#love wobbly cats
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mutating-poniez · 3 months
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could i offer you some twomrp incorrect quotes in this trying time
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arklay · 8 months
#tw: animal death#tw: animal illness#woke up sobbing cause it finally kicked in that he’s fucking gone. it’s like. i can’t even describe to anyone how just close i was with him#and loved him like he had the sweetest soul even if he was a little cheeky at times and he had these big eyes that were just full of so much#love and soul and i just spent so much time with him the past ten years it feels so weird that he’s just not here. it feels wrong. like this#is his home this is where he’s supposed to be like why isn’t he here… i was walking down the hallway yesterday and like turned my head at my#mum’s room expecting or looking for him to be on the rug he liked and he wasn’t there and it just gutted me but i was so numb i couldn’t cry#or anything and like my mum came home from being out and it was only our other dog barking by herself and it was so tough to hear like his#barking may have hurt my ears and sent me into sensory overload some times but i miss it i miss him so much. i think even though i knew how#sick he was and that we were going to lose him at some point like i just kept denying it would really happen and now i feel so empty without#him here. he brought so much life to our house and he’s just gone. even in the last few months where you could see his eyes getting cloudy#and his walk more wobbly and just he was so tired he still had these moments of bouncing around and his tail just wagging and idk i can’t#stop thinking about him and i know it’s going to take a while before i stop crying just at the mention of his name considering i still#sometimes do with my old cat who died 7 years ago and i wasn’t even that close with cause he had a lot of things going on in his head and#would attack me a lot like he’s story makes me really sad but like what i mean like i had this really big connection with jazz and so if i’m#still so sensitive thinking about buster then i’m going to hold onto jasper forever i think. he was so special i could talk about him#forever i miss him so much#i’m also like feeling just really hurt over something else that’s like related but not so it’s all kicking me this morning#leah.txt
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divineloop · 11 months
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🌈 — A ztimboard for Mozaic zlime w/ beachez, zun catcherz & catz !!
🌈 — for myzelf !!
🌊 x ☀️ x 🌊
🐈 x 💧 x 🐈
🌊 x ☀️ x 🌊
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brightlotusmoon · 1 year
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(Cerebellar Hypoplasia cats!)
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ryanmasons · 2 years
there’s a cat a few houses down from me who’s gone missing and it turns out i was actually probably the last person to see him and now its really playing on my mind
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dannyriccowboy · 8 days
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Spot the difference
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Chewbys collar is a little too big for her (when I bought it I was planning on it being for a larger, fluffier dog) so when she lays down with her chin on the couch it pops up like 2-3 inches above her neck and tickles the backs of her ears and she flicks her ears back at them like a horse
And right now shes wearing her coat which looks like a horse blanket
Mini horse
Tumblr media
(The coat is also too big cuz it was on sale and my mom didn't measure her first)
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pineappled5673 · 1 month
i think we're just really similar to cats and i think that's really fun. exhibit a for this is weeble wobbles who wobble but never fall down.
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frosnpls · 7 months
#we think my cat might be. starting to. uh. die#i dont want to speak it into existence and it could just be that shes getting old and wobbly#but she keeps tripping over and she sleeps all day and eats maybe once a day and shes got so thin and she keeps having toilet accidents#just. aauauauuagh i dont want her to die. i dont want her to die shes my little girl#it makes it worse that in a few days time nobody is going to be in the house bc my family and i are going on (seperate) holidays#my cousins gona come in twice a day to check on and feed her and also my tortoise bc she only lives across the street#but im so scared shes gna die while we're gone and she would've been all alone in the house#or that im gona come home with my friends and find her dead or that shes gona die while theyre staying#i dont want to make everyone sad and uncomfortable bc im the host and i cant just sit thete mourning my cat#again i dont want to speak it into existence i hope we have her a lot longer and shes just a lil under the weather and im overthinking#but i just. i dont want her to die#its the first time since rhory that im having to think about someone i love dying and idk if its the ptsd from rhory or what but#i feel like im not doing enough and that if she does die then i will have failed her somehow#and im assuming it is rhory related bc im not god i cant just decide to make her young and healthy again but im blaming myself#i just dont want to lose her#sorry i. its just its been literally pent up all day like 11 hours ive been sitting on it trying not to break down#i just needed to dump it somewhere#ask to tag#personal#pet death cw#pet illness cw
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atsumulogy · 5 months
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
synopsis: dad!atsumu and uncle!osamu play a little harmless prank on yours and atsumu’s daughter, aki, what could go wrong? right?
featuring: dad!miya atsumu x AFAB! reader. miya osamu, hinata shoyo, sakusa kiyoomi, & bokuto koutaro.
cw: kids, mentions of pregnancy and labor, kids crying? um … yeah that’s all i think. LOL and maybe grammar errors
naia’s footnote: dad!atsumu fluff to make up for my last atsumu angst <3 this is an edited version of the one i posted in my old blog.
