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random-twst-things · 2 days
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Mc/Y/N/Yuu: Goodnight moon.
Mc/Y/N/Yuu Goodnight tree.
Mc/Y/N/Yuu: Goodnight ghosts that only I can see.
Ace: We can see the ghosts too ya know?
Mc/Y/N/Yuu, turning around very slowly to face Ace:
Mc/Y/N/Yuu: Let me feel fucking special for once okay? 🙂
Ace: ...okay, so-rry 🫤
Mc/Y/N/Yuu: As I was saying *Turning around towards the big window*
Mc/Y/N/Yuu: and goodnight to the tall man with horns who watches me sleep every night
Ace, whipping his head around so fast he could break his neck: IM SORRY, THE WHAT?!
Malleus, outside the window: Goodnight my child of man ☺️ *waving*
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rayroseu · 2 days
The Ordeal of Finding a Friend
(This is based on the theory that if Meleanor is in the dark mirror,,, then does that mean that she's responsible for recruiting students for NRC--?? then does that mean that she also chose someone to be Malleus' friend(Prefect🔥)-- with a little assistance from Levan if he's Crowley🐦‍⬛🐉
also inspired by that scene in Maleficent 2 where Maleficent was displeased about Aurora's engagement and the mini plan to just turn Philip as a goat cuz she thinks its better than a human--
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Thus,,, on the day of the Orientation...
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I like to imagine that this is Meleanor and Levan's dynamic ykyk its a nice callout to Maleficent and Diaval where Maleficent is dubious on Philip but Diaval is just supportive of Philip's proposal because it makes Aurora(in this case Malleus) happy 😭✨
I also like to imagine that Meleanor slowly opens up to humans like she isnt easily fond of them- so if you introduce one to her, you'll need to 'work' for it
so during those times where Meleanor still disapproves the Prefect and Malleus' dynamic... even though Levan and Lilia repeatedly confirms that theyre a green flag... they'll just annoy her like the annoying partners they are-- (also Lilia living the life‼️finally✨ he gets to bother Meleanor🔥(cuz she always bother him with her troubles lol))
Tumblr media
I really want other faes to react that Malleus first normal social experience was through a magicless human too‼️
they sheltered their prince out of humans (except for Lilia w/ Silver ehehe💖) but the first one to befriend him normally was a human too
like,,,, fr this nation is destined to get along with humans,,, no wonder Levan was trying to convince anyone to sign the peace treaty already 😭
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Baul reacting to MalleYuu and he's just having war flashbacks about his daughter eloping with her human husband whldhsk
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ohsleepie · 21 hours
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The prince and his Physician. A role-reversal au based on a dream I had that I wanted to draw something for. More ramblings under the cut
In this au, there is a kingdom of men where the briar valley once stood. Silver, the heir to this kingdom, has been the only member of the royal family for centuries, the result of a curse that causes him to die before he's old enough to ascend to the throne and reincarnate days after his passing. Silver's immortality was once a symbols for the kingdom's permanence, but the repeated death of their monarch every two decades or so has left the citizens with perpetual, generational sorrow with seemingly no solution as no one besides Silver was alive when the curse was placed.
A few centuries after Silver was born and it was believed the last full-blooded fae in briar valley had either abandoned the land or died, a draconian fae child is found in the brambles. This fae, given the name Malleus, was brought to the kingdom at the request if the prince and raised as part of the royal court with the express purpose of becoming the royal physician/chemist. It is believed that Silver's curse, as everlasting as it seems, was placed on him by a fae with extreme magical prowess and if anyone has a chance of breaking it, it's another fae. The kingdom believes that Malleus will be able to break the death curse and allow Silver to become their immortal king.
However, Silver has other plans for his chemist. From an early age, Silver requested that Malleus use his talents to find a different kind of solution to his curse that he can never tell anyone. He wants Malleus to find a way to stop his reincarnations entirely and let him unburden his people with the monarchy. Whether to fulfill the request of the kingdom he calls home, or the prince that took him in is in Malleus' hands.
