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┬┴┬┴┤FACTION WAR├┬┴┬┴
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The beginning of… something ⊹⋛⋋( ●´⌓`●)⋌⋚⊹
Oh, The Horned king is a lich… but in the island, he's human.
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i don't think i've ever attempted to draw og maleficent before
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Currently pirating Disney movies
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Some Dorm Leaders (+ Jamil) wearing their respective live-action counterpart outfits
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Riddle - Queen of Hearts played by Helena Bonhan Carter (Alice Through The Looking Glass (2016))
Tumblr media
Jamil - Jafar played by Marwan Kenzari (Aladdin (2019))
Tumblr media
Vil - Queen Ravenna played by Charlize Theron (Snow White and the Huntsman (2012))
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Malleus - Maleficent played by Angelina Jolie (Maleficent (2014))
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A most gratifying day. For the first time in sixteen years, I shall sleep well.
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First poll I made 👀👀 I wanted to see how it is
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Disney princesses, 1950-2023
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Sleeping Beauty (1959) - Color key paintings by Eyvind Earle
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trying to get out art block
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welcome to my "dire crowley is diablo actually and served both maleficent and the evil queen in his raven form in TWST world" crack theory.
it is based solely on the fact that "dire" is supposed to sound like "dia(blo)"  despite him clearly representing the raven from Snow White given the fact how heavy the influence of Snow White is at NRC
oh, also maleficent and the queen kissed. not based on anything im just gay.
the idea amuses me greatly so that’s what im choosing to believe until yana toboso breaks into my house with any actual crowley lore
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ANGELINA JOLIE in MALEFICENT (2014) dir. Robert Stormberg
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disney looked at the success of maleficent and thought audiences really wanted shot-for-shot live-action retellings of existing disney movies and/or villains with tragic backstories, when the success of maleficent really was down to two things:
a well-crafted version of sleeping beauty that was still recognizable as sleeping beauty, but with enough deviations that it felt like a new story, complete with worldbuilding/lore and a very sweet and realistic mother/daughter relationship between maleficent and aurora, and
sexy bird man
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I had wings once. But they were stolen from me.
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Just like old times
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Maleficent x Fem!Reader: Watching, Waiting, Wanting
Summary: Maleficent + 93 -- "Say you want me, and I'm yours."
Prompts found here!
A/N: I rewatched the Maleficent movies recently and they made me so happy. I'm so glad I could write this!
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Tag List: @ghostsunderstoodmysoul @escapetodreamworld @multifandomfix
Warning(s): None
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You duck under the willow, careful not to be spotted. All you need is one last detail to make this work. Phillip looks up quickly, but relaxes upon seeing you, and you let out a small laugh. 
“Nervous?” You ask. 
He straightens his spine, “Is it that obvious?” 
“A bit,” You nod. When he deflates and begins to fiddle with his armor, you wince. You’re definitely not helping his nerves, “She loves you, Phillip. Nothing could make her say no. All you have to do is ask the question and we’ll handle the rest.” 
As if on cue, Pinto ducks through the willow branches; your last detail, falling into place; or rather, walking into place. You kneel down into the soft grass as Pinto gazes up and lets out a garbled, fey version of your name. 
You’ve come to know every fairy, pixie, and wallerbog by name since coming to the moors. And though you’d never, ever admit it, Pinto has been your favorite so far. The spiky little fairy is loyal and tenacious. If you ever found yourself in a pinch, you trusted Pinto to get you out of it. Now, though, you’re trusting her to get you into one. 
“Perfect timing, Pinto. I need your help.” 
She tilts her head and poses you a question. You don’t speak the language she does, but you understand the meaning well enough—with what? Pinto asks. 
Laying your hand on the soft grass at her feet, she takes the cue, hopping into your palm. The look on her little face is very serious and you smile. Your chest is filled with excitement. 
“Alright, here’s the situation…” 
Pinto is suitably filled in and plays the role of distraction perfectly. You watch from the crowd of creatures, trying to hide your excitement; Aurora is your dearest friend and confidant, you want nothing but happiness for her. 
You see how Phillip brings her joy. The smile on her face and sound of her laughter is enough to banish any sadness from your heart on the worst of days. Aurora has been a loyal, true friend, and you’re honored to orchestrate this proposal for her after all she’s done for you; giving you a home when you arrived in the Moors wounded and alone, giving you a family in herself and the fey folk, and introducing you to Maleficent. 