Tumblr media
Soft coo’s and aww’s filled the room, as cute baby twins were laying in the crib together, looking at the people that surrounded them in curiosity as the two of them tilted their little heads in unison, consequently eliciting another batch of coo’s and aww’s from the people in the room.
“Aren't they just the cutest?” Atsumu gushed over the children that you two created, and you swore you heard him giggle like a school girl in love.
He’s beaming, pride blooming from his chest seeing the small features they inherited from him and, most importantly, you. You, who struggled every day during pregnancy with your morning sickness. You, who had to endure the pain of labor just so you could give him the privilege of loving two more new people for the rest of his life.
Osamu nods in agreement as he caresses his nephew's cheek with his knuckles, smiling at how he reminds him so much of his brother.
“Atsumu-san, what if you two do that thing where you and Osamu-san confuse one of the twins on who’s their dad?” Hinata excitedly suggested, jumping a little in his place while he looks at the twins, recalling a video on YouTube that went viral.
“Don’t plant any ideas in his head, Hinata.” Sakusa starts telling Hinata off before getting caught off guard by Bokuto backing up Hinata’s suggestion.
“Noo do it! I saw a video like that once on Twitter and it was so adorable and funny. C’mon, what’s the worst thing that could happen?”
“Mm, I mean, Bokkun’s right — what’s the worst thing that could happen, right?” Both Atsumu and Osamu agreed — but mostly Atsumu, curious about what would happen. While Osamu on the other hand, was dragged into the scheme.
“Come to Daddy, baby.” Osamu tries to mimic his brother’s voice, making you and the others snicker, while Atsumu scoffs in offense before rolling his eyes at his brother.
Aki, being the daddy’s girl that she is, did not hesitate to raise her arms out to Osamu after hearing what seemed to be her “daddy’s” voice, making Atsumu, once again, dramatically scoff and huff in slight offense and disbelief at his daughter’s betrayal.
“Daddy?” She tilted her head at Osamu. She looked at him with doe eyes as she furrowed her eyebrows, curious about her “daddy’s” new hair color. Lowkey making Atsumu jealous because he wasn’t the one that she was calling daddy.
“Noo baby, Aki, come here, I’m daddy.” She turned her head towards Atsumu, confused at how there were two daddies now.
Looking at Osamu again, and at Atsumu who had his arms out for her to reach for, was far too overwhelming for her and her little head to fully comprehend why there were two daddies at the same time.
And before you all know it, your baby girl was crying — fat tears running down her chubby cheeks as her lips wobbled in distress.
(And alas, curiosity killed the cat.)
“I told you,” Sakusa mutters.
“Oh shit,” Atsumu curses as Osamu cringes at the baby in his arms that was now crying with her snot and tears all over him. Both of them feeling awful that they made Aki cry, remorse setting in.
Aito, Aki’s little brother, heard his sister’s wails. And as if sensing that she was in distress, started crying too, as he empathized with whatever his sister was crying about.
“Aww, sweetheart,” you coo’d, taking him from the crib as you cradled him in your arms, rocking him back and forth, trying to ease his cries. Which, fortunately, worked as his cries died down soon after.
“I want my daddy.” Aki demanded in tears, and Atsumu was fast to grant his little girl her wish, hastily taking her from Osamu’s hold. His dad's instincts flipped a switch inside him that he didn’t know he even had.
“I’m sorry sweetheart, Daddy’s here now. Were you scared? Hm?” He slightly rocks her, whispering more apologies as he starts drying her salty tears with his free hand.
“Daddy is sorry, I’m here baby.” He assures her, making her nod her head and follow his soothing voice as she automatically wraps her little arms around his neck.
“Wow, I've never seen Atsumu-san look so distraught before, let alone this soft and gentle.” Hinata comments after he and Bokuto both apologized to you for bringing the idea up.
“I admit, Miya’s a lot more tolerable — I guess — when he's with his kids.” Sakusa hummed in agreement with Hinata, looking at Atsumu with a now merry Aki in his arms while they both beamed at each other.
As you looked at the baby boy in your arms, sleeping peacefully, and at the sight before you, you smiled. Despite the little mishap that happened just a minute ago, you were happy. You were in a state of content and tranquillity — secretly, you concluded to yourself that you wouldn’t trade these moments for anything in this world.
