#lucas x max x eleven
El: The moon is beautiful
Lucas: Yes, but you know who is more beautiful?
Both: Max.
Max, lying between them and blushing furiously: sTOp-
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noisy-little-raccoon · 7 months
Max using her blindness, so she can walk in public, hand in hand with both Lucas and El.
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werewoofrobinbuckley · 6 months
Max and Nancy were scared of grandfather clocks, and they had a reason to. Vecna. They both had been Vecna’d after all, and everyone of the group was there to support them. Max had Lucas and Jane there for her, as her partners, while Nancy had Robin and Vickie. They were both polyamorous if it was not obvious before.
It had been a bad night for Max, her night full of nightmares. Whenever she’s try and sleep, she’d wake up within 20 minutes, and be in a cold sweat. That’s when she called both Lucas and Jane, asking for them to come over. The maximum time it took was 30 minutes fork then to get there. Jane was first, while Lucas was slower because he had to sneak out. He did ride as fast as he could however.
When Jane arrived, Max was a crumpled up mess in her bed, crying her eyes out. Jane had rushed over, pulling her into a hug, being gentle as she did so to not startle the smaller girl. She put Max’s head in the crook of her shoulder, and rubbed her back gently, whispering reassurance in her ear. “It’s all over, Vecna is dead… don’t you worry. What did you see?” Jane asked gently.
“I… I saw Vecna… And.. and he had you against the vines and you was dead. Then I heard 4 chimes and… and… saw the clock,” Max sobbed out, as she held on like life depended on it.
“It was just a dream. There’s no grandfather clock here, I promise you,” Jane said gently. That’s when the door slammed open then was shut loudly. Lucas rushed into Max’s room, which was quick considering she lived in a trailer. Max peered out from the other girls neck as she was happy to see Lucas and her eyes lit up.
“Sorry it took long, I had to sneak out,” Lucas panted out, still in his pyjamas. It was 2am after all. He went ofer and went behind Lucas, wrapping his arms around both girls. Max was starting to breathe better now as she felt safe, comfortable in the embrace but she was still tense, like a rock.
“Why don’t I make some hot chocolate and get some snacks and we could watch… The Shining?” Jane offered. Max smiled weakly as she was nodding, happy they would do that for her.
Nancy’s situation was different. She was watching a film with both Robin and Vickie, all girls smushed together on her bed. They were watching a film Robin had brought, not expecting a chime of a grandfather clock during it, and the image of one, one that looked like the one at the Creel house. She jumped and stiffened up. The whole town knew about what had happened after the earthquake, after many things happened like inter-dimensional monsters coming out of the cracks. That’s why when Vickie heard the chimes, she rubbed Nancys side and kissed her cheek to her ear then back down, over and over again. “It’s ok… it’s just a film. your ok,” she gently whispered, as Robin paused it, feeling bad.
“I’m sorry honey, I didn’t realise it would have that,” she said gently, rubbing Nancys other side, and kissed her neck, helping ground her.
“No… no, I’m fine,” Nancy lied as she put her arms around both of them.
“Mhm… we both can tell your lying,” Robin replied politely. Nancy was shaking her head but Vickie nodded and looked at her, kissing her gently.
“Come on… it’s ok to not be ok,” Vickie said gently, causing Nancy to look down and pick at the hole in her pyjamas that Robin had made by accidentally nearly ripping them off when she was really needy.
“I just… I thought of Vecna…. and how he said I didn’t deserve Barb or Robin. When I didn’t know you Vickie…” Nancy said, looking down.
“‘s ok. And you do deserve us…. you know that right?” she asked gently. Biting her lip, Nancy nodded, trying to believe it but she couldn’t.
Robin then held her. “Hey Vick…. want to get some water and snacks?” Robin asked. Vickie got up and did a thumbs up as she went down.
Once she did leave, Robin was starting to kiss her gently and held her face, whispering sweet reassurance during it. Nancy listened, letting her kiss and speak before she nodded.
“I’m sorry,” Nancy mumbled out, and started to nuzzle up to Robin, but due to the height difference it was her chest. Robin chuckled, brushing her hair gently.
“It’s fine. It’s your trauma isn’t if?” She asked gently as Nancy nodded. “Do you want to continue the film?” She asked wondering if Nancy was wanting to.
“I have to get over it someday right? I mean I can’t avoid them forever…” Nancy said and shrugged.
“That’s true,” Robin said as Vickie came back with all their favourite snacks and even toffee popcorn. She sat next to Nancy and rubbed her shoulders, handing them over. “I got some beers too,” Vickie said, passing one each. Soon they finished the film, all cuddled up as Nancy fell asleep, Vickie big spooning her and Robin being big spooned by Nancy.
