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Tumblr media
Every dead-end street led you straight to me 💕✨🐉🐹🌸
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HIS COMPLETE DEVOTION. malleus draconia
Synopsis: "Don't touch me! I have a lover!" - After accidentally getting hit in the head with a powerful spell, Malleus is left delirious and confused. You try to help him but he doesn't seem to recognize you.
Character/s: Malleus Draconia x GN! Reader
Tags: Fluff, Established relationship, Malleus is a loyal dragon, Reader is part of the gargoyle appreciation club, Mentions of nausea, He keeps a locket of you aww
A/N: This prompt/idea was requested by a friend!
WordCount: 800+ | 💌Masterlist | PART II HERE
Tumblr media
Green lightning began to strike and forsake the grey sky. Every student on campus could hear the wind howling through the thick dripping rain, a sinking feeling of dread permanating through the atmosphere.
The aged concrete walls shook from a shrill scream, the anguished cry echoing out through the hundred chambers in the castle.
"YOUNG MASTER!" Sebek drove his fingers into his scalp, screaming as thick tears dribbled down his flushed face. From his reaction, you'd think he was the one who got hurt instead.
Lilia tutted and carefully inspected Malleus' head. The young prince was laying on the ground writhing in pain. Lillia pressed his thumb against the dragon's temple, examining the Fae's reaction.
Sebek and Silver surrounded the two, ensuring that no one could get past them. Malleus was in a vulnerable state right now, he had to be protected at all costs.
"The spell was quite powerful however it's not serious. Other than some temporary mental confusion, he should be fine." Lilia muttered, helping Malleus stand up. The young prince stumbled around for a bit, almost as if he was intoxicated.
"Malleus!" You threw the doors to the dorm open, running over to the group. It's only when you got closer did you notice your lover's spinning eyes, glazed over as he blinks at the blank concrete floors. Worried out of your mind, you rushed over to him.
"Tsunotarou! I heard what happened…are you okay?" The fae appeared a little puzzled. You stood before him and he fixed his gaze on you, confused and...disgusted?
With a hint of hesitance, you reached your hands up to cup his cheeks. Only to gasp when Malleus glowered and grasped onto your wrists, ripping your hands off of his face.
Silence fell over the room as he dropped his grip on your arms, allowing them to hang limply by your sides. Everyone gawked at Malleus as if he had just grown two heads.
Malleus? Malleus rejected your affection? The Malleus who waits outside your dorm an hour before classes just to walk you to school? The Malleus who once caused a week-long storm just because he couldn't sit next to you in class? Your Malleus?
You felt your heart sink. They say drunk words were sober thoughts. Did Malleus secretly despise you?
"Listen here-" Malleus snarled, his unfocused eyes flashing a luminous emerald green. The radiance and illumination hypnotizes you for a while. A kaleidoscope of green and blue swirling around the gems that were his eyes.
"No matter how alluring you look-you can't tempt me. I-" Malleus lurched forward, nearly falling over. You ran to catch him but he pushed you away, stepping back blindly. He raised a finger at you. "I-I already have a lover!"
"Yes-That's…me?" You blinked, confused out of your mind.
Malleus only scoffs at you, shakily taking a few steps towards the entrance. It was clear that his head still shook and ached from the spell's blow. Sebek was quick to stop him, holding Malleus steady. "Young Master! Where are you going?!"
"To my-my treasure. My darling prefect." Malleus slurred, leaning against Sebek for support. He continued his rambling. "It's Thursday- We have a club meeting."
"Tsuno-I mean-Malleus, today is Tuesday." You piped up, pressing a hand against his back. With shaky legs, he pushed Sebek off and turned to glare at you.
"Silence. It is not."
Lilia laughs hysterically, doubling over and grabbing onto his knees. Oh, this was comedy gold for him. Shaking his head at his father, Silver strode up to Malleus and placed his hand on the young prince's shoulder.
"Malleus, you're still delirious. Why don't you sit down."