Tumblr media
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instantarmageddon · 1 year
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Peace and love on planet earth 💕
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steveshairychest · 4 months
Punching a wall and thinking about Steve going to an animal shelter to adopt a furry friend to keep him company in that big, empty house. The grief of losing Eddie has consumed him, along with the loneliness. The party is temporarily split. Everyone is dealing with their grief in their own ways and spending time with their family. Steve's phone rings occasionally, but it's usually just his parent's telling him they've extended their vacation.
He struggles to get through the day without crying because everything reminds Steve of Eddie. They'd barely known each other, and yet Steve sits in his car and cries when they play the latest Metallica song on the radio because he knows Eddie would have loved it.
But he can't keep going like this. He needs company. He needs someone to talk to that won't offer him advice that doesn't help and needs someone to sit with him while he listens to Eddie's tapes. It feels wrong to ask Robin to sit with him while he plays the same songs over and over while wearing Eddie's vest. She's tried to get him to see a therapist but he's not ready for that.
So, a pet is what he's after. They won't judge him, they won't mind if he holds them at night and carries them around all day because he desperately needs the affection.
A dog would be preferable because he's been going for early morning runs to clear his head and the added company would be nice. But when he first walks in, he spies the sweetest black cat sprawled out on his bed and sleeping with his tongue out. He's got a chunk missing out of his ear and when Steve calls him over, he walks with a slight wobble that makes Steve's heart melt. He's so quirky and adorable. Steve peers over at his name and info sheet and nearly stops breathing because the cats fucking name is Eddie.
'Hi! My name is Eddie, I'm 4 years old. I was recently surrendered by my family, who left after the earthquake. I like to sit in high places and yell, I like to cuddle and watch TV with you. I'm also a little afraid of bugs and spiders, so you'll have to do the bug catching.'
Steve stands there staring at this cat, for God knows how long, trying to decide if this is the universes way of telling him he's now a cat person. Would it be weird if he took home a cat named after his dead friend?! Maybe. But nothing that's ever happened in his life is normal. He fills out the application and takes the little guy home.
It takes him a few days to get settled, but by the 4th day, he's following Steve around and sitting with him on the lounge room floor while Steve picks out a tape. "This one?" He holds the tape out to the cat and gets a very drawn out meow in response. "OK, I agree. This one is good."
They sit together and listen to Eddie's copy of Black Sabbath's 'Heaven and Hell'.
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writing-havoc · 21 days
HII! HOW ARE YOU? Okay so i have a kaz brekker x reader request but it's kinda meh but i just can't stop thinking about it. And it's kinda similar to your fic 'high' (my favorite piece of media EVER)
So fem!reader (or gn whichever is easier for you<3) drunk and makes fun of the way kaz talks and his hair and the way how he's really bossy. (I would so call him emo king) and he's just trying to get her to take a bath (be a fish) and rest.
Please please don't feel pressured you can just ignore this. Don't forget to drink water. Have a nice day or night love youu<3
♡ Summary: Kaz comes and fetches you after you have a bit too much to drink. Getting you to bathe and rest for the night is a little more difficult than he remembers.
♡ Pairing: Kaz Brekker x Reader
♡ Fandom: Six of Crows, Grishaverse
♡ Warning(s): Alcohol, Nudity (not smut)
♡ WC: 3.5k
Hello hello!!! Thank you for your request <3 I'm doing pretty alright thank you for asking. I hope you're doing okay!
I loved being prompted to expand on this and experiment with how it would go. To be honest that's also one of my fav pieces of work that I've done, and I'm glad someone else holds the same joy for it that I do!
Anyway, here it is!! Hope you enjoy it anon, ly <3
Please excuse any grammar and spelling mistakes
"Oh for Ghezen's sake just put one foot in front of the other." Kaz nipped, pushing just a bit harder on your back.
Your head was lolling back and to the side, unwillingly looking at the stars. Yet your eyes remain half closed, barely a fraction of your pupil visible in the moonlight. A smile is painted on your face the whole time, lips chapped and cracked from dehydration. "'M tryin' Kaz. But my head is just, so heavy and the stars 're so pretty."
"I know I know- hold on to the cane- the cane!"
He shouldn't have let you have those last few drinks, but unfortunately you batted your little lashes and made the same little promises you do after enough time has passed for his memories to become just a little bit muddled and forget how far from the truth your promises are.
You'll say you'll be fine. You'll say you'll get home safe. You'll say you'll see him soon.
But you can't really fulfill any of those. So he at least has the foresight to stay with you, or to have someone else stay with you and come get him when you down more than your promised two or three.
And he makes a big deal out of it, saying all these things and talking like he's annoyed with you, but really?
He's not.
Not as much as he thinks he should be anyway. If he had heard anybody else complaining as much as he does in his own head he'd stuff his own glove in their mouth and tell them to deal with their inadequate relationship elsewhere.
