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Dp X DC prompt. Asterix and Obelix in the Midwest but make it ghostly.
The whole world considers ectoplasm a life-threatening toxin but Amity Park is..different.
Maybe you heard that the magic ecto-potion brewed by Getafix Fentons gives the Gaulish warriors civilians superhuman strength.
When another supervillain uses his super-powered army to take over the world the Justice League is preoccupied with protecting the Cities. So heroes end the battle with a heavy heart and approach Amity Park, far from other settlements, thinking that all they can do is try to save possible survivors
..but they see the villains running in terror from the crowd of green-eyed schoolers.
Maddie and Jack Fanton stand outside their house with a tub full of ectoplasm and give a shot of a spetial coctail for everyone.
Maddie: The Justice League? But we didn’t call anyone...I mean, you all are doing some pretty dangerous stuff, and we’ve got nothing but a little Level F attack in the morning.
The Flash sees the old lady which takes her purse from freshly battered outlander.
Old Lady: I'll teach you some manners!
Maddie: Ida! Nice to meet you. Sam didn’t let Danny drink ectoplasm again?
Ida: Maddie, how can I know? Teenagers are so active.
Maddie: Sorry, Mr. Flash, I'm losing this conversation. Our Danny fell into an ectoplasm tank as a kid, and Jack and I have been trying to control how much he drinks since. Where were we? Whatever, we promise that ectoplasm does not have a poisonous effect in therapeutic doses.
Flash: What about Danny, huh?
A teenager with white hair turns his neck at an unnatural angle and hisses at the hero.
Jack: What do you mean? My boy is absolutely fine.
Flash: Okaaay. But can I talk to the mayor? Jack: Sure, wait till Vladdy’s done fooling around with Danno.
The man points his head to a freak who looks like Dracula and also fight with the teen who disappeared before Flash’s eyes. He swears the kid was just here.
Flash: You know what, I'm not gonna bother them.
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One of his parents going to wake up Danny because he’s sleeping in again (late night ghost hunting) to find his body super cold from his ice powers and start freaking out because they think their son is a corpse, then he wakes up and they figure he must be super anemic or something, and when rumors of it spread around school people become convinced that Danny’s secretly a vampire
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herbatahleb · 3 months
Tumblr media
-But mommy we want to eat
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nerdpoe · 2 months
hmmmm tiny prompt idea i lied it's kinda big
For whatever mystical reason, Batman, John Constantine, and three other Justice Leaguers go to Amity to assess the ghost issue.
While there they talk to the Fentons, and meet their starstruck son, who has a very similar name to Phantom, the obvious vigilante that refuses to ask for help, and his face is pretty much exactly the same.
Oh, Phantom is dead and this kid is alive? Well lots of Batman's kids have pulled that same shit. Weirder things have happened.
Cameras don't work right around the kid, recording equipment shorts out with static, and he keeps slipping up and using his powers. It...really isn't hard to find out Danny Fenton is THE Phantom.
So, since it's so obvious, they kinda assume everyone Knows but isn't saying it to make the kid feel like he's doing a good job at being secretive.
Then they learn about the Anti-Ecto acts, and they're like.
"Oh, that makes sense, obviously the town would ban together to pretend this kid isn't Phantom if literal torture is what awaits him. BTW, let's go ahead and take steps to get that shit removed how did this even get through?"
But then shit get's weirder?
The Fentons sit the supers down and rant and rave about how Phantom is a Kill On Sight threat, and force their son, their bright cheerful son who wants to be an astronaut and talked about space with Batman for literally forty minutes, to fucking listen in.
They're talking about how they've shot him, stabbed him, beat him with blunt instruments, how they measure the effectiveness of their weapons against ghosts using him as a template, and detail how they intend to dissect him and study him while he is sitting right there, looking like he wants to vomit.
And now it isn't so cute, because the Justice League members think that this whole town has banded together to punish this small child for existing. This same small child who has been limping and keeps giving different excuses for it, and when said kid notices their side glances musters up a shaky smile, clearly trying to Not Acknowledge the rant by his own goddamn parents.
Meanwhile Danny's parents are like, super proud that their very squeamish son is listening to their science presentation and putting on a brave front for the superheroes.
So like, who would snap first? Constantine, or Batman? Or one of the other Justice Leaguers? One of the Batkids listening in through the coms?
Idk it's a long explanation but like yeah, that's the prompt.
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lilianade-comics · 4 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
An episode in which Vlad's scheme to get Jack in trouble with the government backfires spectacularly and he ends up handcuffed to Jack and on the run and everything he does to regain control of the situation completely fails and makes things worse and Jack is just blissfully himboing his way through this mess and then Maddie shows up to help her husband and the trio just, commits so many crimes and Vlad is an unsubtle idiotic overpowered supervillain who is maybe almost helpful if you squint really hard and ignore all the things that led to here
EDIT: y'all were really nice to me on this post so there is now a part 2 to this silliness!
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Fentons and the joker
So the fentons are in gothem for whatever reason, yada yada yada...BUT rather than danny its JACK that went phyco on the joker???:)
Its just after danny revealed himself as phantom, it took some time to cope with it but the fenton parents support danny (as long as hes relatively safe) being phantom, in amity.