Both Silver and Sebek started to guide the woozy fae onto the couch. You followed suit, taking a pillow and placing it under his head. He turned to face you, his head spinning, a loopy snarl and glare on his face.
"I...I already told you- I have a lover." He groans into his hands, nausea washing over him like waves.
The fae begins frantically rummaging through his pocket. He yanks out a little locket in the form of a heart, holding it up for you to look at. He hands it to you with an arrogant smirk on his face.
"O-Oh?"Gently taking it into your hands, you flipped the metal cover over to see a picture of you inside.
It was a photo from your very first anniversary. You were wearing a flower crown made with roses Malleus grew himself, it was one of the many gifts he gave you that day.
Though only your head and neck could be seen in the picture since his coat had almost completely engulfed you. It was a chilly day and Malleus graciously lent you his coat after you had forgotten to wear one.
You stared at the photo fondly, shutting it close before handing the necklace back to the fae.
"Your partner must be lovely." You whisper softly and Malleus sighs, lolling his head back to stare at the ceiling lovingly.
"Oh. They are much more than that."
Tumblr media
PART II | Likes and Reblogs are greatly appreciated and really motivating on my end!
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Tumblr media
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Yuu, giving a good drago boy a headpat: see, if God doesn’t exist, explain how my hand fits perfectly between your horns.
Malleus, deep in contemplation: soulmates.
Yuu: it was mostly just a jo-
Malleus, firmer this time: Soulmates.
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Malleus: Child of man you are very... Endearing.
Yuu: I can't tell if you're being condescending or not-
Lilia: *appears* he's trying to flirt *dissapears*
Yuu: oh-
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TWST Incorrect quotes#316 ...hE GOT the spIRIT
Lilia: Human’s like it when you’re mysterious~
Mal: Okay, got it
Yuu: How’s your day been Mal-Mal?~*Smiles at him*
Mal: None of your goddamn business
EVEN more later...
Mal*Hidding under his blankets*...I made my human sad-
Tumblr media
Lili:...Your just little confused but you got the spirit!~*Is trying to get him our with icecream,gargoyles and a plushie that looks like you*
...He really do be tryin-
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Tumblr media
MC: Look Malleus, a shooting star! Did you wish?
Malleus: Oh, I didn't have time...
MC: And there is something you wish for?
Malleus: Yes..
MC: What did you wish?
Malleus: I was wishing we were two other people,
Malleus: Two people who need not to say goodbye..
Tumblr media
why am i doing this to myself
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Bros the type of guy...
Tumblr media
Malleus Draconia
bros the type of guy to visit you at midnight to see if you're awake and if you were, he'd asked you if you'd like take a walk with him and you feel safe knowing he's there with you when you both take a midnight stroll while holding hands (and because no one is dumb enough to attack him)
bros the type of guy who would try to help you study and is very patient about it and understanding. he's never irritated if you're slow at learning or struggling to memorise, he'll take his time with you (as it is also an opportunity for him to spend quality time with you) and try to explain and teach you things
bros the type of guy to trust you with his tamagotchi, gao gao-kun when he's really busy and is unable to tend to his virtual pet. if you also have one, he'd do the same for you if you're unable to care for yours either
bros the type of guy to use "love", "my love", "dearest" as petnames
bros the type of guy to brush a strand of hair out of your face in the morning when you're still asleep, leaning down to kiss your forehead and stroke your cheek
bros the type of guy to bring you up in conversations with zero awareness of him doing so such as "ah yes, i remember the prefect talking about this. perhaps I'll get it as a gift." "the prefect enjoys this activity as well, it's quite endearing seeing how cheerful they get when it comes to it." prefect this, prefect that
bros the type of guy to send you letters when you're both far apart from each other since he has no knowledge on how technology works. his letters are always so sweet and heartwarming. he'll mention things that remind him of you, and how he wishes to bring you with him next time
bros the type of guy to randomly kiss you when you rant about something you're interested in and as he listens, his eyes trail down to your lips and without a second thought, he bends down to peck them. it catches you off guard, with you going "huh?? what was that about???" he simply smiles and says, "forgive me, i couldn't resist myself. please continue with what you were saying, my love."