But it's him, and it's you, and it's different.
You're not like them. You're not violent or a verbal tyrant or negligent.
"Did I ever tell you..." You start, then chuckle to yourself when you straighten up and sway around. "Did I ever tell you that kin'a remind me of a cat with your hair slicked back like that?"
You're,,, silly. And he feels silly saying that but you are. It's the perfect word to describe you when you get like this. Light jabs at the things you like about him, your feet walking to a rhythm in your head that makes you stop and go and speed and slow at random, laughing at the most mundane things.
"I don't believe you have, no." You definitely have. But he allows you to repeat it.
The Slat is wonderfully empty as he opens the door. Only a few people occupy the tables off to the side, but they're just as drunk as you are, and he doubts they can see this far from their drooling.
"Come on." He leads you over to the stairs. "Up we go."
You lean on the rail, shaking your head, smile gone. "Mh-mhn. I can't." You continue to shake your head, eyes closed. "Your leg is bad."
"Good observation. Your legs, however, are fine, if a bit wobbly. Up you come." He tries again to coax you up, to no avail. You lean on the rail more, even pushing into it.
He forgot how much you resemble an ox when it comes to getting you to do something. It's like you contain this ability to just plant yourself anywhere and stick no matter the force that's pulling or pushing you.
"Your leg is bad. I can't go up."
"My bad leg does not effect your ability to walk up the stairs." He says as gentle as possible.
"But it does."
He sighs. "Could you explain to me why that is?"
Your bottom lip pushes out just barely, eyes opening and looking at him through your lashes. It's a look that would have any man in Kerch on their knees, he's sure of it. "Need your help."
His heart sunk. "Just grab the railing and my cane, dove. I'll take my good leg up first."
You analyzed the stairs, scrutinizing them. "Promise?"
"You know I don't make-"
"Promise?" A hint of anger bubbled in your tone, the same firmness in your eyes when you snapped your head to look at him.
He takes a deep breath. "I promise."
And just like that you were ready to ascend the stairs. You grabbed the railing, clumsily reaching out for his cane which he gave readily.
Even in your drunken state, you knew exactly which stairs creaked and which ones were just this side of broken. You skipped a stair, glaring at it as Kaz ascended with his good leg first, then continued with your usual lax expression.
He tried to step with his bad leg, but you immediately backtracked and held his cane firmly, holding him back as well. "You promised." You bit out.
"I did." He switched back, good leg going up, slowly edging you along. "It just slipped my mind."
"Nothin' slips your mind." You pouted, begrudgingly ascending when the cane went too far to hold close.
"Important things," he corrected. "Important things don't slip my mind."
You yanked on the cane, making him look at you. "You're important."
And he... doesn't know what to do with that.
Of course in whatever realm you were occupying he'd be important. He's important for a lot of things. His businesses, his club, whatever constitutes as leader of the crows.
It's not that he thinks he's not important. He just forgets to take into account that with you, he's important in the little things too.
Pointing him where to massage on his leg when it's giving him trouble, bringing him fresh tea when he tries to drink the day old stuff pushed to the corner of his desk, at least reminding him to sleep when the clock reaches two bells in the dark hours.
And right now, when you force him to take the pressure off his poorly healed shin.
"You're right." He confirms, helping you to the top of the stairs. "I am. Now come on."
When he began to lead you to his room, you groaned and stood in place. "Noo. I don' wanna fish."
His mouth struggled to stay in a line, corners quirking up. "You have to fish. You're sweaty and you smell like alcohol."
"I's a good smell."
"You gag in the morning when you smell it."
"Hogwash, you walking shadow."
He tugged you along, walking ahead of you and up the stairs to the attic. His help wasn't much needed here with how narrow and more secure the steps were, but you needed the extra hand to coax you up and towards your inevitable bath.
His office was dark, the only thing preventing the room from being cast in complete darkness was the street lights outside pushes a faint yellow glow through the window.
A lantern was stored in a bookcase next to the door for this reason. He clipped his cane onto his belt and hooked a finger under the handle, giving you little assurances that he wasn't going to let you fall while he navigated the room he knew by heart.
He parked you by his makeshift desk, guiding your hands to the desktop for some leverage while he rustled through a cabinet for the matches.
Immediately you were enthralled with the fire. Nina thinks you were an Inferni in your past life, and he finds the idea hard to not believe as he watches your once droopy eyes widen and follow the ball of fire in his hand as it lights the lantern.
He closes the shade, putting out the match and watching you smile as the whole room lights up.
"So bright." You whisper, as if it's your first time seeing fire.