Though as the willow fairies swarm and dance, revealing the overjoyed couple, you worry you’ve somehow betrayed Maleficent by doing this. A pit forms in your stomach as you watch Diaval fly towards the Dark Fey’s nest. 
But a pair of arms wrap around you and there’s a laugh in your ear. The worry melts away. 
“Thank you, thank you!” Aurora giggles.
“Don’t thank me! Your dashing Prince did all of the hard work.” 
Aurora pulls back, holding your hands in her own, “Without you, my Aunties or Pinto would have led me to the wrong tree. You’ve worked hard too.” 
“It isn’t hard work when it’s for you.” You say softly, honestly. 
Her eyes are glazed with happy tears and she throws her arms around you again. You laugh as you’re spun, the soft grass tickling your ankles, little fairies giggling with the two of you. Life had once been so cruel and now you know only joy. How lucky you feel. 
But the pit sits in your stomach again. 
Your friend must be having similar thoughts, if the hesitance on her face means anything. She bites her lip uncertainly and plays with your hands still in her own. 
She asks quietly, “How do you think my Godmother will react to the news?” 
“I think she’ll be… happy that you’re happy… eventually.” 
Aurora grumbles and pulls away, pacing back and forth while you watch on. You see Pinto mirror her behavior out of the corner of her eye. It takes all your willpower not to also join in, but you decide to remain strong for all of you. 
That strength nearly crumbles when you hear Pinto gasp and the Aunties yell to hold on. 
The great force of her wings nearly drives you back, but you remain mostly in place. You stand back by the willow as Aurora and Maleficent talk. Though now and again you can feel eyes on you, boring into your skin, and you shrink bit-by-bit. 
You were taken by Maleficent the moment you saw her years ago. 
When Aurora and the fey folk dragged you wounded to the former’s throne, you had wondered if the injuries would overcome you. You had mourned the life you didn’t anticipate getting to live. But in what you believed to be your last moments, you were grateful to be surrounded by beauty and kindness. 
Then Aurora called out to Maleficent, and she came. Her abnormally bright eyes landed on you and you knew nothing else would compare. 
She healed you, slowly and carefully, at Aurora’s request, talking all the while though it was clear she was uncomfortable. The days after she made herself scarce and you felt the loss keenly. 
Since that day, there was rarely a time when you strayed too far from the Dark Fey. You had no desire to be anywhere she wasn’t. Her dry wit and humor put you off at first, but the sincere emotion behind them endeared you to her. Maleficent had become your greatest confidant. She’d also stolen your heart, though you’d never dare tell her.
“I suppose you had something to do with this union.” Maleficent says, loudly, and you know she’s talking to you. 
You meet her eyes and nod, “And if I did?” 
“Then you can find another nest to sleep in.” 
“Godmother.” Aurora murmurs. 
Maleficent rolls her eyes, glaring at the girl. Aurora only stares back. 
“You at least could have warned me.” Maleficent says. 
Crossing your arms over your chest, you raise your eyebrow. Had you told her the surprise would have been spoiled and she knows that as well as you. You also worry, secretly, that the to-be groom would’ve disappeared. 
“You’d have reacted no better two days ago than now, Maleficent. Your nest would have been in shambles and I’d be warning off concerned fairies instead of celebrating with Aurora.” 
Maleficent’s head tilts to the side. Her eyes are more intense, extra focused on you. 
“Aurora, will you leave us?” 
Shooting you a look of concern, Aurora nods. She wanders completely out of the clearing and you want to yell after her. You do no such thing as Maleficent steps forward and closer to you. She’s notably missing her staff; her steps still uneven from the years she’d adapted to living without wings. 
Fierce green magic spreads from her palms where she clenches them at her sides. You ache to take them in your own, to soothe her emotions, but you fear it’s unwanted. 
“You didn’t tell me.” Maleficent whispers. She almost sounds betrayed. 
“It would have upset you.” 
“I’m far more upset now.” 
“I want her to be happy, Maleficent,” You say, pleading, “Is that so terrible?” 
“She’s happy here. A whole kingdom loves and attends to her everyday. She wants for nothing. Her happiness doesn’t need to come from that boy, not when she has me. Us.” She says fiercely. 
