out to you entirely.
He sanctifies you. You're made perfect, cleansed by his presence. You're made pure. Perfect, like him.
Yes, he was sure of it now. You would be his New Mary. It would only be a matter of time.
Tumblr media
The Angel Gabriel.
It's often that in order to draw in customers to a psychic shop, clairvoyants litter their business cards all over parking lots and football stadiums in order to create a false sense of coincidence or divine intervention. A potential customer becomes curious, picks up the business card believing that it's a sign from a higher power, calls the number and schedules an appointment.
Jungkook considered this method for a little while. He was uncomfortable with the chance aspect of it, though. He did not want to waste his time waiting for you to pick up one of his business cards.
Another idea was to kidnap and drug you the traditional way.
At first, it felt like a solid method to get you where he needed you to be. It was quick, efficient, and he could do it relatively unsuspectingly. The tranquilizers were easy to access in non-lethal doses, the benzodiazepines were semi-accessible with an anxiety diagnosis, and the rest of the equipment could be purchased discreetly over a period of time from multiple addresses and accounts that he made sure were untraceable.
He could not do it alone, however. You'd squirm and put up a fight, and there would be a possibility that you'd slip from his reach.
He would send an Angel Gabriel to direct you towards his light.
This was interesting! You were going home for the holidays this year.
You had purchased a roundtrip plane ticket to your hometown a week ago. It showed up on your bank statement. The ticket was for November 27th at 6:00 PM. It was on a Saturday.
Jungkook tapped his fingers lightly against the surface of his desk, thinking. He would come to you.
It is a common misconception that people like Mr.Jeon conjure up their plan on a big board in some hidden room in his beaten-down apartment in nowheresville, but this is rarely the case. He had everything he needed with him at all times to devise and strategize how he would encounter your little brother on the train ride to your hometown.
You see, your brother had just gotten his driver's license in September. He'd gotten himself a new car to celebrate.
It was a used car, an older model that he could afford all by himself with the job he had, working weekends at some fast food joint. It was a decent ten miles from the house, so it was natural for him to drive his car both to and from work.
The GPS system that he uses to get there and back momentarily uses a highway that is notorious for its terrible cell service. Bingo.
Yet another misconception is that people like Mr.Jeon cannot or don't know how to function, or understand social norms, within a society. This isn't true. Mr.Jeon was not sociopathic; he participated in society on a daily basis and could mirror someone's emotions in order to manipulate them for his personal gain.
Your brother doesn't know shit about car mechanics. It only takes a measured amount of oil to cause the engine to smoke and have him pull over on his way from work.
If it were to work, then that would open up the possibility of the manager raising suspicions and sending somebody over to investigate. That's the last thing he needed. Instead, he would catch him on his way back.
The employee parking lot camera is broken, which is technically a violation, but it was evident that the manager had other priorities. A little digging revealed that she was fucking the regional manager for the company and was able to treat the place like her personal food kitchen.
Now, it isn't easy to get a car rental the day of, so he had to call from the hotel room, stay the night, wake up early in the morning on a Saturday to pick it up and time the encounter down to the last second.
He's meticulous, but it's all in good fun. It would only be a few days before you'd be in his hands, safe and sound. There was no need to rush or worry. Your Angel Gabriel was here.
Tumblr media
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realityescapee01 · 8 months
Steo and Chill
Steo | Stiles x Theo | Vacation
Theo brings Stiles to a vacation. He wanted his mate to relax. Stiles have been so stressed out lately; FBI and Beacon Hills stuff.
Tumblr media
Stiles was so stressed -always irritated, can't sleep, always angry and really needs to relax.
So Theo planned a vacation.
"I can't, I have to email a vacation day leav-"
"I already did."
"Theo baby darling doll face honey, you did what???"
"I submitted your vacation leave. And it's approved." Theo showed him the approval email.
"You-When-How'd-You used my FBI email??? How did you ope-you know my password???"
"I know all your passwords on all your accounts."
"Pack your bags." Theo ignored his questions and just lifted him up to his waist and carried him to the bedroom.
Theo dropped him on the bed, kissed his forehead and placed his luggage in front of him. Stiles was now packing his things for vacation. "Where are we going, Theo?"
"Beach." Theo has his luggage packed already.
"Okay." Stiles guessed that Theo's luggage most likely consists of beach shorts; and just a few tank top or muscle tees. Theo loves being shirtless.
Stiles got his beach clothes. Then he started packing the other stuffs.
Stiles grabbed the vials of mistletoe, wolfsbane, mountain ash and his trusted bat.
"No no no, baby honey sweetheart love of my life. You won't need that." Theo intercepts the bat, sets it aside and unpacks the vials too.
"We never know if we'll need it." Stiles grabs the vials again.
Theo stops him by kissing him. As he was kissing Stiles, he was taking the vials away. Stiles kinda always stops working whenever Theo has his mouth on his. Tongue on his.
"This is a vacation. I assure you, no supernatural problem. I won't let it." Theo assured him.
"Okay... now, kiss me again and fuck me real good." Stiles demanded as he pulled Theo down to bed.
They arrived at the beach and are now checking in in their hotel room. Theo took care of everything. But Stiles is still on edge. He kept checking his phone. Which Theo took away.
"Stiles, FBI and Beacon Hills will not implode over this weekend. Right now, relax. With me." And Theo kisses him again.
They were on the beach and Theo could tell Stiles is still in on his head. Theo asked him to go to the bar and get some drinks. Hoping to get Stiles to not think so much.
Stiles made his way to the bar. He looked back at Theo.
'Damn. My boyfriend really is beautiful.' he told himself.
Tumblr media
He started to smile and have this warm and fuzzy feeling. This started to feel like a vacation. And he started to relax. Until he noticed something.
There are other guys and girls checking Theo out. Some even takes photos of him as discreetly as they can. Now, he understood the people who gets so angry when people look at their significant other. Stiles suddenly felt like he just wanted to hide Theo in the house. But of course, that's not good. Stiles started feeling on edge again.
'Okay, no supernatural problems, but there is a -people thirsting over Theo- problem!' Stiles bit his nails.
He got their drinks and intentionally blocked that one girl trying to snap a photo of Theo. "Here you go, babe!" Stiles intentionally said it out loud too.
"Thanks." Theo got his drinks and kissed Stiles on the lips.
"Yeah. So uhm, let's go over there." Stiles wanted to go to a spot with less people.
"Getting relaxed yet?" Theo asked as he sat behind Stiles, putting the human between his legs.
"Hmn, not really."
"And why is that?" Theo pulled Stiles closer to him, making Stiles lie back on his chest.
"Because, Theo. There are lots of guys and girls checking you out. And it's not okay with me."
"Oh..." Theo kissed Stiles's nape. "Come on." Theo stood and pulled Stiles towards the water to swim.
The first few minutes, they were swimming and enjoying the water. The next, Theo was groping and kissing Stiles. "Oh shit, Theo-mnn." Stiles got horny. Theo knows exactly where to grope to turn him on.
"Wanna get back to the room?" Theo asked, voice raspy.
Stiles just nodded while his mouth was open. They both got out of the water and made their way back to their hotel room. Stiles was aware that he has a half-hard dick straining against his swim shorts. And some people were trying to steal a look at it. He placed his hand over it and
'What??? If your boyfriend is this hot, you'd have a hard on every time too!' Stiles having an inner dialogue with himself.
Once they reached their floor, Theo pulled down Stiles's shorts and boxers. "H-Hey, where's still in the hallway!"
"We're the only ones on this floor." Theo said, sucking on Stiles's neck.
"T-The cctv's?" Stiles let Theo suck on his nape and slap his butt.
"Taken care of-hmn!" Theo nudged his crotch against Stiles's butt.
"Ohfuck, Theo!" Stiles faced Theo, kissed him and pushed him against the wall.
"Oh! Someone's happy." Theo said, just letting Stiles have his way. But not for long.
After a few minutes of moans and groans and groping, Theo decided that Stiles had enough of 'top' moment and its time to reclaim his top position. Theo grabbed Stiles's butt and lifted him up like he weighs nothing. Stiles let out a very appreciative moan. He loves it when Theo handles him.
Theo carried him and proceeded to press him against the opposite wall. Theo then took his cock out and started prodding Stiles's hole. Stiles thudded his head back against the wall as he felt Theo push in.
Theo started pumping in him against the wall.
Stiles cursed and couldn't believe he's getting railed in the hallway. It gave him some kind of a different excitement.
Theo gave him a few pumps against the wall before lifting him off and into their bed. Dropping him on the bed.
"I'm gonna make you forget all your worries, Stiles. You'll think about nothing but me. And this." Theo grabbed and stroked himself as he strode confidently towards Stiles on the bed.
Stiles gulped as he stared at Theo's very appealing erection. 'My worries are gonna get fucked away... ain't complaining though.' Stiles thought as he spread his legs for Theo.
After how many orgasms, Stiles couldn't really keep count. He laid there, looking at the ceiling. He's so sex drunk and he's hole could still feel Theo's knot a while ago. He's still so high on the sex.
Theo chuckled beside him. "Are you alright, Stiles?"
"You fucking milked me, Theo. I swear I'm dried up."
Theo laughed hard. Stiles says the dumbest thing after sex.
"Are you complaining?"
Theo laughed harder. "It's been weeks since we had sex. Can't blame me." Theo kissed his mark on Stiles's neck.
"Oh... I didn't notice. I was so stressed out. Sorry."
"No, no problem about that. I understand. I hope this vacation would make you relax."
"Oh I am. I am."
Stiles wakes up to a breakfast in bed. A full morning meal. Plus a newly bathed Theo in only a towel, freshly out from the bathroom.
Stiles watched Theo as he ate. He stared at Theo's chest as he took a piece from his fluffy pancake. Then his stare ran down to Theo's abs as he took a bite from his toasted bread bun.
Stiles watched as Theo wiped a water droplet that had slid from his chest down to his happy trail. As he took a sip from his orange juice.
And then Theo let the towel around his waist drop just in time as Stiles bit on his hotdog breakfast.
Stiles choked a little bit and scrambled for the water.
Theo let out a little laugh "Stiles, are you okay? You didn't choke on mine last night."
Stiles was hitting his chest and was able to get rid of the block. "Shut up, Theo. I'm eating for god's sake."
"You're the one ogling me while eating."
"Just get dressed, okay?" Stiles took another bite of the hotdog while watching Theo get a boxers on.
After Stiles had his breakfast, the couple headed out to the beach again. Stiles went to the bar to get their drinks again.
And then Theo saw Liam, walking around, seeming to be looking for someone.
Theo panicked a little because he knew what this was. He ran to Liam and dragged him away, away to where Stiles will not see them.
"Liam?!? What are you doing here?"
"Theo! Oh, I'm looking for Stiles. There's a problem-"
"No no no. Stiles is on vacation. He can't have any troubles."
"Well, Scott is away and I have no idea what to do, so I thought to ask Stiles."
"You won't do that... what's the problem?"
"Well..." Liam started narrating the problem.
And Theo took it upon himself to think of a solution. It's rather simple but since Liam is still new to being a leader, it's understandable he would ask for advice.
Theo enumerated evey step Liam has to do to solve the problem and even gave a plan B and plan C.
And then he sent Liam on his way. Went back to the beach before Stiles does and behaved as if nothing happened.
"Here we go, Theo." Stiles sat next to him on their beach towel.
"Thanks." Theo will never let this vacation be disturbed. Stiles needs to relax.
Theo and Stiles sunbathed for a while and then took a swim. They went back to their room again when Stiles got horny again. To be fair, Theo was groping him underwater.
After 2 rounds of making Stiles cum, Theo washed and went downstairs. He wanted to pick alcoholic drinks to bring back upstairs. Room service would be too noisy and wake Stiles up. He didn't want that.
At the hotel bar, he saw Peter Hale.
"What the fu-" Theo walked over to the older Hale. "Why are you here?" Theo knows if Peter is there, something supernatural is going down.
"Hey there, Raeken. How's the honeymoon?" Peter looking around for Stiles. "Where's Stiles? Oh, Theo. Calm down a bit huh? You're exhausting your mate." Peter had a naughty smile on.
"That's none of your business. Whatever you're here for, get it over with. And don't let Stiles see you." Theo knew Stiles would freak and worry and investigate whatever Peter Hale was here for.
"Fine. It's just tonight, then tomorrow I'm gone. I'm just meeting a friend." Peter looked over to a lady walking over to them.
Definitely a werewolf, Theo sensed. "You better be gone tomorrow, Peter."
Peter just grinned at Theo as he grabbed the lady towards himself.
Theo got a hold of their liquor and headed upstairs. He knows Stiles is awake by now. He did hold back a while ago so Stiles isn't that tired.
"Where'd you go?" Stiles asked the moment Theo walked back into the room.
"Got us vodka." Theo set the drinks on the coffee table. "And curly fries."
Stiles smiled at that.
-+-+-+ ( complete ) +-+-+-
The next day is their last day of vacation, the following day after that, they're heading home.
Everything was perfect. The weather was good. The waves are good. The sunset they spent together, cuddling on the beach.
Night time came and Stiles was a loti tipsy. He was initiating sex with Theo on their empty floor's hallway; groping Theo's chest and abs. Loving the feeling of those humps and bumps.
They got into the room kissing. Stiles stripped and jumped onto the bed. Theo went to the bathroom to wash sand off his feet, he carried Stiles from the beach until here.
In the bathroom, Stiles's phone was ringing. He checked and it was Corey.
"What is it now?" Theo answered the call.
"Theo? Hey uhm, where's Stiles?"
"He cannot be disturbed. What's the matter, Cor?"
"Uhm, you know the thing Liam followed you there for?"
"The thing I gave 3 solutions for? Yeah, why?"
"Well, we need a 4th solution."
"How in the hell did you still fail?!?"
"Theo? Hey! What's taking so long? I need you. Now!!!" Stiles was whining from the bed.
Theo sighed. "Cor, be fast. Tell me about it."
"Theo!!!" Stiles was becoming restless. "I'm not gonna fuck myself!"
"Okay... here's the solution." Theo gave Corey another plan to their little intruding omega in the preserve. "I gotta go, Corey. Stiles needs me now."
"Okay. Thanks a lot, Theo."
Theo hang up as Stiles was banging on the bathroom door now. Theo opened the door in time and immediately kissed Stiles, lifted him up and brought him back to bed.
The next day, they got back to Beacon Hills and Stiles wanted to check on the puppy pack.
Liam told him about how they were able to track down an omega and convince him to leave without anymore incident.
Stiles was impressed.
"Oh, that's great! Wow, I can truly relax about leaving you guys this area without mine or Scott's supervision. Good job."
Liam and Corey sheepishly smiled and glanced at Theo.
Theo simple gestured to never tell Stiles he had anything to do about it.
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jae-canikeepyou · 2 years
| into you | j.jh
Tumblr media
pair: jaehyun x fem!reader
word count: 7.7k+
summary: as the uni campus’ social butterfly, it’s a given you have a lot of friends, invited to almost all gatherings and all adore you. for the latter, jaehyun does too. he’s so into you and likes how you’re his happy place. or; jaehyun— an unsocial, often misunderstood person, finds his behaviour different with you and perhaps wants to keep you for himself, not anyone else.
genre: fluff + elite!au
a/n: i’m back after a while since i’ve been so so busy! this is not proofread again and i’m sorry if there are any grammar mistakes down there :> this is not canon with “letting go” scenario in case there’s any similarities with the characters. hehe anyway i hope you all enjoy reading! ♡ ~j.
seated at the front row in the amphitheatre-shaped lecture hall, jaehyun frustratingly put his hood back on to hide himself from those who were staring from all around. they were definitely whispering about him, hands by their lips to conceal their voices in case he heard them. he hated this much attention, all because he chose stay of out school and classes— and claimed that it didn’t interest him.
so did coming today.
but the point was his attendance for this class was on the line and his busybody parents were sick of receiving phone calls or mails that kept filling their boxes, all for the same reason; that their son could be expelled despite handing assignments.
he rolled his eyes at the heat creeping up his ears as the whispers grew louder. he slammed the thin granite table, causing everyone to flinch at the sound and his presence. “can i have some quiet?! i can hear you guys talking crap about me!” he turned around at the pairs of eyes, soon frozen like meerkats.
they ticked him off. he couldn’t stand being in the same room with people who repeatedly questioned his existence of being here. he knew that rumours were going around, that the ‘jeong jaehyun’ in high school got into an private elite university— it could be anywhere but never expected it‘d be this campus. it was written in the judgment of their faces.
“chill man,” a guy his age swung his lollipop with legs on the desk. “some are curious why you decided to show up today since first semester’s a week away from ending, while some even wonder why you got into such prestigious and elite university.”
jaehyun’s eyed him slowly from legs to head. “who are you supposed to be?” he snorted at the stranger.
“just a guy who wants to break the distraught you’re trying to start.” he kicked his legs off the desk and stood up on his suede shoes, showing off his pearly whites.
he looked at everyone whose eyes averted from the two of them. “our town’s a small neighbourhood, so everybody knows everybody. we know exactly who you are, jeong jaehyun.”
“excuse me?” he swirled his tongue that it was evident he was pissed. “careful what you accuse me of. you and i both know it’s not going to end well-”
“they’re near they’re near!” a voice echoed the hall, cutting jaehyun’s attempt to intimidate the young man any further.
and with that signal alone, jaehyun could see and observe ladies fixing their hair and make-up, while the guys gave fistbumps to those near them. he rolled his eyes at him returning the favour to them as the guy unbuttoned his collar. “what’s wrong with you?” jaehyun was utterly weirded out. “with everyone?”
the crimson-haired guy only gave a flirty grin with raised brows. “this happens everytime.“
the door swung open with the professor rushing in. the students swifted heads, it wasn’t the first time he ever was late. he was young and good-looking, and it was hard to believe he still a bachelor. he gestured someone at the door, then the held-in giggles and mumbles were soon replaced with whispers of awe, as you walked in carefully with a tower of binder folders halfly covering your view.
clearly the guys around him have been secretly admiring; some had the confidence of taking selfies even if you were far, while others took a picture with their eyes so you were marked in their memories. ladies flocked towards the flustered professor like little chicks and surrounded him.
and that’s when the comments started coming in.
“park seojoon is so hot.” “hey remember to use ‘professor’.” “i guess genes runs in the family.” “his sister is ethereal too.” “i see her weekly and y/n’s a goddess.” “y/n! are you coming to the party tonight?”
jaehyun knew who you were through social media and common friends. and he included himself part of the people who admire you. he also remembered because he bumped into you during orientation. he wouldn’t usually care about passerby’s and strangers and although that was a brief moment and short eye contact, something about you was hard to not forget. you had people and friends under a charming spell he couldn’t describe, and that was in a good way.
you tucked a strand behind your ear and became shy afterwards as they whistled and cheered towards your gesture, making you heat up a thousand degrees higher. you should be used to this but every time it happens, you were just as flustered as your brother.
jaehyun’s legs got up on its own and was surprised at himself for making his way to help you. he picked up the fallen binder files and scattered papers while the whiskers by your eyes creased up in shyness.
he hitched a breath realising that the clumsy you was adorable too.
“thank you.” a smile then appearing at the corners of your lips caused jaehyun to freeze for a while. yuta wouldn’t miss anyone’s reaction. he slid his chair close to jaehyun’s as the he came back, nudging his chair for him to give into your beauty.
“i know a person with heart eyes when i see one. now you understand why we’re whipped for y/n. isn’t she a babe- agh.” he held the back of his head from the smack.
“don’t call me that, nakamoto.” you hissed sharply with how confident and careless he could get, especially with people you weren’t familiar with. you looked at the guy in a black sweater and let out an embarrassed sigh. “i’m sorry about my annoying best friend. yuta tends to be chatty when he feels lonely.” you winked at him.
it was jaehyun’s turn to flash short chuckle, its faint sounds perked not only your ears, but yuta’s as well. “not a problem. i know a lonely person when i see one.” jaehyun emphasised through his gaze.
“i’m not lonely! i have y/n and my men!” he whined and turned towards you. “see what you did y/n?”
“it’s good to finally see you, jeong jaehyun.” you ignored yuta and brought out a hand for a greeting.
you pursed your lips to stifle a laugh, jaehyun’s ears quickly turned from pink to red. he gulped loudly and took your hand in his, eyebrows lifting at how you knew his name.
lost for words and you both locked eyes where he forgot to let your hands go. “we take the same course together? i know your name because you’re the only one missing from the class-” you said, shaking his hands to subtly let him know it had been a minute since your hands felt his vainey flesh.
“okay young lad that’s enough time holding my sister.” seojoon separated your hands and jaehyun snapped out of his admiration, inhaling quite stressfully with how stupid he looked. “get to your class y/n.”
“alright, i’ll see you at tea hour.” you waved at the boys.
“as long as you’re treating i’ll go.” yuta hummed in a monotonous voice, fixing his laces that went untied.
“i’m not talking to you dimwit.” you flicked his forehead, leading to your satisfaction of the nut-like sound from it. “jaehyun, because you missed yesterday’s class, prof assigned me to assist you, along with the other topics you’ve yet to cover. i’ll be expecting you at the café near campus.”
before you stepped out of the hall, yuta pulled your sweater, yanking you back. “are you going to taeyong’s party tonight? you never miss an event!”
you puckered your lips, pinching his cheeks that a cute gummy smile came out from it. “you know my rules. as long as you’re driving me home, i’ll go. see you later.”
jaehyun nodded yet was still in a daze. he realised what you said when yuta pushed him. “gross. don’t act as if we’re already close.”
“hm? was i really? i think it’s normal when you’re making a move on my best friend.” he brought out his laptop and typed his password.
i wasn’t. “whatever.”
and to say that jaehyun didn’t feel butterflies flying uncontrollably in his stomach would be an understatement. they made the intestine churn in ways he couldn’t imagine, and he himself wanted to deny that what he was feeling was just from the influence of others. but wouldn’t that mean his feelings were temporary? because if it were, he should perceive you an ordinary person.
yet here he was outside, still admiring you before he entered the café. he found it was amusing of how oblivious you were of his presence— you were too immersed into this assigned task by professor, but others found it funnier when jaehyun looked stupidly in-love and cowardly the lad looked, despite having the overall aura of a stuck-up.
as the sun’s rays brightened the city and the wind’s breeze made the trees leaves dance, only then had you raise your head to see jaehyun waving at you. ten minutes early, not bad for an actual first impression. “hey,” he greeted, making you smile with his low but gentle voice. “am i late?”
you took your bag from across and asked him to sit down. “no no. you’re just in time, it’s really nice to have an early bird around.”
his dimples deepened at the compliment. “how about the project? is it too late? you think i can still catch up?” jaehyun cleared his throat.
“that depends on your dedication. based on the record professor gets, you’ve been doing your tasks and homework quite diligently. he’s just worried about your habit of not attending his lectures might lead to procrastination when second semester starts.” you gave him a slice of cheesecake to eat. “he’s still teaching us another subject.”
“it’s quite the contrary.” he dove in for the dessert. “i don’t have the will to procrastinate at all.”
“then good.” you twisted the pen in your fingers. “let’s get started?”
for that span of two hours, how he wished it could be more. who knew you would have a lot of things in common with him? that time alone was not enough to talk about vinyl and jazz singers and pretty much everything that were overlooked by people. he brought up his favourite spots in the city and how they became a safe haven to escape the reality.
to cut the explaining short, his shell slowly started to open, bits and new things were showing. if you were surprised he was a good person, jaehyun himself couldn’t believe he was able to converse with people normally. being the awkward and shy type, doing this almost seemed impossible.
was it your magic that caused him to do so?
you learnt that jaehyun was rather special and by special it meant he had gifts that you believed were way beyond human limits. he never studied in a library, rewatched lectures or written his notes. and the professor mentioned how jaehyun received good grades in most of the things he submitted.
to be very honest, you were a little jealous. from how he was sitting in front of you, he didn’t seem to be interested but was definitely listening. and you sort of gave up in continuing anyway. “i don’t understand why i’m told i need to guide you when you’ve already caught up with everything.” you let out a soft chuckle that seemed more of a question.
“i was waiting for you to stop..” jaehyun said quite blatantly and stretched his arms and you were hurt because if he didn’t want to, he could’ve said so. heck, even more so, he shouldn’t have come here and wasted time-
“..because it looked like you were forced to do this by prof.” his smile then faded seeing you mirror the same. “are you alright? you’re a little pale..”
your eyes widened. “oh uh, sorry, i assumed-” you sputtered and probably died inside with what he said. you cursed in your mind. dammit y/n.
jaehyun raised his brows, making you more flustered and panicky. you sighed and waved your ‘its-nothing’ hand. “assumed that i’m brusque and a stuck-up?”
he pierced his eyes at you and you weren’t going to lie, he scared you a bit. but that fear immediately disappeared when a gentle giggle and adorable dimples replaced it. “i get that a lot, but don’t worry. i’m different from what people think. they think i’m not friendly, a-and a loner too.”
“you’re not.” he heard you counter him, slightly slamming the fork down. “if you were, you wouldn’t be here with me. or even bothered to come.”
his heart became warm through your words, that act of kindness torn down his walls of inferiority and his perception towards people changed. “thanks.” he checked the time on his watch and twisted his wrist to show to you. “don’t you have a party to attend to?”
“lee taeyong’s?” you stood up to leave the café. “i feel like skipping it for tonight. i’m not in the mood for parties somehow.”
“because i’m a better company for you?” jaehyun teased and boy was he proud with his remark, you didn’t even deny it. “you don’t have to go if you really don’t want to. it’s better to have time for yourself sometimes.”
“you’re saying from experience?” you asked, putting pressure on your words about his claim of being alone.
“it’s more of an advice for you.” he winked.
you thought he was quite observant even though he barely socialised with others. he noticed the light in your eyes sparkling, in which he felt his chest squeeze. you twirled in your toes as you hugged your laptop. “say.. are you up for a movie marathon?”
including now, it’d be the fourth time you both have rewind the specific scene just for that certain song jaehyun kept singing nonstop. and although you loved his voice, having the song on replay would be a little too much and the purpose of the marathon might go in vain. it seemed jaehyun was way into it, so interrupting him would be mean of you so you sang along.