Maybe some day they could fight this trauma away…
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nerdside · 7 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Stranger Things s02e02 x s04e08 parallel
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jollyfishtrashweasel · 6 months
"Joseph Quinn did a phenomenal job playing Eddie Munson" and "Caleb Mclaughlin deserves more recognition and awards for his role on Stanger Things" are two statements that can, and should, coexist
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duffer brothers please let the metal head kiss the jock and the journalist kiss the talkative one and the sad gay nerd kiss the repressed gay nerd and the angry redhead kiss the telepathic one and the basketball player and the weed smoker kiss the other weed smoker and the-
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aemondseyepatch · 8 months
*sighs* another fictional brunet captured my heart
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mad-elia · 8 months
🥀stranger things masterlist🥀
🎸eddie munson🎸
drunken confessions - you drunkenly tell eddie that you're in love with him. (fem!reader) (part two: sober revelations)
early march in indiana - early march in indiana sucks, but eddie munson makes it a little bit better. (gn!reader)
awe inspiring - you've been in love with eddie munson for years. if only he felt the same way about you. (gn!reader)
dungeons & dragons - eddie invites you to play dungeons & dragons with him. (fem!reader)
stoner - yeah it's just 383 words of making out um- (gn!reader)
brooklyn baby - you really wish eddie munson would stop playing with your feelings. (fem!reader) (inspired by the song by lana del rey)
sick day - you're sick, so eddie cancels hellfire to take care of you. (gn!reader)
i love you - eddie is in love with you, his best friend of twelve years, and you confess that you're in love with him too while you're half-asleep. (gn!reader)
disasters - you and eddie get lost on a road trip. (fem!reader)
ridiculous - you help eddie plan a d&d campaign. (fem!reader)
sketchbook - when your brother drags you into watching a hellfire campaign, it results in a date with eddie munson. (fem!reader)
i promise - you comfort eddie after he has a nightmare about you being taken by vecna. (gn!reader)
right time, wrong place - you almost get taken by vecna, which leads to a tearful love confession. (fem!reader)
sweetcheeks - eddie loves your sweet cheeks. (gn!reader)
clingy - a comment from mike makes you insecure about being physically affectionate with eddie. (gn!reader)
throne - you're the only person allowed to sit in eddie's throne. (fem!reader)
screw hellfire - eddie assures you that he still loves you. (fem!reader)
soft hair - eddie's hair is really soft after he washes it. (gn!reader)
cool sexy elf man - you braid eddie's hair. (gn!reader)
flowers and weed - eddie thinks you smell nice. (gn!reader)
cool as hell - the hellfire club finds out about eddie's girlfriend. (fem!reader)
fucked up - eddie munson gets you in a way no one ever has. (fem!reader)
lucky - eddie munson is impossible to wake up in the morning. (gn!reader)
fishnets - eddie really likes it when you wear fishnets. (fem!reader)
rings - dustin exposes your crush on eddie. (fem!reader) (part two)
zeitgeist - eddie hears you singing one of his favorite songs. (fem!reader)
shopping haul - you show eddie the stuff you got at the mall. (gn!reader)
dinner - dustin sets you and eddie up on a date. (gn!reader)
balloons - you discover eddie's secret phobia. (gn!reader)
nightmares - apparently eddie keeps your nightmares at bay. (gn!reader)
let's keep going - you patch up eddie's wounds. (gn!reader)
perfect - eddie isn't used to being loved. (gn!reader)
amazing - eddie hears you speak for the first time. (gn!selectively mute!reader)
wife - dustin meets eddie's wife. (fem!reader)
angel and devil - you talk eddie into going to a halloween party. (fem!reader)
cop dad - friends don't lie, but daughters do when their father is the chief of police and they're dating a drug dealer. (fem!reader)
strong girl - you show eddie your self harm scars. (fem!reader)
a song and a proposal - eddie gives you a surprise on your last destination on tour. (gn!reader)
no matter what - coming out to eddie as bisexual (fem!bisexual!reader)
don't make a sound - you make out with eddie while your dad's in the other room. (fem!reader)
broom closet - eddie drags you into a broom closet and kisses you senseless. (fem!reader)
bracelets - you always know how to make eddie feel better after a bad day. (gn!reader)
more important than school - eddie's late for school, but you don't want him to go. (fem!reader)
babysitting - eddie helps you babysit your three-year-old cousin. (fem!reader)
eddie munson x flower child!reader masterlist (fem!reader)
🕶️steve harrington🕶️
my girl - steve comforts you after a bad day. (fem!reader)
amazing - you come out to steve as bisexual. (fem!reader)
steve charming, the rebel - ever after high au (fem!reader)
📣chrissy cunningham📣
glasses - chrissy has always had a crush on you, and it all comes out when the two of you have a sleepover. (fem!reader)
⚔️mike wheeler⚔️
dragon plushie - you catch mike looking at a dragon plushie at the mall. (gn!reader)
📝nancy wheeler📝
fish flops or music box? - you and nancy can’t agree on what to get robin for her birthday. (gn!reader)
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lynnmcgrathh · 1 month
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
when it's basically canon that Max and El wear Lucas' t-shirts 🤭
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noisy-little-raccoon · 7 months
Thinking about Lucas giving Eleven piggyback. They both are laughing and loudly talking, and sometimes even huffing or yelling from fun or afraid of falling down.