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ventique18 · 22 hours
Meowlleus Drawrconia (Animation GIF)
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zvezdacito · 19 hours
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Random drawing compilation
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etheries1015 · 19 hours
We share the love language of biting. Now imagine TWST beatsfolk has that as an actual sign of courting. Like you're chilling with Leona, not dating or wooing him, and then you bite his cheek in affection. And all of Savanaclaw is shocked because among them, it's the same as i.e. proposing marriage. The utter chaos XD
OHH MY GOSSSHHH YOUR BRAIN >>> I LITERALLY LOVE THIS SO MUCH??? HAHAHA SODEFHSELKJD i'm gonna expand on that for a few characters...
Accidentally courting them
General warnings: Gender-neutral reader, not really proof read lol. Obvious Malleus and Lilia favoritism <3 I also decided that they ARE dating in this scenario, I think its cuter that way in my head heuheu
Featuring: Leona, Ruggie, Jack, Malleus, Lilia, ... and Rook HAHA.
TW: none! Just a bunch o' fluff of biting your non-human lover without realizing it was a sign of courtship <3
It was a typical day for Leona. You two were sitting in the lounge where most of the other students lingered, Leona becoming rather... possessive as of late. Instead of resting in his bedroom away from prying eyes as you had requested from your lover, he ignored all your feeble cries requesting privacy. Instead, he holds you in his lap without worrying what others are thinking. A form of showing others you were his, and his alone. You were conflicted in your feelings, staring at him. His eyes were closed, but he could feel your gaze burning into his head.
"How long are you-" Then it happened. You gave in. You gave his cheek a bit of a nibble. All of the sudden the chattering stopped, all eyes were on you, before they start patting Leonas back and giving him congrats while a few seemed to pull presents right out of their asses.
"Wha- what's going on?" Leona grumbled with a light blush before growling and pushing the face of someone who tried to hand him another gift.
"You all look like idiots! You know biting means something different to us. Don't be dumb." Okay, now you were extra confused. Seeing your utter ignorance, Leona sighed.
"Biting in our land is a sign of courtship, herbivore." ...Oh. You blush deeply and hide your face in his chest, Leona looking away flustered and ruffling your hair.
"Try again in a few years, and I just might bite you back."
You were walking down the halls with your boyfriend when suddenly you had the urge to just...bite him. an overwhelming sense of love and affection for the fact he had given you some of the bread he (probably legally) got ahold of. You smiled fondly at the bread and back at Ruggie before placing your mouth on the bulb of his shoulder, causing him to yelp in suprise and dropping his half of the bread.
"wha- huh?! What was that for?" He became flustered, bending over to pick up his bread and slowly move away from you with bright red cheeks. You furrowed your eyebrows and hugged yourself, almost embarrassed.
"I'm sorry, I just...I dunno," Your cryptic and non specific response left him with his jaw open and eyes wide, spluttering out things like "We're still in school! I don't have the funds yet-" before a familiar fist came and knocked the back of Ruggies head. Leona stood there smiling in amusement and chuckling at you.
"I don't think they know what that means to us beastman, Ruggie." Even more confused then before, you asked for clarification.
"You just asked him to marry you with that bite of yours, herbivore." Now YOUR mouth was wide open, and Ruggie managed to get flee from the scene without much notice from you nor his senior.
Oh brother. You have a lot of communicating to do with that one.
You were sitting at the lunch table eating away at your food when you noticed...Jack's biceps. You marveled at the sight of his bulky arms- it's a wonder to you how he managed to become so strong and have the motivation to train all day. With a burst of admiration, instead of biting into your sandwich - you took a bite into his muscle. He yelped in suprise and just stared at you, face slowly turning red. Ace and Deuce laughed at his reaction, ready to ask you what was up before Jack took it upon himself to... well, flustered and rapidly spit-firing plans.
"W-we are still so young! Are you sure about this? I-i never knew our relationship was at this level!" He grabbed both of your hands and looked you in your (bewildered) eyes.