bros the type to be a little jealous. not in a way that it's unhealthy, he would trust you and fully believes you love him just as he loves you and he would never stop you from having friends and spending time with them. i feel like the most he'd do is get a little pouty and try to spend more time with you, you were his first friend and first love, he just loves you a lot. he wouldn't get jealous much if people hit on you because he knows you wouldn't indulge them nor cheat but will intervene if they start going too far and making you uncomfortable but that's assuming there's actually people bold enough to even try to flirt with you if they know Malleus is your boyfriend otherwise if not, they'll find out once they see him approaching when they do too much
bros the type of guy who'd love being both being big spoon and little spoon
bros the type of guy to hold your hand while sitting next to you and say, "I'm here, love" when you're upset and/or crying. you can lean against him or even embrace him and he'll do the same thing back because he loves you. he's a great listener and will do whatever you ask him to do try and help you through whatever you're going through and may even ask Lilia for some advice unless you didn't want him to tell Lilia about it or something that could hint to you being upset
bros the type of guy who'll get anything that interests you and would also gift you some of the rarest rocks, stones or crystals on the damn planet
bros the type of guy to keep everything you give him, whether it may be considered junk or not. he'll keep it like it's treasure and will get upset if any of it goes missing. even if you tell him it's fine, he'll feel bad it's missing because anything you give him, he cherishes
bros also the type of guy to literally wear a friendship/love bracelet or necklace everyday if you ever decide to match with him and he would never take it off and would refuse to do so. only exceptions is necessary like cooking or showering/bathing or in a situation it could get ruined
bros the type of guy to listen to everything you tell him, even if it's just about drama, something random, or your interests. even if he doesn't understand nor isn't interested in the topic it itself, he would always listen because he loves to listen to you talk and knowing what makes you happy just as you do the same for him
bros the type of guy who doesn't really dwell on the fact that you are human and therefore have a shorter life span than he does. he's probably has moments when he thinks about how short your life span is and the fact that one day he'll lose you and he's afraid of it happening. otherwise at the same time, it's more of a reason to really cherish every moment. rather than focusing on his worries and fears of losing you, he spends every moment he can with you, spending quality time together and makes sure you know he absolutely loves you and how much you mean to him
bro highly appreciates you as a person, his friend/lover. you make him feel like he's not alone, and you are his whole world. bro would defend you with his life if anyone had something against you, would always support you, always there for you, listen, spend times with and would love you endlessly
I'm hopeless man
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apathetickun · 29 days
Sebek : You went through all of this, just for some weak little human?
Malleus : Yes. . . And I’d go through it a thousand times more, just to see them smile.
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tragedyofdevotion · 9 months
The last chapter of Book 5 made me more of a Malleus Simp!!!!
Thousand students in NRC, why don't any of they invite this cute boy to any of the festival!🤧
Tumblr media
Behold! The crown prince of the Briar Valley, sulking because he didn't get a postcard.😒☹️
Tumblr media
Look how happy this boy look to know that the Ramshackle perfect did not send it not because they are afraid of him but because he didn't tell them his name.🥺
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Three stages of being invited to a ceremony
By Malleus Draconia 😖😖
Tumblr media
Yu!!!! He called the Perfect by their name!!!
Not by their species name! Not by their title!
By their name!!!!🥰🥰
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hanafubukki · 3 months
Malleus and You/Yuu
It really shows how much you means to Malleus when you’re the one he comes to when he’s feeling down.
Malleus was going through a tumultuous of emotions, one of the people he cares about the most, was leaving him.
And he didn’t go to anyone but you.
Of course he can’t go to lilia, he wants to respect his wishes.
But he can’t go to Silver or Sebek either, since he already said no to their request.
He can’t confide in them, not only because of that, but because he is also their king. He has to act like a king and be strong in front of his subjects.
But you know who he never had to act strong in front of? You, the reader/MC/Yuu, he has always always been a regular student to you.
He has always, despite his “identity reveal”, has always been tsunotaro to you.
