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oh, uh...
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I do have a tgb spoiler tag, so.... *shrug* use that?? <:'''D
I'm just trying to like...... Visualise what I wanna write for Willow's arc, y'know?? So this is like.. just the vibe... not actually what would happen.
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Anyway, babbling on beneath the cut ignore me lol;;;
I just really wanted for Willow to have a longer arc where she had to get accustomed to being the powerhouse and the pressure that comes with suddenly excelling in a field, coupled with her repression of being a sensitive girl.
Hers and Amity's reconciliation was speed-runned (understandably so), but with an extended season 3, their friendship could've had more build and nuance ontop of the foundation they grounded at the battle at Hexside.
I think it could've been a really nice touch to Willow's character to sort of embody that toxic female empowerment that Hollywood likes to push these days, where "strong girls" aren't allowed to be sensitive and girly - and if they are, they're reduced to ridicule or villainy.
Girls have to be everything except emotional these days. It's so unfair. Anyone; boys, girls and in-betweens : all have emotions. Everyone can break down. Everyone can lose their cool and control.
Especially if you repress having negative feelings. Like lingering resentment, pride, self-imposed image of what weakness means onto your own person.
Gus' line to Willow in SE3EP3 about how people who support others needs support too-- resonates very well with what her struggle is, I think.
I would have liked for her to, despite liking Amity now, still having some unresolved feelings towards her that comes out in this "I will prove how much I don't need help." mentality. Caked ontop of being the one who misses home the most, and wanting to be the one who supports everyone else.
Some people, who take great pride in being the emotional reliable one. can often build up these mentalities that, like, "I can't share my feelings. But that doesn't apply to my friends! They're not weak if they are sad, but I am." y'know?
Which summons up that backhanded "empowerment" girls get.
Like of course Willow can be both! :( <33333
I really wanted her to be a damsel in distress, not towards an enemy - but to herself.
Gus would've just tried to comfort her and she would've just felt guilty and bad, Amity would've just tried to reassure and say everything is fine which would've made Willow feel patronized, Luz would've tried to fix it for her and Vee would've been too harsh.
Camila can't reach her, because Willow is not receptive to her yet. But Hunter is.
Hunter is gentle, and he knows the most what repressing yourself is like. Sometimes, listening and just letting feelings have their space without judgement is the only way.
Bad feelings dont last forever. It's okay to feel them. They will pass, this forest feels big right now, but it won't forever. It will fade when the moment is over. Forget about everything around you.
Gus said "just let it out we'll be fine!" And I think he'd still say that, but I think I would've used that line where Willow might've just rejected it. Because Gus is not the person she wants comfort from, she wants to comfort him.
"What if humans see this?! What if-" "Forget about that for now." "But-" "We can deal with that later. Gus was right, just let it out. Things will be alright. I promise. I'm here."
So, I think...
I would like to build it up that Hunter has to get through to her, literally, to give her a hug and let her have it out. Yknow?
And, because I gave him the ability to be a galderstone to his friends, I think in this instant he would've done the reverse-boost and made her magic too heavy to use, so her magic can't feed on her emotions and escalate. She would be tired and let the pressure be too much, so she could actually let her feelings out instead of thinking of everything happening around her. And the magic would fade around them. The forest she grew would wither and slither back into the earth. Leaving her to just cry and be consoled.
Once the forest is gone, Camila can get through and help her. :'D <3333
I wanted Hunter's galderstone power to be a powerboost and a reverse. And the point of the reverse was this - to stop powerful witches from losing control. Literally being their rock in the storm.
Wilow is the tree Hunter finds solace leaning on. Hunter is the rock Willow can hold onto.
Because that's adorable.
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* You have reached the maximum level of friendship with Hamayun
* You have unlocked: 💗cuddles💗
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Soooo I just got a theory regarding this photo last time I saw it.
Notice how Manny has his hand on Luz’s head.
Tumblr media
Who else have we seen affectionately rub Luz’s head?
Tumblr media
What if Eda doing that reminded Luz of her dad?
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And then everyone clapped and cheered and I got a standing ovation cuz I’m so funny.
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Heyo animation fans! I'll be collaborating with the amazing @a-magpie-in-gravesfield to bring you a limited edition 3-pin set featuring Gravity Falls, Owl House and Amphibia! Stay tuned for more news regarding preorders.
In the meantime, y'all should check out @a-magpie-in-gravesfield's etsy shop, it is chock full of amazing pin designs, the link is in their pinned post!
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I have no idea what the future holds, but it would so cool if you were a part of it...
Future au by @aweirdlatina on Twitter
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another TOH kofi request dump !
ClippedWings AU Lumity icons for bewereyote
Palistrom AU Hunter for @chaoticnebu
Eda giving a lesson on runes to Luz for @1ncrediblemarz
St.Epiderm Radrian for TxtTabloid
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So, just to recount, we've got...
Tumblr media
gay witches,
Tumblr media
gay pirates,
Tumblr media
a bisexual and genderfluid Norse god,
Tumblr media
a bisexual and polyamorous Greek god,
Tumblr media
another bisexual Greek god,
Tumblr media
multiple gay Greek demigods,
Tumblr media
and gay alien gemstones???
All in this lifetime?!
Tumblr media
If y'all have any additions, feel free to leave 'em below.
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Day 2: Authors
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Girl talk
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""Fragile". Eda doesn't know me! I-I'm brave! I'm a bad boy!"
*spooky footsteps*
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"Ominous footsteps, creepy woods. This is no problem."
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"Oh my gosh, Amity! I'm so sorry!"
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"And here I thought this day - Oop!"
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"...Couldn't get any worse."
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I just love Luz so much in this scene. So let's start with her calling herself a bad boy, which is just a bit of the fantastic genderfluidity that she keeps displaying. Calling out a swing with a stick as a special attack is great too. But what really gets me is her sitting down in the muck with Amity. She's just accidentally shoved Amity into the mud, and apologising and helping her up doesn't fix that. So she sits down in the mud next to her, making her own clothes at least as muddy as Amity's. She deliberately puts herself into the same situation so Amity doesn't have to feel like the odd one out with the muddy clothes, to show her she'd never judge her for that, and as a little extra apology. It's very sweet and very Luz.
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Them 🍃🍂 🦉
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