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*Mc finally managed to return home*
Mc: Finally home. How much time has passed? At least my room looks the same.
Malleus: *sitting on mc's bed* Yes Your room looks very nice.
Mc: Thanks Malleus. Wait Malleus?
Malleus: Yes I am Malleus
Mc: What are you doing here?
Malleus: We haven't seen each other in a long time so I wanted to come say hello.
Mc: Malleus it's been-
Malleus: Fifteen years since we last saw each other
Mc: Literally two minutes
Malleus: Oh well it felt like a longer time to me. Do you have ice cream?
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herwritingartcowboy · 6 months
Why Do I Feel Like This is For Malleus and Yuu
Tumblr media
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twst4t · 4 months
But If I Know You, I Know What You'll Do
Malleus x reader fluff
Tumblr media
It gets harder and harder to sleep during nights at Ramshackle. You don't mind your semi-shitty bed and ratty blankets. You've learned to ignore the constant draft and the ghosts and the fact that Grim snores like a vacuum cleaner. You couldn't really do anything about any of that.
It was your dreams that kept you awake. They were often prophetic, showing a drawn-out story like an animated movie playing for hours. You didn't know how they could perfectly mimic your real-life events.
But between these prophecies were something far worse. You dreamed of your old life. Your old home.
Sometimes you woke up crying, longing for the world you left behind. Sometimes you woke up crying because you know that this world, where you will forever be an outlier, is better than that one. Either way, you were tired of crying. You were tired of pulling Grim close to you solely because you needed to know that you weren't alone.
And so sometimes you would walk. Walk outside of Ramshackle. Walk until your feet took you somewhere new. Walk until your thoughts were gone and your tears left weird tracks down your cheeks.
Here you were now, standing in front of Diasomnia. You had walked to the mirror chamber and ended up here. Why here?
You knew subconsciously that you had a fondness for Malleus. But it was just a fondness. That is all it could be. That is all you would let it be.
And yet.
Here you were, in front of the fae prince's doorstep. You had walked through their stone gates. Somehow the large wooden door in front of the dorm had opened for you, as if it knew who you were searching for.
Your feet dragged. It was late, but you knew he would be awake. He always was at this hour. You trudged to his door, knocking against the wood.
When Malleus opened it, he was shocked to see you, of all people.
"Child of man, what are you doing in Diasomnia?" Malleus asked, before noticing the tear tracks. Noticing how you shook, not from the ever-present chill of the dorm, with it's neon green flames.
He ushers you into his room. Into the soft green candlelight. He looks so pretty in the moments where you can feel the tenderness in his gaze. The flickering light emphasizes his inhuman nature, carving out the valleys of his sharpened cheekbones. You understand why so many revere him, especially in this environment.
"Are you alright?" you can hear the soft concern in his voice.
And then the dam breaks.
He is the prince of Briar Valley, and yet he holds you so close. You feel like glass in his embrace, like you will shatter if he lets go of you.
You cry about the way you don't want to go back to that old world. You don't want to see those people again. It's so much kinder to live in an existence where your past cannot get you. Where the people who hurt you don't even exist.
But it's ironic to you that the world where you are forever outcasted is the kinder one. The world where you are forced to clean up other people's messes, to put others back together after they fall apart. Overblots and kidnappings and more fucking overblots! And nobody can even comprehend why you're so tired.
And Malleus, tall beautiful faerie prince Malleus, listens to every word. And he pulls you close and runs his hand through your hair. And he tells you that he will make this world kinder for you if he needs to burn it all down and start it all from scratch.
But when he takes your hand, he winces. When you pull his fingers away, you realize your ring had scorched him.
"My apologies for my reaction. Is your ring by any chance made of iron?" he asks, his voice smooth and rumbling like thunder in a summer storm.
You nod, not trusting your voice. That ring was wedged deep in your pocket when you had showed up here. It was one of your only reminders that your old world had even existed, besides your existing memories.
"Ah. Iron tends to burn fae folk like myself. You by no means have to remove it, I just thought you would benefit from the knowledge"
And you slid it off of your finger in that instant. You stand before a man who promised to make you safe and happy, and he expects you to hold onto the things that harm him?
The metal clatters against the dark hardwood. It says more than any words exchanged between the two of you could possibly convey. You take his hand into yours and lift his palm to brush your lips against the wound. You both are aware of your lack of magic, but Malleus swears he has been healed in that moment.
Malleus pulls you to his bed. His covers are the most beautiful smoky purple you have ever seen. They feel lavish. You sink into the warmth. He sinks beside you.
When you are comfortable beneath the sheets, you are pulled to rest on Malleus' chest. He holds your hand while you lay, with one arm around you.