And there is a Max, standing a few feet away from them. Hearing their laugh, their voices, their happiness. Imagining what they are doing right now, and what expressions are they wearing.
She is lost in her thoughts.
But then she feels warm, big hands on her waist and before she can even think about it, she is up in the air, spinning with Lucas holding her tightly.
So she crosses her legs on Lucas’ waist and holds him behind his neck, and she’s also laughing, because nothing can stop her.
A real, genuine laugh.
After a few moments, Lucas stops spinning her, but doesn’t let her go.
He’s breathing heavily, but she is positive that he’s still smiling.
And then she can feel another hand on her back, and she knows that Eleven came to them.
And so, here they are. Three of them. And Max loves them both so much.
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call-me-fanvergent · 8 months
the real mystery with stranger things is…
why the fuck does eddie’s uncle have so many mugs like dayum my dude you have more mugs then there is people in hawkins
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witter-potter · 8 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
3x06 // 4x04 
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nancys4gf · 6 months
So I've been thinking about this idea for a long time and I hope you could write it. The party stays a week at Steve's house as like a sleepover but it's a week long, and the reader and steve are the mom and dad of the party,(the reader has been around a but longer than Steve because they're Jonathan's best friend ) and it's just Steve and the reader being like a married couple the whole week but instead of steve being in mom mode it's the reader and everyone it confused at the sudden change but they love it, especially steve. And the party is just gossiping and being totally confused why the reader and steve aren't dating. ( bonus points if I could get a scene where will lays on the readers chest and naps and steve gets all annoying because that's "his place")
longing glances | steve harrington
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
summary: the party has a week-long sleepover at steve's house.
pairing: steve harrington x female reader
warnings: mentions of nightmares
note: dear anon, i LOVED this. i loved it so much i went crazy with it and ended up writing 5k words. it's honestly one of my favorite things i've ever written and i've had so much fun doing it. i truly hope you enjoy it as well!! thank you so much for requesting ♡♡♡
̟ ̇.˚︵‿୨♡୧‿︵˚.✩
– monday. 
when dustin proposed the idea of a week-long sleepover, you thought he was crazy. 
but as you drove the kids, robin, nancy and jonathan to steve’s house, every passing second convinced you that you all deserved to spend some fun, relaxing time together, after everything you had gone through.
after you honked the horn to announce your arrival, steve opened the door theatrically, a huge grin adorning his face. “mi casa es su casa.”
the kids didn’t waste a second before rushing in, pushing past steve. 
“dude, your pool is huge!” dustin exclaimed.
“why is this the first time you’ve invited me over?” robin gaped at the house.
“i don’t know.” steve shrugged. “just, don’t make me regret it.”
“race you to the pool!” 
“oh, yeah,” you laughed, watching steve’s panicked expression as the kids ran to the pool, jumping in without even bothering to put on their swimsuits first. “this was definitely a good idea.”
Tumblr media
– tuesday. 
“um, steve?” you called out, peeking inside the fridge. 
“where’s the food?” 
“right there.” he gestured.
“there’s a carton of milk and a tomato. what kind of breakfast is that?”
“add in some granola and you’ve got a champion’s breakfast.”
“steve,” you closed the fridge and put your hands on the sides of your waist. “i’ve got six hungry kids. and you haven’t stocked up on food?” 
steve opened his mouth only to close it again, and gave you a guilty smile, before turning away to look for his jacket.
“let’s go.”
he jiggled his car keys. “grocery shopping.”
— ❀ —
“can you grab some pop tarts?” 
steve nooded, disappearing further down the aisle. you had agreed to split up so it would take less time getting everything you needed, but you soon realized you couldn’t leave him alone.
“one box? do i need to remind you? six kids, and a week?”
steve looked confused. “uh. two boxes, then?”
you sighed, shaking your head. “alright. we’re teaming up, harrington.”
and so steve pushed the shopping cart, while you tossed the items in it. 
“get those,” you pointed at the fridges, and steve obliged, coming back with a significant amount of eggo’s boxes. “oh, and some lucky charms. will loves them.”
