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Lucy when Tim gives her a necklace:
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Do you need help studying?
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Chenford & Java Crumbs Per Episode:  Episode 5x18 Double Trouble
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— requested by @convolutings​
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#nyla harper: the chenford guru requested by anonymous
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I’d say that’s a gold circle.
❤️ that she wears it all the time.
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i want you to be happier
Isabel tugs on the front of her jacket, smoothing out the nonexistent wrinkles and adjusting the way the fabric sits on her body as she readies herself to knock on the door. 
She hates that she’s so nervous, but she can’t help it. The last time she saw him, her life was a mess. Sure, she was clean, but she had no job, nowhere to go, no prospects. She’s proud of how far she’s come, she really is. But it’s still scary to be here, to face him and be reminded of everything she ruined.
Deep breath.
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The absolute softness of the way Tim asked if Lucy needed help studying is *chef's kiss*. This man was dealing with the aftermath of taking a life, and was clearly not 100% back to normal, but was still willing to put that aside and help his girlfriend, because he loves her and wants her to have a successful career.
And the thought did cross my mind that he might be deflecting a bit here, because his instinct is to brush off whatever is bothering him and say everything is fine, not wanting to delve deeper. Even if that's what he was doing though, a) he would eventually open up to Lucy and let her help him, and b) it doesn't change his motives for wanting to help Lucy study.
And Lucy's freaking heart eyes after he asks?! She is so head over heels here it's insane (they both are, honestly).
They truly are in a really beautiful place. ❤
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theflyindutchwoman · 2 days
Let's talk about the elephant in the room (no, not that one) for a second : Lucy's promotion and the mess she appears to be in. It would seem that her path to becoming a detective will have some roadblocks - since apparently she can't have nice things. How big those are going to be… Well, that's the question.
The one silver lining - if we can call it that - is that so far, this arc aligns with a pattern from the show : pretty much everybody has had a setback of some sort before being promoted, whether it was from their own volition or not.
Angela - she passed the detective's exam, got the tap but messed up during a case and had to wait for almost 9-12 months before finally getting back on track.
Talia - she passed the detective's exam, got the tap… And last minute, decided to stay on patrol for a little while longer (1.10). In the end, she had to make the jump to ATF since her career in LAPD was basically toast (though this part was due to the actress leaving - not sure how they'd have resolved this issue had she stayed).
Nyla - her "promotion" was in the form of a golden ticket. Except she practically took a step back in her career : while her rank remained the same, becoming a training officer after being a detective in usually considered as a demotion more than a promotion. She had her reasons, but that wasn't the most typical trajectory. She had to wait for 2 years before being back to full-time detective.
Tim - he passed the sergeant's exam, got an immediate offer that would have cut back the waiting period but turned it down to stay training Lucy. He had to wait for a couple of months before becoming a sergeant. It is worth noting that his second promotion (Sergeant II - that he got when he joined Metro) was immediately and encountered no issue, but since this one didn't require any exam/interview, that might be why.
Nolan - he was supposed to take the FTO's exam but Union Guy blackballed him… Which was supposed to throw a wrench in his plan, but that only lasted one episode before he got a golden ticket… I almost didn't include this one on the list since his setback ended up being a non-issue…
Now the reason for holding back the former TOs was obvious : they were still needed in patrol to train the rookies. Hence why it took so long for some of them to get back on track. But now that everybody is moving forward, it's no longer necessary.
I guess what I'm trying to say is that hopefully this storyline for Lucy is just a way to a/ deal with the last loose end on the five-player trade arc (that was started by Nyla) and ; b/ continue this pattern of not having a straight forward path to promotion. And not a way to stop her undercover career or whatever nonsense that might be cooked. And hopefully, this issue is resolved quickly, with Lucy acing that test and interview and we won't have to wait season 12 before seeing her promoted to detective (or whatever she wants to be). She has always overcome any obstacles that came in her way, there's no reason she can't do it again... Let her be her badass self during that interview.
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the writers vs. lucy chen
Tumblr media
i wasn’t looking for her to get promoted at a random moment in the season, so that’s not the issue. she’ll get promoted eventually. she has to be. otherwise, these writers will never beat the allegations, and tbh, they’re running out of time.
it’s definitely a collective decision, too, bc the writers have changed hands multiple times since that girl, ep 513. not even my fave writer could save the five-player trade storyline from the trenches. such a shame bc this ep was vintage rookie: very cohesive and exciting!
what are these allegations?
it’s 100% misogynistic for them to falsely equate lucy’s influence with manipulation to create obstacles in her life. it was annoying for them to do it personally, but now it’s downright infuriating for them to do it professionally.
because if anyone deserves a stress-free path and a fast-track to a promotion on this show, it’s lucy chen. mid-wilshire’s shooting champ endured traumatic hazing to prove her chops for UC as a rookie. as a newly minted P2, she singlehandedly dismantled two drug cartels on her first deep cover op, after meticulous preparation.