The two of you have all the time in the world for words. All the time this universe will provide to ask each other what was to come of this. But tonight you would let the soft scent of briar roses and smoke lull you to sleep.
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la-lolita · 2 months
☆— Lolita has posted a new fic¡¡¡ “I just want to give you kiss¡…” ft. Diasomnia members. In which our Diasomnia boys gives you a kiss for the first time in the relationship!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
— Playing Darte un beso —
★ MALLEUS¡ — Your lips. So soft looking and just simply beautiful. Recently you two have been dating but you two haven’t kissed yet; isn’t that what lovers do? Malleus has been waiting for that special moment. Lilia has once told him how beautiful it feels like to kiss that one person you love, it feels like fireworks and you get a sudden warm feeling; the feeling of love.
So now that you two are walking alone at night, it should be the perfect time to finally kiss you, no? He wants to know that feeling that Lilia has been talking about. He wants to feel your lips against his, he wants to show you how much you mean to him and how much he loves you. It’s already been two weeks of dating you, he’s sure you’re ready.
“Hey.. Child of man” he said stopping his tracks making you stop yours too. He looked at you in the eyes; he was a bit nervous to tell you this, he isn’t sure if you are ready or not to finally have your first kiss and he really doesn’t want to make things awkward for you “We have been together for two weeks now and I must say I’ve enjoyed them very much, you make my days better. We have been doing many activities together and for the first time I feel like I am not alone” he said.
You smiled at him softly, love was shown in your eyes making him more confident “And I wanted to show you how much I love you. Therefore… Will you let me, darling?” He said. Your eyes widened and your cheeks turned into a rosy shade. You have been waiting for this moment too, but you were far too shy to make the first move.
“Oh Malleus” you said and got on your tippy toes to reach up to him a bit more “You didn’t have to ask” you said with a smile. Your eyes shined; the moon’s light made you look unbelievably beautiful even he would’ve mistaken you for an angel. The way you look at him and the way he looks at you, both your hearts race for each other. Slowly he leaned down to you, your lips almost touching until finally they locked together.
And there it was, the feeling Lilia has been talking about. He could feel it; the fireworks, he could feel his stomach flip and his heart race faster, it felt beautiful he could cry. This is what love is, beautiful just like you. The kiss was passionate, soft, and slow, he felt like he was in a fairytale.
You are his fairytale.
Tumblr media
★ LILIA¡ — He has lived for many years, centuries even. He has kissed many women and men from many species, he has fallen in love with many people and yet he feels different around you. You are just a mere human, nothing more nothing less, so how can you make him feel this way? The urge he has to kiss you and hold you and just show you how much he loves you. Peepaw is in love fufufu~. It hasn’t been too long since the two of you have dated, it’s already been a week or so but you still haven’t kissed oh my! He simply can’t just leave it like this! So he builds a plan!
It was a normal day at NRC, Ace and Deuce making trouble like always, Crowley calling himself gracious, Grim whining and wanting Tuna, almost getting into a fight with some of the Savanaclaw students. Exhausting but normal non the less. While walking through the empty hallway you wondered where Lilia was. Normally he would walk you to your next class but he hasn’t showed up in a while now that you think of it.
You were too deep in thought to notice your boyfriend hanging upside down on the ceiling. You didn’t realize it until you felt someone’s lips against yours out of nowhere. Their lips were cold but soft. Your eyes were wide until you realized that those lips belonged to Lilia, your partner who was closing his eyes passionately.
Your cheeks grew red, it felt like everything went slow motion. Slowly you kissed back and closed your eyes enjoying the sweet taste and feeling of his lips against yours. You could tell he was experienced; he was too much of a good kisser. You slowly pulled him closer to you. This was your first kiss, you never knew it would feel so magical. Even Lilia was enjoying the kiss a lot, he feels like a young boy who has fallen in love for the first time!
It was a long passionate kiss with a lot of emotions in it. Each minute you felt like wanting him even more, what this man does to you is insane!
He makes you insane, and you make him insane too~.
Tumblr media
★ SILVER¡ — At first it wasn’t something he thought of, your company and conversations you two would have was enough. That is until his father told him if you and him have kissed yet, then he started to realize that you still haven’t had your first kiss. Ever since then something has been bothering him. He has been thinking more about it than he would admit. Even when he sleeps his dreams are about you and kissing you. Even in class he spaces out and starts imagining how your lips would feel. Would they be soft? Warm? Either way… perhaps he should make the first move?