But right now Their in gothem, and jack and maddie are in protective mode, jazz and danny and a little annoyed since after danny revealed himself as phantom their protectiveness trippeled, usualy that wasent a problem, amity was their home, none of the ghosts really wanted to hurt danny, and they have access to resources and support when needed
But their not in amity, so if they get hurt they have limited options, and apparently jack and maddie take thay as :their children could be in danger, stay aware
Danny actually dosent mind it, he's outside of his haunt but he still feels as safe as can be
Jazz is trying to lecture them on the unhealthy coping mechanisms they've developed but that aside she dosent really mind
That was until they got a news report that their was a prison breakout
Danny and jazz are trying to keep their parents from pulling out the fenton bazookas
And jack and maddie are making sure the trackers on their children are working
Well suddenly the street is filled with smoke, there was screaming, laughing and the sounds of people getting knocked over
When the smoke clears danny and jazz are gone...
Danny amd jazz were being held hostage by some loon called the joker
Now its bad because jazz needs to focus all her attention on keeping danny calm, he's outside in haunt without any protection, his parents are gone, he cant use his powers without outing himself again and theres a FUCKING CLOWN 3 FEET FROM HIM MONOLOGING TO A FURRIE
He's this close to loosing it and (probably) turning this clown into sidewalk chalk
The clown kept talking to the furrie but they weren't paying attention, after a certain point the clown aimed his gun at danny head...
And thats when the fenton-family-car ran through the wall, maddie took one look at the situation and started beating the everliving shit out of anyone who got in the way of her and her babys... after 5 minues all the goons were making a path for her and the other hostages are scared of this woman
Jack on the other hand saw the position danny was in, had flashbacks to danny amd freakshow, and promptly went insane
He shoved batman, tackeled the joker, breaking the arm holding the gun in the processes, and proceded to(with his bare hands) remove all of the jokers teeth, he them puller out a fenton-net, strung him up like a fish and handed the netted-joker to batman with the instruction "watch him"
Half an hour later nightwing and batman are talking to the fentons, jack and maddie each cheaking for injuries on jazz and danny
Nightwing is the one to ask
:why did you do so much to the joker? Why didnt you just disarm him?
:huh, OH, y'see my youngest danny-O over there, had some...bad experiences with clowns that left some lasting trauma...and well, no one scares my children
Nightwing gave a pointed look at batman, and prepared to show the recordings to jason
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mfdragon · 8 days
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Well at least he didn’t suffer any second -degree tea burns this time.
(Sorry it took a bit, I wanted to handle this moment with care.)
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skellagirl · 7 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I hate everything I draw right now, so, y’know, the name of the game is memes!!! and shitposts!!! and a couple of ‘screenshot redraws’ but they’re just sketches!!!
(u can pry fantasy-times happy-family vlad/jack/maddie out of my cold dead hands btw)
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ectokelpeigh · 2 months
Post-reveal Danny doesn’t bother telling his parents “I’m going out on patrol I’ll be back by [curfew]”.
Their conversations just look like
Tumblr media
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aro-in-danyl · 3 months
DP x DC Prompt #2 - Fenton Cafe
Inspired by that one underground bar post @stealingyourbones
The Fentons move to Gotham to support Jazz at her new college and open up a small cafe on the first floor of their blimp house to earn money. 
Now the Fentons moved to a sketchy part of Gotham cause that’s the only place they could land safely. It doesn’t take long for rogues to slither in looking for easy cash. 
And promptly get blasted by the Fenton anti-ghost Defense System. They wake up to Maddie and Jack tending to their wounds and shoving a tin of fudge into their hands, respectively. The goon/rogue gets booted by Danny after being forced to listen to his parent’s ghost rant for several hours. 
Weirdly, it doesn’t take long before the cafe becomes a safe haven for rogues and goons alike to relax. But then the bats arrive to get a handle on the new ‘villain hideout.’
The Fenton’s don’t discriminate. The bats get the same treatment as the rogues all the way down to the complimentary fudge. No one comes into their house with that kind of attitude. 
It’s a Violence-free unless you’re a Fenton zone. 
But It’s a real party when Danny’s rogues start showing up. 
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wastefulreverie · 10 months
A couple days after his parents learned he was Phantom, Danny realized he didn't explain the nature of his condition as well as he could have.
"Can... can I talk to Phantom?"
His Mom seemed to regret speaking as soon as she'd asked.
"Uh, what do you mean?"
She bit her lip. "I mean, if you're not busy or anything. We only talked to him that first night after you, uh, switched."
"Mom," he said slowly, "you know I am Phantom, right? Like, we established this—"
"I know. I know you’re the same. It’s just that I wanted to talk to him for a second about ghost stuff.” She paused. “If that’s alright with you.”
His parents still weren’t comfortable with the ghost stuff. It probably took a lot of courage to ask him to change. He was grateful that she was willing to let him share this part of himself with her so soon.
“Yeah, sure.” He pulled on his core and made the change. White light washed over him and replaced his day-clothes with his HAZMAT suit. “So, what ghost stuff?”