“the nostalgia still hits me ‘til this day.” jaehyun tossed a bag of chips from your kitchen island to you.
jaehyun kept saying it may sound stupid and corny coming from him, but as a child he liked the whole high school musical series; and he pretty much became one when breaking free started to play.
because you both couldn’t decide where to watch the beloved movies by everyone, the marathon ended up being at your apartment. it was subtle, yet quite obvious to you he didn’t want it to be held in his place. you thanked your psychology course for giving lessons to notice even the little things in behaviour.
“how many times do i have to keep telling you it’s okay to like it? not like anyone would tease you for it.” you giggled as you opened the bag and popped a couple of chips into your mouth.
“yeah sure, but i know you would.” he squinted his eyes for you to admit that that was your plan eventually.
“have i?” you singsonged, sipping on the large cola cup.
he pointed at the hairbrush you held and suddenly you bursted out in laughter since jaehyun was obviously— maybe a little— offended with how you mimicked him singing earlier. “okay you caught me.”
jaehyun felt his entire body heating up. still in denial about actually being into you, he took a challenge upon himself and scooted next to you. his arms slightly brushed and touched against yours. “you in for hsm 2?”
“well we are having a marathon, might as well go for camp rock later.” you shrugged and eyed him with a confirming gaze.
“uh-huh.. but i’m still a fan of the trilogy.” jaehyun stole the chips in your hands.
“now aren’t you cheeky.” you gasped at his playful behaviour, and you didn’t dislike it. perhaps you prefer this naught over yuta’s as it didn’t get into your nerves or have the urge to hit him because of the hyperness.
he sat deeper into the beanbag. “i’m comfortable in here. your house feels too homey.”
“so is it my fault that you’re in your comfort zone?” you stated, taking the bag of chips back into your arms.
“yes.” he protested with frequent waves of his palms. “you’re too kind and i might come here to visit often.”
“suit yourself.”
since he arrived here it had him wondering, why did he decide to show up today at campus when there was actually a pure human being like you? he just needed a person— just one— to knock onto his heart. yet with many people in his life trying to do the same thing, none held the correct key. and somehow,
it had to be you.
you’ve lost count of the number of times jaehyun has been hanging at your crib since then. it became a normal routine but never have you been to his place. it was always yours and you didn’t mind that. though he did promise, you respected his decision.
you found out he could be little dorky and corny but that was the unique trait about him. like friends at kindergarten, you both were still at a get-to-know-each-other stage. so that day, he created a schedule where he would hang out with you on wednesdays and fridays, claiming that he didn’t want to be seen by others, e.g. mr. nobody with ms. golden girl.
however, since then, people close to you have been looking at you rather differently. it wasn’t because they sometimes see jaehyun following you around, they sensed a different aura from you. you could feel their piercing stares from all directions, as if you were the centerpiece of a watch. there was something a little different than usual.
and you tried to ignore this ominous feeling for now.
yuta shook his legs vigorously, in which was an unsightly act to see for someone on the soccer team. you could see him from afar with his hands by his lips, biting it as he waited for your arrival at the university’s sports ground. jaehyun jogged towards you with his bag slung diagonally across his torso. he poked your neck and as a person with severe tickle spots, that caught you off guard into a fight-me position to the doer.
“chill, it’s just me.” jaehyun had both of his hands up, whiskers appearing just by the sides of his nose.
“jaehyun!” you relaxed your limbs. “got a better way of greeting? i don’t like being surprised.” you pulled the hem of his sleeve, missing how he pursed his lips in glee when you both instantly became close, like it was overnight.
he let you grab him as you both walked towards where yuta was standing by the bleachers. “i’m sorry?” he giggled loud enough only for you to hear. “i thought i’d get a priceless reaction from you.”
you rolled your eyes that it almost hurt doing so. “be glad i have enough patience for you.”
“and i didn’t have enough patience last night!” yuta joined the conversation seeing you and jaehyun before him. “where have you been? you said you were coming to my place yesterda- why is he here?” he looked at him then at you. “with you? again?”
“ever thought that i want to have my own ‘me’ time for once?” you took off your cardigan and placed it on the bleachers. you could feel jaehyun chuckling softly when you made reference to his remark.
and boy was he proud. “you’re emphasising on that quite often nowadays.” he helped you carry your bag as you to settled down.
“that’s because i never realised how true it actually is until i say it out loud, since being in everyone’s eyes does pressure me.” you balled your fists to nudge him lightly on the arm, and for him to dramatically receive the attack did put yuta in an awkward position.
“uh hello? i’m still here!” in front of you and jaehyun, yuta snapped his fingers several times to divert attention. “what’s going on with you two? how are you both suddenly so close when you’ve just met for the first time two weeks ago?”
jaehyun swifted his head towards you, and the telepathic exchange of words between you and him had yuta clicking his tongue in disbelief. “you were right, he will react.” jaehyun’s voice prolonged while munching on a corn dog.
“told you so.” you flicked your hair and turned to yuta as you continued talking. “bestie, we’ve been seeing each other since then.”
what the hell? the way yuta’s face turn sour at your smile towards jaehyun, he could almost faint right then and there since he swore he saw mr. dimples smile subtly at you too. “and with just that i’ve been replaced-”
“no i would never replace my best friend.” you held his palms hoping he would calm down from his high emotions, but he immediately pulled his hand away from you, much to your dismay. “hey, i’m here to make amends-”
“yeah?” he clicked on a pen and wrote something on a tissue, soon grabbing your bag from the seat and fished out your wallet. “then you’re treating me my meals for a month. i have another order right now.”
now it was your turn whose face became sour. “a month?! i can’t do that- hey!”
yuta tossed your credit card up in the air and upon seeing his eyes darken— though that was all in your head—you gave in and sighed heavily. you stomped your way to the caféteria while yuta comfortably put one leg on the benches with a satisfied grin. “man she’s easy to tease.”
“is that so? then i know now who she gets it from.” jaehyun said through his chews on his food, making yuta’s ears perk up at the response.
the atmosphere lingering between the two of them invited dark clouds. both could sense the change in their moods, and they both weren’t liking it.
yuta spun and played the ball on his hands then forearms, later let out a scoff when jaehyun raised his brows. he didn’t like the vibe jaehyun was giving and so did the latter. “i do it for fun. it’s natural between us.” yuta said.
“hm? she told me she doesn’t like it when you do.” he saw you on your tiptoes as you struggled to tell the order to the person at the high-levelled counter. but another scoff came out from yuta. “you got a proble-?”
“yeah kinda.”
“i don’t think so. i can tell it really bothers you when y/n hangs out with me.” jaehyun sat up straight at yuta’s comment about him.
“i should be. because i’m her best friend and who knows what type of person you are.” he did a few tricks with his legs. “but if you really want to know then your attitude is what i have problems with.”
“i remember telling you it wouldn’t be good for you when accuse me wrongly.”
he let out a monotonous and rather mocking laugh, taking jaehyun aback but he anticipated this kind of response from him. “and what? you’ll go berserk like you did years ago? as a high school freshman? beating the innocent up or whoever comes your way?”
“look i don’t know where the hell that came from but it’s not what you or everyone else thinks.” jaehyun aggressively crumpled the hotdog wrapper in his palms.
“c’mon you don’t have to hold it all in,” yuta set his ball aside and rested his hands on his waist. jaehyun was getting uncomfortable the more he listened to him. “unleash that side-”
jaehyun rolled his tongue, nodding his head to test him. “alright, i guess i don’t have to when i have feelings for y/n. thanks for the advice.”
what the..? yuta stared at him when there wasn’t a change in his expression. jerk- “now you’re talking. you wanna fight? let’s do that-”
“tsk yuta! the bill’s too expensive!” you whined and gently put down the tray.
while yuta clicked his tongue at your sudden entry and with how quickly you came back, for a moment jaehyun wanted to hug you for being his saviour. he was so close to lose his temper towards your best friend. the relief seen in his tensed shoulders, but you interpreted it otherwise. “are you okay?” you asked while you sat down beside him.
he hummed, folding his arms and looking at the distance, clearly avoiding eye contact with yuta. “mhm, i just realised the deadline is coming up in three days.” he excused.
you managed to utter out a giggle as you finally ate, finding out how jaehyun’s ears always turned red when given attention to. “you’re stressed about it?”
“aren’t you?” jaehyun drank the remains of his soda.
“not really since i finished mine. but, if you’re worried about your progress, i can help you.” you swirled the fork in the air like a wand. jaehyun smiled to himself when yuta took his ball to throw a fit.
“i’m not worried about the project. but there’s an annoying bug i’m trying to hit so help me.” jaehyun’s dimples appeared deeply again and as the darkening ombré sunset shoned his side profile, there you witnessed how pure he actually was— and you missed out on yuta’s frown towards jaehyun.
you gulped and almost choked on your own saliva, eyes still locked in jaehyun’s. his hair caught in the wind, making it look fluffy and his entire demeanour softer than you usually see him. you hitched a breath since jaehyun seemed like he had no plans to avert his gaze too. both of you were definely mesmerised and hypnotised, and for jaehyun it was just like that time. he remembered the colour palette of your makeup while you recalled the perfume he wore.
in the recent marathons with him you’ve never been this close, physically speaking. so this close-up really debunked the impression you heard from people, especially from yuta.
however, as you were oblivious with the pressure behind jaehyun’s words and even smiled back at him, yuta flicked your temple. he was indeed a worry wart and sometimes he would like to flick you just this once for being too much of a social butterfly. he knew it was in your nature to be kind and always on the look out for others. he’s fine when you were with anyone except with this guy you befriended. not him.
he dodged your flying limbs in attempts to hit him. “oi, you’re not going to ask how i am? if i’m worried?”
the pain from the flick remained on your temple. “no? you look fine to me-” you stared at your phone. the message reminding you of the singles elite party a month from today at 8pm. “a party?”
“yeah if you attended the previous party you’d know that there’ll be another one after taeyong’s.” yuta took off his shoes in change for his casual.
“hm. i’m don’t feel like going.” you jumped off the bleachers to dust off your pants. “probably gonna be boring.”
“i’m the one who’s holding it this time!” yuta put you under a headlock in his arms. “you’re ditching your best friend?!”
you giggled and ticked his sides and followed it with a playful hug. “just kidding. i heard from momo! i’ll be there.” you brushed your hair up into a messy bun while spotting jaehyun starting to feel out of place. “oh! do you wanna come to the party, jae?”
yuta mentally facepalmed and it was given he didn’t like what you did. but your eyes were quick to see his reaction and you slapped his chest. he glared at you while his hands caressed it. why did you have to invite him? it was the whole purpose why he decided to hold a party; maybe you’d finally appreciate his hardwork, or perhaps, notice him as someone more and as not a best friend who only worries and teases you.
jaehyun nodded in response, no words needed. a smile crept your lips as if you were given chocolates on valentine’s. “cool.” you pulled him on the wrist after hearing the coach calling yuta, followed with a loud whistle. “ah yuta, we‘ll get going! see you.”
“mm yeah..” yuta hummed, seeing you both vanish in the distance. “see you..”
your sulking self laid sideways by jaehyun’s lap, head rested on a pillow. it’s been too long since yuta avoided you, purposely ditched your hangouts, seenzoned your messages and ignored your calls. as if these weren’t obvious enough for you to know something was up. there definitely was but you couldn’t put a finger to it. so you forced jaehyun to let you stay at his place, being it your apartment was currently invaded by your brother’s friends from abroad.
but honestly it was also because you discovered jaehyun’s unit was blocks away from yours. fate was gladly on your side.
“y/n, you know i can’t work properly when you’re like this.” jaehyun sighed while he adjusted his sitting posture and lifting his laptop.
you slightly and lazily your body turned upright, seeing his dimples beginning to show themselves. “let me be.” you complained.
jaehyun put down his laptop. “i can’t. you’re in my way of cramming hours. plus, how long have you been coming here? it’s getting too frequent..” he paused when your eyes were no longer on him— rather they were on your phone, staring at the last conversation from yuta.
he couldn’t bring himself to say that he was reason why yuta acting the way he was to you. and for all honesty he would keep this matter to himself. “did i do something wrong?” you asked.
“of course not. he’s probably in his emo phase. guys have them a lot more than you think.” jaehyun typed on the keyboard for the remaining parts of the essay. “but he’ll get out of it eventually.”
“fine i’ll trust on that.” you sat up and scooted over to see his progress. you submitted your assignment hours ago. looking at jaehyun, it seemed he was struggling at some parts. were you unconsciously pressuring him? the beads of sweat began to roll down his temples and that made you giggle if it was the case. uh-huh. he was really feeling that way.
he gulped so loudly that it came out as a weird noise. he hoped you didn’t hear that. but the way you pursed your lips to hold the laughter in only had him discontinuing his report. “d-don’t do that.”
“do what?” you snicker.
jaehyun rolled his eyes and poked your forehead. “you’re too distracting.”
oh how the tables have turned. that comment flipped your head upside down, your heart in a frenzy and stomach churning. it wasn’t “so”, but “too”— that only meant he wasn’t concentrating on his work for a while.
even so, you waited for him to finish despite questionable feelings you’ve been feeling. his coffee cup already did seconds and thirds. and suddenly you remembered the happy hour the local café was promoting and there was a few minutes left until it ends for the day. you had to bring him there.
but you decided that because you wanted to be out of that suffocating air jaehyun caused.
the more you walked faster, the more jaehyun’s wrist reddened and hurt. but he let you be as he liked how you were comfortable with someone like him. your hair flowed with the wind, the remains of your shampoo left a sweet scent. was it lavender? and the wind blew stronger, making the scent clearer to the nose. his heart skipped beats, because it was indeed lavender. he swore in his head. scrap aside the frequent marathons and meet-ups. lavender’s all the more reason why fell for you quickly than ever.
and when the local café closed early for the day, you almost lost sight of the pedestrian signs. jaehyun pulled you in as the light emitted red. though you had your emotions get the best of you, you realised how childish you were for something so minor. you laughed in awkwardness, he did too. “i didn’t want anyone to see this side-”
warmth. that was all you thought of right there. you were in his embrace.
“..of me.” you soon mumbled in his chest, realising later of the action he just did. “jaehyun-”
“it’s okay. i don’t too.” his hand gently caressed the back of your head, treating it with care as if he held a newborn baby. “so can i keep you?”
that warmth became hotter, almost boiling that you weren’t able to breathe properly. “i’m sorry.” he said, that must’ve surprised you.” jaehyun chuckled.
surprised? of course you were. how was it natural for him to do skinship? and that smoothly? you both weren’t at that stage yet, let alone have a relationship with mutual feelings. even yuta couldn’t hug you because of how conscious you felt.
but then again, you looked up. you saw his ears. it was red, the usual reaction whenever you were with him. was it normal though? you were never aware of it up until now.
because it was so clear now.
“i’ll see you tomorrow? i have to help my mom with some things.” you lied as you scratched your neck.
jaehyun nodded and pulled away. “alright, go on ahead.”
you poked his dimples because he has been staring at you like he had questions to ask. “what is it?”
maybe he didn’t notice or maybe he did, but he was leaning closer, his head tilting to the side and eyes staring into your soul. you knew what he was about to do, you feel like letting him do so but at the same time you weren’t sure of your feelings.  
just a little more and you could’ve locked lips but..
your phone vibrated.
in panic you looked at your device and eyes widened that brought jaehyun aback.
“ah yuta!” you brought your phone so close to your face, not believing your best friend’s announcement on social media, in which he then followed up with a text message.
the light in your eyes was something jaehyun liked seeing, but didn’t so as well.
“oh! he said the concept for the elites’ party is live wardrobe. all singles will go through a ballot draw. it’s for the clothes to wear for the night..” you locked your phone. “tsk i wanted to wear my favourite dress.”
“i think you’ll look great in whatever gown is chosen for you.” jaehyun pat your head while you were immersed in your phone. “now go. it’s getting late.”
“i’ll expect the same for you.” you replied.
he laughed and that didn’t want to make you leave just yet. “nah don’t. i’m just ordinary in a suit.”
funny how he was so damn wrong.
fate let him draw red, and confidently chose a suit once it was his turn to change. it was as if he knew this attire would go well with him. a suede texture with a black outline on its collar accentuated his brushed up light brown hair, while his black under-shirt contrasted with his porcelain skin. gladly it wasn’t halloween, or else you would’ve mistaken him for a vampire.
he had you feeling all sorts of things, and you didn’t know why when you were nothing more than friends.
an hour ago he was in his usual casual wear. now he was surrounded with ladies who already seemed like they were friends with him for decades. you could see jaehyun was uncomfortable but he kept his cool with folded arms as he leaned against a column. the comments from them irritated you, because at one point they were badmouthing him— and the second he showed up they flooded him with compliments of his good looks and how they named him the “model elite”.
you swirled the wine glass in your hand, the other arm hugged your waist. you rolled your eyes at the falseness these people have towards him. “can’t believe it.” your fingers curled as irritation began to cover your sight. “look at them trying to make a move on him. erlgh too close. they weren’t like that before.”
sicheng rolled his tongue, hands in pockets and walked to be in front of you. “really? you weren’t like that before too.” he pointed out.
“i agree. recently you’re stuck like glue whenever you’re with him.” yuta gestured.
“am so not?” you gasped while your eyes trailed to jaehyun, who was still had patience for the ladies surrounding him. “i just like how he’s a good friend.”
“doubt it.” sicheng poked your cheek. “you wouldn’t feel like this when you have feeli-”
not this again. “i’m grabbing a drink.” yuta suddenly cut the conversation.
“get me one too!” the younger one yelled and after he was satisfied with the gesture, he winced as you pinched his sides from the remark he said earlier. “ow! y/n! it’s true though! i know what i’m seeing!”
truthfully, nothing about sicheng’s words or actions bothered you. but if there was anything that did, it was your own heart. as of tonight, you began to question your feelings towards jaehyun. when did it start? how was it possible to like someone so quickly? “i’m telling you i don’t.” your eyes trailed to him, not realising the rush of heat creeping your cheeks.
jaehyun was approached by yuta, who was giving him a glass of beer. the ladies fled after stealing pictures of the guy and he took the drink in his hands. then they headed towards the garden of the mansion. wonder what he’s here for?
“nice party you have here. concept’s cool.” jaehyun started to break the lingering silence because he knew how awkward this was going to be with your best friend.
“yeah, never knew you’d end up in red. it’s y/n’s favourite colour.” yuta’s voice lowered. there was an impact jaehyun could describe but assuming that would be too rude of him.
“really? i didn’t know.” he hummed. aren’t you a little too happy, jaehyun told himself. he shook it off, for he doesn’t expect him and you to go any further than this.
“now you do. so can you back up for a while? take a week off or something from y/n.” yuta raised his brows.
this was the same feeling from before. he knew this feeling because he felt the exact same way. he wanted to be selfish for once. not like he hated yuta, it was just.. he always had to appear whenever he didn’t want him to. then he would mess his mood. he interrupted his joy of admiring you. jaehyun licked his lips to dampen them. “i’m sorry, who are you to tell me what to do?”
yuta grinned and leaned against the column as he mirrored jaehyun. “don’t you get it?” he asked, his tone rising. “i love y/n. you entering the picture just ruins everything.”
my hunch’s correct. he does love y/n. “if you love her you wouldn’t ignore her.”
“it’s because you’re with her! and she does the same to me! it’s like she’s found someone else-”
“you’re being dramatic.” jaehyun pushed himself off the column and turned to him. “y/n’s sad and moping around because you treated her like she’s all alone. you have no idea how much she waited for you to contact her.”
“what do you know, smartass? you’re just another guy trying to fit in when you know you couldn’t. no matter how much you tried, everyone’s afraid of you. and now you’re telling me you have feelings for y/n? please.” his lips jutted with sounds of disbelief while his body posture challenged jaehyun. “y/n’s kind to everyone she meets. it’s who she is. but to think you have hope to be with someone like her? if you ask me, all i see is a greatest mismatch.”
jaehyun usually didn’t give a damn of the comments about him. he couldn’t care less of any of those. in fact he’d hear them through one ear and out they went. but when he said anything, it irked him.
you see, that was the thing— right now, he actually listened.
he turned a blind eye on yuta’s words and let it off for the night. he was given a drink and maybe the alcohol didn’t work its way on him than it did to guy. in the end, yuta was probably spilling tea even if he didn’t intend to.
“what i feel for y/n has nothing to do with you. just like people can’t control the tides,” jaehyun lightly knocked onto yuta’s chest. “i can’t control mine.”
the footsteps echoed in yuta’s ears, he could hear them despite the noisy hall. “rghhh!” he grabbed hold of his glass and threw it towards jaehyun.
sounds of shattering glass met the ground, as well as catching everyone’s attention. then there was silence. jaehyun began to lose his patience as he turned around. his smirk challenged him. ouch. this was the fight yuta was looking for, seeing jaehyun’s heavy breaths only made him stand on his toes.
jaehyun punched him in the jaw though he knew it wasn’t worth his time. but he wanted to give him a taste of stepping beyond boundaries. yuta punched him back too. he made sure the star of the night was the other— shone the brightest and reveal his true nature. he didn’t count the number of hits he received, as long as jaehyun stayed that way.
“i told you it wouldn’t be good if you provoked me!” jaehyun growled. “you’re asking for show? i’ll give you one!”
“huh..” yuta wiped his bleeding lip. “you sure about that, beast?”
jaehyun held himself for the next punch, feeling all of the pairs of eyes on him. yours included. that was what he feared. “aw. what impression does she have on you now?” yuta’s cooing words caused jaehyun’s eyes to soften.
all bleeding and bruised, jaehyun’s injuries have matched with his suit. he clenched his fists as he frustratingly left the hall.
in your peripheral, your eyes trailed his direction and your legs followed him by heart, without realising yuta calling out your name several times. everything went blank, not thinking things straight because while everyone watched, no one understood. you glared at yuta before heading outside, a more disappointed sigh was the only response he got from you.
yuta was then nudged by sicheng. the latter could see the change in his expression. “what did i tell you?”
“you don’t have to tell me.” yuta dusted his pants.
“i’m still gonna.” sicheng rolled his eyes and poked the lad’s temple. “that’s what you call ‘stupidity’. if only you confessed to her before maybe things would be different between you guys.”
“i don’t want things to be different dude.”
“i’m gonna state the obvious, you probably already know this but.. you lost this battle.”
“crap..” yuta’s voice changed from a nervous chuckle to a soft sob. “i liked her first.”
you spotted jaehyun sitting atop a metal barrier just in front of the carpark— head down to mend his injuries and scratches. he sniffed from the cool night breeze before hopping off. “you’ll hurt your feet.” he pointed at the heels you had dangling in your hands.
his gaze softened when you pointed at his face, especially the black eye. “touché.” he chuckled, later feeling your cold hands against his throbbing flesh. “it’s no big deal-”
“i’m sorry about yuta’s behaviour.” you sighed. “don’t let it get into you. he’s an airhead when he’s drunk-”
“you sure? he seemed pretty sober when he said- ah.” he pursed his lips to speak any further. “nevermind.”
now that gotten you curious. “what did he say? spill it!” you whined, causing jaehyun mouth to curve a little in amusement.
jaehyun prolonged the silence and grabbed your shoes, leading you towards his car. once he unlocked it and opened the door, he bursted out in a loud, healthy laugh. “he said he was head over heels for you.”
you pushed him to the driver’s seat and slammed the door, rolling your eyes at the pun. “that was so lame!” you sat on the other side. “but i know that already if you thought i didn’t. i subtly turned him down ages ago. guess he didn’t take the message.”
as you tended to his wounds, one question still had your curiosity at its peak. jaehyun was quiet through-out, so it was hard to bring the topic up for a while. until your eyes and his met.
“what did you tell him before he threw the glass at you?” you dabbed the cotton onto the beaten area. “it must’ve pissed him.”
he dropped his car keys and let out a nervous hum. “uh..” he didn’t know what else to say. right when he was finally about to tell you, you suddenly giggled.
“unless you told him you like me and that made him angry, but i doubt that happened.” your lips shrank to a circle, cursing at yourself for assuming too much. girl the guts you have was incomparable—
jaehyun’s large hand held yours while you continued to apply medication. the warmth, the heat and the building tension of skinship made you weak. “you’re right.”
your smile and breaths changed in an instant when he fixed himself on the seat. he smirked a little, finding how cute you were. it drove him crazy.
“i like you, for the longest time, since the orientation. i’m so into you that i couldn’t help myself be selfish and have you to myself— i- i don’t know what i’m saying.” he sighed, pushing himself away in embarrassment with arms above his face.
“t-thanks.” you fiddled with your fingers.
“i’m not asking for an answer. i just wanted to let you know.” he said. “gosh this is a bad timing for confession.”
“then is it a bad timing if i said i’m into you too?” you looked away and out in the distance. you could see his reaction on the window’s reflection. he was shocked, but an uncontrollable smile was forcing itself on the surface. it was written in the dimples.
“no,” his husky voice called you to look back. “you’re just about right.”
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connordavidscamera · 1 year
A Jealous Household | Connor Brashier
A/n: listen, I know it says y/n, but we all know it’s written about me, right? Okay, just wanna put that out there lol
Summary: Shawn and Brian want to have a party, but this party causes a few problems for Connor and y/n
Warnings: angst, underage drinking (for US standards, at least), pining
Word count: 7.5k, she’s a long one
“You want to have a party? When?” Y/n asks, closing her book and setting it in her lap.
“This weekend,” Shawn nods. “And it won’t be a big thing, I promise. Maybe fifteen, twenty people.”
“Thirty or forty, max,” Brian interjects.
I can’t help but laugh at that, neither can she as she says. “You know we can’t even fit thirty or forty people in the condo, right?”
“I know that, but that’s why we’ll have some of them in the backyard too.”
“So what’s the party even for?” She asks, leaning into my side. On instinct, I wrap my arm around her shoulders. 
They both shrug, “A house warming party? Does that still count if we’ve lived here for almost two months?” Shawn questions. 