It took him a lot of courage, he had to ask his father for advice since he wasn’t so sure. He wasn’t exactly shy; just nervous. He wasn’t sure if you’d find it awkward or still isn’t ready to give your up your first kiss yet. But Lilia has given him a few tips and tricks to make it as smooth as possible.
So when you two finally are outside alone together sitting on the grass and just in general talking, he makes his move. Silver lets out a small chuckle “So I did fall asleep?” He sigh “No wonder why Lilia looked at me in a scolding way” he said. His father always scolds him when he catches him sleeping, although it’s something Silver can’t control he know his father does it for good. You giggled but soon stopped when you realized Silver kept staring at you “… Um.. Silver is something wrong?” You asked him genuinely concerned. Silver snapped out of it and cleared his throat “Well… There is something I have been meaning to talk to you about” he said. Now you were intrigued “Oh really? What is it?” You asked him.
It’s now or never…
“Well, something has been on my mind lately. It’s nothing bad don’t worry. But it has been a bit… Troubling I guess… ” Silver said. You leaned closer to him “Well what has been troubling you? I bet I can help you!” You said with a soft smile. Silver gained a bit of confidence and leaned closer to you too “Well… Lately I have been thinking about you” he said. You two were now an inch away from each other’s faces “And how you would feel like against my lips” he finally said. The gap between the two of you closed.
Magic. Your lips fit perfectly against his, the feeling in his stomach was strange, he could feel his heart pounding fast especially when you kissed back with the same passion as him. He wrapped his arms around your waste and pulled you a bit closer while you caressed his now rosey cheek. So this what kissing someone feels like? How beautiful.
Tumblr media
★ SEBEK¡ — How did he even fall for you, a human in the first place? Even he doesn’t know. But he has gotten soft around you ever since you two started yelling. Sure he still yells at you when he thinks you’re getting to close to his master but not as much as before. He reminds you he loves you though that’s only in public. He may be loud and brave to others but truth is he can be a bit shy, especially when it means confessing about his feelings and stuff.
However Sebek has lately noticed something. Many couples always kiss and yet you two still haven’t!!! How come!? This is not ok! You two must do what lovers do and kissing is something so common! HE WILL MAKE THE GIRST MOVE AONCE HE KNOWS YOU’RE TOO SHY TO DO IT! Like him—. But Sebek will put his big boy pants and confront you!
For you it was just a normal day. But when you saw Sebek run towards you it soon became rather… interesting? You were shocked and a bit worried, did something bad happen? An emergency? Many thoughts raced into your head until you felt Sebek grab your shoulders and push you close to him. You looked up at him and noticed how he was blushing. What is going to do? “Uh, Sebek? What’s wrong?” You asked him. Something was off, you know it. “LISTEN HUMAN! WE HAVE BEEN DATING FOR WEEKS NOW! AND JUST TO SHOW MY LOVE TOWARDS YOU, I SHALL GIVE YOU MY FIRST KISS!” He said and quickly pulled you into a kiss.
Your eyes widened. Everything went fast and it did take you time to process what was going on before you kisses him back. Although your first kiss wasn’t quite planned to be like this, you still got to experience your first kiss with your lover. His lips were surprisingly soft and kissable, they felt like cotton candy, soft and sweet. The kiss was lovely and slow and a bit long. You two simply wanted to make the moment last for a while. You wanted to enjoy the feeling of love. Did this all happen because he saw some random couple kissing and realized he wanted to kiss you too? Probably. You are in love with an idiot… But he is a cute idiot and is yours.
Tumblr media
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soulatus · 6 months
Bros the type of guy...
Tumblr media
Malleus Draconia
bros the type of guy to visit you at midnight to see if you're awake and if you were, he'd asked you if you'd like take a walk with him and you feel safe knowing he's there with you when you both take a midnight stroll while holding hands (and because no one is dumb enough to attack him)
bros the type of guy who would try to help you study and is very patient about it and understanding. he's never irritated if you're slow at learning or struggling to memorise, he'll take his time with you (as it is also an opportunity for him to spend quality time with you) and try to explain and teach you things
bros the type of guy to trust you with his tamagotchi, gao gao-kun when he's really busy and is unable to tend to his virtual pet. if you also have one, he'd do the same for you if you're unable to care for yours either
bros the type of guy to use "love", "my love", "dearest" as petnames
bros the type of guy to brush a strand of hair out of your face in the morning when you're still asleep, leaning down to kiss your forehead and stroke your cheek
bros the type of guy to bring you up in conversations with zero awareness of him doing so such as "ah yes, i remember the prefect talking about this. perhaps I'll get it as a gift." "the prefect enjoys this activity as well, it's quite endearing seeing how cheerful they get when it comes to it." prefect this, prefect that
bros the type of guy to send you letters when you're both far apart from each other since he has no knowledge on how technology works. his letters are always so sweet and heartwarming. he'll mention things that remind him of you, and how he wishes to bring you with him next time
bros the type of guy to randomly kiss you when you rant about something you're interested in and as he listens, his eyes trail down to your lips and without a second thought, he bends down to peck them. it catches you off guard, with you going "huh?? what was that about???" he simply smiles and says, "forgive me, i couldn't resist myself. please continue with what you were saying, my love."