yet, she has none of the commendations that would normally go along with accomplishments of that magnitude. they moved on way too quickly from that to make chenford ride together again and assert nolan’s position as the rookie. so even though lucy has nothing left to prove, she’s been stuck fighting for leadership positions to get more points in favor of a promotion.
why does this matter?
lucy chen is a unicorn. finding a highly capable, girl-next-door asian-american female lead with an equally strong moral compass like her, esp in her field, is very difficult.
it’s painful to watch the writers ruin what they’ve built by making something out of nothing, given the way they’ve upgraded the careers of their two white male officers in the last two seasons without issue. it’s sending the message that women of color really do have to work twice as hard to get the same accolades, even in a fictional world, and not in the social commentary way.
in s4, nolan’s promotion to P2 was so ugly. the team was concerned with finding the killer of lucy’s best friend, a black man, and her situationship’s former TO’s best friend, a latina woman. somehow, though, the white man who undermined the justice system egregiously in the name of self-righteousness got an on-cam pat on the back from his black watch commander for taking his punishment well. the audacity. even tim’s deserved promotion happened off-cam.
in s5, her peer, nolan, leaves her in the dust by getting awarded a golden ticket for being a white savior at the border. detective is seemingly open for him again, even after being told that his self-righteousness cost him that privilege, but he opts for TO. what a slap in the face for lucy, who always navigated policy and procedure well.
make it make sense.
to make matters worse, the writers have now proceeded to willfully interpret her goodwill to help her bf get a more prestigious lateral transfer as malicious to make everyone turn on her.
after everything you have been through, how often you have proven yourself, there is not a cop in here who would not have your back if you asked. –harper in 505
so suddenly, every accomplishment lucy’s ever had is thrown out the window bc she did a lil networking to get her superior sergeants referrals for placements more suited to their current values? this punishment of making her worried about getting her score tanked doesn’t fit the crime of her secret involvement in tim’s career at all.
regardless, she’ll take the detective's exam in two weeks their time (ep 521). let’s see what bs comes up to make the ‘grand plan’ of delaying her promotion for the 100th ep happen (ep 602). 🙃
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Title of 5x20
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quiet my fears with the touch of your hand
Pairing: Tim Bradford/Lucy Chen
Rating: G
Timeline: During Episode 5x14 and After
Word count: 2031
Summary: “You okay?”
Their limbs are tangled together on the couch, and Lucy is half-sprawled over Tim’s body, with her hand resting on his torso while one of his hands is busy playing with a lock of her hair. Despite the comforting gestures and their physical proximity, Lucy is oceans away from him at the moment and there is no way to ignore the brooding, melancholy silence that hovers between them.
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 Tim’s arms around her provide a safe cocoon throughout the movie. It's so tempting to just lose herself in the warmth of his embrace and yet Lucy’s thoughts continue to shift back to what Tamara said. It weighs heavy on her, knowing what the girl has been through. She fidgets with her hands, trying not to make it painfully obvious that she hasn’t really been watching the movie.
 Lucy has her own painful feelings of rejection regarding her family, which does nothing to ease her mind. She's been trying her best to make sure Tamara understands that she has a home with her for good, but she must've gone wrong at some point if her relationship with Tim made her feel replaced or displaced.
 “You okay?”
 Their limbs are tangled together on the couch, and Lucy is half-sprawled over Tim’s body, with her hand resting on his torso while one of his hands is busy playing with a lock of her hair. Despite the comforting gestures and their physical proximity, Lucy is oceans away from him at the moment and there is no way to ignore the brooding, melancholy silence that hovers between them.
 “Hmm?” She asks before realising what he means. “Oh, yeah.”
 “Is it the movie?”
 Lucy glances at the TV and lets out a soft sigh. She's mad at herself for compromising the little personal time they get together, but Tamara's words are still lingering in her mind. “No,” she admits in defeat. “I haven't seen much of the movie.”
 He doesn't point out that it was obvious that she hadn't been watching. He lowers the volume almost to zero, letting the movie play on in the background while turning his body and attention completely to her. “What's up?”
Lucy shakes her head, conflicted. It’s not just that she doesn’t want to bother him with this on one of his rare nights off, and she also doesn’t want to betray Tamara's trust by telling him what they talked about. Her need to discuss it, and the fact that it’s Tim and they talk about everything wins in the end. But before she can even voice what's on her mind, he knows.
 “Does it have anything to do with Tamara skipping movie night?”
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It is said that in death, life flashes before your eyes. Fleeting moments, small and mundane; significant, life altering ones that put you on a different course; the what if’s filled with the would’ve, could’ve, should’ve; and of course, everything in between. A movie with lifetime worth of memories that come and go in a snap. At least that’s the what the vague memory that momentarily flickers in her mind suggests. She has no idea where she heard this from nor is it important. It’s replaced by something else, someone else: Tim. The memories come flashing by one by one. It's instant yet so vivid, as if she's back in that moment again, recalling every last detail and feeling. Tim's voice faintly echos in the back of her mind but it doesn't matter, she's already back at the beggining ...
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