She shrugs, “I don’t know. I mean, I don’t see why we couldn’t have one. We just have to be considerate of our neighbors. And nobody’s allowed in my room. If there’s alcohol, I’m not chancing anyone going into my room for a sloppy fuck.”
Shawn laughs, “So your sloppy fuck is gonna be in Connor’s room then?”
I roll my eyes at the comment. Shawn and Brian love to tease me about my crush on y/n. They have since the beginning. Shawn’s taunts are light hearted, but they’re plentiful now that we all live together. Brian’s at times feel almost malicious. But Brian also isn’t aware that I still have a crush on her, he thinks the feeling has passed. It definitely hasn’t. If anything, being in such tight quarters with her at all times has made me like her even more. Watching her move so effortlessly around our home - seeing her do her nightly routine, watching her polish her nails every Sunday like clockwork. I have undeniably fallen even deeper in love with her in just these few short weeks we’ve lived together and it’s killing me.
It’s killing me because we still haven’t talked about what she said to me a couple weeks ago when we were falling asleep together. I don’t even know if she remembers saying what she did. And I could have misinterpreted her words, I mean, she was falling asleep, her words were slurring. I could have misunderstood. At least, that’s what I’ve been telling myself every time the memory pops into my head. Which is about six times a day for the past three weeks.
Y/n gasps and tosses her book at him, "Asshole!"
He laughs, picking the book up off the floor from where it ricocheted off his chest. "I'm kidding. Kidding. But it's cool?"
She shrugs, "Yeah, whatever. Go nuts."
"Yes!" Shawn pumps his fist in the air before high fiving Brian. 
"We gotta get alcohol."
"Ah, wait. Before you two go broke buying drinks for the party, remember that we have bills to pay. So save us all a headache and make it BYOB."
Brian snaps and points at her with a click of his tongue. "This is why we keep you around."
She laughs, "Oh is that why?"
"Indeed," he nods.
"Okay, well can I have my book back, please?"
"Yeah, here," Shawn leans over the coffee table to hand it to her before disappearing to his room, Brian heading to the kitchen.
"What's wrong?" I ask, not looking up from my phone. I can sense that the wheels are turning in her head and she sighs dramatically.
"I don't remember which page I was on."
I force myself not to laugh. "243."
“Hmm?” She flips to that page and looks up at my side profile. “How’d you know that?”
I shrug, “I always memorize the page you’re on before you close the book, just in case.”
She smiles sheepishly and presses a kiss to my shoulder. “You’re cute,” she whispers before turning her attention back to the page in front of her and resting her head in the crook of my neck.
I squeeze her shoulder hoping she doesn’t look up and notice the growing blush on my cheeks, “You’re cuter.”
“Do you have any idea who’s coming to this?” Y/n asks as we move a cooler out to the backyard.
I shake my head, “Not really. I think Matt and his girlfriend, honestly, I have no idea. It’s Shawn, so there’s bound to be more people than we’re anticipating.”
“Lots of girls then.”
“Why do you say that?” I ask, setting the cooler down, providing her with my undivided attention (which she has always had). 
“He’s making a name for himself out here. Playing a few more gigs than at home. I noticed at the last one, he’s got a few groupies.”
I chuckle, “Oh really?”
She nods, “There were like five girls there just holding onto his every word. It was actually pretty cool to watch. But he got nervous. Started fidgeting with his necklace, so I had to get him out of there, which of course resulted in death glares from his adoring fans.”
“What? What do you mean? Death glares towards you?”
Y/n laughs, fixing the collar of her shirt that’s falling off her shoulder. “Yeah. I think they thought there was more there than there is,” she shrugs, “And if looks could kill, I would be dead five times over.”
I shake my head, I don’t like that thought, and I say as much. “I don’t like that thought.”
“What? Shawn having groupies?”
“No, girls staring daggers at you because you’re friends with him.”
“It’s not a big deal.”
I know it’s not, but the thought of someone not liking her is appalling to me. “I still don’t like it.”
“Is it because if something happened to me you’d be left to live alone with Shawn and Brian? Because that would make me sad too.”
I force a laugh, “That, and I’d be bored without you.”
She nods understandingly, “I get it. I am the light of your life,” she teases.
You are, I think to myself. “Yeah, yeah,” I say instead, stepping forward, wrapping my arm around her waist. “Let’s get inside, it’s hot as hell out here.”
Shawn and Brian are sitting on the floor in front of the TV, trying to get the wifi hooked up to it. We barely got wifi installed at the beginning of the week, but we’ve all been so busy, we haven’t had the chance to get everything hooked up to it. 
“It’s not working!” Brian complains, throwing his hands up in frustration.
“Well try again! That’s what the router says.” Shawn counters back.
“Let me see that,” Brian snatches the router out of his hands. “Dumbass! You’re reading me the product number! Not the fucking password!”
Y/n and I hide our faces to keep from bursting into a fit of laughter, but we both break when Shawn pouts when Brian puts the router back in his hands after successfully connecting the TV.
“Oh, what’s with the pouty face, rockstar?” y/n asks.
“Brian’s a dick,” he mutters, which causes Brian to punch his shoulder.
“Ow!” Shawn exclaims, reaching to hold his arm. “That hurt!”
“It was supposed to. Want me to do it again?”
“Craigen,” y/n shakes her head and before I can protest, she’s out of my grasp and I suddenly feel lonely without her body next to mine. “No more fighting.”
“Just one time in the face,” he tries to reason. “Just once. Come on, it’s a long time coming. I’ve wanted to punch him in the face since we were kids.”
“No,” she squats down behind Shawn, wrapping her arms around his shoulders, leaning her head against his. I watch Shawn fall into her touch and I’m envious of him. Even though she holds onto me in the exact same way, almost daily, she isn’t right now and it makes me long for it. Especially when I watch her start to massage his scalp and he hums because her head scratches feel like you’re in heaven. “You can’t punch him in the face. That’s the money maker,” she squishes his cheeks with her free hand and speaks in a mock baby voice, “And if he’s got a black eye how will he charm girls with his pretty face tonight?”
Shawn laughs and pushes her hand away, but he reaches back and pats her calf. “Sit down,” he says and she obliges, her legs spreading and bracketing Shawn’s. He falls back into her and takes her hand that was just squeezing him and brings it to his lips to kiss her knuckles before bringing it to his hair as well. “More head scratches.”
She rolls her eyes, but continues anyway. “So fucking needy.”
He hums, “Could fall asleep like this.”
She hums too and looks up at me with a smile that melts my heart, “Connor does all the time.”
I nod, “I do. Feels good. Your hands are magic.”
“How magic? Like you could get me off in three seconds?”
“Brian!” I growl. Yep, we can always count on him to ruin the mood.
But y/n’s laughing, “I’m sure I could, I mean, if you ask your first girlfriend, you only last five so I don’t think it’ll be difficult,” she answers.
Shawn’s hysterical in y/n’s arms, as am I as I fall to the floor, clutching my stomach. But Brian? Brian is livid.
“I can’t believe she told you that! She said she wouldn’t tell anyone!”
This only makes Shawn and I laugh harder. “Wait, did that actually happen?” I ask between fits. “Craigen, come on,” I groan when he’s silent. “Five seconds?”
“It was our first time!”
“And last, apparently,” y/n comments.
“Shut up!” he groans. “Fuck, I can’t stand you.”
She nods, “I know.”
“No, but seriously, when did she tell you that?”
Y/n breaks out into a wide grin. “She didn’t. But you just did. Thanks for that.”
He’s speechless. Absolutely speechless. And his face is so red; I don’t know if it’s in anger or embarrassment, but either way, Shawn pipes up. “Hey, if it makes you feel any better, my first time I only lasted like twenty seconds.”
“I lasted fifteen,” I confirm, but I immediately regret it when y/n’s face morphs into one of confusion. 
Oh, oh fuck. I never told her that I-
“Wait, you’ve had sex?”
“You didn’t know?” Shawn questions, looking back at her.
She shakes her head, “I guess not.”
I sigh and scratch the back of my head, “Yeah. It was… during that time where we weren’t really talking,” I mumble.
She nods slowly, scoffing, and I can’t quite pin her emotion, but it’s definitely a cross between anger and… is that jealousy? “Ah, good ol’ McKenzie,” she mutters under her breath. She exhales deeply out her nose and focuses her attention back to playing with Shawn’s hair. 
“I would have told-”
“We weren’t talking. I know,” she cuts me off. “And it’s none of my business. It wasn’t then, and it’s not now either.”
“Oh, right. Okay,” I nod once. “New subject.”
We’re tiptoeing around each other the rest of the day. Or more so, I’m tiptoeing around her. She somehow is coming off as completely unbothered, but at the same time completely bothered. I don’t know what to make of this situation. I don’t know if I should apologize for not telling her, or if she even wants me to apologize. I don’t know and it’s killing me not knowing what I can do to make this better for us tonight.
I’m helping Brian pour more ice into the cooler we have in the kitchen when she walks out of her room. “Where’s Shawn?” she asks.
I look up at her and my heart stops for a moment. She’s wearing red, my heart never knows what to do when she wears that color. Does it stop? Does it speed up? Yes. 
“He went to his car to get the beer we got this afternoon,” Brian answers, closing the lid. 
SHe nods, “I’ll go help him.”
I watch as she leaves, not taking a full breath until the door shuts behind her. 
“She still mad at you?” 
I shake my head, “I don’t know. I don’t even know if she is mad at me.”
“Well, it’s y/n. You kept something from her for almost three years. I’m willing to bet she’s a little upset.”
I sigh, “Yeah, I know. But I mean, how was I supposed to tell her. She would barely even look at me during that time, so -”
“Yeah, because McKenzie was a bitch to her. How was she supposed to look at you when she was practically threatened or called out or god know what when you weren’t listening. I’d hate to know what she actually said when none of us were there to listen.”
I exhale deeply. I know my ex was the worst to her - she’s the entire reason y/n and I weren’t talking. She told me not to hang out with her as much, so I didn’t (also because I was trying to prove to Brian that I didn’t have feelings for y/n anymore. That was a mistake.) “So, I should apologize.”
Brian shrugs, “We all know you’re gonna apologize. You can’t stand it when she’s mad at you. Honestly, we can’t either. We have no idea what to do when you two aren’t talking. And since we all live together now, it’ll be even more awkward for you two to not talk.”
I nod, “Yeah. I know. I’ll apologize later. You should go get ready. I can finish up out here.”
Brian claps my shoulder, “Thanks, man. I’ll be quick.” He disappears at the same time Shawn and y/n walk in the front door with the drinks. I make my way over to them.
“Here, let me get that for you,” I tell her, reaching to take the cases from her hands.
“Oh, it’s okay. I got it. You want these inside or out, rockstar?”
“In the fridge, in the back. Gotta keep the good stuff for us.” Shawn hands me a pottle of vodka, “Put this in the freezer? I got it for y/n, I’m gonna make her a new drink.”
“You’re gonna risk giving her alcohol poisoning?” I question, raising one eyebrow at him.
He rolls his eyes, “I’ve gotten better at making drinks, dickhead.”
I laugh and hold my hands up in surrender, “Alright, sure.”
“I’m gonna put these in my room for now, and then I’m gonna get ready.”
“Brian’s in the shower, you can use my bathroom,” I say as y/n moves past us to the kitchen. 
“Good looking out, thanks.”
And now it’s just me and her. It’s like any normal day. So why is my heart beating so quickly?
I watch her move some things around in the fridge to make room for the drinks, and I can’t help but smile. “You look pretty tonight,” I tell her, leaning against the counter.
She looks over at me and smiles softly, “Thanks.”
I clear my throat, “Hey, y/n?”
“Hmm?” she turns her attention back to her task at hand.
“I’m sorry.”
“For what?” she asks, closing the fridge.
“For not telling you that I slept with her.”
“Oh,” she nods. “It’s fine. It really is not any of my business who you have and haven’t slept with.”
“Well maybe not, but you are my best friend, and we tell each other everything. I know if we were on better terms when you were dating Noah, you would have told me that you-”
“I didn’t tell you because we didn’t sleep together.”
“What?” I stare at her with wide eyes. 
“Noah and I didn’t sleep together.”
“But I thought-”
“You assumed. But no, it didn’t happen. I wasn’t ready. I mean, I barely let him kiss me, so how the hell was I gonna sleep with him?”
I nod because I don’t know what else to do or even say. She’s right, I just assumed that they had sex because he always had his hands all over her. I almost scoff at the thought. I hated watching him hold her in the hallway, his hands in her back pockets as he pulled her closer to him. Seeing them together everyday made my heart clench every time because it should have been me. I wonder if that’s how she felt when I had a girlfriend. 
“Look, it doesn’t matter, okay? So, let’s just drop it. It’s not like I’m mad you had sex, I was just surprised to find out this way, that’s all.”
“Yeah, I get it. And I would have told you sooner, but there really was never a time, you know? And it was just with her a couple times, nothing since.”
“Connor, you really don’t need to explain it to me. Actually, if we could just stop talking about her all together, that’d be great.”
“No, yeah. Of course. It’s dropped.”
She nods, “Okay, good. So, you should go get dressed.”
“What do you mean? I’m wearing this,”  I gesture to my torn t-shirt and my sweatpants with paint stains up and down the legs from when we painted the living room a few weeks ago. I’m totally joking, but I want to see her reaction anyway.
She looks me up and down and scoffs, “Yeah, no. Go change. You’re not wearing that.”
I pout dramatically, “Why not?”
“One, those pants are a mess. Two, you know you run hot when you drink, so why would you wear sweatpants? And three, that shirt is literally falling apart. You are not wearing that, go change.”
I can’t fight the smile that tugs at my lips because just like that we’re back to normal. “Okay, I’m going. Do you have something you’d like for me to wear?”
“Yes, your black pants with the white tank top and your peachy cream shirt. The one you wore for our graduation party.”
I nod, “Yes, ma’am. You wanna do my hair?”
“Come find me when you’re done, and I’ll see what I can do.”
I’m talking to my friend Will out in the backyard as the party becomes bigger than anticipated. Yeah, definitely called that situation. 
“Bro, I wish I would have saved up more so I could have gotten a place like you guys did. I emailed my roommate last week to see what he wanted to get for the dorm and he straight up said, ‘I don’t plan to be roommates long, so nothing.’”
I can’t help but laugh, “Hey, we’d take you in over Brian, but he’d throw a bitch fit.”
He laughs too, twisting the cap off his beer. “So what’s it like living with y/n? Everything good?”
“Yeah, everything’s great. She knows how to run a household. She made a chore chart that goes on the fridge. Shawn had to beg her to take it down for the party because he was embarrassed.”
“Sounds like y/n. But that’s not what I meant.”
I take a swig of my beer and shrug, “There’s nothing else to say really. She’s nice to live with.”
“No progression between you two.”
“Don’t know what you’re talking about.”
“Right, right. Because you’re not in love with her, right.”
“Will, come on. Not tonight.”
“Okay, okay. I get it. We’re not in a teasing mood tonight.”
Or ever. Will is a great friend of mine, and I would take a bullet for him, but he asks me for y/n updates every time we’re together, and I never have any for him. When I told him we were moving in together, he was stoked, but less so when I told him we were moving with Shawn and Brian too. 
He - like Shawn - is an avid supporter of us getting together. Will found out about my so-called crush one night in high school, actually a couple weeks after my breakup with McKenzie. Y/n and I still weren’t talking. I was trying to mend things and  she was trying to push me further away. I don’t remember much of the night he found out because I got shit faced drunk, but I somehow admitted to him that I had feelings for her and he’s convinced himself that he knows the biggest secret in the world. He treats it like he holds the key to the universe. If anyone wants us together more than I do, it’s him.
“Just don’t want to risk her hearing anything,” I tell him. “I already made things awkward earlier.”
“What? How?”
I shake my head, “Let it slip that Kenz and I slept together.”
He blanches. “She didn’t know?!”
I shake my head, “No. I never found the right time to tell her. But she keeps saying it isn’t her business, so I don’t know if that means she’s hurt by it or if I’m imagining it because right now it seems like she doesn’t really care. But - I don’t know, I want her to, I guess.” 
He smirks, “She cares.”
“I don’t know,” I mutter, looking inside, lifting my bottle up to my lips, but halting when I see her standing near the sliding glass door with - “Oh, you have got to be fucking kidding me.”
“What?” Will asks, turning toward the door. “What hap - is that? Wait, is that Noah? What is he doing here?”
My jaw clenches, just like the grip around the bottle in my hand. “Better question, why the hell is he so close to her?”
Will sucks in a breath, “Are they still friends?”
I don’t answer him because I don’t know. I’m 99% sure they aren’t, but that 1% that says yes is simply because I’m watching them right now and she’s hugging him and letting him kiss her cheek before he pulls away. “I didn’t think they were. She hasn’t brought him up since the breakup.”
I don’t take my eyes off them as I start chugging the rest of my beer. It was still pretty full, but at this moment, I need to finish it because I need something stronger. 
“I’m gonna go get a drink,” I mutter, tossing my bottle in the trashcan near the cooler. I walk inside, but neither of them notice me. I shake my head and walk to Shawn’s room where he hid most of the hard stuff. I find the bottle of tequila that he stashed because he knew if he put it out, it’d go fast. I twist the top off and take, maybe a little more than a shot. I cough into my elbow when I pull the bottle back because wow he got the strong stuff.
Shaking my head, I close the bottle back up and sneak out of Shawn’s room. When I enter the living room, they’re still standing there talking. Or, he’s talking, she’s nodding at something he’s saying. I click my tongue and walk into the kitchen to grab another beer. SHould I be mixing my alcohol? No, I should not. Is that going to stop me? No, it is not. 
My girl’s ex-boyfriend is over there talking to her and touching her like they’re best buds and I can’t stand it. I can’t stand him. 
I still remember the day she told us that she was going on a date with him. 
All four of us are sitting in our usual booth at the diner, everything seems to be going like it always has. Just us four, laughing and making our weekend plans. The difference though is that y/n and I aren’t sitting shoulder to shoulder right now. She’s pushed against the window, and I’m toward about as far left as I can get without it being noticeable, or falling. 
“So, we’re aiming for Saturday afternoon, right? Y/n, you’ll ride with me?” Shawn asks.
“Oh,” she sits up straight, “um, could we maybe do it on Sunday instead? I kind of already have plans on Saturday.”
“What?” Brian furrows his brows, “Without us?”
She nods, “Yeah,” she takes in a sharp breath beside me. “I um… I kinda, I have a date.”
At that exact moment, our heads whip in her direction - I’m pretty sure if I turned any faster I would have given myself whiplash.
“A date?” I ask as calmly as I can.
“With who?” Shawn questions.
She shrugs, “You know that guy Noah? I have him in like all of my AP classes? He asked me out after class this morning.”
I don’t think I can clench my jaw any harder. Noah. I hate him. I’ve never personally met him, but I hate him. “Cool,” I mutter, turning my head back to the table to reach for my drink. 
“Well?” Shawn prompts. “What are you gonna do? Where is he taking you?”
She clasps her hands in her lap and shrugs again. “I don’t know. He hasn’t told me. Said he wanted it to be a surprise.”
“Ooh, romantic,” Brian teases.
“You hate surprises,” I mumble into my cup.
Y/n clears her throat and shifts uncomfortably in her seat. “It’s just one date. Not a big deal.”
“Okay, sure,” Brian says. “So Sunday then?”
“And you’ll tell us all about it?”
There are very few times that I wish I was deaf, but that day was one of them. I didn’t sleep that whole night. I couldn’t. And the night of her date? Forget it. I was up all night wondering what was happening. Did he hold her hand? Did he hug her? Did that bastard take her first kiss? The first kiss that was supposed to belong to me? 
And right now, as I watch him reach for her elbow again, I decide, fuck it. I don’t care if I look like a jealous asshole, I’m taking my girl away from him. I stride over to them and place my hand on her hip, “Hey, baby. Can you help me find the bottle opener? I can’t remember what drawer you put it in the other day, and I think my eyes are failing me.”
She shakes her head, “Um, yeah. It should be in the drawer closest  to the fridge.”
“I checked there, please, come help me look.”
She rolls her eyes and turns back to Noah who is staring daggers at my hand on her hip. I smirk. “Noah, it was good catching up with you. I’ll find you later. I’m gonna help him out.”
He looks back up at her and forces a smile, “Sure. Sounds good. Save me dance?”
Over my dead body. “Come on, baby,” I say, guiding her toward the kitchen.
She steps in front of me, mumbling a couple excuse me’s to the people blocking the kitchen. Then she b-line’s to the drawer closer to the fridge, which I definitely did not check because I wasn’t really looking for the bottle opener. I just needed an excuse to get her away from Noah.
“Here,” she holds it out to me. “Wait, I thought Shawn got twist tops.” She takes the bottle from my hand and laughs, “Bub, it twists off.” She says, taking the cap off the bottle. 
“Oh,” I chuckle. I knew it was a twist top, again, I just needed an excuse to get her away. “Whoopsies?” 
She puts the bottle opener back in the drawer and leans against the counter. “You having fun?”
I shrug, “I’m alright. So um… Noah’s here.”
Y/n nods slowly, “Yeah, he is.”
“Kinda weird that he showed up after we just talked about him,” I mutter.
“Yeah, I guess. He just tagged along with one of his friends.”
I nod, “Mhm. You two looked pretty cozy.”
“Excuse me?” 
“Nothing. Just, I mean, I haven’t heard you talk about him since the breakup,” I take a sip of the beer in my hand. “I didn’t realize you two were still so close.”
She tilts her head at me, “We’re not. We were just catching up. He didn’t know that I lived here too.”
“Uh-huh, so you haven’t talked to him recently?”
She scoffs, crossing her arms over her chest. “What’s with the third degree, huh?”
“You didn’t answer my question,” I mutter.
“No, Connor. I haven’t talked to him recently. In fact, I haven’t talked to him since the breakup. But what does that matter? Why does it matter who I do and do not talk to?”
“I just think it’s a little strange that he came here tonight.”
“Well, I didn’t invite him, if that’s what you’re insinuating. He came with a friend. He didn’t even know it was our party, or our house. He just showed up.”
“So he crashed it. Classy.”
“What is your deal?” She pushes herself off the counter and stands face to face with me, her forehead creasing as she glares at me. I want to smooth the crease and tell her not to do that because she’ll get a headache, but I refrain. 
“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”
“Please,” she scoffs, “you’re acting like a jealous boyfriend! Newsflash, Connor, you’re not my boyfriend.”
I recoil, because sure I know I’m not, but the words spew from her lips like venom. “I know that.”
“Do you? Because right now it doesn’t seem like you do. Now unless I completely missed the part where you asked me to be your girlfriend, you have no right to be upset over me talking to my ex-boyfriend.”
“He was an ass to you then.”
“How would you know?! We weren’t even talking then.”
“Because you didn’t want to! I was still trying to fix things with us but you were pushing me away.”
“No, I wasn’t pushing you away. I was protecting myself from getting hurt again.”
“But it wasn’t me, that was Kenzie, and -”
She groans in frustration, “Why are we talking about her again? Why? I can’t do this.”
“Do what?”
Y/n pinches the bridge of her nose. “Look, you’re my best friend, and I love you. But you have no right to be upset about Noah. You are not my boyfriend -”
“Why do you keep saying that?”
“Because you aren’t! You like to act like you are sometimes, but you’re not.”
“Do you want me to be?!” I exclaim, setting my bottle down.
She scoffs, shaking her head. “Not like this,” she says quietly, pushing past me.
“Y/n!” I call after her, but she ignores me. I, however, can’t ignore the eyes that are on me.
“He’s jealous?” Alessia asks, leaning back on her hands. We’re sitting on the grass in the backyard. It’s quieter out here, and far less crowded. “Does he even have a right to be?”
“That’s what I’m saying! He’s my best friend, but sometimes he acts like he’s my boyfriend and I just - I’m over it.”
She sighs, “You’re over him acting like your boyfriend.”
“Yes,” I say.
“Because you want him to actually be your boyfriend.”
“What? No! No,” I shake my head, “that’s not it.”
Les smiles, “Honey, it’s obvious the way you two look at each other. And you can deny it because you’re best friends, you live together. You don’t want to risk the integrity of the friendship that you have. And that is totally reasonable, but you two need to discuss what you are to each other. Because it’s clear that in his mind, you’re a little bit more than just ‘best friends.’ And well, you’ve always wanted to be more, so what’s so wrong with him being that?”
I sigh and pick at the grass beside me, “I don’t know if he feels this way genuinely or if it’s because I’m closer now. We live together, it seems almost easy or convenient for him to develop some tiny crush because of the proximity.”
At this she laughs, “Oh, honey. That is definitely not it.”
“How do you know?”
“Because that boy has been in love with you since before I even met you guys. It’s written all over his face and if you took a second to just stop and -”
“Hey, sorry to interrupt, guys,” Shawn says, breathlessly, pushing his curls out of his face. “Y/n, Connor’s drunk off his ass, and I need your help”
I sit up, “Okay, How much did he drink?”
“Like, the entire bottle of tequila I had in my room, plus however many beers he had.”
I stand up, swatting at the backs of my legs to get off any dirt, “Is he throwing up?”
“No, he’s just asking for you.”
I nod and look back to Alessia, “We’ll talk later, Les?”
“Mhm, go take care of your boy.”
“Why did he drink so much?” I ask Shawn, following him toward the sliding glass door. 
He shrugs, “I asked him. He said you were mad at him.”
I roll my eyes, “Well yeah, he was being an ass. But it still doesn’t make sense.If he drinks every time I get upset with him, he’d be an alcoholic ”
“All I know is that he was asking for you,” Shawn says just as we find Connor sitting outside my bedroom door, nursing another beer bottle. 
I shake my head, “God, he knows not to be switching between alcohol.”
“Connor, buddy?” Shawn says, squatting down next to him. “I got her. Why don’t you give me that beer, eh?” He goes to take it from his hands, but Connor’s quick to move it, spilling a bit of it on his shirt in the process.
“No, this is mine. Get your own,” he slurs
I sigh and squat down next to him, too. “I think you’ve had enough, bub. Come on, let me have it.”
He looks at me with heavy eyes and he pouts, dramatically. “Y/n… you’re so pretty.”
“Connor,” I shake my head. 
