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lilalangg · 1 year
English Jackets are one of the world’s fastest-growing leather jacket brands, with thousands of delighted consumers. We are able to go beyond to keep our clients happy because of our customer-centric culture. Womens letterman jackets
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millimononym · 1 year
Tweetsongs' Tyranny
Tumblr media
next part
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nitw · 2 months
rip evilmario666 you would have loved the smoke room summer au
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loiswasadevil · 2 months
hi lois. i’ve been wanting to send you a message for a while now, just to send some love and support. im not family guy kin & to be perfectly honest, i didn’t think your blog was serious when i first followed. im sorry for that. i’ve been familiar with kin for a while but i never really heard of reality shifting until i saw accounts on tumblr like evilmario666 (and i still have a hard time telling if he’s serious or not.) so i wasn’t exactly sure what to think, but i think i understand now. i wanted to say thank you for unapologetically being yourself & being honest about your experiences. i really hope you find your family.
anyone that would tease, troll or make fun of you for genuinely trying to connect with others & figure things out is being needlessly cruel and immature. it’s not funny at all. and while i don’t fully understand it, a devils heart seems like a painful burden & i don’t think anyone would choose it. you’re brave for being yourself in a world full of phonys. i wish you all the best ❤️
Thanks I don't get why people think my blog is fake Just because I post about Family Guy but Thanks
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fayoftheforest · 1 year
How does it feel to be tumblr famous via uncredited screenshotted tag🤪
Tumblr media
honestly im slightly relieved not to be credited 🥲 every time the internet rediscovers that the south park fandom exists they lose their mind, and then I have to whip out my "I'm jewish" and "I'm gay" cards just to get them to leave me alone, it's a whole ordeal. anyway sorry @evilmario666 i love you dearly please dont hate me it's nearly chanukah!!
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needletailz · 11 months
tumblr memes & trends 2022
sooooo i've been writing this down all year :p the dates just represent the day i noticed the meme & wrote it down, not when the meme was created
jan 1 - new years posts years out of date (happens every year)
jan 1 - horse plinko
jan 2 - oh mien got dis cave is full of bluntsmoken
jan 4 - urfavisunfuckable mod drama
jan 6 - blorbo from my show
jan 12 - eeby deeby trending w/ blorbo from my show & glup shitto
feb 7 - tbh creature w/ big eyes (aka autism creature)
feb 8 - amongi & amongus babies
feb 19 - quirked up white boy busting it down sexual style
feb 25 - im the ps5 speaking inside your brain
mar 4 - live slug reaction
mar 20 - new tumblr users
apr 1 - april fools this year was crabs :) they were cherished 🦀
apr 1 - get drinked
apr 21 - tumblr blaze
apr 25 - misha collins comes out as straight
may 3 - dracula daily
may 18 - not too fond of gay people dog
may 29 - morb
may 31 - swedes won't give you food (this is a twitter meme but it's funny)
june 2 - mousegirl bartender
june 4 - manscapped :'((
june 15 - that fucking pikachu man ad
june 21 - increased recognition of were-ralph (from the werewolf boyfriend pulling out post) by name
july 8 - shinzo abe is assassinated & boris johnson announces resignation & everyone rejoices
july 15 - crabs 2: the sequel 🦀 now bestowed upon others for a price
july 31 - something something taylor swift private jet idk
sep 6 - gougar
sep 6 - tumblr logo has eyes??
sep 8 - reigensweep looses to an unexpected SANS UNDERTALE & then THE QUEEN OF ENGLAND DIES 🦀 🦀 trisha paytas goes into labor
sep 26 - female presenting nipples & other scandalous appendages are unbanned (edit: they were not. everyone is disappointed)
sep 27 - ned from try guys cheated on his wife >:/
oct 20 - liz truss defeated by lettuce
oct 22 - posts that look like this:
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check this shit out
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oct 22 - this should be a _k post
nov 4 - ryan reynolds joins tumblr on destiel eve
nov 6 - so many 2014 style tumblr posts in hopes of scaring away twitter refugees (everyone say thank you evilmario666)
nov 20 - GONCHAROV (1973)
dec 17 - the pornbots return
dec 29 - greta thunberg roasts andrew tate, he reveals his location in his response & is arrested by Romanian authorities for human trafficking. what a lovely way to end the year :)
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thegoldensans · 2 years
Granny, if youre here with us- heed my word. Hear my plea. Do not listen to the words of Tumblr User EvilMario666.
He is haunted by an ages old curse that will drag you down and hurt you even further. Remember the dark forest? Just like that. Be careful, dear.
You're the only person I've ever loved. I thought I could never feel love before I met you. But you're different. Granny. 💛
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babylon5 · 11 months
how the babylon 5 characters would use tumblr
sinclair: default icon and theme blog that he uses to reblog informational posts, resources, etc. somehow has a shit ton of followers despite making one personal post every 6 months
lennier: vent and traumacore blog
londo: "troll" blog who thinks the peak of internet comedy is posting the most ridiculous bait takes possible, except most people don't fall for them so he gets minimal interaction. "vir" he says "i posted to the tumblr" "oh what this time" "i said - hahaha you get this, you see, i posted that asexual people aren't allowed to wear any color or they're appropriating the ell gee bee tee pride flag" "i'm sure this will be the one that really stirs the pot" "oh it's going to piss off so many people i can't wait"
sheridan: uses tumblr like people used facebook or blogspot. orange themed recipes, political posts, etc while he's pining over delenn he posts a bunch of love song lyrics with no context and then when they get together he can't stop posting pictures of her & reblogging "i love my gf" posts. unironic minion meme poster
franklin: studyblr type blog but he's also a johnlock blogger in the mid 23rd century
gkar: no real "theme" he reblogs everything from cool fashion to anime to dark academia & is a part time tumblr funnyman but is also very vocal about his opinions. reblogs every signal boost post. he brings the infinite chocolate post back & knows it's fake but tries it anyway just in case. he has londo's url on his dni
delenn: used tumblr like once and then never again. sorry she would not use this website at all
vir: steven universe blogger
marcus: stans all female pop singers. prefers olivia and phoebe
kosh: evilmario666
morden: discourse blog & when anyone argues with him he tracks them down and kills them. also posts gay porn and somehow it never gets flagged
doesn't use tumblr: garibaldi, lyta (too pretty), ivanova (has never heard of it), talia & bester (psi corps)
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piosplayhouse · 1 year
Tumblr media
I posted 4,612 times in 2022
That's 4,373 more posts than 2021!