He felt comfortable enough to come to you and confide in you his feelings.
About his past and fond memories, he seeks comfort in you. Because he know he can be himself with you.
It really tells you how much you mean to him. How high he regards he has for you. How much he cares (or even loves) you.
After all, we’ve seen him and you in glorious masquerade have we not?
It really is heartwarming when you think about it that way.
He can be himself with you.
Just you and tsunotaro.
So its so heattbreaking when MC brought up the fact they are looking for a way home.
Because he’s loosing someone that is so important to him.
In a way, it could also be a sense of rejection if you think about it.
(I question mcs choice of brining it up at this moment in time when they could have done it later…you know when malleus isn’t so depressed and such so it kind of makes me wonder why it had to be then and there)
It also breaks my heart in the future when you think about how the others will take it too. Especially sebek and silver but I can imagine sebek and how he might assume he wasn’t enough.
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PUFFS AND RUFFLES. malleus draconia
Synopsis: On your birthday, Lilia gifts you a black dress claiming that you should wear it for your date with Malleus later. He fails to mention how it's a traditional wedding dress in Briar Valley. Oops...?
Character/s: Malleus Draconia x GN! Reader
Tags: Drabble! Fluff, Established relationship, Reader wears dress, Mentions of marriage, Lilia third wheel era, Kissing and making out, Not proofread!
A/N: My last fic before I dip and go study for midterms lolz
WordCount: 600+ | 💌Masterlist
Tumblr media
"Lilia?" You peered through the curtains, calling the old bat over. Lilia gave you a quick glance before sneaking into the dressing room with you, keeping an eye out the corridor to make sure no one was watching.
With a click, the door closed, and Lilia turned to face you. He gazed at you fondly, a smile spreading across his face.
The dress he gave you fit perfectly on your figure. When you walked, the long skirt with it's ruffled edges trailed behind you, it's puffy sleeves draping across and towards your chest exposing your neck. Atop it, a necklace proudly sat, it's vivid green gem gleaming against the sunlight.
That was Malleus' courtship present to you years ago, as Lilia had recognized it. You were such a funny little thing back then. You had misinterpreted it as a birthday present, not realizing its actual significance in dragon culture. It took months of miscommunication and Malleus' sulking before you finally realized what it truly was.
"Are you sure I should wear this? Would Malleus really like it?" You fumbled with your hands, staring down at your outfit. Lilia gifted you the dress as a birthday gift and it was beautiful—almost as if it emanated some sort of mystical glow. Now you weren't sure how he managed to get your precise measurements, but you chalked it up to magic.
"Would he 'like' it? My dear, of course he would! " Lilia beamed, raising his finger and twirling it around, signaling you to spin for him.
You did as asked, twirling slowly. The flowy black skirt of the dress swirled around you like petals dancing around a flower bud, it looked almost weightless as it delicately floated up the air. When Lillia enthusiastically applauded for you, you grinned, stretched out your arms, and spun around the room.
While tapping your bare feet on the chilly marble flooring, you burst out laughing.
"Lilia? Have you seen the pre-" Gasping, you whipped your head around to face the door, the skirt of your dress pooling around you. Malleus stood by the entrance, jaw slack as he shamelessly stared at you. Embarassed, you tucked a strand of hair behind your ear. The last thing you wanted Malleus to see was you dancing around the room like a little kid.
'Oh sevens, you looked so precious.' Malleus snapped out of it and marched towards you, a giddy smile growing across his face.
Thump Thump Thump.
His heart pounded in his chest as he took notice of the necklace clasped around your neck. The dress had already sent him into frenzy but paired with the necklace, it was overkill for him.
"You look beautiful." He whispered, cupping your face in his hands.
His hands trailed over your shoulders and arms before landing on your hips. Your head spun, face flushing as he pulled you closer, your shaking hands finding recluse on his chest. Malleus chuckled and drew you into a slow sensual kiss, his thumb gently rubbing circles on your waist.
While Malleus showered you with affection, Lilia awkwardly stood in the middle of the room. Becoming the third wheel was definitely not part of his plan.