“did you sleep well last night?” he asked while taking the cereal.
“i did, thanks.” you smiled, glancing at him. “your bed is comfy.”
“i even put on some clean sheets for you.” 
“what a luxury.”
steve had arranged his house this way: the kids slept in sleeping bags in the living room, robin and nancy slept in the guest room, and steve and jonathan in steve parents’ room. you were the only one who had an entire room for herself, and you still didn’t really understand why. 
“i felt a little alone, though.” you pouted. “i’m the only one that doesn’t have a roomie.”
“i can go and keep you company if you want.” he said quickly.
“steve harrington,” you gasped dramatically. “are you trying to get into my bed?”
“first of all, it’s my bed,” he turned the cart into another aisle. “and no, obviously. i’d sleep on the floor.”
“or i just could join robin and nancy. or the kids downstairs.”
“yeah, yeah, of course. i was just- i was just saying.”
you piled up some tubes of ice cream in the cart, but had a hard time picking the last flavor. 
you held up two tubes and stared at steve. “which one?”
he looked as if you were asking a question with an impossible answer. you sighed.
“will, lucas and el prefer cookie dough. but dustin, max and mike like strawberry better.”
“well, what do you like?”
“strawberry it is.” he stated, grabbing the tube from your hands and putting it into the cart.
as you resumed walking together, you glanced at steve, but he was already looking at you, quickly averting his gaze. you couldn’t help the smile that crept across your face.
“so,” he played it cool, opening another fridge. “three frozen pizzas should be enough, right?”
“six kids, steve. six kids.”
Tumblr media
– wednesday. 
steve was trying to barbecue. it didn’t take long before everyone realized steve wasn’t great at barbecuing. 
“you’re supposed to wait for it to heat up.” jonathan informed.
“says who?”
“well, sometimes you gotta be different, you know,” steve shrugged, placing the raw burgers and steaks on the grill. “do things your own way.”
“remember to cook dustin’s well-done. he’s sensitive about meat.” you reminded from the recliner, sunbathing with nancy and robin as the kids played in the pool. 
“ouch.” robin whined for the hundredth time.
“what’s wrong?” nancy asked with her eyes closed, finally giving in to robin’s antics.
“the sun’s too hot.”
“it’s noon, robin.” you said obviously. “did you put on some sunscreen?”
“no,” she said quietly. “it makes me look bad.”
“you’ll look even uglier when you’re walking around like a burnt tomato.”
“here,” nancy offered, while robin threw her sandal at steve. “turn around.”
for the first time in history, robin did as told, and nancy started applying sunscreen on her back. robin went quiet after that. considerably quiet. 
“hey, no running!” steve called out.
“sorry!” mike shouted back. 
“you know you’re supposed to check on the food, right?” jonathan told steve, who was walking towards the pool.
“i am!” he said, before doing a cannonball, splashing dustin in the face.
the boys fooled around for a while: dustin getting on steve’s shoulders and steve dropping him, dustin keeping steve’s head underwater, trying to see how much time he could go on without breathing. 
at some point, the sound of your laugh caught steve’s attention. robin had taken off her sunglasses, and her face was completely red and sunburned, except for the mark of the glasses around her eyes. you burst into laughter, almost falling from your chair. steve didn’t notice he was smiling. but dustin did. 
“you’ve got something on your face.” 
steve immediately started touching his face. “where?”
“here,” dustin pointed at his own chin, right below his mouth, before breaking into a smirk. “drool.”
steve scoffed and slapped dustin on the back of his head, making the boy wince and touch the area. steve directed his gaze back at you, but instead, he caught sight of eleven stepping out of the house.
“what are you doing?” she stopped, the eggo midway between the air and her mouth. “no dessert before lunch, you know that.”
eleven stared as steve dismissively, and pointed at you. “she lets me.”
she proceeded to walk away and get into the water, ignoring steve’s orders not to eat inside the pool. he glared at you, and you shrugged, a playful smile on your lips. 
“sorry. i’m the cool one.”
Tumblr media
– thursday. 
the kitchen was silent and dark as you poured yourself some water. you closed your eyes for a moment, enjoying the way it refreshed your dry mouth. 
suddenly, you heard a noise, similar to a creak or a screech. your guard immediately went up, and before you realized, your hand was reaching for a knife. you stayed very still and very quiet as the noise got nearer, until finally, a figure appeared in the doorway.
you and steve jumped at the same time as he turned on the light. you exhaled and set the knife down, steadying yourself on the counter, your entire body shaking uncontrollably. 
“it’s just me,” steve whispered, slowly making his way towards you. “it’s just me. i’m sorry.”
you nodded as you felt a pair of arms around your shoulders, pulling you closer to him. you could feel his warmth through the fabric of the t-shirt, the smell of his cologne radiating from his skin, filling the air with recognition and safety. 