He shrugs off his coat, throwing it over the back of his chair. "Very. Don't touch it."
You pout, taking your hand away. "I don't know what you're referring to."
He takes the lantern from where it rests on the desk, unhooking his cane and walking to the bathroom. "Come take your bath."
"'Come take your bath'." You mock him. "You're a bossy bossy man, you know that?"
He can't see you as he hangs the lantern on a hook, but he knows your hands are on your hips and your head cocked to the side. You always became so sassy when the initial fuzziness seems to wear off.
"It's what im paid for." He calls, swirling the basin of water he had filled up before he left. It was only expected that you should get a bath tonight, and he didn't want to wake anybody now of all times to come and fill it up.
"Youre not getting paid right now."
He didn't have any soap. He used up all of his last time and you usually keep yours tucked in your room, eager to hide its existence from greedy hands.
Just water will have to do, since he doesn't trust you to not fall asleep in the time it will take to go to your room and retrieve yours from your spare set of shoes.
He exits the bathroom, coming face to face with you. "I should be with how I'm ordering you around right now."
He waves you over, and it seems at this point you're becoming too tired to really fight back. You shrug off your outer layers, leaving them in a pile on the floor that you attempt to kick to the side. It's seems you think that you did away with them well enough, but really you just kind of spread them around.
That will have to come later, he thinks, and then puts a hand on your bare shoulder as you take off your shirt, throwing it over the side of the basin. Your pants come off and are thrown at its base, shoes somehow already off in the time span it took to check the tub and come retrieve you, socks following.
"You can keep your undergarments on if you'd like." He says, resting his cane against the wall.
"Oh don't get shy on me now, Kaz. You've seen me naked at least a dozen times." You look back at him, a shit eating smirk on your face.
He's thankful for the warm lantern light to obscure the warmth creeping up his neck and nipping at his ears. "Only because we end up in situations like these. It's more efficient to just get you clean now than have you complain in the morning and almost throw up in the tub."
You moan, the sound throaty and like gravel. "I don't wanna be a fish."
"You dont have to be one for long. Just a few minutes until you're clean."
"Can' be clean if there's no soap."
"We can at least get most of the grime off. Come on, one leg over the other."
Slowly, you climb into the tub, Kaz helping you get in with minimal sloshing.
And now comes the hard part.
His gloves are made of leather. He can't dunk and soak them in the water and expect them to be fine later.
They come off quicker than last time, but just as shakey. He puts on two pairs of cloth ones he's kept in here since the third time this happened, when it became apparent that this would happen again and several more times after.
Once they're on he flexes his hand, feeling the cold unforgiving waves slosh at his knees and lick up his thighs.
It's not the same. It's a bath. It's you.
"Can you get your body?" He asks, though. Because as much as he'd like to be of some help here he can't help but need to touch you the least amount as possible.
You think it over, stretching out as much as the tub allows before nodding. "M'yeah, I can do it."
He hands you a rag, watching it sink under the water and become several shades darker.
He turns around and allows you to do your thing, but knows your routine from when you, Nina, and Jesper had a heated debate about which order to wash your body in.
You'll wash your neck and chest first, digging into your collars bones and over your shoulders, then do you arms, followed by your torso and around your back. Then you'll scrub at your legs, moving to your face, then your waist, then your feet.
It'll take about ten minutes to go over every part, scrubbing in places you think have the most grime, and all the while having your shampoo already scrubbed into your hair so that you can rinse everything out all at once.
But you're tired and drunk, and he doesn't know how far you'll make it down your list until you eventually get frustrated or too exhausted or both.
He listens to the water in the tub move as your scrub yourself beneath its surface. A throaty hum emanates from your throat, a tune oddly familiar to the song that plays in the club filling the room.
Every once in a while you'll sigh, the water halting. He'll lean back and ask if you're alright, and you'll hum and get right back to scrubbing.
It's fifteen minutes before you say anything.
"You alright t' do my hair?"
His stomach churns, acid bubbling at its entrance.
"Ill be fine."
He turns, gesturing with his finger for you to lean your head into the water.
There's a pause before he reaches into the cold depths, wondering if he actually /will/ be fine.
When you look at him, eyes rimmed in red and glassy, he scrounges up whatever stability and modicum of the word "cope" he has and dunks them in.
Immediately he finds your hair, burying his fingers between the strands and finding your scalp.
It's hard to feel anything besides temperature with these gloves, and your head is practically burning against the cool water.
You're definitely cold. He can tell by your flushed cheeks and the way you curl your arms around your waist, goosebumps littering your arms. Yet you remain warm under his touch.
He watches the little hairs on your arm wave in the bath current as he scrubs, almost hypnotizing in their back and forth movement as you move to let them rest against your thighs.