Clearing his throat, Lilia raised an eyebrow at the dragon. Malleus huffed and drew away from you but still kept a hand placed on the small of your back. He turned his attention back to you, examining the dress once more.
"How interesting…" he muttered softly, trailing off. "I'm quite surprised you managed to find a wedding dress in that style."
"Wedding dress…?" You froze, letting Malleus' words sink in.
"Khee hee-Ah that's right! I forgot to tell you, that dress is a traditional dress used for weddings in Briar Valley." Lilia mused, walking over to you and pinching the fabric between his fingertips. "A bit old fashioned but they look like such a dear don't they?"
Malleus gazed at you fondly, clasping your hands tightly in his own. As he fixed his attention on you, his eyes appeared to be gleaming.
Tumblr media
Likes and Reblogs are greatly appreciated and really motivating on my end!
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I can have a drunk I love you text from Leona and Malleus (seperate).
𝔻𝕣𝕦𝕟𝕜 "𝕀 𝕝𝕠𝕧𝕖 𝕪𝕠𝕦" 𝕥𝕖𝕩𝕥𝕤 𝕨𝕚𝕥𝕙 𝕃𝕖𝕠𝕟𝕒 𝕒𝕟𝕕 𝕄𝕒𝕝𝕝𝕖𝕦𝕤
𝗟𝗲𝗼𝗻𝗮 𝗞𝗶𝗻𝗴𝘀𝗰𝗵𝗼𝗹𝗮𝗿
Tumblr media Tumblr media
𝕸𝖆𝖑𝖑𝖊𝖚𝖘 𝕯𝖗𝖆𝖈𝖔𝖓𝖎𝖆
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
CW; Not noticeable hint of malleus's overblot, he puts a spell/curse on you without you knowing, angst.
CHARACTER; Overblot!Malleus at the end.
Tumblr media
“My dear child of man, will you promise to not leave my side even if something were to go wrong?” the horned fae asked you as he looked deep into your eyes with a pleading look as if your reply will make him lose his mind
“Of course, I will, Malleus. You are a close friend of mine and I will never abandon anyone who I hold dear to me.” I smiled at him as I turned my gaze away from the starry night sky. Choosing to gaze back at his bright colored green eyes that held a tint of loneliness within them.
But how could he forget? You’re bound to go back to your world.
Tumblr media
‘I will never accept this!’ Malleus was throwing a tantrum silently but Lilia could notice, how could he not? When the Diasomnia dorm has been plagued with loud green thunders that shook the walls of the dorm. No one could get a wink of rest because of it.
“What has been bugging your mind, my poor boy?” Lilia calmly walked towards malleus as he sat beside the raging dragon. Malleus gazed outside his windows in front of him as he spared a mere glance to the bat fae “Lilia, whatever shall I do to rid my heart of this pain? I do not wish to experience it nor do I want to experience the sight of the ramshackle’s prefect leaving... me behind” Malleus told the wise bat fae with an underlying sad tone as he uttered his last words with a low voice
Lilia heard him, he heard his sadness and his words; his wish to not be left behind with an aching heart… but Lilia’s afraid that he doesn't have anything comforting or any positive talk he could give to the dragon fae. Lilia knows that lying is hopeless and giving malleus false hope will only result into something bitter, he knows that the ramshackle prefect will choose to leave this world over anything else and it is their greatest desire.
Lilia could only give a sad smile to malleus as his dark red eyes filled with pity and sadness for the poor young prince who will never get the happy ending he wish for more than anything.
Tumblr media
Malleus had no choice. He have to do this in order for you to not leave him behind with a broken heart that no one other than you will be able to fix “Forgive me, beasty. My actions might not be justified and there is a slight chance that you might hate me for this but you will understand soon.” the horned fae prince who is now swallowed by darkness stared at you with a soft look on his bright green eyes as he leaned down to kisses you on your forehead and with that he left your cursed comatose body inside a tall tower than only he can access to
“Soon you will understand, beasty… but for now I must go and take care of the others.” he whispered under his breath as his eyes glows a bright electric green
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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hxjikonn · 24 days
I love your Gear Head Twisted Wonderland.