“I love you in red. God, you look so good. Could never get,” he hiccups, “tired of looking at you.”
I blush, looking over at Shawn who’s still sitting with us. “Okay, come on. Let’s get up. We need to get you to bed.”
He nods slowly, “Whatever you want, baby.”
I take the drink out of his hand and set on the floor beside us. “Shawn, help me get him up.”
Shawn nods, “You got it.” He does most of the heavy lifting, but when Connor’s on his feet, he leans into me, hugging my waist, burying his head in my neck. 
“I’m so sorry, y/n. So sorry.”
“I know, come on now. We’re going to your room.”
He groans into my skin, but helps me and Shawn take him to his room as best as he can, only stumbling once when we round the corner. We push his bedroom door open and walk further into the room, plopping him down on the bed. 
“Thanks, Shawn. I got it from here.”
“You sure?” 
I nod, moving to grab his trash can from next to his desk. “Yeah, we’re good. Thanks for coming to get me.”
He nods, “Of course. Come get me if you need anything else.”
Connor groans as Shawn slams the door shut behind him. I sigh and move around the room, turning on his bedside lamp and going to his desk chair where his outfit from earlier is laid out. “Okay, bub, I’m gonna need you to help me out, alright? I need you to get out of your clothes, I’m gonna put you in pajamas, okay?”
He shakes his head, his pout even heavier than usual, eyes struggling to stay open. “Too tired. You do it.”
I close my eyes, taking in a deep breath. Of course he’s gonna be difficult right now. I shake my head, throwing his clothes beside him, “Can you stand up?”
He mumbles something incoherent, but I’m pretty sure it’s somewhere along the lines of “The room is spinning.”
“Fuck, Connor, why did you drink so much?” I grumble, moving to the floor to take his shoes off.
“You’re mad at me,” he whines.
“Yes, I am. You know your limits. What were you gonna do if this didn’t happen at the house, hmm?”
I roll my eyes, “Okay, sit up,” I reach for his hands to help pull him to a sitting position. 
He makes an unnecessary amount of groaning sounds as he moves around to accommodate me.
I push his shirt off his shoulders, it’s almost damp, he’s sweating so much. I throw it to the side, I’ll put it in the laundry room when I go get him some pain meds in a little bit. I take hold of the hem of his tank top, “Arms up,” I pat his side and he obliges, looking up at me with a sad smile on his lips. “What’s wrong?” I ask him, tossing his tank top off to the side too.
“I’m sorry I got mad earlier. About Noah.”
I shake my head, “It’s fine. Lay back, lift your hips for me.”
He lays back, but his pout still remains on his face as I lean forward to unbutton his pants.
“What now?” I question softly, pulling down his zipper, “Hips up.”
He’s looking at me with such sad eyes and it’s killing me. “This isn’t how I wanted you to undress me for the first time.”
My breath hitches, “What?”
“Wanna make love to you,” he slurs. 
I almost choke on his words, “Connor, you’re drunk,” I shake my head, pulling his pants off him and grabbing his sweats to pull up his legs instead. I decide to forgo the shirt because he’s already sweating a lot, I don't want to make him even hotter. “You don’t know what you’re saying. I’m gonna go get you some water and pain meds. Stay here.” I move the trash can closer to him, “The trash is right next to you if you feel like you’re gonna get sick.
I pick up his discarded clothes from the floor and walk to the door and out the room before he can say anything else he doesn’t mean. After tossing them in the hamper in the laundry room, I squeeze past the group of people still congregating in the hallway. I slip into my room and grab some of my pain meds from my book bag and quickly slip out again to head to the kitchen which is also crowded. I mumble out a general excuse me, and go to the fridge to grab Connor a bottle of water. 
On my way back, I stop and go to his bathroom which is thankfully empty, and grab a hand towel and wet it under the faucet to hopefully cool him down a bit. When I’m back in his room, he’s laying face down on his bed and I stop for a minute, admiring his smooth skin, and the way the muscles in his shoulders tense up when he moves his arm above his head. It’s not fair. No one man should look this good. 
I shake my head, focusing back on the task at hand. I close the door behind me gently. “Okay, Connor. I need you to sit up just one more time to take these pills and then you can go to bed, yeah?”
He groans, “I think I drank too much, baby,” he mumbles, pushing himself up and I'm once again in awe of how his muscles move with him. 
I scratch at my scalp and nod, holding out the pills for him. “Yeah, I think you did, too.” He takes them in his hand and I sit next to him, uncapping the water bottle before handing it to him as well.
“Thank you,” he hiccups.
“You’re welcome.” I look down at my hands as he takes the pills. He goes to hand me the water bottle back but I shake my head, “You need to drink it all. We’re trying to avoid a hangover.”
He just holds the bottle in his lap, not moving to drink anymore of it, so I look back up at him only to find him already staring at me. 
“You okay?” I ask.
He hums and reaches forward. He runs his thumb under my eye, “You got an eyelash. I got it,” he mumbles, but he keeps his hand cradling the side of my face. 
My eyes search his tired ones, they’re glossed over, but they always get that way when he drinks, making his eyes seem just a little more blue than green. 
“Have I told you tonight that you look pretty?” he asks quietly. 
“Multiple times,” I confirm. 
“Good, because you are… so, so pretty.”
I lick my lips and watch his eyes move from my eyes to my lips and back. I take in a shallow breath as he starts to lean closer. His eyes closed as his face inches toward mine. I push him back gently just before his lips have the chance to connect with mine, and I mean just before because I could feel his breath against my mouth. “What are you doing?” I question.
“I was… I was trying to kiss you. Did you, I thought you wanted to - when we were laying in bed a couple weeks ago, you said you wanted me to kiss you.”
“Well, I… Connor,” I shake my head. I didn’t think he heard me when I said that. “Not like this. Not tonight. Not when you’re drunk and not thinking clearly.” I stand up, pacing slowly in front of him. “If you’re gonna kiss me, I want you to be sober, and to actually want to do it. Not just because we got in a fight earlier. I don’t want this to be something you do now and then completely forget about or ignore, or fuck, even worse, regret in the morning. I don’t want that. I don’t deserve that. I don’t deserve to be led on by you again.”
“Again?” He asks, tilting his head at me. 
“Nevermind. I should go back out there, start cleaning up so it’s not so much tomorrow.”
“Wait, y/n, please. Stay here, please. Stay with me tonight.”
“I don’t think that’s a good idea.”
“I won’t try anything, I promise. Please, just stay?”
I sigh, “Just until you fall asleep.”
It’s nearing eleven in the morning when Shawn finally retreats from his room. He’s not nearly as hungover as I bet the other boys are going to be. If he’s even hungover at all, he doesn’t seem to be. 
He leans against the counter, watching me pull my second batch of cookies from the oven. “You’re stress baking,” he observes.
I scoff, “I made muffins too,” I nod in the direction of the counter in front of him where a plate of blueberry muffins sits. 
“Ooh,” he reaches forward and takes one, “Not that I like when you’re stressed, but this my favorite of your coping mechanisms.”
“For purely selfish, I presume.”
“Of course,” he says around a mouthful of muffin. “So,” he says after he swallows. “Does this sudden urge to bake have anything to do with what happened last night with Connor?”
I tense up at the memory of Connor leaning in to kiss me. Me pushing him away. “Maybe.”
“So what did happen after I left you two?”
“Nothing,” I shake my head.
“Well, the glorious smell of our kitchen and the spotless living room say otherwise.”
I close my eyes and rub my hands over my face. “He, god, he tried to kiss me.”
“What?” Shawn chokes. 
“Shh! You’ll wake them.”
“Oh please, Brain will be asleep until five. Nothing will wake him. He kissed you?! Well, how was it?”
“I said he tried. As in, I didn’t let him. I pushed him away before he could.”
“Why? Don’t you want him to?”
“Of course! But not like that! Not when he’s drunk and not himself. WHen he’s saying stupid things like he wants to make love to me, and that he wishes I was undressing him for the first time under different circumstances.”
“What? He said all of that?! Oh my god! Go, Connor!”
“No, not go Connor. Because he’s not going to remember any of this when he wakes up and I’m going to remember everything and have to pretend that he didn’t say anything or try to kiss me. And I’m stuck being led on once again, except this time he lives just down the hall and I have to see him everyday.”
Shawn sighs, “Okay, you’re right. So, what are you going to do?”
“Same thing I always do.”
He nods, “I’ll get my guitar.”
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thexanwillshine · 2 years
Author: thexanwillshine (twitter, ao3) Pairings: Levi x Hange Cross-Postings: AO3 Notes: made for Day 2: Confessions of Levihan Week 2021
“But Levi,” Hange whines as she slumps her head on the back of her sofa and closes her eyes. “Kissing scenes are so tricky to write.”
Perhaps it’s the fact that it’s almost 5:30 in the morning. It could also be because he's tired from lack of sleep. Whatever the case, Levi Ackerman’s filter completely disappears when he asks, “Do you need a demonstration?”
Levi Ackerman can argue that every writer he’s met is always a little bit more eccentric than the average person, but no one proves his theory more than Hange Zoë.
Hange wakes him up in the middle of the night, voice screeching on the phone in her excitement. He responds groggily—as one does when their sleep is disturbed at an ungodly hour by an overly-excited author who acts as if they’ve just found out the answers to the universe—and tries to keep himself sober enough to understand what in the goddamn fuck Hange was talking about this time.
“Levaaiiii,” she says, drawling out his name in a manner that was both annoying and endearing, “I’ve figured it out!”
He can almost imagine the look on her face: starry-eyed in her joy, mouth stretched wide into a grin, fingers shaking as she bounces in glee, shifting her weight from the heels of her feet to the tips of her toes . . .
And Levi exhales in both relief and the tiniest hint of delight, because this is exactly how he wants Hange to be: happy .
Nevertheless, he replies “Figured what out?” snarkily.
Hange’s response comes out quickly, as if she needed to say everything that had to be said in the span of five seconds or less. “So you know how I’ve been trying to write a fiction novel because I wanted to get out of my comfort zone?”
Levi hums in acknowledgement as he fixes the covers over his legs before turning on his bedside lamp. He leans back on the bed frame and closes his eyes to listen to her ramble.
“So I was thinking, I wanted to write a romance novel, because you know how people fall in love and stuff?”
“No Hange, I’ve never heard of that concept in my entire life,” Levi says in a deadpan voice.
Hange laughs, because of course she would know that’s his pathetic attempt at lighthearted conversation. Levi is glad that she knows him better than most people, and it is this sense of familiarity that made him feel particularly comfortable when graced with her presence.
“Just because you’ve never fallen in love before doesn’t mean it’s not real, Levi!” Hange tells him in jest.
Wrong, Levi thinks.
“After all, you’ve probably never wanted to kiss someone your entire life!”
Wrong, Levi thinks.
“Sure, Hange.”
He rolls his eyes at her teasing, because yes, Levi has fallen in love—and maybe, just maybe, he’s still on the road to understanding what it meant to treasure someone far more than just a regular friend.
He shakes off such thoughts before maneuvering Hange back to the initial reason why she had called. “So, what did you want to tell me?”
“I finished,” she proclaims on the phone, her voice proud, “I finished writing the first ten chapters.”
Levi blinks in confusion before sitting straight up, the information processing in his mind that was still a bit drunk with sleep. “You what?” “I couldn’t stop writing,” Hange told him sheepishly, detecting the slightest hint of concern in her editor’s voice, “I’ve been writing for the past 24 or so hours. Maybe more.”
Levi grunts in annoyance, pulling the covers away from his body and jumping out of his unmade bed. He runs a hand through his dark locks, sighing. “Four-eyes, you need to get some sleep.”
“But Levi,” Hange says in protest, “I need you to read my draft. There are some parts I just don’t think are super natural.”
“And I was sleeping like a regular human being,” Levi retorted as he shrugged off his shorts. After that, he put on jeans that he had recently washed before patting down the shirt he was wearing in a pathetic attempt to get rid of the wrinkles that had accumulated while he tossed and turned in bed.
“Oh my gosh, Levi, I didn’t realize the time!” Hange replies, and he can almost feel her guilt starting to set in. “You should go back to sleep,” she immediately adds. “Take care of yourself!”
Levi slips on his rubber shoes and grabs his umbrella before answering. “Coming from you? Not that credible.”
Hange laughs light-heartedly, and his heart flutters just a tiny bit. Levi pushes the feeling away almost as quickly as it had come.
“Have you eaten?” he asks, almost dreading the reply.
There was none.
“Hange,” he calls, but there’s still no response. “Hange. Answer me,” he says firmly, prodding her on. “Have you eaten?”
The laughter that comes out from the other end is nervous. “Woops.”
Levi sighs. He opens his car door and slips inside smoothly, grabbing his keys from his pocket and starting the engine. “Hange, you’re supposed to eat.”
“Sorry,” she tells him honestly. “I really didn’t want to ruin my momentum. I can’t believe I forgot.” She mumbles her second sentence, sounding almost deep in thought. “I’ll go find food now! Want me to email you the working draft? You can look at it in the morning when you wake up.”
“No need,” Levi tells her, placing his phone on his dashboard and accelerating his car. “I’m on the way.”
“Levi!” Hange exclaimed excitedly as she heard her doorbell ring at around four in the morning.
She rushes to the door in delight, opening it to reveal Levi standing in front of her, a paper bag in his hand and a jacket half-heartedly slung over his shoulder.
“Hi,” he greets calmly, before walking inside and letting himself in.
Inwardly, Hange thanks whatever god is out there for her foresight. Her unit was relatively clean since she hadn’t really done anything since Levi’s last visit. The place seemed to pass Levi’s health protocols, since he sat on her couch and placed the paper bag on the table right across from him.
“Eat,” he tells her, crossing his arms over his chest.
Hange grins, before plopping down beside him and opening the paper bag. “What did you get me?”
“You’ll see.”
She raises an eyebrow at his ambiguity, before taking a glimpse inside the paper bag.
The smell of quesadillas immediately fills the room, and Hange lets out a soft squeal, taking out the food from the bag quickly.
“Oh my gosh,” Hange says as she nudges him on the shoulder. “You also got me onion rings! You know me too well, Levi.”
“Unfortunately,” Levi responds sarcastically, and Hange laughs almost automatically.
As Hange hums in glee, picking apart the paper wrapped around the food items, Levi maintains his silence. They stay like that as Hange eats. Every so often, she would comment about how the amount of cheese was perfect and how the onion rings just about melted in her mouth. Levi alternates between watching her eat and scrolls through his phone placidly.
Soon, he chooses to break the silence. “So where’s your draft?”
Hange is munching on her last piece of quesadilla when she glances in his direction. “Oh, it’s on my laptop! I can’t believe I forgot to tell you, this food was just so good.”
Levi stands up and heads on over to Hange’s room, gently pushing the door open and scanning the area for her laptop. On top of her unmade bed was a half open Macbook Pro, which he gently took before returning to his seat beside Hange.
Without hesitation, Levi opens the laptop and inputs the password. For some reason, Hange made it his birthday—1225—because she claimed that no one would guess such a random date. He is greeted with a blaring Google Docs document entitled “a;lskfjdk.”
“Nice title you got there,” he comments, and Hange chuckles.
“I didn’t want to think of a title yet, okay!” Hange pouts, and Levi nudges her foot gently in an attempt to comfort her from his own teasing.
He scans the document first before reading it. Hange is a good writer, but fiction is an entirely new genre for her. Immediately, he notices common habits from writing research papers leak into her new work: overexplaining, using words that are too formal for her target audience, sentences a little bit void from emotion.
He takes note of these comments on her notes app before going over her draft again, this time more meticulously than he had done previously. During this time, Hange finishes eating, wraps her trash and tosses them all inside the paper bag before standing up and dumping the entire thing inside her garbage bin.
“Levi,” she calls as she washes her hands through the sink faucet. Levi gives her the smallest hint that he’s listening by raising his eyebrow, but he doesn’t take his gaze away from her laptop. “I’m going to take a shower,” she announces, and he waves his hand dismissively.
Hange smiles to herself. Levi is always nagging her whenever she would accidentally hyperfixate on her writing, but he acts the same way when reading her works.
When Hange stepped inside the shower, Levi was already conducting a deep dive in her third chapter. The gears in his head slowly begin to turn as he begins to analyze her work.
The story revolved around the tales of the people who went to the clinic. The first chapter was a brief introduction on who the main characters were: There’s Janelle, a bright-eyed psychologist whose passion influenced the people around her. Together with El and Bea, her trusted assistants studying under her guidance, they would aid the people who went to the Hopiatria Clinic seeking care.
Meanwhile, the second chapter featured a child who felt as if she was being blamed for the death of her mother by her father. Her mother had died in a plane crash shortly after the young girl wished that her mom could go home on her sixth birthday. Janelle talks to the child gently while El and Bea provide emotional support, offering the child toys and biscuits whenever the need arises.
The third chapter was trickier, and it was there that Levi noticed a twist in Hange’s writing. The story revolved around a boy busy getting her doctorate, and a young girl who had been in love with him ever since they were in college. It’s the young girl who comes to Janelle’s office, and she relays the tale of her unrequited childhood romance to the psychologist.
The young girl is passionate, and wanted to take a step forward in order to guide her towards falling out of love with her best friend. Janelle presents two suggestions: (1) confession, while being fully-open to the possibility of rejection, and (2) accepting rejection without confession. The young girl decides to go with the first option, but to her surprise, the boy returns her feelings.
Everything seemed well-written up until the end of the chapter, where Hange had written,
And then they kissed.
Levi scrolled down the page, tilting his head to the side in slight confusion. That’s it? He thought, trying to find the rest.
Everything had been so well-described; from the girl’s internal turmoil—caused by her fear of destroying their friendship and the pain that came with unrequited love—to the boy confessing his own emotions for her.
The ending was anticlimactic, to say the least.
As he blinked at the google document in confusion, already typing out his comment on her notes app, Hange emerged from the bathroom. Her hair was loose on her shoulders, wet from her shower. Wrapped around her waist is his bathrobe, which she had borrowed from him long ago and never bothered to return it.
Levi scoffs as he glances in her direction. Here she was, parading with the cloth on and rubbing that specific fact in his face.
“Hey,” Hange greeted, smiling as she ran a hand through her brown locks, “How’s the reading going?”
“It was okay until the third chapter,” Levi says honestly, pointing the laptop screen in her direction. “The ending’s anticlimactic.”
Hange hummed, pursing her lips together. “Yeah. I didn’t really know how to end it,” she tells him as she opens her cabinet and grabs a few pieces of clothing. “Give me a bit, I’m going to change.”
She disappears into her room and Levi focuses on her story, trying to think of a way to spur Hange on and perhaps actively improve the ending’s writing.
Hange emerges in a loose t-shirt (which was, once again, his) and shorts. She sits down right beside him, leaning over his shoulder to glance at her laptop and read the specific line that particularly irked Levi.
“It’s that one, right?” Hange asks, pointing at the last sentence. “And then they kissed.”
“Yeah,” Levi responds, shaking his head. “Everything was so well-written up ‘till that point. You were able to describe the emotions perfectly, and the narration’s not that bad . . save for a few paragraphs that maybe should’ve stayed in your research papers.”
Hange chuckles. “Old habits die hard,” she responds, before taking her Macbook from his lap and transferring it to hers. “So what should I write?”
Levi shrugs. “I’m just your editor. You’re the writer.”
Hange pouts. “Yeah, but I don’t know how to make this better.”
“Maybe describe the scene more,” Levi suggests. “Everything ended so abruptly. Every emotion you’ve created and built disappeared in that one line.”
She nods in agreement. “But Levi,” Hange whines as she slumps her head on the back of her sofa and closes her eyes. “Kissing scenes are so tricky to write.”
Perhaps it’s the fact that it’s almost 5:30 in the morning. It could also be because he's tired from lack of sleep. Whatever the case, Levi Ackerman’s filter completely disappears when he asks, “Do you need a demonstration?”
Hange’s eyes shoot open immediately, and Levi’s face turns red just as quickly.
“F-Forget it,” he says, interrupting her just when he saw Hange open her mouth to speak. Any semblance of calm in his body disappears immediately, and his heart starts pounding against his chest in a rhythm that reminds him too much of a beating drum.
Hange, however, looks elated.
“You want to kiss me?” she tells him in excitement, blinking at him. “I’d like that. It could help me write this scene, you know.”
Levi looks away. “It was just a spur of the moment question.”
“So, you’re not going to kiss me?”
He actively avoids her gaze because he can already see from his peripheral vision that she looks sad, disappointed even. He grunts in response, closing his eyes and focusing his attention on a random spot on the wall.
“Oh,” Hange replies, “Well, I thought it was a good idea.”
Contrary to popular belief, Levi does want to kiss Hange. More than anything.
There were many reasons why: Because she looks so handsome and beautiful at the same time, and her very smile could light up any room she’d walk into. Because she says his name in the most endearing way. Because she understands his flaws. Because she has one of the kindest hearts he’s ever seen. Because she welcomes him with open arms, not a single thread of hesitation in her mind.
Most of all, it was simply because she was Hange.
He steals a glance in her direction, and she’s slightly fiddling with the hem of his shirt, her head downcast. Her sad expression tugs at hi
Levi thinks he’s already in this too deep, so he decides to speak.
“Did you want me to kiss you?”
From his periphery, he sees her look up at him so quickly he thought her neck would break. “What would you do if I said yes?”
He doesn’t dare turn his head in her direction when he replies quietly, “What do you think?”
“Would you kiss me?” Hange asks inquisitively, tilting her head to the side.
Levi’s heart skips a beat.
“Maybe,” he says in a voice barely above a whisper. “If you’d let me.”
Hange is silent for a moment, and Levi thinks this is it, I’m going to be rejected, but he feels a gentle finger touch his chin and turn his head in Hange’s direction.
He is met with her brown orbs, shining just a bit in what seemed like hidden glee. He cocks an eyebrow at her then, confused.
“I’m letting you,” Hange says, laughing. “Kiss me, I mean.” Her face is already slowly nearing his, and he can almost see the way her thick lashes brushed against her skin.
Slowly, Levi raises his head just a tiny bit and responds against her lips, “Okay.”
Hange smiles and closes the distance between them, wrapping her arms around his neck as he does the same around her waist. She tastes like the peppermint of her toothpaste, smells like his shampoo (which he had kept in her apartment since he always found himself staying over), and felt warm as her skin made contact with his. Hange's lips are gentle, slow, and a little shy—so different from how she usually is. Levi knows it’s because she doesn’t want to scare him off, so he makes the first move and nips at her lower lip, taking it between his teeth and sucking it gently.
She lets out a moan, and Levi takes this as a sign to continue. He slides his hand over her back, and she shudders and deepens the kiss at the same time. Her tongue meets his, and they battle for dominance. Hange’s hand sweeps over his undercut and pushes him towards him, and it is then that he lets out a sound that vaguely resembles pleasure.
After a few minutes, Hange whispers “Levi,” as her lips make contact with his. He hums in response, pulling his lips away from her and connecting his forehead with hers.
“Hange,” he says, breathless.
“Is this you telling me you like me?” Hange asks, closing her eyes.
He doesn’t form a reply through words, but he nods and closes his eyes as well.
“Great,” Hange tells him, pecking his lips with her own. “Because I like you too. Ever since I met you, I’ve liked you. Even though you were so rude to me on the first day of college.”
He chuckles silently in relief, pulling her closer to him before placing his chin on her shoulder. “Think you’ll be able to write the ending now that you know what a kiss feels like?”
Hange laughs, and it vibrates against his shoulder as she hugs him tighter. “It’s exhilarating. I probably wouldn’t be able to put into words how good I feel that you like me back.”
“Try,” Levi teases.
“Well . . . you know that alternative title I wrote for the fictional novel?”
Levi’s eyebrows furrowed in confusion. “The keyboard smash?”
Hange nods. “Yeah. That’s exactly what I feel like right now.”
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im-ur-calico-cat · 2 years
Changkyun - Supernova
Summary: Y/N and Changkyun are detectives from the Korean National Police Agency who disguise themselves to frame drug dealers, but things get violent when they fall into a trap.
Characters: Im Changkyun x Female Reader
Word Count: 4.7 K words
Warning: Violence, mentions of death, oral sex (female receiving), fingering, sex
Type: One-Shot
This is a new version of the same story I wrote in 2019, there's more details, more information about things, and this time there's smut. I wanted to rewrite it to post when God Damn was released, but suddenly I was struck by writer's block and couldn't finish this until yesterday. I find it kinda funny how one of the outfits I.M wears in God Damn is similar to the one I described and he was in a nightclub. I got inspired to write this because Wonho said in a Vlive 2 years ago that he watched Lucifer on Netflix and Mr. Morningstar reminded him of Kkukungie. My mind went wild and this is the result!
Tumblr media
We're getting ready to go to this nightclub where — according to a reliable source — happened most of the negotiations. You had to use the right password with them or else… well you’re dead. Usually, the lieutenant would send Changkyun alone to deal with it, since he was good at getting information, but we didn't know the gender or the sexual orientation of the dealer, so both of us would seduce them and get us inside the secret room, but if things went wrong we would have to rely on luck and maybe get out alive.
To not raise any attention and fit in, the lieutenant suggested that we dressed in different clothes that we usually do, more alternative and sensual. Changkyun was excellent at disguising himself. Wearing black jeans, boots, and a leather jacket, completely shirtless under it, heavy eyeliner, a fake piercing on the eyebrow, fake tattoos, hair slightly messy, he looked like the vocalist of a punk rock band!
- Ready? - He knocked on the door.
- Not yet! Come in, I'm not sure about this. - He opened the door, just looking at him I knew that this would work and he had a different aura than usual, this was I.M and not Changkyun. He used to be an actor — a good one — in high school before becoming a cop. - I feel like something is missing.
- Even though you look really hot - I scoffed. - There’s really something missing, maybe tights?
- Probably - I grabbed a few from my drawer and showed him.
- For a cop, you have a fascinating selection of sexy tights! - He raised an eyebrow at me.
- So what.
- You could use one of them these days at work!
- Our superiors would definitely love it. - I changed the subject. - Which one?