"If you're serious about this, I promise I will protect and love you for the rest of my life. But before we go ahead with the ceremony, I want you to meet my parents and get their blessings. Oh, and I need to get a stable job after we finish school first, too, so I can support you and our future. know we haven't talked about marriage before but-" You quickly cut him off in astonishment before crying out,
"MARRIAGE?! Jack, WHAT are you talking about?! I am absolutely not ready for marriage! What got into you?!"
...Queue Ruggie and Leona hysterically laughing at your utter confusion, reveling in the ignorance of it all for a few moments longer before explaining properly what you had just committed yourself unknowingly to.
You were laying in the bed of Malleus Draconias's dorm, scrolling on your phone whilst his tail wrapped around your waist as he sat next to you reading a book. You sighed lightly and leaned your head back against the board of the mattress, turning slightly to look at your handsome fae lover. Your eyes then went down to his pale and perfect skin of his neck, the way it was free from all blemishes, smooth, and bright. Something about it made you want to taint it a light shade of red... He felt you shuffle slightly to adjust your body to be in just the right position where his neck was in full view. He glanced over to you feeling you wriggle free from his tails grasp, tilting his head seeing the look in your eyes crazed as you leaned over and just...chomped down on his collarbone.
You felt his tail twitch and his hands quickly throw the book he was reading aside to grasp your wrists, turning your body around and pinning you to the bed and carrassing your cheek with his tail.
"Biting..." He murmured, "Does this mean the same to humans as it does to Fae? You wish to be wed?" Your jaw dropped and cheeks took on a rosey hue, stuttering over yourself.
"W-wed?! I mean, I like to bite when I feel affectionate b-but marriage...I mean maybe one day b-but-"
"Biting in Fae culture is a sign of courtship and ownership. How brazen of you to mark me," he chuckled, "I shall take it you wish to own the next king of Briar Valley?" You could tell at this point Malleus was teasing you, something he picked up from the time you two have been dating.
Malleus could not help but return the favor by riddling your body with his own bite marks. Although he understood you perhaps did not have the intention of marrying him with your silly little form of affection, he knew in his mind with every bite that he was very serious about your future with him.
Lilia already knew that biting in the human world did not mean marriage, yet was akin to something more of "cute aggression." So when you have the habit of biting him in the privacy of yours or his room, he knows you simply meant it as a form of affection, letting him know that you had an overwhelming sense of love for the old fae. He bit you back consistently on many occasions, it just seemed to be the perfect form of showing love for one another.
You didn't actually know it meant something much deeper, until you were in the diasomnia lounge and unable to control yourself as you grabbed Lilias hand and bit down gently on his wrist. You couldn't help it, he was being so entirely silly and loving towards you, that you couldn't help but show this public display of affection. Much to everyone else's dismay, however. Sebek stares at you with his mouth agape, sounds of disbelief escaping past his lips yet a sentence unable to form. Malleus as well seemed surprised at this.
"(y/n)," Malleus said, "You wish to marry Lilia?" You coughed at the sudden question and let out a feeble and awkward chuckle.
"I mean...I wouldn't mind one day, of course. We haven't really talked about it. Why the sudden question?"
"HOW DARE YOU," Sebek cried out after finally finding his words, "How dare you bite Lilia and be so insolent as to not move forward with your actions in dignity! YOU MUST TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR PROPOSAL-" Lilia started snickering, cutting Sebek off with a wave of his hand.
"It's quite alright, Sebek. Biting means something much different to humans than Fae, I suppose this is the first you had seen us put on a show of affection, hence your confusion." He turned to you, who had furrowed eyebrows and pursed lips at Sebeks sudden outburst.
"Biting, my dear, is a form of courtship to us fae. It is a sign of ownership," He chuckled.
"Why didn't you tell me that?!" You exasperated, "I mean, it wouldn't have changed anything I have done, but I would have been more careful about it... especially if it means something more to you," Lilia gracefully explained he understood it meant something slightly different to humans, before gently grabbing your hand and raising it to his mouth.
"Well, now that you understand what it means," He put your ring finger into his mouth and took a bite at the base,
"Would you like to bite me once more, my dear?"