“i was just…” you sighed. “i came to get some water.”
“couldn’t sleep?” he asked, caressing your arm. you shook your head. “why?”
“i’ve been-” you stopped. you hadn’t told this to anyone. but being in steve’s arms in the dead of night made you feel safe. you knew you could trust him. you knew he would understand. “having nightmares.”
“ever since…?” he didn’t even need to finish the sentence, you nodded your head. 
he pulled you even closer, needing to protect you, even if you weren’t in any real danger.
“i’ll stay with you until you fall asleep, hm? how does that sound?” he said, moving his hand up and down on your back soothingly.
“sounds good.” you whispered, turning your head and giving him a smile.
you walked together, steve’s hand steady on your back. but when you got to the stairs, you stopped. 
“what’s wrong?”
you glanced at the living room where six figures lay, curled up against one another, sleeping soundly. they looked so peaceful. like they were ordinary kids, ordinary friends who did normal things like having sleepovers. they didn’t look like kids that continuously found themselves in danger, seeing each other go through the worst imaginable evils.
“i…” you hesitated, almost ashamed of what you were going to say. “i want to keep an eye on them. but you go.”
steve followed your gaze, and you noticed the way his eyes softened.
“i’ll stay with you.” he said firmly. 
“you don’t have to, steve.”
he stared at you, and this time it was you he was looking at with pure adoration.
“i want to.”
with one last reassuring smile from his part, you nodded, and you two walked back to where you had come from. you positioned yourself on the large couch in the living room, while steve looked for some blankets. 
“is this okay? are you cold?” he whispered as he covered you up. the blanket was warm and fuzzy.
“it’s perfect.” you smiled at him, moved by the tenderness in his gesture. “it smells like your house.”
“like my house?” he asked confusedly.
“yeah. you know how people’s houses have different, particular smells? well, like that.”
“and what does my house smell like?”
you pondered. “like steve.”
“okay, you’re not making any sense right now,” he chuckled. “you should sleep.”
he moved closer to you, covering himself with the blanket as well. it felt nice, being close to him like this.
“he snores.” steve observed, pointing at dustin, who was indeed snoring quite loudly. “of course he snores.”
you laughed together, but you didn’t talk after that. you could hear the occasional ruffle of the sleeping bags as one of the kids moved, the ticking of the clock, and the wind swaying the trees. you could also hear steve’s steady breathing, and your own heartbeat against your ears.
“thank you.” you spoke quietly after a while, just in case steve had fallen asleep. 
“what for?” he whispered back.
“staying with me,” you looked at him. you were so close you could see every detail of his face, even though it was dark. “for taking care of me, of them.” you glanced at the kids. 
he found your hand under the blankets, and squeezed it, giving you a smile. 
“you’re a good guy, steve harrington.”
what you said wasn’t new to you. steve was your friend, and you thought the world of him. and he knew that, he didn’t need to hear it in order to feel it. but actually hearing those words coming out of your mouth with pure sincerity and conviction, made his heart skip a beat. he was glad it was dark, because involuntarily, his eyes watered.
“i try,” he whispered, not daring to say something else in case his voice would break. “i try.”
“i know you do.”
Tumblr media
– friday. 
“sh! you’ll wake them up.”
“good, it’s already ten and i’m hungry.”
“what are they doing here?” 
“shut up!”
the first thing you saw when you opened your eyes was a camera. behind it stood jonathan, and the rest of the party, staring at you with huge smiles on their faces.
“what’s going on?” you mumbled, starting to get up, but something prevented you from moving.
something heavy, pressing down on your chest. you looked down, only to find a mop of disheveled, brown hair. 
“we could ask you the same question.”
“steve,” you whispered, slightly shaking him. “steve, wake up.”
he only whined in response, nuzzling up closer against you. everyone laughed at the sight, and jonathan took another picture. you glared at him. 
“what? this is an adorable scene.” he defended himself, smirking. 
“straight out of a christmas card.” robin chimed in.
“you’re only missing the golden retriever.” dustin said.
“steve is the golden retriever.” lucas proposed. everyone agreed. 
Tumblr media
– saturday. 
after a long day of swimming and playing a very violent game of monopoly, everyone was sprawled on the couches watching a movie. 
the exhaustion of the day seemed to dawn on the kids and robin, though, because they were all asleep by half of it.
will was lying on your chest, as you ran your fingers through his hair. robin always picked the best movies, and this was no exception. you were completely engrossed in it, but someone insisted on distracting you. 
