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"In hindsight, I might have gone a little dark on that last one."
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pdlcomics · 2 months
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be mad
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inheaven-mad · 1 month
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Chest 😩
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neuroticboyfriend · 2 months
we call therapists who harm their clients "bad therapists," but at what point in so many people having so many harmful experiences is a "bad therapist" just the average therapist doing exactly what they're taught to do - making them a "good therapist" to the system?
and at what point is the entire system rotten if "good therapists" are outliers instead of the norm? can we even call many of those therapists good if they become bad when faced with a client from a group they're prejudiced against? or ill equipped to support?
can we truly call them good when they're willing agents within a harmful system? one that decides someone with a degree and training can know more about a person's wants and needs than the person themselves?
and why is it wrong to question this?
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nelkcats · 2 months
Danny Phantom is Pit madness
Basically, Danny ended in the Lazarus water, something bad happened in the Realms, it was too dangerous so the ghost decided to protect their king, they didn't let him help wich made him absolutely furious
Danny was made for PROTECTION, he needs to HELP, he needs to SAVE THEM, they couldn't take that away, they had no right
Ghosts knows that, but even if Danny is the strongest baby ghost in existence they didn't want to risk it, they love him, more that he loved himself
So they put him to sleep, in a safe place while they take care of the problem; of course they did not take into account that Jason Todd would plunge into those waters, combining him with his king, or rather forcing overshadowing, by accident
But even overshadowing his body, Danny was still sleeping, ¿the only thing that could wake him up? Anger, despair, and the need for protection, things that Jason held inside of him very well.
The problem is that Danny wanted to help earlier with the problem in the Realms and is the last thing he remembers, so he always woke up furious and completely instinctive rather than rational.
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weirdlandtv · 2 months
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Vintage MAD and CRAZY covers featuring STAR WARS.
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inkskinned · 11 months
this is , and has always been , about control.
my father is a deacon in the Catholic church. i can say with authority and extreme research: abortion is not murder in the scripture. it has the same significance as "only fish on fridays during lent" - it is an invention of man and tradition.
if they cared about children, marrying a 13 year old would be illegal in every state. it is not illegal in every state. if they cared about children, about lives lost, about the value of life: they would have worked to make that life have value. where is the church, the religion - where is that, when it is time for anything else? when they close their eyes to their own priests? when they close their eyes to domestic violence? to marital rape?
if it was about life, prevention would be key. proper sex ed would be in every school. options for birth control would be in every hallway. we know these things work. we have known for a while. hiding from the problem never diminishes the problem. we are not seeking to actually-prevent unwanted pregnancies - so therefore an unwanted pregnancy must work as punishment for a behavior that is otherwise uncontrolled.
this is not about when and where life begins. there is already a discussion of bodily autonomy that exists, and it is legally bound to us. if i have died, even if my body could save one million children - i am not legally bound to give that body to those children. in death, where there is no debate; that the human soul or life or essence has passed from me - i still retain autonomy, and owe those children nothing.
jesus said, specifically, that it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of god. it is a thesis restated many times in the bible; textual and specific evidence. and yet the church has not lobbied for wealth redistribution on the grounds that billionaires are going to hell, only prayed for the spirit of charity to flow amongst us. the american christian population is not disturbed and ashamed of their wealth. instead they see their wealth as a gift from god. there are not entire churches dedicated to picketing the estates of billionaires (unfortunately). it cannot be about the biblical evidence or jesus's word, then.
it is about control. and people are going to die. and the church - despite telling us over and over how all life is precious, perfect, present - they will look at the bodies and shrug and say: your fault, shouldn't have sinned. and then they will turn their eyes away.
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one-time-i-dreamt · 4 months
My dad was happy that I came out as trans, but he was mad at me for being single.
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littlestpersimmon · 6 months
How is "everyone should have access to water, shelter, food, community and art" radical and unachievable ?
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jaubaius · 1 year
Hold my beer while I shoot some hoops
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yakuzadumpingground · 1 month
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Anakin: The Jedi Council are so wise and calm, nothing ever angers them, theyre so composed.
The Jedi Council in question:
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inheaven-mad · 1 year
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There's still time.
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