You bit his arm and he immediately was on one knee.
"Was that a proposal? You know mon cheri, biting one affectionately is often a declaration of courtship-" You hit the top of his head and walked away from your interesting boyfriend.
"You're not a beastman or a fae! I'm never biting you again!" Your face red and folding your arms, turning away (ah, his cute tsundere lover.)
Oh woe is Rook! He begs and begs you to bite him more, he wants to be covered in your marks. It means you were claiming him as your own, right? RIGHT??
This was so fun to write DFSEFDSFIHSLDKJF thank you for the brain rot heuheuheueheueh
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ryllen · 1 day
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[ it was a pure chaotic joyful wedding ] | ✌️
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moonlitnyx · 14 hours
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Your boyfriend absolutely spoils you. But hey, whats so wrong with that?
content. TOTALLY SFW, fluff, there isn't any nsfw i did a pun in the title (do u get it) reader could be seen as yuu
notes. Reader is so lucky to get spoiled i wanna get spoiled not fair not fair-also, new fic layout!! Hope u like it...also I listened to MAGNOLIA by Gang of Youths while writing this and bro its such a good song stfu
Tumblr media
Leona leans back on the carseat, arm resting on the back of your seat as he lets out a sigh as you show him your newest haul that you had gotten from the store using his credit card, mind you. You grin toothily, the backseat of his car filled with an astronomical amount of bags that make even him rethink his decisions.
"At this rate, you just might make a prince of Sunset Savannah go bankrupt." He eyes you wearily. "How does someone like you need all of this stuff?" He says the words without malice-no, instead filled with pure confusion.
"Ohhhh c'mon, you're a prince! You should know a lil' luxury is essential for happiness in life!" You exclaim, and Leona looks at you with skepticism.
He shakes his head, amused. "Okay, okay. Stop lookin' at me with those eyes or I might just buy you a whole mall next." He grins, sharp canines poking out.
"OMG, maybe I can do your hair now that I got new hair products!"
"Don't push it," He drawls. "I haven't forgotten the last time you 'did my hair' and I ended up with pigtails."
"Not my fault you looked so cute with pigtails! Look I even have it on my phones home screen-"
"My love, I would buy you the world if it meant seeing you grin like that."
He smiles as he places the delicate chain on your neck, paired with a pendant of a wilted rose studded with rubies and emeralds. He had meticulously picked it, he had told you with a small, almost shy smile.
"You shouldn't have, Malleus." You ears are red, flustered just thinking about how adorably sweet Malleus is. "You keep getting me things that I don't even have time to give you a thank you gift."
"Nothing is more precious a gift than your happiness," He murmurs, planting a chaste kiss on your temple. You giggle at his words.
"Your such a sap. Sometimes your a full 180 when your talking with Leona," You say, amused.
"Kingscholar is a brat." His green eyes are filled with annoyance at the thought of Leona, and you snicker.
"Maybe he thinks the same 'bout you." You nudge him with your elbow, and he looks utterly exasperated. "C'mon, lets go get ice cream!"
Malleus' mood instantaneously lightens. "Ice cream?" His voice is filled with a childish excitement, and you nod, a grin plastered on your face.
"It'll be my treat, this time."
"Liebling, please buy at least something." Vil frowns as he stares at your hands, which, too his dismay, don't hold any shopping bags, not even food.
"I don't need anything, plus I feel guilty that I'm leeching off of you." You shrug, and Vil's purple eyes are filled with concern before he scoffs.
"Mein Liebling," my darling, "You're not "leeching off" of me." He lets out a soft smile, and pinches your cheek, which leads you to let out an indignant "ow!" and a cackle from Vil.
"What's the point of being successful if I can't spoil you?" He clicks his tongue, before glaring at you. You know he's just upset that you're thinking bad about yourself, and it made your heart skip a beat. Most thought that Vil Schoenheit was a stuck-up, rude, controlling snob, but really he just was showing his care for those he loved.
"'m sorry, Vil." You let out a smile, and Vil sighs in relief. "But, if you''re going to spoil me, then I get the right to spoil you too!"