bros the type to be a little jealous. not in a way that it's unhealthy, he would trust you and fully believes you love him just as he loves you and he would never stop you from having friends and spending time with them. i feel like the most he'd do is get a little pouty and try to spend more time with you, you were his first friend and first love, he just loves you a lot. he wouldn't get jealous much if people hit on you because he knows you wouldn't indulge them nor cheat but will intervene if they start going too far and making you uncomfortable but that's assuming there's actually people bold enough to even try to flirt with you if they know Malleus is your boyfriend otherwise if not, they'll find out once they see him approaching when they do too much
bros the type of guy who'd love being both being big spoon and little spoon
bros the type of guy to hold your hand while sitting next to you and say, "I'm here, love" when you're upset and/or crying. you can lean against him or even embrace him and he'll do the same thing back because he loves you. he's a great listener and will do whatever you ask him to do try and help you through whatever you're going through and may even ask Lilia for some advice unless you didn't want him to tell Lilia about it or something that could hint to you being upset
bros the type of guy who'll get anything that interests you and would also gift you some of the rarest rocks, stones or crystals on the damn planet
bros the type of guy to keep everything you give him, whether it may be considered junk or not. he'll keep it like it's treasure and will get upset if any of it goes missing. even if you tell him it's fine, he'll feel bad it's missing because anything you give him, he cherishes
bros also the type of guy to literally wear a friendship/love bracelet or necklace everyday if you ever decide to match with him and he would never take it off and would refuse to do so. only exceptions is necessary like cooking or showering/bathing or in a situation it could get ruined
bros the type of guy to listen to everything you tell him, even if it's just about drama, something random, or your interests. even if he doesn't understand nor isn't interested in the topic it itself, he would always listen because he loves to listen to you talk and knowing what makes you happy just as you do the same for him
bros the type of guy who doesn't really dwell on the fact that you are human and therefore have a shorter life span than he does. he's probably has moments when he thinks about how short your life span is and the fact that one day he'll lose you and he's afraid of it happening. otherwise at the same time, it's more of a reason to really cherish every moment. rather than focusing on his worries and fears of losing you, he spends every moment he can with you, spending quality time together and makes sure you know he absolutely loves you and how much you mean to him
bro highly appreciates you as a person, his friend/lover. you make him feel like he's not alone, and you are his whole world. bro would defend you with his life if anyone had something against you, would always support you, always there for you, listen, spend times with and would love you endlessly
I'm hopeless man
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anon-love-octa-trio · 2 months
Malleus: *Angry because Mc say no to him*
Mc: Malleus.
Mc: No second bowl of Ice cream so stop with that face.
Malleus: *Stomp his foot*
Malleus: *stomp his foot again*
Lilia: Awwh.. this remind me when malleus still young and throw a tantrum *sniff*
Silver: but Fathe—
Lilia: shush now child i’m having my moment here.
Context: that bunny stomp his foot idk which one-
No, we do not talk about where’s sebek.
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lyneira · 1 month
Tumblr media
♤ the crown prince and his wife-to-be ♤
Tumblr media
-> headcanons of your relationship with Malleus as his betrothed
malleus x fem!reader
♤ the crown prince and his wife-to-be part II: your first time with him ♤ (NSFW) coming soon!
Tumblr media
Ever since your betrothal to one another when you two were young, you and Malleus have written letters to each other (per Briar Valley courting tradition). After many long years of writing, it wouldn't be until recently that you'd finally be able to meet each other again, and it would be at NRC (where you’d be attending as well).
While he was so excited for your arrival, I think it starts off a bit awkward between the two of you despite having sent years and years’ worth of letters. Yes, he was ready to show you the many things that he’d spoken of in them, from the beautifully sculpted gargoyles around the school, to the lovely garden they have, and to some interesting spots he’s discovered, but when you finally stood in front of him, he froze and his heart was about to leap from his chest. You looked just as beautiful as your soul that had always shone through your writing.