The magic in her hands flares. You take her hand this time, feeling the power seep into your skin when you lace your fingers together. Maleficent stares down at your joined hands. 
“You’re right. She doesn’t need him to be happy, but if he brings her joy, why should we deny her that? Love isn’t so terrible.” 
“Love doesn’t always end… well.” 
You see the fear in her face, and can feel the effects of it seep into your skin. You want to do a number of heartless things to the late King Stefan; though not for the first time. 
Maleficent means well. Her love for Aurora is what changed her and made her whole again, but it didn’t heal the scars her Father left behind. It isn’t so simple, unfortunately. Your heart aches in your chest to take away her pain and fear. But if you don’t let her feel it and come to terms with it, she’ll never come to terms with Phillip and Aurora’s marriage. 
“It doesn’t always end terribly either.” You say. And in a moment of madness, your mouth opens, and you say more, “I mean, it can’t, right? Not when we’re so content.” 
Maleficent’s eyes widen and your heart drops. Did you really say that? You could kick yourself for letting your traitorous mouth give you away. But you can’t, not when you’re pinned by a pair of bright eyes, emotions behind them you can’t decipher. 
Aurora and Diaval had prodded you to confess for so long and you chose the worst moment to do so. You’re even more embarrassed when you notice Pinto to your left, watching with barely concealed interest, eyes moving back and forth between you and Maleficent. 
“What do you mean by that?” Maleficent asks slowly. 
Gathering the fractured remains of your courage, you swallow. 
“It means that I love you, Maleficent,” You whisper, “I’ve held it in worrying it’d be too much for you… but say you want me, and I’m yours. I think I have been since the night I met you.” 
There it is. 
The truth, unfiltered, and honest; out in the open with the rest of the swirling feelings. You avoid her eyes and stare intensely at your joined hands. You suppose it’s a good sign that she hasn’t pulled away yet, at least she’s not disgusted. 
Silence stretches on and you wonder if she’s plotting your murder. It’d be a good time, with Pinto being the only witness. She might not go through with it immediately though if it’ll sully Aurora’s happiness and you hope you’ll at least get to see the wedding. 
You try to distract yourself with the details; will it be here in the Moors or in Ulstead? Will Phillip’s parents approve of the union? Will they approve of Maleficent?
“How can you love me?” Maleficent asks. 
Meeting her eyes, you’re surprised by the confusion in them, like she expects you to change your mind. 
“How could I not?” 
“I’m not good. I’ve taken lives and will likely take more, I’ve done horrible, evil things.” 
“I know.” 
“You… know.” She says slowly. 
Careful not to startle her, you place a hand on her cheek, feeling her cheekbone dig pleasantly into your palm, “I know. It changes nothing.” 
Maleficent looks at you like she can’t understand you; like she’s fathoming how you can exist. You vow that she’ll never again have to wonder how someone could love her. The rest of your days, you’ll use every bit of your power to prove her worthy of true, honest love. 
It surprises you how quiet the Moors are around you. Not even a breeze is blowing through. You wonder how many fey folk Aurora has watching with her, waiting for something. If you’re being honest, you’re waiting too. 
You decide to stop waiting. 
Leaning forward slowly enough to give Maleficent an out, you press your lips to the Dark Fey’s. She tastes like the berries growing inside the crystal caves. Her lips are soft and pliant, moving carefully against your own. 
Beyond initiating the kiss, you back off, letting Maleficent guide you through the motions. It goes without saying that this is one of the only kisses she’s shared. She’s an excellent kisser despite the lack of experience; though that may just be your delight at not being pushed away or rejected. 
When you pull away, you’re still curiously alone. Then you hear a garbled noise that sounds suspiciously like finally! from your feet. Pinto is looking up with delight and you laugh. Maleficent chuckles too. 
But when you look up, she’s not looking at Pinto. She only has eyes for you. 
You try to hide your blush as fairies flood the clearing, Aurora following behind. Her smile is knowing. Blushing even brighter, you meet Maleficent’s eyes when you hug her daughter, and let yourself sit in the joy. 
Aurora found hers happy ending and you did too… if only you knew how things would shift. 
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@ that one line about riku succumbing to darkness because of his “complicated feelings” ft maleficent being my favorite disney villain
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