"If you must," Vil waves his hand. "Whatever makes you happy."
Deuce knows that he can't compare much with his friends and seniors when it comes to education or being rich, but Deuce knows that he doesn't need to be rich to spoil you.
It's the small acts, him giving you half of his lunch when you cant afford one yourself, helping you study while also horribly struggling himself, giving you small gifts that remind him of you.
Today was like any other, with both you and Deuce banging your heads on the table as you study for Trein's newest test.
"You're a real one, Deuce." Your voice is muffled as you rest your forehead on the wooden table. "When I asked Ace for help he sad that his tutor fee's were "twenty dollars an hour"! He's such a scam," you grumble.
Deuce looks up, a smile on his face. "No problem. I thought it would be cool if we both got A's and showed off to Ace." You laugh at that.
You nod. "Let's wipe that smirk off Ace's face!"
Tumblr media
©moonlitnyx. do not repost, plagiarize, translate, or adapt my work without prior permission and or confirmation.
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todays doodles :3
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selfishlovebug · 2 days
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art dump
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lettucedoodles · 2 days
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Wishin i was fishin' :]
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random-twst-things · 14 hours
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Malleus: I require assistance on what to get my dear Mc/Y/N/Yuu for Valentine's
Lilia: oohoho? Why of course! What do you have in mind?
Malleus: I'm not sure, but I do know I want it to be something that is lasting
Lilia: something lasting?
Malleus: Yes, something that will last an eternity and when they look at it they will think of how much I love them
Lilia: fufufu~ it's as if you were to propose with a wedding ring 🤭
Malleus, in deep thought: a wedding ring huh?....
Lilia: I never said it had to be a wedding ring Malleus
Malleus: but a ring is a symbol of love for humans, no? It is something that symbolizes a forever with that person and if my child of man were to look at it they would always remember my love for them as well, no?
Lilia: My~ you do have a point
Malleus: Perfect. Well then, thank you for the help father
Lilia: Malleus, wait you have to-
*Malleus not in his spot anymore, gone without a trace*
Lilia, sighing: Oh dear~ Young ones these days are so passionate
*Somewhere at Ramshackle dorm*
Mc/Y/N/Yuu, sneezing: achoo!
Grim: hey! You better not get the great Grim sick! Not that I can get sick anyways!!
Mc/Y/N/Yuu: oh hush! It's not even cold out, someone was probably just talking about me
Mc/Y/N/Yuu, picking Grim up: I just hope it wasn't anything weird or crazy
Tumblr media
Dividers from @/cafekitsune
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Do we have any information on how the boys learned magic before going to college? Did any of them take lessons in magic as kids? I seem to remember someone mentioning that they were self-taught, but I'm not sure if I just imagined it
Tumblr media
Magic lessons are not typically included in general education since the majority of people in Twisted Wonderland's population cannot use magic to begin with. You need to go to special schools like NRC or RSA and/or be extremely privileged or in special circumstances (such as a family member willing and able to teach them) to have access to formal magic education. In most cases, someone's magic can manifest but they may not have the means for materials/lessons nor the talent to be recruited to an elite institution to hone that magic. That would make most people "self-taught". I believe this is the case for characters like Epel, who have implied that they used their magic to beat others up (since he has magic as his "edge") back home for making fun of his looks. This is also the case for Deuce, who was known for summoning cauldrons to take out fellow delinquents. I'm sure there are others I could list, but I can't think of specific instances at the moment.
As for those with formal magic education or training:
Vil is the only one of the main cast that has explicitly stated that he did not have any sort of magical studies prior to NRC.
Royals like Leona (and, by extension, probably Malleus and Kalim, who is related to a royal himself) have had formal magic studies prior to NRC.
This is speculation but Jamil may have also sat in on his lessons or at least been taught some magic for bodyguarding purposes.
Riddle's mom tutored him privately.
Silver and Sebek were mentored in magic and physical combat by Lilia.
Azul studied grimoires and perfected his UM on his own, but his grandma also taught him what she knows.