He’d still try to act composed, but inside, he’s freaking out. He would just also be insanely nervous that you’re finally physically here with him. Thankfully, you’re kind and patient with him and the moment you mention gargoyles, his nervousness goes away, gets replaced by passion and adrenaline, and he confirms that indeed, this really was the girl he’s admired and wrote to for so long.
You would sneak off with Malleus to go on nightly walks and explore some ruins, to the dismay of both Sebek and Silver as well as your own retainers.
He'd appreciate that you wear the necklace he gifted you, so he'd also wear something you had gifted him. If neither of you could wear the marriage ring just yet, then at least something like this would do. It's a sign that you're his and he's yours.
Aside from you two, I think many would make it a point to avoid you for fear of being struck down by the powerful fae that is to be your husband if he ever saw them approach you. Sure, Malleus would probably give those who seemed to get too close to you a small, disapproving cold stare, but he would do no such thing as striking them down (not unless they hurt you). Therefore, you would still end up being isolated sometimes as well. Malleus would notice this and apologize to you for being the reason most are scared of approaching you. You would have to assure him that he has no need to apologize. If that’s the way it was going to be, then so be it. Yet, this wouldn’t stop you from trying to change it nevertheless.
You’d still receive invitations from the school or other students, and while Malleus is happy for you, he’d be inwardly sulking at the same time. You could be reading the invitation letter, and Malleus would take a peek from behind you and would scoff, “Hoh, they dare invite my wife-to-be without inviting her husband as well? How cheeky” Now Malleus would never force you to stay with him if he wasn't invited, but man would it be hard to still attend as you look at his sad face when you’re about to walk out the door. (Don’t leave this man alone pls)
You wished others could see how kind and sweet your fiance actually is, so you’d take it upon yourself to bring him to the places/events you’ve been invited to. Though he might be awkward trying to socialize, especially as he receives stares, you’d gently help him ease into it and ensure that he's included in the conversation. He’d appreciate you for taking the effort to help people come to like him, or rather, truly get to know him. And so it made him overjoyed that someone like you was going to be his wife. He couldn’t be any more grateful.
Malleus would be akin to a lost puppy following you around the way he always sticks to your side as much as possible. Wherever you are, there he wants to be. He’ll give you space whenever you need it and he knows he can’t be with you 24/7 of course, but he’ll always have his mind on you even when you’re away. If you’re gone for too long, he’d start becoming antsy, always wondering when you’ll be back. Yeah, you two were able to handle the distance over many years of writing to each other, but now that he has you in his presence so often, he doesn’t want to let you go. If he can’t do anything to see you sooner, he’d simply have things you’ve given him or some of your belongings around him to help content him for the time-being. Like, if you gave him a plushie, then you’d best believe that he’d be hugging it so tightly as he slept. Or did you leave him your handkerchief? It’s in his pocket right now. This dude is an absolute simp for you.
He loves it when you help him raise his dear tamagotchi, Roaring Drago. He'll mention how much he can't wait to have his own roaring dragos with you. He gets just as excited talking about a future with you as he does when talking about gargoyles lmao. He already begins planning names and such that you'd have to tell him to calm down a bit, especially when he mentions that he wants a big family (we’re talking about 3-5 kids). At the end of the day, he'll go with however many kids you'd like, but I was just thinking he’d want such a big family since y’know, he’s been lonely and isolated from others so having lots of people around would lift his spirits. (And what more would he want this many when the mother of his children would be you?) He’d imagine your little babies running around the castle, filling the great, long halls with joyous noise and laughter, something he didn't quite have when growing up. He’d imagine sitting by the fireplace with you and them, talking to them about gargoyles, how you two met long ago, or answering any of their silly questions when something confuses them. One might be sitting on his lap, one might be hanging on to his leg, one might even try to sit on his shoulders, holding on tight to his horns and ask him to stand up so they can feel as tall as him, and the other would be in your arms or lap as well. He absolutely could not wait for that future where he can be surrounded by those he dearly loves and adores.
Tumblr media
a/n: I know, I know..! A lot of the hcs parallel my hcs in my ♡ how to gain the dragon’s affection ♡ one, but I think it was nice to elaborate on 'em a little further! Anyway, the next part of this is going to be an nsfw drabble of your first time with him, so minors pls do not intend to read that
Tumblr media
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ruayiri · 2 months
I want to be held by him so bad ;-;
Malmal x sick reader
Tumblr media
Perhaps it was the exhaustion of the day. The multitude of tedious and stifling errands that have you constantly bouncing from one place to another without a moment of respite.
Perhaps it was the unstable ever changing weather of twisted wonderland, that shifts between chilling winds and blazing sunny beams in the span of hours, leaving a tingling kiss on your skin from the remnants of one sensation, shrouded by another.