“hey, that’s my place.” steve whispered teasingly from the other side of the couch, max’s head laying on his lap, while he gestured to will sleeping on your chest.
you laughed, shaking your head. you would be lying if you said you didn’t think about that night on the couch. 
“catch.” he whispered again, but when you ignored him, you felt something hit your cheek. 
“are you throwing popcorn at me?”
“i told you to catch.”
and so a war started, with you and steve throwing pieces of popcorn at each other’s mouths. steve caught a good amount of it, but you didn’t, and when some popcorn hit will on the forehead making him whine, you couldn’t help it, both you and steve burst into laughter. robin woke up solely to tell you to shut up.
after a while, the movie ended. the kids got settled in their respective sleeping bags, and the grown-ups wished each other goodnight and headed upstairs. you and steve were the only ones left, when he suddenly said, 
“shit. i forgot to clean the pool.”
“do it tomorrow.”
“no, they want to use it first thing in the morning. shit.” he groaned. “i’ll do it now.”
“i’ll help, then.”
“no, no. go to sleep. it’s late.”
“come on, we’ll be faster if we do it together.”
steve wanted to complain, but you were already opening the window, gesturing for him to follow you outside. and god knows he’d follow you anywhere.
— ❀ —
you and steve were on each end of the pool, removing leaves and eleven’s eggo crumbs. the air was sultry, the stars shining bright in the summer night’s sky.
“thank you for inviting us over.” you spoke. “we’re all having a great time.”
“sure. my house is facing some severe damage, but yeah.”
“i’ll buy you some new plates for the ones dustin broke.” you rolled your eyes. “but seriously, i haven’t had this much fun in a while.”
steve looked at you, nodding his head. 
“yeah, me too.” he paused. “i think we needed this, you know?”
after a while, the pool was cleaned. you stood together, admiring your work.
“see? teamwork makes the dream work.” you said, passing a hand through your sweaty forehead.
“it’s so hot.” steve commented, and you could see how drenched he was in the way his shirt stuck to his chest. oh, you could definitely see.
“i feel disgusting.” 
“good thing we have an entire pool for ourselves then, right?”
“yeah, right.” you chuckled. 
thing is, you didn’t think steve was being serious. but he was. his movements were so fast and sudden that you couldn’t even move out of the way, letting out a surprised yelp as you hit the water.
“steve!��� you cried out from the pool. 
“better, isn’t it?” he smirked, and you swam to the edge of the pool, getting hold of his ankles and pushing him inside with you.
after splashing each other for a while, you two swam in silence, going in separate directions but eventually finding your way back to each other. 
“you know, i wasn’t so sure about you at first.” you confessed, floating on your back, staring at the stars above you. 
“you weren’t?” he asked, and you hummed in response. “what changed?”
“dustin adopted you and i was forced to be in your presence.” 
he laughed, but he didn’t say anything.
“you’re not going to ask me why i didn’t like you?”
“nah,” he threw a remaining leaf out of the water. “i can imagine why.” 
you stood on your feet now, moving closer to him.  
“but you’re better now. everybody loves you.”
“keep going,” he teased, and you nudged him. “seriously, it’s good for my ego.”
“remember when you used to call the byers’ every night, so you could make sure will had gotten home alright?” you asked, and steve laughed, a bit embarrassed. “i think that’s how you finally won me over.”
“you didn’t have to do anything to win me over.” he said. “i was sold from the very first moment.”
“yeah?” you asked, a big grin creeping across your face.
“don’t let it get to your head,” he warned, teasingly. “but yeah. you were so sure of yourself. you never thought twice before doing something to help others. i wanted to be like you, i guess.”
you stared into each other’s eyes, the only sounds that could be heard being the sounds of the water and the rustling of leaves.
you didn’t understand what the feeling in your chest was. you had been in this same pool earlier that day, with the same boy standing in front of you, and you hadn’t felt whatever strange sensation you were experiencing now. the clothes felt heavy on your body, but being alone with steve made you feel oddly light. maybe your mind was playing tricks on you. but it felt good.
“come on,” he said after a while. “let’s get some towels.”
after rummaging through his closet, steve handed you a shirt. he turned back, and you turned back as well. you heard his movements as he took off the wet clothes and put on the dry ones. a shiver went down your back, due to the act of intimacy you two were sharing. 
when you were dressed, you turned back, and he did too. 
“you know, i have clothes.” you grinned. “i have a bag full of them.”
“i know.” steve broke into a smile. “i just like seeing you in my clothes. that’s all.”
you averted your gaze as your cheeks warmed up, but you could still feel steve’s eyes on you. 
Tumblr media
– sunday.
jonathan was showing you some pictures outside, while the rest of the party sat around the table having breakfast.