If you are still taking request, would it be possible to get Vil, Malleus and Leona with a female s/o that is really good at making their life complicated without realising it.
For example, they usually naturally have the right answer or know the right way to do something, but does it the mire complicated way because it cant be that easy.
Hooefully this makes sense. Feel free to get creative with it.
Thank you
A/N: love this prompt, I relate to this so much omfg 😭💀 Thanks so much for this request! I hope you like this and I’m sorry it took me so damn long to write it🥹♥︎
☆Staring☆: Vil Schoenheit, Malleus Draconia and Leona Kingscholar
Synopsis: Their reaction to Fem!Reader who likes doing things in a more complex way and giving herself more work than she should do.
Warning: Leona’s part has cursing and a lil bit of argument scene in it cuz Leona is stubborn as fuck and so are you. Not proofread. Very long.
Tumblr media
Vil Schoenheit
Would be concerned about your health, since you often forget to take care of yourself when working.
This man would share your frustration. He claims it’s like a virus, it affects him as much as it does you.
You’d fuss about how hard the work is going to be and he’d fuss about you GIVING yourself the hard work that isn’t really necessary.
“Where is that girl?” Vil paced around the hallways of NRC looking for you, he heard about the project you were going to do and he knew that there’s no good to come of it since you have a habit of overdoing the work. He asked around and a student pointed out that they saw you in the library.
He went there and found you sitting under a pile of books that seem to tower up so high that if it stood beside you it’d actually be your height. He sighed and walked up to you. “Ahem.” He made his presence know. You looked up and smiled at him “Hi hun!” You greeted him. He loved your smile, it was warm and pure. That smile made him less mad at the things you put yourself through.
“Hi…” he greeted back, he gave you a smile too, how can he be mad when you look so happy working hard like that. “What’s all this?” He asked, motioning to the pile ok thick leather books. “History of potion magic, Encyclopedias, Recipes for potions, and a bunch of other stuff I need to read for my project”
“Potato…do you really gonna read all of these potionology books for one project? I can help you yknow?” Vil stood beside you, hands on his hip as he watched you burry yourself under a heap of hours and effort soon to be wasted. You sighed “Yes I need to” stubbornly you went back to the book in your hand. “Really? Are you certain that you’d rather read than let me help?” He asked
“Vil, I know you wanna help but I wanna do this one on my own, Plus these books might have an easier solution to the project…”you said while reading, he pinched the bridge of his nose in frustration. “Darling, There IS an easier solution…” he protested “I’ll teach you, if you really don’t want me to help hands on, at least let me teach it to you instead of all this unneeded complex reading” he added, trying to convince you.
You looked up from your book and open your mouth to say something but he placed a finger hovering above his lip signaling you to not try to argue, “I’ll even give you my notes if you need it. There you’ll find everything you need to know about the project…” he said trying to persuade you even more.
“but Vil…” you mumbled, he sighed “Potato, I love you, but you’re really going to give yourself so much stress that pimples might start spreading through your pretty face…And I will not stand for it. Come noe we’re going to Pomfoire and I will tutor you there.” He said packing your bag for you. “Can I at least bring one book?” You asked, he looked at you in disbelief “Do you not trust me?” He stated dramatically
“No of course I do! I just wanna learn quicker so you don’t have to work so hard to teach me…” you said in defense, he crossed his arms still in disbelief, “Please?” You asked again, it took him a few seconds before he broke, “Fine. BUT! only one book, and I get to tell you which one…” he gave you a condition which you gladly agreed to. He sent you to pick up the book in the front desk as he continued to pack your bag.
“She is going to be the cause of MY acne break out, oh by the queen’s name, I’m gonna need tea and face mask for the two of us later…”
He really does care about your well-being, so he does his best in helping you when he sees you’re doing way too much.
And yes that includes the spa appointment, skin care and tea afterwards, he might die if he sees even a single pimple on your face because of stress.