- Even though I love a fishnet, this definitely fits better with your dress. - He pointed to the third.
- Good choice! Since when you’re so good at fashion? - I started to unzip my dress, but he was still there. - …Aren’t you getting out?
- I’ve seen you wearing a bikini before, lingerie doesn’t make any difference. - He sat on a puff near my wardrobe. - Also we must be there by 11 PM, it’s 10:30!
- Bullshit.
- Promise. - It was indeed 10:30, but whatever, I need to be quick.
I unzipped my dress, it was a black vinyl dress that was quite short, but enough to hide my ass, I didn’t look at him to avoid his eyes watching every move I made. Sat on my bed and rolled the tights on my leg by supporting them over a chair. I glanced at him and his eyes startled me! They looked dangerous, like a predator watching his prey and getting ready to attack, but at the same time, his chest moved up and down like he just ran a marathon, so vulnerable. My cheeks felt hot and decided to look away, but his gaze was really intense, he was stripping me whole and eye-fucking me hard. I pretend I do not see, but there’s clearly a sexual tension between us, we never fucked. Hoseok is always telling me to do it already, there's no jurisdiction prohibiting any relationship between coworkers, and a little fuck here and there wouldn’t hurt anyone. But I grew up in a conservative household where casual sex is seen as promiscuous, and unfortunately, I still live by that. While I don’t want to ruin anything, he’s the one flirting and sending dirty memes late at night ‘cause “he’s bored”. I put on my dress again and returned my look to him.
- So? What do you think?
- Hot as fuck! - CK tried to be discreet by placing a pillow over his hips but wasn’t discreet at all.
- Thank you!
I tied my hair in a messy up-do, a few hairpins holding it together; did heavy makeup to fit with my clothes, put black earrings with the shape of a moon, and we were finally ready.
The “Uber” left us at the nightclub door, we looked around and spotted a few police officers also in disguise, I winked at them to get in character and they smirked. We got in and my eardrums felt almost violated by the volume of the electronic music playing, it would be really hard to listen to whatever anyone was saying, the first thing CK did was grab us a colorful drink and since he was shirtless, all eyes were focused on him, he smirked at some women around us.
- Not trying to cock-block you or anything, but remember why we're here for. - I yelled at him as a joke hoping he would hear, he laughed out loud.
- Don’t worry baby, I’m all yours.
CK always said that he wasn’t a womanizer, but IM was, a weak excuse for him to go all crazy during work. We danced for a while to not raise any suspicions, drank more colorful drinks. Our source said that this person who would get us to the secret room was usually sitting in a pink booth near the bar, but there were many around it, we walked around all of them to see if there was anyone, I went to the one that was the closest, there was a man surrounded by women, all of them trying to get his attention while he looked around the club. I looked over the bar and saw something weird, then grabbed CK's drink and threw it in the nearest trash can.
- What are you doing?
- I just saw a man beside the bar dumping something in the ice, looks a lot like that sample of Supernova we got.
- Really? How many drinks did we get?
- Not enough I guess, do you feel anything?
- I feel tipsier than I should be with two drinks.
- This is not good, they are drugging everyone with the drinks. - Got my phone and sent a message to Hoseok. - I’m going to talk to him, stay here and search for our person.
- Ok.
This place was getting more and more crowded as time passed, make it difficult to walk around, the fact that I supposedly had Supernova + Alcohol in my system wasn’t helping. After walking out the door I searched for Hoseok in his Sedan, which wasn’t too far away. I still had the drink in my hand, to give him as evidence.
- Do you have a water bottle?
- Yes.
- Put this in there, it’s good evidence. I have to come back with the cup.
- For what?
- What use will it have for you besides having my DNA all over it?
- Right, do you feel anything?
- Just a bit tipsy, but I can handle this. - He agreed and told me to return, he had my back.
The moment I stepped inside the nightclub, it felt like everyone looked more manic than before, was the drug taking over? I ignore them and walked inside looking for Changkyun, after a few seconds I found him… making out with a rainbow-haired girl with colorful clothes, why? Does she have any information? He opened one eye, saw me and pointed at her mimicking, then stopped kissing, she said something in his ear and walked off, his mouth was smeared with lipstick, fearing for the worst I walked over to him:
- She isn’t our person but will take us to him.
- Where did you find her?
- Oh she was selling supernova in the corner of that booth. - He pointed to the last one - I went to talk to her and used the secret phrase.
- How do you know she is telling the truth?
- She clearly works here, the outfit is the same as the bartender.
- And where the kiss came from?
- Oh, I had to kiss her to get the information. - He smiled devilishly.
- Ok, did you say the word right? - He grabbed my waist.
- “The sky is full of stars tonight, isn’t it?” - He used a deeper voice, probably trying to seduce me.
- Alright, let’s see if she comes back.
A few minutes passed, nothing happened, but then a bunch of tall and strong men surrounded us! They grabbed our arms and dragged us across the room, these people are so high that didn’t even notice this kidnapping. They took us to the kitchen, where they checked our bodies to find anything, unfortunately, we had our badges with identification, along with hidden guns. Furthermore, they put a black bag around our heads and took us somewhere, I tried to let go, but they held me tight. A few seconds later we were thrown somewhere and the black bag was removed from my head. The room was all red with a table in the middle and a few chairs, it didn’t look like a cell.
- Are you okay? - He whispered.
- Yes, I’m fine. - I whispered back. - Are you sure you said it right?
- I did!
- Hello Detective Y/N and Detective Changkyun! - A man entered the room, his outfit was too “dinner at a fancy restaurant” for a nightclub! He was probably the owner and subsequently the drug dealer.
- Fuck… - I whispered
- It’s nice to meet a few police officers in my nightclub. By the way, I’m Kihyun. - He waved at us. - Good to know the phrase worked.
- So this was a trap? - I said giving him a deadly look with my eyes.
- Of course! We created this phrase to warn us about cops in disguise, it’s so easy to pay “sources” to fool all of you!
- Wow, using a Coldplay song as a warning? That’s really creative. - He scoffed then raised his hand, his men punched Chang’s face, he groaned with pain.
- I know, right?. - He smiled. - Thank you for pointing it out. - He smiled. - Listen, my dearest, be sassy one more time, and your friend's face is destroyed.
- Fucking hell. - CK said with a low voice.
- Now, I need you to be really honest and tell me what you got, and I promise that your death will be painless.
- Yeah, right. - I mocked him, he just laughed again.
- You have 10 minutes to think about all the little details, I want to know it all.
Kihyun left with his guards and locked the door behind us, I waited a few seconds and ran to CK, we were in deep danger, god knows where we are right now and if we’ll get out of here alive. They took our badges, but thankfully not our accessories because my earring shaped like a moon had a microchip that worked like a GPS, I just had to press it and our reinforcement would come:
- Hey, can you fight?
- Sure. - I clicked a button in my earring, and now we would play the waiting game.
- Hoseok should be on his way, but we need to gain time! They will kill us mercilessly!
I sat on the floor and waited, hoping that the Lieutenant would find us wherever we were, thinking about the time they dragged us around, it didn’t seem to be really far from the kitchen, so the room was probably connected to it, this was probably a room made for negotiations or executions. A few minutes passed, and I heard footsteps, the door opened and Kihyun got in:
- So… How's it gonna be?
- Before we die, we have some questions!
- Questions? - He thought for a few seconds and then shrugged. - Sure, hit me.
- Why supernova? - Chang asked, we were trying really hard to gain all the time Hoseok needed. - Isn’t supernova the death of a star?
- It didn’t have a name until that actress Ahn SooHwa had an overdose with it and died. - He sat on a chair.
- Ahn SooHwa? I thought she was murdered.
- That’s what her company wanted you all to believe, but that’s what happened, and I can confirm because I was the one who sold her the experimental Supernova, her death made us realize that the dose was too strong, and we were able to make it weaker for our dealers.
- That’s fucked up, man. - CK said.
- Wasn’t my choice.
- What?
- I’m just the owner of the club, the one who makes the big decisions is way above me.
We heard a gunshot and hurried footsteps, Kihyun ran away as fast as he could through the door, I got up and ran after him, he tried to slow me down by knocking things on the way, but I had enough training to dodge everything, and soon I caught his arm, pushed him to the ground.
- Ugh! - He groaned when I held his hands behind the back. - You know this is useless right? Soon someone will take my place.
- And we’ll get his as well, don’t worry.
- Hah! Good Luck with that!
After Kihyun, his men, and all the workers at the club were handcuffed and put inside the police cars, I talked to Lieutenant Hoseok about what happened, explained the whole secret phrase being a hoax to track officers, quoted Kihyun’s phrase about the existence of a bigger person running everything, which only confirmed our theory that this was works of a mafia that was taking over Busan’s regions and the operation wasn’t over.
- Apparently, we only scratched the wall, but at least now we know what we’re dealing with. Take the rest of the week do rest.
- So, two days?
- Yes. - He laughed.
- Thank you, sir.
- I will receive your report when you come back. - He seemed to have finished our talk, but then looked at me again. - You know, Officer Oh said that when he lost you from sight, got really frightened.
- Officer Oh said it? Really? - Officer Oh couldn’t care less about me and especially Chang.
- Yeah, he cares a lot about you.
- Well then, tell him that I appreciate it and I also care a lot about him even though I don’t see him as much as usual. - Hoseok scoffed.
- You know… He’s been really busy.
- I can imagine.
- Yeah… You’re dismissed, detective.
- Thank you, sir!
A sigh fell out of my lips involuntarily, thankful that I got out alive! Went searching for Ck, found him sitting on a bench near the ambulance smoking.
- Hey… Are you okay? - I stood before him.
- I’ll survive, don’t worry. - He put out his cigarette.
- Oh I’m not worried. - He chuckled a bit.
- I’m sorry, we almost got killed because of me.
- Wasn’t your fault, it was a trap! We just fell for it.
- Yeah…
- Regardless, good job.
- Thanks! I’m good at making time.
- And talking bullshit as well!
- Well, thank you! - We laughed for a bit. - But the things I said earlier weren’t bullshit. - He put his hand around my waist and pulled me closer. - You know what I’m talking about, right?
- Do I? - I laughed discreetly.
- Yeah… In your room! I didn’t lie when I said that you looked really hot in this dress, embraced all your curves. - He pulled me even closer… Here we go. - The sight of that was totally breathtaking.
- Oh yeah?
- Yeeaah, but what got me really out of breath was to see you dressing these tights. - He squeezed my thighs. - In the dim yellow light from your dressing table over your body only wearing a strapless bra and sexy lace underwear made the whole thing so sensual - People turned their faces around us.
- Get a room! - Detective Minhyuk yelled.
- Shut up! - I yelled at him. - You Mr. Chimney, control yourself! This is not the place for it.
- Oh, so you prefer to do it in private? - I laughed.
- You idiot! Let’s go!
Since all of his stuff, including the keys to his home, were at my place, the “dearest” Officer Oh took us there, I wasn’t feeling safe because some of Kihyun’s man ran away, so Changkyun said he could stay. He would sleep on my sofa, but I wasn’t feeling sleepy, so we chatted a bit in my bed.
- Can I use your bathroom?
- Sure. - He got up and walked to the bathroom with his bag, probably to take a shower.
- You can join me if you want to. - He winked at me and closed the door.
While CK showered, I took some comfortable clothes, a towel, and a makeup remover to the guest bathroom. The feeling of the fabric of my sleepwear made me feel more comfortable than that vinyl dress and high heels, walking to the bedroom I was shocked to find Changkyun in boxer shorts on his back on my bed, nothing but boxer shorts!!! This was the first time he ever stayed at my house and I felt nervous.
- Don’t you have a shirt? - Walked past the bed to put the dress in the laundry basket and the towel over a chair.
- It’s too hot today to wear a shirt. - Couldn’t argue with that.
- At least get a bigger short.
- I sleep naked, this is the longest one I have.
- Must be a great view. - He laughed out loud.
I laid down on my bed and unlocked my phone to see any unread messages, there was one from Hoseok asking if he could come over, probably done with all the paperwork and arrests, but I couldn’t have him here with CK around, he would probably get the wrong idea. We’re not in a relationship, in fact, Hoseok sees me like a little sister and I see him as my big brother, and it has always been like this, even though everyone in our workplace thinks we’re dating (and I’m cheating on him with Changkyun).
“Changkyun is here, do you mind coming tomorrow?”
“Oh ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)”
“Don’t OH me, those man running away got me terrified”
“They were found in an abandoned warehouse not too far from the nightclub, you have nothing to worry about.”
“… Really?”
“Nevertheless, I’ll come tomorrow, have fun ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)”
Sighing deeply, I set my phone aside, looked at Changkyun, and he was still focused on something on his phone, my Twitter had nothing since it was late and my Instagram only had stories of friends of mine partying. I sort of felt intimidated by his presence now that we didn’t have anything to do, earlier I was focused on work, but now all I can think is “Those shorts are way too short, I can almost see his…”.
- Why these shorts?
- I thought it would be fair to me to dress like this since you did the same.
- Oh, when you eyefucked me? - I used an accusatory voice.
- Me?
- Yeah! You looked at me like I was the main dish and you were getting ready to eat! - He laughed out loud.
- Maybe we could do the actual fucking right now! - I laughed nervously.
- Oh my god!!!
- What?
- Sorry, you caught me off guard!
- Really? Because I invited you to fuck me? - I laughed, even more, giving him so much ammo with this laugh attack.
- Stop!!! - I yelled at him while covering my face. - You never used this word before, this is new!!!!
- So you prefer when I just eye fuck you? We could go beyond that.
- No!! That’s too much. I like it, but too much.
- Oh you like it, don’t you? - He got closer.
- Get the fuck out of my room. - I started laughing and he laughed as well, got up, and left.
- Goodnight baby, can’t wait to fuck you in your dreams.
- I’m never inviting you over again - I ran to my door and shut it before he could say any more profanities. - Son of a bitch.
- Just to be sure, how do you like it?
- Go to sleep Changkyun.
- Ok, good night.
I was blushing so hard, he never used the word “fuck” in that context before! This was entirely new, maybe it was the Supernova + Alcohol? I spent the first hour thinking about that and by the end of it, I realized that if we did have sex, wouldn't compromise our working relationship, and I should ignore my conservative upbringing, because, why should I hold myself of some good time because of some conservative values that don’t even make sense nowadays, not many people are looking for long-time relationships, just someone to fuck and then go home. He's probably sleeping now, maybe tomorrow I will have enough courage to talk to him about this.
Sandman didn’t seem to be coming anytime soon so I decided to get some water in the kitchen and maybe eat something since the last time I ate was before going to the nightclub. Between my room and the kitchen, there’s my living room and CK was sleeping there, I needed to be really quiet, so walked slowly.
- Can’t sleep too? - A really deep voice came out of nowhere, I screamed and tripped on the carpet! - Wow calm down! It’s me!
- Damn it Changkyun?! Don’t scare me like that, your voice is so low I thought Satan himself came to pay me a visit! - He helped me get up.
- Sorry! It gets really deep sometimes.
- Ugh, want something to eat?
- Yeah.
Thankfully I still had some bibimbap that we bought for dinner, I mixed it with more rice and put it in the microwave for a few seconds, while the microwave did its work I opened a grape juice box for me and Chang. He was still shirtless and with that short shorts, so I looked everywhere but below his chin, and he, being the devil himself, noticed immediately and always tried to make me look at his body. The microwave finished heating the food, I served us and we ate in silence, it was kind of comfortable to be like that, wasn’t awkward. I got up to put the empty plate in the sink and washed it, when I turned around he was literally behind me, I didn’t even hear him getting up from the chair, he placed his plate and cup over the sink and stood there, trapping me. Maybe he was just playing around, but since I didn't push him away, he now looked at me differently, smiling like he just discovered something fun, probably my face looked funny to him, I'm pretty sure that I look thirsty as hell because I felt my lungs having difficulties to breathe slowly.
- Are you nervous, y/n?
- No...
- If you say so... oh, you got something on your face. - He touched below my eyes and caught something, one lonely eyelash hair. - Make a wish. - I looked him in the eyes, I felt fire disperse inside my panties, made my wish, and blew the eyelash hair that flew away.
- Done. - Looking for balance I grabbed his waist, he seemed to like it.
- What did you wish for? - His voice sounded deep, never breaking eye contact with me, I gathered all the courage I needed for what I was about to say.
- I wished you would fuck me… - His eyes regained that predator look from earlier, stepped closer to me, our bodies touched and I could feel his member hard as a rock.
- Are we playing right now? Or are you serious? - His voice now sounded constricted and breathy. My instincts told me to step away and say “I’m joking!!!! Just paying back what you said” but I wanted him to fuck me so much. I was taking too long to answer, suddenly I felt his hand caressing up and down my thigh, really close to my intimate area. - So?
- I… - His hand was now touching my intimacy over the panties, my hands traveled down to the hem of his shorts. - want you to fuck me.
- Tsss… Oh, Detective, we are really playing a dangerous game. - His fingers got inside my panties and caressed my clitoris, I closed my eyes and held a moan. - Do you want me to fuck you over this sink? - I moaned, both because of his fingers in my clit, and because of the way he pronounced those words.
- Oh! - I grabbed his arm to regain some sanity. - Actually, it would be better in my bed… This sink is too weak. - He laughed.
- Good, let’s go there. - His hands got out of my panties and went to the back of my knees to carry me, as quick as a bolt we were in my room.
Chang laid me down in the bed, kissed me while grabbing my shorts and pulling them down with the panties, I did the same with his shorts, I felt even more wet feeling how hot his member felt touching my stomach. “Do you have a condom?” He whispered in my lips, I hummed as a yes and pointed to my bedside table, without leaving me he reached for the bedside table and got a box of condoms. “A box?” He asked, to which I replied ‘My ex left them here, and I’ve been saving them for the right person”, his eyes seemed to lose a bit of that darkness with my remark, he said “This is so sweet”, not wanting to lose the hunger he had, I grabbed his member in my hands, moving it up and down, he closed this eyes and started moaning, I could hear him repeat “Holy shit” really low between the moans.
- You’re driving me crazy, I’m not even inside you yet. - He sat up and spread my legs. - I need to taste you.
He raised my shirt, exposing my breasts, which he sucked on one of them while squeezing the other one, that didn’t do much for me, but apparently did for him, then he made a trail of kisses coming from my breasts until my intimacy, he started with small licks with turned into sucking on my clit, I moaned loudly with such stimulation, then sucking all around my genitalia, his tongue then got inside me, but then he replaced it for a finger and went back to sucking on my clit, I could feel the build-up, almost there, just a bit more… When he introduced a second finger I collapsed under his touch, feeling like my whole body had just melted, he licked me whole. Changkyun got up with his face all wet with my juices, and he looked so happy with himself. He swiped his fingers around the mouth and sucked on it, drinking every last drop.
- You are delicious and so loud. - He laid over me, kissing my neck, face, and then lips, I was still in full bliss from my first orgasm. - Imagine how loud you're going to moan when I fill you entirely.
- Chang! - I kissed him again.
- Are you tired? - I nodded negatively.
- We just started. - He smiled devilishly once again. Quickly he unwrapped a condom and rolled over his painfully erect dick, then next he placed it on my entrance.
- Please tell me when it hurts. - He started slowly, until I was totally filled by him, giving me time to get used to him, he moaned a bit. - Ok?
- Ok. - He bit his lip and started pounding in me, his thrusts were slow but strong, I could hear the headboard hitting the wall and his base touching mine, he was really going all in and that felt like heaven, I embraced him and used my nails to scratch his back, he stopped for a mid-second to moan at the feeling and started to thrust faster, he rested his head in the crook of my neck and started to bite it, there would be big hickies tomorrow, for sure, but that didn’t matter now, he somehow reached a point inside me that made me almost yell out of pleasure, he stopped and looked at me in shock:
- Are you ok? - He almost looked afraid of having hurt me.
- I think you found my G spot. - I almost laughed at how big his eyes grew, he looked really surprised.
- Was it that good?
- Yes, keep going goddammit! - He smiled and came back to the position we were before.
- I want to find it again.
- Then do it.
Changkyun now looked so focused on finding that sweet spot, after a few pleasurable failures he found it again and kept hitting this spot until I finally came once again, this time even more intense than before, he kept moving until he reached his own high, he collapsed over me, and we stayed like that for god knows how long, just in silence and recovering.
- This was amazing. - He said near my ear.
- Indeed, amazing!
We immediately fell asleep after that, that was the first time I had ever found this mysterious spot within me, and Changkyun was so caring getting all worried thinking he had hurt me. I woke up with the sunlight blinding our eyes, Chang looked so good in the morning, the first thing he did after waking up was to give me a small peck on the lips. He got up and walked to the bathroom, I stayed there laid down thinking about last night, and how crazy it was how everything happened, but… What now?
- I’m taking a shower, want to join me? - He asked from the bathroom.
- Yes, wait for me.
We took a normal shower, no shower sex, just washed our bodies from all of that sex scent that was impregnated in that layer of sweat. Chang looked pensive as well, maybe trying to figure out what we were now. While he got dressed to leave, I prepared breakfast, something simple but would fill our stomachs. We ate in silence once again, it still felt comfortable.
- We need to send Lieut Hoseok the report until Monday, can you come over Sunday?
- Sure, I’ll drop by at 10, is it good for you?
- Yes, I’ll order delivery food.
- Ok. - More silence, he scrolled through something in his phone and started typing, the moment he stopped my phone rang when I looked at the notification it was his message “When are we going to address the elephant in the room?” I laughed.
- I’m not regretting it, don’t worry. - He immediately smiled with relief.
- Good, ‘cause I want to do it again. - I gasped at his sincere remarks.
- Right now?
- Yes.
- Ok, but I’ll be on top this time! - We got up and rushed to my bedroom.
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beann-e · 2 years
“ let’s go“
“ excuse me “
“ I said let’s go . “
Your eyes creased as you leaned back into your desk chair —leg moving to cross over the other as your hands landed together in a hold on your lap. Eyes looking up at the male in front of you.
“ look at you looking everywhere but this messy ass desk I see “
you scoffed “ if it’s so messy why do you keep coming down here just to add on to it ? “
his head shaking a bit at your comment he had to admit he was a bit interested in your words even though he originally came here for a purpose. He had to see how this would play out. So yeah he’d play your little game.
“ huh mister prohero “ your face lit up in sadness to mock the male in front of you “ aw wait I forgot I have to be exact with my words when it comes to you because your emotionally challenged“
you stood up placing your hands on the desk in between you and the blond haired male.
“ the only thing ‘ challenged ‘ here is this crusty ass run down building I had to buy glasses to find “
“ ouu where are they? maybe they could also help you see this“ you smiled before reaching into your suit jacket only to pout “ crap hold up it’s not in there it’s something I picked up specially for you hold on “
“ what the hell are you looking for in there your taking awhile “ he spoke louder after a couple minutes seemed to pass and you were still searching around
“ huh that’s weird — hold on I can’t seem to find it “
“ find what ? “ his face made up in confusion as his eyes followed your body that was looking through your desk only to turn and rummage through the drawers behind you“ fuck is it really that bad —you’ve gotta clean y/n “
“ yeah I know hold on I swear I know where it is I keep a lot of them just in case “
“ is it important or some shit ?— if not I can wait I swear i’ll just come back down here tomorrow“ he sighed still trying to look over you shoulder “ I just came down here to fuck with you before heading ho—“
“ yeah no you’ll want it a lot of people seem to want it these days — it’s hot on the market “
“ well what the hell is i— “
“ AHA “ you screamed your hand stuck in the drawer as he tried to peek over your back to see what it was his body shrinking when he saw your eyes whip around to lock with his. Him going back to the cool, calm collected guy he was minutes ago as he ran his fingers through his hair
“ here look it’s limited edition these days “
“ what is it like an all might collectable or some shi— “
His heart stopped when he seen you fully turn around and smirk your eyebrow slightly raised as his eyes slowly went downcast on your hand showing off the freshly painted middle finger.
It straightened to perfection as it stood tall only causing the male to fume silently and speak under his breath “ what the hell “
“ look baku it’s the fuck you so desperately want me to give “ You pushed it towards him as you walked around your desk to get closer seeing the upset face he held “ aw what you don’t like it “
you sucked your teeth reaching into your back pocket “ here i’ll exchange it for you “ you brought your hand out from your pocket and back into his face as he started to shake slightly. You knew you’d went too far. Your jokes always went further than a person wanted you to.
You were fucking with him
He didn’t like it
He wouldn’t like it this time
.. He liked it
— he liked it
wait he lik—
Your eyes widened as you stared up at him face going stone when you finally seen that his lips were pressed harshly on yours. His moves were rough hands fast and quick already knowing what to do while you struggled with yourself over where to put your own.
No matter how many times the male before you kissed you it always felt differently each time. Your body relaxed into his as he smiled into the kiss only to laugh and bring his forehead to rest against yours “ your so fucking stupid “
“ but I beat you in class ranks in high school “
his smile widened he couldn’t even find it in himself to be upset not when you were having fun with your joke “ yes yes you did “
you smiled softly only to have it wiped away when he opened his mouth again “ but I beat you in jobs you asshole “
“ hey prick I enjoy my job “ he nodded his head as he moved to sit in your work chair “ yeah no no of course “
his hand moved to pull a cup of old coffee from behind your computer as he looked at you “ I would totally be able to tell— babe all id need is an everyday trip to your luxurious work place“ he lifted the coffee cup and held it to his cheek smiling softly to mess with you
he swiveled your computer monitor to the side to show off the millions of coffee cups you had hidden from his and your employees eyes
“ god so many— how would corporate feel about this knowing you’ve got all this shit piled up back here— it’s screaming that you overwork yourself y/n “
“ uh i’m mostly worried about my bosses opinion “
he smiled up at you only to shake his head with a small laugh whispering under his breath “ fucking stupid—you’re your boss “
he laid his cheek onto his palm as he looked up at you anytime he was around you it was like he was completely swallowed whole by your vibes. You were such a down to earth person and that’s what calmed him no matter what argument or how many there were you always found a way to calm him and the situation down.
no matter what you said or did he would always find a way to look at you as though you were holding the whole world in your eyes “ and what does your boss say y/n ? “
you perked up “ ouu good thing I have em on call let’s see “ you reached out to grab your husbands phone hand wrapping around it tightly feeling the many scratches it had on it’s back from the slams of it on the table after one too many documents he’d filled out the night before at work.