Idia was already building technomantic robots before NRC, but it's not clear if he was self-taught or formally trained.
This goes into speculation territory, but the twins' parents emphasized teaching them physical self-defense. Given how protective the Tweel parents are implied to be, it is possible that they also taught their sons magical self-defense.
It can be inferred that Rollo's brother didn't have formal magic education due to his youth and/or inability to control his spells; he seemed to just spellcast for fun.
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domxmarvel · 1 day
Twisted wonderland-Card writing challenge
Tumblr media
“Don’t forget your sunscreen” Riddle quickly grabbed your arm,rubbing some in with a focused expression on his face. 
“Riddle” He looked up at you “You’re here to relax,and not worry about every little thing. Come on,lay down and I’ll bring you something to drink” He did what you asked but not without wanting to retaliate. 
“Then who’s going to make sure they-”
“Not you” You were expecting him to go back to making sure everyone was behaving the second you turned your back but surprisingly he was still in the same spot when you returned. You handed him the glas,the ice hitting the sides of glas. “Glad you didn’t run off to scold someone” He just reached out,took the glas and took a sip.
“You’re right I should try to relax”  
“Good boy” His face turned as red as his hair “Once you’re done join me in the water”
Tumblr media
“Excuse me,may I have this dance?” You turned to the sound of the voice,only to see Malleus standing there with his hand outstretched. You took his hand. 
“Of course you may” He kissed the back of your hand before pulling you close,putting his arm around your waist. Pulling you to the center of the room,everyone parted to let him through. He stopped only in the center of the room,you felt like everyone was staring at you and they probably were. “Everyone’s staring at us” You whispered,he pulled you closer.
“I can tell them to leave if you want”
“You would really do that?”
“Of course,I’d do anything for you”
“Don’t actually tell them to leave,it’s fine. I’m just not used to being stared at”
“Just focus on me,you won’t even know they’re here” He held you close as you danced around the room. Malleus was clearly enjoying this,the look on his face told you everything you needed to know. 
Tumblr media
“Y/N wanna join me for band practice?”  Lilia asked,already dressed in a pop punk way you never thought you’d see.
“I didn’t even know you played an instrument” You were too stunned to even ask about the outfit too. 
“I also sing,” He added,smiling like he wanted to talk about it more. You knew that Lilia was older than he looked and probably done more in his life then you could imagine but the thought of his playing an instrument or singing never crossed your mind. 
“Why have you never told me about this,what do you sing?”
“I don’t sing a lot anymore. I used to sing lullabies for Silver and Malleus” You thought of Lilia holding Silver and singing to him,just the thought of it made your heart melt and without thinking you said. 
“I’d love to hear one,if that’s okay” 
“Sure” He sat down on your bed,patting his thighs “Come here,lay down” You laid down with your head on his thighs,just as he started singing his fingers made their way through your hair. You were barely a minute in as you couldn't keep your eyes open anymore,you quickly fell asleep. 
Tumblr media
“Why are you out here by yourself?” You turned to see Azul. 
“Just needed some air,not the biggest fan of parties” He sat down next to you on the railing,his hand resting on your lower back. 
“Careful,you wouldn't want to fall in”  You moved closer to him,he tightened his grip on you.
“Then you better hold me tight and make sure that doesn’t happen”
“Don’t worry,I won’t let you fall”
“This is better than the party” He laughed,kissing your forehead. 
“But it’s a bit cold. The dorm isn’t too far from here”
“Then what are you waiting for?”
Tumblr media
“What’s the point of that wrap your holding,shouldn’t it be on your arm or something?”
“Oh this?” He held it up “ I’ll show you,hold out your arms” You did and in a split second he had your hands tied,using the reminder or the wrap to pull you to him. Lifting your chin with his other hand. “I was hoping you’d ask” He pulled you even closer,so you were chest to chest with him. Your faces are only inches apart. 
“Jade” He only responded with a ‘hmm’ making you even more flustered,but you couldn’t move back or look away because he was holding onto you tightly. 