Tumblr media
Malleus Draconia
Out of the three he’d be the most chill about it tbh.
He doesn’t understand why you give yourself more work than is needed but sees that you’re dedicated to it so he supports you.
And mayyyyybe casts “little” spells to finish the unnecessary parts of your job and tells you that you’ve already finished it even though he did it.
Still showers you with praise even though his magic did half of the work since he knows you really want to do your job well.
“Tsunotaro…did you see where I put the history of magic papers I printed out earlier, I need to read all of them before I can write notes for the test tomorrow…” you looked for the thick compilation you fished out of the library earlier. Malleus sat by the window and smiled “You’ve already finished it dearest…” he said, he’s well aware that, that is not true but it was white lie, he did it for you.
“Huh?? I did?? I finished my notes?” You said and looked at your notebook, pages already filled with summaries and meanings of the lessons Trein discussed for the past semester. Malleus made sure his spell mimicked your handwriting so you’d be convinced. “See? All done. Good job my love I’m proud of you” he praised and gave you a peck on the cheek
You, still having no recollection of when you wrote all of this, stood there thinking about it. “So…if I already did this, that means I only have to review and then I’m done?” You questioned yourself “That was too essy…” you said in suspicion…Malleus gave you head pats as a form of distraction “Yes well you are a hard worker, no wonder you finished so quickly…” he cooed
“Did I really do this??” You looked up at him in confusion, “Yes my beloved you did. I’ve been watching you pace around, write and read for hours! Look at you, you must be exhausted.” He cradled your face his hands trying to make you forget about the subject. “You’re being really affectionate right now Mal…” you looked up at the horned fae in front of you
“I’m always affectionate” he contradicted your claims, slowly taking the notebook out of your hand and placing it down the table “Yeah I know but right now it’s like 10x more than usual” you pushed on. He was calm outside like usual, but he’s internally trying to come up with an alibi to defend himself without sounding guilty and he’s running out of excuses.
“I miss you.” He blurts out in panic, silence filled the air for a bit until you broke out in a fit of giggles you reached up cup his face and gave him kisses still while laughing “aw, I’m sorry, did I seem like I was ignoring you because of my work?” you asked, he kissed your wrist and nodded, he was celebrating in his head cuz his plan worked.
You weren’t suspicious or working too much AND you’re giving him attention. Mission Accomplished. “Oh alright, I guess I have been too busy, maybe I’d forgotten I already did things…I’ll take a break and spend time with you” you said to your boyfriend who was now smiling brightly
“Thank you for being patient with me…” you told him and gave him a hug “I was told by Lilia that it was a quality of being ‘husband material’ he said hugging you back, you laughed and pulled away to look at him “Wow I have to step up my game to be ‘wife material’ too then huh?” You joked “You don’t need to you’re perfect” you chuckled again at his love struck statement “Sweet talker.” You hit his chest lightly and gave him a kiss before you went to go rest and spend time with him.
He often does it to shorten the time and effort you spend on working so you dont end up sick. But sometimes he does it cuz he wants you to give him attention but he doesn’t want to disturb you
He told himself one day he’d tell you because he feels guilty from time to time, you’ll just have to wait until you graduate and marry him until he does.💀💀
Tumblr media
Leona Kingscholar
The MOST IMPATIENT BITCHY person on this list.
He’s basically an overgrown cat, so he’ll annoy the shit out of you if it means you’ll give him attention and stop working.
