ltleflrt · 2 months
The thing about Anders, the thing is, like, he’s so funny right?  Snarky, flirty, and you’re never really sure if that threat to toss a fireball at your ass is serious or not, but you’re pretty sure it’s not, because Anders is a nice guy.  A fun guy.  He loves cats!  He participates in random orgies in brothels, and he uses his magic to create tingly fun times! 
And underneath that is a man who was so traumatized by being taken from his family and locked in the Circle that he wouldn’t speak.  No one knows his real name, because he would never tell anyone and he only answers to a nickname that probably wasn’t intended to be kind.  He runs and gets caught and runs and gets caught again.  He spends a year in solitary confinement, and it didn’t break him because he runs again.  He’s terrified all the time.  He opens himself to possession.  He’s claustrophobic.  He’s angry.  He’s done running.  He’s making a stand.  The world will see what oppressing mages has wrought.
Gods, I fucking love him.
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ltleflrt · 6 months
This whole backlash against printing fics irks the fuck out of me, and I got some shit to say about it. Mostly "Fuck You" but here's some nuance:
On the surface, I understand where the naysayers are coming from. It's a legitimate fear that making a profit from fanworks will bring down the C&D Hammer on fandom. I get that. Do not put on the One Ring, or you'll risk the Eye of Sauron.
But here's the thing. Fuck capitalism. Fuck digital only. We're living in the digital dark ages, and 100 years from now huge swathes of our history, fact and fiction, will be lost to our descendants because there will be no physical copies of our lives for them to find in old libraries and boxes in the attic, etc.
Creators deserve physical copies of their creations, and so do the other people in the world who love them.
I don't want to profit from letting people print my fics. That's why I use Lulu, since they have an option to set zero profit and make the links hidden so only fans in the know can get a copy. Other printing sites I've looked at in the past don't have those options. In fact, the first time I ever even thought about printing one of my stories was when I won NaNo for the first time and one of the prizes was a coupon for 3 free printings of your story. HELL YEAH, that's a copy for me, a copy for my beta, and a copy for the artist who made the cover for me. Perfect! But I ended up not using that coupon, because the site required I set a profit margin, and did not have an option to make it private. Ummm, no thanks. Not worth the risk. And even though the profit margin could be set as low as ten cents, I did not want to make ANY money from my fic, because I know that would be breaking Fair Use rules. I found Lulu instead, and decided to let other people get copies too, because I'm nice. And if I don't, it's not like I can stop them from doing it themselves, no matter how much I'd rather they not do that.
But that's not good enough for the Reporting Trolls. Their argument is that it's not possible for it to be completely profit free, since Lulu makes a profit on the printing costs and the shipping carriers make a profit off the shipping costs. Someone is making a profit, and that's unacceptable, even if that someone is not Me, The Person Who Made The Printing and Shipping Worth Paying For.
I would like anyone who thinks that to delete your accounts where you read fanfiction. AO3, Wattpad, FFNet, LJ, Dreamwidth, hell even Tumblr for the short ficlet stuff that only gets posted here. Because even if the website it self isn't profiting, (AO3 for example), the companies that sold them their server hardware made a profit. Since utilities are privatized, the electric company that runs those servers are making a profit. IF YOU PRINT IT ON YOUR PRINTER AND PUT IT IN A 3 RING BINDER, the paper, printer, and ink manufacturers made a profit from your dinky little print out. The companies that build all the parts for your computer or your smartphone made a profit on your portal to the internet, who profits from your monthly subscription, just like your electric company profits from the power it takes to run your pc or charge your phone battery. IT'S A SLIPPERY FUCKING SLOPE, AND YOU NEED TO LEARN WHEN TO BACK AWAY FROM THE LEDGE.
We live in a Capitalist Hellscape, and if a company could figure out how to charge you to breathe and for every single beat of your heart, they'd fucking do it. So get off your goddamn high horses with this "wELL SoMEonE iS makINg PrOFit" bullshit. Or if you truly believe that, shut off every account you own, turn off your utilities, and go live in the woods and make up your own goddamn stories, which you can only share orally to the local wildlife. They give kudos by biting you and giving you rabies.
(not to mention; these assholes don't go after fanartists who are ABSOLUTELY making a profit off their work. but noooo, Flirty can't format a fic for print and allow other people to pay for the printing service and shipping, while never seeing a penny of that herself, despite all of the GODDAMN WORK I HAVE PUT INTO IT, WRITING IT IN THE FIRST PLACE INCLUDED FUCK YOU VERY MUCH. fuckyoufuckyoufuckyoufuckyoufucky--)
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ltleflrt · 3 months
Y'know, just in case.
Tumblr media
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ltleflrt · 1 month
Hi!! i'm asking a bunch of people but do you have any destiel au best friend to lovers fic recs???? pleaseeeeee (no abo) thank youuuuu!!!!