Or perhaps it was the growing melancholy, a lingering bittersweetness of a once tedious and monotonous life so cruelly ripped away from you. Replaced by a stranger realm that, day by day, continued to feed that yearning, a soft, flicker of remembrance of your old life. The distant and sour tasting wish to go back just one last time.
But, as you lay in the dark fae princes arms, swaddled in silk and woolen blankets, layered with the softest faux fur, you find all previous negativity easing its way out of you. The pounding headache that threatened to pop your skull open like a watermelon 'neathe a sledgehammer replaced by an intoxicated buzz. Is this what they'd call being tipsy? The thought isn't entertained for more then a moment.
Misty, glazed eyes of yours, welled with salty water, from your fever or the lack of once stifling discomfort, you can't tell, pinned solely on blazing neon hues. He looks at you with such tenderness, you question if even your mother ever looked at you with so much love. His feather weight caress on your cheek is warm, replacing the shivering goosebumps with a pleasant tingle.
Malleus's expression betrays none of his thoughts, his face schooled into the picture perfect definition of serene as he holds your sick and afflicted little form in his arms. He shifts to spread his legs a little, allowing you to settle more comfortably, and pulls the duvet closer up to bundle you in warmth. You make a pitiful sound reminiscent of a whine, and his gentle eyes immediately settle back on you. Holding you close to his chest, his one arm curled around you to hold you comfortably still, the other eases slowly through your curls. He hums, the comforting sound rumbling from deep within his bare chest, and the vibrations against your side coax a contented sigh out of you.
You blink blearily up at him, entranced, enchanted, enraptured. In the dim light of the moon he looks more like a dream, then a reality. His usually cold lips are warm against your forehead, on the bridge of your nose and even on the apples of your cheeks. His tender touch trails every corner of your skin, humming all the while and you melt even more.
Malleus cradles you like a mother would get newborn, so gentle, so warm, so peaceful and yet so fragile. Your blown eyes can't leave his features and you can't tell if that's a good or bad thing. Fever all but forgotten, cough remedied as he matches his slowing breath with yours, cold and shivering lost in the scorching heat of his loving embrace. The only thing keeping you conscious is the ache in your limbs, but fret not. His love and care will cute that soon as well
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nocturneabyss · 5 months
Imagine it’s been a few years since Malleus graduated from Night Raven College, and you’re finally in your last year, trying to keep Ace, Deuce, and Grim out of trouble. However you’ve kept in touch with Malleus, the both of you still in love.
Think about Malleus showing up outside of Ramshackle dorm one night, surprising you, and asking you to join him on a nightly walk, just like in your first year, and his final year here. Of course, it’s so hard to resist him, and it’s been quite some time since you’ve seen your sweet dragon prince, the answer is a very obvious yes.
Think of walking around the forest with him, just catching up and enjoying each other’s company, hand in hand. Malleus brings you to quiet clearing in the woods behind Ramshackle, near a small lake, stopping and softly tugging you close to him, moving his hand from yours to grasp at your waist, his other hand cupping your cheek to make you look up at him.
Think about him leaning down and pressing his lips to yours, telling you how much he missed you and how much he loves you. Naturally you say the same to him, it’s been two years, nearly three since you were able to see him almost daily.
Think of Malleus softly swaying you both back and forth in a gentle dance. You both dance together in a calm silence breaking ever so often to catch up on what’s been going on in your lives, before he stops and kisses you fully on the lips. After stealing your breath away Malleus asks what your plans are after you’ve finished at Night Raven, if you have plans, or if you wish to continue looking for a way to return to your world.
Think of telling him you don’t have any plans of returning to your world, as much as you miss family or friends, you’ve started to make a life here in Twisted Wonderland, that you have Grim, your friends, and Malleus, the love of your life. That you want to stay with everyone here, stay with him.
Think of Malleus smiling at you kneeling down, pressing kisses to your hands before holding them tightly, asking if you would allow him to turn you fae, to let him make you his princess, then when he takes the throne after his grandmother, have you rule besides him as his queen.
Think of not immediately saying anything in response to him, making him worry, if it was too soon to ask you. When you squeeze his hands and softly tell him you’re not sure if you would be good enough to rule by him, or if his grandmother or the fae of Briar Valley would even accept you.
Think of Malleus sighing in relief at that, knowing it’s not because you don’t love him anymore. Malleus laughs then, shaking you from your thoughts and reassures you. He tells you how he’s told his grandmother of you, and how much he loves you, how he’s watched you help many others in your short time here in Twisted Wonderland, and how she has wanted to meet you. Especially hearing Lilia’s side of the story as well, another positive.