“is that your shirt?” dustin suddenly asked steve, pointing at you through the window.
immediately, everyone directed their gazes towards where dustin was pointing.
“holy shit,” max said. “it so is.”
“so what?” steve asked, feigning indifference. nancy and robin shared a look.
“why is she wearing your shirt?” nancy inquired.
“yeah steve, why is she wearing your shirt? did she run out of clothes? did she lose them? did she manage to get them all dirty?” robin insisted, and steve waved her off.
“she liked the shirt. so i let her borrow it.”
“it looks big on her.” eleven commented.
steve looked down, smiling to himself. “i know.”
“you’ve never even kissed?” max asked very seriously and very incredulously. steve stared at her.
“i’m not answering that question.”
“that means they did!” lucas exclaimed, and max nodded frantically. 
soon, the breakfast table was in uproar. max, lucas and robin were asking for details, dustin was screaming at mike that he owed him twenty dollars, and will, eleven and nancy watched the scene entertainingly. 
“no, no! shut up, everyone! no, nothing’s happened. jeez. you’re like a group of possessed parrots.” 
“i’m confused,” dustin started. “why aren’t you guys dating?”
“yeah!” max exclaimed, and steve was genuinely surprised at the girl’s interest in his (nonexistent) love life. “you guys already act like you’re dating.”
“they act like they’re married.” lucas corrected.
“you’re perfect for each other.” dustin went on. “you both like horror movies, you always laugh at her terrible jokes, she laughs at yours. not to mention you’re the ones who take care of us.”
“yeah, and she makes you decent.” robin remarked.
“and you make her happy.” eleven pointed out, and her profound, sincere comment managed to turn them all silent.
you and jonathan walked into the room, taken aback by the uncharacteristic quiet.
“what’s going on?” 
to make matters even more suspicious, everyone shouted ‘nothing!’ at the same time. you raised an eyebrow, but decided not to engage, sitting down next to steve and stealing a piece of bacon from his plate.
“i like your shirt.” max told you.
“thanks. it’s steve’s.” you said casually. 
you watched curiously as the rest of the kids tried to contain their laughter. you looked at steve, but he just shrugged, a faint flush on his cheeks. 
— ❀ —
things were changing with you and steve. you noticed it in the way his gaze lingered on yours, making every moment of eye contact a breathtaking incident. 
and now, at the bonfire the kids had insisted on having since it was the last night of the sleepover, you saw it in the way he looked at you first whenever he made a joke, or when he gave you the best s’mores. 
“bonfires always get me so emotional.” robin expressed. “they remind me of the last nights at summer camp. i feel like we’re saying goodbye, or something.”
“no one’s saying goodbye,” steve rolled his eyes. “i’ll be seeing your little sunburnt face before i get the chance to miss you.”
robin glared at him. 
“expect to see a lot of me this summer,” dustin added. “you won’t be able to get me away from that pool. or your nintendo.”
“great.” steve said sarcastically.
“you know,” you said, taking the s’mores steve was offering you. “even if we’re not saying goodbye, this is still our last night doing this. we can get emotional if we want.”
“no, don’t start!” will cried out. “you always cry when you make speeches.”
“i won’t make a speech.” you rolled your eyes. “i just want to say that… i never thought i’d have a friend group like this. that i’d ever feel this comfortable and happy. and, honestly, after all we’ve been through, i think we’re bonded for life.”
you gazed at your friends, suddenly feeling exposed and vulnerable. “don’t you think?”
“yeah.” mike agreed, and the rest followed, agreeing quietly.
“i don’t think i could ever forget you guys.” max said. “even if i wanted to.”
lucas wrapped an arm around her shoulders, and she smiled, resting her head in the crook of his neck. 
“whatever happens in the future, let’s promise to protect each other.” nancy spoke.
everyone nodded, a silent promise hanging in the air as the friends leaned against the person sitting next to them, looking for comfort in the people they trusted the most in the world. their family. 
— ❀ —
everyone had already gone to sleep, but you lingered by the stairs with steve. it was your last night here. if something was meant to happen, it was now or never.
“so, last night here.” you commented, playing with your feet. 
“yeah.” he chuckled awkwardly. “i mean, not mine. i live here. but yours.”
he didn’t say anything else, and neither did you. you looked everywhere except at each other. 
“it’s been a… very insightful week.”
“totally.” you agreed, even though you weren’t sure what he meant by ‘insightful’.
steve finally looked at you, and you hesitantly looked back. the look in his eyes made your breath catch in your throat: you were pretty certain it was now. 
“we should get some sleep. it’s late.” he concluded after a moment, putting his hands in the back pockets of his jeans.