But it's not enough.
He's scrubbing your hair, trying so hard to just focus on the grime under his fingers as his hands make the cold water slosh. The feeling is oddly familiar to the waves coating his hands as they dunk half under as he clings to blue flesh.
But you look at him, and your giggle is like little bells that keep him above water, just for the moment.
"You know what you look like?" You ask. "You look like- oh, what's that new style they got goin' on?"
He has no idea what you're talking about. Fashion trends are far beneath his radar unless necessary for a job.
You snap your fingers, pointing up at him. "Emo!"
That makes his eyebrows raise. Because he is familiar with Emo, because a bunch of kids called him that when they were out much past their bedtime. They found it necessary to shout it at him while he was passing by, laughing as they ran into an alleyway.
"I don't think that's accurate." He manages to get out, dunking your head a little further to cover your ears and get the wisps of hair in front of them.
"It's sooo accurate." You draw out your o's, blinking slowly and out of sync. "Emo king."
He sighs. "Whatever you say, little fish."
You pout, moving away from him and turning belly down, chin dipping into the water. "I thought I was your dove."
Again, thankful for that warm light. It makes his stomach feel all twisty the way you say "your". For just a moment, he let's himself smile, really smile, and puts his chin on his hands. "You are. But right now, you're a fish."
You huff, turning back and putting your head within reach. "Okay, mister emo cat."
He sighs, beginning to scrub at the parts of your scalp that he already got but feels he needs to do another once over for. "I am neither emo nor a cat."
"Tell that to your hair, loverboy."
He scoffs, taking his hands from your hair. "Your hair's done. Get out so you can dry off."
You laugh at your accomplishment, sitting up and scrunching your hair as he discards his wet gloves on a towel rack and dries himself off.
Honestly, loverboy? He's not some lovesick puppy. Loverboy applies to those who are unfathomably whipped, wrapped around their partners finger and touching at all times. It has no place being in the same sentence that his likeness occupies except to say that he is not a 'loverboy'.
He hands you a towel as you get out of the tub, heading to his closet to fetch you some of his clothes.
"An old one, please?" You yell out to him.
"I know." He calls back.
If he can help it he replaces his button ups every few months. But you like the ones that are just around that area of wear and tear. In your words, they "ain't tight and smell like him. Win win."
He doesn't bother with pants, but grabs a pair of his underwear for you to change into instead that he knows you'll find more comfortable.
As he limps back to the bathroom, he halts as he analyzes his thoughts and actions.
Fuck. Maybe he /does/ deserve the name Loverboy.
The realization almost makes him groan and sit down on the floor right then and there.
Can't he just carve his heart out? Isn't that what the poets and song writers do?
Alas, he is neither a poet nor a musician. So he will instead take the long way out, and bring you his clothes and get you into into his bed before the third bell chimes.
He hands you the clothes, watching your face light up for a moment before he exits to his office to clean up the mess you made.
The beak of his cane hooks under your coat, dragging it up and into his hand which he then throws onto the chair. You hate getting it off the coat rack, half the time pulling it with you when you take your coat back. So he sets it here for now, and takes your shoulder bag and shoes and organizes them around the chair just as you usually do.
"I think I found my new look."
He turns around, seeing you trying to pose against the wall. It's supposed to be sultry and sexy, but it definitely does not read that way with your soaked hair, stiff back, and uncooperative limbs.
"If you think so." He nearly chuckles, taking his gloves from your hands and slipping them onto his own, and then retrieves the lantern from the bathroom. "Come to bed."
Thankfully, you seem to love the idea of the bed. It doesn't take much to lead you to the little nook he calls his bedroom. He hooks the lantern to the wall as your body slumps onto his partially eaten sheets.
"Mmm." You hum, smile hidden under your squashed cheek. "Warm."
"Doubtful." He jabs, unfolding a blanket at the foot of the bed and draping it over you.
"It really is. Should try it sometime." You poke at the space beneath your eye, tongue sticking out.
He assumes you're referencing the eye bags that have taken permanent residence on his face, to which he rolls his eyes and hikes up the blanket to cover your back. You hate the cold creeping in.
If you wake up cold in the morning, you will be cold for the rest of the day. And unfortunately for you, you have a job in about six hours.
The less you have to complain about, the better.
"Ill try it later." He promises. "For now, you need it more."
You mumble something, but with the way your eyes are drooping he figures you're not even aware you said anything at all.
As you doze off, he half sits on his nightstand, and watches your breathing begin to slow and even out. It's loud at first, but eventually you grow quieter and quieter, muscles relaxing as you sink into his hard mattress.