Think of Malleus telling you he will take care of you and Grim no matter what, that you will have a home in the Valley of Thorns. He looks up at you as you bring a hand to his cheek, trailing your fingers up to trace the scales under his bangs, before tracing over one of his horns.
Think of reminding him of when, in your first year, in a sleepy daze you asked him to turn you fae, telling him you still think of that night. Still tracing from a horn to his scales, pushing his bangs back, asking if he remembers. Of course he does, he thinks of it too. Your answer is yes, as long as he helps you along the way, learning more of his home and his people. He tells you he always will, that you will have many who will be happy to help you.
Think of fireflies surrounding the both of you as you tell him your answer is yes, you will stay by his side, to love him for the rest of your lives, after this final year at the college.
Think of him lifting you up and spinning you around, pressing another, this time, very much passionate kiss to your lips, laughing after you separate. Telling you he will start to make preparations for your transformation, and bringing you to Briar Valley.
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katskitoshi · 9 months
idk why but everytime i see malleus my heart just does something and it feels like its gonna explode, he’s just so pretty like wtf???
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
omfg and his hands????
Tumblr media Tumblr media
it just makes my heart go 💖💗💞💘💕💝✨
anyways i love him so much and i swear he is perfect. i haven’t learned much about him but so far id kill anyone who dares speak bad bout him <3333
plz love me malleus
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*Malleus is jealous when Mc spends time with other friends but don't know how express it*
Malleus: *sit in corner*
Mc: Malleus I can't read your mind... I need you to tell me why you're angry?
Mc: Okay... How about we do this... Say like "Mc when you do this it makes mee feel that".
Malleus: *looks at Mc silently for a moment* When you... talk to others it makes me feel so angry that I want to burn down the whole school.
Mc:... Okay... I don't know how to say this but Malleus you really need therapy.
Malleus: *smiley* Well, it's good that you're here...
Mc:... No I mean't... Like for a professional
Malleus: So it all stared when I was a child and-
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animeniac-writings · 23 days
Malleus waking you up each morning (and from each nap) with a gentle “true love’s kiss” to your lips.
Giving a tired stretch before opening your eyes to your beloved, unreasonably beautiful as ever smiling down at you. “Good morning, my prince.”
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diasomnia-dreams · 7 months
Tumblr media
Beastie | Malleus draconia x Reader drabble
lowercase is intentional.
“I swear, no harm will come to you as long as I live. And not a day shall pass that I don't miss your smile.”
-Maleficent, Mistress of all Evil
i often see them with their familiar in the school courtyard. laughing and prancing as young humans do with their friends. they’re so full of life. and even though they’re possibly eons away from home, they remain cheerful… and so innocent.
i pledge to protect that innocence.
the only person besides Lilia who never shies away from me in fear. they even coined me with a silly nickname. and when i visit them at night after their long day full of tiring endeavors, they never seem to be burdened by my presence.
it brings a single tear to my eye. at the sheer fact that they will one day leave me. someday, they’ll find a way back home and perhaps they would forget me. when they finally learned my name after the musical showcase, their point of view never wavered. they still looked at me with admiration.
they are my world.
i long for the day when i could openly enjoy their company. sebek often says i think of them too much. he’s correct. i often wonder where my child of man has run off to today. i never see them during school hours. but there was this one wonderful time when they accompanied on one of my gargoyle sighting trips. it made my heart soar.
they looked at me with these knowing eyes. as if they knew what they were doing to me. aware of the affect that they have on me. and i thought i was a master of spells and curses. but this incantation that they possessed me with is consuming every fiber of my being.
i watch my beastie go to sleep every single night, whenever i am able to. i protect them and watch over them whilst they rest. i notice the smallest little nose twitches and sounds they make when their drifting off into their dreamland. it warms my heart whenever i notice the card i wrote to you, on your bedside table. i also notice you reading it each night before you close your eyes.
and when i appear at your window with my emerald green fireflies filling up the skies, you always look up at me in curiosity and regard. i have high regards for you too beastie.
i haven’t seen you since spring break, and in the valley of thorns, the time goes by miraculously slower than sage’s island. but give me until the end of the month and i swear to you we will lock eyes again.
