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LOVE ON TOUR – Los Angeles (1/29)
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but before i go looking in the tags, let’s talk about my latest gifsets!
what a worker bee i was both yesterday and today with prodigal son AND loki <3 never have i created so many gifs in a short amount of time it’s a damn miracle that my photoshop didn’t straight up cough up blood and keel over. alas, us bitches are stronger than that! if this post gets flagged because of the scenes i included....that would just mean that i made the right decision to exclude those scenes ajsdksajkldsa
malcolm stabbing martin
when the episode finally downloaded, i took a peek at the ending before it aired to see how it all ends (just in case it doesn’t get renewed </3). GOSH, was i just in a TIZZY when i saw this happen and i couldn’t tell my dad what i saw because we were straight up watching the show as it aired. anyways, keeping my secret knowledge, i got to work on making this gifset. i missed a huge chunk of the episode bc it took me over TWO hours to make the six gif set. i was really torn on the “artistic” approach aka which scene to gif and which to leave out. because i saw the ending before anything else, i couldn’t play it out loud and i didn’t have my headphones to listen so i was like FREE FORMING THE SUBTITLES. plus the captions weren’t synced up so it was really hard to decipher what was being said :( 
i really thought i would be able to create the set before 9 but i was running into unforeseen issues such as the subtitle problem, which on top of that, like i said earlier, my photoshop is c/racked and janky so....you catch my drift. i was actually going to gif the bisexual moment in the cafe which i think would’ve been MUCH easier but i jumped the gun and wanted to make the gifs of the shocking ending. funny part about that is the shocking part wasn’t even included in my set (malcolm driving the knife into martin) because i felt like the scene was too short...anyways, let’s talk about the positives:
i really do like the coloring of this one. i used a psd that i’ve used before and luckily it’s meant for outdoor scenes with greenery so the gif really popped. sharpening, buddy ole pal, love you sm. the caption was kinda last minute but i hoped to save it with the gradient. cropping was a bitch because for some reason, it takes forever when you’ve made multiple gifs beforehand (cache innit) pero we pulled through! i actually started not saving the psd files to try and save time which is very unusual for me pero i was getting frustrated with photoshop so i was like y’know what....so i just gave up entirely and stopped saving. i do save when i’m taking my time but jeez, it’s a bad habit. i like saving the psd file because i never know if there is a mistake i missed in post and when i go to publish it, it’s blatant and it needs to be fixed. please, save your psd files idc if it takes up space u can just delete them later. IT HELPS !! TRUST ME!!
first & “last” appearance
i actually premade gifs for this gifset! unfortunately, i didn’t realize that three of the five gifs were the wrong size (pictured above) because i flipped the ratio. instead of 268 x 250, i made them 250 x 268. i don’t know HOW i managed to fuck that up but luckily i saved the psd files (wink, wink) so the coloring was still intact. i think i had to restart photoshop or it was getting too late so i picked it back up in the morning. sucks that i had to remake the entire gif from scratch but we will take some wins xx
coloring is the same with the previous gifset (listen....it’s a good coloring) and i actually did have an alternative coloring that was very warm pero i didn’t end up using it. almost melted the two with the “last” appearance of gil but ultimately didn’t go through with it. also i was thinking of using baby malcolm as the first appearance because technically, that IS his first appearance in the show but i was like...just use adult malcolm lol. also i know that scene of dani isn’t the “first” but the first scene she has goes really quick and she is planked by gil so there isn’t much of a solo (even though this scene isn’t much of a solo either pero it’s better than the former). the lighting is weird in this episode and my coloring tried their best :/ i know gifmakers make each gif a diff coloring pero i’m lazy okay and looking to be time effiencent. another slight tangent is that i actually queued the post for the morning but since i woke up to a storm, i was like, i’m here so i’ll publish it myself.