Hi sweetpea! I've got some friends to lovers stuff for ya :D
okay, cupid. by orange_crushed
On Air by wincechesters
Just Turn Around and Go by @porcupine-girl
Version 2.0 by Elizabeth1985 aka @cocklesheadboop
Ignore the Butterflies: Best Friend Advice from Dean Winchester by impatient14
A Match Made (and Misunderstood) by surlybobbies
More Views. More Money. by herbivoredinosaur
Remember When by VioletHaze aka @scones-and-texting-and-murder
When In Vegas by Dmsilvis & TobytheWise
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ltleflrt · 7 months
The thing I find most interesting about Jensen’s answer about reacting to Castiel’s love confession is how he switches back and forth between “he” and “I” while talking about Dean’s reaction. Jensen is absolutely possessed by Dean’s ghost.
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ltleflrt · 1 year
Good Touches: A list compiled by Martin K. Blackwood
Hold his scarred hand. He can still feel the warmth.
Brush the wispy hairs escaping his bun from the back of his neck to get a soft smile.
The wrinkle on his forehead will smooth out if you kiss it.
Kissing his face anywhere has the same effect. Also brings out a smile. Especially lots of kisses right in a row.
Run your fingers through his hair after he takes it down before bed, and he’ll push against your hand like a cat.
(collect more evidence that Jon Is Actually A Cat)
Pull his feet into your lap. Ignore his protests, don’t tickle, just hold them till he relaxes.
That little space at the base of his spine, just below the waistband? Pet it.  Kiss it. Yes, that’s probably purring you hear.
(Jon IS Actually A Cat)
He’ll pretend to sleep if you nudge him onto his belly and stroke his spine.
On a good day, you can trace his scars. Remind him that he’s beautiful so that he has more good days.
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ltleflrt · 11 months
Friends with benefits who have banned kissing to keep things from getting complicated, fucking face to face, they're breathing each other's air, they both want it, they're so close.
Yeah, I love that trope.
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ltleflrt · 6 months
I want a reverse Hallmark AU.  Dean and Cas both grew up in a small town, and Cas left and got the fancy education and job in New York, while Dean couldn't afford to leave and also stuck behind to take care of Sammy and the Christmas tree farm.  Eventually John passes away, and Sammy goes off to also get an education and a job in NY, and he doesn't want to come home.  Dean comes to visit him in the city in December, but he's busy and Dean's left to his own devices and somehow runs into Cas again.  And Cas treats him to a dreamlike week of NY tourism, and they fall back in love, and Dean's in love with the city even though he never thought he could enjoy a place like that.  Sammy offers to pay for him to go to culinary school, cuz it turns out Dean's always wanted to be a chef, and introduces Dean to Benny who is willing to let him work in his restaurant.  But he says no, because he feels like he should.  He goes back home to the Christmas tree farm, and it feels empty and corporate, and he decides to sell it to some friends who want it and go back to NY.  The sale is still going through, but he heads back to NY just in time for New Year's Eve, and gets a chance to kiss his new rich boyfriend Cas at midnight in Time Square.
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ltleflrt · 1 year
The Chuck Won theory supported by the CW falling and taking more alternate universes down with it.
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ltleflrt · 19 days
Today’s episode of GK
Tumblr media
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It’s Angry About Sam’s Finale hours.
In the beginning Sam wanted out of hunting, to pursue a Normal Life. Over the course of the show he admits that he loves hunting.  He loved teaching new hunters how to hunt properly and safely.  He ends up out of hunting, shutting down the bunker so no one else can use it, and pursuing a Normal Life. All personal growth lost.
Sam had TWO friends in the entire show that where HIS first, not Dean’s first. Rowena and Eileen.  In the end, he lost both, and even seemed to be abandoned by Dean’s friends. Or abandoned them, because he’s certainly done that in the past.  All social growth lost.
Dogs were always SAM’S thing. Sure, Dean and Colonel made friends, but it was made clear that Sam was the Dog Guy. He ran off to Flagstaff as a kid to play house with Bones, and he ran off with Amelia as an adult to play house with Riot.  In the end he gets a dog... DEAN’S DOG. So he inherited one, in the same way he inherited Dean’s friends throughout the series.  And it barely seemed like he cared about Miracle until Dean died.  I don’t know what to call this, but it was lost too.
I’m gonna bite someone if they ever accuse me of hating the finale just for Dean or Destiel.  The entire thing was fucking stupid and backwards.
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ltleflrt · 2 months
I'm reading a fic tagged Slow Burn, but they are kissing by a few chapters in, and by the halfway point they're living together and about to get married.
That's not what slow burn means lol
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ltleflrt · 1 month
I'm positive I'll be acquitted in my murder trial when they see that this sales rep gave me a huge list of serial numbers in a jpeg instead of an excel file.
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ltleflrt · 1 year
I want a Supernatural video game. Something old school SNES side scroller style.  But most importantly, I want it to start out with Sam as the playable character, and then Dean becomes a playable character, and then you can switch back and forth. When Castiel shows up in the game, he’s not a playable character, he’s a special attack that Dean can summon.  And Sam’s special attack would have something to do with his demon blood powers.  And then around the season 6 era, SURPRISE! CAS becomes the playable character for a while, and then for the rest of the game, you can switch between the three of them except during story beats where it has to be one of them specifically.
There’s a whole Wayward DLC too.
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The ship has left the harbor :D
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
New project 😆
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