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la-lolita · 4 months
✧ ❝𝐇𝐨𝐩𝐞𝐥𝐞𝐬𝐬𝐥𝐲 𝐑𝐨𝐦𝐚𝐧𝐭𝐢𝐜!❞
Tumblr media
𝐘𝐨𝐮 𝐚𝐫𝐞 𝐚 𝐡𝐨𝐩𝐞𝐥𝐞𝐬𝐬𝐥𝐲 𝐑𝐨𝐦𝐚𝐧𝐭𝐢𝐜 𝐩𝐞𝐫𝐬𝐨𝐧... 𝐌𝐚𝐥𝐥𝐞𝐮𝐬 𝐢𝐬 𝐜𝐮𝐫𝐢𝐨𝐮𝐬 𝐨𝐟 𝐲𝐨𝐮𝐫 𝐰𝐚𝐲 𝐨𝐟 𝐭𝐡𝐢𝐧𝐤𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐚𝐛𝐨𝐮𝐭 𝐥𝐨𝐯𝐞.
𝐀𝐩𝐡𝐫𝐨𝐝𝐢𝐭𝐞'𝐬 𝐧𝐨𝐭𝐞!: I felt like writing for Malleus today.
Tumblr media
“You humans are interesting and… rather strange” Malleus spoke as he looked up at the sky. The sun was setting down creating a beautiful sunset. The weather was fresh and perfect.
You invited Malleus over to have a picnic, only you and him. It was rather surprising considering he has never been invited to one; but regardless he was happy. Finally, someone wanted to spend some tike with him.
At the moment you two are sitting on the soft grass; him looking at the sky while you are reading a romance novel.
“How come?” You asked not taking your eyes off the novel.
“Despite getting hurt or being cheated on multiple times; you still believe in love and are determined to find it… It’s something rather interesting”
This time you looked up at him and giggled. You placed the novel down and scooted closer to him “Well, not all humans are like that. It’s rather strange… Something I’m really interested in is love. It’s a beautiful feeling anyone has the capability of feeling. And no matter what, it’s a feeling I wish to feel forever with a special someone. Even when the days seem to be getting harsher, I’d rather look at the positive side instead of the negative side”
“Oh… What love does to people is interesting… It seems I have a lot more to learn about it” Malleus said and gently took your hand and kissed it “You are one interesting child of man, I wish to learn about you more in the future”
Your cheeks reddened and you smiled warmly “Well I am glad to hear that someone finds me interesting…”
Perhaps Malleus will experience love with a special someone… Who knows, maybe that someone will be you.
Tumblr media
❝𝐀𝐬 𝐥𝐨𝐧𝐠 𝐚𝐬 𝐈 𝐚𝐦 𝐛𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐭𝐡𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐈 𝐰𝐢𝐥𝐥 𝐡𝐨𝐩𝐞... 𝐀𝐧𝐝 𝐈 𝐰𝐢𝐥𝐥 𝐥𝐨𝐯𝐞 𝐰𝐢𝐭𝐡 𝐞𝐯𝐞𝐫𝐲 𝐥𝐚𝐬𝐭 𝐛𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐭𝐡❞
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soulatus · 6 months
Malleus Draconia
At the sound of the door opening followed by a pair of footsteps walking in, Malleus brings his attention from his book to the person who had just entered his room, You. He watched as you walked towards him, gesturing for him to move arms a little so you could duck under and lay your head in his lap.
He closed the book he was holding and set it aside on the table beside him. He grabbed one of your hands and gave it a kiss, smiling down at you.
"Is everything alright, my love?"
"Mhm." You nodded, playing with his hand that held yours. "Just wanted to come and see you."
Malleus chuckled and began to trace his fingers on your cheeks. You closed your eyes and relaxed from his gentle touch. "Well, I'm very pleased to have you here. Your presence is always welcomed."
Ah shit.
"So, what were you reading?" You opened your eyes to stare into his.
"A book about a very lonely man who lived in isolation for most of his life as he was feared by everyone else until he met a young woman by accident in the forest."
Wow, that kinda sounds familiar. No I'm shitting, I'm unoriginal and can't think of a random book description bruh unless I decided to make up some bullshit crack one.
"That sounds cool."
"It's quite interesting, would you like me to read to you from the beginning?"
"Yeah, sure." You turned to your side just so you could hug his leg to feel more comfortable, listening once Malleus grabbed the book from the table and read each word out loud.
After some time, You couldn't help the tiredness that began to overcome you and tried to keep your eyes open (fighting for life bruh). It didn't work out you as were lured into sleep by Malleus's soothing voice.
It wasn't until he heard you lightly snoring did he look down, noticing that you had fallen asleep to which he then smiled and continued on with his reading.
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sorbetisfruity · 1 month
Hardcore thinking about how Malleus has to continue living on after MC dies.
MC, the first person to ever think of him as equal.
MC, the first person to not be intimidated and scared by him.
MC. The first person to love him and accept him for who he is.
Legit sobbing guys I can’t do this rn
#1 Malleus lover over here
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