other than that...i didn’t run into any other problem. i was actually hesitant to make the caption that because i wasn’t sure how to really describe the team. i have poor memory so if there was ever an official name, i do not remember it. i did a quick google search pero it turned up nothing. i stuck with “dream team” because, well, that’s what they are. plus i didn’t want to tarnish the gifset with any mentions of p/olice (i was thinking about putting sumn along the lines of ‘the nypd team’) so DREAM TEAM IT IS because it’s true! you cannot have the show without these five! also, i should’ve used quotations on “last” because there is a bunch of talk about a renewal pero...just in case... sorry y’all :/
odinson brothers parallels
this was made in the spur of the moment. i saw that the teaser trailer with shirtless loki dropped in hd, i came A-RUNNING! it was posted like 47 minutes after the fact and i was like...somebody probably already made a gifset of the scene so i was like...gosh, to make the gifset or not all the while i was trying to download the video. trying because again, this was in the middle of a storm so my wifi was acting up and wasn’t at its strongest (whatever that may be). so i was getting frustrated because neither cc nor 4kdownloader was downloading this small one minute clip. that’s when i knew i was gonna be too late to make the loki gifset so i was like whatever ig...
then i had an idea.
i love parallels so luckily it hit me that this paralleled with thor and how his hair got chopped off. so, i knew i had ragnarok downloaded and got to work <3 wasn’t sure what dimensions to use so i went with 268 x 268 to make perfect squares. because the loki scene was short, i could only make three so i was like..okay, i can work with this. three for loki, three for thor, they’re brothers and they share! i wasn’t planning to add subtitles but i had written them down for the plain gifset so i was like alright, we’re going all in. i didn’t take that long to make since again, they’re small gifs and i did have a coloring in mind that i always use for ragnarok (it’s my fave for non-marvel edits as well). there was a slight adjustment to the final loki gif because i realized the gif had that dark fade into the scene which i didn’t know if it was an artistic choice for the show itself or was added for the trailer only (it happens when companies cut a bunch of scenes together and it’s not at all how it actually plays out). i didn’t want to take any chances so i cut those parts out. i know the gifs are short on the loki side pero...that’s just how it is in show business.
thank you so much for listening and hearing me out! i like discussing my work and i try to have pride in them even if the numbers don’t reflect what i hope they would. either way, still learning, still growing, still thinking about buying p.s. like deadass this shit is RIDICULOUS -_- imagine opening up ps and like...it opens up in less than two minutes...shivers
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Finding the Phandom: Chapter 3
Summary: Phil Lester is a YouTuber who lives in London. He has a following of, just recently, 4 million people. He has been making a name for himself. He loves his job, but he is missing something. Dan Howell is a law school drop out from the University of Manchester. He has been doing YouTube since he graduated high school. He now does YouTube full time. He has a following of six million people. He still feels lonely. What happens if Dan and Phil never met in 2009? In a world where Dan and Phil aren’t “Dan and Phil”, will the phandom still ship them? Will fate intervene? (This story is on my Wattpad, so it is already finished there, but I am queuing the rest of these to be posted here too.) Warnings: Language, depression, will add more as I continue.
Chapter List: 1, 2, 3
Phil was shocked. He had seen an overwhelming response to his most recent video. So many comments and @replies on Twitter. Dan’s name and tag coming up more times than he could begin to count. danisnotonfire is becoming a common name on his feed, and Phil had never even seen one of his videos. He was most surprised to see the sheer number of people demanding Phil watch Dan’s newest video, uploaded late last night, this morning technically.
Phil tells himself he will watch the video later. But for now, he had just woken up. He hadn’t even gotten out of bed or put in his contacts yet. He stretched his extremely tall frame and rolled his way out of bed, haphazardly throwing his duvet back onto his bed, not bothering to make it look neat, since he wasn’t planning on filming any new videos today. He grabs a pair of black skinny jeans, a white t-shirt, and a bright green button up, and heads to the bathroom. He showers quickly, not wanting to dawdle in the bathroom since it was so small the humidity made it unbearable after he gets out of the shower, and the hot water doesn’t last that long anyways.