He was always so angry and mean—even to objects
Your fingers moved to put in the password as he looked at you head leaning back to rest against the chair as he moved the chair from side to side you having his full attention before he reached out to grab your phone sliding over to answer the call
“ hi is this big bird ? or also known as red from angry birds ? “
“ Ill let you slide with your comments because your voice sounds kinda hot right now and i like your suit — but yes this is your local prick hotline how may I assist you today “
A smile made its way onto your face as you watched his own just grow larger and larger over time “ oh I see so this is the one and only katsuki bakugou hmm “
you tapped your chin “ so tell me what’s someone as unimportant as yourself doing answering your bosses phone “
“ ouuu hard question “ he played with his keys that laid on your work desk “ I came here to ask em out for lunch maybe go out to go karts y’know since there’s a little brat at home who’s been dying to ride one ever since they’ve seen that shitty commercial “
“ mmhmm so please enlighten me what does this have to do with you answering your bosses phone “
“ nothing “
“ oh ? “ your eyes widened “ well I heard several complaints that you were just telling your boss what to do as if their not head of your company or in other words your “ you whispered “ boss “
“ yeah I guess i’ve fucked up huh ? should have actually dressed up instead of coming to get em’ in sweats serves me right— here i’ll pass the phone to my boss since they seem to look more business professional today — I don’t feel worthy enough to answer my bosses phone “
“as you should — nice to know you’ve finally learned your place“ you bit your lip at his quietness expecting him to go off or say something snappy but he only encouraged you to continue with a small smile and a head nod.
Honestly he was enjoying you he loved your jokes even if they sometimes went too far or if they hurt his pride he loved to see you enjoying yourself.
He’d rather you be open and comfortable with him and tell your horribly stupid jokes versus beating yourself up and thinking you have to watch what you say around him
“ fuck it’s gotta be the pantsuit is that why your letting me do all this—you douche your probably paying more attention to my suit than me “
“ correct smart girl —role reversal? “
“ we’re switching back? “ you laughed confirming his statement “ role reversal “
“ fine by me “ you smiled as he held out your phone to you and you held out his to him.
“ yes may I speak to y/n bakugou ? “ he stated as he spoke into his phone
“ mm i’m not sure I know them could you be more exact “
he scoffed “ yes my boss — i’m looking to speak with my boss please “
“ oo a boss —wife —plus a mother that’s a lucky catch you should be greatful — le asshole“
His smile faded as he stared at your eyes that locked with his . In this moment nothing could compare to the happiness he felt except for when he took his child to their first quirk appointment and received the good news of them not only having his quirk but yours too. Happily he wouldn’t have to deal with his kid getting bullied sadly he had a mini icy hot running around.
This was why he married you and this is why he loved you because what felt like hours of conversation had only been 10 minutes. He felt like he’d been transported to another world when he was talking to you. What originally started out as him just coming to take his wife and daughter on a lunch date turned into him on the phone with his boss.
yet again being reminded that he’d always fall under you in status , in authority , at home, in the marriage , at work , and in his heart. Youd always be the one in power
“your fucking funny — a comedian really —always keeping me on my toes so yeah—yeah a real lucky catch— ‘m fucking lucky “
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yawnzzjun · 11 months
Tumblr media
"I wonder how school life will be when Mia is out of it.."
"What did she do to you?" I asked Niki snapping him out of his fantasy. Ever since I told him about what I'm gonna do today he won't shut up about how happy life will be with her out of it.
"She's like a mosquito that won't leave you alone."
"When Jungwon and I first attended here she wouldn't leave us alone I mean I get we are both good looking but personal space you know?"
"Sounds.. hard to believe.."
We joked a lot on our way to the office but when we reached to the entrance we stopped and looked at each other.
"Will this actually work?"
"Don't know.."
"What if she actually doesn't get punished?"
"I just want her OUT the school."
"How are we gonna do that?"
"Kinda want to embarrass her."
"We get the video from the camera." I answered back. Niki asked again how are we gonna do that and I called our bestest friend in the world.
Niki and I said at the same time. We both went begging Jungwon to get us a specific timing on getting into the camera and take a video of the recording but he downright declined the idea, I mean who wouldn't but thats beside the point.
"That's gonna get all of us in trouble."
"Better than nothing." I said with Niki backing me up.
Jungwon stared at us, trying to find a way to remove such ideas out of our head but gave up and accepted the offer, his reasoning was we might cause bigger problems without his help or whatever.
Tumblr media
It was now lunch break and Jungwon told us to meet him at the restrooms. Apparently he said they isn't anyone around the office at that time, being a goody good momma's boy helps you sometimes I guess.
Niki and I met up with Jungwon and we all made our way to the office.
"I'm so scared my cheeks are sweating."
"Which cheeks?"
"Will you both shut up."
Now entering the room Jungwon rushed us to get out our phone as he got in the computer.
"Boy how do you know the password?" I asked him holding my phone out.
"I have my ways." Was all he said.
"I think I found it.. " He said as he played the recording and indeed it was us in the hallway and very clearly you can hear the conversation. I was recording the video but Jungwon and Niki both watched the video in shocked.
"Woah she really said those stuff.." Niki said while Jungwon nodded.
"Let's.. leave this room." Jungwon ordered and we all left.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Ah such loving words I was expecting to hear the next day I came to class. My tweet got alot of attention especially since I uhm used the school name as a tag but ever since the whole morning I got a lot of attention, people waving and smiling at me, some saying sorry for what happened and some giving me disgusted looks for dealing with the situation poorly which I understand.
"Do you three know how much this could harm our school name?"
"Staying silent here but you can go tweet your life away huh? Miss. L/n? Answer me."
I shifted on my other leg, even tho it's my friends with me it's still embarrassing being singled out like that.
"I'm sorry." Was all I could say, of course I know the answer I was gonna get, but I couldn't say what I really wanted to, might cause me more trouble.
"I've called your parents to come pick you up and to hear what you've done. Mr. Yang I'm disappointed I you especially, doing such acts and going through my computer without permission? I've expected something better from you."
The principal took a glance at Niki then looked away. Our parents came and my mom gave me a look that could kill.
"Good morning, do you all know why you are here?" They all shook their head and waited for the rest.
The principal told them what happened and they looked at us in disappointment. Thought my mom did spoke up on something that didn't cross my mind at this time.
"What punishment is your daughter getting?"
"I get what my daughter did was out of line but yours was too. I will accept the fact that Y/N is getting suspended and will go on her school record but I won't stand here and let you leave your daughter out of this, she's the main reason Y/N and the boys did what they do."
The principal was shocked and wanted to back up his child but the parents agreed with what my mother did and gave all four of us suspension for 3 weeks.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
SYNOPSIS:Due to family reasons, you had to move away from your old country and start over a whole new life in Korea but the thing is you have never been to here before.
In creating your new life, you began a secret relationship with Choi Yeonjun.
TAGLIST: @kaal-ee
(it's open btw if you want to be added😊)
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acreativeme · 2 years
Mobster’s Daughter
Tumblr media
Mobster’s Daughter
Kenny Crobsy x Reader
Y/N was not used to working with a team. She spent most of her career as a UC with the Organized Crime Unit. After nearly ten years, Y/N put in a transfer to the fugitive recovery unit. She wanted something new, something that didn’t remind her of her childhood. She knew that working with a team meant forming close bonds with people, but she didn’t expect to fall in love. When she meant Kenny Crosby, the communication specialist with anger issues, it was like the world stilled. It was almost like how the wolves in Twilight describe imprinting. 
They had started dating only three months after she joined the team, and disclosed it to their unit chief. Jess just said that they needed to keep it professional at work, or he was going to have to transfer one of them. Y/N had spoken with him privately, telling him if anything happens to transfer her not Kenny. That had surprised him, but he agreed.
She had been with the unit for almost a year, when her old unit chief called her--- needing her for a very important case. Her father’s case..Y/N’s father had walked out on her and her mother when she was 4 years old to run the Russo Crime Family. Though Y/N’s mother, Ivy, was embarrassed and hurt, she never lied to Y/N about who her father was. He would send money for her schooling and presents on her birthday, and Christmas, but he didn’t know anything about her or her future. He didn’t know that she had joined the FBI as she had changed her last name to her mother’s maiden name. 
Things were getting out of control with the Russo Family, so she needed to stop them. She just didn’t know how to tell Kenny, so she took the easy way out and broke up with him.
Y/N paced in front of his door, waiting for him to open up. “...I’m sorry, but I can’t do this anymore..” she muttered, trying to find the proper words. 
She jumped as the door opened, “Kenny!” she squealed, clenching her chest.
He laughed, leaning against the door frame. “You musta been thinking really hard.”
She shot him a glare. “Are you going to let me in?” She pushed his chest playfully, hoping that she was playing off her anxiety. 
He grinned, stepping aside so that she could come in. Y/N looked around, noticing that he was probably using his day off to clean his apartment. “Do you want anything to drink?” He asked, shutting the door. 
Y/N shook her head, “No, I am good. I can’t stay for long, gotta meet my mom for lunch. I just stopped by to see if my gray cardigan was here, I can’t seem to find it..” She chickened out. She couldn’t break up with him. 
Kenny look around, noticing it hanging off the back of his recliner. “Here you go,” he picked it up, “but you are going to have to work for it.” He held it above her head. 
She rolled her eyes, moving to give him a kiss. As he leaned down, Y/N jabbed him in the stomach-- which caused him to double over. She pulled it from his grasp, quickly pecking his cheek. “Nice try.” She whispered in his ear, quickly turning to leave.
He gasped, “Not so fast.” He wrapped his arms around her waist, lifting her off the ground.
Y/N squealed, disregarding the cardigan. “Kenny!”
He laughed loudly, spinning her around. “That was so underhanded! I didn’t think that you had it in you.” He spun her around in his arms so that he could look into her eyes.
She smirked. “There is a lot about me that you don’t know.” She leaned down to kiss him, forgetting the real reason for her visit.
He wrapped her legs around his waist, pressing her against his chest. She knotted her fingers with his hair, trying to memorize his lips. “Are you sure that you have to go to lunch with your mom?” He asks, pressing kisses to her neck.
She bit back a moan, nodding. “Yes, I haven’t seen her for ages.” 
He nodded sadly, sitting her back on the ground. “Fine,” he rolled his eyes playfully, “but we are still going running tomorrow, right?”
She looked down at the cardigan, not wanting him to see the pain in her eyes. “Of course! It’s not safe for attractive men, like you, to be running by yourself, so I gotta be there to protect you.” She looked up at him with a cheeky smirk. 
He rolled his eyes at her again, moving to tickle her. “So cheeky.” He walked her to the door with a loving grin on his face. “I will be at yours at 6AM, is that okay?”
She sighed. “Yeah, I guess.” She bit her lip, trying to hide her smile.
He leaned down and briefly kissed her as he showed her out. “I will see you tomorrow.”
She bumped her nose against him. “See ya tomorrow.” She walked away, tears rolling down her cheeks. 
...The Next Morning…
Y/N’s POV 
Y/N sat at the counter of the now empty kitchen, a piece of paper and pen in front of her. She had decided to leave him a letter, knowing that was not going to be able to lie to his face. 
I can’t do it anymore. Please forgive me.. 
Don’t look for me…
Tears stained the paper as she laid the pen down. She couldn’t write anymore without breaking down and telling him the truth. She grabbed her duffle bag and walked out of the one place that felt like home. 
Kenny’s POV
He raced up the stairs to Y/N’s apartment, not wanting to bother with the elevator and wanting to warm up his muscles. He had decided to skip out of coffee in favor of downing two glasses of orange juice. He glanced down at his watch as he stepped out onto her floor, 5:50AM. He’s early. He sighed, slowly walking towards her apartment. It took him a moment to realize that her door was cracked, which scared him.
He slowly pushed the door open, calling out her name. “Y/N?” No response. He dialed her number, hoping that she had just left it cracked for him. He pressed the phone to his ear, hearing it ring twice. 
“We are sorry. The number that you are trying to reach is out of service. Please hang up and try again later.” 
Kenny looked around the apartment, taking in the emptiness. After exploring the abandoned apartment, he found the note on the counter. 
I can’t do it anymore. Please forgive me..
Don’t look for me…
He read those words over and over, knowing that something wasn’t right. He couldn’t bring himself to believe that she would just up and leave him like this, like that they hadn’t been talking about their future just yesterday. 
He slid down the wall, to sit on the floor and cry. 
6 months later…
Slipping back into her ripped jeans, Y/N looked down at the henchman that her father had guarding her. A henchman that also happened to be his right hand man. She had seduced him, which made her feel as if she had cheated on Kenny, to get access to her father’s computer. She hadn’t actually slept with him. She had fixed him a drink, laced with a strong sedative, and made out with him. 
She snuck out of her bedroom, tiptoeing down the hallway to his office. Anyone that lives or had been invited to stay the night had been in bed for hours, so she didn’t really have to worry about anyone catching her. Her father’s office was on the first floor near the kitchen, as he always had to be near food. With the amount he eats, Y/N was surprised that he was still in great shape… 
She made a pit stop as she passed the kitchen to grab the container of cookies that she made as an excuse to be in her father’s office. She had hid them in her cabinet, which her father had given her as soon as he welcomed her into his home. He had sat her down in his office and they talked for hours. He had shared that he had missed her, and her mother, and that he wanted them to get to know each other. She had to remind herself that he was a bad guy, that had murdered a bunch of people and broken a lot of other laws. 
Her father had given her a key to his office, for emergencies, so she didn’t need to pick the lock. She crept over to his computer, knowing that she didn’t need to turn it on as he never turns it off. She pulled out a cloning device and plugged it into the main port. She typed in his password, quickly scanning through his emails and internet history. She then scanned through all of the other documents on his computer, finding spreadsheets that explained where he was hiding the money. She pulled up his calendar, which he seemed to use to keep track of his special shipments. She made sure to clone that and mirror it to her phone. Using a USB, Y/n downloaded a keystroke logger on his computer. She was going to use her computer to keep track of his computer usage. She had already cloned his phone and bugged each of his cars, using her scrunchies, which he happily keeps in his cars as reminders of his daughter. 
She looked up as she heard footsteps coming towards, so she quickly finished what she was doing. Y/N slipped the cloning device and USB into her pocket, moving the cookies so that they were sitting in front of his keyboard.The door opened, revealing her father in his pajamas.
“Y/N? What are you doing in here, love?” He rubbed his eyes, having just woken up.
She gulped, nerves bubbling in her stomach. “Well, it’s your birthday pop. I wanted to surprise you, but I guess the cat is out of the bag.” She held up the container of cookies, double chocolate with white chocolate chips.
He grinned, walking towards his desk. “How’d you know that these were my favorite?” 
She opened the container for him. “They are my favorite too!”
He took one, taking a large bite out of it. “These are so yummy.” He did a little happy dance as he shoved the rest of it into his mouth.
She forced a smile. “I am glad that you enjoy it.” She passed over the container, “I am going to make some breakfast, would you like some?”
3 months later…
With the help of the cook, Y/N put together a wide spread of food for her father and his group of elite members. She had planned this evening as a way for her team to arrest all major players of the Russo Crime family without any of them going into hiding. Y/N worked out with her handler that she would also be taken into custody. 
She and Mariana, the cook, set the table and placed each dish around the table to make it look appealing to the people eating. Once everything was set, Y/N called everyone in to eat. Her father grinned at the spread, wrapping his arm around her shoulder. “It looks great, doll.” He kissed her head, moving towards the head of the table. 
She took her spot next to him, feeling a pit in her stomach. “Thank you, dad!” 
Everyone followed suit and took their seats. Her father said grace and started dishing out his portion of food. He passed it to Y/N, so gave herself a little bit and passed it along. She felt too nervous, so she wasn’t going to be able to eat much. Everyone was chatting aimlessly as they made up their plates. Y/N knew that no business would be brought up until everyone was digging in.
“This brisket is so delicious, Y/N. You’ll have to give me your recipe.” Gina, Rickie’s wife, stated from her spot down the table. 
Y/N smiled, “Thank you, it’s my grans recipe. I think she’d come back and kill me if I share it.” The whole table laughed, muttering that their gran would do the same thing. 
Y/N zoned out as she moved the food around her plate, taking tiny bites. Her father called attention as he began talking about the plans for the coming week. The women focused on their food as the men talked about shipments of drugs and weapons. As they were talking about times and locations, Y/N reacted into her pocket and clicked her pen-- which signaled her team to come in. 
She counted to 15 in her head, taking a long sip of her wine. She was sitting down the glass as the FBI swat team broke down the front and back doors.
“FBI swat!! Put your hands up!” A strong confident voice screamed, as several other officers surrounded them. 
Y/N jumped, pretending to be frightened. She looked at her dad, panic in her eyes. “Daddy? What’s going on?”
He took an aggravated breath. “I am not sure, but everything will be alright.”
An officer pulled roughly at her chair. “Get up. You are under arrest.” He pretended to get rough with her to draw a reaction out of her father.
He jumped out of his chair, the force knocking it over. “Do not touch her! She has nothing to do with this.” 
The officer that stood behind her, pushed him back. “Stay back. We will determine whether she played a role or not.” 
Y/N’s captain stepped into the dining room, a bulletproof vest over a white button down shirt. “Vincent Russo. You and everyone in here are under arrest.” 
3 months later… 
Y/N stood outside of Kenny’s apartment, nervous to see him for the first time in a year. She had just finished up her father’s case and everything that was related to him. In the end, he told her to snitch on him to avoid any prison time. He told her that he would do anything to protect her, so he wanted her to testify against him. He had instructed all of his men that he could that he wanted her to testify against him, so they were too not go after her. She told him that the FBI wanted her to work for them as a consultant, or she would spend time in prison-- no matter her role in the organization. That hurt him, but he told her to do it- which surprised her. 
After he was put away, she returned home. She had talked with Jess LaCriox about the mission that she had been sent on and how she wanted to return to the team. He talked with her captain and let her return to the team. The only stipulation was that she had to talk with Kenny, who had taken her leaving extremely hard. 
Taking a deep breath, Y/N knocked on his front door. It took him a moment to answer, and she shook with nerves the whole time. 
“How can I--” Kenny stopped mid sentence, surprise evident on his face. 
Shoving her hands in her pockets, Y/N smiled. “Hey, Kenny…”
Without thinking, Kenny pulled her into his arms. He held her to him, not wanting to let her go. “Where did you go? Why did you leave?” He whispered into her hair. 
She squeezed him tightly. “I think that it would be best to tell you inside your apartment.” 
He picked her up, not wanting to let her go. They sat down on the couch and held each other as she explained that she had been called in to take down her father. She had to do some things that were against her morals, but it had to be done-- which is why she had to end things with him. Kenny just sat back and listened to her as she talked, glad that she was home safe. 
“I don’t care what you did, Y/N. It was work, we’ve all had to do things we wouldn't do for work.
I am just glad that you made it home safe.” He stated, understanding where she was coming from. 
She kissed him, not being able to hold back any longer. “I love you, Kenny. I didn’t tell you before I left.” Tears were now rolling down her cheeks.
He wiped them away, caressing her cheek. “I love you. I’ve loved you for the last two years and I plan on loving you for many more years.”
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mooncat-witch · 2 years
Genshin Impact: Sentience AU Fanfiction
So I asked the lovely @genshinobsession if I could write a fic based on their amazing Sentience AU, and they gave me the go ahead as long as I give credit.
I'm super excited to write for it because I've had so many brainworms I've wanted to type, but wanted to wait until I was given the okay.
So! I've gotten the prologue done already. This will be a little project I'll be working on, with multiple characters x reader. I plan to publish it on Ao3 once I get more parts done, but I hope you all enjoy it!
Sentience AU belongs to @genshinobsession I only own the fic.
Prologue under the cut!
Sentience AU Prologue
“You cannot be serious right now.”
You raised a skeptical brow at your best friend as they looked back at you with a grin, your monitor now decorated with a splash screen for one of the most popular games in the recent year. It looked very anime from what you saw so far, with colorful environments and fantastically designed characters, the works “Genshin Impact” sat atop the screen in its own unique font. You’ve been hearing a lot about the game from your friend group, but mostly from your bestie who had taken it upon themselves to hijack your PC for the time being. It was all they talked about; “Genshin Impact this and Genshin Impact that,” it was everywhere on your social media and even promotional material started popping up on billboards in and around your hometown. You were interested at first, but now? Now you had gotten sick of it.
“C’moooon, give it a shot!” They begged, motioning towards the screen. “Look, it’s even free-to-play!”
“Yeah, but a mobile gacha game?” You scoffed, folding your arms. “People really spent money on that?”
“Only to roll for characters. And there’s a PC version - you don’t have to play on your phone.”
“It looks like a Breath of the Wild ripoff.” You added, scrunching up your nose.
The art style did, at the very least. You’d be lying if you hadn’t been just a little bit interested to see what the game was all about; it had to be doing something right for it to have gained such attention in just a year, with thousands, if not millions of players inhabiting the servers at this very moment. You figured that the popularity came from the fact that it was a free anime-styled game, which there had been less of in the recent years. You could understand that, but for the community to grow this wild for it, especially across seas, meant that the devs were doing something right.
Still, that didn’t mean that you weren’t annoyed by the amount of people begging you to play it, including your bestie. Now, you and Riley went all the way back to kindergarten, hitting it off immediately after revealing to have similar interests. That friendship carried over to grade school, middle school, high school and now college, and you’ve been inseparable since then. What brought you two together was your shared love for video games; It started when you snuck your GameBoy Color to school one day and Riley caught you playing it. Terrified, you begged them to not tattle, but to your (pleasant) surprise, they pulled out their own and asked if you had Pokemon. You said yes, and the rest was history. Since then, you two nerds spent your time geeking out over new releases ranging from consoles to the games themselves whenever you had the free time. You only went your separate ways when Riley decided to go to school to be a programmer while you decided to hold off on college given you weren’t exactly sure what kind of career path you wanted. Although you were quite the artist, Riley joked that they wanted you as their lead designer when they opened their own studio. However, despite Riley being in college, they always stopped by every now and then, or you two hopped on Discord and played games together until odd hours of the night. They have been pestering you to install and play Genshin Impact if to just have someone to play co-op with, but you had your reservations about the game still.
Riley ignored your last remark and went to the install page, prompting you to avert your attention from your phone. “H-hey, I didn’t say I wanted to install it!”
You yelled at your bestie when you saw the file beginning to download, Riley glancing back at you with a pout. “Dude, relax. It ain’t like I’m putting a virus in your computer.”
“You might as well be!” You huffed. “I didn’t even say I wanted to play!”
“One hour,” they begged, causing your frown to falter a little. “Just to see if you like it. If you don’t, you can uninstall and I’ll never ask you to play again. The only thing you’ll lose is your time. Promise!”
“Come oooon, I have no one else to play with!” They whined. “The people in my group chat have their own little friend groups and I haven’t played anything with you in a month!”
You felt your stomach twist in a knot of guilt. While it was true that you and Riley played a lot of games together, you hadn’t been as active in the last month or so. This was due to conflicting schedules, as you had to work on commissions for extra money and Riley had their classes and homework to do. Not to mention you two had jobs to go to everyday, both of you having different hours from the other. Riley was only free on the weekends and your odd schedule only leaves you open a couple days of the week. You had to admit that you missed those fun-filled nights of gaming shenanigans with Riley, where they would often share fun facts about a game’s programming and why mechanics do what they did, exposing game-breaking bugs and exploits to make you laugh, finding workarounds to create private servers in certain MMOs...It wouldn’t kill me to try, I guess, you thought whilst looking to your bestie, who’s crestfallen expression finally made you concede.
“Fine. One hour.” You sighed, Riley gaining a huge grin as they hopped in your chair, immediately opening the file and installing the game.
“Awesome! You’re not going to regret this, I promise!”
“Yeah, yeah.” You dismissed them, going back to fiddling with your phone while Riley went on and on about how you’re going to have so much fun, predicting which characters you’re going to like, blah blah blah…
Soon, the game was installed and Riley quickly opened the launcher. It showcased a banner promoting an event it seemed, but you didn’t bother to look into it, as you doubted you’d have the game installed long enough to even participate. Besides, you were sure the game had some elements of pay-to-win somewhere in there, but Riley was either in denial about it or hadn’t seen it yet. Wouldn’t be the first time that’s happened.
Riley only let you have your seat back when it was time to make your account, in which you entered your email address, made a password and made a username. The standard stuff. When you finally got in, you were greeted with a rather unique sight of a forever spawning walkway within the clouds as soothing harp music played. It was...quite tranquil, and you had a weakness for things like that. As much as you didn’t want to admit it, you were intrigued already.
You finally entered the game proper, and were greeted with a cutscene of two siblings fighting some kind of malevolent entity. Before the two siblings could strike at her, the scene paused, and it took you a moment to realize that this was the character selection screen.
“That’s different.” You remark, moving your mouse between the twins. You settled on the brother, Aether, but entered your own name instead. Riley quirked a brow, having known you long enough to know you would’ve picked the other option. You felt them staring at you, causing you to glance over and shrug. “I like him more.”
The cutscene continued, the goddess wiping the floor with the twins until they trapped the sister. “Lumine!” Aether called from the speakers, just before he was also trapped, and sent away. The screen faded to black until another scene began to play, where the player character was regaling the events to what looked like an odd pixie that you assumed was going to be your travel companion, Paimon. After a little more exposition, you were finally given control. Going through the tutorial, you found yourself enamored with the game despite your doubts; it was very pretty, and you were a little interested in the plot as well. It wasn’t until you reached the first Statue of the Seven and gained the Anemo element that your interest peaked upon seeing a blue dragon fly across the sky.
“Aight,” you muttered in defeat “I’ll admit. I’m interested.”
“Told yooooou.” Riley sang, an alarm going off on their phone causing them to click their tongue in annoyance. “Aw, fuck.”
“What is it?” You asked, your eyes staying on your monitor as you beat up a bunch of slimes.