2,567 posts created (56%)
2,045 posts reblogged (44%)
Blogs I reblogged the most:
I tagged 3,768 of my posts in 2022
Only 18% of my posts had no tags
#svsss - 1,190 posts
#scumbag self saving system - 811 posts
#scum villain's self saving system - 667 posts
#mdzs - 557 posts
#sqq - 486 posts
#shen qingqiu - 464 posts
#mo dao zu shi - 367 posts
#sqh - 348 posts
#shang qinghua - 338 posts
#lbh - 277 posts
Longest Tag: 126 characters
#i miss thrm so baddd i love themmmmm 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺❤️💓❤️💓❤️💓💓❤️💓❤️💓❤️💓💓❤️💓❤️💓❤️💓💓❤️💓❤️💓❤️💓❤️💓❤️💓❤️💓💓❤️💓❤️💓❤
My Top Posts in 2022:
One thing I like about scum villain is that every time you think a relationship has a weird and unbalanced power dynamic, its revealed that actually the relationship has an even WEIRDER unbalanced power dynamic from the other end . Like sure moshang looks weird because sqh is mbj's servant but also sqh is quite literally god and created mbj to his exact specifications. fucking insane
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Wangxian is such a pervasive otp because it fits literally every trope at once. It's both slowburn because they have 20+ years worth of miscommunication foreplay and fastburn because they get married and start fucking literally the second they're alone after affirming that they're dating. It's a high school romance and a romance between 40+ year old coworkers. It's enemies to friends to enemies to lovers. They're both "I could fix him" AND "I could make him worse". Obsessed.
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I think one of the biggest sells for mdzs is the fact that one of the characters is really mad about being gay but not because of internalized homophobia it's just because hes a hall monitor and his crush is the class clown
7,826 notes - Posted January 10, 2022
My #1 post of 2022
Went outside my fandom bubble and saw people being cancelled for shipping two characters who tried to kill each other once damn is this the limit nowadays
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smolbeanjerma · 1 year
I used to be afraid of you when your blog was recommended to me. Not anymore…… you’re like evilmario666 of Jerma and I love it …
Tumblr media
Thank you tumblr user candlecrusaders. Be not afraid
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evilmario666 · 2 years
i was here since the beginning i was here before the blog was even created i was here before any of you were born mine and brogans souls have been merged since the creation of the universe god envies our love i have always been here i am the original evilmario666 fan brogan would be nothing without me and without him the earth would be dust come visit again my angel i made cookies -💌
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rowanoke · 1 year
Listen, everyone, if @evilmario666 identifies as straight, who are any of us to say otherwise? Sure he may have homoerotic tendencies, but who you choose to do things with is not necessarily indicative of your sexuality. For example, many gay people will sleep with people of the opposite sex for years, even decades, while they're in the closet. Or when a bisexual is in a monogamous relationship, they don't simply become gay or straight because they stop sleeping with other people.
He can be in love with and be attracted to his best friend (and his mom) and still be straight if that's how he decides to identify.
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millimononym · 1 year
Tweetsongs' tyranny part 2
Tumblr media
previous part current next part
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psycho-pomp · 3 months
i love you evilmario666
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suzufield · 11 months
I love you evilmario666 but if I see one more johnlock post in the year of our lord 2023 I'm going to kill someone
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dr-froggo-returns · 1 year
Tumblr media
I posted 9,154 times in 2022
20 posts created (0%)
9,134 posts reblogged (100%)
Blogs I reblogged the most:
I tagged 391 of my posts in 2022
#this was sponsored - 8 posts
#yeah - 7 posts
#frog posts - 5 posts
#!!! - 4 posts
#yes - 4 posts
#i guess - 3 posts
#bitch <3 - 3 posts
#*sobs on the floor* - 3 posts
#<3 - 3 posts
#cat <3 - 3 posts
Longest Tag: 139 characters
#evilmario666 i love you and i want you to know you are so cool and so amazing and so funny and i love you did i mention that? cus you so co
My Top Posts in 2022:
I don't know who needs to hear this, but you can just make and eat garlic bread whenever.
Just get bread, butter (or some kind of butter-like thing if you can't have butter), garlic powder, and something to toast it.
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Hello my beloved, here’s your reminder that you are pog and epic and cool <33 /p
noot noot
bottom text
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'Free da titty protect da city' except it's a transmasc superhero who just got rid of the titties (hence freeing them) and is now kicking ass
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Tumblr media
murderers in mittens. good.
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My #1 post of 2022
Tumblr media
this was. not what i was expecting when I opened tumblr.com.
it's a good distraction to what's going on right now
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