Your hair is thrown about everywhere, still wet from your bath, and you'll need Nina to remove a kink in your shoulder in the morning. But for now, you're calm, and safe, and that's enough.
He takes a deep breath, just the same as you do, and then sighs.
"Goodnight, little fish." He mumbles, and then stands, off to collect the ingredients for a hangover tonic and catch up on paperwork.
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andraxicated · 1 year
fuck and run!
Tumblr media
Pairings: Iwaizumi, Kenma, Suna, Kuroo, Akaashi x f!reader
Synopsis: Haikyuu men who sets you aside after railing you
Tags: suggestive | mildly explicit | established relationship | fluff | smut
Tumblr media
will do his sports science things after railing you so hard that you have to call in sick the next day. you whine and blame him that it’s all his fault that your pussy down there hurts. yet, he knows all of your antics and pays your whining no mind as he types away on his laptop.
“you’re really mean Hajime Iwaizumi! how could you focus on your work while a naked woman is on your bed!” you huff and puff as you pick up and wear a discarded robe on the ottoman chair.
“distract me and I’ll make you cry again.” he cooly threatens that you stop tying the ribbon of your robe with wide eyes. heat rushes down your body as you clench your thighs together, nipples perking beneath the thin robe exactly as his eyes travel on your body.
it’s so easy to fluster you yet it’s him that’s even more flustered.
"I would like that." the brat in you replies with an amazing brazenness that you haven't processed what you said too. your cheeks feel warm when embarrassment seeps into the silent room. gosh, you really hate it when this man makes you feel so awkward.
iwaizumi's member throbbed when he heard your snarky attitude, the same tone you use in challenging him. his lips twitch a little when he sees you getting uncomfortable with the silence. should he let you suffer more? but he really loves you too much.
he sighs and signals for you to sit on his lap. "you better be quiet while I work."
a hand clamped tightly on your mouth, your ass against his cock; kenma releases his load into you as tears prick your eyes from the feeling of being filled along with the pressure pressing down on your mouth.
he’s on mic with his friends in-game while he challenges you to stay quiet as you two get nasty behind the screen. kenma finally releases his grip on your mouth and you loudly suck in your breath making him pinch your ass from the annoyance of your loud breathing.
“get off and pick up your shorts,” he instructs and waits for your wobbly legs to stand and bend over to the floor.
as you pick up both of your thrown bottoms, a startled shriek rips through the air. his light kisses on your back tickles that you can't help your mouth. “kenma!” you quickly shut your mouth with wide eyes, head whipping to your boyfriend’s direction. but to your surprise, his cat-like eyes just softly smile at the cute expression you made.
“come here.” kenma grabs both sides of your waist, then he settles you down on his naked lap. your warm, uncovered lower halves touch against each other; the feeling makes him suck in his breath and throw his head back against his gaming chair.
“I’m sorry if I’m too mean. It was actually muted the whole time.” he presses apologetic kisses along your shoulder as a furrow on your brows slowly forms upon learning his trickery.
“and…can you please move your body a bit? I can’t move my hands easily…” kenma’s request trails off as he sees your blank face and burning eyes. oh no.
he has no self-control when it comes to you. how could he when his cute girlfriend is walking towards him with sleepy eyes, his oversized shirt draped over your frame, plus with no panties! suna is all ready to go to his practice but the sight of you had him stopping in his tracks. a sigh goes out of his mouth as he puts down his sports bag and strides over to you.
“do your thighs hurt? shouldn’t you be resting?” he asks with a concerned tone as he remembers the night before when he manhandled you for hours. he suddenly carries you to the couch, much to your surprise that it wakes you up.
“were you going to practice? I heard you shuffling early in the morning…” you say to him as your boyfriend presses a kiss on your head. to be honest, it made you sad the moment you woke up and realized he left you after that night. you thought he would at least stay as the apology for holding your thighs up harshly.
“I’m sorry, but I’ll come back later with your favorite food.” suna pecks your cheek with a kiss while the corners of your mouth lift. “that’s a promise?” “it’s a promise.”
he goes back to pick up his bag that’s been left at the door and waves at you. “I need to go now, I’ll stay with you tonight until the next day.” you wave back at him and nod as his figure retreats and closes the door.
should you go to his practice? or relieve yourself on your own? “but suna will get angry” you whisper to yourself with a pout as you plop down on the soft couch.
when you asked your boyfriend for help, this was not what you expected. you expected the both of you to sit side by side with notebooks and pens. you crying out of frustration because your dumb head can’t get the problem and him laughing about how you’re not even listening.
you cry out because of how much the stretch of him hurts and kuroo’s laughing at your whining when you took him a lot of times already. “shhh, it’s okay baby, relax and let me in.” his voice gives butterflies to your stomach and so, you lay back, close your eyes and let him do the work.
