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Everyone's already seen this mess from National Geographic, right?
Dang, that's some impressively poor journalism. You can see above that National fucking Geographic still apparently entertains Murray's discredited witch-cult hypothesis from the 1930s.
This screencap is from soon after the article went live, and it's since been amended, of course, after people wrote in to complain. Now it describes the Horned God worshipers as "ancient Celts."
The thing is, the Horned God is a Wiccan concept, though. There's ancient horned deities, of course, but no one central horned figure like in Wicca.
So they're kind of just mixing things around at this point? Oh wow. Please try harder, NatGeo!
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Do witchcraft for you.
Not for anyone else. Least of all strangers on the internet.
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In this month you need to be brave from whatever situation your going to deal with, this past few months you may have been feeling of stuck or stagnant and you feel frustrated and stress about it. The divine is telling you that if you want change to come from you then you must know how to step forward so you can move that's the only solution here. However, i see that you may be afraid or just stubborn that's why you feel stagnant, does your current situation serve you well? If not then when? Today you should try to decide what are your plans for the next month so you can move and change however faith and patience is needed hear too, it's doesn't swept it away really fast so you need to work hard for your situation you have so you can be able to be free and peace. You must believe in to yourself and what you can do, if you still thinks negativity then you won't attract the change you want. All the things or whatever situation you have — must deal it independently but remember if you find it hard you can ask help from the people whom you trust the most but doesn't mean you can rely it to them all. Be future oriented and think about your future and learn to let go the past will lead you from a better life living. Since you got the card of " Perfect Timing" here i feel the divine universe and all of the above give you a another month to prove you self, this is the one of the perfect month to move forward and change for the stagnant you feel from the past, if you have any ideas out there show them, if a opportunity comes for you grab it ! Believe in your self and to what you can do.
channeled song:
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pile 2 you may possibly attracted to pile 1 so read it too. you got two possible messages here, the first one is about you need to be brave or stand firm for whatever situationship that this upcoming month will be given to you. While the second one is about you are feeling stagnant or stuck to what situation you have right now, in that case the universe is telling you that is safe to move and don't worry what will gonna happen next cause that's your destiny, how's your life will run. If you really want your dreams and goals happen in next month, you should try harder, if you are doubting yourself - you are enough and capable of. Don't let your fear to hold you back cause we're talking about your future here, if you want a better life, go and make it true. This past few day( weeks/months) you don't actually feeling yourself or you keep pretending to people who surrounds you, probably you think that they wouldn't understand you? perhaps will judge you. Don't think too much and allow to free your true self to shine like a star at darkest of night, you are always amazing and awesome for being yourself. If you are someone who can't say no to someone favor even though you doesn't like it, allow yourself to speak up and tell them that you doesn't like it or just simply saying NO, remember only stand for what you want from you didn't want too.
channeled song:
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what are the things you want to release in this upcoming month? in the month of April you will be releasing some of negative situationship you been dealing with could be about the people around you and your circumstances, your job/career, your love life that aren't serving you well, a break up or a seperation, it feels like you wanted to release something that feels heavy and negative about you or something that makes you feel down perhaps being feel alone, sad, pain or even lacking of confidence yk. Take a time to release this situation you have at the present or from the past cause your spirit guides and the universe are confirming that it is safe to move on and let go the past. However i see that you may struggle to let go of this “situation” you have been deal with or you will have a hard time for the change you will going to enter, trust yourself and not the others cause you were the author of your own life, you will be the one who will decide your own path.
channeled song:
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cu-taibhseil · 2 days
another thing ive noticed recently: there are so many reference posts, so many guides, so many this that and the other thing - encyclopedia type posts in witchblr right now. where are the people actively practicing? where are the written reflections on dreams, tarot spreads, pendulum readings? who here is planting and raising a garden to stock up for winter? where are the people using those glass jars of herbs and writing in those journals, and instead of just reblogging posts about witchcraft - actually contributing to the witchcraft community and giving expertise because they have it to give? because they've done it? i feel like i see SO many witchcraft blogs reblog the same 6 posts, never contributing anything original or coming up with new notes on things they've been taught, things they've read, or things that didn't work when they did them.
anyway, if you're someone actively contributing, please interact with this post. i wanna follow you.
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thejewitches · 2 days
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Make sure to follow the Jewitches Instagram for daily posts.
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wizardbracket · 3 days
Welcome to the Ultimate Wizard Showdown!
We all know that wizards can be pretty cool with their iconic hats, robes, beards, and wands. But which wizard is the best?
The number of brackets will depend on the number of nominees
Inspired by @eldest-sibling-tournament, @meangirlbracket​, @cringelgbtrep, and so many more (really, so many)
Magic is not a requirement, as long as they fit the ~vibes~ of a wizard
Women are allowed as well, but remember that a witch is not the same thing as a female wizard 
NOT from Harry Potter (this is intended to be a friendly bracket, and the pro/anti HP debate is anything but friendly)
Submit as many unique wizards as you want, but please don’t submit the same person more than once
Real people ARE allowed
Art/propaganda is allowed, and should be under the tag #wizardbracket
Some Examples:
Merlin (Merlin)
Rincewind (Discworld)
Rasputin (Real life)
Submit your nominees here!
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hitsujinu · 9 hours
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They are now available in my online store!!! Choose your favorite <3
Online Store --> hitsujinu.bigcartel.com
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Do you find spells and witchy rituals being " suspicious " as well ? I saw the anon asking about the LOA , and while personally I do not practice witchcraft nor do I use LOA , I sometimes find them to both be similar in certain aspects.
You throw some plants, herbs or other objects into a pot , with the intention to bring you more self confidence or protection, or money and then you wait for it to happen. Based on what I know, the LOA people do write down, or say affirmations, or make those moodboards with the intention in mind to get those things they dream about then they wait . There's no plant , herb or ritual involved but you still wait for something to appear out of thin air into your life .
So, witches generally don't expect they can materialize things out of the air. The general thought in witchcraft is that if you cast a spell for a better job, it doesn't make your job materialize; it gives you a better chance of landing a job if you do the work of searching for and applying to a job.
Some witches don't even believe that there's any sort of metaphysical force at work. Some believe that the spell is giving them a purely psychological boost.
The kind of people I'm talking about in the LOA community are the ones who are essentially claiming stuff like if you assume a new job, you'll just wake up in the morning and have it. You never had to apply, you never had to go into an interview; you just straight-up warped reality so you always had the job all along. And that's the level of stuff I find pretty suspicious.
If somebody in the witchcraft community claimed they cast a spell and found a job afterward, I'd believe them - whether or not I personally believed that the two events were connected in the same exact way they believed they were connected. However, if they told me that they cast a spell and just woke up with a new job without ever having to apply or go to an interview, I would immediately assume they were full of shit.
(And yes, I have encountered plenty of witches who were full of shit, and I have in fact written about red flag behavior from witchy folks.)
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Titan - Dananayi Muwanigwa
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March Of Robots Day 26: Black Mage White Witch
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skulldog · 8 hours
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Getting myself in gear and starting on some new stickers for up coming conventions. Spot holofoil anyone?
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Witch Aesthetics // Beekeeper Witch
Requested by @ashadeofpemberley
See all my aesthetics here: Directory
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catinthedicebag · 1 day
"Radiance and Mentor" is the name of this set. It is designed after the magic the gathering Boros guild. Yellow and red resin with some white Mica and some metal foil. I changed the inking form red and yellow to gold.
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Sun & Moon 🔮🌞🌙 wishing you a magical start of the week ✨
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