“Something wrong?” He teased,smirking as he moved even closer to you. Leaning in utility you could feel his lips touch yours but he didn’t kiss you,he was just hovering there for a bit before he finally kissed you. 
He pulled away, licking his lips. He was still holding you,your hands still tied up. 
“Could you untie me now?” The second you asked,his facial expression turned more mischievous and you knew you had messed up.
“I don’t think I will,I like you like this” 
Tumblr media
“Why are you staring at me like that?” Floyd did usually stare but this time his gaze was filled with affection,rather than his usual curiosity. 
“I just like looking at you” He moved closer to you,his knees still up and his hand still on his cheek.
“I like looking at you too” You both laughed before you leaned in and kissed him on the cheek. Surprisingly his cheeks reddened and his eyes darted away from you. You had never seen him flustered before,and he was really cute but you had a feeling it wouldn’t last long. And you were right,the moment you turned your head you felt him kiss you back. But when you looked back he was looking away from you. 
Tumblr media
“Good luck” You managed to give him a kiss before he ran off,and you quickly made your way back to your group of friends to cheer him on. You kept getting looks from a couple of the other Savanaclaw students,probably due to the face that you had Jack’s jacket draped over your shoulders.  The stares were something you had to get used to pretty quickly,and you learned how to ignore them,but you could still feel them. Despite that you kept cheering for your boyfriend,and he finished first. All the Savanaclaw students cheered for him,he was smiling and laughing as he looked through the crowd stopping when your eyes met. That’s when you quickly made your way over to him and he ran up to hug you too. Picking you up and spinning you around before kissing you. 
“You did so well” 
“Well there was no way I could lose when my lucky charm is here”
Tumblr media
“There you are,herbivore. You’ve certainly kept me waiting,now why don’t you come here” He patted his thigh,gesturing for you to come closer. The moment you were close enough he pulled you into his lap,he smirked as he leaned in. He kissed you,his arm wrapping around to pull you closer.  
“Should we really be here?”
“In the palace?” He seemed genuinely confused 
“No,the throne. I mean it belongs to your brother,should we really be doing this here?” He seemed disappointed at the mention of his brother,like he hated hearing you even bring him up. But behind that was sadness,sadness that you assumed that was because he felt insignificant compared to his brother and that he knew this throne would never belong to him. “Leona,” He sighed,not looking at you. It hurt and you realize that you messed up.
"You're right,we should leave” 
“No what? You just-”
“We should stay”  You kissed him before he could protest “Stay here” You pushed him until his back hit the chair. 
“H-Herbivore” He could barely get any words out with you kissing him repeatedly. “Herbivore” He tried again “Herbivore” and again “Y/N” you finally stopped. “Calm down,it’s not like I’m going anywhere”
Tumblr media
“What,don’t tell me you didn’t recognize me” He smirked,showing off one of his fangs. His hair was slicked back, his costume was still purple but darker than usual the black lipstick,making him look intimidating.  
“You look great” You attempted to deflect,but it didn’t work. 
"Apparently so good you didn’t even recognize me” You attempted to change the subject.
“So a vampire huh. Is that your way of saying you’ll always be the fairest of them all” 
“Do you suggest there’s someone else worthy of that title?”
“Not at all,my queen” He seemed satisfied with your answer “Or should it be,my vampire queen?”
“I’d rather hear something else”
“Like what?”
“Like the sound you make when I sink my fangs into you”
“Aren’t those fake?” 
“Why don’t you feel them and find out?”  
Tumblr media
“Hello there trickster”  The sound of Rook’s greeting made you look up,only to find him in a tree staring down at you. 
“I’m scared to ask,but why are you in a tree?”
"Because I like looking at you from up here”
“Well,I’d prefer it if you’d join me down here” He jumped down,smiling at you.
“You’re right it’s better down here” 
“I told you so,and because you’re here I can do this” He was about to ask but you interrupted him by grabbing his face and kissing him. He leaned in further,pushing you against the tree as he pushed himself closer to you. Refusing to let go of you,he pushed you further. One of his hands moving to your thighs. Finally you managed to pull away from him. “Rook,someone could see us out here”
“I know a place we could go,where we can be alone. A place where I can have you all to myself”
Tumblr media
“You actually came,I’m really happy that you did” 
“Of course,how could I possibly say no”
“Really easily” He mumbled,you moved closer to him.