She stared. “You heard that?”
“Uh, heard what?”
“About me wanting to talk about ghost stuff. I mean, I didn’t really want to go to into it earlier, but just how conscious are you and Danny of each other when you switch? Are you always listening under the surface, or like—”
“Mom, hold up.” He raised a hand. “Do you think that like, Danny and Phantom are two different, I don’t know, personalities? Or something?”
Her face went red. “Are—are you not?”
“Uh, no. I don’t think so? I’m me. Just—” he waved to himself “—me with white hair and cool outfit?”
“No.” She shook her head. “But you act so different?”
“Because I have a secret identity? Not like, whatever you’re thinking. Same Danny, I swear.”
“So, when you say that you’re Phantom... you mean that you don’t just share a body. You really are...”
“Yeah...” He tried not to waver under her shocked gaze. “Is that alright?”
“Of course! I just—I’m just surprised, is all.” She sat down on his bed. “So when Phantom told Vlad Masters to kiss his ass, that was all you. Danny.”
“Uh, I mean, Vlad is kind of complicated—”
“And the time Phantom phased some GIW into the ground by the wrists, pantsed them, and goaded a group of Casper High kids into using them as paintball targets.”
“Well, I wouldn’t say I goaded them.” He shrugged. “They were eager to do it.”
“Or the time Phantom was found loose in the car wash, high on ghost nip and trying to fight the brushes.”
“Hey!” With a rush of ectoplasm, his cheeks suddenly felt cold. “That’s—that’s uncalled for.”
“Ghost nip! Really, Danny?”
“You left it in the kitchen! I didn’t know what it was! That’s your fault, if anything!”
His Mom shook her head. “Great. I thought at least, ‘Hey! Phantom’s the wild one! Danny’s the sensible one. No need to worry about him.’ You’re going to make me go gray at forty-two, Daniel James.”
He didn’t regret most of his escapades as Phantom, but he realized now that his parents were privy to all his antics he wouldn’t have the same freedom as he once had.
“I’m sorry.”
She pressed her hand into his. They were both wearing gloves, but it was still nice to feel her warmth. “You don’t need to be. I told you before, didn’t I? That I accept you no matter what you’ve done as Phantom.”
“You thought Phantom was some other person in my head, not me.”
“That doesn’t change anything, though. Ghost or not, you’re still my son. You will always be my son.”
Despite the initial miscommunication, they were bridging a clearer understanding of what life after the reveal meant.
It didn’t seem all that bad.
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Tumblr media
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I forget, did they all know Danny had an accident with the portal? I mean obviously they didn’t know about the halfa stuff, but did they know about the portal hurting him or is that just fanon?
Cause if they did know, and they still kept having Danny be the one to clean up the basement and stuff, that’d be extremely fucked up
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herbatahleb · 1 month
Tumblr media
poor man does not know how to relate to this turn of events
Tumblr media
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nerdpoe · 2 months
I have lots of ideas for prompts. LOTS OF IDEAS.
Like John Constantine dragging Jack and Maddie by the ear into the infinite realms to personally apologize to the High King of it for literal war crimes.
Meanwhile Danny is panicking, cuz he works regularly with the League ever since Tucker found out Vlad was what was stopping them from receiving any of Amity's distress signals and bricked literally all of the stalkers electronics, and they just hashed out a working relationship, and he Does Not Want them to find out he's the King. What if Wonderwoman and Aquaman try to talk to him about politics?! He doesn't actually know what he's doing he just managed to appear competent!
So his first true edict as King, the first thing he does using all of his powers at his disposal to forcibly order Ghosts what to do, is to pretend that Skulker is the High King. He looks intimidating, right?
Skulker despises every second of it. He hates lying about a conquest, it makes him testy and irritable.
His irritability makes John be like "I was right the King is terrifying fuck".
The other Ghosts are just avoiding it, desperately pretending that they can't see Skulker.
Johnny and Kitty keep breaking down into laughter and are deliberately watching from the side lines, having come to watch the spectacle.
Phantom is crying inside watching Skulker try to pretend like he's courtly. Wonderwoman and Aquaman suspect that something is going on but the cultures in the Infinite realms are so different they don't know For Sure. Batman figured it out pretty much the second they met Skulker and is just. Staring. At Danny.
Judging him.
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lilianade-comics · 4 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
My Vlad, Jack, and Maddie go on the run from the government episode post was extremely well received, so here's some more because i love them!!!
-Vlad is not operating on all cylinders (you try being coherent after being handcuffed to Jack Fenton for hours!) but he's still actively trying to get Jack out of the picture. It's not working.
-Vlad also becomes increasingly bad at hiding his powers as things get more ridiculous and out of hand.
-Jack won't shut up about college, and every event he references is more insane than the last.
-There is room for genuine emotional reconciliation in this situation. I like to think that Vlad finally explodes about the lab accident and hm maybe Jack and Maddie actually apologize for how that was handled?? Vlad of course does not accept whatever apology is offered.
-But........he might save Jack's life at the end. Not on accident (if you squint). And no, Vlad will not be taking questions about that.
-Maddie has a body count.
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