“now, do it yourself. just solve it based on what you know and I’ll correct it later,” kuroo instructs while handing the notebook full of gibberish numbers to you. your disheveled hair and unbuttoned blouse don’t go unnoticed by your boyfriend as he steals a few glances here and there.
“you know I just orgasmed like minutes ago?” you sassily throw back at him, not bothering to look at your notebook. how could he act as if nothing happened before? kuroo nods as if he understands and says: “study hard and finish your degree, then I’ll wife you up.”
at that, you pick up the pen and grab the notebook closer to you. it doesn't seem so bad coming from his mouth!
boyfriend akaashi who fiercely takes off his glasses with one hand and grips your chin, directing your lips to his mouth for a heated kiss. your muffled moans start when his slender hands rummage under your skirt, pushing aside your panty and entering a finger to test the wetness.
“hold on tight to me, let’s go to the bed.” he huskily whispers as you moan in response when your lips once again crash into each other.
the sound of two people catching their breathing is heard throughout the room. “keiji, where are you going?” your small voice asks when you see him standing up and putting on his pants.
akaashi turns to look at you with a smile, ruffling your bed hair before putting on his glasses. “just sleep, I’ll go next room to do my work.”
you grab onto his wrist before he could take a step further away from you. your boyfriend turns back in sweet surprise at the loving gaze in your eyes. “what is it?” he asks and you reply: “hold my hand while you work.” you sulkily say, stretching your hand over to him with half-closed eyes.
akaashi chuckles and moves away to bring the table closer to the bed. “now go to sleep. I’ll work with one hand, princess.” he tangles his fingers with yours, caressing the soft skin of your palm as you slowly drift off to sleep.
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yrhome · 1 month
Tumblr media
genre : fluff, borderline crack 
includes : bangchan, lee know, hyunjin, changbin
word count : 2.9k
a/n : i had a bit too much fun writing this, this was all @g4m3girl​ ‘s fault btw
Tumblr media
bangchan would feel so guilty that he would probably call you up at work with the shakiest tone in his voice, you’d genuinely think that someone had passed away from the wobble in his words... “babe, i need to tell you something... can you sit down first though?”
you’d be so prepared to shed tears over someone and then he’d say “babe i boke your favourite mug, the one with the cat ears...”  
 he’d sound so guilty but you wouldn’t be able to help yourself from bursting out in laughter...  “i’m so sorry it slipped from my hands and - are you laughing right now?” 
you would have to wipe your tears of laughter away, “babe i thought someone had died... you sounded so sad” 
“so you’re not mad??“ he just chuckles over the line before sighing in relief, “i promise i’ll get you a new one...“
lee know called you completely expecting you to yell at him, he’d take a deep breath before calling you “yooh! babe, sooo, i did something”
you’d have to prepare yourself because when lee know says that it could range from a haircut to actual murder, “what did you do- you’re scaring me???”
“so i accidentally broke your mug, you know the one that your friend bought you that you really love.. yeah...“ you could hear him holding his breath over the line, “lee know calm down.“ you teased him over the phone, before you heard him let out a big sigh, “so you’re not like mad or anything?”
“no but you better get me a replacement mug that’s equally as amazing” you chuckled , “oh i can do that... i’m going to the store right now“ 
when you got home later that day you walked into the kitchen to see a beautifully wrapped mug on the countertop, you felt yourself smile before you turned the mug around to see the message printed on it, “mentally dating lee know, ”
when hyunjin came to the bedroom with a sheepish look on his face, you immediately knew he’d done something, you took your headphones out and cocked an eyebrow at him “hyun what’ve you done-??”  
“okay don’t be mad okay...“ he mumbled, “so i accidentally broke your favourite mug... ‘m so sorry, it just slipped from my hands and smashed...“
you almost felt guilty yourself when you saw how visibly upset he was.. “hyunjin it’s okay? you didn’t hurt yourself did you?”  
“no but i’ll get you a new mug i promise! “ he smiles finally, coming over to give you a hug, “we can go to the make your own pottery class on the weekend, and paint mugs for each other”
you felt yourself grin at how cute the idea was, “yeah! let’s do that!”
changbin came over to you with the broken pieces of porcelain in his hands and the most worried expression on his face, “BABE , I BROKE YOUR HELLO KITTY MUG, I’M SO SORRY” 
you’d have to calm him down and put the remains of your favourite mug in the bin, “changbin it’s okay... ” you chuckled holding his hands in yours. 
“i’ll get you an even better hello kitty mug i promise!“ he grins sheepishly, “and i’ll even put a bow on it“
Tumblr media
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