“It wouldn't be easy for me”
“So I-I,do you wanna dance?” His face was red and the tips of his hair were turning pink. 
“I’d love to” You felt his hands shaking on your back and in your own hand,you followed him and danced for a bit. Before you moved both his hands to your waist and yours to his shoulders. The blush on his face and the tips of his hair turning red,as you leaned closer to him. “You look beautiful in that suit”
“T-Thank you” Leaning in, you kissed his cheek. He really did look beautiful,his hair lighting the room along with the candles floating around the roof. There was something so special about being here,just the two of you. There was nothing more you wanted more right now than to kiss him,but you didn’t want to scare him off. Just leaning closer made him flustered,you couldn’t even imagine his reaction if you kissed him. “Y/N” His voice made you snap out of your thoughts.
“Could I kiss you?” Was he thinking the same thing you did?
“Of course,you can.” You stopped dancing and closed your eyes and waited. His lips were cold but you quickly got used to them,despite the cold they were soft against yours. He pulled away and you opened your eyes,his entire face was red now. “Do you wanna do that again?” He nodded. “of course I want to,as many times as you’d like” 
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ventique18 · 2 days
Warning: whack but smutty topic. Minors scroll away
First night of a virginal wedding with 🐉. Things are getting hot and heavy and thrilling, but he suddenly zones out and tears himself away from you. Confused, you sit up and ask him what's wrong. He pulls out a book from under the bed and flips through it to a page he had bookmarked.
He had studied hard for this very moment so as to not embarrass himself, but apparently his nerves and overstimulation got the better of him. So he forgot. He completely forgot what he was supposed to do next.
🌸: "You... forgot?"
🐉, indignantly: "I cannot help it. No book in the library regarding this topic has illustrations of any kind, so half the time I cannot comprehend what they are talking about. "And finally, a climactic shock shook him to the core as he aimed his cannon at her volcanic cavern, spilling his juices into her.""
🐉: "What does that mean? Why does the woman own a volcano? Why is he attacking her lands? And what flavor is the juice supposed to be?"
🐉: "Therefore this book is the most straightforward I've found. I cannot remember for the life of me however, whether the tongue or the finger goes first..."
You laugh hard. Really, really hard. He looks at you with an offended expression, but you just wave at him while trying to calm down your giggles.
🌸: "Just put that book down, mister, and come here already."
Goodness, you didn't think that it's part of your spousal duties to educate your adorable husband.
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lieyarzy · 1 day
My Wife? Yeah My Wife
Note: This was an inspiration of the post "Its okay to kill someone but never okay to disrespect your wife"
This could also be your fave character as i was just only focusing on Malleus(because i love him)
Tumblr media
Malleus Draconia was in the midst of a conversation with his caretaker and his friends, Sebek and Silver. They were discussing various topics, from school matters to personal beliefs. The conversation took a serious turn when the topic of respect and honor came up.
Sebek, always the passionate one, was arguing about the necessity of defending one's honor, even if it meant resorting to violence. Silver, on the other hand, was advocating for a more peaceful approach. Malleus listened to their arguments, his thoughtful gaze never wavering.
Finally, he spoke up, his voice calm yet commanding. "While I understand your points," he began, addressing Sebek, "I believe that there are certain lines that should never be crossed."
Sebek looked at him, a hint of confusion in his eyes. "What do you mean, Malleus Sama?"
Malleus turned to look at his friends, his gaze steady. "It's okay to kill someone if it's a matter of life and death, a matter of protecting oneself or others," he said, his voice firm. "But it's never okay to disrespect your wife, or anyone you claim to love, for that matter."
His words hung in the air, a profound silence following his statement. Sebek and Silver exchanged glances, a newfound respect for Malleus evident in their eyes. They knew then that Malleus Draconia was not just a powerful figure, but also a man of deep respect and honor.
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