After his shower, he blow drys his ebony hair and straightens out a kink or two. He puts in his contacts and places his glasses in their case, ensuring they would be there when he was getting ready for bed that night. Lastly, he brushes his teeth and gargles some mouthwash before he sets out to start his day. He was having Tesco delivered this morning so he has to wait for them to come by, and then he planned to go out. He wasn’t sure where exactly, but he wanted to leave his tiny flat for a little while today.
He debated texting Chris and PJ to see if either of them wanted to hang out for the day, but decided against it. Chris and PJ weren’t on the best of terms as of late and when they fell out with each other, Phil got lost in the shuffle. He wasn’t sure why, but neither one really went out of their way to see Phil anymore. Phil thinks it may be because they all had a lot of memories together, that being around Phil tended to dredge up old feelings that they didn’t want to feel.
So Phil decided he would take a walk. Maybe go to Starbucks. Or that Bubble Tea place he has heard a lot about. He would just kind of see where the day took him. Tesco was supposed to arrive around 11:30, and it was currently only 10:45. So he had about 45 minutes to waste before he could go out. So he decided to see what all the fuss was about on social media. He opens up his Twitter and sees hundreds of @replies telling him to watch Dan’s video. So he decides he will.
Phil opens up his YouTube app on his phone, and types in ‘danisnotonfire’ into the search bar. Dan Howell’s channel came up immediately, his straight brown hair and brown eyes greeting him with a sad smirk. He clicks on the channel and is instantly drawn by his subscriber count, he has 6.3 million subscribers. Phil had a small pang of jealousy in his chest, but brushes it off. He knows that if Dan has that many subscribers then he has earned them.
Phil’s thumb flicks to the About page on this channel, reading his description of himself. “hello i’m dan and i make videos about how awkward i am and people laugh at me” There was zero capitalization and punctuation in the description. He chuckles as he sees that Dan calls his channel the “INTERNET SUPPORT GROUP”, which was the only thing on the whole page that was capitalized. It appears this is a common trend with Dan, if he can tell anything from his community tab. In all of his thumbnails Dan looks so sad. Maybe it’s just his resting face? Like resting bitch face, but with sadness?
Phil goes to Dan’s video page and sees the thumbnail and title. Phil’s own face is included in the thumbnail, and the video is titled “FOLLOWING A TREND: Dan takes quizzes about himself.” Phil didn’t know what he was expecting, but it wasn’t this.He wasn’t expecting Dan Howell to, not only see his video, but also like it so much that he copied the idea behind it. Phil looks at the picture of the brown hair, brown eyed boy and is shocked by a feeling in his chest, unlike any feeling he has felt in a long time. He pushes the feeling away, sure that it was nothing, and clicks play.
“Hello internet.” Dan waves at the camera with two fingers of his left hand. “I would personally like to thank Phil Lester, AmazingPhil, for the social media shit storm that has hit my feeds over the last 24 hours.” Dan has photoshopped many different screenshots of Twitter mentions screaming about Phil’s video. This goes on for pages, moving so quickly that Phil can only see certain words, but it is obvious they are revolve around Phil. “Since there was such an overwhelming number of people who are fans of both of us, I decided to follow the lead of our special little snowflake, and I am going to take some internet quizzes about myself.” He gives a small nod, “This is going to be a disaster.”
Dan started by taking a quiz very similar to one Phil took, “What percent Dan Howell are you?” He got 100% and the quiz even said something along the lines of “Only the real Dan Howell could have answered like that.” Phil laughed at the witty remarks that Dan made, he was interested to learn some of the things he learned about Dan as well. He learned that he was a Law School dropout, that he is 6'3", and that three of his YouTube videos have been removed for being too inappropriate. Phil watched along while Dan cringed at some of the old references made, even explaining how if he were to cringe anymore, his neck might snap off. When Dan made it to his last quiz of the video, he looked to the camera.