“Class.” They sighed, grabbing their bag and slinging it over their shoulders. “You look like you're having fun, though. Tell me how it goes later!”
Your response and the fact that your attention was on the game only made Riley smirk with pride; you were hooked, and you were going to fall into the spiral of obsession as they did. And honestly, that was satisfying in itself. Knowing you would be texting them later, Riley left without a word, leaving you to fully immerse yourself into the vibrant world of Tayvat.
If only you two knew just how much the game would impact your lives in the near future...in more ways than one.
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hiiro-writes · 2 years
zhongluc single dad au part 5 finale!
hiro here to bring y'all the last part of the single dad au series: a cup of you
as promised, here is the finale with a happy ending, and i hope you enjoy!
a week passed yet it seemed like forever
the day after diluc told the principle that bennett wouldn't be able to go to school due to his injury, several of his friends and classmates came to visit him
since diluc was busy with accompanying his son in the hospital, jean, lisa, eula, and kaeya had to cover his shifts
for the first few days, zhongli tried to call him but diluc only ignored him since there was only so many things he could take right now
as much as bennett wanted to reassure he was fine he...really wasn't
the fall caused a fracture and he needed surgery (and the aftermath of the screws is...not pleasant) and so diluc was there 24/7 to take care of him and administer the painkillers
it wasn't until another week where bennett would be discharged from the hospital
when diluc expected the cafe to be closed at this hour (it was around 10pm too) he and bennett were greeted with confetti
apparently kaeya, jean, lisa, and eula wanted to welcome them back and congratulate bennett on being discharged from the hospital
kaeya also takes this opportunity to talk to diluc for a bit and tell him to relax and take it easy now that bennett is out of the hospital
he also tells him that if ever he needed some time off for his son they can take over his shifts if he gives additional pay
then diluc proceeds to smack kaeya on the head
on the other hand zhongli meets up with his good friend, venti for drinks
"good friend" when he doesn't get drunk all the time or pry into zhongli's love life so much and makes jokes about making them into songs
right now though he just wanted drinks with the company of friends 
when zhongli arrived to the bar, venti was already drinking all by himself (with around 2 or 3 glasses already) 
he is already disappointed in his friend
there was a bit of bickering on both ends at first until zhongli orders osmanthus wine and venti comments that he only drinks it when he’s bummed out
the “good friend” part of venti asked zhongli if he was still taking antidepressants the last time they saw each other
he still does but not as much as they used to these days but he feels the need to take them regularly again
as much as venti wants to asks he just drops the topic and talks about work instead
venti is a freelance songwriter for anything and everything due to his so called “musical genius”
they talk and drink for the rest of the night but venti starts to realise that zhongli is drinking a lot more than he’s used to
venti takes this opportunity to ask his dear friend a few...questions
when he asks about the person he likes nowadays, zhongli smiles and tells venti all the things he likes about him
just before he gets into too much detail, venti asks him another question
he asks if he’s happy to which zhongli looks troubled 
zhongli mentions that yes, he is happy but lately they haven’t been talking and he blames himself for it
he then becomes dejected over it and venti feels guilty for asking 
it was a good thing zhongli’s phone was out (and that venti knew the password) because it was time for them to go and he couldn’t exactly drive all the way back to zhongli’s place when venti uses a scooter
venti decides to call childe since the last message from his was saying that he made calla lily seafood soup for the kids at home
childe was surprised to hear venti’s sober voice since he’s usually the that’s drunk and needs to be escorted home
he arrives on time to see venti taking care of a passed out zhongli and take him home
he asked what happened and venti’s only explanation was that he drank too much 
as much as childe wanted to ask more it was already getting late and the bar was closing soon
on the ride home, zhongli mumbled something that childe was able to hear so clearly 
“i miss him”
there was no need to guess who it was based on how so fondly zhongli said it
this was the last straw, childe told himself, and decided to pay a small visit to angel’s share cafe the next morning 
diluc was taking a break after his shift while kaeya stayed by the cashier when childe stormed in and demanded diluc for an explanation for not talking to zhongli for nearly nearly three weeks now
all diluc could tell him was sorry since he’s still trying to process his emotions first about it
kaeya leaves his place by the cashier and stops childe before he could do anything rash
childe begins to tell kaeya that “this wasn’t supposed to happen” and “the plan was perfect” 
diluc catches on and asks what plan they were talking about to which childe covered his mouth and made kaeya sigh
he turned to face his brother and said that he will explain all about it someday 
it only took diluc a few moments to understand the whole situation and confirm with his brother if he and childe set him up with zhongli 
since the cat’s out of the bag, kaeya mentions everyone who was in on it which makes diluc even more frustrated
kaeya tries to apologies but diluc replies with “don’t talk to me” and leaves the cafe
diluc was on his way to guyun stone park and realised half-way that it will only dampen his mood even more
when he’s about to turn back he bumps into someone who spills their drink on both of them
“what a mess...i’ll remember this.” 
diluc realises that he bumped into eula and apologises immediately and offers her his handkerchief only to be turned down 
she said it was fine since it’s only cold water and will dry soon eventually 
eula noticed that something was wrong and asked if he wanted to talk about it since it’s troubling him so much
they then sit on a nearby bench just outside guyun stone park where diluc talks about what’s troubling him but only giving her vague details about it 
he admits that he’s upset since they all planned for this to happen and thinks that it’s some kind of sick joke, as if poking fun at his romantic life
eula can’t say much since she’s an outsider in all of this but suggests that he should talk to zhongli about what happened since she sympathizes with him
when diluc gives her a puzzled look she replies with “i know the feeling of being misunderstood and it isn’t a pleasant one” 
he didn’t have the right to ask her a personal question so they both just leave it at that 
diluc gives it some thought for a few days before calling zhongli again but this time, he’s the one ignoring his calls
it had nearly been a month and they still haven’t talked to each other and it kind of feels like their relationship ended before it even began 
when he was thinking of giving up after calling for the umpteenth time, a small fox, no...rabbit? was placed on the counter 
he looks up to see albedo carrying his little sister klee and mentions that she’s been meaning to give that to him since he looks sad lately and wanted to cheer him up to thank him for all the delicious treats he serves 
this reminds diluc of the gift he got for zhongli on the day he was gonna confess
he hurriedly thanks albedo and asks jean if she could take over since he needed to go somewhere important 
with the gift in hand, he bought a bouquet of glaze lilies on the way and made his way to zhongli’s apartment 
when he arrived he was greeted by xiao at the door who only closed it as soon as he saw him 
diluc tried knocking again and again until zhongli was the one who opened the door and was very much surprised to see him and realise why xiao kept the door closed 
he stopped the door before zhongli was able to fully close it and requested if they could talk for a bit
it took him a few moments to decide yet it felt like forever. in the end zhongli nods and they go down the small garden where there were barely any people
diluc decides to give the flowers first as an apology for ignoring him the past few weeks since a lot of things...happened 
before he could continue zhongli asked how bennett was as if to change the subject and diluc mentioned that his son was fine 
going back, he starts explaining what he saw that day and was really confused about it and thought that zhongli already had someone else and then the accident happened with bennett so he had to prioritize his son of course 
he also mentions that he should have asked in the beginning and told him what happened instead of rushing out of the park and leaving him to wait for hours
zhongli explained that the man he saw the other day was a dear friend of his and they used to be close 
diluc is now dumbfounded after hearing who the man was and feels stupid for being jealous about it 
when zhongli wonders why diluc didn’t ask in the first place, the other explained since he felt hurt 
“but why?” 
“because i like you”
then they both stand there in silence because...finally 
diluc confesses that that’s what he’s been meaning to tell zhongli, who cuts him short and kisses him
it was just a short, chaste kiss before he pulled away until diluc brought their lips together again with such need
when they part again, zhongli smiles and tells diluc that he likes him too, but he probably already knew that
they both laugh and zhongli comments that the flowers were lovely 
diluc then shows him a box and mentions that we he was also supposed to gift this too him that day 
when zhongli opens it, he sees a pocket watch with a mountain and dragon designs on it 
“you told me you liked antiques and so i bought it because it reminded me of you” 
this time, zhongli pulls him in for a hug and thanks him. he also apologises for ignoring his calls and messages but diluc only reassures him by saying that he deserved it 
timeskip to a year later and their relationship has been going well
they still continue to have their weekly dates together (bi weekly if they're considering the ones that they're not with the kids)
on just a few simple occasions, they would all go out together as if they were already a real family
ganyu asks them when they'll get married so she can stop calling diluc "diluc" and start calling him dad
they both blush and diluc explains that it's not their time yet since someone else is getting married
zhongli was at his usually table at the cafe when kaeya happily serves him his drink and gives him his wedding invitation, saying that he wanted to give it before childe managed to do so
he’s surprised that they still managed to print the invitation a few weeks away from the actual wedding 
childe and kaeya have been planning for months and yet somehow they forgot to formally invite everyone to the event itself, which was understandable since they were both still busy at work 
zhongli was going to be one of childe’s groomsmen while diluc was going to be kaeya’s best man
the ceremony went well and everyone was happy for the new couple 
diluc did the honours of saying a speech during the reception to the newly weds and congratulate them both on this new chapter of their lives 
when it came to the dancing part of the program, diluc invited zhongli to dance with him and said that he could only slow dance to which zhongli laughs but takes his hand 
they both watch childe and kaeya happily dance together (with a few missteps here and there but diluc is also the same) and pondered how their wedding would be like 
zhongli adds that he would rather have it at a garden instead and maybe just invite a few friends
diluc agrees and wonders how they’ll be able to share the apartment since diluc’s place was enough for him, bennett, and kaeya, while zhongli’s was the same
zhongli suggested to just buy a house instead and discussed the importance of each of their kids to have their own separate rooms since it “teaches about independence” 
they both also comment on having a nice kitchen, space in the living room in case a few guests were over, a table big enough to fit around 6 people since ganyu invites keqing a lot for dinner 
which reminds diluc, and asks if xiao and aether were together yet to which zhongli chuckles
“there’s no need to rush,” he smiles, “they’ll figure it out.” 
“like us?” diluc adds and gives him a kiss 
zhongli nods and smiles even more, pulling them closer to kiss his lover back
and that's a wrap!
this all started with a coop with my friend and it all just...descended into this madness
special thanks to @valberryy and @chairagi for listening to my brainrot and helping me beta read this!
thank you for reading this series and i hope you guys enjoyed it as much as i did!!
there will still be a fanfic version of this that i'm gonna post on ao3 soon! and i'll post the link to that fic here as well
thank you again!
be sure to check out the previous parts here:
part 1 | part 2 | part 3 | part 4
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fnf-brain-rot · 2 years
Corrupt bf & Pico - you're all mine
How was one supposed to react to panicked text messages sent around the time of three am?
Pico's insomnia kept him from having a decent sleep schedule, so he was awake to catch it. It was from Girlfriend. She sure as hell was never up so late, so what could possibly be so urgent?
"Hurry to my house"
"It's Bf"
"I won't be able to help you stop them"
Pico nearly thought he was reading everything incorrectly. He read those three messages over and over for about five minutes, trying to make sense of it. Stop them? What's wrong with Bee? He figured the longer he sat there, the less time he had to stop whatever was happening. With haste, he hopped out of bed, slipping on his usual combat khakis. He made sure his uzi was on him, as usual. This time he decided to take two with him. He rushed his way out of his apartment, almost forgetting to close the door behind him.
He tried calling her on the way there, running down the empty streets. There was an electric tingle in the air. He could feel something was wrong. He called her five times, and she still didn't pick up. He knew it would be a lost cause, but he still tried to call Bee. He called him about seven times. He had a mind to hit Nene and Darnell up about whatever the hell was going on, maybe the Uber kids finally decided to make a move or some shit? Who knew.
His lungs were on fire by the time he made it to her house. eerily enough, the front door was cracked open, as if someone made such a desperate escape that the doors to this mansion weren't important enough to keep closed. From where he was standing, he could see some lights throughout the house being left on. "Fucking god, what happened.." He grumbled to himself. The silence was deafening, as if time were standing still. Marching inside, he clutched his uzi at the ready tight to his chest.
The air inside the mansion was still, as if there had been no living creature to set foot inside for years. He used his phone flashlight to see, since the corridors tend to be dark at night. He, Bee, and Gigi all walked together through the halls, knowing Pico was uncomfortable by himself.
He was getting that feeling now.
He felt as if the shadows were dancing just beyond his eye sight, or maybe prowling, waiting for him to let his guard down. But when he looked, no one was there.
He stopped first in the mess hall. The light was on here. He relaxed a bit, quickly getting himself out of that dark hallway. It was fucking with his head. He opened his mouth to call for Gigi, but stopped himself. That's some dumb white people in a horror movie shit. If there was something in here, he would be the one to catch it by surprise.
He sniffed the air. Blood. He knew the scent well. He was hesitant to make his way into the kitchen, poking his head around the corner. He could have sworn he heard a scuffling sound, but when he flicked on the light, nothing. This whole situation had him on edge. It would have anybody on edge.
He tried calling Gigi again, quickly rushing to the staircase in the main area. He called her until he could hear her phone, it would give him a lead on where they've gone. It was in her bedroom. He could have guessed as much. The room was a damn mess, as if a tornado had come through and thrown everything around. Oh god, is Gigi okay? Pico felt the blood drain from his face, and his stomach twisted into a nervous knot. He smelled blood earlier, but didn't know where it came from.. There were some spots on the floor near her bed. He grabbed her phone to look at it. Thank goodness he knew her password. He unlocked it and looked through it to see if she called or texted anyone else. She had an unfinished message she would have sent to Pico.
"It won't stop until"
Until what?
"Dammit.." Pico growled under his breath, then set her phone back down. Where the fuck was she? Where was Bee?
He took a moment to breathe in her room. He couldn't lose them. He couldn't lose anyone else. He didn't want to be alone again. Not again..
No... Now's not the time..
With a shaky breath, he stood off the bed, and marched out of her room. He sniffed the air again. Still blood.. but a trail. He looked down at his feet to see the trail of blood. It led down the staircase off to the left. Following it took him to the last place he wanted to go.
The basement.
This never goes well in horror movies and he knows that.
He almost considered not going down there at all, but the fact that this was Bee and Gigi, and quite possibly the rest of the city in trouble, well, he would have to fight again. Just like the old days.
He gathered the courage, pulled out his phone, and descended into the dark floor.
It was pitch black. He couldn't see a few feet in front of his flash light. He could feel it. Them. Her, him. They were down here. He could see the shadows move, he could feel the darkness breathing down his neck. He tightened his hold on his uzi, then spoke. "Come the fuck out, now."
His demand was followed by immediate laughter, which made him flinch. He swung his phone behind him, but he still couldn't see a thing. That's when something knocked against his hand, something cold and wet. His phone tumbled against the concrete flooring, and he was quick to shoot in whatever direction it came from. Twice. Nothing. "Stop fucking with me and come out!" He growled angrily. What felt like an arm wrapped around his waist, and he acted quickly, turning around to grab the source of it, but his arms were quickly restrained above his head, presumably from the same thing that knocked his phone away.
He shivered at the sensation, and was about to yell again when someone finally spoke. "You've always been such a fighter.. You would even fight your own lovers?" It was.... "B.. Bee?? Where are you?" His eyes darted around blindly in the dark, and he bit his lip. "I'm right in front of you, silly."
"Well I wouldn't be able to fucking tell that in the pitch black darkness, dipshit." Pico spat back in response, only for Bee to giggle. "So tough.. Have it your way."
He heard the flick of a light switch, and was apalled by the sight in front of him.
Only about a foot in front of him stood.. Boyfriend? But... Looking at him was like looking into a void. His entire body was engulfed in this black substance. His face was almost unrecognisable. It was as if he had a row of razor sharp teeth to replace his normal ones, and he could only see one eye. That eye was blank white, like his own, only sharper and more insidious looking.
Pico's heart dropped to his stomach. He was at a loss for words. "What the fuck are you.." His words came out in a mumble, like he could barely speak. It laughed at him. "I'm your Boyfriend, silly!" It cooed back, moving only so he was a few inches away from him. Their bodies touched, and Pico let out another fierce growl before tugging at his restraints. They were.. Weird tentacle shit, go figure. He quickly glanced around, and that's when he noticed another body on the ground some ways away, and assumed the worst.
She was breathing. Shallow.
"Gigi! Girlfriend what-" He stopped again. The same dark matter had mostly consumed her body. A painful grin stretched along her face. She looked terrified, yet she couldn't move. The only spot not touched by the matter was her right eye. She looked at him. "Holy shit this is fucked.. Look I'd love to stay and plot evil shit with you, but can you fuck off and let them go?" Pico swallowed nervously. That was about as nice as he could ask.
"Hm.. I dunno.. You just might have to beg for your life first. I have just the thing for you." The thing that called itself his Boyfriend giggled up something sinister. It moved its arm from his waist, then threw Pico across the room. The ginger tumbled to the floor with a grunt, but quickly regathered himself, reaching for his uzi with a quickness. Still not quick enough. A tendril knocked it from his hand, then grabbed his wrist. Pico managed to catch another one coming at him, just barely managing to hold it. He had a scowl on his face. "If you're so fucking bad why not fight hand to hand?" He called out to him, and it scoffed. "Yeah yeah, I'm not here to fight sweetheart." Another one lunged for his leg, and with two apendages restrained, he was pinned to the wall, rather harshly.
It knocked the wind out of him, and he shook his head, but his other leg was caught, and they were spread apart, and his arms were lifted above his head again. Oh, fuck this. "Jesus what the fuck do you want?? What the fuck is your goal?!" Pico was growing desperate. It sure had a knack for laughing at him. "I want to hear you scream." With that, it advanced on him, continuing to walk toward him. One more of the slimy apendages slithered up Pico's sweater, and it made him shudder. It was called into question what type of scream we were talking about here.
That question was soon answered when he felt the flick against his nipple, and the tearing of his favorite fucking sweater off his body. Honestly he was kinda mad about that, but now wasn't the time to worry about clothes! He couldn't move, as much as he tried, then he felt a searing hot pain on his hip. It was touching him, with its sharp claws. All it did was poke him, and doing so felt like it was fire to his veins. The dark matter seeped into his skin, staining the white surface with the black inky void the other two were covered in. He bit his lip to hold back his sound of pain, only to be conflicted with a tendril beginning to fondle his junk through his pants.
"You're fucking sick." He snarled through grit teeth, and it simply shook his head. "Oh Pico," It unzipped his pants, then pulled them down to his knees with ease. "I'm only doing this because I love you." It grinned, but it was only wicked and crazed. Pico shook his head. This sure as hell wasn't his Boyfriend. He let out a surprised grunt at the feeling of his shaft being toyed with, and absentmindedly bucked his hips. His eyes flew wide upon realisation, and he struggled to move again. "F-Fuck off!" He choked out, trying to ignore the heat that rose to his cheeks.
"Always so cute.. Yet you look at me crazy when I suggest you bottom, huh?" Pico shook his head again, trying to block out the words. It couldn't have Bf's memories. It wasn't him. It wasn't. He gnashed his teeth together as it dragged another claw along his abdomen, watching the matter spread against his flesh, slowly, painfully. "Fuck this.." Pico groaned out, squeezing his eyes shut. If he could tap out honestly he would. It laughed at him again, one of the tendrils prodding at his little pink hole. "I mean.. that is the plan." It teased him, and it pushed inside of him. It was already slick with whatever was coating these things, but the abrupt movement had Pico crying out in pain. The ginger threw his head back, and he tried not to make a sound, but this all hurt like hell. It hurt.. But.. It felt so.. good? That had to be this corruption talking, it had to be.
Pico's back arched, and he felt it move in and out, pushing near his prostate, pulling out when it got close. "Oh... Fuck... This..!" He exclaimed breathlessly, moving his hips around as it began to move faster. The thing standing in front of him seemed pleased, wrapping a firm claw around his cock. Good Lord this thing was kinda hot.. Wait. Pico gasped out at the feeling of it finally hitting his prostate, that being enough to push him to the point of tears. "Now, like I said." It began to speak again. More of the blackness had claimed more of his body. He could feel it crawling under his skin. "Beg for it to stop. You wanted me to be.. 'let go', right? So beg for it." It had a cocky smirk on its face. Pico couldn't believe what the fuck was happening. "P-Please.." It took everything in his power not to moan his words. "L-Let.. Let them go.." He had been biting his lip so hard it started to bleed. The creature laughed, damn there crushing his length in his hand. "That's not what I want, Pico dear." It stated vaguely.
Pico rolled his eyes, then tilted his head back. "Please.. P-hah...! Please..! Let them... G-Go..!" He begged, against his wishes of course. That would have pushed him to the edge if his dick wasn't being practically crushed right now. "Awe, that's a good boy, Pico.." It cooed proudly. Pico's face was on fire, from what he assumed was blush. How fucking embarrassing. "Unfortunately you're a little too late." It smirked again, and let go, allowing Pico to let go as well, relaxing a bit as he released blissfully, but wasn't aware. "Now you get to be with us. Forever." Pico could barely register the sinister laughter as his eyes glazed over, and his consciousness was pushed back to be a passenger, unable to stop the laughter that rose from his own chest to join the cacophony of the thing that called itself his Boyfriend.
And now he resided inside the thing that called itself Pico.
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stellar-lune · 2 years
*KOTLC incorrect quotes*
Anyways, a long list of incorrect KOTLC quotes, feel free to use these for anything if ya want!
Glimmer: Arson? Oh, you mean "crime brûlée".
Fitz: Oh, so when crows remember people who wronged them and hold grudges, its “intelligent” and “really cool”.
Fitz: But when I do it, I’m “petty” and “need to let it go”.
Keefe, holding up his class notes: And then this doodle of a burrito because when I first read Aristotle, I thought it was pronounced like “Chipotle”.
Marella, in shock: Wait a minute, is it “Chip-o-tottle”?
Sophie: I wasn't hurt that badly. Elwin said all my bleeding was internal, that's where the blood's supposed to be!
Police Officer: You have the right to remain silent.
Marella: I choose to waive that right!
Marella: *screaming*
Brant (whoops sorry bout this one): Do not come over to my house. If the house is on fire you may knock once, if I don’t answer assume I set the fire and I want to burn to death.
Sophie: I would never say that my best friend is a bitch and I don’t like her. That’s not true… Biana is a bitch and I like her very much!
Lex, Bex, Rex: If I can't cause tiny bits of chaos every day, I think my body will shut down.
Keefe on Tuesday: *glues a dime to the sidewalk* Heh heh heh.
Keefe on Wednesday: *walking down the street* Ooh hey! A dime!
Forkman, to the squad: And remember, if I get harsh with you it is only because you’re doing it all wrong.
Keefe, tearing up the room: Where are they?
Keefe, looking under a pillow: Who moved them? Who moved my children?
Keefe: Somebody moved my E.L. Fudges, and now I am going to run away again.
Tam: Your existence is confusing.
Keefe: How so?
Tam: Your presence is annoying, but the thought of anything bad happening to you upsets me.
Sophie: I have one foot in the grave but in a kind of fun flirty way, the way one might slip on a fishnet stocking.
Linh: I've never encountered a problem that can't be solved by an spontaneous musical number.
Dex: Dracula had it right, sleep all day, live alone in a castle, and explode into bats to get out of all social situations.
Sophie: Fuck capitalism. It's a rigged system that keeps us poor and it isn't fair. You shouldn't need to work three jobs to afford basic necessities.
Sophie, playing Monopoly: Sorry, if you wanted to win you should have tried not being poor.
Dex, to Stina: If karma doesn't hit you, I fucking will.
Sophie: My life isn't as glamourous as my wanted poster makes it look.
Dex: If I'm extra sarcastic with you it probably means I'm flirting with you or you really annoy me and I can't handle your crap... have fun figuring out which one, Wonderboy.
Marella: As someone who has a long history of not understanding anything, I feel confident in my ability to continue not knowing what is going on.
Fitz: I'm a firm believer in "if you're going to fail, you might as well fail spectacularly."
*out grocery shopping*
Linh: *takes a free sample twice*
Linh: Robbery and fraud. I am a Rebel (TM) .
Sophie: Sometimes I wonder if I’m hearing voices.
Sophie: Then I remember that’s the last bit of sanity I have trying to get me to fall asleep at a reasonable time.
Sophie: Does anyone know how to relax? Asking for a friend.
Demon: Hey, I took your soul last month and-
Tam: No returns.
Demon: *sobbing* But it's making me sad...
Dex: So, according to my university, it is, quote, “my responsibility if there is an internet outage to contact the faculty and the department.”
Dex: Now, if you’re a critical thinker like me, you might be wondering one thing.
Tam: Hey, what’s the name of the other guy who lives with Tiergan?
Linh: His cats' names are Walter and Rose.
Tam: That's not what I asked.
Linh: That is all the information I have.
Keefe: Ro, remember when you said you weren’t going to interfere with my love life?
Ro: No, that doesn’t sound like me at all.
(alternatively, Alden)
Linh: Ayo, what the FUCK is this?!?
Tam, sitting down, surrounded by corpses: I won Mafia, that’s what.
Marella: I'd roast you, but my mom says you can't burn trash.
Marella: *slow-mo walks out of the room*
Biana: I'm gonna get my piolet's license. I've already got a driver's license and a cosmetology license, that's two of the big five licenses.
Fitz: The big five licenses?
Biana: Driver's license, cosmetology license, pilot's license, fishing license, and… license to kill! I can't wait to get that one.
Dex: You are irrationally angry 365 days a year.
Fitz: Well, that’s just your personal opinion, I don’t have anger issues. Biana, do you think I have anger issues?
Biana: Well, I wouldn’t really call it an issue. An issue is something you can fix.
Keefe: So how’s the food Sophie made?
Fitz: It's great! Compliments to her.
Keefe: *goes to the kitchen*
Keefe: You're adorable.
Sophie: *blushes*
Biana: And now for a gay update with Linh and Marella.
Marella: Getting gayer.
Biana: Thank you, Marella.
Sophie: Hey, do you know the password to Keefe’s computer?
Biana: I love you, Sophie.
Sophie: Aww, that’s so swe—
Biana: No, you misunderstood, the password is "iloveyouSophie".