“oh.” you nodded your head, furrowing your eyebrows, doing your best to hide your disappointment. “yeah, sure. goodnight.”
you motioned to go up the stairs, but he had to go upstairs too, so you ended up bumping against each other. you both chuckled awkwardly, walking together.
when you finally got upstairs, both of you glanced at each other’s respective rooms, lingering. okay, maybe downstairs wasn’t now or never, you thought. now was now or never. if he wanted to make a move, this was the perfect moment.
“alright. goodnight, don’t let the bed bugs bite.” he said and quickly walked away, shaking his head and muttering a ‘what?’ under his breath.
“uh, yeah, thanks.” you mumbled, walking into his room. 
you shut the door behind you and rested your head against it, letting out a groan. 
you turned and turned on the bed, but sleep wouldn’t come. you kept going over this past week, wondering if you had imagined all the longing glances and touches and subtle flirting. 
wondering if the night at the pool, or the night when you had slept on the couch, or the morning at the supermarket hadn’t meant anything to him. like it meant to you.
not knowing was driving you crazy. so you decided to give in to your curiosity and impulsivity and got out of the bed, going over the things you were going to say when you confronted him.
but when you walked out of the room, you were surprised to find steve already in the hallway, wide-awake, his hair messy and his clothes wrinkled. 
“oh, hi.” he said, startled. 
“hi.” you replied, all your bravado and courage fading away as soon as you looked into his eyes.
“is everything okay?” 
“yes, yeah. i was just… it’s nothing,” you chuckled sheepishly. “where were you going?”
“i, uh,” he looked away. “i just wanted to make sure you didn’t have another one of those nightmares.”
“oh,” you nodded your head. “yeah, i’m okay. thank you.”
“good. great.”
“i should…” you took a step back. “yeah, goodnight.”
being in steve’s presence was dangerous. especially when you were so worked up and sleepless and confused and he was looking like that. 
you practically ran back to steve’s room, not daring to cast him another glance.
throwing yourself on the bed, you put the pillow over your head, trying not to scream. what were you doing? were you insane? you had almost ruined your friendship with steve just because you were being stupid over things that didn’t mean anything. not only that, but messing things up with steve would have perpetual consequences on the entire group, and you couldn’t do that. not when all of you had just promised you’d always be there for each other, no matter what.
naturally, you convinced yourself you should apologize to steve in case you had made things weird. so you got on your feet again, and you opened the door.
only steve was already there, his hand raised, about to knock. 
and you forgot whatever it was that you wanted to tell him. you forgot about your worries and your fears and your imagination. you didn’t know what you had imagined and what you hadn’t, you just knew what you were feeling right now, as steve stood in front of you, his eyes showing an urgency that resembled your own.
you had spent the last hour going over possible things you could say, but at that moment, words were the last thing on your mind. because he was cupping your face with his hands and he was kissing you.
he was kissing you, and you didn’t waste a second before kissing him back, your hands finding its way to his hair. his mouth was warm and your hands moved about his body, pulling him towards you. it was just him, him and him and him. 
he kissed you with so much force you stumbled back into the room, and he followed, his hands not leaving the grip on your waist. in one swift movement, he put one hand on the back of your neck, and he shut the door with the other.
Tumblr media
– monday. 
everyone was already in the car, except for you. you were standing with steve on his doorstep.
“are you busy tonight?” 
“i haven’t even left yet and you already miss me?” you teased.
“maybe.” he grinned, and you felt so lucky, so ridiculously lucky, that you were the one he was dedicating that beautiful smile to.
“i’m free.”
“can i… pick you up?” he asked, interlocking his fingers with yours. “at seven, maybe?”
“sounds good.” you nodded, breaking into a smile. his gaze fell to your lips for a moment, before finding your eyes again.
he kept playing with your fingers, simply gazing at you. you realized that it wasn’t that the whole world disappeared when he was looking at you. the world was still there, but he made it better. 
steve placed one hand on your cheek, pulling you closer to him. he planted a soft, short kiss on your lips, before pulling away and planting another one on your nose.
“i’ll see you tonight.”
you said your goodbyes, and as you walked to the car, you were greeted by a tumult of screams and shouts as the kids cried out “i knew it! i knew it!”.
“yeah, yeah,” you said, rolling your eyes but not being able to erase the smile from your face. “now, seatbelts.”
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jollyfishtrashweasel · 7 months
Joseph's reaction in seeing how deeply Eddie's death has caused, while knowing he probably will return the next season and we're all just overreacting.
Tumblr media
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fluffysteddie · 6 months
steve: the food’s too hot, i can’t eat it!
eddie: you’re too hot and i still eat you.
robin: ………
max: ………
lucas: ………
will: ………
mike: ………
el: ………
dustin: *slams knife and fork down* ONE. DINNER! I JUST WANTED ONE. DINNER.
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