He hates this habit of yours and doesn’t understand the concept of giving yourself more work than required. He thinks it’s a waste of time and energy
Will literally shred the papers with his claws or push a pile of them off your desk just because he’s annoyed that you’re working and not even paying him any mind
You were trying so hard to focus on the notes your writing because your boyfriend kept yawning in full volume. You knew he just wanted attention but you kept explaining you aren’t done and he was being petty. Not wanting to start an argument you just continued on and ignored him. Or at least your TRYING to
“Hey herbivore, remind me again why ‘ya need to deal with all this crap when you can just oh I don’t know let the teacher teach it to ya ‘cuz yknow? It’s their job” he sarcastically asked knowing exactly what the answer will be. He didn’t get an answer out of you, so he knocked a pile off your desk again. “LEONA! I JUST FINISHED ARRANGING THOSE!” You stood up at the sound of papers hitting the floor
“So? That means ‘yer done with ‘em…” scratches his head, not caring at all. You glared at him but didn’t utter another word as you sat down to pick it all up. “Can ‘ya cut this shit out, you’re doing too much for simple quiz. If you’re gonna be doin’ this much why don’t you just teach the class” he leaned against the wall, his tail impatiently flicking back and forth.
“Why don’t you just shut up.” You snapped. It was uncharacteristic of you to do so, especially because in the relationship you’re the one with more patience. Not this time though. He scoffed, he felt slightly nerve wrecked by your tone but didn’t let that affect him. You arranged it again and took it to your work table where Leona is off limits.
You sat down. Took a deep breath, before picking up the pen to start writing again, but then the ripping of paper flooded your ears. That was it. You turned your head to Leona scratching a bundle of papers under his claw. You marched and snatched it from him harshly. “Out.” You demanded. “What?” He looked at you annoyed.
You only glared at him. You were gonna explode if you said another word. He groaned in boredom “This stupid. You’re being stupid, you doing all this for what? For a quiz? Why?” He snapped as well “Oh I don’t know, maybe because I wanna do good in class. You don’t get it, maybe your able to slack off and no one could give a fuck about it, why? Cuz you’re already the ‘all powerful dorm leader of savanaclaw’ and all that high and mighty shit.” You argued pushing him back
“Meanwhile, I have to do ‘all this crap’ because I need to. I’m not powerful like you are, I don’t have magic, I don’t belong here, I wanna do well so I feel like I fit in…” you rambled, now feeling sorry for yourself, Leona only listened for once “I thought for once, you’d actually be the one to have patience FOR ME this time I need you to be… you’re just being bitchy…” you added looking up at him pained and tired, you sighed and looked down “Just go.” You said walking back to where you were before.
It was silent so you assumed he already left, you continued to work even though you felt awful now. Leona still stood there, he felt bad after he heard you say that and he knew he went too far with his attitude this time so he stayed quiet and waited. You took your work and place it down the carpet so you could have more space, you sat down and started writing again.
His tail still swung back and forth in annoyance but this time it’s because he knows you’re really not gonna give him attention cuz you’re mad. He crawled to you quietly and sat behind you, his large frame enveloping yours, he loosely draped his arms on you waist and rested his head on your shoulder.
You weren’t surprised, you continued to do what you were doing. His tail made soft pats on the wooden floor, it was a sign of anticipation, he was waiting for you to say something to him, thinking his little act of affection was enough of an apology. You didn’t speak for a whole hour. “Herbivore…” he called out. No answer…. “Y/n….” He tried again. Nothing…. “Y’can scold me some more just say somthin’ already…” he pleaded. Still no response, not even a reaction
“ ‘m sorry…” he mumbled quietly his face buried in your hair, “I’m not gonna be an asshole anymore alright? Just quit the silent treatment I hate this more than I hate your overworking thing” he added, you finally gave in to his calls “Shh, Be quiet, I’m almost done” you finally spoke. It was still monotone but it was better than nothing
“Good. We’re gonna nap after this…” he told you and you responded with a hum, he stayed quiet like you asked him to until you finished. After that he whisked you away to your bed and curled up against you like an attention deprived cat “Tell me who the fuck picks on you next time…” he says nuzzling into you, his head on your chest “Why? Cuz that’s your job?” You asked “No, cuz I need them t’know you’re my girl so they don’t test their luck again.” He said, “And yeah, that’s my job…now sleep so you can be less mad at me when you get some rest” he kisses your neck and you laugh a little “Damned overgrown cat” you mumbled earning a low growl and a chuckle from him.
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Contains a spoiler from chapter 7 part 2 🙇🏻‍♀️
In my dreams you love me back ❤️‍🩹
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