Sophie: Oh, no numbers? Not very safe.
Fitz: Hey, Biana, are you free on Friday? Like around eight?
Biana: Yeah.
Fitz: And you, Tam?
Tam: Umm... yes?
Fitz: Great! Because I'm not. You two go out without me. Enjoy your date!
Biana: Did he just-
Sophie: Do you cook?
Biana: I made a cake once.
Fitz: Yeah, it was good.
Biana: Really?
Fitz: Don’t make me lie twice, Biana.
Dex: Nice rock.
Keefe: Thanks, Tam gave it to me.
Tam: I threw it at you!
Keefe: Isn’t he the sweetest?
Juline: I just had a long talk with the triplets about hitting and now they are yelling “it’s my turn to perpetuate the cycle of violence” before hitting each other.
Sophie: I made you all playlists!
Sophie: Tam, yours has only heavy metal and punk, and is dark like your soul.
Sophie: Keefe, yours has sad songs and blues to pair with your crippling depression.
Sophie: And Biana has the ABBA Gold album.
Fitz: A pessimist sees a dark tunnel.
Biana: An optimist sees light at the end of the tunnel.
Dex: A realist sees a freight train.
Tam: The train driver sees three idiots standing on train tracks.
Mr. Forkle: For self defense reasons, I'm going to pretend to be a burglar and you guys have to act wisely.
Biana, Keefe, & Sophie: Okay.
Mr. Forkle: If you don't want to die, give me all your money.
Biana: Bold of you to assume I have money.
Keefe: Bold of you to assume I don't want to die.
Sophie: Bold of you to assume I can die.
Sophie: My life is a little too much panic and not enough disco.
Keefe: My life is a little too much fall and not enough boy.
Dex: My life is a little too much chemical and not enough romance.
Marella: My life is a little too much imagination and not nearly enough dragons.
Biana: What’s it like being tall?
Marella: Is it nice?
Sophie: Can you reach comfortably for the cupboards?
Fitz: We live in constant fear of the short ones who, in my experience, will climb four chairs, two boxes, a small coffee table, and six oddly placed stools to get what they want.
Stina: You have friends and I envy that.
Marella: You're welcome to share my friends.
Stina: *looks at Dex and Sophie*
Stina: I don't want those.
Della: Tommorrow's garbage day.
Fitz: I can't believe you made a whole day dedicated to Alvar.
Linh: Bottling up negative emotions is bad for your health, so you shouldn't do it.
Tam: I know, that's why I bottle up all my emotions, both positive and negative, so it cancels out.
Linh: Th-that's not how that works-
Marella: Do you want to know your gay name?
Linh: My... my gay name?
Marella: Yeah, it's your first name-
Linh: Haha. Very funny Marella-
Marella: *gets down on one knee* And my last name.
Linh: Oh- oh my god.
Glimmer: You know you've made it when you see your picture everywhere you go.
The Black Swan: Those are wanted posters!
Biana: Are you mad?
Tam: No.
Biana: So sharpening your knives at 3 in the morning is just a hobby?
Keefe: Astrology is fun because i can pretend that all of my behaviors are just a result of being a Gemini and not symptoms of mental illness.
Biana: Being a Gemini is a mental illness. That’s not hate it’s just a fact.
Biana: *on the phone* Hey Fitz, do you know my blood type?
Fitz: Of course, it's A+.
Biana: Oh, I guessed wrong. Excuse me, nurse-!
Fitz, to Sophie: Are you ready to commit?
Sophie: Like, a crime or a relationship?
Literally Anyone: Hey, aren’t you Sophie Foster?
Sophie: You a Councillor?
Literally Anyone: No.
Sophie: Then yes, I am.
Sophie: I typed "bitch" into my GPS and guess what? I'm in your driveway.
Sophie: Vroom vroom, come out already.
Stina: I’m gay—
Sophie: Not what I meant, but cool.
Keefe: Remember that time you dared me to lick a swingset?
Sophie: No, I said "Keefe, don't lick that swingset" and you said "Don't tell me what to do" and licked the swingset.
Mr. Forkle: I’m not so sure you’re stakeout material.
Sophie: I’m a chronic insomniac, I was born for this.
Juline: I only have two emotions: exhaustion and stress. And I’m somehow always feeling both simultaneously.
Marella: *gets set on fire and screams in agony*
Marella: Nah, I’m just kidding. Fire does nothing to me.
Biana: Maybe the true treasure was friendship all along. But I hope not, because I can’t spend friendship on new clothes
Dex: Do you want to play 20 Questions?
Fitz: Sure!
Fitz: Whats your favorite color?
Dex, laser fucking focused: Triangle. Do you like men?
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jd-loves-fiction · 2 years
Tumblr media
➤ 【1】 𝟤 𝒾𝓈 𝒶 𝓅𝒶𝒾𝓇, 𝟥 𝒾𝓈 𝒶 𝓅𝒶𝓇𝓉𝓎
➤ Finding 1 guy seemed unthinkable as you found yourself getting lost while going to meet with your friend. So imagine your surprise when you meet 2.
Tumblr media
➤ pairings: suna x reader | hirugami x reader
➤ genre: college!au; fluff; angst
➤ wc: 4.7k
➤ status: ongoing
➤ 🌙 Special thanks to @offendedfishnoises​ and @glorified-red​ for all the love and help🥰🥺 and if you want to be added to the taglist, let me know ❤
Tumblr media
"Just follow the directions and you'll get there, don't worry." Was what your friend had told you a few days before Christmas break in order to help you find the place you were meant to meet at.
Which you had been looking for, for about 30 minutes more than what she said would be necessary.
You were lost.
And to add to the misery, your phone had no reception, meaning you had no way to figure out where you had wandered off to as the cold winter air licked at your flushed cheeks, growing more frigid by the minute as you continued to walk forward.
Days before, when you noticed you had a week off from classes due to Christmas arriving, you had quickly made plans with a friend of yours: to go out and find you a hot date. This as you were both tired of your complaining.
You had already attempted this on the last day of college at a park near it, to no avail as no one of interest had shown up (aside from some friends of yours).
This time you were meant to meet her at a cafe she was very familiar with and a bit far from your house, but she assured you that lots of your type of people hung out there and that it was easy to get to.
The second part was either a lie or your mental map was just that bad.
Despite the fact that the sun should still be high in the sky - were it not being hidden by gloomy clouds - by the mid-afternoon hour, the temperature was nearly unbearable, the icy cold swiftly getting under your clothes and chilling you to the bone as you contemplated calling your friend and explaining your predicament to her.
You looked around the street you found yourself in the middle of, checking for some place where you could protect yourself from the unforgiving winter air as you attempted to message your friend without having your fingers fall off.
You spotted a small cafe in between a drugstore and a shoe store, with a large glass front that allowed you to see all the wooden tables inside, behind a pub table settled against the window, where potted plants sat.
The soft, golden light shining on the plants created an invitation, hard to ignore. Pushing open the door, the low hum of friendly chatter followed by the deep aroma of coffee met your nose and the sight of various homemade pastries warmed you instantly as you rubbed your hands together.
The space was scarcely crowded, expected from the side of town you assumed to have wandered into, but the atmosphere seemed warm and just full enough that it felt lively but not overwhelming.
You ordered your chosen beverage and sat at a table near the wall with it as you inspected the shop. Most of its occupants were teenagers and young adults, either chatting amongst themselves or typing away on their laptops while sipping coffee or eating various kinds of delicious looking pastries.
The walls were a light beige, contrasting with the dark furniture and a large wall with a painting of two birds atop a tree branch caught your eye, until you remembered what you had gone there to do: check-in with your friend and figure out where you were.
You took out your phone while looking at the sign on the wall with the WiFi password and waiting for it to connect as you looked around once more.
Your eyes skimmed over mostly natural or brightly colored hair, floating over simple waves and more intricate hairdos just before your eyes drifted down and caught a pair of big, brown ones who seemed to study you with a sweet sort of intensity, almost as if in awe. That made you blush, and not from the cold this time. Just before you looked away and tried to find something to keep you busy as your phone lay somewhat forgotten by your arm, facedown on the table.
The image of the handsome man whom you'd locked gazes with remained at the forefront of your mind as you took out your most recent fixation, a book of theories about soulmates, to avoid looking anymore out of place and awkward. He might've been smiling, or it could've just been your hopeful imagination. You decided not to dwell on it lest you fool yourself with hopelessly romantic deceptions.
You had come out to find a date. But not without your friend's help!
That would certainly end in disaster.
The words before you sucked you in, capturing your attention enough that your previous worries were all but an itch in the back of your mind as your cheeks finally cooled.
A notification reaching your phone broke your focus, making you pick it up to see a message from your friend, from about 10 minutes prior, saying that she couldn't make it due to a family emergency.
Well, at least you didn't leave her hanging.
Sighing, you placed your phone in your pocket, taking another sip of your drink and returning to your book.
Just before a shadow settled over you.
"Do you believe in them?" A voice asked, calm and smooth, from in front of you, to where you directed your eyes.
You looked to where you expected to see the man's face, only to be met with his broad chest, clad in a baby blue hoodie, before you looked up and up, and up and up...
God, he's tall.
As your eyes met his light brown ones - the ones from before which had examined you closely, you noted - he smiled, sweet and charming, inviting but not pushy as he waited for your answer.
"I--," You cleared your throat as you felt your voice begin to crack, almost sure you saw his eyes flicker with delight. You nodded before attempting to speak again. "Just not in such a… clear-cut way, I guess." You spoke shyly as his brows raised in interest, motioning towards the chair in front of you, to which you nodded, making him sit.
"I'm Hirugami Sachirō, by the way." He said, still with a smile, nodding as you told him yours. "Please do continue." He tilted his head cutely as he gazed at you, expectant as you thought extra hard about what answer to give the man you were currently trying to impress, making his short wavy, fluffy-looking hair move slightly over his forehead.
"Well, I believe everyone has someone that they're destined to be with, someone who just fits. But I don't think everyone is meant to find them, for starters." You explained, focusing on your words instead of on the blush growing brighter as you went on.
"As in, they don't deserve it?" Hirugami inquired, leaning forward as he rested his cheek on his hand. Cute.
"No, I mean, maybe they're from some other time period or a place they could never travel to. I feel like sometimes the world itself just makes it difficult."
"Makes sense." He said, nodding with a thoughtful pout and chuckling lowly as you refused to meet his interested gaze. "Which part are you at?" He motioned to the still open book with his chin.
"Oh! This chapter is about the possibility of having more than one soulmate. Which I think is somewhat neat. What do you think?"
His eyes widened slightly at being directed a question, before humming reflectively for a moment before speaking, "That sounds unfair, doesn't it? I feel like you had to have been a really good person in your last life to get that."
"You're trying to bring karma into this? It's already complex enough as it is." You chuckled, watching as his smile broadened at the sound, before shrugging.
"Exactly why we need to consider all the possibilities." He shrugs, leaning back and making you suddenly miss the close proximity that seemed so intimidating at first. His legs brushed yours for a moment before he adjusted his position slightly to sit somewhat properly.
"Are you a philosopher, or something?" You asked, impressed by his knowledge of such an unusual topic. "I mean, this is something not a lot of people know about." You explained after he raised a curious brow at your question (probably meant to tease, you guessed).
"No,” his hand came up to bashfully cover the growing smile on his face, "I'm actually a vet student, I just like learning." He said, shrugging as if it was the simplest thing. "And maybe I'm a little bit of a romantic at heart."
Your lips pursed as you tried to keep your smile from getting too wide as you felt giddy with fondness for the whole-package of a man in front of you. "Is that so?" You asked, not sure what else to say to that, looking down as you traced random shapes on the table with your finger while blushing.
You couldn't see it, but Hirugami had a very serious, contemplative expression on his face as you did this.
Would it be too forward to just ask you out then and there? You seemed quite reserved... Would you be creeped out?
But if he didn't do it then, he was afraid he'd never get his chance again. Plus, he didn't want this warm, fuzzy feeling you caused in his chest to ever disappear. He wanted to hold onto it for a little longer.
"You could find out just how much of a romantic I can be..." He trailed off, inspecting your face for any signs that you might not be interested, but all he saw was how your blush deepened as your mind worked faster than his lips, so he made his move, leaning forward slightly as your eyes widened meekly. "By letting me take you out somewhere. Right now."
Your eyes snapped to his, blinking in confusion as he grinned, your blush somehow becoming even redder.
That was almost too smooth.
"Right now? It's pretty late. Where would we go?"
"Don't you like surprises?" His adorably jovial expression nearly made you give in.
"What if I don't?" You asked back with a small smirk that you promptly hid behind your nearly finished drink as you took a sip.
He sighed exaggeratedly, before leaning forward again, even closer than before as his hand fell beside your stagnant one, mirroring your position as his leg brushed yours without moving away this time. "There's this really fun Christmas market downtown... I'm sure you'd like it." He spoke with a high pitched voice, hoping to convince you with his puppy eyes and batting eyelashes. Not that you needed any of that to be convinced to go on a date with such an attractive man.
"Sure." You responded, mentally cringing at your lame reply. But Hirugami didn't seem to mind. He smiled broadly at you, taking your empty cup and throwing it away as you packed your stuff before walking towards where he stood at the entrance.
He was even taller than you thought. He had to be at least 1,90m, you noticed as you stood beside him, dwarfed in comparison. His long, beige coat made him seem even taller, complimenting his hoodie as well as the light blue jeans adorning his long legs.
"You'll like it, I promise." He said before pushing open the door for you before getting out of the shop and into the unforgiving cold of dusk, seemingly much colder than it actually was for people coming out of a warm and inviting environment you'd been in before.
You smiled at each other for a moment as you rubbed your hands together, wishing you'd brought some gloves as he led you closer to downtown.
You admired Hirugami's side profile as you walked in somewhat comfortable silence, broken up occasionally by his humming. You willed yourself to say something this time, instead of letting him lead the conversation.
Before you could come up with a topic, a kid ran in front of you to go join his friends, almost making you lose your balance if not for Hirugami's gentle hand on your lower back steadying you.
After making sure that you were alright, he turned to the group of kids gathered in a circle, with you doing the same, as they picked snowballs out of the mount they'd created before placing pieces in their mouths.
"I remember when I was that stupid." Hirugami said, smiling sarcastically, before scrunching his nose disapprovingly as the kids shouted excitedly about what they'd just done.
"You couldn't have been that stupid." You chuckled as you eyed the kids worryingly while you passed as you continued walking.
"My thinking license was revoked that day." He replied, chuckling as he reminisced, making you giggle as you talked.
"Is it still revoked?"
"If you keep smiling like that it will be."
Your eyes widened at the unexpected line, looking away as his eyes remained on you intently with a smile on his lips, breaking out into a full laugh as you looked down embarrassedly.
"Well," You began after cleaning your throat, hoping it'd distract him from your burning cheeks, "do you want to expand on that?"
"So, one Christmas, my siblings and I decided to give our mother a very expensive pair of diamond earrings. Fancy stuff." His humorous tone made you giggle. "And pretty important, since without them, none of us would have any gifts to give her. I think you can kind of see where this is going by now."
"Or maybe not, because I haven't even introduced the most important character yet, but we'll get there." You raised an intrigued brow, smiling at his excited narration. "On Christmas day, our dog was left unsupervised near the presents for a few minutes, and when we came back, she had a very special and very expensive box in her mouth." He paused for dramatic effect as you cringed in sympathy. 
He looked over at you to check if you were still listening, to find you with a scrunched up, adorably red, nose. The corner of his lips inched upwards softly, a blush dusted his cheeks and not from the cold before he regained his composure by looking ahead and making sure he didn’t stumble.
"And so, I tried to approach her and she ran away through the open window and I attempted to follow her... Only it didn't turn out as smooth as I had imagined." He sighed as you smiled with pity.
"And that's why Peanut isn't allowed anywhere near the presents."
“Peanut? Is that her name?" You asked curiously.
"Yeah! Wait, I have a picture right here." He said, pulling out his phone and showing you his lock screen, which was a picture of Hirugami and Peanut from years ago judging by how young he looked.
"She's adorable." You commented with a fond smile as you enjoyed the large, happy smile on young Hirugami's lips as he held his pet tightly, just before it was stored away in the man's pocket.
"Yeah, she takes after me."
"I'll take it you think I'm cute."
"I plead the fifth." You both laughed loudly, earning odd stares from passersby that you paid no mind, as you approached a more crowded area close to the market. You would never tell him, but you were glad your joke was able to keep you from admitting that you did, indeed, find young Hirugami absolutely adorable. So cute that your heart could barely take it, with his bouncy looking hair and a toothy smile spreading over his round cheeks.
"But yeah, I got a whole mouthful of snow against my will and it wasn't anywhere near fun. So to see kids doing it willingly... Choices were certainly made." He said sarcastically as you laughed, nodding in agreement as you approached the wide plaza where the market was stationed, bustling with people and bright fairy lights.
"Come on! There's a stall this way that I buy from every year, and it never disappoints."
Hirugami led you towards a small stall with steam coming out of the windows as the worker fulfilled the people at the front of the queue's orders.
You stood by each other in line as you waited for your turn. "What kind of chocolate do you like?" He asked nonchalantly, and as you focused you could smell the scent of chocolate above the others.
"Surprise me." You said, not knowing exactly what he was planning to give you, but expecting something good nonetheless.
"I thought you didn't like surprises." He replied cheekily, smirking down at you as the line moved forward and you with it.
"Only on certain occasions."
"I'll keep that in mind." He said with a cheesy wink that still made you giggle. "You can stay back while I order, it'll be easier that way." He suggested as you got close to the start of the line, to which you nodded before motioning towards the fountain at the center of the plaza, waving as you walked to it.
You settled on the edge of it, taking out your phone and sending a message to your friend saying 'I have a lot to tell you.'
Just a few meters away stood a man who you were somewhat familiar with, tapping almost furiously on his screen, so unlike the deadpan expression on his face.
Bastard: Just fucking do it pussy🙄 It's the perfect opportunity!
So, clearing his throat, the man stepped forward, towards where you sat also looking at your phone.
"Here I thought you were the prettiest statue on the fountain." The man spoke from in front of you, making you look up from your phone to be met grayish-yellow narrow eyes that tugged at your memory in a familiar sort of way, though you couldn't place where you'd seen them before.
"You calling me stiff?" You asked with a blank look, holding in a smile as you finally realized where you knew him from, and by the widening of his eyes as he looked you over properly, he finally realized too.
"No! Ah fuck, aren't you in one of my classes?" The man asked, nose scrunched up in confusion as he squinted at you.
You nodded, telling him your name and what classes you shared (which were actually 2).
As he stuffed his cold hands in his pockets, his various rings caught on the fabric slightly, the glinting sliver on his pale hands matched the chains around his neck and the dangling earrings he wore. He looked down with furrowed brows which jumped up as a lightbulb seemed to go off in his head as he looked you over once more.
"Wait, was it two classes? Sorry, I don't really pay much attention to anything that happens in class." He said apologetically, rubbing his neck as he shifted from one chunky white sneaker to the other.
"Yeah, I can tell, even from the back row." You responded with a smirk, remembering the sight of the back of his spiky, dark brown hair, sitting two rows in front of you, doing everything but paying attention to the lesson. Fiddling with his jewelry or his phone,throwing anything he can get his hands on at one of his friends or simply just talking to them during the whole class. "If you didn't recognize me, then why'd you come talk to me?"
"Huh..." He trailed off, brows furrowed as if the answer was obvious.
He saw someone cute and tried to flirt with them, simple as that.
"Is that your friend?" Hirugami asked as he approached you and the new stranger, Suna, with two warm crepes with chocolate, narrowing his eyes at the other man slightly. "Hope you like Nutella." He commented as he watched you eye the sweets, handing one over to you which you took gratefully.
“We have a few classes together.” Suna said teasingly, taking a step closer to your side he kept his fox-like eyes on Hirugami’s narrowed ones with a challenging smile.
The air felt hot, slightly searing, despite how cold your hands felt, caught between two, very tall - although Hirugami was slightly taller than Suna, accentuated by his slouching -, very attractive, men.
"Well, we should get back to our date, I'm sure they can talk to you again in class next week.” The taller man said, a smile which you recognized as clearly being fake after such a short time with him on his face, taking a pleased bite out of his snack which you were also eating in an attempt to warm yourself up and distract from the tense atmosphere.
The sweet chocolate felt wonderfully warm on your taste buds, so good in fact that it nearly made you forget all about your surroundings for a moment, that is, until a hand was placed on your shoulder.
“Well, I don’t know if you noticed but your date seems cold." Said Suna - the owner of the hand on your shoulder - spitefully, smirking at the other man who blinked at your devious classmate, before they both turned to you.
Suna took your nearly finished snack from your hand, placing it into Hirugami’s opened hand as he gaped at the man - who donned some impressively sharp eyeliner - speechless as he took your hands into his pale and warm ones.
His hands were big around yours, the rings’ various textures scuffing against your skin as he attempted to create some friction tightening his grip to get the blood flowing and massaging each finger and the palms to help, breathing onto them as well as Hirugami looked in realization.
His hands had seemed cold at first glance when he’d first approached you - not like you’d been paying much attention to them, of course not - due to how pale and slim they were, seemingly incapable to provide much warmth despite being bigger than yours. But as he slowly brought warmth back to your digits, you realized their potential. He was gentle with his touches, but had a firm hold against your skin, hands so warm you wondered if he minded sacrificing his own warmth for yours.
Hirugami’s initial reaction was to chide Suna for putting the moves on his date, before he noticed the way your hands had lost some of their color, starting to regain it as the shorter man held them softly in his. He felt a sort of acceptance or perhaps even fondness for Suna’s actions, considering he saw what you needed before he could and acted without hesitation.
Maybe Hirugami's first thought of Suna, that he was a crafty man out to steal his date, was off by just a bit.
Not like he'd ever admit that. 
He still thought he was too crafty though.
His shoulders sagged as he watched the way Suna gazed at you intently, your cheeks pinker than before. His brows furrowed as his chest tightened protectively, jealousy swirling in his gut.
You looked over at the man with the beige coat, noticing the crestfallen expression he wore as he stared down at the food in his hands.  A half melted, nearly finished sag of chocolate; once prepared with care to bring warmth and comfort, now lay cold, shapeless even. His eyes stared down at it, refusing to look at the result of his carelessness unfolding before him, choosing instead to focus on the hopefulness he could still feel as he looked at the sweet snack.
“I should probably start heading home.”
“I’ll walk you to the station!” Hirugami said quickly in response, not being content with just sitting back and wallowing in his mistakes. Those days are over.
“Then, I’ll be going. See you on monday.” Suna said cheekily with a wink as he waved, eyes solely focused on you while you smiled while waving back.
The man then turned to Hirugami, giving a nod that could’ve been respectful, but he took it as mocking, since that seemed to be the only expression Suna could muster. But he nodded back nonetheless, turning away with an arm around your shoulders.
“Is this the right way?” You asked as you headed the opposite way from where you came from, looking up at Hirugami as he took his arm from around you with a blush as he avoided your gaze.
“We can get to the station this way pretty fast and I want to show you something.”
You simply nodded, clueless to the reason why he was leading you down this path.
He felt as if he had something to prove. As if he had to be better than his “rival” (who wasn’t really a rival at all, to his knowledge).
Just like when he was younger, he had to be better.
As the two of you walked in comfortable silence, you couldn't help but gaze down at your feet. Colorful lights reflected brightly off of the worn stone path, diverting your gaze upwards. Figures made of lights greeted you as you did. Hirugami smiled fondly at you after you looked up to meet his gaze, he watched as the lights reflected off of your eyes, your face becoming redder at the eye contact. The hot fuzziness you felt in your stomach forced you to look away from his intense look.
You walked side by side through the streets, commenting on the lights you saw and admiring the way they hung between buildings, right above your heads. 
At one point, Hirugami slipped his hand in yours, intertwining your fingers for good measure. His hand felt big, warm and soft, slightly bigger than Suna's with fingers just a little thicker--
Why were you still thinking about Suna?
Why did your mind still linger on the feeling of his rings on your hands or the way his razor sharp eyes zeroed in on you like you were the most expensive piece of jewelry he'd ever seen?
You would've felt bad for Hirugami, if your mind wasn't on him too. 
It seemed impossible for it not to be with how calming his presence was, easily lulling you into a sense of comfort like the sound of soft waves caressing the sand on a sunny summer day. 
Somewhere you sort of would rather be at right now. 
"Here we are." Hirugami's voice cut through the fog in your mind, stopping in front of the station and giving you an adorably awkward smile, swinging your still joined hands back and forth. This caused you to giggle at his antics while he laughed loudly at the released tension.
Neither of you wanted to speak, too afraid to ruin the pleasant atmosphere, knowing that you’d have to part from each other once you did.
Hirugami squeezed your hand once, then twice, then again as you did the same, rubbing his finger over the back of your hand as he took a step closer. His body heat enveloped you as he stood close enough for you to notice that his eyelashes were slightly lighter than his hair.
His hand raised hesitantly, brushing the side of your face with a feather-light finger that went around your head until he cradled it. You craned your head up in order to look at him as he looked down at you fondly, thumb stroking your red cheek. His big brown eyes roamed your features, as if committing them to memory with fond care.
“I’m glad we met. Call me anytime, ok?” He whispered, each word brushing your face before you nodded. His heart made his chest vibrate with its strength as he breathed deeply while looking intently into your eyes, nervous but elated at the happenings of his day. Well, most of them.
Hirugami’s face neared yours suddenly, eyes half-lidded while yours widened, before he placed a long and tender kiss on your forehead, making your eyes slip closed for a moment, the feeling of his soft, plump lips against your skin making your head feel light and a pleasant warmth to hum beneath your skin.
You stepped away from him slowly, hands attempting to hold each other for as long as possible before you walked towards the station, turning around every few steps to shoot him a smile or a wave before he disappeared from your view with an animated wave and a wide, toothy smile.
You took out your phone, pulling up your friend’s contact and ignoring the messages she’d sent already in response to your previous, cryptic text, and sending another message.
I have even more to tell you.
Tumblr media
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