“I am going to end this video with the same quiz Phil ended his with. Who is your YouTuber BFF? This is the real test, Phil. Are Phil and I destined to be best friends? Who knows. Lets find out.” He started the quiz of very similarly to Phil, answering most of the questions the same way, explaining his reasoning behind a few of them. When it came to the last question, Phil was shocked to see that Dan had answered every question the same way that Phil had. Phil knew that Dan was going to end the quiz and be given the same result Phil had, Dan was going to be matched with himself, and Phil pushed away a small feeling of disappointment.
He didn’t know why he was disappointed, since he had just noticed Dan for the first time yesterday, and since this was the first time he had ever even heard his voice, let alone seen a video he made. Dan answered the final question the same way Phil had, taking the whole quiz the exact same way. Phil’s jaw dropped open at the result. He had expected to see Dan’s face on the monitor, but was met with his own. Phil fucking Lester. He couldn’t believe it, there was no possible way that the quiz could have two different people for the same set of answers. But there must have been a mistake.
Phil was about ready to lock his phone and move on, when his eyes latched onto something new. Dan had a huge smile on his face. This smile had not appeared in this video before, but Phil couldn’t stop looking at Dan’s face. Phil paused the video on his smile. Letting myself admire the way Dan’s eyes crinkle up when he laughs. And, good god, Dan has dimples. He has two very deep dimples, one on each side of his delicate and chapped mouth. The one on Dan’s left side was deeper than the other, deep enough a hand could get lost in it. The dimple on Dan’s right side, wasn’t as deep, but when his dimple appeared, the two freckles that also resided on Dan’s face made his dimple look sad. And if it wasn’t the funniest thing Phil had seen in ages.
Phil, having realized he hadn’t heard Dan’s response to the quiz before pausing the video due to his being blinded by the sheer force that is Dan Howell’s smile, he resumes the video and backs up about ten seconds to when that smile first made its appearance. Phil let himself watch the way his sad dimple frowned when Dan, himself, smiled. Making sure to be listening to Dan’s response this time. “Well, you heard it here folks. Phil and I are officially BFFL’s. No refunds, no exchanges.” He chuckles and winks at the camera. Phil’s stomach did a flip, which he had never, not in his entire thirty years on earth, experienced. “If you liked my video go ahead and give it a thumbs up, to see Phil’s video click in that box over there, and if you want to see more of me, check out my channel and click subscribe down there.” Dan gave one more big, honest smile, and the video ended.
The next video began playing before Phil could even comprehend what was happening, and Phil ended up watching Dan’s videos, sat on his couch, until Tesco arrived. After Phil put away his groceries he put on his shoes, black converse, and grabbed a phone charger to put in his pocket. He grabbed his headphones and walked out the door. He made it halfway out of the building before he remembered he didn’t have his keys and he had to turn back. Keys now in hand, headphones in his ears, he began his walk to Starbucks. On his walk he listened to music, Muse, of course. When he arrived at his destination, he ordered a Caramel Macchiato and sat down on the sofa in the corner of the room.
He was scrolling through Facebook, allowing himself to not think for a few minutes. The barista called his name, and he retrieved his drink. The side of the glass said “Phyl,” he chuckled and snapped a quick photo to tweet. He captioned “How can someone get the name Phil wrong? It’s only four letters!?!” He sent it out and went back to scrolling through Facebook. He mindlessly scrolled for about ten minutes before he got bored. Before he knew what he was doing, he was closing Facebook, opening YouTube, and typing “danisnotonfire” into the search bar. He clicked Dan’s channel and scrolled all the way down to his first video, “Hello Internet.” Phil laughed as Dan slowly made his way onto the screen, and has he uttered the words that still haunt Dan to this day.
Before Phil knew it, hours had passed. He had watched video after video on his phone, YouTube autoplaying the next video after the previous one ended. Phil knew he needed to go home, but he was enjoying himself. So Phil did the only logical thing. He ordered another Caramel Macchiato, and clicked play on another video. He had clicked subscribe at some point in the hours to follow, but Phil couldn’t tell you when he had.
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